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Almost half of 20-somethings in the NYT weddings section met in school, compared with only 2 percent of the 40-plus demographic.

“It’s so easy to find sex tips for millennials, who are often the core demographic for many of today’s publications.

The paper’s authors describe their work as “the first meta-analytic examination of the demographic and psychological correlates of belief in climate change.”

Political affiliation correlated with belief in climate change twice as strongly as any other demographic variable the study examined.

There were roughly 12.1 million U.S. Facebook users in the 12- to 17-year-old demographic by the end of the year.

That explains why Snapchat and Instagram, which offer features for sharing photos and videos that disappear, are growing in popularity among this demographic.

Certain demographic groups are experiencing a greater loss of coverage than others.

Wine is not just for a certain demographic of people; wine is for everyone.

Voters are asked to provide basic demographic information like gender, age, and ethnicity.

Snapchat will grow by 19.2 percent this year in the 18- to 24-year-old demographic, eMarketer estimates.

Ratings points roughly translate to the percentage of viewers watching in a certain demographic.

Sides sees the demographic splits as representing, fundamentally, an extension of the battle over identity issues that defined the 2016 election.

But I watched the film in a predominantly liberal-leaning white audience at its Cannes premiere, a demographic that tends to love Lee’s work.

And thanks to the demographic bulge of the baby boom, the over-65 share is growing faster during the current decade than ever before.

Nevertheless, he appears to be competing in the same demographic as PPK, potentially splitting an important voting bloc.

Moreover, the demographic future of America held the promise of keeping this momentum going.

“No other demographic characteristic created such a consistent geographic split,” the New York Times’s Nate Cohn and Kevin Quealy write.

Given the church’s heavy Hispanic demographic, immigration policy in general looms large for the church and its parishioners.

There’s a reason America’s rapid demographic changes are celebrated on the left and viewed with horror on the right.

Golden Globe viewers in the 18-49 year-old demographic coveted by advertisers rose 4 percent, the data showed.

Predictions are that eventually, toward the end of this century, if certain demographic trends continue, that world population will peak around 10 billion people.

Moreover, exit polls are particularly bad at measuring the Hispanic vote, and understanding racial and demographic trends is of particular importance this year.

“Are there demographic differences that make you a Democrat or Republican?” he says.

Some foundations are not collecting demographic data.

We wanted to see if adding the moral foundations improved prediction above and beyond the demographic factors that are usually used.

Yet the demographic makeup of our schools doesn’t fully reflect that new reality.

I was like, oh, I am no longer relevant in this demographic, but that felt great!

Many of the districts have large, well-educated suburban populations, a demographic that tends to express more disapproval of Trump in opinion polls.

With populations ageing in many Western countries, this could all mean that grumpies are on the demographic march.

demographic shifts, many of which we identified in Big Shifts Ahead, contribute to the demand.

In fact, Airbnb reports that their fastest-growing host demographic is seniors, most of whom are empty nesters desiring additional income.

It is certainly possible that US politicians could mount a similar appeal, although US demographic facts would make it a much tougher climb.

What the midterm results do reveal is that the demographic divides that determined the 2016 election are intensifying and strengthening.

The demographic shift catalyzed many progressions in American society.

There are demographic insights indicating a shift in black communities from segregated inner-city neighborhoods to more integrated suburban enclaves.

Still, the trend is of note to demographic experts like Frey.

A 2015 poll by University of Maryland’s Shibley Telhami and Katayoun Kishi asked a variety of different demographic groups about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Most businesses know the demographic profiles of those who buy their products and, as a matter of course, direct their marketing at those groups.

There’s a new wave of Dimensions sets out now—and, much like previous ones, they’re very aware of the game’s parents-and-offspring demographic.

They are temperamentally prone to fear change, but a great deal of demographic and economic change has found them anyway.

All that said, American politics doesn’t work by a demographic Electoral College —changes at the margin matter.

(A demographic Clinton won by 51 to 45 percent, and Romney won 52 to 46 against Obama.)

But major demographic shifts, Jones emphasized, are happening in white evangelical churches too.

We have to have a pulse on what’s happening with a younger demographic because it really is changing.

McCrank feels the company is trying to reach younger and younger consumers, often alienating its older customer demographic in the process.

The ads in question were placed via software which allows advertisers to automatically buy ads within YouTube targeted to specific demographic groups.

The lesson here is that most of the broad public handwringing about Democratic Party geographic and demographic targeting is misguided.

You said that Marbella is not the place for people on the run—is Pakistan the place now?No, it’s just the demographic.

Their main demographic is the entire country of China and the District of Columbia.

There needs to be a swift move to become network agnostic, data agnostic, demographic agnostic and age agnostic.

Though Trump may help change that, the Democrats’ key demographic groups are typically far less likely to turn out in midterms than Republican voters.

Black female voters were considered a decisive demographic for Jones, who was elected as the state’s first Democratic senator in 25 years.

TheSkimm co-founders Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg have managed to build a product that deeply engages with a hard-fought-over demographic of female millennials.

The U.S. labor force growth is slowing fast as the demographic wave of baby boomers breaks toward retirement.

The U.S. labor force growth is slowing fast as the demographic wave of baby boomers breaks toward retirement.

Cazeneuve wants to divide the refugee housing between all of France, with the “demographic criteria weighted to each region.”

Last year was the first time that millennials surpassed baby boomers and Gen-Xers to become the largest voting demographic in the US.

Last year was the first time that millennials surpassed baby boomers and Gen-Xers to become the largest voting demographic in the US.

While other demographic groups have experienced steep declines in the uninsured rate, most age groups have only experienced modest changes since 2010.

Benton is not alone — she’s part of a big and profitable demographic of young women who sleep.

that makes me very, very happy not to be in its target demographic.

You’re part of our key demographic, people stuck at the airport.

A confluence of factors including demographic changes, anti-Trump enthusiasm and the strength of Sinema’s candidacy likely contributed to the party’s success.

His primary campaign disproportionately drew people who fear the demographic trends that would further erode the foundations of white privilege.

It’s as if, say, The WB’s Everwood were suddenly remade with a very different target demographic in mind.

That is an important detail, given the debates coursing through the national Democratic Party today about which demographic groups should be courted, and how.

1 in some demographic or another.

In 2012, black women had the highest turnout rate (70 percent) of any other voting demographic, making them key to Obama’s reelection.

“The overall level of fertility knowledge did not vary by most demographic characteristics (e.g.

Getting back to the older male white demographic, really, pretty much.

“The people who had been informed (or simply reminded) of the potentially threatening demographic shift in California were significantly more likely to lean Republican.

It’s worth noting that my brother is not Cher’s core demographic.

On Thursday, a demographic model built by political scientist Alan Abramowitz has Clinton up by a similarly narrow 2-point margin.

Here are those demographic forces broken down and briefly explained.

Black voters overwhelmingly tend to vote blue, so they are a key demographic for Democrats.

Hyman says RTR expanding into this realm is a response to the hunger that millennials — its core customer demographic — have for home decor.

Do different demographic groups fear different AI scenarios, though?

“The demographic for wine drinkers is drastically changing as young people’s eating habits have changed.”

To target a young demographic, Akhbarek creates stories that can be quickly and easily read on mobile phones and shared on social media.

But just how important is that demographic to Amazon?

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah on Tuesday took a look at Donald Trump’s “campaign to insult as many demographic groups as possible.”

But they’re Jeb’s natural demographic, and he finally started courting them.

Longer term, if current demographic trends continue, white Americans will cease to be a majority over the coming decades.

New developments over Bannon’s history with his ex-wife bring light to a particularly daunting demographic for the Trump campaign: women.

Although the historic number of women candidates has been the big story of these debates, the other demographic differences are also noteworthy.

The YouTube masthead goes to everyone, regardless of their location, demographic information, or political leanings.

This isn’t just in news media, but I remember one of the arguments around the subscription issue was always the demographic one, too.

In other words, they were members of a key demographic that helped win Trump the presidency.

In other words, they were members of a key demographic that helped win Trump the presidency.

The multiracial demographic reflects one of the fastest-growing groups in the US and in the UK.

In fact, the biracial demographic is now facing higher rates of mental health outcomes and increased substance abuse.

I’m just saying that this demographic that people said would never pay for anything online, did.

I think that if you have something special and unique, people will pay, whatever their demographic, whatever their cohort.

America’s current demographic shift is occurring in part because people of color account for most of America’s growth.

They see demographic statistics that show white Americans will no longer be the majority in the coming decades.

“Old angry white guys are not a core demographic for Nike,” he said.

We consume, if you look at the numbers, more especially movies than almost any demographic, especially young Latinas.

It’s also the best known in general; its first season was Canada’s top-rated drama among the 18- to 49-year-old demographic.

It also seeks the collection of a semi-annual release of stop data, which includes demographic information as well as the basis for the stop.

And fundamentally, what Trumpist conservatives are advocating for are not ideas, but a demographic, a tribe.

Facebook has 33 percent of people 65 and over regularly using the app whereas Snapchat has under 2 percent of that demographic.

Shoppers in their 20s and 30s are the most powerful consumer demographic.

“The current demographic and social evolution toward diversity in the United States has played out alongside a trend toward greater economic and social inequality.

But even for older people—the main target demographic of a bigger phone, due to eyesight issues—a bigger device is not necessarily better, Rutter said.

They see demographic statistics that show white Americans will no longer be the majority in the coming decades.

Their effects are lost amid the noise of demographic shifts and macroeconomic drivers.

The demographic in Cambodia is very clustered around its cities with the urban population being the vast majority of the population.

This wasn’t the case with other demographic variables.

As former Israeli peace negotiator Daniel Levy has astutely observed, profound demographic and political changes have occurred in both Israel and Palestinian society.

A lot of the time they’re looking for dogs that have a certain amount of followers in a certain demographic.

We see the overall importance of cultivating this demographic for the overall economic benefit of Memphis.

This demographic is the least likely to have voted for Trump, and most likely to support Kaepernick and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Researchers also collected demographic data on the participants.

One reason the comments resonate so much is demographic.

I went to one in England and it certainly wasn’t that demographic.

It was the first time I felt treated like a human being, not a demographic.”

But demographic change is slow, and its directionality is not guaranteed: It is not destiny.

The language used by sites like Breitbart make crystal clear that this is all about demographic mythmaking and fearmongering.

The analysis notes that the largest growing demographic at many of these top universities has been among Asian-American students.

Meanwhile, increasingly important Democratic constituencies — younger voters, black voters, Latino voters — all support Israel at lower rates than do other American demographic groups.

And these demographic groups are becoming an increasingly important constituency in the Democratic primary.

But the demographic model doesn’t account for the fact that Clinton probably got a hometown boost.

They cannot get enough, and more than that, it’s not one demographic or another—it’s everyone!”

The new brand is supposed to appeal to that demographic.

These groups have different income distributions, demographic components, and policy perspectives.

Seems the organizers were aiming to please a wide demographic.

And this is also a demographic that is less likely to have health insurance coverage.

Since August, support for the nomination has dropped by 11 percentage points among suburban women, a prized demographic, a Fox News poll found Monday.

And the state allows independent voters to vote in primaries — a demographic that has strongly favored Sanders.

Scientific awareness — and any other demographic factors — don’t influence whether people think that randomization is okay.

They are motivated primarily by tribal hostility toward the left and the demographic changes it represents.

Haggiag says an investment is buses would be smart, as trains are restricted to rail but buses can reach a wider demographic.

Support for deference to the military was strikingly broad across all demographic and ideological groups.

When the circumstances were unclear, we marked those fields “unknown.” In most cases, our data sources provided demographic information that we could use directly.

“Today’s shootings remind us that the plague of gun violence is not confined to one demographic or set of Americans.

Whenever the United States has faced significant demographic or cultural changes, it has always resulted in some kind of reactionary backlash.

But Sanders is making an effort to change that demographic math.

Our country faces a very real risk of demographic stagnation in the near future, because both fertility and immigration are in speedy decline.

And I think there’s still a lot of misconceptions about this demographic, so they just don’t get the recognition they deserve.

But Ocasio-Cortez, in a particularly potent way, also personally represents a lot of conservative fears about demographic change more broadly in the United States.

Too often that fits into socio-economic, demographic, regional [characteristics]—all those things fall into what’s “ideal.”

For another, neither Elfont nor Kaplan is from the millennial demographic the pair are trying to write and appeal to.

Exploring the suburban family in a narrative offered a perfect way for filmmakers and studios to appeal to their demographic.

And one thing’s for sure; tons of millennials—and remember, the oldest of this demographic is in their late 30s—do the same.

For readers in Cline’s target demographic in 2011, that message felt empowering.

‘Minecraft’ — the demographic playing that, you know as well as I do, it’s all ages but it’s also very young.

But Frank’s demographic case was rebutted in a 2006 paper by political scientist Larry Bartels.

There’s a great deal of geographic and demographic variation in New York’s districts — Harry Enten has a great rundown at FiveThirtyEight.

It’s no coincidence that the prominent guests in Westworld fit that demographic and are so hungry for a reality built around their desires.

But demographic changes are brewing.

Back then, exit polls showed that he netted 57 percent of the same demographic.

This machine has knobs that let you change how much you think each demographic attribute mattered.

demographic trends indicate that whites will continue shrinking as a portion of the US population, eventually becoming a minority in the 2040s.

The families said Lanza was part of that demographic and cited media reports saying he previously expressed a desire to join the army.

Nevada is a perfect illustration of the breed of new swing states that have become competitive thanks to demographic changes.

And that relationship held true even after they controlled for partisanship, ideology, and a host of demographic factors.

Authoritarians tend to be more hostile to expanding LGBTQ rights, for example, potentially worsening the GOP’s already-poor standing with another demographic group.

But the major innovations (especially in discipline and expectations policies) I can see target a different demographic.

demographic shifts, long underway, favored the Democrats.

“The importance of a brand that engages with community is particularly important to the younger demographic that West Elm targets,” she says.

Millennials in particular love the subscription model, something that retailers are taking note of as the demographic grows in buying power.

If India succeeds in this respect, its coming demographic bonanza holds the potential to create an unprecedented surge in the country’s economic health.

They skew older, with 50 percent of them saying they were in the 60+ demographic.

“I wouldn’t like to say,” says Gilruth, but, like virtually everyone else, she says that Scottish independence is a matter of demographic inevitability.

This brought in a wider demographic of folks, away from just the nerdy boys being pushed and admitted into the industry 30 years ago.

Up to now, explains Nix, election campaigns have been organized based on demographic concepts.

You might assume that demographic change, and the proximity of different groups, would by itself breed familiarity.

Because to me it was — to paraphrase Andy Kindler — my demographic is men my age who are me.

You are now a demographic.

The demographic slices with the highest levels of opposition?

Below, I’ve charted out Clinton’s performances among several demographic groups in both New Hampshire primaries.

Yes, it suggests that Bernie Sanders poses a threat to her among some key demographic groups, especially young people.

As a result, Arnett doesn’t believe these shifting demographic trends will affect older people’s living situations.

With cutesy Squeeks, they broaden their toy-collecting demographic.

And If there’s one demographic whose taste people like to judge more than that of teenage girls, it has to be moms.

He identified an audience demographic and served them desirable content.

Wow, we are really attracting a younger demographic here on Too Embarrassed to Ask, and I really like this.

But given how large the boomer demographic is, it really wasn’t possible for millennials to unseat the boomers until a few years ago.

In part because of the demographic makeup of the parties, there are significant gaps based on age, race, and church attendance as well.

They’re trying to make money, so they’re looking at every demographic and … Are those better, or not?

And this means lawmakers need to grapple with policies that address the demographic shift.

Populations smaller than the MVP are likely to become extinct due to further disasters or demographic, environmental, or genetic stochasticity,” Sandberg’s paper finds.

“We’ve seen people scapegoat vaccines, and other things, and it creates actual harm on a demographic level,” Gu told VICE News.

This is, indeed, Trump’s very best demographic and in some sense his electoral base.

It is about the demographic trends … And not the religion.

The opposition has called this a policy of “demographic change” aimed at forcing dissidents out of Syria’s main cities.

But the responses showed very little demographic difference between people who left and people who stayed — even along partisan lines.

But those numbers, broken down by demographic, show how the 2018 electorate played to Democrats’ favor.

demographic characteristics, on the other hand, seem to be less important than people’s policy opinions.

It’s underfunded, as is almost everything to do with aging, despite the fact that population is this massive global permanent demographic trend.

These surveys were combined with demographic and health information such as drinking habits, frequency of vegetable intake and physical activity, and body mass index.

“The demographic is growing; it’s no longer like how it was on, where it’s all kids.

It’s so iconic and popular with our target demographic that we had to make it work.

The goal, it would seem, was less mass appeal and more target marketing aimed at a demographic susceptible to power fantasies and bro-dude culture.

Meanwhile, demographic statistics show that white people will no longer be the majority in the US in a few decades.

In Newsela’s election, data revealed kids seem to vote mostly in line with actual demographic predictions.

When affluent communities move into low-income neighborhoods the change in demographic usually prices poor people out of their homes and displaces them elsewhere.

But he also won women handily, 55 percent to Clinton’s 45, taking the demographic that formed the core pitch of Clinton’s campaign.

Clinton did win among one demographic: people with incomes above $200,000.

Officials in the city accuse the Shi’ite endowment and armed groups of unlawful land grabs to make money and force demographic change.

Many conflate certain demographic groups, like Hispanics, with “immigrants.”

One thing I’ve noticed, being more and more popular, at first my concerts the demographic used to be pretty tight, 19 to 25.

There were also differences — though less extreme ones — among other demographic groups.

And cultural and demographic changes don’t bode well for the GOP.

Nearly one in three women in this demographic go indoor tanning every year, according to the same 2017 review.

We are in every community, we are in every demographic.

As a demographic, they’re likely among the most experienced at the permanent removal or camouflage of facial hair.

I have aged out of this demographic.

The story of conservative fears over demographic change in California began long before Trump.

Since establishing the brand’s customer demographic, every post has been targeted to what the consumer likes, wants, thinks about and importantly, shares.

Then the other piece is we have a geographic or demographic that is more violent than others.

On their Seedrs investment page, the company stated their intent to reel in a new demographic.

You don’t have to be a fan of Men At Work to realize that this demographic represents big bickies for Big Alcohol.

Seemingly all were young, which means Uber is establishing what could become long-term brand loyalty with an important demographic.

“Slowing massive demographic change is not fascist; it’s conservative,” warns Andrew Sullivan.

Young voters are consistently reliable Democratic Party supporters — the only age demographic Hillary Clinton won was voters under 44.

And for all those purposes, Congress, in 1976, amended the Census Act to encourage the government to use demographic sampling to collect data.

The financial well-being of millennials, as a demographic, looks pretty bleak!

RURAL, WHITE, SNAP-DEPENDENT Webster County is part of a demographic that is rural, white, SNAP-dependent and increasingly Republican.

Among the counties we examined, Wisconsin’s Menominee County was one of the two that did not fit same demographic profile as the rest.

• The demographic of visitors tends to skew male (the highest out of the five mass-market dealerships).

The country faces serious demographic challenges.

The incumbent was, for starters, simply a terrible demographic match for the district as it’s currently drawn.

Nate Silver produced a great series of estimates based on the demographic composition of each state.

Arabs and Turkmen make up a significant portion of the demographic and claim Kirkuk as their own.

Arabs and Turkmen make up a significant portion of the demographic and claim Kirkuk as their own.

But it’s also worth noting that the demographic story of 2016 isn’t just about white men.

Because we are such a young country, you can see the demographic increase in the next few years could be chaotic for the economy.

Maybe you were in the age demographic that advertiser was trying to reach?

However, content farms and social networks can do better when they have more demographic information about you.

That is a demographic shift like the United States has never experienced.

But she urged caution – focusing too narrowly on specific demographic groups risks alienating moderate Democrats.

Concerns about the welfare state rooted in demographic trends are often framed far too narrowly.

They might pick up a new demographic in their audience.

Many Israelis see it as a demographic nightmare for Israel because high birthrates mean Jews would soon be outnumbered by Arabs.

PRRI researchers then broke down the survey into different demographic weights to pull out lessons from the data.

(See the demographic breakdown of the samples here.)

Another demographic for which one-night stands fall short?

Higher housing prices meant that the population that could afford to live there narrowed its demographic.

(Conversely, if a demographic doesn’t show up to vote in expected numbers, it can also skew a pre-election poll.)

“Given demographic trends, enhancing the opportunities for ECRs will also improve the prospects for women and other underrepresented groups, including racialized groups.”

But the combination of demographic shifts and demagogic politicians has transformed the landscape of American politics.

But your analysis suggests that it’s primarily about these deeper demographic shifts, not necessarily about what the political left is doing.

But it’s hard to figure out exactly how to inoculate Americans from the concerns they have about increasing diversity and demographic change.

demographic change is inevitable, but it isn’t, arguably, one of our most pressing political issues.

Of course, Trump is also very good at drawing white Americans’ attention to the anxiety and fears they have about immigration and demographic changes.

So I still feel like there’s a lot I want to do in this age demographic.

The demographic changes are going to continue, and that means the political cleavages they’ve opened up are going to deepen.

This is marketing at its best: free, broadly disseminated, playful, harmless, and focused on that sought-after demographic — youth.

In this age demographic.

Museums now turn to beefing up marketing, education, and community engagement efforts, often with the intention of making demographic shifts in audience makeup.

Right-wing populists across Europe, from France’s Front National to Austria’s Freedom Party, draw from the same core demographic group.

And there are a whole bunch of other demographic ways where Muslim Americans essentially reflect the rest of the country.

Second was that CBS actually slipped to third for the first time in years among the demographic advertisers care about, 18- to 49-year-old viewers.

And though their demographic power is waning, there are still a lot of them.

But when broken down by demographic, atheists and agnostics outscored other groups even after controlling for different levels of education.

As a demographic, Asian Americans are often overlooked, partly because of the model minority myth.

Holders of postgraduate degrees are by far the most knowledgeable about religion, an “elite” demographic that skews strongly Democratic (57 percent to 35 percent).

Strong job gains in recent years have led to widespread reductions in unemployment across the income spectrum and for all major demographic groups.

This is driven by fundamental demographic forces.

“The people who had been informed (or simply reminded) of the potentially threatening demographic shift in California were significantly more likely to lean Republican.

The growth of America’s Latino population is part of a demographic shift of tectonic scale: a force of nature.

The problem is that national figures don’t track changes within the city — and they aren’t broken down by specific demographic groups.

Respondents answer questions about their demographic background, their party affiliation and their choice for president.

But that demographic shift inflamed ethnic tensions, especially within some of the larger cities.

While in jest, and edited for comedic value, Che and Jost highlight a demographic that has disproportionately supported Sanders: white men.

In the model, I included standard demographic and political control variables, such as gender, age, education, income, ideology, and party identification.

Each electoral district has seats apportioned according to its demographic makeup.

According to the Washington Post, it’s a demographic that has consistently voted against Clinton.

We see this in the constituency his plans appeal to and in his reluctance to dissociate from the racist demographic of his supporters.

Edelmira Barreira’s official title is “commissioner for the demographic challenge.

And while projections about the demographic future are always difficult, if current trends hold, America will be a majority-minority nation by 2044.

demographic change drives political and cultural change.

The “likes watching little kids spell big, weird words” demographic apparently demands a national cable showing.

“I fit that demographic of individuals.

Asian-American and Pacific Islander voters are a rapidly growing demographic; nationwide, the Asian-American population grew 72 percent between 2000 and 2015.

It’s a diverse demographic that speaks a wide array of languages and therefore demands more staff and volunteers.

So, when you look at the demographic across Silicon Valley you see a lot of white men,” Ito said.

This is the only white demographic tracked by the exit poll that Trump didn’t win.

It was an incredibly detailed take on the diverse demographic, emotional, and philosophical ingredients that are baked into the alt-right cake.

Last Friday, museum workers began contributing to a Google Spreadsheet documenting their place of employment, salary rates, and demographic details like race and gender.

It’s basically the opposite vision that millennials have for their country, even just white millennials — a demographic group that voted for Trump.

But some of it is demographic.

She doesn’t work a room, and she isn’t backed by insurgent money or buoyed by an ethnological demographic shift, like AOC was.

Do headlines about white demographic decline have the same effect in the real world as in the lab?

Midterm elections are historically dominated by older voters, a much more reliably Republican demographic.

I think there’s an underlying assumption that people will get the joke, which doesn’t always translate to the audience outside your target demographic.

But the anti-immigrant backlash in developed countries, driven by demographic change, is going to strain that left-of-center consensus.

He walked me through the demographic situation in China.

Everywhere else, there’s been this great demographic shift.

It’s essentially the same thing, only it’s targeting a younger demographic, more student focused.

Many Democrats are desperate to make a dent in this demographic, or at least stop the bleeding.

But it’s worth noting that the demographic story of 2016 isn’t just about white men, regardless.

They also wanted to confirm whether it was true that these “deaths of despair” were concentrated in one specific demographic.

“That said, gamers are already a vastly broad demographic.

The audience was two-thirds female, young women, for the most part — the same demographic that drives fan fiction, romance novels, and vampire stories.”

The shift was enough to overcome the demographic changes — mainly, the growth of Latino voters — that have benefited Democrats over the past few years.

What these all have in common is a dedication to a demographic that has historically been marginalized or underserved—the adolescent girl.

Overall, white evangelicals remain the only religious demographic to support Trump’s presidency.

But given the historical demographic that has access to theatre, that question might be explored in a production specifically, explicitly, for Black people.

The demographic crisis in First World countries is cited as another example of decline.”

The highest demographic by income is making $50-$74,999 a year, and living in urban areas.

Some folks are saying I won for “demographic” reasons.1st of all, that’s false.

Surely, in a referendum every vote is equal, and the will of the people carries regardless of the demographic?

And why should they not be different, because the geographical location and the demographic mix are quite different in all three places.

National reports show that this particular demographic is more likely to suffer from poverty, physical and mental illness, isolation, and discrimination than straight seniors.

Misty also says the demographic of young people who use Virtuoso tend to be short on time but not on money.

Though my experience was specific to my demographic and personality, it was not, I think, specific to these three hate groups.

“Right in line with our demographic, I guess,” responds Lars, wryly.As first dates go I’m really knocking this out of the park early.

“This is not an ISIS demographic,” she said.

Netflix doesn’t care whether its subscribers are part of any particular demographic, as long as they can afford the monthly subscription fee.

And even if there were political will, Syria’s demographic swirl makes partition practically impossible.

2 network of the 2016-’17 TV season in the advertiser-coveted 18- to 49-year-old demographic, once all the counting is done?

Cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end.

It’s an intimidating lineup, but also one that skews toward the older end of the 18- to 49-year-old demographic (a.k.a.

A massive demographic shift is underway as more Americans attempt to have children well into their 30s and 40s.

It’s easy to see why: The phrase “cultural suicide by demographic transformation” is an outright statement of white supremacy.

They’re exactly the demographic that Trump flipped from Obama in the 2016 election.

Robotics have been positioned as the solution to Japan’s demographic shifts for some time now.

Rather than seeing a population problem in the demographic projections, they’re framing it as a poverty problem — and, for that matter, an opportunity.

After all, Japan’s demographic shifts aren’t occasioned by technology, but by social factors—why not innovate in response?

The Republican share is larger, though not outsize considering its demographic base.

And if she gets to make anyone who falls outside that demographic laugh too, then hey, the more the merrier.

This could be labeled a knish and marketed to a whole new demographic.

But race and gender weren’t the only defining demographic attributes in 2016.

“It talked about each constituency and what he would do with each demographic,” Grossman said.

On Facebook they can say, “We want this demographic.

I want to be emotionally, spiritually, physically satisfied as well.” That is crucial for women all over the world in any socioeconomic demographic.

The researchers start with a basic demographic forecast.

At first, Tarkon didn’t particular pay attention to the demographic makeup of the friends Landon played alongside.

Environmental and demographic changes are part of why heart disease has spun so far out of control.

NeoRomance titles are aimed at girls and women, but what is the intended age demographic?

Turkey has repeatedly warned that military operations in and around Mosul should not lead to demographic change.

It will collect data ranging from the causes of death to demographic data about the victims.

Perhaps surprisingly, as we show in our report, we find very few demographic differences in satisfaction with American democracy besides party identification.

The company would not offer specifics on the demographic breakdown of its tenants.

Japan has a major demographic problem: 26 percent of its population is elderly, the largest percent of any country in the world.

It would also allow us to change the negative perception that some in our target demographic may have about working in tech.

Obama’s election was the result of the underlying demographic changes that have provoked so much anxiety that something’s being lost in America.

A lot of new psychological evidence suggests that stoking people’s racial and demographic fears helped Donald Trump win votes.

The series’ second outing premiered last week to 1.2 million total viewers, including 572,000 in the key 18-49 demographic, according to FX.

And Asian American voter turnout was up 13 percent that year compared to 2014, one of the biggest jumps among any demographic group.

Her group will use its own resources to pay for targeted ads on social media to reach the target demographic, she said.

The resolution condemns “all measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem.”

They were more interested in the demographic and psychographic key elements of those messages.

A few years earlier, the census had released demographic data that showed America was heading toward becoming a minority-majority country.

Richeson and Craig worried that many white people would feel threatened by these demographic changes and act to neutralize the threat.

And other labs have found that a similar demographic cue increased support for Trump during the primaries.

He accused the Syrian government and its Russian ally of seeking to impose demographic changes on the area by forcing out its people.

So networks started playing up their demographic ratings.

Especially now that the baby boomers, who are the original consumers in some ways, are in that demographic.

They’re going to go where the viewers are, and that’s an older demographic.

NBC, in particular, was a network that for the longest time was known as the demographic network.

The app’s core user demographic has become Kik’s calling card when differentiating itself from the crowded messaging industry.

The bro-led takeover of Capitol Hill was consummated when brands started advertising directly to this new, lily-white and cash rich demographic.

India has 106 million smokers, second only to China, and a young demographic makes it an attractive market for tobacco companies.

Is that a model where you say, “This demographic likes these movies?”It works more like a Facebook or Google ad model.

The US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey asks millions of people every year about various social, demographic, and economic aspects of their lives.

This eventuality is baked into the demographic cake.

TST has, in her view, a diversity problem, skewing toward a generally privileged and largely white demographic.

This isn’t the first time the Republican Party has lost an entire demographic group through hostility and disdain.

The target demographic of consumer-focused advertising skews younger than the national average, while the electorate skews older.

“The demographic was huge,” Young told VICE News correspondent Dexter Thomas.

Among other errors that pollsters made ahead of the U.S election, they almost universally miscalculated how turnout would be distributed among demographic groups.

Despite disapproval of the video for “catering to the cannibal demographic,” its premise is part of a broader theme in pop culture.

But they also made back their budgets because they targeted audiences outside of the “teen and 20-something white guy” demographic that favors blockbusters.

The Fast and the Furious films are the only monoculture in our modern world, the one media property that unites every single demographic.

This brings us back to millennials, a demographic already more open to — even enthusiastic about — food that is new or weird.

It’s another demographic.

The demographic in Twitter for us skews more African American.

Across demographic and partisan lines, they love it.

And guess what demographic the majority of dentists in America fall into?

It is the human element — the difficulty of projecting social, demographic, economic, and technological changes.

“I love the poorly educated,” he said, mentioning several demographic groups among whom he said he was winning.

After that upset, Abramowitz created a simple model to predict the race based on two demographic factors: region and race.

That is likely to be the decisive demographic in Wisconsin this year.

The risk areas spanned New York neighborhoods and demographic groups.

If you went through the records on our scanner, you would see just how varied our demographic is.

While a club may appear to have a varied demographic, terms such as “attitude” or “attire” are malleable and easily abused.

Maybe if you worked in a restaurant that catered for a nicer, more ethical demographic, everyone would be more civil.

I am not just a demographic.”

They’ve ranged in age, teens to early 30s, from all over country, every economic situation—they don’t have a common demographic.”

To some among these believers, white Americans, and white culture, are threatened by a slow-running “genocide” via demographic replacement.

“At the end of the day, if you focus on one demographic, there’s always someone you’re leaving out.

Millennials are the biggest demographic of coupon cutters!

And the branding they have isn’t appealing to the demographic they seem to want.

As far-right commentator (and former White House senior adviser) Pat Buchanan wrote, “Endless mass migration here means the demographic death of the GOP.

It is also trying to lobby the government to pursue affordable permanent housing options for that demographic.

NBC is clearly also trying to reach the younger demographic through the deals with Facebook and others.

We get your demographic information, which is anonymously coded, because that stuff affects how you vote and what you support.

In the short term, demographic shifts are actually screwing the Dems at the presidential level.

It’s a delicate dance, as two demographic ships pass in the night.

That means developing identities that cut across demographic barriers, sensitive to difference but rooted in inclusive values and broad-based economic prosperity.

It’s also lost a tenth of a ratings point in the key 18-to 49-year-old demographic, going from 0.3 to 0.2.

Despite the national pride appeal, the demographic for craft brews in West Africa is hard to find.

demographic change, researchers explain, is a source of threat that activates zero-sum thinking about race.

Or they want the university to cancel a lecture because the speaker is from the wrong demographic.

I think you have to look at this as fundamentally about race and other kinds of demographic change.

Friedman does not, however, discuss the demographic change issue at all in his paper.

To a degree, all cable news networks are racing against a demographic nightmare.

The data is clear that at least some of the rise was not attributable to demographic factors.

Making that demographic appeal to white male identity politics so far looks like it won’t win Trump the White House.

Jeffrey Liebman, an economist at Harvard’s Kennedy School, helped reconcile the demographic and eligibility stories in a 2015 paper.

Politics in America cuts quite sharply along demographic lines.

He has spent more than two decades tracking key technological, demographic, and economic trends and exploring their implications for companies, organizations and society.

Johnson’s voters also skew very young, which is a terrible demographic for Republicans in general and for Trump in particular.

The earlier era existed on a foundation of cultural, demographic, economic, and technological conditions that are dramatically different today.

And for all those purposes, Congress, in 1976, amended the Census Act to encourage the government to use demographic sampling to collect data.

When torch-wielding white supremacists chant “You will not replace us” in Charlottesville, this is the fear of demographic change that is driving them.

It expands it to places where rapid demographic change creates opportunities for Democrats: states like Arizona, Texas, and Georgia.

By sheer demographic calculation, you can’t plausibly predict which party will capture Washington over the next decade or two.

Two big things are driving this in the Lone Star State: demographic changes and dislike of President Trump.

Meanwhile, Europe is feeling the demographic after-effects of the refugee crisis, as predominantly male migrants flee war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

“From a demographic point of view, the ‘traffic jam’ effect is the most disturbing.”

It was hard to tell if the demographic of our audience was changing, or if quiet conservatives were becoming inflamed.

And it’s worth noting that strike school classrooms did not appear to reflect the district’s overwhelmingly Latino demographic breakdown.

Cramer offers some demographic information and explanation of the characteristics and political leanings of the groups she presents.

I think Nicole and I are very specific people, and we also really line up with a particular demographic.

The particular pathologies of politics in an age of rapid demographic and cultural change are serious and worrying.

But Emory political scientist Alan Abramowitz’s forecasting model — which was based on state-by-state demographic factors — predicted Sanders would win by about three points.

Sen. Garcia said Republicans may have slowed down the Democrats, but the demographic forces are ultimately unstoppable.

And he’s making appeals to Latino voters, helping the Republican Party make up ground on some of its longstanding demographic disadvantages.

Imagine that this rise in deaths had been remarkably widespread, affecting almost all identifiable demographic groups.

Rubio provides a path for the party to follow in coping with America’s ongoing demographic transition.

And identity exists beyond easy demographic summary statistics.

But white evangelicals, too, have found their demographic dominance waning.

Likewise, while seven in 10 seniors identify as white Christians, that demographic flips to just three in 10 for young adults.

“White women with college education are a demographic you want to poll well in, and they’ve been traditionally Republican,” Beck said.

Gay men continue to be the most-represented LGBTQ demographic in film, comprising 83 percent of the queer roles GLAAD counted from 2016.

For example: Did the Trump data operation help Russian hackers tailor their propaganda to specific demographic groups inside the US, as some observers suspect?

So when you add a cultural and demographic sense of loss and decline to a real economic threat, it becomes alarming.

Obama’s answer blames demographic and technological shifts that scrambled our economic, social, religious, and civic institutions.

You want to hit your demographic and go on.

But it wasn’t just demographic change that Obama represented.

AIER compiled its list using nine economic, demographic, and quality-of-life factors.

Wattpad’s relative obscurity probably has something to do with its main demographic of teens and preteens.

For this demographic, the “best” razor may just be one that’s sold on fair terms.

Maybe the Republican Party will in time collapse under the weight of its own incoherent extremism and declining demographic coalition.

For a few beautiful years in the early 00s, Lit were omnipresent within a very specific demographic.

The raw numbers for LA, for example, put it way ahead of Washington, DC, or Baltimore, but demographic adjustment reverses that.

Third, it’s noteworthy that almost every city does better when you apply demographic adjustments.

When you do the demographic exercise on state results, you see that some states go up and others go down.

But when you restrict your attention to large urban districts, almost everyone does better with demographic adjustments.

The demographic makeup of the large crowd of extras — mostly people of color exalting a white woman — caused controversy at the time.

“Today” leads among viewers age 25 to 54, the demographic most coveted by advertisers on news programs.

She is, after all, part of the demographic who Rag’n’Bone Man has been marketed toward.

She represents a much smaller demographic within the street art world: women, both cis and trans.

That unique perspective that each person — each category of person, each demographic, whatever it may be — has, can create opportunity.

On a deeper level, imagining new demographic groups ascending to the presidency allows us to think differently about power.

Opening it up to new demographic groups doesn’t soften or dilute the huge amount of sometimes dangerous power that the executive branch has accumulated.

The demographic face of the United States of America is changing, rapidly.

“The party is going to have to moderate, simply through demographic change,” Jacobson says.

In previous studies, PMS has been tenuously connected to ovarian hormone secretion, and even biologic, social, demographic, and behavioral factors.

In November, Pymetrics made public a tool to audit for demographic bias in algorithms.

Racial gerrymandering can mean the dilution of the voting power of certain racial or demographic groups, which is usually entangled with seeking partisan advantage.

She didn’t seem to be fueled by one particular demographic subgroup,” says Barreto.

At 36, Jared Kushner just barely makes the cut for America’s most contentious demographic, and yet somehow embodies all of those stereotypes.

She doesn’t work a room, and she isn’t backed by insurgent money or buoyed by an ethnological demographic shift, like AOC was.

Consider these two facts: In other words, the demographic math of the Reagan coalition doesn’t work anymore.

Naturally, the effects of demographic change will be magnified the further away we get from 2016.

He and his movement are clearly riding on demographic borrowed time.

Cleary, artists do not benefit much from the economic boom they bring (with the exception of a thin demographic of superstar artists.)

2 in the younger demographic for much of the past decade, in addition to clinching the 18- to 49-year-old title this season.

But the basic fact of the matter is that (scant) polling suggested Trump would win Kansas, and demographic projections suggested Trump would win Maine.

And people in their teens and 20s also happen to fit neatly into the demographic of Taylor Swift’s fan base.

Its 18-to-49 programming usually skews toward the back half of that demographic, and it’s never going to be the country’s No.

In recent decades, America has gone through a major demographic shift in the form of Hispanic immigration — both legal and illegal.

After the 2012 election, Republican leaders began to view the demographic changes in the country as a political crisis for their party.

Still, at its core, Trump’s campaign appealed to Republican primary voters’ resentment and mistrust of party elites, as well as their demographic anxieties.

For brands, the benefits of catering to this demographic are obvious.

He added that they don’t even care about the 18-49 age demographic, the very viewership that NBC claimed to be measuring.

It doesn’t correct for the changing demographic mix of the population.

They’re reaching a much older demographic, so there would have been interesting opportunities there.

It’s an even younger demographic than Business Insider.

I got votes from every demographic.

This is dramatically out of line with the demographic breakdown of the transgender population as a whole.

Meanwhile, the film was out of print and unavailable to the very demographic it was depicting.

But immigrants are forestalling Middle America’s demographic decline.

But immigrants might be having an even bigger impact in rural areas in Middle America, where the demographic crunch is most acute.

It will collect data ranging from the causes of death to demographic data about the victims.

That would be good for organizers, but women, just like any demographic group, have varying political opinions and goals.

He doubles down … saying he’s this generation’s KoR&B, and got very specific with the age demographic.

New problems and demographic shifts make old agendas seem increasingly irrelevant, and sap the regime’s authority.

How could this entire demographic be so overlooked?”

The AP is also equipped with critical demographic data and absentee ballot information that might help them fill in the gaps.

To ease the anxieties that erupt amid rapid demographic change?

“Do I have data specifically on the demographic of voice over performers with respect to their race or ethnicity?

Rural areas, especially in the Midwest and Northeast, have also seen a demographic shift in recent years with the arrival of Hispanic immigrants.

But Trump outperformed Clinton among white women, winning 53 percent of voters in that demographic.

If Malcolm in the Middle articulates the experience of any particular demographic, it’s those who simply didn’t vote.

For example: Did the Trump data operation help Russian hackers tailor their propaganda to specific demographic groups inside the US, as some observers suspect?

It was interesting to see the demographic, seeming to generationally skew older.

But the Americans who fear demographic change tend to overestimate how rapidly it’s coming, anyway.

There’s no dominant demographic.

The watch’s new capabilities certainly seem aimed at a new demographic that perhaps might’ve escaped Apple’s clutches before … senior citizens.

It really helps if you address your demographic, for example choose emotional music from the correct era… and add a bit of humour.

Because we wore those clothes precisely to avoid becoming an easily legible demographic.

It’s hard to define the band’s sound or their demographic.

The thing hasn’t launched yet—maybe it’ll be popular with God-knows-which Fox demographic I might be out of touch with.

So isn’t some of it just demographic?

We hope demographic in a sentence examples were helpful.