Conceived in a sentence | Use of the word conceived examples

In strictly formal terms, each canvas is tightly conceived and carefully contained, but so too are his narrative restrictions.

She was originally conceived as more of an entrepreneur—a producer—and I was really pushing for her to be a filmmaker, an artist.

Why not ask your mom about how you were conceived?

“The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it,” he wrote on Thursday.

“The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it,” he wrote on Thursday.

Most recently, they conceived of a project called On Press: Making Visible an Unseen Detroit.

In isolation, each of these cases was quite narrowly conceived.

Can you talk a little about that, how you all conceived of a magazine as the internet moved in?

As the story changed, Belle’s originally conceived aesthetic morphed into one that featured clean, slightly anachronistic lines distinct from prior princesses.

The original exhibition was organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, and that iteration was conceived by an architectural firm and a theater designer.

This is how Carl conceived the work.

Nozkowski conceived of a different way to go.

The festival was conceived to help fund the building of a recording studio in Woodstock, New York.

These were originally conceived to provide more sport-related emoji to the set.

As the band explained in a statement to Noisey, “Our song ‘Hate Power’ was conceived and written over the past five years.

Despite its socialist bent, the first Havana Biennial was conceived as a rupture within the existing conservative artistic structure.

Maybe the point is that democracy doesn’t have to work the way it was conceived in order to be successful.

And second, it has always been an intentional city, closely conceived and constructed by central planners.

If it had been built as conceived and survived to the present day, it would count among the world’s most progressive urban plans.

In fact, it was in large part conceived to preempt a revolution of the working classes.

The Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian interim government conceived in 1993 when the Oslo peace process began, is in turmoil, Elgindy notes.

What I hadn’t known, couldn’t have conceived, was that so many other Americans wouldn’t have the money available to them, either.

Nietzsche conceived of life as literature.

Still Life was originally conceived as a video monument project, and it juxtaposes the Roboski families with the Turkish government’s war on terror.

Beginning in 1949, the artist conceived of the Spatialism movement, creating immersive environments like “Spatial Environment” where the viewer enters and navigates the space.

This show, conceived by Cecilia Fajardo-Hill and Andrea Giunta, fills a major art historical gap.

It was beyond what I had ever conceived of soy sauce as.

Second, the show was conceived as a playful way of addressing, according to Hoffmann, MOCAD’s limited budget for the exhibition slot.

Demand took off, so they conceived of pop-up shops at local venues, eventually hiring security and cashiers while they entertained guests.

She was conceived while I was using a condom and my ex said she was on birth control.

Coincidentally, my current girlfriend has a son that was conceived the first time she ever had sex—from a broken condom.

In a letter to Bristol-Myers shareholders on Thursday, Starboard said it plans to vote against what it called a “poorly conceived and ill-advised” deal.

Uber, which was conceived in August 2008, is now nine years old and looks largely unrecognizable from the company’s original incarnation.

“The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it.

Not even Shakespeare would have conceived of that …

The supermarket of the future seems primarily conceived to be a health-freak’s paradise.

The project was conceived of nearly a decade ago by Prime Minister Nahendra Modi,  who was then Gujarat’s chief minister.

Like Schwarber himself, it’s great fun, yet fleeting (because, again, the NL is a poorly conceived baseball league).

Resident DJs, 2 Puerto Ricans, a Blackman, and a Dominican, conceived their iconic track, “Do It Properly” at Better Days.

Abdul Abdullah’s series Coming to Terms (2015) was conceived to reveal inequities faced by ordinary Muslims like himself living in Australia.

Past attendees have included Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and the Manhattan Project was conceived there in 1942.

The project was conceived without an end date or physical structure and thus far has existed privately among its participants.

“Wheeler conceived a number of works referred to as Synthetic Desert, most of them based on acoustical experience.

Culture, he says, has historically been a battle between order (traditionally conceived of as masculine) and chaos (traditionally feminine).

(I’m distinguishing lowercase traditionalism from capital-T Traditionalism, Evola’s more technically conceived occult movement.)

They are also explicitly conceived as business-friendly strategies that enable women to comply with the injunction to breastfeed at no cost to employers.

In a statement on Wednesday, former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, who had conceived the rule, said he welcomed the proposal to simplify it.

Designed during the Victorian era, Reading Gaol was conceived with the mission of reforming criminals.

Brenner conceived it, raised funds, hired staff, coordinated its execution, and, once the project was underway, decided to include his own work.

BS: What was the process like, on the inside, when Liberate Tate conceived, planned, and carried out an action?

He often chooses to manipulate conceived images of cities and contort them into his own architectural designs, free from the laws of physics.

“Ginger” reportedly refers to a Las Vegas–based artist who conceived of and created the statue using 300 pounds of clay and silicone.

• Yoko Ono’s Add Color (Refugee Boat) 1960/2019, an interactive installation conceived by the artist.

Daguerre conceived of his photographs as individual, one-of-a-kind works of art; Girault followed through on this.

He said his only relationship with the show was that he conceived it and had a big stake.

That means those babies were conceived the previous winter.

The hoax idea was conceived of as a way to test the quality of the underlying research behind this theory.

Founded in 2011 by five tastemakers nearing graduation, Ain’t-Bad Magazine was conceived out of necessity.

Which Bill Gross had conceived of down at Idea lab, and so I was involved in that from the very beginning.

Discover how retail stores are strategically conceived and planned, how a shopping experience is built and how customer behavior influences design.

It was there that he conceived some of his finest works.” Bailey’s revelation is part of his new book Studio of the South.

In this way, Shalev-Gerz conceived of a negative monument, an apt memorial for something like Fascism, that she had no wish to preserve.

We become part of that story too, thanks to sound design that’s conceived to play on the audience’s sense of hearing.

A new book celebrates the artist’s unique vision, featuring more than 200 projects he has conceived since the 1980s.

However you choose to classify it, no hay medio tiempo has been wonderfully conceived.

CHIRPS was conceived of by Chris Funk, one of Peterson’s colleagues.

“My work results from ideas conceived during the process of handling the materials.

Ask Polly was conceived as an existential column, and that’s feeling quite literal lately.

He also isn’t releasing any details about the couple that conceived the children.

Around this time, Russell conceived of a film that would visually give his audience an insider’s look into his life.

Like dozens of terrible (read: wonderful) ideas beforehand, Katamari Master was originally conceived of on a Livejournal fansite from 2005.

But Republicans in Congress conceived of a creative but complicated way they could use budget reconciliation twice in 2017.

My mom told me, “You were conceived on the corner of 79th and Park on my lunch hour, no man present.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda originally conceived of Hamilton as a hip-hop concept album called The Hamilton Mixtape.

He also conceived of China through an anti-imperialistic lens, and saw resisting powerful foreign countries as part of the Communist Party’s major priorities.

She then met on Capitol Hill with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who conceived the CFPB.

Facebook was originally conceived as a way to “tell your life story online,” which seems laughable at this point in time.

It was here that, thanks to a simple rule change, American football was conceived.

This was conceived, reported and written by women.

The founders explicitly conceived of the Electoral College as a mechanism to prevent an illegitimate president from taking office.

We had a good marriage and our son was conceived out of love from both parents.”

On Thursday, September 28, Magid will breathe life into the sculpture, activating it in ways Calder couldn’t possibly have conceived.

Another limitation of the results is that researchers didn’t examine whether women had risk factors for heart disease before they conceived.

Of course, as in any broadly conceived group show, many were left out.

It’s a very generous proposal, as currently conceived.

This was something, at least for the people who conceived the project, that was meant to appeal to a wide audience and feed expectations.

We asked the big question—”If you perceived it, have you conceived it?

He’s conceived of his own game theory, “ludic ecologonomy”, essentially enabling a creative expression within video games unhampered by the confines of convention.

By and large, they are all some combination of badly produced, badly designed, badly acted, badly written, and badly conceived.

In 1493, Leonardo da Vinci conceived of an “aerial screw” (see below) that was much in the range of such vehicles.

[Leo Murray and I] never had conceived of an inflatable before, so originally it was just two-dimensional sketches on a page.

She makes the difficult choice to be honest with him about how he was conceived.

The index was reportedly conceived during a lunch between Pulay, Wilson, and Brigadier Stanley Clark.

Though they conceived it, neither Wilson nor Clark actually brought the index to life.

Matt Damon is not playing a role that was originally conceived for a Chinese actor.

Blockchain was originally conceived 10 years ago as the basis for the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

The mobile game was conceived at a Minimalism-themed game jam, and was part of last year’s Smithsonian American Art Museum Arcade.

The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it.

By asking the men to create their own image, even though they don’t know it first hand, a new reality was conceived.

His instruments were so thoughtfully conceived that they will continue to conjure up sounds that we could never imagine.

As conceived, the starkness of the plaza—the way that it isolates the relationship between the sculpture and the building—is central to the work.

The documentary, and a memoir published on May 22 called “The Restless Wave,” were conceived before McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017.

Does work — as currently conceived — have to be our primary source of status?

Every possession in which Tony Allen touches the ball is a heroic arc conceived by Joseph Campbell.

Jens Hoffmann, the museum’s Susanne Feld Hilberry Senior Curator at Large, conceived of the idea.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) presents a video that Bruguera initially conceived of for the Havana Biennial in 2000.

In 2004, Mattel sued MGA, alleging that the doll line’s designer, Carter Bryant, had conceived of the doll while still employed by them.

Since then, some abortion opponents have argued against the exceptions, saying it shouldn’t matter how a fetus is conceived.

They don’t feel wanton so much as half-baked and poorly conceived; they aren’t doing any storytelling work.

Barr also claimed that since no underlying crime of “collusion” exists, Trump’s actions couldn’t be conceived as obstructing justice.

This is the only issue I have with an exhibition that is otherwise extremely well conceived, researched, and installed.

The tiny performances themselves are purposefully formless, usually conceived without any audience in mind.

The Iraq War was principally an American project, conceived of and designed in Washington.

The sale’s top lot, Diego Giacomett’s “An ‘En Souvenier de la Levrette Bucky’ Low Table,” conceived circa 1978, sold for $684,500.

Works by over 170 artists have been included in the show, most of which were conceived after the election and specifically for the exhibition.

I like to imagine a world where every conceived child can come to term.

Robert Small, the creator of Unplugged, conceived of the idea while working as a roadie with metal bands.

The European trade vehicle was conceived as a way to help match Iranian oil and gas exports against purchases of EU goods.

That’s how the Internet was conceived and nurtured.

The photograph, originally conceived through the male gaze,  is deconstructed in Daignault’s painting.

The company was conceived of in around 2011 after co-founder Johan Attby exited Tific, a B2B platform for IT support.

Originally conceived by Blatter, the museum has been in the works for years.

Sometimes they may never get the option of genetic screening or only once they’ve conceived to test the embryo for genetic abnormalities.

Unseating a Google or a Facebook is hardly conceived of as a possibility in the startup space these days.

“He wrote it; he conceived it; he directed it.

Let’s assume Khloé and Kylie’s babies were conceived in May, as they’re both reportedly due in February.

The modern nuclear-powered, nuclear-armed submarine is arguably the most fearsome weapon ever conceived.

— the video was directed and conceived by Nick Florez and RJ Durell.

He wrote it; he conceived it; he directed it.

That’s because it takes conscious effort, detail, and specificity, as when the Heathers team conceived of a spunky, plus-size lead.

McVeigh clearly conceived of his attack as vengeance for Waco.

As Time correspondent Charlotte Alter noted on Twitter, it was the labor of mostly women: “This was conceived, reported and written by women.

The project was first conceived in 1962.

As we first told you … Khloe conceived naturally, and doesn’t know the sex of the baby quite yet.

“Big Little Lies was conceived, produced, and aired as a limited series,” the network said in a statement according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Originally called InstantCab, then Summon, the company was originally conceived as a ride-share service à la Uber.

There is no way that he could have conceived them in advance, as he brings together observation and fantasy, the seen and the imagined.

It requires some patient looking to recognize the differences between the motifs designed by Lazar Khidekel and those conceived by Ilia Tchachnik.

The exhibition concludes with a series of utopian architectural projects called “Architectons,” conceived by Malevich and his former students after their departure from Vitebsk.

As only can be conceived by a business development person, sure.

The Housewife explains her youngest child Cruz, who was conceived by IVF and selected for his sex over other embryos, has a heart condition.

“I have a son — he just turned 5 — and he was conceived by IVF,” Zumas said.

It will also sometimes build products conceived in the design phase for the same clients.

Host countries expressed unhappiness, and U.S. embassies have questioned how to implement what homeland security and other officials said was a poorly conceived policy.

The project was jointly conceived by the MIT Media Lab and Learning Machine, and will continue to develop as an open-source project.

She was conceived during a storm.

Abortion is illegal in El Salvador, regardless of the circumstances in which the baby was conceived.

Abortion is illegal in El Salvador, regardless of the circumstances in which the baby was conceived.

The “Look at Me” video — which XXXTentacion conceived and directed — is centered around police brutality against black citizens, white supremacy and slavery.

Before his passing, Davis conceived of several exhibitions featuring works from MOCA’s permanent collection.

Was it conceived by a daft stylist for his new video shoot?

Safadi said the deal, which was signed in November 1994, had been conceived as a temporary arrangement from the start.

So naturally, we thought we’d take both and make them into one of the greatest snack food creations ever conceived: pizza nachos.

Newly empowered, many of the women helming these departments by the end of the 1940s conceived of ways to evolve their coverage.

The Orville, earnest and hopelessly scattered, makes for one of the most perplexingly conceived new shows I’ve seen in a long while.

The show has been in the works since 2015, when it was originally conceived for HBO.

Back in America, Commanders had conceived of and devised Gilead.

Pepy also said that future rail links between Paris and Roissy airport “should be conceived in this way.”

conceived in 2015 by Japanese midwife Nobuko Watanabe, Otonamaki involves getting in the fetal position, then being bound tightly in sheets.

The 2018 program was conceived in collaboration with Professor Bernard Stiegler.

After all, would the two have met if Martin hadn’t conceived of these characters?

I like that they had a roots-y, throwback thing, and at the time I conceived the record.

Brussaux had been photographed with Drake in Amsterdam in January of 2017, just a few days before she alleges they conceived their child.

It’s just poorly conceived and executed.

The visually-loaded, water-submerged, techno-futurist narrative follows Geomancer, an adolescent satellite AI conceived by the Singapore military, powered by mantras of the Guanyin Bodhisattva.

But what you might not know is that, when it was first conceived, Set It Up was almost a completely different movie.

Instead, he conceived his characters from personal history.

It makes for a beautifully conceived vocal performance.

I was conceived to be a track-crushing, Ferrari-beating racer.

Emily goes from the Colonies to the home of the man who conceived of the Colonies.

The development was conceived, in 2008, as a high-end apartment building.

Our son was even conceived the weekend we went to Bottlerock Napa.

The development was conceived, in 2008, as a high-end apartment building.

“Our XXXX ism TMC peace-forces are conceived to act everywhere and every time without being announced in advance,” they say.

Ioanna Katsarou, who conceived and directed this work, faced a decision.

— they conceived North.

Afterward, he typed in the launch code—and an instant later AI was conceived.

That’s pretty impressive for a project that was conceived less than six months ago.

They were raised by their single dad, Professor Utonium (voiced by Tom Kane), who conceived them via science experiment and gave them their superpowers.

She didn’t know whether she could carry a baby conceived that way.

The book includes her true feelings about President Trump, as well as the news that her daughters, Malia and Sasha, were conceived through IVF.

She didn’t know whether she could carry a baby conceived that way.

The pair conceived the work as a way to deal with the recent death of their longtime friend, memorializing them through performance.

conceived more than 20 years ago, it has faced repeated delays, as any project of this scale can expect to.

She has for years railed against the banking industry and corporate interests and originally conceived of the Dodd-Frank financial reform.

Ahead of it comes the single “Funny Business,” whose video she conceived and directed.

The department conceived the “inclusion rider,” a clause that actors and filmmakers can use to ensure their production teams are inclusive.

Likely, Rose was conceived after Bundy won the lot.

The show was conceived as a way of way of condensing issues and undercurrents around migration, of which terrorism is just one part.

As you might know, Slack was originally conceived as a service for the developers of TinySpeck, the startup that eventually became Slack.

#AskaCurator day was conceived by UK-based Mar Dixon and has been embraced by many museums around the world.

Fifteen years later, it feels like a film by and for women, reclaiming a character conceived long ago by a man.

*  *  * Dan Schindel: In what order were the film, exhibition, and book versions of this project conceived?

She shared in Health magazine’s latest issue that she conceived her son with the help of in-vitro fertilization.

A backlash which is wrongly conceived and wrongly targeted … but not entirely unfounded.

Team Targaryen-Stark managed to hold the North, and Winterfell, against the greatest threat ever conceived in Westeros.

The issue, as currently conceived, demands international cooperation, proactive government action, and aid to poorer communities.

ContraPoints was conceived to balance the political playing field by dissecting issues through a left-wing lens.

Frand conceived and designed the K.W.E.E.N.

Evolution, as Darwin conceived of it, favors narrow self-interest.

“Cloud Column,” which was conceived in the late ’90s and realized in 2006, is a hand-fashioned object and has a rougher surface.

Can Buyukberber, working alongside Amar Mulabegovic (The Macula), Osman Koc, and Federico Pelat, conceived the visuals for Part 3: Message and Part 4: Mission.

Specifically, the Aifloo wristband is conceived as a discreet wearable with a long battery life, whilst the real-time cloud AI-analysis does the heavy lifting.

After being conceived at a TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon, mobile app GroupMe began to gain traction.

Although it seems to have been conceived with Minimalist precepts in mind, the effect is a paradoxical sensation of austere, shimmering lushness.

The system was initially conceived to help air traffic controllers route planes more efficiently.

But also, he sees in-game violence and hardships as being reflective of real-world events, or at least conceived with that parallel in mind.

The Creators Project: How different is the completed Smog Free Tower compared to when it was first conceived?

“I wanted to blow up a room,” Buerhaus says of a sculptural project she once conceived.

“I think we have to make something that is an experience,” Chiuri said after the show, conceived in partnership with choreographer Sharon Eyal.

Gonzalez-Torres’s open-ended, fully conceived artworks managed to be rigorous without being pedantic, and deeply, gorgeously human without being sentimental.

We were told Khloe conceived naturally.

He originally conceived it as an illustration for an article in the New York Times Magazine about the etymology of borders.

The research could help improve how embryos develop after being conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF), the Institute claims.

I confirmed with Schatz’s office that this would apply to the whole Medicaid program, at least as the plan is currently conceived.

(Famously, Collins conceived of the book when channel-flipping between Iraq War footage and reality shows.)

The project was first conceived by Daniel Goddemeyer, who runs the New York City-based research and design practice Object Form Field Culture.

I’d never even conceived of going that fast on a non-oval, and I wasn’t even giving the car its full go.

Depoorter conceived the website after learning that Tinder now wants to encourage its users to put their profiles on public.

By all appearances, it’s one of the most insane concept cars BMW has ever conceived.

ThinkGeek’s April Fools’ gags are typically thoughtfully conceived faux-products, some of which become real products once enough fans offer enough money.

A lot of the songs were conceived in the studio to be multi-tracked.

So she conceived him and withdrew with him to a place far off.

Wakanda was initially conceived as a utopian nation, but it has suffered crippling indignities in recent years.

Many of the best ideas for interactive VR are being developed on the Vive, even if they weren’t conceived for it.

“The dishes on the three-course prix fixe menu are conceived with the extensive, Old World wine list in mind,” the website reads.

The unarmed ship was originally conceived as submarine-hunter, but military planners say it’s emerged as a flexible platform that could fulfill many roles.

The image of Egypt as conceived by innovative Japanese publisher Takejirō Hasegawa was well outside the dominant paradigm and thus startling to Western eyes.

But it was definitely conceived as an artwork.

He was enthusiastic about racing in New York City, where the America’s Cup was first conceived.

His current show at Salon 94 Design, Growing Up, could almost have been conceived as a marker of the moment.

The show is conceived as an eviscerated body, whose limbs have been scattered throughout the different rooms.

To help the spread of Totocating, a neologism I just conceived, I’ve assembled a step-by-step guide to transform any cat into Totoro.

The Zika virus causes microcephaly, a condition in which babies conceived by infected moms are born with abnormally small heads.

Now, several years after the idea was first conceived, Cozmo is ready for the wider world.

“Purely because the story we conceived is so big,” producer Larry Kasanoff tells Empire.

Visionary, but conceived from a foundation of van Gogh and Impressionism, it exemplifies the artist’s spirit of formal innovation.

The Void evolved out of plans for a steampunk theme park called Evermore, conceived by Bretschneider and his partner Curtis Hickman.

Some cookbooks are conceived out of lifelong passion for a particular cuisine; others out of reflection on an esteemed chef’s career.

The movie was originally conceived with your dad, before his passing.

I actually conceived of junk mail.

(The series was always conceived of as a two-season series of 18 episodes.)

Not in how it’s conceived of or made, and never in how it is received.

conceived as a part-time project, running XOXO eventually grew to consume most of their year.

The theme park, originally conceived by Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton for a 1973 movie, is essentially an open-world video game.

Nolan says he and Joy conceived Westworld’s purposefully ambiguous near-future as a place where VR is for the masses.

For another, it’s explicitly conceived as a 13-episodes-per-season show, where most network shows try to go at least 22.

Tasha Robinson: What did Borrowed Time look like when you first conceived it?

James Webb was conceived back in 1996, but over time it has encountered major delays and run grossly over budget.

After all, the museum space, which was conceived as a receptacle for historic objects, is often thought of as anathema to living, political movements.

Blumhouse’s movies are made cheaply, but don’t feel cheap because they’re conceived within the scope of their available budget.

We believe it is worth aiming to reestablish the plaza as a visually continuous plane, as it was conceived.

It’s the human mind that conceived such technology, and it’s up to the human mind also to make good use of it.

The Daydream View was conceived in mid-2015, about a year after Google publicly got into the virtual reality game.

In this case, this has been conceived as something new, it’s a true form and function synergistic exercise.

The “Great March of the Return” was conceived earlier this year by civil society activists.

The “Great March of the Return” was conceived earlier this year by civil society activists.

This record was conceived quite quickly in Berlin and I made a conscious effort to work more quickly than I had before.

Long before Rogue One was conceived, there was another Star Wars story that followed another band of rogues: Michael A. Stackpole’s X-Wing series.

It was conceived of in the initial business.

Talk about how you conceived of going into the SBA?

The VR Centers were conceived in partnership with electronics company Acer and gaming company Starbreeze, co-builders of the high-end StarVR platform.

Jia conceived of FF, then seeded it with his own money.

Black Adam was created back in 1945, and was originally conceived as the arch-nemesis of Shazam, then known as Captain Marvel.

Miyubi was conceived by Felix & Paul and written with the help of Funny or Die.

Daniela Perdomo first conceived of goTenna when she was volunteering for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts back in 2012.

The Gay Games was conceived by Tom Waddell, an Olympic decathlete, and was first held in San Francisco in 1982.

My little problem was actually a cleverly conceived puzzle, not a quirk in the world’s topography.

Spencer had conceived of their actions as performances—no different than A-listers pretending to go on shopping excursions in the tabloids—but America took them literally.

A designer named Kosho Tsuboi has conceived a beautiful gadget idea.

Originally conceived as an evil nemesis for the five original Rangers, the character eventually returned and joined the team as its sixth Ranger.

Polyamorists in San Francisco, she writes, “gave their choices names and… conceived of their actions as social movements.”

The app was conceived by interaction designer Peng Cheng and developed in partnership with digital design studio Ustwo’s Malmo, Sweden, division.

Joe, Craig, and Jacob were all followers before any collaboration was conceived.

While federal officials conceived self-bonding decades ago, coal-producing states are largely left to administer a program that some still defend.

That movie confused fans, because Scott conceived it as a film that came out of Alien’s “DNA,” but told its own standalone story.

But I never loved Twin Peaks because it had a tightly conceived mythology, or was a wonder of a whodunnit.

Can you tell me a bit about how you originally conceived Binti?

As she conceived of its story, she incorporated historical statements and behavior.

The knife was conceived as a multipurpose outdoor tool, the gun ostensibly for hunting or protection.

The idea of using bread as an edible plate was conceived and documented long before the 18th century.

The country that conceived planned obsolescence only pledges allegiance to momentary trends and market tantrums.

The agency conceived to stamp out predatory lending must pull back from “unfair” oversight of the finance sector, he added.

R+L=J is confirmed yet again, but now, it looks like Jon may have been conceived under legally binding marital oaths.

conceived by artist and choreographer Emily Johnson (Yup’ik), the sewing bee and roundtable discussion will be led by a council of indigenous women.

It’s here that Microsoft conceived what would become the Xbox One X, and the Xbox One S before it.

And yet somehow, no one ever even conceived of the idea that it might be used as a weapon.

And at times, I couldn’t help but wonder if that was how it had initially been conceived.

But not every pregnancy conceived in the midst of an ED will end in tragedy.

The heirs of that revolution fought a Civil War to save our nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to that revolutionary proposition.

Originally conceived as an offshoot of the uber-fashionable Frieze Art Fair, Frieze Masters has become a major draw in itself.

After a year, about 60 to 80 percent will have conceived.

Riesewieck and Block initially seem interested in pointing out how poorly conceived the outsourcing of moderation is as a business practice.

But this exhibition is enabled by a triumphal excess of exquisite loans and measured, beautifully conceived curating.

And his solution is one of the worst of all theoretically conceived.

The model is conceived as being fully electric, with all-wheel drive and four seats (one driver and three passengers).

I asked Lacher whether he’d prefer to ride a hyperloop, a non-existent technology first conceived by Elon Musk, rather than the subway.

And we’re a much better city for it.” #SignsofSolidarity began in Philadelphia, initially conceived as a banner drop confined to private homes.

As seen in the copious plans on view here, they are conceived with rigorous engineering clarity and efficiency.

conceived from a genuine interest in falconry, the portrait of Camaleón went beyond the imagination of the artist.

Has the Story Group significantly changed how the novels are conceived?

JWST was originally conceived in 1996 as a $1 billion telescope, with an expected launch sometime around 2007.

White and Goldin were close friends, and this pair of exhibitions was conceived as a conversation.

Originally conceived as a photobook, the series was triggered by the 2001 “corralito crisis” — the social and economic downturn that shook the Argentine nation.

Part of the reason that Bad North feels so minimalistic is that it was originally conceived as a mobile title.

MOCAM’s architectural style has been conceived of as an extension of human life and pays homage to our natural instinct for exploration.

This interactive installation — conceived by Erik Kessels and containing work by Elinor Milchan, Antuan Rodriguez, and Viktor Frešo — has a point to make.

Though coming-of-age stories are traditionally conceived of as solo journeys, Washington reshapes the bildungsroman into a collective narrative, often employing the third person we.

“They convinced us to launch an Indiegogo campaign for an iOS game that hadn’t even been conceived,” Padilla said.

We couldn’t have conceived of that two years ago.

Nguyen-Torjusen was conceived in South Vietnam just before the fall of Saigon, and born in San Diego, where her parents fled.

Congress conceived the WIFIA to help lower borrowing costs for municipal water projects.

However, such a facility would be far smaller and require far fewer employees than initially conceived.

The museum birthed during the Enlightenment was conceived in the promise of universal education — one that has never been fulfilled.

Jarvis explained to The Verge that the project was originally conceived of as a podcast several years ago.

Nat Martin, head of the Litho’s design team, says the controller was conceived with augmented reality glasses like Microsoft’s HoloLens in mind.

In some ways, it felt like a first — an internet-native mass shooting, conceived and produced entirely within the irony-soaked discourse of modern extremism.

I made drawings and conceived of a motorized computer system.

According to the charges, Saipov waived his Miranda rights and spoke to prosecutors openly about how he conceived of the attack.

It’s a dream come true.” Moore, who conceived through in vitro fertilization, also told PEOPLE that her life has changed since pregnancy.

“[The exhibition is] conceived so that the time itself does not belong to anybody.

But the show was conceived as a limited series, based on Liane Moriarty’s 2014 novel.

Star Kristen Bell has previously told fans that ice queen Elsa was initially conceived as a more straightforward villain.

Andrew Lewis She conceived first son Jace, now 7, with ex Andrew Lewis.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The State Art Academy, Zurich (SKZ) is a fictional Swiss art school conceived by artist Dan Levenson.

They had been trying to have children for around a year when Jack was conceived and approached the situation with an emphasis on romance.

Their son, Addison, who was born at Advocate Good Shepherd on July 16, was conceived after Game 6.

The project was conceived as a model for a circular economy that would produce no waste.

“We conceived a child!” Dave, 33, tells PEOPLE.

Then, after a season of fighting over whether they wanted to have kids, she conceived — but lost the pregnancy in a miscarriage.

A lifetime ago, literary studies was conceived precisely in opposition to the specter of demagogues.

His third kid, Blanket, was conceived via surrogate.

Who really knows where their pølse (sausage) is conceived?

The floral display was conceived by Kensington Palace’s head gardener, Sean Harkin, whose team planted 12,000 bulbs last fall.

Valdes, who has herself experienced trauma, conceived of and executed the piece with two other women who have too.

Similar to festivals like Afropunk, INDEX was conceived a platform for and by people of color, with a focus on Black and Latinx artists.

Check out the clip … Irv says the idea to work on this project was conceived back in October 2017.

Blockchain, a technology first conceived to underpin the cryptocurrency bitcoin, is a shared database designed to process and settle transactions swiftly.

He conceived it.

In 1992, she conceived of the idea for Totally Hair Barbie (clad in a Pucci inspired minidress!

“From the moment you were conceived till the day you were born, you surprised us Onyx.

This Saturday, he will be speaking about his project, which explores racial identity outside of narrowly conceived boundaries.

In other words, the individual images were not initially conceived as artworks.

Blockchain was originally conceived 10 years ago as the basis for the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Los Angeles-based Snapchat was conceived on the campus of Stanford University; today, there are more than 140 million daily active Snapchat users.

The idea behind track was first conceived when Turner was home one evening, playing with some ink.

But the first consumer-facing VR systems were indeed conceived as a new form of human connection.

The pair are already parents to son Ace, 3, who was conceived through in vitro fertilization.

#DedicateYourVoteToAWoman — megbetz (@megbetz) November 8, 2016 I voted 4 my daughter, who has yet 2 be conceived.

A Fine Line was entirely conceived of by MOCA’s exhibitions team and curated by MOCA Curator, Heather Hakimzadeh.

Moore — who conceived through in vitro fertilization — previously told PEOPLE she’s been wanting to start a family for a long time.

The chapel was conceived as a multipurpose structure that served both as a religious space and a community center.

These paintings were conceived as easily understood allegories and thus serve as agitprop for the Sandinista revolution.

The idea was conceived after he heard numerous complaints about parents arriving in “suggestive” attire.

conceived as a response to the election, the fundraising exhibition includes nearly 700 artworks by female-identifying artists.

Nasty Women was conceived from the get-go as a fundraiser, a fact that stressed by both women.

The scenes at the beginning where Mija loses her footing and Okja instinctively improvises a rescue are tremendously conceived.

The show was conceived in collaboration with the Bucharest curator and art historian, Magdu Radu.

“After three years and numerous fertility treatments, my hubby and I finally conceived in April.

Writer/director Darren Stein conceived the grotesque film as a comedy.

While the memo doesn’t reference drugs or the drug war, it was almost certainly conceived with it in mind.

Males are conceived at a ratio of about 125 to 100 over females by birth.

The shows, conceived accidentally by Miranda, often feel like a live DVD extra, bringing together must-see moments for the biggest Hamilton fans.

Gaudino, who has endometriosis, had difficulty getting pregnant and eventually conceived via IVF.

Despite my worries, I’m relatively lucky, and my particular situation highlights how poorly conceived the law is.

He conceived of the event’s title before Orlando would change the night’s tone.

(The couple conceived Johan through artificial insemination and Jonica’s legally adopted them both.)

In the summer of 2017, she conceived of the 1991 zine to “create the images” she wanted to see in the world.

We conceived of the Soviets as a liberal body politic of Russians controlled by the head of a sclerotic authoritarian state.

Fedotowsky-Manno reveals that she and her husband, a radio host, were trying to get pregnant for five months before they conceived.

(To guess just how long, consider that Howard — who initially conceived of the project — released his last film, Tangled, in 2010.)

The art in that collection was made specifically for Amsterdam art dealers Ria and Lex Daniëls who conceived of the museum in 1991.

“I’ve waited 47 years for this moment,” Moore, who conceived through in vitro fertilization, told PEOPLE at the time.

For example, Vasalgel was conceived in India, where a version of it is substantially further along in clinical trials than in the US.

Nahmad’s insistence on the radical makes an exhibition conceived around Sehgal an obvious choice.

Scott believes they conceived her about three weeks after they met, according to the magazine.

Baillie conceived “Mass” as a response to the news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Scott believes they conceived her about three weeks after they met, according to the magazine.

It was conceived in collaboration with France and designed by French architect Jean Nouvel.

Kyara, the last whale to be born under the breeding program, was conceived before SeaWorld said it would stop the program.

Because of this, there’s a possibility that we haven’t even conceived of what is most likely to kill us.

To reiterate: her false charges were conceived in advance for personal gain.

One of the new characters will be the decades-old franchise’s first to be originally conceived and announced as gay.

“I conceived the documentary quite like an intimate, immersive initiatory journey,” Rezé says.

When I conceived Still Screaming I knew I would not have issue finding shooters to join, I just needed the right ones.

The characters were conceived by her and Matt Williams.

“And then one of my best friends Amy Nadine — actually, we conceived at Amy’s house in New Mexico!

“We conceived the exhibition idea long before Brexit but that has increased our drive to too look beyond the capital.

But according to the popular NBC Saturday morning show’s executive producer Peter Engel, the storyline was originally conceived as something far more troubling.

We’re told Khloe conceived naturally.

In this transformed, potential world, the borders and legal systems that were conceived to keep people and objects separated will be abolished.

There, while on residency, Ancarani conceived of the film, taking trips through California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah to survey several deserts.

It’s a dream come true.” Moore, who conceived through in vitro fertilization, also told PEOPLE that her life has changed since pregnancy.

Ideas conceived around the world have often found this wayward former Danish colony to be an explosive nursery.

Niemeyer’s modernist masterpiece, conceived during a wave of industrialising optimism in the early 1950s, never fulfilled the ambitions of its builders.

Meritocracy, more broadly conceived, also saves money and seems to promote economic growth.

Maybe the real apocalypse will come in the form of death by a thousand blandly conceived, loud, ’splodey sequels.

The event was conceived as a clever response to Japan’s infamous fueiho laws, which restrict dancing in clubs and bars.

What inspired you to tackle this topic now?I actually conceived this six or seven years ago.

The exhibition broaches many significant questions: How was affordable housing initially conceived?

Instead of being created with technical drawings and blueprints, most new products are today conceived in CAD systems in a three-dimensional virtual form.

The system he put in place was conceived as an insurance against the woes of hardship, rather than as a natural entitlement.

When the transition was conceived, it was its own thing, but they later stumbled upon the image.

Mr Palmer heightens this paranoiac tension with his brilliantly conceived account of how time travel might work.

“We were conceived in hell and born in strife,” Mr Bogle recalls.

Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman was conceived of, written, and made in a world where Donald Trump was president.

The urban planners who conceived Beijing’s layout, and that of other Chinese cities, never imagined that so many people would want to drive.

The first is China’s economy, which has slowed since the project was conceived.

conceived as an intensive summer school for poor three- and four-year-olds, the programme now serves almost 1m children a year, all year round.

The AIIB was conceived when China’s foreign-exchange reserves seemed headed inexorably towards $4 trillion.

This is not your average Lunchables or Cheetos: conceived, sold and marketed on a large scale by massive companies.

IN THE city of Pune in Maharashstra, in 2012, Datta Phuge conceived a desire to display something no one else had.

@realDonaldTrump : – The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it.

Parliament has voted to extend the state of emergency, conceived last November as a temporary response, for a further six months.

The place I have wandered into is Partners (The Teddy Bear Project) (2002), which was conceived by Ydessa Hendeles.

(In fact, the new bill is conceived as nearly a mirror image of that one.)

LOUISE BROWN was conceived in a Petri dish placed under a dome-shaped glass jar that looks a bit like an old-fashioned cake dish.

Though charters and academies differ in many ways, they were both conceived as an alternative to schools run directly by local government.

But Christine was never conceived of as a joke, and that was striking to me the first time I saw the show.

But Republicans in Congress conceived of a creative but complicated way they could use budget reconciliation twice in 2017.

I reached out to Haskell, the app’s creator, to learn more about how it was conceived and executed.

“In some ways, it felt like a first — an internet-native mass shooting, conceived and produced entirely within the irony-soaked discourse of modern extremism.

Anna and Marta, a young lesbian couple, attended the Warsaw protest with their baby son, conceived through artificial insemination.

Interestingly, Nancy Drew was conceived by a man, Edward Stratemeyer.

His signature economic reform, a labour-market liberalisation called “Agenda 2010”, was conceived in co-operation with businesses.

The firm was conceived as a marketplace to rent a spare room to tourists.

Both were conceived through in vitro fertilization.

The DC and Marvel universes continue to spawn films regardless of how poorly conceived they are, simply because they make a profit.

That’s how it was conceived.

THE Turing Test was conceived as a way to judge whether true artificial intelligence has been achieved.

VW’s models, conceived pre-Dieselgate, are among the best performers and have improved markedly since the latest rules came into effect.

His works are such pristinely shot, immaculately conceived meditations on the relationship between space and humanity they’re like visual homilies.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a leading Democrat, initially conceived of the CFPB and was Obama’s first choice to lead it.

conceived in 2003 at a projected cost of €77m ($82.3m), it ended up costing ten times that and was completed seven years late.

On 4:44, JAY-Z reveals on the title track that the twins were conceived naturally.

Ontario’s Durham Regional Police first conceived Operation Northern Spotlight in 2014.

Horrified, the Afghan government suspended its cooperation with the nearly conceived mining-as-counter-insurgency program.

That, for example, was how driver destinations and driver profiles were originally conceived.

A new book shows it is time to realize a movie script conceived by Salvador Dalí and the Marx brothers in 1937.

Similarly, the filibuster, which was conceived as an emergency device to prevent the minority having egregious legislation and government appointments imposed on it.

The QE programme was conceived when deflation was greatly feared.

A twin-roll process, much as Bessemer conceived, is already employed by Nucor, a giant American steelmaker.

Liberty City) based brand ‘Sprayground’ … and conceived the GTA-themed backpacks.

The European project was conceived by French leaders to be headed by their country—one reason they tried hard to keep Britain out.

She last saw her husband in 2015, when her son was conceived.

Day of Silence was first conceived in 1996 by undergraduates at the University of Virginia.

This siren song is produced by an ondes Martenot, an electronic instrument conceived nearly a century ago by Maurice Martenot.

Her late 2018 release Love Discipline was a collection of shimmering and shivering ambience, conceived around the idea that love requires work.

After a whole season of going back and forth about having children, the couple conceived and, shortly after, lost the pregnancy in a miscarriage.

The couple admitted they weren’t “actively or consciously trying” when they conceived, revealing their pregnancy news to PEOPLE in an exclusive interview in February.

He conceived of doing this by gluing the layers of the stack together with a water-soluble material.

Malls were conceived in the 1950s by Victor Gruen, an Austrian immigrant, as a new enclosed version of a town square.

Mr Macron seems to have a carefully conceived idea of the sort of presidency he wants to embody.

When we conceived of the project, a lot of those attacks were in the news.

They are already next door to us,” says Bashar al-Masri, the businessman who conceived the city.

Cerati conceived of it as a single piece that should be listened to from beginning to end, as one of his master works.

The agency conceived of the Gateway as a chain of modules strung together, with habitats linked to labs, cargo holds, and power stations.

The pledges had read online about any torment ever conceived by any pledgemaster.

conceived by first-time screenwriter David Howard, then reworked by Robert Gordon, Galaxy Quest began as a Harold Ramis film for the still-new studio DreamWorks.

Created by William Moulton Marston, a psychologist, the comics were conceived as feminist propaganda: Wonder Woman was “The Movement’s Fantasy Figure”.

And that’s understandable—a work of art so pristine in its purpose, so immaculately conceived and delivered, will always be a desirous object.

A lot of sax players marvel just at the fact that he conceived such a punishing method for playing the saxophone.

In fact, the couple was vacationing in Mexico when their daughter Oleta was conceived.

A key element is the “free plan”—in which the interior is conceived of as a single space—divided only by movable partitions.

Such gadgets were conceived with young consumers in mind, but could be even more useful for older people.

I wasn’t expecting an arthouse film, but it seemed conceived by men wearing khakis, not glitter.

The CMU was conceived, at least in part, as a way to bind continental Europe’s markets closer to Britain’s.

The two conceived a child together, a daughter, who was staying with the Wagners on the night of the murders.

Project Firefly, as it was named, had been conceived.

When Bell and Grant conceived their daughter Angelica—Bell’s third child—Clive Bell raised her as his own along with her two older brothers.

It was conceived and has an original book by Tony winner Jeff Whitty and is adapted by James Magruder.

It says that “manifestations [of anti-Semitism] might include the targeting of the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity.

He also conceived and launched Mobike, Ofo’s main rival in the booming bike-sharing market, and is still its chairman.

Young activists who had not even been conceived when the miners’ strike happened wear badges reading “coal not dole”.

When a project is conceived, a small group is assembled to work on it within three days.

They were conceived by Luca Zaia and Roberto Maroni (pictured), the Northern League presidents of Veneto and Lombardy, respectively.

A lot of the way I conceived Sticks Angelica changed from how it started out to be.

The three who conceived of Occupy face charges too.

The EEA was originally conceived as a transitional arrangement, after all.

It expands upon the original written work and, more specifically so, the location in which it was conceived.

His extra-constitutional referendum, held on October 1st, was legally flawed even in its own terms, conceived without proper Catalan parliamentary debate.

Tea bags weren’t conceived until 1904.

The project was originally conceived to help reduce the overabundance of algae in the Baltic Sea.

Back when Perich conceived of these releases, the rise of file-sharing and music downloading was calling the future of physical releases into question.

I hadn’t conceived that this might happen.

“The Commission was poorly organised and conceived,” writes Richard Hasen at the University of California in Irvine in a blog post.

“Candide” was expressly conceived as a protest against 1950s McCarthyism.

Originally conceived as a branching interactive app, a character-driven story has been repurposed into a television series motored by plot.

The logic behind this move harks back to the cold war, when a strategy known as “flexible response” was conceived by the Kennedy administration.

The new loan limit means more large homes are eligible for backing by Fannie (FNMA.PK) and Freddie (FMCC.PK) – companies conceived to promote home ownership.

He explains how each of the major works was conceived and written and analyses key passages bar by bar.

Either way, the interpreting is conceived to make sense within the logical framework of the relationships in the play.

The LIGO project, based on a concept conceived by Weiss, kicked off in 1989 with about three dozen scientists and engineers involved.

Feeding the 5,000 was conceived as a one-off event, but it was so successful that it became a template for social change instead.

The global spread of a technosystem conceived in, and to an unknown extent controlled by, an undemocratic, authoritarian regime could have unprecedented historical significance.

The scheme, conceived in chaos, has plainly been ineffective in its intended purpose.

conceived more than a decade ago, the developers hope it will become a services hub.

He conceived of the book during the campaign, when Trump turned the wall into the preeminent symbol of his candidacy.

It is here that he conceived Sunderland’s victory over Chelsea, here that he has masterminded their likely escape from relegation.

When the song festival was first conceived, in the 1950s, it was an attempt to unify a fractured post-war continent.

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