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How is it possible that in Greenland, Fridtjof Nansen (1861–1930), the famed Norwegian scientist, explorer, and politician, opened the stomach of a shark he’d caught and found a whole seal, eight large cods, a ling four feet long, a big halibut head, and several chunks of whale blubber?

The baby needs a strong relationship with the natural world, mane: the wind in the willows, the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees, the roaring ocean waves ceaselessly lapping at the sandy shores, the cumulus clouds bulbous with rain scraping the earth’s azure ceiling, the emerald green leaves and the ruby red flower buds, scruffy underbrush and dangly, viney overbrush, the prowling cats and growling doggies, the galloping steeds, cud-suckin’ goats, the panthers and cougars, the apes, the buzzing insect kingdom, the leaping cods and salmons, the squirting whales and porpi, the jellyfish, the bubbling hot springs, the redwood forests to the gulf’s clean waters, mane.

While CoD: WWII is arguably one of the best cods to date, it’s also the most important.

There’s no place like home, and given the price people pay for their split-level ranches, Cape cods and condos, keeping the place in tiptop shape is a wise use of tax refund dollars.

They quickly began to spread across this compact village on Long Island Sound, in front of grand Victorians and Tudors and simple (yet seven-figure) Cape cods and split-levels.

The borough has a variety of housing styles, from the elegant historic homes in the Goodwin Park area toabundant ranches, split-levels, Cape cods and smaller colonials.

Split-levels and ranches from the 1950s and ‘60s characterize parts of the northern end and newer waterfront areas; older colonials, Victorians and Cape cods occupy the midtown swath, along with stately colonials, Tudors and Mediterranean-style homes in thehistoric district behind City Hall, he said.

In Rockaway Beach as narrowly defined, colonials, Cape cods and Victorians mix with two-families, condominiums and co-ops built alongside bungalows that imbue the neighborhood with a castaway spirit.

There is a wide range of housing, from the large mansions along the Navesink River, where the television pundit Jon Stewart bought two adjacent homes six years ago, to the small Cape cods and shotgun houses on the west side.

Houses range from small Cape cods and ranches to grand estates on expansive, tree-lined properties.

Housing stock includes Tudors, Dutch colonials, Victorians, Cape cods, ranches and stucco houses built mostly between the 1920s and 1950s.

What You’ll Find There are roughly 1,930 single-family houses in Pound Ridge, according to Diane Briganti, the town assessor — a mix of colonials, Cape cods, ranches, 18th- and 19th-century antiques, midcentury moderns and sprawling contemporaries.

Most are single-family raised ranches, split-levels, Cape cods and colonials, along with some pre-Revolutionary homes.

There are no trout in the vile, polluted Omi-Ala River in Chigozie Obioma’s richly metaphoric “The Fishermen,” only “a few palm-sized smelts, or some brown cods that were much more difficult to catch, and, rarely, some tilapias.” Narrated by the youngest of four Igbo brothers, looking back 20 years to Nigeria in the 1990s, the story evokes ordinary details in the boys’ lives — “schools of prickly dead nettles” on the path to the river, “Mortal Kombat” on the game console — until a sinister fraternal prophesy darkens the story, taking it on a more mythic turn.

Among the neighborhoods, Allwood is known for its district of Tudor-style homes; Albion, in the shadow of the Garret Mountain Reservation, has street after street of tidy Cape cods; Clifton Center, which includes Main Avenue, abounds with older, multifamily colonials on narrow lots.

Typical of the lower end were seven Cape cods ranging from $299,900 to 349,900, all with property taxes of $8,000 to $10,000.

I was initially brought in to consult with Ross on a technical matter within my limited area of expertise, then somehow found myself sucked into his gnarly world of biffs, cods and Ninas (also borrowed from my world).

In the residential areas of the village, colonials, older four-squares, Cape cods and split-levels on small lots line leafy streets with sidewalks.

“We’re investing in the future.” Like many desirable places, Mountainside has seen a good number of the split-levels, ranches and Cape cods built between the 1940s and 1960s, many of which sit on half-acre lots, knocked down and replaced with larger homes.

“But we want more kids.” Bridgewater is primarily residential, much of it zoned for two-, three- and four-acre lots, with colonials and Cape cods, ranches and 19th-century antiques.

Cape cods, split-levels and bi-levels abound, with newly constructed colonials mixed in.

Ms. Kalberer, the real estate agent, estimated that 80 percent of the housing stock is modified versions of the 750-square-foot Cape cods and 800-square-foot ranches built by the Levitts.

Homes between the two thoroughfares include Cape cods, ranch houses, English Tudors, colonials and craftsman-style dwellings with porches, most on 60-by-100-foot lots.

Many date to the early 1960s, when William Levitt acquired 650 acres of woodland a mile south of the village center for his Strathmore development — 1,300 properties that were aimed at a more affluent market than the Cape cods and ranches he built in Levittown, N.Y. Other houses have sprung up more recently on the sites of teardowns.

“We’re a Passaic town.” The housing stock has a bit of everything: older colonials, multifamily dwellings, a neighborhood of squat Cape cods without basements and, in the hills, Highview at Hawthorne, a 1980s-era private community of single-family homes and townhouses.

The population exploded in the 1960s, during the post-World War II suburban building boom, so many of the homes date to that era, with plenty of Cape cods, split-levels and ranches.

On flat terrain, developers erected collections of Cape cods, ranches, bilevels and split-levels.

Modest homes, many of them Cape cods and ranches, sit side by side on small lots.

Housing options include modest Cape cods and ranches, renovated farmhouses and sprawling estates with glorious vistas.

Houses along the streets spreading out from the center are more modest, with an assortment of ranches, split-levels, Cape cods and smaller colonials.

North Arlington’s housing stock consists mostly of older colonials and Cape cods, with three garden-apartment complexes interspersed.

As befitting a place that came of age during the Eisenhower era, midcentury styles, like ranches and Cape cods, prevail, with lots starting at a third of an acre.

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