Coordinate in a sentence | Use of the word coordinate examples

Moscow has offered to help coordinate peace talks in Afghanistan.

Reuters first reported last year that Lyft was seeking to hire an IPO adviser that would help it select underwriters and coordinate the process.

Failure to coordinate is more dangerous for Democrats than it is for Republicans right now, and both parties know it.

The candidates are being evaluated, although whether those doing the evaluating will actually coordinate with each other remains to be seen.

Democrats, thus, have more to lose from a failure to coordinate.

Politicians need to quickly coordinate regulatory responses to new risks as Facebook and other tech firms move into finance, the BIS said last month.

In her current job, she helps to coordinate exchanges between Ukrainian and Russian prisoners.

The city had also failed to properly coordinate its anti-smog efforts and not taken action to combat small “scattered” pollution sources.

Sylvia Mathews Burwell, she used OKRs to coordinate the Ebola crisis.

It said Khalilzad continued to coordinate his efforts with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, and other Afghan stakeholders.

Hook will lead a newly established Iran Action Group to coordinate the State Department’s pressure campaign on Iran, Pompeo told a news conference.

The council was established in 1987 to coordinate the government’s homelessness efforts across federal agencies.

The council was established in 1987 to coordinate the government’s homelessness efforts across federal agencies.

The NSC’s two senior cyber policy directors sit near one another so will be able to coordinate matters in real time, Palladino said.

“Make sure to coordinate your plan with your child’s school, your work, and your community’s emergency plans.”

South Korea’s energy ministry said on Thursday it will coordinate with the British government and monitor the liquidation process with KEPCO.

She helped coordinate the mass demonstrations against the Iraq War in 2004 and has been actively involved in the various anti-Trump protests since 2017.

The party failed to coordinate on a candidate that might provide the appearance of a stable majority.

K. coordinate Efforts.

This will help to coordinate diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the organization and allow Uber to conduct a legal review of any independent initiatives.

Brands used to DM pet owners, who have full-time jobs and couldn’t coordinate details.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have reached the point where they coordinate outfits, but Kylie’s red is wayyyyy hotter than his.

He subsequently returned to Apple’s California headquarters to coordinate Apple’s growth in education globally.

The former journalist and ex-U.S. Marine has helped coordinate North Korea policy and is seen by Korea watchers as a pragmatic voice.

It would require U.S.-supported infrastructure projects to be made more transparent, so that the private sector can coordinate their investments in internet infrastructure.

The deal would allow the airlines to coordinate their planning, pricing, sales and frequent flyer programs, with new options and customer service improvements.

The administration must work with the UN Security Council and NATO to coordinate action on behalf of democratic nations subject to Russian election interference.

The NATO E-3s have been to war before, for example helping coordinate coalition flights during the 1990s air campaigns over the former Yugoslavia.

And is already trying to think ahead to how to best coordinate that.

But that’s not terribly different from an approach where we assume that parties do coordinate.

Vogl also helped coordinate the Disconnected “Lifestream,” a 48-hour live stream of the pair’s performance.

Second, this helps explain the inability of candidates to coordinate to stop Trump.

The people with the incentive to coordinate haven’t had enough of it to deliver or the ability to credibly promise political goodies.

Politicians need to quickly coordinate regulatory responses to new risks as Facebook and other tech firms move into finance, the BIS said last month.

So we’ll send out a REVERB staff member on a Jack Johnson tour all day to coordinate all the activities.

And if anyone in his campaign did coordinate with Russia, we don’t know if Trump himself was involved in any way.

* Immediately stop arms exports to countries directly involved in the Yemen conflict, and coordinate similar approach with partners in joint European projects.

* Take the initiative to strengthen European foreign policy making mechanism, similar to PESCO structure set up to coordinate EU military projects.

“Cohen has admitted that he lied to Congress, and it seems unthinkable that Trump and Cohen didn’t coordinate that story beforehand,” Waxman said.

Kuykendall said Warren was in contact with Mujica to organize a search for lost or missing migrants and coordinate aid at a Mexico shelter.

Politicians need to quickly coordinate regulatory responses to new risks as Facebook and other tech firms move into finance, the BIS said last month.

Carlos Vecchio, Guaido’s envoy to the United States, told reporters in Washington that the Trump administration did not help coordinate Tuesday’s events.

The purpose of Trump’s visit to Texas was to survey damage and coordinate federal support for the storm-ravaged area.

Rajoy’s team met members of the socialist party to coordinate their next steps.

He was nominated by a conflicted GOP that, despite elite objections to his candidacy, was unable to coordinate on an alternative.

As private companies that aren’t government-owned, American oil companies can’t coordinate on prices, and the meeting was not officially about that.

This is most clearly demonstrated by users exchanging phone numbers so they can coordinate a date.”

Together with a third, smaller group, they formed the United Command in 2013 to coordinate military and judicial activities in East Ghouta.

“If a girl wants to be a doctor, we coordinate with the local hospital.

It is another thing to coordinate your battle plans with the current White House.

Similar systems can even be implemented to coordinate volunteers in highly effective disaster relief efforts.

He’s looking for Mike Pompeo and James Mattis to coordinate closely on the issue.

director to coordinate statements with the attorney general and for leaders of the Justice Department to report the details of the completed investigation.

The neurologists treated the effects of his stroke with physical therapy and meds, but didn’t coordinate with his psychiatrist.

In the small dining room, meals are offered three times a day, and staff members distribute psychiatric medications and coordinate doctor’s appointments.

Under such circumstances, parties no longer function as institutions that help us coordinate candidates, policies, and voters.

Seamless receives a commission from restaurants for every order placed on their platform, but it’s up to the restaurants to coordinate delivery.

Party strategies that rely upon self-interested candidates to coordinate together really aren’t very good strategies.

“When you say coordinate, no not really.

They couldn’t coordinate against him back when he was more vulnerable; why should now be any different?

John Deere combines come with an option that uses machine learning to coordinate their spouts with grain-collecting carts to minimize spillage.

Making their way through busy metro stations and down crowded boulevards, the teenagers have everything timed perfectly, using burner phones to coordinate their positions.

The Trump administration will need to coordinate closely with key American stakeholders — above all, the business community and universities.

Today, Medicare inexplicably charges older Americans a copay just to coordinate care among all their doctors.

Riyadh and Moscow are leading the so-called OPEC+ alliance in managing the oil market and the two major producers coordinate on output policies closely.

Lester Toledo, an opposition leader, came to Cucuta with about a dozen other Venezuelan politicians on behalf of Guaido to coordinate the shipment.

Most work processes aren’t automated — instead, they rely on a flurry of emails to coordinate activities.

OPOs are regional nonprofits that coordinate the donation process, and there are 58 of them in the United States.

“I was told, I believe, about a month ahead of time, that I needed to coordinate the bridal party.

Promoting a cyber command for military operations is also helpful because it allows it to more easily coordinate with other US military leaders.

From the Gloopro interface customers can order, pay for and coordinate delivery of office supplies across multiple locations.

Alptekin, the Daily Caller reports, even helped coordinate Erdoğan’s 2016 visit to the US.

Go deeper: U.S. and Israel coordinate terms for new deal in Southern Syria

The colors coordinate with the painterly effects of the canvas and fabric that comprise the wall relief.

demand for China’s structural reform must stay in line with China-U.S. trade cooperation and coordinate with China’s reform and opening-up.

Germany’s Economy Minister said early on Friday the EU might look to coordinate its response with Canada and Mexico.

I coordinate Alliance for Choice’s weekly stall in the city center of Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland.

She said the city attorney’s office would coordinate with Greitens’ defense team for his surrender.

Marketers (and sales teams) can work together to coordinate their efforts toward securing a corporate account.

Oh, and HP sells “Omen apparel” now, so you can coordinate with your new dual-screen laptop.

The best way to do this isn’t loud bluster, but rather by concrete steps to coordinate with allies.

In 2015 alone, NationBuilder has helped raise $264 million, recruit more than a million volunteers and coordinate some 129,000 events.

They’ve also used social media to coordinate events aimed at spreading their message, like protests outside theaters and on premiere red carpets.

In the 2016 presidential election cycle, Trump’s campaign has used NationBuilder’s software to coordinate volunteer efforts.

Israeli officials told me Netanyahu called Trump to coordinate before the Helsinki summit tomorrow between Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Basically, construction executives secretly created a cartel to coordinate bids on Petrobras contracts and systematically overcharge the company.

There are almost infinite variations by which a medical system can try to work or coordinate with traditional healers.

The Stafford Act could be used to mobilize and coordinate different federal and state agencies to home in on the opioid crisis.

So, could KenGi have been inspired by their Victoria’s Secret cohorts to coordinate?

Like many publications, Motherboard uses Slack to coordinate our daily operation.

That was way too difficult to coordinate.

I really hope this was for some Sears family portrait and they don’t really coordinate outfits like this in public.

On Twitter, for example, users under authoritarian regimes or those afraid of government censorship could share their thoughts more freely, or even coordinate protests.

Gabrielle Ecanow, 18, is working on an app called Study Buddy that allows students to coordinate tutoring and studying.

Not only that, but everybody knows this model, therefore it’s easy to coordinate effort across a large organization like yours, for example, right?

Only billions of years later did the resulting creatures try to coordinate their schedules.

They feature thick rope handles in your color of choice, which coordinate with whatever hue your heart desires for the customized text.

OSRD’s mission was to marshal and coordinate civilian and military scientists to develop and deploy new technology in wartime.

coordinate international AI oversight: Assess U.S. strategy in dealing with other regimes — notably, China —and defending American interests and values.

So, to your question, they did coordinate with agencies around the world.

The task force created by the White House memo will coordinate with the FCC.

The permit required three spotters to be watching the drone during its flight and to coordinate closely with air traffic control.

Vogl also helped coordinate the Disconnected “Lifestream,” a 48-hour live stream of the pair’s performance.

Telenor Group said the ministry of transport and communications had cited “disturbances of peace and use of internet activities to coordinate illegal activities”.

Technical testing with has gone well, Turek said, and back-end systems that coordinate between enrollees and insurers seem to be in good shape.

Technical testing with has gone well, Turek said, and back-end systems that coordinate between enrollees and insurers seem to be in good shape.

The mob was certainly a spectacle that required some effort to coordinate.

Any single coordinate in the weave of the Rivers tapestry leaves one no better oriented than another.

However, just as pro-IS media groups do, these groups likely communicate and coordinate behind the scenes.

It provides a web interface for researchers to communicate and coordinate their sale to Crowdfense.

The NYPA workers will coordinate with the Corps and the local power company, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA).

They did not coordinate a full government response.

What’s next: If labs continue developing and refining prototypes and coordinate with AV companies, different elements of smart infrastructure could ultimately work together.

One was the failure to coordinate a multi-agency, fulsome federal response.

My husband and I coordinate our checks for federal taxes and our accountant.

There is no plan for a special temporary committee, but Democratic leaders would coordinate investigative efforts with the heads of the committees, aides said.

There’s also a removable recovery drain belt on offer, available in two colors to coordinate with AnaOno’s loungewear options.

Despite the students having to coordinate designs from different parts of the country, the room really came together.

If you approve, you’ll get the option to pay for the room and chat with host to coordinate entry.

So does coordinate harassment campaigns.”

Azari looks at the various moments during the past 10 months when the Republican Party tried to coordinate but came up short.

Its six corridors were easy to announce as concepts, but they have been incredibly difficult to build and coordinate in practice.

Instead, Value Voting focuses on candidate discovery and helping its users coordinate for the primaries.

As a result, smartphone apps which can help coordinate rescues and responses have become crucial to efforts.

As companies work with hundreds of micro services, it becomes challenging to coordinate them.

These divisions make it hard for the Kurds to coordinate any kind of resistance.

Facebook, Alphabet and Twitter have said that they will work together to coordinate and encourage the spread of best practices.

coordinate to narrow the field to a few choices.

Parties have been stripped (in part by their own actions) of their ability to coordinate and bargain.

The city had also failed to properly coordinate its anti-smog efforts and not taken action to combat small “scattered” pollution sources.

Utility officials worked to coordinate reconstruction with Whitefish after the storm, but didn’t make efforts to reach out to other utilities for help.

He noted that internet companies already coordinate on policing some harmful content.

If your state requires you to mail in any forms, the app will help you coordinate the paperwork.

Mission Innovation, an international effort to coordinate and accelerate clean energy R&D, was launched with much fanfare in 2015.

But these actors were able to coordinate effectively in 2014 to help Republicans take the Senate and hold the House.

China has sent a task force to coordinate with Pakistani authorities and “jointly safeguard China-Pakistan friendly relations.”

For this reason, academics and lawyers should coordinate an effort to get the best social science in front of the Court.

Macri, whose approval ratings have tumbled, has acknowledged some mistakes, such as setting economic goals that were too optimistic and failing to coordinate policies.

They then coordinate transport to medical facilities.

The problem is that Rex Tillerson couldn’t figure out how to coordinate with the State Department.”

The local police had to coordinate the move.” By November 2017, the hotel had a foundation, yet Frank was gone.

“These meetings will coordinate Arab and Islamic stances toward the imminent decision (by Trump) that will increase tensions in the region,” Safadi said .

Yildirim also said he agreed with Abadi to coordinate economic and trade relations with the central government in Baghdad.

McMaster, learned that Kushner had contacts with foreign officials that he did not officially report or coordinate through official channels, the report said.

Those are just three of the options that coordinate with as many pieces in your wardrobe as your black coat does.

Compromise, cooperate, and coordinate.

Because the two parties don’t coordinate these two tasks, the seats and windows rarely align.

“We are trying to know how many attackers they are to better coordinate our actions.

Over the summer, the brand launched its own line of nail polishes that coordinate with its baubles.

But I think there’s really something extra about going through a game together, having to coordinate what you’re doing.

Just as they have in many other primaries, prominent Democrats helped coordinate resources for their candidate, and that candidate won.

There was a group of intermediaries, experts in machine language, and end users had to coordinate with them to access the computer.

There are people that are just.. they will orchestrate, coordinate, like slander campaigns.

Communications are out, making it harder to coordinate aid or get accurate information about the situation.

That’s possible — after your death, doctors can remove your organs first, and then coordinate your body donation, says Hernandez.

– Immediately stop arms exports to countries directly involved in the Yemen conflict, and coordinate similar approach with partners in joint European projects.

– Take the initiative to strengthen European foreign policy making mechanism, similar to PESCO structure set up to coordinate EU military projects.

Gigi and I love to coordinate outfits,” Jenner wrote.

The two managed to coordinate with one another without being too matchy-matchy.

They do coordinate in Syria and other places.

coordinate your outfit around cute, comfy shoes.

While EU data protection authorities cannot impose joint sanctions, they can set up task-forces to coordinate national investigations.

In the case of unmanned aircraft, operators also had to comply with the requirements of Part 107 and coordinate beforehand with the FAA.

That way, it will be easier to coordinate the logistics of the march.

Because you can’t coordinate with anybody and say “Okay, let’s meet tomorrow at 11.”

In 2015, the Taliban were able to launch and coordinate three major offensives in Kunduz, Faryab, and Helmand, each involving at least 1,000 men.

Trying to coordinate your efforts to prevent something crazy from happening is smart — otherwise you might wind up with Donald Trump.

To reduce them, schedule far enough in advance to clear your calendar and coordinate backup, Denis says.

As Jeffrey told me, the Trump administration failed to coordinate both moves with Ankara.

Better ant colonies are better at coordinating, so it’s a function of their ability to coordinate with each other.

Thinking back to the ants: Their collective intelligence is driven physiologically, through different hormones they emit that help them coordinate.

“And the degree to which they can achieve things seems to enhance with the degree to which they coordinate,” Woolley says.

They coordinate their movements when they speak as if they’re rehearsing the choreography for their choir selection.

In the video above, they coordinate their efforts and sweep a rat out of their house, seemingly unharmed.

In order to coordinate this campaign, the two countries will set up something called the Joint Implementation Center (JIC).

At this center, US and Russian officers will share intelligence with each other, and coordinate air campaigns against both JFS and ISIS.

So we have to coordinate a lot.

I do remember that.Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew these things did not coordinate.

Museum Hack also offers private tours and will even coordinate a marriage-related outing, upon request.

Dropbox is evolving from a file-storage system to an enterprise software portal, where you can coordinate work with your team.

The robots need to communicate to pass information and coordinate,” explains, Javier Alonso-Mora, one of the researchers involved in developing the algorithm.

“We coordinate the freight, we pay the truckers, we help optimize the fleets,” says Shipwell president and co-founder, Jason Traff.

I noticed that, Fitbit doesn’t coordinate.

Their bio, which is admittedly mostly in Japanese, reads “couple | over60 | grayhair | fashion | coordinate.”

Sometimes, they coordinate top to bottom: Other times, they’re a little more matchy-matchy.

It seems that friends like to coordinate in shades of blue and paler blue.

coordinate perfectly with your airport aesthetic), and have elements and features that make getting from point A to point B easier.

The opioid cabinet’s job, apparently, is to coordinate federal agencies to start getting some of these recommendations done.

On the other hand, more artists meant more assets to coordinate, and higher standards to live up to.

The new unit will direct and coordinate impact investing, a growing area that aims to create social or environmental change while generating financial return.

“The idea of trying to find other cases and coordinate with them was fairly early on,” Fieman told Motherboard in a phone call.

And because this fam never misses an opportunity to coordinate their outfits for the camera, they all posed for a new family portrait.

Because insurance coverage for abortion is also limited in Alabama, the abortion clinic sometimes helps coordinate its patients’ travel, lodging, and finances.

We should resist proposals that could change the ground rules that allow networks to voluntarily coordinate to form the Internet.

Parties can coordinate goods exchanges via mobile app using M-Pesa mobile money for payment.

This week, the campaign hired veteran Republican strategist Chris Carr to help coordinate with the RNC and their 2018 efforts.

We’re told TLC producers are reaching out to Kim to coordinate a meeting with Mama Medium.

According to the Fed, a decision on this has been deferred to coordinate with other federal regulators.

The best way to do this isn’t loud bluster, but rather through more concrete steps to coordinate with allies.

Pana is already booking thousands of trips per month for companies using the service to coordinate business travel for interviewees.

Telenor Group said the ministry of transport and communications had cited “disturbances of peace and use of internet activities to coordinate illegal activities”.

The fact is we all have private emails and personal emails to coordinate with our families.

Nurse, who is on the phone trying to coordinate with the rest of their friends.

If something unexpected happens, the drones would handle it in flight and coordinate with the control system.

Who’s going to help coordinate that conversation?

In his view, the emergency streetwork is badly hindered by the government’s abysmal effort to coordinate emergency health services across the city.

Naturally, the degree to which Smith coordinated or didn’t coordinate with the Trump campaign may be of importance to the Senate inquiry.

After the initial ride, they exchanged numbers in an attempt to coordinate rides through Uber in the future.

That can lead to an approach to aid that’s fractured and duplicative, and harder rather than easier to coordinate.

Also, Verizon has the management that could actually coordinate it all, especially AOL CEO Tim Armstrong.

If the driver has found your item, you can coordinate a meeting spot.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras has helped coordinate migrant caravans for the past several years, although previously they had a maximum of several hundred participants.

That means the top White House official who would lead a pandemic response isn’t there to coordinate.

Under the ideal model, a network of cooperative businesses and services would coordinate with each other as a single unit.

Of course, this idea isn’t new; recruiters typically spend significant portions of their time manually checking calendars to coordinate schedules and matchmake.

Airbnb is paying to use the platform to coordinate its engineering interviews.

How exactly did these different people communicate and possibly coordinate?

So you coordinate with just the Office of Management and Budget, correct?

The owner was hesitant at first — mostly out of concern that locals wouldn’t respect the pieces — but eventually let Ayala coordinate the project.

(It sounds just like a walker from The Walking Dead — do these shows all coordinate zombie sounds?)

But they will have to coordinate these decisions with other members of the air strike force.

Thus, a team of pilots sent into battle might learn how to coordinate their actions with swarms of UAVs.

It is the considerable burden our fragmented system puts on patients to coordinate their own care.

“At a certain point a team’s ability to coordinate and share knowledge and information and retain it defines their competitive advantage,” Chen said.

They were helping coordinate a federal response that now includes more than 10,000 federal personnel spread across the two Caribbean archipelagos.

And we coordinate with them all the time.”

And leave it to @rp1313 to plan such a wonderful event and coordinate on-site drone coverage,” she captioned the image.

It is no easy task to coordinate all of the groups involved in such a large-scale response.

The main challenge, according to Lin, was figuring out how to coordinate computing tasks across each of the chips.

“We have just got done with the calls we always make to coordinate among ourselves.

At the same time, the nodes are communicating with one another to coordinate their efforts.

“We will coordinate to restore stability in Manbij and other cities.

When possible, ORR and ICE coordinate with in-country repatriation programs, which provide services to returned, unaccompanied children.

To survive, all sections have to coordinate with each other to manage power levels, beam survivors on-board, and destroy Klingon warships.

Macron said that European G20 participants will coordinate on the issue together on Friday morning.

It’s been a busy year for Moovit, the transit app that helps users coordinate trips across modes of transportation.

The first is the creation of a United States Space Command that will coordinate the nation’s space-fighting capabilities.

Lead generation platforms such as Uber similarly coordinate transactions between drivers and passengers,” wrote Professor Justin McRary, an expert hired by Uber.

The U.S. military said it was sending an advance team to Raleigh, North Carolina, to coordinate with state and local authorities.

“The reason they can’t coordinate,” he added, “is because they hate each other.”

Local or state authorities must be willing to coordinate and communicate with federal authorities from the Department of Homeland Security.

Prosecutors are indicating that what Cohen admitted was true — Trump did coordinate and direct the payments that constituted illegal campaign contributions.

First-line supervisor of construction trades and extraction workers They directly supervise and coordinate activities of construction or extraction workers.

“We meet daily on this issue and coordinate amongst us.

Ship, boat, or barge mate They supervise or coordinate activities of crew aboard ships, boats, barges, or dredges.

Lembong said he would coordinate private sector help from around the world.

Countries are struggling to coordinate and finance programs to control, monitor and diagnose the virus, it added.

She was out in the floodwaters, helping to coordinate early relief efforts in Houston.

There’s a bunch of them that are all, and they coordinate sometimes, and they don’t.

Help rescuers coordinate efforts across all agencies to find and rescue victims?

Communicate on a massive individual scale to coordinate this effort?

Together with a third, smaller group, they formed the United Command in 2013 to coordinate military and judicial activities in East Ghouta.

“Today no country can coordinate their plan based on the reliability that they will reach an agreement with America,” Nobakht said.

“A proposal was also made to coordinate humanitarian de-mining, including in Raqqa, and other priority humanitarian issues,” the Russian ministry said.

And then there’s the coordinate system.

Peter and I share equally at home, and since we work together we can coordinate work travel/meetings, too.

My husband and I work together professionally, and we work hard to coordinate our schedules so we don’t travel at the same time.

She is one of more than a dozen people who will be helping coordinate our political coverage.

“So we wanted to rebrand in a way that creates more positivity—the power people have when they coordinate together.

In fact, one of the mandates for the first week was to coordinate with BuzzFeed reporters to break news on-the-air.

Mayors should partner with local startups to encourage the growth of small companies and then coordinate pathways to help them succeed.

Besides the ample opportunities to learn from one another, discussions are concentrated and projects are easier to coordinate simply because of proximity.

If you need to coordinate logistics with somebody, try to move to text messaging to keep yourself from leaning on email.

“And in those early days, it was the fashion in girl bands for everybody to dress the same, or kind of coordinate.

You can fight alongside a friend in their own HTC Vive playspace, and talk over the headset to coordinate strategy or call for help.

Facebook was effectively drowning in its own success because the different arms couldn’t coordinate to paddle in the same direction.

Thanks to developments in IT, we now have the technology — the sensors and software and GPS — to better coordinate vehicle use in cities.

And you know, you’ve got to coordinate everything.

Another spokesperson told me that they didn’t coordinate with the CFDA to put on the press preview: “We did it rogue,” they said.

She lives on the West Coast and also has a small kid, so we have to coordinate if we’re going to chat.

Many of my peers also teach classes, grade homework assignments and coordinate workshops, in addition to their lab work and course loads.

The quake and tsunami caused a major power outage that cut communications around Palu making it difficult for authorities to coordinate rescue efforts.

Both public and private must coordinate cyber efforts and share threat information among a defense community.

In advance of filming, he also needs to order furniture and coordinate with contractors to ensure the job gets done.

It was much easier for them to coordinate and do research.

Then, oftentimes, the group texts to coordinate our party go unanswered.

Though the two groups’ projects sometimes overlap, they don’t regularly communicate or coordinate.

Shoots like these always take a lot of time to coordinate, so I want to start the process ASAP. has been helping her coordinate her activist outreach.

At $125 per person, Solve will handle your luggage, coordinate vehicles and manage arrivals, departures and connections.

Leaders were meeting and calling each other across the continent, trying to coordinate, leaving the summit outcome still very uncertain.

R29: Do you ever coordinate your beauty looks with your family — like the pink hair with Kanye?

We should coordinate that.”

Which polish color will coordinate the best with your brand-new kicks.

I already booked the hotel but need to coordinate the flights.

We catch up about life and work, and coordinate details for an upcoming festival we’re heading to.

11:30 a.m. — I text M. to coordinate our dinner plans for tonight.

Trump on Thursday denied directing Cohen to coordinate the payments to McDougal and Daniels.

But overall, the cuts would devastate the office’s efforts to coordinate anti-drug policies.

If the teams get too large, he says it becomes difficult to coordinate and too much time gets wasted on logistics instead of innovation.

It’s really tricky to communicate and coordinate.

I coordinate with the other summer associates heading over and we take an Uber.

So most of the big games these days are team-based multiplayer games where you want to communicate and coordinate to work together with people.

Meanwhile, Boston-based InstallerNet can coordinate installation of consumer and commercial electronics through independent contractors.

Telegram and other encrypted messaging apps are popular tools for protesters globally, who use them to coordinate without tipping off authorities.

Maybe they should appoint someone to coordinate them!

7 p.m. — I’m sweaty and happy after class, and I coordinate with my friend who I have dinner plans with.

Telegram and other encrypted messaging apps are popular tools for protesters globally, who use them to coordinate without tipping off authorities.

A political party is a coalition of political actors, from politicians to voters, who coordinate to get things done in a democracy.

Ahead, we exchanged some DMs with the duo to hear more about what it’s like to coordinate outfits with your significant other.

They coordinate with his stress levels — as he gets stressed out, his world begins to literally shake.

Telegram and other encrypted messaging apps are popular tools for protesters globally, who use them to coordinate without tipping off authorities.

We watched Mary-Kate and Ashley interact and wear matching outfits with the same voyeuristic glee with which we currently watch the Kardashians coordinate.

Since 2013, MassResistance has publicized its efforts to coordinate anti-LGBT campaigns in Jamaica, the UK, Finland, Mexico, Taiwan, Australia, and Nigeria.

Crowded “lanes.” The wide array of candidates may make it difficult for party members to coordinate on the best type of candidate.

The DNC tech team will also use the site to coordinate training, volunteers and pricing for Democratic campaigns.

Talk to your roommates: If you talk to your roommate(s) before you shop, you can coordinate and figure out who’s bringing what.

In addition to the above, you are given an arbitrary coordinate system for your app that is unique to this session.

Your app only knows its relative position within this coordinate system; the app starts at XYZ 0,0,0.

The pigments are less concentrated than tattoo ink, and they come specially mixed to coordinate with brow colors.

But it’s tough to coordinate meetings by yourself, let alone with the rest of your team’s schedule in mind.

I produce drawings, respond to emails, and coordinate with architects.

So you coordinate.

Western nations, at odds with Tehran over its nuclear program, supported the Saudi-led intervention by helping coordinate airstrikes and refueling Saudi warplanes.

$74.90 12 p.m. — I have a business lunch with the photographer and my assistant to coordinate for the next shoot.

I answer some emails and help coordinate some brand deals for the client.

Octopuses are highly intelligent animals; they use tools, feel pain, make plans, and communicate with one another to coordinate hunting.

Blumenthal called for as many as 50,000 troops to better coordinate logistics and the delivery of aid and basic necessities.

In reality, of course, the GOP isn’t just trying to coordinate messaging between Haley and Diaz-Balart.

There’s a lot to coordinate and a lot of areas where information can potentially fall through the cracks.

HelpHaste: Helphaste wants “to coordinate victims and rescue operations” via public safety broadcast data, using LIDAR to map insides of buildings.

And rather than a keyboard, players can cast spells and coordinate complex attacks with finger gestures.

Cohen also confirmed to her that Trump directed him to “coordinate on public messaging” about payments to Stormy Daniels, i.e.

This platform and others like it counter that criticism by giving disparate groups of activists ways to coordinate their demands.

coordinate with your partner to watch the same videos while you video chat, or send each other links to your favorite videos.

I visualize the show, get things ready for him, decide on materials, coordinate the teams, and liaise with suppliers.

Johnson suggests that DHS already works closely with the established list of 16 critical infrastructure sectors to coordinate on cybersecurity strategy and practices.

Its utilities are going to track and coordinate DERs.

$87.78 11:45 a.m. — I end up back at home and text some people to coordinate plans for today/the week.

We coordinate a lot via email and text.

Now, multiple organizations are coming together to coordinate their efforts.

“In the coming hours, France will be in contact at the highest level with the British authorities to coordinate our response,” Le Drian added.

Today I need to finish ordering grant materials and coordinate delivery with all of the schools.

It’s hard sometimes to coordinate schedules, but every time we get together, I feel so supported and loved.

If anything, filmmakers could have spent more time with these organizations – understanding how they coordinate their efforts and select candidates.

Facebook wants to make it easier for users to share events and coordinate with friends before an event starts.

They coordinate intelligence gathering in Quyapo or other local languages on radios provided by IBAMA.

In return, the United States would coordinate with Russia in fighting against al Qaeda, it said, without elaborating.

That office could coordinate aid to more repressive countries with the condition that they liberalize their markets and democratize their societies.

On a basic level, wedding planners are there to coordinate and help you organize your big day, but their responsibilities can massively vary.

Nor did party insiders coordinate their endorsements on a single best candidate.

The former trader allegedly used chat rooms to coordinate investments and disclose confidential information in foreign exchange trades, the regulator said.

When we mechanized agriculture and built the first big industrial firms, we borrowed farmer values to coordinate our activities.

A leading group of senior judges would coordinate judicial reform in IPR cases in the region around Beijing and Hebei province, she said.

I eat my PB&J and coordinate with my team.

$140 1:30 p.m. — After lunch my dad and stepmother stop back at our house so we can coordinate flights for our upcoming family trip.

Selective private sharing could also be useful for spouses or partners who are pooling their finances, or need a way to coordinate their spending.

The company helps coordinate a wide range of events, from corporate gatherings to full-blown weddings.

But the Turkish plotters also failed to seize key government buildings and allowed Erdogan to address the nation and coordinate with still-loyal military units.

“France will continue to coordinate efforts to find a consensus candidate… until the end of July,” he told a news conference.

The Treasury uses the Federal Reserve as its agent in financial markets, and traditionally the two agencies coordinate interventions.

“France will continue to coordinate efforts to find a consensus candidate… until the end of July,” he told a news conference.

But doctors do a lot more than diagnose diseases — they perform physical examinations and surgeries, answer patient questions, coordinate patient care, and so forth.

In the wake of the disaster, Indonesia launched a new disaster management agency to handle the logistics and coordinate relief efforts.

The Treasury uses the Federal Reserve as its agent in financial markets, and traditionally the two agencies coordinate interventions.

The Treasury uses the Federal Reserve as its agent in financial markets, and traditionally the two agencies coordinate interventions.

To coordinate your costume with your pup, you can even dress up as Watson.

HAND SIGNALS To coordinate amid the crowd chaos, protesters rapidly formed human chains that passed supplies as needed.

Or coordinate with a friend or partner and dress up as Wayne and Garth from “Wayne’s World.”

Departments in a firm must coordinate their efforts regarding background checks and their documentation.

The party has taken quick advantage of unrest towards migrants and a failure to coordinate migrant burden-sharing across the European Union.

Stiglitz told Abe that G7 need to coordinate policy as weak aggregate demand was harming the global economy and contributing to income disparity.

“However, if any shortage takes place, the producers will coordinate closely and promptly take necessary actions.

The sudden shift in Riyadh’s public position came as a surprise to its Gulf allies, who coordinate OPEC policies closely.

President Ma Ying-jeou visited an emergency centre and hospital in Tainan while President-elect Tsai Ing-wen cancelled appointments to help coordinate rescue efforts.

On the ground, people in areas affected by Harvey took to social media to try to coordinate their rescues as 911 lines reached capacity.

From “coordinate” to “sdp interlude,” to “biebs in the trap,” the album almost exclusively advocated—even if unconsciously—for partying as hard as possible.

The headset blurred and distorted the images I was seeing to coordinate with each issue.

Ford has created an app where lease groups can coordinate vehicle access, handle maintenance, coordinate with other group drivers, and make payments.

In Ireland, the Donegal Mountain Rescue Team is already using DJI’s software development kit to coordinate search and rescue missions in remote areas.

In these cases you have to carefully coordinate braking and entry points, because you’re coming off of the banked turns at high speed.

In recent months, US ground troops have helped coordinate attacks by American aircraft during Afghan military operations.

In an onstage demonstration, Federghi used the feature to coordinate a group food order through a DoorDash iMessage integration.

Telenor Group said the ministry of transport and communications had cited “disturbances of peace and use of internet activities to coordinate illegal activities”.

Hacking would take local, physical breaches of security, an effort that would be extraordinarily difficult to coordinate across precincts (let alone states).

So al-Mutasem and al-Hamzeh arrange the air cover, and we coordinate closely with them.”

They work when two countries have enough faith in each other’s intentions to share intelligence, to coordinate political strategies, and the like.

In the email exchanges, Google employees coordinate their messaging with the White House, occasionally steering around divisions within the administration.

The pair allegedly helped to coordinate over 277 million seconds worth of attack time between April and July 2016.

The White House’s perennial inability to coordinate messaging among its officials and spokespeople only exacerbated this confusion.

The American-led anti-ISIS coalition will contribute air power and artillery and help coordinate logistics and planning for the operation.

Such a database would be an easy way to coordinate harassment of certain individuals, users pointed out, especially if such a “database” were public.

We’re talking about how you coordinate among and between them.

Rick Scott on Monday declared a state of emergency for Alachua County to allow different police agencies to coordinate and prepare for the event.

Gathering the news gets more difficult to coordinate.

Its self-described goal is to “coordinate television standards among different communications media.”

Several different Facebook pages popped up to coordinate plans to descend upon DC.

His campaign merely explaining to voters that they aren’t legally allowed to coordinate with PACs, which is true.

She runs activities for children and helps coordinate access to medical care and equipment for families.

In a recent summit, member nations said NATO would create a cyberspace operations center to coordinate NATO’s cyber activities.

The Chinese groups organize it; we coordinate with them.

He has helped coordinate preparations for several Winter Olympics as a senior member of the IOC and also heads the IOC’s marketing commission.

Color coordinate shelves

Store items with like colors on open shelves.

Airbnb: The hospitality company is working to coordinate people in need of a place to stay with people willing to offer a free room.

Because roads are damaged and drivers and dispatchers can’t coordinate their efforts, thousands of pounds of emergency supplies are stuck at the ports.

But private plans that truly coordinate care — again, such as well-run HMOs — should be able to offer a distinct and valuable product.

There, she’ll oversee digital communications and coordinate public affairs across Health and Human Services’ regional offices.

There, she’ll oversee digital communications and coordinate public affairs across Health and Human Services’ regional offices.

It’s bundled together a touchscreen controller, a speaker-mic, a camera, and an Asus Chromebox that work in sync to let offices coordinate meetings.

“I was the person who got the two owners of NJOY and Smoking Everywhere together and helped coordinate their legal team,” he told me.

Groups including the Regional Plan Association have introduced ideas like the creation of a coastal commission that would coordinate climate adaptation measures.

Other federal departments, including Defense and Treasury, in turn coordinate with DHS and implement its strategy in order to guard against cyberattacks.

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta will partner with Selldorf Architects to coordinate the first reinstallation of its collection in over a decade.

If CSR can help coordinate an organized and effective response, then it will go in.

That’s how policymakers coordinate with each other.

President Donald Trump issued a federal proclamation that enables agencies to coordinate relief efforts.

There, they could communicate, coordinate, and, if they decide to, send a report to law enforcement and any organizations affiliated with their alleged assailant.

Germany would coordinate closely with the European Commission to react “calmly but clearly”, she added.

For bigger pieces of furniture, you also have to coordinate multiple actors.

“The (U.S.-led) international coalition did not succeed in Syria because it did not coordinate with the regime. Obviously this was good PR for Tinder, but it addresses a real problem for the platform: successfully getting users to coordinate first dates.

And you can even coordinate with friends in real time to make a “shortlist” when choosing a place to eat at.

Cazeneuve said that authorities were working on a plan to better coordinate these separate intervention units.

How about the government’s entertaining conspiracy theory that AT&T will coordinate with Comcast to kill rival streaming services?

And while they don’t like each other and don’t coordinate, their pricing plans and fee increases mirror each other.

To effectively coordinate space traffic requires international cooperation.

Transporting works will require you to coordinate load-in times with both space owners and participating artists.

They need rules and norms to coordinate for survival.

We know that intelligence agencies suspect those three might have worked the Russian officials to coordinate the release of hacked emails.

They would ask for signs or other materials, Mueller found, or ask the campaign to promote their rally or coordinate logistics.

Friends trade status reports and coordinate hospital visits.

The massive bust, dubbed Operation Cathedral, took two years to coordinate.

They need to coordinate.

Though most likely, a few will coordinate to act together (again, safety in numbers).

So regional grid operators and utilities are talking more about the need to coordinate.

It was a test to see if they could coordinate a story between a video game, comic series, and novels.

Parties groom and select candidates for office, coordinate election campaigns, and mobilize and educate voters.

So adults, for example, definitely use groups to coordinate and plan.

And those two entities coordinate.

Selling bitcoin in-person has long been a niche market for hobbyists who use the Finnish site to coordinate sales in their city.

“We’re the international organization for measurement, and our job is to coordinate international effort.

Prince’s label suing Roc Nation), supervise and coordinate with accountants and advise on tax-related issues.

One management employee will oversee and coordinate regularly with both operations to help identify and respond to imminent threats to life or property.

Check out the vid … a friend tried to coordinate the pullout, but successfully failed.

Despite these protests and local governments’ refusal to coordinate with ICE, the raids are expected to proceed as planned.

I spent an hour charging my phone at the media tent so that I could coordinate meeting up with friends.

To work in harmony, the lawyers must coordinate.

INDECLINE will coordinate the event with an anonymous blood bank, revealing the location to only confirmed donors and documenting the entire process.

At one point Jerry Media tried to coordinate an “Impeach Trump” proclamation to be the egg’s inner mystery.

It may sound like a small thing, but combined, these features are just enough to coordinate a team, at least for lower-level play.

Thankfully, village elders now coordinate the arrival of the worms, in order to promote Pasola as a tourist event.

While EU data protection authorities cannot impose joint sanctions, they can set up task-forces to coordinate national investigations.

The existence of forums that allow white supremacists to meet, recruit new believers, and coordinate terrorist attacks is an internet problem.

I’ve long heard pundits claim that NFL teams should hire clock management experts to coordinate when teams take timeouts and challenges.

Using that definition, companies could work together on a “joint virtual command center” where they could coordinate a response after an incident.

In squads, you’ll have to coordinate with your teammates in order to be the most effective.

The company also makes tools designed to help disaster victims coordinate their response, including its safety check feature.

Those backing membership, including Prime Minister David Cameron, say the EU helps to coordinate intelligence-sharing.

Notably, many of the Discord channels used to coordinate the campaign were left open to any visitor with the link.

The spokesperson added that the agency works with the mayors of each municipality to coordinate registration events.

“Boys wanted to fashion coordinate with Zion!” Drew said.

There’s even a squad leader channel to help squads coordinate with each other.

He urged the EU to avoid unilateral moves and coordinate tax reforms at international level.

“He hired me to coordinate with investigators who’ve been inundating him with interview requests.

It urged agency general counsel immediately to coordinate with DOJ if a plaintiff raises constitutional arguments about ALJ removal.

“We got ankle bracelets, and we’re going to color coordinate them,” Stephanie said.

They coordinate buoy data off the coast of Japan with the wind and weather over the north Pacific.

Partners can offer to drive or coordinate rides for doctor’s appointments.

I was working an adjacent sector and was helping to coordinate some of the military stuff.

Moscow has offered to help coordinate peace talks in Afghanistan.

The Lima Group also pledged to coordinate efforts to confront an exodus of Venezuelans that is putting pressure on the country’s neighbors.

To avoid overlapping events on the same night, various groups use Facebook and other social-media platforms to coordinate Rio’s open-mic circuit.

But many analysts doubt its ability to coordinate a cut sufficient to balance the market.

The OPSOC was created to coordinate these agencies under the “fusion center” model used by police in the US and other Canadian cities.

Meanwhile, the WHO will try to coordinate funding from governments and organizations all around the world to combat Zika.

The three carriers also have joint ventures with member airlines in Europe that allow them to coordinate prices and schedules and share revenues.

The three companies plus Microsoft Corp said this month they would coordinate more to remove extremist content, sharing digital “fingerprints” with each other.

We just coordinate the room set-up to make sure we have good flow for the guests and to not overwhelm the animals.

FEMA and NOAA often coordinate with groups like ARRL to bounce information to and from local communities.

My job is to coordinate them.

But yes, they like to coordinate,” Young said.

Nazra documented the harrowing wave of sexual assaults on women participating in the protests in Tahrir Square, and helped coordinate support for the survivors.

Established in 2003, the initiative was a formal working group to coordinate biometrics efforts and it regularly released public reports.

“It’s hard to coordinate, but we don’t go more than 20 days without seeing each other,” she told Hola!.

Perhaps Victoria can coordinate a playdate with George and Charlotte for her own children — and one on her sister’s behalf!

How do you coordinate efforts?

“If you have everything under one roof, you can coordinate things much better, that is the sense in which we will develop it further.

“Their schedules have been too hard to coordinate and he is focusing on finishing and promoting his album,” the insider said.

“It is impossible to coordinate the process and stop production in Russia,” the second source said.

Facebook sees the feature being used for convenience to coordinate with friends, for safety-related purposes or for other uses, Chudnovsky said.

“We coordinate times and hashtags and drop content in a calculated kind of way.

“Greg and I rarely coordinate and I don’t think we need to.

A note about coordinates The coordinate system in P5 (and HTML in general) is funky.

Consequently, as we go from the top of a page to the bottom, the y coordinate counts upward.

De Mistura had been visiting Syria as part of efforts to coordinate aid deliveries to several areas in the west and northwest.

To be good at boxing, you have to coordinate all your body parts.

Be cooperative, not divisiveA drug czar has to coordinate policy within the administration and with Congress with limited resources; that’s no easy task.

Pinterest gave me the idea to paint the front bar to coordinate with the nursery better.

But all we know for certain is that they love to coordinate (and we hope that extends to their wardrobe soon too!).

I was directing, helping coordinate movement, checking camera angles, and playing music as we moved throughout the city.

The Not Invisible Act instructs the Bureau of Indian Affairs to coordinate government efforts to address the epidemic of violence in Native American communities.

Oh, and I’d need to coordinate the meal with the bowls and plates they’d be presented on.

Drivers and riders who coordinate a pickup over the Facebook page choose their own method of payment.

“Countries in the region have to coordinate efforts to strengthen their capacity to identify victims and prosecute,” he told reporters in Bogota.

And prior to ASCO having childcare we would coordinate and alternate.

Any future mission would patrol waters, lead surveillance efforts and escort commercial vessels and coordinate with naval vessels in the area.

You can also coordinate a carpool here.

Her job, like that of her counterparts in other states, is to coordinate testimonies and provide research and support for pro-life bills.

Gathering the news gets more difficult to coordinate.

I’ll try to coordinate with other funds in the Midwest to see if they can help them.

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