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But completely fun and genuine Wait, why hasn’t @SenWarren called me yet?

“You’d have to be completely stupid to cause trouble,” he tells me.

Being censored is a really nasty business.” In her next series, text took over the works completely.

Health care delivery markets and systems have been completely distorted by government regulation and mandates, making our health care system less productive.

When you don’t think of money and time as being the same, it allows for something completely different.

As you might’ve heard, Roseanne’s racist tweet completely tanked the show.

Of the other matters Mueller raised the alarm on, 12 remain completely secret, having been turned over to other prosecutors or the FBI.

But more crucially, the 1992 film Aladdin seemed a completely unsuitable candidate for Disney’s series of live-action remakes.

But it’s the musical numbers in particular that seem completely deflated.

The Republicans completely stymied us.” “I think it’s very important that we elevate climate change in the next Congress.

The Republicans completely stymied us,” Kathy Castor (D-FL), who is on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, told reporters at the Capitol.

The conservative-leaning Tax Foundation estimates that Trump’s enacted and proposed tariffs completely reverse the tax bill’s positive effects on the labor force.

But he suggests other cuts to public health and anti-drug programs that completely outweigh the tiny gains that ONDCP claims.

“Now things have changed completely,” he went on.

“Now things have changed completely,” he went on.

We will completely rebuild our depleted military.

I was completely wrong.

Bekmambetov’s remake doesn’t completely excise the story’s religiosity (though it does skip the nativity scene that opened previous versions).

It also, perhaps too gleefully, shows how fans of the show went online to completely trash the Yelp page for Kratz’s law firm.

Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world.

Some studies have found teachers plateau completely; others find they continue to improve, but not as dramatically.

It was completely by itself.

“How can they actually ever do anything big and complicated?” Obviously both of those statements are completely false.

Do you imagine cities getting rid of cars completely and then using only self-driving units?

As you brought up, the film opens in such completely mundane, maybe rom-com-cum-drama ways, that you’re hardly ready for what’s next.

Ford said that she didn’t completely understand the offer but would have gladly hosted Senate staff to her home.

Estradiol Valerate, in comparison, is significantly less expensive but seems to be almost completely unavailable.

Even with the best medicine, you can’t completely win a fight with genetics.

I don’t think it is possible to completely take the pretentiousness out of wine.

The good news … Floyd isn’t completely closing the door on MMA, and insists he’s keeping himself in shape just in case.

Now, thanks to Uber, thousands of people including myself completely disregard those rules with a startling confidence and no fear of getting murdered.

That doesn’t mean we are completely spared from witnessing the atrocities.

“It will be driven out, and the object is to completely destroy it, but it will take time.

As always with Mei, the naive vibe here can’t quite completely mask her astonishing vocal talent.

Most medical billing experts say it is rare for major emergency rooms to be completely out-of-network with all private health plans.

In ’96, ’97, ’98, the internet was the techy early adopters and Silicon Valley was actually completely representative of … What was happening.

With things like Alexa, you have the ability for interactivity, which is completely not being utilized by podcasts today, by audio today.

“And the moment we do, we completely reverse their empathy.

They remain completely open to whatever comes next.

And that puts it in line with a completely different Hollywood tradition.

“Calling Trump a subject is completely consistent with continuing to pursue evidence that would move Trump into the target column.

“What’s tremendous and exciting about it is that it’s a completely new way of discovering things that we don’t yet know.”

Restaurants will be encouraged to turn their sound systems off completely.

I mean, it’s completely all over the place.

Well, the first part of your question, I’m a completely hopeless computer guy.

I’m completely dense in that regard.

I completely agree.

“Local people are not completely satisfied,” said Essar Nori, a lawmaker for Gwadar, adding that the separatists were tapping into that dissatisfaction.

Take, for example, the young woman who got so worked up at Jordan’s, uh, performance, she completely destroyed her retainer.

What about the risks to your bladder that come from not emptying yourself out completely?

“Reports that a message was passed last night to the Iranians via an Omani back channel are completely false.

The program will also eventually shift to be broadband-centric, lowering standalone mobile voice call subsidies yearly and eliminating them completely by December 2019.

Lindsey Graham says Trump’s success in GOP primaries shows that the party is “completely screwed up.”

Now, the Acceptable Ads initiative to which this obliquely refers is completely fair and utterly transparent.

People find it completely disgusting.

I still felt unsafe for the next month and was completely unproductive: unable to read, write, or do anything but worry.

Eventually, I stopped working in the record store and concentrated my time completely to build up the distribution.

But you don’t want to completely dismiss the salary factor when job searching.

Strain, discarding solids, and cool the tare completely.

But this complicating factor often gets overlooked, and there’s already a strong indication that Republicans are open to dropping in completely new provisions.

Does it completely shut down the conversation?

It was completely based on bias, those code reviews.

So it’s more than a bit ironic that “The Final Problem” makes Mycroft seem completely incompetent.

In fact, I’ve had mine lost completely, never to be found again, on two occasions.

It seems that, in the TV show, Dany is completely and reliably immune from fire.

North came to the premiere in New York and was completely shocked and humiliated that not one piece of his music had been used.

The message: Making your friends laugh by bragging about kissing and touching women, apparently without asking permission, is completely acceptable in America today.

For the Detroit Pistons, the most important occurrence of the coming NBA offseason will be completely outside of the team’s control.

But now I feel so completely committed to baby Laura and being baby Laura’s mum.

LUCY: Yeah I completely agree with that.

Now it’s at a point where I’m virtually completely codependent.

We’re completely not afraid to offend each other.

Time for Mueller to end this pursuit of the President and say President Trump is completely innocent,” Giuliani said.

The highpoint of season six — and the show — is this audacious musical episode, filled with completely original tunes that are genuinely memorable.

The agency is completely returned to the rider.

At this moment, you can notice, the entire power hierarchy of this situation gets completely reversed.

For a solid six seconds, he has these would-be robbers just completely stumped and terrified.

He switches his focus from one to another to another and just completely has them stuck.

I’d love to have it all free and roomy and completely reliable!”

But it has completely squandered the opportunity to bed in and become a mainstay of couch co-op and quick-fix single-player satisfaction.

How have you changed from when you first heard The Streets?Mason: Well I haven’t changed personally but my musical taste has completely changed.

“The Republicans have to completely replace [Obamacare],” Earl said.

The public option basically solves the problem of insurers pulling out and leaving markets completely empty.

Vaccination against polio was made compulsory in 1964, and by 1989 the disease was completely eradicated in France.

“The costs completely overwhelmed me and my wife,” Beefcake says.

The ceasefire hasn’t managed to completely halt the violence.

And I completely get why fans lash out at people who criticize or try to hurt the celebrities they love.

The pervading sense is that people are completely unprepared for the world we have to look forward to.

“I get the most pride from seeing just how this all operates almost completely autonomously from me,” says CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson.

There is no confidence in SAPS—they are completely discredited to the public,” he says.

“It’s completely political.

And there are still 61,000 utility customers who’ve been completely without power since September, the US Department of Energy reported earlier this month.

The experience has completely changed the way I use the Internet.

“But we want it to be completely clean.”

If Richards manages to stay out of trouble during that time, the case will be completely dismissed.

Helmand policeman Baz Gul said the air strikes had “changed the picture completely” and morale was high.

But, lord help me, the movie is almost completely ruined by its awful main character, Major Valerian.

On every level -moral, humanitarian, economic, logical, etc.- this ban is wrong and is completely antithetical to the principles of America.

Among the general population, however, some 18% are completely deficient in the speedy-muscle-contracting protein, meaning that they inherited two defective copies of ACTN3.

We had a house, a community, and now we have to start at zero, and all our efforts are completely wasted.

All of a sudden, that body is completely dysfunctional.

“Both we and our franchisee find this completely unacceptable,” Taco Bell said in a statement.

You know the collaboration is successful when you see the rapper don the mask—his character has gone completely out of his brain.

Those concerns have been strengthened by Trump’s surprise decision in December to withdraw completely from Syria, despite objections from the Pentagon.

“I don’t see anything in the report that’s completely shocking,” Marler concluded.

Today, we’re looking at a completely different side of drones, and that’s how they’re being used for good, for humanitarian purposes.

On Sunday, Lennon came back to haunt Spurs with a wonderful goal completely against the run of play.

Yolandi Visser posted on Instagram Saturday that the piece “totally twisted our words and took what we said completely out of context.”

Yolandi’s response doesn’t seem to completely refute that.

But it didn’t fail completely.

The survey is completely anonymous and open to anyone over the age of 16.

I completely agree with you.

Politics has completely devoured the American economy.

And in 2013 and 2011, a five-nominee popular film category could be completely filled with Best Picture nominees.

But the connection between the presidency and the more mundane aspects of governance is not completely obvious.

But this kind of activity is and will always be completely unacceptable on FB.

It’s not the first time McConnell has completely failed to respond to external stimuli.

In response, a spokesperson for Goldsmiths, University of London, said: This claim is completely untrue.

At times in recent years, it has even felt like Jay is completely removed from his own musical legacy.

Because we were all so different, song choice, performance style, and level of nudity was left completely up to the performers.

That goofy plunge I took with the badly parked scooter could have killed me or left me completely paralyzed.

If it had, the CDC reports that all youth-rated films would have been completely smoke-free by 2015.

Like, I think I blocked out most of that first year completely.

Poor kids… Look at Johnjo over here (completely made up name).

And legislators in one state, New Hampshire, want to completely forbid public figures from forging confidential settlements over sexual misconduct allegations.

For example, us trying to find this transcendent place together is completely referenced within the lyrics.

But the local news market has been completely decimated.

The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico remains almost completely without power more than a week after Maria destroyed its electrical grid.

“Our own histories are personal mythologies and all our memories are faulty.” The most fictitious parts of the tale are almost completely rapped.

I got to wear something completely unconventional and somehow entirely appropriate.

It changed my life completely.

“Turkey should completely be purified from the rule of the putsch,” said a “Taksim Declaration” issued by the CHP’s Kilicdaroglu.

The United States is not completely in control of this problem.

“Our goal is to have the tinnitus stop completely, and we’re not there yet,” he says.

Some precincts seemed completely unprepared for the number of people who showed up, revealing cracks in the country’s aging elections infrastructure.

Eventually, the birds were relocated to the new Animal Kingdom, leaving Discovery Island completely abandoned.

Today, the island lies in ruins, completely overrun by nature.

But it completely doesn’t hit the target yet.

You draw a picture of that person in the same circumstances, and it says something completely different.

All of it was completely in my head.

We can’t rely on outdated acts to completely protect the workers.

How can we talk to our friends without just telling them something doesn’t work and having them be completely turned off?

All of those issues are completely alien to them.

Both times, the frame was completely white.

And, as I mentioned earlier, Trump’s most brazen move is supporting a lawsuit that would eliminate Obamacare’s preexisting condition protections completely.

It’s like a bad eraser, one so old that it never erases completely and leaves behind the hazy remains of gray graphite.

Dave Levinthal in Politico reported that many political actors are now completely ignoring FEC fines.

Roll each log in the sesame seeds, coating the log completely.

Cool completely on the baking sheet.

It’s completely different.

“But at the same time we remain completely firm in the combat of organized crime.”

But check it out now … it’s gone … completely.

I witnessed the last referendum before El Salvador completely banned metal mining altogether.

This is the problem with an alternative reality silo that really does completely shape scenarios.

What other cultures might not think is kinky is completely taboo here.

What do you say to that?I resent that implication completely.

“The Americans have claimed they want to completely stop Iran’s oil exports.

On the other side of the mountains of the Serengeti, marriage can mean something completely different.

By 8 AM the sun is almost completely up.

This focus would completely change the current economic relationship between both countries, according to Reuters.

I think what we managed to do is that the music and the images are completely fused.

King Push is now called DAYTONA, a 21-minute album completely produced by Kanye West, the first project to come out of the Wyoming Sessions.

“Sunday morning, he completely was unable to wake up.

His left hind foot gave in completely, he was unable to support himself on it and he was not able to raise,” he said.

The series come from four completely different networks.

“Look at the AfD… they completely paralyzed the system out of nowhere,” he said admiringly.

So living in Germany, I wasn’t completely outraged by the racism, since I’ve experienced different types before.

So completely had Bouchee been destigmatized that, later in 1958, Braves manager Fred Haney referred to left fielder Wes Covington as, “Our Bouchee.”

“Our executive team, including myself, were completely unaware of it, we did not condone or sponsor this event,” Wise said in a statement.

That is when Public Matters came into my bar and completely changed my goals in life.

Again, at this point, I had almost completely forgotten it wasn’t my ID.

The Ohio producer reports that last week was almost completely dry in his immediate area just southeast of Columbus.

CK: completely different, completely.

The videos aren’t completely convincing, but they’re getting closer to that goal.

I think we all know the answer to that question, but in case you’re not completely sure, here’s evidence #2.

All these factors likely play some part in either pulling or pushing men to the fringes or completely out of the job market.

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew completely leveled state prison Dade Correctional Institution, which is now called Homestead Correctional Institution and houses 727 inmates today.

Under its contingency plan, some parks may be accessible, with others closed completely.

It’s also not easy to build a completely new type of transportation infrastructure from scratch.

She recalls crossing the bridge, pulling into the downtown area and looking to the right: the neighborhood of Abasand was completely on fire.

“[This strain] is one gene away from being completely drug resistant,” Chambers said.

I would agree with you completely.

Ironically, some Democrats in Congress have shared Trump’s skepticism of continuing aid to Northern Triangle countries — but for completely different reasons.

“I’m obsessed with cooking on charcoal and the ultimate happiness would be if I could just eat the charcoal,” says Chiang, completely deadpan.

It’s predicted that chocolate could be completely gone by 2050.

It is predicted that wheat yields will start declining by 2020 and may be completely gone by the end of our lifetimes.

Add the fact that she’s completely nonchalant about being a cannibal?

You haven’t seen a leader who’s able to manage all that — and all while dealing with a completely unhinged right-wing opposition!

Inside a VR headset, I’m completely alone with and within the art.

King Push is now called DAYTONA, a 21-minute album completely produced by Kanye West, the first project to come out of the Wyoming Sessions.

The only reason I’ve had any artistic success at all is because I got sober, I dove completely into making art.

Let doughnuts cool completely before tossing in remaining sugar to coat.

All in all, I was completely disgusted by Bagans’s tactless choice to include the image.

They may feel they’re floating out in the galaxy, or that their mind has left their body completely.

If you’re 100 percent reliant on math, you’re completely vulnerable.

That included a 17 percent decline for its flagship Camry midsize sedan, which was completely redesigned with the aim of increasing market share.

Monthly sales of the automaker’s completely revamped Accord dropped by 15 percent.

“The position was completely destroyed,” it said.

Just because things have not gone completely off the rails doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t worry about the train.

And outside of a few brief scenes, it seems to completely lack a sense of humor about itself, which feels like a missed opportunity.

It’s possible that, one day, the TV Industrial Complex that requires viewers to subscribe to bundles of channels will completely break apart.

That’s where I was first introduced to some of the completely different ways that animals have sex in the ocean.

Like most of us, Dave says Ellen caught him completely off guard.

“My pain didn’t go away completely, but when I ate the cookies, I felt lighter,” she explains.

Protesters are demanding the bill be completely scrapped.

“Obviously he was completely off,” said the source.

Some Indian dishes were completely fabricated for an English market.

While many people still believe Pakistan is completely plagued by terrorism, Irfan wants to change how the country is perceived.

Few figures in Washington have supplicated themselves more completely, and in more humiliating fashion, to Donald Trump than Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

with what might be considered an upset in our completely imaginary throwdown.

Many Russians continue to believe that the Russian press is completely free.

I’m going to escape completely.

It’s completely right.

The ways in which things have happened to this point have been completely wrong.

So you ruined the party completely, right?

They have gone so far as to say that they would completely ignore numbers from the nonpartisan office tasked with evaluating legislation.

But I had completely skipped over this.

In my ignorance, I thought I was going to turn completely white.

Shenmue is very like prog-rock in the way that it’s so very uncool, yet completely sincere and earnest.

“The same hour that everyone started reporting that Facebook Graph was broken, my site went down completely and I got suspended from my host.

It’s completely new landscape.

But it’s completely evolved when it goes on to Netflix.

While we’re busy testing each other’s purity, we let the government and industries — the authors of said devastation — off the hook completely.

That timing, according to Lafrenière, was coincidental, and he stressed that the UPAC was “completely independent.”

Because in short, a lot of people have completely missed the point of both the production and the play.

However, protestors in Durham decided to bypass the legislative process completely and remove the statues themselves.

If the trend continues, it is going to completely change the economic backdrop to the Article 50 negotiations.

In today’s job market, sending a post-interview thank you note can mean the difference between landing the job and being completely overlooked.

Still, I can’t ignore how completely the media has misunderstood and misinterpreted Sanders’s win in Dearborn.

2 Many young adults (including a group we nicknamed The Sharers in our book) are completely comfortable with this concept.

“[Indigenous] gender roles—not all the time, but a considerable amount—were completely foreign to the Europeans,” said Bronski.

Slowing down to bargain now would completely miss the point, both politically and atmospherically.

“Once we do sit down and have a certain thing in mind, it ends up somewhere completely different.

The mix-and-match policy, handy fit guide, and free shipping and returns all make it a completely risk-free situation.

In one sense, the new story by the New York Times’s Adam Goldman, Michael Schmidt, and Nicholas Fandos is completely unsurprising.

It’s a completely outsider art creation that was inspired by his years of working in a factory.

Alternatively, if it rules against the U.S., the “Trump administration would very likely ignore the ruling or pull out completely,” Schneider-Petsinger said.

As of now, intelligence officials assess that North Korea is unlikely to dismantle its nuclear weapons program completely.

However, Pompeo previously said that he would like to see North Korea completely dismantle its program within 30 months.

Unlike other parties, weddings are supposed to feel unique, personal, and completely seamlessly executed.

(I don’t think that is completely fair in regard to this program, but I do think it is how many feel.)

“Each year is similar in structure, but the topic is completely different,” Cavicchi explained.

I’ve been through enough political campaigns to know that no piece of legislation—AUMA included—is going to make anybody completely happy.

And that’s a completely closed thing.

And it allows people to be completely anonymous.

“I am a completely clean guy,” Nadal reiterated.

Stop reading now if you want to go into the revival completely cold.

Yeah, I think we’re completely losing this battle, on every level.

In France, Nary’s life completely changed.

The RNC said the filing was completely meritless.

But it’s also completely normal, based on the past few years of experience under Obamacare.

“Turn it completely around,” he told the aspiring farmer.

“We had to start completely from scratch,” said lead researcher and biochemist Jürg Gertsch.

The one reason I like to go to movie theaters now is to completely get away from everything.

As dodgy as that arrangement would be under any circumstances, having his kids serve as senior advisers completely undermines any possible benefit.

No politician could completely immunize herself.

But Rep. Schiff is completely right that the privilege doesn’t apply just because a lawyer is included in the conversation.

The 50 basis point cut should be priced out completely at this point.” Americas Economics and Markets Desk; +1-646 223-6300

When Charlotte arrived to meet her new baby brother in April, she completely stole the show.

Manager Aaron Boone said the injury is about 90 percent healed but that Severino won’t throw until it is completely recovered.

Now completely indie, the 23-year-old has no restrictions on how she can share her music with the world.

Other than that, the apartment was completely bare.

Townspeople immediately went at it with crowbars and pickaxes; it took 12 years to completely remove it.

“It’s bold and physical and can completely change the feeling of the space it’s in.”

At one point, the spacecraft even completely rearranged itself mid-flight.

There are some caveats to mention with the study: One is that the 12 topics the authors chose to scrutinize are completely arbitrary.

Those old, partially or completely amortized plants are producing extremely cheap power.

I couldn’t stand the wider metal genre for almost a decade, and ignored the music completely.

Ideally, conservatives would like to see him eliminate automatic pay increases altogether in favor of a completely merit-based raise system.

Rhodes in particular completely inhabits the character — all three layers are there: world-hardened adult, frustrated teenager, and tiny, vulnerable boy.

On Krumholt’s street, the floodwaters hadn’t completely receded.

They helped Lookboonmee build a standardized ring and completely outfitted their gym with brand new equipment.

Earlier this year their old gym was completely demolished to build a brand new one.

I find it to be shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company.

This world was completely reliant on the private car and fossil fuels.

“Rumors circulating that he tweeted out a ‘Dead Mans’ switch are completely false and baseless.”

By all accounts, a vast majority of these flights — approximately 20 per day – are completely booked.

I think this changes the conversation completely.

In Montana, it’s completely prairie-style populism, totally different [from] what we saw in the Georgia Sixth.

Before he knew it, both his legs had been amputated above the knee, his pelvis was shattered and his groin completely ripped open.

Sometimes it looks like mist or liquid or even completely solid,” Jasik tells The Creators Project.

“I decided to try it for the fruits and vegetables and saw that it could reinvent the objects completely.

There’s something about the openness of it, the completely untethered sense of longing, yearning, that’s complete magic.

“The Greeks have completely over-reacted.”

That level of nuance is completely absent in Snyder’s film.

Accordingly, each delegate will be completely unbound at the Republican convention in July, and free to make up his or her own mind.

And it’s completely personal.

Why is it that with birth we think the moral status of the baby changes completely?

You can’t really compare a basic TV video game to a VR experience, because they’re completely different.

RAND’s team wasn’t convinced that the Missouri study completely ruled that out, given some of its methodological limitations.

But on the other, given Game of Thrones’ often contentious politics, what happened in “The Iron Throne” was completely predictable.

But that strategy has completely failed.

He should appoint someone who has law enforcement experience and is completely independent from Donald Trump and the prior presidential election.

It took 19 days of a dwindling bank account and little reassurance that things would get better for Carol Armen to break down completely.

The chemistry between Hammer and Chalamet, and their performances, sells the relationship completely.

We’re also told Paris is living there completely on her own.

Virginia authorities haven’t been completely clear on just how much they have left.

Unlike on Earth, the moons of Mars do not completely blot out the sun.

It’s completely free and highly customizable and has features like email snoozing for reading messages later.

I did, and the next thing I knew she was completely naked.

The Court has never been completely disconnected from politics, but the past several decades represent a dangerous swing in a deeply partisan direction.

Listening to that record, I was like this is a completely different world from the one in which I live.

I think that the movie would be something completely different if we had more money.

The president has been completely out of the latest negotiations between Senate Republicans and House Democrats.

He’s got an approach in how he works that’s completely different than mine.

She remembered good dialogue that then dropped off completely, before the White House released a plan that neither House Republicans nor Democrats supported.

It is completely unjustified,” Alexei Kravtsov, president of the Russian Skating Union, told R-Sport agency.

“Throw-away accounts are fine, but we have tons of completely abandoned accounts with no discernible history and exist as placeholders in our database.

It can help explain why attempts to correct misinformation can backfire completely, leaving people more convinced of their convictions.

In some places, coverage has been completely lost.

They are two completely different candidates, but bizarrely you could replace the language used about Elizabeth Warren with the language used about Hillary Clinton.

How generous to give into this grid completely.

Mike] Pence, [Sen. Jeff] Sessions, etc., who have completely sold their souls to support a dangerous man.

Bernall’s story had completely overshadowed her own.

It’s such a challenge that rumors swirled this week that Trump would try and circumvent that process completely.

Not completely, but to a large degree, yeah.

“The diseases [in untreated water] that killed our grandparents were completely forgotten about,” food-safety expert Bill Marler told Business Insider.

“The line for what is completely unacceptable versus what is just inappropriate has moved considerably…

In it, she lies on a table covered by a US flag in a domestic space, completely naked except for her shoes.

“We’re completely off the scale in terms of the threat that we represent to these animals.

Yet, it’s completely changed how thousands of people get high or administer medicine.

“I am completely [exasperated],” Peters said.

I want the public to know that HIV is not completely cured yet.

The charcoal may not be completely additive free, but it doesn’t leave a strange aftertaste on your food, either.

The statement also noted that the Stalingrad camp had been completely cleared.

However, I had overlooked completely the human factor of the people.

Darryl teaches Michael phrases to “help with his interracial conversations” that are completely absurd and fabricated but which Michael eagerly applies anyway (2:22).

But some hospitals [are completely staffed] with doctors who are conscientious objectors, forcing women to travel abroad for a termination.

Go — oh yeah, well those, of course, these bots are completely controlled by bad actors who are secondary ticket sellers.

2008 – 2010: Rihanna completely dominated the music scene during these years, and her edgy pixie crop was one of her most copied looks.

You obviously have kids so you can’t completely avoid it although maybe you can.

It can start being completely autonomous and live its own life and have its dialogue with anyone.

“And in fact they are completely inactive nowadays.

I mean, you can have macros that are completely insincere.

And here’s another tricky point: Researchers can never completely rule out the null (just like jurors are not firsthand witnesses to a crime).

Would you be able to describe some meme to somebody who was completely unfamiliar with internet culture?

One of them starts off in her bikini and ends up completely naked, bar the blond wig and a smearing of glittery eyeshadow.

What we estimate is up to 80 percent or 90 percent of wastewater globally gets released into water bodies completely untreated.

KS: It’s completely, are you kidding me?

Yeah, I agree with you so completely.

She is, she will hasten to tell you, completely fine.

She not only completely overshadowed the game itself and blew the electricity, but she also looked completely comfortable.

Turning the focus onto the criminal investigators can also make a familiar case feel completely new.

“I completely panicked — it was a panic attack,” said Ramanathan of the moment he realized it was Pope Francis.

When you are far from land, the need to be completely self-reliant is key, and every small accomplishment is an affirmation of survival itself.

In many fields, we did not completely make our minds up yet.

In fact, you could argue quite convincingly that it diminishes that Good Person cred, if not completely wipes it out.

If they let things completely go, they appear weak,” Syler said.

It’s completely unfair to punish players who had nothing to do with the problem, causing a lot of unnecessary damage along the way.

What you need to understand about the NeverTrumpers is that they see Donald Trump as a completely unacceptable standard-bearer for the Republican Party.

This is completely fanciful.

But the first VPN option I’m going to tell you about is convenient and completely free.

I would take it away completely.

“It’s a wrong decision that he made…I completely disagree with what the president has done.” Reporting by Lisa Lambert

I mention these things to establish the fact that I am completely addicted to Twitter.

Objects and bodies are completely fetishized—encouraging a collapse between man and machine.

A bannable offense in one instance might be completely acceptable in another.

By 4PM on Friday I’m completely logged out of Twitter (except for @projectexile420 on my phone).

Regulations had been tightened since then, but it would be “an illusion” to think that governments could completely avert such crises, he said.

Was there a period in your life though where you were completely fearless?Totally.

Despite the fact that he’s probably shaking his fist at your order right now, his complaints aren’t completely unjustified.

“I am completely convinced that this happened as a consequence of the operation that we carried out,” he told a press conference.

“In other words, viewers and myself will undoubtedly hear completely different,” he says.

I think it’s funny seeing someone who’s completely out of their element.

For years now, advertisers have been looking for a digital alternative to Facebook and Google, which completely dominate the digital advertising market.

The town of Paradise, California, once home to 26,000 people, was almost completely destroyed.

“The study shows that genetically attenuated parasites are completely safe.

Earlier compositions of circular shapes often peer through the surface, muffled and muted but not completely covered over.

Until the regime is completely over.

It cost tens of thousands of dollars and several days to completely clean up after half a million attendees.

You can be watching a completely predictable, seemingly endless tale unfold, and some aspect of the whole thing will still be enjoyable.

As I said, I thought I was completely done with it.

The tech could either plateau in the near future, breakout completely and revolutionize everything, or slow to a crawl.

“We are determined to completely crush ISIS and create the conditions that will prevent its return.

While you’ll still be able to function, your memory will be completely blank.

Xanax takes several days to leave the body completely.

The paper is completely agnostic about what and how many non-monetary sanctions we should impose.

That’s a completely different thing.

Business issues aside, seeing what Twitter knows you like — or thinks you like — can have some awkward implications that we still don’t completely understand.

“I completely accept all the penalty decisions made according to law, after the investigation done by tax authorities,” Fan wrote.

“I completely accept all the penalty decisions made according to law, after the investigation done by tax authorities,” Fan wrote.

Ike got into Japanese comedy completely by accident.

Ike got into Japanese comedy completely by accident.

She’s completely cut me off for years.

His strength is that he knows how to play one on TV, which are two very different things and two completely different skill sets.

This is precisely what economists detest about drug coupons: they remove consumers completely from the costs of their medications.

But blaming black men for being absent fathers completely ignores the underlying causes — specifically, policies that criminalized an entire generation of black men.

The Red Hook Crit circuit is completely closed with barriers, a decision Trimble said developed over time and through experience.

I’m completely inconsequential to her.

And his proposed wall on the border of Mexico is completely infeasible.

This was the first album you made with Sarah completely on board.

Like I was completely insane and made a terrible mistake.

[Laughs] So, yes, we did start out making a children’s album, but then it turned into something completely different.

“I left my flag with Maria Corina Machado, in whom I trust completely,” Ledezma told reporters.

The House and Senate have also structured their tax cuts for “pass-through” businesses, like LLCs or partnerships, completely differently.

They had to be lyrics, which is a completely different way of writing.

“I look forward to being fully and completely vindicated,” Stone said after striking Richard Nixon’s notorious victory pose.

You feel completely apathetic about the company At a certain level, you can’t really stand your company.

I’m probably completely self-deluded though.

But what looked better was Ubisoft chairman and CEO Yves Guillemot completely failing to mask his absolute glee at announcing the game.

Ryan also said that Cohen has cooperated completely with all government agencies.

Ryan also said that Cohen has cooperated completely with all government agencies.

Appropriating the economics of celebrity culture, these artists are pioneering a completely new way of making art and of selling it.

The band has completely owned this style of video-making, with no competitors in sight.

It’s Total Power Exchange but not completely, which is where you have an “owner” and they dictate how you live your life.

“I would like the sign to become standard until we simply remove gender from bathrooms completely,” Honig said.

Three ambulances were completely destroyed, so they worked with what they had.

The courthouse and a jury assembly center, which were both built right next to the flood-prone Buffalo Bayou, are still completely unusable.

The courthouse and a jury assembly center, which were both built right next to the flood-prone Buffalo Bayou, are still completely unusable.

A further 300,000 inside the city risk being cut off completely from humanitarian aid if regime forces continue their advance.

I didn’t know how to write a song, and I hadn’t completely mastered the electronic material that I had.

Today, you’ve completely mastered your material.

She’s completely won Emily over by volunteering to act as her socialite spy.

To hit America’s more ambitious mid-century carbon targets, the power sector is going to have to decarbonize completely, and relatively fast.

“It’s completely consistent with the Second Amendment.

I don’t want to be completely doomy.

Captions were neutral, there was a conscious attempt at balance … all completely understandable, but rather smothering.

Have we completely crossed it?

They should stand up completely on their own without falling.”

People think there’s no audience for this film, and that’s completely untrue.


Who among us hasn’t had a moment when their mind goes completely blank in the middle of an interview?

Deep Echo, by Taldius, is a unique spin on the traditional dungeon crawler, completely playable by the blind.

“It is completely removed from all civilization.

It said the 9th century mosque of Bani Matar and Dhamar Museum have been completely destroyed.

“It is completely removed from all civilization.

We’ve had some horrible bugs, hard crashed, and times when the game just completely dies.

I loved my son, but my addiction made me completely oblivious to how I could be dangerous to him.

“Iran-controlled airspace over the Persian Gulf and other flight routes are completely safe,” its spokesman, Reza Jafarzadeh, was quoted as saying.

Neni closed her eyes and nodded as if she completely understood and agreed.

To avoid ironing, try taking your sheets out of the dryer just before they’re completely dry.

“I’m just — I’m not sold completely on the man himself.” Still, the Trump skeptics weren’t in the majority at CPAC.

Steeped in the idea of technology, Crego’s aesthetic provides a thought-provoking visual lexicon full of themes that are completely unexpected yet oddly familiar.

And to utterly and completely defeat ISIS.

Half my articles around race are completely humorist in nature because racism is absurdist.

The majority of panel members felt the chances of smokers switching completely to IQOS was low.

In BlacKkKlansman, the KKK are depicted as so stupid, terrible, and dimwitted that they’re completely un-relatable.

What is the likelihood that US smokers would completely switch to use of the IQOS system?

In fact, the AHCA suggests that Republican elites remain unified (if not completely) around one goal: tax cuts for the rich.

I completely get that, but the solution, to me, is not to impose Title II regulation.

It’s a completely different sport.

“It’s completely confounding for consumers,” said Pollitz.

When Mercedes was teaching drawing, she was completely immersed in it.

But anyone else, think of someone completely out of, you could just grab someone from anywhere, business, Hollywood, anywhere.

Leaked U.S. intelligence findings have concluded that North Korea does not intend to give up its nuclear program completely.

It takes the exposure of completely different problems for us to even consider that the solution might be imperfect.

Manlove said she was working with the attorney general’s office to see if the request could be denied completely.

In the modern age, metal or even silicone mates have become completely acceptable.

The unspoken rule is that when the bombilla, or straw, goes in, it’s never moved again until the mate round is completely over.

“This appears to be completely ignored as part of the inquiry,” the release states.

Reid had never experienced panic attacks or anxiety before, but felt completely out of control.

One witness at the scene later told CNN that Artan had been “completely silent” and “creepy,” even when he was shot.

Now, the first $24,000 earned by a married couple is completely tax-free.

One witness at the scene later told CNN that Artan had been “completely silent” and “creepy,” even when he was shot.

That included avoiding the area completely, hiring security personnel to be on the ship, and driving faster.

When I put this rumor to New Right organizer Troy Southgate, he told me it was “hilarious” and “completely untrue.”

Attached to that email was a paper titled “Sharpening the Aims and Execution of the Coalition Mission in Libya,” which was completely redacted.

Attached to that email was a paper titled “Sharpening the Aims and Execution of the Coalition Mission in Libya,” which was completely redacted.

But I do, I completely understand the optics of it all, but it wasn’t, that just wasn’t the case.

“That was the culture then.” Unfortunately, Weinstein isn’t completely wrong.

completely pivot the product.

Under legalization, penalties for marijuana possession are completely removed, and sales are typically allowed.

I’ve given a few, and I finally gave one that was so bad that I decided to retire completely.

There are completely different types of activity in different areas of the brain when we are awake versus when we sleep,” Germain says.

The [Brexit] deal is almost a cipher for a completely different debate.

You were coming out after the Blue Apron IPO, which while a completely different business in many ways, some investors lumped you guys together.

“In some cases the strategy may be completely hands off, letting nature figure out if it’s resilient enough and see how it evolves.

And some changes are completely unexpected.

So while it might not be high on my list of reasons to visit Australia, I’m not counting it out completely.

“I sacrificed 20 of those years—the prime of my youth—locked up, a key player in a world that completely vanished beneath my feet.

It’s a completely different experience than the one that Eugenie was having with losing her sight, but ultimately she changed track too.

She had gone in a completely different direction.

The car is completely smooth.

This sequel is completely unnecessary.

Will it ever, somehow, completely run out of money with which to do so?

Looking at the songwriting of the record, the songwriting that’s good on there is completely accidental.

Part of the works were completely destroyed, others defaced.

One DOJ section charged with enforcing laws on police department misconduct has been completely inactive.

One DOJ section charged with enforcing laws on police department misconduct has been completely inactive.

Zainab Labungasa lived in Petobo, a neighborhood that was completely wiped out by the tsunami.

Then, when it was completely dark, what I remember was a single bang.

If there is a higher reality, experiencing it for the first time would probably be completely disorienting.”

They’re all awful in a completely different way.

He is completely confident that he will be exonerated,” the campaign said in a statement, pointing reporters to Lewandowski’s attorneys.

Even some senior party figures are not completely sold on the idea.

“Rumors that I have received hush money from Donald Trump are completely false.”

According to the the person who posted the image, the laptop came in to be repaired for “something completely unrelated.”

While Northern Iowa may lament its downfall, Winona State was not similarly completely undone by its own miscues.

Going carb-free, or low-carb, on the other hand, is a completely separate diet.

Either way, everyone goes home and completely forgets the drugs are in the shoe.

For my relatives that don’t live in the Valley, their experience is completely opposite.

Nobody was trying to take credit for him, but nobody was completely letting go, either.

“The chatter that the administration is considering removing Special Counsel Mueller has completely come to a halt,” Tillis spokesman Daniel Keylin told VICE News.

Saturn’s rings clank together as you float by, and it feels completely natural.

Here in the setting of Kanto, you were in charge—the fantasy world of Pokémon was completely your own.

Investing money in the ideas of others is one thing but investing my time and mental real estate is something completely different.

It’s completely fake.

This is the one thing that keeps this storyline from dragging completely.

“Trying to contact loved ones is one thing, but to morbidly video and take pictures to post publicly is completely disgusting.

These statistics may not be completely accurate.

It’s either this or completely go insane.

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