Coherent in a sentence | Use of the word coherent examples

“The patterns do not tell a coherent national story.

The Republican Party can’t pass a health care bill because it has no coherent health care agenda.

The only coherent reason to support nuclear power in 2017 is that it can help reduce carbon emissions (and even that is controversial).

Voters saw Trump lose his ability to form coherent, factual sentences after the first 20 minutes of all three debates.

Though the exploration of repetition and reduction is vaguely noted among the seven artists, the exhibition’s installation does not feel visually coherent.

“She wasn’t coherent, but she was up,” said Charlamagne.

“He has established a coherent behavioral template for others to borrow from,” says Phillips.

This is ugly, but it is coherent.

“Once the system has those bits of audio, it stitches them together to create one coherent sound.”

Right now we have the White House firing one of the most important members of its administration, and offering no coherent explanation of why.

Still, despite the crowding, A Hundred Thousand Worlds is remarkably coherent and consistent in its core themes.

It’s just a “make-weight” argument to throw in a letter when a lawyer does not have a strong coherent argument.

A coherent suite of regulations has become a mishmash.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads All poetics is an attempt to create a coherent continuum in aesthetic time.

Phillips said that the lack of coordination reflected the more glaring absence of coherent U.S. strategy when it comes to Syria.

“There’s still no coherent strategy on Syria,” Khatib said.

Trump’s policy proposals are arguably most coherent if you think of them in terms of choosing sides — and picking winners and losers.

The Trump administration, still without a communications director, isn’t even trying to present a coherent message or a unified front.

If Susan Sontag can’t turn camp into a coherent essay, who among us can?

California’s experience reveals some of the dysfunctions that come with the US lacking a coherent national climate policy.

The form of the story stays amorphous, because the plot isn’t meant to be coherent.

Penny’s struggles to reconcile those conflicting viewpoints into a single coherent truth form the novel’s most compelling scenes.

One is that black people are depressed, organizations like the NAACP and Black Lives Matter have faded, and we don’t have a coherent movement.

The show succeeds as an art exhibition because its conception is sharp and coherent, its realization compelling and restrained.

In some utopia, you would feed information into a citizen, and she would use it to form a coherent political opinion.

That, paired with a total absence of any kind of coherent ideological agenda, makes Kushner a perfect Trump double.

In May, his government agreed a staff-monitored program with the International Monetary Fund to help Zimbabwe implement coherent economic policies.

But broadly speaking, I think it’s coherent to talk about candidate-specific characteristics that affect election outcomes.

She had prepared, coherent answers, while Trump had unprepared, chaotic word salad.

Our brains just aren’t equipped with the skills to make coherent choices in today’s complex world, Galef said.

The Republicans had a coherent, if false, narrative about Clinton — she set the world on fire.

It introduced a coherent storyline that culminated in a fantastic six-man raid activity called King’s Fall.

One person’s definition of what’s “clean” and what’s “objectionable” might not match another’s, or even have a coherent moral grounding.

The administration, moreover, is too busy fighting among itself to develop and pursue a coherent agenda.

It turned out to be the aunt’s last coherent day.

Unlike your typical producer projects, which often don’t feel very coherent, this album is one of focus and poise.

That’s hardly conducive to forming a coherent, sovereign state where Palestinians can one day live in peace.

But I’m probably making the movie sound much more coherent than it really is.

And we need to execute a coherent campaign to utterly destroy ISIS.

Although not directly visually related to each other, the works in the exhibition feel like a whole, coherent body.

Or are we a collection of outside influences that we trick ourselves into thinking is a coherent person?

Sounds too coherent to be “modern” Presidential, right?

Eventually, Apple is going to have to come up with a clear and coherent answer to questions about iPhone overuse.

And he’s developing a bigger and more coherent message.

Most importantly, the buyouts are rarely accompanied by a coherent land use plan.

Good TV requires a coherent narrative.

But that’s had a peculiar consequence: The party no longer has a coherent vision for America’s place in the world.

And it’s hard to tell a largely coherent story in between hits.

(That subplot is particularly mystifying, neither thematically or narratively coherent.)

Since the Trump administration certainly hasn’t been telling much of a coherent story on elephant hunting, it’s worth revisiting the facts.

Who thought that having a book titled A Song of Ice and Fire appear onscreen was in any way coherent and a good idea?

To non-interventionists, America First signified a coherent philosophy, a callback to the America First Committee of the 1940s.

“I’m not sure there is a coherent voice on Xu’s death from Dalian,” concludes Wilson.

Is there a coherent message or goal the Republicans can get behind for health reform, other than cutting taxes for rich people?

He doesn’t get particularly incensed about same-sex marriage, and he lacks anything resembling a coherent foreign policy doctrine.

European populists tend to be backed by political parties and extensive organizations, all united around a coherent worldview.

The danger of climate change has been understood for decades, but the US still has no coherent national climate policy.

But they often have different social and economic policies, including budgetary discipline, meaning they might struggle to put forward a coherent policy agenda.

Few scholars are interested in turning the scattered political proposals of Trump and the European far right into a coherent political program.

It’s not a configuration that is personally appealing to me, but it’s at least as coherent as the current conservative politics.

“They didn’t think I would do well with occupational therapy, because I was not coherent and could not communicate with anyone.

The most coherent message so far has come from fringe politicians who are insisting the opposition should walk away.

She has no coherent identity from week to week.

On the one hand, there’s no coherent, clear ideology.

All three songs set up a coherent, compelling motive for our hero, subvert said motive, and let the characters point the way forward.

But overall, 2020 Democrats are still forging coherent foreign policies.

What compelled you to represent Southeast Asian photography as a coherent subject, and then to organize by country?

Does it have a coherent design with a solid balance of graphics and text?

It also works best if you don’t try to pick it apart too much and stitch together a coherent mythology.

Is it coherent?

It also works best if you don’t try to pick it apart too much and stitch together a coherent mythology.

But Davidson is now old and seemingly barely coherent when he’s questioned in The Keepers.

“Within that limited budget, they need to have a coherent system towards dealing with exports.”

Research shows that most people do not have particularly firm or coherent opinions on political issues.

Trump’s presidential campaign was hinged on scoring cheap points in the culture wars, rather than espousing any coherent political ideology.

What you really want is that sweet spot of fulfilling combat paired with a coherent leveling system.

“The patterns do not tell a coherent national story.

Their reasoning is generally coherent.

Throughout the film, such revelations present themselves less through coherent choreography than electro-pop theatrics — androgynous nuns head-banging, St. Michael making jazz hands.

What isn’t coherent, however, is many Democrats’ ridicule of the Jill Stein candidacy on principle.

But as a substantive and coherent part of Modern Warfare 2, it’s a failure and a waste of time.

Should the John Wick universe have a more coherent mythology?

The Saudis have never really developed a coherent kind of nationalism, but they sure have gotten traction out of anti-Shiism.”

But the video failed to reveal a coherent motive for the attacks spread over the past three weeks, police said.

(Assume for a moment that there can be a coherent “we” to this or any movement.)

Attempting to generate excitement with each one, Pálmason strings together scenes that do not amount to a coherent work.

“The patterns do not tell a coherent national story.

He sees music as “coherent matter” that can morph as time unfolds until it reaches a final stage with different timbres and distortion.

“Suddenly, it becomes one entire coherent piece, as if the visual always existed for the music.

But Ferenstein argues that these views start to seem more coherent once you understand the unique perspective of technology elites.

In our opinion, Hadestown was superior for being more coherent, if less conceptual.

That ended up being my biggest challenge, trying to rein it in to one, hopefully coherent, entity in a 90-minute feature doc.

That, paired with a total absence of any kind of coherent ideological agenda, makes Kushner a perfect Trump double.

And there is a coherent conservative critique of President Obama’s approach to defeating ISIS.

“Am I expected not to take my medications and wig out and be walking up and down the street, not coherent?”

His films feature coherent (even compelling) plots, international casts, and, often, liberal helpings of sex and violence.

The most coherent one I could find was written by Conrad Black in National Review.

It’s not even a coherent notion.

There is no coherent answer to that question.

I think his speech offered a coherent vision for what he’s going to do next.

Trump’s rhetoric, by contrast, is barely coherent, peppered with crude insults and casual musings about violence.

Twin Peaks has never been about straightforward, completely coherent storytelling, but the original series did have more forward momentum than this.

The game is a curious but coherent merging of point-and-click environmental analysis, semi-open-world exploration, visual novel-like passages of prolonged conversation, and first-person shooting.

Markedly different from the scrappier, almost-scribbled look of 50 Short Games, released earlier in 2016, Magic Wand is a larger and more coherent piece.

Hill sought to place Trump’s policy decisions into a coherent whole, they said.

He kept a coherent line of argument, kept his eyes on the road and the kid.

Eventually, the lifecycle-cost lines will cross decisively and there will be no coherent case for not going all electric.

So a lot more work will be needed to get a coherent program out of that.

Read: Donald Trump’s Coronation Was Long, Angry, and Strangely coherent

The Marvel Cinematic Universe dominates our pop culture and the box office — but is it really a coherent cinematic universe?

Rather, their vision represents parts of a coherent ideology that sought to both maintain and reformulate key aspects of liberalism itself.

Ryan has spent the better part of a decade crafting a coherent, sweeping agenda to reform and slash the American safety net.

That is how we establish a common foundation of facts and understanding, without which it is virtually impossible to have coherent political debates.

Just going from problem to problem without really having a coherent point of view?

A coherent, cohesive framework to link them altogether?

It is coherent with the storyline that the media is colluding with Democrats to obscure information from the public.

Exaggerated scale shifts take the paintings away from coherent narrative into the suggestion of a subconscious, dream-like state.

Ryan, the country’s highest-ranking elected Republican, has described the agenda as a way to offer voters a coherent policy message for 2017.

Trump’s plan is a sketch at best; there’s no coherent vision driving the document or connective tissue between the various ideas.

A listener must pay attention and let them come together and find their coherent form.)

Plenty of superhero movies have their hearts in the right place without necessarily delivering a coherent message.

DHS is a notoriously difficult Cabinet department that needs a coherent plan and a firm hand.

But it has not translated into coherent party platforms or policies on the national level.

This disparity likely exists for many creative makers who engage in incongruent practices but feel the pressure to present a coherent story of success.

Taken together, Breitbart offers a rather coherent and overarching critique of contemporary currents in politics and the existing Democratic and Republican establishments.

Ryan, the country’s highest-ranking elected Republican, has described the agenda as a way to offer voters a coherent policy message for 2017.

Read: Donald Trump’s Coronation Was Long, Angry, and Strangely coherent

But they do form a coherent social insurance system for middle- and upper-middle-class families.

They might have crafted these various deductions into a more coherent system; instead, they’re axing them to cut taxes on the rich.

Such an abdication of any coherent policy vision has other Republicans in Washington, particularly those well studied in health policy, baffled.

She has a set of values, which I think are very credible and coherent and she has successfully taken these companies on.

There’s no reason to think he cares about ideas or believes in any coherent worldview.

City governments have to become more of a coherent whole—a “platform”, as geeks put it.

The goal of content within a platform is to create a vision of the internet as a coherent place.

These content providers are now coded to make the narrative of the internet feel more coherent.

He could still find a way out — he hasn’t yet said anything coherent enough that he can’t wriggle out of it later.

He synthesizes the research across these disciplines into a coherent, readable whole.

The recasting is a coherent metaphor that folds into the larger story that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is telling, and it makes emotional sense.

Belief that one man’s hunches and facts plucked from the internet will provide a coherent alternative is the most irrational approach of all.

Remarkably focused and articulate, Greenbaum’s work coalesces around disorder and anxiety before reforming seemingly disparate ideas into a coherent whole.

But it is not simple or coherent either: rates on a single item can vary wildly (see chart).

None had a coherent set of ideas.

But in general things would work better if they were more coherent and more forthright.

As it turns out, Junior might actually be a little better than his father at staying on a coherent message.

Ultimately, what you’re left with is more of an experience than a coherent movie.

In contrast, Cleveland barely seemed to have any coherent offensive strategy whatsoever.

Part of the reason for the post-referendum chaos is that there was no coherent plan for what a post-Brexit Britain would look like.

It’s very hard to try and tell a coherent story about how this alleged debt crisis can even happen.

In none of the five does a coherent, competent opposition look able to stage a revolution, nor does any appear close to boiling point.

But riots can and have led to substantial reforms in the past, indicating that they can be part of a coherent political movement.

For those puzzling over how the two quotations amount to a coherent policy, the president added, helpfully: “Read between the lines.”

Luv Is Rage 2 squeezes this synthesis into as coherent a shape as will receive it.

coherent or not, these policies are popular.

The first movie, 2007’s Transformers, is the most coherent — and arguably the best — of the bunch.

His smaller films — in particular, the smartly satirical criminal-bodybuilders film Pain & Gain­ — tend to be more narratively coherent.

Wars are waged by coherent enemy forces and end, if not in victory, at least when both sides are on their knees.

To even have a coherent debate on an issue requires a shared set of facts.

In recognising that reflation and reform go hand in hand, Abenomics is an unusually coherent economic strategy.

The point of building a competent team and a coherent process is to help the chief executive deal with those problems.

Parliament’s foreign-affairs committee this week strongly criticised Mr Cameron for not having a coherent strategy when intervening in Libya in 2011.

And some of these fragmentary pieces do create, if not a coherent narrative, a mad world that has a logic of its own.

And without a strategy, his team hasn’t been able to build a coherent response to the Mueller probe.

To save her twin brothers, she agrees to edit the confessions tortured out of prisoners into “a complete, coherent and convincing story”.

A more coherent system could not only improve conservation, but also raise revenue, by helping to promote less-visited sites.

This is by design — the project is epic and cannot be contained in any coherent fashion.

Sudan Call, a coalition of political parties and rebels that refused to join in, has failed to create a coherent opposition.

It will come in the form of political movements strong and coherent enough to resist the appeal of nationalism.

Usually, the transition from campaign to administration involves the candidate’s policy wonks working from his speeches to produce a coherent platform.

WTO trade agreements assume that the EU as it currently stands is a coherent economic bloc.

Before 2011, believe it or not, Facebook didn’t actually have a coherent vision around that.

Normally, though, an administration makes some sort of effort to send a coherent team that’s united around reasonably similar goals and priorities.

I’m pretty sure the last coherent thing I said was a cavewoman-esque, ‘call midwife, need doula.’

Current WTO trade agreements assume that the 28-member EU is a coherent economic bloc.

Regulation of higher education would be more coherent.

He has unearthed many new details and assembles them, with the publicly known information, into a coherent and largely damning account.

They make it coherent and add drama, inserting commas and semi-colons and ellipses (and, in the end, an inarguable and often premature full stop).

But stitching those threads into a coherent storyline was still proving elusive, and her staff knew it from the beginning.

It was entirely possible that given how geographically diffuse the Tea Party groups were, this algorithm would return nonsense instead of coherent topics.

But for now, it is left to the vagaries of tweets and off-the-cuff comments in the absence of any coherent communication.

Yet for all its colourful drama, the city’s history can be hard to narrate in a way that is coherent and gripping.

Turns out she’s actually fairly coherent when she’s not wasted.

Then, at E3, showcased a coherent vision of where Xbox is going?

“It was one of the last coherent things she said to us.” “She was very happy.

But his unpredictability often distracts from the truth: His instincts tend toward a relatively coherent politics.

“Words, words, words,” Hamlet laments: That is all Donald Trump can sound out, with only the barest ability to arrange them into coherent sentences.

The country is not managed using a coherent taxonomy.

There was no melodic progression or coherent structure to the sound.

These ideas don’t add up to anything coherent.

The paper finds “no evidence for preindustrial globally coherent cold and warm epochs” over the past 2,000 years.

That’s on top of the risk that the federal response to the opioid epidemic may end up less coherent overall.

Imagine if Romney had been unable to lay out a coherent policy on the single issue that launched his campaign.

Whether those promises add up (or represent a coherent plan for a post-Brexit economy) is another matter.

“The federal government needs to develop a coherent policy for dealing with the vigilantes,” said the ICG report.

The public might have found that answer rather obnoxious, but it would have been a perfectly coherent one.

Firstly, read the floor, then talk to each other and plan periods that feel coherent.

If you have two DJs playing identical stuff, okay cool it will be coherent, but that’s not really what I get excited about.

They struggled to formulate a coherent plan to present to the EU.

Idealism and utopian visions of the world may make for great speeches, but they rarely make for coherent foreign policy.

To junk a pact only to recycle it is scarcely a coherent trade policy.

Trump defies our theory of mind because he appears to lack a coherent, persistent self or worldview.

And so Trump surrogates try to provide it, scrambling to weave a coherent narrative around his careening, erratic lies.

Without a coherent ideological approach, topicality becomes gimmickry.

Then we get to songs like “It Can’t Be Helped” and “Justice,” which are slightly more coherent versions of their live counterparts.

Corralling this ideological mish-mash into a coherent coalition in a now-weakened state will demand all Mrs Merkel’s skills of diplomacy.

“We provide at least a coherent starting point, after doing all the research, aggregation, combining and rephrasing,” he adds.

It was only later that experts could settle on a coherent narrative of the crisis and recovery.

But Ferenstein argues that these views start to seem more coherent once you understand the unique perspective of technology elites.

But linguists have found that dialects are rule-governed, coherent and fully expressive, and have written extensive grammars of them.

Climate wonks think that the parties’ immediate priority should be to make a coherent plan to get out of coal.

“The patterns do not tell a coherent national story.

That is why he has proposed reforms to make the secretariat’s peace and security departments more nimble, pragmatic, coherent and flexible.

One might criticize the play for lacking a coherent, linear structure.

Each of the four main characters is an archetype, a distinct voice that the group must integrate into a complex and coherent sound.

(Our conversation has been edited for brevity and clarity, and to make my questions a little more coherent.)

They make it coherent and add drama, inserting commas, semi-colons and ellipses (and, in the end, an inarguable and often premature full stop).

In principle a humanitarian pardon could have been part of a coherent plan of national reconciliation.

He understood that fighting insurgencies was fundamentally a political task, one of building a coherent government that commands popular assent.

A lot of the time, the goal is less to tell a coherent story and more to prompt discussion.

Throughout, America lacked a “coherent geopolitical vision”.

To use a very similar show as a comparison point, the characters on Gilmore Girls still made coherent emotional sense as people.

Quite how coherent this coalition of convenience will prove is an open question.

Freemasonry can appear incomprehensible because it contains no coherent ideology or doctrine, and is defined instead by a commitment to universal brotherhood and self-improvement.

That’s because that’s the best way to manage a coherent policymaking process.

While such turnover is rarely good for morale or the crafting of coherent policy, a bigger problem lurks.

But punishing Syria’s dictator is simpler than devising a coherent Syria policy.

For this administration, punishing Mr Assad is likely to prove easier than devising a coherent Syria policy.

First, policymaking suffers as, instead of a coherent programme, America undergoes government by impulse—anger, nativism, mercantilism—beyond the reach of empirical argument.

The purpose of the disinformation campaign is to drown Western intelligence in a cacophony of wild claims, rather than offer a coherent counter-narrative.

I really think what I’m saying is coherent with the interests of all the stakeholders of Facebook.

“History shows that without a long-term, powerful, competent coherent, disciplined swing producer in the oil markets … you get space-mountain oil prices.

As in Hungary, the problems in Slovakia lie less in an ideologically coherent “illiberalism” than in the temptations of embezzlement and nobbled judiciaries.

It does so without ever approaching a compelling narrative or a coherent thematic statement.

DAU is not a coherent narrative, but a messy and unstable world.

There is no coherent vision across all levels of government, and conflicting priorities like forest preservation and property protection have exacerbated fire risks.

Either you have a plan that’s defensible, that’s coherent both ideologically and in policy terms, or you don’t.

FOR more than eight months since elections failed to produce a coherent result, the Czech Republic has been operating without a confirmed government.

He’s simply incapable of discussing any topic at any length in anything remotely resembling an informed or coherent way.

“It’s one thing to have a list of policy ideas that sound good, it’s another to have a coherent plan.”

Her task will be further complicated by Labour under Jeremy Corbyn, which has yet to produce its own coherent plan.

The treaty drew the border right through the middle of a culturally coherent, economically unified trade zone and labor market.

Iran has no coherent opposition to challenge the regime.

By “shifty,” he means slippery and haphazard, a makeshift operation without a coherent vision or plan.

In time this might help develop a coherent methodology for valuing them.

Trump is a f***ing idiot, is unable to provide a coherent answer.

Nozick questioned whether distributive justice is even coherent.

Whatever else may happen to shiver the linguistic timbers, the syntax and the voice are coherent, cool, levelheaded.

Would it have been more coherent or less?

The lack of a coherent practical framework to analyse two-sided platforms is one such question.

However, the way Senators vote in the chamber has evolved over the years not according to any coherent plan.

“I wasn’t completely coherent when I woke up at 2 a.m. and wrote that tweet.

The first thing you think if someone has a stroke is, ‘They’re slurring,’ and he was coherent.

Once again, this is a bit of a concern about whether there’s a coherent policy in the background here.

However, for all his talking and tweeting since January 20, Trump has still not articulated a coherent national security policy for the United States.

During the first six wings, Meyers is surprisingly coherent on topics such as politics and eSports.

Normally, though, an administration makes some sort of effort to send a coherent team that’s united around reasonably similar goals and priorities.

Dr Phelps campaigned for the removal of children from Australia’s offshore detention centres, and for a coherent policy on climate change.

Some see the failure to settle on a coherent climate policy as a symptom of a deeper political malaise.

Except that Trump didn’t outright say anything so coherent as that.

Diplomats liken Yemen to Somalia: no longer a coherent state but a collection of fiefs.

Yet dispensing with the teachings of monotheism leaves no coherent concept of humanity, nor of human dignity.

Many of the individual pieces have merit, but the works neither shed light on one another nor enable a coherent dialogue.

The euro zone shares a monetary policy but lacks a correspondingly coherent fiscal approach.

Asseri said that as the war has progressed they have been organized into a more coherent army.

They are the architects of Trump’s policy, the executors of a frighteningly coherent political ideology.

Trump is a f***ing idiot, is unable to provide a coherent answer.

Bruegel’s triumph was to present a wealth of detail in a dramatic, coherent whole.

I think these movements give people a coherent fiction.

With its promise of a collective identity, the alt-right can seduce and assimilate these groups, lending them a sense of coherent identity.

Unlike it, they are leaderless and lack a coherent agenda, so they are almost impossible to negotiate with.

His sloganising exposes his failure to produce a coherent left-wing philosophy.

Perhaps the most coherent and forceful contributor is Cornelius Castoriadis (1922-1997), a Franco-Greek thinker who was one of the giants of the Gallic left.

And the common insurance of bank deposits, the foundation of a coherent banking union, remains a distant prospect.

Most people don’t have settled, coherent opinions on issues at all, just bits and bobs they’ve picked up from their tribes.

We capture or find real footage and manipulate it into something coherent and hopefully meaningful.

Those require a coherent strategy and policymakers capable of adapting it as conditions change.

Two-and-a-half years after the referendum, the opposition Labour Party still had no coherent Brexit policy.

McMaster, as national security adviser, which makes a reasonable fist of turning America First into a coherent world-view.

@realDonaldTrump @JudgeJeanine @FoxNews Your original tweet was MUCH better (and more coherent!)

Neither sounds coherent.

Individually, coming to terms with luck is the secular equivalent of religious awakening, the first step in building any coherent universalist moral perspective.

Remember: this video was filmed before Trump ran for president, when he was notably more coherent.

It is less a coherent political party and more a vehicle aimed at preventing Mr Netanyahu from winning a fifth term.

He showed up perfectly scrubbed and coherent, and we had a conversation with what a news channel might look like,” Ascheim said.

Now if only he’d written some coherent songs to back the formal breakthrough.

No side in the war, which has grown increasingly complex since its start, has presented a coherent plan to end the hostilities.

Those who know how Mr Putin operates say he makes decisions on a case-by-case basis, rather than executing a coherent plan.

It’s easy enough to compile a plot summary that makes season seven sound reasonably coherent.

“Market prices seem to be coherent with the narrowing of the gap between market-based inflation expectations and our objective.

The main floor is a maze of gray-white walls that steer visitors awkwardly, in no coherent path.

Mr Netanyahu’s rivals love to criticise his strategy, yet none has a coherent alternative.

By March, he wasn’t much more coherent.

In the end, though, Ms Savas allows a coherent and rewarding whole to emerge.

Noisy as they are, they are even less coherent than its defenders.

Nevertheless, the decade of living dangerously seems to have reshaped European politics into something a bit more cohesive, if not coherent.

Katchadourian eliminated all coherent language, leaving only inconsequential words like “um” and “uh” and the scratchy sound of radio static.

PO and others are struggling to find a coherent pitch to voters.

How do they get put together into a coherent but false memory?

But the underlying cause of death was the lack of a coherent health care policy vision within the Republican Party.

This is not the coherent story of carefully doled out information, taking advantage of this case’s countless twists and turns.

Once a strict hierarchy, it is no longer a coherent group, its leaders locked in heaving jails or exiled to Doha, Istanbul or Europe.

Mr Ronson, though, has a gift for synthesising the contributions of others into something coherent, and he clearly sticks with people he trusts.

Yet years ago they abandoned any coherent policy of water supply.

Other threads knit the writer’s disparate subjects into a coherent oeuvre.

The old promise — to govern as a coherent party — will no longer be an option because the party will be too divided.

Politicians trying to be both inclusive and progressive have struggled to take a coherent line.

Polarization increases when parties are coherent and homogeneous enough to delegate to strong leaders, who then discipline members into line.

But the left is still in search of a coherent foreign policy message.

Unlike other games in the Halo series, Halo Wars 2 has a narrative that feels coherent from start to finish.

If you can string together a coherent essay, that’s a plus.

He was coherent, personable, and even funny.

“It’s his generic view, coherent with the nature of solidarity from the gospel,” Lombardi said.

I want to be coherent and in the moment,” she wrote.

But these rhetorical efforts feel rote and habitual; there’s scarcely even a pretense that any coherent philosophy is being consistently applied.

They are throwing sand in the gears, as much out of spite and habit as any coherent alternative worldview.

The trouble with coming up with an answer to Trump’s speeches is they don’t deliver much of a coherent message or argument.

There are many technical nuts and bolts that go into carrying on a coherent conversation with an AI.

Despite their competing internal energies, they form coherent visual vocabularies.

This is true, and a coherent way of viewing Sanders as garnering more white working-class supporters.

“The solution is a coherent strategy, not bluster,” he said.

coherent’s lasers are used in digital imaging, 3-D mapping, engraving and welding, among others.

Before Trump, the populist movement lacked a coherent identity Until Trump came along, the movement didn’t really have a leader.

If NASA wants to hand-off operation of the Space Station to commercial partners, it needs to develop a coherent plan immediately, Bigelow said.

I want to be coherent and in the moment,” she wrote.

Every NBA team wants well-rounded players, because they make it easier to construct rosters and create coherent lineups.

I want to be coherent and in the moment,” she wrote.

Establishing coherent and disciplined national policies requires a major power shift from Congress to the executive branch health care bureaucracy.

But she indulges in a saga-capping, one-on-one showdown that turns into an endless conflagration and grows less coherent as it proceeds.

The inspector general recommended that the department develop a coherent, comprehensive strategy for enforcement, a recommendation the DOJ accepted but has yet to complete.

That seismic shift is still being felt today, as the non-state companies dump property and company stakes, and grapple with developing coherent strategies.

But honesty, by necessity, is messy and not always coherent.

Trump’s administration doesn’t even have a coherent narrative about why they did this and what it will accomplish.

Marvel isn’t just coherent on a narrative level – it also maintains similar tones and themes across all of its entries.

I speak with a coherent, Aussie accent.

These are all fairly technical points that require a decent amount of background knowledge to understand, let alone develop a coherent opinion about.

Listening to the perverts scream at me in the instant dm box while I’m trying to cobble together a coherent post.

Hereditary isn’t interested in constructing a coherent mythology or giving you a mystery to solve.

There isn’t a coherent movement.

It’s worth quoting in full: In theory there is a coherent vision underlying Republican health care policy debates.

1: The coherent conservative position on health care is extremely unpopular.

Its irreverent, dangerous spirit keeps it both coherent and excitingly unpredictable.

He’s the collateral damage, and I think she has worked very hard to make sure that he has a coherent, safe, sane life.

But I’d love to think we can do both, and I’d love to read a coherent plan for how we could.

It’s the political activity of doing pro-life activism that creates the coherent ideological structure that makes them pro-life.

NASA plans for a coherent map of pulsars to essentially act like a “GPS system in space.”

Blonde is a consistent, coherent, well-crafted album, but it feels anticlimactic.

It’s a consistent, coherent, well-crafted album, but it feels anticlimactic.

“He’s often not coherent,” says Pardo.

The literary crowd universally pans Brown’s books for their poor sentence structure, cheap thrills, and lack of coherent research.

They could try to synthesize his whims into a coherent policy, and help clarify the confusion of the US’s allies.

The Beat Board feature helps you keep track of important plot points, so your story stays coherent and emotionally resonant.

Though Chance has said before that he’s not a politician and doesn’t recommend policy his activism and lyrics inform a coherent ideology.

That seismic shift is still being felt today, as the non-state companies dump property and company stakes, and grapple with developing coherent strategies.

So you found no evidence to suggest that voters understand cause and effect in any coherent way?

Cody was thrust into face paint and a matching body suit, delivering barely coherent promos about stars and how his family overshadowed him.

According to authorities, Barton was “fully clothed” and “speaking in coherent statements” before she willingly went to the hospital.

According to authorities, Barton was “fully clothed” and “speaking in coherent statements” before she willingly went to the hospital.

Here, the manager plays a critical role in conducting the various players into a coherent orchestra.

They didn’t oppose it, because they began to think, we do need a system which will in fact make all of this coherent.

Trump, to put it generously, didn’t have a convincing — or coherent — defense.

Simply put, he can’t even begin to put together a coherent argument for why this funding dispute about fence construction justifies a government shutdown.

is by far the most coherent summary of Philbert we ever get.

is coherent only via a weird sort of tunnel vision.

In May, his government agreed a staff-monitored program with the International Monetary Fund to help Zimbabwe implement coherent economic policies.

Just one coherent string of words.

According to authorities, Barton was “fully clothed” and “speaking in coherent statements” before she willingly went to the hospital.

As the 911 caller noted to dispatch, Garretson came off as fairly coherent right after the accident.

It’s admirably coherent, at the very least.

A lot of my approach to painting is still with that clear, coherent, “What’s the project?” mindset of a designer.

Putting coherent words to thought requires, you know, effort.

“My dad, it sounds like he’s not even coherent,” said Wainstein, to which De Lesepps responded by bringing up the drama with Frankel.

Thursday night’s Republican debate clarified that despite all the talk, no genuine coherent party-wide effort to stop Trump is going to happen.

“The patterns do not tell a coherent national story.

Sometimes, you have to jot down all your musings before forming a coherent concept.

He seems intent on providing a coherent answer to his critics’ charges that he has failed to act in Syria.

The answer goes some way to understanding just how hard it is to actually follow a coherent foreign policy philosophy in Washington.

These are all strange films, but Adams was able to make something oddly coherent out of their shared strangenesses and overlapping aesthetics.

In a very strange discourse on the US-Saudi relationship as it pertains to Iran, Trump appears to be incapable of forming coherent sentences.

According to authorities, Barton was “fully clothed” and “speaking in coherent statements” before she was transported to the hospital.

The movie spends the rest of its running time jumping between those two modes, rather than blending them into any coherent whole.

His Cabinet is full of military generals, bankers, and billionaires — there’s really no coherent ideological thread holding it together.

There was really no coherent “liberal” ideology that held these groups together, other than an interest group logroll in which each constituency got something.

The way the ad shows the exchange, Cruz never manages to articulate a coherent answer.

Putting together a polished convention with a coherent lineup of speakers requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail.

Sarah showed up at her door to find her throwing up bile and barely coherent.

Reviewers praised its world, landscapes, and coherent storyline, attributes more often associated with books or films than mere games at the time.

Despite the contributions of a wide variety of popular artists, the project is still a coherent masterpiece.

But this time his answers were more coherent and less distorted than in previous debates.

To come back, Clinton will need to develop a more coherent and more compelling set of ideas that she can call her own.

It’s the most coherent, compelling plots Quantic Dream has ever managed — though those adjectives are probably a bit too generous.

But he has nothing coherent to say on substance about either the scandals surrounding him or his responsibilities as a policymaker.

It’s almost as if Arsenal’s failure to implement a coherent transfer strategy has had a knock-on effect, or something.

“I think he is much more coherent” than Kuczynski.

Attack Trump in a coherent and unified way.

Oftentimes, “daddy” doesn’t even denote a coherent set of traits.

In fact, Trump doesn’t propose anything close to a coherent ideology.

Two key facts: One, most people have no coherent ideology and no firm opinions on “issues,” as they are defined in politics.

When opponents point out that neither vision comes with a set of ready-made solutions or even coherent policies, they almost miss the point.

It offers a remarkably coherent overview of the various risks that lie ahead this century.

There’s no coherent goal at all in Trump’s approach on trade.

Thus, the politics of the movie are mostly aware they should be present, but also not sure-footed enough to be coherent.

When pressed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper to answer the question, he still failed to offer a coherent response.

We’re told Corinne yelled out to the passerby by name and seemed “very with it” … coherent.

— Soules sounds coherent in the 911 audio.

coherent but delusional Martinez ordered Dear to undergo a mental competency evaluation in December after his public defender raised questions about his competency.

Under cross-examination from prosecutors, Grimmet said Dear had an intact memory, appeared coherent and goal-oriented and familiar with facts of the case.

Other Wilco albums have offered more coherent statements—more polished, more tonally consistent, more easily digestible.

And the manager will always have a compelling and coherent explanation for the outperformance in which luck plays little role.

I like labels that are coherent in their look and sound.

We definitely wanted it to be more coherent.

(CNN)Hillary Clinton needs a coherent policy on immigration, and it can’t appear to condone open borders.

“There was no coherent plan to communicate with the craft of plot their progress in relation to the approved navigation plan,” investigators found.

Jocelyn Macurdy Keatts, a writer and activist, said she was attracted to Democracy Spring by its “very coherent” set of demands.

Once flattened and stabilized, the surviving pieces will hopefully come together into something that resembles a more coherent whole.

The only coherent conception of equality is one that embraces, supports and protects both the unborn child and her mother.

Because the conflicting “No Contract #Wenger Out” and “In Arsene We Trust #RespectAW” aren’t really sending out a coherent message.

So it actually makes some sense that the Mormons should emerge as a rare, coherent opposition to Trump.

Each set was carefully put together, and the castings were coherent.

Only coherent sentence out of his mouth was his description of @HillaryClinton’s hard work & commitment.

Over time, though, their gigs have grown more coherent, loaded with the fleshed-out songs that fill second album, Whale City.

It has a coherent sound because of the way it was produced.

“(The) establishment of Uzbekistan turns out to be quite coherent and united.

If we have a coherent story about what happened, we can understand our life experiences.

Twenty-first-century female-led independent publishing has taken these personal musings, discussions, and debates championed in early feminist publications, and mined them into coherent, curated content.

And from the debate babble emerged a handful of coherent thoughts that have a clear relevance to many voters.

Together we’d film comedy sketches, WWE-style wrestling matches, and short James Bond-inspired movies with dollar store cap guns and surprisingly coherent plot lines.

Yes, he was barely coherent on defense, taxes etc.

The art of creating a coherent identity, from the clothes to the album artwork to the music itself.

A fellow denizen of /r/Android, jakemoroni, claimed that Google has “had long enough to make their ecosystem more coherent, and they have failed.”

The Talos 1 space station—where Prey takes place—is a giant, interconnected series of puzzle-like spaces, packed into one coherent whole.

But virtually no one who watched the speech emerged with a coherent idea of Trump’s foreign policy strategy.

But I don’t think the speech laid out the kind of coherent vision he was talking about.

“The new map gives us a much more coherent view of the sky and enables a better understanding of the Milky Way.”

They might have been assembled by developers for more or less coherent purposes.

Because I moved our majority to put out a very specific and coherent agenda.

The opposition failed to form coherent political and military institutions and to separate itself from the Al Nusra Front.

It’s so coherent; it’s like there’s an equator running through the city.

We like all that music too but I think this movie was our most coherent sound as an album.

Some apps are frequently banned for no coherent reason, and others that compete with Apple’s own products have been mysteriously delayed.

The fact that she was screaming, I knew that she was alive, she was coherent.

But I just know that 432 is more coherent with the frequencies of humanity.

He called for coherent European regulatory framework for digital business whatever the eventual result of negotiations on Britain’s EU exit.

Each overdub has to sit on top of the last overdub with a completely coherent perfectly metered attitude to it.

All participants were asked to put their thoughts into a detailed and coherent story.

Then it started linking a few words together and at some point it started writing coherent paragraphs.

Part of that is because the album is only seven tracks—it’s lean as hell, coherent, and satisfying.

Trump has no coherent policies on these issues.

Conservative media played a critical role in turning small protests into a coherent national movement.

One of the most coherent lessons that is taught on the album comes from track “The Story of OJ.”

State legislatures will be one critical battleground to win if this series of protests is to become a coherent and sustainable movement.

There is something very satisfying to me about very, very small games that express a coherent tone.

Now, it’s all about dressing like a “rock star” and bragging about doing prescription drugs that make you incapable of coherent speech.

There are no doubts that NAFTA has had benefits economically, contributing to a more coherent regional economy and adding jobs.

Tillerson’s statements are not as radical as they seem, but there is still no visible coherent strategy for the region.

“We also like to prepare our images with deep, philosophical conversation to ensure what we’re making is coherent.”

They take the ostensibly dark, disorienting environs of nightclubs and make them inviting, enveloping, coherent places for the world’s weirdest and most unwelcome.

In fact, she can’t really string a coherent sentence together.

His lack of a coherent political worldview allowed him run roughshod over a GOP primary field that consigned itself to various lanes of conservatism.

“She was talking and coherent the entire time, despite having this umbrella sticking out of her.

But just because the intelligence is there doesn’t mean that the response was coherent, or justified.

I tried to organize that feeling into a coherent thing, like you’re sitting by a radio switching stations but every song is good.

One month after the previous test, the Trump Administration is no closer to an actual plan or coherent strategy for dealing with North Korea.

And in many of those endings, that inability to render these practices coherent for the AI ends in the utter destruction of the protagonist.

The Trump Administration needs a coherent strategy to deal with North Korean aggression, which will continue if left unchecked.

But now it seems like any coherent photographic history narrative has broken down, and anything is possible.

To the extent they are a coherent movement with shared interests beyond trolling women and minorities, sure.

They played a combination of Lukas Graham’s “7 Years” and Ballerini’s “Peter Pan” in what amounted to a surprisingly coherent duet.

“I am coherent, I don’t change my mind in a few days.

But I am coherent in my analyses.

A place that was supposed to have a coherent geography.

The lack of military efficacy of these high-profile bombings suggests they are domestically driven and have nothing to do with any coherent new strategy.

I wanted to create a coherent body of work that best represented the group.

Woven Walls is wildly inventive and keeps the voices individual while also being coherent in its explorations of what textile can say.

Critics say the government has not delivered a coherent strategy to counter radicalization among France’s five-million Muslims.

“Well, you know, we want to make sure that health care is a right,” Perez began, never quite offering a coherent answer.

I went up to him like, “David, do you know who I am?” He wasn’t really coherent.

I’m trying to navigate a territory that feels coherent yet not as obtuse as my earlier stuff.

Searcy Daily Citizen reporter Tracy Whitaker said Jones appeared coherent as he delivered a two-minute statement focusing on Phillips’ daughter, Lacey.

The first songs I write suck but it’s about being able to mould them into something that becomes a coherent song.

Danny Gold: The most surprising thing was just the confusion, and the lack of a coherent plan.

But it’s not clear the Trump administration has developed a coherent strategy to counter it yet.

But, as with Korea, he still lacks a coherent strategy on the war-ravaged nation that takes him diplomatically beyond Obama’s position.

We must combine our own styles so that the final result is coherent and also interesting.

But, so far, Trump has offered no coherent policy, just a one-day emotional response to the horrors of a particular chemical attack.

Even with the resources to execute a plan, there also needs to be a coherent campaign to get public sentiment and understanding onboard.

But Trump’s White House has been taking a beating as it fails to coordinate and get out a coherent message.

Enacting major legislation requires a White House that is focused, confident and coherent.

This is back-of-the-beermat stuff that went through something like 50 rewrites and still didn’t come out anything like coherent.

“He is being coherent and the players are motivated and confident,” he said.

Governance, then, is an attempt to organize the behavior of many individually complex humans (like the atoms above) into something simpler and more coherent.

It’s hard to present a coherent message when you try to play both sides.

Scalise was coherent the whole time, Flake said.

You could blame it on McCraven’s coherent taste as a bandleader, or you could take could come to a more metaphysical understanding.

This week, I attempted to write a coherent poem.

Scalise was coherent the whole time, Flake said.

Democrats have been unable to express a bold, coherent economic vision — because they are afraid of the truth.

But, the mere practicality of being able to pass material in coherent written form was a huge factor in its spread.”

Things feel so utterly chaotic and confusing, and it’s hard for a coherent narrative to rise to the surface.

(CNN)The current crop of Democrats have been hammered, by friend and foe, for lacking a coherent economic message.

Our brain smoothes it out, making it seem like one coherent experience.

The Blackfriars group, led by Senior Fellow Peter Rona, is one of many efforts by so-called heterodox thinkers to present a coherent new approach.

We hope coherent in a sentence examples were helpful.