Damaged in a sentence | Use of the word damaged examples

Every single thing that Paul Ryan claims to have cared about and been a leader on was damaged by his time.

Before we go any further, it’s important to state that damaged really is damn good.

The newly minted lineup of Rollins, Ginn, and Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson offered new direction in a way damaged never could.

But what about damaged, the iconic first record from hardcore’s biggest name?

Even if you don’t know what damaged sounds like, the cover tells you exactly what it sounds like.

Some of it’s more damaged than others.

However, auto sales jumped 1.1 percent last month likely as residents in the affected areas replaced damaged cars.

The coastal retreat, originally built in 1965, was damaged by Hurricane Danny in 1997 and remained boarded up and neglected — until now.

The coastal retreat, originally built in 1965, was damaged by Hurricane Danny in 1997 and remained boarded up and neglected — until now.

Although the total amount of damaged has yet to be determined, current estimates place it at around $750,000.

And he doesn’t see his damaged reputation as an obstacle to success.

“The reality is that this has damaged our country a lot,” said Luis Eduardo Quiroz, a politician and former TV host.

But relations have been damaged by accusations from U.S. intelligence officials that Russia sought to meddle in the presidential election.

The fan claims his $800 phone was damaged and he has filed a report with police.

President Donald Trump’s administration opened a trade investigation on Wednesday into whether vehicle imports had damaged the American auto industry.

They are released when the cells are inflamed or damaged.

The toilet was not damaged by the action.

So gather round, ye children of the information age, and bask in the warm glow of these slowly bouncing, compression damaged cartoon gifs.

Paris officials say that they will step up protection of the city’s famous landmarks after the Arc de Triomphe was damaged last week.

Loose and damaged areas of the surface were scraped off, and a rough “scratch coat” was applied, followed by the smooth topcoat.

Severe flooding, heavily damaged buildings, uprooted trees and downed power lines appeared widespread in coastal areas near the storm’s landfall.

Flying beer cans at Boston parades have struck before … remember when the Red Sox World Series trophy was damaged by a rogue Bud Light????

The Japanese successfully damaged all eight.

About 190 US planes were destroyed, and another 159 were damaged.

Photographs of the damaged turbine reviewed by Reuters show dozens of jagged and broken blades inside the massive machine, owned by Exelon Corp (EXC.N).

Ninety-five percent of St. Martin’s buildings were damaged by Irma and 60 percent of homes are now inhabitable.

The surrounding islands of Puerto Rico and Antigua were also significantly damaged.

Lava flows from multiple fissures have blocked roads and damaged dozens of buildings on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Prosecutors also say cops found the Porsche abandoned 14 miles from the scene of the crime and heavily damaged.

The United Nations has said they have been extensively looted during the war and religious buildings have been damaged.

And this damaged both America’s economy and its sense of fairness, rupturing the nation’s social fabric.

Like I said, I don’t want my career or my legacy to be damaged by something I didn’t do.

The United States and China are in the middle of a costly trade war that has pressured financial markets and damaged the world economy.

(Everyone else on the hill likewise left, he added, to see if the quake had damaged their homes.)

There’s one tune called “Desertion and the Arsonist’s Match” and another called “The Fire That Partially damaged City Hall.”

I wrote “The Fire That Partially damaged City Hall” while looking at this picture, which should explain the idea.

Kalanick later apologized and reportedly paid $200,000 to the driver, but his reputation was irreparably damaged.

Political instability and Islamist violence have damaged Egypt’s crucial tourism industry.

Moore’s candidacy was damaged but not destroyed by the allegations (or the many other controversial things he’s said and done).

Russian investigators blamed that malfunction, which occurred as the first and second stages of a booster rocket separated, on a damaged sensor.

The quake, which rocked the island early in the morning when many people were still asleep, injured 162 people and damaged thousands of houses.

Video footage showed ambulances lining the streets of Lombok and many houses damaged with only parts of brick walls standing.

A temple in Bagan, for instance, is reconstructed as it appears before and after a 2016 earthqake damaged the 13th-century structure.

It’s the damaged received rate.

The scandal has already cost the USAG sponsors and heavily damaged its reputation.

Rauh’s photos are printed on a material that cannot be touched, or else the surface will be irreparably damaged.

He said the militants tried to make the pump work but they didn’t know what they were doing and damaged the equipment.

Today it is deserted, damaged by air strikes during the battle for Nineveh.

On Friday, an explosion on a residential street in Linkoping damaged several buildings and left around 20 people with minor injuries.

Early Saturday morning, a fire broke out at California’s Coachella festival, leaving one shower trailer destroyed and another damaged, according to authorities.

1 damaged, 1 destroyed.

The hospital entrance was badly damaged and there were fears that a third bomb could hit.

He realized quickly that both ambulances were badly damaged, so he lifted the injured up, away from the crowd, awaiting back-up.

Additionally, kids whose local public schools are too damaged to open may have to switch to nearby schools.

“Many buildings have been badly damaged and are only skeletons now,” Umat al-Razzak, manager of traditional housing, told Reuters.

“While Jackson’s career was significantly damaged, Timberlake’s flourished.

“We believe that up to 100 cars have been burned or damaged,” police spokeswoman Ulla Brehm said.

At the time, the Pentagon claimed that a fifth of Syria’s operational aircraft were either damaged or destroyed.

The white makeup caked on their faces, which would have damaged the skin due to its lead content, was sweaty and imperfect.

“From computers to books, everything has been damaged.

“From computers to books, everything has been damaged.

Outside the Washington post pic.twitter.com/lJxY5o7jrU Some protesters damaged property, burned Trump merchandise, and tried to block Trump supporters from getting to the inauguration site.

Nearly three-quarters of the island is without cell service, as officials work to repair damaged telecommunications towers, a government official announced Monday morning.

His beans were damaged by bad weather, made worse by a wet harvest.

But this year they aren’t buying as much damaged grain.

Construction began on the cathedral in the late 12th century, and the structure was badly damaged during the French Revolution.

It was even able to maintain that durable outer shell—the material was just as hard as it had been before it was damaged.

In 2000, she suffered a stroke, and the subsequent medication she was given damaged her intestines and stomach lining.

St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo is one of three Sri Lankan churches damaged in the deadly attacks.

“The relevant moves by the U.S. ships infringed upon Chinese sovereignty, and damaged the peace, security and good order of the relevant seas.

“Our company has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons these last few days, and our reputation has been damaged,” Stephenson added.

“Our company has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons these last few days, and our reputation has been damaged,” Stephenson added.

Even though Krumholt’s home had been damaged, he was in good spirits.

Now, Zinni is taking legal action in federal court in California — claiming Floyd damaged their reputation and defrauded them.

The Court will be gravely damaged by inevitable clashes between the conservative majority and progressive politicians once Democrats regain power.

I was reminded of the beauty one finds in damaged works.

“The rockets might not have damaged their homes, but have surely damaged their psyche,” she says.

In other interviews, you’ve said that appearing in Game of Thrones has helped your music career, but that it’s also damaged it.

Myth: FBI agents are all damaged people

Voss spoke on fiction’s tendency to portray law enforcement officers in general as damaged, jaded individuals.

Some people may be damaged by information given to them by a healthcare professional they didn’t even employ.

It killed six people and damaged or destroyed more than 14,000 homes.

Police cars patrol the city and keep watch over efforts to fight fires and bulldoze parts of the damaged forest.

Their brinkmanship massively damaged confidence.

Nobody was hurt during the short, speed-limit-adhering car chase, and officials say the ambulance wasn’t damaged at all.

Customers who were charged for unneeded insurance could face overdraft fees, damaged credit or vehicle repossession.

This doesn’t mean the iPhone’s hardware hasn’t been damaged, and I don’t advise replicating this experiment on your own smartphone.

“The bottom line is they’ve damaged themselves irreparably,” he told Reuters.

The plane was damaged and Port Authority crews had to clear the runway at Newark Liberty International Airport, Ladd said.

Pilot Jones filed new legal docs saying he’s been damaged to the tune of $2,113,800.

They also have to eat and sleep somewhere, and that is difficult since the hurricane damaged much of the island’s housing.

They can get destroyed, or they can come back damaged.

In another letter he wrote to friend back in 2014 as part of counseling sessions with his ex, Brown explains his damaged mindset.

It’s very hard to be secure when your body’s been damaged.”

The damaged Tristar seriously impairs your phone’s ability to properly charge.

If you think you’ve already damaged your phone due to a bum charging cord, I’m afraid there’s no good DIY fix.

Flooding damaged the distribution and pumping systems and knocked out the delicate system they had rigged together.

Telephone service also was unreliable, with many of the island’s cell towers damaged or destroyed.

Britney Spears was the damaged girl next door.

Some fraudulent accounts generated fees, leaving customers to deal with consequences including collections calls and damaged credit.

“The damaged nose cone has been sent to a maintenance facility to undergo additional evaluation,” Delta adds.

This might seem like poor political calculus, to move forward with the confirmation of a potentially damaged individual.

Both the car and part of a building it was near were severely damaged.

Yemeni boys in front of their houses, damaged during a US drone-backed campaign against al-Qaeda in the southern town of Zinjibar in February 2013.

Torrential rain damaged works by Nicolas Poussin and Jean François de Troy at the Louvre.

He says he will require surgery to replace damaged discs.

“Even to this day, I’m damaged.

Initial reports indicated that up to 17 F-22s might have been damaged beyond repair.

Pentagon photos showed that destruction at the base affected every aircraft hangar, including one holding F-22s that was severely damaged.

It remains unclear exactly how many F-22s, if any, were damaged in the storm.

Rockets are typically too damaged after launching to be used again, and building a new rocket can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

But reveal them in their gestation or infancy, and they risk being damaged or cursed.

The ring was in pristine condition and hadn’t been damaged — even after spending half a century underground.

Another former employee tweeted out pictures he alleges show damaged batteries at a Tesla facility.

He has repeatedly warned his fans that if he loses, the America they know will be irreparably damaged.

Jebbo said he had begged the local authorities to fix the damaged pole for more than a year.

The photographs were taken in a street lined with damaged building fronts with a couple of parked tanks.

The city’s infrastructure remains largely damaged.

The more the ship is used, the more its planks get damaged; one by one, they get replaced.

“We’ll be able to fix nerves that have been damaged by chemotherapy.”

Elsewhere in the state, one highway near Waterloo was submerged, and piles of debris and damaged roads were visible in Niobrara.

The ships may have been damaged by floating or magnetic mines placed by a team of divers, according to these observers.

“If these backup files are encrypted, victims would not be able to recover their damaged files using Time Machine.”

Technicians whisk off damaged scooters to hidden warehouses for repair.

Activists posted video online purporting to show the damaged hospital.

But like the Burnside, heavily damaged highway spans on the approaches to both bridges leave vehicles trapped above.

Do we stop to search through damaged buildings?

The small island of Barbuda had 90 percent of its structures damaged or destroyed, according to the Washington Post.

On St. Martin, 70 percent of the homes had been damaged or destroyed, leaving tens of thousands in need of public shelter.

It also raises the far-flung possibility of helping people revive brains damaged due to stroke or other injury.

By that point, the control brains were too damaged to continue.

Authorities have said the girl and her mother were paid $200 to lie in the documentary, which damaged Cambodia’s reputation.

The ceiling tiles are water damaged or missing entirely, with rusted steel beams peeking through the gaps.

As always, the comedy comes from less damaged people reacting to the extremely damaged Paddy’s gang.

This particular character [at the center of Goliath] is very broken down, and very damaged, and not even altogether likable.

“Babies brains are so able to compensate even when they’re substantially damaged, they’re able to reroute neurons,” he said.

The storm cut all power and cell service, felled trees, destroyed 230,000 homes and damaged another 400,000.

Beaten and damaged for sure, but it’s still there.

Following the discovery of the degradation, Entergy said that it intended to replace all the damaged bolts.

He has damaged his fingertips, so law enforcement cannot ID him from fingerprints.

His reputation was badly damaged by the collapse of BHS in 2016 and its aftermath.

The Japanese company that owns the Kokuka Courageous had said its ship was damaged by two “flying objects,” but NAVCENT dismissed this account.

In a video filmed inside Douma, one man cowering in a heavily damaged shelter said: “It is completely uninhabitable.

“I ended up spending hours that should have been spent making work filling out paperwork and trying to recover damaged work and electronics.

“At a minimum, MBS is damaged goods,” the official said.

Castle wasn’t always rough and damaged; war changed him.

In fact, the process by which many lithographs and engravings were made damaged or destroyed the daguerreotypes.

The most immediate, pressing need is to secure funds to replace the damaged pipes and guarantee long-term medical support for poisoned children.

Broken pews and damaged musical instruments were still strewn around church grounds on Thursday, with about a dozen police standing guard.

It injured at least 12 people and damaged around 30 houses.

But the corruption scandal has damaged the company’s image, with South Korean authorities pursuing not only Lee but several other senior executives.

National security analysts said relations could be damaged.

… Calls entail shipping issues, delivery issues, payment issues, damaged merchandise, item not as depicted..and so on.

She has been charged with one count of mischief that endangers life, mischief relating to the damaged property, and common nuisance.

These were all extreme rainfall events that caused billions of dollars’ worth of damaged and cost hundreds of lives.

No arrests were reported, but two patrol cars were damaged.

But schools, healthcare centers, and churches were damaged or destroyed.

South East London club Studio 338 was damaged by a fire today, leaving one person injured.

Both Waller and Keating are morally compromised, tough, damaged women who wield a lot of power (an extreme amount in Waller’s case).

Due to lower-velocity shrapnel wounds, the parts of their brains that were damaged were hyper-localized.

Rockets are typically too damaged after launching to be used again, and building a new rocket can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

A hospital was also damaged, and a collapsed structure blocked a major highway.

“Most women would be viewed as damaged goods at that point,” explains Uruburu, and Nesbit did not expect to marry.

In December, a professor at the National Academy of Arts in Kyiv, Ukraine damaged a student’s artwork depicting the Russian army as phalluses.

He suffered severe burns to his face and damaged his lungs while he was trapped in his car that had burst into flames.

Another significant subsidy takes the form of uncompensated government costs for fixing roads damaged by heavy fracking trucks.

Missing for almost 60 years, the painting was found severely damaged in a Louvre storage facility.

Three or four officers suffered minor injuries and one patrol car was damaged, and at least four protesters were arrested, officials said.

Preliminary inspections of the damaged section will be completed on site by both TransCanada and U.S.

A Reuters witness saw at least one shop, an office, three motorbikes and three three-wheel taxis had been damaged.

While many of them have been badly damaged or purposefully destroyed during Syria’s six-year conflict, Syrian cultural heritage faces yet another danger.

While many of them have been badly damaged or purposefully destroyed during Syria’s six-year conflict, Syrian cultural heritage faces yet another danger.

Villagers have now relocated almost 3 km (1.86 miles) from their damaged homes, where they hope they will be safer from future extreme weather.

Howard County officials have calculated that 170 damaged cars are now being towed to impound lots.

No pipelines were damaged by the fire, Notley continued.

That undermines its role as societal truth teller and thus the public’s already damaged faith in the press’s honesty.

They’re looking at ways to routinize and ease the expungement process of criminal records, so people aren’t permanently damaged by their criminal histories.

That’s about literally hundreds of years of the experience of black communities being damaged by and not being helped by the police.

The death toll could rise, with rescue workers still picking through dozens of damaged and demolished homes in the search for survivors, Brown said.

She asserts that honeybees pay attention to details while “mending” the damaged parts with their honeycomb layers.

I thought of the vast number of damaged figurines in antique shops and second-hand stores.

I knew honeybees were masters of mending and decided to give a selection of these now unwanted, damaged, figurines to the honeybees.

Cover image: In this Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017, file photo, an image made from drone video shows damaged buildings in Raqqa, Syria.

However, photos taken by passers-by show several F-22s in damaged hangars.

“Most of the sculptures were damaged, some are even in fragments,” Neville Rowley, a curator at the Bode Museum, told The Art Newspaper.

State television, broadcasting from the outskirts of Arbin, showed buses moving along a dusty road through a wasteland of heavily damaged buildings.

The GATE team wants to see FIORI and the city forced to restore the area they have damaged.

All three eventually required surgery on the damaged ligaments.

But mere hours after receiving the news that his elbow had been damaged further, he was in the lineup at DH.

In 2011, the Christchurch earthquake damaged the Marmite factory in New Zealand, and supplies quickly ran out.

A 31-year-old man is seeing red — literally — after a high dose of erectile dysfunction medicine damaged his color vision.

Irma and Harvey damaged property in hundreds of communities, mainly in Texas and Florida but also parts of neighboring states like Louisiana and Georgia.

Eight of nine schools in the Paradise Unified School District are damaged or destroyed.

Or how exposure to inequality make privileged people hunker down, away from those with damaged bodies.

Then, last week, two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman — just east of the Strait of Hormuz — were damaged in suspected attacks.

The fighting also damaged modern facilities, like this gas station.

Sohrabi bandaged the damaged trees at the edge of the blast radius as if they were wounded humans, anthropomorphizing their injuries.

There’s no Trinity here to soothe that pale forehead, lulling ideas around “privilege” for that damaged psyche of yours.

On her first album, the London singer-songwriter develops that spare template into a louder, technologically damaged guitar-pop style.

By contrast, Jadhav’s family returned to their partially damaged house in Naroda Patiya after the riots to live among Muslim neighbours.

The storm injured seven people in Celina, three of them seriously, Hazel said, and about 40 homes there were seriously damaged or destroyed.

Company chiefs are aghast at the crisis and say it has already damaged Britain’s reputation as Europe’s pre-eminent destination for foreign investment.

He has repeatedly warned his fans that if he loses, the America they know will be irreparably damaged.

Washington also accuses Iran of perpetrating explosive attacks that damaged six oil tankers in the Gulf in May and June, something Tehran denies.

Negotiate: Always look for damaged packaging, floor models, and imperfect items and negotiate a deal.

In my experience, many people’s self-regard has been damaged by blaming themselves for their failure to change.

It also said more than 13,300 hectares of farmland had been damaged.

Do you think the relationship was damaged by the Snowden revelations?

The avalanche of sexual assault accusations against Cosby has permanently damaged his former reputation as one of America’s most-beloved public personas.

Extreme weather has already damaged major military installations and many more are at risk from rising sea levels.

He wanted to draw an interesting contrast between his damaged and fragile appearance, and Andy’s very powerful performance.

In time, the damaged heart just can’t serve the circulatory needs of the body.

Access to many areas is being hampered by damaged roads, landslides and collapsed bridges.

Hazards such as shoaling and storm debris may exist and aids to navigation may be damaged or missing, the Coast Guard said.

It was damaged by rioting Huguenots in the 16th century.

They have been severely damaged, but they will come back unless we’re there to stop them.”

The frame on the left contains a sheet of dark, mildewed paper that looks cloudy and smoky, damaged and stained.

That makes it far more notable than Zubat, but it’s still damaged by the fact that it comes from a wretched Zubat.

Seven ambulances have been damaged during the past four days.

“After midnight people go up to their houses to fix anything that has been damaged or get things out of their destroyed homes.

A damaged drone was recovered near the airport’s perimeter, Tingley said, and it was being examined for clues.

Bridges says at the very least, the 3,300 square foot home was “severely damaged.”

In the Old City alone, more than 5,000 buildings have been damaged and some of Mosul’s neighborhoods are more than 80 percent destroyed.

Those exact a lot more DNA damage than the viruses do, and Moore says that treatment might be harder when tissue is so damaged.

Two government security sources, one American and one European, also noted the sophistication of the attacks, which damaged the tankers without seriously injuring anyone.

The California State University Fullerton theater major is having a surgery this summer to repair a shoulder damaged by the disease.

The reports also said that attackers breached the networks and damaged equipment and destroyed databases that are critical to the Treasury and Pension Fund.

She also referred to herself as “damaged goods.”

Houses may get destroyed or severely damaged.

Some won’t leave in fear of their home being damaged or looted, Cuite said.

It also called on the company to foot the bill for work to restore the buildings and areas damaged by the accident.

And floods in Australia’s major coal-producing region in February damaged several rail lines and disrupted shipments.

The discovery and its handling by Drafthouse CEO Tim League damaged the trust of its community of loyal fans.

Romain also accused Brandi of being a horrendous bully who damaged his marriage.

Another 12 people were missing and more than 700 houses were destroyed or severely damaged, he added.

The landlord claims when the rapper vacated back in August he left it filthy and damaged.

According to the docs … Rocky removed a custom chandelier and security camera, damaged a downstairs bathroom and left stains and scratches throughout.

The case was later dismissed after Williams agreed to pay for the damaged light pole and complete an alcohol education course.

The destroyer USS Bainbridge remains in close contact with the damaged tanker M/V Kokuka Courageous and will tolerate no interference, the statement said.

It said 20 houses were destroyed and more than 223 houses and 14 bridges damaged by the flooding.

“The president needs to understand he has damaged U.S. foreign policy,” Representative Mike Turner, a Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN.

Panama City port worker Josh Jackson, 29, had three cars damaged.

Electricity and phone service were being slowly restored, but it could be weeks before power is restored to the most damaged areas.

Seventy percent of New Orleans’ occupied housing was damaged, and the city’s population dropped by half the next year.

Environmentalists have also alleged that construction work at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, have seriously damaged the region’s natural ecosystems.

However, by the time he gained access to the late sculptor’s studio, his clay model for the statue was badly damaged and cracked.

Villagers have now relocated almost 3 km (1.86 miles) from their damaged homes, where they hope they will be safer from future extreme weather.

Government officials on Thursday said the massive Guri dam was damaged by a cyber attack, and initially said power would return within three hours.

Succinct, surprising, and smothered in an echoing, faceless horror, the record was lauded for its damaged take on psychedelia and extreme metal.

A storage room for medieval manuscripts at the National Library of France suffered an infiltration that damaged some 143 books, according to Le Monde.

According to Le Monde, between 5 and 10% of the ministry’s archival materials pertaining to national monuments and archaeological sites were damaged.

They are also asking that their homes, mosques and schools that were burned down or damaged in the military operation be rebuilt.

Brennan Gilmore, 38, said in that lawsuit that Jones and InfoWars published stories that damaged his reputation and led to threats against him.

Was her thyroid damaged?

“Their thirst for glory at all costs has severely damaged the integrity and image of all sport.”

However, as some protests turned into riots, hundreds of factories throughout Vietnam (Chinese-owned or not) were damaged, and dozens were killed.

On “Man and Wife, The Latter (damaged Goods),” that melancholy has not only arrived, but become a permanent fixture in the relationship.

Two single-family homes have been destroyed, and two other buildings damaged, Vaccaro said.

I don’t think we’ll ever know, except that it’s damaged.

It killed 22 people, damaged 5,643 structures, and burned 36,807 acres, making it the single most destructive fire in California history.

It said that North Korea felt the error “damaged the authority” of Kim.

More than half his spinal cord was damaged and three neck vertebrae were fractured.

But Rosenstein’s criticism of Comey focused on actions seen to have damaged Democratic candidate Clinton.

Trump’s wild accusations and erratic behavior may have already damaged the institution of the American presidency.

This work implies that the nation itself is damaged, and that whatever has damaged it, has, in turn, brought grave harm to Black people.

Images from the area showed badly damaged houses and residents huddled under blankets in the street.

And here’s the catch: The current pace of global warming may not give these damaged reefs sufficient time to bounce back fully.

Let’s start with the good news: Unlike most of your major organs, your liver can regenerate, salamander-like, after it’s been damaged.

The injury was gruesome … his knee dislocated so severely that vascular surgeons were called in to help repair a damaged artery.

In May, four oil tankers were damaged near the Strait of Hormuz.

Had DuPont used bromine, the ozone layer might have been damaged beyond repair long before anyone even noticed.

Cap’s shield was heavily damaged in the final fight of Civil War, and Cap left it with Iron Man.

“This disaster seriously damaged a historic building.

Men stand in a field in Songchon County that was damaged by flooding in July 2012.

The Japanese company that owns the Kokuka Courageous had said its ship was damaged by two “flying objects,” but NAVCENT dismissed this account.

She didn’t want her son staying in the damaged trailer, so she relinquished custody of him after the storm.

If Trump turns out to be a moral and political disaster, is the religious right in this country permanently damaged?

That recall, still under way, has damaged Samsung’s brand, and now Google is giving Android fans what looks like an excellent alternative.

But do all those .gifs and fuckvids explain why millennials are so damaged and miserable?

The baby survived though his lungs and eyes, were permanently damaged by the coat hanger.

The conflagration has already burned 728 homes to the ground and damaged another 171, while displacing more than 94,000 people.

“When a metal part gets damaged, there’s usually a dent or a scratch or something like that,” Nutt said.

More than 70 percent of the city’s buildings were damaged or destroyed during the U.S.-led campaign, according to the United Nations.

“The entire world participated in destroying Al-Raqqa, and now they have abandoned it.” ————— Cover image: Rubble of damaged buildings in Raqqa, Syria.

Throughout the narrative, he has been an increasingly damaged man, so badly so that his very identity has been erased.

A damaged Costa Mesa Police cruiser sits at the corner of Fair Dr. and Fairview Rd.

Many houses were damaged in the quake.

Another pressure cooker bomb that Rahami allegedly planted in Chelsea injured 29 people and damaged several buildings when it went off.

A doctor can’t remove a bullet in someone’s brain, for example, if their heart is also punctured or their liver is damaged.

When a damaged nerve ended her career as a pianist, she departed for New York City in 1904 to become an actress.

This truncated, indoor, artificial beach is emblematic of the world that we have so grossly polluted and damaged.

“Many pitchers, when they come to us, are already damaged goods,” said Ben Hanson, Motus’ vice-president and CTO.

Is the First Amendment damaged when these speakers are driven away?

In 2014, Greenpeace activists damaged one of the Nazca lines while unfurling a giant message over the ancient markings.

Schools and hospitals damaged by the earthquakes have been reconstructed and repaired,” Nielsen said.

As for the lawsuit, Kim says her brand is being damaged by Missguided USA associating itself with her.

Instead of following that route, David escapes with the similarly damaged Lenny (Aubrey Plaza).

Interfax news agency said the base was not damaged during the incident, citing Russian military.

The Japanese company that owns the Kokuka Courageous had said its ship was damaged by two “flying objects,” but NAVCENT dismissed this account.

Markl reached his breaking point came recently, when some unruly youngsters damaged restaurant inventory including some antique photo stands.

And here’s the catch: the current pace of global warming may not give these damaged reefs sufficient time to bounce back fully.

Much will depend on how damaged the black boxes are.

Adele previously had to stop touring in 2011 when she underwent throat surgery to stop “repeated hemorrhaging” from her damaged vocal cords.

The tower, which is no longer used for transmitting television signals but has a restaurant at the top, didn’t appear to be damaged.

damaged areas of the exterior were scraped away and patched with a “scratch coat” followed by a smooth topcoat.

This year’s heat wave damaged vines, it said, and would reduce harvests.

“I was seven days without food,” says Gorjit, the young Indian whose feet were so badly damaged he still has difficulty walking.

The allegations were later discredited and convictions overturned, but the actions damaged morale and fueled resentment.

In space sims like Elite: Dangerous, having a way to give players a simulated electrical shock could make damaged electronics much more real.

The United States and some regional allies have blamed Iran for explosions that damaged tankers in the Gulf, which Tehran denies.

Impulse control is a big issue with CTE, because the prefrontal cortex, which regulates impulse, is what gets damaged the most playing football.

Authorities haven’t yet released an estimate of the number of damaged or destroyed homes and the cost to repair it all.

SBP: The New Orleans-based organization is planning to send AmeriCorps volunteers, assist local leaders and nonprofits, and eventually help rebuild damaged or destroyed homes.

SBP: The New Orleans-based organization sends Americorps volunteers, assists local leaders and nonprofits, and eventually helps rebuild damaged or destroyed homes.

The first pier was severely damaged by Hurricane Carla in 1961.

Pregnant women infected with the virus had given birth to babies with abnormally small heads and damaged brains, a condition known as microcephaly.

The passenger who was sucked out through the damaged window eventually died from her injuries.

Her whole rationale for suing is that Trump has damaged her reputation by calling her a liar.

However, the car was damaged on its way to the event.

The law says the government oversees reconstruction in areas damaged in disasters, including conflict.

The trailer shows a damaged version of the game’s London map and a whole bunch of hostile robots.

Another failure would have further damaged confidence among clients and investors.

Calvin calls the story BS and says it’s damaged his financial opportunities in film and music.

Insurers would also foot the bill to restore any items that are damaged, Honore said.

A private war museum, a television station, schools, and sports agencies were damaged by the Taliban’s blast.

The artist’s decision to cash-in on “damaged” art is well-informed.

The oil tanker was not seriously damaged in the incident and didn’t leak any of its cargo.

They join this ongoing list of high-profile men whose bad behavior has severely damaged their careers.

Three Turkish soldiers were slightly wounded in the attack, the defence ministry said in a statement, and some equipment and facilities were damaged.

Around Odisha, more than half a million homes were damaged, close to 1.5 million trees uprooted, and much of its energy infrastructure was destroyed.

As people began to receive their orders, many said their lipsticks arrived broken, damaged, and melted.

“Luckily, the flight controls were not damaged so I could return and land at the airport.

While some people said their lipstick was damaged upon opening, others said their products broke after a single use.

In response to the claims, Hill said on Twitter that she hadn’t “seen one other person complain” about damaged lipstick.

Still, she urged her followers to alert her if they had received a damaged product, or have any other problems with their lipstick.

She also assured fans that her lipsticks are safe to use, and promised to refund and replace any damaged products.

She also promised to refund and replace any damaged lipsticks purchased by customers.

Some roads are damaged, and there’s a chance the fissures could open further or new ones could emerge.

Multiple people have recently sent tweets to Hill asking when and how she plans on replacing the damaged lipsticks, which are currently sold out.

And of those who say they’ve already received replacements, some say their lipstick arrived damaged.

Another person said on Thursday their replacement product seemed to be the same as the first damaged lipstick they received.

Roads to the south, where the city has spread out as it has grown, were initially impassable – damaged or blocked by debris.

The destroyer USS Bainbridge remains in close contact with the damaged tanker M/V Kokuka Courageous and will tolerate no interference, the statement said.

From the start, the series charted whether Norma could find a way to protect her psychologically damaged son, Norman.

Arpaio was voted out in 2016, damaged by a series of judgments that left local taxpayers on the hook for $146 million.

They examine patients’ wisdom teeth and remove any impacted, damaged, or non-restorable teeth.

The plane was damaged and Port Authority crews had to clear the runway at Newark Liberty International Airport, Ladd said.

A damaged and dour Luke Skywalker.

The NETs help me shut off the gas and water line to my damaged house, to prevent further accidents.

What is damaged, and how badly?

But it’s also because many roads are damaged and it’s hard to get around.

This type of help is a crucial source of funding for governments to repair damaged infrastructure.

Krystyn Ritter is fantastic as Jessica Jones, another severely damaged human being who just tries to get through the day.

damaged bumpers, burnt garbage cans, tires and appliances are just some of the objects that can be identified when you go into detail.

Alisa (Jessica’s mom) is damaged.

And that doctor who performed illegal experiments on Jessica and Anise, making them powerful—and supremely damaged?

We also know many are smokers who have damaged their lungs all over the place and have pre-cancerous lesions all over their lungs.

And at minimum, the fact that the acts they describe are being discussed regardless of the truth has damaged Trump already.

[The Guardian] + Last year, a Lucio Fontana sculpture was damaged en route from Paris to the New York Armory Show.

I think institutions survive, but they will be damaged.

“It will really affect the people who are still psychologically damaged from 2008,” she added.

Pugh says she’s been emotionally damaged and lost business as a celebrity stylist.

“The onus is on me, the burden is on me.” She said she left feeling “deflated,” her confidence damaged.

Watching Legion never feels stable, and with such a damaged protagonist, why should it?

But researchers see a lot of potential, from cancer treatments to targeted drugs to nano-scalpels used to repair individual damaged cells.

But rockets are typically too damaged after launching to be used again, and building a rocket can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

“I went to the area … there were damaged cars and shattered windows everywhere.”

“I went to the area … there were damaged cars and shattered windows everywhere.”

Talk a little bit about … Our discussion was about diversity, lack of diversity, the ecosystem being sort of damaged here in the Valley.

Fast’s vision of an authentic Chinese business begins with an entryway displaying makeshift debris, a damaged awning, and graffiti-defaced walls.

“It was dry, brittle, and damaged,” he says.

And it damaged Suu Kyi’s global image as a democracy icon.

Instead, he severely damaged his relationship with congressional Democrats and turned his back on the legislative priorities the rest of his party held dear.

How do you look back on what happened now?Honestly, I was pretty damaged for a long time after.

In Iron Man, the studio found a different hero (sardonic, tech-savvy, arrogant, damaged, etc.)

The damaged Merc EP gathers 4-tracks of the helter-skelter avant-garde beat work M.E.S.H.

damaged Merc is out now with PAN.

Several schools, churches, hospitals and clinics were also damaged.

Pictures and videos online also showed some cracked and damaged walls, homes shaking and a collapsed bridge.

An untold number of homes are irreparably damaged.

Infrastructure is badly damaged.

It is a palette tied to the damaged earth and the cave (or inner darkness).

A spokesman for the ruling AK Party responded swiftly to the vote, saying it had “seriously damaged” relations.

The palimpsest changed hands many times over the centuries and became its own little moldy ecosystem, which further damaged the writing.

McGrier was taken to a hospital and treated for his injuries, which include a fractured jaw and damaged ribs.

Directly engaging with wild populations embedded in human-claimed space, she’s considering our relationship with other animals when we’ve already damaged their ecosystem.

That aircraft was seriously damaged after it crashed upon landing during a test flight last summer.

They also deny Jay damaged the property in any way … or hosted any parties.

And in the lower level, all the machines needed fuses because the area had been extensively water damaged” Also!

In 2014 employees damaged King Tutankhamun’s golden burial mask by gluing its dislodged beard back on.

Geng also urged the United States to stop doing things that damaged relations with China.

Tens of thousands of damaged cars litter the Houston area.

Mwatana’s report demonstrates that heritage sites have been damaged by all of these parties.

The SOHR said the al-Dabit Hospital, which is in a government-held part of Aleppo city, had been heavily damaged.

The SOHR said the al-Dabit Hospital, which is in a government-held part of Aleppo city, had been heavily damaged.

According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, at least 190 schools in Harvey’s path have been damaged, displacing more than 15,000 students.

Civilian infrastructure has also been badly damaged during the war.

If they get a bite or get damaged, they heal very quickly.

“It appeared to be a damaged, but worthy Renaissance-era work,” Simon told CNBC in 2017.

Certainly a few tabonucos were damaged.

The typhoon had damaged some coffee trees at the start of the harvest season, farm officials said.

The government said on Saturday more than 40,000 hectares of crops had been damaged, including sugar cane, rice fields and rubber plantations.

The injury forced a retirement soon afterward, but in June the Mexican declared the damaged eye “fully healed.”

If a fighter has been damaged and dominated in a round, the round should be scored a 10-8.

Officials say witnesses snitched on Randle — most likely because he broke the whole TV which was damaged beyond repair.

About a week after Bolton’s warning, four oil tankers were damaged near the Strait of Hormuz.

Typically, a restoration business is hired by insurance companies to clean up homes that have been damaged by fire or flood.

China’s Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun expressed “strong dissatisfaction” and “firm opposition” to the Pentagon report, saying it had “severely damaged” mutual trust.

“Some stuff is damaged, and that’s legitimate, and some stuff really does go bad.

Construction of the tower damaged nearby Trinity Church.

State officials said all roads damaged by the quakes had been repaired and reopened.

Standing outside her damaged home in Ridgecrest, life-long resident Sierra Wood said it was heartbreaking and scary.

“That could have exacerbated the damage, could have damaged a wider area with that eye wall dancing around like that,” he says.

Many people with PTSD are frustrated with themselves, Porges says, but the theory shifts the framing from damaged to heroic.

They could also help get areas affected by extreme weather back online faster if a cell tower is damaged.

He’s damaged goods.

So be sure, if you think your eyes have been damaged, to see a doctor for treatment!

The economic conflict has also damaged cooperation in cyberspace following a 2015 agreement by Beijing and Washington to stop cyber-enabled industrial espionage, Moriuchi said.

Their images of the damaged trees are published in Live Burls: Poaching the Redwoods, out now from Schilt Publishing.

The yacht was damaged by storms several times, and had to be towed on two occasions.

If a drought hits, some of those crops may be damaged, but others may survive.”

In some parts of the country, such as Koguta in Kisumu county, protests damaged relations with other communities who wanted to vote for Kenyatta.

1991: The collapse of the Soviet Union severely damaged Cuba’s economy and limited Castro’s influence.

Around Odisha, more than half a million homes were damaged, close to 1.5 million trees uprooted, and much of its energy infrastructure was destroyed.

“Almost every high school we have has been damaged,” Bryson said.

Investors just pulled out a record $13 billion from the shaky leveraged-loan market

Austerity has measurably damaged Europe: here is the statistical evidence

Earlier in the day he said no one was injured in the Tuesday evening blaze, but the church was extensively damaged.

Police said during the manhunt that the suspect’s vehicle may have been damaged.

It is not meant to fund more permanent repairs to damaged infrastructure.

And when communications and transportation networks have also been damaged, gaining access to fuel for generators becomes tricky.

Fixing damaged infrastructure has been an insurmountable challenge for responders in Puerto Rico.

Fueled by weakened health facilities, damaged civilian infrastructure, and narrowing humanitarian access, the number of confirmed cases are increasing by the thousands every day.

Fueled by weakened health facilities, damaged civilian infrastructure, and narrowing humanitarian access, the number of confirmed cases are increasing by the thousands every day.

“You can’t buy insurance for anything else that’s already damaged either, if you think of it that way,” she says.

Unbeknown to this group, MC had used — and probably further damaged — the Ariciogullari in a previous, unsuccessful attempt to reach Greece.

Mangkhut destroyed rice and corn crops worth an estimated $177 million and damaged 450 homes, with flooding in nine provinces, official estimates showed.

A second police bus was also damaged.

It’s not spelled out, but the dealer seems to be hinting Anton made aftermarket changes that damaged the SUV.

It killed six people and damaged or destroyed more than 14,000 homes.

To the point where our relationship during the record was severely damaged.

Roughly 10 percent of damaged buildings were constructed after strict building codes were enacted in the wake of the 1985 earthquake.

The damaged elevator cables actually caused Flight 007 to climb to higher altitude.

The police footage, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows Herndon’s 2018 Nissan Armada flipped on its side and badly damaged.

An investigation showed then that the abortive launch was caused by a sensor damaged during the rocket’s assembly at the cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Even if her eggs hadn’t been damaged by the chemotherapy, the transplant would likely cause permanent infertility, she was told.

Before-and-after photo comparisons show a badly damaged but tonally subtle and complex sculpture that has been updated with a cartoonish palette.

Hospitals are damaged and running lifesaving equipment on a scant few generators.

The city of Liverpool’s Saw Mill was badly damaged in a fire that is now being investigated as an arson attack.

Murray’s influence has damaged the interests of millions of people.

Has it permanently damaged the reputation of Honestbee?

Then, in January 2008, he damaged his tendon, an injury from which he would not recover for a season and a half.

The damaged nerves caused more pain than the wound, because he was walking on muscles he could no longer fully control.

“The Echo brand is so badly damaged that a complete new beginning is necessary,” Germany’s Music Industry Association said in a statement.

If those areas are damaged, you can’t produce language.

“The Echo brand is so badly damaged that a complete new beginning is necessary,” Germany’s Music Industry Association said in a statement.

Composed of 76 surviving pages with 50 illustrations, some of them badly damaged, Vergilius Vaticanus is only a fragment of the full manuscript.

The crash ripped a large gash in the roof of the hangar and damaged a helicopter and another plane inside, the NTSB said.

There was Torchwood’s swashbuckling Jack Harkness, Game of Thrones’ late Oberyn Martell, and Halt and Catch Fire’s damaged Joe MacMillan.

BRCA genes are responsible for producing proteins which repair damaged DNA, and if the genes are mutated, they can cause cancer growth.

About a week after Bolton’s warning, four oil tankers were damaged near the Strait of Hormuz.

Lynparza belongs to a class of drugs known as PARP inhibitors which keep cancer cells damaged by chemotherapy from repairing themselves.

And damaged Lives, an Ulmer film, is about venereal disease, a completely taboo topic.

Lochte later admitted to “over exaggerating” the story, and later reports said the swimmers had damaged a gas station bathroom.

Beginning with “Flag,” Johns has increasingly gained access to deeper, more resonant images of the damaged human physique and, more recently, the psyche.

“At least we have something left,” he said, standing in a room with clothes, toys, ornaments and damaged pictures strewn across the floor.

The destroyer USS Bainbridge remains in close contact with the damaged tanker M/V Kokuka Courageous and will tolerate no interference, the statement said.

Instead of one damaged wellhead, a mudslide would leave a tangled mess of pipes buried under a giant mass of sediments.

In an LA exhibition by artist Simon Birch, a visitor lost her balance and damaged $200,000 worth of art.

“Three sculptures were permanently damaged and others to varying degrees,” Yu told Hyperallergic.

TJ: In 2006, my first interest in the material had to do with flesh — my own flesh and damaged flesh.

We fixed most, but there are a few delicate ones that are still in the process of being repaired and might be permanently damaged.

Lloyd’s of London estimated that 546 commercial vessels were damaged and about 430 civilian sailors killed.

In Iron Man, they found a hero that was cut from a different cloth (sardonic, tech savvy, arrogant, damaged, etc.)

The statement also said that the patrol car was damaged with dents and a shattered rear window from the protesters.

They’ve rapped about how the street life has damaged them mentally.

A specific strain of California culture is noticeable in his paintings of surfers and revolutionaries, telling stories of a beautiful but damaged place.

This is the third historical marker to be damaged by bullets since it was erected in 2007.

Cover image: A man searches for things at a house damaged by tsunami in Labuhan, Banten province in Java on Dec. 24, 2018.

During impact, individual neurons can be stretched and damaged.

The lawsuit includes several photos of damaged sewage systems, and lays blame squarely on the increased use of flushable wipes.

I think it never occurred to him, the damaged parts of what he was doing.

At the time, a Facebook group devoted to sharing stories about the damaged leggings had more than 1,400 members.

The company also said it had sped up the process of refunding retailers who took back damaged items.

Outside St. Louis, a Jewish cemetery was desecrated: More than 100 tombstones were overturned and damaged.

The United States and some regional allies have blamed Iran for explosions that damaged tankers in the Gulf, which Tehran denies.

The painting was not significantly damaged.

“This loan was made in the same year that the Hoyt Sherman Place theater opened,” he said, “so it may have been damaged.

With the absence of such a structuring story, the damaged body in “Wounded Man” is the narrative.

Repairs have been completed on a Libyan oil pipeline damaged in a suspected attack last week and production is restarting gradually, engineers said.

They’ve even damaged eyesight in some users.

Rory, described in adulthood as “a child of violence,” was coming to Canada as an already damaged nine-year-old.

It means, Ciara will have to offer up more evidence as to how her career has been damaged since Future’s Twitter rant.

It was damaged last year, apparently by a fishing trawler, cutting off all communications from that area with ONC.

Customers who were charged for unneeded insurance could face overdraft fees, damaged credit or vehicle repossession.

They set alight a pipeline that delivers gas from Israel, torched a conveyor belt and damaged a fuel pipe.

Israel says its troops have used live ammunition to prevent a border fence from being damaged or breached.

“This case of using inferior materials damaged the readiness of US forces,” the special agent said.

Then everyone went on to make their own picks in a wide-ranging argument that may have actually damaged personal relationships.

There are usual reasons for returning items: they are defective, damaged as they are packed, damaged in transit, or damaged on arrival.

McAvoy’s Xavier is a tad less sensitive and damaged than he was in the previous movies, and a bit more smarmy.

How else would a damaged pound hurt Britain?It’s obvious that this currency is not going to be as fed by the investors.

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