Colleagues in a sentence | Use of the word colleagues examples

Last year, Howard and her colleagues at RMIT University published similar research, suggesting that honeybees understand the concept of zero.

I’ve heard plenty of women assaulted by their colleagues say the same thing over the years.

Lanphear and his colleagues believe the same may be true for adults.

Merolla and her colleagues have found that when a terror threat looms, this question of “leadership” becomes paramount.

Indeed, Merolla told me that she and her colleagues conducted a similar follow-up study in 2012, after Clinton had gained foreign policy experience.

In a statement, Thrush denied that he disparaged me to colleagues at Politico.

Let’s hope Sonnen can buck the trend of his colleagues in 2016.

I call on my colleagues in the Congress, and all Americans: We must protect this deal.

(Some of my colleagues find it Ivy League irritating; your mileage may vary.)

I have gone to my fair share of counterculture-inspired events at the invitation of tech industry colleagues and thought little of it.

It all started on March 20, when a woman at the company sent an email asking female colleagues for career advice.

Like most people, my network is a compilation of old friends and classmates, former colleagues, current friends, and family members.

It was just a constant stream of progressive news and posts from friends, acquaintances, and former colleagues.

Many online forums, friends, and colleagues have reported similar physical reactions after playing Souls games.

Since he and his colleagues were laid off in August, fake news has proliferated on the platform like never before.

But that he and his colleagues very much acted like a newsroom, vetting stories before allowing each “content module” to rise to “trending” level.

Since he and his colleagues were laid off in August, fake news has proliferated on the platform like never before.

But that he and his colleagues very much acted like a newsroom, vetting stories before allowing each “content module” to rise to “trending” level.

He insists that I mention David Bikard, and he wants his colleagues to appear in the pictures with him.

They’re not necessarily making us better citizens or friends or colleagues.

“Privately a number of my colleagues have expressed concern about the direction of our politics and the behavior of the president,” Flake told CNN.

Unsurprisingly, as the suit progressed over the course of the year prior, the colleagues who came forward to publicly support Columbus were few.

Even your Democratic colleagues are not there.

Lauer’s colleagues, including current Today co-anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, were stunned.

His colleagues in the GOP Senate caucus don’t like him.

Cahill and his colleagues at Fenway Institute would like to see a policy developed that looks at individual risk in the blood donation process.

colleagues and I have joked that it all comes down to what makes you feel Mad, Bad, Sad or Glad.

Republican Senate leaders are doing this to get their colleagues to ignore criminal allegations against one of their political allies.

A year later, the problems persisted, according to the March, 2017 memo from the senior DFS official to colleagues.

“Stubborn” is another word some of Kuroda’s colleagues use to describe him.

Sen. John McCain, who was himself tortured in Vietnam, notably called for his colleagues to reject Haspel’s nomination.

Sen. John McCain, who was himself tortured in Vietnam, notably called for his colleagues to reject Haspel’s nomination.

Bronnenberg and his colleagues recently updated their research, to look at how doctors and pharmacists shop differently from the rest of us.

A group of women Democratic senators publicly called for him to step down, and were then joined by some of their male colleagues.

The work of Zhou and his colleagues makes use of a curious property discovered by Ernst Chladni, the father of acoustics, back in 1787.

Everything Trump is doing has been enabled by Ryan and his colleagues.

He has not reined in his conflicts of interest because Ryan and his colleagues thought their agenda more important than his ethics.

After the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, she and her colleagues began to produce applied and functional art.

I’m much more hair on fire about this than a lot of my colleagues.

But in an open environment, even the colleagues sitting three seats away could be a health risk.

Media reports say he has told colleagues he is not attracted to the option of suspending parliament.

His first couple of years as a House member were unremarkable, as documented by his various letters to committee chairs and more senior colleagues.

Johnson made a career-changing discovery: He could use his connections with Texas oilmen to raise a lot of money for his Democratic colleagues.

They mostly kept their jobs, enjoying the same kinds of opportunities and promotions as their colleagues.

As personal as the work is, Shamov is eager to share it with his Berghain colleagues and friends.

“I will not vote for Obamacare Lite nor will many of my colleagues,” he said.

Will she thank her Republican colleagues, rattle off some bipartisan bromides, and stress national unity?

She has since gone public, and her colleagues say she told them of the incident in the past.

She’s since more than doubled that, but she still asks colleagues not to talk about “Living Luxuriously for Less” at work.

And several whose online work dovetails with their office work said they hadn’t faced uncomfortable situations with colleagues.

Cat-owning colleagues stop making eye contact with me in the office.

Frank and his colleagues have extended and modified this conception so it can be used in an astrobiological context.

Despite the novelty of their proposal, Frank and his colleagues were not the first to suggest an alternative to the Kardashev Scale.

Numbering among Gorky and de Kooning’s younger colleagues, Carone belonged to the first generation of Abstract Expressionists.

Other colleagues expressed shock.

“We are ready to do that if our U.S. colleagues are ready to reciprocate.

She hosted regular dinners for her women colleagues and bipartisan coffee meetups for new women members.

On Thursday, as the storm approached, West Virginia state delegate Rupert Phillips passed out sunscreen to his colleagues.

His close colleagues and friends we’ve spoken to say he isn’t running.

One activist, speaking on condition of anonymity, said terrified colleagues were shutting their social media accounts.

“I’m honoured to have the support of so many brilliant colleagues today.

At Yale New Haven Hospital, he and his colleagues have treated 16 patients with phage therapy as of last week.

The career of Ryan Jimmo and the response from his colleagues is further proof of the great democratizing, equalizing, ennobling power of MMA.

Several of my Vox colleagues did too, and their initial reactions weren’t positive.

In fact, Nayduch and her colleagues have identified more than 200 pathogens that have been found in adult house flies.

It was a concise explanation of why all of Cruz’s Senate colleagues hate him so very deeply.

Media reports say he has told colleagues he is not attracted to the option of suspending parliament.

Though my folks were largely spared, I was beginning to see—through Facebook, texts, calls—that many old friends, neighbors, colleagues, and relatives were not.

Time passed and Klein says his condition got worse, so Nassif referred him to some colleagues, who blamed it on a pre-existing condition.

We genuinely wish our many friends and colleagues within the Party well, indeed we know many of them share our concerns.

Melnyk and her colleagues recently published a paper that shows depression among nurses is associated with both burnout and medical errors.

Klein alleges Nassif’s colleagues tried to cover up the botched nose job to preserve the TV star’s reputation.

But Eric Roberts, the lead author of the new paper in Pediatrics, and colleagues suspected this number was incomplete.

But LGBTQ groups remain fearful, pointing to Trump and his Republican colleagues’ history on these issues and a recent leak.

They invited friends, colleagues, and teachers to submit work for the show and sell it for $5 or less.

Rand Paul (R-KY) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) in this drive, claims this proposal should be an easy sell for his Republican colleagues.

His GOP colleagues in the Senate, though, are not so liberated.

So, he and his colleagues studied 2,766 high school players, two thirds of them girls, over two academic years.

When my Vox colleagues ranked Halloween candy from best to worst, they put Twizzlers near the bottom.

She and her colleagues recently conducted a randomized clinical trial with 300 fifth- to eighth-graders in two Baltimore city schools.

“I want to work closely with colleagues across WarnerMedia and make the whole more than the part,” Sarnoff said in a phone interview.

“To my colleagues at ESPN, it has been a privilege.

He responded by texting a photo of the woman to “a few colleagues” after she made a formal complaint.

A lot of colleagues wrote to me privately, et cetera.

Outside of being a remarkable sportscaster, Saunders always made time for other people, a point echoed by many of his colleagues since his passing.

He’s asking his home-state colleagues to swallow a lot for the sake of tax reform.

Media reports say he has told colleagues he is not attracted to the option of suspending parliament.

On mass incarceration, Booker has also run ahead of his colleagues.

I often ended up with a better vantage point than my colleagues.

One of your colleagues interviewed me.

He told Agence France-Presse that two of his colleagues also suffered under the cat filter.

“Dear friends, respected colleagues!” Nikonov said.

Scalise and colleagues were at the field practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game, scheduled for Friday at Nationals Park.

In 1997, Gary Foster and colleagues explored the expectations of patients as they enrolled in a medical weight loss program.

“She was always enthusiastic, energetic, committed and dedicated to her students and her colleagues,” the district said.

For Faber and his colleagues, one of the most significant challenges to mining an asteroids remains convincing investors it’s worth the effort.

Kosinski and his colleagues developed a model that linked subjects’ Facebook likes with their OCEAN scores.

But she also doesn’t see good things that Twitter brought her: connections with like-minded people and colleagues, positive reactions about her work.

But Brat and his colleagues are desperate to shake off the stench of stopping the GOP’s seven-year quest to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Then he used the medallions as collateral to borrow more money to buy more medallions, former colleagues said.

In 2014, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) shared personal accounts of sexual harassment from her Senate colleagues.

Because P. dmanisensis is such an unusual species, Zelenkov and his colleagues aren’t sure where exactly it fits in the avian family tree.

He watched as colleagues in a lab next to him blew up before his eyes.

I talked to my colleagues at Correctiv — mostly white men — about these ID checks.

It’s well-known that high-profile investment bankers have offshore accounts so that their colleagues can’t figure out how much they received in bonuses.”

The same research finds that when women do emphasize nurturing or interpersonal qualities, colleagues tend to like them more.

Republican senators racing to pass a healthcare bill by Saturday are using a tried-and-true method to get wavering colleagues to vote yes: money.

Republican senators racing to pass a healthcare bill by Saturday are using a tried-and-true method to get wavering colleagues to vote yes: money.

They don’t do things they know their colleagues won’t like just because they can, and then brag about it.

Though we had tried to find introductions, we had little access to high-net-worth individuals through our families, friends, former coworkers, or food industry colleagues.

His accomplishments earned him memberships in scientific societies around the world, and his colleagues remembered him as a genial educator.

Huels and his colleagues found that these low-energy electrons have enough energy to induce further chemical reactions in space-based compounds.

To test this, Huels and his colleagues simulated a space environment.

Levandowski went on to found a startup called 510 Systems with some Berkeley colleagues.

Levandowski joined Google to work on its mapping technology in 2007, but continued working closely with his 510 Systems colleagues on Google-related projects.

She wanted to be permitted to “play the field” as much as her male colleagues did.

Cruz’s colleagues in the Senate have routinely described the junior senator from Texas as being condescending, combative, and pretty much the all-around worst.

Cruz’s colleagues in the Senate have routinely described the junior senator from Texas as being condescending, combative, and pretty much the all-around worst.

In it, he describes his dream scenario for a full-throated show of support from his colleagues.

She previously acknowledged letting her colleagues and company down with an impulsive tweet.

Her friends and colleagues are organizing simultaneous events all over the world.

“We have been discussing how to move forward with our European colleagues,” Ravanchi said.

If I said I voted for Trump, most of my academic colleagues would think I’m crazy.

Most critics love arguing about movies, because they often find that disagreeing with their colleagues is what makes their job fun.

Because it’s so easy to talk to our colleagues using workplace software, many of us are typing too much.

For people not in an office, messaging colleagues or posting information becomes a way of demonstrating that they are doing their jobs.

In the mid-2000s, he and colleagues conducted interviews in Argentina, which was going through its worst economic crisis in its history.

“I’ve been speaking to European leaders in the intervening period, speaking to colleagues.

In both instances, her male colleagues sought to put an end to her tough, but entirely appropriate, questioning of Cabinet officials.

Any memory of crazy bosses, unreasonable deadline demands, and insufferable colleagues evaporate with every heat-packed bite, mostly because you’ve gone mind-blind.

“I have taken an unscientific survey among my colleagues, whom you reference, about whether I should resign.

We felt it was important to mark this occasion by standing in solidarity with our artists, other gallery colleagues, and various museums.

I would define our relationship as respectful and affectionate colleagues.

The interrogation starts off awkwardly, as the suspect Chesney is interrogating dismisses one of Chesney’s female colleagues.

Looking at this disparity between Sherman-Palladino’s experience and those of her male colleagues, there are a couple of behind-the-scenes moving parts to consider.

I’ve spent 2,000+ hours listening to my clients talk about the behavior of their colleagues.

You’ll recognize each of your colleagues described below, and become aware of your own ticks that may be limiting your perspective and success.

(Margaret Mead was an anthropologist, a field her methods coming under frequent criticism from her colleagues.)

I’m not gonna criticize my colleagues, and … You know, the point is these are really technical, detailed issues.

I’ve had no communications or dealing with him or any of his colleagues before or after that encounter last January.

On December 16, after Wheaton announced her suspension, she thanked her supporters and colleagues at Wheaton in a Facebook post that she signed #womeninsolidaritywithhijab.

Many of Carlson’s colleagues at Fox remained anonymous in describing their experience to journalists, fearing they would be breaching their contracts.

It’s not as though Republicans aren’t aware of the gender disparity in their ranks, especially compared to their Democratic colleagues.

To have colleagues that you actually like.

As a psychiatrist and researcher, this question intrigued me, so my colleagues and I decided to help answer it.

(I’ve written about such coalitions before, drawing on the work of Steven Teles and colleagues at the New America Foundation.)

Shifting blame to the government and research community, Berman assures me that he and his colleagues are not motivated by self-interest.

Democratic and Republican colleagues mourned her passing.

Now some of his colleagues want him to resign.

He invited friends, neighbors, and colleagues over for drinks and dinner.

Now some of his colleagues want him to resign.

“She previously acknowledged letting her colleagues and company down with an impulsive tweet.

(Strangely, his colleagues challenged the claim, insisting that he had worked in Luhansk’s local press for years).

To answer it, Kaplan and colleagues — including neuroscientist and author Sam Harris — set up an experiment.

“Talking to my Democratic colleagues, I believe this is not an idle concern,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) said in response to Dagan’s comments.

“Our thoughts continue to be with the family, friends and colleagues of the missing pilot.”

But Vlieghe, another MPC external member, was more cautious when asked about his colleagues’ views on Tuesday.

Elliot vows to return the world to the way it was, as many of his colleagues and friends fall to the Dark Army.

Therefore, the Senate must act quickly to provide Senate staff with the same resources as their House colleagues.

So … I asked my colleagues at The Verge, and (at the cost of public irony) my friends on Facebook.

Ever since she transitioned from male to female, Amelie says that she noticed a marked difference in the way her colleagues behave toward her.

Her male colleagues are themselves exceedingly aggressive, she notes.

Castillo said she has frequently been treated as lesser than her salon colleagues for being trans.

He further explained that now his colleagues are thinking harder about the details of different plans “because we’re going to own this.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in an email to supporters last week, per BuzzFeed, slammed her colleagues over the legislation.

Many have privately shared some of the article’s same concerns about Trump with colleagues, friends and reporters.

My cooking creations became much milder, and I often had to ask my colleagues to taste my dishes.

In his recent study, Bohórquez and his colleagues used mice to show that this connection is there, and it’s fast.

Functionally, if not rhetorically, that puts him squarely in line with his GOP colleagues.

READ MORE: Elizabeth Falkner Wants Female Chefs to Learn from One Another How did your colleagues and boss respond?

My colleagues lifted everything for me; I was what you might call their pregnant girl.

I must admit that I really missed working in a kitchen environment: the work ambiance, the colleagues, the rush.

Luckily, I have helpful colleagues with whom I run De Klub now.

When I started working again after I gave birth, nobody took me seriously when I told my colleagues they did something wrong.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images Underpinning his opinions was Scalia’s view of a much more constrained Constitution than his liberal colleagues held.

My colleagues Brian Resnick and Julia Belluz, for example, have done extensive reporting on problems with statistical research in psychology and health, respectively.

I’ve had friends and colleagues attacked, kidnapped, and killed.

Meanwhile, people like him and his wife and their colleagues are hogging all of the opportunity.

These stories are overblown, for reasons my colleagues Matt Yglesias and Timothy Lee explain rather well.

Maciej Kowalski, her son and an Armex board member, said North Koreans socialized with Polish colleagues, despite the language barrier.

During this process I try to show my artwork to colleagues to get feedback.

He has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and has often found himself at odds with many of his Republican colleagues.

Omar also received donations from Democratic colleagues House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and Ocasio-Cortez, two of her most vocal advocates.

Amash slammed most of his colleagues for not even reading the entire 448-page report — which he did.

“Cosmos” host and renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s employers are investigating multiple allegations of sexual misconduct involving co-workers and colleagues years ago.

It seems like a lot of your colleagues seem unfazed by a lot of these actions.

In addition to angering your colleagues, Bodnar adds that this sort of mentality will just stifle your professional development.

It seems like a lot of your colleagues are unfazed.

Instead of complaining to your colleagues, arrange a meeting with your supervisor or HR team and speak up.

The approach that Kosinski and his colleagues developed over the next few years was actually quite simple.

Clad in bulletproof vests, Safdar and his colleagues were inside the airport for 16 hours as the gun battle raged.

Even if they did do something, it’s — simply that our — maybe it’s just our American colleagues.”

Vandebroek and his colleagues found that in just over 60 percent of penalty shootouts, the team that shot first won.

For those employees leaving us, we want to thank our colleagues for their hard work and dedication to MCX over the last several years.

Doctors learn about new procedures from colleagues, specialty society meetings, and information provided by medical device companies — a potentially arbitrary and unscientific process.

Some colleagues who were mounted on the roof with cameras showed us videos of whole swarms flying up towards them.

Eventually I got myself a tight cap, and beside me there were colleagues with warm wooly hats!

Were any of your colleagues not able to work because of the moths?

A photograph also showed an injured military official clutching his bloody head and being held up by colleagues.

Some colleagues were pretty disgusted, but I didn’t see anyone with an insect phobia or an allergy, so no one complained too much.

Many colleagues get their elbows out.

My colleagues are saying Donald Trump won the debate, because in his absence the rest of the Republican candidates cut each other down.

That utter transparency led Schierle and his colleagues at Northwestern University to propose more specific guidelines for surgeon’s social media presence.

And in doing so, he’s received the support of basically all of his Republican colleagues in the House and the Senate.

Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and Qualcomm all make cameos, as does Yahoo, which faced accusations that female leadership at the company discriminated against male colleagues.

“Thank you to my friends and colleagues in the Conservative & Unionist Party for your support.

It seems like a helpful tool — salary information is usually kept private, which can make it uncomfortable to discuss with colleagues or potential colleagues.

DiStefano and her colleagues remain optimistic and think we shouldn’t rule out clusters completely.

iFart would eventually make Comm and his colleagues rich.

The following exercises, developed by McGill and his colleagues at the University of Waterloo, can help you do just that.

As Recode first reported, Kroll had developed a reputation for exhibiting behavior that made female colleagues uncomfortable.

“I think their conversations with colleagues are a bit premature anyway,” said one.

And I’m glad that this week many of his colleagues — and, eventually, the senator himself — came to that conclusion.

How have your colleagues in the Senate reacted to this investigation so far?

“Older employees soundly thrash their younger colleagues.

Office colleagues cluster around a large, shiny wooden table scrolling through phones between bites of PERi-salted chips and Spicy Rice.

If the general lack of town halls is any indication, many of his colleagues still haven’t figured out that balance.

Even before her apology, some of Reid’s colleagues came to her defense.

For more on the intricacies of “right-to-try” and the FDA funding bill, please read Sarah Karlin-Smith at Politico and my former colleagues at STAT.

Berners-Lee and his colleagues are urging open internet supporters to contact EU regulators and push for stronger net neutrality protections.

For example, my colleagues at Hromadske have the only news room in central Europe that’s run by women.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in Congress, said shortly before the vote that her colleagues were giving up their fight for now.

“My colleagues fled Iran, waited for two to three years without legal papers, often in Turkey, and eventually entered the US as refugees.

Some of our colleagues were hit, though, thank God, many others managed to get out.

CHIRPS was conceived of by Chris Funk, one of Peterson’s colleagues.

She says that a number of colleagues have reached out to the Currier about “The Art of Hope” program for advice.

Meanwhile, back in Santa Barbara, Funk and colleagues are already working on their next project: a CHIRPS data set for global temperature.

Now, I know many of my Republican colleagues think that climate change is a hoax.

Swift was just an ordinary woman like anyone else, getting undercut in the workplace by her male colleagues.

What will my friends and my old colleagues think?

As I watched my friends and colleagues stress over their end of the year lists, I immediately opted out.

Take a 2010 study by psychologist Dan Ariely and his colleagues.

Hickey and her colleagues started talking about early elective deliveries at every department meeting.

At the beginning my colleagues and I found this quite difficult, but since then we’ve marshaled it quite well.

“A great dinner out!” —Alison Green, author of Ask A Manager: Clueless colleagues, Lunch-Stealing Bosses, and the Rest of Your Life at Work 39.

And Gillibrand was calling her colleagues out on their commitment to fighting for abortion rights.

Some conservative, libertarian-leaning Republicans and liberal Democrats attempted to persuade colleagues to include more privacy protections.

Ko and his colleagues explain in the paper that even though this is only one case, it’s alarming in its severity.

This sets him apart from many of his Republican colleagues.

More than 700 U.S. clinics advertise unproven stem cell treatments, Master and colleagues note in JAMA.

Relatedly, Emma and our colleagues on our strategy team mapped out how much everyone makes in a hospital makes, from nurses to surgeons.

Even his Republican colleagues were reportedly encouraging him to drop out.

Despite his loyalty to Trump, however, his Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill have seen him as too much of a liability.

DeSombre and his colleagues investigated the connections between the hormone estrogen and breast cancer.

Vickers and his colleagues do that for them, determining which surgeries and other treatments have the most beneficial results.

“I ultimately concluded that I could not carry out these new instructions and maintain my integrity,” McGurk wrote in an email to colleagues.

Thank you, biochemist Eugene DeSombre and all of your colleagues past, present, and future.

Thank you, biostatistician Andrew Vickers and all of your colleagues past, present, and future.

It’s all too convenient that she was separated [dismissed] after reporting against [one of her colleagues].”

Right now, bioengineer Derek West and his colleagues are testing the power of gold.

Do you have a different opinion about this than your colleagues?

She was really well-liked by her colleagues.

Unlike many of her colleagues, Dodo Xinyu Zhang resists the temptation to abstract identity.

She’s not strategically tacking in a misguided effort to compromise with increasingly uncompromising conservative colleagues.

Relative to her liberal colleagues, Sotomayor is more confrontational and less cooperative.

Justices increasingly come to the Court with fixed legal sentiments incapable of being altered by their colleagues.

(And even when legal arguments from colleagues cannot persuade justices, sometimes public pressure can, though the justices would never admit it.)

The tax bill passed by Mike Coffman and his colleagues in Congress is a move in the wrong direction.

They invited their colleagues to meet with them Friday to share their own stories and come up with a plan.

“You cannot lose so many colleagues without making some mistakes,” said Quebec lieutenant Alexandre Boulerice.

Boulerice, known as one of the more left-wing members of the party, was more blunt than some of his colleagues.

“I don’t want to be in a position ever to be lobbying my former colleagues in Congress,” he said.

Even his Republican colleagues were reportedly encouraging him to drop out.

Like Saeedi and Alahmad, he and his colleagues from the affected countries feel stuck in the US until further notice.

In the process, Shallue and his colleagues found two new exoplanets.

For over a decade, Fischetti and his colleagues at Rockefeller have been focusing on isolating this enzyme as a pure form of antibacterial treatment.

But this month, Libra, you need to get out, breathe in some fresh air, and reconnect with your colleagues and community.

Have you or your colleagues looked into other forms of digital surveillance?

Showalter and his colleagues announced the official name, and published their other findings, on Wednesday in Nature.

Showalter and his colleagues suggest that Hippocamp could be made from broken-off debris from the Pharos event, which accumulated into a new small object.

Sessions’s former colleagues almost certainly will not imprison him.

Making that joke with some of my colleagues, they said, “You’d probably be dead by the end of the night, buddy!”

Two close friends and colleagues of Gutierrez, who died in 2004, answered questions about her performance in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

But money doesn’t get any easier to turn down with time, any more than rebuking friends and colleagues gets easier.

It is never easy to see colleagues and friends depart the company.

Williams runs a podcast in which she interviews her former colleagues about their time with the Bureau.

Party colleagues of the three women leaders said they were not available for comment.

No matter what happens, Dr. Hamza Kataeb and his colleagues aren’t going anywhere.

“We will gain huge influence over what happens in Sweden during the coming weeks, months and years,” Akesson told party colleagues.

It looks like some backroom dealing.” On May 20, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican, recommended to his colleagues that they approve the deal.

This article from our colleagues at the Verge lists some of the better ones.

Even with tips included, many of my colleagues in this business still cannot make ends meet.

Virginia Heffernan used to encourage her colleagues in the media: Yes, read the comments!

He points out that my colleagues don’t like me because I’m too competent.

“I think Chancellor Merkel and her colleagues will face new decisions at the NATO summit in July in Brussels.

Rick Wilson, a conservative political strategist, captured this dynamic, warning his colleagues of the precedent Trump’s declaration could set.

Representative Andy Gipson, a Republican sponsor of the Mississippi measure, urged his colleagues on Friday not to be intimidated by national media criticism.

Yesner was finally escorted out of the conference after the survivors and their colleagues voiced their uproar.

That handoff is interrupted by a storyline in the present where Rogers betrays one of his colleagues, throwing him out of a plane.

So were many of their colleagues and fellow comic book creators.

This one from Prakash and colleagues, posted below, was one of the award winning videos in the gallery’s annual contest.

I want to work w/ my GOP & Dem colleagues to fix the flaws in ACA.

Following his contentious confirmation process, Kavanaugh has not given public speeches or made other high-profile public appearances, in contrast to some of his colleagues.

But their white colleagues like Jules Olitski, Walter Darby Bannard, and Kenneth Noland are a much harder sell.

“He doesn’t want to be seen as the knifeman.” Gove has form in bringing about the demise of colleagues.

One of my colleagues lives in a state that didn’t expand Medicaid.

It’s no wonder Pittenger’s colleagues were ashamed of his statement, and were quick to say so publicly.

Despite these challenges, Sam and his colleagues know that if they don’t do the job, no one will.

He and the rest of his colleagues have been dropping off supplies to evacuation camps and frontline workers in Fort McMurray.

But Nolan disagrees with his Democratic colleagues who are already using the “i-word” in speeches on the House floor.

UTA has always been a family — our artists, our buyers, our colleagues.

If you spend your days coordinating projects with your colleagues at work — like we do at Tech Insider — Slack is a huge deal.

The president came to the defense of his Republican colleagues and blasted his Democratic opponents.

What were your colleagues’ reactions?

“These findings are very disheartening,” one official wrote in a July 2016 email to colleagues.

He has a master’s degree from Yale Divinity School; his colleagues find him genuine and thoughtful.

Cuthbert and his colleagues mapped out the global groundwater supply and modeled regional responses to climate change over various timescales.

“Our colleagues should be allowed to return to their jobs reporting on events in Myanmar.

That’s what Curtis and her colleagues want to explore in the future.

In particular, Edmondson was thinking about her acting colleagues, who she thought needed personal development more than anyone.

Ryan is still formally committed to this agenda, but his colleagues in the upper house seems considerably more skeptical.

Modeling by Kopp and his colleagues suggests that this rate is likely to continue increasing even if global carbon emissions are cut.

But as I, as well some colleagues, point out, this alone will not be sufficient.

If convicted, Puigdemont and his colleagues could face up to 30 years in jail.

I believe — some of my colleagues feel differently — these companies have a right to promote and sell it.

But Gebhardt and her colleagues believe a rise in sexual assaults did occur in the aftermath of Katrina.

Organized competitive gaming, also known as eSports, continues to attract skepticism from family, friends, colleagues, and officials at his university.

Or that my queer co-worker matters when their colleagues misgender them?

The Fox News host obliged, and immediately attacked his colleagues in the media, parroting one of Trump’s favorite lines.

GOP lawmakers told reporters that Collins has urged his colleagues to invest in the company on the House floor.

The Fox News host obliged, and immediately attacked his colleagues in the media, parroting one of Trump’s favorite lines.

Hunter’s Republican colleagues were reportedly encouraging him to drop his reelection bid a long time ago.

In subsequent weeks, Burke pressured his colleagues to cover up the abuse.

I went on a bit of a rant about this, the clip went viral, and some of my colleagues in the media got defensive.

And until Republicans win this argument, persuading the public and their colleagues there is another way, they could never truly repeal Obamacare.

Within a few months, Tesla claims, Tripp became “disruptive and combative with his colleagues,” and was reassigned in May 2018.

Assholes are everywhere (in the streets, in bed, amongst colleagues) and as a waiter, you learn how to deal with them.

“If we make the product delightful for them, they will bring their colleagues and their friends and their family onto the platform.

According to Ruri, many Japanese people can’t show their true feelings around colleagues, friends, or even their husband or wife.

“More and more people are being harmed — our friends, our colleagues — so how can we stop [speaking out]?

My colleagues knew my character and allegiances.

When she returned, she explained to her CIA colleagues how her spiritual experience strengthened her in both life and work.

Our colleagues should be allowed to return to their jobs reporting on events in Myanmar.

But that doesn’t mean he’s going to portray Biden as an empty piñata, the way his former GOP colleagues are trying to.

He can’t even muster up a word for his colleagues.

“The safety of the public and of our colleagues is of paramount importance and this is clearly wholly unacceptable behavior,” a spokeswoman told MUNCHIES.

Carlson faced public skepticism from her colleagues and attacks on her character, like so many women who go public about sexual misconduct.

A Deutsche Bank employee in Bengaluru told Reuters that he and several colleagues were told first thing that their jobs were going.

I see in my colleagues a huge desire to avoid being accountable and to frankly just criticize President Obama.

Kosintsev and his colleagues decided to follow up on the odd measurement with multiple lines of evidence.

He spoke of the suffering, in silence, of Jugelé’s colleagues, and of himself.

An attitude change from their colleagues seems in order as well. London, England Here’s one of four Google London sites coming out in support of our colleagues.

“It’s to remind my colleagues that, by the way, there’s a whole other world out there.

I think, to be honest, I like having colleagues.

And so he and his colleagues created a new way to measure people’s levels of blatant dehumanization of other groups.

Others said they hadn’t experienced sexual harassment themselves, but most knew friends or colleagues who had.

Today, Kteily and colleagues find something similar: Willingness to dehumanize on the “Ascent of Man” scale predicts aggressive attitudes toward the Muslim world.

What Garrett and colleagues wanted to know is whether or not this increasing ease has a biological component.

But I’ve learned that it’s not really about how much streaming content I watch relative to my friends and colleagues.

He was not playing around in the hope of finding weird, floating anomalies, like his American colleagues.

Leos can get into friction with friends, piss off colleagues, and lose lovers because they compulsively shift the spotlight back to themselves.

In effect, this means Janet Yellen and her colleagues are putting a ceiling on demand-side job creation.

However, a number of Trump’s fellow Republicans joined their Democratic colleagues in Congress in expressing impatience with the shifting Saudi responses.

But unlike most of my colleagues, I always return calls to newspaper reporters.

But after I began transitioning, my employer refused to let me exist at work like all my other female colleagues.

But Feinstein sat on the letter until last week and refused to let even her Democratic colleagues see it.

But Feinstein sat on the letter until last week and refused to let even her Democratic colleagues see it.

I wish I had … Because it was my own colleagues, basically.

“I told our U.S. colleagues that if you want to solve the problem, now is the time.

In 2014, Romesberg and colleagues created a strain of E. coli bacteria that contained two unnatural letters, X and Y.

To some extent, a 2010 study by Claudia C. Wolf and colleagues at Germany’s Ruhr University-Bochum bore out the stereotype.

“I loved the Times and, uh, almost all my colleagues there.

Even so, McCain was a less reliable Republican vote than many of his colleagues.

But in the public’s eyes, this looks like police officers refusing to hold their colleagues accountable.

Two more dancers interviewed by the paper claim that they and their colleagues were ordered to change in the presence of male police officers.

Wurmfeld, who retired from Hunter College some years ago, and Evertz are longtime colleagues and friends.

Gruss and his colleagues had just confirmed the existence of what he regards as “one of the worst CPU bugs ever found”.

“I watched my friends and colleagues die.

Amruddin was accused of deserting his colleagues on the battle field.

Several people contacted colleagues I’d had in past jobs, so now they’re writing me.

The paper was based on data Romanovsky and his colleagues had been analyzing since their last expedition to the area in 2016.

Everyone around you could potentially be your future colleagues and competition.

Yesterday, Booker told me there were “lots of discussions” happening among his colleagues about how to do it.

Even more egregious, Flynn may have deliberately misled the public and his colleagues about the nature of his pre-inauguration talks with high-level Russian officials.

I’m giving it serious thought.” But some of Lorenz’s colleagues are still hopeful a compromise can be reached.

King explained that the paper revisits a clinical trial she and colleagues conducted more than a decade ago.

Personally, I recommend you take your guidance from my colleagues at Polygon, who do a fantastic job deciphering this so you don’t have to.

She told her colleagues they risked putting themselves on a list for progressive activists looking for primary targets.

Hatch and colleagues analyzed data from a randomized controlled trial that was primarily designed to study ways to prevent infants from becoming overweight.

In the experiment, Slovic and his colleagues asked participants about their willingness to donate to children in need.

Coons’s colleagues couldn’t be more fond of him.

In 2017, psychologist Kurt Gray and colleagues experimented on a wording tweak to help the public increase empathy for others.

“I’m not down there,” he said of the ban, and echoed his colleagues in their support for exceptions to a total ban.

Templer and her colleagues found that in higher temperatures trees weren’t able to filter as much carbon dioxide and nitrogen as they would otherwise.

Reporters in the New York Times news division, unlike their opinion colleagues such as Dowd, have led the charge in exposing powerful bad actors.

Conservatives wanted to go further than most of their colleagues and undo popular provisions like protections for people with preexisting medical conditions.

He encountered “this proactive attitude” among his colleagues in Buenos Aires, he said, “a really strong valuing of pursuing your interests in life.”

“They can’t stand anyone not following leftists dogma and propaganda!” Cheok also has a history of using social media to harass colleagues and critics.

The descriptions of Ford from her acquaintances and colleagues, in fact, bear a close resemblance to how Republicans have described Kavanaugh.

I talk to colleagues from Leave areas,” the MEP for London said.

It’s not that other colleagues here don’t have the same problem.

German colleagues often complain about the Berlin bubble.

But there is one group of people willing to defend him: Franken’s former SNL colleagues.

So how should have Franken’s former SNL colleagues responded to the sexual misconduct allegations?

I also want to express my appreciation for my colleagues on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).

“Some colleagues of mine can increase the burden of these patients,” he says.

Dropp is a political scientist and pollster whom one of my colleagues described as “the Doogie Howser of polling.”

When we approached Morning Consult, Dropp and his colleagues were excited.

The Silicon Valley Democrat also pointed to the election of Trump, whom Low and his Democratic colleagues routinely censure.

Rather than linger in roles of diminishing responsibility, some are looking to follow colleagues into the private sector.

One of our colleagues tweeted, “That’s some Titanic-level shit,” which I think was my favorite tweet of CES.

Media reports say he has told colleagues he is not attracted to the option of suspending parliament.

Our colleagues at the Verge have a great list of resources you can use to track when and where Tiangong-1 might fall.

After Ryan’s bill passed the House, they sang, “Hey, hey, hey, goodbye,” to taunt their Republican colleagues.

This means that an attacker can predict preferred connection nodes with a high degree of accuracy, according to Goldberg and her colleagues.

In January, Goldberg and her colleagues made the vulnerability known to the Ethereum Foundation, which does the main development on the Ethereum network.

By the end of the day, as male colleagues joined the effort, the tally hit 32 senators calling for Franken’s resignation.

Even on Wednesday, when dozens of his colleagues were signing on to the call for Franken’s ouster, Schumer didn’t make a statement.

Their calls spurred several male colleagues to do the same.

I agree with my colleagues who have stepped forward today and called on Senator Franken to resign.

Sutton, Altria’s spokesman, called Miller’s message “simply a friendly heads-up email between long-time colleagues.”

I mean, I just talked to my friends in Europe and my colleagues at CDT.

Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona has urged quicker action, pressing Republican colleagues to ask the Interior Department to block mining claims sooner.

I go out to the US about once a year, so I’ve got a lot of activism colleagues out there.

Padraza recently published a paper with colleagues on mistrust of government health information in places where immigration policies are the most severe.

Here’s why: On Wednesday, the senator vowed to vote against her nomination and recommended his colleagues do the same.

“It is great news for the Financial Centre Frankfurt and we look forward to welcoming our new colleagues.

His former colleagues immediately opened fire on him as he bolted, hitting him in the shoulder and arm.

Later that month, one FTC lawyer emailed colleagues to say: “You’re not going to believe this.

Beyond the task of negotiating with their colleagues across the aisle, Democrats will have to deal with an unstable entity: President Donald Trump.

Grøndal lost himself in the research and while his colleagues built a library of World War I books, he sought something more visual.

He also had to contend with mainstream conservatives and even his colleagues at Breitbart.

Whether I was actually any use in the office or just a sleep-deprived zombie you would have to ask my colleagues!

The government dropped the charges four months later because it appeared he was merely contacting colleagues in China.

Feinstein, too, remained intensely private about the letter, an approach that baffled some of her Senate colleagues.

Alice says she hasn’t experienced too much machismo: “Day to day, my colleagues are kind and respectful.

Unlike his former colleagues Coats and Rogers, then, he will be much more forthright with the senators questioning him.

For Ryan’s colleagues, it’s easy to see why.

Even his Republican colleagues were reportedly encouraging him to drop out.

Another had male colleagues tell her that once women get pregnant they become “irrelevant.”

He’s publicly, if obliquely, attacking his colleagues’ thinking in the pages of a journal (a British journal, no less)!

So not only was he explicitly criticizing his colleagues, but he was implicitly challenging the president’s views of war.

Like all of my colleagues, friends, and family I’m horrified by what has happened and in shock.

A Facebook page where worried relatives, friends and colleagues can post notices of the missing has been set up.

“Some may object to the ethics of gathering and releasing this data,” Kirkegaard and his colleagues argue in the paper.

“Today we’re celebrating for our colleagues, who are free at long last.

Two of Harris, Booker, and Warren’s colleagues, Sens.

I often think about and discuss with my colleagues how crucial it is to avoid wandering exposition.

To be sure, Justice Kennedy’s views have been less predictable than those of many of his colleagues.

A few months ago, my colleagues and I noticed a surprising trend: American teens keep becoming better and better behaved.

“This verdict has cleared the way not only for us but for all of our colleagues and freedom of press and expression.”

Almost $14 million and two years later, he and his colleagues have developed Locus Robotics.

In fact, my colleagues and I believe the goals of the Paris agreement cannot be met without simultaneously saving biodiversity.

I wish I had the certitude that some of my colleagues expressed.

I wish I had the certitude that some of my colleagues expressed.

But almost nine months ago, Günay was arrested with 10 of his colleagues.

This passion and lack of support were echoed by all of his young colleagues.

Former opposition colleagues formed the Democratic Party For the People (DPFP).

Each side also sought support from Church colleagues and from the court of public opinion.

And the focus on Trump’s businesses and business colleagues may have violated Trump’s previous assertions that Mueller shouldn’t look into his companies.

And that is exactly how his colleagues in the Republican Party like it.

There were other reports of unstable behavior during Manning’s service: She lashed out at her colleagues and allegedly displayed “erratic” conduct.

“Unfortunately the American side did not offer any alternatives despite all efforts of our Russian colleagues.

BB: Well, one thing I would say is that, when she did this, her colleagues gave her the cold shoulder.

Erstwhile moderate Susan Collins professes that the tax bill will boost growth so much as to pay for itself, and her colleagues apparently agree.

Circuit Court of Appeals, has on several occasions reached a different conclusion to his more liberal colleagues.

In other parts of China, though, fasting Muslims face little more than the thoughtless questions from colleagues that Muslims in the West frequently encounter.

“Although I have great respect for my colleagues, not having women on the committee was tone-deaf,” she said.

There have been a lot of women who have said things in the past and been dismissed by colleagues, by organizations, by lawyers.

Arishi and her colleagues had expected 10 patients at a time.

A Democratic senator, Al Franken, was forced to resign under pressure from his own colleagues after facing accusations of groping women.

By encoding information in a quantum channel itself, Loyd and his colleagues are virtually guaranteeing it will be impossible to crack.

We find ourselves in very sobering times in a very sobering landscape, but I remain, along with my colleagues, undeterred in our efforts.

Like I said, we have this new pro-choice majority, and my colleagues and I have zero tolerance: no more.

“I want to work closely with colleagues across WarnerMedia and make the whole more than the part,” Sarnoff said in a phone interview.

“I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding about that among some of my colleagues,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg Television.

I think many of my colleagues are ready to take on this fight.

(Also this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues introduced a bill to fully eliminate the estate tax).

Their colleagues, however, eventually spoke to Mueller’s office and revealed that Manafort and Kilimnik contacted them.

But some Republicans are urging their colleagues not to put electoral politics above sound policy.

As my colleagues found when they asked eight Republican senators why this bill needs to pass, it’s difficult to get a policy defense.

I was nervous about how my new colleagues would react to Pippa’s presence.

“My love and commitment to our country and that of my colleagues should never be in question.

Here’s where Bruneau and his colleagues did something unusual for psychology.

So the real moonshot is, how do we unlock the talent of our seven billion colleagues on the planet and bring it?

sometimes to my colleagues,” she said at an event promoting the film’s Sundance premiere in Park City, Utah.

For this more recent paper, she and her colleagues wanted to determine just how many opioid-related deaths were occurring in the United States.

To trace his ascent, Reuters examined documents and interviewed associates, colleagues and friends of the chief justice in five countries.

He told friends and colleagues the killing was in self-defense, according to a person close to Moreno who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The report, for instance, held that Moreno’s efforts to affect judicial outcomes went beyond pressuring colleagues.

Yet Hintz and his colleagues realized that this wasn’t necessarily the case, since the universe is also expanding at an accelerating rate.

Hintz and his colleagues aren’t suggesting that a physicist ever will travel to the inside of one of these types of black holes.

“The baton rightly passes to our colleagues on our left,” DeLong wrote.

My colleagues were brilliant and fired up, and the atmosphere was collegial, with a minimum of the usual backstabbing and political infighting.

Somehow, Bingochea and his colleagues glide up and down the aisles with ease.

“Questions were blatantly dodged…I echo the clear frustration of colleagues in the room who felt the discussion was shut down.

You could hear the steady hum of their colleagues doing the same.

Then he guided me to the back of the store where I met my dozen colleagues, mostly in their 40s and 50s.

At lunch, I sat in the break room with my colleagues.

My colleagues and I have conversations about these topics and related work on an ongoing basis.

(Other outlets have revealed Comey discussed the encounter with FBI colleagues, but have not identified the officials in question.)

The new trade representative of the North Korean embassy is Kim Ju Hyok, two of his colleagues said.

She walked me through an example using drug studies, the kind Ioannidis and his colleagues examined.

Reysenbach and her colleagues have been able to collect some of these idiosyncratic beasties and nurture them in the laboratory, using heated water habitats.

“I did not participate in the meeting with the Provost, although I fully appreciate and respect my colleagues’ concerns,” Roseborough told Hyperallergic.

Amid suggestions that the proposed bill could be rewritten, her spokesman said she would listen to colleagues’ concerns.

Hedges’ family and colleagues have cast him as a talented researcher who fell foul of the UAE security and justice system.

And, according to Cooper and his colleagues, “relative to traditional business income, pass-through business income is substantially more concentrated among high-earners.”

That’s something Esser and his colleagues admit is possible.

We hope colleagues in a sentence examples were helpful.