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Some did not respond to requests for information or only provided details for one country.

In a country with 81 provinces, we can only play in five,” guitarist Yunus says.

“There are criminal aliens who have come into this country illegally, who are perpetrating violence.

The majority of the priests identified in Texas have died, as is the case in most dioceses around the country.

He said the country expected the auction to raise about 70 billion forints ($244.67 million).

He’s been back in his home country for nearly ten years now, and lives in Istanbul as a musician and student.

What is your impression of the current political climate in the country?

That way, he would probably have enough time to get his name on ballots around the country in time for November.

“Great fit in Lithuania,” Jonas says … “perfect country for those guys.”

Jonas says people shouldn’t be concerned for the Balls — his country is safe and the food is great.

But every country goes through that at some point.

And then go figure, a small country like Serbia has the No.

Invoking the Holocaust, they have been protesting outside ICE detention centers across the country, chanting “Never Again for Anyone.”

Invoking the Holocaust, they have been protesting outside ICE detention centers across the country, chanting “Never Again for Anyone.”

Washington said black children and teenagers across the country can now walk around a little safer because officers know they will be held accountable.

But that has allowed us to connect with local structures and inform the rest of the country in terms of material culture.

The new action plan, the country’s third, will run from 2019-2021 at a cost of 76 billion CFA Francs ($132 million).

South Korea, which was added in 2004, would be the first country to be removed.

Soon after arriving, the country went into political upheaval, and ruthless dictator “Baby Doc” Duvalier fled.

In 2008, a relatively unknown young U.S. senator running for president fundamentally changed political campaigns in this country.

Diego Moya-Ocampos, senior analyst for the Americas at IHS country Risk, said it was difficult to independently verify who was behind the attack.

It was the country’s largest display of defiance since the fall of Communism in 1989.

The disqualification ruling handed the win to country House, which had been a 65-1 long shot.

West said there would be no rematch with country House when Baltimore’s Pimlico Race Course hosts the Preakness Stakes.

Opponents of the apartheid regime focused their ire on the companies that were directly invested in the country.

Israeli security officials say the group now has the capacity to batter their country with more than 1,000 rockets a day.

“We hope that we’re going to make some great progress for our country.

And we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before.

The attack underlines the country’s dire security situation after 17 years of war.

Related: Shooting death of British politician stuns country where gun violence is rare “I saw him the day before.

I first met Rajiv’s parents when I flew across the country to stay at their house for two weeks.

At the mutual family friend’s suggestion, Aunty flew across the country to meet him.

“Either a country which has treated the United States unfairly on Trade negotiates a fair deal, or it gets hit with Tariffs.

Either a country which has treated the United States unfairly on Trade negotiates a fair deal, or it gets hit with Tariffs.

Israel refuses any right of return, fearing that the country would lose its Jewish majority.

Your country is amazing with tremendous opportunities.

Short for Queer Pakistan, the organization is an LGBTQIA media and advocacy group in a country in which homosexuality is technically illegal.

Short for Queer Pakistan, the organization is an LGBTQIA media and advocacy group in a country in which homosexuality is technically illegal.

Watch VICE News’ Blackout: Pakistan, about the plight of that country‘s LGBTQ community.

This is more appropriate for anyone who wants to be a leader of a country.

Crime has exploded and drug violence has touched every corner of the country.

I started getting hired to do a lot of consulting across the country.

Argentina’s grid “collapsed” around 7 a.m. (1100 GMT), leaving the entire country without power, Argentina’s Energy Secretariat said.

Former President Barack Obama’s administration had aimed to start implementing biometric exit checks at the country’s largest airports by 2018.

Together, we will lead our party back to the White House, and we will lead our country back to safety, prosperity, and peace.

We will be a country of generosity and warmth.

But we will also be a country of law and order.

Any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country.

Nearly 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records, ordered deported from our country, are tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens.

These are the forgotten men and women of our country, and they are forgotten, but they will not be forgotten long.

I will work with, and appoint, the best prosecutors and law enforcement officials in the country to get the job properly done.

To make life safe in America, we must also address the growing threats from outside the country.

We don’t want them in our country.

I only want to admit individuals into our country who will support our values and love our people.

Anyone who endorses violence, hatred or oppression is not welcome in our country and never ever will be.

Now I’m going to make our country rich again.

Remember, it was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA, one of the worst economic deals ever made by our country.

Or frankly, any other country.

We are going to enforce all trade violations against any country that cheats.

Our country is going to start building and making things again.

Reducing taxes will cause new companies and new jobs to come roaring back into our country.

Excessive regulation is costing our country as much as $2 trillion a year, and we will end and it very quickly.

My opponent, on the other hand, wants to put the great miners and steelworkers of our country out of work and out of business.

With these new economic policies, trillions of dollars will start flowing into our country.

All we need to do is start believing in ourselves a in our country again.

But now, my sole and exclusive mission is to go to work for our country, to go to work for you.

It’s a novel about a young country looking back on some of its worst moments.

However, certain cities have begun to recognize same-sex partnerships and the LGBT community continues to thrive in the country‘s vibrant culture and nightlife.

Conoco’s legal maneuvers could further impair PDVSA’s declining oil revenue and the country’s convulsing economy.

The U.S. firm left the country after it could not reach a deal to convert its projects into joint ventures controlled by PDVSA.

With his growing profile, Mike started getting booked for gigs across the country.

“I said, you know, Tim, unless you start building your plants in this country, I won’t consider my administration an economic success.

It marked a major shift across the country, and within a year Oregon moved to adopt a similar law at the state level.

But Sinclair seems to have no interest in capitalizing on legalization, even though his activism helped the country get here.

Three—it highlights how utterly dysfunctional our current politics is, how divided and broken the country is.

The larger task is to survey the changing geography of British politics and look squarely at the failure of the left in this country.

Regulators and critics argue that it violates the concept of net neutrality, which is why it’s currently banned in the country.

North Korea has taken a keen interest in the corruption scandal that has engulfed its neighbor country’s president.

“Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country.

With the country evenly divided, many voters were shocked by the result given that opinion polls failed to predict Trump’s triumph.

“‘Tesco finest’ as a brand is one of the largest food brands in the country.

“In the face of fear, President Kennedy successfully summoned our country to harness American ingenuity and advance human progress,” Gates writes.

Teatoxes, like all dietary supplements sold in this country, are not formally regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Russia isn’t the only country Donald Trump Jr. was open to meeting with about getting a boost for his father’s presidential campaign.

“The biggest sports star in the country is Conor McGregor.

Without a proper governing body established there is no way of safeguarding professional fighters in the country.

That’s the story, through tears, that Ford told the Senate and the country on Thursday.

“I’m going to give you a last opportunity right here, right in front of God and country,” Kennedy said.

“This grotesque character assassination will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from serving our country,” he said.

The group targeted by Omar, AIPAC, has 100,000 members and a host of prominent donors across the country.

Its creators believed that Mexicans, while critical of President Trump’s anti-immigrant sentiments, also resented the Central American refugees entering their own country.

Though the technique was used to communicate Buddhist scripture, by the 17th century printmaking served as a medium in the country’s artistic renaissance.

The Vox/Morning Consult poll found Americans are vaguely aware of their country’s high incarceration rates.

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is financed by the proceeds of the country‘s petroleum industry.

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is financed by the proceeds of the country‘s petroleum industry.

Millions have fled the country due to a crippling economic downturn.

Protests have broken out throughout the country in recent years, and have picked up against in recent days.

But it’s worth pausing briefly to take a look at how the country reached this boiling point.

He steadily pushed the country away from democracy and spearheaded the country’s experiment with socialism.

And Maduro has also mismanaged the country’s fiscal policy.

And since 2015, over 3 million Venezuelans have left the country in search of better opportunities elsewhere, primarily in Colombia.

But what’s made him so central to the current drama is that he claims he’s the rightful president of his country.

In addition, many of Maduro’s loyalists are still in charge of the country’s most important institutions.

The demonstrations may still have some effect on the country’s future, experts say.

One country the protesters don’t have to convince of Maduro’s legitimacy deficit, though, is the United States.

A country is a country, a nation is a nation.

Overall, though, the race’s outcome will be important in influencing the strategies of Democratic and Republican candidates across the country in 2018.

The death of 22-year-old Elizabeth Short in 1947 captivated the country because of its gruesome details of dismemberment and torture.

Nevertheless, Hodel stands by his claims that connect his father to one of the country’s most infamous murders and the surrealists.

(Actual statistics vary from country to country, but one study from Spain claims that general practice doctors spend less than seven minutes per patient.)

“Forty years ago this country went down a rabbit hole in Vietnam and millions died,” the iconic documentary filmmaker said.

“We live in the most incarcerated country in the world,” Legend controversially proclaimed.

An army of thousands of interviewers are sent to hundreds of polling places around the country.

Since immunization laws are state-based, there’s variation across the country when it comes to the requirements.

He’s talking about the growing amount of fake news in the country.

Still, Trump’s comments on Friday highlight how unprecedented the current state of affairs is for our country.

Those values were mostly taken for granted in this country, but should not be any longer.

“Fund identifies three areas of “tensions” within the country‘s financial sector.

My initial goal was to get a sense of how unpredictable and costly ER billing is across the country.

But does the theory still hold up with such dismal user numbers in rural areas, which make up one-fifth of the country’s population?

The study proposes that when all these variables are high, a country is more likely to embrace ride-hailing.

More than 50 fires have ignited across the country, forcing evacuations.

The country has declared a state of emergency as raging forest fires have killed at least 81 people and injured more than 190.

“The country is going through a tragedy.” The government suspects arsonists may be behind the fires.

The country was too poor and remote, and too hobbled by Danish colonial rule and oppression, to develop its own visual art.

The violence brings into sharp focus the high stakes of the country‘s plan for bringing electricity to those who lack it.

The violence brings into sharp focus the high stakes of the country‘s plan for bringing electricity to those who lack it.

The government should pursue more sustainable alternatives for meeting the energy needs of this country.”

“The rate of growth in healthcare costs in our country has been greatly diminished by the Affordable Care Act,” she said.

This was thanks in part to the American occupation of the country after 1945, but also because of a postwar fatigue.

“It’s about creating something that every single person in this country can see themselves in.”

The tour also recruited young activists from across the country to help bring attention to other forms of gun violence.

Nicole and her country star hubby are down in Sydney (where it’s summer) for the holidays, and on Monday they hit the beach.

Foreign policy must take into account the outrageous income and wealth inequality that exists globally and in our own country.

Today Germany, the country of the Holocaust, the country of Hitler’s dictatorship, is now a strong democracy and the economic engine of Europe.

We must reject the divisive attacks based on a person’s religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or identity, country of origin, or class.

His subsequent crackdown on the country’s high-skilled immigration program, the H-1B system, also left many in the tech industry uneasy.

Whereas the SAPS, as the primary law enforcement agency in the country, number around 22,000 and answer only to the national executive: the ANC.

Somebody’s got to start cleaning up this country.”

Most of the institutional centers of energy expertise in the country remain utterly in the dark about Perry’s review.

Many people across the country will be terribly inconvenienced by it, at the very least.

So she wonders how the federal government will solve boil water advisories across the country within five years.

Formally labeling a country like China a currency manipulator would be a big deal.

…They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own – brought in by parents at young age.

China spent decades suppressing the renminbi’s value to keep the country’s colossal export machine competitive.

He easily won reelection twice, but is blocked by the country‘s constitution from running for a fourth time in 2020—hence the referendum.

Duterte cruised to victory in 2016, in part by vowing to crush the country’s drug epidemic and the gangs that fuel it.

In this map, the newly independent U.S. is labeled “The country of the English People” (“İngliz Cumhurunun Ülkesi”).

“Last night, I saw the Russian ambassador being quoted as saying that Russia was not a country that accepted ultimatums.

Well I can say … the United Kingdom is not a country that accepts threats, and we will stand up against them,” May told parliament.

With a win in Colorado, he will now become the country’s first openly gay man to win a gubernatorial election.

My husband and I were open to moving to such a country if I got a more permanent position.

Out of the 10,000 women in the country sterilized that year, 0.06% chose Essure.

It made sense for Cuba’s most special talent to play for the country‘s most historic franchise.

He’d call every country and ask: What’s your immunization rate?

The systems achieved international fame during the country‘s 2012 and 2014 Gaza Strip conflicts.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer acknowledged the country‘s growing opioid epidemic Thursday by likening it to recreational marijuana use.

In that conflict, the country suffered 6.7 property damage insurance claims per rocket.

The problem for Trump — and for the country — is that reality does care.

Running a major country is hard work.

The United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world, according to researchers.

Thousands of temples define the country’s urban and rural landscapes, decorated with magnificent golden stupas and multi-tiered, pointed roofs.

It also may be somewhat more representative, in terms of concerns and policy, for the rest of the country.

Almost ninety-five percent of the Thai population is Buddhist, but as the country becomes more metropolitan, fewer people choose to pursue a monastic lifestyle.

When the Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet in 1959, China was a poor country fighting poverty.

The Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad responded on Monday by vowing to crush the new force and drive U.S. troops from the country.

Amazon’s $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods last year was a move to gain a physical footprint in high-income neighborhoods across the country.

It considers the continued U.S. presence a threat to its ambition to restore full control over the entire country.

The race for governor of Ohio is one of the tightest in the country.

We cannot let America turn into a closed off, fearful country.

And I’ve certainly seen that in Texas and all across the country.

This paper assures your new host country that according to the FBI and Interpol, you are not a criminal.

Because if you’re planning to move to another country, you should immediately get comfortable with researching minutiae of this sort.

It’s surprisingly lenient, unlike other places where overstaying your visa can mean arrest or being banned from the country forever.

Instead, we bring small amounts of cash into the country when we travel or close family comes to visit.

Why do you want to seek out a new home country if Trump is president?

To leave means to pour your dollars, your time, your effort and energy into another country.

“We are laughing out ourselves when we call this area Little Syria, because this is not our country,” he said.

On Thursday, just hours before Trump’s tweet, Russian leader Vladimir Putin issued his own call for expanding his country’s nuclear arsenal.

She points to Papua New Guinea, a country health professionals in the South Pacific think is worst off when it comes to HIV.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev told Time that his country had no plans to stop bombing anytime soon.

“That is what he promised working families all across this country during his campaign.

I want to talk to you about the major crises facing our country that, regrettably, President Trump chose not to discuss.

“There is no country other than Israel that recognizes it.

The taxpayers of this country should not be providing corporate welfare to the wealthiest families in this country.

It is that tonight he avoided some of the most important issues facing our country and the world.

We need to strengthen pensions in this country, not take them away from millions of workers.

To my mind, this is one of the great moral issues facing our country.

The move means the United States is now the only major country where the planes are now operating.

President Trump also talked about the need to rebuild our country’s infrastructure.

We need loyal people in this country.

We need fighters in this country.

We need fighters in this country.

That would have been a bad trade, especially since Russia has no incentive to stop helping Assad attack US-backed fighters in the country.

Brazil has been the country most affected.

She goes on to say that liberals “demonize Christians” and endanger the country with our talk of “racism and xenophobia.”

I no longer saw memes that attempt to illustrate why we shouldn’t accept Syrian refugees into our country.

In 2015 alone, eight Montreal youth left the country to join IS, though two are believed to have returned.

As Washington, DC, has become more polarized, it has become harder to make compromises that are necessary to govern the country.

When it comes to wealth in this country, we no longer have a scarcity problem.

The conference aims to show the country’s growing might as a global AI player.

STATE-BACKED AI Chinese attendees at the forum were careful to cite the guiding role of the state in the country’s AI sector.

If you were living in the Ukraine right now, it’s not certain that in 10 years time Ukraine will be an independent country.

If you live in a country that has that turmoil.

I think the country can survive four years of presidency, of bad presidency.

When I went to Fayetteville in Arkansas, I went to see a company called country Outfitter.

This is a big, diverse country with a lot of interests and a lot of disparate points of view.

I think we should not regard that there’s an obligation for Silicon Valley to save the rest of the country.

The rest of the country is capable of saving itself.

The country wants peace,” Maduro said.

The country wants peace,” Maduro said.

China’s banking regulator, which oversees trust lending, has bureaus in different regions in the country.

Many commentators online noted the subliminal racism of the ad, which reads: “Your country!

This has led the country’s shadow bankers to shop for more sympathetic regulators while the gaps still exist, said several sources.

Republicans have successfully gerrymandered House districts across the country expressly for this purpose: surviving a year of strong Democratic enthusiasm.

Democrats need to overperform to compete when a district’s voters are 8 points more Republican than the country as a whole.

In listening to all of you, I have learned a great deal about our country and the people you represent.

I know from my own life that those who teach and coach America’s youth are among the most influential people in our country.

But now that the election is over and Pence is slated to be vice president of the country, Benioff is taking a step back.

We have a MAJOR NATIONAL EMERGENCY at our Border and the People of our country know it very well!

As a result, a country’s reputation for treating its allies well is crucially important to determining whether its alliances can work.

The U.S. was way ahead of the curve on that and the only major country where emissions went down last year!

At the core of Democrats’ demands is the fate of young people, known as Dreamers, who were brought to the country illegally as children.

They’ll lose the few small privileges afforded to people who honorably serve their country in pursuit of a more perfect union.

Because the Rwandan regulator is much smaller and it’s a smaller country, they can make decisions a lot faster.

That helps explain why, for example, public prison staff unions are some of the biggest lobbyists for mass incarceration in the country.

The way Zipline works is that basically we work with administrator health or a health care provider in a country.

It’s also true that, at times, terrorism and other horrific events have brought the country together, Willer notes.

They do blood drives across the country.

From a biological standpoint, too, it makes sense that terrorist attacks can polarize the country.

Our agreement with the Rwandan government right now is to serve 21 hospitals, which are the majority of hospitals in the country.

Since we’ve actually launched in Rwanda, I think it takes a special country to actually show it’s possible for the first time.

I think it was some other country.

“The US once considered Italian immigrants to be from a shithole country,” it says.

“In my view, there will never be any real change in this country unless there is a political revolution,” Sanders said at the event.

Earlier that day, in Oklahoma, the same candidate had inveighed against the protesters who followed him around the country.

What it hasn’t seen is what happens when that sort of demagogue actually gets handed the keys to the country.

But Clauson was best known for his dirt racing prowess as one of the top dirt racers in the country.

Both see unfettered greed gnawing away at the country’s middle class.

This holds true across regions of the country.

As it turns out, the US isn’t the only country struggling to give diet advice.

The US is the last country with a significant number of Boeing 737 Max 8s to ground the planes.

He said Bashir was being detained in a “safe place” and a military council would now run the country.

A long civil war with southern separatists ended in 2005 and South Sudan became an independent country in 2011.

What comes up in me when you tell me that you want to move us across the country?

Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday deemed the country’s marijuana prohibition law unconstitutional, bringing America’s neighbor one step closer to marijuana legalization.

She calls her home country “beautiful” but says it is still wracked by gang violence and too dangerous to go back.

He is “one of the three most powerful elected officials in the country,” the campaign said, according to the Associated Press.

The GoFundMe page for the fundraiser says Trump’s tweets “damage the country and put people in harm’s way.”

UNOS proposed a new map that will shift the country‘s geographic transplant regions, with the update focused first on liver transplants.

She is the country‘s best hope.

UNOS proposed a new map that will shift the country‘s geographic transplant regions, with the update focused first on liver transplants.

He said parts of the country have fewer available organs, and higher demand for them, than others.

EU law guarantees that citizens of one EU country have the right to travel, live, and take jobs in other EU countries.

Open abayas over long skirts or jeans are also becoming more common in some parts of the country.

“No other country has higher absolute losses to fear than Germany,” said Gabriel Felbermayr, foreign trade expert at Ifo.

“The Republican Congress and Senate, they have totally ignored the needs of working men and women in this country,” Williams said.

“Does the administration take responsibility for a parent taking a child on a trek through Mexico to get to this country?

My husband is creating a country of great safety and prosperity.

This was a great movement, a movement like has never been seen before in our country our probably anywhere else.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte visited a Russian warship docked in Manila on Friday, signalling his desire to strengthen the country’s relationship with Russia.

Because you understand that when American workers win, America as a country wins and wins big.

And every country over the last long period of time has been taking advantage of the [inaudible] of our politicians.

We’re moving to another country.

it’s sweeping all across the country.

Look at what’s happening to the every poll when it comes to optimism in our country.

It’s sweeping across the country.

On Saturday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry ordered the expulsion of 23 British officials from the country.

It meant companies leaving our country and going to foreign countries to do things they would rather do here.

And I’ve taken decisive action to keep radical Islamic terrorist the hell out of our country.

Now you know the country‘s we’re talking about and these were countries picked by Obama.

We’ve got to keep our country safe.

We’ve got to keep our country safe.

We’ve allowed thousands and thousands of people into our country and there was no way to vet those people.

So we’re going to keep our country safe.

Tens the of thousands of people into our country and we don’t know anything about those people.

We want people to come into our country, but we want people that love us.

We want people that can cherish us and the traditions of our country.

We want people that are going to be great for our country.

Our system and our country has led down our veterans.

It’s sweeping across our country.

Let us move past the differences party and find a new loyalty rooted deeply in our country.

In fact, Assad was widely understood to be losing ground around the country — and possibly his grip on power.

The tech world’s most far-fetched ideas are often sketched and tested here, and if they’re successful, they’ll spread throughout the country.

This sort of siege is illegal under international law, but Assad has been doing it for years around the country.

The status was granted in the wake of two devastating 2001 earthquakes in El Salvador that left hundreds of thousands in the country homeless.

The country has received millions of dollars in aid and rebuilt schools, homes and hospitals, the official said.

Bank Negara Malaysia, however, has said the country did not face serious deflationary pressures.

“I’m the poorest famous person in the country,” says the CEO of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur.

But I think a lot of people in the country felt sick that week and were worried about this trend, et cetera.

Several universities across the the country have been battling outbreaks of mumps this year.

But “almost no country has done that on a timely basis,” Wasser claimed.

“There’s no effective law enforcement in the country and different groups control different parts of the coast and act as they wish.

Currently, more than 175,000 migrants are registered in Italy’s asylum system and are living in the country’s 3,000 emergency accommodation centers.

For those who remain in Italy awaiting an asylum decision, conditions in the country’s 3,000 “emergency accommodation centers” are often extremely poor.

Her story illustrates the precariousness of motherhood across the board in a country without universal healthcare.

The importance not just of talking to other senators and representatives but the importance of engaging people across this country.

We cancel student loan debt for 43 million Americans across this country.

That’s how we build a lot of wealth in this country and a lot of innovation and create a lot of opportunity.

What we’ve got in this country is not sustainable.

My proposal is a tax on the 75,000 biggest fortunes in this country.

It’s a staggering amount of money that it produces because there is such extraordinary concentrated wealth in this country.

In which case, we ignore the fact something was broken in this country to elect a guy like Trump.

I think democracy is at risk in this country, and I think it’s— Well, we’re not much of a democracy.

Help close the differences between the poorest in this country and the middle class.

There’s Americana everywhere and someone is singing John Denver’s Take Me Home, country Roads.

He’s done terrible damage to this country since then, I believe.

People will say that if you think about this country, African Americans used to live in the South.

This is a truth known by his staff, known by Republicans in Congress, and known by most of the country.

The video, from Deadspin’s Timothy Burke, shows local anchors around the country reciting the same scripted lines that Sinclair provided.

Infused with blues, gospel, jazz, and country, at the very root of its inception is the sound and rhythms of the black female voice.

The 3,000 McDonald’s restaurants in Pokémon’s home country will all be converted to Pokéstops or gyms in the game.

Look at Turkey.” Turkish markets slumped last week on growing concerns over the country’s economy and political leadership.

“Ours is not a shithole country.

Neither is Haiti or any other country in distress,” she said.

“You can go to any country in the world and find Glocks and Glock parts,” Yousef said.

The head of the country’s largest police chief group has a clear message to racial minorities in the US: I’m sorry.

The question now is whether police chiefs and departments across the country will follow Cunningham’s example.

The teen, from an unidentified country, is currently detained in Texas and 15 weeks pregnant.

The emergence of vast ‘news deserts’ across the country is an enormous social problem that requires a sustained public policy response.”

There isn’t the charisma you might associate with the governor of the fourth-largest state in the country.

Thoughts and prayers won’t change the gun control laws in this country.

The country already hosts more than 650,000 registered Syrian refugees and said it will not open the border for more.

The country’s worst-ever power outage comes as Maduro faces a hyperinflationary economic collapse and an unprecedented political crisis.

But only around 100 of the country’s 1,800 service stations were operating due to the blackout, according to gas station industry sources.

Grenell, 52, has done little to ingratiate himself to his host country since taking up the position in May 2018.

Eritrea is the most censored country in the world, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters Sans Frontières.

So we bring the store to schools, big and small, across the country.

Saudi Arabia’s consul-general told Reuters earlier on Saturday that his country was helping search for Khashoggi, and dismissed talk of his possible abduction.

Thousands of workers have started flooding food banks across the country.

The country’s attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, is expected to indict her within the next few days.

“As I travel through Ohio and the country, I’ve been inspired by the solutions that exist,” Ryan’s website reads.

“He has the largest number of votes in a primary in the history of this country in the Republican Party,” Marino said.

The only viable choice in front of him is to share his power and by doing so democratize and normalize the country.

That will make it the third oldest country in the world among wealthy nations, behind Japan and Spain.

State legislatures around the country have stacked up a number of measures of dubious medical necessity that, in effect, restrict access to abortion.

“The condition means no other country has the right to compensate for another country’s oil production decrease.

Bashir’s family was originally from Juba, now the capital of South Sudan, though he grew up in the north of the country.

Maybe because the rest of the country can’t even agree on whether it’s real chili.

It could feature critical investments in high-speed broadband internet to ensure better connectivity in the country’s hardest-to-reach rural areas.

In most cases, people who talk about moving to another country don’t follow through.

That’s something that evangelicals in this country share.

Recent conversations, however, have led us to suspect that there might be another country of potential Trump supporters out there: Iran.

The country entices Americans with its mild summers and winters, good education system, and high standard of living.

“If you don’t have Borders, you don’t have a country!” he tweeted on Tuesday (capitalization his).

That’s because the country has a system in which North Koreans spy on other North Koreans.

He is still known today as the “Great Leader” and the “Eternal President,” and monuments glorifying his reign are everywhere in the country.

Cordoba said her children were among the more than 3 million Venezuelans who have left the country in the past couple of years.

Last time Republicans governed the country, they wrecked the economy.

And it’s set in a fictional country in Africa.

The bloc has responded by committing 12.8 billion euros to the country since 2014.

Vast swaths of the country were not permitted to vote based solely on their race or gender.

The new constitution packed the country’s courts, creating new seats that Fidesz Prime Minister Viktor Orbán filled with loyalists.

Providers around the country say a wave of strict anti-abortion bills is making patients think the procedure has been outlawed.

He also cut a deal to create Soho Farmhouse on his land, a country outpost for the exclusive Soho House private members’ club.

“The eyes of the country, actually eyes all over the world, are on the great state of Montana,” said Sanders.

But if you look around the country, in places like Kansas City, the mob also had influence there.

What he wants is for it to work in the interests of the economy and the country, that is what is driving him.

The Texas Civil Rights project has confirmed that two children that are siblings have been deported back to their home country without their parents.

The bill marks a sweeping overhaul of the country‘s gun laws, and more reform is still on the way.

The health care fight produced a powerful and eclectic range of protests, town halls, and acts of civil disobedience across the country.

The US State Department warns that women must be met by a male sponsor upon arrival in the country.

The bill marks a sweeping overhaul of the country‘s gun laws, and more reform is still on the way.

They all had something to say about their country’s race to reform its gun laws, and the tragedy that inspired it.

“Our country is a divided crime scene, and it will only get worse!” Trump said.

Our country is divided and out of control.

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The tiny country now has 17 reservoirs that collect the rain that falls on two-thirds of its land area.

She also remembers what relatives told her about her parents’ home country of Guatemala.

“I knew it was ugly,” he says of the country where he and his sister, both born in the US, now live.

She also remembers what relatives told her about her parents’ home country of Guatemala.

“I knew it was ugly,” he says of the country where he and his sister, both born in the US, now live.

Neither remembers their birth country, but Junech remembers the problems they had when she brought them to Guatemala.

It was “almost clandestine” and collectors were sneaking work out of the country in diplomatic pouches.

For decades, Mexico had been accustomed to having a constant stream of people leave the country.

So the relatively small, but growing, community of vapers in the country is operating mostly through online purchases.

India has a history of draconian legislation when it comes to drugs and alcohol–some of which has worked against the country.

After two years of brutal fighting, the Houthis are still in control of much of the country, including the capital, Sana’a.

“The truth is that this is a country with opportunities.

The 250-plus responses she got came from all over the country.

But we don’t yet have comprehensive data on early voting across the country, Dolan said.

Women are leaning more Democratic this year than ever before — and much of the anti-Trump activism around the country has been led by women.

How can that be just in this country?

Carson successfully names all three Baltic countries but then says Russia isn’t just a one-horse country, per Ben Carson.

African Americans represent 13 percent of the population in this country.

It’s also a one-bear country.

She has been with us since 2015 – @potus & I can think of no better person to serve the Administration & our country.

“I believe I am now uniquely placed to lead our party and our country through the challenges that lie ahead,” he said.

It has far more than not just other developed nations, but any other country period.

I expected more from my country than to throw me and my sisters back to the wolves.

California is already ahead of most of the rest of the country on addressing climate change.

I thought more of my country.

The technology skills gap in our country is not only undeniable, it has become unmanageable, and will quickly escalate without change from multiple angles.

Like you’d seen it all before in another city or country, or some variation of it?

We are fighting for our farmers, for our country, and for our GREAT AMERICAN FLAG.

Egyptian President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi released a statement on Thursday calling on the country‘s authorities to “intensify the search” for the missing aircraft.

Egyptian President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi released a statement on Thursday calling on the country‘s authorities to “intensify the search” for the missing aircraft.

Following that showcase was a more interactive one centered on street cricket, the country’s most popular sport.

Unfortunately, not every country around the world has been equally prudent.

These days, the party’s prime target is Muslims, whom it wants banned from immigrating to the country.

It was so successful that it became the educational model followed by most other plastic surgery residencies around the country.

In a country where appearance is seen as central to one’s very citizenship, patients agree to becoming experimental subjects in exchange for beauty.

We were able to do that because we had this great data collection from across the country.

I crisscrossed the country, I talked to men in a variety of industries.

People of every country get into arguments and fights with friends, family, and peers.

The country’s sluggish economic recovery has made it more difficult for the company to raise prices, CFO Cristina Betts said.

At the same time, the US also has a lot of guns — the most civilian-owned firearms out of any country in the world.

As of August 2015, Mexico was Uber’s third-largest country market and Brazil was its fastest growing in Latin America.

Wheat is the country’s most lucrative rural export from an agricultural sector worth about A$50 billion ($34.39 billion).

As I said at the beginning, you could argue that we’ve protected the country, but that’s a very shortsighted view.

When the history of America is written, will the 9/11 attacks mark a critical turning point for the country?

Teachers in the state hadn’t gotten an across-the-board salary raise since 2014, and were among the lowest-paid teachers in the country.

By September, negotiations with the company had stalled, and workers across the country voted to authorize a strike.

People from around the country said they’d been inspired by the Parkland students to make the trip to D.C.

I’m very angry because our country is being run horribly and I will gladly accept the mantle of anger.

Our country is being run by incompetent people.

I’m angry because our country is a mess.

This is the greatest country in the history of mankind but in 2008 we elected a president that didn’t want to fix America.

When I am president, I will work to keep this country safe, not call Edward Snowden, as you did, a great public servant.

Trump campaigned on a pledge to take the country on a more isolationist, protectionist “America First” path.

“The country feels very precarious,” says Alexandra.

Journalists have documented government surveillance of activists in the movement for black lives across the country.

The North’s official KCNA said it was a “false report” intended to slander the country and its advances in nuclear development.

Health officials in states around the country have linked recent STD outbreaks to the rise in internet dating.

Rick Scott will likely be the most expensive in the country and could be decisive in the fight for control of Congress.

33 on Draft Express’ list of the country‘s top prospects.

Frustration over stagnant wages is also the major underlying factor behind widespread worker strikes across the country in places like California, Illinois, and Missouri.

So the question … who’s in D.C. running the country?

Our country had a direction.” Andrew Kaczynski of CNN reported on another bizarre 2011 radio interview with two hosts who embrace 9/11 conspiracy theories.

If control of the Senate does flip, the consequences for the Trump administration and the country as a whole would be enormous.

I live in a state in the heart of the heart of the country.

I live in a state in the heart of the heart of the country.

These results were mirrored around the country.

The Los Angeles Times is undergoing the kind of turmoil that could end up destroying one of the country’s most significant newspapers.

“I entered the US because I couldn’t handle the violence in my country anymore.

When Hannah Calkins, a 32-year-old librarian from Philadelphia, received an invitation to a “wine country casual” wedding, she laughed.

“I want to put up a border and keep people out who aren’t supposed to be in the country illegally,” he said.

“I want to put up a border and keep people out who aren’t supposed to be in the country illegally,” he said.

He said he doesn’t care whether immigrants are “black, white, orange, or purple,” they shouldn’t be coming into the country without proper authorization.

It may very well have been the case that on Obamacare, the will of the country was not to pass the bill at all.

Nonetheless, I think it’s worth entertaining the notion that politicians often do what they think is good for the country.

AFP reports that authorities have seized 28 Molotov cocktails and 3 homemade bombs from Yellow Vests in the south of the country.

That discovery confirms that the protest, which began in western and central France, is quickly spreading across the country.

New York officials on Tuesday also filed state charges against Ullah, as investigators in his home country questioned his wife.

I’d have no recollection of going to a country.

“They didn’t manage to destroy my love for life, my love for my country, and my love for people.”

The decline in investment combined with cooling measures will likely result in a major drag on real estate prices in the country.

This combined with cooling measures being rolled out by their government, is expected to put downward pressure on home prices in the country.

Cooling measures coming to China The low rate of investment will collide with new cooling measures across the country.

So a slowdown of domestic investment could be yet another sign that the country‘s real estate investors are running out of steam.

“Not only for me but for the whole country.

By the end of 2017, though, the company aims to have 100 delivery routes open across the country.

And as you might expect, 73 percent of Democrats are worried about the country’s future.

And as you might expect, 73 percent of Democrats are worried about the country’s future.

Recent opinion polls suggest three quarters of Austrians want the country to stay in the bloc.

Until he died, Meyer was modest about the work of plant exploration his role played in transforming his adopted country.

The Muslim-majority country of 160 million people has seen a surge in violent attacks over the past year.

Trump said if owners fired a player for protesting the anthem, they would become “the most popular person in the country.

They’re sassy and sexy and kind of country, but with the gloss and sex appeal of pop music.

The government resolutely opposes any attempt to use products made with China’s exported rare earths to suppress the country’s development, Meng added.

That may be a lesson for the rest of the country as well,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Considering how rapidly scandals have erupted all over the country thanks to uncovered yearbook photos, it’s likely there are more coming.

It’s a long list.” But “people don’t have their [personal] data today in this country,” Topol said.

He said it was not a decision he’d made lightly but that “conscience and country” were more important than Senate norms.

“Jakiw Palij lied about his Nazi past to immigrate to this country and then fraudulently become an American citizen.

“I am certain the Italians have a keen sense of what is good for their country,” Juncker said.

Shamir traveled to Belarus, a country ruled by dictator Alexander Lukashenko and perhaps Putin’s staunchest ally in Europe.

But views differed widely country by country.

There is no great mass of die-hard Zuckerberg or Schultz fans out there in the country, and that’s not a coincidence.

“Space is not the purview of just one country.

People will soon also be able to see country locations of users who manage Facebook pages that carry political ads.

In May, an operation inside the country‘s jails took place in which the main leaders of the gangs were moved to other prisons.

“They treat me like a murderer.” Hewett grew up in the country and worked on a dredge boat and as a roofer.

@TIME Correction: A previous version of this article referred to Ecuador as a Central American country.

Kim, the third member of his family to lead the country, is believed to be 33.

Kim, the third member of his family to lead the country, is believed to be 33.

MUIR: Do you think that that talking about millions of illegal votes is dangerous to this country without presenting the evidence?

It’s so important for us all to understand the history of this country and how wealth has been accumulated.

TRUMP: Part of my whole victory was that the men and women of this country who have been forgotten will never be forgotten again.

We have to stop people from just pouring into our country.

I would do — I wanna keep our country safe.

For 10 years, there were these community conversations of listening and deeply connecting and coming to terms with their sins as a country.

I wanna keep our country safe.

And our country is falling apart.

Time is just a thing we have, and despite all the world’s cultural differences, every country uses the same 24-hour clock.

“We would consider any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies to be a nuclear attack on our country.

In 1942, General Franco adapted the country‘s time zone to match Nazi Germany’s as a simple show of allegiance to Adolf Hitler.

“Anyone who thinks the current political climate will allow oppression to win in this country is wrong.

Brooklyn’s diversity represents our country‘s great strengths, and we will stand up to any who want to undermine its values.”

Aldhufairy, from Kuwait, is a Bidoon — a stateless Arab denied documents in his birth country.

Aldhufairy, from Kuwait, is a Bidoon — a stateless Arab denied documents in his birth country.

Clearly they don’t want the NRA running the entire state or the country, they want commonsense measures.

They have been inspired by the youthful voices they heard in the last week around the country.

Earlier this year, I visited El Salvador, a mountainous and beautiful little country nestled between Guatemala and Honduras.

The country is still dealing with the residual effects in the form of large-scale gangs and government corruption.

Canada, while purporting to be a proud multilingual country, undoubtedly harbors people who think the same way.

It’s only after many years that the real darkness of this country‘s past has surfaced.

This brutal military campaign has destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure, causing the spread of easily preventable diseases like cholera.

Just this summer he was filling arenas across the country.

Half of the country’s health care facilities, which include clinics and hospitals, are not functioning.

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