Classic in a sentence | Use of the word classic examples

Though it’s kind of cool that the movie makes a reference to another King classic, it’s also very weird.

Their foundation in classic cocktails is so strong, and the food is great.

The 1983 Christmas classic was initially a sleeper hit when it first premiered.

But, some fans say the classic Disney film deserved better.

Take a movie like The Thing, John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi/horror classic.

In 1991, Masters At Work’s classic “The Ha Dance” changed the game by giving ballroom its two signature sounds: an ecstatic “ha!”

It’s classic.

I think I’ve picked some classic ones, The Godfather, Back to The Future, movies that everyone likes.

Tripping on victory, filled with adrenaline, the players got together for a classic footballers-in-their-pants photo after the match.

“It’s that classic moment where a new technology has truly been discovered in a meaningful way.

[Andrew Liptak / The Verge] AT&T is shutting down FilmStruck, its two-year-old streaming video service for indie, arthouse and classic films.

The classic NPR-style podcasts, you can’t do other things while you’re listening to the podcast.

Time Out called the dialogue “excruciating,” while Entertainment Weekly described it as “classic[ly] bad.”

The Cuisinart WMR-CA Round classic Waffle Maker is the best waffle maker for the job.

I like the classic little maki rolls with salmon and avocado.

Godiva Chocolates

Any woman will appreciate a classic box of chocolates — especially when they taste this delicious.

In a scene straight out of a classic painting, Steve bathes in pure, glowing water as Diana enters the room, dressed in her uniform.

Yet despite having his name on a double-fistful of classic tracks (“Amanda,” for one) and remixes (e.g.

“Things like a Singapore Sling and really classic cocktails which were before the cocktail boom in the 80s.”

“Nightmares” (season 1, episode 10) “Nightmares” takes a classic nightmares-come-true premise and lurches around wildly in its execution.

There’s a classic experiment behind this idea: the Rat Park.

Come November, if we’re lucky, Donald Trump will pull a classic move called The Sasha.

Nazi Germany is the classic revisionist power, as it sought to conquer all of Western Europe.

Prewar Britain was a classic status quo power, trying to maintain its own empire and keep Hitler from gobbling up everyone else.

I performed the theme from the classic movie about two Olympic runners, “Chariots of Fire,” as I approached the finishing line.

Young and old people, happy and distressed couples, single folks and married partners—all apparently buy the classic adage about love.

After all, one of his most memorable cinematic locations is Sal’s Pizzeria from his 1989 film classic, Do The Right Thing.

One of the comics featured in this week’s roundup is a digital reprint of a classic Jack Kirby comic.

If you hear “Free Fallin” on the radio these days, you’re listening to a “classic rock” station.

The fourth moral pattern was the classic libertarian archetype: high on liberty, low on the social conservative virtues of authority/loyalty/sanctity.

Ripped Hugh Jackman fights Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, and other classic baddies with jerry-rigged medieval versions of modern weapons.

Chick-fil-A has been getting some complaints after replacing classic menu items like cole slaw and its spicy chicken biscuit with healthier dishes.

Disney is also moving forward with its larger plans for Disney+, which will stream its trove of new and classic blockbuster movies.

Typically the program features Shakespearean plays and sometimes other, similar classic works (by Chekhov or Ibsen, for instance).

So far, it’s a classic case of he-said, he-said.

The movie pays homage to classic comic book style in the way that it plays with where your eye is trained to go.

One-piece options range from cutout mesh numbers to graphic high-leg one-pieces to the classic maillot and come in around the same price.

Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a classic at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is a rather large and esoteric collection of Pooh-related works and memorabilia.

Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a classic continues a the Museum of Fine Arts.

As far as how this went down from the DaBaby’s point of view, we’re told it was a classic case of look-but-don’t-touch.

It’s a classic prank, the old “lace the birthday cake with marijuana and serve it to unsuspecting family members” trick.

Jean-Claude Van Damme immortalized the Westerner in Thailand trope in the 1989 cult classic Kickboxer.

He plays several classic Megadeth riffs along with Dave Mustaine himself, and in general looks like he’s having the time of his life.

“It’s a classic midnight end-of-session story,” said Liz Krueger, a Democrat from the Upper East Side who opposed the measure.

Few films blur the line between “cult classic” and “canonical masterpiece” as thoroughly as What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Brandon is a classic Austen hero; he isn’t anything special until, very suddenly, he is.

It was a no-brainer, given that it was a classic regionally inspired meal.

According to Gentile, that’s classic addictive behavior.

classic 45, right?

Paradox’s main room throbbed with golden era techno, while its beloved backroom bounced with a classic selection of breakbeats and house.

It’s also a classic contest of contrasting styles.

It’s also a classic contest of contrasting styles.

Usually, when FIFA engages in one of its classic (alleged!)

“It’s a classic cocktail where we have used some more modern spirits to give it new life,” Rollison says.

Each style pays homage to classic Adidas aesthetics, with a modern twist that’s minimal and refreshing.

“Fiddler on the Roof” is a classic that tells the story of a Jewish family forced to leave Russia after persecution from the state.

Check out the song — the reference to his “pool stick” and Nicki is an instant classic … as diss tracks go, anyway.

For example, deprecating humor works on younger women, but on older women, they say classic humor or straight to-the-point compliments work better…

It’s like a classic Patrick Swayze roadhouse with a beautiful patio, and we have vinyl DJs all day long.

I don’t know if you know this, but I studied propaganda at journalism school at Columbia, and this is classic.

But Garland and Minnelli aren’t the only classic stars who married gay men.

It’s classic, of repeating a lie so many times that it becomes … it gets on par with the truth.

And that’s sort of a classic Silicon Valley story in some ways.

The classic BAO bun is just that, made with braised pork, peanut powder, fermented greens, and coriander.

They’re also going big on ice creams, giving classic iced treats a modern makeover.

In fact, in classic Allred form … the attorney is holding a press conference Thursday to announce the plan of attack.

It has become an icon of its time and a cinematic classic, influencing generations of artists.

It was a classic case in accordance with criminologist Stanley Cohen’s framework, popularized by his 1972 study, Folk Devils and Moral Panics.

Haynie is pro-choice, she says, partly because she values “individual responsibility” and “smaller, less intrusive government” — classic Republican values.

Obviously, the President and any other official can commit obstruction in this classic sense of sabotaging a proceeding’s truth-finding function.

We start with the Kavalan classic, which Liu calls an easygoing, entry-level pick.

There he got a serious chef education, yet realised he wanted to do something wildly different from French classic cuisine.

Walker broke into the Hollywood scene after landing a role in the classic film “The Ten Commandments.”

In short, there are endless interpretations and reinterpretations of the classic Italian tart.

The cheese pizza that we sell to go is a classic.

Unlike those Batman-starring and Boba Fett-featuring romps, this is Lego as you knew it to be at day one, “classic” set ground zero.

It’s a classic beat in the will-they-won’t-they — it’s just that here, the love story is the job.

Grebenak’s iconography was similarly unassuming — classic deadpan Pop — but was unusual in that it was drawn from public spaces.

And it saves the best for last: the 14-minute jam “Paris Blues” and the crazed Leon Thomas classic “Disillusion Blues.”

That’s classic Randy!

On one side is what we might call the classic liberal democratic (small-l, small-d) theory of politics.

That is the classic, some might say naive, view.

Season seven hasn’t worked that out yet, so when it tries to do a classic low-concept Gilmore plot, the result is deadly dull.

He took Chanel’s classic designs and reworked them over and over, turning them into enduring products for the modern era.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads In E.L. Konigsburg’s 1967 children’s classic From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs.

And there’s Lorelai’s monologue on the mystery of what happened to all the anvils — an all-time classic moment.

It’s astonishing that the show only did one full-fledged Thanksgiving episode, but at least that one is a classic.

After performing a few selections of classic material, Gucci brought out the first of his Friends, OJ da Juiceman.

The United Nations has described the Myanmar military operations in the northern part of Rakhine as a classic case of ethnic cleansing.

(You can see more classic jogging articles in this piece I wrote last year).

The game-world/real-world dynamic is classic Black Mirror.

Padilla enhances the classic pâté de campagne with ingredients like bacon and quatre épices—which literally translates to “four spices.”

From there, his mind went straight to tournedos Rossini, a classic dish of seared tenderloin topped with a slice of foie gras.

The origins of such a mechanic can be traced back to classic text adventures released as early as the 1970’s.

The game works in very much the same way as classic “choose your own adventure” books.

More recently he favours edgier outfits, including the classic black turtleneck favoured by Silicon Valley luminaries like Steve Jobs.

When notable black musical artists began expressing their support for her, her team ripped Run DMC’s classic logo for “Run HRC.”

Today’s Indonesian punk bands are trying to get as far from that classic loud-and-fast sound as possible.

Matt also made off with his 2 classic VW Bugs.

It felt like my world (whatever shape it was) was spinning out of control, but even that classic metaphor no longer had any meaning.

John Liebenberg makes classic black-and-white prints with gloriously rich silver tones.

“It was missing that classic element.

And a classic example is a fistfight.

You’ll find a mix of unique tea-length options, classic gowns, and some more offbeat looks as well, with prices ranging between just $20 (!!)

That is a classic example … We’re down a rabbit hole here.

The site offers 18 different styles in 18 colors, all leaning toward more classic silhouettes and traditional styles.

Gowns start at $340 for classic styles and peak at $595 for the more involved rosette styles made of tulle.

“A classic bully,” the official said of Putin.

I’m a classic sufferer, I don’t fix my problems.

He seems like a classic “next to the last episode” kinda death for me.

Erik Bauersfeld, the actor who voiced the classic ‘Star Wars’ line … “It’s a trap!”

The Skrillex is a classic, but rarely is it done well.

We recommend a pair of Dr. Martens, THEY ARE classic.

Us breaks evenly into a classic three-act structure.

It’s a classic type of composition for hardcore merch, like, bold, colorful, strong text with an image that’s one color.

This interpretation of the classic children’s story goes way deeper than two users on Twitter.

He gave a “classic” example: “The statement that WMD were ready for use within 45 minutes.

Kit Harington went for a classic look.

At first, Abendegos is some classic Zoo, a long-lost hybrid hiding somewhere in the depths of the Mexican jungle.

And speaking of Joe Dirt … we’re told Spade might be selling the classic movie car he paid almost a million for next.

For those interested in a deeper intro to the genre, here is a playlist of classic and modern grime tracks as a starter.

They finally got confirmation last month when Adam and his father Sulemaan were traveling to Boston to see the NHL winter classic hockey game.

The language reminded some of the George Orwell classic dystopian novel 1984.

Like a classic overbearing Valentine’s date, Trump ordered for both of them—and that meant two plates of meatloaf.

Ben did tell us one of his classic roles could come in handy, though, during this testimony.

Many concluded that the classic conception of microcredit was based much more on anecdotes than on robust evidence.

Here’s the first US designed can opener: The classic toothed-wheel crank design most people use today was created shortly after, in 1925.

Since then, there have been dozens of different designs, but that classic can opener seems to endure.

It’s a very classic approach.

Miller’s only notable acting credit was “Heavyweights,” a classic that also starred Ben Stiller, Judd Apatow and Kenan Thompson.

“It’s a classic millennial state of mind.

It’s based on a version of Jane Austen’s classic novel, zombified in 2009 by Seth Grahame-Smith.

classic case of p***y-itis.”

Conatus started in 2008 with about $2.3 billion in assets under management and followed a classic fundamental stock selection strategy.

Join him as he takes a look at the 2005 cult classic.

—Colin Joyce Amen Dunes feels like something of an anomaly, as though the music he makes—slightly stoned, not-quite-tripping classic rock—shouldn’t exist in 2018.

It has the makings of a classic death spiral.

Tracks like “31 Days” and “When I Think About It” strike classic Future chords, full of despair, self-loathing, and a twisted nihilism.

that recalls the classic 2002 thriller Phone Booth, starring Colin Farrell and Katie Holmes.

“It’s classic process improvement to the point where the doctors and nurses go, ‘Wow.

It’s all forward momentum—and an undisputed classic in Pusha’s discography.

They started off with a classic: “Oops!

KS: Talk about the classic, too.

In no way did I need to keep drinking more bourbon, but it was off to Freddie’s 220, another classic dive.

The classic, which people like, too.

LG: Were you able to get an NES classic, Nick?

I had tasked my boyfriend with getting me the NES classic.

Gonzalez has played for the Mexican national team in numerous international competitions including the World Baseball classic.

That’s highly unusual, and there’s no way I could resist looking at this cult classic.

“What we have here is a classic case of gender discrimination that is built on and perpetuates stereotypes from a bygone era.

classic scorpion tendencies if you ask me.

And we’ve even got some classic dry-rub oven ribs, just in case your backyard party gets rained out.

8, the reboot of Amy Sacco’s classic Bungalow 8, or Iron Chef champion Mac Forgione’s American Cut.

The 14k gold curves through the ear and clutches a freshwater pearl on the end, for a more modern, but still classic look.

Watching TV while messing around on a laptop is the classic example.

Basically it’s a classic example of investors not really doing their homework properly.

But Bangalore’s a sort of classic example, because in addition to the poverty which would catch your eye, it has terrible politics.

The real fun of this comic is the pace, which is like a mix between a classic fairy tale and Looney Tunes on speed.

The question, “Who’s gonna win?”, which is the classic horse race question, is a safe question because it’s clearly not ideological.

In the rematch Clay dropped Liston early with his classic pull back right hand across the top of Liston’s jab.

A Japanese classic Illuminated continues at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 5th Ave, Upper East Side, Manhattan) through June 16.

Aged for up to 18 months on the sea bed, its reds and whites are made with tempranillo and other classic Spanish grape varieties.

The classic aims of UBI are to reduce poverty and inequality; there’s also some evidence to suggest it boosts health and happiness.

Brie Larson’s Oscar de la Renta gown married a classic silhouette with dramatic ruffles.

“Love Actually” hit theaters just in time for 2003’s holiday season, and audiences deemed it an instant Christmas classic.

It looks like a classic date night situation, even though there are no immediate signs of intimacy in these pics.

What we’re seeing from Republicans is a classic preference cycle.

Around this time, Endtroducing was also beginning to be regarded as a classic by the press and music buffs.

Reviewer Lauren says, “I started with the GHD classic and upgraded to the Professional one and it’s definitely my favorite!

Thai variant or Cambodian classic, I’m totally and utterly obsessed with the sok glap.

White Palace Grill: Open since 1939, this greasy spoon institution serves up classic American diner food 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The bulky Storz & Bickel’s classic Volcano is now eclipsed by pocket portability and long battery-life.

Ruder and his team built upon this work to create classic art-styled video filters, leading to the examples you see here.

In some ways, it’s a classic Silicon Valley company.

Top U.N. officials have denounced the violence as a classic example of ethnic cleansing.

What I’ve played of the game thus far bears that out—it plays and looks like a classic adventure game of the early 1990s.

What would a collection of rice recipes be without a classic paella?

I bake a pretzel roll, a buckwheat and peach pit toast, and a classic San Francisco sourdough.

It’s also a classic example of how conservatives often view feminism and other movements for equality.

This classic jambalaya comes from New Orleans-based meat master Isaac Toups.

Lido Key is your classic coastal resort city, filled with high-rise condos and nightlife.

A classic Italian aperitif, this negroni can be made ahead in a big batch in a thermos.

Building her name as a writer and performer on the album’s strong storytelling and classic country sound, 12 Stories found breakout critical acclaim.

In the classic version of the problem, a train is barreling down a track at five people.

The Once and Future King, a fantasy children’s classic by T.H.

When I was a child, I would go there and watch Pinocchio and other classic children’s plays.

This time I took classic tales and transformed them into a story about Africa and blackness.

Valenti says there are several books she rereads every year, including Gabriel García Márquez’s classic One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Molly Ball first recommended All the King’s Men, a classic in American politics fiction that looks at the Depression-era South.

Barney Rubble

This one is classic Cockney rhyming slang.

Staying on-theme for this celebration of America, you can’t go wrong with the Southern classic, pimento cheese.

Moving on through the South, we’ve got a classic Tex-Mex favorite, queso, from Texas-born chef Courtney McBroom.

Don’t act like you don’t love a good, classic potato salad, just like Grandma used to make.

The following week he pulls out of the European Tour’s Dubai Desert classic before the second round, citing back spasms.

The album announcement comes packed with a new video for “King Of The World,” featuring some tasty and classic Weez.

You know, Steve Wozniak is a classic example.

There’s plenty more to discuss, but I’d like to touch, briefly, on the movie’s love of classic Hollywood.

IntelligentX currently offers four products; a classic British golden ale, a bitter with notes of grapefruit, an American pale ale, and a Marmite beer.

classic cars and vehicles transporting goods to the city’s green markets will also be spared under the new rules.

classic cars and vehicles transporting goods to the city’s green markets will also be spared under the new rules.

There’s something classic and untouchable about the raucous chorus of “Lithium,” and this cover (and video) do it justice.

WHAT COMPANY WILL MY MONEY BE KEEPING?Expect classic Brit banker pedigree.

It was a classic move from the kid who has become the living embodiment of every pointless pettiness associated with Duke.

Taylor thought it had something classic, and he had the idea to brake it in a kind of doo-wop style.

The super heroes take part in a classic action movie chase scene.

Swann Galleries’ sale of classic & Contemporary Photographs in New York brought in a total of $1,244,028.

I thought it was going to be sweet and sticky and not my cup of tea, but this is a classic English ale.’

The movie, which director John Hughes wrote in a week, was a critical and commercial hit and became an enduring classic.

It’s a classic, reliable sneaker, and Lorde is so beautiful and talented.

All three of our menswear experts agreed that the fedora, despite being a classic, holds terrible connotations.

DeLeon says because the fedora is such a classic, men wear it expecting to appear gentlemanly.

I feel like for a lot of guys, the fedora was targeting the classic sort of ’60s Mad Men, Don Draper era.

You’re never too old for Cocoa Puffs, especially when they’re used to infuse vermouth for what is otherwise a classic negroni.

A perfect example off your new record is the song “Luciano.” I’d say that’s a total classic Gunn tune.

To me, as a recovering antitrust lawyer, that’s a classic question of antitrust.

William Goldman — the screenwriter who made tumbling down a hill romantic in the classic “The Princess Bride” — has died.

These classic sounds are revered, and some of them miraculously transcended the decade in which they were first developed.

There’s more clunkiness in the classic superheroes that you have to work around.

Even Adobe offers Facial Recognition as part of its Photoshop Lightroom classic CC.

You said that Lucero tries to write classic rock radio hits, which is something that I think gets lost on people.

Bruce Springsteen caught a wave in Baltimore to celebrate the 35th anniversary of his classic album “The River.”

It’s almost blasphemous to pretend you could write new classic rock.

It’s a classic “seven out of ten” game: flawed, but interesting and off the beaten path.

But it’s also chock full of creepy detail and classic ghost story tropes.

In addition to vintage fashion, I tweet about classic film and politics.

We kicked around several ideas and ultimately landed on the classic 2D side-scroller.

Dead Prez’s “Be Healthy” is a classic manifesto, with the duo claiming “lentil soup is mental fruit.”

In helming the movie adaption of this science-fiction classic, Ava DuVernay made history as the first woman of color to direct a $100-million film.

It’s the kind of classic entrepreneurial thing, right?

Ya gotta hear his answer … classic Zlatan.

And when did this classic internet hockey stick thing happen, where like, oh … Never.

Considered too shocking for release until nearly four years after it was made, the film has since become a horror classic.

It’s taken a while for Roman Polanski’s portrait of sexual repression and psychological breakdown to be recognized as a horror classic.

Take the New England classic, Narragansett.

This is classic sci-fi stuff, and may be a little too techno-futurist for some, but the artwork is jaw-dropping.

Set in the 1930s, the film is loosely based on novelist Sarah Waters’s modern classic Fingersmith.

The director of Ghost in the Shell, the new live-action sci-fi action film based on the 1995 anime cyberpunk classic, has a methodical cadence.

A first Wimbledon men’s final in the professional era featuring two players aged 30 or over was no classic.

Diana Ross was all about partying Saturday night as she impressively busted some classic moves.

(Note: I looked only at the studies and research on classic psychedelics, such as LSD, psilocybin from magic mushrooms, and DMT.

A review of the research on classic psychedelics found, for example, stories of people trying to fly and falling out of tall buildings.

That’s particularly a concern with classic psychedelic drugs, which activate receptors linked to schizophrenia, psychosis, and other psychotic conditions.

The classic psychedelics are Schedule 1 substances, meaning the federal government deems them to have no medical use and high potential for abuse.

But good classic animation — Miyazaki or Disney — has characters with volumetric awareness.

Fox’s Beat Shazam, hosted by Jamie Foxx, takes a classic game show concept and twists it for the 21st century.

More evidence they were trying to keep the meeting on the DL — they pulled the classic Hollywood move of leaving through separate exits.

And then there’s the classic Boyfriend Pillow which might be meant as a gag gift, but it looks seriously comfy.

Theirs is a classic story of childhood friends who didn’t think their first release would do much.

The same with ‘bad’ characters.” A classic example: most vintage Disney movies.

The critical consensus in 1967 mostly declared the film an instant classic.

We get it … she’s gearing up for her return to the court at the ASB classic in Auckland, New Zealand in January.

—Alex Abad-Santos Our year of Margaret Atwood continues with Netflix’s adaptation of her eerie, spine-tingling classic.

—TV It’s been 13 years since the classic Nickelodeon series Hey Arnold!

The company’s Original Peppermint Bark is a classic holiday treat and an easy stocking stuffer for the big day.

Whatever thematic momentum the musical builds ends derailed by yet another classic Bowie banger starting up.

Yes, Greg Lake might not be with us anymore, but the wine bar wonders of his festive classic will never be forgotten.

“In the classic sense.

The Eberjey pajamas are surprisingly chic, soft, and classic.

It was a classic populist complaint: the will of the people, thwarted by political elites and their cronies in the media.

The genre peaked in the early 2000s with a string of classic releases from the likes of Sonata Arctica, Blind Guardian, and Rhapsody.

She’s a spry 86 now, and says her kids still get a kick out of watching her brief appearance in the timeless classic.

The origins of pox are ancient ones, dating back at least as far as what archaeologists call the classic Maya period (300-900 CE).

And it seems destined, from the start, to become a teen cult classic.

What was grunge if not classic rock reconstructed with punk rawness and speed-metal power?

But he readily admitted that the band’s masterpiece was a stoner record, and arguably the only stoner rock classic that grunge produced.

It was an exaggerated process with several steps; first Brooks did the classic arms up and “whoa!!!”

In his cult classic 1936 novella, Interlinear to Cabeza de Vaca, Haniel Long poetically reimagines the travel narrative of the eponymous Spanish colonial explorer.

Keep an eye on the Criterion Collection’s Vimeo for more classic film content, and visit Kogonada’s page for more sublime supercuts.

The sculpture-turned-alternative-installation is an ode to classic Greek artistry married alongside an unseemly pile of wrinkled rags.

The series premiered with “Sandy Passage,” a spoof of the classic 1976 Maysles brothers’ documentary Grey Gardens.

The carrot pipe is a classic, in my book.

Music for the getaway driver in a modern remake of a classic blaxploitation movie or something.

(Think It Happened One Night for a classic example.)

That’s how Gilmore Girls casts the classic screwball comedy story arc into a different light.

“A classic scientist,” Coffey says.

For the 27th anniversary of Highways Performance Space, he will be performing “Unplugged,” a selection of new and classic material.

Fifteen years after the silver screen debut of the now cult classic movie, the love story is being adapted again for Broadway.

The Bolshoi is known for its classic story ballets, preserving tradition as an institution that is at the very core of Russian culture.

A classic cut among Jones heads (shoutout Todd Dracula).

The film plays like a classic Hollywood courtroom drama, however with the uncomfortable mood, the interstitial tedium, and the long-winded responses included.

For his final act, Fraser turns to a classic combination: berries and cream.

On the other hand, my paintings have always been more realistic and the form and content more classic.

In classic Kafka fashion, the lovers seem to be speaking at each other as much as to each other.

After the hazy reinventions of classic Houston sounds that marked their earlier work (also available on Bandcamp!

And that makes her death a classic case of fridging.

It’s full of the classic riffs and wailing vocals you’ve come to expect to hear from Tina Halladay and her crew.

The classic tale of the haunted house is turned on its head, with the living tormenting the dead.

When he dropped an F-bomb on a live mic, it was a classic Joe moment.

The actual murder is a campy, classic Lifetime-meets-Drag-Race moment.

“It was like seeing a cartoon within a cartoon world,” Hollingsworth says, “[or] a modern sitcom character in a classic animation environment.”

Located near downtown Los Angeles, the Cafe looked like any classic American restaurant.

Du Bois’s classic work, Black Reconstruction in America, you get one of the clearest understandings of why we don’t.

Why do you think this is the classic lineup for the band?

Even The Post, which is classic Oscar-friendly material if ever there was classic Oscar-friendly material, seems to many like it might be too conventional.

The ’70s classic “For the Love of Money” should no longer be associated with Donald Trump … if The O’Jays get their way.

Prediction is dangerous: but The Hobbit may well prove a classic.

The remake of the PlayStation 2 classic, available on the PlayStation 4, does everything that a good video game remaster should do.

Did I really play the classic Shadow of the Colossus everyone raves about, or did I play developer Bluepoint’s interpretation?

classic movies live forever.

No one—except Gus Van Sant—is making shot-for-shot remakes of classic films.

Like any classic late 70s or early 80s science fiction film, ominous synth arpeggios and ambient drones soundtrack the video courtesy of Machinefabriek.

National Review’s review predicted it will “become a classic”; David Brooks cited it approvingly in the New York Times.

In a way, this made the original more of an achievement because became a classic despite its flaws.

This is the classic Pythonic data structure.

A key is like the word we’re looking up in a dictionary (in the classic sense), while the value is the definition.

The idea of traditional is the classic idea of creation which the architecture and environment should not interact with art work unless its installation.

A sampling of Back to Back tracks, classic Motown hits, and songs from all seven artists above also appear on this Spotify playlist.

Moss — who goes from a gas station attendant to a criminal accomplice — in the classic 1967 biographical film “Bonnie and Clyde.”

Jules Verne enthralled generations of readers with the science fiction classic Journey to the Center of the Earth.

“Hunky Dory,” released in 1971, sounds as great today as it did then and features classic Bowie songs such as “Life on Mars?”

What should they expect?The classic advice is to bring layers, and I’d have to agree.

The album includes some now classic songs like “Mr. Brightside,” “Somebody Told Me,” and “Smile Like You Mean It.”

Like Stanley Kubrick’s Christmas classic The Shining!

In this classic place in Coyoacan, there are flattened-yet-spongy breads.

At fifteen, she landed a major role in the television series remake of Australian classic Puberty Blues.

Like when Céline sings, “To all the little girls in the world, never change,” which is such a classic Céline triumphal anthem.

Baseball trades are like that now, except instead of coming away with a wheezing maroon 1983 Chevrolet Caprice classic, you get James Shields.

Head to Ukrainian Village and the surrounding neighborhoods for the classic Ukrainian and Polish Chicago bars that line the streets of the west side.

Or perhaps the classic upside-down shirt “If you can read this, put me back on my barstool”?

Like, watching classic films that are somewhat challenging that I haven’t seen, or reading books that are maybe translated into English.

Well, he came out of Goldman Sachs, but he’s not a classic Goldman personality.

The Scaramucci saga is a classic example.

More along the line of cozy at-home wear are The Slim classic French Terry Crew and The Men’s classic French Terry Crew.

Let’s check in with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski: classic NBA is the best NBA.

But first, a classic Super Bowl story—that is, a thoroughly unnecessary and stupid one.

In classic Trumpian style, the president is focused on the public perception of his response more than anything else.

How does Jennifer’s Body go from a failed sex romp to an ahead-of-its-time feminist cult classic in less than 10 years?

Sometime life imitates art, and sometimes it specifically imitates the 1941 film noir classic the Maltese Falcon.

Sometime life imitates art, and sometimes it specifically imitates the 1941 film noir classic the Maltese Falcon.

This classic image depicts a man with his arms and legs stretched into a full circle, inside a square.

[laughs] That kind of gives it the feeling of a classic slow jam.

Yes, there will be aliens and monsters and classic Doctor Who adventures.

This, Feldman explained to me, is “classic authoritarian leadership style: simple, powerful, and punitive.”

classic clueless dude, right?

The classic thing which happens a lot is that drunk people buy a toastie and then don’t even eat it.

But, what he lacked in stature he more than made up for in heart and classic Long Island toughness.

Other entries in the program filter classic artwork through a modern lens, not just with their stories but with their style.

He went for a classic suit at the 2011 Golden Globes.

Bieber even slicked his hair back to match the couple’s classic Hollywood glamour.

“Are you wasting away in your skin,” croons Anthony Kiedis in the angsty emo classic.

I can’t tell whether this is classic sea captain behavior, or just people messing about, so I plunge straight in.

Rich in interviews and ephemera from the making of Lynch’s classic, Blue Velvet Revisited is ultimately disappointing as a standalone artistic achievement.

Even in 1926, it was a classic fairy tale – but one that marked a period of innovation in animated film.

According to Themmen, Alex is a big travel guy, and that apparently took precedent with him over anything as stupid as classic movies.

Don’t feel too bad for the guy … his 2017 Beer Mile World classic time of 4:33 still stands as the world record.

In his recent book “Sense of Style,” Harvard linguist Steven Pinker describes this as “classic prose.”

Pichai’s Google is still classic Google — and it still likes to paint its mission as do-goodery.

Amazon/$35.53 An all-time TV classic is on DVD for the first time, thanks to Shout Factory.

The KISS frontman rode the Tomorrowland classic with one of his young daughters, proving he rocks onstage and also as a dad.

Doris’ heirs are selling the classic 1927 pad for $2.45 million.

A classic he said/she said litany of statements flowed from both companies, and a two-week jury trial concluded in 2017.

Decades before Leap, Skousen wrote his first conspiracist classic, The Naked Communist.

You and I have been in Silicon Valley a long time, it’s a classic innovator’s dilemma.

His comic is a revisionist take on its semi-namesake, the 1997 classic “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson.”

In other words, classic deterrence.

Box scores, games recaps, pick your kind of cliché sports content — that’s part of a classic sports fan’s experience.

This affection may explain why new songs often find themselves compared with Toto’s stone-cold classic.

In other words, classic deterrence.

I was an overweight bookworm and classic movie buff with bad acne and OCD tics.

I wondered whether Younger was giving us a classic, Sex and the City–style, rose-tinted portrayal of the publishing industry, too.

Boston Dynamics makes two dog-themed robots: the Spot classic and its smaller successor, the SpotMini.

Kara Swisher mayor, that’s a classic one.

The larger Spot classic model is designed for both indoor and outdoor operation and uses LIDAR to sense tough terrain.

A classic example is red light cameras.

(His Takashi Murakami-directed music video for “Good Morning” is also a classic.)

The FBI used to have a lot of squads focused on La Cosa Nostra, classic Italian mafia, one for each family.

Like I said, the people at the Journal were like, “Why did they hire this girl to cover this?” It’s classic.

In both scenes, he employs a bait and switch on his victims, a classic abuse tactic of withholding, then offering love in rapid succession.

Charles Olson’s poetics certainly manifested much of that classic avant-garde energy.

“The classic view is that placebo is unpredictable and uncontrollable,” Apkarian tells me.

— a classic Amendola move, as we’ve come to learn.

Here he used that classic Dutch strategy of using a blocked hook to pull Kongolo onto a knee strike.

Turn this classic combo into the steak sandwich of your dreams with garlic-rubbed torta rolls.

With cucumbers, avocado, and a crusty baguette, this version will get you stoked on the bagged lunch classic all over again.

“He’s a classic sociopath,” one Missouri Republican who requested anonymity to speak freely told me last week.

Take it from New England to New Orleans with a classic shrimp po’boy.

OKLAHOMA: A simple, Southern classic, expect to find fried okra on almost every Oklahoma menu.

Nevertheless, watch what will surely be a future Toronto classic below.

So bring on the classic popcorn flick — fun and mostly mindless with a touch of camp.

Barack Obama is a classic case study in foreign policy idealism.

It’s classic product placement,” Lowenthal said.

He is a classic children’s book character: gentle but rambunctious.

The team leverages classic tactics, like jump scares and gore, to terrorize visitors.

Freddie gives the British pub classic a Mexican twist by throwing chipotle chiles into the brine and serving the finished eggs with tortilla chips.

The classic explanation of disruption is not about a better solution for someone who’s already well-served.

It’s a classic princess-and-stable-boy situation: class, experience, and a stern father separate them.

This is a classic phenomenon for minorities of any kind.

“Show Me Love” was our first meeting with Robyn and it became a 90s classic.

In a classic (and increasingly challenged) self-control study, psychologist Roy Baumeister had participants resist the smell of just-baked cookies.

Most of the tracks on Honey seem to, initially, follow pop music’s classic bait-and-switch of upbeat sounds paired with tragic, devastating lyrics.

This theory harks back to one of the classic studies on self-control: Walter Mischel’s “marshmallow test,” conducted in the 1960s and ’70s.

There were all the makings of a classic DC cover up.

On the other hand, you’re getting what you pay for, starting with that classic Audi look.

This got me thinking about parallels between other NBA point guards and classic 80s thrash metal bands.

Miles Teller has one of his most prized possessions back to perfection … his classic Ford Bronco looks back to normal after a scary crash.

Can’t beat a classic.

Almost a modern take on the Konders’ record above, and already a New York classic.

With his dark pomaded hair, confident smirk, olive skin, and pencil moustache, Gable’s power was his iconic swagger that trundled through classic cinema.

The sad thing is, I see lots of old classic movies when I’m growing up, and I think they’re beautiful.

It’s classic Keys, showing off how powerful her singing can get, especially when backed by a capable band.

In between, classic comic covers, iconic movie scenes, cartoons, landscapes, memes, and fine art all got the pixel treatment on my work table.

Deep Blue as the classic example of man vs. machine, but there’s more going on here than meets the eye.

The two came together to perform Seal’s all time classic “Crazy,” before going into Gallant’s own crazy good track “Weight In Gold.”

classic and somewhat collegiate, navy and brass just go together.

What started out as a World Baseball classic joke has become a full-on blonde bombshell for the island nation.

As of 2012, Lundqvist had “thirteen or something” guitars, including a Gibson Les Paul classic.

It’s a classic case of too many cooks in the kitchen, and none of those cooks are good at their job.

First, Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) conquers Casterly Rock through its sewers, only to fall victim to one of the classic blunders.

But for those who wore prescription glasses full-time (like myself), the brand’s classic computer glasses were sadly out of reach.

Her rejoinder is classic: “Yes.

classic situation of getting a pet to keep your relationship together.

revived the classic for a performance at NPR’s Tiny Desk—which, it should be noted, isn’t actually that tiny.

As of Friday morning, FiveThirtyEight’s “classic” model assigns this a 69.8 percent probability: hardly a certainty, but a very good shot.

ISIS is a classic example.

Nicki Crock focuses specifically on one classic part of the American dream: buying a house.

“I try not to spare myself to learn for my interest,” said Shibata — a sentiment that restates a classic Eamesian Parable: Never delegate understanding.

The poppiest moment, “Twist My Fingaz,” is a tough reworking of classic G-funk tropes.

At the fair, Dennis’s new paintings fill canvases with explosions of luscious flowers, like classic still lifes on steroids.

Erickson’s argument is classic projection.

As he raps in the classic anthem, as one-half of Dead Prez, “It’s bigger than hip-hop.”

Selected last Sunday to his second straight appearance in the Midsummer classic, Morton fanned eight on curveballs, including six straight at one point.

Jen: A classic leather loafer

A classic leather loafer is the perfect shoe for when I’m on the go.

Everything [Beres] has is pretty much classic.

He even has a t-shirt canon to shoot him those classic gray crew necks he likes to wear.

Clowns also handily surpass classic fears like heights, needles, and ghosts.

And definitely, don’t bat out the classic: you need to work on yourself before you can love someone else.

Valentino, a classic in the haute couture world, hits the runway on Wednesday night.

It’s classic asymmetric warfare.

The scammer’s real endgame: identity theft for financial gain through a classic online phishing scheme.

And then it’s classic Mike.

The Arcimboldo-inspired work “Vegetable Man” (1997) portrays a man made entirely of classic Mexican and Californian vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

The classic Seinfeld shot.

It’s classic Jerry — it turns out that even on the fourth wall, his passion for baseball and cars is fierce.

Boddington’s is the classic old Manchester beer.

Even the beautifully executed final plot twist might not register as more than the conclusion to a classic heist formula.

Momofuku Nishi clearly wants it this way: Here’s a classic American meal, simply prepared, with the cutting edge of food as its centerpiece.

Cutler is right about one thing: these people can draw crowds, with over 175,000 people attending the Arnold classic this year.

Revisit the classic by watching the whole video above or on YouTube.

Those duels are largely decided on the battlefield, in classic Total War fashion.

It doesn’t have the influence of OK Computer and Kid A, nor is it a confident, archetypal “classic album” like In Rainbows.

And by timeless I don’t mean classic, but literally without a fixed time.

Street Masters tasks street artists with reimagining classic paintings from the 15th through 17th centuries.

The film features a classic soundtrack by Fastaway and cameos by Ozzy and Gene Simmons.

If you want a real far-out lo-fi classic, look no further than this gem.

The Disney+ programming will draw in part from Disney’s deep library of classic family films.

A Notre Dame fan became a human perch at the Cotton Bowl classic after a bald eagle swooped down and landed on his shoulder.

On the one hand, they serve the classic patronage role of rewarding supporters.

It might be remembered as an early American classic, but our memories often remember its famous quote wrong.

She returned some links about classic stuff to do in London.

Their classic burger, served on an English muffin, comes with waffle chips and costs $18.

Justin Bieber is a classic pianist and he whipped out his skills in a hotel lobby.

In terms of style, they’re subtle, versatile, and look like a chic update to the classic you know.

It’s the classic Hollywood story: an actor scores the role of a lifetime, leading to fame and fortune.

It’s the classic in the coming-of-age genre.

Which is not to say that there is a beginning and an end in the classic sense of a story.

And, you know, you’ve made sort of a classic rise at the Times, right.

On the other end of the biscuit spectrum is Bojangles’ classic yet noble biscuit.

Of course, BoJack isn’t without its classic absurd send-ups of Hollywoo(d).

The classic big V8 engine is in high demand.

This classic insect repellent from the trusted hands of Burt’s Bees is all-natural, made with lemongrass, citronella, and soybean oils.

Small says his “is a slightly more adventurous drink” than the classic take, made with Moxie soda from New England rather than Coke.

It’s a classic vicious cycle.

Logan skillfully draws on a cinematic language that’s half post-apocalyptic, half classic Western, to great effect.

The classic big-company mistake is to not admit their mistake.

His debut full length under the moniker is a bona fide classic, and this week sees the release of a genuinely incredible follow up.

It’s a timeless classic with Trevor Horn­e-sque production.

It’s a modern classic, seeped in atmosphere and melody, floating just out of reach.

You have, even outside of that apple crunching, an absolutely classic Wayne verse in the third verse in particular.

classic victim blaming.

An absolute classic.

You know that classic archetype of the fakedeep bro who plays guitar when no one asks him to?

Wiger: My go-to classic cocktail is a margarita.

It’s nice when a place can execute a classic drink.

The irony is that people have told me that the film has become a cult classic.

The consolation for Colbert is that while the visuals worked in Trump’s favor, the words were still classic Trump.

SUR is the place you take the Bravo superfan — especially for a bachelorette party SUR is, of course, the classic Vanderpump hot spot.

Looking at the entire menu, the drinks are largely simple, common cocktails like martinis and classic margaritas.

Tissot T classic Tradition Silver Dial Brown Leather Men’s Watch, $174.99 (originally $300) [42% off] 3.

Bearing the same title as another ecstatic classic, this track twists Hundred Waters vocalist Nicole Miglis’ weightless harmonies into amniotic dancefloor filler.

While their earlier outfits were fine and dandy … nothing beats classic partying gear, if you ask us.

), the options are vast, and a solid number of classic recipes show up to play.

“The Nintendo classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System is available to pre-order at the #NintendoUKStore!”

From the classic (if crowded) nine-panel grid, to artists who completely eschew panels altogether, there’s more than one way to plot a comic.

Duplass’s unforgettable performance, combined with his complicated relationship with Sara, a worthy foe, reminds me a lot of the Hannibal Lecter-Clarice Starling classic.

Along the way, we get a taste of everything: Japanese variety shows, classic talking heads, presumably recovered footage from Kobayashi’s own files.

The fillets get a classic three-step bath of flour/egg/breadcrumbs.

Noisey: Was there any sort of pressure to follow up a classic Future tape like Beast Mode?

“Hate the Real Me” has some classic ATL horns on there.Well of course you gotta add some new flavor.

When Trump brought up Hillary Clinton earlier during the rally, his audience responded with resounding boos and the classic “lock her up!” chants.

Blackstar is dense, harsh, difficult, beautiful, twisted and distanced in contradictory ways, which is to say it’s a classic David Bowie album.

How did you go about remaking this classic title for a modern audience?

This is perhaps the most classic, crowd-pleasing meme format.

(This is a pretty classic film noir detective character type.)

It’s not a question of whether the SNES classic will sell out and make a lot of money for Nintendo.

be another wave of units available head of the SNES classic launch next month, but what’s the point?

Cult classic “Clueless,” released in 1995, is loosely based off Jane Austen’s 1815 novel “Emma.”

Most classic definitions of democracy require some meaningful opposition and alternatives, and parties are essential for that to happen.

He takes a sip from a glass of classic Coke, a bite, and lets his modesty unfurl with an endearing sincerity.

The chef also has a special recipe for the classic marinade, which he brought with him to the UK in the 1960s.

classic But Current.”

We hope classic in a sentence examples were helpful.