Concludes in a sentence | Use of the word concludes examples

“He called it the new Paradise,” Arnaoutis concludes proudly.

As Brockman concludes, “this is a step to building more general systems that can learn really complicated, messy, important real world tasks, like surgery.”

Other research concludes that increasing the minimum wage has an insignificant impact on employment, or none at all.

For example, he concludes that a $12 minimum wage in 2017 would have lifted 6.2 million people out of poverty.

(source) Pepe Rosello and Carl Cox have chosen to depart from Space Ibiza after this season concludes.

“It created a sense of community with incredible energy, where people were doing a lot of things,” Boch concludes.

“Sex seems more fraught now,” Julian concludes.

“Well, we’ve got no idea how you got here, but you’ve discovered a now-empty page of information,” it concludes “Congratulations.

The exhibition concludes with a video Scott-Douglas shot on his iPhone.

And it concludes with a skeptic.

“Just another DC insider in it for himself,” the ad concludes.

When in doubt, [remember that] the addiction will always be more important than anything else,” concludes Biester.

The performance concludes, after several, belting firework-riddled song and costume changes, with Ross climbing into a helicopter.

The Michigan study concludes that apps that are inundated with distracting ads and pop-ups might undermine their academic value altogether.

Waterhouse concludes: The anarcho / DIY ethic is all about collaboration — all about creating autonomous connections.

“The court, accordingly, concludes that Papadopoulos’ motion for a stay pending his appeal of this decision lacks merit,” Moss wrote in his ruling.

Many, of course, took the opportunity to pose with her, and Lady Liberty, arranged in chronological order, concludes with a few such examples.

The report concludes by arguing that their report could, in theory, serve as the bedrock for an effort to turn polarization around.

And for all intents and purposes, it’s the point where the story effectively concludes.

The analysis concludes that with these different projections, the US will raise $2.9 trillion less in revenue and spend $216.6 billion more.

The episode concludes with DJ beating the hell out of a bunch of wrestlers because she just loves her son that much.

It concludes with a 20-minute-long song called “Gulf,” only six minutes of which were written before they got into the studio.

“The tamper-indicating quantum seal presented here offers unprecedented surety in the detection of intrusion against fiber optical seal systems,” the Oak Ridge group concludes.

Iran, if you’re listening, you better be careful.” Trump concludes by looking directly into the camera and threatening Iran.

More promising options, Kamin concludes, are raising estate taxes, raising individual income tax rates, and limiting deductions for the rich.

President Trump’s Fourth of July celebration concludes with a flyover from the US Navy’s Blue Angels.

Too many fighters fight too crazy, and that’s why their careers end so early, he concludes.

And the special counsel, depending on what he concludes, may also believe it’s imperative to make his findings public.

Van Der Lee concludes by saying: “KLM is famous for its customer care and personal approach.

Not all are confrontational — one simply concludes: “I am a Tibetan who recently came to the US.

If the minor concludes that the sex was exploitative, before she reaches 18 (or 19 or 20), she could void her assent.

But if you want, you can imagine a conspiracy theory that concludes with Jeff Bewkes allowing himself a quiet, discreet grin.

First, the report concludes that Trump personally exerted “undue influence” over law enforcement investigations.

The report concludes that Trump tried to have Mueller fired.

The study concludes that around 60 percent of Americans of European descent could be matched to a third cousin or closer relation.

Siegel concludes with an image of Peter Lamborn Wilson handing her a text by the 12th century Sufi poet Ibn Arabi.

“In a time when most states are facing revenue shortages,” the study concludes, “the potential budgetary impacts of mass deportation merits careful consideration.”

Kushner concludes his statement optimistically, saying: “Hopefully, this puts these matters to rest.”

“I’m not sure where the industry is headed,” Dr. Payne concludes.

However, a paper published this week concludes that these ancient people were more closely related to Neanderthals.

The report concludes that marijuana can treat chronic pain.

In it, he predictably concludes that climate change is nothing more than a “liberal environmentalist agenda,” created by Al Gore to kill American jobs.

When the police investigation concludes, the agency says it will take “appropriate action,” which could involve disciplinary measures, including firing that employee.

The Taliban letter concludes by saying the conflict could be resolved by the withdrawal of foreign troops.

“We have confirmed that the automatic annotation of data captures distinctions in informativeness as perceived by people,” the paper concludes.

“The book is engulfed with many such errors of fact,” Martin concludes.

“Pachinko was a foolish game,” Lee concludes ultimately, “but life was not.”

“Registering likely supporters is not a cost effective activity for campaigns to pursue,” Nickerson concludes.

But, she concludes, those accounts have neglected to include the most important voices of all: the voices of enslaved people.

That’s partly because the film concludes during a SantaCon in Chicago.

This “meat hunger” is actually a hunger for protein, Zaraska concludes, and you can get that from peanut butter, lentils, or black beans.

“Let’s hope for the best,” concludes the artist, “but hope may note be enough.”

Emily Oster’s widely read book Expecting Better concludes there’s little evidence that light drinking causes harm.

Zapping your brain could produce effects that are “long-lasting—for better or worse,” the paper concludes.

Assessing seven high-profile reports written about the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak, it concludes that we’ve failed to use this information to our advantage.

“After that,” Miryem concludes dispassionately, “I was the moneylender in our town.

Instead, he cites the growing threat of China, Russia, and Iran, before Wallnau concludes, “America’s going to have a challenge either way.

“Given this, we sincerely hope Zillow will have the good sense not to trouble a court of law with this matter,” it concludes.

Barnum said,” Giacalone concludes, “There’s a sucker born every minute—and these guys are counting on it.”

Finally, after being reminded of the basic tenets of his life, he concludes, “OH MY GOD MY LIFE IS PERFECT!”

“It’s time the UK government treated this issue with the urgency it deserves,” Teggart concludes.

And that’s how Endgame concludes.

When the game concludes, electronic duo Georgia takes the stage.

Her 20-minute-long “Book of Evil Spirits” concludes with a lachrymose Greek folk song about drug taking.

“People are looking at what we’re doing, and they’re trying to compete with us,” he concludes.

At the end of the film, Zappa concludes that he doesn’t want to be remembered.

What happens after the special counsel’s investigation concludes?

Good communication is critical to the success of the individual and to the organization,” she concludes.

Breihan concludes that “it really shouldn’t sound so easy.”

“I want to say things about the city I live in, the people in my life and things I’ve seen,” concludes Heffernan.

The choreography concludes with Vanessa Hudgens doing some kind of baller move (a two-armed point n’ slouch) accompanied by an ehh!.

“I know the names of 48 women whose lives have been ruined by this man,” he concludes at the end of the book.

Because in the end, one concludes that the institutional practice of today’s museums and collections all around the Western world are corrupted.

San Antonio concludes its six-game homestand on Friday when it hosts the Utah Jazz.

A few hours after the march concludes, LLC shares a jubilant post on its Facebook page: “Thank you Church!

“She’s basically a NPC [non-player character],” concludes Beth Elderkin at io9.

Like, that’s how he concludes a purchase at a deli.

“Beyond that, it’s a question of cachet,” concludes Thierry Nectoux, quite confident in the effect his zinc has on customers.

“A jury listens to this shit and very quickly concludes that agents couldn’t make it up.”

The policy uncertainty only added to expectations the U.S. Federal Reserve will keep interest rates steady when it concludes a two-day meeting later Wednesday.

In this week’s episode of Strip Panel Naked, host Hass Otsmane-Elhaou concludes his conversation with Marvel illustrator Chris Samnee.

“People are looking at what we’re doing, and they’re trying to compete with us,” he concludes.

But, she concludes, she feels she did not have any choice in the matter.

The U.S. Federal Reserve is widely tipped to lift rates again when it concludes a meeting on Wednesday.

“In the end, late breaking developments in the race proved one hurdle too many for us to overcome,” the memo concludes.

President Donald Trump’s overall health is “excellent,” concludes the official White House readout of his first annual physical exam as president.

Rutgers looks to bounce back from its most disappointing loss of the season when it concludes non-conference play against Hartford on Thursday.

But she concludes that such selfless artistry is beyond her, and for this reason, her music will always be mediocre.

Or at least, that’s what we’re led to believe that Phoebe concludes.

What’s the idea Donna shares with Cameron as the series concludes?

concludes the video.

The meeting concludes with a news conference on Tuesday.

It concludes that “cranberries can be a nutritional approach to reducing symptomatic [urinary tract infections].”

But I have hope in our government,'” Naderi concludes.

“Ultimately,” Pip concludes, “I think the odds are always going to be relatively poor anyway.

“I wish people had listened to me and understood my fear,” she concludes.

“If fairs are willing to engage with this topic they’ll reap the reward over time, because happy customers are buying customers,” Appleton concludes.

“As far as predictions for 2016 go, I think oxygen bars will make a big comeback,” he concludes.

“Metal has always been about going against the grain,” Sjöström concludes.

He concludes with a prediction: the term “niche” will become obsolete in the same way “sellout” did.

concludes another Facebook post by the group.

“Follow your dreams,” Fan concludes.

But Cade ultimately concludes that these tricks, as deceptive as they can be, are good.

“That’s why you get people who will blow themselves up,” she concludes.

Until the arc concludes, we won’t really know what this snapshot of Rogers will truly mean.

“It literally can’t be opened without destroying it,” the repair company concludes.

Mott Haven Home Movies: South Bronx Cribs concludes its Kickstarter fundraising campaign on September 9th.

“I’m selling trust,” Abdelkader concludes.

By 2300, another study in Nature Geoscience concludes, the melting permafrost and its resulting carbon feedback loops could contribute to 1.69°C of warming.

“It’s useful to know that that’s one of the topics on Facebook that people are talking about” he concludes.

Carmichael concludes, “We think there’s room for disappearing content and content that lives forever.” Slinger is available free on iOS

Ultimately, the IEA concludes, oil markets are in somewhat uncharted territory, which makes projections about the future particularly difficult.

“The long-term consequences of this new era,” the agency concludes, “are still not fully understood.”

Solid wins for Trump in both states would likely result in him clinching a majority of delegates by the time primary voting concludes.

“There’s no way to hack shoes” Waqas concludes.

“Improving people’s self-esteem — that’s been the most rewarding aspect of this product,” Bier concludes.

Romain Dillet looks at the company’s announcement and concludes that the current governance model and blockchain implementation seems closer to banks than bitcoin.

Her review of the videos concludes that Nauman is an equal opportunity offender.

That meeting typically concludes with a contract that dictates who’s going to do what to make sure a kid can get to school.

Once you’ve tried this, you’ll never want to have those fake meat burgers from the supermarket again,” John concludes.

“These are really nice,” concludes John.

It concludes: Ignoring your hateful rhetoric would have made us complicit in your words and actions.

After the first video concludes, another relevant video will cross-fade in and begin playing through Vadio.

“He’s kind of making the case himself for Mueller [on] obstruction,” Rangappa concludes.

“It’s really at the bleeding edge of how you get the data today,” Shah concludes.

But the study concludes that that doesn’t mean they weren’t proactive.

“Eccentric human behavior is mistaken for sins of society,” concludes PHREEEK MAGNET’s press release.

That concludes our debate for this evening, a spirited one.

It concludes that such interviews might no longer be relevant with better recording technologies in every home across the globe.

The study concludes that Clinton’s strategy may have backfired badly.

Systrom concludes, “Everything that is great starts small.” IGTV’s destiny will depend on Instagram’s patience.

“Our story is a tragedy,” he concludes, although “that belief does not depress me.

Later, a battle concludes between the ringmaster and the space witch.

“Mueller is such a straight arrow that he is probably oblivious to these ‘political’ concerns,” Goldsmith concludes.

Popp concludes that yes, “a large increase of atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases such as CO2 could also destroy the habitability of water-rich planets.”

It concludes on June 3.

Imagine that the Mueller probe concludes and it’s even worse than we suspected.

“Based on the foregoing analysis, the Court concludes that the NIT Warrant was issued without jurisdiction and thus was void ab initio.

The UN report concludes that the world isn’t hitting the emissions targets necessary to curb warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

It found “major knowledge gaps” in past microplastic research and concludes that current research is unclear about the environmental and health effects of microplastics.

“It will most likely materially accelerate over the next 12-24 months” Berson concludes.

“Rather than Occupy, Rushkoff concludes rather depressingly, “We have Trump.” As always, many thanks to the folks at CALinnovates for helping produce this series.

“Society needs to give urgent consideration to the ways in which the benefits from machine learning can be shared across society,” the report concludes.

The series concludes with only a few smudges of green paint across a black background.

It concludes that the uninsured rate for that class fell by 22% between 2010 and 2014.

But it gets complicated,” Wallace concludes.

This concludes the town hall commission.

For teens, “attention is the best prevention,” Juliet concludes.

“This is the paradox of red today,” Pastoureau concludes.

Our thought bubble: EIG concludes that these trends are the “driving force behind regional inequality.”

“Fundamentally, respondents suggested that structural composition of the music industry negatively impacted their mental health,” the HMUK survey concludes.

“Ours is a well-established and resilient democracy, and we can see the effect of its antibodies on the viruses infecting it,” Abramowitz concludes.

No, he concludes at the end: There weren’t two murderers.

The Oklahoma Grand Jury concludes its report by listing the circumstances that led to this series of blunders.

Other research concludes that increasing the minimum wage has an insignificant impact on employment, or none at all.

For example, he concludes that a $12 minimum wage in 2017 would have lifted 6.2 million people out of poverty.

“For them, 349 is a pretext for a more aggressive project against institutional order in Cuba,” he concludes.

A wall that brings us together,” our faithful narrator concludes, as the hashtag as the hashtag #TecateBeerWall flashes on the screen.

“When you get down to it, kringle is just really good,” Olesen concludes.

“In the visual system, robust adaptation deficits, detectable at the individual-subject level, were observed over lateral occipital sites,” the study concludes.

The Game Developers Conference concludes today in San Francisco but that doesn’t mean our coverage is over.

I’m also developing two new audiovisual performances, one for a residency in Minneapolis and one in Chicago next fall,” she concludes.

Despite this, “the federal government [has] not done enough to help mitigate the anticipated impacts of severe weather events,” the report concludes.

The Rutgers study concludes with some suggestions as to how Airbnb can address the problem.

It concludes: 488: The number of false or misleading claims made by the president.

This concludes the very obvious portion of this content.

“This operation would be tantamount to pursuing full-scale war on the Korean Peninsula, and risk conflict elsewhere in the region,” the report concludes.

A recent World Bank study concludes that “skills training and microfinance have shown little impact on poverty or stability, especially relative to program cost.”

@SenWarren concludes with this: “This is not about politics.

“Donald Trump is too reckless and dangerous to be president,” the ad concludes.

Sources who know Cohn speculate that he’ll leave the White House the instant he concludes tax reform is dead.

“Transparency and public participation are critical,” the report concludes.

Having eliminated the alternatives, Taylor concludes that NTRs should stay in the Republican Party and work to reform it.

“Quite possibly the best Mario Kart course ever,” concludes Chris in his assessment.

It would be great if this project can contribute to forming an identity for this countries,” concludes Chris.

The Fed is widely expected to raise interest rates for the second time this year when it concludes its two-day policy meeting on Wednesday.

“Daily Active Users” concludes with one of my favorite shots in recent television memory.

TINA concludes that sellers are more likely to end up bankrupt than to move up LuLaRoe’s seller tiers.

In his review, David Anderson concludes there is a “distinct (though not yet proven) operational case” for including bulk EI powers in the Bill.

Before our thorough consultation concludes, Eviatar tells me what to expect during and after my session.

“We’re going to make really fun stuff and make them laugh and smile and experience human emotion” he concludes.

Domestic violence, she concludes, can act as a “psychological training ground” for large-scale violence.

The video concludes with a clip of Putin laughing and an end title card that reads: “We don’t need to be a punchline.”

He concludes, “Rates of drug use are as high as they were when Nixon declared this so-called war in 1971.

I also saw some pretty incredible colors.” Newport concludes, “I just want to keep making art.

“People are reluctant to accept that there is no magic bullet,” concludes Uriel Kitron of Emory University.

The resulting 146-page report released last month concludes that the organization “needs to undergo a complete cultural change.”

concludes the owner, laughing.

… Utah concludes its three-game road trip Tuesday at Oklahoma City.

“It is a certain cure,” she concludes, “and will not spoil anything.” (PSA: Do not smear mercury over your bed.)

No detail of the event is certain until the investigation concludes.

The study, which surveyed congressional Facebook posts and press releases concludes that legislators, like the media, go negative in their outreach to the public.

But for my money, the set piece that concludes the episode above is very nearly as good.

Measel concludes, “The world would be worse off if GPS was proprietary.

It’s all about maintaining the practice and the progressing the creative journey,” Cooper concludes.

This, Devine concludes, shows that people consider the app platform a safe space where they can pose any question without embarrassment.

This makes it easier for us to lie in the future, the study concludes.

Finally the husband concludes, “Fabric is the best club in London.

So is Trump off the hook, even if special counsel Robert Mueller concludes he colluded with Moscow in some way?

“Featured snippets will never be absolutely perfect, just as search results overall will never be absolutely perfect,” it concludes.

It would be silly to allow coal companies to race to buy up a bunch of artificially cheap leases before the review concludes.

Since rules governing demand response clearly and directly affect wholesale power prices, they fall within FERC’s purview, Kagan concludes.

The movie concludes with the character Gargamel exploding and ending up in a swamp filled with flesh-eating fish.

Throwing shade at Facebook, McGregor concludes that “The internet has quickly become a dumpster fire of disinformation.

So, Kagan concludes, both the spirit and the letter of the law indicate that FERC has legitimate jurisdiction here.

A 2014 meta-analysis in the journal Depression Treatment and Research, compared ECT and rTMS concludes just this.

Yes, but: This Bloomberg piece looks at the uncertainties and timelines and concludes that it could be a decade before any wells are drilled.

Stephens concludes in his must-read column.

It also concludes that the United States should substantially curtail immigration from Latin America and Africa.

Yolandi uploaded a montage of comparisons to Instagram to the tune of Craig Mack’s “Jockin My Style,” which concludes with a fart.

“If they resist repatriation, the people will be forced to cull them,” the manifesto concludes.

“It’s simply not possible to use Google search and avoid its filter bubble,” it concludes.

“This is like Visa” Kurlander concludes.

The annual study concludes that this year’s nominations for women in the non-acting categories account for only 20 percent of all nominations.

A new study in Nature concludes that using battery-powered drones for consumer package deliveries can be more climate-friendly than diesel trucks under certain circumstances.

“My only goal is to work with really great directors,” he concludes.

Dastoor concludes, “It becomes part of their transportation routine and I think anything that does that is around to stay.”

She concludes: “In all these situations, the obduracy of withholding becomes a critical stance.” Perhaps.

If he concludes his caucus won’t unite around a plan, forcing his own members to vote down Obamacare repeal might be his only choice.

The company’s blog post, however, noted that no further details would be released until the investigation concludes.

Peterson concludes that this would very likely cause a full-on trade war, and with it a recession by the year 2019.

She then concludes with a deadpan bit of dialogue.

It concludes quickly, everything is fine again.

“There remain many disagreements between the co-authors of this report, let alone amongst the various expert communities out in the world,” the report concludes.

When she concludes she says, “I love you.”

That investment resulted in a 29 percent-per-country average decrease in the rate of biodiversity decline between 1996–2008, the new paper concludes.

The study concludes: “It is easy to purchase products, especially software products, that are sold anywhere in the world from everywhere in the world.

Who cares, The Last Jedi ultimately concludes.

Below are questions and answers on what to look for when the U.S. central bank concludes a two-day policy meeting at 2 p.m.

We will restore funds to everyone that lost money in this recent scam attempt after our token sale concludes.

It concludes with a 20-minute-long song called “Gulf,” only six minutes of which were written before they got into the studio.

If the state concludes that there’s no grounds to proceed, I would think the federal government will not proceed in the case either.

In counterpoint to this, the exhibition concludes with an excerpt of a film on the Roma Holocaust by the Slovakian director Robert Kirchoff.

“Citizens have views toward executive power,” the paper concludes, “that are largely distinct from their evaluations of presidents themselves.”

“In the end, balance will be needed; Facebook will need to resolve tensions between minimalist and maximalist visions of the Board,” it concludes.

The series concludes on April 26 with Jack Starrett’s Blaxploitation classic Cleopatra Jones (1973).

By the time it concludes, there will not likely be enough time to draft and pass legislation to update America’s election infrastructure.

Focus was also on the U.S. Federal Reserve, which concludes its two-day policy meeting later.

“Research shows that it’s some of the best-selling content,” St. James concludes.

Whether politicians choose to accept the agency’s findings when the investigation concludes is another matter.

Jury selection finally concludes and the majority of jurors are African-American.

She concludes, “I regret ever agreeing to help LeSean McCoy in this case …

“You’re afraid there are going to be more riots,” Shapiro’s wife, Linell, concludes.

“For Jacky, it is important that he expresses himself and keeps alive part of his culture,” concludes Terzi.

The current ASAS-SN results, Bower concludes, “suggest that new discoveries may also come from large-area surveys at radio wavelengths.

“It really was extremely stupid of us,” the tweet concludes.

The report concludes that mutual funds will potentially be one of the biggest drivers of growth for ETFs.

“Antonio Delgado can’t be our voice in Congress,” the ad concludes.

The JAMA editorial concludes that “factors related to lower socioeconomic status and current economic pressures” are strong barriers to eliminating the disparities.

“Understanding the nature, magnitude, and health impact of firearm violence against children is an important first step,” the study concludes.

“This is all I know,” he concludes.

Our conversation concludes with Gugenheim acknowledging, “Everyone has a body, everyone gets injured, and everyone heals.

“It’s not something anyone would turnip their nose at,” he concludes with one of the many bad jokes he’s known for.

Bloom concludes individual mentoring is more effective, but too expensive to use widely.

With your hands down my pants by transitive property,” the song concludes.

“Maybe,” one commenter concludes, “this guy is unhateable.” Purdy is a party.

“We’ve never really emphasized how much food is part of our lives because it just is,” Sarah concludes.

His campaign slogan “The Netherlands is ours again,” concludes the message.

“It’s very important that an artist’s jobs is to be a great artist” Stoute concludes.

Then “Pet Sounds” offers one more chance to reflect before the album concludes.

Sladden concludes, “We hope this is going to start a movement.

(Beckley concludes the answer is no; other scholars have disputed his findings.)

And as Thorpe concludes, the change isn’t coming — it’s here.

This money management lesson hereby concludes.

“We want to get out of San Francisco,” Frehn confidently concludes.

But the study concludes that doesn’t mean they weren’t proactive.

he concludes: “Priceless.”

“SS7 exploits are primarily effective because of their limited scope,” the FCC report concludes.

There’s no resolution after the final chorus; the song concludes in a cold sweat.

A South Korea patrol ship sinks and the Joint Civilian-Military Investigation Group (JIG) concludes the North is responsible.

Fast, Dual, Simple – And that concludes today’s launch!

Bayrle’s show also concludes the ICA’s programming in their current home, the Moore building.

Blair concludes this section by saying: “Though Iraq’s WMD is the immediate justification for action, ridding Iraq of Saddam is the real prize.”

It concludes that air conditioning’s economic benefits far outweigh installation and operation costs.

Help put a stop to preachy sitcom endings like this one,” he concludes.

We would certainly wait out of respect until Ramadan concludes, and beyond that I would be speculating.

“I’m not sure there is a coherent voice on Xu’s death from Dalian,” concludes Wilson.

“These results have major implications for diagnostic and therapeutic applications of iron oxide nanoparticles,” the paper concludes.

If China concludes that this maneuver can pacify him and avert a trade war, we might see movement in this direction.

The two-part And Then There Were None concludes with its hour-long second part on Monday, March 14, at 9 pm Eastern on Lifetime.

“Policy regarding GE crops has scientific, legal, and social dimensions,” the report concludes, “and not all issues can be answered by science alone.”

As the segment concludes, her sunny attitude changes.

“In the long term, this may implicate weigh gain,” the study, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concludes.

But when it comes to tanker traffic, DFO concludes that the impact of increased noise on fish is “likely to be of low risk.”

“There are those of us who lead, and those who follow,” Gretchen concludes.

Each night concludes with a dance, and on the fourth night, the dance continues until morning.

“Run the Jewels is probably the best stuff I’ve listened to as of late,” he concludes.

“The message is you should demand a lot more out of assistant services than cooking timers and Google search lookups,” Lessin concludes.

It just wouldn’t work, he concludes, because of the federal requirement that emergency rooms treat patients regardless of ability to pay.

The exhibition concludes with a series of utopian architectural projects called “Architectons,” conceived by Malevich and his former students after their departure from Vitebsk.

“In legal proceedings, these judgments of intent can mean the difference between life and death,” the study concludes.

“Beating of one’s relatives is not a ‘family value’ to be upheld,” Gorbunova concludes.

“With over two million recorded treatments over 40 years, this is the one time anything negative has happened,” he concludes.

“Other than that, not much has changed as a result of the lawsuit”, he concludes.

“This is really rogue state territory for the United States,” Nexon concludes.

Democrats have worried that Trump may try to quash Mueller’s findings when he concludes his work.

Gunter concludes that this draft plan is a draft: People can make comments online for every section where it says “share your thoughts.”

Silicon Valley’s third season concludes with the launch of Pied Pier, the project its characters have been working on since the show began.

Both men, he concludes, are essentially alike in the end.

However, Rossman concludes that when the card is used properly, the card could be useful in improving credit while receiving the cash-back perk.

It’s a lonely thing to be a human being,” he concludes.

“Let’s talk about it,” she concludes.

Simpson, but she ultimately concludes that the paleontologist must be sacrificed.

“Shucks,” concludes the little bunny.

“We have not invested much time in explicit estimates of PSPP’s cost effectiveness,” their review concludes.

“The point of making music together is to blend two styles and make something new,” he concludes.

“Ultimately, what these laws do is reinforce the idea that some jobs are only suitable for men,” Barr concludes.

The book concludes with some far-future concepts of space stations and other habitats that could support major civilian populations.

Near the end of the piece, he concludes, “The Birth of a Nation” is not worth the efforts of its defenders.

“Men, on the other hand, never fully recover,” one summary of the research grimly concludes.

That process concludes Monday, when the 2015 rules officially end.

And what he concludes is that the project of writing holds immense value.

CBS’s The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey is a six-part series that began on September 19th and concludes on Sunday September 25.

It exceeds the individual imagination and is infinitely faceted,” she concludes.

“Antonio Delgado can’t be our voice in Congress,” the ad concludes.

So it follows that once the crusade concludes, former acne sufferers, like soldiers, can experience a bit of a skin identity crisis.

“As a long-term investor in Lululemon, I am uncomfortable with the lack of urgency, stewardship, and performance of our great company,” Wilson concludes.

It concludes with him leading the Iron Islanders against a much larger King’s Landing fleet.

The set concludes with a sinking boat, with both bows tilted up to look like an open jaw.

He usually concludes with pessimistic declarations that little good comes of pairing human flaws with highly advanced technology.

Historically, it was beneficial for sexual partners to develop a bond so they could work together to raise healthy offspring,” he concludes.

He decries the “pathology” that would make Trump say something like that, and concludes that Trump “must have a very unusual relationship with women.”

One viral tweet plainly concludes, “Biological essentialism is violence.

“It is of great importance that you acknowledge your state of mind,” Shah concludes.

The auction concludes with live bidding on Aug. 4.

“There’s nothing I can do about it,” he concludes, his voice full of fear and wonder in equal measure.

“Thanks to that battle, women will be getting equal pay from now on,” Miley concludes.

When the song concludes, he cracks a grin.

She concludes: “Many women were never allowed to be someone; many heroes of any gender live quiet lives.

“We’re in a good place right now,” Lex concludes.

Martocci concludes, “Software is a great instrument.

“Not only is it the right thing to do for our users,” the statement concludes.

Musk’s announcement concludes what had been weeks of speculation and hand-wringing around the go-private proposal Musk first revealed in the August 7 tweet.

I vehemently disagree, our concern should be for the victim,” he concludes.

Beliefs, she concludes, have the ability to kill.

On the basis of the above premises, Murray casually concludes that group differences in IQ are genetically based.

“Keep making apps,” the video concludes.

Abu-Assad concludes the stress he put on himself, his crew, and his family was not worth it.

Shylock is taken to trial, and the play concludes with him converting to Christianity.

“We are clearly building something that people care about and that’s what matters” Weil concludes.

Unfortunately it was not the last one.” Gertrude concludes her statement by urging young Austrians to vote: “I don’t have much time left.

“We’re probably less distinctive in that respect than a lot of American lefties think,” Kenworthy concludes.

The bottom line: The report concludes that extremists are now focused on “establishing a new political order.”

The anonymous author concludes, “All of this isn’t to say Kavanaugh would be an unmitigated disaster for religious freedom on the Supreme Court.

As the tour concludes, we casually sip on more of his tequila—blanco, reposado, añejo, and extra añejo—like it’s water.

And once the Supreme Court decides something is legal, he concludes, “our inquiry is over.” Ouch.

Her partner tested positive for Zika a week later.“The timing and sequence of events support female-to-male Zika virus transmission,” the CDC report concludes.

The pair concludes they aren’t interested, and are initially relieved.

The memo concludes with a recommendation that Loehmann be “released from the employment of the City of Independence”.

The storm, Benjamin concludes, is called “progress.”

And that’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of their own life,” he concludes.

They just don’t want to have kids they can’t afford,” she concludes.

“If Donald Trump runs for a second term, he will not get my vote,” Guerra concludes.

Gunter concludes with this sage advice: “If you want to feel relaxed, get a good massage.

“The actress concludes, “My interests are bigger than pondering a stranger’s face.

But unlike Nacho, Sarah seems to have a bit of self-reflection as the season concludes.

Final retail pricing is expected to be around $1,895 once the campaign concludes.

“Clitoraid,” Ali concludes firmly, “need to adopt some common sense and take their UFOs somewhere else.”

“We recreated this entire world,” concludes Greene.

“Nobody should have to tolerate sexual discrimination,” Denise, the secretary, concludes.

The report, written by scientists at 13 federal agencies and extensively peer reviewed, concludes that the impact of global warming is outpacing previous projections.

On his way out with a firm step, he concludes, “In this dish, the sauce does everything.”

It concludes that “there is no convincing alternative explanation” for the global warming we’ve observed, other than human causes.

It concludes that “there is no convincing alternative explanation” for the global warming we’ve observed, other than human causes.

What Hindman eventually concludes, though, is that America did not want explanation in the years after 9/11.

The report concludes with a short discussion of the kinds of things that might actually help suffering coal mining communities.

The album concludes with three quiet but brutal songs: “Wilt (For Adam),” “The Hospital Choir,” and “New Hyde Park.”

The big picture: The WHO concludes the uptick from 2016 to 2017 resulted from a lack of access to vaccinations.

“Business sentiment has deteriorated,” the central bank concludes.

The study concludes that as ice melts, the surface darkens, absorbing more heat and melting more ice.

Winkler is comparing domestic-currency interest rates; he concludes that there’s a “dichotomy between the U.S and China in the credit markets.”

The series Philippe Garrel: Part 1 concludes October 26 at Metrograph (7 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan).

Taggar concludes, “I think it’s a great way to build empathy.”

“Please know that we will continue to organize around this regardless of the decisions the ICA makes,” the document concludes.

The OIG concludes that “there was no valid reason for the USAF’s failures.”

Harry looks down at the picture, gives his professional opinion, and the scene concludes.

The memo concludes with a recommendation that Loehmann be “released from the employment of the City of Independence”.

“There will be no further public statements about this matter,” it concludes.

But wait until “White Horse” concludes the LP with bluesy, rough-hewn guitar leads and a dusted monologue from the man behind the music.

concludes Matheson: “Joseph Heller would be proud.”

“Tom Clancy teaches kids to go to war,” Stahl concludes, “and Full Spectrum Warrior teaches them to get out of there.

The Fed concludes its two-day policy meeting on Wednesday.

(“Technology never changes geometry,” Walker concludes.)

And again, they’re going to have to share more information with the lawmaker’s office after the hearing concludes.

“Which essentially is 1.35 billion years,” concludes Browse.

The scene concludes with a cut to Peter and MJ, both in absolute shock.

“You would not believe the people living in isolation with this,” concludes Casavant.

When Mark Felt concludes, the reasons Watergate unfolded as it did are a bit more clear.

Then she concludes with the instantly infamous comments about “allegiance” to Israel.

The timing was almost eerie, considering the pilot concludes with Virginia walking in on Roller strangling Desna.

The march begins at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue and concludes in the West Village, the home of Stonewall Inn.

“Tom Clancy teaches kids to go to war,” Stahl concludes, “and Full Spectrum Warrior teaches them to get out of there.

Tomorrow… #Rockdoughberfest concludes with a new hit from KISS.

The officers will remain on leave until the Mesa Police Department concludes its own internal investigation, according to ABC 15.

“No one is in your race,” she concludes.

The video concludes with the caption: “We wouldn’t say it to their faces.

The video concludes with Karlie asking if she’s forgotten anything, and fans can actually make suggestions via Twitter.

Children’s asthma attributable to traffic-related air pollution dropped substantially from 2000 to 2010, a new study in the peer-reviewed journal Environment International concludes.

The report concludes on an ominous note.

The exhibition concludes with a switch from rose to ochre.

“Phone addicts are the new drunk drivers,” Zendrive concludes bluntly in its annual distracted driving study.

“Ayotzinapa demonstrated that Mexico’s problem is not just the PRI,” Toussaint concludes.

A new study concludes that rising temperatures have trimmed rural-to-urban migration within very poor nations while slightly increasing it in middle-income countries.

“Let us assemble for the protracted battles that have long been underway, and those on the horizon,” the statement concludes.

Thus concludes’s IndyCar coverage.

So, the CDC concludes that a false positive may be “a greater concern than the benefits of an actual diagnosis.”

“Heavy Rain was my baby, my reason to live, and my oxygen for four years,” Cage concludes.

Like Hall, the team concludes that as the energy value that fossil fuels generate is declining, their investment costs of extraction are increasing.

“Live Nation and Parkwood Entertainment apologize for any inconvenience,” the statement concludes.

“To say that I know everything about feminism would be the biggest lie!” she concludes.

“Taken together, these observations are suggestive of a compensatory/remodelling process contributing to the cortical thickness variations in schizophrenia,” the paper concludes.

He also generally concludes that the Zano team lacked the expertise to deliver what they had promised.

Once a summit concludes, they become ambassadors.

That, TPC concludes, would cost about $208.7 billion over 10 years.

“By diversifying the nodes that can provide data,” the paper concludes.

I had to experiment with several lens sizes and angels before I achieved the right effect,” she concludes.

And so concludes the falafel mass.

The group concludes a carbon tax would be a preferable policy to address climate change.

“Peterson’s fantasy of neo-Marxist wolves in postmodern sheep’s clothing has little bearing on actual debates in 20th-century political theory,” Haider concludes.

“If a mine requires long-term water treatment or keeping stuff frozen forever, maybe you shouldn’t do it in the first place,” O’Reilly concludes.

Stand up straight, with your shoulders back,” he concludes, in one of the book’s most popular passages.

“Bruno’s case is the product of a justice system that reproduces inequalities,” Dinez concludes.

BAM concludes its remarkable Leslie Thornton retrospective with a hefty pairing of digressive, serious works.

However, she concludes that more research is needed in order to make a definite conclusion.

From this, he concludes that universities are justified in excluding outside speakers that do not serve the educational mission of the campus.

Thus concludes one of the most high-profile US military trials in recent memory.

Stark, who specifically mentions the case of the Uighurs, concludes that the risks of this tech vastly outweigh the benefits.

Clean Elections, he concludes, “not only eliminates the time costs of fundraising but also fosters greater interaction between candidates and voters.”

“Public sector employment subsidies tend to have negligible or even negative impacts at all horizons,” the study concludes.

“Wow, I am hurting myself so much all the time,” she concludes.

The paper concludes that.

she concludes — and we couldn’t agree more.

The video concludes with a sequence of demolitions of newly built apartment blocks, which were cleared to make way for further upscale development.

Barnes concludes, “It has the early signs of being a product people love.”

Monti concludes: “Frank Meier is a sacred figure, even if most bartenders have forgotten him.

Significantly, the exhibition concludes with the history of the Aldeia Maracaña.

The report concludes that HCSEC’s operational independence is both robust and effective.

Wilens concludes that it’s likely that some people who take drugs like Adderall or Ritalin without a prescription are self-medicating undiagnosed ADHD.

In a few sentences, he sketches out Margaret (M.) and Mr. Wilcox (W.) and the general shape of their disagreements, and then concludes, “M.

“Some of the happiest times of my life have come from gaming,” Vishnevskiy concludes.

So if CBO concludes the GOP’s bill would raise the deficit, that’s a big problem.

“The truth is that we all hold oppressive, hurtful biases — including toward the people that we date,” Fabello concludes.

“The clip concludes with the ladies leaving the set, and Mel B getting in one last jab at the offending guy.

“I encourage my fellow designers to do the same,” she concludes.

“Voter communication isn’t something you just need to do 30 days before the election,” Lindsay concludes.

We also know that the series concludes in 1945.

“So please, lets not ruin a perfectly good unopened copy of Nickelback,” the post concludes.

And nearly every celebrity in this Pride-themed video, which concludes by asking viewers to support the Equality Act to protect LGBTQ people, is queer.

“I like to think that we humans are just a part of this chain,” Argomaniz concludes.

Berge concludes the brief histories on the lost countries with recommended reading, music, films, and even recipes.

After the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension concludes an investigation, Freeman will decide whether or not the officers involved will face any charges.

No thanks,” he concludes.

“More to come in June,” the video concludes.

The record concludes on a hopeful note.

And it seems to be getting worse very quickly: “This was the third straight year of a record low winter maximum,” the report concludes.

Our research at the University of Connecticut concludes that there is nothing unexpected or surprising about the recent increase.

“She concludes the segment by stating: “Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.”

She concludes with the message: “Remember, you guys will never regret doing your workout.

Pepper’s complaint concludes that developers are logically passing that cost along to consumers.

“I’ve been shattered by the party culture and risk taking behavior that I briefly experienced in my four months at school,” he concludes.

Ultimately, Hunter concludes that Monteith’s death had to do with a combination of alcohol and heroin.

“Then, lightspeedsound concludes with, “Voldemort wishes he could be as awesome as Hermione, that’s why he wants to kill her so bad.”

The article concludes that GMO seeds are no better at either than any other form of breeding.

“We will continue to work through this process civilly and cooperatively, and plan to continue our professional life together,” their statement concludes.

The top 10 list concludes with senior corporate counsels with $31,000 and equity research analysts with $30,000.

Kavanaugh concludes by briefly trying to address two possible critiques of his arguments.

As Bunny concludes: “There is a great sense of camaraderie and it’s all so positive.

“Being depressed during winter is not evidence that one is depressed because of winter,” the study concludes.

“There is a trade-off between financial returns and social impact,” the report concludes.

Lent begins in February and concludes at the end of March, with Easter soon to follow.

Later that afternoon, as she settles into the couch at her house in Oakland, Ortberg concludes that she wants to be useful.

The show concludes with a final cruel twist.

“The role of the courts is to interpret the law, not to rewrite the law by adding a new, unintended meaning,” the brief concludes.

Nick concludes: “I would be so surprised if you listened to those recordings and went ‘No, you guys are crazy, this sounds great.”

“In the future there is love,” he concludes at one point in the song.

In short, “the era of cheap energy is coming to an end,” the paper concludes.

“The Green New Deal is deliverable,” concludes the brief.

And we are listening to one another and celebrating each other for both our similarities, and our differences,” Lively concludes on Instagram.

“We are trying to tackle it from a much wider viewpoint, and tackle the behaviors within it,” he concludes.

“Visser concludes, “It is BCH practice that communications and images in shared workspaces be neutral.

He concludes, just as UMass Amherst economist Gerald Friedman did in his analysis of Sanders’s plan, that most households would benefit.

Focus was also on the Fed, which concludes a two-day policy meeting later.

The film concludes with Reynolds’ acceptance of the SAG award.

“The Bellas is back,” concludes Ester Dean.

“There is no estimated impact on Medicaid enrollment because of the presence of per capita allotments,” the report concludes.

“My past no longer has the power to hold me captive,” Crisp concludes in the post.

But Trump’s “vulgar approach to politics” and “Sanders-style socialism” are, VandeHei concludes, “terrible political and governing paradigms.”

leading the way, inspiring and normalizing the female form in EVERY form,” Dunham concludes.

And this sort of thinking naturally concludes in one-man rule.

“We don’t know,” Fels concludes, “because the research hasn’t been done.”

And the special counsel, depending on what he concludes, may also believe it’s imperative to make his findings public.

And a happy cat makes me a very happy person,” she concludes, before bursting into a vigorous laugh.

“If women want an epidural and they understand there’s a risk to it,” Thomas concludes, “that’s their choice.”

“She felt like an object and not a person,” the criminal complaint concludes.

Gord leaving concludes the fairytale of my parents’ story.

And that concludes the Class of 2017.

“Public sector employment subsidies tend to have negligible or even negative impacts at all horizons,” the study concludes.

Mahan concludes, “Our experience with Ben Greenberg was we had to do this weird post production/mix to make it sound right.

The fencing women’s team Épée event concludes today.

“Today we find ourselves at a crossroads,” the statement concludes.

We hope concludes in a sentence examples were helpful.