Demonstrate in a sentence | Use of the word demonstrate examples

The requests demonstrate the significance of appearance in a courtroom.

Providing materials from her own studio, Cianciolo will demonstrate a “basic formula” for creating a collage fanzine.

“If someone doesn’t believe it, they have to demonstrate it,” Murayama said in an interview.

Trump’s speech and actions demonstrate an inability to tolerate views different from his own, leading to rage reactions.

“We need to campaign among Hispanic, black, Asian, and gay Americans and demonstrate we care about them, too.

I think Amazon has been able to demonstrate, in everything that they do, massive scale,” he said.

The dictator and his allies made three stunning moves that demonstrate how much control he aimed to wrest for himself.

Up to 100,000 people are mobilized to perform during the show, an undertaking designed to demonstrate social unity, analysts say.

(Christie had pushed for a stiffer sentence because he said Kushner failed to demonstrate “acceptance of responsibility” for what he had done.)

Among the students’ demands in 1989 were a free press and freedom of speech, disclosure of leaders’ assets and freedom to demonstrate.

Still, they purposely demonstrate in their own propaganda how closely they to hew to Kim Il Sung’s style of governance.

Some organizations did vow to demonstrate against the president before and during the game.

He also said that the Colorado doctors need to more decisively demonstrate the link between myocarditis and marijuana exposure.

“We can demonstrate that Brexit is not a major effect for us,” Chief Executive Andy Palmer told Reuters.

Can you demonstrate the ways that this imaginary plays out in your daily life and your interactions with others?

The White House hasn’t gotten things done by putting President Obama out there to demonstrate “leadership” and bring people together.

These very large increases demonstrate massive, population-level, environmentally caused changes in IQ.

Tens of thousands of protesters are expected to line the streets of London Friday to demonstrate against the president’s visit.

Watch Staymates, with the help of a very good pupper named Biscuit, demonstrate how it works in the video above.

As John Sides, Michael Tesler, and Lynn Vavreck demonstrate in their new book Identity Crisis, this tax has persisted during Trump’s presidency.

But the AMWA archive of Bisttram’s unpublished drawings and words demonstrate a dedicated approach to capturing and abstracting the concept of movement.

Recent gains in girls’ mathematical achievement, however, demonstrate the importance of culture and learning environments in the cultivation of abilities and interests.

New proposed premium increases by Blue Cross Blue Shield in North Carolina demonstrate the effect.

There’s of course no way to demonstrate a quid pro quo there, but the basic dynamics are clear.

They also demonstrate that sometimes, the most efficient way of killing off life is to evolve new forms of it.

It also presents an opportunity to demonstrate that the world’s best literature knows there are no simple solutions to complex problems.

A man lifts a 100lb weight with his ear to demonstrate his strength.

“Recent events demonstrate the need for additional action on the part of responsible gun retailers,” Kroger said in an email.

His performance was intended to send the appropriate signals to elites, not to demonstrate that he’d developed expertise in global affairs overnight.

Here are ten Vertigo titles (both famous and lesser-known) which demonstrate the line’s versatility and impact.

These three basic facts demonstrate America’s unique gun culture.

It also started to demonstrate some talent for reading comprehension, summarization, and translation with no explicit training in those tasks.

But these examples help demonstrate how the system can be used going forward, now that the project provides near real-time updates.

Marzella’s “Booji Poopi” video and Jake’s emoji portraits demonstrate how Instagram is shaping the creation and reception of art today.

Colbert then politely asked Glover to demonstrate the subtle difference between Donald Glover the man and Childish Gambino the rapper.

Those who came to demonstrate did so because a number of other independent cinemas in Kyiv have recently come under threat.

demonstrate the right kind of enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is almost always a plus when it comes to the job search.

The emails, all from 2012, were submitted by Kesha’s team to demonstrate Dr Luke’s attempts to control the singer’s weight.

But employees, who warned they would demonstrate again if needed, expect Alphabet to face recruiting and retention challenges if their concerns go unaddressed.

Jing and Yu’s struggles over their respective identities demonstrate this.

“He has failed to demonstrate that the D.C.

Current headlines demonstrate the social and political forces at play in erasing the contributions and presence of black women.

“Georgians have another opportunity to demonstrate that they are ready to build a brighter state,” Abrams told reporters during a press call on Saturday.

Both Karp and the Happiest Baby website cite studies done to demonstrate the Snoo’s efficacy — some paid for by the company.

To demonstrate his point, Zelin looked through a number of ISIS’s public statements on the refugee crisis.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

In August, tens of thousands of protesters across the country held a day of action to demonstrate against Trump’s pick.

This is how it should work, demonstrate what’s a great consumer experience, and then we’ll continue that.

He’s just here, presumably, to demonstrate support.

This is just a sampling, a slice, but these contexts help demonstrate how my power fantasy isn’t the same as everyone else’s.

“It’s important to demonstrate the capacity of our wounded veterans and soldiers,” says Maryann Mandia, a volunteer.

She’s played sets that demonstrate a deep abiding love for house music, drum & bass, and disco.

As our political authorities demonstrate with disappointing consistency, personal affluence does not necessarily foster a generous or fair-minded worldview.

And importantly, MHC genes can help to demonstrate the genetic makeup of an individual.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 18, artist and programmer Jeffrey Alan Scudder will demonstrate some of his homespun digital painting and audio software.

While her team was able to demonstrate a link, more needs to be done to strengthen and understand that link.

This action is intended to reflect the elevated status of this role and demonstrate the company’s commitment to this issue.

These interviews demonstrate the importance of food security to ensure the effectiveness of treatment regimens.

Sheldon Whitehouse and Richard Blumenthal, displayed to demonstrate Russia’s immense reach.

It’s meant to demonstrate how our minds can trick us into thinking we know something that we really don’t.

There he created a plate of an attending anatomist’s hand to demonstrate its capabilities.

The fact that so many Democrats are willing to sign on to it just demonstrate how much the party’s ambitions have grown.

But we have all the capital we need to demonstrate a path to improved margins and profits,” Khosrowshahi added.

To demonstrate the scalability of their technique, the Berkeley researchers built a functional millimeter-scale inverter, or NOT gate.

Anthologies were never merely archival, he insists, but meant to demonstrate something essential about blackness.

Mostly, I try to demonstrate respect, including respect for students with different ideological viewpoints.

Under current rules, people are legally able to seek asylum if they can demonstrate a “credible fear” of going back to their home country.

Under current rules, people are legally able to seek asylum if they can demonstrate a “credible fear” of going back to their home country.

The two awesome, monolithic works “PH-235” and “PH-671” were both completed in 1944 and demonstrate Still’s breakthrough to complete abstraction.

While these may seem like unconnected events, both demonstrate the ways liberal democratic systems are pushing back against anti-democratic excesses by their leaders.

As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death.

“I was born in a Muslim family?” He shrugs to demonstrate emphasis.

They need to demonstrate a call to action to solve this problem once and for all.

We have an opportunity and an obligation to demonstrate what we’d do if we were in charge of both chambers.

For the “haves,” the hierarchy of disclosure is a way to exert influence and demonstrate power beyond one’s role or title.

The dancers of Time Lapse demonstrate this physicality expertly.

To prove that, police and prosecutors would have to demonstrate that Bush’s specific crimes — meaning the murders and shooting — were motivated by prejudice.

“Novartis has met its burden to demonstrate a likelihood of success on the merits,” Stark, based in Delaware, wrote.

Wild scene as hundreds demonstrate in the Hart office building.

Scraps of medieval songs on loose pages and herbals further demonstrate how practical usage was important in medieval design.

Facebook proved to be the ultimate weapon and the best election campaigner, as Nix explained, and as comments by several core Trump campaigners demonstrate.

So just from the standpoint of these women and this fight, you’re watching someone demonstrate his power over opponents.

Counter-protesters turned out to demonstrate against the rally and there were clashes between both sides.

The charts demonstrate an issue that experts and political strategists have repeatedly raised to me in the past.

When terrorist attacks increased, right-wingers were much less willing to allow political groups they don’t like to give a speech or demonstrate.

Will the president of the United States of America demonstrate that he contributes his fair share just like undocumented immigrants like me?

Twitter’s new guidelines released last week demonstrate the company’s latest reaction to constant reports of abuse and cyberbullying.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

Lastly, the reporters would need to demonstrate that Shkreli doesn’t have any “rights or legitimate interests” in the domains that he purchased.

Forbidden by the federal government from practicing dances and ceremonies on reservations, the stage became a space to preserve traditions and demonstrate agency.

A common thought experiment to demonstrate this theory — developed by non-PC math guys in the 1960s — is called “The Secretary Problem.”

Brangwyn met Yoshijiro Urushibara in the 1910s, after Urushibara had arrived in London to demonstrate woodblock production at the Anglo-Japanese Exhibition in 1910.

But others have to figure out ways to also demonstrate an earnest commitment to the cause.

He just needs to be someone who wants to demonstrate a sense of power over other people, and to do so through sexual abuse.

So artists all over Mexico, contemporary or not, are using their art to demonstrate the injustices that are occurring.

At the Nan A. Rothschild Research Center, Sutphin showed a series of objects from the repository that demonstrate the material culture of the city.

Musk maintains that Model 3 demand is “insanely high,” but his company has not released any figures to demonstrate that.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

They tell the story of our obsession with the unreal, and demonstrate our unquenchable need to take control over our own creations.

Trump has had ample opportunity to demonstrate his sense of seriousness and responsibility.

She says that the documents from this obscure archive demonstrate that Buchanan was the secret intellectual architect of the rise of the American right.

The academy said it was done to demonstrate “unity” and “pride.”

The algorithm quantifies criminal history alongside volunteer work, education, and other re-entry data points that demonstrate how people are working to rebuild their lives.

But it does demonstrate that elite Romans had little shame in participating in the institution of slavery or representing slaves and freedpersons in artwork.

I don’t think he will demonstrate anything different in his personality.

“We ask protesters to demonstrate and express their grievances in a peaceful manner,” spokeswoman Marta Hurtado said in an email.

The ride-hail company is shooting to demonstrate its network of flying cars in Dubai and Texas by 2020.

Andrew Bosworth, a Facebook vice president, hinted the company could make more changes to demonstrate it values privacy.

We just need to demonstrate that the people who are using these products for menstrual cramps or PMDD aren’t just experiencing placebo effects.

Here’s the examiner: “All the best candidates demonstrate a strong command of their subjects and make compelling arguments in clear prose.”

Tens of thousands of protesters marched through London on Friday to demonstrate against the U.S. president’s visit.

demonstrate scarcity

What makes gold, diamonds, and Ninetales so valuable?

Another unique option to impress employers is to demonstrate your knowledge of current events in your opening lines.

The works that best demonstrate this are the ones made of carved fir wood, all titled “Standing Woman” (1930).

(The driver, Burt, was willing to demonstrate how drinkable it was, but neither of us had a cup on hand.)

I’d come to demonstrate that women could run, but if I failed to finish I’d set women back fifty years.”

(Vox’s Timothy B. Lee found some maps in December 2014 that demonstrate just how devastating the effects of the freeways were.)

And then, as we have said, we’re going to be very flexible about how people demonstrate residency.

Verbeck road-tripped the car up to DC to demonstrate it to federal agents in March.

So if you demonstrate some vulnerability, I think that’s often reciprocated with vulnerability.

Turns out you can demonstrate to push your candidate/party platform w/o disrespecting the WOC on stage.

The souvenir albums definitely demonstrate this romanticism.

They requested a delay to allow more witnesses to be interviewed to demonstrate Opstelten’s alleged involvement and bias.

Koch commands this creative authority to demonstrate her commitment to the delicate yet self-assured artwork she produces.

“We were able to demonstrate that in just 45 minutes, people’s sense of themselves as creative improved,” she says.

The Facebook patents demonstrate a far more specific intent to track, with fairly explicit aims.

Countries can be removed from the list if they demonstrate improvement (like Chad).

Other contemporary selections demonstrate some of the most mind-bending animators working today.

Trump’s “compliments” of women often demonstrate that he doesn’t truly respect them.

“But my expectation is they should be able to demonstrate favorable efficacy and safety.”

The four albums reviewed below demonstrate the range a familiar genre can span when played and presented in new ways.

“We don’t take risk for the product — it has to demonstrate it can be scaled and bring revenue.”

“The notion that one can demonstrate animus toward any group of people only by targeting all of them at once is fundamentally flawed.”

Victories for both equality and white supremacy are part of the 2018 story, and demonstrate the complexity of a changing country.

“We are a country that is good at finding compromises and that’s a talent our negotiators certainly demonstrate.

Scholars, curators, and artists recognize their accountability for self-definition and present self-reflective critiques which demonstrate the specific directions that particular art movements took.

Only a handful of Kavanaugh supporters mingled with the people who had come out to demonstrate in support of Ford.

While Mosley didn’t think of himself as an artist, many of his photographs demonstrate his artistry with a camera.

We demonstrate the value of kindness and inclusiveness from this land to the world,” Tsai told reporters after the measure passed.

They demonstrate her eye for spatial compositions and the delightfully unexpected.

The coup—if it’s going to succeed—would likely be an attempt to demonstrate to the world that this isn’t our guy anymore.

We meet with legislators, we write policy, we try to work with administrations, and when we are ignored we demonstrate.

Sometimes people must speak out and demonstrate for what they believe is right.

“Judge Kavanaugh’s impeccable credentials demonstrate he is worthy of this nomination,” the letter reads.

(2013) demonstrate that effort.

As the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS and countless others did before it, this technological transition calls for Facebook to demonstrate leadership.

To demonstrate this, here is some of the best polling on Trump supporters’ attitudes toward Muslims, Mexican immigrants, and black people.

It would demonstrate to them that their efforts, blatantly targeted at minority Americans and Democrats, worked.

The disputes over Pulphus’s painting and the loan of Bingham’s demonstrate that powerful artworks can also be leveraged to disempower.

Cover image: Supporters of English Defence League (EDL) founder Tommy Robinson demonstrate in Whitehall, London, Britain, June 9, 2018.

He kept a low profile while he tried to demonstrate to constituents that he was serious about his new political career.

Kaye told the Council that it was their moment to act, to demonstrate in deeds the commitments they had repeatedly made in words.

Here’s a graphic Twitter put together to demonstrate what the new ad will look like: This article originally appeared on

But as the abandoned towns and ruins she visits demonstrate, documentation does not deter decay; even what’s left behind eventually fades.

In America, where you are expected to demonstrate quantifiable consumer harms, the market definition issues fall directly out of the consumer modeling.

Under the Senate bill, to get a waiver, a state doesn’t have to demonstrate anything about coverage.

A group of employees is leaving as the drone unit prepares an important update to demonstrate its progress.

It doesn’t demonstrate much nuance or thoughtfulness on the subject of torture.

In the end, these photographs not only demonstrate the medium’s ability to express personal perspective, but also its subjective nature.

That’s where you see these groups today doing these massive petitions, to demonstrate and identify people who support a certain cause.

“Novartis has met its burden to demonstrate a likelihood of success on the merits,” Stark, based in Delaware, wrote.

Though PolitiFact is far from comprehensive, it does demonstrate a dramatic difference between the two candidates.

She makes the drawings in response to embroidery samplers that girls and young women used to sew to demonstrate their needlework skills.

Trump has had ample opportunity to demonstrate his sense of seriousness and responsibility.

As these hearings demonstrate, they have succeeded in moving their preferred plan to the forefront of the health care discussion.

Lesley Stahl: [Pence] said negative campaigning is wrong, and a campaign ought to demonstrate the basic decency of the candidate.

Lucky for us, the rest of Levi’s products demonstrate the same strengths as their famed jeans: simplistic, well-made, and timeless.

“These pillows make absolutely no sense,” he says, holding up a blue velvet one to demonstrate, wrapping it around his neck.

Or do they demonstrate manipulation and ruthlessness?

The images below demonstrate the sort of nonverbal cues we coded using examples from the 2016 US presidential candidates.

In this study, we asked whether acting in ways that demonstrate various vices and virtues elicits cooperation from others.

But Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend demonstrate that an abortion storyline can be a meaningful way to explore character.

To address this problem, Hill-Burton provided hospital construction grants to communities that could demonstrate need and feasibility.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos also had a large group of players demonstrate, with close to half the team taking a knee during the anthem.

Lipponen, a researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, used publicly available data from NASA to demonstrate the rising temperatures across the world.

Video screens opposite the sterile, white mask displays demonstrate Estabrook’s Thinly Worn performance process.

Then YAMMA brass picked B and C tier heavyweights and predominantly wrestlers seemingly to demonstrate that the pit would make fights more exciting.

There are two actual pieces of evidence that Trump or Trump spokespeople have advanced to demonstrate Curiel’s supposed bias.

Private hire operators must meet rigorous regulations, and demonstrate to TfL that they do so, in order to operate.

Nunalee chose to demonstrate because they felt like they wouldn’t be heard otherwise.

Between them, the two installations ably demonstrate the role that Cranbrook has played in design since the middle of the 20th century.

Trump’s efforts against Page and Strzok demonstrate that the president personally has targeted even midlevel officials and career FBI agents.

“These actions demonstrate that there is confidence.

Past experience does not demonstrate an “implement policy, achieve desired outcome” effect.

Instead of resorting to force to work out differences, the American ideal is to demonstrate and head to the voting booth to affect change.

To demonstrate the versatility of crickets as ingredients, Cadesky used a textured cricket protein as an egg substitute to make ice cream.

He wants it to demonstrate the power of reconciliation a century after Europe was torn apart by one of history’s bloodiest conflicts.

If it wanted to cut production, it would have to demonstrate to the investors that they would financially benefit from the move.

** New developments should demonstrate no negative impacts on, or disruption to, key natural heritage or natural water resources.

“This is a way for North Korea to demonstrate that they will not be pushed around,” he said.

And he’s got to demonstrate the characteristics of a president who understands that.

“We have long stated that individual athletes in Russia are willing to demonstrate their innocence and prove they are clean.

The agency is also waiting for NASA and other companies to demonstrate their quiet-boom technology before crafting fresh regulations.

“We’re really doing tactical tasks that demonstrate operational capability with strategic effect.”

Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of NATO, tweeted that he encouraged the Taliban “to demonstrate their concern for Afghans by respecting (the ceasefire)”.

Some people go on the streets and demonstrate.

I’m gonna run it this way for another month and hopefully demonstrate the value to the people who are reading it.

“Novartis has met its burden to demonstrate a likelihood of success on the merits,” Stark, based in Delaware, wrote.

And so I think it’s important to demonstrate like this to bring attention to it,” she told Hyperallergic.

Modern Republican leaders continue to demonstrate that their concern about sexual violence is qualified.

As these two artists’ works demonstrate, we still have a long walk ahead before we create a society that supports the feminine body.

This is Trump’s third blowout win, and his previous victories demonstrate the breadth of his appeal.

Defense attorneys must demonstrate that the suspect could not understand the consequences of his or her actions.

Everyone fought with genuine esteem, often pausing to demonstrate new moves or compliment a fellow wrestler.

What was needed was a large-scale randomized controlled trial (RCT), which is considered the “gold standard” of nutritional research because it can demonstrate cause.

All contracting companies should consider the coming week to be a final opportunity to demonstrate excellence.

Democratic presidential hopefuls now have to demonstrate how they aim to put meat on the bones of the resolution, or provide a credible alternative.

Asking me to demonstrate that I wanted to stay?

These products and services demonstrate the dark side of the intersection of technology hype and health care.

Successful applicants will demonstrate a committed studio practice and the desire for a close-knit community of critical thinkers.

“The relevance of these documents is they demonstrate the tobacco industry in turn was looking to and learning from oil.”

When asked by Chandra about the time he pushed the kid down the stairs, Naz doesn’t demonstrate remorse or even regret.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

“I’m gonna demonstrate my victory with facts and by getting in the ring with his fighter on Saturday.”

The photos of Florette demonstrate Lartigue’s perceptive eye for beauty.

He once got his dead cat the same certificate as a famous British nutritionist just to demonstrate how bogus her credentials were.

Obama has strategically picked guests that demonstrate the bipartisan appeal of criminal justice reform, and Luttrell is yet another example.

It’s really easy to show and demonstrate.

You can demonstrate this effect with a very simple experiment.

In a statement, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned that staff should “demonstrate high levels of personal and professional integrity”.

“We are currently working with the authorities to demonstrate his innocence and true character,” it reads.

More importantly, the philosophy reflects a desire to demonstrate that beauty can be made from what is at hand, what anyone can obtain.

Other positions Schultz takes demonstrate why he might have a hard time gaining traction in a Democratic primary.

I offer this just by way of example to demonstrate a difference between theater and cinema.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

It also started to demonstrate some talent for reading comprehension, summarization, and translation with no explicit training in those tasks.

And there’s no need to demonstrate your value toward me because you will never isolate the target… you prick.

“People who think of themselves as not prejudiced (and liberal) demonstrate these threat effects,” says Jennifer Richeson, a leading researcher on racial bias.

Recent cyber attacks causing blackouts in Ukraine demonstrate that online attacks can have real-world consequences.

“Today, we intend to demonstrate the seriousness of our commitment to addressing this new threat,” Edgett just said.

Kasich also talks about his time in the House to demonstrate his willingness to cross the aisle.

In his tweet, Jansen included a link to demonstrate the vulnerability.

The albums reviewed below demonstrate the charms of maximalist dance music, a mode that prizes density.

Fatah, Abbas’s political party, called for protesters to demonstrate Friday in a massive “Day of Rage” protest.

Dressing effortlessly is a way to show off your shit, to demonstrate that you have brain power.

The Fed has tried to demonstrate that there’s a lot in legal usage, and they can’t.

The saints demonstrate our ability to transform broken wood into something new.

Because I demonstrate respect for them.

The saints demonstrate our ability to take fallen, broken wood and transform it into something new.

“You have to demonstrate that what looks difficult or impossible today is possible,” Watts said.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

All three of these paintings demonstrate Gabriel’s mastery over his medium of paint.

In the end, Will & Grace doesn’t necessarily need to be woke if it can demonstrate that it knows as much.

One official said the test appears to demonstrate a more powerful North Korean solid-fuel propulsion system, especially in its second stage rocket.

Disasters present a unique opportunity for people to demonstrate virtue — it’s an opportunity to be brave, to be charitable, to be compassionate.

“The data does not demonstrate that.”

Aside from providing levity, some of these images actually demonstrate very impressive editing skills.

We are used to the idea that law enforcement should be able to surveil communication when they demonstrate a need to do so.

But the interview with an asylum officer is the only chance asylum-seekers may have to demonstrate that they fear persecution in their home country.

The next few days will demonstrate if the asylum ban belongs in that category.

It’s absurd to hear a man who struck down protests and grossly reduced the right to assemble and demonstrate.

“Now their smell is completely neutral,” Lorenzo says, cracking open a white bean to demonstrate.

(Of course, observational research can only demonstrate correlation and not causation.)

“I think we need to demonstrate military restraint but maintain maximum pressure,” he said.

Comedy club owners allowing him to work their venues demonstrate a lack of interest in protecting their employees — especially women.

Dancers representing various conscious processes demonstrate that these patients may have a lot of brain activity, even if they remain uncommunicative or comatose.

In the routine, performers demonstrate how electrons move in different materials, such as polymers and carbon nanotubes.

The only way you can demonstrate opportunity lost is if someone else finds the opportunity, and that’s what Aspect tries to do.

Once your meeting is set up, lawmakers say, it helps to demonstrate your connection to the issue.

Authorities brought their families to the parade, where thousands marched to demonstrate how safe things supposedly were — all while radioactive ash fell around them.

“If we have the right to demonstrate then we should.

Domestic violence situations demonstrate why this is the case.

Two incredible pop songs in particular — a cover and a live performance — demonstrate just how well she could wreck a church with her music.

But those teaming up demonstrate a forward-thinking attitude that searches out what can be achieved within the traditional fair format.

What these stories demonstrate are the confused and convoluted politics at play in the West End district.

”This is a real opportunity for students to demonstrate responsibility,” he told the newspaper.

“But you have to demonstrate that.”

GOP presidential candidates have, for years now, felt the need to demonstrate unconditional support for Israel.

If you’re an employer, you’re a business person, what you need to demonstrate is you have an honest conviction concerning this belief.

The sort of militant anti-fascism that antifa represents reemerged in postwar Europe in Britain, where fascists had broad rights to organize and demonstrate.

It’s just some knuckleheads in the park, and that’s tragically what Charlottesville helped to demonstrate.

His stump speeches demonstrate no real commitment to any idea other than his own strength.

Yet the exhibition and book convincingly demonstrate the enduring appeal of the ancient world and the compelling creations of Leon Bakst.

John was born to meet that kind of challenge, to defend and demonstrate the defining ideals of our nation.

We are confident that the evidence will demonstrate YRC Freight acted consistently with our contract and all applicable guidelines.

The Zynga and Groupon fiascos demonstrate that founder control is never absolute.

As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death.

Both American artists are known for their portraits of African-American individuals, and both demonstrate an emotional sensitivity to their subjects in their work.

“People who think of themselves as not prejudiced (and liberal) demonstrate these threat effects,” Jennifer Richeson, a leading researcher on racial bias, says.

They demonstrate the artist’s resistance to Japan’s institutionalized art world.

On 3, Tricot demonstrate a unique vision of rock as a utopian playground, intellectualized but not soulless.

If you do those things and demonstrate strong personal fundraising potential, you will be blessed with help.

To demonstrate the buying power of its customers, MoviePass recently removed 10 highly-used AMC theaters from its app.

Jelawi distributed statements to the city’s radio stations and organized Arlit’s women to demonstrate outside of city hall.

Yet he did not cite any specific conflicts of interest or incidents that demonstrate there is a problem with the grants to advisors.

As a result, they came ready to apologize and demonstrate their evenhandedness.

As a result, they came ready to apologize and demonstrate their evenhandedness.

Speaking to Wilson and Miller, though, JAY-Z said that the track as a whole blows stereotypes up in order to demonstrate their absurdity.

And they’re still far from perfect (as recent crashes involving Google and Tesla vehicles demonstrate).

You’re right that researchers have yet to demonstrate many differences in how liberals and conservatives react to misinformation in the laboratory.

Senegal’s foreign ministry also called in the U.S. ambassador in Dakar to demonstrate its displeasure, a U.S. State Department official said.

There isn’t such a simple way to visually demonstrate you are determined to join the ranks of the upwardly mobile.

Sources said Medin would demonstrate this with a simple chart: Population density on the X axis; cost on the Y.

“People who think of themselves as not prejudiced (and liberal) demonstrate these threat effects,” Jennifer Richeson, a leading researcher on racial bias, said.

His 2019 videos demonstrate an immense leap in scope and ambition.

The central question, Golub said, was whether the grandson can demonstrate this specific painting was stolen from his grandfather.

For that to happen, authorities must demonstrate its biological importance, which is an outcome the expeditions are certainly hoping for.

“It would probably be scientifically prudent to go out and demonstrate it again with a more serious paradigm,” Loftus admits.

In the video above, researchers at MIT’s Senseable City Lab demonstrate how streets full of autonomous vehicles wouldn’t necessarily need stoplights.

But it is one of the first times the company has been willing to demonstrate that to the press.

Further analyses by Eric McGhee and Jonathan Nagler demonstrate that it’s mainly the minority-party voters who are declining to participate.

What other materials may demonstrate these properties in the future?

“It will be important to see if Donald Trump is able to demonstrate genuine remorse and humility.” Several members of Congress mentioned their daughters.

“This was an effort to demonstrate that nothing has changed, and that Golunov’s case was an isolated one,” Kolesnikov says.

To get started, MLM sellers usually pay $100 to $250 upfront for a starter kit of products to display and demonstrate.

These photographs further demonstrate how adroit Beyoncé is in the art realm.

Stotter then created a video for the illusion to demonstrate how the frog actually consists of five models covered in body paint.

The four albums reviewed below demonstrate varying strategies for how to revitalize familiar forms, often with startlingly marvelous results indeed.

Our intention was to demonstrate the range of skills that people would need to work in this world.

To demonstrate the need for expanded powers, federal police recently gave “unprecedented access” to two of the country’s biggest media outlets.

Let’s give this some context to really demonstrate what a coup this was for Mandarić.

To win a nationwide injunction, local governments must demonstrate a high level of harm, the Justice Department noted in court filings last month.

Elsewhere in the city, police used tear gas on opposition activists attempting to demonstrate against Kenyatta; deaths were reported in the clashes.

The main goal of the study “was just to demonstrate safety,” he said.

Individuals with a disposition to authoritarianism demonstrate a fear of “the other” as well as a readiness to follow and obey strong leaders.

His mission (which he passes with flying colours) is to demonstrate the breadth of dishes in which ghee plays the starring role.

This year, just over 50 people came out to demonstrate in the town of Pinedale, Wyoming.

This year, just over 50 people came out to demonstrate in the town of Pinedale, Wyoming.

“The results demonstrate that amphibians are far more threatened than either birds or mammals,” the report stated.

The Charlottesville protests demonstrate this.

The Pyramids have been a popular site for European and American performances to demonstrate such control.

But events in recent months demonstrate how tenuous that dominance still is.

Applicants must also identify racially and/or culturally with a historically underrepresented community and demonstrate the need for financial assistance to advance their artistic careers.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

Active between 1977–85, Colab’s projects served to demonstrate the value of artist-led action and collaboration.

And Kim continues to demonstrate openness to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, Coats said in testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Details of governments’ plans provided to Reuters demonstrate that African nations are keen to secure a spot as a beachhead for the industry.

The transactions demonstrate the startling ease with which human body parts may be bought and sold in the United States.

The protests quickly turned violent as the white supremacists faced off with counterprotesters who showed up to demonstrate against racism.

Despite the radical claims of the movement, Asian American artists and activists had plenty of blind spots, as the exhibit takes pains to demonstrate.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

“We’ll be able to demonstrate the marketplace can absorb 15 billion gallons of ethanol.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

To demonstrate how divided Republicans still are, this is what Sens.

Hundreds of protesters have gathered at airports from New York to San Francisco to demonstrate their opposition to Trump’s policy.

“We run HANA internally on our own systems, and we think we can demonstrate better implementations than our competitors,” said Smith.

Dion complained on Thursday that Bantleman and Tijong were not given the chance to demonstrate their innocence.

These experiments easily demonstrate that the Ouija board only works when the participants are able to manipulate the pointer themselves.

“The attached letters demonstrate responsibility of industry in monitoring its talcs,” the cover letter said.

Later that afternoon, Clinton appears in front of the press to demonstrate that she’s fine, but she also cancels a trip to California.

Some students who participated in the March 14 walkout told Vox they would also demonstrate on April 20, though not all had events planned.

I’ll explain how I demonstrate my love, because I actually did something crazy.

They purposefully demonstrate in their own propaganda how closely they hew to Kim Il Sung’s style of governance.

The two paintings here, “Facade” and “Revolver” (both 2016), demonstrate the nuance and experimentation possible within the artist’s chosen method.

Work like the obscure photographs of Annemarie Heinrich demonstrate the valuable visual culture that is still on the brink of disappearing without archival attention.

To demonstrate, let’s break Easy down by the best and worst it has to offer.

“And we will continue to demonstrate with or without official authorization.”

The next day they demonstrate, carrying semi-automatic weapons, clubs, shields, helmets, and pepper spray.

Steen and his colleagues first had to analyze its morphology and genetics to demonstrate its difference from closely related species.

“As usual, Fiji Water has adopted tactics that demonstrate that Fiji Water does not care about Fiji or Fijians,” Bainimarama stated at the time.

What if, when it’s identified, the perpetrator doesn’t apologize, or demonstrate any remorse or shame, and there’s no punishment?

Here are three major pieces of evidence that demonstrate this point.

The conference she was attending is designed to demonstrate weapons for special forces operatives.

The Palestinians plan to demonstrate against Monday’s inauguration from Arab districts abutting the Jerusalem site.

“We have been able to scale up and to demonstrate the technology.”

That means self-driving cars would have to drive hundreds of millions of miles, even hundreds of billions, to demonstrate their reliability.

(Alternatively, residents could demonstrate financial hardship.)

“We must all demonstrate patience and maturity, and act in a way that puts our people and their safety first,” Mnangagwa wrote on Twitter.

We looked at ethical and legitimate ways to demonstrate the herbal highs standard to our customers, including the introduction of holograms.

The main goal of the study “was just to demonstrate safety,” he said.

A few days later, Jewish groups gathered outside the UK Parliament to demonstrate against anti-Semitism.

A stronger placebo effect means that drugs will need to demonstrate more of an effect before they can receive FDA approval.

“But frankly, we’re going to have to demonstrate that.”

“Such a step would begin to demonstrate the Communist Party’s willingness to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms,” Pompeo said.

Candidates are supposed to want to demonstrate progressively growing mastery of the issues over time.

Webber’s death prompted hundreds of his neighbors to demonstrate in nearby streets on Wednesday night in Frayser, a working-class, predominantly black neighborhood.

In the months after the February 2011 elections, the so-called walk to work protests began in April to demonstrate against inequality and corruption.

To show obstruction, a prosecutor must demonstrate a nexus between the particular conduct and the “proceeding” it is corruptly intended to obstruct.

It’s crucial she highlights both to demonstrate that her policy positions — and her candidacy — are here to stay.

“We consider it a worthwhile purpose in terms of freedom of speech and the right to gather and demonstrate,” he said.

The rover will search for previous signs on life on Mars and demonstrate technology that could help astronauts survive there.

People get to demonstrate they have this ability.

Both of these texts demonstrate knowing humor, and a bit of playful depravity, not always associated with medieval manuscripts.

In order to shore up his leadership credentials, Mansour had to demonstrate his military prowess and suspend the Taliban’s participation in negotiations.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

Do something to demonstrate your capability and your readiness to take on more.

It doesn’t matter whom the protesters support or who, if anyone, encouraged them to demonstrate.

Protesters prepared to demonstrate ahead of that November visit, and they’re likely to gather again, something Varadkar himself acknowledged.

“So it is not surprising that [ruler Kim Jong Un] needs to periodically demonstrate his power.

The fund will be operational by July 31, and Australia plans to quickly approve several projects to demonstrate its commitment, the sources said.

One was J. H. Brown, who decided to create a book of optical illusions to demonstrate how “ghosts” could be manifested through science.

“But you have to demonstrate that.”

By calling for pressure on superdelegates in regions he won, Bernie can demonstrate the power and extent of his vision for the party.

Many of these rooms are also empty on weekends, and, as the report’s figures demonstrate, the city is replete with them.

Environmentalists and aboriginal activists frequently demonstrate at Trans Mountain facilities and British Columbia police have arrested about 200 people since mid-March.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

The UK Treasury, for example, used state-of-the-art modeling to demonstrate that Brexit would cause a recession and cost British household about $6,200 a year.

(We never see him demonstrate this particular skill set.)

“These actions demonstrate that there is confidence.

The alternative is to state administration positions that would validate Infowars-level falsities and demonstrate further disregard for truth.

“That’s what today is all about, to demonstrate that Trump isn’t going to delegate the future of this country.

A couple of books on display demonstrate how Black Power inspired the 1970 worker-student revolt in Trinidad that reformed and nearly toppled the government.

To demonstrate the effect of the music, Kaelen shared with me some patient experiences.

As the artists in People Who Work Here demonstrate, artistic purity is a romanticized, if arcane notion.

Trump showed a before-and-after map to reporters to demonstrate the extent of jihadist losses during his presidency.

Plus, there are several red-state Democrats who have plenty of incentives to demonstrate that they are working with Republicans in Washington.

That’s when Baier tried to demonstrate hypocrisy: BRET BAIER: What about Brett Kavanaugh?

And candidates from both parties typically pledge their support for Israel and attempt to demonstrate their personal affection for the country.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

It’s a way to demonstrate that she belongs.

Asylum seekers must demonstrate fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality or membership in a particular social group.

Drawings, consoles, cabinets, and standalone devices demonstrate the development of long-distance communication and entertainment.

Officers also gathered outside of police stations elsewhere in France to demonstrate against what their unions are calling “anti-police hatred.”

Officers also gathered outside of police stations elsewhere in France to demonstrate against what their unions are calling “anti-police hatred.”

It does not demonstrate that.

His supporters plan to demonstrate across Russia.

For his presentation, Brindley was to demonstrate the effectiveness of injectable drugs in treating impotence.

NXIVM denies it’s a cult and says it’s working with the authorities to demonstrate Raniere’s innocence.

The plan, the site adds, must demonstrate “resident and business support, as well as the availability of transportation services.”

But the question that made her look worst required her to demonstrate a basic understanding of education policy — a test DeVos failed.

What better way to demonstrate an unsecure network than by beaming a message out of a gigantic electronic billboard.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

One glance at his Twitter feed will demonstrate his animus toward dissenting or critical voices.

Asylum seekers must demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution at home, most often from a state entity.

But EU capitals wanted to demonstrate that, Brexit notwithstanding, security ties were paramount.

Yes, Tesla is a startup culture, but they demonstrate an arrogance that is similar to the arrogance that Detroit demonstrated in the past.

Bush allegedly picked Dan Quayle on a lark to demonstrate his own independence from his advisors.

Only then can we take appropriate and mindful action to demonstrate our strength.

Trump is not, of course, prepared to demonstrate that his hands are clean by releasing tax returns or any other personal financial information.

Increasingly, journalists use Twitter to report stories and demonstrate public interest by embedding tweets in articles, reading them on the radio or on TV.

New Zealand mourns a mass shooting; students around the world demonstrate in a global climate strike.

According to his book, cities with more transit choice demonstrate less income inequality and less overspending on rent.

By mid-March she’d already completed 15 projects, which can be used to demonstrate her abilities to employers.

U.S. senators said the news articles and mounting complaints from military families demonstrate a need for immediate oversight.

“With markets tumbling, the oil price remaining depressed and the dollar weakening, the time is now for the government to demonstrate leadership.”

“The US and other NATO allies need to demonstrate good will and responsible stewardship of older base sites.”

More than 50,000 people have signed up to demonstrate against Trump when he visits.

In the run-up to the anniversary, police detained activists and warned people not to demonstrate.

In the run-up to the anniversary, police detained activists and warned people not to demonstrate.

But as scads of YouTube videos demonstrate, these proofs fail to convince flat-earthers.

To demonstrate why Fox News’s alternate reality matters so much, we can look to two polls that framed family separation slightly differently.

The goal is to demonstrate that the politician is illegitimate.

So an anti-establishment populist movement will be most effective if it works within an existing party, as Sanders and Trump both demonstrate.

For the fourth weekend in a row, “Yellow Vest” protesters took to the streets across France to demonstrate against President Emmanuel Macron.

That was our way to demonstrate the trauma that we experience in dealing with the victims of gun violence,” Beard said.

“None of the data published to date conclusively demonstrate adverse effects on the health of humans from the use of sunscreens,” the authors concluded.

NASA even produced this middle-school science worksheet to demonstrate how much radiation reached the astronauts on their mission.

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump seemed to demonstrate little interest in the tenets of movement conservatism.

A Tesla vehicle will drive in fully autonomous mode from LA to New York City by the end of 2017 to demonstrate the technology.

Ultimately, expressive eyebrows are “a biological mechanism to demonstrate to other people what we’re genuinely feeling,” Spikins says, somewhat similar to blushing.

They demonstrate excellently how admirable attempts to create new sonic templates often produce labored ones.

The multigenerational works, displayed alongside one another, demonstrate the artist’s persistent interest in collage and traditional printmaking, and the beauty in everyday simplicity.

— [Eric Johnson / Recode] The Wall Street Journal has data to demonstrate a long-suspected conflict of interest.

“The allegations in the complaint demonstrate that the line between ordinary criminal hackers and potential national security threats is increasingly blurry,” he added.

And, a few days earlier, hundreds of thousands of Italians had taken to the streets to demonstrate in favor of the bill.

DREAMers would have to demonstrate more things in order to get a green card, no matter if they were already in DACA.

Several groups have vowed to demonstrate.

Bonus: Group pictures can also demonstrate that you’re social.

(Other than posting the screenshots, Revolver didn’t demonstrate he had access to Pornhub’s server in any other way.)

It’s less effective to deter criminals with harsh punishments, though, than it is to demonstrate that they will definitely be caught and punished.

One had to actually demonstrate one’s racism in order to become the American president. Openly declaring hatred for women or black people isn’t necessary to “demonstrate” racism or sexism.

Guayusa isn’t just a way for me to earn income—it also helps me demonstrate my culture.”

Interviews with nationalist Hindu leaders and militia members across the country reveal an impatience for Muslims to demonstrate obeisance to the Hindu majority.

North Korean officials have yet to demonstrate that in working-level talks, the intelligence officials said.

Counter-protesters turned out to demonstrate against the rally.

Despite the passion with which this subject has been broached and the studies brought to bear to demonstrate the problem, the situation persists.

(This should demonstrate two of his more notable qualities, which are that he is smart and has seemingly boundless energy.)

“Entering a little bit of it into your life will demonstrate the value of it.

Anti-feminists shot back, substituting Muslims for men in the analogy to demonstrate how offensive it would otherwise be.

Asylum seekers must demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution at home, most often from a state entity.

Peer-introduced AI in workplaces might therefore demonstrate the possible, and set the tone for the employer-sponsored implementations of smart machines that will eventually follow.

It’s an occasion the North typically uses to demonstrate its military prowess.

This scholarship will be awarded to candidates who demonstrate financial need and are committed to diversity and inclusivity in the art world.

“I am tired of not being allowed to demonstrate.”

It allowed him to demonstrate his reverence for traditional Mediterranean building techniques and materials in their native context.

We encourage you to support the Chairmen of these agencies, who demonstrate a continued commitment to supporting the arts and humanities.

Partisan politics demonstrate that we rarely agree on solutions, though as a country there is a strong belief that government needs to do better.

His late-period paintings currently on view at Berry Campbell Gallery demonstrate this notion of assemblage remarkably well.

We have to be able to demonstrate to them the possibility of having meaningful relationships with other women.

“If we were to build a fake radar system, it could demonstrate secure hardware, but it wouldn’t be useful to anybody.

These works demonstrate how writers and artists used language, popular culture, and public space to mobilize a Chilean public.

The works demonstrate how artists in Peru melded a popular vernacular and political subject matter with an international Pop aesthetic.

The abstract plastic works demonstrate the physical toll of online circulation.

Domestic violence situations demonstrate why this is the case.

Those examples demonstrate an undeniable truth: Guns go off in the United States a startling amount.

You demonstrate gravity by throwing a ball up and seeing if it comes down.

What these two exhibitions demonstrate is that Nicole Eisenman has put it all together.

At the beginning of the second week the sailors must demonstrate their water rescue skills.

We have to, again, demonstrate that we do understand there are arguments on the other side, and we listen and we get it.

He even drank fracking fluid to demonstrate how safe it was.

“He invited teenage me to come up and demonstrate the three throws we’d learned that day … it was such an honor.”

Federal courts usually require plaintiffs to demonstrate they have actually been harmed.

They had to demonstrate that their actions were “objectively reasonable,” given the circumstances and compared to what other police officers might do.

They also demonstrate how he arrived at his conclusions.

Over the past two weeks, hundreds of thousands of Romanian citizens have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the Social Democrat government.

Unsigned statements on social media urged Iranians to continue to demonstrate in 50 towns and cities.

But early Warren backers believe she will demonstrate she has the long and authentic track record on these issues.

“The McKinney police department has a real opportunity here to demonstrate what community policing in Texas is supposed to look like.”

“We had to launch our own service to demonstrate what it meant to have a dynamic bus system.

“Our 2015 results demonstrate that Intel is evolving and our strategy is working.

It’s a sign that authority can demonstrate force in myriad ways—sometimes it involves obvious brutality and violence, other times through censorship and oppression.

Mass Effect 3 wants to demonstrate that those consequences are as impactful internally as they are externally.

Tibbets said he’s focused, for now, on helping automated home companies demonstrate their value to consumers.

Neustadt advised presidents to choose an early agenda that would demonstrate competence.

The pieces demonstrate that art and alcohol have always been a potent combination.

Patients also need to demonstrate that they’ve failed to maintain weight loss after trying other non-surgical methods.

But he has made other claims to demonstrate things are going well — even if they’re not.

We hope demonstrate in a sentence examples were helpful.