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“My husband and I went to a midwife and asked her to circumcise our first child.

Tunggal was lying in her hospital bed shortly after giving birth when she heard the nurses decline to circumcise a woman’s newborn girl.

“It’s important for parents to recognize that when they decide to circumcise their child—it means that the boy will not be able to make a decision for himself later in life.

Because the infection had been so bad, Elist had to circumcise the patient weeks later to fully solve the problem.

Three years ago South African journalist Mzilikazi wa Afrika very publicly accused Communications Minister Dina Pule of trying to circumcise a mosquito while covering a corruption scandal.

Also would it even be possible to circumcise a mosquito, biologically speaking?

Biases can be very subtle, where rather than exploring the effects and the dynamics of a topic like female genital mutilation, you are telling people not to circumcise their daughters.

I don’t think you could circumcise Superman if you tried, at least not on Earth.

Although multiple people have suggested that it could be done using a kryptonite cutting tool, my intuition is that they don’t circumcise their boys on Krypton.

I wonder if the Kents tried and failed to circumcise young Clark.

It’s highly doubtful they circumcise their gods on Asgard.

“The national campaigns have to confront the root causes that propel the families to circumcise their daughters in hopes of controlling their sexual desires.”

She said that while she believed the amendment was “good in general”, it lacks the mechanism to deal with parents who approach doctors to circumcise their daughters.

Many parents choose to circumcise their children because of hygienic, health or religious reasons.

“Clitoridectomy, a surgical procedure, is being performed only on medical grounds,” it said, adding that it did not circumcise female patients under the age of 18.

The women repeatedly asked that doctors at the hospital “circumcise” their daughters.

(For instance, borrowing from Martens’ own example: if a group of theologians were to come up with a clever-enough argument for why the Council of Jerusalem badly misinterpreted things, and then someone else were to come up with clever-enough argument for why asking Catholics to keep kosher and circumcise their sons will help put the Holocaust behind us and unite with our Jewish elder brothers, why shouldn’t those questions be re-opened, and the last nineteen hundred years briskly set aside?

The surgery was a success, except that the doctors thought he was too small to circumcise.

How can my daughter refuse to circumcise my grandson?

The practice is rooted in Genesis, when God instructs Abraham to circumcise himself and all of his descendants as a sign of their contract with God.

For much of the 20th century, the consensus was to circumcise.

She decided not to circumcise, a choice she said her parents eventually accepted.

Rabbi Schweitzer does alternative ceremonies for people who choose not circumcise.

The bris makes it possible “to ritualize that you’re part of something larger, you’re part of a people — past, present and future.” Rabbis and public health experts interviewed said that the great majority of Jewish parents still circumcise, and opting out remains almost taboo in much of the mainstream.

Ultimately, eight months into his wife’s pregnancy, Aaron agreed not to circumcise their son.

A bill in Iceland that could make it a crime to circumcise infant boys for nonmedical reasons is drawing strong support from hundreds of doctors and nurses there, and criticism from religious leaders.

Op-Ed Contributors Indianapolis — In Indiana, a 17-year-old can deliver a baby and then give a doctor permission to circumcise him.

[The New York Times] • A bill in Iceland that could make it a crime to circumcise infant boys for nonmedical reasons is drawing support from doctors, and criticism from religious leaders.

According to most modern scholars — and a few rabbis I called on to help me out — the story of Hanukkah is based on a historical conflict between the Maccabees and the Hellenized Jews, the former being religious zealots who lived in the hills of Judea and practiced an ancient form of guerrilla warfare, the latter being mostly city-dwelling assimilationists who ate pork, didn’t circumcise their male children and made the occasional sacrificial offering to pagan gods.

She is pushing for medical workers and “certified” traditional cutters to be allowed to circumcise women.

I actually felt agile and confident when it came to the barrage of choices a new mother must make: whether and how to breastfeed, whether to circumcise, whether and how to sleep train.

He even set up an operating theater in his Staten Island home to circumcise adult Russian Jews who had not been able to undergo the ritual as infants because of Soviet strictures.

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