Challenges in a sentence | Use of the word challenges examples

Look at Australia, look at Spain, look at Sweden, they’re struggling with the same challenges the USA is struggling with right now.

Each of these represent unique joys and challenges!

Peru has a whole different set of challenges about how Europeans had a presence in Cusco.

“The cannabis plant presents unique challenges in that it’s very susceptible to crop loss.

Brady has also found challenges with after-school athletics and clubs.

This could potentially open the door to legal challenges claiming religious discrimination, some legal experts say.

The next president will face many challenges.

The combination of a weaker currency and new controls is creating significant challenges for Renminbi cash investors.

This will create challenges for the PBoC in managing the pace of depreciation while encouraging a reduction in system-wide leverage.

The remainder of his party in Congress is subject to elections, and challenges, on a different schedule.

Gates believes it’s imperative that the next president of the United States — and other world leaders — tackle equally important challenges.

Finding alternatives to carbon-emitting fuels is one of the most pressing challenges of the coming decades.

(Also, the historical track record of presidents trying to back primary challenges to incumbent members of Congress is dismal.)

That was the last of the DARPA challenges.

Is these challenges and people try to do the contest … there’s bunches of space contests, all kind of different things.

What challenges do they face?

And I think this is one of the biggest challenges for some of the semi-autonomous features, is that …

So that experience with the technology and kind of becoming falsely comfortable with the safety of it is one of the challenges they face.

Wilke’s ritualistic disrobing clearly both challenges and allures her audience.

“Both leaders have been strong and consistent allies of Ireland in responding to the unique challenges we face from Brexit.

International Monetary Fund warns that China’s ever-growing debt problem poses global financial stability challenges.

Technological infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges in rural areas.

This is better for our security, better for global stability, and better for facilitating the international cooperation necessary to meet shared challenges.

Let me say a word about some of the shared global challenges that we face today.

Of course, Rosen’s been making headlines for his interview with Bleacher Report about the challenges of juggling school and sports in college.

It doesn’t mean we don’t have serious challenges in Texas.

They face, and fail to deal with, the multitude of IoT development challenges — often simultaneously.

Still, there are challenges ahead for the company, as the PC market shrinks almost faster than Microsoft can sell lucrative Windows licenses.

We need Gulf countries all working together on the complex set of challenges that face each of them,” Pompeo said.

No one on the NBCSN panel challenges him on this.

Here are some common challenges I’ve had with my clients, along with approaches that have worked.

But the challenges are stark.

One of the challenges of bootstrapping was hiring people who would work cheap enough.

Despite these challenges, Gillibrand’s plan is one that’s already gained traction in a local setting.

Abercrombie’s painting offers a glimpse into the financial challenges of the citizen with a conscience.

Most recently, the Supreme Court permitted the Trump administration to restrict military service by transgender people while court challenges continue.

Trans Catholics say these challenges require specific attention and pastoral care from the church.

Julia Azari nicely summarized the challenges faced by Democrats in a recent piece at FiveThirtyEight.

As the pace of electric technology gathers even more momentum, there are significant challenges.

He also challenges the most common narrative about AI in health: that radiologists will soon be replaced by machines.

And for our challenges — we have plans in place and the right people working on them.

“A growing time length between starts and completions may be a sign that developers are facing challenges finding those additional investors.”

What are the challenges of trying to shoot during an event like that?

The challenges that the LGBTQ community faced in the 80s were, of course, starkly different from today.

In the US, companies aspiring to go public have faced added challenges.

Below are five of the big challenges facing the new leader.

During his tenure, Cryan has stabilised the bank, raised capital, confronted legal challenges and managed the demands of greater regulation.

Despite the challenges, Ukraine’s female politicians and government officials remain optimistic about the future of women in public life.

Offscreen, her fight for pay equity helped me understand the challenges I’d be facing in the working world.

/ and came.” Yet one of the last challenges of this edition related to Mallock himself.

The learning curve, however, for us as individuals and as an organization was steep with many missteps and challenges.

What have been your biggest challenges over the years?Just doing it every night.

Beyond navigating changing regulations, expensive seed is one of many challenges that pioneering hemp farmers will face.

But one of the major challenges is to understand why, and who will benefit.

The illusion that dissenters would be deterred by the threat of primary challenges driven by Trump loyalty has been quickly shattered.

What are some of the challenges?

Talk about the actual act of it, and then talk about the challenges.

They include countries in Southeast Asia, particularly archipelagos that just have impossible logistics challenges in terms of reaching people who aren’t connected by roads.

In rural places in the U.S., we have a lot of the same challenges that you see in places like Rwanda.

They are facing a range of enormous challenges, first among them an intensely partisan environment.

This presents challenges to its telling, though the consensus seems to be that beginning at number two is the place to start.

There are challenges in business coverage generally.

“We’ve got a few challenges around that.”

Trump’s actions have appealed to his conservative political base, while the legal challenges have pleased his liberal critics.

“They never permit you to have as robust a response to common adversaries or common challenges as you might,” he added.

“I believe I am now uniquely placed to lead our party and our country through the challenges that lie ahead,” he said.

He faces “myriad challenges on all fronts,” said Richard Feinberg, who led Latin America policy in former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s White House.

The Trump campaign’s strategy demonstrates the challenges of being a political outsider with little support from party elites.

One of the team’s biggest challenges has been to convince video viewers that the graphics weren’t added in post-production.

For Faber and his colleagues, one of the most significant challenges to mining an asteroids remains convincing investors it’s worth the effort.

One of the most significant impediments to asteroid mining as a field was the legal challenges.

“Now it’s the National Institutes of Health in the US.” Despite these challenges, however, there has been progress.

In addition to the prospect of a punishing fine, El Nacional faces other challenges.

After winning the Jerwood/Photoworks prize, Piotrowska decided to develop these topics further, but this time in relation to the challenges faced by teenage girls.

Growing brains are vulnerable The brain has evolved to respond effectively to stressful situations, many of which are normal challenges of everyday life.

But challenges persist, even for those who are using digital currency.

Bajwa told the seminar that the military was doing its bit to confront the economic challenges by cutting costs.

Second, how do we make technology work for us, and not against us — especially when it comes to solving urgent challenges like climate change?

About the challenges of training and maintaining good staff.

In each, the bot presents unique challenges that have yet to be fully reckoned with by any human.

Now, I wasn’t naïve about some of the challenges I would face.

The actual construction of the device is not without its challenges.

Some may ask why Twitter is swapping circular photos for square photos instead of focusing on more important challenges, like curbing abuse.

The French government decided to postpone one national exam because of the heat, despite the huge organizational challenges involved, the researchers noted.

What kinds of challenges did making this film present?

What are the challenges that you face with these technologies now, from your perspective?

She challenges those labels, and her work is about a philosophy and about understanding humanity through her lens.

I think it will encounter some challenges getting to orbit; it’s remarkably difficult getting to orbit.

Both are daunting challenges.

The increased enthusiasm was seen by some commentators as a response to challenges ranging from climate change to the rise of eurosceptic parties.

We need to defend our place in the world, at a time when the European Union is facing huge challenges.

To evaluate Norman’s claim, the court used the analysis deployed by virtually every federal circuit court to consider Second Amendment challenges.

I mean, sadly, there’s always been challenges with homelessness, but now, it’s difficult for people to find housing.

Without clear “camps” or formidable challenges to a Rubio candidacy, why didn’t that happen?

The question now is whether this plan — if it’s indeed the final plan — will effectively tackle America’s gaping infrastructure challenges.

Setting up the new tech board “is a brand new exploration, and there could be various difficulties and challenges,” Yi said on Thursday.

Still, McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said more steps were needed to meet the nation’s cyber security challenges.

There remain major challenges for the nation to resolve when it comes to tax reform, international competitiveness, cutting red tape and securing energy supply.

The question is, what’s the best way to address these challenges?

“Sanders is boldly and fiercely addressing the biggest challenges facing our country,” Merkley wrote.

As Megan Thielking points out in Stat, this requirement may raise logistical challenges for clinics.

But there are two big challenges with the fixed wireless approach.

Of course there are plenty of other challenges, but weather is the most unpredictable and has the biggest potential to create chaos.

We’re always trying not to repeat our mistakes and to plan for as many unforeseen challenges as possible.

And, importantly, the challenges to the travel ban so far haven’t really touched on whether the indefinite blacklist is unconstitutional.

One of the challenges of getting such early attention is that people flock to the service and bring their lofty expectations with them.

Elites don’t understand the challenges and frustrations of middle-class people.

Intel is expected to address the challenges with further restructuring.

Trudeau shrugged off the attack, saying there would always be challenges in the bilateral relationship.

Reformers also could file challenges to gerrymandered maps in state courts, whose authority under state law is unaffected by the Supreme Court’s decision.

challenges around scheduling and commuting will arrive this evening.

But despite these challenges throughout its history, no one has ever denied Venezuela’s economic potential.

There are many ways to tackle the challenges of integrating VRE.

Variable renewable energy poses what you might call “whole system” challenges to energy grids.

The complete, unabashed reversal is bound to touch off a series of court challenges from tech giants and consumer advocates.

In a way it challenges the conception of what an art gallery is, and what art is.

Only then can challenges — on Capitol Hill and in federal courts — proceed.

“There were characters he loved, and challenges that his very smart mind needed.

Fitzgibbon highlights the challenges inherent in policing the internet.

“This research solves a lot of the challenges in soft actuation by reducing actuation voltage and increasing energy density, while eliminating rigid components.”

“Actuation is one of the most difficult challenges in robotics,” said Robert Wood, a Harvard professor of engineering and co-author of the new paper.

“If Europe does not look carefully to future challenges, Europe will dry up.

Understanding one’s true role and purpose is one of life’s greatest challenges.

You can read about some of Germany’s challenges here.

It is also impossible to understand the challenges facing democracy in Europe today without understanding how these parties have changed over the past decades.

It is difficult, in short, to detangle the decline of social democracy from the challenges facing European democracies.

What did you observe about the challenges jailed inmates experience?

I call Terry the ‘vocal master’ and he has a magic chemistry with Usher specifically; he really challenges him to create something.

“There are challenges that we need to overcome.

“There are challenges that we need to overcome.

Jessica Jackson Hutchins challenges Northwestern traditions of ceramics, painting, and homemaking by combining the practices in grotesque sculptures.

That deal fell through over challenges in agreeing upon debt financing terms, sources said at the time.

History has shown that some of the biggest challenges to the First Amendment occur during times of technological change.

Recession in neighbouring Turkey, one of Georgia’s main trading partners, poses additional challenges, he said.

Similar challenges from Mississippi, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Hampshire, and other states are going through the courts right now.

Local jurisdictions in several states have also filed similar challenges.

How did they meet the challenges they faced and continue to face right now?

“We need to be cautious about challenges and not relax now that there have been improvements.

(For a graphic on Beijing average annual PM2.5 concentration, click Beijing’s clean-air campaign hasn’t been without its challenges.

Several other jurisdictions are now pursuing similar challenges.

Similar challenges could, in theory, be tried against opioid manufacturers as well.

Of course, people are good at shirking the facts and threatening and bullying anyone who challenges them; this has always been the case.

Integrating high levels of variable renewables is already creating challenges for grids like California’s.

By teasing out the human characteristics of nonhuman animals, Shimabuku challenges that divide.

One of the challenges, she explained, is convincing Georgia’s increasingly diverse population that their votes can make a difference if they show up.

As AI grows more sophisticated, figuring out how to enable the good uses without the bad ones will be one of our biggest challenges.

Still, the company is facing challenges, with increased pressure from online retailers like Wayfair as well as slowing revenue growth.

This creates challenges for the island’s recovery.

Those are the challenges that VICE wants to show the prime minister.

Children of divorce are more likely to grow up to have relational challenges as adults.

“We all face challenges.

The economy is also facing acute challenges, including energy shortages.

One of the challenges is to have the machine move on its own weight without breaking.

Legislative polarization is at such a point today that members of Congress are generally more afraid of primary challenges than general election contests.

Biden’s apparent fundraising challenges with the tech crowd are a bit ironic, given that he is broadly pursuing moderate policies, including on tech.

The overwhelming majority of members get reelected in general elections, but primary challenges can be tough and difficult to stop once they get going.

We know firsthand the challenges of creating an inclusive and diverse workplace and the benefits that make these challenges worth tackling and overcoming.

The recent firestorm at Google has made these challenges all the more relevant, particularly in data-driven industries like tech that demand measurable results.

And Pelletz told TechCrunch that he actually looks forward to legal challenges.

And MLB says this would shave time off replay challenges.

Obamacare, however, creates unique challenges.

She said she was drawn to the technical challenges facing the retailer as it grows, which reminded her of Amazon’s early days.

They also talked over possible joint efforts aimed at improving the humanitarian situation in Syria as well as the “challenges” of Korean peninsula de-nuclearization.

His scientific predictions have withstood 100 years of scientific challenges.

But it is intriguing new evidence that we mistake ideological challenges as personal insults.

When their sexual tastes become known, they are at risk of job discrimination and child custody challenges.

Trump juxtaposed the quote with a description of the challenges working women face when it comes to time management.

Going forward, the issue of self-employed individuals might be the most ripe area for legal challenges, Jost and Bagley said.

“That really changes the nature of ERISA, and I think there might be legal challenges based on that,” Jost said.

The losses highlight the challenges Sanders will face to keep his “political revolution” alive after the bright lights of the presidential primary shut off.

These essays explore the joys and challenges of being a mother — and having a mother.

I’ve always liked to take on big challenges.

It challenges us to ask wider questions: How has this person been shaped by toxic forces and societal attitudes within the broader culture?

“For those of us who have participated in or overseen executions, we have directly experienced the psychological challenges of the experience and its aftermath.

I think I’d rather be in the class, with all the other cyclers, going through the same challenges I’m going through.

RC: What challenges are unique to your process?

A new glitch is discovered, or a faster route through a game’s challenges is uncovered.

There’ve been the normal challenges with implementing any big, complicated agreement — we could talk about some of those.

ZB: But you mentioned some of the legitimate challenges that have come up.

You measure it on when you had concerns or challenges, did the agreement allow you to address them.

But the fact that they’re even this close is a testament to just how massive Trump’s challenges are at this point.

Lopez Obrador recognized the political challenges to eliminating the military, adding: “I can’t do it because there is resistance.

On top of the obvious technical challenges, there are other more practical usability challenges.

“Leaving the EU will create significant challenges for universities,” Julia Goodfellow, the president of Universities UK, said in a statement Friday morning.

Inappropriate behavior that challenges our values or violates our policies is unacceptable — and will not be tolerated.

Inappropriate behavior that challenges our values or violates our policies is unacceptable – and will not be tolerated.

Beyond that, there will doubtless be dozens of opportunities for progressive primary challenges in congressional and state races in the next midterm cycle.

So it’s perhaps understandable that a US president would use military force to push back against all these security challenges.

Like all of the collective’s exhibitions, this one challenges the idea of a museum as a physical, immovable site.

I think we need more everyday people—not just career politicians but people living the challenges that working people live every day.

“And a multi-year ‘Jacob Zuma show’ would distract political attention from the country’s pressing economic challenges,” he added.

“As a science-based company working to help meet some of the world’s biggest challenges we support all efforts to combat this health crisis.

My own recent book focuses on parties’ adaptability to new challenges and restrictions.

What are the challenges and struggles of making art in your city?

Those challenges are changing and even decreasing, but not fast enough to catch up with the way the planet is warming.

And an exit would almost certainly face court challenges over Trump’s authority to leave without consent from Congress.

Beijing considers Taiwan a rogue province that regularly challenges its “one China” policy.

What were some of the challenges of creating new emojis in response?

One of the biggest challenges was that the access to comics in Zimbabwe was nearly nonexistent.

We’ve spoken before about how being Zimbabwean means you face a lot of specific challenges when it comes to making your work visible.

What are some other challenges you ran into with this project?

Baseball’s culture tends to ignore those challenges.

— Here’s an in-depth earlier look at the many, many challenges of drilling in the Arctic.

It also underscores the need for us to pull together to solve our challenges as a country, not tear each other down.

in the middle of their challenges.

Given the challenges of vaccination distribution in the developing world, entire swathes of the globe will be largely defenseless should another pandemic occur.

Struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, accented with being a smartass, poses unique challenges to both my mental health treatment and social life.

Here are the 2 biggest challenges ahead.

Each of these conflagrations was preceded by intensifying challenges to, and then surprisingly rapid breakdowns within, the prevailing international order.

Once Trump signed the order, chaos and confusion ensued, creating logistical nightmares at airports accompanied by nationwide protests and legal challenges.

Whoever Disney CEO Bob Iger taps as ESPN’s permanent boss will face significant challenges, both immediately and down the road.

I talked to Skipper about some of the challenges he was facing in an extended interview at Recode’s Code Media conference in 2016.

When I came into office, I promised to look at the world’s challenges with open eyes and very fresh thinking.

Old challenges demand new approaches.

Figuring out whom to sue and finding the right plaintiff both pose challenges.

As the division seeks to back exemptions, it is likely to face legal and ethical challenges.

He likes to do annual personal challenges, and they are normally sensible.

It’s impossible to deny the ways in which social media challenges the art establishment.

Then again, there are probably challenges around it.

In some ways, though, the most vexing challenges facing AI aren’t technological — they’re political.

As Hartley says: “I think he’s looking for new challenges, and that’s what spurs all these advanced geniuses on.

This is the reality of trying to have a conversation that challenges white privilege in America.

The publication explores developments overlooked by mainstream news and analyzes challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

But they haven’t faced tough reelection challenges in years, and may simply be reluctant to face a difficult, grueling race with an uncertain outcome.

Each time, they asked patients how often physical or emotional challenges interfered with social activities in the previous four weeks.

The case, Gill v. Whitford, challenges the 2011 Wisconsin state assembly map.

The long-anticipated rule still must survive two major challenges before becoming effective in 2019.

But the district had previously added other graduation requirements, such as demanding that students take the ACT, without legal challenges.

Despite the laundry list of challenges and the very little progress made thus far, this is not the time to be caught middling.

Later, the Moon challenges hazy Neptune in Pisces at 11:39 AM, so watch out for confusion.

The hold will last until legal challenges to the rule are resolved.

One of Tesla’s biggest challenges is ramping up production of its latest vehicle, the Model 3, which is critical to its profitability goals.

“But there are challenges in reaching some of the most at-need populations who can benefit from those interventions.

Sure, Abzû frames the familiar in beautiful ways, but this isn’t a title that challenges how creators approach gentler experiences.

Amnesty’s report challenges that idea.

Like many despots, Trump is unable to accept popular narratives that challenges his standing as the man of the people.

“We still have challenges to face with the remaining aircraft originally intended for Iran,” the planemaker added.

Air travel remains one of the most difficult challenges for climate change.

Some critical engineering challenges remain, but researchers, and some in the industry, do expect electric planes to take off.

There’s a chapter about childhood bullying and suicidal ideation, and a chapter about marital challenges.

However, its logistical challenges are massive.

What percentage of your time do you spend thinking about the economic sort of challenges or opportunities of Vanity Fair?

We have faced challenges we expected, and others we could never have imagined.

As we have seen tonight, the most difficult challenges bring out the best in America.

But transgender candidates face unique challenges in making their case to voters who often have never met another transgender person, at least not knowingly.

“The world is facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to the future of food,” Crustinger told Motherboard.

“It shows that management and the board understand the serious nature of the challenges facing the company.

In the years since, we’ve made major progress mopping that up, only to confront fresh challenges like global warming and ocean acidification.

Errington’s already had a taste of the challenges ahead of him.

The final event in the Hirshhorn Museum’s Ai Weiwei series will discuss the challenges and necessity of art making amid political turmoil.

On Echoes of Invisible Hearts challenges viewers to question how the media determines what we see and don’t see.

Those who champion this position fail to recognize that it suppresses untold tales, alternative stories, and challenges to orthodoxy.

But employees, who warned they would demonstrate again if needed, expect Alphabet to face recruiting and retention challenges if their concerns go unaddressed.

For both artists, the project is dependent on the same power structures that it challenges.

Grandi said there are “big challenges” preventing people from returning to their homes including security, legal and administrative issues, housing, schools, water and healthcare.

Bill Gates is excited about the rise of artificial intelligence but acknowledged the arrival of machines with greater-than-human capabilities will create some unique challenges.

“Communications continue to be one of the most significant challenges,” the company said in an emailed statement.

Programming embedded systems involves all kinds of fun challenges.

Sometimes that “double minority” status, particularly in an institution that has long been dominated by white men, also presents challenges to women of color.

Operating in airports will present new challenges for Amazon Go.

While being a vaginal happiness manager may sound like an idyllic gig, the position poses some challenges, namely in the realm of dating.

The only Level 11 Google Fellows at the company, the duo is responsible for conquering some of the search giant’s thorniest technical challenges.

In the coming months we’ll see a flurry of legal challenges, legislative pushes and public pronouncements.

Chinese logistics firms have also attracted billions of dollars from equity investors, though many have faced challenges with recent public listings.

That means dealing with wiring and other potentially dangerous and intimidating challenges that don’t apply when it comes to phones or laptops.

And when she challenges that mandate, she pays a steep price.

Don’t underestimate the power of momentum as you continue to tackle some of this country’s most difficult challenges.

One of the big challenges with that vision is how to prevent them from running into each other.

“One of the challenges is there more dredging demand than there is capacity in the United States right now,” he said.

Similarly, the Ronald Reagan administration vowed to defend its agencies against most legal challenges.

And the ACLU is tasked with one of the biggest reunification challenges: finding the 400-plus parents who were deported without their children.

And I think one of the challenges … People forget analog.

The current economic challenges have been exaggerated more than necessary and Turkey will overcome these challenges with its own resources,” Erdogan said.

Archiving a hardware store, with its inventory of everyday gizmos and gadgets, provides its own challenges.

We’re hurtling toward an increasingly monopolized future, where the only challenges come from other preexisting monopolies.

According to Ben Wurgaft, a historian working on a book about lab-grown meat, there are some significant challenges involved.

The researchers, including Krzysztof Gesicki , Marcelo M. Miller Bertolami, and Albert Zijlstra, developed a new data model that challenges this notion.

The result of the expected legal challenges will have far-reaching consequences.

And in the current Ebola outbreak, that makes logistical, cultural and language barriers the ultimate challenges, global health specialists say.

Living in the Anthropocene means that our most important challenges are collective and can only be effectively met with collective action.

The flip side is, just as 21st-century challenges will disregard national borders, so too will 21st-century opportunities.

The chemical processing facility also has faced several design challenges, she said.

(Encyclopaedia Britannica eventually sold Compton to Tribune Corp. in 1993, a move driven by the company’s financial challenges at the time.)

I am a high school English teacher, and I understand the obstacles and the challenges that working-class and middle-class people face.

She’s going to have serious challenges on the left that Obama certainly never faced, at least not in his first term.

These are very tough political challenges.

Until a cure is found, however, the young people who suffer from TN continue to face the challenges of their disease.

What are the main tools she can use to try to address these challenges?

By enlarging the scale and combining these traditional forms, Gharem challenges the way that Western viewers approach Islamic art in general.

But that’s just me—I face the same challenges of dating as everyone else, plus a few extras.

Early adopters of Internet of Things products and technologies in business environments have started to discover that these scale challenges are very real.

Early adopters of IoT products and technologies in business environments have started to discover that these scale challenges are very real.

These types of challenges aren’t limited to manufacturing companies, by the way.

Other challenges are more subtle.

These challenges were reflected in a lengthy interview I had with an HIV-positive grandmother.

It really challenges this progressive narrative of greater freedom that we have about our country.

While there have been remarkable improvements in combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Global South, managed HIV faces other challenges beyond accessing lifesaving drugs.

It challenges what we think about race and consumption, both on the left and the right.

Hawaii and other Democratic-led states, the American Civil Liberties Union and refugee groups filed legal challenges after Trump signed his order in March.

“One of the challenges of working with 8-bit Nintendo graphics is that likenesses have to be pixel perfect,” Hong says.

The gallery NURTUREart has been transformed into a government bureau to help citizens negotiate climate change’s psychological and logistical challenges.

They’re all about women facing challenges and coming out on top.

Trump tapped Sessions’s chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, to serve as acting attorney general, a controversial appointment that led to multiple legal challenges.

Health challenges have always played a large role in his family.

Debenhams said on Tuesday it had received challenges to the CVAs from parties including Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct.

“We believe the challenges to the CVAs to be without merit and will vigorously defend them,” said Terry Duddy, Debenhams Executive Chairman.

“Health insurance may well be necessary but not sufficient to addressing some of these challenges,” Saloner said.

During Friday’s announcement, Trump predicted — in a much-mocked sing-songy cadence — that legal challenges would follow.

There are challenges around how friendly it is, but there are not mobs of Nazis on Stack Overflow.

Both Dolovich and Simon were skeptical that outright challenges to legislative sentencing statutes like mandatory minimums could prevail.

While “terrorism” is used as a hammer to destroy protected speech, cyber-libertarians too easily ignore the very real challenges free speech presents.

Tell me a bit about the scientific challenges here, recognizing that I’m someone who did not do great in science classes.

In the past, the Court hasn’t been particularly willing to accept Eighth Amendment challenges to prison conditions.

That effectively ruled out Eighth Amendment challenges to overcrowding in and of itself.

That opens the door to more challenges, including challenges focusing on the intersection of overcrowding and poor prisoner health.

To address today’s challenges, all members of the alliance must fulfill their obligations.

Come for a year, come for two years, come help us with some of the challenges that we’re facing as governments.

There’s enormous action there and a lot of opportunity to work towards addressing some of the challenges.

Kurtyka said challenges included sharing the burden between developed and developing nations of the cost of moving to a low-carbon world.

Bass still has about $80 million left for the IPR challenges, so he’s not giving up on this fight.

There are still huge challenges to be overcome.

If the Democratic Party decided it wanted to do this, we can address all of these challenges,” Riffle said.

We are aware of the challenges ahead and that music is very personal.

But despite the challenges, the project is succeeding in promoting sustainable farming and curbing battles over water, Chabari said.

And there are even fewer successful primary challenges in the House.

Nor were there any primary challenges in 2016 based on loyalty to Trump or Trump’s message.

The Tea Party challenges rested on an ideology: resistance to Obamacare, immigration, and social programs.

In his book Shooting Movies Without Shooting Yourself in the Foot: Becoming a Cinematographer, author Jack Anderson noted the challenges this created for filmmakers.

I think this is one of the real challenges the New York Times is having right now.

With this approach, the forest’s ability to survive future challenges, like a changing climate, is prioritized over maintaining historical boundaries and ranges.

Weiss’ challenges highlight potential obstacles to President Trump’s plan to restore American manufacturing.

What are the challenges that developing economies face?

When we look at urban market growth, the challenges that our equipment kit costs roughly around $250.

But one of the challenges is that people are working in silos.

So to me that’s one of the biggest challenges.

But lifting the ban could draw legal challenges from the oil industry, which worries such a move would eat into their market share.

Here are four Muslim women in media on the rewards and challenges of their work.

What have been the biggest challenges?

Safaa Khan: My challenges have definitely changed since graduating college last May.

Separately, BCA said on Thursday its new fiscal year had started well despite economic and political challenges in Britain.

“Those are the greatest challenges,” said Haas.

Each character is confronted with one or more of these challenges during the course of the opera.

By doing so, she challenges the rules and roles of her society.

And if the technology performs, there are still challenges.

The companies themselves have had their own challenges, none more so than Nautilus.

The manufacturing sector, however, had a surprisingly strong month, adding 29,000 jobs which was the most since August 2013 despite all its recent challenges.

What challenges and barriers did you face throughout the production and exhibition of the film?

Ads in VR are tricky, partly because of formatting challenges, but more critically because they risk upsetting users coming to the incipient form.

“We must reform our 20th century federal agencies to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

This visit is a compact illustration of the challenges facing women in pain.

Aware of the challenges facing elderly judges, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has several sensible programs.

A study published in the Journal of Sex Research in November attempts to outline the challenges and benefits of peer-led sex ed.

The Cosby trial in many ways epitomized the unique challenges black women encounter in anti-rape activism.

Reproductive challenges do not play favorites — they cut across lines of economics, race, religion, and geography.

You’re sitting here, no insult to you, but what are the challenges you looked at when you came there?

In their view, then, Sanders’s focus on history reflects a deeper understanding of the forces animating present-day foreign policy challenges.

And his knowledge of those challenges still looks substantially thinner than Clinton’s — or that of, say, Marco Rubio.

Those are enormous challenges, given their unpredictability and enormously variable features.

It can master one set of challenges before taking on more.

“In a world of growing interdependency and challenges, no country can tackle the challenges, also the world’s problems, on its own,” Xi said.

The situation has heightened the agency’s challenges in recent years of getting a consensus.

Many people around DC have dismissed it out of hand for that reason, as well as the practical challenges that Thune alluded to.

“ABYSSAL” leverages our ancient fascination with merpeople to dramatize the great environmental challenges humans will face over the coming centuries.

The attacks touch both the political and practical challenges Brussels faces in combating terrorism.

This is something that we’re actively working on, but there’s a lot of challenges here.

(Still, VFA managed to avoid some of the political challenges faced by Teach for America, which has battled with teachers unions across the country.)

Each of these options represents massive engineering challenges that are not likely to be resolved in an average 20th century lifespan.

Debenhams said on Tuesday it had received challenges to the CVAs from parties including Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct.

Moonves resisted that deal because he believed CBS’s prospects were better without taking on Viacom’s turnaround challenges.

They will weaken the party as an institution, opening up more right-wing primary challenges and an even greater role for outside donors.

These challenges made it all the more surprising to realize how much I liked the show.

In fact, he believes that primary challenges are already pushing the party in that direction.

“To the extent that these primary challenges are taking place, on the right at least, they are providing people with this choice,” he said.

This is the stuff of primary challenges.”

The challenges cities face, she says, are too complicated and too vast for any single group to face alone.

There are new challenges ahead.”

There comes an age in every adolescent’s life when food challenges are the Funnest.

Her Cry Innocent project is an immersive theatre experience that challenges audience members to participate in a mock witch trial.

Time will tell whether some of those challenges were to the benefit.

As Amazon challenges UPS and Fedex for shipping superiority, that physical presence is only expected to grow.

People can get their property back through court challenges, but these cases can often be very expensive and take months or years.

There are lots of policy challenges in American hospital that seem really intractable and difficult to solve.

What are some unique challenges you think people in the pet influencer space face?

What are the challenges?

In January, the Supreme Court, which has a 5-4 conservative majority, lifted lower court injunctions against the policy, while allowing legal challenges to continue.

Google has mounted challenges similar to Microsoft’s.

Even the first lady shared her own story of the challenges she faced when attending college.

Milton Esterow delves into the challenges faced by the five surviving heirs and the simmering conflict between two of them.

The biggest of those challenges, she said, is cyber security, which frightens even her.

Pippin Barr’s v r 3 examines one of the biggest challenges in game design: rendering water.

Similar bans are already in place in two states, but legal challenges have put them on hold in several others, the Associated Press reported.

(I wrote about the challenges around that approach in a post last week.)

Videos encouraging harmful and dangerous challenges are against our policies.

Duckworth also talked about the challenges of taking maternity leave while representing her state in Congress.

I know the challenges for every student are different, but these are the eight ways I made college as affordable as possible.

Brazil’s challenges ahead The positive sentiment for Brazil notwithstanding, we see three main risks to President Temer’s plans.

Debenhams said on Tuesday it had received challenges to the CVAs from parties including Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct.

“We believe the challenges to the CVAs to be without merit and will vigorously defend them,” said Terry Duddy, Debenhams Executive Chairman.

But with the advent of the internet and also with the bracket challenges, which …

It challenges me as a designer and furthers my work.

It is now the world’s seventh-largest carmaker and is debt-free, but not without challenges ahead.

For countries that don’t have Ethiopia’s many health workers, technical challenges can also impede long-acting birth controls from spreading further.

All the biggest challenges lay ahead.

Self-immolation is a violent act directed at oneself without harming others; it challenges the perception of heroism and smashes the ego.

Check out the clip — Tate clearly respects Cyborg … and says it would be one of the biggest challenges of her career.

I think that the problems, the challenges of making sure people got good content was just not high on their priority list.

For the moment, the FCC is finalizing its repeal, while court challenges — led by tech giants and consumer advocates — are beginning to materialize.

The event, which has been running since 1997, poses substantial challenges for roboticists.

Which is why you often see flashes of powerful conservative movements precisely when there are profound challenges from the left.

This comes with a big set of challenges, but it’s a crucial skill on a major leadership test.

Despite these challenges, Sam and his colleagues know that if they don’t do the job, no one will.

The two companies now feel more like equals, in part because they’re lumped into all the same regulatory challenges across the country.

While cities have long used pneumatic tube systems to deliver small parcels, transporting people raises major engineering and cost challenges.

“Let’s see if Trump is up to these challenges.”

Her career has been fraught with challenges, but she’s used her status to help create change.

For Porus Pavri, 14, the three-day weekend represented a rare opportunity to kick back with teenagers who understand his daily challenges.

“The courthouse doors may be open to challenges that might not have been viable before,” Huberfeld said.

But I don’t make videos for the technical challenges.

Empowerment zones were a program created under President Bill Clinton to provide grants to local communities struggling with economic challenges.

Under the program, local areas could apply for federal assistance to help them cope with economic challenges.

And members are now more worried about primary challenges than general election defeats, making bipartisan a dirty word.

Fashion in the museum offers great challenges for the art critic.

But these are mostly just the challenges of working on any expensive, complex project, and of working with other people.

[KS laughs] You know, when I see Silicon Valley, I do see some challenges.

And then I decided, what’s the way to address what I think are some of the challenges and issues in broadcasting?

South Korea has already filed challenges and demands for compensation at the World Trade Organisation under the Safeguard Agreement.

When Jeff’s family begins to dissolve, he is flung into an existential crisis that challenges the limits of his humor.

I think they’re facing their challenges.

They still have their challenges.

Voters in New York and in Alabama have also filed legal challenges to Cruz’s eligibility.

The challenges that Chengdu MoCA is facing highlight the precarious position of art museums in China.

It’s easy to mock, but the authors of the study wrote that there are several very real challenges millennials say they face.

You should read this piece in the Nation, about the challenges of actually formulating and implementing single-payer health care, in its entirety.

There have been court challenges by anti-equality activists to undo or undermine that regulation.

Netanyahu took this in his stride, saying it was needed to fend off Palestinian challenges to Jewish self-determination.

“This ban will only add to our challenges, and it does nothing but close the doors on Iranians who have the most at stake.”

Such challenges first popped up in Mosul’s hinterland as Kurdish forces slowly advanced against fierce IS resistance.

The victors in Iraq and Syria now face new challenges as they rebuild cities shattered by the showdown with IS.

But as these inclusive nightlife spaces have become more popular—and frankly, more in vogue for the press to cover—it’s also presented new challenges.

Hyperallergic spoke to the artist about her distinctive approach to GIFs and the challenges of adapting it for display in an elevator.

As his comrades battle all challenges and odds to put up the next warehouse party, Blue’s life gradually falls apart.

It has also faced challenges.

D&D represents a world that can be changed, where challenges can be overcome by meeting them head-on.

When I came into office, I promised to look at the world’s challenges with open eyes and very fresh thinking.

All challenges demand new approaches.

The largely artificial garden perhaps poses the most serious challenges.

Samsung maintained its lead, although IDC suggests indications from its recent earnings call could see mobile division revenues face challenges moving forward.

That has meant efforts to stifle challenges to the party, including the jailing of dozens of rights lawyers and activists under Xi’s administration.

According to Cutts, the idea for the challenges took root while he was watching TV in May 2009.

Vox spoke with her to examine what unique challenges Native American voters face today.

Besides rarely adhering to the roughly 80-150-minute length required for theatrical distribution, they are also unabashed challenges to the status quo.

challenges to the ban were numerous, with protesters, media commentators, and elites repeatedly and openly critiquing it as fundamentally incompatible with core American values.

It could profitably be expanded at the land borders, but the logistical challenges are considerable, given the scale of traffic there.

But they do have their challenges.

The world, and the challenges it presents for the United States, turned out somewhat differently than he, or anyone else, had expected.

Like the scene where Faith challenges Buffy to a fight in the season 4 episode, “This Year’s Girl.”

There will be ongoing challenges.

A month after the meeting, the local authority approved the project, but it remains tied up in legal challenges in the Irish High Court.

(Gang members’ ability to escape south to Latin America when pressured by local police presented unique challenges.)

A month after the meeting, the local authority approved the project, but it remains tied up in legal challenges in the Irish High Court.

Vidaurri’s situation poses what will likely be one of the biggest challenges for the Trump administration on the road ahead.

Will you exclude – or even eradicate – it for fear of change and the challenges it brings?

“A Trump administration will focus on real environmental challenges, not the phony ones,” Trump said.

Asked what made it particularly hard for smaller galleries to survive, Okshteyn offered the following, sobering assessment of the challenges facing the industry: 1.

Shares of T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS.O) and Sprint Corp (S.N) sank on worries that the two companies’ $26 billion merger would face regulatory challenges.

These challenges make a push for postwar reconciliation extremely complicated.

And it is, except for the inevitable challenges of a faceless, vast online marketplace where every mattress looks the same.

What are the challenges of being a female-owned publication in a traditionally male-dominated genre?

Party leaders don’t like primaries in general, and there is nothing incumbent members of Congress like less than primary challenges to other incumbents.

Hahn takes on the gamut of painting: its possibilities and challenges, its genres and modes, even its baggage.

Vice News looked at the challenges in implementing it.

Even when performing at the highest levels, Asian Americans can face formidable challenges.

VICE News spoke recently with Lichtman about the situation with Chapo and the challenges of defending a notorious kingpin.

VICE News spoke recently with Lichtman about the situation with Chapo and the challenges of defending a notorious kingpin.

Combine increased taxes with the major disruption single-payer promises for people who have insurance already, and the political challenges become evident.

On “Hoax,” co-produced by Novelist-affiliate PREM, Novelist issues battle challenges galore as a primed and pumped beat bobs around him.

It’s 2017, and you’d think the technical, legal, and administrative challenges of running an esports event would be clear by now.

There are some challenges in your intimate relationships today, but after you work things out, things could be better than before.

Opie challenges her viewer to look more carefully as she obscures some of the objects she photographs.

What are the challenges to making people understand and adopt a neither-here-nor-there solution?

This job definitely comes with its personal challenges but you figure it out along the way.

It’s not just the users: Even the “challenges” themselves, or the many replicable memes that go viral on TikTok, are pretty corny.

Onstage, you get to hear from industry leaders about the challenges they’re facing and the opportunities they see, via our trademark unscripted interviews.

It’s just a tiny sampling of the infinite feedback loop of challenges and memes within the TikTok ecosystem.

But what if Congress challenges a state’s electoral votes and cannot decide?

Digital media is facing its own challenges, and the interesting thing for me was looking at the main problems.

Cause one, there’s the different challenges you have.

But, faces a number of challenges around video being the kind of revenue driver for them.

“Investors are wary, and overall, this is another symptom of the challenges the coal industry faces,” he said.

Trump’s move to rescind DACA prompted legal challenges by Democratic state attorneys general and various organizations and individuals in multiple federal courts.

This historic ruling stems from challenges to India’s controversial Aadhaar scheme — a government database that assigns a unique identification number to every Indian.

“It was one of them things where I always took challenges on.

In the statement, Bachelet said she acknowledges the complexity of the immigration crisis and the challenges that the US faces.

Ajit Pai’s FCC could run face-first into the same jurisdictional challenges.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said on Monday North Korea is “one of the toughest national security challenges”.

But he faces a number of challenges, including shortages of foreign currency.

We have softer challenges.

A lot of the robotics challenges are like that, you do this many tasks, or you do … That’s right.

Military planners during the Reagan years worried about the challenges of sending American ships to the Gulf during such a tense time.

And then they have to speak to the kinds of challenges that art produces.

We hope challenges in a sentence examples were helpful.