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The soldier, “no matter from what race stock he comes — Teuton, Slav, Czech, Italian, celt or Anglo-Saxon — all rubbing elbows in a common service to a common Fatherland — out comes the hyphen — up goes the Stars and Stripes and in a generation the melting pot will have melted.” Note that Breckinridge did not include Asian immigrants in his list of nationalities, but those immigrants nonetheless heard the promise of soldier-citizenship and quickly moved to translate their work in the war into naturalization.

That well-known Hellenistic sculpture features a mortally wounded celt exuding handsomeness, grace and beauty, blissful while bleeding.

Think of Murphy’s Law: the notion of an individual being perpetually doomed and ever confronting impending crisis (a mindset to which I am deeply sympathetic) are riven through the celt creed and the green demesne of Meadow Slasher.

But when the Cherchen man, an ancient mummy who appeared to be (and, later supported by DNA evidence, was) a celt, was discovered in China in 1978, his well-preserved tartan pants proved that celts have worn plaid for at least 3,000 years.

For the full Casement treatment, readers can go elsewhere—his pioneering human rights work, his role in the Easter Uprising, and his legacy as a gay touchstone have been covered in countless biographies, and in Mario Vargas Llosa’s unexpectedly exhaustive The Dream of the celt (2012).

The last novel by Mario Vargas Llosa, The Dream of the celt, is the story of an Irishman who denounced the rubber industry for its role in the brutal and savage extermination of hundreds of thousands of indigenous.

Known as the ‘Beltin’ celt‘, ‘Dublin Dynamiter’, ‘Dublin Destroyer’, ‘Murderous Mick’, ‘The Belfast Spider’, ‘The Jew Killer’, ‘The Jew Beater’, ‘Hebrew Scourge’ and ‘The Irish Lullaby’, the edgy names are a great reminder of the cultural differences that existed during his heyday.

Enya’s continued success, her ever-present presence in the annals of music history, is, I think at least, reliant on a combination of raw talent—she’s an absurdly gifted musician, lyricist, and arranger, with a seemingly innate ability to stumble across melodies that are both contemporary and seemingly etched into ancient Irish lands—and a refusal to play the very game she’s watching over, just as much as the celt thing.

You get the sense that he regards most of his time spent with the antediluvian celt and her disciples as a vexingly steep deductible he has to pay as a part of occupational therapy.

I wear a hat because I’m a ginger and a celt in Southern California.” ♦

Meanwhile, Adrienne celt’s Invitation to a Bonfire is a slower burn, in part because the narrator, Zoya, is an orphan, isolated and unloved in a new country.

Zoya, the heroine of Adrienne celt’s Invitation to a Bonfire, doesn’t have a sister or even a best friend to obsess over — but there is a woman who haunts her past: “Little Vera, with her tall shoes, her black hair, her long and perfect nose.” As an upper-class Russian woman, Vera represents the world Zoya never had access to, and that her family’s politics force her to question.

There, she is teased for her accent and her class status, “[a] little exotic, a little pathetic.” celt carefully positions Zoya as a quiet, lonely underdog who must make her own way in America — the kind of young woman who could easily be swept up by forces bigger than herself, and who doesn’t have the temperament to be angry about the poverty and isolation that make her vulnerable to abuse.

“[Before] him, I’d had nothing, and if I lost him, things would go back to the way they’d been.” But these heartbreaking first-person confessions are also how celt thwarts the reader’s expectations about Zoya’s ability to wield anger and deception.

As in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace or Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley, celt creates a sympathetic protagonist caught up in circumstances beyond her control, rather than a cold-blooded villain who contributes to her own ruin.

“A woman pushed over the edge, maybe to a sanatorium, maybe something more, when she found out her control was less than total.” (celt’s real-life models for Lev and Vera are the novelist Vladimir Nabokov and his wife Véra, who was well-known for typing and editing the famous author’s pages, driving his car, and, on occasion, teaching his classes.)

In Zoya’s final bid for freedom from Lev and Vera, celt upends stereotypes about innocence and guile, deception and honesty.

When women write women who kill, especially when they’re as talented as Abbott and Braithwaite and celt, we don’t get inert female figures but living, breathing, complicated ones.

Marvel said in a statement that there was no problem with the casting of Ms. Swinton as the Ancient One since the character was written as a celt in the film and is not Asian at all.

Casement’s life is exactly the sort to pique a writer’s imagination, and indeed, in 2010 the Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa made him the hero of a novel, “The Dream of the celt,” of which Liesl Schillinger wrote in these pages: “Vargas Llosa’s revulsion at Casement’s accounts of the horrors to be found in Congo and Amazonia, as well as his respect for the consul’s role in exposing them, may have sapped his desire to take many liberties in reconceiving Casement’s personal history.” In particular, Vargas Llosa gave short shrift to Casement’s love affairs, with the result that “The Dream of the celt” reads less like a work of fully imagined fiction than a political biography in narrative form — expository, dry, oddly lifeless.

Count me as a proud celt, and a Europhile, a lover of everything from tiny French villages to the Gothic vastness of a thousand-year-old cathedral to the ruins of Greek theaters on Sicilian slopes.

■ 61A: I knew that the singer Enya, who is Irish, was influenced by celtic music, but I found it tricky that the answer to “Influence for Enya, historically” was celt.

I had CE_ _ and, between those two letters and the “informally” part of the clue, figured out that the answer was celt.

[A few minutes pass] PASCO: I’ve got celt / AVOID / INKING.

DER: It could also be CENT / NOCK instead of celt / LOCK.

celt is either a sports reference or historically a person from Britain.

So as Joel and I look at this grid, we would just go row by row and column by column, checking the entries: celt, EACH, MODS and the rest.

Historically, this has played out in the practices of the Census Bureau and the Citizenship and Immigration Services that “recorded race and ethnicity categories over time, e.g., ‘celt’ and ‘Hebrew’ once appeared outside of the ‘Caucasian’ category.” Jones argues that at the current moment in U.S. history, we actually need the admittedly fictional concept of “whiteness” to understand recent events that are driven by a motivation to defend a perceived threat to white demographic and cultural dominance: the mass murder of nine worshipers in Charleston by the Confederate flag wielding Dylann Roof, the white supremacists marching in Charlottesville chanting “you/Jews will not replace us,” and even the unlikely but unflagging support for Donald Trump among white evangelical Protestants nostalgic to resurrect the cultural world of the 1950s.

Radwanska said she was not leaving tennis completely, adding, “it’s time for new challenges, new ideas, equally as exciting as those on the tennis court, I hope.” Last year Radwanska married Dawid celt, her hitting partner.

A celt or Egyptian who moved to Rome would, you’d expect, become just as Roman as the next guy.

“Larry Bird is not walking through that door, fans,” Pitino said of the legendary celt in that now-infamous rant.

According to prosecutors, Burak admitted to drinking a Manhattan cocktail and a glass of wine at the Christmas party, which was held at the Square celt Ale House & Grill at Orland Square Mall.

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