Composition in a sentence | Use of the word composition examples

In 1921, artists were hotly debating “composition” versus “construction,” and Popova aligned herself with the latter.

This is all that is left of the composition that preceded this one, which Bradford covered over.

in flesh-colored bathing suits are standing in the bottom half of the composition.

Hartigan playfully alludes, through titling more than composition or form, to her rejection of the masters, specifically Picasso.

One common misconception is that aperitifs and digestifs are entirely different in composition or effect.

If you wish, you can also export your composition as an audio file.” Binaura notes that they made SoundBow with free and open-source tools.

And ultimately, changing the political composition, if that is something we want, then we have to change the social perception.

The writer Sam Sweet calls it a “dangerous and evil” composition.

People misperceive the composition of their own party somewhat less than the composition of the opposite party, which is about what you would expect.

For me, the interplay between the human subject and the abstract composition raises all kinds of questions.

Dove, ADIDAS, Palmolive, Fa, AXE, Playboy, and Balea declined to comment when we inquired about fragrance composition for their products.

So it’s not actually a sample but it’s a composition that he made that I sampled.

In the “Story of Virginia” especially, the colors are opulently jewel-like and the composition exquisitely symmetrical.

In the tall, vertical work, “Break Camp” (2017-18), two identical red trucks are partially visible near the top of the stacked composition.

“Purple Spine” creates an upward rising composition of psychedelia and spaciness.

As we’ve grown, so has our composition and that is due in part to the friends, mentors, and allies we’ve gained.

The pleasingly symmetrical composition of pinks, blues, and black completes Huang’s vision of the museum experience as its own kind of show.

I can write a song in 45 seconds, so it doesn’t matter to me how long the composition is.

The composition is in the form of a Venn diagram with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the center of their respective circles.

A gentle planetary curve sweeps across the composition, divided into soft fields by wobbling cords of color.

I remember pulling an all nighter in college studying for a theater composition class.

I use various sources for inspiration for the composition.

Chief Justice Roberts, just 63, could hold the middle for at least the next decade — assuming the court’s composition stays the same.

I’ll create a composition until it looks good to me.

In December, top Trump administration officials had said the trade commitments amounted to $1.2 trillion, but did not specify the composition or time period.

With viral culture, overloading the space of composition and exploiting any void in image and attention is key.

Mannaert’s sinister composition proves apt: Before the cops arrive, Weegee repositions the corpse to heighten the drama.

You get the feeling he is thinking about composition in his own unique way.

Formally speaking, he transitioned from postcards to larger formats, as well as adding more than one image to the composition.

Academic research has found that the composition of the electorate has important implications for policy.

Their proximate fear isn’t the general election in 2016, or even the composition of the Supreme Court.

The most imposing work in the show enlists the illusion of gravity on the elements of the composition.

And it’s all undergirded by an indelible, unconventional score by Nicholas Britell, which subtly mixes organic sounds with a spare, almost minimalist composition.

But even here the tendency to stereotype slightly calcifies the composition, offering us insight at arms length.

This means that Takenaga has become more focused on composition.

In “Serrulata” (2018), the artist layers multiple vocabularies and processes — patterns, pours, splotches, and drips — without trying to order them into an all-over composition.

This specific composition was never recorded and was luckily transcribed by my cousin, because Goyo didn’t write music.”

“When determining genres, a few factors are examined, but first and foremost is musical composition.

Tim Murray-Browne explodes one moment of music into an interactive sound sculpture in his latest project, Anamorphic composition No.

“Anamorphic composition No.

Similarly, Anamorphic composition No.

“But in a few places where the musical fragments meet you find these sweet spots, like an echo of the harmony.” Anamorphic composition No.

What the show really struggled to figure out were which shots, camera angles, and composition to use during the non-musical scenes.

“I imagined the letters tangled together, but I also didn’t want the illustration to be just an abstract composition,” she wrote on her website.

Once she cuts the lines, she begins considering how to bring them into the composition.

“Our results suggest that voters worry about a changing ethnic and cultural composition in their neighborhoods and schools,” they write.

Butler, who seemed to have the composition of a man who rarely smiles, didn’t smile, but he appeared to consider it.

The building is unique; it has a traditional Japanese composition like the old wood houses but uses steel in its construction.

A manuscript of the composition is featured in “The Paston Treasure” (ca 1663), the mysterious, multi-genre, 17th-century painting whose creator has not been identified.

It uses basic elements of composition, color, and shape to bring the viewer something that feels irrefutable and substantive.

In this sense, the imaginary Other is not an Other at all, but central to the composition’s balance.

Juno has sensors that can detect magnetic fields, as well as the mass and composition of Jupiter’s atmosphere.

I use collage to figure out spatial relationships and composition.

So worldly, learned, and versed in classical composition and anatomy, Rubens offers a nearly frictionless viewing experience.

In composition, Dow’s groundbreaking illustrated pedagogical treatise from 1899, he establishes an American approach to Japanese composition.

Zoom back out, and you’ll discover—and better appreciate—the full composition: Triumph of Bacchus, design overseen by Raphael, ca.

The dynamic composition of models like these is unmistakably important, shaping the player’s psychological experience.

Echo Rose, a BFA student in Music composition, described the precarity of pursuing higher education when financial aid begins to chip away.

Antibiotics could alter the composition of the microbiome, especially the one in our guts, Collins says.

They are about inhabiting someone else’s line or composition, not appropriating or conquering it.

Bargnani became an avatar of that failure, even if the problem was largely one of roster composition and coaching.

The number is concerning, said Dube, because the capsules’ composition of plastic and aluminum is so hard to recycle.

The number is concerning, said Dube, because the capsules’ composition of plastic and aluminum is so hard to recycle.

But together, they’ve continued their work as the electronic duo Age Coin, delving into the fractured realms between experimental composition and club music.

The action against the Palacios-led group seeks “to determine the proper composition” of the boards for Citgo and the other two units.

The second change — which is necessitated by the first — is in composition.

The dough composition is rather simple.

“Over There” (1960) features a large hand dominating a small composition; the cuff of a business suit identifies it as male.

An isotope is a variety of an element with the same chemical structure but a different internal composition.

Like Spare, Masson began automatic drawings with no preconceived composition in mind.

But for the hairy ladder, it looks as if Masson began drawing this chaotic hybrid figure with no preconceived subject or composition in mind.

Gather round, students, your comic professor Hass Otsmane-Elhaou is back with another fantastic video essay on the creation and composition of comics.

That composition comes paired with footage from the bowels of the Barbican, that lend an appropriately seedy air to the whole proceedings.

When the DEA proposes banning any drug, they have to specify its exact chemical composition.

Not much changed year over year in the composition of this list — evidence that the biggest winners tend to stay the biggest winners.

New Soft Enamel Pin Inspired by “composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow” by Piet Mondrian.

The black-and-white images have a visual density, a compellingly crowded composition.

And following next year’s presidential election, the composition of the FCC could be substantially different than it is today.

Now, two years ago, I certainly did not imagine that I would be part of the FCC’s new composition.

Unfortunately, the work ahead is labor-intensive: Objects must undergo extensive analysis, because their composition is what determines which storage strategy to use.

“It is ultimately for Chief Officers and Police and Crime Commissioners to make decisions about the size and composition of police forces.”

Yet it’s the subject, not the composition, that captures the imagination.

Today, black families that make $100,000 or more live in neighborhoods with the income composition of white families that make less than $30,000.

Through her extraordinary powers of composition and figuration, she sounded the depths of emotion and experience.

I find that the composition of the Eisenstein images is so spectacular.

What do you attribute that to?I love his composition, so absolutely.

Finding out the mineral composition of a particular region requires sending staff into the field to take rock samples, a timely and expensive endeavor.

The composition offers something of a peculiar nod to the rectilinear discipline of Josef Albers’ signature painting series, “Homage to the Square” (1950-1976).

Angus Young’s guitar work on “Thunderstruck” is the most complicated musical composition for any instrument.

Indeed, accounting for racial composition eliminates the correlation between lower-middle class mobility and the increase in GOP performance between 2012 and 2016.

When you go through a Chardin with Leland, he is not talking about composition, he’s talking about structure.

What the two groups share to a large extent is that Grotjahn is not really interested in composition.

Structure is bones, the spine; composition is where you place and arrange things.

Yeah, each of these is a composition that they made.

My little composition came out sounding surprisingly great!

However, it may be Ghenov’s knack for composition that is most distinct.

As Bloomberg reports, if the composition of the House actually reflected the general population, there would be 97 millennial representatives.

The gender composition in both chambers is also still incredibly lopsided, according to data from the Center for American Women and Politics.

So much so that perhaps composition isn’t the best word, but rather design.

The painting “U Shape Sung” (2016), for example, features the top half of the word “ANGELS” sunk into its lopsided composition.

An isotope is a variety of an element with the same chemical structure but a different internal composition.

The sense of symmetry and asymmetry in the composition echoes Mondrian as well as pays homage to him.

But something in the Soylent Bar’s composition of soy protein, algal flour, and other plant-based ingredients is making people vomit.

“A lot will depend on the composition of the coalition and the agreements they make,” he told Reuters.

Hasen uses the European Lady-in-Waiting motif with regard to the pictorial composition but his women are not passive objects of beauty.

When the DEA proposes banning any drug, they have to specify its exact chemical composition.

When the DEA proposes banning any drug, they have to specify its exact chemical composition.

The James Webb Space Telescope, set to launch in 2018, will have the ability to measure the chemical composition of exoplanet atmospheres.

Her cuts simultaneously divide and unite the composition.

The students in my Color & composition course had been divided into study groups in which they extensively explored a single hue.

High salt concentrations can alter the algal composition of aquatic ecosystems, causing cascading collapses of fish communities and booms of toxic cyanobacteria.

The cellists followed an open composition already created by kling klang kling and used the visuals to feed into it.

They then held royalties at a price that was fixed by law and essentially, waited until composition owners came to claim them.

Magnus’s composition takes in the surrounding space, including what looks to be a Clifford Hall painting on the wall.

In the blue paintings done before 1952, when he settled on a square format and a rigorously sectioned composition, every work was different.

By contrast, she holds the center of the composition as a figure of serene poise, drenched in the sunlight ricocheting around her office.

Nor has Altman announced his support for anyone running in 2018, when the composition of the U.S. Capitol is up for grabs.

They, too, seek to recruit candidates to run as soon as 2018, when the composition of the U.S. Congress is up for grabs.

John Yoon  The composition of the art community has certainly changed.

Why any three of these figures entered the composition is a mystery.

The figures within the composition are monks who meditate or fly.

Those early successes could embolden Hoffman to donate even more aggressively come 2018, when the composition of the U.S. Congress is up for grabs.

In contrast, hammered brass of a similar composition would have shown a network of strain lines and angular edges—like the example below.

In “Already Gone 04” (2016), which opens the exhibition, the composition is divided into three horizontal sections.

Jackson, which was especially funny because he aggressively called out Apple on its remarkably un-diverse staff composition at last year’s shareholder meeting.

Tesla said U.S. manufacturers cannot “meet the alloy composition or thickness requirements.

They are like magnets within the composition; they invariably pull you closer.

The layered composition and colors simultaneously and cleverly represents me now, 34 years later, reflecting upon this experience.

As new sections are introduced to the composition, fresh colors and designs appear on the wall.

“When I heavily modify the composition, it reflects my memory and the evocations of that particular place to me. “

“So each system requires a careful look at the dynamics and the composition and the vulnerability of those ecosystems to mining impacts.”

Perhaps punning on the name of that vintage toy, the crane emerges from the man’s groin and stretches across the entire composition.

By flipping the various layers of images, Schade interrupts the pattern so that we began looking for differences and disruptions within the composition.

The artist’s vision was so specific, it took three months of trial and error for Bašić to perfect the composition of her sculptures.

Berman worked directly on the Verifax plate, without creating a pasted-down composition beforehand.

As time has passed, the composition of Obama’s Cabinet has shifted somewhat in the rising star direction.

Despite all this, the balance of colors and the composition are pleasing to regard.

And of course over time a president inclined in this direction can change the composition of the judiciary.

Katz’s portrait of the poet and critic Edwin Denby is a cutout on composition board attached to a second board painted monochrome blue.

The shapes forming the composition’s left and right sides are painted solid orange and green, respectively.

“With increased knowledge about the composition of cannabis, it becomes hard to pigeonhole it as good or bad.

The sale’s top lot, Pierre Soulages’s “composition,” from Official Arts Portfolio of the XXIVth Olympiad, Seoul, Korea (1988), sold for $6,875.

The latter three categories — performance, composition, and interpretation of music — are subjective judgments on the aesthetics of the skater’s performance.

composition” refers to how the program is crafted and how the elements of the program are arranged in a sequence.

Her ears and eyes, and the decorative arch above her head, establish the tightly regulated, quasi-religious structure of the composition.

Having established a classical composition, Qureshi’s swift shattering of that blueprint completely disarms the viewer.

Instead, his fecund miniatures brim with the possibility of regeneration; the exhibition’s composition gradually comes to seem more cyclical than linear.

Any grasp of composition I had I’d gained from film, not still photography.

Metastasis/Pithoprakta/Eonta isn’t electronic but it has “Metastasis,” which is probably his best known composition.

The rhythmic long verticals of the tall, skinny composition are punctuated by magazine images, alphabet letters, and photographs.

Such calm depictions of death, in such a careful composition, suggest that Bird may be trying to capture something that is slipping away.

Her photographs vary widely in both composition and content, enhancing the sense of her subject’s complexity.

It’s a classic type of composition for hardcore merch, like, bold, colorful, strong text with an image that’s one color.

Whichever way it goes, the Georgia Sixth race will not radically alter the composition of power in Washington.

So I showed him a folded, four-page brochure of the composition while he was standing there with his wife.

One analog collage artists fills his Instagram feed with reality-bending fantasy and enchanting composition for an audience of over 60,000 followers.

African American families making $100,000 a year tend to live in neighborhoods with the same income composition as white families making $30,000 a year.

“One of the primary problems with the Alinsky model is that the removal of Alinsky drastically alters its composition,” she writes.

Instead the formation of public opinion reflects the functional composition and organization of society.

As comedians know timing, Coulis knows composition.

Professor Carlo Leifert, who led the study, says: “We have shown without doubt there are composition differences between organic and conventional food.

In the image’s composition, there is a sense of movement and vigor, and a keen desire to communicate.

Still, the composition of any coalition government remained uncertain, as the president had not yet mandated a party to form one.

When the Supreme Court rules on a criminal case, the composition of the lower courts matters a lot.

It could all feel like a jumbled mess of random juxtapositions if it weren’t for Dettmer’s astounding technical skill and eye for composition.

The composition of spending — as well as cuts to spending — matters.

It’s similar in composition to a trendy sock sneaker, but is the first time this technology has been applied at an architectural scale.

In order for such struggles to succeed we need to know how the present composition of capital works.

And he’s only been nominated for his composition work on the show twice.

In reality, whether such a gambit holds up will likely depend on the composition of the Supreme Court.

The political composition of the new parliament is best understood using the terminology used by Iranian media.

Many of the works are excellent, but they’re corrupted by the lackluster composition of the show.

So the restrictions came well after the composition of the United States had arguably changed.

Each part of the composition is carefully thought out, from the smallest to the largest element.

Seamless transitions and sweeping dynamics mark what’s less a collection of discrete tracks than a single, extended composition, zooming ominously across the sky.

Sometimes the entire composition comes from a small spark—a certain symbol that informs the rest of the piece.

If I have one quibble — and it is a small one — it is that Winters does not seem particularly interested in composition.

However, neither Johns nor Marden were concerned with composition earlier in their careers.

The noise, the causality of the events around us and their foundation are integrated into the composition.

“New York City water has a very unique chemical composition and taste to it.

Chris Kallmyer will perform a composition involving the sound of 1,000 live crickets.

On the outskirts of the composition, other characters are either oblivious, witnessing these acts, or simply turning away.

But where Poe is rightly in awe of the universe’s composition, the forces Irish depicts aren’t mysterious.

It’s true that two people with the same size and body composition can have different metabolic rates.

Sex also matters, since women with any given body composition and age burn fewer calories than comparable men.

The James Webb Space Telescope, set to launch in 2019, will be able to measure the chemical composition of exoplanet atmospheres.

The graph below shows the religious composition of Iraqi population and Iraqi refugees.

TeamLab themselves liken it to a pointillist painting where an innumerable amount of individual dots are organized to create a whole composition.

However, the composition of the painting is a conscious decision.

I don’t have stories or roles for the figures in my work, I am purely concerned with the practicalities of drawing, composition, and color.

It’s not fully known why two people with the same size and body composition have different metabolic rates.

“The natural instinct as a photographer is always to take good pictures, at the right exposure, with a good composition.

Second, the composition of Democrats in Congress has changed.

Moreover, the presence of extremophile alien microbes on Venus may help to explain a long standing mystery about the planet’s atmospheric composition.

Looking at the composition, his hand is in a good spot.

“They probably had the same composition in their atmosphere.

Only much later would he be heralded for his prescient adoption of vernacular subject matter and his sophisticated use of composition and color.

Within the heys and hmms that punctuate her songs, there is a sense of structure that’s deeply satisfying to composition nerds like myself.

“We believe that people who use drugs should have access to timely, accurate information about the composition of their drugs,” Winstock said.

And somehow, the tones and beats of musical composition activate similar brain areas.

In each one, I’m trying to get the colors right, I’m balancing the composition – every small puzzle piece.

There is also a vague yellow patch spilling in from the right side of the composition.

This composition is designed to make the person sitting in the chair feel very calm and relaxed.

The more calm and relaxed you get, the more intensely beautiful the composition becomes.

So rather than thinking about sound and visual as two separate things, it’s about creating something that’s a composition of both.

A swarm of undulating angels hovers above a mountain of syringes in an expressionistic composition of deep reds and cornfield yellows.

These composition tricks, much like the rest of Pablo Honey, are applied as more of an “oh yeah?

“Fundamentally, respondents suggested that structural composition of the music industry negatively impacted their mental health,” the HMUK survey concludes.

That’s why it was so important, the quality of the work that we showed, the balance of colors, and the composition.

Has the composition of a Renaissance painting.

As viewers, we have been trained to view confrontations in this manner, without even realizing it, due to this repeated composition.

The engraved pattern can only be completed with a composition where each comb is placed on the top of each other.

There’s a cabaret-esque vibe here and the accompanying music completely immerses the viewer in “Carrie”‘s world, blending 60s rock with Weimar-esque composition.

“For the board composition, I don’t think that that specific proposal is the right way to go,” he said.

The instrumental composition and production of the music is radical because they did whatever they wanted to do.

The large middle section takes up more than half of the composition; it is a painting-within-painting imitating an urban mural.

Do you think the composition has changed?

The composition of “Frontier” (2015) revolves, literally, about the concept of arcs bracketing a trio of figures/vectors.

Comics books served as the foundation for drawing, while film was the primary visual language for narrative and composition.

Because its composition closely resembles “Reflection (Self-Portrait)“ (1985), it’s believed to date from the mid-1980s.

Imagine Bob Fosse choreographing an homage to Nam June Paik’s “Performing La Monte Young’s ‘composition 1960 No.

Instead, he sketched out the entire composition in Rapidograph pen across the three gessoed wood panels, for the most part without studies or revisions.

The folks who are bringing you “American Idol” again are in conflict over racial composition of the judge’s panel … TMZ has learned.

There’s something very cinematic about your composition.

The group’s composition, for one, he said.

Zimoun’s art work consist of sculpture, music, composition, soundscape, and installation; it is minimalist, conceptual, expressive, technical, natural, open, rigid, and chaotic.

Here the busy Renaissance composition, which contains a whole world, has space to breathe.

An architecture school graduate, Pearse is inspired by the minimalism, logic, and often cubist composition of modernist buildings.

This requires that he maintain control of his color while attending to every inch of the composition.

Their aesthetic shows an acute understanding of ratio and pleasing composition, no matter how absurdist and provocative the models.

The overall composition resembles a tablet of ancient runes and a circuit board — thin ghosts within her fine machine.

The sculpture is from her Untitled (Water composition) series, originally produced in the late 1960s and recreated in this exhibition for the first time.

Of course, sometimes people’s views on economic policy migrate according to the partisan composition of the White House.

Similarly, “Still Life with Water” is an enveloping sculptural composition that depicts both the dramatic fall and heroic resurgence of angels.

But H&M said the composition of the stock had kept improving.

It’s a composition, but it also feels like a sharp, defiant exhalation.

The resolution condemns “all measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem.”

Each composition leaves enough room for the viewer to make their own interpretation, like colorful Rorschach tests.

Luckily, though, it would be exceedingly difficult to change the composition of the federal government that drastically.

The sale’s top lot, František Foltýn’s “Czec composition” (1927), sold for £274,000 (~$357,000).

This composition was put together by Donnie Fredericks, the digital artist commissioned for this week’s 20th issue of FELT Zine.

“I do worry about the composition of the foreign capital that the UK relies on.

At the center of the composition, a crowd of people holding signs marches through the street.

So it’s quite the tour de force that Delacroix pulled off this composition with such potency.

Pills given to the Thomson Reuters Foundation by workers had no markings to show the brand, their composition or expiry date.

The result is an ad hoc remix of a classical Indian composition to a contemporary Western musical tropes with catchy results.

His eye for composition delivered a symmetrical glimpse into the rural South though his aptly titled series There’s Worse Things Than Being Alone.

“If you want to make a composition which stands on its own, you have to develop your own identity,” he explains.

“There are rule changes in the maritime regulation, which imply a new composition of fuels,” Yorio said in an interview.

He also wants a judge to stop Migos from any future use of his composition.

He admits he never sought Carey and Golden’s permission because “The Rest of Our Life” is an “originally and independently created musical composition.”

When I write something, it’s kind of a visual composition.

*** Upon first glance, The Sportswriter feels like a product of English composition 101: “Write what you know.”

Pills given to the Thomson Reuters Foundation by workers had no markings to show the brand, their composition or expiry date.

The other major tool in the artist’s box is the use of panel composition.

Their research also found a disheartening mismatch between the listed ink container contents and its actual chemical composition found on testing.

So you really have to think about your composition, and it takes a while to make a photograph.

He also accused unnamed foreign powers of trying to impose their views on the composition of the delegation, an apparent reference to Russia.

A composition of clarity without an excess of noise.

The show is underscored by Karim Douaidy’s composition, “You’re Not Supposed to Be Here.”

In the aggregate, women do govern differently than men, even when you control for partisan affiliation and the ideological composition of the election.

All departments from art and video to culinary worked closely together so we could approach each shot’s composition with a meticulous eye.

Do yourself a favor and look up her black-and-white pages on Heritage Auction’s website—I guarantee you have never seen better draftsmanship or composition.

After one minute elapses, the robot erases the composition and begins a new search for sounds to sample.

However Gozo, interviewed in the volume, resists the notion that his poetry is merely “writerly” writing, made for the composition of more poetry.

The class composition is ethnically diverse, and most people are in their mid-to-late twenties.

What’s more, research shows that the heating process in e-cigarettes can change the composition of potentially harmful chemicals.

But Trump is hoping to win by using his star power and xenophobic rhetoric to transform the composition of the GOP caucus electorate.

I like the composition, and there’s something mysterious about it…

I like the shadows and the different waves and lines in the composition.

And there, Einaudi played a short original composition: “Elegy for the Arctic.” The video is incredibly affecting.

We decided to change position and genre, moving on to missionary and “chill”—a rattled keyboard composition.

No matter where Longstreth takes his music, the core will be solidified by a need for extravagant composition and multi-layered arrangements.

Roken was a project made for the club, with the primary goal of creating pieces that would induce dance through real-time composition.

Beginning with a 365-day challenge, Brodeur got himself prepared by sticking to a technical focus on themes like color theory and composition every month.

You’ll never catch Evans arranging the light just so, or wrangling the composition for dramatic effect.

Vancouver synthesist, RAMZi, has shared a wormy and spore-like new composition on NYC label RVNG Intl., titled “OO.”

His portraits, for instance, seem almost infuriatingly artless: unposed, whatever lighting, meh composition.

The colors are the more intuitive part of the composition, I like juxtaposing earthy tones with RGB colors that pop out of the canvas”.

She says figuring that out will help identify the composition of objects — like asteroids — spotted by telescopes.

Its appeal is specific to the context of its composition and distribution, rather than universal.

The 19-minute “Christina Santa Cruz” composition is rather dark, with the piano notes creating atonal drones.

It almost feels like there’s a narrative in the composition of the music and the track listing.

She’s aware of the similarities between the visual composition of the piece to digital noise.

They looked at changes in student achievement, rather than absolute levels, to adjust for differences in the composition of students going into different schools.

Also, the composition relates to an ongoing aspect of my work—playing larger emptier spaces off smaller concentrated spots— that dynamic balance.

To form an “ensemble,” Thorne collaborates with various producers to test the limits of classical composition within the environment of electronic music.

The freezer, and its ability to transform food into freshly warped variations serves as more than inspiration is the artists tool for composition.

shine on Cassius’s consumingly haunting trap composition.

There are only a handful of studies to look at the long-term effects of fasted cardio on body composition.

When it comes to improving your body composition, there doesn’t seem to be any great advantage or disadvantage to one or the other.

This meant he could exploit the speed and build multiple layers to emphasize a composition‘s meter.

There’s even a difference in chemical composition depending on what part of the plant is used.

I wondered if the composition book, placed below it, was once hers.

But changing the composition of the penny and nickel to steel fails to address the root cause behind currency debasement.

His flattened composition acts in an interesting manner.

“The composition starts on the street,” continues Peterson, “whether it’s the lighting or the angle of a shot.

There are classes about music composition for video games, sound recording on location and in the studio, electroacoustic creation… It’s quite varied.

AIVA’s challenge: to complete a symphony from an unfinished, unnamed two-page fragment of a Dvořák piano composition in E-minor.

We’ll never know his resting heart rate, or his body composition, or how much he could deadlift.

When Heather died, she left Kelli a note: a couple pages of composition notebook paper folded once with Kelli’s name on the outside.

From that vantagepoint, details about the composition, dynamics, and ambient temperature of the medium can be captured by the instrument.

Simultaneously, the figure’s rejection of formal composition communicates the essential information.

In December, top Trump administration officials had said the trade commitments amounted to $1.2 trillion, but did not specify the composition or time period.

Pollock, whose “composition No.

Mondrian’s signature composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray, and Blue, covers the stalwart City Hall building in The Hague.

A dot of bright red from the passerby’s open umbrella infuses a relatively monochromatic, geometric composition with a diminutive shot of vibrant color.

She admits that working with Basinski—famous for his tape composition, Disintegration Loops, a tribute to 9/11—was a little intimidating at first.

Basinski’s composition style is typically more orchestral in nature, while Patton’s is very digital.

Dispensing with composition’s balances and counter-balances, the Minimalists called upon geometrical symmetries to produce the illusion of inevitable form.

Comprised of a whopping 46 papers, the data dump includes close-up images of the gas giant and new insights about its composition and behavior.

The composition of the image has clear lines, and there are harmonious angles to provide us with light.

This simple addition to the otherwise decidedly rectangular composition seems to set both planes — the visible and the implied — spinning like a revolving door.

In his paintings there is none of the distinguishing dynamism of the Florentine Michelangelo’s solid figures and strong composition.

Many of the artworks contain LED installments within their composition that are switched on when it gets dark.

Tesla said U.S. manufacturers cannot “meet the alloy composition or thickness requirements.

For “In a Dutch Dream” (1990) — a horizontal composition that feels almost like a triptych — O’Reilly (are those his arms too?)

Harding pegs their success on a few things: their song composition, their nostalgia-fueled lyrics, and they way they release their work.

Because electronic music has rules, and those rules are very different from the metal music rules in terms of composition.

In their composition, many of the images seem like Norman Rockwell paintings.

“The painter is organizing [the composition] for the eyeball moving,” Murakami explains.

What this means is that you’ll need to modify your expectations as your body composition changes.

The viewer can follow these lines, which resemble the pulsing readings of a heart monitor, to detect spatial manipulation in the original landscape composition.

This means the elections matter, even if the composition of the next Duma is not really in doubt.

British composer Martin Iveson (Atjazz) ran tandem careers in deep house and video game music composition.

Do you doodle hearts around their name in your composition notebook?

You’ve also been working on integrating electronics with your other composition work.

I’m paying special attention to the subtleties in color and the handling of each composition.”

More Republican state AGs could help further that effort, though the current composition of the U.S. Supreme Court would make any sweeping rollback unlikely.

Though asset and liability composition were similar in both environments, the findings indicated a strong link between interest rates and net interest margins (NIMs).

So the programming of that stuff is the composition phase, in a way.

In an effort to skirt federal drug regulation or restrictions, however, manufacturers are constantly tweaking the chemical composition of their products.

Fish’s work recalls Lynne Cohen’s photography, in its straightforward composition and ability to make the most everyday interiors feel deeply strange.

In creating an artwork, Blanché thinks of possible themes, as well as poses or an overall composition.

Chartbeat says that the composition of its network didn’t materially change in that time.

It resembles a handsome cabinet, complete with Art Deco hinges and latches, which owners could open to reveal a screen where the composition flows.

What’s more, research shows that the heating process in e-cigarettes can change the composition of potentially harmful chemicals.

“In my experience, high-frequency exercise is optimal when it comes to body composition, strength improvements, and movement quality improvements,” he says.

“Smucker’s Jelly” (1973), a horizontal composition of three jars, is one of the most abstract of the lot.

Note the word “composition” because one of Ride the Lightning’s most impressive features was its implacable will to create complex yet powerful songs.

Provincial votes determine the composition in the Senate, where Rutte’s government has lost its majority.

In this way, Venus is shaping up to be a kind of planetary Rosetta Stone for decoding the climates and composition of alien worlds.

Their composition is precise, but the images are loaded with mystery.

In particular, I always keep copies of Charles Wuorinen’s Simple composition and Vincent Persichetti’s Twentieth-Century Harmony near.

I always find it daunting when I have to start a large scale composition.

Perceived in a vacuum, “After Willis” is a formally lovely, minimal composition of shapes in space.

I started studying composition at the City College of New York and started experiencing a lot of low-fi, and quite frankly, not-100-percent earnest stuff.

With the current composition of the Court, Roe is still at risk.

Then we will seek out signs of biologically produced gases, analogous to ways that living organisms have transformed the composition of Earth’s atmosphere.

This technique allowed researchers to discern the chemical composition and structures within “inclusions,” or pockets of minerals trapped inside the extraterrestrial diamonds.

The Atari Jaguar didn’t even have music during play, while the older Super Nintendo had a score composition praised by fans.

So the composition of legal immigration to the US could be in the balance.

A common objection often involves nutritional composition.

There’s very deliberate composition to each frame, but there’s also a dangerous, edgy spontaneity pulsing through it.

I have no idea who gave me this book, but my passion for complex taste composition and scent led me to open the book.

“I do worry about the composition of the foreign capital that the UK relies on.

“I spent a lot more time refining and improving composition, lyrics and arrangements than in the past,” Dalton said.

There is an innate sense of design and composition that is consistent throughout Hamilton’s work.

Or the composition of the organization?

Grouper makes music that is fascinated with this studied process, that enacts it through composition.

She has a phenomenal voice and classical composition training, and I’m just kind of flailing along.

The music — artful in its composition and filled with both heavy metaphor and straightforward political commentary — drew political movements together.

Behind her is a paint-by-numbers composition, mostly unfinished.

So what challenges does that bring to composition?Well, I guess I’m trying to make myself useful and making a contribution.

At least until the composition of Congress changes.

A two-minute outro features two different instrumental solos: one an ear-buzzing keyboard screech and the other a lovely piano composition.

Hoshi  will feature an original soundscape composition by Takami Nakamoto.

He explains that Sirens is the third iteration of a composition originally written for live performance while his son was critically ill.

Nearly every scene features an extremely regimented composition.

“I enjoy manipulating context and composition to defamiliarize these things and illuminate the conventions that structure our understanding of, or attraction to them.

Illuminated screens and neon signs play with directional lighting that establishes a tone of crisis in each metropolis-induced composition in the series.

There’s more visual play in the composition than Rosa’s apparent comfort, though.

The composition of one painting in particular also spoke to her.

When geologists are defining epochs, they look for factors that affect the composition of rocks and sediment.

Whichever way it goes, the Georgia Sixth race will not radically alter the composition of power in Washington.

That’s not a very good way to get at the composition,” Lunine said.

As a graphic design studio, we appreciate the composition of those buildings’ facades and perceive them as pieces of art,” the duo states.

As a result, skinnier mice returned to Earth but with a higher overall percentage of body fat composition.

Soundtrakk flipped Filipino singer Celeste Lesgapi and her beautiful composition “Bolero Medley” into the greatest song ever made about skateboarding.

Synthetic cannabinoids are particularly troubling because their composition and effects can be so unpredictable.

Based on current scientific understanding, it’s impossible to change the composition of Mars’s core so that it can support an atmosphere-friendly magnetosphere.

“I don’t know how it happened, other than looking at the composition of the committee.

Thinly painted in muted ocher and surrounded by white, reflecting Schneeman’s love of fresco, making the locket the composition’s focus.

In this composition, the truck is being used as a metaphor for “how sexual violence knocks us off our axis,” according to the artist.

Schillinger had been developing a composition theory that functioned around the idea all music could be systematized as series of mathematical formulae.

The visualization below shows the projection of the IIASA for the size and the educational composition of the world population until 2100.

According to the plaintiffs, black officers are more likely to receive false positives because of the composition of their hair and other factors.

The new district added 24,000 registered Democrats and removed 66,000 Republicans, a composition that the plaintiffs said resulted in a biased electorate.

Naim and her colleagues computed a score for each locality based on four criteria: racial composition, unemployment rate, education level and median income.

The composition is organized around the fluttering movement of a central mutable form oscillating between human and wild nature.

Who the hell can tell what the family composition is at emoji size anyway?

For example, we might look at the ethnic composition of voters in swing states compared with the country as a whole.

Its scale, composition, color, and message convey a sense of combative urgency.

The number on the scale isn’t relevant: it’s about being lean and making sure your body composition is as healthy as possible.

The works in this section, although all labeled and identified with a particular artist, are difficult to distinguish form the typical Malevichan composition.

Ciani’s accomplishments include groundbreaking work in sound design, quadrophonic analog synthesizer performance, and composition.

The New Yorker wrote that it “represents the first advance in jazz composition since Ellington’s Black, Brown, and Beige, written in 1943.”

Where you’ll study the composition of Mozart or someone, and then you can create infinite Mozart-like pieces.

This composition reimagines that the reverence reserved for the virgin can also be applied to our daily women.

That’s dictating to a very detailed degree how a composition functions.

Copying was understood as essential training for an artist to learn to move freely within his or her own composition.

I was always about composition, and in my movies I basically set up every single shot, meaning I put my eye through the lens.

The standout composition in 13 Hours is an American flag on fire in Ambassador Christopher Stevens’s pool.

It also represents that pursuit to use the entire swirl of the composition to bring us into its world.

Have you ever thought about venturing into soundtracks or other composition work?

Although a bright noonday sun illuminates the left side of the canvas, a menacing storm cloud thunders through the right-half of the composition.

Its composition is considered primitive because it hasn’t significantly changed since its formation about 4 billion years ago.

“I’m deeply interested in color and composition and how things come together.

The second instrument analyzed the chemical composition of lunar surface samples, like rock and dirt.

In his Loop paintings, REVOK wrapped up a paint roller with different kinds of tape, depending on the composition.

The MoF approves IIGF’s annual budgets, long-term plans and board composition at the general shareholder meeting.

In his “composition aux trois figures” (1932), three robotic figures symbolizing the three graces are unconvincingly feminized.

I can inspect its construction and its composition.

The bottom half the painting is a deep blue that gives way to black and a little red toward the top of the composition.

The composition of “Three Birds” is more abstract.

“The goal is to create something not only unique but that has emotional impact and comes from within,” Stevens explained of his composition process.

The composition of dark matter, however, is still considered to be one of the biggest questions in particle physics.

As a result, the composition of forests is shifting.

I have a huge appreciation for jazz music and electronic composition.

composition books are filled with scrawls, sentences and pages are dashed off with incredible speed, and then chopped up with unforgiving edits.

Even so, Wys’ whole practice yields an entirely new category of artistic composition.

She does not pause during painting, but rather sets up the composition first, then paints continuously until it feels complete.

From a songwriting standpoint, you seem to have spent a lot of time looking into very classical composition techniques.

The ultimate goal is direct observation, which can give planetary scientists still more information about the planet being observed, such as its atmospheric composition.

“I do worry about the composition of the foreign capital that the UK relies on.

I distorted the style and composition so that Kevin as President Frank Underwood is looking down on the viewer, gazing below his eye-line.

Lush and languorous, it’s a spell-binding achievement in minimalist composition, and it’s now streaming on NPR.

Tornados whirl and touch down above the Northwest and Northeast corners of the composition.

These readings are like indirect snapshots of the Martian interior, and contain information about its structure and composition.

The rhythm and composition flow outwards from Goulding’s voice.

“A lot will depend on the composition of the coalition and the agreements they make,” he told Reuters.

In Rechmaoui’s abstract cartographic composition, nature, urban development, and globalized hyper-capitalism quietly battle each other.

The strength of collage images relies on controlled coincidence — the tension between compilation and composition, and shifts from the past to the present.

Each colorscape is contained within a distinct pattern or mixture pool that explores different modes of texture and composition.

This week’s exclusive interactive feature is a “click to enlarge” function that lets the viewer toggle the dimensions of each composition.

From her archive, she selects images and then begins to sketch the next layer on tracing paper until she has finalized the composition.

Luckily, though, it would be exceedingly difficult to change the composition of the federal government that drastically.

And with electronic music and large-scale structures of composition, you share information by having an interplay among repeated patterns and deviations from that.

Spade worked with Lynne Carpenter-Boggs, a professor at Washington State University, on studies to determine the composition process was safe and feasible.

”The organic body forms morph themselves naturally in my process as the elements of the composition distance themselves from each other,” she says.

“Whether she be of high or low origin she possesses the rarest attainments, and in her composition are all the elements of nobility.”

One of the genre’s early foundational works includes Henry and Schaeffer’s 1950 composition Symphonie pour un homme seul.

Henry also composed the first musique concrète composition for a commercial film, 1952’s Astrologie ou le miroir de la vie.

These works are call-and-response composition that mix sounds with few words, and they appear to be a person struggling to communicate.

When I squint, the composition of the team oughta look kinda sorta like the market that you’re serving.” Right.

Because each color requires its own step of applying the pigment stick to newsprint, printing and composition become inseparable.

“There is considerable uncertainty surrounding the timing, composition and magnitude of any fiscal stimulus.

The action against the Palacios-led group seeks “to determine the proper composition” of the boards for Citgo and the other two units.

Yu will then measure any changes in their “insulin sensitivity and body composition,” according to the official government registry of the study.

Beyond it in the next room is “composition Abstraite” (1957), an oil on panel over four feet tall.

It could sample vapour plumes to learn about the ocean’s composition.

“The Clipper mission has a set of instruments that are all very capable of measuring plume composition,” Retherford told me.

Piet Mondrian’s transitional pieces such as “The Grey Tree” (1911), “The Flowering Apple Tree” (1912), and “composition No.

In “composition Abstraite” (1958), mentioned above, it’s the top red shape and outward flowering of brush strokes.

This choosing of comparative works based on their subject or composition continues to hinder our understanding of Delacroix’s influence on subsequent artists.

Its beauty is in its casual, user-friendly composition.

And for him, turning images into sound can often be more about how the composition looks rather than how it sounds.

Drawing in paint was denigrated and composition got pushed aside.

The “Fasces” is one of the most important Futurist dishes of Marinetti’s manifesto—a composition of minced meat, celery stalks, and rice.

In almost the exact middle of the composition Leah has laid down a black tangle of paint.

Positive sentiments like these seem to make up the bulk of the reaction to the team’s composition.

If his plan doesn’t begin with an assessment of your mobility, strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness, and body composition, walk away.

It’s almost like an invitation rather than a composition.”

Totally out of scale from your usual opponents, it is easy to be distracted—and dominated—by their oversized eyes set against a miniature composition.

EQT shareholders will decide on the composition of the board in a vote at the company’s annual shareholder meeting on July 10.

The physical composition of this diaphragm is essential to high quality sound.

As you discover later, the ring modulator was often used on voice in modern composition electronic works.

Depending on the composition, superlattices can offer properties ranging from incredible strength to finely tunable conductivity.

In order to figure out how to approach disassembly, a conservation scientist helped identify the chemical composition of the older adhesives.

That show included perhaps the best know of his paintings, the Symbolist composition “War” (or “The Ride of Discord,” circa 1894).

It pairs the images based on image recognition techniques that analyse objects, faces, composition, and context gleaned from metadata.

Because of its chemical composition, basalt can produce a unique carbonate mineral called “ankerite” when exposed to the acidic conditions enabled by CO2.

Inspired by neoclassical sculpture, this composition of two lovers resting in each other’s arms is potently political as well as unapologetically romantic.

As he tells Creators, he loved the variety of colors and textures, as well as how the entire composition looked on a plate.

Completely surrounded by a large number of small sound generation systems, the viewer is immersed in a three-dimensional sound composition.

The peaks of each glacier reach toward the middle of the composition, becoming points on a graph.

“The fat and the composition of the fat is different from regular pigs,” executive chef Salvatore Cracco says.

KA: The earth and the sky are expressed by horizontal lines, composition, motion, and through textures, colors, and transparency — to express the two together.

There is no pastiche in what she has done; the composition owes nothing to Japanese painting or woodcuts.

“The main THC and CBD composition was not different among 24 of the 33 strains we tested,” Murch told me in an email.

Even more so does “Sketches for Fresco” (circa 1510–11) with its open, swirling composition that implies two-way fluent virtual potentialities.

The central toe, on which the composition pirouettes, harks back to Michelangelo’s Virgin Mary’s missing nose.

With the current composition of the Court, they are just not a sound strategy to try to overturn Roe.

That’s how I learned the fundamentals of editing and shot composition.

Set to a wonderful minimalist composition for strings, flute, and piano by Shay Lynch, Nocturn is quickly hypnotic.

At the end of each episode, Ross would complete a single composition made over the course of his lesson.

The composition of “Treasure Hunt” centers around a diagonal path followed by three figures twisting and flowing like exotic sea creatures.

Further observations from ground telescopes can supply its mass and ultimately the planet’s density and composition — whether largely solid, liquid or gas.

Musical research professor and sound artist Chris Chafe and neurologist Josef Parvizi joined heads to translate brain activity from seizure patients into musical composition.

“Hide on the Treads 3” incorporates piano, glockenspiel, and Clarke’s trademark electronic sound design into a sweeping and uplifting composition.

We hope this [composition] makes some coin for the beneficiaries!”

Though hardly anyone knows it, the first person ever to attach their name to a poetic composition is not a mystery.

Wordless conversations excite his carefully built composition.

As a print curator, I’ve always been fascinated with evolving states that show a composition developing.

It really gave us a jumping-off point to create something that felt like a composition, something that was music-centric.

She could make twenty or thirty evolving states and variants for a single composition.

Finding out the mineral composition of a particular region requires sending staff into the field to take rock samples, a timely and expensive endeavor.

More simply, humans are especially sensitive to trypophobic images because their composition is uncomfortable to look at.

“I just focus on concepts, shape, and composition of the design.

What this suggests is that geography is more important than any other feature in determining the bacterial composition of an office.

We hope composition in a sentence examples were helpful.