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Whether a hunting manual with ages of deers described through illustrations of antler growth, or an elegant 15th-century copy of The Canterbury Tales where borders and titles guide the reader through the text, these manuscripts grappled with engaging their readers through their visual design.

He’s referring to The deers, a politically charged film focusing on inequalities and social divisions under the rule of the Shah in Iran.

It was during this period that they began to plot their musical partnership, but it wasn’t until the spring of 2014 that, as a duo called deers, the girls posted two songs, “Bamboo” and “Trippy Gun,” online.

Here​, for example, is an acoustic version of the track they put as deers back in 2013.

I get that.I got deers in my backyard.

For legal reasons, the band had to change its name from deers to Hinds at the end of 2014.

There, employees had arranged mannequins of different heights dressed in different colors, as well as life-sized decoy deers, car tires, and signs that marked the distance every 25 meters or so.

“We were, I won’t say deers in the headlight, but you are completely stunned, you don’t know what has happened,” the Mommie Dearest and Network star admitted of the experience.

It’s known as the Buck Moon (since male deers‘ antlers are fully grown by July), as well as the Blessing Moon.

His back garden, which overlooks the river, was recently decorated with festively lit deers.

Throwing a hunting-themed spin on Underwood’s 2006 hit, he titled the parody “Before She Bleats” to promote his hunting apparel brand, Catchin’ deers, which he founded with his friend, Austin Casselman.

If deers could talk, this one would be giving Trooper Phillips a big ol’ thank you.

Gel packs and their tear-off opening strips are dangerous for deer as the strips get hidden in the grass and could clog deers‘ digestive systems once mistakenly eaten.

• The newt family – burned to death • Mrs Pheasant – shot, cooked and presumably eaten • Mr Pheasant – shot dead while recoiling in horror at the sight of his roasted wife’s carcass — Ben (@bilbo983) January 28, 2018 • Baby rabbit – nearly strangled in a snare• Rabbit family almost drown in a river• The rabbits almost drown Fox, who is swept down river• Mole – almost eaten by a pike• 3 baby mice – murdered by shrike bird who impales them on spikes as their parents are forced to watch — Ben (@bilbo983) January 28, 2018 • Fox and Vixen – almost hounded to death by a pack of ravenous dogs• Toad – almost eaten alive by a carp• Baby rabbit – shot dead by poachers in front of his parents and sister • Mr and Mrs Hedgehog – squashed to death on a motorway while paralysed by fear — Ben (@bilbo983) January 28, 2018 • Mrs Fieldmouse – murdered and eaten by Kestrel within minutes of both of them arriving at White Deer Park • Cat – savaged by Kestrel when she thinks he’s attacking Mole • Mrs Vole – eaten by Scarface Fox • Kestrel – mauled by Cat in revenge — Ben (@bilbo983) January 28, 2018 • Cat – attacked by Badger to protect Kestrel • Mr Vole – dies of hypothermia • Two deers and a blue fox shot dead by poachers• Mole – dies of old age/hypothermia• Dreamer the fox cub – murdered by Scarface • Mrs Hare – murdered and eaten by Scarface — Ben (@bilbo983) January 28, 2018 • Shadow the badger’s paw mangled in a trap • Bold the Fox’s eye mangled by barbed wire • Bold – shot by a farmer • Fox instructs Adder to murder Scarface.

From the lighting effects, to the random dust particles, and even an occasional creature scurrying in your path (yes, there are rabbits furtively hopping in the brush and deers quietly grazing in the background), the effects are designed to truly transport you to realistic nature retreats.

A Japanese macaque was caught on tape mounting female sika deers, going all the way and trying to actually have sex with an animal they usually just ride like horses.

The duo is seen on video whizzing around all 28 hectares of the palace on a golf cart and enjoying the company of a dozen or so deers that live on the palace’s garden compounds.

The python was likely hiding in water, snatching the deers up when they came in for a drink.Fecal matter found inside the snake’s intenstines.

Scientists using field cameras have…Read more ReadContrary to popular opinion, deers are not true herbivores.

This is in contrast to the marks left by carnivores, who prefer fresh carcasses and leave puncture marks and pits.The characteristic forking signature made by deers when gnawing on bone.

In addition to being portable—a rarity unto itself—the 12,250-year-old rock carvings depict birds, rather than the typical goats, deers, bison, and so on.What’s more, the rock appears to convey an actual scene, instead of just portraying individual figures, and as such, is now considered one of the earliest examples of narrative art ever found in Europe.

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Out of all of the animals in the world, deers may be the biggest jerks of them all.

The disease affects deers‘ brains and spinal cords, leading it to be dubbed the “zombie” deer disease.

Like other homeowners, he felt the nudge toward a deer fence when a particular flower succumbed to the deers’ voracious appetite.

The original caption reads: deers crossed the path of an Indonesian honor guard preparing for the arrival of King Salman of Saudi Arabia at the presidential palace in Bogor on Wednesday.

“We’ve got hares, we’ve got deers, we’ve got everything, but we don’t have any rabbits,” she said, before stating the obvious.

“Oh s— we ain’t f—ing with deers anymore,” Cardi joked in the video as her sister and the driver laughed along.

Like deers lost in headlights.

We do know who and where these folks are — every member of a military family is enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (deers) upon birth or marriage — we just do not know whether they are satisfied with their work situation or what help they need.

One Twitter user wrote: “-Venice Canal has become clear “-Italy Coasts have dolphins coming nearer “-Japan has deers (sic) roaming the streets “-Thailand has monkeys doing the same “-China has record-breaking pollution cuts, “The Earth is healing.”

“People are going out right now trying to fish and hunt deers because there’s nothing to eat,” she said.

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