Computers in a sentence | Use of the word computers examples

computers are being taught to recognize, for instance, pictures of cats by being shown millions of pictures that have already been labeled “cat.”

Machine learning is, in brief, a method for computers to process data on their own, without being explicitly programmed.

Naturally, we think of computers as more or less self-contained entities capable of processing information in useful ways.

computers are built from materials like silicon and copper and they are powered by electricity.

It’s difficult to conceive of the alternative, really, but engineers have a vision of computers that exist as materials themselves.

So, wearable computers aren’t likely to be breaking encryption keys anytime soon.

On their computers they have CAD drawings of what this rocket will look like.

computers are more efficient in spotting these differences than humans.”

And YouTube said that its computers successfully intercepted some 4.5 million objectionable videos last quarter before anyone saw them.

So I don’t claim any knowledge of computers, any knowledge of the technical side of it.

How long did it take home computers to be in most homes?

At a time when a relatively small number of people had personal computers, the media flipped out.

“It’s the day the dreaded Michelangelo virus is set to attack our computers,” says a TV host.

Despite the collective hysteria, the malware spread to very few computers.

The new cryptocurrencies function through a technology called blockchain, essentially a public ledger maintained by a network of computers.

My father likes computers and admires James Joyce.

Naturi Naughton feels empowered by helping the feds catch a hacker who was trying to fence scripts, pics and other stuff from celebrity computers.

Factory goods orders declined 0.8%, pulled down by softening demand for transportation equipment, computers and electronic orders, and primary metals.

In April, orders for computers and electronic products fell 0.5%, while those for primary metals dropped 1.1%.

But this was the idea of community and connection and using computers to do so.

Lithuania also said last week the Kremlin was responsible for cyber attacks that have hit government computers there over the past two years.

The Republicreported that employees they spoke with said their computers were programmed to not function until the videos were watched in their entirety.

2002 sounded like these dry laser synths that conjured funk out of computers.

Fourth: Molotov surfs on a strong new trend: Using multiple devices, tablets, personal computers, smart TVs and streaming devices to navigate, watch and recommend.

My kids are both in tech, so they’re into computers and they listen to podcasts like eight hours a day.

We use it so often, we barely notice it’s there: It’s in our speech, our writing, and even our computers.

Carver Mead from Caltech, and we made software that produced the first ethernet chip, the first RasterOps graphic chip for Sun Microsystems computers.

The percentage is out of the total 5.5 hours a day on average people spend actively on their computers at work.

Mostly, he was creating videos of him talking aboutthe parts he’d put in these hypothetical builds—not actually buying parts and building computers.

“I kind of just like building computers, but unfortunately it’s a very expensive hobby,” Buckshaw said.

“When I was first building computers we had these tiny plastic side panels where you could barely see inside the case,” she said.

A botnet is a network of interlinked computers, all controlled from a central point, that can be used to orchestrate cyber attacks.

It is a federal crime to hack someone’s computers.

Last month, a customer brought her 2018 Macbook Air into West Seattle computers.

Companies were also making vehicles’ computers difficult to interact with, to the point that he couldn’t replace even minor parts, such as window switches.

The tariffs will hit consumer goods hard, including cellphones, laptop computers, toys, video game consoles, television sets, clothing and footwear.

They would apply to a $300 billion list of consumer goods including cell phones, computers and clothing.

And then I think they also had computers off to the side of the room that were running the shared experience.

Anyway, computers will not be able do this.

Blockchain technology powers the digital currency bitcoin and enables data sharing across a network of individual computers.

Hackers have been interfering with computers for decades, sometimes for political ends.

We know about the worm because it eventually escaped from Iran’s nuclear facilities in Iran and began infecting other computers.

Now they’re shutting down devices that are not computers.”

Did the iPhone kill personal computers?

That’s our faultiest part of our brain and computers are perfect.

When Love was first arrested, his house was searched and all computers and digital media—including those belonging to his parents—were seized.

computers are kind of boring, right?

The panel, which is still on display in the control room, was replaced by two laptop computers in 2012.

Part of the show consisted of speakers, televisions, computers, headphones, and stereos gilded in holographic car paint.

It’s also possible that in deconstructing how the bees compute numbers, we could make better, more efficient computers one day.

Our computers are electricity-guzzling machines.

“Aren’t those the people who break into computers?”

ET: Italian prosecutors launched an investigation into the company that made the spyware, seizing its computers and shutting down the malware’s infrastructure.

I laughed at the Y2K preppers, stockpiling canned goods and batteries in anticipation of computers failing to cope with the year 2000.

The idea of talking conversationally to computers has been a long time in the works.

“From computers to books, everything has been damaged.

“From computers to books, everything has been damaged.

Everything pertaining to the car’s performance that can be tracked and measured by computers is, well, tracked and measured by computers.

The things a human driver pays attention to in the car are minimal by comparison to what computers are collecting.

Basically, these products existed as loss leaders of sorts for Microsoft, ways to ensure that the mainstream public got hooked on computers.

Instead, farmers pull out their smartphones or computers to read graphs or illustrated graphics that show them what the data means.

They scan their surroundings using remote-controlled cameras and hack computers with automatic, unfailing devices.

He was not born a free man, and he’s alive, and he’s the guy that got me into computers.

It was computers.

Software, computers, got added to the list.

Your whole home, office and car will be packed with these waiting computers and sensors.

Worse, those early computers were in your way.

The weapon worked, damaging Iranian nuclear centrifuges — but it also unexpectedly popped up in 25,000 other computers around the world.

Coins are awarded to computers that verify transactions with an algorithm that gets more complex over time.

Both Bevand and de Vries expect mining computers to become more energy-efficient over time.

Bitcoin is just a small part of a global surge in energy demand from computers as our lives become more digital.

It works on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The tariffs will hit consumer goods hard, including cellphones, laptop computers, toys, video game consoles, television sets, clothing and footwear.

The demonstrators broke computers, spray-painted slurs against police on chamber walls and used road signs, scaffolding and metal poles to trash fittings.

If it’s a system failure, the back up sensors, computers, brakes and power sources will automatically kick in.

Software secretly embedded in your computers, tablets, and smartphones pick up the signals, and then use cookies to transmit that information back to SilverPush.

They want to correlate people’s web searching on their smartphones with their buying behavior on their computers.

It’s now a powerful industry, and it’s expanding past computers and smartphones into every aspect of our lives.

Because of the memory constraints of most computers, this is neccessary for a lot of big datasets.

I use Private Internet Access which costs about $40 per year and runs on my family’s computers and phones.

He was fanatical about computers, now he is asking to die,” Parada said after leaving his hospital room.

Analog, digital, computers, who cares?

So developing for the evolving capabilities of these portable computers is critical.

After Uber searched company-issued computers belonging to Levandowski and the two other former Alphabet employees named in the suit, it produced only 900 documents.

Still, this is a huge advancement in computers being able to show critical thinking abilities.

“The bottom line is, there was overwhelming evidence that Russian operatives hacked American computers and defrauded American citizens,” Rosenstein said.

The company is set to announce new products — most likely new Mac computers — at its second live media event of the year.

Two years ago, you read about Gamergate and thought, ” Weirdos at their computers,” but now it’s the alt-right in the White House.

Orders for computers and electronic products increased 0.8%.

In the ancient history predating the late 90s, computers were neither necessary nor cool-looking.

The power of deep learning becomes clear when you consider the vast speed and processing power of modern computers.

computers are complicated devices.

Several years ago, he noticed many computer manufacturers had stopped shipping restore discs with their computers (and many are lost by users.)

“This is a repair tool to fix computers that already have licenses.” But he couldn’t make a judge understand the distinction.

More extreme biohackers have implanted microchips and magnets under their skin to link themselves with computers.

During that time, Apple evolved from selling Mac personal computers to becoming an architect of the mobile revolution with a cult-like following.

computers looked completely different.

(I don’t know how it ran on our really crappy computers, or who installed it on the school machines, which used dialup connections).

In modern times, light from our computers and televisions pushes some evening-type people to stay awake longer.

Machine learning is a type of AI that involves feeding computers example after example of something, until they “learn” to make their own determinations.

The aim of adversarial machine learning is to trick the computers by feeding them inputs that’ll mess up their determinations.

Right, which are people, not computers.

computers are not gonna do a good job at it.

That offset increases in orders for fabricated metal products, computers and electronic products, as well as electrical equipment, appliances and components.

Non-manufacturers’ orders rose 1.2% in April led by computers.

We provide the computers and free printing they need to go on interviews.

It’s finally happened — the computers have taken over.

A whole spread, along with their computers.

I usually sit in the last row myself, and I can see what they’re looking at on the computers.

But according to computer security expert Alex Halderman, those ballots are counted by optical-scan computers that could be hacked.

These vote-counting computers are not online, so they can’t be hacked directly from the internet.

He is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology.

There was a small table, there’s four computers and a couple of telephones, and that’s how we get Sky Bridge started.

But if I understood Mohan correctly, he’s arguing that computers and humans can’t do anything without rules to follow.

Companies like Dell and Samsung already make desktop all-in-one computers, and a Surface AIO would be taking those on, too.

Is that combination of computers and human beings, can that fundamentally scale up to the 2 billion users growing all the time?

That’s according to a 2016 study published in the journal computers in Human Behavior.

Apple’s impacted, and Microsoft also did release patches and then had to pause their patch release because it was affecting computers.

It didn’t sell Apple computers, but it did have the latest Apple Watch.

“Carmack and other Zenimax employees conducted that research at Zenimax offices, on Zenimax computers, and using Zenimax resources,” the company said in 2014.

As with Costco, the TVs and computers were at the front of the store, and the prices were in the $500 to $2,000 range.

In addition to the TVs and computers, Sam’s Club had a mobile center selling iPhones and Androids.

You can list up to three devices that will get priority for internet connection usage before any other computers.

This gives visitors access to your internet connection without allowing them to access connected devices, external storage, or other computers.

That compromised antivirus software provided a path for North Korean hackers into South Korean military computers.

At the time, people wanted to buy Windows computers in part because they were compatible with other Windows computers that were already ubiquitous.

We love our phones, we love our computers, but actually having a physical thing with you, there’s still some value.

Its primary focus is still to encourage the sharing of indigenous culture, but there are now articles on remembering retro computers and Denis Diderot.

“I was thinking about the ways we used computers back then (before graphics, Photoshop, music, etc).

No one had any idea how to take Portal when it first hit home computers.

Such as computers?

Someone had to build the computers and the chips and that all happened here.

I want computers to be able to talk to each other.

But they can only use it via common-use computers at universities and internet cafes.

This is dismaying to fans of “fighting chess,” although it’s understandable given how well-prepared, using powerful computers, GMs now are.

Endgames in chess are interesting because although computers haven’t yet “solved” chess, they have worked out certain endgames.

He is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology.

Unlike other software, Babbel doesn’t rely on automated computers to teach you proper pronunciation.

People who own Windows computers and have a third-party antivirus installed keep getting notifications from Windows Defender.

In this research, Quayola uses machines, computers, and other systems to look at artifacts as objects of perfection through algorithms.

From the beginning, it was designed as a frictionless communication platform across countries, companies, and computers.

Whether the threat is malware, phishing, or disinformation, they all exploit high-velocity networks of computers and people.

Those transactions are all entered with a time-date stamp, and are confirmed by all computers that have access to this public blockchain.

Four technicians worked at “very high-end” computers.

In the end security isn’t really about computers, it’s about people.

But it introduced me to computers, and when I graduated I went to a computer company in Lowell, Massachusetts.

You’re telling us what you want and we give you more of that, so don’t blame the computers.

They covertly monitored employee computers and planted malicious code, as well as stealing emails and other documents, according to the indictment.

As part of that, Trump stressed that federal agencies’ chiefs would be held accountable for intrusions on their computers and networks.

Before there were computers, designing a computer chip was much harder!

For the 13-inch MacBook Pro computers, it said an issue may result in data loss and failure of the storage drive.

If there’s one thing Reddit users are good at, it’s coming up with clever tricks — especially on computers.

Note: this doesn’t work for all computers (and only on Windows), but when it does, it can seriously freak someone out.

The Cruise deal extends that wager, betting that computers will displace drivers and cut operating costs.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service is a low-cost method of outsourcing work that computers can’t do quite yet.

(Reuters) – Apple Inc launched Apple Arcade on Monday, the company’s game subscription service for mobile devices, desktop computers and “living room” devices.

“Copy-pasting the articles and transforming them to another format, that’s what computers are good at!” he said.

Those are obviously useful on today’s powerful computers.

More sophisticated software won’t necessarily make people interested in having computers on their faces.

The digital computers of today will eventually give way to new, more advanced computers of tomorrow.

The agency hacked computers all across the world—including over one thousand in the US—based on one warrant that has become legally contentious.

So-called quantum computers will be far more powerful than the fastest supercomputers in existence today.

Assange, 47, faces 18 counts in the U.S. including conspiring to hack government computers and violating an espionage law.

One is empowering, let’s call it empowering computers to make more decisions that today have been made by human beings.

The technology would allow TRD complete access to the computers and smart phones of targeted individuals.

In a ransomware attack, hackers install malware onto a computer or system of computers that restricts a victim’s access to their files.

And while KarTrak was initially the product of an attempt to sell mainframe computers, it was surprisingly not very computerized.

Many had been successfully hacked at some point (although on a limited scale, infecting only a small number of computers).

The New Zero village focuses on child education and includes year-round classes in digital art, computers, English, storytelling, and theater.

Just last week, Trump told reporters, “I think the computers have complicated lives very greatly.

Simply put, it’s the idea that we’re literally outsourcing our mental capabilities to computers.

The results suggested that using computers as a cognitive crutch is a common tactic.

I love computers and hot tamales,” Ricky Wilson tells us.

U.S. officials have said Russia hacked the Democratic computers to steal emails that were later released by the WikiLeaks website to hurt Clinton.

Mueller in July 2018 also indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers accused of hacking the Democratic computers.

The computers, which NASA did not want, were left at the man’s Pittsburgh residence.

Muller and his team used high-powered computers and algorithms to beat markets.

In particular, Microsoft has aggressively tried to integrate touch controls into Windows computers, something Apple has so far resisted with the Mac.

Video games can teach computers a lot, like how to “see” obstacles and solve problems.

“This is internet god mode for Microsoft computers,” a security researcher that goes by the handle Hacker Fantastic, told Motherboard in an online chat.

In other words, right now, millions of computers could be in danger.

Smartphones, computers, smart TV.

The scientists proposed a new software approach called “VoxelNet” for helping computers detect three-dimensional objects.

She is the author of Artificial Unintelligence: How computers Misunderstand the World.

I call this attitude “technochauvinism” in my book Artificial Unintelligence: How computers Misunderstand the World.

Cryptocurrency mining demands a lot from computers and can slow down visitors’ machines.

He talked about designing a board game at Frog Design, the company that originally designed Apple computers, at his last job before joining Apple.

Some of these handheld computers will make phone calls, but others won’t.

It’s surprising that keyboards aren’t getting the same kinds of beautiful designs that some computers have these days.

It has a modern flair that will look right at home among your modern computers and mobile devices.

Living inside a reality so shaped by computers and screens, how can we step outside and get an objective viewpoint?

The animal care facility’s computers are down (but hey, you can still adopt a cat).

The FBI hacked computers in the US, Greece, Chile, and likely elsewhere.

Thousands of computers were destroyed in the Saudi air office.

Bill Gates eventually gained sentience and replaced most of his organic body parts with computers.

He is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology.

But with ease of use comes new ways for hackers to seize control of computers and smartphones.

And it’s about the the idea that a “community” could form between people just typing away on their computers.

Yet, for the longest time, that is exactly what computers have been doing when it comes to machine learning and AI.

Norse created the game without a license from Nintendo or official developer kits, using Amiga computers instead.

It just got a lot easier for law enforcement agents to hack anonymous computers over the internet.

Once it is “behind the meter,” it is used by computers and dishwashers and iPhone chargers.

Ever since IBM’s Watson beat its first human “Jeopardy” contestants, people have been fascinated with the idea of talking to computers.

Russia was also blamed for an attack on the Bundestag computers network back in 2015.

After compromising computers, hackers need a way to send them instructions and get data back.

I think especially now that you’ve got the tools that you’ve got in computers.

They tend to buy baby food, pet food, snacks, and cleaning products from their phones and computers.

We don’t have any facilities, no computers, no laptops.

In modern times, light from our computers and televisions pushes some evening-type people to stay awake longer.

Rinaudo is also a software engineer and previously built computers out of RNA and DNA that work in human cells.

“It’s a bit like with computers as well.

Women are looking at computers like ‘what can i do with this?’

Say there are two computers, represented by two tiled blocks on the screen, each labeled 800.

I’d program an EXA to pick up the file, move between the computers, then terminate.

The phones in our pockets are thousands of times more powerful, with connections thousands of times faster, than those old computers.

There’s a booming industry dedicated to providing governmental agencies with tools to hack and spy on computers and cellphones.

You’d write programs in a Java-like virtual language, and then those programs could literally move between computers without stopping,” he said.

“I always had a thing for building computers and toying with different configurations and components, but it’s a very expensive hobby.

The nightmare scenario is Russia actually hacking US voting computers and altering the vote total.

All the tools — typewriters, brushes, pencils, bodies, cameras, computers — are also available to all, or almost all.

I recently discovered the subreddit ” r/dustypcs,” which includes hundreds of pictures and several YouTube videos of incredibly dusty, filthy computers.

It’s a wonder why people like to look at pictures of filthy computers.

Indeed, fans and heatsinks clogged by dust will invariably make computers run hot, and electronics hate heat.

Even computers in bakeries aren’t safe with all the flour in the air.

The Internet isn’t limited to dusty computers.

You’ve just spent five minutes looking at dusty computers!

Something about this topic makes me want to collect fake computers.

It’s just a diagram that shows two computers with a line connecting them and there’s a lightning bolt in between them.

Asked whether he thought Microsoft was out-innovating Apple in computers, Myerson demurred.

When Bitcoin was first proposed in 2009, its vision of the future was one where everyone could mine Bitcoin from their own personal computers.

There’s a little label that says, “The art happens here,” pointing to the space between the computers.

KS: Right, but it was the first time you could interact with a television and some computers.

But there was a flaw in the code that started shutting computers down.

It gives them a few weeks of training and handheld tablet computers loaded with pre-scripted lessons designed by the company’s education experts.

The problem for the computers is that Brexit is producing too many headlines for them to process.

The mechanics of how Brexit may be hammered out have also made it more difficult for the computers.

She suggests that lawmakers are underestimating how savvy most people are when it comes to computers.

In DDoS attacks, hijacked or virus-infected computers are used to target websites.

The largest law enforcement hacking operation to date hit computers as far afield as the US, Greece and Chile.

She uses computers to find unexpected things about language beyond the bounds of human semantic constraints.

It’s incredibly expensive, and many headsets require heavy-duty computers to operate.

By embedding an exploit in a chat room, all a hacker had to do was invite people to it to take over their computers.

Duo examined what is known as firmware in the Mac computers.

Over the weekend, hackers injected thousands of websites—including UK and US government sites—with code that hijacked visitors’ computers to mine cryptocurrency.

The attack loaded malicious Javascript onto visitors’ computers.

They could have used their access to install a keylogger onto the victim’s computers, for example, or infected them with more invasive malware.

In a matter of hours, it has infected thousands of computers in dozens of countries around the world.

With millions of potentially vulnerable Windows computers out there, it could spread a lot further before IT security professionals get the infection under control.

The problem is that in many cases, IT professionals failed to install the upgrade, leaving many computers vulnerable to the attack.

Keeping flaws secret makes it easier for the NSA to spy on foreign adversaries by hacking into their computers.

Hospitals in the UK are struggling to treat their patients with many of their computers inoperative: Wow. The ransomware is spread by an internet worm, software that spreads copies of itself by hacking into other computers on a network.

So many computers were still vulnerable two months after Microsoft released its upgrade.

Sanchez believes that the NSA likely could have done more to secure innocent peoples’ computers.

It takes a surrealist reject of an image to remind us that our perception works on a different plane than those of computers.

Recent developments in video analytics—fueled by artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning—enable computers to watch and understand surveillance videos with human-like discernment.

You saw it … Facebook even talks about when they’re looking for hate speech, it’s a combination of humans and computers.

computers can watch all the video without human issues like distraction, fatigue, training, or needing to be paid.

computers are getting better at recognizing what’s going on in a video.

computers can also identify people.

At least, as long as there’s teens with computers who really don’t want to take a test.

Cellphones and computers, key portions of these categories, were spared from the initial tariffs list.

Video data can easily be saved for years, allowing computers to conduct all of this surveillance backwards in time.

In their haste, they introduced errors that caused some computers to shut down unexpectedly, and now are left waiting for real protection.

Meltdown seems to affect only Intel processors, but the company has a near monopoly on processors for personal computers and servers.

Apple did have the foresight to basically lock up supply so that rivals were stuck using larger drives meant for notebook computers.

And software fixes for Meltdown may not be perfect: Patches for Meltdown could slow down computers in some cases.

I think if I had lived in a city where kids … You would have had editing and computers.

“It’s no coincidence someone is hacking into Democratic Party computers.

The intensive use of computers for bitcoin mining has boosted demand for electricity.

Then, in the early 2000s, handwriting lessons started disappearing entirely as computers became more widespread.

That these things are simply the work of creative engineers and computers alone.

computers and neural networks are learning to see and even to hallucinate, offering a new kind of vision,” Schmieg says.

computers use layout algorithms to achieve this effect.

But orders for computers and electronic products declined 1.3 percent, the biggest drop since March 2017.

Because their computers would be so powerful, they could run a great many such simulations.

He has computers.

He is so good with these computers, it’s unbelievable.

Can computers make art?

I taught myself to program computers when I was 13.

He bought 200 computers but his business went bust so I was able to just play with his computers.

This was back in 1986, I guess, and computers were just starting to get multimedia capability.

I probably wasted 50 computers through experimenting – some of them caught fire.

Mossberg looks back briefly and then looks forward to an “unrecognizable” new world of “ambient computing,” where computers fade into the background.

Well, a big one is that phones are expensive, like they cost a lot of money, they’re super computers.

“Most of the work is done in computers,” he said.

These advances have uprooted our assumptions about what computers can and cannot do.

In it, computers comb through enormous data sets of human genomes to find variations among them that point to disease or traits like intelligence.

People are still getting used to voice interaction with computers and they speak to devices in a different way from how they type.

One of the most iconic personal computers of all time, the Apple IIe, has been reimagined as a mobile, killer robot.

I don’t do anything with computers [in here].

Reviews written by real people on different computers, so the anti-scammer technology TripAdvisor utilizes doesn’t pick up on my hoax.

From here, the hackers gained access to thousands of computers, and installed malware created by Shokohi, allowing the group to launch large DDoS attacks.

Instead of an antihero drama, the show turned into a workplace ensemble show — sort of like The West Wing, but with computers.

We’ve always tried to use computers to buff off our rougher edges.

“It’s shocking to me that someone who hasn’t even touched computers is responsible for dealing with cybersecurity policies,” Imai said.

Personal computers transformed the workforce, globalization transformed the economy, and the internet transformed pretty much everything else.

I could just tell at a very young age that these were the nicest computers.

Always very into computers, especially Apple computers.

I could just tell at a very young age that these were the nicest computers, that there’s something very different.

But maybe it was just the computers going haywire. “

As munin from Brown Hat Security explained to me, the fundamental issue is that sex toys are quickly becoming tiny computers.

Bitcoin relies on so-called “mining” computers that validate blocks of transactions by competing to solve mathematical puzzles every 10 minutes.

It’s about all phones and all computers and all cars and all thermostats, Fitbits — all everything.’

“It’s about all phones and all computers and all cars and all thermostats, Fitbits — all everything.”

Or if you’re in a services job, we’re working with our various phones and pads and computers, etc.

Like radiology, computers do it better.

Where computers do most of the things and we do not?

But orders for computers and electronic products orders rose 0.5 percent.

What happens if they do this for self-driving cars and inadvertently compromise the computers‘ decision-making ability?

And computers still get stumped far too often.

The computers don’t rise up against us so much as human errors and foibles cause system failures.

Apple’s history is full of computers that failed in their original contexts but gained popularity for their hackability on the secondary market.

One offered access to their botnets — networks of hacked computers used to conduct cyberattacks — for just $60, depending on your location.

In fact, only the school uses electricity during the day, for things such as computers.

Some don’t even have computers in their homes.

Fortunately, it’s now possible to pack high-performance GPUs into embedded computers (small computers that interact in real-time with an environment, generally).

computers will get faster and, eventually, we’ll find aliens if they’re there to find.

Or is it just the way it’s going to be if computers do … I think it does.

So talk about “Jungle Book,” because a lot of it was just computers, correct?

Last month, thousands of computers were infected with ransomware that experts dubbed WannaCry, causing disruptions for hospitals in the United Kingdom.

VW has admitted to programming computers in its diesels to detect when a car was being checked out in a test center.

The computers then adjusted the engine’s performance to produce fewer emissions than under normal driving conditions.

The software steals credentials from victims’ computers and sends them back to a server controlled by the attackers.

Spending in China on smartphones has leveled off and will decline for personal computers — no surprise there.

“Ever since I got into computers, I found myself learning more, and faster when it was something more interesting.

The gist of the idea is that advances in sensors, computers, and precision weapons change the way warfare is carried out.

But as vendors of mainstream computers and programs beefed up their products’ security, hacking got harder.

The FBI has also used a Tor Browser exploit to hack into thousands of computers across the world using a single legally contentious warrant.

That word “create” is what I always thought protected my subject from computers.

So this led the computers to change their expectations for future inflation.

Basically, the computers calculated that even higher inflation is inevitable, and therefore they expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates more rapidly.

I didn’t regard computers as at all creative, and creativity is a huge part of doing mathematics.

He is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology.

By the way, there’s no evidence to suggest that people who don’t like people are better at computers than people who do.

Per the Times, they even worked with Israeli police to get computers from one of Zamel’s companies.

Its original purpose was to facilitate online collaboration and to help IT workers troubleshoot computers remotely.

More than 57,000 computers across 74 countries, including Spain, Portugal, Russia, and Taiwan, were rapidly infected by similar ransomware Friday, researchers found.

More than 57,000 computers across 74 countries, including Spain, Portugal, Russia, and Taiwan, were rapidly infected by similar ransomware Friday, researchers found.

Using the sissy boy’s phones and computers, she “blackmails” them into exploring their sexuality.

Tablets and computers could have built-in cellular modems in all of their models.

But, just as they do on our phones and computers, Li-Ion batteries deteriorate after successive charges.

They made magnetic recording for computers and video tape.

Remember, before there were computers, designing a computer chip was much harder.

Assange is currently facing extradition to the U.S. for allegedly attempting to hack into Pentagon computers with Manning back in 2010.

Many libraries, unfortunately, disposed of their catalogues as computers replaced them.

So, computers may be getting closer to autonomously producing their own art that people deem creative.

But they might also open up the door for malicious hackers to get a way into their computers, researchers warn.

“All computers trust their keyboards because humans use keyboards, so taking over a keyboard is kind of like the ultimate hack,” Rouland said.

Just because we’re electronic music and using computers to make music doesn’t make the song any less culturally significant.

And over the years I have never had anything but the simplest computers.

I have never been heavily involved in computers.

He is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology.

Woz and Jobs were participants in a hobbyist group that were taking business computers to scale down to personal computers.

First of all, my passion was not computers, it was slot machines.

He is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology.

“Javanka Moved Personal Email Accounts to Trump Organization computers,” an October 2017 Breitbart headline reports.

Pioneered the use of computers for educational purposes.

Those were all detachable computers that you could rip the keyboard off of.

As the CIA boss guy, Conklin, poor Chris Cooper was stuck barking obvious orders at lackeys on computers for two hours.

While the cost of some consumer goods has risen, many have remained stable, and some — such as computers, televisions, and other electronics — have plummeted.

Oil and gas companies, along with other industrial groups, are increasingly relying on powerful computers to process complex data faster.

Certain Windows computers have had issues with this over the past, I think.

Windows 10 when it first launched did not do this properly, so it affected a lot of computers.

KS: Because you know water is just bad for computers.

Goods imports jumped 1.6 percent to $214.2 billion in February, lifted by food, civilian aircraft, computers and crude oil.

When asked how they obtained this botnet, perhaps by hacking into computers themselves, Root Senpai declined to elaborate for “security reasons,” they said.

“Powering sensors and computers is much easier when you have access to a high-current power source, which is readily available in electric cars.

Steve “Woz” Wozniak, an engineer at Hewlett-Packard in the calculator division, was obsessed with the innovations in computers entering the market back then.

It is better to have people describe things computers can’t detect, like how does the piece make them feel?

He’s been tinkering with computers to create smooth jams since the early 90s, before diving headfirst into chiptune.

Before computers and microwaves and honey-glazed BBQ ribs and even laced up trainers, the world looked a little more medieval.

Cellphones and computers, key portions of these categories, were spared from the initial tariffs list.

So far, the computers have not been found.

This new breed of artist tends to thrive in online artistic communities, like computers Club,, and “surf clubs” like the now defunct JstChillin.

The indictment alleges that they used sophisticated cyber techniques to hack into computers and networks used by the Clinton campaign.

But the big takeaway from I/O for me was that Google has laid down a huge bet on computers getting more and more human.

What it was essentially was was a Geek Squad competitor where I went around to people’s homes and fixed their computers.

Just computers and it was all the same six things.

The TWA Flight Center was “designed before the age of computers and decades ahead of its time.

He made it easier for Cubans to travel, allowed them to own property, cellphones and computers, and expanded internet access.

When the computers can’t figure it out, humans step in.

“I wish they would let people grow,” said Yusbely Andino, 40, who makes a living fixing computers in the eastern province of Holguin.

In technology, my dad—a boomer who was building simple computers from his Bronx bedroom while still in junior high—saw imperfect instruments of progress.

Last year’s devastating WannaCry ransomware attack infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries, including crashing vital hospital IT systems in the U.K.

Reeves outfitted the drones with Arduino computers and radio modules, connecting them to a network, and then he connected his laptop to that network.

Next idea was to make a 16mm film off the monitor, but those old computers were too limited for that.

Its sound, its battery life, its ability to sync rapidly with computers were all unparalleled at the time.

As soon as you get to the underground makerspace that DedSec calls home, you find a set of tablet computers scattered around.

The assurance that, in case of an accident, their computers are programmed to save whoever is in the car?

The laptop pouch is also accessible through that top pocket and can hold computers up to 15 inches.

In this vision, kinder, gentler computers will offer customized assistance on our path to becoming more competent and confident people.

They were all small computers.

I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly,” Trump told reporters at his Mar-a-Lago Florida resort.

At the time, the game ran on the same primitive, gigantic room-filling computers that were being used to build out ARPANET.

But, Raymond wrote in his blog, it’s never been packaged for today’s computers.

So why the fear around computers right now?

Dubinsky: But we’ve seen it with computers, you know.

Early computers, of course, instilled fear in people.

Radiology is an area of great controversy, because a lot of radiologists just don’t read the things right, and computers can do it.

Because she said, “Oh my God, I had this epiphany that personal computers are gonna be huge!”

Ghost producers aren’t chained to their computers in a studio being forced to produce for DJs.

And that anything doesn’t overlap much with what computers do.

computers are not good at designing buildings and doing physics and mathematics and poetry and so on, but humans are.

They’re working on how computers get brains and how brains evolve.

He is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology.

VICE: We’re sitting here at our computers at a table in your apartment in Manhattan, which feels like an empty co-working space.

As we said it would, Apple has scheduled an Oct. 27 event to launch the next generation of Mac computers.

We didn’t have computers powerful enough to take advantage of neural nets until early this decade.

Theirs was really the mental labor of big science for a long time; by and large, human computers were women.

When we developed those computers, the neural net AI breakthroughs started.

A paradigm that many had dismissed as irrelevant turned out, once we had good enough computers, to be an incredibly powerful tool.

And then as mini computers

Children wondered whether there would be books and computers.

Poker is a natural computer science problem, but, fortunately, computers are rarely allowed at the table.

“People have a misunderstanding of what computers and people are each good at.

The FBI allegedly imaged his roommate’s laptop as well as other laptops in the apartment, and examined computers in his girlfriend’s home.

Habit also appears to be the primary motive behind keeping these layouts when the world transitioned to computers.

“Employees were asked to hand over their computers after federal agents broke down the door,” according to CNBC.

computers aren’t the only things at risk of being hacked.

Email servers are physical computers — and the person who controls those servers has your data.

However, government offices, where protesters smashed computers and spray-painted “anti-extradition” and slurs against the police and government on chamber walls, were closed.

We’ll see.” ’Cause there’s a period, right, where the computers go, “We don’t know what Very Well is.” It’s terrifying.

Not all computers were compromised.

Meanwhile, some city employees complained they have been left in the dark, unsure when it is safe to turn on their computers.

Internet surveys are not really possible because computers are not widely enough distributed.

Yeah, computers shouldn’t.

Classical computers encode information by either applying voltage or not applying voltage to a chip.

This is the main reason why we don’t yet use quantum computers in our everyday lives.

They could simulate the formation of molecules, for example, which is numerically too complicated for today’s computers.

Quantum machines may be better at learning than classical computers, partly because they might be underpinned by much cleverer algorithms.

Similar gains have been achieved in TVs, computers, dishwashers, air conditioners, lightbulbs, and all sorts of other equipment.

However, for the game, we wanted to take that comfort zone, those memories of old computers, and flip it on its head.

Hackers are getting creative when it comes to getting websites and apps to hijack unsuspecting users’ computers to generate digital tokens for profit.

computers are getting better at generating fake images and video of people saying or doing things they never did in real life.

And then the computers do everything for us.

Rule 41 governs when judges can issue warrants for search and seizures; legal problems can arise when the FBI hacks computers in unknown locations.

A botnet is a group of computers infected with malware that’s used to do a cybercriminal’s bidding from afar.

A hacker spreads malware to thousands or millions of unprotected computers around the world, typically through spear-phishing emails with malware-infected attachments.

And if computers can “understand” art like this, what does that say about how humans understand art?

The indictment alleges that they used sophisticated cyber techniques to hack into computers and networks used by the Clinton campaign.

I’d be able to buy all the computers and cameras I ever wanted, any car I desired!

And in fact, the original computers were people, were women.

They would apply to a $300 billion list of consumer goods including cell phones, computers and clothing.

“The truth is, we’re not as good at doing this as we are at using computers to write music.

O*NET ranks how important ” interacting with computers” is to every profession, assigning each an importance score between 1 and 100.

Security researchers think it is unlikely that attackers will use these flaws to target individual computers, given the cost would outweigh the likely gain.

Which is: Some male techies don’t seem to like women around computers.

For example, time crystals may form the basis for a nearly perfect memory unit for powerful quantum computers.

The FBI hacked over 4000 computers all over the world, and prosecutors have filed charges against at least 180 individuals in the US.

“With technology providing instant results,” Ro writes, “1999 morphed into becoming all about Prince running computers.”

Frankly, I built computers before I did political campaigns.

None of our stuff works without the assistance of computers, and none of those computers work if they get hacked.

Let’s get outside, especially with the growing concern around spending time looking at computers all day,” he said.

Gordon has difficulty imagining how computers could continue to transform our lives, so he assumes they won’t.

Kelly’s life has been so transformed by computers that he can’t imagine how anyone doesn’t see their continued potential.

Rather, it’s the launch of a new operating system expected to be announced Tuesday that will work across computers and mobile devices.

The “internet of things” promised to embed cheap, tiny wifi-connected computers in everyday objects.

Rather, it’s the launch of a new operating system expected to be announced Tuesday that will work across computers and mobile devices.

Hackers could have taken advantage of a nasty bug in the hugely popular video game platform Steam to take over victims’ computers.

Knowing that it would take them two years to create a complete season animating the show this way, they turned to computers for assistance.

“We started researching what computers could do and if it could still look like construction paper,” Stone says.

computers see a surreal version of the world based on what their programmers feed them.

And now, he wants to understand how computers see the world.

They’re images for computers, and we don’t see them, and in many cases, we don’t have access to them,” Paglen said.

Mainstream computer-using professionals are going to want to keep using computers.

The Homebrew Computer Club, where he says — they couldn’t buy computers so they built them themselves and they shared the designs.

And you think about early Apple computers, I mean, people using desktop publishing, graphic arts.

DD: The first kit computers, before you could buy a computer, and I think the drones, 3-D printers, are the same way.

So the fact that computers can understand images and videos has profound implications for our core mission,” he said in his introduction of Lens.

Blockchain technology powers the digital currency bitcoin and enables data sharing across a network of individual computers.

The agency is hoarding information about security vulnerabilities in the products you use, because it wants to use it to hack others’ computers.

Those vulnerabilities aren’t being reported, and aren’t getting fixed, making your computers and networks unsafe.

That means Google’s products increasingly rely on machine learning — programming that allows computers to “learn” on their own.

He is recognized as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology.

This $300 billion category of goods would hit consumer products hard, including cell phones, computers, clothing, toys and other consumer products.

We’re told he’ll donate funds for computers, books and new faculty.

Research, GIFs are just one more art form—in addition to poetry and calligraphy, to name a few—that computers are quickly mastering.

Rockchip and Allwinner, two other Chinese system-on-a-chip companies, primarily supply white-label tablet computers and smart home devices.

computers have a funny, uneasy relationship to decimal numbers, however.

NiceHash matches people looking to sell processing time on computers in exchange for bitcoin.

computers are getting smarter and more efficient all the time.

Under rules in the service, employees must leave their personal cellphones and computers at the door.

computers have become “alive,” but perhaps not in the way that many of us anticipated.

L. Mencken I do not fear computers.

Voting groups say some minority voters don’t have access to the state’s website as they do not own computers.

VW has admitted to programming computers in its diesels to detect when a car was being checked out in a test center.

If you were sitting around 1990, everyone was talking computers and IT already, and yet productivity growth was lousy.

The computers then adjusted the engine’s performance to produce fewer emissions than under normal driving conditions.

I said, “No, I’m going to quit all this and I’m going to cover technology and computers.”

Intel’s failure to provide a usable patch could cause businesses to postpone purchasing new computers, said IDC analyst Mario Morales.

JG: Is the fact that the people you’re appealing to by and large don’t own or use computers a class issue?

Today’s IoT devices (such as security cameras and routers) — are effectively computers, except with a lot less security in many cases.

The first line of my first column was: “Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it’s not your fault.”

They’re making some good computers.

Are computers or digital too hard to use?

You could say they helped make computers okay.

We’ve seen this before: computers the size of rooms gave way to ones that fit under the desk.

A similar attack using RobbinHood hit government computers in Greenville, North Carolina, in April.

In 2017, a ransomware called WannaCry targeted tens of thousands of computers using Microsoft Windows operating systems in more than 100 countries.

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