Convey in a sentence | Use of the word convey examples

But everything else is covered in layers of mystery and obfuscation that don’t help convey a story beyond “Things are happening.”

Please convey to the Pakistani people that they are amazing and all Pakistanis I have known are exceptional people, said Mr. Donald Trump.

But the drawback is that without a bunch of backstory and history to convey, the show clearly has a lot of time to kill.

But Clinton’s strength wasn’t his experience, and it certainly wasn’t his impeccable character; it was his ability to convey warmth and empathy.

If you’re looking for something that’ll consistently and accurately convey a game’s story, this isn’t the tool.

Maybe it’s simply the truth that Trump isn’t a target and Mueller is just trying to convey accurate information.

“The importance of publishing this work is to convey to countries how critical it is that they participate in these investigations,” Wasser stressed.

These drawings reduce the landscape of the city to the barest minimum information Hanaei wants to convey to the viewer.

Did Trump intend to convey an anti-Semitic message with this graphic?

A stranger I want to convey kindness to.

Everything in the area seems to convey a sense of transition, either toward something new, or away from what was.

Mandatory reporting laws in many jurisdictions require that therapists convey suspicions of child abuse to authorities.

Devout Protestants, both Cole and Church made paintings that sought to convey a sense of awe, to provide a view of the divine.

Some folksy terms really do convey a very different idea.

That may be the message Trump wanted to convey — but he left a lot out in the process.

Popular culture holds an affinity for positioning love as an intangible, amorphous feeling; something impossible to convey.

VQP writes in the complaint that the ads convey the same non-political theme conveyed in their film The Muslims are Coming!

VQP writes in the complaint that the ads convey the same non-political theme conveyed in their film The Muslims are Coming!

“As long as I’ve been a songwriter I’ve been interested in some specific feelings that I wanted to convey.

“I think … ‘anger’ and ‘sad’ actually covered a lot of what we saw people trying to convey,” Alison explained.

The work proves Himid a formidable artist able to convey the salient point that British social inequalities have a trans-historic nature.

How am I going to convey the idea of pain when there is so much love?

They convey the information they need to convey as efficiently as possible.

Letters are abstract symbols that map to sounds, emojis are more concrete symbols that attempt to convey emotion or concepts visually.

At present there is no way to ensure consistent transmission of the exact image with the subtleties that you intend to convey.

They don’t always convey what the author envisions.

Experts say lifestyle approaches can help many women with depression—but doctors and therapists don’t always convey this.

You have something you want to convey that is more middle of the road.

And I thought, but there has to be away to convey

If I don’t convey it, then I didn’t do my job.

Those convictions were later overturned and the ordeal has become a case study for how scientists convey uncertainty and risk to the public.

The answer, then, might not be in striving to convey the message most full of surface-level goodness but, rather, in pushing for artistic greatness.

I imagined collaboration on the piece was, at least in part, a conversation about how to convey meaning.

By the artist’s hand, these familiar, otherwise authoritative mapping tools fail in their intended purpose to convey information.

I feel like in my actions that can be the full message that I need to convey.

A few possible reasons: 1) Journalists have a need for digestible headlines that convey simple, accessible, and preferably novel lessons.

It’s difficult to convey why a game “feels” good.

This was primarily because I always wanted to tell a story, to convey more of that ruthlessness that is lost when doing graphical work.

How much of your mod tries to convey that brutality?

Beanies “are supposed to convey this semi-stoner, relaxed, California ‘bro’ type,” says DeLeon.

Finally, some of these works, convey an odd sense of tenderness.

“Some of us have a tendency to use words that undermine our authority or convey insecurity.

they convey their affection for said movies so enthusiastically that you can’t help but be swept up by the whole thing in the end.

That Brooklyn is near the top of the NBA in free-throw rate only begins to convey the group’s relentlessness.

Over thousands of years of literary history, authors have tried and failed to convey an understanding of Others (with a capital ‘O’).

The edges convey how many layers might have gone into each piece.

The workshop sought to convey how art making can be an outlet for expression during challenging times.

Many of the 60 reports they’ve collected since October 16 convey a desperate situation for families.

They want to convey the message that Bashar al-Assad is less worse than other choices.

Billy, like Madani, is forced to utter some poor, heavy-handed lines to convey these thoughts.

It could almost be counted against the film that it doesn’t quite convey the danger.

Koethe’s best poems — and there are many more than I can list — convey a pressure to get to the core of understanding time.

And Barris and Anderson found a way to convey it.

Jolie clearly tried to convey the uniqueness of her situation and the fact that it may not apply to all women.

However, Tanner notes that those estimates might not convey the full story.

We began in a mockup of a red-light district, meant to convey the museum’s staunch support of legal sex work.

I hope that I can convey my ideas visually, so that through people’s eyes they can tell what I’m communicating.

So as I bring flowers and beer to his grave this weekend, I hope to convey everything I learned from hearing his story.

Since ambient or electronic songs often don’t include words, they often convey emotion with sound alone.

He hoped to change that, and to convey to voters that they have a responsibility for those who can’t vote.

They are the answer to what women can wear to convey relatable power.

Regardless, “like a typically Gandhian gesture,” says Kallat, the letters “convey a freight of provocations” and move beyond their initial purpose.

Correction: The headline and text have been changed to convey “patent” infringement, not “copyright.” This article originally appeared on

), they’re never able to quite convey it, even as they try.

(Those pieces are a complexly protected first-round pick, a second-round pick that’s likely—but not guaranteed—to ever convey, and Greg Monroe’s expiring contract).

Wys feels his own art strives to convey a quality of mood, rather than taking the form of a narrative.

Erdoǧan now has a stranglehold on the flow of information — and on who gets to convey it.

There aren’t enough exclamation marks in the world to convey the joy and enthusiasm on display in MORNING POST.

We were really trying to use that 30, 45 second window for the singers to convey that texture and convey that weight.

A new form within the country, performance art enabled Ko to convey his prison experiences directly and forcefully.

She goes on to convey the effect she hopes her art will have on others.

What I like about poetry is how succinct you can be which is is a wonderful way to convey a point.

That’s why you have poor Tim Daggett, one of NBC’s commentators, straining so hard to convey excitement.

The actors frequently convey plot and character revelations in looks and silences rather than words.

Prison relationships also force couples to be creative in how they convey their affections.

Bitmojis convey an entire scene impossible to express with text, or with an emoji.

Further expressing my ignorance, I asked whether the beads and laces and figurative images were intended to convey a Native American aesthetic.

The photographs convey an obvious sensuality while provocatively bringing attention to the naked male form.

.Russian Embassy, UKJanuary 1, 2017 “The Tweets don’t particularly seek to convey hard facts or detailed information,” Beckett continued.

Well, I wanted very much to convey a commitment to trying to figure out ways to raise incomes.

What “Wells for Boys” so perfectly is convey a sense of wonder and childlike enthusiasm without irony or condescension — a rare and potent achievement.

It’s difficult to convey the experience of playing Thumper in words.

Please convey to the Pakistani people that they are amazing and all Pakistanis I have known are exceptional people,” said the statement.

It manages to convey the main beats of that ancient relationship in a way that’s unique to video games.

They definitely, I think, convey that sense of disorientation, things being not quite clear.

Their voices blend perfectly to convey their shared struggle over whether to remain faithful to their fiancés or give in to their passions.

Calvin’s acrylic paintings of similarly stylized women address ideas of personal and public identity and convey the duplicity of the opera’s characters.

“We wanted to convey that in the food, so it had to be really high-impact.

But in January, Biden told PBS NewsHour that he hadn’t actually tried to contact Hill directly to convey his apology.

Today, British and Swedish diplomats — who convey American messages to North Korean officials — sit alongside their German counterparts in that facility.

He also used typeface-covered walls both as decoration and to convey information about the restaurant and its offerings.

Narratives have long served viewers to link abstract ideas to the artists and artwork that convey them.

They can be used to convey despair, distance, and, in Muse’s case, Call of Duty-inspired pwnage.

Hazan also explains what he thinks LeBron was trying to convey with the message.

VICE: What message do you hope to convey with your work?Naima Green: Jewels from the Hinterland has created a community.

“Our desire is to convey to a majority of people that LGBT is normality,” Eduard, a 17-year-old tattoo artist, told Reuters.

“If you’ve never typed on a Model F,” he said, “it is difficult to convey the experience.”

It’s a hard feeling to convey; he only knows it from personal experience.

We both use humor in our Twitter feeds to convey the experiences of living with depression.

The travel poster’s purpose is to convey why the discovery of Trappist-1 is worthy of our attention.

This supposed “translation” is ersatz, a phony rhetorical device meant to convey Western cynicism through a counterfeit Confucian motto.

David Simon knows how to convey a message through an ecosystem—a network of plots and sub-plots that illustrate a basic message.

To have a stranger get on top of you—not so much and we were trying to convey that feeling.

However, paid influencers use different techniques to convey intimacy of each post while toeing the line of compliance.

Relying on still images and dialogue to convey the story was more challenging, but in some ways, it also felt very natural.

“I hope that the Indian Government will be in a position to convey its intentions to the Supreme Court soon.”

The exhibition is just a sampling of Gottschalk’s work, but each image depicts stories and realities that are hard to convey secondhand.

Direct initiation is when you unambiguously convey sexual interest to your partner.

Curators choose artists to convey the concept or point of view of a show.

To convey these sensations, the studio took recorded motion data and tranformed it into surreal animations and audio.

The vertical paintings convey his lifelong interest in making extreme statements in which looking is central.

But in season two, the show doesn’t convey any feeling of what living in Hell’s Kitchen is like.

Schlossberg claims, “What the video did not convey is the real me.

All these women represent the full range of emotions that I wanted to convey.

Is there a particular message you’re trying to convey?Consciousness.

The intruments convey certain very special Korean emotions.

And the campaign runs media literacy workshops and advocacy programs in schools to convey messages of self-esteem and self-worth to young children.

Even the narrow bands edging or running through the panel’s border colors convey a distinctive feel to their physicality.

That Soulja Boy managed to convey both these aspects of our current cyberhell in 2008, on the futuristically titled iSouljaBoyTellEm, is still incredible.

Even the narrow bands edging or running through the panel’s border colors convey a distinctive feel to their physicality.

Munroe’s sculptures “Bushman #1,” “Bushman #2,” and “Tale of Twin Gods” convey the raw energy of a superhero.

“Particularly when it comes to the Underground Railroad, quilts were often used to convey messages or show places for safe passage.

I also wanted to convey high energy and drama—that is why the works are smashed and thrown.”

And perhaps that is the idea he’s quietly attempting to convey throughout his work.

@channelislam airlines are not allowed and will never transmit data which may convey religion, health, political opinion to authorities.

What did she intend to convey?

Say it with us: “Airlines are not allowed and will never transmit data which may convey religion, health, political opinion to authorities.”

@are_eb Airlines are not allowed and will never transmit data which may convey religion, health, political opinion to authorities.

Pelosi has suggested it be delayed, done in the Oval Office or that Trump convey his message through writing, citing security concerns.

Pelosi has suggested it be delayed, done in the Oval Office or that Trump convey his message through writing, citing security concerns.

I hope that if my images stand out to someone, it’d be because they convey my inner voice.

The objective is to convey motion rather than a realistic depiction.

Why was that so important for you to convey to a wider audience?

It’s a leviathan of luxury that pictures can’t properly convey.

I didn’t even know a human face could shape itself in a way to convey such contempt.

The ideal life for many women made Colette apprehensive, and she used the character of Renee to convey her own skepticism of matrimony.

“Within our work,” they continue, “optimism is a fundamental tenet and ultimately what we endeavor to convey by message or example or both.

The two most compelling pieces in the show do convey their “story” through the materials of the works themselves.

Please convey to the Pakistani people that they are amazing and all Pakistanis I have known are exceptional people, said Mr. Donald Trump.

“It’s hard to convey how desperate it is for people who have very severe depression,” Frances told me.

Why convey to a player the message that he’s failing when he may just be flailing due to a malfunctioning wrist?

They are, however, joined together by the vivid way they each convey emotions.

The performers I speak to have clear messages they’re hoping to convey.

More potently, Metro again embraces his nearly avant-garde production side to properly convey the bleakness of 21’s world.

“There comes a need to convey something, and I translate it,” she says.

Artist Kristen Williams writes, “Painting allows me to say those things and convey ideas and concepts that I would not normally speak out loud.

Throughout Dedicated, songs that on paper would suggest intimacy, when performed so tentatively, so daintily, instead convey reticence.

Three hundred sixty-five days multiplied by 25 years makes 9,125, but that doesn’t convey just how exhausting this repetition has become.

The photographer’s focus on the darkest times of the day for his upcoming project promises to convey a similarly eerie nature.

Shively captivates viewers with her flurry of artworks that convey an effortless of-the-moment style.

The drawings are composed of variations of charcoal and graphite, and then softened to convey each strong-willed subject with a wash of vulnerability.

Lyrically, these are all parts of a whole—a very real and complex identity that Musgraves can now convey without having to point to.

What the filmmaker is trying to do is to convey a particular experience.

The book had to convey reality.

It’s also a super-smart surrealist homage to music videos that try a little too hard to convey capital-S Significance.

I tried to convey that in our truncated conversation, as I sat on the couch between my two traveling companions.

So they meet the dean and they are really keen to convey what is it that they know.”

But just what historic precision they convey was not evident to my eye.

So when I’m drawing these women, one of the most important feelings I’m trying to convey is tension.”

Call options convey the right to buy the underlying security at a fixed price in the future, while put options convey the opposite right.

And the purpose of production is to enhance these stories and emotions that an artist is trying to convey.

For his part, Santorum appears to have understood the gap between the passion he could convey what the voters wanted to see.

We’re trying, in a very short amount of time, to convey all these different things.

And to some degree, a big battle requires a certain amount of chaos to convey just how desperate and lost the characters must feel.

Lueck’s photographs convey that decline, but at the same time, they capture a sort of optimism—a word not usually associated with the candidate.

There aren’t a lot of animals that can convey such emotion in just three letters.”

What kind of message do you want this album to convey?Ellul:We’ve been working on this album for about a year.

This interaction is what enables photosynthesis, as photons from the Sun convey energy to chloroplasts, which convert light energy into chemical energy.

Flat volumetric rates don’t convey either of those things.

“It may be unwelcome news, but it’s important that we convey that clearly and unequivocally,” Fannon said.

As a mostly-female band, did you have a mission that you wanted to convey?

“I would just convey to the Medicare population of this nation, they don’t have reason to be concerned,” he said.

For the most part, the palette he uses is somber, as is the mood that the works convey.

“In view of today’s tragic air crash outside Umea, which took nine people’s lives, I want to convey my condolences.

But pictures can only convey so much of what it feels like to be living through one of America’s worst natural disasters ever.

“In view of today’s tragic air crash outside Umea, which took nine people’s lives, I want to convey my condolences.

The works, which are all untitled and made of alpaca and wool, convey a sense of cosmic cartography.

They, like the cookbooks she also uses, convey a world in which order and sequence prevail.

It is also meant to convey a sense of risk to European audiences that Iran may provoke a crisis,” he said.

Despite their scale, his vignettes of mountain sized children at play in urban environments convey a feeling that the human spirit still matters.

“We came out to express our opinion and convey our voice and salute the memory of our eternal martyrs,” said protester Mostafa Sayed Ahmed.

It is also meant to convey a sense of risk to European audiences that Iran may provoke a crisis,” he said.

Her evocatively collaged notes convey the author’s bittersweet ache for a paramour.

What was the main message the play was trying to convey?

Isn’t the very purpose of written language to convey the breadth of human experience?

In one, her face is visible, but her hands convey the emotion and dominate the picture.

At least, that’s what the Gin School at Listoke Distillery in County Louth, Ireland is trying to convey.

And when numbers simply can’t convey the costs of a humanitarian crisis, there’s an infuriating paradox at play.

Also, you can’t sense or convey tone very well over text, so try setting some boundaries around texting.

The students displayed an effigy of death to convey their opposition to the government’s brutal repression of dissent.

He’s going to “strip his paintings—people, places, celebrities— to their bare bones,” and hope that the pieces “convey meaning through minimalism.”

By blurring the lines between truth and fabrication, the filmmakers convey the extent to which Teatro Pobre has seeped into everyday life in Monticchiello.

Talking on the phone one day, sounding quite articulate, he tries to convey the struggles lurking just beneath.

In literature, the characteristics of wild animals have often been attributed to women in order to convey their madness, hysteria, and all-around strangeness.

Each work is guaranteed to convey original and off-kilter facets of your love / no-labels emotional attachment to the apple of your V-Day eye.

What is Drake trying to convey about himself by posting a picture of himself rollerblading?

How many stories of this sort convey deafness through silence?

I wanted to convey ideas of strength and power through their connection to the body by using the models’ hands and feet.”

Another hypothesis is that music latches onto the regions of the brain attuned to speech — which convey all of our emotions.

All convey the notion of reaching a place where reality just doesn’t feel real any more, even though you know it is.

Weber possesses a deft talent for tempering her solemn mission with the understanding that entertainment is necessary to convey that point.

I felt that I was getting the opportunity to convey an actual human being.

This leaves the question: what are the narrow brownish-red areas supposed to convey?

She thinks that the campaign could have been a powerful educational tool, if it had actually sought to convey any useful information about fertility.

The differences are obvious, which is something the MatchaBar team tries to convey to their customers around the globe.

Those that survive often convey ephemeral moments of the seasons and environments that today are changed.

The vitrines also convey the impression that Kline wants his work to make an impression, another hallmark of the artist.

When an opportunity arose to make a career shift allowing me to convey the science to a broader audience, I wanted to investigate.

Since I failed to convey to the officers that I was being threatened, the order was determined to be valid and reasonable.

“Norwegian exports are no threat to the U.S. We will convey this clearly to them today.

It’s a little hard to convey what a humanoid or an android looks like without CG without it looking campy.

With their clunk and coverage, summertime combat boots convey just the sort of brooding masochism Scorpios crave.

Tolstoy’s quote in the beginning and the end credits song both convey this feeling.

And what tag should be used to convey “this is hard as hell, stay away and please don’t boo it”?

Some percentage of them are in there to convey a particular point of view.

Her woodblock prints are large, abstract, and powerfully expressive — yet they convey the feeling of fragility.

We side with our readers, always and exclusively, and do everything in our capacity to convey that we agree with all of their opinions.

and PJ Harvey, who use their lyrics to convey powerful messages.

At that point, I contacted a person who used to work at DoD, hoping he could convey the report to the right people.

Writing a recipe is trying to convey a lot of information while being very economic and evocative with your wording.

Similarly, art has been understood as a way to convey truth, knowledge and moral betterment.

“I convey the message of love and support on behalf of New Zealand to all of you,” she said.

The cast stumbles through the script, not knowing which emotions they’re supposed to convey and often going for comic desperation.

The shots where we see Stormzy surrounded by a maze of pastel-colored buildings convey a sense of respite and ease.

Comedy films such as Barbershop convey the community that can be found in getting your haircut.

When successful, these works convey rarely seen perspectives of dominant narratives, claiming their validity in a preeminent contemporary art exhibition.

The messages were used, Kogan said, for research about how people use emojis to convey emotions.

It’s always underlining things that its visuals already convey nicely.

Art comes from engagement and wanting to convey a message.

“I have a certain aesthetic I want to convey, and color isn’t really a part of it,” ATAK says.

In this moment, the constant plot twists of the show convey an “anything is possible” feeling that actually includes hope.

Through interactivity, games have a particular power, and they’re able to convey a message in ways other media can’t.

It’s not hard to convey a bit of personality, people.

I honestly don’t know how to convey how appalling this process or legislation is.

“Words cannot convey how much you gave me today,” Emer.

We paint these visuals with the words and the way the music works to convey the message of the song.

It always will be a great healer, and will always convey positive feelings and positive feedback.

Some women I spoke to took pains to convey a lack of surprise.

“Our desire is to convey to a majority of people that LGBT is normality,” Eduard, a 17-year-old tattoo artist, told Reuters.

“There’s gotta be a better way to convey this information,” she wrote, underneath that shot of its complicated-looking pricing structure.

What they all convey is a state of being wonderfully unembarrassed about their body shapes.

Gifs of Abe U-turning in a brothel (+2) or Homer backing into a bush (+2) convey a desire to escape.

Mangan just released a new photography book, Time of Nothing, and filled it with abstract landscapes that he hopes will convey this idea metaphorically.

It’s very plausible they could convey these ideas to President Trump, whose views on Islam are already unfavorable.

The love I felt for my son was like that, impossible to convey to someone who has not felt it.

Was this a concept you set out to convey with the album?

Of course, it’ll reflect on aspects of society, but sometimes the more you try to tell, the less you convey.

But even for live action, I’ll make storyboards and animatics to convey my vision.

To convey our complex experiences, you might need a lot of things.

I used the fantasy elements in the film to help convey the subjective feelings and add humor to the narrative.

Take the Italian “cicatrice” or the similarly lettered Spanish, “cicatriz,” which convey (to my ear, at least) something more salutary than the English.

I bent my knees and pointed both hands at the ground in an attempt to convey the meaning.

Microsoft’s promotional videos for HoloLens don’t convey the actual experience of using them.

“I tried to combine the scientific components, accurately and rationally, with a more organic one to convey evolution and mutation,” Capitanio says.

What do you want to convey to people who are watching and a little confused about why this is happening?

They seem to stand in for the camera lens and convey a certain separation from the world and the feeling of an interior retreat.

To me, “Free” poses the notion of an idealized reality, as I want most of my music to convey as well.

The film combines hand-drawn animation with live-action sequences to convey a humorous and personal reflection on contemporary love.

And so on that one, yeah, there was a specific person and a very specific emotion that I was trying to convey.

But, of course, it can never convey the whole truth, because the truth here is much more complicated.

There is no way to avoid looking tacky, no matter how much of a Pride connotation one is hoping to convey.

Explaining the vision for VR without experiencing it is like trying to convey the potential of the Internet in the early 1990s.

Once he understands what it is exactly that he wants to convey with his piece, Travieso begins culling images from a range of sources.

When done well, this look can convey a deeper mood.

In short: a funny tweet failed to convey nuance!

Interlopers and transplants convey the decay and loveliness of a place in works from 1750 – 1969.

Initially, they thought I was just shooting pictures for fun—which is true—but they don’t know about the deeper message I’m trying to convey.

Adelson wants to convey his views on Israel, including the movement of the embassy.

Verollet used simple graphics and text boxes to convey the stifling life he lived.

“By using images and video,” he said, “we have been able to convey stories with emotional impact in a very different way.”

How would I want a prosecutor to convey that information?

You can convey a pretty complex idea with a simple picture.”

I am grateful when I can convey a quick death—the bullet penetrated the heart, for example.

I wish I was trying convey something other than getting something out of my head and off my chest.”

The youngest generation has been referred to by researchers as “friendless,” less likely to convey emotion, and sorely lacking in interpersonal skills.

What does that phrase convey to you?

Some sort of duress — physical or psychological — is apparent, and in both, the emotions that the eyes convey are ambiguous.

Now that you’re officially an out and proud gay man, do you have any other messages that you want to convey?

Yourself” already proved star power could convey impactful commentary alongside a strong kick and snare drum.

Mastercard isn’t the first company to drop the name from its logo in order to convey a shifting business strategy.

I learned to view my albums as separate, but also as things that could be grouped to convey specific meaning.

Instead, they convey the poetry of the hues and color of the land.

You need to wear light and wispy clothes that convey the health and healing you’re packaging in your products.

The things Trump says don’t always convey deeper meaning.

Get close to the sculptures — observe the subtle lines trying to convey deer hair.

The company “did not have any intention to convey discriminatory or racist messages,” they said in a statement.

When numbers simply can’t convey the costs, there’s an infuriating paradox at play.

This associates her with the “New Generation” movement, which aims to convey social realities at personal scales.

He thought it was important to convey that his shop remains open until 5 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Nance’s goal was to use repetitive visuals to convey the feeling of a cyclical, unrequited love.

Customers often use nuanced expressions to convey their unhappiness — such as sarcasm — and the tool is meant to understand such indirect speech.

But they suggest that the official toll is far from accurate and does not convey the extent of the impact of the hurricane.

This week, scientists reported they’d figured out the features of smiles that convey different emotions.

Artist Kristen Williams writes, “Painting allows me to say those things and convey ideas and concepts that I would not normally speak out loud.

For while the perforations evoke susceptibility, they also convey determination and frustration.

White House officials convey a sense of gloomy doom when they talk about fired FBI Director Jim Comey’s public testimony on Thursday.

I don’t know if this is what Williams intended to convey, of course.

When asked about how to convey such meaning solely through sound, Williamson swiftly agreed that’s not always easily possible, or even intended.

Is there a fundamental personal goal or message you strive to convey with Jute Gyte?

There’s no overarching extramusical message; if there is a message I want to convey, it is a musical one not amenable to translation.

He said the two leaders had agreed to convey to the Palestinians that the United States was eager to resume peace talks.

Sagan apparently figured this could adequately convey the nature of the threat to anyone in the future.

Was the proportion of the older painting — whose dimensions convey landscape — what bothered Johns?

Hopefully this experience can convey what a night at The Smell actually feels like.

How do you get communities that are outside of predominantly black neighborhoods to understand the message that you’re trying to convey?

I don’t mean she was trying to convey a message.

What’s the best format for the idea and how can we can convey the humor?

Park suspects the House advanced this bill just to convey a sense of progress.

At the end of the day music is an art form, and the best art and the best artists convey something through their music.

The last time NEI ran advertising like this was in 2015, when it used a more traditional approach to convey its message.

It’s a messier picture than any headline can convey, scientists say.

You shouldn’t judge people by any one of their possessions, Sagittarius; only by the full breadth of their accumulated goods can convey their complexity.

“Dance and laugh and play, ignore the message we convey,” Hannah sings in the records opening verse.

How did you work with the actors and others on the crew to convey that intellectual quality?

What were you aiming to convey with the video?I just wanted everyone to get a little taste of my true self.

Even a single word written a particular way can convey volumes.

In addition to her considerable acting ability, Henson’s overall appearance — her shoes, dress, makeup, hair, and nails — helps convey this multifaceted persona.

Traditions give us the social codes that convey how to be men and women, and how to be recognized as such.

What did you want to capture and convey when you were shooting?

By its very nature, it can’t convey why The Fall made such a lasting impact on me.

One of the first things that Neckles does with her work here is convey where her head is at.

In fact, all I really need is that T-Rex emoji to convey the full range of my emotions, so I can’t wait.

They want somebody who can convey a supreme take-charge confidence.

However, Birch features Edel Rodriguez’s “meltdown” illustrations for TIME, which similarly convey the effectiveness of simplifying cultural events to instantly recognizable elements.

I don’t know how other bands do it, but for us, I’m trying to convey how I’m feeling.”

“I wanted to convey true horror.”

Her black-and-white installations, by contrast, are more guarded and intimate, even when they convey related ideas.

But that presentation is hard to convey in words.

She is merely a vessel to deliver a message she’d rather not convey.

In fact, it’s the only word equipped to convey the seriousness of our bond without ascribing either of us a fixed gender.

So that’s what I try to convey to the actors, too.

Fischl is frugal in his depictions, which are just complex enough to establish the feeling he wants to convey without showing off.

“No words can convey the pain these survivors and their loved ones suffered,” SNAP, a victims’ group, said.

Its scale, composition, color, and message convey a sense of combative urgency.

Although Sánchez rejects the term “feminist,” her works (and career) convey an expansive complexity that mirrors the many layers of women’s selfhood.

“What the video did not convey is the real me.

“The ambassador was asked to convey this message to Pyongyang in the strongest possible terms,” she added.

That helps convey the gravity of a mother’s hold on her daughter’s self-perception, for better or worse.

Doesn’t “I like women and men” convey enough?

short-circuiting poetics to convey a violence that couldn’t be contained by formal rules.

Perhaps images made of more ground than foreground could better convey how low-investment, low-demand, low-returns policies have set the stage for xenophobic racist populism.

Pedersen says he also realizes it’s important to convey science in a way people can understand.

The woman I met at the Café Atelier September, Gothersgade 30, did not immediately convey the fierceness of Third-Millennium Heart.

And also like the rest of the album, he uses his work to convey the complexities of love, relationships, and family.

I feel they can convey so much emotion, and add any extra dimension to the imagery,” she says.

), accessories, tattoos (the nautical star, the Labrys), flowers (violets, particularly), and other symbols were used to convey one’s sexual orientation and proclivities.

Their struggle to film, however, was incomparable to the struggles of those whose stories they sought to convey.

And not even a perfectly orchestrated, casual paparazzi photo-op can convey the same message.

That’s good, because The Walking Dead has struggled to truly convey any of the weight of what Negan does.

During a very uncomfortable conference call with Simpson, the dream team manages to convey that Cochran should deliver the opening statements, not Shapiro.

Will you ever be able to convey joy more clearly than with a moving image of an ecstatic, smiling Kermit?

“New chef-designed specialty pizzas positioned as customizable thought-starters will serve to convey kitchen skills and allow for the personalization these consumers increasingly expect.”

When you’re putting together your date look, make fashion choices that convey your ideas or background.

This suggests that the public’s judgements of nudging could become even more favourable if we can successfully convey scientific understandings of human behaviour.

Where British journalism fails to convey the dimensions of the mess, foreign journalists oblige.

As a dancer she wanted to convey the physicality of medium, the way the body moves around with such purpose but still so freely.

Firstly, it’s the bright off-white color of Portland stone that lends itself perfectly to convey most recognizable tablets.

Rather, there is an important lesson that they convey through their modesty and directness.

These pieces can be mixed and matched to convey exactly what the user is intending and no more.

I hope that others, women in particular, can relate to the positive and negative emotions I’m trying to convey.”

But the phrase Crazy Rich Asians fails to convey just how fun and sweet this film is.

Issa is fighting for the voice she wants to convey, and I see her being more open and collaborative.

And naturally the news reports convey the impression that everyone hates everyone else.

What is that meant to convey to the reader?

This music aims to convey fragility, teetering on the edge of a precipice; it thrashes and jitters around like a mechanical wind-up spider.

Bad For Girls?It helps, she says, that her character is “kind of a badass,” which she tries to convey to the kids.

It’s meant to be jarring and a bit confusing and confronting maybe in some ways because I wanted to convey those feelings.

The tableaus created in the latest Bottles often convey chaos occurring right under the nose of total calm.

Analyst Foad Izadi said the strike was intended to convey several messages.

Harikumar’s illustrations are cheerful, but they convey the depth of the emotions her contributors have shared.

As with all things VR-related, it’s difficult to convey this to someone who has never tried a fancy VR system.

There’s even a Bob Ross emoji, which is used to convey chillness or smugness, usage and user depending.

This approach seems haphazard, rather than methodical, which challenges the idea that a painting should convey order.

The photos convey that the physically disabled, like anyone else, are moving the bodies they have towards the dreams they carry.

/ how does the Latino convey?

Indian news media covered the attack extensively, and Indian lawmakers and state officials took to Twitter to convey their shock and sadness.

It’s difficult to convey the experience of playing Thumper in words.

Indian news media covered the attack extensively, and Indian lawmakers and state officials took to Twitter to convey their shock and sadness.

Let me try to convey it.

There are certain spontaneous elements I cannot achieve in a painting that I know I can convey through these mediums.

What Twitter wants to convey is that it’s taking the spam issue seriously.

It hasn’t released these features publicly, but it’s showing them off to better convey how it sees virtual reality evolving.

And the numbers don’t convey the full extent of information locked away because they don’t include thousands of product-liability cases heard in state courts.

Rob’s French isn’t quite good enough to convey to the Parisian pharmacists that they are looking for a contraption to pump breast milk.

Since the 1990s, customers have affectionately called it the French-inflected “Tarjay” to convey fanciness.

It really drove me to convey my thoughts and feelings in a way that I really wanted to.

That’s something the industry has historically often failed to convey to women.

In the extensive catalogue for Fifty Works for Fifty States, Fine writes, “Any full description of the couple must convey their capacity for friendship.

As an information designer, she is working to convey simple, clear ideas in a way that cuts through information overload.

When he speaks, he puts care into his words and tries to convey his particular worldview honestly and clearly.

I feel they can convey so much emotion and add extra dimension to the imagery.”

Kurita, therefore, designed the original emoji set as a solution to convey human emotion in single images.

Cauleen Smith: The main thing was learning about the way cinema works on us subconsciously, the way different shots convey information nonverbally.

We wanted to convey the emotion and the fear of it.

What do you want the photos to convey?

I find it so amazing how you can convey emotion purely through the use of words.

“Large scale pieces readily provide an impact and dynamic, though it’s difficult to convey delicate expression,” Kurokawa explains.

She replaced the image with a post and explained that she didn’t want to convey any “unintended shade.

They also said Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was against talks but that they would convey the U.S. message to him.

Trudeau wouldn’t comment specifically on whether he would convey the message to Trump directly.

Carman added that he agreed to the interview because he wanted to publicly convey his genuine grief for the loss of his loved ones.

He wittily addressed his wide circle of friends that year with verse that tell how times were tough and still convey resilience and joy.

It is not, as some have argued, a way to convey agreement.

Everybody’s job is very well defined, but all of them are working in concert to effectively convey the chef’s vision.

At its heart, conversation—real conversation—is extremely difficult to convey mechanically.

The resulting compositions are, of course, anchored in the interplay of color, but equally convey engaging gesture, shape, and surface.

J: While I understand the irony you were attempting to convey with your mention of luggage locks being pointless, it’s somewhat misplaced.

What Vito was trying to convey is not easily found out there in the world; I will make sure my students learn it.

It’s hard to convey the next part.

Journalists have a need for digestible headlines that convey simple, accessible, and preferably novel lessons.

Simple cause-and-effect relationships are easy to convey to readers.

But there’s something that even these staggering numbers cannot convey: the story that each individual survivor carries.

He believes that media outlets, politicians, and even other activists have failed to convey that there were multiple layers to the attack.

What were your thoughts on that scene, and what were you trying to convey about parole?

And the numbers don’t convey the full extent of information locked away because they don’t include thousands of product-liability cases heard in state courts.

We knew that scene was key to convey it because it’s just so painful.

The projected images, interacting with emblems of the past, convey the sense of a choreographed dance, one in which both partners are in step.

The piece itself is typical Ono: violent and weird, ultimately concerned with the way the human voice can convey harm, beauty and catharsis.

“I wanted to convey the idea of the figure being a part of nature, as well as having nature within,” Conge explains.

How much new information do I have to convey?

“It needed to convey the emotion of the journey of hiking,” says Conge.

Or even Commedia dell’Arte where you have these stock characters that are also using masks to convey specific emotions or traits.

VICE: What did you want to convey with this film?

One reason Joe Brainard made so many small works was to convey that modesty and ambition were not mutually exclusive.

Twitter says this is because you can convey a lot more meaning in a lot fewer characters with those languages.

Art is a very powerful tool to convey a feeling of balance and harmony to the world.

Translating a game from one language to another is a nuanced process, involving specialists who carefully parse how words convey meaning, tone, and emotion.

“There’s the chance that the waitstaff won’t take your restriction seriously or won’t appropriately convey the information to the kitchen.

Jepsen’s music, like all the best pop, doesn’t convey emotions straightforwardly.

They also said Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was against talks but that they would convey the U.S. message to him.

Able to convey both fuck-the-world recklessness and deep depression, it is modern humanity in a nutshell.

Per the minutes, officials argued that waiting to revise the statement would convey a “false sense of precision” about the neutral rate.

As far as limitations within the curriculum, Qureshi insists that educators can always find a way to convey the information that is most important.

They convey authenticity and careful observation, attributable to the paint handling and an ability to represent subtle facial expression.

“The way they designed characters, narratives and how they all convey such emotion would also permeate completely into my work,” he tells Creators.

Used also for mainstream advertising and high-impact entertainment stunts, it appeals to activists who want to convey a big message quickly, effectively and cheaply.

Could these outbursts have been orchestrated moments, meant to convey a certain portrait of the fighter?

What did you want to convey in these?

Refugee eschews calculated political statements, instead aiming to convey the complex identities and narratives of its subjects beyond simply their suffering.

The challenge is to convey the uncanny.

A trained photographer, Jones turned to illustration when she found that she couldn’t convey certain ideas in photography.

To convey that the United States is doing everything that we can to protect our people and facilities abroad; 2.

Today, I think I understand what the psychologist was trying to convey.

Dramas like A Star Is Born and Boy Erased went for serif caps, as though to convey a refined thoughtfulness.

Perri’s goal was to convey the sense of terror and disquiet that the film imparts through its title art.

Jan Reeves, who heads the Idaho Office for Refugees in Boise, has been trying to convey the importance—and legality—of the program to Governor C.L.

It was a really interesting way to convey something that’s really true, right?

Much of financial economics is based on the efficient markets hypothesis, which says that market moves convey important information.

Time heals all wounds.” However, comforting friends by putting a positive spin on grief doesn’t always convey empathy and understanding.

They wouldn’t want you to feel sad.”Why: Advising your friend to “stay strong” may convey that grieving is a sign of weakness.

When someone oversimplifies their science for me or appears to be testing me, I have special phrases to quickly convey intelligence.

), and warm, solid hugs that convey an I- support-you kind of vibe.

Art is a very powerful tool to convey a feeling of balance and harmony to the world.

What is one message you would like to convey to those who want to help?

What about the yellow surface and the blue shapes and the feeling they convey, that everything is damaged and worn but not used up?

The looks on their faces convey the emotional intensity of what’s at stake.

What is the best way to convey something, especially if the essence of it seems to escape appearance?

It was ugly, uglier than I can convey.

Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said Juncker would “convey to the Russian leadership … the EU’s perspective regarding the current state of the EU-Russian relations”.

But he also realized that he was only being shown things that were intended to convey a message.

In the extensive catalogue for Fifty Works for Fifty States, Fine writes, “Any full description of the couple must convey their capacity for friendship.

“A picture can be worth a thousand words, and people’s apparel can convey very strong and shocking images,” Roberts told Breemer.

The show is filled with such images, portraits of black children and adults that convey blackness as person, as culture and also as color.

And right now, there’s no official way to convey that explicitly apart from hashtags.

That’s what Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom aimed to convey when she created these excellent gender-reversed casting notices.

Or perhaps it’s supposed to convey that wealth or status (both of which Darius has in spades) can’t save you from bigotry.

While it noted the flag doesn’t have racist origins, today it can be “sometimes interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts.”

No, what I want to convey is my early sense that there are people and events that achieve a certain fictionality.

Here one feels this young designer’s full potential, his ability to convey complex psychological relationships with tenderness, and perhaps some pain as well.

They can also convey the history of a book, what it’s made from, and where it’s been.

These two works, and the pieces between them, are united by a shared impetus to convey individuated takes on inner experience.

He would convey genuine excitement as he led the camera crew around his hometown of Clearwater, Florida, for short MMC segments.

Nkisi makes music to convey what engaging with racist, imperialist oppression in the 21st century feels like.

Testimonies collected from villages convey horrifying reports of women and children burned alive in their homes by soldiers.

The exhibitions demonstrate the messy, intuitive processes by which artists combine experience, an understanding of materials, and dexterity to create objects that convey meaning.

“Sooty Sweat” might just have the thickest paint in the entire show, while the lines in “Mars Arms,” though imperfect, convey austerity.

Sitting next to him at an electric piano, Lynch would offer abstract prompts of the feeling the music would convey.

“It’s really about my identity, or what I want to convey to the world that particular day.

“The most challenging aspect was figuring out how to convey the right scale for the project.

Well, he didn’t actually “say” that — ’cause he can’t talk — but he definitely used hand signals to convey the message.

So, I get why they would want to convey that.

DAPL protesters who request the posters can also dictate the written message they want the posters to convey.

convey to investors that you’re attacking a very large market.

In short, the company wrote, “We never stopped to question whether a potato would convey the essential brand experience of Cards Against Humanity.”

What heritage of a 140-year-old museum does this convey?

Used also for mainstream advertising and high-impact entertainment stunts, it appeals to activists who want to convey a big message quickly, effectively and cheaply.

But electoral capture doesn’t convey how black voters align their vote with candidates based on where they land on the progressive, liberal spectrum.

Explosive psychedelic moments combine with unhinged desire to convey the potential for excitement, pleasure and doom ahead, like all good romance novels should.

In a letter, Peretz asked Isaac Herzog, chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, to convey his regret to Jewish communities around the world.

That tabard became a canvas for this message that this uniform was going to convey and make it even more glorious and special.

One player has a tablet with a facial recognition program before their face, and must convey an indicated emotion (happy, surprised, angry, etc.)

If you convey that, and you trust yourself to do that, and you do have that ability, you will.

The video is designed to convey exactly a “little-girl fantasy on ballerina-ness,” because Jenner devoted her childhood towards becoming a world famous model.

Except what I really wanted to convey here was actually a very hippie idea.

But he was just citing a song from the Broadway hit “Evita” to convey a message that people should not feel sorry for him.

Almost a year later, it’s clear that the conversation around Stein’s transition must move beyond what any headline can convey.

One of the ways to convey color in a digital image is by breaking it into its three properties: hue, saturation, and lightness.

It doesn’t really convey a sense of urgency [so] we wanted to sort of inject some reality into the discussion.”

Through a few images with text, Slideshow ads can convey a similar story to full-motion video.

How would you convey the thrust of his ideology, to the extent he had one?

We hope convey in a sentence examples were helpful.