Considerably in a sentence | Use of the word considerably examples

Sandoval is considerably more conservative than most Democrats, but distinctly to the left of Justice Scalia.

Somos el Muro attracted considerably more outrage than most university projects typically garner.

A little more than a year later, things have changed considerably.

The crypto bubble has declined considerably since late 2017, when the price of bitcoin was close to $20,000.

Poroshenko’s popularity has faded considerably five years after he took office.

For all their idealization, though, depictions of women vary considerably.

They loosen insurance regulation on the exchanges considerably.

The attacks got considerably more aggressive after they planned and appeared at the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C.

Forced to exchange blows and absorb punishment from Eder—a formidable puncher and a considerably larger man—Johann was at great disadvantage.

With snow parks, the process is considerably more complicated.

considerably less time has been spent trying to understand how Trump’s memes are made on a purely mechanical level.

By now, it should be obvious to people of conscience that children’s lives and well-being matter considerably more than civility and politesse.

Vodun the band hails from the considerably less sunny climes of Southern England—London, to be exact.

It had the most spice by a healthy margin, and the taste was considerably more complicated than several of the one-note sauces above.

As that base has grown, it has diversified considerably.

The new proposal allays Mexico’s concerns considerably, said Senator Gerardo Flores, who has been briefed on the matter.

Obama’s legislative agenda, of course, met with considerably more resistance.

500 bucks is going to help a family quite considerably, especially if they’re lower-income, again, without changing the impulse to work too much.

“The line for what is completely unacceptable versus what is just inappropriate has moved considerably

It’s considerably weaker, in fact, than what previous presidents had gotten during multilateral negotiations with the North.

Barack Obama stiffened financial regulation considerably.

The clear evidence that a number of PT politicians were involved in Petrobras has tarnished that brand considerably.

The End of Racism (1995) was considerably more incendiary.

The accuracy on his contested threes also dropped considerably.

In other cases, unsuspecting people may ingest street opioids adulterated with other compounds, including fentanyl—an opioid considerably more potent than heroin.

This has been known for considerably longer than the three days that it took a similar revelation to end Nixon’s presidency.

Quist ended up doing a lot better than Hillary Clinton while still falling considerably short of winning.

And HBO rose considerably, from 94 in 2016 to 111 in 2017.

Her profile has grown considerably in the past 18 months.

“Judicial Watch was aggressive under Bush, but they were considerably more aggressive under the Obama administration,” Hammitt said.

This is a considerably more likely assumption.

Again, the same problems as before: the work wasn’t steady, and his salary dipped considerably without the regular fight purses.

And Kavanaugh is considerably more embattled with the allegations hanging over his head.

What was looking nearly impossible earlier this summer is now looking considerably more possible.

And because prisons are, like the country as a whole, aging considerably at the moment, that could have a far-reaching impact.

And for those purposes, the electric scooter works considerably better than a bicycle.

Kim’s arsenal is considerably smaller but no less deadly.

The gap is considerably wider in other polls.

The prosecution expected the trial would take around six weeks, although Mander said defense lawyers believed it could take considerably longer.

Moda Operandi: No one does pre-order quite like Moda Operandi, but the site has grown considerably from its early days of order-and-wait.

This is somehow an even better (or at least considerably weirder) troll than when the Monopoly Man showed up at the Equifax hearing.

Reports on the executive order have varied considerably in tone and substance.

Though I will grant this is considerably more rare.

Taskov also raised concerns over cost, saying the self-tests were considerably more expensive than a standard blood test.

The actual measures that have been enacted are considerably smaller in scale.

These things do vary considerably in the business world.

Schutzstaffel officers were considerably less suspicious of women, which helped Scholl become an efficient carrier.

That works, mathematically, because incomes for people at the top have grown considerably during this period.

Ryan is still formally committed to this agenda, but his colleagues in the upper house seems considerably more skeptical.

The world has changed considerably since the 1950s.

That’s considerably more than the median American.

Evidence that a number of PT politicians were involved in Petrobras has tarnished that brand considerably.

That gives him, potentially, considerably more influence over national affairs than he’s had in his previous 25 years in Washington.

Now, while a gap persists, it’s considerably narrower.

America is considerably more racially heterogeneous than most other rich, developed countries.

This, as the report notes, is “considerably sooner than the predictions by experts in two previous surveys.

It’s no wonder why: Griffin vs. Bonnar I was a hugely entertaining, yet considerably sloppy, bar brawl in the middle of a cage.

His authority will be considerably weaker after this debacle.

While the rate is higher, the base is considerably smaller.

And of course, Rockhold has grown considerably as a fighter since then, as the cutting of his surfer dude mop clearly shows.

So, you like your second album considerably better than your first.

Saudi Arabia last year executed just over 100 people, and the number is expected to rise considerably this year.

But her influence was lasting: After Thatcher, the Euroskeptic wing of the Tories has grown in strength considerably.

(LEGO Batman, at least, could eventually improve its overseas take considerably.)

During this same period, however, inflation-adjusted congressional salaries have actually dropped considerably.

“The prospects of a second referendum have advanced considerably,” the Financial Times’s Robert Shrimsley writes.

Where C-sections are available, the risk of an obstructed pregnancy drops considerably.

Taxation, however, is handled by the individual member states, and they vary considerably in their policies toward corporate income taxes.

The responses I received vary considerably; it turns out there is not much agreement about the risks or implications.

Fireworks have gotten considerably more advanced since the discovery of gunpowder in China more than 1,000 years ago.

But beginning around 2012, prices fell considerably, tanking Brazil’s economy.

And if you add them up, they’re considerably higher across the board than under existing policy.

It would be a considerably more militarily hawkish party.

But the time spent ranges considerably.

Among other things, local distribution utilities would need to be beefed up considerably to become maximum DSOs.

This falls considerably short of the national average of $48,320.

Holmes was past his best, no doubt, but Spinks was considerably smaller than Holmes and Holmes looked downright confused by Spinks’ awkward style.

The deficit swelled to 3.8% of gross domestic product in April, considerably exceeding this year’s 2.9% target.

For companies, the internet provides exposure for considerably less money than advertising in traditional media.

Audi’s operating margin should fall “considerably below” the carmaker’s 8-10 percent target range, it said.

The break began during the Clinton administration and weakened considerably under George W. Bush.

It would have been considerably less of a spectacle, but it would have been fair.

“The excess overhang has fallen considerably,” said OPEC, which aims to reduce stocks to the five-year average through the supply-curbing deal.

While the changing climate won’t render winemaking in this region impossible, it will make it considerably tougher.

The Virgin is considerably more stylish, if also barefoot.

All the powers of immaculate conception are stowed away in the Virgin’s glance, which the artist renders with considerably dramatic flare.

In Turkey, things got considerably more physical at the weekend when an assistant referee was attacked by a fan.

The bad news is that he’s a considerably less distinguished thinker on monetary policy, with weaker chops to handle a crisis.

“The valuation was considerably lower than the market.

ZKB Research analysts upgrade their recommendation on the stock to “outperform” from “market perform”, saying 2019 outlook has been increased “considerably”.

The only thing stopping it from doing so is the fact that it might eventually become unprofitable, because ratings will inevitably slip considerably.

That was a considerably larger portfolio impact than CalPERS’ other divested assets, such as Iran, Sudan and certain firearms-related companies.

“The onset of the trade shock in 2019 adds to these costs considerably, with GDP growth reduced by 1.5 percentage points that year.

But Square continues to invest considerably in Square Cash, a money-transfer app for consumers, not business owners.

Nor would anyone leave without having considerably augmented their wardrobe.

The initial rating issued at the end of May of 65% good-to-excellent was considerably lower than the previous three years.

Taskov also raised concerns over cost, saying the self-tests were considerably more expensive than a standard blood test.

MB: So, this changes things considerably?

But his form has dipped considerably since then, and now he has gone four majors in a row without claiming a trophy.

But Georgia’s population has changed considerably over the years, with a massive influx of black residents since 2000, according to US Census figures.

Governing is considerably more challenging than campaigning, and Republicans are struggling to hold their diverse coalition together to accomplish policy goals.

These numbers have risen considerably in a short time period.

But overall growth has slowed considerably, which banking experts called a sign that all lenders are growing more cautious about the sector.

It is purely climate-focused, unlike the SDS’s multiple goals, but on climate it goes considerably beyond the SDS.

That limits the cost considerably and makes the change highly targeted at the poorest families.

The effects vary considerably from state to state.

Relying on the federal child tax credit as a basis reduces the policy’s cost considerably, but these state policies are hardly free.

The league has changed considerably since we celebrated our win in Miami in 2010.

The world has changed considerably.

But with games like Stellaris and Alpha Centauri, they’re considerably more limited.

But overall growth has slowed considerably, which banking experts called a sign that all lenders are growing more cautious about the sector.

Their palette is considerably darker than her subsequent work, and they are also more brushy, more rendered, more Old Master-ish.

It’s as delicious as it is spooky… actually, it’s considerably more delicious than it is spooky.

In markets with currencies that weakened considerably against the dollar over the last year, iPhone price “increases were obviously more,” Cook told Reuters.

The film’s fixation on revenge means it feels considerably tighter and simpler than its marketing might have led you to believe.

That reassuring belief felt considerably weaker after this weekend’s vote.

But the basic partisan split remains, with self-described Democrats being considerably more likely to offer a positive assessment of the deal.

But women are also considerably less likely to run for office than men.

The counters were considerably more venomous in round two… than they were from the third round onwards.

They concluded that, under high-stakes situations, men were considerably more likely to choke, while women showed no statistical increase in the likelihood of choking.

This would considerably limit the depth of interaction and, therefore, the depth of the user’s relationship with Cortana.

That year, both groups stepped up the pace of attacks considerably, using terrorism as part of successful campaigns to seize large amounts of territory.

Anyway, with expectations considerably lower going into his second year, at least the takes won’t be as hot in 2017.

This weakened ISIS considerably, limiting its ability to launch the large-scale offensives it had waged previously.

If that model proved successful, they could have expanded their terrorist campaigns considerably, both regionally and globally.

“This case dates back more than five years and Facebook has evolved considerably since then,” spokeswoman Christine Chen toldThe Associated Press.

Regardless of official numbers, the crowd was considerably more sparse than other large rallies on the mall.

For this third performance, instead of just playing as part of Oranssi Pazuzu, the aim of Waste of Space Orchestra is considerably higher.

Evidence that a number of PT politicians were involved in Petrobras has tarnished that brand considerably.

Nunn later posted her original, unedited version of the article which seemed considerably less provocative than the version that ran on the site.

U.S. employment growth last month, while it slowed considerably from April, was still up a historically solid 1.6 percent from May 2018.

Andy Hug was hobbling world class kickboxers, with considerably more experience than him, with this technique back in the 90s.

They will shrink considerably, so be aware of that when deciding on quantity.

The album considerably expanded the group’s sound and songwriting, and featured even more abstract, elaborate and studio-dependent arrangements than before.

After the election, though, Fiegenschue’s production of Trump art slowed considerably.

But really, it’s better to play slowly, considerably, and really look at what the game is giving you.

All of my sexual experiences with men have been with men considerably younger than myself, including two marriages of 22 years and 14 years.

Her profile has grown considerably in the past 18 months.

According to Giesing’s report, he claimed that “on cocaine he felt considerably lighter and carefree, and that he could also think more clearly.”

“They only rose considerably higher in 2006 and in 1999/2000, during the New Economy boom.

There are other models out there, like the Penn-Wharton Budget Model, that are considerably less enthusiastic about the growth-boosting effect of debt-financed tax cuts.

He has hurt his reputation quite considerably.

Over the past few weeks, Clinton’s lead in the national polls has slipped considerably.

Consequently, according to an October 2016 Gallup poll, Trump was seen by voters as considerably less conservative than Mitt Romney or George W. Bush.

The work itself is also considerably artistic.

The film’s fixation on revenge means it feels considerably tighter and simpler than its marketing might have led you to believe.

Concurrently, Russian power recovered considerably.

My temper became considerably shorter; it became very easy for my boyfriend to annoy me by acting slightly different than I wanted him to.

Rehab is considerably more comfortable than jail, so I’ll take what I can get.

It’s a miniature SNES, obviously, and very like the original it is, though considerably smaller.

Whitman’s departure from the Uber fray was considerably more complicated than has been previously reported.

We’re also seeing unfiltered versions of whatever Whiterose and Phillip Price are up to, which I care about considerably less.

The Seedcamp model has also had to iterate considerably as the ecosystem has grown up around it.

But things have changed considerably since those days.

The system is also able to clean clothes with considerably less water and electricity than traditional washing.

But being closer to the Earth also means that latency and required power for signals is considerably lower.

FC mortgage loans already carry a 100% risk weight in Poland, compared to local-currency mortgages where risk weights are considerably lower.

If confirmed, Judge Kavanaugh would also push Justice Roberts — who’s considerably more conservative than Kennedy — into the pivotal role of swing justice.

More importantly, Trump lacks the organized following of Taft, while today’s more conventional Republicans are considerably more organized than Roosevelt’s followers were.

You heard it everywhere, from the august pages of National Review to the considerably less august virtual pages of Breitbart.

Meanwhile, losses have been growing considerably.

The startup, which downsized considerably last year, sold a geofilter patent to Snap for $7.7 million (£5.9 million) in March, according to TechCrunch.

The firm started out as a manufacturer for Jeep, but it has expanded its business considerably.

Through the first four states, the race narrowed considerably.

But as with nearly all cybersecurity matters, physical access to either device or user or both changes things considerably.

Studying the effects of protests is considerably more complicated.

I spoke to a former Uber business partner who said the churn rate for drivers is considerably high.

Obviously opinions differ considerably about the merits of various aspects of Sanders’s agenda.

It is, after all, considerably more pop than Warpaint’s oeuvre.

considerably more expensive than the others on this list.

Sealed bottles are considerably more valuable; I’ve seen them priced anywhere between $200 and $1,000.

But it will be considerably harder for Jones and his ideas to make it to casual, mainstream viewers and listeners.

Unsurprisingly, Carta argues that it is not, that it has evolved considerably from the outset — which is true.

Then she does an exam and has even better news: The two larger tumors have already shrunk considerably.

The round size and overall value of funding to African startups has picked up considerably over the last year.

The first and most important is that it enables them to reduce their costs considerably.

As Vox’s Matthew Yglesias writes: the electric scooter works considerably better than a bicycle.

That sort of price point gives you considerably less wiggle room than with, say, a $1,000 phone.

The show has trimmed down its regular cast of characters considerably, especially those who aren’t members of the three central families.

Scandal has softened considerably, and its upcoming seventh season will be its last.

But over the last couple of years, the content library has grown considerably.

And How to Get Away with Murder has crumbled considerably, though its numbers are better once you factor in DVR and streaming numbers.

(For how long, however, seems unclear — a new study of 4,000 religious people that included 700 Mormons found support for same-sex marriage rising considerably.

(For how long, however, seems unclear — a new study of 4,000 religious people that included 700 Mormons found support for same-sex marriage rising considerably.

As liberals like to say, the effective tax rate that companies actually pay is considerably lower than that.

Figure 2 shows that successful learners also complete considerably more sessions per week, meaning they spend a good amount of time studying.

Because people’s underlying capacities vary considerably, you’re not going to design a social policy that overcomes that intrinsic inequity.

Insurance coverage expanded considerably, health care providers supported the bill and opposed its repeal, and the cost curve did bend.

The technical stuff needs to be tightened up considerably so that it matches the quality of the wrestling.

Had there been adequate resuscitation equipment ringside, it is believed his injuries would have been considerably less serious.

It’s certainly considerably more expensive than the dev kit version of Oculus, which was priced at $350.

Consent requirements for processing personal data are also considerably strengthened under GDPR — meaning lengthy, inscrutable, pre-ticked T&Cs are likely to be unworkable.

But he has since recovered considerably.

Having increased access to cash may not extend the life of a GiveDirectly recipient, but it does make life considerably more pleasant.

Since then, though, and especially after the checked-out and retrospectively predictable embarrassment of 2004, things have gotten considerably more interesting.

Lowe urged the ruling centre-right coalition to boost infrastructure spending, highlighting the government can now borrow at considerably low rates.

The Hexa is considerably more lightweight than the aircraft that seemed to be getting announced every month or two earlier this year.

In contrast to Rubio, Trump is more prone to offering simply ignorant remarks but also has considerably more restrained instincts.

A great many people with considerably more political power than we have are already heavily criticizing Trump in op-eds and on blogs.

But the effect sizes are, unsurprisingly, smaller, and vary considerably depending on the study you’re looking at.

Worse, even these milder-than-Australia policies are considerably more ambitious than legislation with a chance of passing Congress.

Back in 2014, when Saar launched his company in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt, Tailor Brands was considerably more amateur.

That’s not including foreplay, but it’s still considerably shorter than the duration enjoyed by respondents in the Lovehoney survey.

“Any source of hard currency is considerably more attractive than any income in bolívars,” he says.

Right now, the number three city of the West Coast has considerably less population density than Boston, Philadelphia, DC, or even Providence, Rhode Island.

That pressure told on Gjergjaj, who looked considerably uncomfortable and very much out of his depth.

But the reality is considerably more complex.

If they can get Oladipo to take considerably less than a max deal, great.

The consistent result is that participants overpay considerably for the dollar they thought they were initially getting for a bargain.

“But now that the refugees are here, our market has considerably expanded.

Secondly, IO is considerably reduced because we can effectively scan only a subset of the columns.

The margin should increase considerably.

The prospects for long-run growth in the United States would be considerably dimmed without the contributions of high-skilled immigrants.

Democrats have done pretty well in 2019 special elections, for example, but considerably worse than they did in 2017 and 2018.

The wide adoption of cloud services and mobile technology in companies has transformed IT infrastructures considerably.

The wide adoption of cloud services and mobile technology in companies has transformed IT infrastructures considerably.

But the blockade Saudi Arabia launched earlier this month in response to the Houthi ballistic missile launch has made things considerably worse.

Cornering Nelson on the fence—provided he can stay out of the clinch—working the body, or pounding the legs would help Tumenov considerably.

One big part of that story is that before 1986 the tax base was considerably narrower.

In terms of raw dollars, Silicon Valley attracts significantly more, but New York’s share of the pie is actually growing considerably faster.

While far from perfect, New York City companies are considerably more diverse than their Silicon Valley counterparts.

To say that the southpaw double attack is bolstered considerably by athleticism is not to detract from the fighting science at play though.

Back in 2012, Barack Obama won considerably more votes than Mitt Romney, but Romney actually carried more House districts.

Over the proceeding months, which included dialogue between both parties, the Times pared back the scope of its request considerably.

You have to put up a lot of people at once so it has to come down rather considerably.

More storage, a better camera, an improved S-Pen and a considerably larger battery are all on-board this time out.

Apple has considerably increased the security of iOS.

The chant, I soon realised, was actually strangely high, and considerably out of my vocal range.

Local activists say the actual number of incidents is considerably higher.

Local activists say the actual number of incidents is considerably higher.

The quality and output of recent vintages has suffered considerably as a result, and enough for the people pouring it to take note.

That changes the picture considerably.

The outlook for the next generation, he says, has already changed considerably.

Although craven attacks like the latest bombing generate grizzly headlines, the war in the countryside is considerably worse.

While later records considerably dialed back the aggression, NIN always seemed to leave a little room for it to return.

Windows traffic fell considerably this year, while Chrome OS became decidedly more popular in 2018.

“However … Gold hasn’t done better because the dollar is considerably up year to date,” said Sharps Pixley’s Norman.

If MLS wants to look like anything other than a minor league for Mexico, that salary cap will have to loosen considerably.

“Helen in the Woods” is considerably darker than the previous tracks in terms of subject, mood, and even visual accompaniment.

This means I have full coverage after having considerably hampered coverage.

Until, that is, it appears again, on SupTalk or eBay, for considerably more than its original price.

There are some cult heroes among them and some relative unknowns, while their love of the bud varies considerably.

You appear to be considerably misinformed about authenticity in hip-hop, since authentic hip-hop music covers a varied subject matter.

was a considerably larger design.

But there’s good, news too, as Jon learns by raven that Bran and Arya are still alive, which changes the game considerably.

Going back to England’s first major tournament of the nineties, the national team was considerably less diverse than it is today.

Moghaddam said that last year the number of executions for such crimes increased considerably, surpassing 600.

Moghaddam said that last year the number of executions for such crimes increased considerably, surpassing 600.

A Kinetic Analysis spokesman said its $25 billion estimate was made on Thursday and its current estimate was “considerably lower”, without giving further detail.

This is where you’ll find the entrances, which Bellwether says are “initially about the same diameter as a finger but will stretch considerably.”

those who are unable to access financial services such as a credit card for example — would be considerably higher, running to multiple millions.

I think the power of the state is made considerably more vulnerable by exposure to technologies.

His worldview is more centered on a basic commitment to strengthening the US military — and Trump has repeatedly promised to up defense spending considerably.

Parks and Rec is no exception to the latter, and it ages the show considerably.

Policy-wise, the richest GOP donors are considerably more conservative than regular Republicans.

Parks and Rec offers an idyllic vision of Washington D.C. that is considerably more wholesome than our present reality.

When we show him my recent interview with Tycoon Nao, famous Petchyindee gym owner and promoter, Teerawat relaxes considerably.

Sen. Ted Cruz, a conservative holdout: “At this point, we need to do considerably more to lower premiums.”

Though he is considerably more tender when saving the ladies.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) formed part of the prosecution, saying that the rat suffered considerably.

And even if they could agree on principle, actually working out the details would take considerably more staff capacity than most offices currently have.

But the geography of the US House of Representatives is considerably more complicated than that.

Of course, both Apple and Samsung have changed that math considerably, and Google is undercutting the companies at every turn possible.

“Absolutely there is and Bellator pays considerably more.”

You can lose everything pretty instantly and our tolerance for that just waned considerably every year.

“As they can’t find a murder weapon, and he’s not been cooperating with the authorities, this has slowed the process considerably.”

That’s up a bit from Election Day, but still considerably less than the popularity of past presidents who had just been elected.

The picture was considerably less bleak south of Cairns, Hughes added, “where the average mortality is estimated at only 5 percent.”

Stemming the craziness considerably is the concept of trial coins that you earn while just playing the game.

Spain’s monarchy, according to Republic, costs only £8 million ($10.8 million) a year, considerably less than the presidents of Portugal, Finland, and Germany.

I had considerably less fun watching this than I did Iron Man.

Since then, Belfort’s sole fight has been against a considerably past-it Dan Henderson who has also come off of TRT.

Nevertheless, I finished my first drink in minutes; Peter took considerably longer.

However pi-top’s device looks considerably more sophisticated, both in terms of tinkering possibilities and software capabilities.

This year’s show reportedly cost considerably less, weighing in at $12 million, according to Vogue.

(The writing in the first Division was considerably better than this one.)

He insisted that these two elements considerably influence the final taste of the product.

When Kennedy suffered a torn groin muscle in the first game of the season, however, the timetable on that apprenticeship sped up considerably.

She knows how to work the Waterfords, sure, but they still have considerably more hard power than her, and they’re flexing it here.

“Rainfall was considerably below normal levels for the period,” INTL FCStone analyst Ana Luiza Lodi said in a note.

The winds have died down considerably but the real concern now is rain, as devastating flooding is predicted over the next few days.

—Constance Grady By the late 1980s, Reynolds’s star had dimmed considerably.

The deduced land valuation from the Meilanwan project is considerably higher than our previous estimate.

That’s to say that the businesses monetize when consumers pay back their loans, while terms are considerably more customer friendly.

Depp was met with cheers by the audience, though the reaction online was considerably more mixed.

He’s also considerably less hawkish than other Republican officeholders.

Oil and gas companies have considerably more political clout than coal companies.

But this is considerably more troubling.

Cannonier’s own right hand landed considerably harder and Branch was quickly TKOed.

President Donald Trump brightened his tone considerably on the House Republican health care plan Friday morning.

Ngannou was considerably more plodding then, but he got hit with almost every jab Blaydes threw.

Thompson broke free, returned to the middle of the cage and life suddenly got considerably worse for Henricks.

The enormous benefit of this is that any offensive action is considerably more telegraphed.

But having it occur at a major campus in Silicon Valley is raising the temperature considerably.

Amazon, of course, is not a startup, and could carry considerably more weight.

But it’s still considerably less rigorous than analyses GiveWell does of charities.

These days, to get a score like that a game needs to be perfect and considerably different from what came before.

She bought this farmhouse and over the next couple of decades enlarged it considerably into this massive space with over 161 rooms.

Ducking in on an opponent as he is kicking is a lot harder to time and considerably more dangerous.

), and of course considerably smaller.

At 5.5 inches, its display is considerably larger than the Spot’s 2.5-inch screen, and a bit above Lenovo’s four inches.

At $90, the Show 5 is considerably cheaper than its 10-inch namesake and $10 more than Lenovo’s offering.

The vehicle’s look has evolved considerably since early designs of the car, revealed last week by Recode, these sources say.

But the death toll is considerably lower than that of other disasters of the same scale.

Having increased access to cash may not extend the life of a GiveDirectly recipient, but it does make life considerably more pleasant.

HHS’ data confirm that premiums will, in fact, be considerably higher for 2018 coverage.

Clinton’s campaign message has been considerably more upbeat than this.

This one has room for a payload, though the increased mass and volume will end up setting you back considerably more than the 1F.

But this is considerably harder.

You just raised your market cap considerably.

But Primer is promising considerably less in hopes of an even higher payoff.

Goats, he reasons, are a far better alternative because of their adaptability and considerably lower carbon footprint.

The price-tag Uber is paying for Careem is notable for being considerably higher than recent reports of its valuation.

It is necessary to considerably improve combat engagement convenience, including ergonomics, and provide a possibility to mount additional devices.”

The shutdown impacted the IRS considerably, and refunds could be delayed.

“They are considerably more sophisticated than the CV and exceptionally well organized,” said Camila Dias, a sociologist who researches the PCC in São Paulo.

Well, that’s considerably easier to locate.

Fast forward to today, when the human networks vulnerable to space weather are considerably more complex.

Sweetgreen — the salad spot with a cult following for its fresh, seasonal, and locally-sourced meals — has grown considerably over the past six years.

User growth has slowed considerably since last summer, and Snap’s business continues to disappoint investors.

Basnet says that being able to exercise effectively balanced out the look of his body considerably.

In her words, “African American history and culture had diminished considerably.

Why it matters: Take the known knowns — 10 undisputed facts — and the smoke clears considerably.

–Precious, 23 When my girlfriend and I first met, we smoked considerably less weed.

The coal industry has shrunk considerably since 2008.

The coal industry has shrunk considerably since 2008.

I’ve slowed down considerably.

While not as slick, it’s considerably more informative than the Post’s.

Needless to say, the task of keeping opponents from scoring baskets is about to become considerably more difficult.

As with any other tactic in the book, low line kicking becomes considerably more difficult if the opponent is feinting.

Assuncao’s job was made considerably more difficult by the sheer number of fakes and feints that Dillashaw used.

Climate change is one big area where we’re not making progress, and things are getting considerably worse.

That undercounts the likely real cost, if all the other provisions are actually extended, considerably.

Indeed, aggregate growth in Arizona was considerably faster prior to the income tax modifications than it has been in recent years.

And Congress has deinvested considerably in its own policy expertise.

On virtually every conceivable metric, things are going to get considerably worse.

“People in sub-Saharan Africa have suffered considerably under the burden of malaria over an extended period of time,” Ignell said.

That market position would be considerably enhanced with Fox’s 22 regional sports channels, which have some 61 million subscribers.

“Brexit uncertainties have intensified considerably since the committee’s last meeting,” the Monetary Policy Committee said in a summary of its December meeting.

Since then, the scene has developed considerably.

That starts with a brand new home page, simplifying the app considerably.

With expanded open hours, our presence as a cultural institution has grown considerably.

He’s considerably younger than Redick, and could make for a potent backcourt companion with Russell.

The stakes have been raised considerably now that data mining and behavioral profiling are being used at scale to try to influence democratic processes.

The saw teeth beat the (considerably flimsy) cockpit door in, exposing the dummy pilot inside.

Although his health had deteriorated considerably by this time, there remained about him a studied intensity and critical authority.

But by his late teens he had become considerably more interested in motor racing than his studies.

Italy and particularly Germany were considerably more advanced than Britain at this time.

Ken Salazar was a fairly moderate senator from Colorado at a time when the state was considerably redder than it is today.

As the game progresses, the questions get harder, and the field narrows considerably.

Without it, my music would suffer considerably.

His last movie musical, 2012’s Les Miserables, was a considerably more serious tale.

If that’s true, then the poll average is considerably underestimating his support.

The sale valued Rosneft’s assets at considerably less than it paid to acquire similar assets in the past, according to Reuters calculations.

In the opposite corner of the room, however, there are no cameras, and there is considerably less noise.

Unemployment remains stuck at around 12 percent, with youth unemployment estimated to be considerably higher.

That said, Pai’s bark has been considerably less measured than his bite.

Wheeler is expected to continue Pruitt’s crusade against climate and environmental regulations, and has considerably more experience than his predecessor.

That means these numbers could be considerably higher.

But beginning around 2012, prices fell considerably, tanking Brazil’s economy.

Investor enthusiasm for tech stocks in general has waned considerably since those heady dog days of August.

Musk says the all-electric Model 3 will start at just $35,000, considerably cheaper than Tesla’s flashy $75,000+ high-end models.

But these numbers change considerably for women of color.

Five months later, it is discovering that governing is considerably more difficult than being in opposition.

By the time 1984’s Ride The Lightning arrived, that influence had faded considerably as original songwriting notably improved.

It turns out a similar phenomenon happened with Muslim Americans as well — and the two communities, at this point in American history, overlapped considerably.

Even if they don’t, they’ve already done something considerably more important: win over American audiences.

Ideologically speaking, she’s considerably closer to Sanders than she is to Clinton or Obama.

After Trump’s election, the investigation took on considerably more urgency — with Comey personally approving more scrutiny, according to the Guardian.

This revealing exhibition may raise it considerably.

And this time, the drought is considerably more widespread.

But politics has changed considerably since then.

While there’s plenty to be excited about ahead of the semi-finals, Euro 2016 will be considerably poorer without Iceland.

But even demographically adjusted, it is true that labor force participation has slipped considerably since the turn of the millennium.

And the speed with which the students have forced a conversation — and the changes that conversation has already brought about — are considerably different.

“It’s considerably heavier than anything Frightened Rabbit has ever done.

While all that glitters is — yes — literally gold here, the concept behind the auction is considerably more muddy.

Since Portugal passed universal decriminalization legislation in 2001, drug use rates have fallen considerably, including among teenagers, as have drug-induced deaths.

“This year, we will considerably reduce auto import tariffs, and at the same time reduce import tariffs on some other products,” Xi said.

Naturally one would assume that such a system would be considerably more expensive than existing ones.

I have personal regrets about myself and my own behaviour and people I let down considerably during those years.

The arresting officer Charles O’Donnell explained, “The show was offensive and the women, especially Miss Livingston, roughed it considerably.”

But you look like the kind of guy who’d spend considerably more on looking good.

The company, which administers Medicaid plans in 12 states, has grown its business considerably since the Medicaid expansion took effect in 2014.

He left treatment drug-free and considerably less anxious.

This was up from 28.3 million tonnes in May, and considerably higher than April’s 17.2 million and March’s 23.7 million.

Abigail is impressed by how well-adjusted Shosh seems in Japan and Shosh agrees that being in the country has mellowed her out considerably.

Because each player inhabits a register considerably distant from the other, the music of Daikyo Furoshiki immediately establishes a sense of space.

The first and most important is that it enables them to reduce their costs considerably.

If anything, things have gotten considerably worse.

Both times, both Clinton and Obama lost considerably in the midterm.

So despite lowering cholesterol considerably, and reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks, it didn’t cut people’s risk of death.

This considerably weakens the argument that there is a fundamental difference between Medicaid and private insurance.

But that relationship got considerably closer in 2014 when the US partnered with Iraqi and Syrian Kurds to fight their shared enemy, ISIS.

Household Names: considerably more than Russia, maybe even more than Wales.

It was created in 2012 and had been considerably active in the last two months.

All these make for a considerably broader set of measurements than any other publicly available facial recognition training set.

That’s less than the $2.26 trillion the entire European Union exported, but considerably more than the $1.42 trillion from the United States.

Microphone in hand, he bellowed the lyrics while being manhandled by eager fans, emerging shortly after, considerably bloodied.

But Trump is, not coincidentally, doing considerably better than John McCain or Mitt Romney with whites who don’t have a college degree.

“As much as I thought I understood love, I’ve learnt considerably more these last nine months,” he said.

And though Trump did no better with white men than Romney had, Clinton did considerably worse than Obama.

That would take considerably more money than the value of the Trump tax plan.

It also looks considerably uncomfortable; not that such things ever concern the reality star.

Trump’s supporters, for example, are considerably whiter and considerably older than the American population at large.

With instant replay, umpires are under considerably less pressure to get the call right.

And as rough as that finding is for Trump, the obstruction section is considerably worse.

That committee, along with considerably less chaotic Senate counterpart, is investigating Russian interference in the U.S. election.

1:25 pm ET: The crowd here has thinned considerably.

Timing counter right uppercuts on strong takedown artists is dangerous, but with the underhook already there it’s considerably less risky.

(The quality worsened considerably after Raven left the scene.)

The Halloween event helped boost in-game engagement and spend considerably, though, so I’d expect the Thanksgiving one to do the same.

The victory raised Dion’s profile considerably, as she wasn’t particularly famous outside of the French-speaking world before her victory.

Over the weekend, the saga started to come into sharper focus—but it also got considerably stranger.

The expansion comes because local storage for Audible files changes the math on capacity considerably.

The Wolverines are considerably better than either LSU or Michigan State, but the Badgers are on an absolute roll.

(Though considerably smaller, The Daily Stormer’s VK page has doubled from roughly 160 followers last week to 390 as of this writing.)

(Though considerably smaller, The Daily Stormer’s VK page has doubled from roughly 160 followers last week to 390 as of this writing.)

Second, all 120 partygoers here are at least 60-years-old, and often considerably older.

Short emails get replies at a considerably higher rate than long emails.

The messaging platform, which has more than 880 million monthly active users, is considerably more private than open social networking sites like Twitter.

Those prices all peaked five years ago, and are now all considerably lower.

Those who have low self-esteem make considerably less money than their confident counterparts.

Music’s reckoning is happening considerably slower than the one in Hollywood, but being present and visible is activism in itself.

Shifting from fossil fuel electricity to renewables reduces all of those external costs, considerably.

Maybe he told people it was for the boy’s entertainment, but we get the feeling Wayne enjoyed the experience considerably more.

Though Cardarelli admits that things have improved considerably in the kitchen since her formative years, she still takes issue with the term “female chef.”

But his record during his first year in office has been considerably less aggressive than his rhetoric.

Cardarelli says she has mellowed considerably in recent years, thanks in part to Gray.

But it seems that pizza technology has evolved considerably since Pizza Hut’s initial voyage into the outer reaches of product placement.

But I could never get past the stage where I was enjoying the show’s considerably gorgeous surfaces to access some deeper level.

So the 2007 Golden Compass movie waters down the theological issues considerably.

The size of the competition ring has shrunk considerably, meaning there is less space to retreat and forge a tactical plan of attack.

When Frye came to Cleveland in a mid-season deal, his role cleared up considerably.

But a consolidation would give considerably more pricing power to companies that create many widely used devices, like pacemakers and hip surgery implants.

South Beach is considerably more expensive than Wynwood, even by today’s market.

The attacks have gotten considerably more aggressive since they planned and appeared at Saturday’s March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C.

But as Game of Thrones’ main action shifts to the North and beyond the Wall, things have started to cool considerably.

“An IoT-managed watering system can considerably decrease consumption while at the same time increasing yields,” he says.

“China was the one part of Carrrefour’s portfolio where strategic value deviated considerably from earnings contribution.

But they’re also targeting a less likely culprit that has citizens considerably more pissed: pizza restaurants.

(Though its feature list has grown considerably over the past two years.)

The collection of materials for Gabber Nation has grown considerably at this point.

Over the past few weeks, Clinton’s lead in the national polls has slipped considerably.

Net losses narrowed considerably to $2.1 million from $113.4 million this time last year.

“Their designs, linework, and detail rival that of professionally trained painters, though their canvasses are considerably smaller,” Blocker says.

“I would think the chances are diminished considerably [without Durant].

The SEC’s report does acknowledge inflation-adjusted caps would “shrink the accredited investor pool considerably” and proposes additional income-based conditions to mitigate the effect.

The six-inch secondary display is considerably smaller than the 15-inch mean dealie.

Once he became president and his behavior became a matter of national security, the discussion got considerably more heated.

Why it matters: The bill is deeply unpopular among Russians and has caused President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating to drop considerably.

During the last six years, more than half of US states have restricted abortion access considerably.

Still, you are taking considerably fewer health risks than anyone who inhales their dose of nicotine.

Good seats will run you considerably more.

The topics often change considerably, and we update the game to reflect that.”

In the domestic financial markets the volatility of price variables has expanded considerably, in reflection of global financial market movements.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that Margaret’s demands for attention seem to have considerably disquieted early critics of Margaret the First.

As the Billfold’s Ester Bloom wrote in December: Our culture has changed considerably since the ’90s, and the show seems like a relic.

It would pay the same rates to providers as Medicare, meaning it’d be considerably less generous to doctors and hospitals than private insurers.

You’d have to restructure AmeriCare considerably to fit a post-Obamacare world.

The acquisition of new U.S.-based customers for some streaming services is slowing considerably, according to estimates from broadcast research firm Frank Magid & Associates.

“I’d say it’d have to be considerably higher than 2 to 3 points.

Answers varied considerably in their details and emphasis, but they clustered around three basic principles.

The ideological gaps between Clinton and Barack Obama were considerably smaller in 2008 than the Clinton-Sanders divide this year.

Tonight Gervais had the awkward task of introducing Gibson, which he chose to make considerably more awkward.

Over these four decades, the demands on Congress have increased, the complexity of the world has increased, and the executive branch has expanded considerably.

Lobbyists with legislative director experience, it goes without saying, earn considerably more.

And Evans will be considerably more difficult to deal now that he’s likely out the rest of the year.

To produce more accurate estimates, scientists have carried out a number of studies in recent years, but figures still vary considerably.

More than 25 percent of their calories come from high-quality protein, considerably more than similar foods like chia seeds and flax seeds.

Medicare rates are considerably lower than private insurance.

Again, however, it is considerably unsettling.

Republicans won’t be surprised if Ford holds a press conference or gives a TV interview, which would raise the stakes considerably.

After two years of zero-percent acceptance rates, the figure rose to 11 percent this year, still considerably short of the 19 percent citywide average.

These pre-transaction consolidated metrics improve considerably on a net debt basis to 4.5x and 5.2x in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

But all of these rules (which were already insufficient to halt climate change) are expected to get weakened considerably under Trump.

As noted by National Geographic, their weird head shape and wide-set eyes give them a considerably better visual range than most other sharks.

Public support for a border wall has shifted considerably over the past few years as it became a centerpiece of the Trump agenda.

In extended striking exchanges, his lack of a left hand and forearm do make life considerably harder for him.

They start with the fact that commercial aviation is already getting considerably more fuel-efficient over time.

In places like New Zealand…where it’s legalized or decriminalized, rates there are considerably lower than here in black-market America.

One year, 2017, was considerably lower because my server was failing almost constantly.

The film slows down considerably once Carole arrives at Delphine’s family farm.

This strengthens group cooperation considerably, which in turn benefits the individual, providing a strong case for upstream reciprocity’s evolutionary emergence.

End of life care has considerably improved since then.

I see no reason for civilians to have guns and would be very content if we considerably increased gun control in the United States.

considerably more polished than their predecessors, these groups are still acutely aware of class status and the social constructs of their country.

Such a duty would up the legal risk stakes considerably for user generated content platforms which don’t bar children from accessing their services.

Measuring time has always been at the heart of human society, Ye explained, but how we do that has changed considerably.

The analyst also singles out the XR, which many anticipated would be a hit for the company, courtesy of a considerably low price point.

He’d experienced racism when he presented as a woman — but he found himself facing considerably more suspicion as a man.

Matthews’ brother Spencer has a considerably bad reputation as a womanizer and reality-TV contestant.

The 2020 map will be, relative to 2018, considerably kinder.

The other thing the setup has helped me realize is that people’s expectations for professionalism has shifted considerably in recent decades.

Thus, Trump and Pompeo are demanding far more from Iran with considerably less leverage.

“Outside of the US, Canada, and Australia, every developed country has invested quite considerably in high-speed rail transportation systems,” Freemark said.

His stand is considerably more hip than the other ones on this list.

Toronto, meanwhile, upgraded its talent level considerably while simultaneously addressing the issues that plagued the team in the past.

Now we’re looking at a considerably different future.

Under the care of creator and writer Charlie Brooker and director David Slade, that dance consists of considerably more style than substance in Bandersnatch.

We hope considerably in a sentence examples were helpful.