Deeply in a sentence | Use of the word deeply examples

The West bends over backwards to paint those acts by Muslims as deeply other, foreign, and backward; as untenable in white, Judeo-Christian nations.

Because I’m deeply in love with you, let’s just be honest with the situation here.

The president’s view is “deeply vexed,” Zandi said.

“We are deeply troubled by the events in Denver today,” a spokesperson for Uber said in a statement.

“In our culture, indebtedness — and certainly failure to pay one’s debts — is deeply entwined with concepts of morality.

The 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and mother felt this traumatic experience particularly deeply.

Madonna claimed that she never knew Darlene even had possession of the letter, which was deeply personal since Tupac touched on their breakup.

“, making it the only Santa-referencing release you can pash to without feeling deeply uncomfortable.

The result is a deeply cathartic voyage into… what it’s like to come out on the other side.

He managed to touch all of us so deeply and profoundly.

I believe that deeply.

The only thing I can do well are things I am deeply compelled by.

“I am deeply disappointed at the unjustified decision,” she said in a statement.

As a result, Maduro has become deeply unpopular: His approval ratings have rarely topped 20 percent in recent years.

“Our connection to caves may well be our most universal, most deeply inscribed, perhaps our original religious tradition,” he suggests.

The woman involved was upset by my actions and for that I am deeply sorry.

You sense that they arose from deeply felt experiences of longing and loss, homesickness, wounded friendship, love, and alienation.

Photographer, filmmaker, and artist Hobbes Ginsberg is best known for her probing, confessional, and deeply communicative self-portraiture.

I wish them joy with their harmless hobby, but I must admit that I am deeply puzzled by their existence.)

“We’re deeply concerned,” Lanfrom said.

We care deeply.

But we are also deeply disenchanted with the current political climate.

It seems like you’re pretty deeply involved in the LGBTQ community.

And yet, for all of these directors’ storied careers, the films that actually get made are usually deeply flawed.

But this often leads to deeply bipolar films, trapped between moods and struggling to reconcile themselves.

A recent report from Politico alleged that Trump was deeply upset to see Spicer being played by a woman on SNL.

The space is fitting because Wilde was deeply inspired by Catholicism throughout his life.

Rather, this shrine wants you to deeply contemplate his story.

Harris said the issue of race was deeply personal for her.

If my words sounded like I was minimizing the pain that their victims feel to this day, I am deeply sorry.

I could breathe more deeply.

But it also made me realize that my desire not to reproduce stems from a deeply rooted pessimism about the future of humanity.

To make it worse, I have a deeply pessimistic view of the long-term future.

I know that, whether due to anxiety or something else, I am a person who exists deeply in my thoughts.

Eurus is what caused Sherlock to become obsessed with crime-solving, unable to access his emotional core despite having a deeply emotional psyche.

For many, Christian observance and Christian religiosity are deeply intertwined with a kind of knee-jerk authoritarianism.

And yet it’s deeply autobiographical and tied to some of TV’s oldest traditions.

And Noah, being a person, is deeply affected by witnessing that sort of devastation.

Baker was a civil rights activist, deeply involved in voter registration through organizations like the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

It’s entertaining enough, but it’s also deeply weird and evasive.

Plastik Patrik is another Montreal nightlife icon deeply influenced by attending Jenkins’ parties.

“We are deeply sorry for what has happened.

It is, I acknowledge, a deeply complex question, both philosophically and scientifically.

Music, by its very nature, is deeply subjective, and therefore one person’s anthem makes another person want to scrape off their own skin.

He called the iPhone the most “deeply personal” of devices — and one that is an extension of ourselves.

“Now, I know this room is filled with men and women who care deeply about bringing high-quality health care to every American,” Pence said.

Takeda, who was deeply involved in Japan’s equestrian federation, lent the venture an air of prestige, the former business partners said.

Some U.S. officials were deeply skeptical.

The newfound notoriety made Fravor deeply uncomfortable.

Yusufiy also told the New York Times that she thought he was gay but kept it a secret because he was deeply ashamed.

Gates and Buffett, who had pledged their fortunes to work on global health and education, were deeply unusual.

We deeply regret the incident, and we have expressed this in a public statement.

But there’s something deeply next-level about Navarro’s cakes.

But despite that, experts on mass violence are deeply concerned by what they see from the incel community.

“At the same time, they are deeply involved in the business.

), is deeply compelling.

“At the same time, they are deeply involved in the business.

“You really get to understand more deeply what’s really going on.

Let us move past the differences party and find a new loyalty rooted deeply in our country.

Later, when he finally does wake up, I try to recount how deeply he hurt me in my dream, but I fail.

They were deeply entrenched in the punk and new wave scene, and wanted to showcase Nissen’s photography that chronicled it.

This resonated deeply with readers at the time who were trapped in the midst of this change — like me!

Nevertheless, Moore’s protest at the coarsening of popular entertainment — and, by implication, everything else — remains deeply felt and somehow also very funny.

His was a world without violence or unkindness, one deeply rooted in nostalgia for a time he’d hardly remember.

deeply saddened to hear of the shooting in Northern California, the loss of life, including innocent children,” Vice President Mike Pence said on Twitter.

While he cut taxes deeply early in his administration, he later raised them when budget deficits great too large, for example.

For instance, as the U.S. was wobbling out of the worst of the Great Recession in 2011, the recovery remained deeply fragile.

In contrast, the hapless protagonist of “Cat Person,” Margot, is a deeply convincing character, petty and insecure and narcissistic and also profoundly vulnerable.

Legs wide, knees bent deeply, the relative height of his stance signaled his level of commitment on each possession.

Elevate, as the installation is titled, is deeply poetic and infinite in its simplicity.

“What on earth is so deeply rooted about politeness that this guy’s feelings somehow ended up seeming more important than my own?

KS: Tell me more about AR, because that’s something Apple is obviously, deeply engaged in.

And that makes Before I Fall a deeply dull, deeply confused movie.

It’s deeply rooted.

* Dec. 11, 2001: China formally joins the World Trade Organization, integrating the Asian giant more deeply into the global economy.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Photography has never gazed so deeply into its own navel as with Thomas Ruff.

We’re told the pregnancy wasn’t planned, but they weren’t taking precautions because they’re deeply in love.

It remains entirely possible that deeply conservative Alabama voters will back Moore in spite of everything.

He’s going to filter that information through his own monomaniacal lens and give Trump a deeply blinkered analysis of what’s going on.

Most were deeply skeptical about his chances.

Your ruling planet Jupiter connects with dreamy Neptune, making for a deeply emotional—and psychic—day.

As you can imagine, this revelation has been deeply devastating to all of us.

In a deeply conservative district, Tipirneni was able to substantially narrow Lesko’s margin of victory over Donald Trump’s in 2016.

For 10 years, there were these community conversations of listening and deeply connecting and coming to terms with their sins as a country.

“Having met with the families, having met with the victims, having seen myself what had happened there, it’s affected me deeply,” Sandoval said.

Having met with the families, having met with the victims, having seen myself what had happened there, it’s affected me deeply.

The violence was so deeply etched into the memory of a generation that it continues to surface in visual art, films, and literature.

Between the talks with community leaders, activists, and academics, I began to deeply respect the Salvadoran people’s strong spirit of collaboration and community.

And look, this is deeply unfashionable for me to say as a conservative, but I think the education gap is not irrelevant.

I was deeply unfamiliar with this proverb, so I turned to Google to learn more about the wintering habits of the Eurasian brown bear.

“Arianna Huffington has held a board seat for about a year and is deeply invested in the company weathering the PR crisis.

This is great, I care deeply about policy, but the people who make policy drive me up the wall.”

Today, together, we did it again — and I am deeply, deeply grateful.

It’s a Date is a deeply engaging little exercise in storytelling, brought to life with vibrant, moving illustrations.

The SME Alliance campaign group, which represents small businesses, said it was “deeply disappointed” with the regulator’s decision.

But the most striking result was that respondents were also deeply concerned with more “long-term” concerns.

“These are very important questions and I care deeply about getting them right.” Reporting by Chris Prentice; Editing by Mary Milliken

This funny, yet deeply observant album cements the 1975’s position as chart toppers.

Not just the bureaucratic bumbling, but the fact that these people are deeply hypocritical.Yes.

To others, it was an irrelevance or a mild distraction from the schism of Brexit, which has deeply divided the United Kingdom.

Whatever the form taken by his deeply held and rigorously practiced values — Christian, liberal, conservative — Rogers never preached.

Kumar states that he’s smelled the necks of over 4,000 men and women, and views body odor as something deeply individual.

Looking deeply into Tyler, the Creator’s back catalog provides a litany of similar references.

“We believe deeply in the power of creativity,” Chief Executive Tim Cook told an audience at the company’s Cupertino, California, headquarters.

Chances are you’re familiar with the perils of America’s deeply dystopian student loan system.

His style is at once thoroughly personal and deeply rooted in its historical moment.

It’s a clever wrinkle, executed in a playful, intelligent, and deeply hilarious style.

Others felt the anchor humiliated Chan, with one viewer calling the anchor “deeply misogynistic and degrading as hell.”

But also I would imagine really rewarding and also like you said deeply creative in the field of science.

For animal rights activists committed to ending illegal blood sports, the prospect of the NWCU closing down is deeply troubling.

But the incumbent DA, Nico LaHood, had conspiratorial leanings and some deeply conservative views — and he was a Democrat.

“We are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and her family and to any other customers affected by the incident.”

These problems have been growing over the decades and will continue to worsen, and have deeply negative consequences for our great nation.

They are the consequences of structures that create and then enforce a deeply unfair and inequitable society.

“The French are deeply impressed by Americans.

All of it is deeply reductive thinking.

Younger women were more deeply affected, in some ways, by #MeToo.

Alex Webb: Rebecca’s work is subtle and deeply poetic.

But as long as its fiercest ideological opponents remain deeply committed to overturning it, Obamacare will never be truly safe.

But even that deeply misguided court would understand that a policy or practice of excluding or avoiding female employees in general is unlawful.

You know, he wants to be loved so deeply.

The area and community surrounding 356 Mission is one about which I care deeply.

It’s not surprising, then, that much of Melania’s style is deeply rooted in the ’80s.

Pompeo is already deeply involved in diplomacy.

American policy has deeply shaped El Salvador’s recent past anyway.

The symbolism of experiencing the doors of publicly accessible cultural spaces closed resonated deeply with me, and has remained etched in my memory.

What it means: Sanctuary cities are a deeply partisan issue, so it is no surprise this failed to win broad bipartisan support.

But if you think the way the world works is deeply broken, Clinton’s willingness to accept standard practices looks deeply problematic too.

Both of these factors are tough nuts to crack because they’re deeply linked to widespread perceptions of gender bias in politics.

Sources connected to Briana tell us, she’s also deeply concerned about Louis’ new GF, Danielle Campbell.

Angel is only human, though, and falls deeply for Stan.

Labour described the result as “deeply disappointing”.

“This is a deeply disappointing result,” Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer said.

Their answers are equal parts deeply sad and inspiring.

“The problem is that for the adolescent brain, or even younger, it is so deeply influential,” Patel said.

I think what happened to Garland is deeply unjust.

It is deeply unpopular.

The Israeli-Palestinian standoff is deeply complicated by intra-Palestinian political conflict.

They’re all popular in their home states and appear care deeply about policy and principles.

Sarah and I fell deeply in love and moved in together fairly quickly.

I think people care deeply about simplicity.

This deeply personal installation is featured alongside five other techno-gothic works that reflect on global terrorism, free speech, abuses of power, and artificial intelligence.

Once I got to a management level, I began to see just how deeply entrenched the sexual harassment culture was at the company.

It’s something Mike and I care really deeply about.

Reading these questions from our listeners resonated deeply with me.

You came to the city to engage in politics, and right now that’s where the innovation is occurring deeply.

But what Rodrick does focus on is in its own way deeply damaging to Depp’s brand.

I never wanted to crush that tender enthusiasm in someone I cared about—and I’m deeply remorseful for the times that I have.

We deeply believe that this country’s most precious gift is our children.

But as far as his claims, there is a lot of reason for civil rights advocates to find Sessions’s record deeply troubling.

But encouragement and total love for someone we deeply care about is rarely a bad idea.

The burqa ban, which still requires parliamentary approval before it comes into force, has Muslim groups deeply concerned.

But he acknowledges that the sharing economy hasn’t reached as deeply into consumers’ lives as early enthusiasts predicted.

And I’m also deeply offended by the fund that he’s taking out from people with disabilities.

and is deeply cool and you’re not entirely sure what he sees in you.

What’s more, the family is deeply concerned Rob’s life is in danger because they think he’s not taking his diabetes meds.

Her loss indicates that running close to Trump doesn’t guarantee success, even in a deeply red state like Tennessee.

This is communicated not only with its unique feeling of combat choreography, but its surprisingly satirical writing and deeply memorable pilots spoke too.

Underground is a slick, deeply affecting retelling of what it meant to fight for freedom in the era of slavery.

“We are deeply horrified by the stories of abuse surrounding R. Kelly,” the band said in a tweet.

Research shows that many people are deeply uncomfortable with seeing women defy female stereotypes or take on more traditionally male-dominated roles.

Instead, the deeply Southern-sounding MC turned the mic over to 16-year-old Koplenko and had her do it herself.

First Reformed is a deeply faith-soaked film.

The shortage has had some serious effects on Marine Corps aviation, notably in deeply cutting training hours for pilots.

As with many Black Mirror setups, this horror is both deeply cruel and entirely believable.

“Credible reports of Russia violating U.N. Security Council resolutions on North Korean laborers working abroad are deeply troubling,” U.S.

Reporters Committee Executive Director Bruce Brown, calling the attorney general’s words “deeply troubling,” bristled at the accusation.

The past is so deeply interwoven into everything that we do and are that we don’t even recognize it.

My own journey to find relief made the problem deeply personal.

“I care deeply about it so I couldn’t not write about it,” she said.

The BBC is deeply trusted by the public.

The pieces phase-shift between the deeply personal, the dreamlike, the polemical, the imagined-historical, the everyday, and the mythological.

He’s deeply engaged in that work,” Nauert added.

His music—I deeply believe all good music transcends any categorization of race—at the same time, it’s still incredibly Black music.

We have highways, roads, bridges, dams, waterways, sewer systems, just to name a few things that are deeply in trouble.

But he’s deeply passionate and he’s deeply, deeply independent.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement she was “deeply shaken”.

Knausgaard opens with a painting of cabbages, a picture that deeply moves him.

“What’s at issue here is a deeply troubling problem that has no place in our society,” it said.

Our own information, from the everyday to the deeply personal, is being weaponized against us with military efficiency,” Cook said.

Rokudenashiko, however, sees her verdict as the result of deeply entrenched sexism.

“I was deeply influenced by Black singers from the early 1960s,” said Springfield.

Help is deeply appreciated by those who receive it.

But he also seems bogged down in lots of plots that are deeply frustrating him.

But on The Americans, we dive so deeply into their internal conflicts that the “us versus them” mentality starts to melt away.

Kim Jong Un is the leader of a tiny, deeply impoverished country.

Britain’s economy and legal system have become deeply integrated with the European continent.

Ever since World War II, the United States has been deeply invested in safeguarding long-term peace and prosperity in Europe.

At his first day on the job as sheriff of the Cook County Jail in Chicago, Tom Dart noticed something was deeply wrong.

Miller’s strategy of “melting snowflakes” might be his most deeply held belief.

“But my honest answer to you is it’s not something that we’ve looked deeply into.

This work, as opposed to “Maldoror,” more deeply enmeshes, hinders, alters, and disrupts elementary visual communications with chimerical games of hide and seek.

“Her mother deeply loved her.” Wade knew De’janay, who often went by “Dada” or “Deja,” through advocacy work.

It’s not really about staff, but it delves deeply into outsiderdom and political authenticity as themes.

JL: That is deeply dishonest of them.

The story of the Bezos divorce is deeply enmeshed in the strange political and media climate of America in 2019.

Tammie Bogle is a deeply religious person.

He is “deeply familiar with the Trump Organization’s financial housekeeping,” Timothy L. O’Brien, the author of TrumpNation, wrote in Bloomberg on Friday.

The Iowa caucus was coming up, and Cohen — then deeply loyal to Trump — was concerned about how Trump would fare, the source said.

Accusations of a crime wave by dark-skinned migrants are, historically, deeply questionable.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our elite service members,” said General Joseph Votel, commander of US Central Command.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif released a statement after Wednesday’s attack, saying he was “deeply grieved.”

Opinion polls indicate Britons are still deeply divided over Brexit.

It is done, and I will be fine, although I will miss you and the mission deeply.”

Were you deeply in love with Elon Musk during that event?

“The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying,” John McCain said in a statement Thursday.

We’d spent the last weeks of this ugly, deeply fissuring campaign doing our best to believe our “What if?”

At his first hearing in April, attended by Reuters, Brunson said he was “raising disciples for Jesus” in a country he deeply loved.

The most understated work in Le Grand Balcon, his “Cemetery of Uniforms and Liveries” (2016) is arresting and deeply moving in its visual simplicity.

— meaning that the denunciation is born out of a desire to impress other progressives, to look “woke,” rather than out of deeply felt outrage.

“The industry cares deeply about plastics in the ocean.

It was deeply, deeply disappointing to watch.

As he told me in a previous interview, “The real question is how do you accommodate somebody’s deeply held religious conviction?

The long-standing ban has been deeply unpopular abroad and is often pointed to as proof of Saudi Arabia’s repressive rule.

This has been a hard fought, deeply felt campaign.

Houédard spent time in Asia while serving with the British military and was deeply influenced by Eastern philosophy.

#JusticeforJazmine #hounews The new details complicate a deeply emotional case that has resonated nationally.

So you have that sort of language of setting people apart deeply embedded in our history.

There’s something deeply satisfying in the feeling of transgression.

Lawrence and Cooper, as the screwed-up couple at the film’s center, have chemistry that is both combustible and deeply involving.

“In South Korea, it’s deeply personal, and it’s deeply complex.

But in South Korea, it’s deeply personal, and it’s deeply complex.

The second is that Trump is deeply committed to reorienting American foreign policy in a pro-Russian direction.

He eventually did grudgingly commit to Article 5 weeks later, but he has continued to harshly criticize the alliance, deeply worrying other members.

As a result, many poor Brazilians are deeply loyal to the PT, even in the face of the Petrobras scandal.

He’s deeply concerned with climate change, which is one of the reasons he makes electric cars with Tesla and solar installations with SolarCity.

Cuthbert misses it deeply.

I would kind of cheekily say I wanted to do like comedic anthropology, just kind of deeply reported soft-cultural journalism.

It’s deeply beautiful, this room.

“The overarching message is one of bringing reassurance and confidence to our alliance, that America remains deeply committed to the alliance,” the official said.

These are issues that are both social and also deeply personal, rooted in experience and conditioning.

That idea rings true throughout the show; Heichemer’s work is deeply introspective.

The zen garden, as a new reference for Arsham, speaks deeply to this new expression of time.

Republicans currently hold six of those seats, and all of those districts are deeply conservative.

To do so, she had to internalize a vastness that is both awe-inspiring and deeply unsettling.

You should know that I’m a sucker for Broadway musicals, for stories about deeply broken and co-dependent relationships, and for structural gimmickry.

So were the deeply rooted mental health issues and suicidal ideations he refused to deal with.

He says he found out she thought it was creepy 9 years later, and is “deeply sorry to have made her feel that way.”

The Tale is not a film that wears its importance on its sleeve, because it’s deeply personal.

“We deeply regret the damage to the reputation of SSEZ caused by the above false reports,” it said.

: The Story of Modern Pop, a deeply engrossing summary of the last 50 years in pop music.

The United States remains deeply committed to helping facilitate a peace agreement that is acceptable to both sides.

deeply integrated into the fabric of the Museum, the project also questions the role of the institution at a time of heightened transformation.

It’s been denounced by critics as deeply misogynist and self-indulgently violent.

I became so deeply aware of the fact that I hadn’t even noticed him.

—Todd VanDerWerff Lorde’s latest album Melodrama, which came out in June, is a deeply personal work that bleeds sincerity from every track.

But nostalgia is, in and of itself, a deeply familiar emotion.

From Deus Ex to Dishonored, Harvey Smith has worked on some deeply influential video games.

It is very sudden, and I am deeply sympathetic to their loss.

I think people get the album more deeply if they see a live show.

His cohort, Sergey Brin, has a deeply personal interest in Parkinson’s — he has a genetic mutation associated with the disease.

He does it with understatement and with deeply buried emotion, and that’s what makes it hurt so much.

An alternative explanation might be simply that he was deeply unhappy, and that he needed some sort of escape.

It’s embedded deeply, a cancer more real than anything Dan Mallory had.

They reflect books that are deeply interested in sex.

“Each testimony offers counterpoints to the contemporary and deeply troubled dialogue around immigration,” she told me.

“The major Chinese tech companies — Alibaba, Baidu Tencent…they are all penetrated deeply by the Communist party.

But these findings implore us to think a bit more deeply on this question: Where is the line between life and death?

According to dancer Shana Narula, 29, SMD has to rail against deeply entrenched cultural values in the competitive dance circuit.

This is a project that began with her deeply personal visual album Lemonade in 2016, and she greatly expands upon its ideas here.

“I think that we have the duty to stop and think deeply about where are we going,” he says.

The practice’s main political champion in the 20th century was dictator Francisco Franco, and it’s still deeply associated with his memory.

The tradition of which bullfighting is a part is deeply reactionary, and associated with some of the most shameful moments in Spanish history.

Our status quo is deeply flawed.

Jussie has been an important member of our EMPIRE family for the past five years and we care about him deeply.

Ludington said that he was “deeply troubled” by Kavanaugh’s “blatant mischaracterization” of his drinking at Yale.

Knowing the tapes were deeply incriminating, Nixon searched for a way out.

“We care a lot about those people being deeply biased, or being too close to the government,” Rio said.

Critics also say the process of drafting the TPP is deeply flawed.

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka declared himself “deeply disappointed” that his recommendations had been “largely ignored.”

We’ve all heard sexist comments that make us deeply uncomfortable.

The idea that welfare is keeping people from working is a deeply entrenched belief within the GOP.

It’s a bit like certain aspects of Judaism, where you ask questions and consider life deeply, with a sense of wonder.

Watch the video above and consider what happens to news coverage when the president is deeply immoral.

She’s been deeply uncomfortable dressing up ever since her high school prom, when she wore a revealing dress she didn’t like.

The result is deeply moving and surprising (and sometimes very funny).

AIM might have continued to flourish, was it not so deeply tied to its failing parent.

I was deeply moved.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly came to Trump’s defense in a deeply personal press conference.

The Rohingya were ultimately accepted, but their future in the country remains deeply uncertain.

Plenty of artists of faith cultivate their own aesthetics and tell stories that reflect their deeply held beliefs.

The more you start playing out to that right side, the closer you get to that deeply unsettling right hand.

Opinions can be deeply offensive, but if they don’t violate our policies, they’ll remain on our site.

To anyone I have ever hurt, however unintentionally, I apologize deeply and unreservedly,” Adams tweeted.

“All of us at Indiana University are deeply saddened by the passing of George Taliaferro,” IU said in a statement.

And then there are the many, many people who are deeply torn.

Mixtapes, of course, are deeply personal, and you probably won’t agree with everything on it.

Flynn is a deeply partisan figure who spent the end of his government career in nearly open revolt against his military and civilian bosses.

I didn’t think my father would talk to me about politics for the first time while also deeply considering his privilege.

When they do talk, however, they’re often deeply poetic.

Even his own party is deeply divided on the guy, with nearly half of Republicans and plenty of Southerners giving him a thumbs down.

This apparent inevitability underscores, perhaps, how deeply rooted our impulses to glimpse the “other” are.

This created a very diverse, very global, and deeply weird atmosphere.

Fans, of course, hold their own deeply entrenched opinions on the matter, and they are not afraid to get real with them.

It’s deeply ingrained in Western culture.

Most were deeply skeptical about his chances.

His old Antony wore two sashes, one white, one red, over his hunched and deeply scarred, bare torso.

His book Decoded proved that as well; his lyrics are so deeply intricate that they required an entire book of deciphering.

If Microsoft gives itself exclusive or even just advantaged access to that data, Microsoft will hurt Salesforce deeply.

But it will take substantial time and work to mend Mexico’s deeply corrupt system.

Nomura analyst Siegel says this is a strategy of thinking deeply versus broadly.

That’s also deeply problematic.

Coal is old and deeply rooted.

That will cut deeply into some reinsurers’ capital reserves and could lead to ratings downgrades.

In 1980, Klein sold the rights to Jelly Belly—and has spent the last three decades deeply regretting that decision.

Whatever happens, it’s worth noting that this is a deeply unusual legislative strategy.

Here, Cavernlight makes damn sure that that sorrow is deeply felt.

“We are deeply concerned about reports of Iranian regime’s violence against unarmed citizens,” one official said.

People seem evenly split into two camps over “Look What You Made Me Do”: It’s either interesting or it’s deeply unpleasant.

There’s something deeply weird about the fact that so many people in this administration are not okay with this.

These realities may constraint Bolsonaro in how deeply he can reorient Brazil’s foreign policy.

I didn’t realize how deeply I had internalized the taboo around talking about sexual violence and domestic violence.

Matiko and Samir belong to the Kuria tribe, a deeply traditional community that affirms harsh patriarchal customs like female genital mutilation (FGM) and polygamy.

Trump’s hiring practices continue to be yet another deeply concerning storyline of his administration.

It’s deeply personally insulting.

His is a deeply personal approach that he continued to develop in the highly detailed, botanically inspired drawings he started in the 1950s.

But the miso-based broth—our first—is deeply layered, and the corn and chicken on top are tasty.

China was deeply concerned about the rising tension, said foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang.

I will really miss Chris, but mostly I am deeply grateful for everything he has done to build this place and serve our community.

Arnold’s genius is to allow us to come to care deeply for a girl as flawed as the very readers who judge her.

She believes deeply in helping people get more value out of the networks they’ve built.

CK: Matters deeply, yeah.

That’s absurd.” It is, separate from today’s developments, a deeply confusing piece.

But there exists one person whose life is deeply connected the movie.

Later, he worked on counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and national security issues, experience that allowed him to become deeply immersed in the Russia probe.

“We know we have a deeply engaged millennial audience,” said Stephanopoulos.

“We get to study them a little more deeply.

Jill Kroesen was deeply enmeshed in the downtown performance scene of the 1970s before she disappeared.

Harris said the issue of race was deeply personal for her.

But he was also a victim of fear — in particular, the fear of sharing a deeply private architectural space: the bathroom.

As the journalist Conor Lynch notes, “Economic struggles and civil rights are deeply interconnected.

They pick certain things that they drill very deeply on, and I think that’s immensely valuable.

“We remain deeply concerned about Iran’s dangerous escalation of threats towards Israel and the region,” Pompeo said in remarks alongside Netanyahu.

He is deeply ashamed.

Bannon, who returned to Breitbart News Friday, is deeply intertwined with Trumpism.

I was getting advice from people who I thought were really great people who had really deeply thought about it.”

“This is deeply worrying and comes at a time of already huge tension.

In the end, the beating heart of the story is Monty’s love for Percy, which develops into a deeply satisfying romance.

The result has left the country shocked and deeply divided.

The cockroach is a deeply unlovable member of the animal kingdom.

That, of course, leaves us deeply vulnerable to even more hacking as we are jacked into the system in ways that were heretofore impossible.

There’s something deeply personal and familiar about this scene.

“Some of the proposals our Committee is considering this week leave us deeply concerned.

This was a hard story to uncover, because obviously women’s history is deeply buried.

History between women is even more deeply buried.

The president and his associates are deeply enmeshed in an unfinished criminal investigation.

It’s not always easy to do that—family relationships can be deeply fraught.

“As Christian pastors and leaders, we are deeply concerned by the recently announced moratorium on refugee resettlement,” the letter read.

While exonerated by police and the FBI, Carmine was always deeply saddened by what had transpired.”

As for me — for this single sentiment and although I do not know him too well — I am already deeply in like with Khosrowshahi.

But Deadly Class belongs to sentient chestnut Benjamin Wadsworth as the show’s protagonist, deeply troubled Marcus Lopez.

These are people who are deeply dissatisfied with policies that they deem too liberal.

It’s difficult to overstate how deeply rooted the aversion to moving nature is for many biologists.

TheSkimm co-founders Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg have managed to build a product that deeply engages with a hard-fought-over demographic of female millennials.

Cartoon Network’s candy-colored, elaborate fantasy for kids (and, okay, everybody else too) has always had a deeply melancholic streak.

Scotland’s devolved government said it was “deeply concerned” that Scotch whisky was being implicated in the dispute.

So yeah, seeing the public treat her the way they did hurts me deeply.

Sight of the last glint of winter sunlight through the center of the black edifice must have been deeply moving.

A subsequent, deeply unpopular agreement that resolved a long-running country name dispute with North Macedonia also upset many Greek voters.

“This proposal is deeply disappointing for us.

The play was deeply personal to him — and, as it turned out, to Jenkins, too.

Boehner’s dislike of Cruz is well-known, and deeply rooted.

“Closer” is a deeply inoffensive song, almost to the degree that this in itself becomes offensive.

Wyoming is deeply invested in coal production.

Republicans have been deeply divided for years over immigration.

By all accounts, Varner deeply regrets what he did.

The aestheticization that takes place in “Real Violence” is deeply disturbing.

He was a hard-working and loving person that cared deeply about his team.

And it does seem like there’s a danger to getting regulators too deeply involved in designing how search results look.

Nevertheless, he is now deeply implicated.

But the Trump administration is deeply skeptical of anything that could allow asylum seekers to “abscond” and miss their court dates.

Pisces is a deeply emotional sign, but less known is Pisces’ desire for knowledge and understanding.

Longstanding US allies jumped on social media to condemn what they saw as a deeply immoral policy aimed at dividing people and communities. deeply concerned about US decision not to allow entry of people from certain countries.

The Court has never been completely disconnected from politics, but the past several decades represent a dangerous swing in a deeply partisan direction.

but after our conversation and that tiny ass show at Black Flamingo, I have been deeply inspired to get back into it.

Association with the land is also deeply entrenched within recovering indigenous identity for the transgender Samoan artist Yuki Kihara.

Covenant Eyes believes deeply in its product, and wants to cultivate a compassionate approach.

The modern marijuana vape market is deeply rooted in Silicon Valley.

“Sometimes laughing, getting messy, and being a bit weirded out is great medicine.” Another deeply moving installation was “Candela,” by Kathryn Sclavi.

The meeting will also provide the most direct insight yet into how deeply policymakers have been influenced by the U.S.-China trade war.

And that is deeply, deeply, challenging.

I am a human who is deeply concern about Trump’s rhetorics that can normalize hate.

“I am deeply saddened to learn of the murder of Muhlaysia Booker.

What’s most charming about The Essex Serpent is how deeply its characters love knowledge.

Great visuals, ridiculous height (his eyebrows were at the rim), and a deeply satisfying slam.

Here, it’s about telling deeply personal stories over sensationalism.

But these issues also seem to be deeply interwoven with his sense of ownership over Ally’s career.

They are deeply worthy.

It was a concise explanation of why all of Cruz’s Senate colleagues hate him so very deeply.

Htet Htet’s experiences with her family are not unusual in this deeply conservative Southeast Asian nation.

The farmer became deeply depressed.

We’re supposed to care way too deeply.

So I was pretty deeply involved in the technology.

So in the late 1930s, when another war in Europe loomed, the United States was deeply divided over the prospect.

It’s deeply frustrating to watch people who are supposed to be protecting women like Wehner fumble at their jobs.

In getting to know the Webbs, Adele learned that Bruce was a deeply knowledgeable collector of fraternal-lodge paraphernalia.

When she died in 1986, Webb inherited and dipped deeply into her personal library, which included books about the occult.

I think people feel they get to understand the FT more deeply.

The divides between these regions are extremely important in the country’s politics and deeply entrenched in its political institutions.

So, beyond that, with a broader ecosystem, you know, it’s deeply flawed in many ways.

But Belgium as a whole has only about the population of Ohio, and its politics are deeply averse to building up new centralized institutions.

But the race has become unexpectedly competitive thanks to a deeply unpopular Republican governor and a president with dismal approval ratings.

But the race has become unexpectedly competitive thanks to a deeply unpopular Republican governor and a president with dismal approval ratings.

She must sleep deeply or the customer will give her a one or two star rating.

He’s lived a very hard life, which is typical for incarcerated people but is always deeply upsetting nonetheless.

I think they care deeply about their customers and I think they care deeply about themselves.

If these Democratic incumbents in deeply conservative states do well, the party will have a good chance of avoiding a total blowout.

And that touched me so deeply and made me think: That’s why I love doing this type of theater.

Brock’s “life has been deeply altered” by this whole thing.

Even if one is unaware of what speedrunning Ocarina of Time entails, for example, many gamers are deeply aware of the game itself.

I feel that gender, much like sexuality or even religion and spirituality, is a deeply personal and unique experience.

However, that visual hid racism’s residual and deeply entrenched place in U.S. society.

He’s fueled by a determination that deeply ingrained ideas about identity politics not be the focus of his work.

And as a producer on the series, she was deeply involved in helping shape and build the world of the show.

If not, think deeply about how you can bring more love and inspiration into your life.

It’s deeply frustrating.

Second, the majority must be deeply committed.

The court’s decision is baffling — and deeply troubling.

All of those deeply rooted questions we have about ourselves, the world, and our lives, are lodged within each and every one of us.

The book is superficially gloomy, but it’s also deeply hopeful.

You’re constantly in an environment where there’s other things going on and therefore you’re either deeply immersed or you’re out.

“We are deeply sorry for this unquestionably serious issue.

I think helping people learn about the world is something we care deeply about.

Emoto argues that H2O is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness in his books Water Vols.

There was something deeply troubling about the structure of American society.

I also have to remind them to kiss deeply, and to take their time with foreplay.

deeply worried by Iran’s announcement that it has broken existing nuclear deal obligations.

“We care deeply about getting this right,” she said in January.

This Unruly Mess I’ve Made is palatable where it is because Macklemore is so deeply aware of the machinery of race in America.

Opt for smaller, more intimate gatherings where you can get to know a smaller number of people more deeply.

Last year, Norwegian pop artist Astrid S made waves stateside with her tune about a deeply conflicted relationship, “Hurts So Good.”

That’s the kind of pay-off that can feel as rewarding as examining a deeply illuminating show itself.

— The American Petroleum Institute is deeply unhappy with this decision; you can read its response here.

The remarks set the stage for a deeply partisan fight over gun rights going into the general election.

So they are deeply impressed by how difficult it is to improve the world through government.

Warner also said that he was deeply disappointed that Google did not send a top official to the hearing.

When I left Israel for New York last year, I missed her more deeply than I’d anticipated.

It’s by no means “a simple thing”; other people’s needs have to be deeply considered.

Burke told reporters in Rome last week that he was “deeply shaken” by Vigano’s accusations and called for an investigation.

And they aren’t just deeply blue states.

Let’s face it: deeply rooted innovation has a way of weakening our resolve, even in the best of us.

People hold those beliefs very deeply and find it hard to change them.

We are deeply saddened by this tragedy.

It’s deeply beaten into their brains.

And simply stating factual information that contradicts those deeply held beliefs is often not enough to combat the spread of misinformation.

Despite deeply rooted anti-Mexican and anti-Latino racism, the racist quotas set in 1924 made an exception for the Western Hemisphere.

There is also something distinctly Hogwarts about them; kinda clean, polished, innocent, and overly enthusiastic in a deeply unsettling way.

If you win developers, you win the platform, you’re going to be protected in the future, and Sundar deeply gets it.

And so those are two areas that I deeply care about and I think we have to continue fighting.

Both the US’s and China’s initial round of tariffs against each other are designed to sting deeply.

We are deeply sorry for the trouble our carelessness has caused you.

This rhetoric was deeply, deeply appealing to the white nationalist wing of the GOP base.

The Trump administration plans to deeply cut Obamacare outreach and advertising, officials announced Thursday.

It’s a very rural setting with people who are deeply tied to land and natural resources.

Humans are deeply trained to instantly forget what you said before the ‘but.’

Like many who have lived in the neighborhood, and care deeply about it, Onwuchekwa would like to believe that change is finally coming.

Sage will not remove what has always lived deeply inside of me—that which is only reflected by my imagined experience of this man.

Future Perfect is deeply inspired by a movement known as effective altruism, or EA for short.

On the other, deeply inscribed in his blood is his indigenous self’s respect for community and sacred symbols.

But there’s also something deeply sad about him saying this to Henry.

There are deeply loaded meanings of the headdress that Laâbissi’s performance and shallow engagement efforts ignore.

The ASA ruled in favor of those two deeply offended individuals.

Know that I deeply respect the struggles that you have resolutely fought for years.

Utterly suspenseful and deeply scary, it’s perhaps the best film study in paranoia since Requiem for a Dream.

You can watch The Shining endlessly and come away deeply disturbed and confused and fascinated and shivering every time.

Harris said the issue of race was deeply personal for her.

They say Parris then panders to local mega-churches and employs racial dog whistles to galvanize a deeply conservative Christian base.

— The United States said it was “deeply disappointed” by Myanmar’s decision to pursue charges under the Official Secrets Act against the two reporters.

What makes Monikahouse a place that many, particularly women, might find deeply resonant, is that it gives permission and creates room — indeed, many rooms!

And we deeply believe that Uber’s best days are ahead.

First and foremost, I want to write an exciting, deeply engrossing book.

I think it’s law enforcement incompetence, and I think the women were deeply connected to very powerful people in law enforcement.

Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves.

“I am deeply concerned about the current situation Senate Republicans have put us in and the amount of legislation still pending.

The Catalan crisis has deeply divided the northeastern region as well as the Spanish nation.

Nuclear power remains deeply unpopular in some countries.

At first blush, Netflix’s deeply charming kids show Hilda is a “perfect setting” kind of show.

The kind of story Sea of Solitude is trying to tell is deeply ambitious.

The popularity of this idea is due in part to the work of a deeply controversial French philosopher named Renaud Camus.

As we reported, Jada called the movie “deeply hurtful” — but Hutton says he was “very responsible” about everyone’s image in the film.

“It’s deeply regrettable,” Trump said.

Kelly also campaigned hard against the deeply unpopular outgoing Gov.

“We are deeply worried by reports from people inside Fallujah that Daesh is rounding up families and using them as human shields,” she added.

It’s also about the experience that comes from interacting with an object, and deeply admiring what gives it form and meaning.

The current attorneys could have deeply disagreed with the new legal strategy ordered by their Justice Department bosses.

Earlier this week, Siva Vaidhyanathan, the author of Antisocial Media, gave an interview that seems deeply prophetic just days later.

No, Val loves Anomaly as deeply as its fans do, and knows it just as well as they do.

In Volume 2, published in 1974, Shawn Walker’s image of a child trick-or-treating, while costumed as a ghost, is deeply unsettling.

I sometimes worry that the Republicans’ more socially conservative, deeply religious stances will further alienate me and voters of my generation.

The graffiti attacks were deeply troubling, he adds.

I am deeply aware of the fact that I was lucky enough to be born on the ‘right’ side of the conflict.

As frustrating as this must be to Google’s top leadership, this kind of thing is deeply baked into Silicon Valley culture.

Others say the feeling is deeply relaxing, and can even cause them to fall asleep.

I haven’t ranked them, because I’m fairly certain I’ve forgotten some episodes I deeply, truly loved.

Since the civil war began in 2011, the Obama administration has been deeply wary of getting pulled into an Iraq or Vietnam-style quagmire there.

This deeply felt Southern gothic takes its time, which makes its emotional highpoints that much more moving.

Trump is a deeply unusual presidential candidate.

This sort of representation can subtly but deeply affect someone’s conception of themselves and their place in society.

He goes on … “I find that deeply offensive.

We hope deeply in a sentence examples were helpful.