Crop in a sentence | Use of the word crop examples

“The cannabis plant presents unique challenges in that it’s very susceptible to crop loss.

Over or under irrigating, misusing nutrients, powdery mildew, root rot, and botrytis (bud rot) are all things that can ruin the crop.

This specificity alone differentiates the platform from an emerging crop of startup robo-advisors, including Betterment and Wealthfront.

The edges of the vista fold and crop, demonstrating that the earth’s bounty as a commodity is limited.

It’s our crop.”

A crop sourced from his harvesting partner, a landowner of historic woodlands.

Proposes $47 billion over 10 years in cuts to farm subsidies like crop insurance premiums.

The potential for crop damage during the scorching weather supported Euronext wheat futures on Monday.

I saw you on the Senate floor flip your vote on crop insurance because they told you it would help you in Iowa.

Now, a new crop of models are appearing on runways, in magazines, and campaigns — and many of them are the children of former supermodels.

The Grain Marketing Board will be the sole buyer of the crop and will then sell it to millers.

What happens when there’s a bad coffee crop?

Different bee species are harmed by climate change at different rates, and meanwhile, their pollinating activity has differing impacts on coffee crop yields.

The long-term goal would be to discourage employers from allowing pay gaps to crop up in the first place.

The choker, the crop top, even the goth lip—if pop culture is the barometer, the 90s are thriving in the year 2016.

Luis Rego, a 32-year-old alleged pot farmer, was having trouble with his current crop and wanted some advice.

According to an excerpt from transcripts of the phone call, Rego said of his crop, “Man, this does not want to even out…

“The crop I harvested I had to sell at a discounted price….

Higher Ground Labs, which will add Obama aide Ron Klain as chairman, will announce the first crop of campaign-tech companies it plans to support.

“UFC is the cream of the crop, and down the line, I know I can get another shot in UFC.

On Instagram you can crop and filter and control your image.

The payments will be based on the counties in which farmers live, not by crop, according to the agency.

One beloved crop, the grape, is already facing threats due to its extreme sensitivity.

It is only a business partner like others in the area of crop protection.”

But the current crop of far-right leaders are trying something different this year: attempting to build a cross-continent alliance of anti-EU parties.

Special thanks to artist Sarah Sudhoff for letting me use her images, which I had to crop to look decent in this layout.

But thanks to an ambitious crop of entrepreneurs and support from public-private partnerships, it’s also emerging as a hotbed for the music-technology industry.

As he spoke, he drove his tractor across a soybean field, tilling under his crop.

crop Watch 2019 follows one corn and one soybean field in eight major U.S. Corn Belt states, reporting on weekly progress as of Sunday.

These are the same eight growers who participated in the 2018 version of crop Watch.

As of June 2, only 46% of the U.S. corn crop had emerged, far below the five-year average of 84%.

The crop Watch corn was planted May 4 and he rates it a 4 as of Sunday.

The crop Watch corn field was planted on May 15 and he rates the condition a 4.

Both crop Watch fields were planted on May 18 versus April 29 for both last year.

The crop Watch soybeans have not yet been planted.

Using drones to collect crop data has taken off in the agriculture industry.

It’s the lack of these massive expensive studios that make this crop so exciting.

A Bayer crop Science spokeswoman said the latest finding may have occurred on the site of a former field trial.

“The market continues to watch the Black Sea weather closely where hot and dry weather continues to threaten the new crop,” SovEcon said.

This crop of candidates also includes a handful of very young women.

In wigs and crop tops!

Now Muhammad Ali was older, slower and in the mix with a far superior crop of heavyweights than three years earlier.

His task: to use bamboo sticks to ward off stray cattle from intruding and eating a maturing mustard crop.

“My investment went down the drain after some stray cattle trampled and ate up the crop,” he said.

But rice is a water intensive crop.

Though Newton-John’s teased crop was pegged to the 1950s for the “Grease” storyline, it carried over into the 1980s.

Drama was essential to the ’80s and this feathered crop style was a highly coveted example.

2008 – 2010: Rihanna completely dominated the music scene during these years, and her edgy pixie crop was one of her most copied looks.

The movies of 2016 introduced a bumper crop of new faces, and that’s reflected here.

Tick-carrying mice feast on acorns, and there was a bumper crop for acorns in the US over the past two years.

The content farm will produce a crop that the world doesn’t recognize, as the world moved on to a new palate of content.

It is the largest source of freshwater on Earth, and supplies two billion people with water for drinking and crop production.

Kodak announced Thursday that it will partner with fast-fashion retailer Forever 21 for a 26-piece collection — T-shirts, crop tops, jackets, loungewear, polos, and sweatshirts.

A second thing is that Muslim America right now has a sizable and growing crop of leadership.

Issues of executive privilege might crop up, which Barr also brought up in his Senate hearing.

With its swastika twists, the completed structure looked like a miniature crop maze home-assembled from Ikea.

But tomato is the predominant crop and is known locally as “red gold”.

Authorization for SNAP funding is included in the sweeping agriculture bill that also covers crop subsidies, rural development, and conservation.

It’s easy to see why issues would crop up, even for the most well-adjusted.

She was seated alone on a long, plush sofa behind a velvet rope, wearing a custom, skin-tight, low-cut red crop top, thong, and veil.

In Soubre in the west, farmers said they were hoping for rains in July for an early start to the main crop.

“We need a good level of rainfall in July for an early main crop,” he said.

As a result, however, crop yields are low, and this puts other farmers off following their example.

BAQUBA/NINEVEH PLAINS, Iraq (Reuters) – Iraqi farmer Riyadh woke on May 13 to find his wheat crop ablaze.

Oracle crop shares were up 2.3 percent after Morgan Stanley upgraded its rating on the business software maker.

Bayer said it would seek to reduce its environmental footprint by scaling down crop protection volumes and enabling more precise application.

But the farmers will need to plant an eligible cover crop, a practice typically intended to prevent soil erosion, Perdue added.

Industrial farming relies heavily on monocrops like corn and soy, instead of crop rotation that keeps soil healthy.

Zendaya, however, through her collaborative capsule collection—that included nautical stripes, denim bell bottoms, bright crop tops, and metallic jackets—pulled it off.

They crop up a few times a year, and each story follows the same beats.

But it only has—the crop only yields two seasons and the seed dies.

“Treat it like any other crop,” the guy wrote back.

Time is important, too — while some effects are noticeable immediately, others only begin to crop up after months or years of use.

The state produces about 90 percent of the nation’s avocado crop and 80 percent of its lemons.

This is where the current crop of fintech startups come in, and along with them the so-called “challenger banks.”

For her debut UK performance she’s in a fuzzy pink crop top, a high ponytail, her Calvins and a pair of assless chaps.

The coffee-laced fabric provides an alternative to cotton, a water-intensive crop.

Sitting at the top of this year’s Oscar crop is The Favourite, with 10 nominations.

More than 90 percent of India’s cotton crop is genetically modified.

Global production last year reached 758.1 million tonnes, accounting for nearly a third of all cereal crop output.

I like to think that she chose to embrace the crop and reclaim it as a different kind of power.

It is an invaluable tool for growers,” said Liam Condon, the head of Bayer’s newly enlarged crop Science division.

A U.S. diplomat told the committee on Wednesday that $8.57 billion had been paid out for the 2018 crop year as of June 7.

In areas like California, crop yields are estimated to decline 40 percent by 2050.

He said he borrowed $500,000 to plant this year’s crop, after an “absolutely brutal” 2018.

Otherwise, we’ll pay through diminished crop harvests, inundated coastlines, destroyed homes, lost lives, and an increasingly unlivable planet.

(Removing Trump from office would require one of those dynamics to crop up in the Senate, as well.)

The treated waste is then used as crop fertilizer.

But Elliot is more concerned steel tariffs will harm PCP, which he relies on to buy and can a significant portion of his crop.

Lost in a crop of prizewinners, the sickly black sheep that is Hail to the Thief remains.

The audience for last year’s show dropped to an all-time low, and critics said a crop of little-seen nominees likely were a factor.

Among this election’s crop of presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders ranked highest of those analyzed, checking in at a ninth-grade level.

To preserve that heritage, the Stud’s current crop of resident art-makers has created an advocacy group called Save Our Stud (SOS.)

By 1997, the shine of grunge was wearing off and a new crop of bands was taking music in a more emotionally honest direction.

Dumbass campaign commercials crop up every election cycle, but this one highlights a broader problem facing Democrats in 2018 and 2020.

But now live audio is its own option, which means you could see radio-style programming start to crop up on the service.

Net incomes plunged last year, and that setback was followed in March by China’s halting purchases of canola, Canada’s biggest crop.

We’re seeing some of that crop up around Pruitt as well.

“He called it.” But such strong warnings don’t always crop up, so it’s difficult to make similar predictions for every kind of tornado.

Seed development giants such as Monsanto, Syngenta AG and DowDuPont Inc have dominated genetically modified crop technology that emerged in the 1990s.

North Carolina-based Benson Hill, founded in 2012 and named after two scientists, mainly licenses crop technology to other companies.

Developing and marketing a traditional genetically modified crop might easily cost $150 million, which only a few large companies can afford, Crisp said.

With CRISPR, one popular type of gene-editing technology used by Syngenta, scientists transfer an RNA molecule and an enzyme into a crop cell.

Floodwaters have already swamped large stretches of Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa, drowning livestock and damaging crop land along the Missouri.

Some farmers took the proposed cut to subsidies for crop insurance as an insult.

For its part, DJI has a small line of bigger, pricier drones that it markets for things like power line inspection and crop spraying.

It references the agency of the crop.

Can a bad actor hack a tractor, a sensor, or a combine and hold a farmer’s crop hostage?

The most beautiful of the new art game crop is Joy exhibition by Strangethink.

October brought in a bumper crop at the box office, with new releases breaking records and raking in profits.

EDM may be undergoing massive cultural changes across the globe, but in China, the genre is gaining ground among a crop of super-young producers.

They are the girl with the silver crop top and the platforms you hooked up with at Moth Club last weekend.

Something of that aesthetic permeates the modern crop of traditionalist Catholics today.

How broad the damage was will not be clear until the crop breaks dormancy in late winter or spring.

crop conditions in Kansas, the top HRW producer, are already deteriorating.

Even today, Mexico produces about half the world’s supply of the crop.

At least some of the recent price shock is thought to be caused by a 20 percent crop shortage this year as well.

“She was also terrified that she might get in trouble for working, potentially, on an illegal crop.

I have not seen evidence that the annual crop of candidates for public office are too few or too conventional in their ideas.

Just whole grains that contain gluten, “soy products like miso, tempeh (GMO crop),” yogurt, and also all dairy.

The most widely grown GMO crop in the United States is corn.

But weed underwent a rebrand to become cannabis, and now the industry consists of artisanal edibles, organically grown crop, high-end glassware, and wellness products.

In Thailand, it has badly affected the country’s corn crop, much of which is sold to the animal feed industry.

Mallala publican David Algar said the prosperity of the town was directly tied to crop conditions.

Good rainfall just over a month ago safeguarded the wheat crop and meant patrons were “staying for an extra beer or two”, he said.

Rumors about laced pot tend to crop up whenever a new drug gains a following.

Texas and Kansas, major Republican strongholds or “red states”, produce most of the U.S. sorghum crop.

It has funds to repair highways and other infrastructure, including some military bases, as well as aid to help farmers cover crop losses.

The different bodily sensations associated with weed crop up again and again in the book.

But as they leave and retire, a new crop of Republicans enters.

Sorghum, a much smaller crop, is even more dependent on China, which had accounted for 80% of U.S. exports.

It technically says food has to “contain” modified genetic material, not simply come from a crop that’s been genetically modified.

Perhaps you can appreciate more of the detail in this vertical crop.

The WFP says more than 10 million North Koreans are in urgent need after crop output plunged to a decade low last year.

They’re a subtropical crop that can only thrive within specific ecosystems.

And if Berlin rules apply, the most subversive, unusual places always crop up in the East.

But he is also exploring a crop substitution program, relaxing prohibition and amnesties for low level drug dealers and farmers.

Traders regard the supply and demand report as the gold standard for crop forecasts.

For Sanchez, who said his village would embrace legalization, crop substitution is a poor alternative.

In Europe, rainfall has generally improved crop conditions in the past month, with the notable exception of Spain.

Prices in Brazil have risen more slowly, and the country is harvesting its largest corn crop ever.

Unlike the south of China, which grows primarily rice, wheat is the main crop up north.

Yet many locals need to make ends meet now and are not about to give up their most lucrative cash crop.

Each week, the respondents report the approximate percentage of their county’s crop that is in excellent, good, fair, poor, and very poor condition.

The agriculture market typically focuses on the total amount of crop in good and excellent condition.

The latter is an option when an insured crop could not be planted within the specified time frame in the insurance policy.

This year, the U.S. corn crop has emerged at what is by far a record-slow pace.

The initial condition scores since 1986 were issued between May 17 and June 19 depending on the emergence of that year’s crop.

Condition ratings generally do a decent job in indicating crop potential, but there are some words of warning.

“We have 20 hectares dedicated to crop plants,” Elena explains.

Yung Lean arrived years before the current crop of Soundcloud rappers with their candy-colored hair, and he was similarly divisive.

If growers are able to scan for disease and keep pests in check without chemicals, they could spare the entire crop from chemicals.

His aesthetic stretches broadly, incorporating everything from mesh crop tops and flowing wigs to careful stubble and click-clacking nails that curl like lashes.

Those reports, along with an annual summary of U.S. crop production, were scheduled for release on Jan. 11.

Some onlookers are fretting that the reduced competition could shrivel up innovation, leading to slower improvements in crop yields.

Last year, Dow Chemical and Dupont agreed to combine their crop science divisions, and are waiting on US and EU regulators for approval.

I first saw the piece as one of a panel of judges for that year’s crop of films, and Instafamous was a standout.

People in the company — and many crop scientists outside of it — have long seen that reputation as unfair.

We’ve grown accustomed to getting the full narrative of the cream of the crop.

And there’s always a new crop coming out of there, and there has been for decades now.

China sugar futures rose last week on fears for the cane crop.

The vastly larger real-world populations of mosquitoes mean it’s likelier resistance will, somehow, crop up.

Wherever in the world such conditions crop up, CHIRPS is available to help overburdened aid agencies prioritize their attention at the local level.

Toss through the creamy crop of photos to see the baffling bottle in action.

Still, a new crop of movies is rolling out.

“If you don’t know what you’re dealing with, they can ruin your crop in a number of days.”

I have a graying beard, whitening crop of hair, and a receding hairline, as he did.

Changes to weather patterns that move crop production areas around — we’ll adapt to that.

It’s such a desperate and ridiculous dilemma that there are literally Jimmy Buffett–themed retirement facilities starting to crop up.

crop burning is often the cheapest way to clear fields, and farmers don’t want to spend more to appease Delhi’s denizens.

It’s being set up as a sort of indie wrestling supershow, stacked with the cream of the crop of non-WWE talent.

By the way, there is also the slightly different question of whether the quinoa craze might be affecting crop diversity.

Fires from crop burning in India last year helped make Delhi the most polluted city on earth.

Ocasio-Cortez said the new crop of left-leaning Democrats would stick closely to their priorities, which mirror those of the minority communities they represent.

Here’s the Formula One champ thrusting around the crop Over festival with a couple of scantily clad lady friends.

It means we don’t need a new crop of virtuous politicians and we don’t need to make fraud impossible.

The below-average rainfall has delayed sowing of summer-sown crop such rice, soybean and corn and threatens to curtail crop yields.

“You can also see the crop gets higher and higher.”

So scientists could boost one particular trait that might help a crop produce more or withstand environmental threats.

Nathan Fields the director of biotechnology and crop inputs at the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), said, “We’re excited for the potential.

The country’s corn crop – already being harvested – would also be little harmed given its high tolerance to water.

Farmers in the U.S. agricultural heartland overwhelmingly supported Trump last November and are struggling with low crop prices that are hurting incomes.

Some of the biggest proposed cuts come from changes to the crop insurance system, which many farmers rely on to keep their operations running.

Estimates also include losses to public infrastructure like roads and bridges, crop damage, and reductions in work hours.

But changes in crop insurance that cause farmers to cut back on plantings could provide relief to a global balance sheet heavy with supplies.

Trump’s budget imposes a $40,000 limit on crop insurance premium subsidies, which could prevent some farmers from insuring their entire acreage.

But in 2016, well-rounded teen girls, written as capable agents of their own futures, suddenly seemed to crop up across every genre.

Regardless of direction, this offseason stands to be a big one for the crop of development pieces.

“[crop dusting] happens just so our bananas in the states don’t have any bruises on them, ” Brooks said.

As for the underwater photography effort, this year’s crop of robotic cameras are vastly improved from the remote cameras Getty used in London.

The patterns of destructive behavior crop up again in the offspring.

There also are a number of other reasons the new crop of at-home work equipment might have longer staying power than previous generations.

Following years of drought, the wettest winter on record drenched the state, feeding a bumper crop of trees, grasses, and shrubs throughout California.

Farmers often burn crop stubble after the rice harvest to clear their fields and restore soil nutrients.

Meanwhile, Chicago Board of Trade corn futures set a five-year high Friday on uncertain U.S. crop prospects after widespread planting delays this spring.

Following a ravaging drought, coffee experts predict that this year’s crop will be bountiful and beautiful.

To her, weed isn’t just a drug — it’s a crop.

Following a ravaging drought, coffee experts predict that this year’s crop will be bountiful and beautiful.

Bolivia, the only other nation that produces significant quantities of the illicit crop, had 20,400 hectares (50,409 acres).

But rice is a water intensive crop.

And it’s not like she’s not active, she has arguably the most entertaining social activity of the crop.

Major Free Agents: DE Jason Pierre-Paul, CB Prince Amukamara, DE Robert Ayers, WR Rueben Randle, CB Jayron Hosley This is a deep free-agent crop.

crop burning combined with colder air is a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully, the crop burning ended before the half marathon and better yet, Delhi got some rain in the days leading up to the race.

Appalachian communities are seeing multiple projects, like the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline, crop up.

Of the current crop of sort of younger media moguls, right, the Brian Robertses, James, Lachlan, it’s a pretty short list.

I mean, there isn’t a new crop.

Brazil is in the middle of coffee harvesting, and any impact would be felt only in next year’s crop.

Traders were expecting a record crop in 2020, when the country returns to the on-year in the biennial arabica cycle.

Or not: None of the current crop of likely headed-to-IPO hotties — including Airbnb and Slack — have any female directors.

Mundane yet endearing, the heart-shaped starchy crop has become her talismanic symbol.

Nearby, Brett Begemann, chief operating officer for Bayer crop Science (BAYGn.DE) said farmers were likewise scrutinizing purchases of seeds and chemicals.

Like many, he is storing his crop, waiting for better times.

Special thanks to Marie Haga of Global crop Diversity Trust and Marleni Ramírez of Bioversity International for sharing their knowledge with me.

Bayer said it would seek to reduce its environmental footprint by scaling down crop protection volumes and enabling more precise application.

But in most cases, it’s safer to just shampoo your hair rather than crop or shave it.

The potential for crop damage during the scorching weather supported Euronext wheat futures on Monday.

Meanwhile, this year’s crop of new plays is overshadowed by the biggest franchise crossover of all: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

“It’s really exciting to see an emerging crop of trans-related fiction by trans people,” said Meredith Talusan, a journalist who writes about L.G.B.T.Q.

If this fall’s crop of old faces succeeds, it will be just as much due to savvy scheduling as anything else.

The current crop of radicals, Mudde explains, aren’t like old-school European fascists; their ideology isn’t about toppling democracy.

We are seeing probably 20 percent-plus increases in crop yields.

Based on her crop top and exposed abs … we’re positive he hated to see Kourt go.

Normally, by mid-June, all the corn and 94% of the soybean crop in Ohio would be planted.

And of course we haven’t even mentioned soy, where more than 80 percent of the global soy crop is fed to farm animals.

Custer, who works for the university’s Darke County branch, said about 12% of farmers in the county have no crop insurance.

But there’s a crop of less expensive, popular, newer brands that come to mind as realistic M&A targets.

In other words: When it comes to crops, solar geoengineering could trade one problem (heat-related declines) for another (crop losses due to less light).

Traders awaited the first U.S. crop condition ratings for the 2019 corn crop, which are expected from the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Monday.

The overall effect is that solar radiation management would do little to reduce crop losses stemming from climate change.

Also, it’s the commodity crop program that largely determines agricultural rules.

Check out more videos from VICE But whether it’s a commodity crop or a specialty crop, it’s all agriculture, right?

How does climate change affect specialty crop production?

Specialty crop producers are screaming for policy changes to get them a steady supply of labor.

Consequently, the people who eat the most rice stand to suffer the worst health problems as the crop becomes less nutritious.

Despite the scale of the threat, it’s been hard for scientists to figure out exactly why CO2 hurts crop nutrients.

That’s before factoring in crop failures from more severe storms and droughts.

Ultimately, the only way to find out for sure is to see if any problems crop up in batteries used in future Samsung models.

Farmers and wine makers are concerned that the smoke will damage crop quality and yields.

I’m hoping a new crop of candidates prop up now that the Clinton Machine is out of the way.

Chris, Justin, JC, Joey, and Lance were the newest beneficiaries to the cash crop that was 90s pop.

After years of drought, a wet winter nourished a bumper crop of grasses, shrubs, and trees throughout the state.

Grass is actually the biggest crop in the United States.

But to the farmers I met there, pot is a cash crop.

That’s three times more than corn, or any other irrigated crop, the researchers wrote.

Every additional degree means more coastal area lost to the sea, more crop failures, more deadly heat waves, more human misery.

Even the names of over 100 people who lived in the Roman-era city crop up, from soldiers to slaves, a judge to a cooper.

This year’s crop of middling superhero movies weren’t good movies, nor did they have good villains.

Christopher Dunn, director of the Cornell Plantations, said he viewed “plantation” as being about a single crop.

I also have a platform of expanding industrial hemp in Pennsylvania as an agricultural crop, so people can generate income.

Again, it will mean more heat waves, more crop losses, more water shortages, more inundated coastal cities, more disease and conflict, millions more suffering.

Gro Intelligence has been offering free access to its data platform since Dec. 27, and released worldwide supply-demand crop forecasts on Friday.

Farmers Business Network (FBN), which collects harvest data from 7,000 U.S. farmers, was set to release crop yield estimates on Friday to members.

Private companies such as New Mexico-based crop forecaster Descartes Labs can still access the open-sourced data and analyze it.

To grow any other crop would mean carrying his whole harvest down the mountain on his back.

Maharashtra, the country’s second-biggest sugar producer, could produce 6.5 million tonnes next season, down 39.2% from the current crop year, Gaikwad said.

Normally, by mid-June, all the corn and 94% of the soybean crop in Ohio would be planted.

Custer, who works for the university’s Darke County branch, said about 12% of farmers in the county have no crop insurance.

Germany, for example, has a new crop of young players that still don’t mesh well with the older players who lifted the last trophy.

He disappeared … and I didn’t speak for two years.” And with that, the two introduced this year’s crop of great animated films.

Alas, 2016 saw Colombia’s largest coca crop in nearly two decades.

“What attracted us to cannabis in the first place is the fact that it’s such an enormously valuable economic crop,” Myles said.

This year’s awards come at the end of a particularly rich movie season, and should yield an interesting crop of nominees.

Does the cream help the crop?

“Those three crop up time and time again,” he says.

Then we wrapped up in December so at that point, it was months before the current crop of incidents.

“Palm is actually a fantastic crop in principle,” he said.

In the 1980s, thousands of farm operations financially collapsed after producers dealing with low crop prices fell behind on high-interest land and equipment loans.

But corn fell on Wednesday after forecasts of dry weather in parts of the U.S. Midwest, lifting hopes of improved crop conditions.

But farmers said green foliage indicated trees were ready to flower next month in preparation for the main crop.

We are now going to focus on the buildup to the next main crop,” said Basile Assemian, who farms near Bongouanou.

The country used 71 million tonnes of soymeal to make animal feed in the 2017-18 crop year.

Cut all your shirts into crop tops.

“In a matter of hours, Hurricane Maria wiped out about 80 percent of the crop value in Puerto Rico,” the New York Times reports.

Did you really think that Nines was going to let crop Circle, his second release on XL Recordings, come out without fanfare?

Watch crop Circle above.

The rally tracked benchmark corn futures in Chicago, which have been boosted by heavy rains hurting the new U.S. crop.

Olives remain the area’s main crop, with yields that are four times the operating cost.

“This is a stronger (and younger) crop of nominees than even George W. Bush managed,” Ilya Shapiro of the Cato Institute recently gushed.

The biotech industry estimates that it takes $130 million to bring a genetically modified crop to market.

It goes into a pouch outside their stomach, called a crop, and they dump enzymes into it to start breaking it down.

That evolution has taken a quantum leap forward thanks to this year’s crop of rookie big men.

But he does have the distinction of being the only one of this crop contributing in a big way to a playoff team.

Already, we’re seeing this fresh crop of women candidates facing the same sexist tropes that Clinton lived through in 2016.

Zhang was reported missing on June 9, 2017, two months after coming from southeastern China to study photosynthesis and crop production at the university.

“If next year’s crop is low like this, we’ll have a problem,” he said.

Able to create whatever uniform she wanted, Trotter unveiled designs like a long-sleeve crop top.

Net incomes plunged last year, and that setback was followed in March by China’s halting purchases of canola, Canada’s biggest crop.

The water is used not only for drinking but also for crop irrigation and electricity generation.

It closed in 1903 and was used by the University of Wyoming to conduct livestock and crop field research.

Any crop that has been heavily bred and not screened for flavor or nutrition is going to suffer.

The China National Chemical Corporation is also trying to purchase Syngenta, a Swiss producer of GMO seeds and crop chemicals.

“Bayer crop Science is primarily a chemical company with some significant interest in GMOs,” said Chassy, referring to Bayer’s agribusiness division.

crop it down to the torso?

Somehow, it seems more honest to paint myself up with bright makeup and show off my flat chest with a crop top.

Basically, the current manifestation of heavyweight boxing is a crop of under-skilled fighters with entertaining personalities.

So do you think there will eventually be a new crop of Facebooks, Twitters, Snaps?

The crop is farm country’s most valuable export to China, worth $12 billion last year.

Many have presold at least part of the crop they will harvest this fall, cushioning potential tariff impact.

About 10 percent of the crop has yet to be harvested, and much of it is Cabernet Sauvignon, one of the most expensive varietals.

Between forward selling and options, he is nearly 100 percent protected on his crop this year, he said.

that crop up with it,” the record does an impressive job of balancing conceptual heavy lifting and very real dancefloor functionality.

What’s more, they show that support for women and their choices can crop up in unexpected places.

“Our mission is to conserve crop diversity and make it available for future food security worldwide.

The USDA found that consolidation happens differently in animal agriculture than in crop agriculture.

Changes to your routine will continue to crop up over the next few weeks, so have patience.

Vine’s initial crop of users were theoretically the golden eggs of internet advertising: They were young and constantly mobile.

Sorghum, a much smaller crop, is even more dependent on China, which had accounted for 80% of U.S. exports.

But the farmers will need to plant an eligible cover crop, a practice typically intended to prevent soil erosion, Perdue added.

It’s too late to swap out soybeans for another crop — many of which are facing potential tariffs anyway.

Easing U.S. winter wheat conditions and worries about a heat wave in west European crop areas including France and Germany supported wheat prices.

That threatens the success of next year’s crop too, as producers won’t be able to break even this year.

BS: It depends on the particular crop.

It was a theme that would consistently crop up in his raps.

The country’s corn crop – already being harvested – would also be little harmed given its high tolerance to water.

99, the state is now birthing a new crop of bands in a similar vein.

It’s often hard to tell whether damage has occurred, since the exposure is painless and symptoms can crop up for weeks afterward.

It’s often hard to tell whether damage has occurred, since the exposure is painless and symptoms can crop up for weeks afterward.

All are waiting for a healthy new crop to arrive and normalize the shortage, which started taking hold as far back as November.

A U.S. diplomat told the committee on Wednesday that $8.57 billion had been paid out for the 2018 crop year as of June 7.

Every season a new crop was grown—corn‚ watermelons‚ almonds.

Nearly five decades since Burden and Abramović began their explorations, an emerging crop of artists are re-envisioning artistic self-harm in both methodology and intent.

Farmers and food companies increasingly are moving to automate dairy operations, chicken processing, crop production and harvesting.

They like to point at the “three crop rule,” which forces farms over a certain size to grow three different varieties.

Kweku Collins isn’t concerned—or really interested for that matter—in latching onto his city’s recent crop of stars.

In fall 2014, a massive crop of sun-grown weed flooded the Seattle market.

Just 12.6 percent of the thousands of wild bee species out there were even visiting farms and crop fields to begin with.

What’s more, just 2 percent of wild bee species accounted for 80 percent of crop visits.

In the future, having a more diverse array of bee species could help provide insurance for crop pollination.

“It’s just as impossible to have data without bias as it is to have a photo that doesn’t crop anything.”

She was studying photosynthesis and crop production at the university two months before she was reported missing on June 9, 2017.

“Improving crop yields remains vitally important, but it is not the only way to increase the number of people fed per acre.

At Coney Island’s Spook-a-Rama, the walls of the cart itself act to crop the viewing space of its rider.

China was the biggest canola export market for Canada, which is the world’s biggest producer of the crop used to make cooking oil.

The aid plan, a response to retaliatory trade measures on U.S. farm exports, is intended only for the current crop cycle, he said.

“It’s for the 2018 crop.

“There’s no farmer in the United States that would rather have a government check than a good crop at a fair price.

Soybean imports in the 2019/20 crop year are forecast by USDA at 87 million tonnes.

After five years of bumper harvests worldwide that depressed crop prices, trading margins are on the rebound.

Instead, a crop of smaller apps have sprung up, including a local nonprofit called RideAustin.

Plants protect themselves by not fully developing roots, therefore stunting crop yield, but not poisoning your meal.

More than one-quarter of the crop, worth about $12.3 billion, went to China.

He has no crop insurance.

And today’s crop of astronauts, like Glenn, are just small part of a great exploration that’s yet to come.

How can the benefits of Head Start fade away after a few years — and then crop up 10 years after that?

He hadn’t slept in days, working at all hours to plant his crop in a race against the weather.

Among this proliferation, Art Basel remains the cream of the crop.

Hemp was a common crop in the US.

By 1997, the shine of grunge was wearing off and a new crop of bands was taking music in a more emotionally honest direction.

Now, an emerging crop of young farmers are eagerly pursuing this green rush.

And because of hemp’s status as a Schedule 1 federally controlled substance, they usually can’t get crop insurance.

Now, he and his fiancée are trying to rapidly expand their crop to cover these costs.

A few weeks ago, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture tested his crop to make sure its THC levels didn’t exceed 0.3 percent.

Prices in Brazil have risen more slowly, and the country is harvesting its largest corn crop ever.

It’s a sturdy, reliable crop.

So it actually provides this buffer, precisely because it’s a low-value crop.

But when a crop is complete, farmers plow everything back into the soil.

Open-field farming is really vulnerable to crop loss.

It doesn’t work for every single crop, but tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumbers should be growing under glass.

“They didn’t want people learning about me and my anti-pesticide stance, my anti-GM crop stance…it’s a form of censorship,” Samp says.

Issues of executive privilege might crop up, which Barr also brought up in his Senate hearing.

She looks good scrawnier, with a little bit of her stomach showing with a crop top, her arms birdlike, her legs little sticks.

Here’s another crop of that same photo.

You can see the details better in this vertical crop.

But the once-lucrative crop suddenly lost its value.

Wheat futures eased as drier weather in parts of the Midwest and Plains could accelerate winter crop harvesting.

But the once-lucrative crop suddenly lost its value.

With fentanyl, there are no concerns about growing seasons or crop eradication by the Mexican military.

The camera pans, showing fans screaming, donning crop tops, black clothes, and huge earrings; everyone burning for Depeche Mode to reveal themselves on stage.

Some 39% of this season’s wheat crop has been planted so far, the report said.

Recent updates that make Instagram stories easier to repost could cause these issues could crop up more often on the platform.

But crop weather experts say the storms should end up helping farmers grow more of the grain this season as water reserves become replenished.

Argentina’s 2018/19 corn crop was seen at 57 million tonnes versus a previous forecast of 56 million tonnes, the report said.

Some 60% of Argentina’s 2018/19 corn crop had been harvested as of Friday, the report said.

The report slightly downgraded the government’s 2018/19 soy crop estimate to 55.6 million tonnes from the previous forecast of 55.9 million tonnes.

Most of the current crop of secondhand shows are similarly lacking.

crop prospects in regions with low to very low levels of soil moisture will likely deteriorate,” it said.

But 2016 yielded a bumper crop of spectacular, innovative, entertaining animated films aimed at children.

As it stands, farmers face several barriers to growing hemp due to federal prohibition — including restricted access to banking, water rights, and crop insurance.

Second, these famines weren’t caused by natural disasters like crop failures or droughts.

The Store officially opened early September and celebrated with a launch party and exhibition titled crop Up.

And that’s okay, that’s a Detroit vibe.” The crop Up continues at The Store (9400 Oakland Avenue Detroit) through October 9.

In fact, they wanna make a crop top shirt line with the rookie running back … which would probably be awesome.

At his concerts, he performs in a crop top.

Parks also did street style photography long before the current crop of influencers could hold a camera.

Researchers are already puzzling out these issues; NASA successfully grew its first-ever space crop (lettuce) four years ago.

Those sorts of questions crop up in superhero movies a lot.

Soybean imports in the 2019/20 crop year are forecast by USDA at 87 million tonnes.

All of them are trying to navigate a landscape that gets continually more complicated as new digital platforms, and revenue-sharing arrangements, crop up.

His image of the Solar Project in Chile’s Atacama Desert shows a wheel of panels reminiscent of crop circles.

“To this task, our current crop of mainstream conservative intellectuals is not merely unsuited but wholly useless.” Since then, the publication has grown.

The profitability of cotton, a labor intensive crop, was also in question.

SovEcon, another Moscow-based consultancy, also quoted FOB new crop for July delivery at $195 per tonne.

Through loans and especially barter operations, the Brazil-based trading firms exchange fertilizers and agrochemicals for a portion of a farmer’s future crop.

At first, he thought he might stick around and watch over his crop a bit longer.

He said Brazil ended the 2018-19 crop with near 38% of the global coffee trade.

But you wouldn’t know that from a crop of increasingly popular social media apps that are forming around crime.

As those particles obscured the sun, temperatures dropped, which messed up crop yields and lead to famines.

With CRISPR, you are editing crop genomes with more precision.)

If scientists like Voytas can figure out how to get rice to do photosynthesis faster, crop yield could increase dramatically.

Alabama, for example, prohibits “possession of records obtained by theft or deception” from an animal or crop facility.

But wine grapes are hardly your standard crop.

That’s about $780 million from crop yields gone.

These include subsidized premiums for federal crop insurance, which helps protect farmers against weather and insect damage and against low prices for their crops.

That’s about $780 million from crop yields gone.

The main crop is harvested between November and February, with a secondary harvest from February to March.

Monsanto denies crop damage was caused by XtendiMax and says drift occurred because farmers illegally applied older dicamba formulations or failed to follow instructions.

The bumper crop of kindling helps explain why this has been the worst year on record for California wildfires.

Growers intend to sow the smallest crop in three years.

There are some more left-field, ambient mini-interludes that crop up here as well.

The subsidence craters that scar the soil mimic crop circles but are the result of underground blasts.

Today, the crop of bands looking to keep that old school spirit alive in Dhaka are as numerous as ever.

Common themes crop up in these socially conscious songs: feminism, privilege, police brutality — issues in America that aren’t going anywhere.

So in increasing crop yield, that might be a huge benefit, but is that coming at the expense of soil health?

Marijuana was for a long time a cash crop for Mexican traffickers.

If winter storms replenish the Kern Water Bank this year, they could again find themselves with a bumper crop of H2O.

The coca farmers, meanwhile, will be offered a choice; a voluntary eradication and crop substitution program or the security forces ripping up their crops.

The turbulent market and pricey raw materials are a result of rising temperatures adversely affecting growing conditions and crop yields in West Africa.

Beside him, the lawn was black and burnt, but the crop seemed untouched.

But they soon returned in the NBA, where the cream of the AAU crop reigned.

This super resistant crop is the boliviana mona, and it has been cultivated by most farmers in the Guaviare region since 2014.

Beside him, the lawn was black and burnt, but the crop seemed untouched.

This super resistant crop is the boliviana mona, and it has been cultivated by most farmers in the Guaviare region since 2014.

Not only that, but the titles themselves touch on the late-night philosophising that seems to crop up again and again in these moments.

The increased salinity has made growing rice, traditionally the area’s most common crop, more difficult.

In Europe, French grain producers say rising oil costs may have a knock-on effect on fertilizers and crop protection products.

“It helps farmers use fertilizer more efficiently,” he says — efficiency that can ultimately improve crop yield.

But a new crop of startups, including a web browser called Brave, are hoping to finally make the model work.

BTW, who else gets married in a bejeweled crop top?

For one, it’s hard to make many sweeping, definitive statements about GM crops because there isn’t any one single “GM crop.”

Variations in GM crop regulations among different countries may lead to hard-to-predict trade disruptions.

That’s particularly valuable to commodities investors that bet on factors like crop yields.

Likewise, the rise of GM crops in the US has been accompanied by a decline in crop diversity and crop rotations (not good!)

Just because most current GM varieties are benign doesn’t mean every single future GM crop will be, too.

It’s a close-up, but not enough of one to crop out the costumes and sets entirely.

“They typically start more general and then more specific ones crop up, to address a specific interest,” Decker said of social networks.

Do you have small, relatively insignificant problems that crop up just often enough to be annoying?

It solves all these stupid, little problems that shouldn’t exist anymore, but still crop up.

But they’re all surprising and refreshingly original — a bumper crop of talent and innovation.

Aside from dengue, chikungunya, and Zika, other mosquito-borne diseases could crop up in Puerto Rico now.

Because of this, these small mammals save American farmers an estimated $3.7 billion in crop damages every year.

Some Chinese corn buyers switched to rival supplier Ukraine earlier this year, as Beijing tightened controls on processing genetically modified strains of the crop.

“Sea level rises affects coastal communities, increasing temperature can affect crop growth, drought puts stress on water resources, etc,” Harig said.

“Sea level rises affects coastal communities, increasing temperature can affect crop growth, drought puts stress on water resources, etc,” Harig said.

Nesbit, however, will have to adjust his inner timetable to the dictates of rain and crop conditions.

Nationwide, farmers are expected to harvest the smallest corn crop in four years, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Farmers think more cuts are likely as the late-planted crop could face damage from hot summer weather and an autumn frost.

He thinks financial uncertainty linked to the crop problems will slice his sales in half this year.

Any advice to the next crop of candidates who try to bridge that gap?

He is reluctant to plant more because yields typically decline the later a crop is planted.

Not only that, an entirely new crop of bands raised on Less Talk, More Rock would emerge.

He’s watching a news broadcast in a closet about the crop circles that have been occurring around the world.

Net incomes plunged last year, and that setback was followed in March by China’s halting purchases of canola, Canada’s biggest crop.

Cocoa beans are a cash crop.

Russia, the world’s largest wheat exporter, has downgraded a number of crop forecasts in recent weeks because of a June heatwave.

SovEcon’s forecast for Russia’s 2019 wheat crop was cut to 76.6 million tonnes from the previously expected 82.2 million tonnes, it said.

Its forecast for the 2019 grain crop was reduced to 121.9 million tonnes from 127.1 million tonnes.

Agricultural practices like burning crop stubble also remain widespread.

I was only going to do the one crop, but it was so easy I do about three a year now.”

Bieber picked purple for her crop top and thong, gave her silver hair, and brown skin with blue eyes.

Watch This on Tonic: Depression and anxiety can crop up for more people in this political climate.

You’ll see that crop up.

Her Look: White crop top, brown shorts, suspenders, gloves, and combat boots.What I’m a Sucker For: A white T-shirt, shorts, and combat boots.

It proposes reducing premium subsidies for crop insurance, limiting the number of producers who would be eligible and tightening commodity payment limits.

I usually skip the crop top for personal comfort, but this is really a perfect outfit for hanging out.

He added that the cuts to crop insurance totaled $26 billion.

A whole crop of newer bands have picked up this sentiment too as the backdrop for their invocations of easy listening sounds.

I didn’t know how to crop photos at the time, so I decorated it with Blingee and Microsoft Paint.

“We have always known that extreme weather causes crop production losses,” said UBC’s Navin Ramankutty.

Lemonade CD/DVD- $17.99Lemonade Anniversary Tee – $35Middle Finger “Boy Bye” crop Top, because why not?

“We have always known that extreme weather causes crop production losses,” said UBC’s Navin Ramankutty.

A statistical analysis reveals the significant impacts of droughts and heat waves on crop production.

“By contrast, in much of the developing world, crop systems are a patchwork of small fields with diverse crops.

“Farmers in developed world have access to crop insurance and price support schemes.

The crop experienced severe frosts in the spring, followed by heavy rainfall that led to severe attacks of mildew fungus.

Say what you will about Gravel, but the current crop of frontrunners doesn’t seem capable of creating videos like these.

A Bayer crop Science spokeswoman said the latest finding may have occurred on the site of a former field trial.

The crop is grown year-round and a common sight (and smell) along the Central Coast, where worker-filled fields often intersect with suburban landscapes.

The original Bad Boy made the “Diddy crop” popular last year after two very different photos circulated shortly after the 2017 Met Gala.

Kristin Corry is practicing her Diddy crop.

He keeps his hair in an easy-maintenance close crop and prefers accessories with cats on them.

China was the biggest canola export market for Canada, which is the world’s biggest producer of the crop used to make cooking oil.

The action pushed down U.S. prices and made the crop less profitable.

The other guys in that edge rush crop?

Some farmers have changed from one crop to another.

Others have decided to leave some land fallow rather than risk growing a money-losing crop.

A capacity glut and soft crop prices have pushed potash and phosphate prices to multi-year lows.

Farmers in the area are currently harvesting the second corn crop of the farming year.

Unfortunately, some unforeseen issues could crop up, getting in the way of your next adventure.

Just over the village’s fence line, restaurants, apartment buildings, and CrossFit gyms crop up like corn stalks.

That could lead to higher crop yields for farmers and a workforce that doesn’t need to rest every few hours.

It’s true, the event was sponsored by some big names in the GM crop world, like Syngenta, Monsanto’s Swiss rival.

Rural communities lose the cream of the crop — lose the brightest kids — who go away and don’t come back.”

But then Halsey swoops in wearing a diamante spangled crop top and judicious amounts of underboob to save the day!

This seed vault essentially functions as a thumb drive for the world’s crop supply, housing nearly 900,000 seed samples from around the world.

It aims to provide a potential backup for countries whose crop supplies are depleted, giving them the tools to rebuild what’s been lost.

You see the same phenomenon crop up in surveys on other issues.

Like any crop, coffee has an effect on its environment.

It came with the facial hair, a crop top interpretation of Bone’s integral sweater, glasses, and high-waisted pants.

Some of this imagery is used by crop monitoring service Farmer’s Edge.

We hope crop in a sentence examples were helpful.