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Or, rather, he’s an every-Mukodon, to stick with the game’s fictional universe of humanoid creatures separated into distinct classes.

In real life, sharks are mainly non-aggressive creatures who barely resemble the evil killing machines they morph into onscreen.

But as formidable opponents, many of these sea creatures lack a significant, shall we say, bite.

Come on, guys — you cannot expect an artist to make paintings and pickle formerly living creatures and such without several multi-million dollar facilities.

If we were rational creatures living for the economics of everyday life, we would stay on the surface.

Before reading this book, I didn’t necessarily think a lot about life underground, from microscopic creatures to larger animals.

Field recordings of Swan River water creatures and marshes meld with surprising harmonies and minimalist soul rhythms.

I recommend finding a boat because outside of those aquatic dinosaurs, most of these creatures are not as functional in the water.

They were some of the first creatures known to form mineralized external skeletons, too.

After looking at over 1500 samples, the answer came from the way that the creatures fed themselves.

These oddly cute microscopic animals are among the toughest creatures on Earth.

We should imagine better aliens than those greyish-green creatures the shape of lifesize Bratz dolls.

More often than not, these photos take advantage of beautiful creatures that have been torn from their natural environment.

There are mythical creatures wilder than anything you’ll see on Planet Earth or any other documentary.

A lot of other creatures, from some beetles to rats to koalas, rely on microbes to detoxify the poisons in the meals they eat.

There are also random jackpot events, like crabs that trigger minigames, or creatures that explode or grant bonuses.

That meant they only used animals when they could get actual live creatures on set.

A key insight is that the some of the smallest creatures carry the greatest weight.

Mutated creatures from beyond imagination clamp, bite, and slash the flesh of the unwilling victim.

The video captures invisible ghost jellyfish pumped with LED lights, which visually and physically define these otherwise invisible creatures.

These Ediacaran-era organisms were fantastically weird creatures, soft-bodied and typically immobile.

“They are vicious creatures, so they will attack you.”

Beebe dubbed the slick creatures Bathysphaera intacta — a nod to his underwater sanctuary, the revolutionary Bathysphere.

While in Kartabo, then part of British Guiana, Isabel Cooper illustrated more cuddly creatures such as a long-tongued marmoset and a docile-looking, three-toed sloth.

“We started pitching ideas about the slowest and quietest creatures on earth,” writer Matt Pitts said.

These studies froze any fast-moving creatures, portraying them with every detail observable to the human eye.

So are thousands of plants, fish, insects and other creatures found nowhere else on earth, many of which are only beginning to be studied.

Machado worries that unique Cerrado plants, insects and other creatures may vanish before scientists have an opportunity to identify them, much less study them.

Cleary, Zoo never lacked for imagination when it came to its creatures of the week.

Correction: An earlier version of this story mischaracterized one of Zoo’s fictional creatures.

These present themselves in different configurations, sometimes showing a film of underwater creatures or British stage ventriloquist Nina Conti.

The map is neither a historical relic nor particularly aesthetically pleasing, containing no fine engravings of fantastical sea creatures.

He played villains and heroes, robots and sexual deviants, fantasy creatures and self-aware actors.

Residents were told these creatures wouldn’t emerge again for another 17 years.

It’s just one more mystery of these amazing creatures, which have an uncanny ability to keep time.

Tardigrades are tough little creatures.

In real life, sharks are mainly non-aggressive creatures who barely resemble the evil killing machines they morph into onscreen.

We live in exactly the kind of world you’d expect greedy, self-interested creatures to produce.

But as formidable opponents, many of these sea creatures lack a significant, shall we say, bite.

The data can be compelling, but also we are people, and people are goofy, farting, messy, sentimental creatures.

Street rats are one of the most universally despised creatures on the planet.

The Golf Stroke Paintings of Kyle Louis Fletcher Tiny Holoogram creatures Populate This Augmented Mini Golf Experience Giant Olmpic Athletic Sculptures Soar Over Rio

Some species were considered auspicious symbols, while others represent the exotic creatures that populated imperial zoos.

Wolves are secretive creatures, so it’s rare to catch a glimpse of their comings and goings.

It wasn’t the first time extraterrestrials had appeared to him; he’d been seeing strange creatures since he was eight.

Thousands of years before zoos were created, menageries of strange, beautiful, and ferocious creatures were cultivated by the ultra elite.

Even amongst increased rates of stress and academic intensity, teenagers are still compelled to be social creatures.

The blog The Good Enough Professor has a post called “Monsters and Mythical creatures of Higher Education.”

Learning to live in harmony with the cycles of the land and the relationships between creatures brings about thriving, lasting growth.

Fat’s not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to these massive creatures.

Here are some of the heaviest and most fat-dominant creatures on Earth.

As per National Geographic, these creatures typically weigh around 800 pounds.

When fully grown, these creatures typically weigh over 1,300 pounds.

What harm could come from identifying with the thoughts and feelings of our fellow creatures?

I don’t think we’re such creatures.

In Kobaslija’s pictures, such children are as much creatures of their peculiar habitat as they are its knowing custodians.

Is “zombie dog” pretty basic when it comes to Zoo creatures?

The results are a bunch of endearing sketches of bug-like creatures sometimes wearing what looks to be a Japanese straw hat.

Jinn are supernatural creatures (or genies) in Islamic mythology and theology, physical inhabitants of an invisible universe beyond this one.

creatures of Comfort: This boutique’s New York and LA storefronts are must-shops if you find yourself in either city.

To understand the field of cryptozoology, Coleman says museum visitors must differentiate between cryptids and mythical creatures.

“Mythical creatures are ones from human imagination,” he explains.

“What cryptozoologists look for are legendary creatures, creatures that are based on fact.

Those are all imaginary, mythical creatures that really aren’t in the realm of cryptozoology.”

Trump’s Interior Secretary nominee David Bernhardt had some, uh, surprise guests during his confirmation hearing on Thursday: a couple of honest-to-god Swamp creatures.

Are human beings uniquely irrational creatures?

Should we not think of humans as uniquely rational creatures?

But human beings just insist on being social creatures, and no matter how much you indoctrinate or denigrate them, they remain as much.

To compound humanity’s troubles, giant creatures known as “Angels” have since begun to emerge and wreak devastation in pursuit of some unknown goal.

At the center of most of her compositions are similarly intimidating and inhuman women-like creatures.

“A lot of people, when they design creatures, they reference [other] creatures.

“A lot of people, when they design creatures, they reference [other] creatures.

While they were almost identical, the differences between Green and Blue were mainly based around the Pokémon creatures exclusive to each version.

You can even reshape yourself, all with the mission to keep this environment safe from the crystalline creatures that threaten its elasticity.

People found creatures in places they probably shouldn’t have been.

The London-based artist has been producing wire-based art since his career began in 1996, with creations ranging from tasteful nudes to mythical creatures.

We tend to think politicians are poll-obsessed creatures who follow public opinion.

I think this time around it’s incremental improvements, but I think our creatures are much more interesting and have better behaviors.

In deeper areas, like spots with steep drop-offs, sharks congregate because creatures they feed on also congregate there.

These cute, tiny creatures are made by MGA Entertainment, the industry giant that infamously took on Mattel’s Barbie with its Bratz dolls.

The key to body horror is to make sure it’s properly gross, and he concocts some terrifically vile-looking creatures and scenarios.

“These creatures look like nothing on Earth and they wielded awesome technology.”

At the moment, Guimaraes is busy hunting down creatures in Monster Hunter: World.

It was a lonely series, as much about an inexorably changing country and world as it was about those terrifying creatures.

I’d overcome acid-spewing slime creatures, barreled through gremlin cultists, and confronted autonomous arcane artifacts.

There, he observed elephants and monkeys, later preserving these creatures on paper in detailed prints.

Once you take their point of view, they’re weirdly endearing creatures, even as everything they say is laced with horror.

They are imaginary creatures not intended to have any reference to the real world and certainly not blackface.

Alien masks and surreal creatures lurked in this sci-fi canopy, while fountains sent dark fluids cascading down trunks and branches.

“They make the condos of the sea, where all the little creatures and juvenile fish find shelter.”

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary creatures collects several short comics from French-Beninese author Yvan Alagbé.

Throughout Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary creatures, Alagbé’s characters explore different modes of alienation and confused identities.

Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary creatures by Yvan Alagbé is now out from New York Review Comics.

As we all know, frogs are perfect, blameless creatures exempt from the stain of original sin.

Braun’s campaign has labeled Messer and Rokita “swamp creatures” for the 12 years combined they have spent in the House.

The most substantial evidence for non-earthly creatures arrived in the wake of H.G.

Chewing is done in a variety of ways, by a variety of creatures.

Remember, don’t be so quick to judge these misunderstood creatures.

BR: Why do you think scientists were hostile to (or biased against) the idea that these creatures could have been our equals?

Bolton of Pine Knoll Shores noted that some sea creatures are more resilient than others.

Twelve celebrities dress as weird creatures (the monster!

Entitled The Book of Ugly Ecstasy, it contained a series of outlandish, pan-sexual creatures produced through automatic and trance-induced means.

You can totally see why the sea creatures wanted a taste.

If you ever crave proof that aliens exist, take a look at some of the insane sea creatures scientists encounter in the deep sea.

Needless to say, it produces some pretty crazy looking creatures.

Some of the creatures discovered for the first time include giant anemone-sucking sea spiders, flesh-eating crustaceans, zombie worms, and carnivorous sponges.

In the coming months some of the extraordinary marine creatures will go on display at Museums Victoria’s Melbourne Museum.

And then there are those who believe their occupation is just as made up as the creatures they personify.

The time spent dropping dookies seems not to be in ratio to creatures‘ size, which varies immensely across the animal kingdom.

Lastly, these creatures are “not shy,” says Yang.

creatures of habit hold fort as the future leaves them stranded on islands of static comfort.

The gong is held by two enormous carved wooden oni, mischievous supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore.

These are good people doing bad things to other living creatures, but they don’t get it yet.

They’re creatures of habit, you could say.

She gained notoriety on “Beautiful creatures” and “House of Cards.”

Unlike the famed Surrealist, much is off limits for me—I’m too squeamish to even eat the insides of most creatures.

Either way, it’s a jarring reminder that people are abusing nature with plastic waste—and that bees are really smart creatures.

It dominates creatures and pulls them into a network of forced labor, feeding mechanisms, and gladiatorial fights.

I am just grateful when I can be liberated from these creatures that come and stop me dead in my tracks.

The group has to take down extradimensional creatures with minimal help from adults, all while balancing family life and school.

There are beautiful, terrifying creatures who live within this space.

creatures are tearing through the multiverse (a series of parallel universes in DC Comics, it’s extremely complicated) collecting various incarnations of Superman.

It’s cooler, shadier, and more humid—an ideal spot for woodland creatures to live and hide.

Some of the creatures are snappingly alive, others are dead.

Thanks to the widespread practice of animal mummification in ancient Egypt, biological material is preserved from these ancient creatures.

Even the most venerated of veterans, once they reach a certain point, become creatures of habit.

The creatures‘ origins are mysterious, given that no original documents exist about the tradition.

Moomins — those doughy, endearing hippo-ish creatures that oddly lack mouths — are innocent fantasy creatures who never face real problems.

She and her brother are known to have even dissected these creatures upon their deaths, and Potter would study their anatomies.

They didn’t emerge from a wooden hut in a forest like two Sylvanian Families creatures.

Barnett dresses his creatures for the occasion, leaving it to us to figure out what the occasion is.

—Kate Dailey “We are creatures who need to make.

All creatures on Earth navigate with cameras.

The thrust of the argument: There are Americans who are willing to pay exorbitant sums for the chance to kill one of these creatures.

Living in a more cognitively complex world creates more cognitively complex creatures.

Human beings are social creatures, not autonomous utility maximizers.

The reason boils down to this: We’re not perfectly symmetrical creatures.

Ancient seafarers, cartography of the coast, and spiritual creatures like turtles, crocodiles, and fish are depicted in the bark paintings.

When you pit “the Bronx” against “the industrial Midwest,” you set them up as entirely different planets inhabited by wildly dissimilar creatures.

Though they are only half a millimeter long on average, these tiny creatures are giants when it comes to durability.

Often referred to as ‘King of the jungle’, there are not many creatures that could withstand a full-blown attack from a lion.

(Glow-in-the-dark creatures, like fireflies, are known as bioluminescent.)

Every Halloween, New York City opens itself up like a hellmouth, spilling out creatures and drunks and parties by the thousands.

Their sons are alien, mysterious creatures beyond their parents’ understanding.

Afloat in the enervating sea of neoliberalism, all creatures of good conscience agree that steps must be taken to turn the tide.

Irie’s world feels like a playground; her canvases are full of cartoonish sumo wrestlers, snails, and mythical creatures.

We set off toward the Hall of Human Origins, where dozens of skulls and skeletons of humans or human-like creatures are on display.

Artists are landing on other planets, entranced with geometric psychedelia, imagining Arcadia on acid, summoning magical creatures, and divulging nightmares.

Volta artists anthropomorphize mythical creatures.

I didn’t see who these creatures were putting it in my hand, but I said, “This is weird.”

Surely they and their moneyed friends would assist these wretched creatures.

Bambi (1942) Surely one of the cutest Disney animated films, Bambi is full of adorable, wide-eyed and innocent woodland creatures.

“Black panthers are iconic creatures and yet very few images of wild black panthers exist,” said Burrard-Lucas in an email to Hyperallergic.

(In the main game, you can also grip onto larger creatures and go for a ride.)

To be clear, these group attachments are not some bad thing we do instead of being rational, well-informed creatures.

Fortunately we are among the few creatures smart enough to use tools.

– The 387 steps up to the towers take visitors past the gallery of chimeras, mythical creatures typically composed of more than one animal.

—Al Capone Of all the creatures that were made, man is the most detestable.

I suspect this is what made me buy Lovely creatures even though I already own all the tracks on the album.

The Hyphenated Lives series includes mutated fauna and flora that manifest as creatures subverting their prescribed roles as icons of nationhood and state.

This is stronger in pieces like “Synapse” and “Saline Notations (Echoes)” (2015), as opposed to the palpable and familiar irony of her hybrid creatures.

It’s just there, generating creatures.

The result is pretty epic, as we see the gang gear up to go into battle against unknown creatures from the beyond.

Elsewhere, there are reindeer, zebras and all manner of creatures we have yet to see.

“These poor creatures are hungry, I’m going to feed them a bit of brain, a bit of flesh.”

Real polar bears are vicious, virile creatures: they’re able to eat human beings.

This makes some intuitive sense, because these creatures and their films are often sexually charged.

Those three Fates needed to be individual, their own unique colors, their own unique creatures, in a way.

Many are home to strange creatures that go to unusual lengths to thrive in these toxic environments.

The fossil record has revealed a spectacular diversity of oviraptorosaur shapes and sizes, ranging from turkey-scale creatures to the intimidating 16-foot-tall Gigantoraptor.

The museum’s communications director said following augmented reality creatures round the memorial was “extremely inappropriate.”

Actually, a lot of sea creatures are doing that, right?

I have a Mother Teresa complex with living creatures.

So studying them and the plastic inside them could be more insightful than looking at creatures like fish or clams.

Partly because of this incredible movie that looks at the abuse these magnificent creatures have endured for decades.

The word “twilight” indicates a liminal state; in Noh theater, the action is often set in a world of ghosts and anthropomorphic creatures.

It gives all your dragon creatures +1/+0 whenever they attack, until the end of turn.

These perspectives differ wildly from those in East Asia, where the creatures often represent good fortune.

In this case, it’s a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by blind, apparently extraterrestrial creatures that are triggered into a murderous rage by any sound.

The story requires them to stay quiet, because virtually any sound draws huge, vicious creatures out of the woods that snatch the offender.

Largely creatures of policy journals and university campuses, they had lost one debate after another during the Reagan and George H.W.

“People are social creatures and can be comforted by the physical presence of others—particularly in settings of perceived threat or dangerousness,” Reisinger says.

We are tribal creatures.

We humans are creatures prone to immoderation.

But a subset of vegetarians will make an exception for fish — perhaps because they might think of fish as “lesser” creatures.

A documentary called The Worst Shark Attack Ever was playing on the TV, and he apparently expressed the following thoughts about sharks: “Disgusting creatures

The fantasy creatures huddle underground, like members of the French Resistance.

I feel like a kid in a sweet shop, except instead of gummy fried eggs, I’m drooling over hard-shelled sea creatures.

Despite this bounteous crab supply, Brits just don’t seem to have an appetite for the shelled creatures.

And because we’re sociocultural creatures, we have a tendency to accept the rules and try to play by the rules.

It might be time someone set up a Narcotics Anonymous group for water-dwelling creatures.

Viewers can watch the fisherman dodge crocodiles and dive deep below the ocean’s surface in the hunt for elusive creatures.

It’s possible in just a few years time we will be creating new creatures that contain the very best elements pets have.

Scientists have long debated what caused these giant creatures, called megafauna, to go extinct.

We are the audience in William’s mysteriously theatrical paintings, gazing at creatures we cannot know, much less understand.

William’s creatures see us looking, with torment and a desire for dignity seeming to exude from every eye.

Neither of these is correct, since we humans are complex creatures: we have competing commitments and goals.

Salamanders are, by their very nature, slippery creatures.

They are not creatures, we learn from the wall label, but the ominous eyes of the oppressive white man.

The horse is one of those creatures that is easily recognizable even in outline form: just the snout, belly, legs and tail is enough.

Her true identity was only outed in 1994 after Peter Jackson made Heavenly creatures, a film based on the real-life events.

We get immersed in technology, but we remove ourselves from it and just become creatures of it.

And that’s where colorful creatures like mammoth-elephant hybrids, bleach-resistant coral, and other human-designed frankenspecies get thrown into the speculative mix.

(In the main game, you can also grip onto larger creatures and go for a ride.)

If the result evokes different kinds of human-size alien creatures and monsters, that is very much deliberate.

Hybrid creatures, often twisted and pressured, push and pull.

The thrust of the argument: There are Americans who are willing to pay exorbitant sums for the chance to kill one of these creatures.

The way that the game forgets about the creatures called elums is its most instructive quality.

These associations were considered largely apolitical, as they were run by that most apolitical of creatures: ladies.

The bulk of the game is spent traveling to the original habitats of these creatures in order to liberate them from the Glukkon presence.

Through bioengineering and adaptation, they evolved into deep sea creatures.

The author of the textbook, Newt Scamander, is a magizoologist whose life work was finding and documenting magical creatures around the world.

Very few creatures live in the cold temperatures, high pressures and complete darkness of this depth.

creatures become more than eyeless here.

So, obviously, the movie version of Newt’s adventures is sure to include said magical creatures.

Hagrid teaches about them in his Care of Magical creatures class, and tells students they are “quite cuddly.”

In the meantime, read up on other creatures we hope to see in the film.

But the googly-eyed yellow creatures are basically an afterthought, a weird move considering the Despicable Me franchise is built around them.

Terrestrial creatures may fare slightly better, but they are not off the hook.

According to the tale, the Bunnyman lived in the woods and sustained himself from woodland creatures (like bunnies), but eventually he attacked humans.

And then, these creatures take you to Firelink Shrine, and that’s where the real Dark Souls begins.”

“It seems their makers limited the creatures to some evolutionary designs that were not particularly efficient even in dinosaurs…

I was in the south of France when I received the grant, so I started by photographing the creatures of Saint-Tropez.

This period in history was not shy about producing otherworldly creatures that seem alien from an Anthropocene perspective.

“Imagine those small creatures thinking that?

“We are social creatures and this is a stressful event.

But if the creatures look real, they also look, well, kind of silly, dressed in over-the-top bone armor and covered in goofy claw trinkets.

They “are creatures of which we know very little, even though they are so closely related to us.”

This is a perfect demonstration of the way humans, those peculiar creatures, grapple with risk.

They are also depicted as individual creatures, in various stances and tail positions; the artists even differentiated between male and female canines.

All sorts of fun infectious creatures like tapeworms, tuberculosis, and ulcer-inducing bacteria likely hitchhiked straight into Neanderthal range via their human hosts.

Artist’s explanation: “Covered with blood, trudging silently away like ghosts from the city, the injured looked like creatures from another world.”

He made swamp creatures blush with his shameless excesses.

Humans are social creatures; our entire psychology is built on coexisting with one another.

Or would you rather read a book about vampires and vampire-like creatures?

Are there creatures and vehicles in the films’ world that exist just to sell toys?

I’m hoping for expansions that will give my dupes new landscapes to roam, swanky outfits to wear, and fluffy creatures to ranch.

Of all the terrifying creatures out there, zombies might seem kind of basic—and, more to the point, not all that scary.

Swenson’s creatures may not have literally been alive but their physical presence has a real, jarring, and surprisingly disarming effect.

Neither the head nor the minerals are real, but seeing something human amongst the creatures has an abrupt effect.

She often researches the habits of interesting creatures and uses that as inspiration for her pieces.

When most people think of reindeer, they think of the flying, magical, occasionally red-nosed creatures who pull Santa’s mythical sleigh.

She hasn’t shied away from creatures like Godzilla and Bowser, but she’s proudest of her film-inspired vehicles.

McHugh makes models of the endangered Mako shark—and other aquatic creatures, like tiger sharks and sea turtles—to raise awareness for maritime conservation.

Yes, the world of some 1,000 years from now is much changed, and inhabited by mechanical creatures of curious design and mysterious origins.

These are strange dreams, creatures that are perplexing anomalies: the goats all have rebar thrusting out of (or is it into?)

Voices of creatures in some parts of the Costa Rican rainforest have gotten louder.

Whereas Ballengée’s creatures hover between life and death, Pinar Yoldas’s creations flit between reality and artifice.

That is, of course, if coral bleaching doesn’t wipe out the creatures he hopes to investigate.

Humans created the danger, but it comes from creatures wholly unlike ourselves.

They weren’t creatures on display.

We humans are short-run creatures.

Only billions of years later did the resulting creatures try to coordinate their schedules.

Few winged creatures inhabit Wagner’s most recent, well-crafted canvases currently on display in the artist’s first one-person New York exhibition.

Hagrid’s Magical creatures Motorbike Adventure opened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida on Thursday.

When you first enter Hagrid’s Magical creatures Motorbike Adventure, you’re guided through an outdoor queue first.

Nakagaki tells The Creators Project that they were also inspired by the “Water Membrane creatures” developed by Yuki Sugihara and Atelier OPA.

This metaphor is furthered in her Jellyfish series, a translation of humanity’s emptiness into the isolated, stagnant lives of the titular sea creatures.

A number of groups, including the Animal Hope and Wellness foundation had volunteers out and about trying to save the helpless creatures.

Both also present a mystery, making us feel hesitant and wary about the unknown creatures we might encounter.

He says they would have Pokemon lures to bring in creatures to each location, and even host Pokemon-themed events.

Players see characters, creatures and other elements overlaid on the landscape that they see through their phone’s camera as they move around.

That protective instinct has the potential to extend to those creatures’ wider ecosystems, including other, perhaps less charismatic, fauna.

He’s well known for a role in the series “All creatures Great and Small,” and had played Winston Churchill a number of times.

All creatures on Earth navigate with cameras.

Hillenburg started out teaching marine biology in Orange County … but eventually combined that knowledge of ocean creatures with his artistic talent.

It took 116 years, but the packaging of Barnum’s Animals no longer depicts the exotic creatures in pens.

Humans are complicated, and understanding how the mind and body work in other creatures can help pave the way for treatments in people.

He gathered thousands of character sprites from the first five generations of games, covering hundreds of creatures.

We’re creatures that demand a higher meaning for our actions, and if one doesn’t exist, we’ll fabricate it.

“The exact nature of the supernatural creatures is rarely made clear,” Peterson tells Broadly.

“Often they are thought of as fairies or folk creatures that are mortal, albeit magical; they can be killed.”

“I’m just glad there’s a club out there to help these lovely creatures.”

Last week, you may have noticed the two funny pink and purple creatures featured in Google’s interactive Valentine’s Day game.

Those cute, harmless animals are pangolins; they are endangered little anteater-type creatures that wander around slurping down insects with their long tongues.

The premise is to see robots as fluid creatures, rather than just machines made of wires and steel.

“We designed the interaction around the robot to mimic the experience of going to the zoo to see exotic and wondrous creatures.”

These fastidiously fashioned creatures are ironically proof of life, proof of vitality, proof of a will to survive.

And since robots are not natural creatures, there’s no need for them to obey biological or evolutionary laws.

He is indestructible, and determined to make creatures that imitate his drive for total domination.

Spanish photographer Bego Antón traveled across Iceland, visiting the people who see and live with the country’s magical creatures.

The paint splattering is also representative of this uniqueness in the creatures.

Scientists are very curious about the creatures that lived through this “Great Dying.”

Take Anne McCaffrey’s 1984 book Dinosaur Planet Survivors, set on the fictional planet Ireta, which is populated by dinosaurian creatures.

The exodinos are descendants of imported zoo creatures from Earth, and are depicted as intelligent.

It marks a transition point between primitive reptiles and a huge variety of creatures that came later—everything from hummingbirds to Tyrannosaurus rex.

Fantastic creatures are easily conjured in novels.

Yes, there were outlandish creatures from other planets.

These form abstract shapes and structures, around which creatures dart like marine life from the darkest recesses of the sea floor.

His fantasy worlds and the creatures that inhabit it provide the source material for many albums in our collections.

Featuring impressive CGI space creatures and overflowing with an eclectic all-star cast, Mars Attacks!

A series of huge fascinating portraits of creatures shrouded in what look like space suits loom large over DeDeaux’s section of the show.

IC: I found myself thinking about how you and I are creatures of narrative.

In Spelunky, the player is just another creature scrambling around the levels like all of the other creatures are.

After all, every time I die, I get to watch my corpse bounce around and interact with all the creatures and objects around it.

Ticketholders will be transported into a bizarre sci-fi landscape full of the legendary animator’s trademark fantastical creatures and flying machines.

After that, I stopped thinking about spiders as abstractly fearsome creatures or fearsome creatures at all.

If you can’t make it, relish the beautiful details of his sharks, bears, nuns, and mythical creatures below.

Green, vaguely humanoid creatures dance and reach for each other in Ya Levy La’ford’s painting, Les Trois Danseuses – Homage to Berber.

Chris Evans is crying as Scarlett Johansson tells him that Thanos “wiped out 50 percent of all living creatures.”

Fischer’s lamp sculptures are like an uncanny assembly of anthropomorphic creatures that might abruptly move on their own.

Viewed from a distance, their nebulous quality suddenly takes shape, and they become an uncanny assembly of anthropomorphic creatures.

I hope that No Man’s Sky moves me with its colors and craters and creatures.

“These creatures are very hard to access.

It also comes with fries and a T-shirt emblazoned with a Rolling Stones-ish tongue that has one of those creatures on it.

Here’s a video of a mole swimming: “They seem to do quite well on tasty little furry creatures.

They’re intelligent crafty creatures, even capable of computing basic math problems, and recognizing the number zero.

And economic benefits aside, bees are just gorgeous creatures.

There are images in this movie that provoke awe and delight, and creatures that feel lifted out of half-remembered childhood dreams.

to other creatures, eating all sorts of stuff.

The social excludes many entities of the world, other creatures, animals, other potentials of beings.

His hybrid creatures, inspired by Bosch and Greek mythology, can be interpreted as wearing masks and according to Catanese, “hiding their true selves.”

They start off with human-like creatures (who happen to have prehensile tails) living in a desert environment.

Occurring in a mineral spring surrounded by forest creatures?

The village of Frip is plagued by gappers: orange, softball-sized creatures that latch onto goats and screech with glee.

In the meantime, expect to see lots of candid shots of creatures large and small.

In the sequel, Aliens, the creatures are out in the open, and James Cameron turned it into an action film.

“What would it look like if these creatures came into the studio and asked to have their portraits made?”

Jainism, which was founded in the sixth century BC, has long emphasized the supreme value of ahimsa, or nonviolence to all living creatures.

“I sometimes feel like a detective when we’re reconstructing entire living creatures,” Dr. Schwarz smiles.

An asteroid impact 66 million years ago doomed the dinosaurs and many other land and sea creatures.

There are very few creatures that you eat whole—guts, shitsack, and all.

And as for the creatures who live below, Bil isn’t too worried.

Trey Parker knows this much about moose … they’re curious creatures and his family’s close encounter is all the proof he needed.

Francesa and Russo are slower-moving and more riff-averse creatures, and their mockery would naturally be both less funny and less profane.

“Runner’s high is one of those mythical creatures like the Loch Ness monster,” he said.

That doesn’t stop me from doing the same thing to other creatures, though.

I want to see the full range of life for creatures outside of the human frame of reference.

“Because cats are these loner creatures in the wild, but they do team up.

That’s inherent to our nature as social creatures who make things.

And as these majestic creatures drink from puddles in the tall grass, the beauty of the terrain is suddenly overwhelming.

Like vignettes from Adventure Time’s Nightosphere, these creatures contain innocence and darkness in their adorable, incredibly emotive faces.

Movies and television have led us to think of aliens as green, slimy creatures traveling around in flying saucers.

“We took a bunch of creatures like gnolls, goblins, trolls, and we asked why?”

Humans are social creatures; our entire psychology is built on coexisting with each other.

This doesn’t excuse how random Kidd’s rotation tends to be; major fluctuations in playing time don’t make life easy for creatures of habit.

(The heads of many creatures in Monster Hunter hover ever-so-slightly above ground.)

His words drop heavy as he dispels the notion that releasing Lovely creatures at this juncture could signal the band pulling punches anytime soon.

In “Seres de Olokun (Olokun’s creatures),” the artist has drawn two mermaid-like creatures, their fish tails entwined.

Full of holes, these alien creatures will trigger any trypophobic nightmare.

As one enthusiast put it … fish novices “will kill these creatures.”

There’s a Newgrounds-esque Flash animation of the fairy tale creatures squatting in Shrek’s swamp.

Stanley and other researchers used high-resolution digital X-ray technology to examine the creatures and estimate the age of the amber without breaking it.

But then gradually, as you start to marvel at the creatures inside, the odor passes out of your attention.

He’s grumpy about his lazy assistant Mickey, but he’s not commanding a military of heart-stealing creatures.

These are creatures being written as the heroes of their own story (a method I’ve critiqued before in this column).

This is a tremendously tough task: When you try to “drain the swamp,” the swamp creatures are going to fight back.

There are horrifying creatures in the deep, and you can’t do a damn thing about them.

Characters ranging from interspecies creatures to societal types are rendered in a manner that evokes both satirical cartoons and self-taught drawing.

As long as humans have been dumping plastic trash into the ocean, sea creatures have been eating it.

These are the types of versatile chemical foundations that enabled living creatures to evolve on Earth.

The web is bursting with erotica describing winged creatures and their vibrant sexual activities.

Who do you imagine your audience to be?Crazy creatures of many sorts.

“Cold Blooded creatures” is my third sexual growth–related song with my group, AlunaGeorge.

Unlike the others, there was no designated animal area; the entire cafe was for creatures of all kinds to scurry about.

We dream of heavens but we are not in the cloud: we are earthly creatures made of matter.

I broke through and met marble-textured, featureless creatures of vast power.

Each was once an active volcanoes about 100 million years ago and today provide habitats for countless deep sea creatures.

(Land-based creatures were at 38 percent, and ocean dwellers at 36 percent.)

“So they’re not the most delicate creatures in the world.

BD is so devastating because it attacks frogs’ skin, which isn’t just an outer covering for these creatures.

“We took a bunch of creatures like gnolls, goblins, trolls, and we asked why?

British Columbia artist Caitlin McDonagh incorporates creatures from fables, upgrading human characters and breathing life into animal avatars straight from a storybook.

Together they adventure in a Norse-inspired world full of monsters, undead creatures, and dark sorcerers.

Australian-American artist Ruth Marshall feels compelled to knit these wild creatures.

The way these creatures hang, the soft curves of the body, suggests power, beauty, and vulnerability.

It is as if the characters and creatures are trying to push beyond their circumstances, to jump out of their painted world into ours.

It all feels so silly when we admit that we are all nothing—insignificant creatures floating around looking for something to hold onto.

“We are all creatures of need,” writes Janov, and when those needs are not met as children, we create neuroses, obsessions, anxieties, and depression.

They compare it to cinema’s representation of doomed (often subtextual) lesbian relationships such as Thelma & Louise and Heavenly creatures.

While this allows nutrients for the growing little creatures, it can be bad news for mom.

Athletes are creatures of habit.

Maiko Takeda’s urchin-like headpieces resemble robotic approximations of sea creatures, deliciously “hi-tech” looking, but made from low-tech materials.

If so, how could we have sent so many living creatures, so many people, so many children to their deaths?

The revolutionary assumes that we’re not fallen creatures, that we’re made wicked by virtue of our social conditions.

The blasts disrupt the lives of underwater creatures, which these communities rely on for tourism, recreation and fisheries.

We weren’t selecting a pastor, but someone we knew had the grit to take on the Swamp creatures & Deep State.

Traditional vases are disguised behind trunks of bronze; their ceramic base manipulated to resemble feather-clad creatures.

Badgers are simple creatures.

With this much progress manipulating the motor functions of creatures as small as beetles, perhaps it can be used for even bigger animal targets.

Carved creatures embellish the ramparts and towers.

To that, I say that science fiction has a rich history of utilizing extraterrestrials and bizarre creatures to tell its story.

E.S’06 These creatures feat.

creatures with shells and the animals that rely on them further of the food chain are being brutalized by acidification.

He took these curvilinear forms from sea creatures, shells and iridescent textures from a horseshoe crab carapace.

Sometimes these people or creatures are dressed up in tutus or other garments.

We, as human beings, emerged from the flagellatic soup of the ocean to turn into land creatures for good reason.

The chimeric creatures have remained more or less a mystery.

“It’s amazing that right now we living alongside millions of creatures that are the result of billions of years of evolution,” Steen added.

Final remarks: These aren’t Christmas horror movies, they’re monster movies about creatures who go after people who are bad at sex.

The waters in Paris are still quite polluted and heavy metals and PCBs have accumulated in the flesh of most of the aquatic creatures.

Also, there’s only 47 of the other creatures.

Now imagine having 10,000 creatures like that on your side.

Some creatures, like the gators, will probably freeze to death before they can even get to you.

And then, these creatures take you to Firelink Shrine, and that’s where the real Dark Souls begins.”

But these four characters, all women (a sad rarity in the fantasy genre), are ass-kicking, foul-mouthed, wild creatures of destruction.

Perhaps having elephants in zoos will show Americans why they should give money to save these creatures.

That’s why I wanted to create these amphibian creatures that inhabit this mythological digital space.

Hidden cameras have snapped more than 5,000 images of creatures roaming near the AT, including the bobcat seen here.

An exhibition of their beautifully rendered jellyfish, octopi, anemones, and other creatures is currently on view at the Corning Museum of Glass.

It is the rarest of creatures in Hollywood: a profitable franchise that no one really loves.

Many bad encounters with scary extraterrestrial creatures await.

Well, Austin read the codex and get this: they’re millenia-old bug creatures who adopt the look of the predominant species on the planet!

They are pretty unique creatures.

In both the sanctuary and at Loboc, guides pointed out creatures for tourists to take snapshots of.

And as millions of users scoured the earth for made-up creatures, many players stumbled across entirely real ones, too.

Beneath this surface of strange creatures is a story about compassion and the reality of growing up.

Still, many others were skeptical, and wondered if a love for fictional creatures could apply to endangered ones.

Transforming themselves into immortal creatures, they express themselves through gleaming, chromed-out, formally perfect pop songs built to endure the decay of flesh.

Tempura in America and tempura in Japan are two very different creatures.

No details on what their spirit creatures mean.

“I will always love creating a quiet, lonely landscape without any living creatures around.

While they were almost identical, the differences between Green and Blue were mainly based around the Pokémon creatures exclusive to each version.

One gets the sense that they’re transitioning, halfway between being human and becoming one of the faceless creatures that surround them.

The alligator’s minions are pink creatures covered in mud that look similar to women in burqas.

All hardy creatures.

I, along with the rest of the dejected line creatures, go through the park to try to at least watch the show from outside.

Then, the cute and cuddly creatures become creepy, nightmare cats.

So we find extraterrestrial creatures endowed with relatable human features.

But that doesn’t mean he has a better idea of what these creatures would look like.

Astrology is like a vast outdoor sculpture park, a veritable Storm King of strange creatures, an Inhotim of epic characters.

Yes, there are fantasy creatures, some from the series’s past.

Each of these creatures seems plucked from alternate reality, where mechanical zoos and Atomic Age-style penguins reign the skies.

Since climate change is heating ocean water everywhere, this process has been weakening, putting all salinity-specialized ocean creatures at risk.

In this view, the ocean full of prehistoric sea creatures waiting to do battle with the mariners who hunt them.

Such beautiful creatures!

Stardust says that Taurus people are fairly simplistic creatures, so usually, a tobacco/cannabis spliff will do the trick.

But 19th-century Scottish lairds and 21st-century Italian translators may be very different kinds of creatures.

Carving out this niche took a combination of resourcefulness, luck, and personality—along with a lifelong dedication to painting sea creatures.

Today, the now decommissioned and privately owned ship is serving as home base to flying creatures of another kind: pigeons.

He helps solve crimes by using science, a concept the creatures of Ether have a hard time understanding.

Also known as extremophiles, some deep sea creatures and their unique existences can provide an analog for possible life on other planets as well.

He describes demons, goblins, and creatures problems with romance, bad timing, and politics, in a way forgiving them for their “otherness.”

Dolphins are socially complex creatures.

Angelic creatures hover, capable of firing laser-like barrages every few seconds.

Instead, he opted for alligators as a metaphor for all the “swamp creatures” trying to overturn Trump’s boat.

Heine’s Sirens are inspired by the sirens of Homer’s Odyssey, female mythological creatures known for their beauty, deceit, and irresistable voices.

Pokémon Go is officially expanding with new creatures.

Togepi, Pichu, and other Pokémon from the game’s second generation of creatures are now available, Pokémon Go creator Niantic Labs announced on Monday.

“We had these enormous—you just can’t imagine how big and cumbersome these creatures were—and naturally we thought, Let’s do the opposite.

We’re all creatures of the night—and the darkness is partially reliable for our transformations.

Like The Dark Crystal, it featured fairytale-inspired puppet characters and animatronic creatures that had to be maneuvered by large teams of people.

The Three Letters franchise (Üç Harfliler in Turkish) deals with the terrifying magical creatures known in Turkey as the “gin,” or djinn.

-Carli Velocci The creatures will be introduced to you slowly.

One of the great things about American Gods is that Gaiman reaches far and wide, bringing in gods and creatures from across the globe.

The prehistoric creatures were made by artist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins in the 1850s, and are recognized as the world’s first dinosaur sculptures.

It follows similar concerns in America, with players spotted at war memorials and even a Holocaust museum looking to find virtual creatures.

Also, we’re all vile, disgusting creatures, and we want to share that information.

Our bodies may have changed to allow us to be more empathic creatures.

In humans and other day-dwelling creatures, it prepares the body for rest and helps maintain that rest throughout the night.

For most of our history, black folk were viewed as ugly creatures who lacked European charm and beauty.

“These animals are clearly in a state of distress,” Yates commented, after seeing the creatures locked in small cages.

There’s an entire section of this museum dedicated to the penises of mythical creatures.

My dad finally emerged from the mythical creatures display looking somewhat defeated—”Are we done here, then?”

He tried to fix or drain the swamp using cesspool operators and swamp creatures.

We go into people’s houses and immediately want to scope out their books, to see what sort of creatures they are.

Fellow dark/fighting-type Pangoro is a bit more altruistic in its motives, as it’s unable to bear seeing anyone pick on vulnerable creatures.

I mean, we all like to think that our stories are unique, beautiful creatures, right?

Ultra Sun boasts 100+ new creatures from last year’s iteration, and no, I haven’t even come close to catching them all yet.

The possibility of a civilizational insurance policy might also drive people to try harder to conserve creatures now, reasoned Helman.

Certainly not the “killing of innocent sea creatures” part.

It’s harrowing music, just like the blood-sucking creatures that gave the album its title.

Players who dreamed of piloting their ships through caves and buzzing strange creatures had their hopes dashed.

These animated creatures were moving using the Boids algorithm that creates swarm movements.

Dinosaurs were majestic, fearsome creatures with big teeth and pea brains who roamed Earth a long-ass time ago.

The problem with individualism is that it ignores the fact that we’re social creatures, that we live and survive and succeed in tribes.

The creatures are often framed looking into the camera, and hence there’s a low-key confrontational feel to many of them.

“The gentle, inquisitive, profiled stance and posture of all the creatures are a staple in my works.

Growing up in rural West Virginia provided many opportunities to be surrounded by nature and the creatures that call it home,” Leech-Cornell tells Creators. “

The Englishness I would have brought with me would be faerie — the British belief in faerieland and the faerie creatures.

Even a simple landscape is segmented by mosaic-like fissures, with odd creatures sometimes dancing like ghosts over the trees.

There Sime worked five years as a “pit boy,” enveloped by darkness, likely hearing stories of legendary creatures said to roam the burrowed tunnels.

It is a strange experience to see these creatures in captivity outside of a zoo.

The oceans are packed with creatures so fantastically bizarre that it’s hard to believe they are legit Earthlings.

The local Freetown State Forest has been home for decades to rumors of dangerous creatures and satanic rituals.

Whatever the outcome, history will remember that they were among the greatest, most impressive creatures to have walked among us.

“We’re creatures of habit,” Nixon said.

Condolences: You’ve been slimed by a velvet worm, one of nature’s oldest and weirdest creatures.

To do so, I calculated how much money every major movie about Halloween-y creatures made between 1999 and the present.

So without further ado, here’s each of the most popular supernatural creatures, ranked by how much money the movies about them made.

In 20 years, there were only three major movies that featured the creatures prominently, and none of them really made all that much money.

Usually biological factors will decide whether to give the creatures one or the other: bigger horns or bigger testicles.

It’s no secret that humans—noisy, messy creatures that we are—are vastly altering Earth’s environments.

The creatures could be induced via tablet to follow the massive whale as it floated beyond the screen.

Sponges and other sessile creatures can anchor themselves to the metallic rocks.

Unfortunately, releasing these captive-born creatures into the wild isn’t necessarily an option.

Plenty of talk gets flung around the world of The creatures of Yes, but is anyone really listening?

But as we evolved into upright-walking creatures, things began to change.

Most bits of plastic, however, simply pass through the guts of creatures from shellfish to humans.

We have created scores of entirely new creatures, such as the hundreds of breeds of domestic cats and dogs living alongside us.

On Kratts’ creatures, it wasn’t the program’s globetrotting brother-hosts who caught her attention, but their assistant Allison Baldwin (played by Shannon Duff).

“It started out with just thinking the ocean is beautiful, and [its] creatures are so incredibly alien,” she said.

So technically there are now more species on the island, but the number of individual creatures has gone way down.

We humans are very strange, unique creatures.

Vore can involve all sorts of real and imagined species—such as humans, mythical creatures, and Pokemon.

It seems as though our ability to change technology happens so quickly, and our ability to evolve as creatures is still very slow.

Some patients also tell me of contact with insectoid creatures, whom they perceive as superior entities—the ones in charge.

I hope that No Man’s Sky moves me with its colors and craters and creatures.

These demons are magical creatures inspired by world mythologies, not unlike Rowling’s own bestiary of fantastic beasts.

Men are weak-willed creatures.

We hope creatures in a sentence examples were helpful.