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They’re nothing more than a demystification process that leaves the listener feeling used and grubby.

NJ: It seems like there is a demystification of the studio space and the persona of the artist in your work.

Part of the demystification I am after is showing the mundane and ordinary things that an artist does — I eat pretzel sticks and cookies.

It helps to understand Mercy Hospital as both a demystification of sickness and a lesson in the power of interpreting one’s internal experience, however complicated, for oneself.

It’s barely even a demystification of them (though that’s closer to the mark).

For producer Michael Uslan, creator of Dinosaucers, the demystification of these wild theories about Mars and Venus was central to his inspiration to remould the exodinosaur trope in fiction.

“VR still feels like something that needs a bit of demystification, so we’re trying to give people access to it.

But yeah, I mean there was a bit of the demystification of New Order, the myth that was built up, mainly our own proving.

For most companies, it’s their landing page, so that’s where the demystification should take place.

“I embrace the idea there’s a demystification process going on between the artist and the audience,” he says, describing the internet as “a communal power” that was helping media become more and more about the audience and less about monolithic era-defining artists like The Beatles.

The demystification of wine has made people more discerning.

“His business would be the total demystification of the flesh
and the subsequent revelation,” she wrote, “of the real relations of man and
his kind.” He might point out the way women are abused and mistreated, but he
would do so not to perpetuate the degradation of women but to arrive at sexual

Of the 19 people with sickle-cell disease the Thomson Reuters Foundation interviewed for this story, 16 said they were called “sorcerers” and “devils” as children, abandoned by their fathers and subjected to “demystification” rituals that could have killed them.

“She’s trying to explain math to everybody, with or without pre-existing expertise, and I think she’s doing wonderfully.” So committed is Dr. Cheng to mass math demystification that she recently left a tenured professorship at the University of Sheffield in Britain to take a position at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she teaches math to art students, lectures widely and continues her research in category theory on the side.

We crave demystification, even when the topic is interesting only because of its mystique.

Andrew Revkin’s introduction to “How to Fake a Moon Landing” I was happy to discover Darryl Cunningham’s book because he takes a long tradition of demystification and truth seeking to a new generation in a new way.

You’ll learn how to build a Berlese-Tullgren funnel (a simple ­century-old tool “for luring out and identifying ground-dwelling insects”); you can decide whether Bokashi composting is for you (speedy but smelly, as it’s anaerobic); and you can even learn the names of the various parts of your roof (a useful demystification for many homeowners).

“They are starting to let go of the old stereotypes.” The demystification of Tibet in China’s films has been driven in part by the steady rise of tourism to the region in recent decades.

Such demystification, a return to the old familiar Clintonian seediness, might be a better cure for some of the impulses behind Trumpism than the kind of landslide-cum-apotheosis that a more appealing Democratic nominee might have achieved.

It’s hard to overstate the pleasure and the comfort that such demystification provides the scientifically uninitiated; it does indeed make the world feel larger, more expansive, more alive to the touch.

The increasing number of patients who choose to be at least minimally awake is also a reflection of the continuing demystification of surgery, Dr. Langerman said.

I did that with death.” If Viloria’s demystification of her body evokes a similar reclamation, then Cooley, for her part, knows that she will find equilibrium only if she can fully embrace the wild fluctuations of grief.

“The idea is to communicate it in a more attractive way to travelers, using words like ‘authenticity’ and ‘experience.’ ” That sort of demystification is what organizations like are trying to accomplish.

This demystification will eventually result in a more diverse, more modest pool of leaders.

The secular culture welcomed the church’s Protestantization and demystification and even secularization, praised the bishops and theologians who pursued it, and then simply pocketed the concessions and ignored the religious ideas those concessions were supposed to advance.

The other view is that in fact inculturation has not gone far enough, that the church may have changed its liturgy and costumes, but it’s still held back by its abstract dogmas and arid legalisms, and that one final great leap into modernity, a renewed commitment to accompaniment and understanding and adaptation, is necessary for the church to gain what it sought when it began its great demystification project 50 years ago.

Part of “Impulso” is a demystification of the artistic process, in which Molina and her collaborators resort to generalities to explain their essentially intuitive choices.

Ask Mr. Presten to discuss the demystification of celebrity gossip in the 21st century, and it would be the shortest TED Talk ever.

They reject modernity’s demystification project and instead construct meaning in the supernatural.

Too much demystification might spoil the art, and the film makes clear that Nourry often sees purpose in her instincts retrospectively.

Too much demystification might spoil the art, and the film makes clear that Nourry often sees purpose in her instincts retrospectively.

Far better to simplify the choices — the preferred term is “demystify.” But demystification is too often a synonym for dumbing down.

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