Concerns in a sentence | Use of the word concerns examples

Maduro, whose 2018 re-election has been widely denounced as illegitimate, said he would take the U.N.’s concerns seriously.

It hasn’t even passed yet, but concerns are already being raised.

It hasn’t even passed yet, but concerns are already being raised.

The gravest concerns for collectors are flooding, which could destroy labels and degrade corks, and power outages that could shut off fridges.

Apple is fighting the order, citing concerns about the precedent that this would set in future cases in the United States and elsewhere.

The PCLOB annual report has repeatedly expressed concerns over the FBI’s apparently unlimited access to American’s private communications.

I have concerns around kind of Washington-speak.

But legislators have safety concerns about e-cigarettes on planes due to a growing number of reports of the devices exploding and catching fire.

Beyond these four lawmakers, there also appeared to be broader concerns among the GOP regarding a Cain appointment.

“He’s been clear that he has concerns, that there are a number of aspects that he doesn’t believe are fair.

NASA will have to address these concerns during a Mars mission, where a round trip journey would last a year or more.

Speaking to CNBC on Friday, Trump appeared similarly emboldened and brushed aside concerns about the consequences of his trade tactics.

But the tax plan has yet to encounter any hurdle it can’t clear or any concerns Republicans can’t dismiss.

The move came amid concerns that Uber wasn’t doing enough to ensure the safety of its customers.

“If our concerns are not taken into account sufficiently, we stand ready to act appropriately within a matter of days.

A stock market selloff and concerns over the United States’ escalating trade row with China weighed on dealmakers’ confidence.

He declined to disclose the unnamed influencer, citing privacy and client relationship concerns.

Facebook also has a crisis email line to help politicians and parties with hacking concerns.

Choosing the latter option would help mitigate concerns over steel price inflation from tariffs, Ross said.

Some steel users have voiced concerns that import limits would cause price increases that would make them more vulnerable to foreign competitors.

Anti-Trump demonstrators have voiced concerns that his presidency, due to start on Jan. 20, would infringe on Americans’ civil and human rights.

These exits have raised short-term concerns that the Obamacare marketplaces will have very little competition 2017.

Both companies also have been under scrutiny by U.S. lawmakers over cybersecurity concerns.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also cited concerns with some appropriations requests for Homeland Security but did not go into details.

Lam sought to soothe public concerns and said her administration was creating additional amendments to the bill, including safeguarding human rights.

Joseph Njoroge, principal secretary at the Ministry of Energy, said the plant was competitive but did not address specific concerns.

You measure it on when you had concerns or challenges, did the agreement allow you to address them.

The shootings have fueled concerns among black gun owners.

The regulator said it was also seeking submissions about whether a divestiture would address competition concerns in the concerned region.

Echoing some of those same concerns was Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, who sent his own letter to Uber on Monday.

Before the First Test, he had gone as far as to mention his concerns to the match referee.

To be sure, these concerns could all come up again.

Getting cut out of that process remains one of the gravest concerns at the company.

concerns about nearby supply on the LME market sent the premium to $161 a tonne in May, the highest since September 1997.

“There are still concerns over geopolitical risk,” said Quincy Krosby, chief market strategist at Prudential Financial in Newark, New Jersey.

Many have privately shared some of the article’s same concerns about Trump with colleagues, friends and reporters.

Some people who agreed with the writer’s points suggested the president’s reaction actually confirmed the author’s concerns.

He still shares concerns that he could face deportation but is remaining optimistic.

Some of his messaging on child immigrants also reflects security concerns.

Given these concerns, the DEA at first concluded that it needed to ban kratom to “avoid an imminent hazard to the public safety.”

The DEA apparently took those concerns seriously enough to withdraw its proposed ban — at least until it gets public feedback.

Instead, much of the focus and concerns around the AirPods were on the possibility of losing them.

All available research backs these concerns and reinforces the need to improve access to mental health services in rural areas.”

It’s an equity induced sell-off triggered by trade concerns.

Those concerns raise worries about global growth.

The figures have also raised concerns that rising mortgage and interest rates — though historically low — were weighing on construction activity and consumer spending.

But Corker, Senate leaders, and the White House are working on a plan that would address those concerns.

Johnson stood up and addressed Trump with hus concerns, prompting a back-and-forth about the details of pass-through businesses, Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) said.

Macron has stared down unions before, including over the proposed Franco-German merger of Alstom and Siemens rail businesses, which was derailed by antitrust concerns.

He also voiced concerns about demand.

The next year, the Cuban sports ministry, citing injury concerns, didn’t allow him to return.

The FDA had also raised concerns about an Akorn manufacturing facility in Amityville, New York, earlier this year.

“They have a right to be consulted beforehand.” And it’s not just the recent spill that concerns people.

Something similar happened in Barack Obama’s first years, when desperately needed economic stimulus was held down by fiscal concerns.

There are cultural and practical considerations: financial dependence, housing and immigration concerns.

The school told WJZ that it maintains officers due to the sheer size of the building, not concerns over violence.

Protesters outside Iziko South African National Gallery It didn’t take long for Iziko to address SWEAT’s concerns.

Hogan said Microsoft will organize sessions to hear more about their concerns and to develop a plan to address them.

Some Republican senators had raised concerns about Trump possibly nominating his personal pilot for the position.

Mnuchin cited concerns about violations of privacy as the primary reason for the denial.

So this raised a question: Are there actually safety concerns about Canada’s drug supply?

The pharmaceutical industry has long lobbied against importation measures, including by citing safety concerns.

I have a lot of born-again relatives, and their concerns are not gay marriage, they are poverty, which it should be.

The United States government and American firms have voiced concerns about several recent Indian policies.

And that’s on top of the Cambridge Analytica debacle that renewed concerns about what tech companies are doing with their users’ data.

Two-thirds of Americans think Democrats are out of touch with Americans’ concerns; and 62 percent think Republicans are out of touch with Americans’ concerns.

concerns about voting restrictions and their potential effects on voters are hardly new.

Others at the G20 meeting shared Europe’s concerns.

Even as it sought to calm investor concerns, Hindenburg Research – a short-seller, published a note here on Friday, alleging potential wrongdoing at the company.

The Democrats aren’t the only ones with concerns about USMCA.

That’s the source of one of the concerns climate journalists are raising about Check Your Fact.

The currency has partially rebounded from levels above 6 against the dollar this month as concerns about U.S.-Turkey ties eased somewhat.

It’s a company fighting to prove that its struggling stock price and user growth issues aren’t long-term concerns.

The charge of anti-Semitism is being exploited by bad actors in service of Islamophobia, cheapening genuine concerns about rising anti-Semitism in America today.

Democrats raised concerns about Sessions’ acting replacement, Matthew Whitaker, who now oversees Mueller and once argued Mueller’s probe was going too far.

What they found: While concerns about political and media polarization online are longstanding, our study suggests that polarization was asymmetric.

Sahota testified, and when she did, she dismissed concerns about oversupply with the same language used in the April 2018 analysis.

If CARB reacts the same way in 2020 that it has so far, dismissing oversupply concerns, the system will probably underperform.

The Trump administration recommended decreasing the cap over concerns about the safety and security of Americans, the officials said.

The Trump administration recommended decreasing the cap over concerns about the safety and security of Americans, the officials said.

The government has ordered the company to address safety concerns within about two weeks and report on how the misconduct occurred in a month.

Bond markets have also reflected concerns the expansion may buckle under the weight of the trade war.

But it has rapidly become a vehicle for those firms to express their concerns over Khashoggi’s disappearance.

Others raised similar concerns about pricing and demand.

There’s no evidence that Trump’s decision was driven by business concerns.

Karen and Dawn say that the state, unlike the EPA, has been more responsive to their concerns and continued lobbying over the years.

The justices didn’t rule out suing the president in state court, but they did raise concerns about that possibility in their decision.

Reliance Group did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Monday about the concerns raised by the auditors.

Several Democratic lawmakers called Giuliani’s comments disturbing and raised further concerns about Trump’s campaign conduct.

But aid groups and financial organizations are increasingly raising concerns the world is off track to meet the ambitious set of targets by 2030.

Stock prices have plunged in recent weeks on concerns about the economy.

Analysts, however, expressed concerns over the whether the improvement in the Chinese market was sustainable.

The Russian journalist then asked Jeffrey to provide details on the other dozen incidents, but he would not, citing operational security concerns.

One senior party member, who had previously voiced concerns, said Trudeau was right not to apologize.

This week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 800 points, with analysts citing concerns about U.S. Federal Reserve policy.

But she shared some of the same concerns as her peers, particularly about the government’s ability to run a health care program well.

Farmers’ concerns have dominated newspaper frontpages and proceedings in parliament when it sat for the first time this week on Tuesday.

If the deal collapses due to antitrust concerns, Halliburton must pay Baker Hughes a $3.5 billion breakup fee, according to regulatory filings.

Regulators in Australia have also flagged concerns about the massive tie-up.

By March 2016, EU officials monitoring progress on the checkpoints on the Romanian border were starting to raise concerns.

Democrats’ concerns that Trump’s conditions will only push immigration talks to the right are not unmerited.

Restrictions on Medicaid funding, as well as geographical concerns, have made abortion access particularly difficult for Americans of color.

Mining and other mega projects tend to be pushed through by governments without assuaging local concerns over environmental contamination.

Mining and other mega projects tend to be pushed through by governments without assuaging local concerns over environmental contamination.

The act gives the president sweeping authority to restrict assets based on national security concerns.

His comments are designed to allay European politicians’ concerns that Britain could cut taxes and regulation to attract global businesses.

The specimens were discovered a month apart in 2016 by separate mining concerns in Canada’s far north, and handed over to researchers immediately.

Some have changed marijuana policies because of concerns about racial discrimination in the enforcement of drug laws.

Two local activists told VICE News about the audit but could not speak on the record about the effort, due to security concerns.

However, concerns of the financial burden the combined company will carry has weighed heavily on Takeda’s stock price.

Two local activists told VICE News about the audit but could not speak on the record about the effort, due to security concerns.

But concerns remain.

But underlying concerns about the transparency of the platform and the company’s dedication to solving the issues remain.

A lawsuit with Ackerman McQueen and revenue concerns will also take up NRA time and resources in the months to come.

USA Gymnastics said in a statement it had already addressed some of the concerns raised in the hearing, including mandatory reporting of abuse.

And yes, there are legitimate concerns that these costs can spiral.

Spirituality, humanism, and ecology are among his principal concerns.

He also voiced concerns that Kurdish forces — seen by Turkey as a terrorist group — could be targeted by Ankara without Washington’s protection.

He also voiced concerns that Kurdish forces — seen by Turkey as a terrorist group — could be targeted by Ankara without Washington’s protection.

Proposals to do the same for adults failed partly because of concerns that doing so would lead to an increase in false charges.

“The key is to show consideration to each other’s legitimate concerns,” Xi said, according to Chinese state media.

The two sides were close to a deal in May that addressed many of those concerns.

The Israeli government cited zoning and safety concerns in demolish the village.

The Israeli government cited zoning and safety concerns in demolish the village.

Regina Nuzzo, a statistician at Gallaudet University, echoed Lavine’s concerns.

3 smartphone supplier, has already been virtually shut out from the giant U.S. market because of national security concerns.

Australia has longstanding concerns about Huawei.

In this case, the argument about A Star Is Born concerns a fundamental disagreement over the way the movie thinks about art.

Because of consumers’ unique concerns around safety and quality, baby formula is much more expensive in China than in Europe.

These actions raise a number of concerns, notably possible violations of privacy.

Britain remained open to talks with the United States on how to address concerns about Iran.

My friend and I set up a time to chat, so I could ask her questions and express my concerns.

Vermont: Refused to comply, after not receiving a response to initial concerns raised about providing publicly information.

A small but vocal community of parents refuse to vaccinate their children, citing concerns about the injections that are not supported by science.

But this chart from the International Federation of Robotics helps to put those concerns into perspective.

Vox won 24 seats, fewer than expected, somewhat allaying concerns at home and abroad about the rise of the far-right.

Nelson’s experience using her own expertise to evaluate safety concerns while pregnant is incredibly common.

Those are legitimate concerns.

But rather than embrace our concerns, he used the opportunity to dismiss them.

Here, Clinton made clear that black voters would be considered but our concerns would not be central.

The men of The Favourite frequently come off as ludicrous; their political concerns are incidental to the real drama unfolding between the three women.

But in addition to the usual concerns around convention protests, Cleveland will also feature the presence of Donald J. Trump.

Saudi Arabia has assured Arab allies it would not endorse any U.S. plan that fails to meet key Palestinian concerns.

concerns about violence in Cleveland have been pervasive since the spring.

“Don’t imitate me in what concerns the love for the buildings.

Addressing food safety concerns is among the top priorities for Chipotle Chief Executive Officer Brian Niccol, who took the helm in March.

According to Shannon, his impromptu stroller heist began weeks ago when a friend shared concerns about the conditions at the aquarium.

But his timeline proved too ambitious, and sparked public criticism that the government was too rushed to adequately screen refugees for security concerns.

The warning underscores concerns held by Japanese policymakers about sharp yen rises that could hurt the country’s export-reliant economy.

The White House quickly banned Omarosa from posting any of the photos online, citing ethical and security concerns.

Auvi-Q was pulled from pharmacy shelves in 2015 due to concerns that dosing was insufficient.

Auvi-Q was pulled from pharmacy shelves in 2015 due to concerns that dosing was insufficient.

The United States had said it would not start formal negotiations on trade until it saw concrete proposals from China to address its concerns.

In a letter to Congress, the leading medical organizations and hospitals expressed “significant concerns” with the new American Health Care Act.

One therapist on my Facebook thread said, “We don’t really need a full diagnosis to state our concerns if we deem he is dangerous.

Still, it’s vital to voice our concerns.

Both Cargill and Smithfield said the plant closures were due to safety concerns.

One of the toxins that concerns Sid is mercury.

The Economic Times newspaper earlier reported here the move and said the food industry has expressed concerns over the proposed changes.

But employees, who warned they would demonstrate again if needed, expect Alphabet to face recruiting and retention challenges if their concerns go unaddressed.

Not only do my sculptures comment on aquamarine concerns, but also climate change, immigration, and other humanitarian problems,” Taylor says.

Apple shares dropped again on Tuesday, falling 4.8 percent to its lowest level since early May, as concerns lingered over slowing demand for iPhones.

U.S. oil prices ended the day down 6.6 percent amid concerns about rising global supplies.

Zozo’s recent share price decline – down a third from record highs hit in July – reflects concerns over its ambitions.

With a second season, Making a Murderer gets another chance to address the concerns.

Human rights groups have voiced concerns that the Iraqi government forces attacking the majority Sunni town are augmented by Shiite militias backed by Iran.

Sunkara told me he’s “somewhat dismissive of those vague concerns” around race.

And they racked up the likes — on Facebook, ironically enough — posting about how they voiced those concerns.

And they racked up the likes — on Facebook, ironically enough — posting about how they voiced those concerns.

Balancing the concerns of modern shoppers has never been trickier.

Companies saw store and brand closures, the loss of consumer trust and loyalty, and mounting concerns about privacy, politics, and sustainability.

“What concerns me is that we may not have enough skilled and capable providers to meet the need.”

That has rightfully raised concerns that Whitaker might now attempt to sabotage Mueller’s investigation.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti voiced similar concerns.

He and others said they anticipate the attack being unfairly blamed on the group, heightening existing safety concerns.

Political concerns mean that the risk of short-term pain tends to crowd out any thoughts of long-term gain.

The main story arc concerns Slow Magic’s struggle against Magic!

But his concerns were dismissed all the same.

Now, these concerns obviously affect more than just academics.

BP added that it shared the protesters’ concerns about climate and that it supported the Paris climate agreement.

But concerns were mounting about Saudi Arabia’s ruthless war in Yemen, where the kingdom has been fighting the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels since 2015.

But they were less likely than parents with TPS to have frequently shared those concerns with their children in recent months.

Two-thirds of school employees said that concerns about immigration enforcement were affecting their students indirectly.

Others raised concerns about the future of human rights and the territory’s judiciary.

Andres addressed those concerns by telling the jury that everything Gates said should be double-checked against documents and other witnesses.

He has cited concerns with Georgia’s “exact match” process that compares registration information to Social Security and state driver records.

Santa Clara County voters were apparently unmoved by the recall opponents’ concerns, however, and voted to recall Persky.

Glenn Beck’s competitive concerns aside, the environment is ripe for the successful launch of an OTT service.

The second oversight concerns rocket differences.

It also may be somewhat more representative, in terms of concerns and policy, for the rest of the country.

The parade that was planned in the event that France beat Portugal, was cancelled due to safety concerns.

The parade that was planned in the event that France beat Portugal, was cancelled due to safety concerns.

The Democratic leader added she’s “sympathetic” to the concerns of incoming freshmen and younger members during a Tuesday press conference.

“I’ve always been sympathetic to the concerns that have been expressed by the members of our caucus on that subject.

But long-term concerns will build – Marchionne ran FCA in a command and control style, with constant firefighting measures,” said Bernstein analyst Max Warburton.

In a statement to Business Insider, JetBlue wrote: “The proposed joint venture raises significant competition concerns at congested Mexico City International Airport.

Our government must compromise to meet competing demands, weighing security against liberty, economic growth, national values, and other concerns.

If I say no to the reception of anything, it’s that, the worst of which concerns a “Famous Writer” Gess is half-involved with.

The whole book concerns catastrophe: breakup, cancer, aging, failure.

On Tuesday, in the wake of the Brussels attack, Le Pen called off all public appearances citing safety concerns.

On Tuesday, in the wake of the Brussels attack, Le Pen called off all public appearances citing safety concerns.

European regulators have also expressed antitrust concerns over Qualcomm’s $38 billion bid to buy NXP Semiconductors (NXPI.O).

Among them, personal health and larger concerns about sustainability are about equally important, so the environmental footprint may indeed resonate.

The attacks have driven up oil prices and fueled concerns about a new U.S.-Iranian confrontation.

Those concerns have been strengthened by Trump’s surprise decision in December to withdraw completely from Syria, despite objections from the Pentagon.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency currently prohibits summer sales of gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol, or E15, due to smog concerns.

In fact, only 1 percent of the samples raised hygiene concerns.

Ashbery’s primary subject matter concerns an alternate world where nothing goes permanently wrong, and where disasters are nothing more than pranks.

President Donald Trump has said he plans to go ahead with foreign defense sales delayed under Obama by human rights concerns.

_________________ I have gotten a list of concerns from the legal department.

But not from Africa, Syria, Iraq, everywhere else — it’s all wrong.”   Does this mean that everyone who voices concerns about immigration is racist?

I have translated these concerns into a clear set of common sense guidelines.

Some have argued that complete transparency would help clear up any lingering concerns about whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

Observers have homed in on concerns about airplane automation and some specific features of these Boeing planes.

There are also other regional concerns that Facebook takes into consideration.

The gun maker said that changing demand may be driven by “the current political environment that has caused concerns related to firearm ownership restrictions.”

The idea of adopting policies to benefit specific parts of the US is hardly new, and typically runs aground due to concerns about effectiveness.

“For this reason, parents should monitor their child’s well-being, seeking assessment and early intervention if any concerns arise,” Benore added.

“I’ve come to appreciate the concerns about lifetime limits.

Already farmed on a mass basis, the chickpea doesn’t pose any immediate shortage concerns, either.

Giorgio Trizzino, a lawmaker for 5 Star who was previously director at a children’s hospital, posted his concerns on Facebook.

“And therefore this piece of legislation has a lot of concerns on the Democratic side.”

In 2016, Iran boycotted the haj over security concerns after hundreds of people were killed in a crush there.

Comcast’s top government guy says Trump won’t stop many mergers Exec David Cohen also raises some potential concerns with the Sinclair-Tribune deal.

After @SteveKingIA raises inscrutable concerns about iPhones, Google CEO Sunday Pichai patiently informs him, “Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company.”

Mainstream investors have stayed clear of bitcoin, with concerns over scant regulatory oversight and undeveloped market infrastructure compounded by frequent swings in price.

Or they could have spent more time on anticompetitive practices at Google, and even concerns about bias — not political bias but instead competitive.

Look at Turkey.” Turkish markets slumped last week on growing concerns over the country’s economy and political leadership.

Arizona’s governor in March suspended Uber’s permit for the testing, citing safety concerns.

Her concerns about civilization manifest in her critiques of fascistic, racist, misogynistic, and male-dominated Western institutions and ideologies.

Crude has risen from less than $50 in December, supported by the Saudi Arabia-led OPEC cuts and involuntary declines despite concerns about slowing demand.

Of course, disabled people share concerns about the environment.

The case has intensified concerns among international miners about resource nationalism in Africa.

The session’s presenters also dismissed the privacy concerns surrounding beacons, saying the tracking is “really no different from GPS.”

You can skirt these concerns by preparing food at home yourself.

Their first round of merger talks ended unsuccessfully in 2014 after the administration of then-U.S. President Barack Obama expressed antitrust concerns.

Tax bills fell behind more urgent concerns like dealing with home repairs and keeping utilities on.

“Whatever the president’s concerns are, I think he would ultimately sign it.

concerns grew last week after China reported its slowest economic growth since the height of the global financial crisis in the third quarter.

We’re going to stop taking you guys to dinner and telling you we want to hear your concerns.

With those concerns come personal questions that need addressing.

Lockheed shares were down 2.7 percent at $318.02 as the broader market tumbled in part on concerns about slower corporate profit growth in 2019.

Because of these requirements, as well as ethical concerns, many therapists will turn patients away on the basis of their attraction to children.

Hopefully, Venus’s sweet vibes will bring blessings to all these concerns!

While these concerns are certainly valid, it’s vital not to lose sight of those SESTA/FOSTA will hurt most: sex workers.

Sex workers tell Broadly that the government’s decision has them scared for their lives—and their concerns are not hyperbole.

On these walls Fernández’s treatment concerns the people who have been omitted from Church’s views.

Twitter will need to show that its existing users are still growing in value in order to (temporarily) appease investor growth concerns.

Facebook is trying to alleviate some of these concerns.

His comments came just hours after Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said she still has many concerns over USMCA.

Lighthizer reaffirmed on Wednesday that he did not believe the agreement needed to be reopened to address Democrats’ concerns.

Other users echoed her concerns, and many more people could be facing the same issue in the next few months.

Where technology and economics collide In its early years, Twitter refused to address harassment concerns on free speech grounds.

“The tech sector has been fighting parochially for its concerns,” he said.

But the idea went nowhere, largely due to the myriad practical concerns with the program.

Rocks no longer has those sorts of concerns.

“During this time the positive emotions are low, death and religion are the main concerns in the population,” the researchers write.

Libertarians, meanwhile, put liberty far above all other moral concerns.

MFT offers a more nuanced assessment of voters’ moral concerns.

Politics is in many ways like religion: Voters reward candidates who are effective preachers for a set of moral concerns.

What was it like when you first started raising concerns about Google’s market power?

European nations share some U.S. concerns but say that torpedoing the nuclear deal makes it far harder to address them.

She mentioned eight different Mexican states specifically that are currently facing environmental or human rights concerns due to Canadian mining operations.

“I’ve been in contact with European leaders…about MPs’ (members of parliament) concerns.

A Paris food festival called Street Food Temple, originally scheduled to last from September 23 to 25 has been cancelled due to security concerns.

One of my major concerns in life — this is a bad non sequitur, but not really — is the survival of the orchestras.

What are the concerns you hear from people that are nervous about gun control legislation?

When you meet with constituents, are you hearing the same concerns over and over again?

I think some of those concerns are being fueled by NRA talking points.

Oil lately has trended in tandem with equities and remains under pressure from nagging concerns over rising U.S. production.

Both benchmarks were down for the week as concerns about a slowing global economy outweighed risks to supply.

However, new orders for U.S. factory goods fell for a second straight month in May, government data showed, stoking economic concerns.

It raised concerns over U.S. policy toward Taiwan in talks this week with U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in Singapore.

“Minister Wei raised Taiwan and concerns about our policy.

China chipmaker rivals could also raise concerns about the deal, he added, putting pressure on Mofcom’s Anti-Monopoly Bureau to act.

“Addressing safety concerns by making the batteries removable in future generations will have the side-benefit of making the phones easier to recycle, too.”

Or she knew and was involved, or, best case scenario, didn’t do anything to intervene or voiced concerns and was overruled.

“Russian officials have sought to justify this move by citing humanitarian concerns.

Scott “still has concerns” with the three-day waiting period, which he has opposed in the past, she said.

Some senators with proliferation concerns worry the administration is moving too quickly on talks about nuclear plants and enrichment with Saudi without consulting Congress.

Many have expressed concerns over the House bill, which will abruptly cut off Medicaid expansion funding in 2020.

I think there are anti-competitive and monopoly concerns.

However, David Levinson, a transportation analyst and professor at the University of Minnesota, brings up a number of other concerns about this plan.

The ban, as it’s happening, isn’t nearly broad enough to justify what the administration claimed were imminent security concerns.

Last week, the greenback weakened on concerns that trade disputes would hurt the global economy.

Ryan also raised concerns about the trade deal, his office said in a statement.

As the IAB’s LEAN standards bear fruit, we expect several of these concerns to be pacified.

What concerns me is what other parts of my character are walled off alongside the addict.

He said he raised specific concerns with Suu Kyi about the conviction and asked her to consider giving them a pardon.

VICE: And Patrisse, you’re obviously like-minded in your actions and concerns for black lives.

The death prompted significant safety concerns about the nascent self-driving car industry, which is racing to get vehicles into commercial use.

Tesla has $2.2 billion as of June 30 and thinks that will grow this year, but concerns about its potential money problems persist.

Republic hopes to address both concerns with new moves announced Wednesday.

But the U.N. human rights office and rights group Amnesty International have raised concerns about reports of high civilian deaths.

There were a lot of concerns about whether or not technology widened or narrowed the gap between the rich and the poor.

It has prompted concerns that AT&T might try to limit distribution of Time Warner content.

The measure would bring in “new safeguards against terrorism,” and streamline security checks to address concerns over maddeningly long lines.

The company has repeatedly said it hoped to use that software to address agencies’ concerns over the 2014-2016 vehicles.

Yes, and I have very serious concerns about that.

Anger is a great motivator to get people out to vote.” Trump’s initial response showed why Republicans continue to have concerns about him.

Some concerns there, things like, you know, streaming sites.

“There could be concerns among investors about whether Jim can wear three hats,” Glasebrook added.

Corvias said it is reviewing its service request system to better address resident concerns at all bases where it operates.

After weighing the benefits and concerns with my wife, we decided to accept the offer for my dream job.

And it’s not as if those concerns were limited to ancient Greece or Rome, or to Shakespeare’s Elizabethan England.

The Post reported that new concerns about his management of the White House medical office had arisen, citing officials who declined to provide details.

However, the increase in producer prices did not prompt broader concerns about future market performance.

The new trailer’s biggest mystery, meanwhile, concerns Jake Gyllenhaal’s villain Mysterio, who seems to be cozy with Parker.

It led when it began to foreground environmental concerns in all of its divisions.

Most existing concerns about Apple’s approach to development would be negated by the promise of some legitimately great TV.

Another more insidious reason regulators may have been dismissive of scientists’ concerns is lobbying by the chemical industry.

Citing security concerns, Egypt has often kept its Rafah crossing closed, cutting off Gaza’s main gateway to the world.

Phil Smith, a spokesman for the United Mine Workers (UMWA), which represents workers in the coal industry, echoed the concerns.

She also raised concerns about the potential that tax cuts could trigger a $25 billion cut to Medicare.

That social signalling creates clumps of users bound together by preexisting cultural norms and shared concerns.

concerns over declining demand for crude oil and a Saudi pledge to offset any shortfall from countries hit by sanctions weighed on oil prices.

“There were always concerns about starvation of the entire colony,” said historian Carl Anthony.

It represented a radical, individualistic shift away from the collective concerns of Larry Walker and Betye Saar’s generation.

Frank Strauss, a member of Deutsche Bank’s management board, said he understood the concerns of employee representatives.

US spies had those concerns before Trump openly shared some of the most closely guarded American secrets with a pair of visiting Russian diplomats.

Palacios said Walmart’s proposals to resolve Cofece’s concerns would have been difficult to enforce.

“The latest data should partially ease concerns about a sharp slowdown at the start of the year.

But the rate of growth remains stuck around 15-year lows, highlighting concerns that consumers are growing less confident as the economy slows.

Others in European far-right networks had voiced similar concerns about the “bad optics” from the event, he said.

Others in European far-right networks had voiced similar concerns about the “bad optics” from the event, he said.

Conservatives have raised concerns that some agencies can formally declare “mental illness” without due process.

Policymakers “expressed concerns” about the pace of inflation’s return to 2%, Powell said.

And cruise operator Crystal Cruises canceled two upcoming stops in April and May in Istanbul due to security concerns.

Two years ago, European lawmakers rejected a proposal to tax robot-related enterprises amid concerns it would stifle innovation.

But there are growing concerns that Beijing is steadily eroding civic freedoms in the enclave.

And there are ongoing concerns that the policy roll-outs themselves are messy.

The divestment by the two well-known firms build on previous concerns by other so-called ESG managers, which consider social responsibility when buying stocks.

This call concerns more than the art field.

Pilot unions oppose the idea due to concerns over privacy and fears it could be a distraction.

Public concerns about climate change are growing and have led to protests around the world.

Cargill warned that tit-for-tat retaliatory measures will not solve the trade concerns raised by both China and the United States.

Instead they raised concerns from lawmakers on both sides of the aisles about racial and ethnic profiling.

“Dreams reflect waking concerns and experiences,” she says.

Evergreen closed for four days in response to possible outside threats, and the school moved its graduation ceremony off-campus due to safety concerns.

Turkey has played down U.S. concerns about the security of the F-35 and insists it cannot back away from the S-400 purchase.

“The commitments fully address the competition concerns identified by the Commission,” the EU executive said.

His comments came just hours after Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said she still has many concerns over USMCA.

Lighthizer reaffirmed on Wednesday that he did not believe the agreement needed to be reopened to address Democrats’ concerns.

“I did not come to Washington to hurt people,” Capito said in a statement, adding that the repeal-and-replace bills failed to address her concerns.

“Google should heed the concerns raised by human rights groups and its own employees and refrain from offering censored search services in China.”

Officials say there are concerns the deals were badly negotiated, too expensive or overly favored China.

Our concerns about Dragonfly are set out in detail below.

Offering services through mobile phone apps, including Google’s existing Chinese apps, raises additional concerns because apps enable access to extraordinarily sensitive data.

Google should heed the concerns raised by human rights groups and its own employees and refrain from offering censored search services in China.

On the downside, the team notes concerns over trade and the Fed, but on the upside, we could see some additional fiscal stimulus.

Taskov also raised concerns over cost, saying the self-tests were considerably more expensive than a standard blood test.

Nevertheless, there has been a sudden uptick in ambitious art activity in Southwest Montana, driven by development, art tourism, and ecological concerns.

In practical terms, the idea of freelance bomb makers vying to win a government-sponsored competition would seem to raise a number of legal concerns.

“We have heard and understand the concerns from the prime minister and the government about Bombardier workers in Northern Ireland.

“To reach any agreement, China’s three core concerns must be properly resolved,” Gao said.

And as this information concerns questions of life and death, we won’t keep this information secret,” Lavrov said.

He is in the process of working with local tenant leaders to address these concerns and come up with a legislative solution.”

In the long run, concerns about congestion and noise could create a bottleneck for widespread use of the technology.

Of these, not all will share the concerns of those who have been so outspoken in the past week.

But the situation has been complicated by concerns that half their team will not be allowed to play.

“There are so many people when I talk to them that don’t have words to put on their concerns,” Wylie told me.

They actively listen to their employees’ concerns and ideas and take feedback into consideration.

I had heard some concerns about this from conservatives when the waiver concept was first floated.

NASA announced another slip last week, citing concerns for both contractors such as the need to complete hardware testing and other factors.

Less than a month ago, Good Beer Hunting investigated sexual harassment at Colorado’s New Belgium Brewery, amidst larger, industry-wide concerns.

Not desire or greed or crime or any of the other recurrent film noir concerns that float through it.

Critics respond with concerns that the government is trying to take away their guns.

In the lawsuit, Planned Parenthood also raised concerns about changes in how the state defines gestational stages.

The official further clarified that the shutdown was not related to security concerns.

“Can [subscriber] growth outweigh [free cash flow] concerns?”

Isgur also indicated that she thinks concerns about climate change are overblown.

Other people working with data from public sources have taken steps to address privacy concerns.

Both benchmarks were down for the week as concerns about a slowing global economy outweighed risks to supply.

However, new orders for U.S. factory goods fell for a second straight month in May, government data showed, stoking economic concerns.

Initially, the company had released an extremely restricted version of the system, citing concerns that it’d be abused.

NM: The book speaks to contemporary concerns, as Zeke investigates what it means to be a man today.

I was highly aware that aesthetic theory needed to look beyond narrow Euro-central concerns.

The evaluation concerns a program in Rwanda called Gikuriro.

Election authorities ordered a re-run after AKP allegations of poll irregularities, a ruling that has prompted concerns about Turkish democracy.

The artists’ concerns lie not only in what images contain, but how they are presented.

The evidence is pretty clear, then, that economic concerns are not driving racial resentment in the Obama Era.”

A top exec at energy giant EDF has quit over concerns about an £18 billion British nuclear deal

That could present fewer competition concerns than the other option, a TIM takeover of Open Fiber.

Instead, both sides generally agree that the top concerns are public health and safety outcomes.

Meanwhile, world stocks struggled as Chinese data rekindled concerns over the global economy, while fears of a new U.S.-Iran confrontation intensified.

Our concerns were not, of course, solely academic as all of us know.

Coupled with our concerns for the Wellesley inside here in the community were our concerns for what happened beyond Hathaway House.

But underlying those concerns there is a theme, a theme which is so trite and so old because the words are so familiar.

Unlike abstract appeals to global humanitarian concerns, it rests on the solid foundations of strong national attachments.

Progressives have also raised a lot of concerns recently about the details of how infrastructure gets approved in the United States.

However, PS1’s response to the concerns of the Native arts community was unapologetic.

The new proposal allays Mexico’s concerns considerably, said Senator Gerardo Flores, who has been briefed on the matter.

We’re told the family had security concerns about her living just anywhere, so it was suggested she use MJ’s old compound.

The United States cited national security concerns when it announced tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from a number of countries in early March.

Even emerging markets are offering some value after a violent sell-off earlier this year on trade war concerns.

The FBI expressed “grave concerns about material omissions of fact” in the Republic memo.

“In listening to the community’s concerns, CAM has chosen not to present the event this season,” the museum’s statement reads.

Rahn, Hernandez, and Daly’s stories serve as a reminder to be persistent in receiving treatment for any medical concerns.

The Moving Image Art Fair deferred its 2018 edition in New York due to sales concerns by its participating galleries.

Their first round of merger talks had ended unsuccessfully in 2014 after the then Obama administration expressed antitrust concerns.

“He has said he’s not aware of that.” “That concerns me,” Meyers replied, smiling a wide, panicked smile.

Trump himself acknowledged his concerns for the Kurds on Monday, warning Turkey of “economic devastation” if it attacks a U.S.-allied Kurdish militia in Syria.

But DonorsChoose says its platform is designed to assuage all of these concerns — unlike other crowdfunding websites.

One source played down Trump’s concerns about whether the drawdown would be done in weeks or months.

There’s kind of two concerns with that.

Earlier, U.S. stocks dragged as trade concerns continued to weigh on investor sentiment.

The rich, as it turns out, have a very different set of concerns than does the rest of the population.

“It’s not even a complete plan.” Even so, enough of those concerns were apparently assuaged for the vote.

The letter further details some of Benchmark’s primary concerns.

Nasralla said the U.S. decision reflected Washington’s strategic concerns over a leftist government in Honduras.

ThyssenKrupp and Tata Steel last month flagged the EU veto after they declined to offer further concessions to address regulators’ concerns.

Iran and Russia have similarly cracked down on Facebook—citing concerns about cultural dilution and political organizing.

In the past, concerns about the cultural, political and privacy aspects of Facebook have led countries to establish their own alternatives.

concerns about potential disruption of Venezuelan crude supplies gave support to global oil prices.

“China, they’ve gone out of their way in many respects to understand our concerns.

That raises real concerns,” said Naureen Shah, director of Amnesty USA’s Security with Human Rights Program.

She believes that doctors could have done more to take her concerns seriously.

Political analysts say the changes are likely to pose more risks to the political process than address public concerns.

Obviously we make our interests and our concerns known to Mr Trump.

County officials are concerned the project could worsen street traffic and the affordability of housing in the area, among other concerns, he said.

Marshals apparently later suggested in court their automatic weapons were a safety precaution, and that they had concerns Aker might be armed—which he denies.

In response to these concerns, Miscellaneous Press has organized The Heat is On, a one-night exhibition featuring work by Ryan McIntosh and John Knuth.

That’s why some feminists have raised concerns about class and privilege around the women’s strike.

Schiff said the committee’s Democrats “take seriously” the Justice Department and FBI concerns and will review their recommended redactions.

But it said most people should have no concerns about using the water.

All these concerns have to do with the “destination-based” part of “destination-based cash flow tax.” But the “cash flow” part is important too.

According to his remarks at Tuesday afternoon’s press briefing, the president was apprised of the Justice Department’s concerns weeks ago.

Shares in media companies fell, potentially reflecting concerns the war of words could worsen.

We initiated an external investigation through a 3rd party to vet the complaint, and that investigation yielded no concerns.

Employee complaints don’t alleviate those concerns.

People briefed on the decision said Amazon had made the decision early on Thursday amid rising concerns about the small vocal minority.

Half of voters now rank prescription drug costs as one of their top health care concerns for the next administration.

concerns about the labor market have been uppermost in consumers’ minds this month.

Eastern European nations have been cautious about steeper emissions cuts due to concerns over the economic impact.

“The situation on the Korean peninsula concerns regional peace and stability,” the report paraphrased Xi as telling Kim at their formal meeting.

China is willing to provide what help it can to resolve North Korea’s reasonable security and development concerns, Xi said.

I understand your concerns.

“I definitely had concerns, because people don’t usually invite me to accounts unless they know me,” Orsinger said.

The remarks Sunday came amid ongoing concerns about the safety and security of French Jews.

But these concerns still fail to articulate exactly what’s at stake.

The ANSIRH study, advocates say, bears out their concerns.

The varied media and contents can suggest that, as in a collection of literary essays, each individual artwork has its own discrete concerns.

There were also concerns the two men might be too alike.

The problem, as the “shithole countries” remark made clear, is that Trump’s objections don’t appear to be rooted in specific policy concerns.

Doesn’t that erase a lot of humanitarian concerns?

I wouldn’t have said that, but … [trails off] Does that erase any of the humanitarian concerns?

I think they raised humanitarian concerns, and we’ll continue to raise them too.

Is there concern that the United States won’t address the humanitarian concerns in the country?

Before Trump’s letter, the details of Pelosi’s trip had not previously been made public, due to security concerns.

Philpott said evidence of efforts by politicians and officials to pressure Wilson-Raybould had raised serious concerns.

Levitation is on hiatus right now due to safety concerns related to flooding, but it is scheduled to return in 2018.

Syvertson called the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game about his concerns.

To do that, he needs to ease voters’ concerns about his fitness for office.

If the company cannot provide acceptable answers to the concerns that investors have, the valuations get even lower.”

Today’s note, penned by Amazon VP of Global Public Policy Michael Punke, is in direct response to some of those concerns.

But experts have big concerns.

Espy and incumbent Hyde-Smith are running for a seat previously left vacant by Republican Sen. Thad Cochran, who retired in April amid health concerns.

Cavusoglu on Thursday repeated Turkey’s call for the joint working group, saying experts from both countries should come together to evaluate U.S. concerns.

Politics has ignored their concerns for a while.

Beyond economic concerns, upcoming elections are likely motivating the president’s religious rhetoric and policies.

Squalid conditions and poor welfare practices are growing concerns amid the increasing flood of marine parks.

The actions have already sparked concerns.

These concerns have prevented sterling from fully benefiting from the dovish stance of central banks almost everywhere else in the developed world.

That suggests concerns about a clean management sweep.

Murdoch’s concerns are not new within the industry, though he is one of the most high-profile media executives to voice them out loud.

“What drives these customers to have concerns is that their negotiating partner (Time Warner) is being acquired by someone they compete with,” said Conrath.

That accident raised concerns around the United States about the terms under which self-driving cars should be allowed to test and operate.

Whether Canada is successful in its legalization attempts will depend on how it strikes a balance between these concerns.

American wants the TSA to create a senior internal role focused on traveler concerns, Philipovitch said.

The United States blamed Iran for the attacks, raising concerns about a confrontation and driving up oil prices.

Several of his longtime critics, such as Cardinal Raymond Burke, have raised their concerns about Francis through other open letters.

Washington imposed the ban in May due to security concerns about the firm’s ties to China’s government.

These same concerns were present in the trial against Nizami.

ASIFMA also urged China to relax capital controls, even as the trade war triggers concerns about capital outflows and yuan depreciation.

“We don’t have enough food,” she said, asking that her name not to be used due to concerns for her safety.

There are other factors contributing to allies’ concerns about Trump’s commitment to NATO as well.

“Canadian manufacturers have ample capacity to assure any security of supply concerns,” said Tenaris Canada vice-president David McHattie, in a letter seen by Reuters.

Lam has sought to soothe public concerns and said her administration was creating additional amendments to the bill, including safeguarding human rights.

Women shouldn’t be forced to share private and intimate experiences in order for their health concerns to be treated seriously by policymakers.

If growing consumer concerns about online privacy are not addressed, electronic commerce will not reach its full potential,” the report stated.

Whatever he decides to turn over to Congress may be redacted or summarized to address those concerns.

concerns were raised that the women had violated the school’s honor code by participating in a political activity.

— raises very real concerns that he is not thinking things through.

There’s another side to this: privacy concerns.

The attitudes, concerns and practices of 13-year-olds are, as you might imagine, quite different from those of 35-year-olds.

The pound was down 0.6 percent on concerns over the passage of an agreement for Britain to leave the European Union.

Another handful — including Don Young (R-AK) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) — had similar concerns, largely saying they worried the bill would hurt their districts.

“In short, the Order invades no one’s privacy and raises no Fourth Amendment concerns,” Decker writes.

But again, health concerns were spelled out in relation to successful childbirth, with sections describing diseases or ailments that would require postponing a baby.

Gallinger echo’s Foxx’s concerns.

The FBI conducted the search because of concerns that the money may have violated campaign finance law, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

One source says Amazon is considering dropping its bid because of concerns over new terms in the proposed contract that could limit its viewership.

When a viewer mentioned Musk and asked what Zuckerberg thought of the warnings, he downplayed the concerns of AI.

This is part of wider concerns regarding how we can use coal in the future and be responsible regarding potential climate impacts.”

Barry Barish of Caltech, also an emeritus professor of physics, sounded similar concerns.

Her firing this week appears to be related to the concerns about whether she could carry out her duties in a fair manner.

Media Secretary Matt Hancock had said Fox’s proposal was the best remedy for the public interest concerns, but he wanted some additional guarantees.

On a spring evening last March, a handful of people gathered at a city council meeting in Flint, Michigan to voice their concerns.

“But ruthless databasing of people could not accommodate such concerns.

On a spring evening last March, a handful of people gathered at a city council meeting in Flint, Michigan to voice their concerns.

We hope concerns in a sentence examples were helpful.