Comforting in a sentence | Use of the word comforting examples

I can’t do that while watching something on YouTube.” Just having that sort of ambient company is comforting for a lot of people.

It stemmed from my brief stint with meditation and is about whether knowing that you’re a puny mortal human is terrifying or comforting.

Bells and whistles would only detract from their comforting, yet somehow also melancholic, mundanity.

She and the doctor were both older than me, which was somehow comforting.

His accented voice, in contradistinction to the content of his account, is comforting to listen to.

Their answers are not comforting.

That’s a comforting, Protestant-tinged myth, but it is a myth.

Yet Topol found good evidence of just the opposite: They can be comforting in some cases.

And comforting fantasies can make for good movies!

They find the sameness of their daily lives and the homogeneity of people around them comforting.

“Broken Halos” is a God-tinged ballad that trades the emotional complexity of Traveller’s high points for a more comforting fatalism.

The warm and nasal intonations of Portuguese, its smooth rises and falls, are both comforting and pleasurable to me.

“It’s helpful for the [families], and it’s helpful for someone like me.” Sometimes his words are less comforting, though.

— Kristin Corry Wandering through New York’s New Museum a few months ago, I stumbled into a strangely comforting installation.

There’s arguably no dessert more comforting than a piece of pie.

I always found it comforting when I heard prisoners openly telling their friends that they loved them on the phone.

That’s both terrifying and weirdly comforting, and it spills into real life.

Along with art, music has become stabilizing and comforting in my coping with PTSD and depression.

Of course, NYC has an amazing music scene, but there was a comforting casualness here that feels unique to towns like Ithaca.

There is something comforting about this persistence, and what I allow it to mean.

The effect is an immersive, cocoon-like space—nightmarish for claustrophobes but a comforting place for easily distracted visitors to recalibrate their senses.

My parents were devastated, and I found myself comforting my father on the phone as he cried.

The photog who took the pics says Jaden Smith, who is co-starring in the movie, was comforting Cuba.

It’s mindless, relaxing, and comforting.

It’s been amazing but I don’t have to worry about that again.’ It’d be comforting.

Spirit: It will be crucial for you to create safe, cozy, and comforting spaces in your home in 2019, Scorpio.

Favre was definitely more fun to watch, but Aaron Rodgers is more comforting.

This is comforting and effective for the same reason that listening to your old-timey favorite radio station used to be.

“When we hear sad songs, the brain releases the neurochemical prolactin, the same comforting chemical that a mother releases when nursing a child.

It’s comforting in here.

Dark impenetrability gives way to shocking brightness, and comforting ambiguity is replaced with glaring clarity.

I never thought I’d miss Michael Myers, but his placid white face is oddly comforting!

It was awkward, but in a new city, it was comforting to have a familiar face when I got home.

It’s a chewy delight, and it’s comforting as hell.

Talking about all that was comforting, and knowing that people in nightlife venues throughout the Bay Area were talking about it was, too.

It’s also comforting to know there are others who are figuring out ways to combat this as well.

She gets medical assistance for Dorothy, tenderly comforting her as she helps her into an ambulance.

The lack of an EEG is very comforting, but what comes next?

It’s still and quiet, comforting.

For some, the past is like a comforting blanket in which to curl up.

And, oddly, I find this comforting.

He felt like someone I could definitely be in a relationship with, and that was comforting to me.

And still, this obsession felt like the most comforting thing in the world.

“It was comforting to have a male figure in my life, especially in my early 20s,” he said.

It’s a comedy about family and new differences, and it felt comforting.”

The ad showed her comforting a young girl whose parents might be deported.

Farnsworth suggests the term “health security,” which sounds comforting but vague.

But in these moments, it’s comforting to know that we have made some progress.

Both comforting and intrusive, the couch’s spine consumes most of an off-kilter frame that offers barely enough room for mother and son.

These are the normal, comforting sounds of my night.

She spent the flight comforting him, but on the inside, she was screaming.

It’s not good, but it’s comforting.

“Salty licorice brings out comforting, homely flavors that we love.”

It’s not at all comforting.

It’s the fastest most comforting food, and quite possibly the easiest to make.

But conversely, there’s a fellow feeling within those communities, within their Us, that can be immensely healthy and comforting.

It’s a comforting, binary relationship: either you’re funny, or you’re not.

Which means that unlike President Obama, British politicians have little experience comforting the nation about senseless tragedies.

Word about Jamie’s death spread quickly, and the reactions were comforting in their sameness: This is so incomprehensible.

It’s comforting to know you’re not alone.

But it has been really comforting hearing stories from the guys and knowing that it’s quite common.

Most comforting of all, though, is the fact that it’s a book brimming with careful optimism.

It’s why he’s so anxious to get back to the comforting bubble of his rallies.

“It’s been very comforting,” Bowlen Wallace said.

And the new guards — blaring air horns, slamming people against the walls — aren’t exactly comforting.

“The police presence at my school is not comforting,” Koerber, 17, said.

It’s not good, but it’s comforting.

For realists, this is a comforting delusion that gives high purpose to international exertions where none exists.

There’s a steady, comforting whoosh of wind, coupled with the unholy howls of the motor.

And something that’s comforting for me is I realize nothing’s ever as bad as seems.

Their curving shapes are comforting as the clock approaches 8am.

Not everything you happened to eat in prepubescence is comforting.

It’s so comforting to have food from home when you are far away.

But how is believing in a flat Earth comforting?

It’s not comforting.

It’s a comforting.

Blocboy’s bellowed chatter is almost conservative by comparison: the comforting return of the steely authorial hand.

The Moon enters nurturing Cancer at 8:57 PM, creating a comforting vibe.

It’s the most comforting thing I’ve ever experienced.

Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty, enters comforting Cancer on July 3.

There is something very maternal and comforting about Velasquez.

I find this comforting.

Like a blanket or a well-worn sweater, they are a comforting constant you’d be forgiven for takingfor granted.

It’s one of those ones right now where, with everything going on in the country, I find it really comforting.

Unsurprisingly, a whole lot of people chose to stuff their faces with highly caloric (and comforting) fried foods during the debates.

Last Place is a return to the comforting idiosyncrasies we have always loved about Grandaddy.

“We find it erotic, we find it comforting, we find it validating and interesting.

The idea is comforting, but the reality is another matter altogether.

The blood sausages may lack the comforting notes of sweetness and spice, but they have a clean, mineral taste.

The election of Trump threatened to dislodge everyone from the comforting grooves we’ve settled into.

Identifying as queer myself, and having felt alienated within both my own family and community, I find Rainbow’s open atmosphere comforting.

It’s also the perfect, most comforting combination of her Jewish upbringing and her affinity for Italian cuisine.

The right’s Pavlovian reaction to Ocasio-Cortez’s budget-busting democratic socialism has trapped it in a comforting haze of commie-fighting nostalgia.

You know, something easy and comforting, fried and delicious—but surreptitiously elevated?

We were greeted by a warm, comforting sun—a welcome we appreciated, having come all the way from snowy Paris.

Inspired by the “San Junipero” episode of Black Mirror, he finds this piece comforting for some reason.

The country star resumed his concert tour Thursday night in Tulsa, OK and opened with comforting words for the Las Vegas shooting victims.

When you’re feeling the looming potential of the apocalypse, hide in the comforting shadow of a miniature paper cocktail umbrella.

The dishes are both comforting and surprising, full of fresh flavours, rich textures, and unusual combinations.

These elements feel familial, comforting, and even romantic.

But behind the Marjory Stoneman Douglas students are their less-known teachers, comforting them, guiding them through school days, chaperoning them, and marching with them.

But behind the Marjory Stoneman Douglas students are their less-known teachers, comforting them, guiding them through school days, chaperoning them, and marching with them.

But there is something refreshingly approachable, funny and comforting about these works that combat the fear around us.

“The physical reminder is upsetting and comforting all at the same time.

It’s a comforting thought, but don’t get too comfortable just yet.

It means flapping her hands, a form of stimulation or “stimming” that many autistic people find comforting.

Over the years, the box has been less Tell-Tale Heart, more comforting shrine.

Not enough to buy it, but enough to find its continued existence in the world comforting.

They gathered around the coffins, crying and comforting each other.

So, that’s comforting.

It’s an easy thing, it’s a comforting thing, and it’s a sure thing.

It’s really comforting to me, I think.

Jack Ü’s alleged rider provides a picture of a warm, comforting, laid-back pre-show environment.

These are games I know, yes, so the territory is familiar and somehow comforting.

Fukuyama’s answer wasn’t particularly comforting.

It was comforting to lie together on his sled-shaped bed while he said things like “I’m your family now.”

It’s comforting and disconcerting to know I’m not alone.

For his (obviously exhausted) wife, Matty whipped up a comforting, warm bowl of Hainanese chicken when they got home with their newborn.

A fragrant body scrub can purge those dead skin cells, make your skin feel smoother, and tantalize the senses with a comforting aroma.

This finding is rather comforting for couples and suggests that “I only have eyes for you” is more than just a suave line.

I don’t think it would be very comforting during turbulence.

Others, disappointed in their placement, sit solemnly or find a comforting shoulder to lean on.

There’s a comforting rhythm to playing Night in the Woods, a totally chill game about life’s little existential crises.

Mars: The comforting thing about Europe is that that the roots felt really deep, even in terms of inspiration.

“Today’s statement struck a comforting note of calm in the midst of the latest political turbulence.

The white pepper gives the kebab a slight kick while the ghee leaves a distinctive and comforting aftertaste.

The hours are comforting, but they can feel inert—like spending a whole week in a sauna when, clearly, a day will do.

The water in reality had been as smooth as oil, and the air had been a warmish, comforting presence on his skin.

—Andrea Domanick He gives it away right there on the final song: “the days have no numbers,” a comforting incantation from a distant voice.

Campbell’s soothing, fatherly voice was a constant and comforting companion during the series.

Usually in music this makes me feel uneasy, but the warm yellow color of Andreya Triana’s voice makes it comforting.

extends a comforting hand to those made to feel small because of their color.

Fiber artist Ruth Marshall, who used to work at the Bronx Zoo, uses a comforting medium to build interest in wildlife conservation.

It’s comforting to know that all each one of these works potentially mellowed out their creators.

“The shedding of easy solutions, of comforting illusions, may be painful,” Esslin writes.

She’s got this friendly auntie vibe, no doubt helped by her calm, comforting voice.

These dishes are the embodiment of everything that is good and comforting about food.

One might expect their presence to be comforting to the congregation.

Dickens is rarely more comforting than he is when he is describing piles upon piles of food.

In fact, some very grounding, healing, and comforting vibes come your way later today.

The implications are clear: 80s childhoods were not nearly as innocent or comforting as they were made out to be on screen.

Hamilton’s vocals are doing that torn-forlorn thing that’s strangely so comforting, as are those organ strains.

But these paintings are powerful because they diverge radically from the comforting version of history that most Americans prefer.

Yoga and prayer might be comforting, but it’s certainly not the cure.

Prolactin is also a comforting brain chemical.

The same was reliable, maybe even comforting, which made going to the bar to buy a round of Guinness and Jameson a straightforward task.

But it’s a comforting thought that engineers are working on space food that isn’t just about the functionality.

I grew up on American cheese, and there is something comforting about it to me.

It’s a sentiment couched in melancholy but also one that’s never sounded so comforting.

Thirty years later, that same comforting tickle was relieving my morning sickness.

His sound is singular in its brevity and wit, but comforting in its familiarity, and that makes No Fantasy Required worth your immediate attention.

The apps’ constant chipper questions and reminders were mostly tone deaf and annoying, but occasionally they were comforting.

She put her arm around me in a comforting fashion and smiled.

Even on the world’s most comforting reality show, it turns out, you can’t entirely escape the echoes of the 2016 election cycle.

But Gallo works his way through insecurities and finds this blind faith to be comforting.

I expected the confusion and turmoil of the American retail space to feel comforting in a way—a familiar sort of anarchy.

Gilmore Girls feels like home—not because it’s relatable, but because it’s undeniably comforting despite being un-relatable.

Your stupidity must be truly comforting.

In some ways it’s maybe been comforting but mainly it’s a really difficult reminder.”

So the lowest standard deviation is somehow comforting, and what you’re saying is the means have to be higher.

The seven types of vegetables in the bibim ramen provide an aesthetic familiarity that’s comforting to any Korean food enthusiast.

It’s a more comforting explanation for Meng.

Outbreak narratives are comforting in their familiarity; they tap into our need to bring order to that which appears disordered.

After this Mercury retrograde in Taurus, this will be super comforting.

They are calming, soothing, comforting.

Few things have been more comforting in this life than slurping up that creamy, dill-heavy broth.

Mounds of comforting spag Bol.

There’s something quite comforting about Green Day having such a big say in this week’s news cycle.

As soon as she could move she started going from home to home comforting her neighbors who were sick.

The outpouring of support and remembrance in the wake of his death has been comforting and overwhelming, but not at all surprising.”

Turn on the TV just to hear some sort of comforting noise.

These human realities must be confronted honestly, rather than being disguised behind comforting abstractions.

The feeling that every advertiser wants to evoke in millennials is nostalgia; that warm, comforting sensation that one experiences when recollecting the past.

“It’s not comforting, it’s just simply a fact.

I decided to take my own advice when comforting my friend who lost her father.

The appearance of a doppelgänger, an exact replica of a person with an otherworldly origin, is rarely a comforting omen in fiction and folklore.

There’s something comforting about the warm feeling in your lungs right after you hit a J.

That’s why it’s at least comforting for Nintendo fans that the company is trying something innovative and bold.

Omar spent those few weeks comforting the parents and relatives of his friends who were being tortured in prison.

She’d expect me to say comforting things, to put an arm around her shoulders while she sobbed at the funeral.

It’s strangely comforting, being the best at hating myself.

Alma Thomas is a comforting show, and a critical one.

Beyond just having friends to dance with, Bryarly say the group also had a comforting power in their numbers.

That’s comforting, at least.

With all the recent policy that seems to be taking us backwards, it’s kind of comforting to know that science still speeds forward.

The featureless, comforting world of Memories brings to mind the rise of virtual reality experiences.

Plus, there was something about her smile that was always more menacing than it was comforting.

“However, I believe in storytelling through imagery: the comforting effect a word or photograph may have on people.

In times of strife there is something comforting and seductive, almost romantic, about such revolutionary nostalgia.

But that may not be too comforting, says Alexandra Bell, a nuclear expert at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

It makes them comforting without being dull, safe without being stagnant.

The video is both funny and comforting.

It’s surprisingly comforting and bubbly, with zapping laser sounds providing most of the sparks.

According to Maines, doctors surrounded themselves in “the comforting belief that only penetration was sexually stimulating to women.

“I love how the eggplant and turnips brought an earthiness to the dish that make this seriously warming, comforting, and delicious.”

Obviously, one of those is more comforting to Democrats than the other.

Zoologist Steven Amstrup, of conservation nonprofit Polar Bears International, told Motherboard over email that while that’s a comforting view, it’s incorrect.

It’s comforting to know that this spirit will never truly die, whereas Giuliani’s political career seems to have done exactly that.

As comforting as the sacred fires and hot coffee may be, many still consider this place a war zone.

A comforting conversation will take place tonight.

“We need to spend as much time confronting perpetrators as we do comforting victims.

Having sex with him felt comforting.

To most kids our age the story would have been horrifying, but for some reason the film felt comforting to us, even heartwarming.

Is it because it’s comforting and easy?

That experience gave me a unique perspective on death, comforting me other times mortality touched my life.

One resident said the return of the mail service was comforting, a sign of a return to normalcy.

Sometimes it’s a comforting thought that all this might be fiction; sometimes it’s jarring.

This installation is something that I see as very comforting and familiar.

But I personally find that it’s a more comforting way to work because I do walk away knowing what I have.

It all feels really gooood and comforting.

On my belt I carried a pair of binoculars and big knife, which would prove laughable in any bear confrontation, but felt comforting nonetheless.

This afternoon’s energy is especially comforting as the Moon and Sun connect harmoniously, finding you feeling at peace.

Toward the end of the video, the young girl can be heard comforting her mother, saying “It’s O.K., Mommy.

That’s sort of comforting, in a way.

When I asked these women what is was that they liked about Star Trek so much, they both gave similar answers: It’s comforting.

We love picking up acorn squash for a bowl of comforting soup, or a jar of raw honey to put on just about everything.

We see comforting squares while the world is in fact much more warped.

It’s not about a near-death experience, but the song and the plot give a comforting perspective on death and the afterlife.

The solidarity that someone else agrees that this particular thing is uncomfortable, I think, in turn, is very comforting.”

To know that one is being part of something bigger than oneself is already comforting and stimulating.

It was very comforting.”

Patterson’s intermedia piece, “Pond” (1966), offers the group a place to be together and to be alone, which is comforting.

Slowly, the cake became less nightmarish, and more… comforting.

New Hampshire folks have been nothing but nice so far, though, and that’s been comforting.

Frozen food, like fast food, is consistent, reliable, and, well into adulthood, endlessly comforting.

The movie’s message is a comforting solution for the privileged who have only a cursory understanding of racism.

“This is enormously comforting and appealing.”

Although the parade of food, which bleeds onto an extra table, is satisfying and even thrilling at times, it’s more comforting than newsworthy.

This is a comforting, warm place to visit, and, as usual, a fun place to be.

“I wanted this new work to be different and to feel light and comforting.

“These self-destructive patterns, they are comforting in the moment,” Steven says.

From the kitchen came the comforting thunk of pans and the scent of roasting meat, onions in butter, a hint of thyme.

You are invited to see how light and shadow fall over the island’s forms with a comforting slowness and consistency.

They are sweet—very sweet, in fact—but incredibly comforting.

I got a PlayStation 2, and the comforting linearity of Crash Bandicoot was replaced with the comparably bustling hub world of Jak and Daxter.

Like the security guards, there are no comforting answers to offer.

These rations don’t make post-earthquake life very comforting.

That overbearing presence was likely comforting to some.

The student, now a professor himself, described the event as being simultaneously uncomfortable and somehow comforting.

“If you make it yourself, it’s a great warming, comforting dish.”

The photograph changes our perception of a comforting object and forces us to look at the soiled and tattered surface.

But then those feelings went, and spending time with him became something comforting and relaxing that we could both fall into.

Per court documents, hypnosis consisted of Bathum sitting behind Irick inside the car while groping her and mumbling comforting words into her ears.

They’re comforting and escapist.

So when someone makes a promise that something will happen, our brain believes that it will, which is quite comforting for the brain.

As the people in front of me began to clear away, I could hear a familiar, comforting voice ahead.

What’s comforting is falling back on what is in your control, and trying to manage those tools alongside the incessant chaos.

“When I needed to cry I shoved myself into my closet,” she said, “because small spaces are comforting.

There is something comforting in knowing that I’m damned if I do or don’t.

These obstacles shouldn’t be entirely comforting to climate hawks.

Two bleak synth washes overlapping in just the right way can feel romantic and comforting in this weird and backwards way.

In the long term, this is slightly comforting.

That’s both challenging and comforting.

On that, Larsen didn’t have a comforting answer.

What’s better is the interconnectivity between users around the globe: briefly comforting, totally transitory.

“Their scent becomes comforting and a source of positive feelings, so you come to enjoy it.

Rinsing and cooking rice was a daily ritual as ordinary and comforting as breathing.

It was comforting to find other people who also were.”

In a life that delivered so much chaotic, frenetic newness and upheaval, rice was the comforting glue that held things together.

People are pretty good at coming to believe things that it would be psychologically and emotionally comforting for them to believe.

Sway gently to the dulcet tones of the comforting melodic techno.

Perry, however, has an explanation for the pay difference that’s not much more comforting: Trump just isn’t hiring women to fill top positions.

But skinny bundles are still more comforting to the TV Industrial Complex than a world without bundles at all.

It’s comforting, nourishing food.

They were very nice, comforting, and complimenting, often asking her to do more videos.

“And to be able to do that with our friends I find very ennobling and comforting.

So, without further ado, get your ears around “Birthday Girl” and relax into the comforting sound of young famous people in love.

I’m not sure what it was about Morrissey and The Smiths, but something about it was comforting.

We need you today, and we need your fattening, comforting baked pasta dishes.

But the polls are more comforting for Salvini than Di Maio.

It seems somewhat comforting, then, that the status quo has been restored this season.

I like it because it gives the comforting illusion of security.

She was just a terrified mother comforting a sick, perhaps dying, child, telling her everything was going to be okay.

It was just too little sleep—and far too much alcohol—clouding his judgment, making him panic when he should have been comforting.

Just as comforting, though, is the community.

I am a sensitive person and total cry baby, so it’s OK to have someone who is really comforting and gets it.

Instead, she found the staff, most of whom spoke some English, to be caring and comforting, she said.

Sometimes her diction cloaks her words in what feels like a thick, comforting coat that makes them land more softly on your ears.

comforting presuppositions of ego are dissolved and vast, ungrounded speculations are all that is left to be dealt with in art.

And the most comforting response I’ve received thus far is that I’m not alone.

But we’ve discovered what might just be miso’s most comforting use: these brown butter cookies.

The girls ran after me, started comforting me.

The traditional medical route was killing me, and I remember thinking how comforting it was to know that I wasn’t going to die.

Consistency becomes comforting, and reliability like a soft down coat that hugs you as you slip it on.

It’s comforting to know that this spirit will never truly die, whereas Giuliani’s political career seems to have done exactly that.

I was anchorless, rudderless, drifting further and further away from the comforting shore of context into the dark and deep waters of total incomprehension.

It wasn’t like I was talking to a wall that didn’t respond; I heard them advising and comforting me.

This idea isn’t entirely comforting considering how Trump was elected; it works best in a healthy democracy, which currently ours is not.

With the way the world is now, and where it’s headed, it’s nice to have something that is basic, relatable, and comforting.

Watching Ana Fabrega’s comedy is rarely comforting.

Writing love notes is comforting to me and reminds me of all the things I love so much about my relationship.

Everybody gets different injuries for different reasons, and no two injuries are the same.” comforting.

All of this points to one obvious conclusion: The idea of the “adults in the room” was a comforting myth.

Which doesn’t necessarily make it easier, but it’s comforting because it doesn’t make you feel so alone.

And it’s a comforting idea: Messed-up people have messed-up ideas.

Calling in their support was more comforting than any amount of Baileys.

And for its psychological benefits and comforting synthesis of textures and flavor, I find it to be the only cereal worth the carb content.

Maybe adding Boyd would be more comforting, because at least the polished rookie is a devil you don’t know?

Even as a regret, crunch is comforting.

I found this drawing comforting.

Industriousness as Virtue:  It’s comforting to believe that you are productive and hardworking, contributing to something greater than yourself.

It’s comforting to work on making your game just a little bit better.

It’s cool that you’re actually friends with your band, which I’m sure is comforting on stage a swell.

In many ways, it’s comforting that the political system has adjusted to Donald Trump’s unusual personality and temperament.

“We try to find things that are hypnotizing, unique, and comforting to really get lost in.”

There are no comforting answers to that question.

But that same lesson, perhaps subconsciously, is also comforting because it lets us off the hook.

Each area has new dangers, aesthetics, and enemies, but it remains comforting to follow a procedure that’s reliably worked out in the past.

Maybe unicorns represent more of a need (for something comforting) than a desire to look a certain way.

Let’s start with the basics: Why is gamay so damn good and amazing with this comforting meal?

When 1980 rolled in, chicken Francese had the comforting zing that Americans wanted.

She was a golden age mystery writer who wrote from the 1920s into the ’50s, and she is immensely comforting.

Everything about a South Asian curry is great: the warming masala spices, the comforting pulses and rice, the bright turmeric and fresh ginger.

“Betsy?” The voice comes to me as if from a long distance, and it’s familiar and comforting, even though I can’t identify it.

It’s a comforting yet bold set of flavors that almost defies description.

It was a time when a comforting plate of ropa vieja finished off with a cortadito and a pastelito were very much in order.

In world where every brand seems perpetually in the process of becoming a slightly different one, that simplicity seems comforting.

Guns place a comforting distance between the person pulling the trigger and the violence that ensues.

At night, its lights are comforting.

It’s relatively comforting, but at the end of the day there’s integrity behind it.

Rose is reportedly in Italy comforting Asia and calls her a “brave survivor.”

I needed something comforting.

Paired with a freeze-dried corn tea, the duo does just that in a subtle yet comforting way, like an edible Snuggie.

For many gamers, Steam is a comforting feature of everyday life.

There is fantasy and there is fact, here, and one is much more comforting than the other.

“Darkness is comforting and consoling,” she adds thoughtfully.

I connected to that experience as a happy memory, comforting and sustaining.”

It was comforting that a partner could appreciate my Black body without making me feel exploited.

It will be as painful as the momentary relief that DACA provided was comforting.

“It’s a comforting sentiment to recall as we mourn his passing.” Reporting by Gina Cherelus; Editing by Susan Thomas

A steering wheel, for example, is comforting, even if slowly becomes obsolete, like in the case of a Robocar.

If anything, it seems to be the most recurring theme in the entire series—and a highly comforting one to introverts, at that.

The supermarket is very comforting.

As the temperature drops this time of year, the rich, comforting foods of winter seem just right.

Hikari was created to be a “comforting character that is great for those living alone.”

“You never have to see him again,” she said, comforting me.

I love to make ragus, they’re very comforting to eat.

And, oddly, I find this comforting.

As Cecil puts his arm around Kevin, draping it like a comforting scarf, the play essentially stops.

There’s something comforting, infantilizing, and a bit melancholy about relinquishing all control and being moved through the space.

She adds that the work of comforting others after the loss of relatives or friends also often falls on women.

The comforting evidence of family surrounds him.

Other Cowboys fans appear to be comforting Other Aaron Rodgers in the wake of him taking a beatdown.

She put her arm around me in a comforting fashion and smiled.

Putting the question in such stark terms is, in a way, very comforting.

Two bleak synth washes overlapping in just the right way can feel romantic and comforting in this weird and backwards way.

Days-old dhal has it’s place, but really, what’s more comforting than carbs?

It might not be engrossing, but it will be easy and comforting to consult for some issue-specific advice and relief.

SATC is like a security blanket to me, a familiar and comforting presence that reminds me of my own female friends.

Knowing that it may not be quite as final/irreversible then as it is today should be comforting.

A connection between sugar and poor mental health might seem counterintuitive—especially given how much Americans seem to like comforting themselves with sweet food.

There’s something comforting about being in your late-30s and seeing Zetterberg and the Red Wings flourish.

The reason he will not suddenly be able to reinvent himself as a sober, comforting statesman is that he’s all id.

Is that comforting?

No, that’s not just to say: 2016 has been horrible, so a disco song is comforting and familiar.

So she works to shine a positive, comforting light on the art, making her style counterintuitively political.

And honestly, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who feels this constant push and pull.

Songs like this that can be both comforting and moody are a rare gift.

It’s neater, more comforting, but no more or less true than Ocean’s late turn towards chaos.

When an artist maintains a very specific thread in all their work, like a home to which we might return, it’s comforting.

It’s comforting to know that the next generation is more progressive and doesn’t share Trump’s divisive and toxic mindset.

(Admittedly, some of these comforting thoughts were only fully evident in hindsight.)

Even comforting in their simplicity and silliness.

The emerging theme seems to be an emphasis on banality, on the pleasantly comforting and invitingly harmless.

The comforting kiss from mom coming in the form of the thick, three-ounce flour tortilla envelope.

These were the two most comforting and positive things that kept me going during that lonely time.

On some level, that was comforting.

I don’t know if it’s comforting at all.

One of the best video game weapons ever made a comforting return this year with the release of Doom (2016).

To gay men, her videos embody a campness, particularly relating to sex, that is comforting and familiar.

In the midst of it is Ai himself, helping pull people onto the shore or comforting a veiled woman who breaks down on camera.

It felt daunting but simultaneously comforting.

It’s a dark, yet strangely serene, and maybe even a little comforting track.

The slap of a comforting hand on his back.

Made by braising indigenous taro leaves in coconut milk, this fiber-rich meal is both comforting and simple to make.

Smoke billows amid the comforting smell of caramelized chocolate.

Jim White is the human condition, the comforting inner monologue which makes existence bearable.

It’s comforting.

You can’t put that worldview on an inspirational poster, but I find it oddly comforting.

“Conspiracy theories can be comforting and have found popularity at historical moments when people are unsettled,” he told me.

It was, in its own way, comforting — yeah, there were bad eggs in the CIA, but there were also folks like Carrie and Saul.

That comforting voice belonged to the 1970s singer-turned-DJ who has lent the daily Hugo Duncan’s Country Afternoon show his name.

“This is comforting for children,” says Belpaeme.

I remember hearing her clicking heels when she came home and it was such a comforting (purple!)

It’s a once comforting and disorienting, like walking backwards through a familiar path home.

Placing Trump in the long, winding story of presidential trial and error would certainly be comforting.

Regardless, it’s always comforting when a member of the Hollywood elite says something that you have thought on more than one occasion.

“Even traveling home is an extremely nice and comforting form of travel, and it counts.

But the prospect of taking part in physical activity that included cannabis consumption, however, was comforting enough to pique my interest.

Years later, Stuart told me that Fred’s comment was especially apt and comforting because not long thereafter, Paula passed away.

Among many other things, fashion allows us the comforting sensation of facilitating your own warmth within a cold environment—and this is a gift.

Do you find whispers comforting or unsettling?

What they found isn’t particularly comforting.

It sounds comforting though.

In a city beaming with dance music history and open-minded personalities, Cudmore came into his own, finding a comforting embrace in the creative underground.

The lack of information is comforting, in a way.

This was deeply comforting and also quite horrifying.

I do remember feeling a bit low during the winter season and this spiraling synth line gave me a comforting feeling of timelessness.

She was very comforting, very warm, and just a very positive, genuine soul.

Eat comforting foods and make yourself cozy after you work out an obstacle that comes your way early on today.

It was the most comforting thing to me at that age.”

So here’s a comforting thought: The United States of America will not run out of cheese or meat anytime soon.

There’s a big element of loneliness to the album, but it’s also kind of comforting.

How is making and playing music a comforting thing for you?I’m not sure.

I also tend to find transmasculine people attractive, which is comforting, as I feel like I have my people and my community.

For me, that observation is as comforting as it is sobering.

It’s comforting to know that there are potential inroads being made against the threat of death from above.

And with enough perfect chickens, going forward into the future, they replace that disappointing bird with a comforting do-over.

It’s a light, comforting soup—and probably a magical hangover cure.

In a police car just after the shooting, Reynolds’s daughter can be heard on the livestream comforting her mother.

The main objective was creating a comforting environment for the pregnant women — a place where pregnancy feels a little less stressful.

comforting, in a way.

They seem comforting.

So your message about the microbiome being resilient is comforting.

What begins as a little white lie becomes a way of comforting this family.

It won’t stop us from crying loud to end invisible street harassment by comforting victims with #YouOKSis.

There’s something strangely comforting in watching Boston Dynamics’ 330-pound bipedal humanoid robot cautiously attempt to navigate a field of uneven surfaces.

The simplicity, warmth and Balearic dreaminess combined to make it the perfect Sunday soundtrack bringing MUTEK to a comforting and safe landing.

“Mutti” (“Mommy”) — as Merkel is sometimes called in Germany — is a comforting hand on the tiller.

Likely that image had been comforting in an inexplicable way for the folks of Whitesboro.

and that humor is really comforting to me.

That its troubles are representative of our broader societal ills may be logical, but it is not comforting.

When these tragedies occur, particularly when race is at the center, these are comforting things to say.

What’s more comforting and hearty than a baked corn pudding?

Built around submerged samples and blissed beatwork, he’s made a lot of songs that radiate with the comforting stillness of home living.

So I think I would find it oddly comforting, or at least, honest, if my therapist made it clear that she knows that.

It’s comforting to know that if you’re choking, there’s someone there to give you the Heimlich or call 911.

It’s comforting to know that if you died, someone would find you quickly enough to allow for an open casket funeral.

This was actually comforting to Justin.

I find it comforting and empowering that women are actively engaging in subversive and transgressive acts.

That was comforting, there wasn’t anything that I could have done or said that wouldn’t result in sex.

Honestly this sounds like Christmas: warm, fuzzy, and comforting, with the faint whiff of cinammon to boot.

Knowing that a Taurus like Adele would want someone like Drake all the time is comforting for the needier Scorp.

Aquarius is just…simply there and we guess that’s comforting.

It cannot really be grasped, and can be perceived as scary or comforting.

“The mystical worlds were often coming from memories of my childhood mixed with dreams and ideal comforting environments,” she says.

“If you can do it, he said “[it] is one of the most comforting activities, and the benefits of it are incalculable.”

I now know what my back fat looks like from four unique angles, and this knowledge is not comforting.

We share a lot of our histories and realities, which was the really comforting part about that research.

It’s a comforting fantasy.

A cooing baby wriggles on a checked blanket as another woman hunches over him, comforting the infant dressed onlyin her diaper.

Chicken Boy’s comforting stare had proven correct: Everything was going to be OK here.

Federal officials were a comforting presence in the city for residents, including staff from FEMA and the surgeon general’s office.

Rather than become anxious, many mentioned that the vacuum was comforting and relieved various physical ailments.

Duffy says that for young people in particular, the anonymity of technology is comforting.

I go back to Shakespeare and Company because it’s comforting, and because it offers me, with my poor French, a language break.

The hi-hats sound like mechanical rattlesnakes, the synths are more comforting than the smell of your childhood bedroom, and the bass is massaging.

A comforting, weighted blanket could help make them feel grounded or connected with their friends and family when major changes take place.

Routine can be boring—but it can also be comforting.

Despite its focus on inclement weather, and its cool color scheme, all grays and blues, it’s a warm, comforting experience.

Sometimes I tap them with my thumbs for their comforting symmetry.

Watch the video above for all of the comforting details.

During a long-overdue tour of Puerto Rico to survey hurricane damage, President Trump had few comforting words for victims on the island.

It was an odd thing to say at a moment when presidents are expected to offer comforting words to disaster victims.

Given all we know about climate change and wildfires, that’s not exactly comforting.

So here’s a comforting thought: The United States of America will not run out of cheese anytime soon.

Thematically and narratively, ITB also felt oddly comforting.

It remains oddly comforting.

“The notion that surveillance is a Chinese problem, while comforting to some, is simply unrealistic,” says Haines’ executive director David Spalding.

None of this is meant to be comforting, but it shouldn’t scare you, either.

For Americans worried about the state of our republic, Watergate analogies can be a comforting salve.

This is a place of comforting Scandinavian calm.

It’s becoming very, very obvious that the comforting is only going one way, and that has a dramatic impact on Jackson.

It’s comforting!

This is a comforting notion, particularly for those on the left.

It’s about beautiful produce, about generosity and big, surprising but still comforting flavours.

Even if you’re single going into V-Day, it’s comforting knowing that long-lasting love comes in many different forms.

It’s a far less comforting notion than season one’s unearned uplift, but it’s a more invigorating and complex one.

How does somewhere with a comforting, old-fashioned vibe like Algerian Coffee Stores keep up?

I want to believe in those comforting myths about democracy, mostly because the alternatives are worse.

So, that’s comforting.

No comforting context has been supplied.

I thought it was just comforting to us, until we were traveling and using a rental car.

They’re comforting, unchallenging things we can reach for in times of need.

If they do things in a typical way and they grab a pillow every night, it’s very comforting to them.”

The mysterious other is comforting.

Somehow it felt comforting to know that celebs had succeeded at creating these meals.

Conflated time of birth with character traits was seduced by the comforting astrology of millennial trend stories.

Yet it’s somehow comforting to know that, even here, GTA is the go-to symbol of moral concern.

The burger was served fridge-cold: a sharp, unwelcome sensation for a mouth more used to the reliably comforting microwave-warmth of a Big Mac.

Gordon puts a comforting arm on his shoulder.

The historical record on what happens after this kind of rhetoric is not at all comforting.

By the end of the song, it’s clear that the pair are doing more than comforting one another over a little tequila.

But so far they have no leads or insight, other than confirming that “the meat is not human”—very comforting.

This is comforting, knowing you, too, could easily have that same head-turning piece for hella cheap.

The emptiness of it all is surprisingly comforting since this is actually the first time you’ve been alone in days.

That comforting familiarity is why many people watch movies.

Go home to this blender with its comforting iPhone-esque screen that facilitates automatic pre-set recipe programs.

She took me to the back, comforting me until my husband could get there.

But it also covers his head as if a comforting blanket, and as if a prayer shawl worn during mourning.

“They reminded me of Christmas, and I found it all strangely comforting.”

And how comforting is that?

It’s all strangely comforting.

One one hand, election day is hella stressful, and dogs can offer a comforting distraction for sufferers of anxiety.

“There’s something about a heavy pasta dish that’s just so comforting.

comforting stuff for a chilly day.

That’s a comforting narrative to the academic elite who feel like they’re faced with an existential crisis.

“Rare” isn’t so comforting when what you want is “never.”

It was a healthy choice, I told them.The truth was too hard to admit: That self-inflicted torture had been comforting.

There is something deeply comforting about taking a seat at their worn, wooden bars and not dealing with 14-page cocktail lists.

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