Cope in a sentence | Use of the word cope examples

Five days later, the hospital still cannot cope.

And we’re already starting to see that reality, experts said, especially as companies cope with a shortage in available cybersecurity professionals.

Some adults with autism still face daily and lifelong battles to cope in their day-to-day lives.

His murder especially impacted Elliot, who did everything he could to cope.

It’s about learning to fully embrace yourself and learning to cope with what you bring to the world.

Future Now // Futura Ahora is a testament to the works artists make not only to cope with such conditions, but to combat them.

They think women can’t cope with these issues.” Traces of this attitude occasionally appear at the highest levels of Ukrainian government.

I can’t cope with someone slurping tea next to me in the morning.

Others expressed apprehension about whether they would be able to cope with the experience emotionally.

His absence was something we were all trying to accommodate, to build a life around, to cope with.

Clint Barton (Hawkeye) saw his family disappear before his eyes, and has been trying to cope by becoming an angry vigilante.

The real test and accomplishment will be you cope with that without destroying your phone.

A lot of times they’re not,” Vance said, adding that it’s not something everyone can cope with.

It’s these conversations, he believes, that have helped him cope with the mental weight of the job.

Recovery Point considers all of this—ways to cope with job skills, life skills, shame, self-hatred, daily emotions—more than most rehab programs.

“We’ve got a lot of ways to cope with it, but that sort of deluge again is quite unlikely.”

He explained that using video games to cope is a negative coping strategy.

“It does look like it’s something about choosing games to cope can set you on a path to addiction.

Left to its own devices, Naegleria fowleri could be called a “bacteria-eating amoeba,” cope explained.

“We would suspect that the patients themselves are not very aware of what’s happening in the later stages,” cope told me.

That’s not many, cope conceded.

“There are obviously many things that people should consider when they’re participating in water activities,” cope said.

“That’s a drawback to having so few infections: there’s very little scientific study we can do,” cope said.

We’re told the sit-down was Tarek’s idea, because Tim’s been helping him cope with the divorce.

Russillo says he was “super depressed” in the days following the arrest — but his friends have helped him cope.

“Some had to leave, some couldn’t cope.

Caught between two worlds, Somalis have few resources to help them cope.

With more than 30 injured people and 12 dead, the emergency room was chaos, with people crying and screaming as doctors struggled to cope.

I laughed at the Y2K preppers, stockpiling canned goods and batteries in anticipation of computers failing to cope with the year 2000.

Yet already now, the model helps retailers better cope with the downward pressure on margins from online competition.

Museums could house some of the memorial detritus but will not be able to cope with the scale of the problem.

Sung, the South Korean industry minister, said the country had been diversifying import sources and localizing supplies to cope with Japan’s “one-sided” measure.

But survivors still had to cope with the social stigma.

How do you cope and continue professionally in times like these?

But in order to cope with the world’s increasing demand for interconnectivity and info, we need a better telecommunications systems.

Thrown into the deep end, she had to figure out a way to cope.

With individual officeholders responsible for their own political fates, consultants help candidates cope with an electoral landscape they cannot fully control.

Do you think he ever struggled to cope with the loss of his company?Yes it was quite terrible.

Under the program, local areas could apply for federal assistance to help them cope with economic challenges.

How can individuals cope with deaths in a war they’ve come to question?

University and school officials appear on high alert and are offering services to their students to cope with the rising tensions.

It can mean a lot of things, but it was really just trying to cope with new business models, new lines of business.

Abe has made reform of the social security system a top priority to cope with Japan’s fast-ageing, shrinking population.

There have been at least nine deaths linked to the frigid temperatures, and utilities have struggled to cope with the spike in heating demand.

What’s triggering it isn’t as important as not being able to cope with the feelings.

Maher wants only to reach his brother’s family in Germany to safely settle his son, and to try to cope with his loss.

But even without the new measures due on Monday, Iranian businessmen have been finding it harder to cope.

Each incident consolidates the view that millennials can’t cope with challenging ideas.

But positive superstitions—like believing that certain things will bring good luck—can also help people cope with anxiety.

Arishi, like her country around her, is struggling to cope.

We see obvious signs Britney was losing her ability to cope with her own super-sized fame.

Yorke wrote these songs as fairy tales to help himself and his then-newborn son Noah cope with an unfair, unreasonable world.

Ryan is not the only red-blooded American struggling to cope.

Norma tried desperately to help her son learn to cope with his mental illness, in what ultimately played out as a twisted family drama.

She has struggled to cope as a transgender woman in a men’s military prison and last year twice tried to kill herself.

Why don a simple cope when you can wear the whole damn mantum?

An individual’s ability to cope with stress can affect the severity of the long-term effects.

And the people leading efforts to help their communities cope were often female survivors.

Today we’ll hear about how “depression tattoos” can help people cope.

Talking to older people who have successfully lived through wars, depressions and tragedies can also help you cope.

Abe has made reform of the social security system a top priority to cope with Japan’s fast-ageing, shrinking population.

Factors like socioeconomic status, maternal education, and lack of insurance could all impact how women cope with stressful experiences.

I choose to believe that our brains are up to the task of figuring out how to cope.

Although some shrewd companies that are well placed to cope with political risks will do well, the economy as a whole will be stifled.

A huge range of factors can determine how people cope with limb loss, according to Atkins from the medical center in New York.

You meet so many people and have to be able to cope with them.

Imagine Europeans struggling to cope with waves of migrants while simultaneously grappling with dangerous climate change.

Deliveroo Editions are targeted at restaurants struggling to cope with the increased demand brought about by Deliveroo orders.

Imagine Europeans struggling to cope with waves of migrants while simultaneously grappling with dangerous climate change.

Europe is also not a region known for especially high temperatures, so many parts of the continent lack the resources to cope.

“Their ability to compartmentalize and wall that [trauma] off is closely related to their ability to cope,” Sibinga says.

She’s generally in favor of mindfulness, and has used it with teachers to help them cope with the stress of their demanding jobs.

La La Anthony’s got her own team of all-stars helping her cope this week with her split from Carmelo.

It can even cope with those chunks arriving in the wrong order.

I know what you’re thinking: How can I possibly cope with this news?

To cope, local governments will most likely need to regulate their airways — that could include limiting building heights.

“Chemotherapy is very aggressive, and marijuana is helping my mother cope with the effects,” one young woman said.

How to Write an Autobiographical Novel is a gripping exploration of how we cope with our trauma through the stories we tell ourselves.

So meditation becomes how you cope in an environment like that.

“And the way I cope with things, and just growing, and learning.

Everything displayed will fall into the overall theme of “using memes to cope with reality,” ka5sh explains.

[I wanna look at] the way I cope with things, growing, learning.

I just wanted to focus on learning to cope with my condition and work on myself, all while being clear-headed.

Allowing for this flexibility in scheduling and letting people do what they need to do to cope with noise or environment—without judgement—is key.

Because of the trauma they’ve experienced, they might display aggressive behaviour themselves and not be able to cope in a new environment.

And ultimately, I know that for a lot of us, this is how we cope.

One of the implications of understanding things like friction in robotics, is that robots will be able to cope with uncertainty in their environment.”

How did you cope with that?

Rowe’s excellent Emotional Labor Specialist demonstrates that psychological support systems designed to cope with climate change are not only achievable but needed.

How would I cope with that?’

Rituals can help humans cope with adversity, yet few rituals have been developed to address climate change’s profound disturbances.

Below are my experiences with it, including a description of how it helped my wife cope with her anxiety disorder.

Since then, we have devoted a lot of time learning about OCD and how he can cope with it.

This means I’m actually convincing myself that the worst thing will happen, then convincing myself that it’s something I can cope with.

He offered an example of someone who becomes depressed after sustaining a severe injury and is unable to cope with their new disabilities.

Check out the vid … Logic shared an eloquent message to those struggling to cope after surviving a tragedy.

She told those assembled, “We are a young and fragile country facing many problems, but we have to cope with them all.

There’s Divo, a soft-spoken and highly skilled voguer, who entered the ballroom scene to cope with past abuse and affirm his gay identity.

“I’d sign Mbappe because he seems more sensitive,” del Bosque told Radio MARCA and cope‘s El Partidazo this week.

“How can we try to teach medical students to cope with that?

Instead I was pouring myself a gin and tonic nightly to cope with the stress,” she explained to me over the phone.

The success of “American Beauty” was hard for him to cope with.

He’s been using modafinil for six months to cope with grading torturous piles of often badly written, 5,000-word-long essays, while being dyslexic.

Each increase of antibiotic concentration is a stressor that the bacteria (they’re just regular E. coli) have to cope with.

“Finding out what had happened, at nine, I wasn’t able to cope cognitively with a trauma of that size.

Those with with low-level anxiety about flying are usually able to cope with their fears and talk themselves down.

But now, the minister of migration says, “The system cannot cope.”

He does, however, offer some tips that fearful flyers can use to cope with their fears.

I think I distance myself from that version of myself so I don’t have to cope with knowing that that person was me.

Dr. Mahdi Ba-Kather is the one remaining doctor in a local hospital, and he’s been struggling to cope with the influx of casualties.

“In the evening hours, we can’t cope with the glucose load as well.”

“In the evening hours, primarily because of the influence of the circadian system, the body can’t cope with the glucose load as well.”

Five days later, the hospital still cannot cope.

The company announced it was reducing its operating costs to cope with the slowdowns.

Once I realised this, I realised how to cope with Valentine’s Day.

She didn’t know how to cope in this new environment, embarrassed and lacking the material things she once had.

“It’s difficult for schools and hospitals and core infrastructure like housing and transport to cope.

There are so many more coping strategies than these, almost as many as there are things with which to cope.

I didn’t get back on stage that night because I was unable to cope with these sensations.

“As real, present-moment disasters occur, we invariably cope, and often better than others.

This is learning skills on how to better address your pain, how to better manage it and cope with it.

Taking out a cop or two, they can’t cope with me.”

Anecdotally, people with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and anxiety say that fidget spinners have helped them cope.

To cope psychologically with this spatial loss and avoid accidentally staring at each other, people escape into their personal mobile phone space.

It suggests a rugged and robust character, an individual who can cope with adversity.

5) The big question about Rubio is: can this untested novice cope with the demands of the presidency?

We need specific adaptations to help us cope with all of these challenges in the future.

With the sudden ouster of secretary David Shulkin on Wednesday, what’s not clear is how the agency will cope.

Although Mumbai is trying to build itself into a global financial hub, large parts of the city struggle to cope with annual monsoon rains.

How do you think comedy helps people cope with heavy topics like racism and police brutality?I don’t think it helps people cope necessarily.

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal announced that it was consolidating some sections of the newspaper to cope with dwindling ad sales.

Gray says a four-day school week isn’t what anyone wanted, but it was the only way to cope with the cuts.

How do you cope?

Al Qadiri began playing video games as a child as a means to cope with war.

We need a societal model that is able to cope with all of these ecological problems that are on the table.

I think it’s a good thing that people are getting tools to help them cope with difficult circumstances.

Check out the video above to learn more about how commuting affects your life and how I choose to cope with it.

Some utilities are already asking their customers to keep electricity consumption in check to cope with the surging demand.

The slain students were identified by state police as Bailey Holt and Preston cope, both 15, state police said.

However, learning to cope and accept the changes in mental and physical health, Rodriguez noted, altered how she internalized her cancer battle.

“Bailey Holt and Preston cope were two great people,” Marshall County High student Gabbi Bayers said on Facebook.

cope played Little League baseball for the Calvert City Sluggers, in another small town more than 10 miles (16 km) north of Benton.

“I think the point of making these pages is to cope, especially as the storm gets closer,” Jack continues.

We’re just not able to cope.”

“But I now have strategies to be able to cope.”

Love, Loss, and What We Ate also gets really personal and explores how food helped you cope with really rough times.

“We should actively cope with this.

So incumbent car companies would be able to cope with any one of these three trends taken individually.

“In my opinion, she seems to drink to cope with the stress of her life, which is tremendous.

For one weekend a year, survivors from across the United States meet to learn techniques that help them cope with trauma.

This was chaos and we didn’t know how to cope with it.

For those that I spoke to, they cope by avoiding anything that could set off their symptoms.

DS: It’s one way to cope with the situation.

As opioid overdoses continue to skyrocket across America, many chronic pain patients and people with addiction are seeking safer ways to cope.

That’s a form of automatic stimulus that is vital in helping counteract downturns and helping families cope in the meantime.

Ultimately, I discovered that there were both social and medical supports that could help me cope, without the downsides of illegal drugs.

Kentucky State Police late Tuesday identified the slain girl as Bailey Holt and the boy as Preston cope.

cope died at Vanderbilt Medical Center, according to state police.

“Preston cope was a part of that brotherhood.

“At the moment, we are continuing all of the necessary activities related to the planning of our roll-out,” cope told an analysts call.

Sung, the South Korean industry minister, said the country had been diversifying import sources and localizing supplies to cope with Japan’s “one-sided” measure.

How do you cope with the stress of being the CEO of two publicly listed companies?

But like relying too heavily on prescription pills, it may not be a healthy way to cope.

Each of the women have their own set of similar issues, and they’re all trying to cope in their own ways.

Your body learns to cope.

But for those unable to cope, their mental health deteriorates.

BRFBs serve as an emotional regulation to release tension, helping a person cope with difficult emotions.

For many, they offer a way to cope during times of tension and stress.

Brad’s recently called out Frank’s music … saying it’s helped him cope through the break-up with Angelina Jolie.

Without receiving the medication, those patients are left to cope with their illness on their own or pay out of pocket at another clinic.

Eventually, the combination became too much for him, and his “body could not cope with it.”

I don’t like not doing something just because I’m ill. Because of that, I learned how to cope with it.

Some people’s voices didn’t change, but the change in appraisal or relationship helped them to better cope.

While Brighton describes his process as “obsessive,” some concessions must be made to cope with reality.

Physical training to cope with the intense emotional demands of elite matches, which regularly last in excess of four hours, is now commonplace.

The idea that a dead gorilla was an election wild card might help some observers cope.

And the second personality type is just those who can’t cope with modern bureaucracy.

Our existing transportation infrastructure requires ongoing maintenance and will require billions of dollars’ worth of upgrades to cope with rising demand.

But the book is really about what we do in the aftermath of a love affair—how we cope.

“We should actively cope with this.

Lebanon has been a big recipient of foreign aid to help it cope with hosting one million refugees from neighboring Syria.

My thoughts and prayers are with Bailey Holt, Preston cope, their families, and all of the wounded victims who are in recovery.

Please keep the families of Bailey Holt and Preston cope in your thoughts and prayers during this hard time.

The follow-up episode, where various characters began to cope with Will’s death, was a thoughtful consideration of grief, if nothing else.

We offer lectures about trauma and how it affects your body, your psyche, and how you can cope.

It was hard to cope with.”

Rather, stalking behavior is often triggered by a life event that’s difficult to cope with, such as a breakup, firing, arrest, or rejection.

“I just couldn’t cope, basically,” she says.

But Sanders didn’t know how, not yet, and so he turned to marijuana to cope.

Since taking office, Hariri had worked to garner international aid for Lebanon to cope with the strain of hosting some 1.5 million Syrian refugees.

“Chemotherapy is very aggressive, and marijuana is helping my mother cope with the effects,” one young woman said.

As well as being artless and daft, he was also hyperactive and unable to cope with the incessant pressures of the beautiful game.

How many cycles of destruction and rebuilding can a city cope with?

We watch to see what pain defines them, how they cope with broken trust, and how they deal with proof the world is cruel.

SIB can also help people cope with unpleasant feelings.

It distracts people, helps them cope, and even induces physical pleasure, thereby reinforcing the behaviors.

“I was good at the job,” she says, “but after six months walked out because I just couldn’t cope with it.”

The local unit of cope radio station tweeted that two people in the car were detained shortly afterwards.

Russian investors have been instrumental in helping him cope with all the credit problems he has thanks to his serial bankruptcies.

Left to its own devices, Naegleria fowleri could be called a “bacteria-eating amoeba,” cope explained.

“We would suspect that the patients themselves are not very aware of what’s happening in the later stages,” cope told me.

That’s not many, cope conceded.

“There are obviously many things that people should consider when they’re participating in water activities,” cope said.

“That’s a drawback to having so few infections: there’s very little scientific study we can do,” cope said.

But, despite his intelligence and work ethic, he has no tools to cope, grieve, or move on.

We asked a few people to share how they’ve learned to cope with summertime sadness.

“We are trying to cope locally with a situation that we did not cause.

Walter White fiddled between his two realities of being a cold-hearted drug dealer and a family man struggling to cope with a grim diagnosis.

The shift comes as the industry was already struggling to cope with a shrinking, aging workforce.

Anyone who’s adopted a cat to cope with the Trumpocalypse will surely identify with the idea of finding love in a hopeless place.

There are also some common-sense reasons that someone might cope with a relationship breakdown by hitting the gym.

I was numb and trying to cope with what had happened.

Telefone by Noname Noname’s debut mixtape finds the Chicago rapper creatively using poetry to cope with her pain and celebrate her joy.

The humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico appears to be, if anything, intensifying as citizens cope with a chronic lack of safe water.

Is there a better way to cope?

Writer Kofi Edzie explains how listening to and producing dance music helps him cope with schizophrenia.

As Darbi struggled desperately to cope at school, battling PTSD and crushing anxiety, her mother met with school administrators.

UK charity The Fostering Network said it was confident the British care system would cope with the rise in lone refugee children.

The Samaritans help people who are feeling suicidal or struggling to cope.

“He must not expect to go out into the world and cope with his fellow man on equal footing.

In a world of fake news, how could society cope with believable videos of people saying things they never said?

It was a way to cope with the grief of a loss far greater than losing simply my mother.

She continues that practice in Bangladesh to cope with the loss of her family, including her newlywed husband of just three months.

Now, this badass evolutionary trait might be able to help humans cope with one of our modern-day challenges: gluten intolerance.

That means local cryptocurrency exchanges cannot cope with the cash flow needs of larger businesses.

Cohen said cutting funding for educational and recreational services will be harmful to migrant children who are already struggling to cope with traumatic experiences.

So, today’s story imagines one possible future in which we’ve turned to technology to cope.

Having an optimistic view on anything definitely allows you to cope.

How can anyone cope against such reckless and unchecked power?

Amid a lack of basics like catheters and crumbling hospital infrastructure, doctors who remain struggle to cope with ever scarcer resources.

Electric car maker Tesla also plans to send hundreds of solar electricity storage devices to help the island cope with outages.

For each refuse pile, cope imagined — or in his words, discovered — a guardian spirit, mystically revealed in the printing process.

Correction: This piece originally misstated that Mitch cope lives in Hamtramck, not Detroit.

Rob Kardashian says he’s on the verge of a breakdown over his split with Blac Chyna, and he’s seeking treatment to cope.

They couldn’t cope with the children they already had.

How did your family cope while you were trapped?

In the past six years, Mosha has gone through nine prosthetic forelegs that can cope with her increasing weight and size.

Abe has made reform of the social security system a top priority to cope with Japan’s fast-ageing, shrinking population.

The report found that the UK’s immigration directorates must be given extra funding and resources to cope with the increased workload.

A closet.” This makes it difficult for nurses to perform basic duties like helping students cope with possible pregnancies, neglect, or child abuse.

Migrants, he said, were struggling to cope with the winter conditions.

Thousands of Puerto Ricans fled the island after the storm, unable to cope with the wreckage left behind.

Want to learn about the exploding and largely un-evaluated world of mental health apps that are changing how we cope with challenges?

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Since January 2016, many of us have had to discover ways to cope with the political climate.

But when groups whose agenda you support attack you, it’s very difficult to cope.

This level of heterogeneity in Western meditation goes beyond anything most traditional systems likely learned to cope with.

In her book What Happened, Hillary Clinton lists the methods she used to cope with losing the election.

Sadly, it did not help me cope with the results of the 2016 presidential election.

So when the anxiety threatens to propel you into a full-on panic, how does one cope?

But maybe that’s the fairy tale, I thought, and this is the reality I need to figure out how to cope with.

The people caring for them make their way through appointment after appointment, and cope with emotion after emotion.

Dennehy was convinced she had polio at an early age and regularly fantasized about how she’d cope with her imminent paralysis.

This is supposed to prepare those readers or viewers to cope with a significant, possibly debilitating, emotional reaction.

To help cope, she goes to every trans Latina support group she can find, which she says helps.

How do you cope?My family has been a tremendous support.

When we first met him, he was recently homeless, and trying to abstain from the heroin he turned to to cope with his PTSD.

cope subverts this common modernist aesthetic (the grid) by using it to project colonial violence on the landscape.

The tiny Central American country’s fragile institutions just couldn’t cope.

Although Mumbai is trying to build itself into a global financial hub, large parts of the city struggle to cope with annual monsoon rains.

I’d forgotten how to cope with that headspace without the help of some chemical crutch to see me along.

It’s something you just have to learn to cope with.” (Seems like a fun job.)

This can help find the right camp, and also help kids cope when they’re having hard time.

In some ways, trying to cope with depression and anxiety felt like scrambling through that panicked casino lobby.

To help cope with it’s financial emergency, the state-managed city used the money to subsidize general operations.

The apps didn’t help me cope during or after this exceptional edge-case scenario.

I used to feel so bad for myself because of bad and stupid relationship drama, and I never know how to cope.

It has been a struggle to help my patients cope with the trauma of Trump’s election as I grapple with my own responses.

Many burned out doctors cut back their hours to cope, and a disturbing number commit suicide.

Employees working on “Anthem” reportedly endured enough stress that they began taking “stress leave” to cope.

“Some kids have the skills they need to cope.

“Do you cope well with being alone?”

But when the challenges you face exceed your ability to cope, it makes sense to call in the pros.

Besides the time constraints of the rapidly-approaching sun and moon, each experiment would have to cope with limitations imposed by the aircraft itself.

How do you guys cope with that?

Her anxiety and inability to cope with the oppressive surveillance and commentary on her high-profile relationships garnered little sympathy.

How did you do cope?By getting married and having babies.

We can only cope with these challenges if we join the ranks and work together.

As in other articles I’ve written, I’ve found ways to cope with my vulnerability, but this feels intrinsically different.

And most people aren’t prepared to cope with the probabilities and uncertainties that entails.

For one thing, Obama pledged $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund, which helps developing countries cope with climate change.

Then we were dealt this hard blow, and now we’re trying to find ways to cope,” he said.

She says she’s now filled with stress and anxiety, and she’s now taking new meds to cope.

And, much like Vikki, Synestra used recreational drugs as a way to cope with her increasing depression.

But I fundamentally couldn’t cope with the ambiance, which meant it was time to crawl out from the cave.

There are also stories about how to cope.

Top immigration officials from Peru, Colombia and Brazil met in Colombian capital Bogota for a summit to discuss how to cope with the influx.

Over time, working out builds resilience that can reduce the need for pills or bottles to cope.

Yang, like many entrepreneurs who have become attracted to UBI, embraces the policy as a way to cope with automation.

The distance to my work is very important, and the factory is here, so I’m not sure I can cope with long distances.

Police named the two slain teens as Bailey Nicole Holt and Preston Ryan cope, both aged 15.

It provides a future we can predict and cope with.

Since her early adolescence, she’s used her camera as a tool to cope with it.

Photography became a means to cope with his anxiety, specifically around social interaction.

But basketball was just an outlet to help her cope … and Breanna urges fellow victims to step forward the moment the abuse begins.

“‘You’ve watched and reported individuals cope with sniping and shelling and genocide and disease and famine and natural disasters.

But the recent storms also show that there is a wide gulf between acknowledging a risk and being positioned to cope with it.

During the shutdown, workers were forced to cope with their loss of income in many ways.

San Francisco, like many cities, has experienced such intense demand for housing that many artists have been unable to cope with increasing prices.

“This is all proof that I still face my demons often, but I’m gradually learning how to cope with them.”

I do know that we’re struggling to cope with all these technologies.

Unfortunately, residents of these communities are much less likely to receive the support and care necessary to cope with PTSD.

He was able to reduce his drug intake, though he couldn’t entirely shake using meth and opioids to cope with his nightmares.

We spent a year arguing and in the end I couldn’t cope anymore.

In February, to cope with the steady stream of refugees arriving on Lake Albert’s shores, officials opened another Kyangwali settlement area, called Maratatu.

Another, Keire, speaks vulnerably about his struggles to find work and cope with his relationship with his “disciplinarian” father.

He touches on drug abuse to cope with frequent loss, the way drugs are pumped into black neighborhoods, and constant dealings with dishonest police.

So how can people cope?

Yet as ill-equipped as we may be to fight newly emergent natural pathogens, we are even less prepared to cope with engineered pathogens.

My biggest fear was how she’d cope in the world.

I worry how she will cope financially long-term and how the rejection will affect her.

A 15-year-old boy, Preston cope, later died at a hospital.

Downsides: If you choose to use food as a means to cope with a breakup, do so with a friend.

It is struggling to cope with jihadist groups, some of them linked to ISIS, in the Sinai Peninsula.

Home from the oil and drug wars, they inevitably gets swallowed by civilian life, often left to cope with their anxiety and depression alone.

The facility accommodates many foreign detainees and is equipped to cope with different languages, Deguchi said.

And you’ve watched and reported individuals cope with sniping and shelling, genocide and disease and famine and natural disasters.

He was willing to learn breathing techniques, yoga, meditation and other methods to cope with stress and rejection.

How do you cope with police violence against the black community these days, and how does it fit into your art?

The people that I love and my community help me cope with the issues at hand.

I don’t want to cope with this system, really.

Officials say that will include how to rush through emergency EU legislation to cope with huge disruption to transport and trade links.

Italy has long struggled to cope with arrivals and its new populist government rejects any idea that would see it handle more people.

So this is a massive, massive, sudden rise of jihadist activity that security agencies were not able to cope with from 2013 onward.

There are those who hope it’ll help society cope with automation-induced joblessness.

As White explained, the city continued to operate as usual without making any major changes to cope with a massive loss of tax revenue.

[People who procrastinate are] using avoidance to cope with emotions, and many of them are unconscious emotions.

Learn to cope with the word “fat.” We fatties refer to ourselves in lots of different ways.

It’s the endless struggle to cope; it’s her acknowledgment of how merely existing in the world can bring you down.

You’ll cope.

Bowie sensed his own greatness and was able to cope with it, as many great artists do, by surpassing his context.

Cheng says her research is consistent with the longstanding theory that narcissists are, counterintuitively, less confident and less able to cope with setbacks.

Now she’s performing Chariot to audiences across the globe while on tour with Citizen cope, which ends April 11.

It has has the most rudimentary of facilities and cannot cope with residents’ basic needs, say aid organizations.

It has has the most rudimentary of facilities and cannot cope with residents’ basic needs, say aid organizations.

Another, Keire, speaks vulnerably about his struggles to find work and cope with his relationship with his “disciplinarian” father.

Stevie Wonder’s got some advice for Prince fans trying to cope with his sudden death — just do it.

Georgia ‘Maq’ McDonald plays guitar with rising Melbourne punks Camp cope.

The 30-year-old, based in New York City, found it hard to focus, and instead fixed herself a drink to cope.

I was binge-eating the first few weeks, trying to cope with the sugar hole alcohol had left in me.

With a diesel-powered generator in their Caracas bureau, Reuters staff are better-placed than most Venezuelans to cope with the blackouts.

At night, if temperatures don’t decline, people can’t cool off enough to cope.

Top immigration officials from Peru, Colombia and Brazil met in Colombian capital Bogota on Tuesday to discuss how to cope with the influx.

The disaster has left aid agencies struggling to cope and seen 86,000 people moved to emergency shelters.

And how will I cope now that the show is over?

– Boost Japan’s productivity and cope with labor shortages through innovation in such areas as robots, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

In short, it becomes harder to cope with market volatility as you get older.

I have no idea how I’m going to cope when my mum dies.

Today, she can cope with it.

The main EU states of arrival, including Greece and Italy, say they cannot cope themselves.

There are definitely real gluten-related disorders that people have to cope with, but these are vanishingly rare.

How does tech cope with this?

But helping athletes learn to be mindful about their stress, and cope and respond to stressors, can go a long way.

To cope, Tolley turned to drugs and alcohol, but she became sober after her mother’s death.

However, mild, temporary bad moods may serve an important and useful adaptive purpose, by helping us to cope with everyday challenges and difficult situations.

They are also evaluated on their ability to cope with stress.

Sure, the mice were better able to cope with their paws being shocked, so serotonin was working as advertised.

I was pretending I was using them recreationally when really I was reliant on them just to cope.”

Expect to see acts of all genres with fervent followings, from Ry Cooder to Tank, Citizen cope to Tinashe.

Diane has had intermittent support for Jay, such as care assistants, without which she says she would struggle to cope.

Pruitt has now set up a legal defense fund to cope with all of these inquiries, which could pose its own ethical quandaries.

Much of the anger is focused on Shell but Eni has also struggled to cope in recent years.

Calico co-founder Nick cope says the Aurora collection is often used in meditation rooms.

Syria was already a brutal and unstable place, unable to cope with this massive influx of people.

Nels was able to identify for me the mechanism with which I cope.

There’s a potential 2038 where you might find yourself trying to cope with postmodern versions of those same pre-NLRA forces.

How would I cope with no sleep when I was used to getting a solid eight hours every night?

Instead Morgan has had to cope with a number of bruising tackles while team mates such as Megan Rapinoe have flourished instead.

And nothing, nothing was helping me cope.

I have a lot of anxiety, and I cope with my anxiety with therapy and meditation like some therapeutic regime that I stick to.

Tommen, unable to cope with the scene he has just witnessed, quietly removes his crown and jumps to his death.

In addition to relieving stress, therapy animals have been found to help people cope with depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

It’s a way to process and cope with tragedy.

“To that end, Shah gives some tips on how to cope.

But she said she struggles to help his siblings cope with his death.

The Observatory also highlights chronic overcrowding with facilities crammed with about double the number of inmates they were built to cope with.

We have an obligation to figure out how to help people cope with the rapidly changing nature of technology.”

Thousands of Cubans gathered in Costa Rica and Panama last year as Central American countries struggled to cope with the influx.

The 30-year-old, based in New York City, found it hard to focus, and instead fixed herself a drink to cope.

The industry is being pressured by layoffs in the automobile sector as assembly plants try to cope with declining sales and an inventory overhang.

Sure, the mice were better able to cope with their paws being shocked, so serotonin was working as advertised.

And if they don’t, they stand to be ill prepared to cope with humanitarian disasters and migrations that affect millions of people.

Someone had lived in it previously but he couldn’t really cope with what was going on there—free rent or not—and moved out.

You use them for fun but also to feel normal or a better version of yourself or to cope.

He said that was a fictitious character, someone Judge made up to cope with his own addiction.

If the attackers can cobble together a fire hose of data bigger than the defender’s capability to cope with, they win.

He must say ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” Spanish Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido told cope radio.

Madlin still feels lonely, but she’s finding new ways to cope.

The industry is being pressured by layoffs in the automobile sector as assembly plants try to cope with declining sales and an inventory overhang.

They’re using these communications to cope.”

How do you cope with a stillborn child?

I ask if she’s surprised that mothers who post most often might actually be the ones struggling to cope.

He acts as an emotional support companion (with good weed) who helps you cope with being around embarrassing and drunken family members.

I couldn’t cope with that.

The world we’re living in is putting a lot of pressure on human minds, and some can cope better than others.

Then, he discovered a passion that helped him cope with SAD, a hobby that kept his thoughts off of his problems: collecting wasp nests.

“Please respect their privacy as the couple try to cope with losing their precious baby and seek the support they both need.

Even Cohen reportedly received a quarter-million from the Trump campaign to help cope with the legal fees.

And I see my students, in Europe, even in Syria, how they cope with all these difficulties.

“They’re misfit teens trying to cope with the realization that their parents are supervillains.

Can the Warriors cope without him?

Obama had to cope with the BP oil spill, the Veterans Administration scandal, the Snowden revelations, the Ebola crisis, and so forth.

“And yet, there was a line of psychiatrists and others out the door from the beginning, to help her cope with her potential disfigurement.

One way I cope is by turning some of my favorite snacks into meals.

I could cope with the multiple traumas our family was facing.I was in good company.

As I cope with vertigo, I notice smoke in the distance.

These are small tools that trauma teams use to cope with the stress of working in emergency trauma care.

She says she’s been suicidal and self-medicates to cope with their nasty breakup.

But as he’s grown older, he’s also learned how to cope with his anxiety better.

FYI, Johnny told ‘GMA’ he was diagnosed as bipolar in 2017 … after years of self-medicating with booze to cope with depression.

He says he was an Army Ranger, but took up cooking to cope with the stresses of military life.

Cosplay has also helped me with my confidence and has helped me to cope with my anxiety better.

They merely learn how to cope with their absence.

Some people just can’t cope with drinking like a grown up.

They shouldn’t also have to cope with the financial burden that comes with taking time off work without pay.

I don’t know if that’s the healthiest thing to do or not, but that’s how I cope.

“Was basketball an outlet for you to cope with the abuse you faced at home?

Do you think starting Conan helped you cope with your anxiety and depression?Yeah, I think so.

That may explain the appeal of It Comes at Night, which looks at how people cope with the apocalypse.

Is that something you came up with to personify it and cope with it?

He created him out of fear, anxiety, and depression to cope with being in this violent, intimidating place.

It doesn’t mean the stress of the day is resolved, but it does help me cope instead of freaking out.

So how did I cope in this man’s world?

I decided the best way to cope with the awkward feelings sobriety engendered was to take loads of drugs instead.

What’s more, I couldn’t cope with the downtime when I didn’t have any drugs, and so inevitably I started drinking again.

Her parents thought she could cope.

Ask the therapist Q: How do I cope with feeling inadequate around my significant other?

How does a nice English boy like you cope?They love it.

Take a look at the full video, and cope with your own hard-won battles with a listen to Postdoc Blues.

How am I going to cope with this?”

But his biggest supporter and cheerleader is his sister, with whom he can talk about anything and helps him cope.

Because we can’t physically see it, it’s like as a society we can’t cope.

It wasn’t for any other reason than that was the only way he could cope.

A universal basic income doesn’t help people cope with the loss of purpose or status.

That’s a dangerous thing, generally, and something we haven’t even begun to cope with.

Alex is used to doing everything on his own so now, with more staff, he should be able to cope.”

But he can cope.

There appears to be a loading “sweet spot” where the lower back is gradually trained to cope with the load.

More from VICE: Many people do use other substances to cope with depression, the experts I’ve spoken to all note.

As part of this initial mini-withdrawal, you start to cope with the over-taxation of your pleasure systems, Koob says.

“But I can’t help but wonder how people without the same resources have learned to cope.

But there are ways to cope by organizing.

“Clarky’s Darkies” became a joke in our house; it’s a good way to disarm and cope with stuff like that.

Anglo announced plans in December to whittle down its business to cope with severe falls in commodity prices.

Chrissy Teigen, like much of the world today, just isn’t sure how she’ll cope with the knowledge that love is dead.

We pray for firefighters and for all those who do their best to cope with this dramatic situation.”

Its profits fell last year partly because Polish banks had to cope with record low interest rates and make payments into a guarantee fund.

This will help you prepare for — and cope with — the days ahead.

The government is encouraging the use of LPG for households to cope with a shortfall in supplies of natural gas.

You’ll cope.

“Learn to cope with the word ‘fat.’ We fatties refer to ourselves in lots of different ways.

And how does Kourtney cope with having an ex who maintains close relationships with the rest of her family?

Well, in short, the team failed to cope without Aaron Ramsey.

Astronomists typically work in the dark, and are consequently pretty well-equipped to cope with Antarctic winter.

When Cancers are severed from their family—blood or chosen—they may overindulge to cope with inner turmoil.

“Learning how to cope with life, getting a self-care routine, finding out who I was.

“It can also help us cope when life gets us down, by combating feelings of angst and restoring a sense of well-being.”

“Nostalgia may be prompted by the experience of transitions in life,” she says, “to help cope with impending endings, challenges and uncertainties.”

Playing Dark Souls (and Soulslike-games) relieve stress, and in other ways, help him cope with depression.

The backdrop: Some farmers are delaying equipment purchases to cope with the financial fallout of President Trump’s trade war.

Go deeper: Farmers across the Midwest struggle to cope with Trump’s trade war

Motsamayi is not the only one struggling to cope in the Verne.

Immediately after the election, she released a statement telling her supporters how she will cope with the news in the coming years.

So how do you cope when the aux cord comes your way?

Was it difficult to write about these things or did it help you to cope?

We all have struggles in life, and we all have ways we choose to cope with them.

For people like me—the losers, the average, the down-trodden—humor can allow us to cope.

Now sources say that the reality star is seeking professional help as she struggles to cope.

That’s been helping me cope.

To cope with childhood traumas, she turned to alcohol, and she began struggling with alcoholism.

Still, I wondered, isn’t there any way to cope that doesn’t involve shutting down conversations or trying to stifle your own reactions?

I’m not sure I know how I will cope.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope.”

The country is appealing to the international community for $100 million for relief efforts, as it struggles to cope with collapsed infrastructure.

The reality of the situation, it seems, is that the police are simply unable to cope with the sheer scale of the problem.

Many of the world’s fastest growing cities lack sufficient transport and infrastructure to cope, he said.

She still has counseling to cope with her loss, and often visits places she went with her sister to feel close to her.

Gaga, of course, was not the first to survivor to cope through a tattoo.

This also introduces an organic complexity to The Dragon Prince, where young characters learn to cope and adapt in response to changing information.

That’s an observable trend for Australian musicians right now—Camp cope, Stella Donnelly.

“This calming limitation offers help for smartphone addicts to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

In college, Melissa saw a therapist for eight months, which helped her cope.

“Imagine that everyone said that Neymar has to be Messi’s substitute,” Neymar’s father told cope back in August.

Asked if there would be any Podemos ministers, Margarita Robles, a close aide and spokeswoman for Sanchez, told Cadena cope radio: “No, no.

It is adaptive to cope.

The same communities disproportionately affected by Trump’s polluter-backed agenda are losing the health care coverage they need to cope.

The government has approved restrictions in a bid to cut imports bill and cope with financial pressures after crude prices started falling in mid-2014.

Young people caught up in the $1.5 trillion student loan crisis primarily cope through willful ignorance.

Westberry struggles with financial instability, and the impact of FAS on her career as a nurse educator was particularly difficult to cope with.

Fulvio also runs Hypnotherapy for Wellness, which uses hypnosis and guided meditation techniques to help people cope with their disorders.

“He goes on to say he’s “willing to donate his butt” to help despondent voters cope.

It’s pretty undeniable that humans do not cope well with change.

Many burned out doctors cut back their hours to cope, and a disturbing number commit suicide.

I suppose we’ll all have to find ways to cope with the injustice of flying.

On an individual level, outright denial of fact offers a way to cope with the cruel world beyond online chat rooms.

With so much violence in the home, Bardak said people tend to turn to alcohol to cope at a very young age.

You might be the sign of death and rebirth, but you don’t always cope well with a shake-up to your daily schedule.

“Another way to help cope with the stress is to create a plan that involves stress management activities for the family.

More and better data, if analyzed properly, can also help wineries cope with extreme weather, from droughts to floods.

Expect to see acts of all genres with fervent followings, from Ry Cooder to Tank, Citizen cope to Tinashe.

Other studies have suggested that Islamic teachings can help individual Muslims cope with tragic events in their lives.

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