Crack in a sentence | Use of the word crack examples

Quarterback don’t crack.

On her 1997 single “Jóga,” she bellows “emotional landscapes” amidst deep, windswept cellos and beats that threaten to crack open the earth’s crust.

New President Jair Bolsonaro’s vow to crack down on spiraling crime has put him on a collision course with the jail gangs.

But if American alliance commitments become and remain less credible, it’s possible this order could crack up.

“‘There is a crack in everything.

The UK also said it would crack down on Russian oligarchs who stash money in London real estate and banks.

“North Korea will do something, the Chinese will be annoyed, they’ll crack down and say, ‘Hey, look, we’re good global citizens.'”

“We’re dealing with it here, and we crack down hard on money laundering, and we hope this is being noticed abroad,” he said.

– Michael, 33 “Let homeless man smoke crack inside.”

In an effort to crack down on gambling, most correctional facilities in America don’t allow offenders to use or create dice.

Just get to the sea and crack anything coming behind you across the face with an oar.

“There’s no question we want to crack the code of how to drive revenue.” This article originally appeared on

The two Britons taken ill on Saturday were initially thought to have taken an overdose of heroin or crack cocaine.

“I looked him in the eye and said ‘I’m cooking crack, bro.

It might be a tough case to crack but we are certain that you for shore got this one!

Does this mean she wants another crack at Holly Holm?

She has a plan to crack down on corruption in defense procurement.

Legally, the party that gets the largest number of votes will get the first crack at making such a deal.

So, 3-D-printed food is basically a clean eater’s green juice on crack.

But the popularity soon began to crack.

Draymond Green will be only Warrior to crack the top 20 in total minutes.

we might be able to crack the dilemma.

In 2015, it took a whopping $450,000 per year salary to crack into the 1 percent.

Can I take a crack at it?

(The same goes for the combination of alcohol and crack, the smoked version of cocaine.)

The scale of the incidents has sparked calls for China to crack down on corporate wrongdoing.

“If I crack that little head of his, it’s gonna go clean off his shoulder and up into the bleachers.”

Their skins turn black and crack open, sizzling with their blood-red juice.

Since the dot-com boom, companies have tried to crack the business model for online grocery delivery.

Joey had openly discussed his battles with cocaine and crack addiction on the radio.

7:34 PM: I crack open a can of beer for the road.

Forget the trilogy with Conor McGregor … Nate Diaz wants a crack at Khabib.

President Muhammadu Buhari has vowed to crack down on “vandals and saboteurs” in the Delta region, which produces most of the country’s oil.

Batmanglij simply wanted to take a crack at the record he’s spent much of his adult life contemplating.

This is the toughest nut to crack, but also the most important.

The agency promptly used its new powers to ban the marketing of “light” cigarettes and crack down on flavored ones that appeal to kids.

At the Olympics, even the most rehearsed athletes can crack under the pressure.

The case for: crack consumption and sales definitely fueled crime and disorder in the 1980s.

While other drug epidemics have succeeded crack, they haven’t led to the same violent drug markets.

But cracking down on crack didn’t stop illegal drug consumption or sales.

For Whitney Houston, I saw the progression of “Olive Oil, crack, Fast Food” in her last minutes.

The melody between the percussion is the side-swipe, crunch and crack of you flying off your four-stroke on a bone-dry track.

It lets him run around and fly planes and crack a winning smile.

How did you crack it?

Hell at the crack of dawn.

The Vicarious AI, on the other hand, can crack a variety of textual CAPTCHA styles and do so with far more efficiency.

As we reported … the couple was arrested for crack cocaine possession back in March, and Geno was also hit with a domestic violence charge.

She also battled crack addiction in the ’90s, and after a 1994 OD her kidneys were shot.

These were systems intentionally made more vulnerable in an attempt to help participants crack the competition.

Rather than lashing out, a better way to approach it might be to crack a joke.

“They’re going to crack Don Jr. like an egg on national TV,” Bannon told Wolff.

Shoppers vowed to boycott Burberry over its wastefulness, while members of Parliament demanded the British government crack down on such practices.

Now the federal government’s starting to crack down.

It just goes to show: You can’t have a disappointing season with those crack judges of talent, the Emmys.

He’s poised to achieve something that every major media company in the world has been struggling to crack.

Montgomery Ward is the first to crack the code on this, to figure out how to sell things at a distance.

The flexibility allows the insect to fit through just about every crack and crevice in your home.

After a while at Sitmonchai, Rittidet’s shy veneer slowly began to crack.

Declaring a state of emergency, the ruling Junta began to crack down on civil liberties and silence dissent.

“Even a nice pipe or a chillum, if you go in the corner and light a lighter, it could be crack, right?”

Hungry for change, voters responded to Bolsonaro’s bold promises to crack heads and clean up the mess.

You might know them as the docs who crack (or manipulate) backs.

Over the past few months, Trump has begun to execute his promise to crack down on China’s influence on the US economy.

At that point, something will crack.

President Nicolas Maduro’s government has used security forces to crack down on protesters.

The Milk Bowl of Feathers shows how women’s contributions to the Surrealist literary canon captivatingly crack the wall of Surrealist phallocracy.

These women’s contributions captivatingly crack the wall of Surrealist phallocracy principally erected from André Breton’s misogyny.

Numerous gang members have been charged with illegally possessing firearms and distributing heroin, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, and other drugs.

Numerous gang members have been charged with illegally possessing firearms and distributing heroin, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, and other drugs.

There is an absurdly loud, bordering on unbelievable, crack of the bat, and then the camera follows the runner and then the video stops.

On Monday, Culture Minister Tracey Crouch likened betting shop machines to “crack cocaine.”

It was funny with Whitney Houston and the Diane Sawyer interview and “crack is whack!”

I’m in the crack or the interstices of literature.

The surface of the painting appears to crack open to reveal a muddy red river beneath.

I mean, the iPhone is very, very difficult to crack.

In 2013, Joseph Lloyd was convicted of possessing small amounts of heroin, crystal meth, and crack cocaine for the purpose trafficking.

In 2013, Joseph Lloyd was convicted of possessing small amounts of heroin, crystal meth, and crack cocaine for the purpose trafficking.

This doesn’t even include Sessions’s views on immigration and his use of the Justice Department to crack down on illegal immigration.

And I crack all my knuckles and I don’t have arthritis, or any other joint issues.

But what’s really happening when we crack our knuckles?

Scientists have been arguing for decades about what actually causes the pop when you crack your knuckles.

“When the crack happens, the white spot goes away and suddenly these big black spots appear,” Kawchuk says.

In fact, one study even found a higher rate of osteoarthritis in the hands of people who didn’t crack their knuckles.

Probably didn’t even crack his piggy bank.

The music cuts out to silence, and we only hear chirping birds and distant crack of batted balls.

And I am not suggesting by any means that crack or video-game addictions are good or that meditation is bad.

It’s hard to tell at a glance, but Gudetama is an egg yolk with a butt crack.

His minimal, gutting performances employ a few elements to crack open history, politics, and emotions, revealing how these are inseparable from embodied experience.

… Don’t you wish YOU could kick ass and crack skulls, too?

Fatigue crack growth generally can be managed through regular repairs without compromising the bridge’s performance.

Then we check the crack to see how effectively the fiber composites slow down crack growth rates.

(Ah, that crack of thunder, that thwump of slide tackle.)

That changed when Donald Trump became president and swiftly made executive orders to crack down on immigrants and ban travel from certain countries.

We firmly oppose and crack down on any forms of internet attacks and the stealing of secrets,” Hua added.

After a search, cops discovered another needle, a white powdery substance — which June allegedly said was crack cocaine — and a pipe.

Make 3 “ditches” in the pasta and crack one egg into each “ditch”.

Pete did crack a joke about moving back in with mom.

“All the more reason for prosecutors not to be forced to seek five years for a kid selling 28 grams of crack.”

A minimum of 10 years is required for offenses involving 280 grams of crack, 50 grams of pure meth, or a kilogram of heroin.

“It seems that they just want to crack down on any influential Oromos.”

He was impossible to make sense of or to crack open.

Cancer is the sign of protection, symbolized by the crab which has a hard shell to crack.

There are three Democrats in rural seats that voted for Donald Trump, and two Republicans in suburban seats where Trump couldn’t crack 50 percent.

— SyrianElectronicArmy (@Official_SEA16)January 11, 2014 The alleged hackers were also accused of making repeated, unsuccessful attempts to crack the White House internal server.

Both have great skill, great will, and both guys can crack.

Attempts to “crack down” on Chinese technology companies, she added, were being driven by baseless charges.

Both of these factors are tough nuts to crack because they’re deeply linked to widespread perceptions of gender bias in politics.

Critics say Airbnb still isn’t doing enough to crack down on what amount to illegal hotels.

All it takes is for a couple of partygoers to snap an underachieving player huffing up hippy crack, and all hell breaks loose.

People squawked “crack is wack” on school playgrounds, imitating the now-infamous quote from her shaky Diane Sawyer interview in 2002.

Beer: Why crack open a cold one with the boys when instead you can crack open a cold one in perfect solitude?

The two Democrats were the only to crack more than 10% support, out of a field of 20 potential candidates.

The two Democrats were the only to crack more than 10% support, out of a field of 20 potential candidates.

Over the past few years the crack has accelerated dramatically, spreading 33 feet per day to a distance topping 120 miles.

While 2 Bros. doesn’t waver on meeting customers’ needs, the chain’s local retail peers in the area are starting to crack.

The culture of silence around these issues is starting to crack, and people are bringing consciousness to unconscious bias.

crack Cold Emailing to Increase Sales and Grow Your Business, $10 (originally $195), available at Udemy.

Gently crack one egg into each cup and season with salt and pepper.

Rajoy, the 62-year-old Spanish prime minister, hasn’t won many friends in Spain for his decision to aggressively crack down on voters last weekend.

“The media portrayals during the crack epidemic were exceedingly hostile,” Godsil said.

Flip, then crack an egg into the hole of each slice of bread.

The recent rise in purity and prevalence of crack and heroin—the drugs connected with street sellers and violence—does not appear linked.

The last time street violence was at its height, in 2008, crack purity had hit rock bottom.

It wasn’t like I was on the corner selling crack.

Chinese President Xi Jinping promised Trump at a summit in Argentina in December that Beijing would crack down on flows of all fentanyl-related substances.

“That was a figurative thing, but it was also where you might get recruited into selling crack.”

The government needs to crack down on the plastic market to enact change, Moore argued.

The Chinese market remains tough for brands to crack independently and Alibaba and represent the two biggest online retail channels into the country.

The disparities were even higher for crack cocaine: Nearly 83 percent of the federal defendants were black.

You have a government that’s increasingly using its military institutions to crack down on civilians.”

Turkey has been under intense pressure to crack down on the scourge of human smuggling rings operating there.

They like you because your sons smoke crack, cut class, and sport tattoos.

As a teenager in Detroit in the 1980s, Richard Wershe Jr. ran with some of the city’s biggest crack kingpins.

Every true contender has something of a mild crack or flaw.

crack and heroin are difficult because of the consequences—lots of police or hospitals, and the fear and inconvenience of getting them.

An attempt to crack down on spammy, duplicative apps has Apple at war with ChowNow, which aids restaurants.

The next question will be whether Endgame can crack the $2 billion club.

Their ability to crack bones—giving them the name “bone-crushing”—made them skilled scavengers able to feed on carcasses of most large herbivores.

But then there is that weird, confusing dystopian feeling to Hollywood Boulevard and people dressed as Spider-Man smoking crack behind an empty CVS.

There’s been no movement in media to attempt to crack down on cross-organizational retaliation.

Prostitution was a way for me to support my growing addiction to crack cocaine.

During those two years I tried to smoke enough crack to bust my heart, but God did not let me die.

They even influenced school officials to crack down on student dress.

He’d admitted that smoking crack messed up his speech and left him partially paralyzed.

By encoding information in a quantum channel itself, Loyd and his colleagues are virtually guaranteeing it will be impossible to crack.

“We knew North Korea was a tough nut to crack and that Michael Cohen was going to say a lot of nasty stuff.

crack open some ideas and see if you can figure out the differences between these two super similar images!

Michael Sita, the school principal, was stepping out to a printer at about 1 pm when he heard a loud crack, like a firecracker.

This year, the protests are spread out over three weeks to make it more difficult for prison officials to crack down.

His punchline was, “Hurry up I got crack to smoke.”

In November 2002, Jones, a restaurant owner in Waco, Texas, was convicted of selling less than 50 grams of crack cocaine.

Congress passed a law in 2010 that reduced the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine.

Likewise, in Iran, NSN monitoring centers were used during the 2009 protests unrest to crack down on activists, Privacy International alleges.

Indeed, Trump’s press attacks have been mimicked worldwide — and have given governments cover to crack down on dissent.

Kamal Givens wants to take another crack at finding love, and hopes a TV comeback can make it happen.

Jorja’s voice will crack during the bridge.

Or it’s like a big hit off of a crack pipe.

He doesn’t even really know how to use it, he protests: When he tries to crack it menacingly, it hits him in the face.

They can’t simply be deported or turned away — which makes them an obstacle to any attempt to crack down on immigration across the board.

Can you talk about how AIDS, crack, and homelessness changed what you were seeing on the streets of New York during the ‘80s?

The number of homeless population increased as well, like the crack addicts, the muggings, and the police raids.

Engineer Mode was hidden behind a password, but Alderson along with researchers at app security firm NowSecure were able to quickly crack it.

We like to believe the judicial system will catch the right people, will crack the case.

Some said Maduro should do more to crack down on business leaders for raising prices.

That was, to me, a tough nut to crack.

With the crack of “Can you smellllll what The Rock is cookin’!

The shift by both Trump and Schumer comes as U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has sought to crack down on marijuana decriminalization efforts.

He didn’t the crack the top three — until there were only three candidates left.

But even they’re worried by the government’s recent crack down.

When cops arrived they busted June for possession of crack cocaine.

Sarah was a heroin and crack addict, but has cleaned up and now does sex work to provide for her children.

To Kardashian truthers, Kim’s marble table represents a crack in her carefully curated image of squeaky-clean wealth and extravagance.

The Ross brothers and their crack team of camera operators spent Contemporary Color’s two-night stand in June 2015 rushing around out of sight.

I’m used to people in wheelchairs, doing crack outside, whatever.

You’d crack a cap, and BOOM!

Goldman set a three-year time limit on the challenge, which would’ve closed on Monday if nobody was able to crack the code.

Apple is finally doing something to crack down on all those annoying reminders to go rate an iPhone program in the App Store.

Once he had sequenced the DNA sample that Goldman sent him, Wuyts had to crack the code that it contained.

According to PressTube, the only harm done to the magnet was an internal crack that later split it in two.

I’m standing taller, looking trimmer, and appear to have the ability to crack golf balls betwixt my glutes.

Over the past few months, Trump has begun to execute his campaign promises to crack down on China’s influence on the US economy.

Orbán was using the pretext of a legitimate national interest — regulating foreign entities operating in Hungary — to crack down on an ideological threat.

Sessions vows to crack down on leaks; Trump visits coal country; Brazil’s president narrowly avoids a corruption trial.

Given the threat of militant groups and the government’s failure to crack down on the extremists, this promises to be a challenge.

In June, a drug dealer who sold crack in Essex threw acid in the face of a gang rival in a seaside town.

It was a little tough to crack.

Here’s the good news about a smoothie addiction: At least it’s not a crack addiction.

But on top of all that, he was confronted by rumors: that he was smoking crack, that he was crazy.

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I didn’t even get a crack at trying to buy one, I straight up missed it and they sold out.

It was the latest outpouring of anger over Republican U.S. President Donald Trump’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

The crack in the foundation was that Durant and Westbrook weren’t a perfect match.

Velasquez would smile, crack jokes, strike up a conversation and be playful, but no one knew what he was struggling with beneath the surface.

The Thunder just had the hard luck of playing in a time when the best teams do crack the code.

The surgeon looked at his tablet and smiled, the first crack in an otherwise impenetrable professional facade.

It took Utah a while to find its best lineup, but few opponents have been able to crack it so far.

All of Hollywood and the media woke up at the crack of dawn on Thursday to watch the Golden Globe nominations roll out.

Sometimes you just have to crack a few eggs.

(The neighbor I met was trying to get RAE to slip a drawing through the window crack for him, to no avail.)

“Kenneth” fares even worse: Though it is the 20th most popular name in America, it doesn’t even crack film’s top 400.

Set foot in Havana for more than a day, and you’re guaranteed to hear the crack of a bat at some street corner.

June said the white substance was crack cocaine.

Ian*, who had been using crack and heroin, had a similar experience.

Trump’s orders aim to stop crime, prevent violence against law enforcement, and crack down on drug cartels.

Augmented reality is a harder egg to crack for media investors.

Trump’s orders aim to stop crime, prevent violence against law enforcement, and crack down on drug cartels.

As we begin to settle down, I stretch my neck to the left and the vertebrae let out an audible crack.

Starting today, however, Milk Bar has announced that crack Pie will now be known as Milk Bar Pie.

So if you weak-minded, don’t smoke weed because it’s going to make you try coke and crack.”

We’re trying to crack the code.

Through the crack in my door I could hear them, Dad telling and retelling the events at the hospital.

I threw my pencil at the wall and heard it crack in the dark.

My soul is turning sour; my voice beginning to crack.

How so?Walnuts are more fatty, so they have a high-pitched crack.

And the war on cocaine helped popularize another substitute — a poor person’s substitute — in crack.

A bipartisan pair of US senators is calling for federal regulators to crack down on Facebook.

crack is still out there today, but you never hear about the shootouts and other kinds of things that happened back then.

Part of the reason, instead, was that crack was a new drug, so the turf line hadn’t been established yet.

Health care doesn’t even crack the top five issues for Republicans, but it is once again easily the top issue for outside Democratic groups.

With Apple’s help, the FBI will be able to crack the encryption on Farook’s iPhone.

And helping the FBI crack Farook’s phone won’t help the FBI or anyone else unlock anyone else’s iPhone.

Rates of violent crime and drug use, particularly during the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s, really were unusually high, as federal statistics show.

The (first crack at the) semi-decennial farm bill failed on Friday.

They turn a defense’s crack into a calamitous breach with next-level anticipation.

DC: Yeah, no, we were just going to … KS: We just crack each other up.

Ford — who served as mayor from 2010 to 2014 — was caught on video smoking crack on multiple occasions during his term.

Orlando Bloom is so funny he can crack himself up.

He campaigned for election in 2016 on a vow to crack down on immigration.

Rates of violent crime and drug use, particularly during the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s, really were unusually high, as federal statistics show.

Al-Bashir tried to crack down on the protests in February, instating a year-long state of emergency that only intensified demonstrations against his government.

SVU follows the the crack team of sex crimes detectives who work diligently to put those monsters away.

At that trajectory, the company just might crack 90 million viewers by the time its Christmas extravaganza ends in early January.

How was he supposed to crack jokes while facing a sea of black dresses, worn in protest of sexual abuse in the workplace?

And a national study by the Federal University of São Paulo concluded that Brazil is the largest consumer of crack worldwide.

The involvement of criminal organizations makes Mexico even more anxious to crack down.

Now, he says, he has no choice but to crack down.

Trump or Sessions could repeal these memos, letting federal law enforcement crack down on legal marijuana.

Mary is a hitwoman, indeed — a crack shot and a badass with a conscience.

But Trump and Sessions don’t even have to go that far to crack down on legal pot.

Later, Assange encouraged Manning to “continue her theft of classified documents,” and offered to help crack a password, though didn’t succeed, the indictment alleges.

We’ve also got God’s Green crack and Mango Dream.

Let’s take a crack at breaking that trend whilst instilling a healthy dose of rational optimism toward humanity’s shared global future.

If you enjoy innuendos, friendship, and watching Evans crack at the mention of lubrication, the segments are worth a watch.

He acknowledges the FDA’s efforts to crack down on clinics but suggests that much more can be done.

I told myself, I’m just here for alcohol, nowhere near as bad as crack or meth.

It takes a long time for one of the characters in the show to first utter the word “crack” in relation to the drug.

New routes evolve as authorities crack down, laws evolve, wars erupt, and the climate changes.

The Frenchman began to crack in the second.

We gather around a small crack in the door and watch the rest of the concert from behind the woodwinds’ staging area.

Now I am numb to such pleasures because I consume between one and three cans of this legal crack every day.

The authors of a book about Lynch’s influence on art try too hard to crack the mystery of his film Mulholland Drive.

President Trump is unpopular in Illinois, with approval ratings that don’t crack 40 percent, according to Morning Consult.

While PayPal is a giant player in online commerce, it has struggled to crack brick-and-mortar retail, where the vast majority of transactions still occur.

“We’re just looking for a dad to come and crack a cold one with the boys.”

The crack, or spread, between U.S. gasoline futures and WTI crude fell to $5.97 a barrel, its lowest since 2013.

As soon as I saw him, I wanted to crack his head open until it bled.

Attempts to “crack down” on Chinese technology companies, she added, were being driven by baseless charges.

It’s funny that crack made it better, because that was the thing that assured me it was mine all those years later.

And should another big quake strike, experts say tanks could crack, unleashing tainted liquid and washing highly radioactive debris into the ocean.

A union official representing KCC employees said a crack in part of the pit had been noticed on Wednesday.

Until I finally crack up, I suppose.

You’re not going to crack up, Carole.

The CFPB was created in the wake of the 2007-09 global financial crisis to crack down on predatory lenders.

In his last few years in the Senate, he supported the full elimination of the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine.

And crack was new.

And we had at that time extensive medical testimony talking about the particularly addictive nature of crack versus powder cocaine.

And the school of thought was that we had to do everything we could to dissuade the use of crack cocaine.

almost a quarter century before but turned down the Gaynor/March A Star Is Born — was finally ready to take another crack at this story.

Ring: crack the nut?

And President Ronald Reagan massively increased drug penalties in the 1980s as part of a response to the crack cocaine epidemic.

The population is still in the zone, with some houses too close to this large crack crossing the community.

He didn’t specify how the feds might crack down, and referred a follow-up question asking for details to the Department of Justice.

Even some of the biggest and brightest companies have failed to crack the market — eBay and Uber serve as good examples.

The scoring system that’s currently used for all competitive figure skating — including at the Olympics — isn’t easy to crack.

This week, it gradually became clear that the Republicans, not the Democrats, would be the ones to crack under pressure.

In addition, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions opposes marijuana legalization efforts and has vowed to crack down on states where it has been legalized.

Executive positions are difficult for women to crack — not just in politics, but also in business.

Ronald—FOREVER What would a list of ads targeting children be without the honorary mention of Ronald McDonald, the original peddler of edible crack?

The former mayor, once lambasted across international publications for offensive tirades and smoking crack, is dead.

This was before the crack scandal?Yeah, but that didn’t bother me.

“The owners of themselves, get arrested.” The recent arrests come amid a growing push to crack down on the online mugshot industry.

Sirisena promised to crack down on corruption and implement government reforms.

Remnick skillfully tried to find ways to crack open and challenge Comey.

Zhao and Fan’s cases have prompted the Chinese government to crack down on celebrity hype.

At times, A crack in Everything feels like a low-key Disneyland for all ages.

Leonard Cohen: A crack in Everything continues at the Jewish Museum (1109 5th Avenue, Upper East Side, Manhattan) through September 8.

“If you’ve got a good system, you can crack through them in a couple of hours every night,” she says.

You know, you think you’re just gonna go in and crack open a cold case and fix it.

(Tip: place the butter knife on the claw and use your mallet to smack down on the knife and crack the claw.)

For a while we crack the door during my baths so my parents can rush in if they hear splashing.

The crack is imperceptible to most, even though it’s a dire threat.

That was 1979 when that record dropped, and that’s when crack started invading neighborhoods.

MCDE has spoken with crack magazine about the issue of certain records becoming sought after, pricier and rare once he plays them.

The ones that are blown out of the tree and land with a sickening crack on the stones?

The policy will almost certainly be subject to a federal lawsuit, as other Trump efforts to crack down on immigration without Congress have been.

“They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV,” Bannon is quoted saying.

Larry Fitzgerald — The best player in Arizona history is doing his best to get another crack at the Super Bowl.

In more recent years, the law has been used to crack down on bars and nightclubs, seemingly at the city’s whims.

The passwords are hashed with the notoriously weak MD5 algorithm, meaning they should be trivial for hackers to crack.

Why was television so hard to crack?

Trump has vowed to crack down on the violent gang, which his administration sees as a symptom of unchecked illegal immigration.

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It’s a pretty big crack to slip through.

Because of its short, intense high and need for users to buy repeat hits, crack became a lucrative trade.

Below is a number of opinions from criminologists, a former crack and heroin dealer, and a couple of former international cocaine traffickers.

As well as the crack and heroin, I also sold cocaine powder to white party animals.

Beam told This American Life: I come and crack the microphone after that first debate.

Then came the crack trade via Jamaica.

Now, for young black men who underachieve at school and want status and cash, selling crack and heroin is a shortcut.

Selling crack will give you access to this world.

One thing is my acoustic guitar that has a big crack in the back is on every record.

But they also said the government could use his return to crack down.

The crack cocaine crisis was very much ascribed to very urban populations—black communities.

Seeing the rise in opioid abuse and deaths, doctors, clinics, and governments began to crack down on prescriptions for painkillers.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump pledged to crack down on companies that hire foreigners over Americans.

Police and lawmakers have attempted to crack down on K2 sales, but many compounds used in the drug have not yet been outlawed.

“How do we crack this nut?”

What happens if you crack down on potentially, what, 40-plus million bots, depending on whose number you want to use?

Facebook almost has no excuse to really crack management team, they’re making money hand over fist.

Mama June’s family is pissed at Geno … they’re blaming him for the crack arrest and June’s downward spiral.

And now some countries want to crack down on extremist content, too.

Fraudulent voter registrations (usually of real people who lived elsewhere) were common across Brazil, but Brazil’s courts didn’t crack down everywhere.

There’s a group of kids who are seemingly bent on solving a mystery the police can’t crack.

Like many in DC, he had fallen into crack addiction in the 80s.

She claimed she spent nearly a year on the island for stealing $5 to buy crack.

Eady had started using crack in 1985, when she was still a teenager.

“And telling him, ‘Doc, I’m addicted to crack.

In that time, the crack epidemic subsided, and a new, safer DC emerged.

That crack cocaine was some shit.

Dealers there eventually learned that a vial of crack that sold for $5 in NYC could fetch $25 in the District.

crack‘s effects were immediate and obvious.

The Langdon area where Curtis Pixley lived was, like much of DC, hit hard by crack and its attendant chaos.

Experts today tend to agree that crack was no more addictive than powder cocaine.

Perhaps crack‘s most damaging components were the underground trade it birthed and the deadly turf wars that came with it.

crack markets served customers 24 hours a day and become a source of income in previously deprived communities.

Entire neighborhoods operated on a crack economy, causing street-level dealers to battle frequently over territory, customers, and suppliers.

“People were coming down from New York City to sell crack and the turf battles with local dealers started almost immediately,” he told me.

But the city as a whole moved on, with crack use and crime rates both falling during the 90s.

I felt like, ‘Hey, I might as well take a crack it.'”

At first, the goal was to crack down on terrorism by helping the UAE monitor militants around the region.

“She just wants to watch a dude scream loudly and crack jokes at the video games she likes,” I might muse.

He smoked, too, and there was the casual use of crack, but inevitably, her mind wanders back to all the drinking.

FYI, cops believe crack cocaine and heroin were being trafficked out of the home.

Relationships strain and crack under this type of pressure.

“Derna was always gonna be a tough nut to crack, because that’s jihadist central in Libya,” McCants says.

China decriminalized homosexuality in 1997, though the Chinese government has continued at times to crack down LGBTQ advocacy.

Once the oil is hot, gently crack 2 eggs into the pan at once.

As of Tuesday morning, the hacker said he wasn’t able to crack the passwords.

Whether the company’s tools are indeed being used to crack the San Bernardino iPhone is still unconfirmed.

Yet the neighborhood remained helpless in the face of the crack epidemic in the 1980s, and the rest has been, as they say, history.

Since replacing Zuma in February, President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged to crack down on corruption after a string of scandals.

Stark also worked on the secret project where he studied the Tesseract, but couldn’t crack it.

through a crack in a door, steeped in shadows, and then appearing in the same image with the priest.

My guess is that Smith gets first crack against his old Atlanta mates, but Barber will probably get chances, too.

She asks them to explain the crack pipe lying on the ground.

The kids then educate Banks about the difference between a nickel ($5 worth of crack) and a dime ($10 worth).

The latest request is different, Apple says, because it requires them to crack a phone with a software tool that does not currently exist.

In one image, prisoners crack a smile in front of the camera as an armed overseer on horseback hovers in the background.

At this time in New York, crime rates were soaring in the South Bronx as crack cocaine started rolling in.

Tech companies are trying to crack down on the anti-vaccination movement.

It’s unclear when Wheeler will take another crack at the set-top box initiative.

The rest use a much stronger hashing algorithm, and it would take “about a year to crack an estimated 60-70% of them.”

Kotaku I’ll see myself out, so you can crack on with calling me a dickhead.

The Trump administration has used the most of its federal authority to crack down on immigrants in the United States.

China has previously criticized the US’s efforts to crack down on Huawei.

The World Economic Forum, everyone feels like this is something they’ve got to crack the code on.

Now, if a worker sees a crack on a beam, they will report it, he says.

The violence around New York’s late 1980s crack epidemic gave birth to a homicide epidemic in the city.

It’s gotten so bad, Howie says he’s actually afraid to crack jokes in public.

This was aided by trends in drug use: people stopped smoking crack as much as they were in the 1990s.

This could be due to a crack in the lining of your nasal membrane from dryness or irritation.

The first rule of dealing with disappointment is to always crack open a cold one with the boys.

Story is out now: thanks to @benjymous and and @z3dster for helping crack the case.

for felony indecent assault — he allegedly put his finger in a woman’s butt crack.

They say crack, cocaine, and marijuana are the most popular.

The Trump administration has repeatedly tried to crack down on immigrants’ use of public benefits, even for immigrants who are in the US legally.

(In 2013, seeking to crack down on similar behavior, the city of Chicago sued Reynolds for distributing coupons in a bar without a license.)

“Music has forced me to be confident, even from being in front of an audience,” she told crack magazine, earlier this year.

Others are partial to Sigmund Freud’s relief theory, the concept that people crack dirty jokes and other witticisms to release psychological tension.

“They were knocking out synthetic cannabis to the kids of the parents they were selling heroin and crack to.

But look, where were they when we had what was called the crack epidemic?” she asked.

He grew up in Narcotics Anonymous meetings but none of it helped him when he started doing crack.

It’s also why the FDA has said it’ll crack down on Juul and the makers of e-cigarettes targeting youth.

The Chinese market remains tough for brands to crack independently and Alibaba and represent the two biggest online retail channels into the country.

Katz, now 36, tells Motherboard he made a single, failed attempt to crack the password.

Most of Frail Hands’ songs barely crack the minute mark but somehow feel like devastating epics.

Separately, Warren would crack down on private contractors who work in public facilities.

Separately, Warren would crack down on private contractors who work in public facilities.

“Venus is a tough nut to crack,” Senske said.

The dog would crack some jokes, drink out of the toilet, make a mess, generally be adorable, roll credits.

Kirstjen Nielsen has done more than any of her predecessors to crack down on immigration.

Under Nielsen, the Department of Homeland Security has taken several unprecedented steps to crack down on asylum and migration at the southern border.

“His very first move as executive was to sign Lamar Odom … WHO WAS ON crack,” Smith said on air.

Three of them crack the top 10.

But then a two-headed beast pulled itself out of the crack.

(Remember when she said she’d “rather smoke crack” than eat spray cheese?)

Donald Trump is getting his global business empire all mixed up with his White House; France’s presidential primary; police crack down on #NoDAPL.

And yet the closest we have come to a UFC title was Dan Hardy’s rushed crack at Georges St. Pierre.

That is, until the duke decides that somebody should crack down.

The White House has on multiple occasions pledged to crack down on leaks, but thus far, efforts have been largely unsuccessful.

“I had land there, beautiful land,” the indigenous community leader said, her hushed voice beginning to crack with emotion.

“I had land there, beautiful land,” the indigenous community leader said, her hushed voice beginning to crack with emotion.

The black-and-white vinyl piece extends 70 feet along the wall, designed as a 1:900 scale representation of the Larsen C’s crack.

We also improved our network DNA source-tracing to more effectively crack down on counterfeit sellers and their entire supply chain, from upstream to downstream.

“The burger business might be the restaurant industry’s toughest market to crack at this point,” writes Jonathan Maze at Nation’s Restaurant News.

But foreign governments will always seek a way to influence us, and water will always find a crack to enter.

Sapozhnikova told Brooklyn Paper that the play sprung from a joke she heard someone crack at Mysteryland where they remarked, “What is this?

“A lot of the crack people and heroin people started with marijuana.”

Scientists are currently monitoring a 1,500 foot wide crack forming in an ice shelf on the eastern side of the peninsula.

Instead, I wake up, crack open my laptop fully intending to spend a day applying for jobs and sending reminder emails.

One potential crack in this reputation emerged shortly before confirmation hearings.

Salvaged words quickly dry up and crack.

Hackers can trivially crack these hashes, and plenty of websites exist where anyone can quickly look up the plaintext of an already-cracked hash.

That said, I’ve seen singers crack jokes and the audience goes crazy.

And he is restructuring Google to crack this problem.

And in 2014, the Russian government called for researchers to find a way to crack the Tor anonymity network.

We broke the story … Mama June was arrested for allegedly having crack cocaine on her after a gas station domestic violence incident.

The bill, which Obama signed into law, reduced the sentencing disparity between powder cocaine and crack cocaine.

Hard drives are fragile — your data is stored on disks that can crack or shatter if they fall, making them useless.

The law elevated the threshold for crack to 28 grams, closing the gap in sentencing from 100:1 to 18:1.

So companies were able to crack down pretty expeditiously in the scheme of things.

On Friday the IAAF described that route to Rio as only a “very tiny crack” in the door.

He previously said that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” while demanding that the Justice Department crack down on states legalizing pot.

“There won’t be many athletes who manage to get through that crack in that door,” Andersen said.

Going the distance with Jimi Manuwa a second time in March, Blachowicz didn’t crack Manuwa’s chin early and overwhelm him as others have.

It’s also known for its characteristic crack, which likely happened in the 1840s.

In January 2007 a police officer named Reginald Graham, who worked with a Philadelphia narcotics unit, claimed to have seen Williams selling crack cocaine.

“I reckon I’ve got about 800 so far,” Watson said, “so within four years I’d like to crack 1,000.”

The Obama Justice Department began to crack down on no-poaching agreements, and Trump’s Justice Department has begun criminal investigation of no-poaching agreements.

Graham, for the time being, seems like the only lawmaker with a plan that could possibly crack this standoff.

For real … the demand is like the Beanie Baby craze, Cabbage Patch Kids, Furbies and crack all rolled into one.

Verdict: To crack this cranium theft case, officers of the Tucson Police Department had better put their heads together.

When he couldn’t crack that industry, he “started looking around online.” And then the 2004 Super Bowl happened.

He had fewer edits to make, fewer jokes to crack.

Earlier this year,, the FDA announced it would “examine the youth appeal of JUUL” and crack down on online retailers.

Is he trying to crack the code with you on the other side?

Here’s a closer shot of the road, which appears to be starting to crack.

crack a can of Cel-Ray, and like magic, a Jewish deli appears around you.

That would theoretically allow the government to crack the device through brute force.

Between door rotations, I watched them disappear into the owner’s office—a revolving door of speed rails and a crack pipe fog.

Then I heard a loud crack near my head, like someone beating a piece of corrugated iron.

Once on the phone, it will allow government investigators to attempt to crack the device’s password without causing the information to be erased.

A long crack filled with metal and gold alloy runs through the steps and the Christmas market.

Instead, he said, journals should crack down on their use of p-values.

It’s important to note that these stops are not a new Trump initiative to crack down on illegal immigration.

Bolsonaro has also lauded the military dictatorship of Brazil’s past and taken steps to crack down on workers’ and union rights.

Instead, Joey crack and Remy Ma did the more practical New York City OG move by bringing out Young M.A.

“We will crack down on the companies that excessively raise prices on American customers without justification.”

BlackBerry is telling news outlets that it needs more information about the alleged crack.

Tech news site The Register is speculating that the alleged crack is down to a problem with the third-party vendors.

Organizations far and wide have for years attempted to crack the code on what makes for a healthy and profitable work culture.

Of course, tax reform is itself a massively complex undertaking that could prove just as difficult to crack as health care has.

crack your eggs, one at a time, and cook until the white is set but the yolk is still runny, about 2 1/2 minutes.

The federal government still doesn’t declare it legal and threatens to crack down depending on who the Attorney General is.

For me, I thought we would crack something open that we could then pursue.

crack down heavily on evasion and avoidance.

“This is not the crack or the floodgates opening up because of this one person,” Meadows said.

If it got any hotter, the windows might crack.

As one of many companies trying to crack the digital art distribution model, EO has a particularly large stake in this conversation.

Southeast Asia, by Khosrowshahi’s own admission, is not an easy market to crack.

Are you going to take every joke I crack literally?”

Drain it of its sweet coconut water (save it for a hangover helper) and crack it in the oven—no machete required.

But crack cocaine wasn’t introduced into the country until 1984.

(Sessions argues the aggressive policing tactics are necessary to crack down on crime.

Part of the problem is that China remains reluctant to crack down, allowing cross-border trade between the two continue mostly unfettered.

“They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV,” Bannon was quoted as saying.

Okay, we’ll crack it at some point.

Huge crack on Pohoiki Road.

Now, they’re going to come in and separate us, but don’t crack and neither will I.” Neither of us did.

Most of the gang moved onto selling crack and heroin at a young age, tutored by older dealers.

— Joan Summers (@joaniesucks) November 29, 2018 With a nice buzz going, I crack open a brandy-loaded Frosty Snowflake iced fruit cake.

They also think it would help crack down on corporate tax avoidance in the US.

“They are a particularly difficult nut to crack,” he said.

He’s used the police to crack down on protests, jail journalists, and increase state control of the media.

Sprint is like the playground crack of a triathlon.

“But how can the police crack down on men at random?

Maybe try smoking less crack when you’re writing, Edgar?

Three years of people waiting for you to crack.

Most of Frail Hands’ songs barely crack the minute mark but somehow feel like devastating epics.

The Chinese market remains tough for brands to crack independently and Alibaba and represent the two biggest online retail channels into the country.

And Xi signaled that he would continue to crack down on any signs of dissent.

Trump finds excuses to take emergency powers, crack down on the free press and political opposition, the real dictatorship playbook.

Assuming everything proceeds as expected, the bottle, Bloomberg reports, could “crack the 1 million pounds mark,” or just over $1.3 million.

crack a quail egg into each circle and bake until the eggs are just set, 2 minutes more.

The sun’s broken through a crack in the clouds and a slice of the city below is bathed in light.

Luckily, the Labor Department has finalized a rule that will crack down on that specific practice.

Only problem: The new rules didn’t apply to federal prisoners convicted for crack cocaine offenses prior to 2010.

The UK also plans to crack down on corrupt Russian oligarchs who stash billions in London real estate and banks.

Separately, it issued a rare policy advisory, counseling states to crack down on the practice.

So if London doesn’t decide to crack down on corrupt Russian money, then what other options are left?

By 1871, when Charles Darwin took a crack at it, there were many incorrect ideas floating around.

“We were young and dumb and thought, ‘Alright, let’s have a crack at this.

This meant that if the moderation team wanted to crack down on content, they could.

Government officials want to crack down on an increasingly common feature of video games: “loot boxes.”

crack down on corporations that game the system.

Some of their soldiers are pretty crack,” Fontana told Reuters.

Tonight’s not the night to crack jokes.

Oh, you have another crack.

It could reportedly walk on its hind legs, and crack open a human skull with one bite from its powerful jaws.

But he’s certainly promising to use the government to crack down on journalists who criticize him.

We hope crack in a sentence examples were helpful.