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But according to Rosenstein, Ohr has never worked on the Mueller investigation or the 2016 surveillance of carter Page, the Trump foreign policy adviser.

Yet note what the memo does not claim: that Ohr had anything to do with the surveillance application on carter Page.

carter also vetoed a public works appropriations bill because he wasn’t a fan of water projects that he deemed wasteful government spending.

says … noting that he looks up to guys like 41-year-old Vince carter for inspiration.

As we reported … Knight ran over Terry carter back in January 2015 in the Tam’s Burgers parking lot in Compton.

That makes enough sense, but carter is, honestly, too productive for that job.

Cops are rushing to Aaron carter‘s home after getting a report he appeared to be under the influence of something … TMZ has learned.

There was one part, which numerous reviews mentioned, where carter Baizen attacks Caleb and threatens to make him his “wiyotch.”

Lil Wayne Lil Wayne finally released Tha carter V. Doesn’t even matter if it’s good or not.

I think black women would put their vote to Kamala Harris,” carter said.

How do we address better health care?” carter said.

The other doctors scramble to save the lives of both, but only carter makes it out.

Bush, Jimmy carter, and Herbert Hoover also had significant private sector experience on their résumés, and none, arguably, performed spectacularly well.

Since the carter presidency, Johnson’s lawyers claim, their client has been held in an artificially-lit cell “approximately 7 feet by 12 feet.”

“I remember as a kid thinking it would be so awesome if they were real,” says carter.

His family jokes about his sudden fanaticism, but carter defends his passion.

Oliver Noble and carter Sherman contributed reporting.

Instead, she seems to be experimenting, like a dutiful student: “Here is my Angela carter pastiche.

“Jimmy carter put his peanut farm into a blind trust that had the power to sell it,” he says.

President Jimmy carter has spent the past 30 years waging a war to eradicate guinea worm — a battle he is incredibly close to winning.

But thanks to the work of the carter Center, there were only 22 cases of guinea worm in 2015, a stunning public health victory.

carter announced this summer that he was battling brain cancer (more recent brain scans, from December, show that surgery has left him cancer-free).

According to Donald Hopkins, vice president for health programs at the carter Center, a major tactic that made eradication feasible was public health education.

You may have listened to Ella Fitzgerald this morning but something tells me you didn’t read about Jimmy carter.

You may have listened to Ella Fitzgerald this morning but something tells me you didn’t read about Jimmy carter.

Emmett carter, the owner of the restaurant, is still seeking justice for Toot; she tells MUNCHIES that police currently have suspects in custody.

The company is also suing LeBron’s business partner, Maverick carter.

However, carter also said the Pentagon could decertify the 198 photographs released on Friday because they would not harm national security.

The Energy Department was established by President Jimmy carter in 1977 after an embargo by oil-exporting nations led to shortages in the United States.

As both carter and Clinton quickly learned, members of Congress have ideas of their own.

Yet even this measure has its roots in proposals going back to the carter era and initiatives to offset regulatory costs in other nations.

So members mobilized, installing a hard-liner known as Harlon carter in the leadership, forever changing the NRA into the gun lobby we know today.

Presidents from William McKinley to Franklin Roosevelt to Jimmy carter terminated international agreements without explicit congressional authorization — including some that dealt with trade.

carter became known for his work with the Bang Bang Club, especially documenting the cruelty of the South African Apartheid.

Afterwards, carter chased the bird away, but did nothing else for the girl except share her image with the world.

The photograph earned carter a Pulitzer Prize in 1994 and The American Magazine awarded it the picture of the year.

But according to members of his administration, Trump doesn’t know carter Page, who was once a foreign policy adviser for his campaign.

carter Page is an individual who the president-elect does not know and was put on notice months ago by the campaign,” Spicer insisted.

For months, carter Page and his ties to Russia have been a thorn in the Trump administration’s side.

Morgan Conley, Alex Lubben, Gabrielle Bluestone, Noah Kulwin, Nick Miriello, Louisa Oreskes, carter Sherman, David Gilbert and Christina Sterbenz contributed to these reports.

carter Page, another Trump foreign policy adviser, has served as an adviser for Gazprom, Russia’s state-run energy corporation.

Even in the 2016 miniseries, you can see that carter still has good ideas.

But where carter increasingly falls apart is in the execution of his good ideas.

Even if you look back at carter‘s ’90s career, his best ideas usually emerged when others were helping steer the ship.

(carter returned for Millennium’s third — and worst — season.)

None of this means carter‘s work is without merit — after all, he created The X-Files.

So the best approach here is simple: Let carter do what he does best by coming up with ideas.

Realistically, Chris carter is never going to leave The X-Files entirely.

But carter probably shouldn’t be writing and directing fully half of any future X-Files miniseries that happen.

When the series was doing 22 to 25 episodes per season, carter realistically couldn’t do that.

As such, it was weird enough to make me think carter might still strike gold now and then.

But carter has always had a tremendous eye for talent when it comes to writers, too.

So there was the lot of that, stuff like carter USM, people using terrible puns, and making records that sound very scratchy.

She argues that a Trump presidency may most closely resemble that of Jimmy carter.

(Others are physicists Holger Bech Nielsen and Brandon carter and philosopher John Leslie.)

To this day, Gott’s method, and a related one developed by carter and Leslie, inspire a lively stream of journal articles.

The twins, named Sir carter and Rumi, are “one month old” according to the singer’s post.

Sir carter and Rumi 1 month today.

Similarly, the introduction of Sir carter and Rumi calls back to paintings of the Madonna with her son, the Christ child.

Beyoncé and her husband, Shawn carter (better known as rapper Jay-Z), welcomed their first child, daughter Blue Ivy carter, in 2012.

Benzing first met O’Connell while doing promotional film work for the carter Burden Gallery for aging artists.

You might have caught yourself referring to Shawn Corey carter (that’s JAY-Z’s government name) as “Beyoncé’s husband.”

He’s returned to Jay-Z on 4:44 but stylized as JAY-Z, though many will argue he’s now the grown-ass Shawn carter.

“I knew something was gonna come up about my kid,” he told hosts LeBron James and Maverick carter.

He has not been the “best” Raptor during this stretch, nor does his remarkable peak match that of Vince carter.

“So please don’t become the next Jimmy carter.

“It’s not extreme, it’s what is going to happen,” carter said of the campaign’s slogan.

“We usually get nothing,” carter said.

Tyson and carter took notice of the attention and cash suddenly being showered on their state.

“I think the party needs to do a better job of engaging,” carter said.

We want to bring Alabama into the 21st century.” carter was similarly optimistic about Alabama’s Democratic Party expanding after Tuesday night’s win.

The decision to discontinue the mass-market paperback edition is only the latest in a series of controversies surrounding carter.

And last week, carter successfully had Lee’s will sealed from the public.

carter has not made any public statement about the choice to discontinue the mass-market paperback edition of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Consider President Jimmy carter’s glorious post-presidential career.

The delegates were in no mood to abandon Jimmy carter.

Jackie carter (1953–2016), publishing executive and advocate for racial diversity in children’s books.

carter Sherman contributed reporting.

Former U.S. President Jimmy carter on Friday said a full investigation “would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016.

Reiser played carter Burke, an untrustworthy and manipulative corporate representative who sends the main character Ripley into danger.

Former Trump adviser carter Page, who also has financial interests in Russia and central Asia, has also been closely scrutinized.

They also created one of Marvel’s TV spinoff series, Agent carter.

“At this point, it’s more pointing to the second quarter as more probable (but) it could still be first quarter,” carter said.

There would be “very, very significant” revenue synergies in the new company resulting from the merger, carter said at the conference.

But that was before carter’s attorney general issued guidance saying that when a funding gap like that exists, government functions must shut down.

carter’s “shutdowns” didn’t lead to any federal employees being sent home and denied pay.

Another loose Trump campaign associate, carter Page, had been in and out of Russia for nearly two decades.

After walking Kelly Gruber, he got Joe carter to pop out meekly to second.

They had two sons, Anderson and carter.

For Laura-Mary carter from Blood Red Shoes, there were even positives to take from her battle.

Pope Boniface VIII (Downton Abbey’s Jim carter) is the Pope.

Correction: The original version of this article identified the actor playing the pope as “Philip carter.” His name is Jim carter.

3:00 AM PT carter just told TMZ, he does indeed owe money, but the amount was being negotiated when the lawsuit was filed.

7:30 PM PT — Troy carter tells TMZ, he never borrowed money from Scooter.

carter does not specifically say if he still owes Scooter money.

Ithaca Management Holdings, Scooter’s Co., is suing Troy carter — in addition to managing Gaga, he used to be a muckety-muck at Spotify.

In the docs, Ithaca Management says it loaned carter in excess of $10 mil in June 2016.

Sources connected to the case tell us carter was arbitrating a dispute with his ex-client, Gaga.

IMH sent a letter to carter in August demanding its funds … to no avail.

Shawn “JAY-Z” carter was the first guest on CNN’s new talk show, The Van Jones Show, last night.

The conversation about Trump was particularly interesting, given that carter has often veiled (however thinly) his criticisms of the President in interviews.

Jones also asked carter about Meek Mill, who is currently serving between two and four years in federal prison for a minor probation infraction.

“Meek is a beacon,” carter said.

carter also discussed #MeToo, comparing the movement to the fight against institutionalized racism.

She was formally indicted on both charges by a local grand jury this week, her lawyer, Don carter, said in a telephone interview.

She was arraigned Thursday morning before Judge Wayne Salvant and then posted $10,000 bail on the new charge of money laundering, carter said.

She was formally indicted on both charges by a local grand jury this week, her lawyer, Don carter, said in a telephone interview.

She was arraigned Thursday morning before Judge Wayne Salvant and then posted $10,000 bail on the new charge of money laundering, carter said.

The teenager’s story, reported by carter Sherman of Vice News, is part of a larger pattern.

“Look, if African Americans voted overwhelmingly Republican, they would have kept early voting right where it was,” the consultant, carter Wrenn, said.

Could you buy a Jimmy carter analogue embroiled in skullduggery?

I’ve literally given up my own method of making a living here in Plains,” carter said at the time.

Iran released the hostages in 1981 because of Jimmy carter‘s negotiations, not because of Reagan’s toughness.

Fanning was previously undersecretary of the Air Force and chief of staff to Defense Secretary Ash carter.

Griffin Bell, who had been the attorney general in the carter administration, started the practice there, an investigative practice.

You are talking about the carter administration.

Fanning was previously undersecretary of the Air Force and chief of staff to Defense Secretary Ash carter.

I wasn’t in the carter administration, I’m not that old!

The ex-music mogul was in the L.A. courtroom Thursday morning to hear Terry carter‘s family read their victims impact statements.

He’s been in jail awaiting trial for around 3 1/2 years … ever since he was arrested in 2015 for fatally driving over carter.

It’s difficult to think of two modern political figures more different than Donald Trump and Jimmy carter.

carter came into the White House with quiet style, downplaying the trapping of the office.

But carter remains an illuminating parallel within an important theory of the presidency: political time.

Turning to the executive branch, Trump’s transition already reveals some parallels between his administration and carter‘s.

Watkins worked for Buzzfeed when she published her April 3 story on carter Page.

Brett Abbott was appointed director of collections and exhibitions at the the Amon carter Museum of American Art.

A 1980 debate between Democratic President Jimmy carter and Republican challenger Ronald Reagan drew 80.6 million viewers.

They used to say Vince carter, but now they might be saying Zach LaVine—or, perhaps better: Aaron Gordon.

Helena Bonham carter was made a CBE in 2012.

Whoever Conde does hire will have to do the job without the resources carter has.

Aaron carter is a man who just came out as bisexual but is now in hot pursuit of women who will pleasure him.

Senator Dianne Feinstein on Tuesday sent letters to former Trump campaign advisers carter Page, Sam Clovis, J.D.

They also varied ideologically — Lee carter, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, won an underdog victory.

Halper had also reached out to carter Page beforehand, but it’s not clear if that was at the FBI’s behest.

Father and son carter and Quadean, shown in a black and white image, are so full of joy that they burst into laughter.

Defense Secretary Ashton carter moved to change that policy last June.

It seems Rumi and Sir carter are the new additions to the family.

Short story … Rumi and Sir are about to become part of the carter empire.

11:51 AM PT — Aaron carter has been released on bond, TMZ has learned.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Ash carter visited Baghdad earlier this month to show their support.

8:45 AM PT — Bail for carter has been set at $4,610.

Aaron carter has been arrested in Georgia on charges of DUI refusal, possession of marijuana and possession of drug related objects … TMZ has confirmed.

carter‘s girlfriend, Madison Parker, was in the car with carter and was also arrested.

So you took over this job from one of the best-known magazine editors out there, Graydon carter, a celebrity in his own right.

The FBI and DOJ obtained one initial FISA warrant targeting carter Page and three FISA renewals from the FISC.

carter Sherman Donald Trump is spreading inaccuracies about American taxes again.

Jimmy carter began his administration with a strong emphasis on human rights, but shifted course midterm.

“It was easier for (Jimmy) carter or Lyndon Johnson, even Bill Clinton as southern whites to do things specifically for black people,” Young said.

And then there’s the problem of Sharon carter, Peggy’s great-niece and Steve’s love interest in Captain America: Civil War.

But is it possible that we’re making the same mistake that the Democrats made with Jimmy carter?

Troy carter, the founder of Girls Who Code.

On January 21, 1977, for instance, President Jimmy carter granted an unconditional pardon to all Vietnam War draft dodgers.

With a stroke of his pen, carter took an estimated 210,000 criminals and made them not-criminals.

carter Sherman contributed reporting.

A little over a month after her killing, 31-year-old Ciara Minaj carter Frazier was fatally stabbed in the West Side of Chicago.

This time, though, Steve also learns that she is none other than Sharon carter — the niece of his World War II–era love, Peggy.

The one that responded was Jimmy carter, and a little while later an envelope arrived with a ziplock bag containing some clippings.

Yuskey carter) 13.

— President Jimmy carter, speaking on the importance having of a national privacy policy in a 1979 message to Congress.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy carter have also traveled to Pyongyang.

This datapoint affirms the NEA’s pivot toward funding arts education and veteran programs under the organization’s new acting chairwoman, Mary Anne carter.

Mr. carter capped the night by giving another spirited tribute.

(Some say Jimmy carter was kicked out of office for being honest about America’s problems.)

Ash carter was more pro encryption, which you know, I mean, it’s very different people.

However, Trump remains clearly above where the recent presidents who have gotten really unpopular — Richard Nixon, Jimmy carter, George H.W.

“Do you think I would communicate with carter Page?

carter will be “global head of creator services,” which means he will work with musicians, songwriters and labels.

carter has already worked as a Spotify proxy, arguing against Taylor Swift’s decision to keep her latest album off of Spotify.

When the carter administration took office, it made human rights more of a priority in foreign policy, including in its relations with Argentina.

O’Connell’s currently in town filming a new TV show called “carter.”

carter filmed an entire episode in black and white and crammed it full of homages to the movie Frankenstein.

They were, however, united in their sense that the Democratic Party of Jimmy carter and Ted Kennedy was not for them.

The technocratic impulse also lends itself to engineering types like carter and his Depression-era counterpart Herbert Hoover.

Meredith Broussard is an assistant professor at the Arthur L. carter Journalism Institute of New York University.

Jimmy carter, to a lesser extent, the same thing.

All were in the Obama administration when then-Secretary of Defense Ash carter announced transgender troops could serve openly on June 30, 2016.

“It is a combat death, of course, and a very sad loss,” US Defense Secretary Ash carter told reporters during a trip to Germany.

“It is a combat death, of course, and a very sad loss,” US Defense Secretary Ash carter told reporters during a trip to Germany.

carter said that Saudi immunity has no merit, and that the lawsuit should be able to proceed based on existing laws.

carter‘s managed to stay so vital as a part of Chicago’s house community by always bucking trends and staying himself.

Just because it was a high profile festival set did not change carter‘s commitment to unrelenting grooves.

The three advisers the professor reached out to were George Papadopoulos, carter Page, and Sam Clovis.

Conservatives have raised more questions about the professor’s several contacts with carter Page, for a few reasons.

carter writes: Trump promised to stack with his administration with generals, and has — unusually — kept his word.

And it is building what Defense Secretary Ashton carter called “little nests” in the country’s east.

And winning is the reason why carter should now return to Toronto.

Toronto and carter certainly haven’t grown together, but they have grown to a stage where they now belong together.

Bringing carter home would benefit Toronto now and in the future.

carter is a lovable veteran, and the Raptors are actually short on veteran presences.

The Atlanta Hawks are actually better when carter‘s on the court than when he’s off of it.

When Toronto is at full health in the playoffs, with a rotation likely cut to 9 or 10, carter would not make the cut.

In his 21 years in the league, carter has been many things.

The Raptors no longer miss carter like they once did, which creates an opening where once there was only hostility.

Precisely because the Raptors have passed carter by is why they are finally ready to bring him home.

“This might be the first Derrick carter single.

The funny story with this is that I played at Smart Bar last year at Derrick carter‘s party.

They didn’t even try to contact Derrick carter for the compilation.

A weak president at the time, carter projected strength, declaring the Persian Gulf a vital national security interest.

Every president since carter, in his own way, has upheld this conviction.

There was an additional factor related to domestic politics, and that factor related to Jimmy carter‘s weakness and vulnerability.

Cover image: In this Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018 photo, Chris carter holds the Lininger’s family Bible in Omaha, Neb.

(They eventually went forward sans the chair — and carter.)

Every president since carter has, in their own way, doubled down on this strategy.

Every president since Jimmy carter has embraced and indeed doubled down on this strategy.

Although neither has offered to register under FARA, allegations of ties to Russia also plague former Trump campaign advisers Roger Stone and carter Page.

Abrams’s campaign joined former President Jimmy carter and several voting and civil rights groups in calling for Kemp to resign before the election.

His press conference was basically what carter’s “cackling and stroking his evil pussycat” looks like in real life.

As a young adult, Mike Pence voted for Jimmy carter after a catchphrase he coined, “I’m a carter Supparter,” went semi-viral.

If the assessments provided by carter and Dunford are accurate, then the deck is getting stacked very heavily against IS indeed.

Jimmy carter sold his peanut farm.

“Souls don’t break they bend,” Dan writes, his polarized mindset reflected in frontman Sam carter‘s pained screams and tender croon.

Welcome new Beyoncé baby Sir carter.

Sir carter carter?

Sir carter Knowles-carter?

Miles away from the closest town, Mark carter, Bryan Iguchi, and Nathaniel Murphy form a self-reliant snowboarding crew.

The younger duo consists of the 25-year-old Seth and his college buddy carter, a trust-funder with blond dreadlocks and an enviable record collection.

In terms of the novel, Kunzru explains that this is the now-familiar quest for authenticity, in that “carter feels that blackness is realness.

“These fuckers think this music was made in 1928,” scoffs carter, “but actually we made it.

President Jimmy carter served four years and saw no open seats.

Twenty-some years later, carter now runs the Pentagon as defense secretary.

carter described a world where not just American power but also global peace and stability will be increasingly challenged by other powers.

I asked carter why he believed this was happening — what is driving the problem, and thus, by extension, what is the appropriate response?

While carter was careful not to call the Chinese leadership irrational, he clearly sees Beijing as acting against its own interests.

carter seems to take a harder line, seeking primarily to deter Russia and China rather than negotiate with them.

It still applies today, but as the technology and norms of warfare are changing, carter says deterrence needs to change as well.

When I asked carter about this, he answered that deterrence had to be about more than just coldly calculated red lines and retaliatory threats.

carter acknowledged that these norms are still being established.

But when I asked carter if he was satisfied with the level of military-to-military cooperation, he answered flatly, “No.”

Surely carter had seen people express this reaction many times in his career, I pointed out.

I expected carter to downplay the threat of nuclear weapons, and not just because he has been around them for so long.

But while carter emphasized the physical security of America’s nuclear weapons, he did not downplay their threat.

carter‘s answer, again, was deterrence.

Aaron carter doesn’t drink or get DUIs … which is what Aaron carter said days before getting arrested for DUI refusal.

I asked carter, whether these sorts of risks are just the cost of maintaining nuclear deterrence.

As carter put it, deterrence has the word “terror” in it for a reason.

The root of Trump’s concerns is that members of his campaign staff, including former adviser carter Page, were under FBI investigation.

carter Page: One of the oddest subplots of the Russia scandal focuses on businessman carter Page.

So when Steve Rogers returns to the past to live out a life with Peggy carter, doesn’t he effectively enter a new universe entirely?

He conducted a $3 million talent search and found 5 unknowns to form a band — Nick carter, A.J.

“That’s a serious problem.” carter Sherman reported this update.

Alex Thompson, Olivia Becker, Christina Sterbenz, carter Sherman, Morgan Conley, Alexa Liautaud, and Alex Lubben contributed to these reports.

“We’re systematically eliminating ISIL’s cabinet,” US Defense Secretary Ash carter said during a briefing last Friday.

TK: There are people you never meet like James Baldwin or Angela carter or Jane Bowles, who you read.

In 1979, Jimmy carter ordered 32 solar panels to be placed on the residence.

“So please don’t become the next Jimmy carter.

Perhaps Vince carter can be blamed.

Plus Donovan carter and Kris D. Lofton of the hit HBO series Ballers stop by to discuss Season 4, premiering this Sunday.

What happened to Sharon carter?

What used to be an American “Special Interests” building that blasted anti-Socialist propaganda during the carter era is now a full-blown embassy.

What happened to Sharon carter and will Captain America see her again?

In “Captain America: Civil War” carter and Steve Rogers started getting cozy after her aunt Peggy’s funeral.

carter was in early drafts of “Infinity War” that were trimmed out to better serve the larger story.

Maybe Rogers will reunite with carter in “Endgame” or learn she disappeared along with Bucky and Sam Wilson.

Buddy carter’s town hall in Savannah, Georgia, on Tuesday afternoon, people wearing pink Planned Parenthood shirts filled the room.

To top it all off, carter gave me one of his drumsticks.

carter won Texas and carter won the presidency, and it may have been a tamale that did it.”

Five months later, carter was quite clearly about to become his party’s nominee.

But carter saw a need to depoliticize the FBI, at a moment when fallout from Watergate continued.

carter, who had endorsed the idea of a 10-year term, let the wounded director continued at the FBI until February 1978, when Kelley retired.

Jimmy carter did well in the New Hampshire primary in 1976, defeating Mo Udall, the second-place finisher, by almost 6 percentage points.

Cheryl carter is playing fast and loose on Twitter.

carter Zurawel, a yoga instructor in Calgary, Canada, replied to Greene’s tweet: “That Hacken video was great man!

carter Sherman Donald Trump is spreading inaccuracies about American taxes again.

Bill Clinton, Jimmy carter, and Richard Nixon had approval ratings in the 50s in the fourth quarter of their first presidential year.

Some people I’ve spoken to agree with carter about the video versus still question, and others don’t.

McLean is standing by his fellow Backstreet Boy … saying there’s no deep mystery behind Nick carter‘s arrest — dude just got drunk.

President: Jimmy carter Senate: Democrats (59-41), Majority Leader Robert Byrd House: Democrats (292-143), Speaker Tip O’Neill Why: Punting the abortion dispute didn’t work!

This gap ended when carter signed yet another short-term extension.

carter ultimately prevailed, and funding for the carrier and the projects he opposed was stripped.

Tuesday night saw the return of Agent carter, Marvel’s delightful, offbeat spy show featuring the indomitable Hayley Atwell.

Agent carter is a triumph — it’s fun and cheeky, yet its female hero is dynamic and strong.

Blue Ivy carter has a knack for stealing the spotlight … whether it’s ballet dancing or dabbing … and this video does not disappoint.

—Violet Bonham carter O God!

Kara Swisher: I dared Ash to hug the flag, but … Ash carter: Don’t tempt me.

Thank you so much, Secretary carter, Kara.

Ash carter: One more?

The bureau soon acquired a warrant to spy on carter Page, a Trump foreign policy adviser with longstanding financial ties to the Kremlin.

Ash carter: One more?

carter Cleveland, the platform’s co-founder and former chief executive, will begin a new role as executive chairman.

But others within his administration — including Defense Secretary Ash carter — leaned toward Apple’s side.

He says that’s when carter got physically aggressive — “striking and choking” Carden.

Sources connected to the bar described the alleged assault as carter squeezing Carden’s larynx.

We broke the story … carter was busted for misdemeanor battery.

Carden’s attorney, Mark DiCowden, says carter is nothing more than a “backstreet thug” who inflicted mental anguish, pain and suffering on Carden.

After Sanders spoke out against an unchecked US “oligarchy” Monday, carter said: “Y’all see why I voted for him?

Coming into the 1980 convention, incumbent Jimmy carter had the delegates.

carter was not beloved among Democrats, one reason why Kennedy had challenged him in the first place.

In that case, former President Jimmy carter acted as an intermediary and Assistant Secretary of State Robert Gallucci was the head US negotiator.

Legendary NBA forward Vince carter added, “RiP to my friend the great Penny Marshall.

The writing by Fazekas and Butters (showrunners and writers for Marvel’s Agent carter on ABC) is snappy, crisp, and playful.

carter told fans on Twitter: “Thanks for the concerns… you guys are amazing.

You’ve got two women in the running in the race to succeed Democratic congressman John carter.

In 1976, he was President Gerald Ford’s vice presidential choice, but that ticket lost to Jimmy carter and Walter Mondale.

Nahziah carter going after dudes 😵 @_Clutchcarter @TheCityRocks #2017EYBL #NikeEYBL

Sooo … don’t count your carter 5s before they hatch.

We ain’t hating, since carter Wilkinson DID beat out Ellen DeGeneres for most retweets in history — 3,433,823 with his #nuggsforcarter campaign.

carter started his quest last month when he tweeted Wendy’s asking how many retweets he needed to score the deal.

He said the detainees who were released Thursday, which carter personally approved, took place after a deliberate and careful review.”

But this year, Andersen and his Spy co-founder Graydon carter’s three-decade-old magazine articles have taken on new life.

Jonathan McDaniel, also known as Lil’ J, got his acting debut as Devon carter, Raven’s crush and eventual boyfriend throughout the series.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash carter talks with Kara Swisher about his efforts to unite the Pentagon and Silicon Valley behind common goals.

x Scheduled performers at the festival include Derrick carter, Derrick May, Zed Bias, Jackmaster, Skream, MJ Cole, and Nightmares on Wax, among others.

Reginae carter was gushing with love and praise for the album on Friday.

Jake Layman and Robert carter are less fun, which explains why they’re not projected to go as high as their teammates.

Then there’s the story of outgoing First Lady Rosalynn carter‘s treatment of incoming First Lady Nancy Reagan in 1980.

The party it celebrates, Mister 250, will take place at carter and Harkin’s Nowadays venue in Ridgewood on Sunday, June 25.

This tendency began with Nixon and carter, but became especially pronounced in the past two presidencies.

Aaron carter says cops targeted him at an AutoZone Saturday because of his celebrity and that’s why he was busted for DUI refusal.

The modern era of mandate politics dates back to a president that few would consider pivotal: Jimmy carter.

This isn’t because carter claimed the 1976 election was any kind of stunning victory for him or his party.

Nevertheless, carter was the first president elected after Watergate.

Thicke is survived by his three sons — carter, Brennan, and Robin— and his wife Tanya.

FYI, Papayans is the same guy who got into a bar fight alongside Nick carter in 2016.

Chris carter farmed the pages of Feral House books for the adventures of Mulder and Scully.

carter PAGE – The FBI concluded during the campaign that Page, a foreign-policy adviser, was probably an agent for the Russian government.

The Justice Department launched an internal investigation on Wednesday into how the FBI got permission to spy on former Trump campaign adviser carter Page.

Zachary carter at the Huffington Post argues that Clinton’s jabs at Sanders amount to little more than “semantic gamesmanship” and mischaracterize the situation.

It stars Susan Sarandon as a vicious, scheming warden and Ron Perlman as carter, the inmates’ leader.

“Smile” tells a love story from the perspective of Jay’s mother, Gloria carter.

DIUx was set up two years ago by Mattis’ predecessor, Ash carter.

Well, typically at this point, we didn’t know Jimmy carter, we didn’t know Michael Dukakis, we didn’t know Barack Obama.

Jerry Brown, who was running against carter for the Democratic nomination, supported it at the time.

Bush, and George W. Bush) and 18 years under three Democratic presidents (Jimmy carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama through 2015).

“Based on what I just said, which I can’t retract, I would say yes,” carter said, as the crowd responded with chuckles.

Jimmy carter says Trump is an ‘illegitimate president.’ carter’s position is a matter of opinion.

Bush, work that got him in hot water for, interestingly, allegedly spying on President Jimmy carter’s campaign.

carter’s opinion, however — coming as it does from a former president — is a remarkable one.

Some Reagan White House officials later alleged that Halper had used former CIA agents to run an operation against carter.

On July 7 of that year, Trump foreign policy adviser carter Page traveled to Moscow to give a lecture.

Photo by J Pat carter for the Washington Post.

Jimmy carter may also owe his presidency to Iowa, as he was little-known in a crowded field before his strong showing there in 1976.

The Amon carter Museum of American Art acquired 46 photographs by Brett Weston.

Aaron carter‘s plan to buy a gun got thwarted by a computer.

“It would be unethical to proceed without any funds to mount a defense,” carter says, describing himself as Campbell’s lawyer in name only.

For his part, carter says he will not stop if the higher court delivers an unfavorable ruling.

Some reveal influences, like a 1920s Bauhaus poster alongside MoMA’s bold red logo designed by Ivan Chermayeff and Matthew carter.

carter says if you’re talking about the 1st round … pass like Dak Prescott.

Moderators: A question from James carter.

James carter: My question is, do you believe you can be a devoted president to all the people in the United States?

Mr. carter, I have tried my entire life to do what I can to support children and families.

carter Sherman and Michael Hopper

Aaron carter‘s got a message for the guy who attacked him and accused him of being racist — Me encanta los Mexicanos!

VICE: Where did you get your weed today?carter: I actually get it from my brother, he lives in BC.

“You are now overseeing the election in which you are a candidate,” carter wrote.

The Kemp campaign and a carter spokeswoman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Johnson was at the Tam’s parking lot the day Suge ran over Terry carter, killing him.

carter is embarking on a weeklong campaign to sell this year’s defense budget request, before President Barack Obama’s formal budget submission.

31 and 35), with the Grizzlies sending guards Kyle Korver and Jevon carter to Phoenix, according to ESPN.

But keep it in perspective: The entire Department of Defense’s budget request for Fiscal 2017 is, according to carter, going to be $582.7 billion.

—Chicago Bulls center Wendell carter Jr. will undergo a core muscle procedure next week, the team announced.

carter is embarking on a weeklong campaign to sell this year’s defense budget request, before President Barack Obama’s formal budget submission.

But keep it in perspective: The entire Department of Defense’s budget request for Fiscal 2017 is, according to carter, going to be $582.7 billion.

carter was limited to 44 games as a rookie due to a season-ending left thumb injury he suffered on Jan. 15.

carter‘s budget is actually shaping up to be a very interesting budget for two reasons.

First is the amount of time available to carter compared to the size of the changes he wants to make.

To start, carter, essentially, gets one budget to do everything he wants to do with the Pentagon.

But, fortunately, carter‘s efforts look like they’re pretty far from pigeon management.

carter is trying to march the DoD through a lot of those debates about rebuilding the military and compress them into one budget submission.

So, now that we’ve covered all the background, let’s get to a lightning-quick overview of carter‘s general themes.

Finally, carter is pushing a whole bunch of reforms to personnel and HR practices to make the Pentagon suck less at those things.

So, rarity of rarities, the next week or so might see carter talk about some honest-to-God, genuinely interesting ideas.

When the news broke this morning, fans celebrated that Tha carter V would finally see the light of day.

This time, it’s an animated clip for “Blue’s Freestyle,” celebrating his daughter Blue Ivy carter‘s sixth birthday.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Ash carter, a bunch of other people talk about the topic.

Tha carter’s “I Miss My Dawgs” was a cry out for his estranged Hot Boyz group.

Ash carter brings up the idea of, what if you expose Putin for the thief that he is to his own people?

Here’s something that carter brought up as well.

BTW, Butler has worked with the Backstreet Boys, Christina Milian, Aaron carter and Victoria Beckham.

Each new enemy was once a trusted ally — from Rosenstein to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort to adviser carter Page.

Representative Duncan introduced the SHARE Act with Texas Republican John carter.

Trump believes the FBI tricked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to surveil a former campaign member, carter Page, based on a Democrat-connected dossier.

He non-tendered Chris carter, dumped Hank Conger (who would’ve been non-tendered otherwise), and traded Jed Lowrie.

They want to know how DOJ justified surveilling carter Page.

No…Wendell [carter Jr.]?

Jimmy carter established the first systematic exercise in transition planning.

carter chose Atlanta attorney Jack Watson, a law partner of carter adviser Charlie Kirbo, to run his transition.

carter partially funded his transition unit with campaign money, which sparked tension between Watson and campaign manager Hamilton Jordan.

carter presided over a transition of unprecedented size and cost, although he demanded that he come in under budget.

More so than other presidents-elect, carter was personally involved in personnel decisions, which may explain why he was relatively slow in filling his Cabinet.

As is the pattern more broadly, carter’s transition displayed some of the problems that would bedevil his administration.

As a result, carter found himself managing his own White House, always a difficult practice for a president.

carter also was frustrated by his Cabinet members’ control of their departments, which reduced his political power.

Despite all the problems of the carter transition, it became a model for those that followed.

They would also emulate the thoroughness of the carter effort (the same-party transition of George H.W.

The 1978 Ethics in Government Act, passed with carter’s support, added an additional layer of complexity, defining conflicts of interest.

They also tried to avoid what they saw as the failures of Jimmy carter.

Like carter’s transition, the process began well in advance of the convention.

Unlike carter’s transition chief Jack Watson, however, James generally kept a low profile and avoided the media.

Reagan also took time during the transition to cultivate Washington’s political and social elite, which had often felt neglected under carter.

As a longtime Washington insider, Bush did not need the introduction to the federal government required by someone like carter.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash carter called the offensive a “decisive moment” in the war to defeat IS.

“Billy is a visionary, an iconic artist and savvy businessman with an incredibly gifted creative mind,” IMPACT chairman Dixie carter said.

Gabrielle Bluestone, Morgan Conley, Simone Landon, Josh Marcus, Nick Miriello, carter Sherman contributed to these reports.

So did Ash carter, which was really interesting.

In 2004, Mattel sued MGA, alleging that the doll line’s designer, carter Bryant, had conceived of the doll while still employed by them.

carter Sherman contributed to this report.

The US’s own asylum system is governed by the 1980 Refugee Act passed by Congress and signed by President Jimmy carter.

Blue Ivy carter … the new princess of rap?!?

Chris carter says he’d like to keep The X-Files alive in some capacity, even floating the idea of an animated series.

Jimmy carter, for instance, was famously disliked by congressional Democrats, and it hamstrung his agenda.

Jimmy carter revived the FDR’s fireside chat idea by addressing the American public on the topic of energy — wearing a cardigan.

Democrats like then-Georgia governor Jimmy carter embraced environmental causes.

(Peggy carter dies in Captain America: Civil War, which takes place in/around 2016.)

Both carter and Botting say they didn’t get paid on several occasions — and haven’t gotten a dime since July.

“The unexplainable has become explainable,” carter said, when asked about the challenges of bringing The X-Files into the 21st century.

carter‘s father, seated behind her, stared straight out the window at a purple beech tree rocking in the wind.

carter, with her dirty blond hair, paisley top, and coral blazer, simply looked down at the papers on her desk.

Twenty-year-old carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter for text and phone exchanges that took place when she was 17 and Roy was 18.

“The show lives in the present,” carter said when asked whether the show will continue after the miniseries ends in March.

Also impossible to miss in the few hours I spent in court Tuesday: prosecutors putting carter‘s personality on trial.

Last August, carter posted two videos of herself dancing with Holland, one of which also featured Zendaya.

In many of the messages, carter urged Roy to his death.

“You did not fail him,” carter wrote.

At first, carter tried to help Roy get help, the story goes, before suggesting they get institutionalized as a pair.

“We could get through our issues together,” reads one message carter sent Roy.

There was Graydon carter, there was Anna Wintour, Adam Moss.

I heard Graydon carter had four different assistants that would print out his emails and read them.

But interesting in that fight, some people in the government, like Ash carter was for Apple and James Comey was against Apple.

“Mike Flynn helped build that machine,” said Phillip carter, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security.

Day 213: “Blunt Blowin'” – Tha carter IV, 2011 All week, this column has been devoted to chasing the perfect high.

“Wishing former President Jimmy carter a speedy recovery from his hip surgery earlier today,” President Donald Trump said on Twitter.

Let’s refer to “Blunt Blowin’,” the first proper track on Tha carter IV, Wayne’s comeback album after prison.

In 2017, carter was briefly hospitalized after suffering dehydration during a trip to Canada.

carter has lived longer after leaving the White House than any former president in U.S. history.

Unfortunately, the magazine’s editor, Graydon carter, cut that section from her piece after taking a meeting with the billionaire.

But the dossier was used in a portion of that investigation involving the surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser carter Page.

And North Korea presents a sustained threat, carter said.

Bush Presidential Library Foundation and former presidents Jimmy carter, George H.W.

And Clinton and carter were both former governors, experienced in a structurally similar, albeit smaller-scale, job than the presidency.

In any case, you may not be old enough to remember what it was like during the carter years.

as if carter was worried we might forget the show’s most famous catchphrases.

And carter can still create an arresting visual or two, as when he depicts the sad fate of the alien who crashed at Roswell.

It’s unclear just how much carter wants us to buy into this stuff.

On this one, we still don’t know, because carter has shaken up the playing field so thoroughly.

What’s obviously really going on here: Chris carter spends all of his time reading conspiracy theory subreddits.

Your manager, Mel carter, passed during the recording process of the project.

But, as Jimmy carter can tell you, it matters.

And click here for our feature story on carter‘s vision of a new era of great power competition.

Many of them stayed even after President Jimmy carter formally pardoned draft dodgers in 1977, allowing them to return to the US safely.

I believe before I took over, they had gotten to carter.

No crossover MCU event would be complete without a reference to Agent carter, the second-most popular Marvel show to ever air on ABC.

He’s an Avenger—Peggy carter‘s death?

carter helped push the bill through the legislature, along with other advocates.

But carter said it’s “politically smart” for Hogan to do so, since the measures are so popular with Maryland voters.

Then-President Jimmy carter canceled the B-1 bomber program in June 1977, although it was resurrected by his White House successor, Ronald Reagan.

carter says one part of the law closes loopholes and makes it harder for employers to justify pay disparities between men and women.

The way the system is currently set up is also incredibly unfair to low-wage workers, most of whom are women, carter said.

carter says that now only California has an equal pay law that’s stronger than Maryland’s.

And then there’s Vince carter.

All gas” Other notable followers include Mike Trout, Odell Beckham, LaMelo Ball, RJ Barrett, Trae Young and Maverick carter.

carter hit six threes, making him the first player in his 40s to knock down that many in a game.

But did Vince carter also get up a reverse dunk?

Fizdale, it should be noted, is only two years older than carter.

And if anybody could do that, it’s Mr. and Mrs. carter.

The Amon carter Museum of American Art received a $20 million endowment from the Walton Family Foundation.

carter claimed to have heard his last gasping breaths over the phone from his truck outside a Kmart.

asked carter in one of many similar messages she and Roy sent back and forth.

Breggin added that carter hoped to be able to successfully comfort her boyfriend’s grieving family when he was gone.

Basically, Breggin argued, carter was young, in love, and on drugs.

Helena Bonham carter and Rihanna!

This leaves journalists, and other inquiring minds, to sift through carter‘s texts and Facebook messages at Taunton District Court.

Once she dropped out of the team, carter wrote, she found herself isolated and depressed.

Energetic prosecutors argue that carter‘s claims of cutting were a fiction, a ploy to get attention from her peers.

And Breggin could actually get carter off.

But it would be a mistake to count on him to make any sense of this trial—or carter.

“Over the past few weeks, the performance of Sailors across Japan has been outstanding,” Read Admiral Matthew carter said.

“Over the past few weeks, the performance of Sailors across Japan has been outstanding,” Read Admiral Matthew carter said.

carter Sherman, Rob Arthur, Taylor Dolven, and Allison McCann contributed reporting.

Aaron carter‘s back to the grind since coming out as bisexual … taking his talents to a gay bar.

You tell that to Nick carter.”

Aaron carter‘s family is full of crap and merely trying to keep him down on his knees … according to Aaron.

He likes skating, but he’s still Lil Wayne—Tha carter V is coming, he has some heat.”

For good measure, Netanyahu has also likened Obama to former US President Jimmy carter, whom he pointedly derided as “hostile” to Israel.

US Secretary of Defense Ashton carter is racing against the clock to push some pretty far-reaching reforms in the Department of Defense.

VICE founder Shane Smith interviews US Secretary of Defense Ashton carter:

carter has found himself in a bit of a bind, in terms of his job.

carter has found himself in a bit of a bind, in terms of his job.

carter, back in the days before he was running the DoD, ran acquisitions.

So carter will be putting service chiefs on the board, but taking other people off, since it’s already enormous.

Robin Thicke – Tha carter II, 2005 “To the radio stations, I’m tired of being patient / Stop being rapper racists, region haters.”

She also had a baby named carter Stone Davis.

The road to Lil Wayne’s Tha carter V has been a long one.

Obama’s Defense Secretary Ash carter told Politico this week that the government’s efforts have “absolutely not” been sufficient.

Second, beginning in the carter administration, the US became increasingly vocal and unambiguous in supporting democracy.

Wayne’s filing suggests that he attempted to deliver the masters to Tha carter V, but the delivery, for some reason, failed.

✌🏻❤️ carter echoed the “safety first” sentiment earlier, as well.

His most famous album, Tha carter III, even jacks the cover aesthetic of Ready to Die.

Quite honestly, I’ve been through the Russian (grain) embargo with (President) carter and other trade wars – nobody wins them.

Mister Saturday Night co-founder Justin carter today shared a pensive new track, titled “Leaves,” off his forthcoming debut LP The Leaves Fall.

carter told THUMP that the track arose from psychological self-examination.

Drake – Tha carter IV , 2011 Happy, uh, Boxing Day!

President Jimmy carter pronounced “a crisis of confidence” in a speech in 1979.

And Jimmy carter‘s.

(In popular memory this became the “malaise” speech, although carter never used that word.)

When Jimmy carter gave his “crisis of confidence speech” — probably the most jeremiad-like speech by a sitting president — he dissected the woes citizens expressed.

“Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns,” carter explained.

Jimmy carter, America’s ‘Malaise,’ and the Speech That Should Have Changed the Country.

Yes, that carter Page.

So let’s dive deeper into the mystery of carter Page.

We hope carter in a sentence examples were helpful.