Constructed in a sentence | Use of the word constructed examples

As a result, the GOP’s plans were poorly constructed and often didn’t go nearly as far as Republicans wanted.

And an adventure playground recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign to be constructed in New York.

Numerous anecdotes and studies have shown that doctors often ignore female pain as constructed or exaggerated.

It was almost as if he had been constructed in a laboratory by Fidel Castro’s propaganda machine.

For his current exhibition, he constructed layered space in his paintings by arranging different-sized, monochromatic rectangles atop of each other.

It’s 18 feet tall, and pretty seriously constructed.

Or the way it seems, at times, constructed out of other movies.

Several of the showcased languages, such as Hawaiian and Cornish, are revived; Palawa Kani is constructed to resemble the extinct languages of Aboriginal Tasmanians.

At others, on the Slovak and Hungarian borders, pipes and metal piles stuck out of the ground where buildings were to have been constructed.

The Armor vest runs a printed graphene temperature sensor constructed by Bon Bouton.

That’s racial bias — but it’s also a socially constructed illusion.

There is an attitude constructed in opposition to each other, which in no way binds a sense of society.

Starz’s Counterpart is such a slow burn, so deliberately constructed, that saying anything about it — like “there are parallel universes” or “J.K.

To break a mold that was constructed for her but not by her.

Winslow’s future is not yet written, but the Heat, as presently constructed, have a shelf life, and a relatively short one.

“If you were to construct the perfect progressive candidates for Virginia right now, I don’t think you would have constructed Tom Perriello,” Kidd said.

“Likely voter” models constructed using 2012 turnout data, for example, could have overstated the presence of Clinton supporters while overlooking that of Trump supporters.

It also has hundreds of thousands of informally constructed homes with many owners lacking title to their property.

The studio space seen here is constructed of two 8 x 40 foot shipping containers that sit atop a “dirty” work space below.

The engineers at Toyota constructed it without screws or nails, and instead used traditional Japanese woodworking techniques to assemble the design.

When you visit a skate park, bike track, or ski slope, it’s so easy to take for granted how the place was constructed.

In the case of this show neither of us had constructed hanging sculptures….

Scenic artists can manipulate backings by adjusting light, color, and texture, helping to support the movie camera’s constructed image.

Take “Cells,” a piece from 2014 constructed of zinc-plated steel and hand-blown glass.

Devin Morris’ video collage work …Where Salvation Is depicts a black marionette exploring the fluidity and limitations of constructed identities and the built environment.

Obamacare is so poorly constructed it is literally an anti-selection machine.

Along the way, thousands passed through one of several newly and quietly constructed Jewish transit centers.

She is their protector and champion, shielding them like the purpose-built institute recently constructed to do the same.

”The mandate, as it was constructed, was not very effective,” Sloan says.

In countries like Iran, there is a wide gulf between how buildings are constructed in cities versus the countryside.

In her Light Space Intimacy series, Chen makes small constructed paintings, often with a cutout in the center.

Using various media such as embroidery thread, fluorescent paint or color transparencies, I create layered sculptures painted from digitally constructed images.

If Ronaldo is to shine, though, it will be because of the midfield platform Santos has constructed for him.

The hall of mirrors was constructed in the first place as a distillation of tropes around a racially charged stereotype.

Walls of protectionism are being constructed around the world,” Chung, 48, told hundreds of employees at the group’s headquarters in Seoul.

And second, it has always been an intentional city, closely conceived and constructed by central planners.

Ring roads (rondas) were constructed around the city to enable smooth transportation between venues and reduce congestion.

The Idiot is about language, and about what a strange, artificial, and constructed thing our language is.

And Vox’s Joss Fong created this video to explain how Stonehenge was (probably) constructed.

The course and warm-up pool have been completed but temporary seating for 7,500 spectators still need to be installed and the administration building constructed.

It’s also unclear how neatly the left, as it’s constructed today, fits into Rorty’s binary distinction.

Responding to the environment, Hassinger constructed the sculptures out of branches that echo the shapes of rocks and flower beds.

In fact it has been constructed in a large outhouse about 900 yards from it.

They’re constructed as a threat, a necessary aberration, supposedly undermining the values and principles the European nation holds so dear.

The Americans with Disabilities Act governs how buildings, like venues, should be designed, constructed, or altered to make them accessible.

In the Nazi film Olympia, the umbilical cord between ancient Greece and Nazi Germany is constructed.

They are elegant and beautifully constructed, even though they play with the noise and glare of popular visual culture.

Or, at the very least, next time you see a comic, take the time to mind those meticulously constructed Ps and Qs.

A Saatchi gallery constructed entirely out of sugared almonds and lemon juice?

His text made an impression on Nguyen, who has long been dedicated to laying bare how Vietnam is constructed in the media.

It’s beautifully constructed, appropriate for nearly any occasion, and very sturdy.

Rather, he constructed a honey trap for the media, with his fervent supporters as bait.

The Great Pyramid is a wonder of the ancient world built around 2400 BC; experts still don’t know exactly how it was constructed.

Coastal shrimp farmers grow the animals in large, constructed ponds, located on the water’s edge so that their water can be exchanged regularly.

Nailing a guitar solo is tough; the genre lends itself to masturbatory self-indulgence and not toward carefully constructed melodies.

A new chamber could provide clues to how the pyramid was constructed.

Borrowing the drawings’ color scheme, the models are constructed in dark wood and the metal fittings are a burnished, gunmetal gray.

“The way an archive is constructed alters the significance and context each book brings along,” Hernández adds.

We have constructed our own database in order to combine measures of growth and equality.

And now a new, in-between meal culturally constructed by coastal elites—brunch—is taking up a third of Yelp’s image real estate?

A Christmas Tale is constructed as a series of small moments in the family’s Christmas celebrations.

But they also have no idea because they’ve become so consumed by the layers of falseness with which they’ve constructed multiple identities.

The Stefan Karl Academy & Center for the Performing Arts will be constructed and launched next year in Switzerland.

As a visual metaphor, we’ve constructed a tower of mass.

Most scientists concur that race is socially, and not biologically, constructed, and so there has been no “progress” in the genetic identification of race.

Gaad’s carefully constructed image of himself is completely disintegrating.

Set up in the round, the black-and-white tiled flooring and massive, modular speaker are constructed with disco in mind.

Büyüktaş constructed each image from a multistep process.

It constitutes a way to let light in while inhibiting most of what else exists outside of the constructed space from coming inside.

Ink-on-glass landscape paintings further the illusory landscape created by the gardens and places the viewer’s reflection within this constructed paradise.

And Vox’s Joss Fong created this video to explain how Stonehenge was (probably) constructed.

In the heat of the moment, though, have we constructed the ethical apparatus to stand against an unjust action happening right before our eyes?

constructed from injection-molded BPA-free plastic, the Bergan Elevated Double Bowl Feeder offers excellent durability while still being fairly lightweight and easy to assemble.

Durably constructed from BPA-free plastic, the IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder is available in three different sizes.

constructed from recyclable polypropylene, the Neater Feeder Deluxe Elevated Feeder is a highly durable product with the added benefit of being an elevated feeder.

Durably constructed from lightweight plastic and silicone, the Dexas Popware Elevated Pet Feeder is easy to assemble and convenient for both storage and travel.

Affordably priced and durably constructed, this interactive dog toy wobbles, bounces, and giggles to keep your dog occupied for hours on end.

Pelican Bay State Prison in California was the first newly constructed supermax prison to open, in 1989.

According to archaeologists, the complex stretches the size of four soccer fields and was constructed with ornate materials, indicating a high status.

There is no cavalry, that’s not the way the country has ever been constructed.

This leash is constructed from durable but lightweight nylon to handle dogs of all sizes.

Durably constructed from aluminum, this scoop is surprisingly strong, and the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use.

Most have no title to their homes, which are constructed without permits and usually not up to building codes.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Peter A. Browne believed a scientific portrait of humanity could be constructed through its hair.

Joining him were two other dancers who also donned representations of Guatemalan buildings that Ramírez-Figueroa had constructed out of corrugated white plastic.

Pro-faith or Islamic feminism tackled the methods of textual interpretations, re-examined the canonical sources, created new interpretive methods, and constructed new knowledge.

For decades our courts have constructed an antitrust regime at odds with the values that Congress articulated when passing the antitrust laws.

Her daughter, running through the dunya, effortlessly hopping its constructed zones of time and place.

Now, vocally, RALPH sounds like a wizened, slick pop singer, a la Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks’ jangling harmonies and tightly constructed songs.

These tracks are carefully constructed, both in song structure and lyrically, to present the most authentic version of herself as she can.

constructed on top of the archeological ruins of old Mecca, which were unapologetically destroyed to accommodate the buildings, they dwarf Kaaba in its modesty.

It was constructed from layers of guitar, piano, synthesizer, voice, and field recordings manipulated to near unrecognizable states.

A claustrophobically narrow house in Virginia was constructed only to block public access to an alleyway.

One was constructed in 1924 by the Michigan Observation Company, the other by a farmer who owned the other half of the bluff.

But some of the profiles appear to have been constructed from historic allegations that do not accurately reflect the individuals they profile.

In domes constructed of neon spandex, groups of people have gathered for yoga—and maybe more dancing.

Prior administrations sought to boost assistance to migrants’ countries of origin and also constructed barriers along the border.

Originally designed in 1997, the 16-bedroom, 26-bathroom home was constructed after the incredible estates belonging to the Astor and Vanderbilt families.

Voters are hiring managers, and the presidential campaign is a long, strangely constructed job interview.

Circles, squares, triangles, and other geometric primitives formed the building blocks for nearly all teletext art, masterpieces constructed from what were essentially digital stamps.

My identity is really constructed by others, based on cultural assumptions.

Her arrival pits Arnold’s constructed reality against the prejudices of a mainstream society that still expects homosexuals to live in the closet.

It’s a warm and joyous romp of a book, with a beautifully constructed romance and a thoughtful examination of intersectional privilege.

Leave your expectations at the door, the mural silently proclaims, the reality constructed here is entirely subjective, a winding Sisyphean maze of convoluted ideas.

Instead, memory is constructed.

“I was impressed by the ingenuity of the ‘Positron’ and how the artist constructed it, which is really phenomenal,” Nieuwenhuizen told Hyperallergic.

Myanmar officials have said returnees will be moved to camps only temporarily while so-called “model villages” are constructed near their former homes.

The Media House was thereby constructed to include a small café, a public media center, two performance spaces, a TV studio, and artist workspaces.

Directed by Meghan Friedrich, this is an incisive work of media criticism constructed solely out of creatively edited archival materials.

Smith has constructed a set of stairs in the gallery where viewers can sit and watch the film projected on a wall.

But the deeper you get into The Path’s first season, the more Goldberg reveals how cannily she has constructed this particular puzzle.

Generally, painters use their medium to look out onto a world, whether real, imagined, or digitally constructed.

The enterprise occupies an Art Deco building constructed in 1925 for the North Metropolitan Power and Electricity Company.

These works feel constructed as opposed to made, and engage with several forms of tactility, illusion, and physical depth.

None of these laboriously constructed production elements are ever seen in close-up in the movie.

Can a work of consequence really be constructed around an event no more momentous than a toddler’s loss of a doll?

Eventually, however, a cult of personality was constructed around him, and ushered him into immense power.

US government officials also constructed roads, opened schools, and developed agriculture.

Most of these monuments were constructed in the early 1900s as the South was imposing Jim Crow segregation and racial terrorism on black communities.

Its perceived harmony offers some contrast to our constructed world.

In the video Conditt describes how he constructed all seven explosive devices in detail, the last of which he used to commit suicide.

Which makes sense, as it is exactly that: a castle constructed not out of imported tile, but of trash.

And eventually, what you have is not a precarious leap but a steady bridge that you’ve slowly, deliberately constructed over time.

We may all have dreams, but we tend to have different culturally constructed ideas about their psychology.

So they would say that gender is not socially constructed but a biological category.

Kim has already constructed a ski resort and a new airport there.

That the exhibition was constructed with a sincere admiration and respect for Hammons’ work only complicates things further — or explains everything.

Feminists debate whether drag denigrates women or empowers them by revealing femininity as a socially constructed ruse.

It’s also about the way cities were constructed.

It doesn’t shake, wobble, or squeak when ascended thanks to a robust frame constructed of 2-inch steel metal tubing.

It’s a crazy double standard.Movies have been constructed for male pleasure for so long.

All of their works encapsulate the simplicity of nature photography, but with a satisfying symmetry that can only be constructed with human hands.

If it were constructed, he said, it would mean yet more dangers for migrants.

If there was a Record Digging Hall of Fame, Gilles Peterson would surely have his own personal bust constructed purely out of rare acetate.

In “Songs of Memory and Forgetting Quilt #2” (2016), Martha McDonald constructed a quilt made with fabrics and photographs found at Revolution.

Jon Kasich, R-Ohio: “We must strengthen our nation’s security through well-thought-out and constructed plans.

According to Ober, these items are apparently, “constructed of carbon-based polyurethane” and can be plugged in.

If we want social media as it’s been imagined and constructed, we have to live with this garbage.

An incarnation was constructed in 1997 for the artist’s first Hauser & Wirth exhibition, in Zurich.

The pipeline was constructed and experienced its first spill in April 2017.

The PES facility was first constructed in 1866, according to the facility website, making it over 150 years old.

Babiru was a collaborative side project for the two illustrators, a fictional world and storyline developed through a series of digitally constructed illustrations.

I jabbered, “showing the player that elements in the environment like this are important and constructed!”

Named after the utopian architect behind Arcosanti, the unique space was constructed with aboriginal aesthetics taking center stage.

The long table I’ve constructed myself is the only spot I have now to continue my work.

Here’s a simple framework constructed by psychologists 100 years ago that will help you see what I see.

The hyphen functions here both as constructed language and as paradoxical metaphor.

This, too, is a constructed story, one patched together from the myth itself.

The Hyphenated Lives series speaks to the way social values are constructed.

But the Offred/Nick storyline is just not constructed to do the work it’s being asked to do here.

Often, it just means a website is constructed from essential coding elements and very little else — no frills, redundant images, or advertising.

Several of the city’s buildings constructed specifically for artists are now demolished or have high rent.

constructed in 1930, the United Palace once championed vaudeville performances and also functioned as a luxurious, high-end movie theater.

The ILMxLab also created a system which allows movie directors to preview a set design in virtual reality before it’s constructed.

Na’ashjé’íí Asdzáá (Spiderwoman) gave Navajo the ability to weave, so artist Eric-Paul Riege constructed her home from looms.

But would the Rocket Yoga class live up to the brand’s carefully constructed marketing hype?

features simple and contemplative sculptures constructed from everyday objects like dirt, tissue boxes, and communion wafers stained with ink.

A deep, man-made lake would be constructed — and then populated with a flock of imported swans.

A deep, man-made lake would be constructed — and then populated with a flock of imported swans.

The piece itself, a beautifully executed scene of Egyptian figures intricately constructed from colored bits of cardboard, is held behind a frame.

The hour of dancing I viewed was constructed of what appeared as a series of broken parts.

A false provenance was constructed before its sale to the Getty in 1988, about a decade after its discovery.

At Galerie Parisa Kind‘s booth, she contributes two chairs constructed of pink latex stretched over curved steel.

The song’s skeletal, tropical, loop-based instrumental was constructed entirely from the program’s stock sounds.

From that, Dirlam constructed job satisfaction trajectories for a portion of the participants that starts at age 25 and end at age 39.

And I think “the party,” broadly constructed, should be thinking about it.

Point one: This is the opposite of how legislative efforts are typically constructed.

These cars will be powered by batteries from the Gigafactory, a huge factory Tesla has constructed in the Nevada desert.

Similarly, they’d have ten-second song like “Free Bird,” which was constructed to shut down hecklers in record time.

Even before Amazon made its announcement, Long Island City had become one the most rapidly constructed area in the entire country.

This interactive feature manages not to overwhelm objects hanging on walls or presented in specially constructed vitrines.

To better understand this, the Rennes physicists constructed little hills of millimeter-sized glass beads.

But the imagery is delicately constructed — echoing, perhaps, the elusive nature of memory.

“Exxon Mobil participated in understanding how the sanctions are going to be constructed,” he said.

They then fed their measurements into a computer model and constructed a record of avalanches in the region going back 150 years.

Everything is constructed as a male fantasy here.

A family tree constructed from the DNA data puts today’s Southeast Asian breeds on the earliest branch, implying an origin in Asia.

“Cage” (1930–31) is a cube containing suspended spokes and crudely geometric forms constructed in untreated wood.

You’ll also be glad to know that it is constructed from BPA-free plastic and made in the USA.

Durably constructed from aluminum, this scoop is surprisingly strong, and the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use.

“Exxon Mobil participated in understanding how the sanctions were going to be constructed,” he said.

The narrow building was constructed in 1948, creating a space for a congregation that had been meeting in an organized manner since 1893.

— if a bridge to a Kawhi or Kyrie plus Davis pairing can be constructed.

It’s not a simple telling of the story, but rather a meditation on how legends are constructed in America.

Despont’s lines have a gentle way of pulling you into her constructed setting and inviting deep, personal meditation.

His critics, meanwhile, allege this has been his intention all along and the carefully constructed public persona are all part of the plan.

The reason they’re so frequently used by militaries and wars and other times is because they can be constructed very rapidly.

But I think we do need to think very carefully about the way the theory is constructed.

I knew they could be constructed affordably and quickly.

Perhaps more simply, barriers can be constructed, including with vegetation to block road noise.

Granted, it was done in 2008, and I don’t know how much the financial crisis affected the price that they constructed it at.

This contract isn’t constructed but rather something natural that each and every one of us carries inside ourselves.

Indeed, Criminal is so haphazardly constructed that you wonder if anyone actually bothered to watch the movie all the way through before releasing it.

The American Indian boarding schools were constructed from the late 19th to early 20th centuries as a tool of assimilation.

constructed to honor one revolution, the Palacio was left unfinished for over 20 years because of another.

“The current version was constructed in coproduction with Akripol factory which produced the laser cut glass pieces,” Baraga explains.

Lincoln in the Bardo is a thoughtful, readable, and beautifully constructed novel, a kind of A Fine and Private Place for the 21st century.

Watching Price that day made me question the way we think about pitching staffs and how they are constructed.

The two stools placed in front of the television are also constructed from stacks of cardboard.

Schieberl told me that he did his share of research on the specifications and constructed it as authentically as possible.

The artist also constructed a cenotaph, an empty tomb erected in honor of those whose remains are elsewhere.

And then there was a fashion story the team constructed from the photographer Roger Ballen’s archive, in collaboration with Roger himself.

constructed in 1949, the Marcy Houses are named after former the New York governor, US senator, and secretary of state William Marcy.

However, the numbers do not back up Regnery’s claim that the New York Times has constructed its best-seller list to penalize conservative books.

Local media reported that he got access to them through a tunnel constructed from inside a closet.

Yu’s firm, Wutopia Lab, constructed the Instagram-friendly, 1,380-square-meter space from 2016–2017.

Our governments as currently constructed can’t protect us — they don’t even understand it wholly.

Tacoma is constructed very differently than its predecessor.

If only the constructed falsehood of white supremacy in the US were as easy to remove.

One thing that worries me on the American side is that we have constructed a rhetorical framework from which there’s no easy exit.

So we’ve constructed a position that’s very hard to climb down from.

It’s an unintentionally revealing anecdote about the man who constructed Trump’s budget proposal.

The new rocket is essentially constructed from three Falcon 9s bolted together side by side.

We have intentionally constructed Berkshire in a manner that will allow it to comfortably withstand economic discontinuities, including such extremes as extended market closures.

He recently cited the controversial golf course, constructed in a protected area, as evidence of improvements.

In “Get Lost,” we move through meticulously constructed frames, but it quickly becomes clear that these photos are anything but static.

Solo artist Urzula Amen constructed a fake grocery store-like room with graphic health-hazard labels in the style of cigarette warnings.

But even though race is socially constructed, it’s a very firm construct.

The film was both constructed as a way to force people to think about it, but also to humanize people who had it.

“Previously, I had worked with wood crafts until I discovered these hyperrealistic miniatures constructed with polymer clay.

In 1923, a similarly shaped arena was constructed in Pasadena, California, and dubbed the “Rose Bowl.”

Marie, finding that the outhouse was clogged, peed on the floor and polluted my newly constructed water supply.

A person has no access to the outside reality except for this constructed image.”

Often, our belief in their power stems from our lack of understanding of how machines are constructed and operate.

Too unusually constructed and cold, despite its war movie roots.

constructed as much as reported, Fire at Sea is a beautiful artifact presented for your contemplation.

He added the delays were due to ambitious deadlines for plants that are normally constructed in 35-40 months.

That what little protection they had painstakingly constructed over the years could be reversed in the course of a night.

The result is that Larry fans have constructed an enormous echo chamber of belief around the Larry Stylinson “conspiracy.”

The constructed, imagined personality who would express such a worldview, on the other hand, was wild, unpredictable, irresistible, emotional, crazy, messy, glorious.

You can visit his preserved corpse from 8am to noon in his mausoleum, a huge temple-like building constructed in the months after his death.

Though constructed one thick brushstroke at a time, they were rather subversively painted from postcards rather than en plein air, emphasizing structure over ideology.

were constructed, fatalities occurred and we learned from them.

It’s believed he even constructed the frame.

All were constructed at the height of Flint’s affluence, in the 1950s and ’60s, and remain vital today.

It might equally well be as constructed as the photograph of the protagonist in his basement lair.

Each baked body part is made with meticulous detail; each feature constructed out of raisins, nuts and other edible toppings.

That was the first time I’d ever seen an echo chamber constructed so rapidly and distressingly, right before my eyes.

The identities that fill the exhibition are largely constructed, as befitting those who live in the public eye.

Most recently he constructed a brilliant role, with the help of Norwegian auteur Joachim Trier, in Louder Than Bombs, opening in theaters April 8.

But it is also the home of some of the most exciting and smartly constructed action sequences you’ll see at the multiplex today.

Despite conservators’ best efforts, many human creations were simply constructed with imperfect materials and inevitably deteriorate as the years go on.

Certain forms and figures are constructed by exposing their bamboo framework, while others are wrapped in white silk.

The exhibition’s pièce de résistance is a large dragon constructed in four segments snaking through a ground-level gallery.

“Often times I aim to disguise certain subjects—unlike what modern photography was constructed to do, revealing and capturing moments in time.”

Race was and is socially constructed by “political regimes, through intergroup relations, and via personal interaction.”

The company might get the right to collect tolls on a newly constructed road.

In October, IS destroyed a triumphal arch that had been constructed by the Romans to commemorate victory in battle against the Persians.

A record of something constructed by another person and left here for you to find.

Their narrative arcs are constructed by producers rather than screenwriters.

“But we make constructed bras best and anyone can make bralettes.

In October, IS destroyed a triumphal arch that had been constructed by the Romans to commemorate victory in battle against the Persians.

The building was constructed in 1732.

“They’re being critical of what they constructed,” Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr (R-N.C.) told VICE News while walking through the Capitol.

The card has been constructed such that you can remove it and replace it without damaging it,” Kotchman said.

The universe she constructed had little to do with the physical one she inhabited.

It said the reactor was being constructed with help from North Korea and had been months away from activation.

Here is an apartment building that is also being constructed next to the hotel.

Granted, this constructed permission allows each self-taught (a.k.a.

constructed from elements such as silver and iridium, the control rods absorb neutrons released during fission and slow down the rate of fission.

When the company needed a website, he taught himself how to build one and constructed it within a week.

Garden Underground and its community are constructed on a strict ideology.

The detonations being constructed here begin to evolve.

What’s more important is that Titus Kaphar has constructed a profoundly suggestive installation that dissolves the boundary between reality and fiction.

This is clearly constructed using the entire metropolitan area of each city greater than 100,000.

In response, black-bloc protestors set up a makeshift barrier constructed from shopping carts to keep Kessler and his cohorts from leaving the vicinity.

These are masterfully constructed songs that wrestle with themselves lyrically as much they burrow into the listener melodically.

The Americans has constructed a remarkable final season not by trying to become something other than itself.

The Clinton campaign, however, is trying to convince Democratic voters that Sanders’s plans are unrealistic, poorly constructed, or both.

Ocean City, Maryland’s first boardwalk, was constructed in 1900.

Galveston’s Pleasure Pier was originally constructed in 1943 as a recreational facility for military personnel.

The preliminary report also raised questions about other ships in the class and the Spanish shipbuilder that constructed it.

It was constructed in the style we’ve since come to know as Gothic, characterized by an emphasis on height, light, and color.

The stakes are so low that Slow TV events aren’t even constructed with the assumption you’ll watch it all.

In the city, buildings are constructed out of the same material as the ground.

Does this moment break the rest of this carefully constructed movie, or at least let it down a little bit?

It’s not a mind-bending cinematic masterpiece like Mad Max, but it’s a solidly constructed, admirable work.

You might say that once Westfall constructed his prison, he decided that, instead of constantly redecorating it, he would move elsewhere.

The conditions under which we loathe ourselves are socially constructed, but in practical terms, they’re very real.

She’s recorded a person’s breath onto a stone, constructed fossils to document current tectonic movements, and even created crystals out of saliva.

Florentijn Hofman unveiled “Conibeer,” a monumental sculpture of a bear constructed out of conifer tree branches.

Rosenstein’s career has been largely constructed on a reputation for being intensely dedicated to stopping crime — and intensely apolitical.

“While my artworks are usually constructed, animated and rendered over several months, I enjoyed the loose extemporization in real time.

So what the engine does as currently constructed, is you go into Facebook or some social site … Facebook more than any of them.

Lastly, Stotter shoots a video of the models walking away from the constructed scene to create an element of surprise.

Curated by Mouna Mekouar, Sehgal’s constructed situations in Marrakesh were in dialogue with a centuries-old Moroccan tradition known as halqa, which emphasizes circularity.

The “ECS” covers for “Empire City Subway,” constructed in the 19th century for telegraph and phone cables, now mask Verizon communications, including internet.

My greatest effort is that the complicated situation should be constructed with simple, daily elements.

Ruins excavated in Cologne date back to Roman times; it’s upon these that the St. Kolumba Church was constructed during the Middle Ages.

Beginning in the 1960s, Russian scientists designed and constructed closed biodomes in order to road-test long-duration space habitats.

The piece, inspired by Matthews’ four daughters, required 60 hours of welding and was constructed over the course of two years.

This baby’s constructed with two repurposed ten-foot satellite dishes from Craigslist, made to look like a UFO.

But Cassidy was presuming that Trump cared about how tall he wanted his building to be, rather than simply demanding a building be constructed.

At some recently constructed high-rise apartment buildings, for example, potential residents fear facing dozens of flights of stairs during power outages.

Romantic love has its biological side, and it has its socially constructed side.

But for the socially constructed side, we have a lot of control over that, not any one individual but collectively.

Knowing that we have a socially constructed phenomenon on our hands is what empowers us to challenge and change it.

During the early 19th century, white evangelicals in the South constructed a “way of life” built around slavery and white supremacy.

The Ministry building was constructed in the 1940’s and later renovated in the 1980s.

— it’s no worse than using masks as the entry point for a meditation on the value of constructed personae.

It is incredibly hard because of the ways the laws are constructed and the way power is constructed.

I relate the “naturally occurring and artificial flavor” bit to how gender is constructed.

constructed between 1933–1937, the Haus der Kunst was made by architect Paul Ludwig Troost and touted as Nazi Germany’s first monumental structure.

“Environmental portraits are usually carefully composed, even constructed,” notes Comen.

constructed during the Soviet heyday in 1957, the stadium seats 23,000 people — falling about 12,000 seats short of FIFA’s requirements.

In Gympie, a Queensland town, opponents of the law constructed and burned an effigy of Fischer.

The self-proclaimed “Renate Alumni” quite literally constructed their identity around her.

His stories, built up through the use of rich archival material and music, are constructed as overarching grand narratives.

Instead, they constructed a simple vision of the world in order to hang onto power.

House Speaker Paul Ryan constructed an ambitious yet rickety framework that has proven unable to withstand contact with reality.

Dinnerstein’s “Fulbright Triptych” (1971–74) is a dream-image of himself, his wife, and baby daughter, constructed from locations in Brooklyn and Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany.

So what happens when you listen to something that’s been precisely constructed to imprint itself on your memory for all of eternity?

The curving structure was constructed out of 3,500 square feet of aluminum, with a large oculus at its center.

And everything he bought is poorly shaped and poorly constructed.

The consequences of the filmmaking choices that sealed the characters’ fates will forever be safely contained in a fully constructed world.

It’s just those constructed desires that Carol is chafing against, which manifests in her relationship with Therese and other choices.

Gävle has constructed a giant straw goat every Christmas since 1966 and arsonists usually let the whole thing go up in flames every year.

But the real fun is in seeing how his intricately constructed puzzle comes together in the end.

A majority of the MFA students seem to have constructed work that indexes the outer world through cartography and materiality.

Constitutional norms are most often constructed and maintained by political elites, not average voters.

The choice Republicans constructed on Kavanaugh never made rational sense.

Schramp and his co-organizers have constructed the event on borrowed digital infrastructure and real estate.

In 1923, a similarly shaped arena was constructed in Pasadena, California, and dubbed the “Rose Bowl.”

It’s how she constructed her effortless Cool Girl persona and made the country fall in love with her.

And nor are you” — and troubles questions of constructed identities and their resulting segregations.

Bernstein’s version of Ask was constructed in-house, a pilot app that mimicked the behavior of Apple’s iMessage.

The section of pipe that failed is 30 inches in diameter and constructed with API 5L X-70 line pipe manufactured by Welspun.

Over the past few years, Trump has deliberately constructed a political brand for himself that he wants to protect.

Artist Mark Reigelman II constructed the structure in pieces in Brooklyn and assembled it on-site.

In more traditional sports, an organization constructed a professional league and attempted to grow a fan base around it.

We adapted it for the study, and from asking these different questions we constructed the narcissism measure.”

The canvas hangs on a wooden rig that Perlmutter constructed against a wall just a few feet from her bedroom.

Once constructed, O’Leary asks a group of school girls to make a collaborative portrait.

And Happy Days didn’t exist until we invented them.” Ruins are the physical embodiment of this idea, the tangible constructed past.

If the past is constructed, then there are multitudes of pasts we can and do construct.

It is a testament to the power of our constructed classical past that we so often accept it without a second thought.

Initially, her intention was to explore how young Germans constructed their identity.

With fiction, we know we’re watching a constructed version of reality.

Following, at 7:20 pm, there will be a rooftop presentation of a solitary garden constructed by sumell and the LESGC.

The show’s chess sets were constructed for the sake of looking modishly futuristic, with little logic behind the ornate setup.

Roughly 10 percent of damaged buildings were constructed after strict building codes were enacted in the wake of the 1985 earthquake.

So he got mad at her, and he constructed a website about her.

A closer look, though, shows that the float is constructed from the occupational therapy department’s casting and bandaging material.

Fin’s constructed space is so cozy that the listener is implicated; anything else would be an invasion of privacy.

Refugees crossing the Mediterranean often travel in poorly constructed dinghies that make even the short trip from Turkey to Greece dangerous.

constructed vaginal openings, done with rudimentary painkillers, bordered on the macabre.

The dairy is gone, as are some questionable additions like a replica of Mount Vernon constructed in 1932 under Parks Commissioner Robert Moses.

constructed the R2-D2 models for the original Star Wars trilogy.

(The works are actually fastidiously constructed, a level of artifice that many viewers did not initially register.)

The show’s larger problems are macro problems, problems with the very way the show is constructed and just how repetitive it’s become.

“Sometimes it’s a certain issue with the way their back is constructed that prevents the medicine from reaching nerves.”

The Lasting World seeks to provoke discussions about meaning, and how significance and relevance are constructed from different viewpoints.

Sometimes these seem so organic it’s easy to forget how ingeniously they are constructed.

But they could never have constructed a multiple day map of movements over time,” the ACLU’s Wessler pointed out.

She is focused on how otherness is constructed visually on the gendered, sexualized, racialized body.

Gloria begins to suspect that the new life she’s constructed for herself is just as much of a trap as the old one.

For those who know their Spider-Man lore, the moment is constructed to elicit gasps.

All of our realities, to some extent, are constructed or filtered.

(Our favorite: “We made a movie called What Women Want, and it starred Mel Gibson,” which is just a beautifully constructed joke.)

The monsters of the film are constructed by those in power to keep the population in check.

UPPs are heavily fortified police stations constructed in neighborhoods previously dominated by violent drug gangs.

Most recently, a serious-minded regional museum has been constructed in the town she once called home.

UPPs are heavily fortified police stations constructed in neighborhoods previously dominated by violent drug gangs.

And it adds up to a scathing indictment of the D.C. system as currently constructed, experts and advocates focused on money in politics say.

What category do you pick for a well-designed, finely constructed, artfully inspired chair?

Described as a tripartite structure, the wheel is constructed with three wooden boards attached by two horizontal bracers secured with a dovetail joint.

In addition, the new regulations drop the previously proposed requirement that specific barriers be constructed to keep dogs away from pedestrians.

Pagourtzis was also allegedly armed with pipe bomb, which he had apparently constructed himself.

Pagourtzis was also allegedly armed with pipe bomb, which he had apparently constructed himself.

Unaccompanied boys in there.” The drawings give us a window to the shadowy world that is being constructed and maintained at the US/Mexico border.

From the start, she makes us aware that this is her story, a deeply personal one, constructed of images that she can’t shake.

Frank’s branches were lopped off and the 70-ton tree was moved to a five-star hotel being constructed in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture.

Tell Me How You Really Feel is a beautifully constructed record, the work of an artist at the top of her game.

You’ll clearly start to see this crabby old man character starting to seep through the artifice that’s been constructed around him.

(The Sopranos, in fact, sometimes felt as though it was half constructed of these sorts of episodes by the end.)

Jaime Griesemer Bungie was still a fun place to be, but the studio was being constructed in order to turn out Halo games.

Tana French’s loosely connected Dublin Murder Squad mysteries are constructed around murders, but the dead body is rarely the focus.

He constructed much of his Roy costume himself from scratch in his father’s house, heating and molding ABS plastic for the armor.

A second, more recent example from this series, “S.P./BK #117” (2017), is similarly constructed and of exactly the same dimensions.

A series of fleshy, digitally constructed instruments imagine what it would look like if your sex toys were assimilated by aliens.

The Chainsmokers’ most successful hit this year was constructed in the same vein as “#Selfie.”

If there was a tax reform bill, it would have been better constructed to help the poor and middle class.

Growing up in the backwaters of Devon meant most kids aspirations were constructed by the low-slung cider induced haze of provincial life.

It is behind the topical market interest in Gentileschi, and obscures her wider achievements against a patriarchal society, under which #MeToo was constructed.

It seems to me that “goodness” is so culturally constructed and so relative that “I will be good” is an absolutely meaningless statement.

Well-intentioned intelligent people can have this major obtuseness around the possibility that what it means to be “good” couldn’t be more constructed.

Its open design secures each bottle in individual diamond-shaped slots constructed from strong, powder-coated steel.

constructed by man and man alone, that’s what.

The Event Horizon team constructed a virtual telescope the size of the Earth to view that radiation (more on how that works here).

“Novels are often constructed in that way.

Upon the stolen name, Davis’s impersonator had constructed an identity that was partly fact and partly fiction.

Robins does something counterintuitive with clay, which we think of as a malleable material meant to be shaped or constructed into vessels.

While galleries often promise “an immersive, multimedia exhibition,” this exhibition is constructed with a sense of wonder, curiosity that works.

constructed as it was out of certain methodologies, the issue the poet faced about his approach was simple enough.

If you constructed a Trump district in a laboratory, the result would likely mirror Meadows’s home in western North Carolina.

Overall, the feeder is easy to use, durably constructed, and a great fit for dogs of all sizes.

Both Chimento Contemporary and MaRS are a few blocks away from the Sixth Street Bridge that is being constructed for $482 million.

Affordably priced and durably constructed, this interactive dog toy wobbles, bounces, and giggles to keep your dog occupied for hours on end.

This leash is constructed from durable but lightweight nylon to handle dogs of all sizes.

This make-do map of a city, constructed through far vision rather than deep perception, contains an eerie message: Beirut is disappearing.

And temples, constructed to honor him, called mithraea, were a reflection of the cosmos itself.

Some of their iconic earlier works are constructed out of very personal stories from the artists’ lives.

I constructed an enviable bed of stacked pillows and microfiber blankets, curled up with my head near the window, and fell asleep.

The photos are constructed and planned to the -nth degree, with some taking up to nine hours in preparation before a camera is touched.

“We’ve constructed the North as a kind of informal apartheid,” White says.

We’re socially constructed to hide our flaws, and that breeds pain for a lot of people.

Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) is a contemporary art dealer with a beautiful, carefully constructed life surrounded by cutting-edge art and furnishings.

The foundations of my carefully constructed online presence began crumbling in my first serious, longterm relationship.

“If you were to construct the perfect progressive candidates for Virginia right now, I don’t think you would have constructed Tom Perriello,” Kidd said.

This is significant: Westworld is constructed entirely by men in order to satisfy male impulses towards physical and sexual violence.

These are basically confusions of language, questions constructed so as to preclude answers.

Due to the cabin’s design, it’s believed that Finnish settlers in the New Sweden colony constructed the sturdy home.

It wasn’t a perfectly constructed monologue, but it felt honest, in a way TV rarely is.

The median sales price of a newly constructed home sold in July was $313,700, up 7 percent from July 2016.

They contrast that to constructed languages.

Programming languages are a subset of constructed languages that are for a specific purpose and don’t have the characteristics of a natural language.

LN: Does learning a constructed language such as computer programming teach the same skills as learning a natural, spoken language?

I think that the definition of “natural” is a constructed norm, which defies beauty in the human experience.

As forward-thinking as they are, Cézanne’s paintings are still windows onto a highly constructed, classically idealized world.

But even buildings that are physically distanced from the general public, or protected with natural and constructed barriers, need to feel open and welcoming.

Our sense of taste, quality, and greatness is constructed from a history of exclusion.

Here, as elsewhere, the artist uses photography to capture a carefully constructed moment of violation, interrogating and defying sociopolitical norms and structures.

For well over three years, as the new building was constructed, I navigated a detour familiar to anyone walking in Manhattan.

The others will be constructed over the course of 2019, if everything goes according to plan.

constructed like a triptych altarpiece, the woman is flanked by the images of a goat falling in midair — complete with bright red skyward erections.

Most modern sitcoms are constructed of an A-story, which takes up the bulk of the action, and then a B-story and C-story.

It was constructed backward.

What would a properly constructed welfare state look like?

And when memories are constructed, we can’t easily see the seams.

Our memories of the past are constructed with information available in our immediate present — and we often confuse immediacy and familiarity with truth.

constructed in the 1910s, it feels older, from its built-in altar to the Gothic style of its column supports and ornate chandeliers.

It feels like a perfectly constructed joke.

Macy’s built around it, and Siegel-Cooper constructed its own building in 1903.

Rating Swing Time is constructed in a kind of reversal of Astaire’s shadow dance.

At Art Basel Unlimited, Gharem’s constructed exterior resembles the exterior of the Saudi consulate, complete with the yellow awning above the entrance.

“I didn’t know that I was Black until someone made it known,” he said, offering an example of how identity can be social constructed.

They’re best viewed from a special lookout the town constructed along the U.S. 90 highway.

This episode also wants us to question the ethics behind the way the game itself is constructed.

And what’s remarkable is that more often than not, these items were constructed out of more than one family member’s hair.

The building, constructed in the early 1920s as a regional headquarters for Standard Oil, is rife with history.

Upon closer inspection, one side of the structure is constructed from chain-link fence, while the other resembles half of a suburban home.

With the frame constructed, they went on the road to fill it in.

These films are successful, carefully constructed works of art that delicately balance character, storyline, and context.

RY: The work is constructed from aluminum composite panels—there are over 320 individual pieces that Kaz has assembled in an origami-like form.

In this fictional scenario, a terrorist group constructed a virus that was both deadly and highly contagious.

Every facet of the sets — including the utensils and plating — are constructed from paper.

The street artist constructed three subterranean rooms out of abandoned manholes throughout the Lodi district of Milan.

Every age has its blinders, constructed, usually, through a combination of ignorance and self-interest.

He found templates for the costumes online and constructed them using YouTube tutorial videos.

The ten audio pieces were constructed from the stories of Syrian dissidents of President Assad’s regime.

Social media, right, is constructed for you to create your own groups of people … We have the tools in our pockets now, right?

This is a course that’s looking at the way in which pictures have constructed our notion of citizenship.

This includes building new infrastructure that looks glorious but are constructed blindly without considering the actual market demand.

Sorry, not constructed, conditioned sight.

At Münster’s art museum, Gregor Schneider has constructed a disquietingly compelling maze of an apartment within “N.

constructed universality doesn’t equal normativity, though, and the queer subtext enables twists on teenpop convention.

But novels are often constructed in that way.

Photo: Aaron Purkey Various materials constructed out of people’s trash, which Purifoy spent the last fifteen years of his life collecting.

“We are now living in a fake reality of constructed data and phony polls,” he wrote.

Cost-benefit makes the most sense in “natural” systems, not “constructed” ones.

But this “baseline” problem just weakens the overall case for cost-benefit analysis, and this problem is an order of magnitude worse for constructed systems.

We’re talking diamond pavé set in platinum, plus six emeralds, all constructed in the style of the Russian Imperial Court.

The $1.75 billion Gulf Coast Express is a natural gas line being constructed from West Texas to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Walking through the building, I was impressed by how solid it feels, how well constructed.

It’s a far cry from our current subterranean rat’s maze constructed in the 1960s.

When we went further to test whether the way writers constructed their characters was any different, once again nothing significant showed up.

The particulars may be off, but the emotional reality constructed by the 1995 film adaptation feels dead-on.

A survey show at the Whitney Museum of American Art asserts ideas about the collapse of time in spaces natural and constructed.

As ideas about the constructed nature of race, gender, etc.

These masks don’t just mimic the appearance of facial tissue; they’re designed and constructed to behave like it as well.

The first time I enter into one of the virtual realities constructed by Holojam, it’s like stepping into a child’s drawing.

Architecture and genetics: Both Sosnowska and Deball offer deconstructed building blocks for the ways nature and cityscapes may be constructed and engineered.

The anacam project was a long-chain event I constructed in order to help me make sense of the world.

Living in one, Bezeau claims, will be no different from residing in a home constructed of more conventional material.

And then there are Hispanics, which are another strangely constructed category, over here.

Indeed, all of the forests in Europe are constructed of species that have only migrated to those areas within the last 10,000 years.

The statement is carefully constructed; the whole thing reads like it was put together by a very talented legal team.

Inside the constructed miniature Broad, Cassidy has composed three diorama scenes that are both comically dark and poignant, tongue-in-cheek art-world critique.

But YouTube wasn’t constructed to prioritize the development and well-being of young children.

American builders are starting to move into prefabrication, where homes and buildings are constructed on factory floors by robots.

“We constructed a self-driving vehicle for public roads faster and cheaper than anyone in history.

A recreation of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, constructed out of selfie sticks, is eye-catching.

The ephemera constructed a completely different picture of the man Roach thought he knew.

Deep within Yorkshire’s Dalby Forest, the artist has constructed an homage to nature conservancy and the end of World War I.

Consequently, The Boss feels like it’s constructed primarily out of studio notes.

Official camps are still being constructed up and down the country.

The show explores how Cuba’s utopian vision was constructed and later de-constructed by Cuban artists.

Reuters visited nearly a dozen such bunkers, some waterlogged and constructed on farm land or next to people’s houses.

“As with the other tracks on the EP, ‘Canthem’ was constructed by reprocessing past recordings and experiments.

The Ridgewood Reservoir was constructed in 1858 and supplied water to Brooklyn for 101 years.

And the dreams themselves are so stylish and smartly constructed that the cheating feels less egregious than it would otherwise.

Before my call with Paul, I send him some information on Al Bhed, the constructed language of Final Fantasy X.

Every celebrity has a carefully constructed image, one that reduces his or her public appeal to its simplest possible form.

Both the roles her subjects lay and the interiors or landscapes they inhabit are highly constructed.

I want their genuine individuality to manifest and permeate these constructed settings, while simultaneously insisting on their presence with their directness and gaze.

The answer has to do with how stories are constructed for those films.

The interiors and landscapes of my collages are highly constructed representations of a particular view of the world.

How you fell victim to a constructed narrative: of a generation that all acts a certain way.

In 1987, for Documenta 8, the group constructed a model of Kafka’s Castle with a collection of artworks inside as an offering.

In this sense, Prime was constructed to be great for the consumer (so efficient) and great for businesses (mindless impulse shopping!).

We hope constructed in a sentence examples were helpful.