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Few fictional characters have been portrayed onscreen as often as Ebenezer Scrooge, the hero and villain of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas carol.

Adding songs to A Christmas carol has been attempted many times but rarely pulled off.

carol Folt, the university’s chancellor, called the protest “unlawful and dangerous” in a tweet and said that local authorities are investigating the vandalism.

carol Folt, the university’s chancellor, called the protest “unlawful and dangerous” in a tweet and said that local authorities are investigating the vandalism.

carol Dweck, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, calls this the “growth mindset.”

When carol Danvers, a.k.a.

Maria Rambeau, carol’s best friend, will be older (if she hasn’t been dusted by Thanos’s snap).

Fury tells Monica that maybe she will one day “learn to glow like Aunt carol” — a huge wink to comic book fans.

But there’s one more major tie between Monica and carol that Captain Marvel doesn’t quite get into: their shared code name.

In these comics, though, Mar-Vell is male — and, back in the day, was also carol’s main love interest.

Or, more specifically, Mar-Vell was the central hero, and carol was his girlfriend.

(In the comic books, Monica and carol are peers and team members but do not have the same family relationship established in the movie.)

DeConnick actually addresses this split in issue 7 of her Captain Marvel run, with Monica peeved at carol for taking her name.

Monica is mad that there was no call, no contact, no consideration for her when carol took the title of Captain Marvel.

By making Monica a child instead of carol’s peer in Captain Marvel, Marvel eliminated this fight over the title.

While carol is out exploring the universe and helping Talos and the Skrulls find a place to live, time has continued on Earth.

carol Rama: Antibodies continues at the New Museum (235 Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan) through September 10.

Only one, West Virginian carol Miller, won a seat to Congress.

It took 19 days of a dwindling bank account and little reassurance that things would get better for carol Armen to break down completely.

The whole project was written in carol City.

But the funny thing about it is we all have to go to the same school, carol City High.

carol Daoud, elementary teacher in Indiana “You have those kids that you like and you spend time with them.

Then director Todd Haynes talks about his new film carol, and we explore the power of indifference on social media.

You were a critic for Terry and carol?

So I was critical of Terry and carol.

He came on the scene in 2011 when carol was still CEO.

The wave included carol Moseley-Braun from Illinois, the first African-American woman senator and the second African American to serve in the Senate since Reconstruction.

But NBC News’s carol Lee and Julia Ainsley added the detail that Zarrab’s case may have been discussed as well.

“For me, he’s like the rock-star priest, the millennial priest,” said student carol Alvarez, 23, who hopes Salazar will lead her confirmation ceremony.

carol Forden and many people: “I want to know your favorite way to eat nori and how you prepare it.” Nori.

Now for the first time, those two friends — Lisa Birnbach and carol Martin — have spoken publicly to corroborate Carroll’s story.

Now for the first time, those two friends — Lisa Birnbach and carol Martin — have spoken publicly to corroborate Carroll’s story.

Trusting the memo without seeing the application is like listening to a book report about A Christmas carol.

Two recent Wall Street Journal pieces, both by Solomon and carol Lee, attempted to clarify what actually happened.

carol Danvers, the cosmic space commander and the Avengers’ last hope against Thanos.

In this case, it’s carol Danvers, a.k.a.

However, the upcoming movie references a specific 2012 comic book arc centered on the revamp of carol Danvers.

(carol would end up passing the Ms. Marvel moniker to Kamala Khan, star of the current Ms. Marvel comics.)

Under DeConnick and Soy’s run, a fandom called the “carol Corps” emerged.

In the comic books, carol and the Avengers have saved the universe on multiple occasions.

So there’s plenty of comics precedent for carol Danvers facing the sort of situation at the end of Infinity War.

No doubt carol and her super strength and photon beams will be an asset against the biggest and baddest villain in the Marvel Universe.

I was telling carol, he doesn’t even wear colored shirts.

carol B. Cadou was appointed director and CEO of the Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library.

Hiltuen lives with his wife, carol, who also attends Creative Growth.

Iron Man, against carol Danvers, a.k.a.

Joyce carol Thomas (1938–2016), poet, playwright, and children’s book author.

carol Bartz … carol Bartz.

Just eight are women — Sarah Palin, Pam Bondi, Victoria Lipnic, Jan Brewer, Mary Fallin, Cynthia Lummis, carol Comer, and Leslie Rutledge.

carol S. Ward was appointed executive director of the Morris Museum.

Over decades, Stanford University psychologist carol Dweck has discovered that children (and adults) think about success in one of two ways.

carol Bintz will retire as chief operating officer of the Toledo Museum of Art on July 1.

carol Stakenas was appointed executive director of No Longer Empty.

And, one after another, as if in Dickens’s Christmas carol, three interlocutors arrive with messages from beyond the grave.

That’s still about half as much as lead Republican contender carol Miller, a well-financed state House delegate who has raised $463,000.

• A night of reflection around the idea of slowing down hosted by Columbia Arts professor carol Becker and renown psychotherapist Mark Epstein.

(In the comics, carol died but Sophia lived; obviously, the opposite happened on TV.)

Meanwhile, Rick and Morgan chase after carol (who left under somewhat random circumstances in the last episode).

But the carol Danvers that’s now part of the MCU is a far more recent invention.

“There was immediately a very present and active fandom around carol when she became Captain Marvel that didn’t really exist before,” she says.

She’s amnesiac at the beginning of the film.” “carol’s also amnesiac at the beginning of the film!” Polo adds.

Like carol, the cumulative emotional impact is so much greater than any of the parts.

Casting carol Kane as the fortune teller Denise was really easy.

carol City middle school let’s win more !!

“It was the finest Black hotel in the country,” Gaston’s niece, the author and journalist carol Jenkins notes.

But if you like cats, carolee Schneemann, and/or carol Rama, Fini’s erotic and theatrical avant-gardism may be just for you.

carol Rusche Bentel was named chair of the Bachelor of Fine Arts’s Interior Design department.

The late historian William Studwell, known for his Christmas carol expertise, also refuted the coded message idea.

During the season three walker takeover of the prison, it was carol who was supposed to meet the horrible fate that T-Dog suffered.

Though the script called for the then-milquetoast carol to get eaten alive during the attack, it was ultimately decided that T-Dog needed the ax.

Curtis specified his producing partner carol Fenelon should handle those decisions.

carol Danvers, her writer Kelly Sue DeConnick was saying goodbye to both the character and the comic.

Their writing really shines when carol gets to interact with other characters.

When DeConnick first took over the character, carol was fighting for respect; today, she knows how to command it.

He’s tweaked carol‘s uniform and physique.

Some Captain Marvel fans and members of the carol Corps.

But there’s plenty of promise and hope here, along with an exciting new chapter for carol.

“It’s a bad cycle,” said carol Galante, a former top HUD official during the Obama administration.

carol McVetty, interim executive minister of the American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago, told Vox, this care can take a variety of forms.

Hell, she even plays a superhero in carol Danvers, a.k.a.

Syed pushes people to adopt a growth mindset, as the psychologist carol Dweck calls it, rather than a fixed mindset.

My aunt carol makes $20000/month working from home.

Tracey is working on a tech solution that will revolutionize the industry, but it’s not ready, and carol is not impressed.

West Virginia Rep. carol Miller

Trump delivered a raucous statement of support for Miller, calling her “a woman that everybody respects.”

A person that you know very well, and everybody in West Virginia loves carol Miller.”

With so little showing-not-telling, it’s been hard to buy Eugene’s metamorphosis, Tara’s guilty decisions regarding Oceanside, and carol‘s crying jags.

The common linkage between Morgan and carol?

Even carol has been relegated to crying her way through the season, and she’s a character we actually love.

Janet was just 8 years old when she marched onto a stage with carol Burnett and her big brother, Randy Jackson.

Best moment, besides the singing and dancing, is when carol asks her name.

—AW Few movies in the MCU have provoked as much debate as Brie Larson’s first outing as carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel introduces Lawson during a flashback sequence in which carol Danvers is captured by the Skrulls and put into their memory-scanner machine.

Expect someone to fill in carol Danvers on all of these details — perhaps in an abridged fashion — in April’s Avengers: Endgame.

In fact, Mar-Vell is actually a big part of carol Danvers’s origin story — with a twist.

She inspired carol Danvers and gave her agency.

The lawyer, carol Viner, also did not respond to written questions.

When carol Coronado was sentenced, Rudy wept outside the courtroom, telling reporters he had forgiven her.

According to Allen, carol Coronado has no memory of the afternoon in question and had no malicious intent.

In the case of carol Coronado, the series of failures that ultimately ended in tragedy began at the hospital level.

carol Hogben (Unconfirmed–2016), curator.

carol Aebersold, co-author of “The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition” … made a fortune selling gear based on the book.

But carol de Delley, McLean’s mother, believes the decision is a mistake.

Here are seven of the biggest surprises from the 2016 Oscar nominations: carol looked like a lock for a Best Picture nomination this year.

—AW Few movies in the MCU have provoked as much debate as Brie Larson’s first outing as carol Danvers.

The choice to ignore carol in these two categories was made, but there isn’t a real explanation why.

The story, by Jay Solomon and carol Lee, reveals that the US quietly paid Iran $1.3 billion in foreign cash.

It seems safe to assume this is a two-film race between carol and Spotlight.

Despite having the most nominations, I have yet to predict that carol will win anything.

(The phrase cannot be traced back to any individual woman but was popularized by carol Hanisch.)

This is the question carol Browner, who once ran the Environmental Protection Agency, asks in the Post, and she is right to do so.

Ed and carol Meyers were watching the sun rise on a North carolina beach when the idea struck.

“Ed looked off to the side and saw a wine bottle,” recalls carol Meyers.

Because she suffers from trauma-induced amnesia, carol spends large periods of time listening to other people tell her about her past life.

And these secondhand observations and anecdotes shape who carol becomes.

carol Danvers drives fast because her Air Force co-pilot and best friend Maria Rambeau says she drives fast.

carol Danvers is fearless because Maria’s daughter tells her that she’s fearless.

In the Captain Marvel comic books, what made carol appealing is that she was the author of her own destiny.

It’s not until fairly late in the film that carol finally gets to soar.

But the film’s script turns the richness of carol’s history and her personality into something of a mystery.

carol is introduced as a soldier in the Kree army.

Even carol’s cat Goose gets in on the action.

And without giving too much away, Annette Bening’s mysterious character seems to all but slink away with carol’s big heroic moment.

carol’s fantastic, searing memories and stories, particularly ones shared with Maria, are limited to brief flashbacks and montages.

Frustratingly, we never get to fully see carol ripping through the sky against men’s orders or peeling out in her Mustang.

The movie ultimately becomes an electric light show with carol at the supernova center of it.

After seeing Captain Marvel, it seems like the filmmakers and Marvel haven’t quite decided yet what will come to define carol Danvers.

There’s a nod to resiliency — a montage of carol in her younger years getting up and brushing off bruises and falls.

These are all good reasons to root for carol as she becomes the newest member of the MCU.

Former chair of the state Republican Party Conrad Lucas and state delegate carol Miller are the headliners.

carol Tyler recently found her Beatles-centric diaries from the ’60s and was inspired to create new illustrations of those days.

That’s mostly because “Coventry carol” is ultimately a song about babies who are about to be murdered.

“For me, he’s like the rock-star priest, the millennial priest,” said student carol Alvarez, 23, who hopes Salazar will lead her confirmation ceremony.

It’s just those constructed desires that carol is chafing against, which manifests in her relationship with Therese and other choices.

In writing carol, though, screenwriter Phyllis Nagy made a small change: Therese shifts from set designer to photographer.

As a photographer, Therese is an intense observer of surfaces, but her relationship with carol forces her into seeing past those surfaces.

But even though “Coventry carol” is theoretically very dark, it may have been quite the opposite for audiences of the time period.

In New Hampshire’s 1st District, seven Democrats are already running and raising money to succeed Democratic Rep. carol Shea-Porter, who’s retiring.

Afterward, the choir sang “Coventry carol” in the cathedral’s ruins, with the song’s melancholy subject matter taking on new meaning.

That’s what sets “Coventry carol” apart: It’s been haunting otherwise festive atmospheres for literal centuries!

Then, as now, it’s the only way to make “Coventry carol” a thing of joy.

carol, 30 I studied abroad in Roatan, Honduras, and one of the boys in our group would constantly sexually harass me.

carol Danvers, sauntering through a train car, surveying the passengers.

Comedic actor Tim Conway — carol Burnett’s costar on her long-running variety show — died Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Tim, along with the late Harvey Korman, starred brilliantly on “The carol Burnett Show.”

carol Clover coined the term “Final Girl” to refer to the trope of young women outliving their friends to fight off the killer.

In doing so, Danvers became a favorite character among a faction of comic book readers, primarily women, who then dubbed themselves the carol Corps.

As Lillian, carol Kane has always stuck out a little.

The warrant application, dated March 15, was approved by Judge carol Padilla on March 20.

The film stars Brie Larson as carol Danvers, a.k.a.

And yet characters like carol, Michonne, and Maggie have complicated lives and hardened relationships with their own morality.

Plus, it’s proof of something very important: The Walking Dead is always better when it gives carol plenty of screentime.

In 1980, carol Danvers was part of perhaps the most irresponsible story Marvel Comics has ever put to paper.

Today, however, carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, a feminist icon in her self-titled comic book.

carol Danvers makes her first appearance in Marvel’s Super-heroes no.

carol Danvers was used as a love interest for a long while — not unlike other female characters at the time.

carol Danvers was not exempt from this.

His work on Ms. Marvel and his treatment of carol Danvers reflected that.

carol Danvers follows her dream again (and takes the cat).

Danvers has amassed a fandom largely made up of women known as the carol Corps.

But McBride also reminds us of why carol remains human, even in the face of her evolution into a death-dealing machine.

carol getting another taste of civilization and losing her harder edges could work very well if The Walking Dead properly works up to it.

The show needs carol to lose her stomach for the horrible business of killing, so she does.

Yes, they’re fooled by carol, but who wouldn’t be?

carol is the greatest.

“For me, he’s like the rock-star priest, the millennial priest,” said student carol Alvarez, 23, who hopes Salazar will lead her confirmation ceremony.

carol says there’s a “hole in my heart that needs to be filled.”

Even with Berkeley’s commitment to hosting the event, Chancellor carol T. Christ wonders how far the university’s financial commitment should go.

carol wanders around Alexandria, making cookies out of beets, toasting acorns, and dressing up in nicer clothes.

But the boost Alexandria enjoys in “Not Tomorrow Yet” goes beyond even carol‘s cookie adventures.

As the episode ends, we learn that the Saviors have carol and Maggie.

In the 1960s, psychologist carol Dweck came up with the idea for two different kinds of mindsets.

I know that she’s connected to carol Lim and Humberto Leon at Opening Ceremony, through Kenzo.

When she was in the Senate, carol Moseley Braun got used to having her clothing scrutinized.

This classic Christmas carol rendition of “Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful” gives our killer the perfect moment to do his bloody work.

carol Moseley Braun of Illinois was elected to the body in 1992, and served one term there before losing reelection.

(Personally, I’m holding out for Cate Blanchett in character as carol.)

Mamba co-founder carol Schutzer—AKA Cashu—played her minimal, Afrobrazilian-influenced techno at Dekmantel São Paulo in the festival’s first international edition this year.

Charles Dickens’s A Christmas carol turns 175 years old this year.

by carol Brightman, was published in 1995 by Harcourt Brace and is now out of print.

A Christmas carol is a true ghost story, and its ghosts are genuinely creepy.

By the end of the day, carol Culleton, Anastasia Kuzyk, and Nathalie Warmerdam were dead.

That someone is carol, the only waitress who will tolerate him at the only restaurant he’ll eat at.

And since Chewie was nasty to anyone who wasn’t carol, fellow Avengers like Rhodey didn’t want cat-sit.

“And I was afraid I’d slide into writing too many internal monologues if carol didn’t have someone to talk to.

carol Danvers interacts with the Guardians, particularly Rocket, during Captain Marvel No.

West Virginia’s 3rd — Republican carol Miller vs. Democrat Richard Ojeda Forecast: Mostly sunny throughout the day.

The couple met in 1979 and married the following year after his divorce from his first wife, carol.

The Washington Post’s Shane Harris, carol D. Leonnig, Greg Jaffe, and David Nakamura broke the news about the top-secret meeting late Tuesday night.

Rooney Mara (carol) and Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) both could end up here or (more likely) in the Supporting Actress race.

Mara feels like a more tenuous pick than she should, but she’s the beating heart of carol.

carol is a slow-moving, character-driven film, that (mostly) dispenses with standard plot devices.

Starring Ellie Kemper, Tituss Burgess, carol Kane, and many, many others, this is perhaps Netflix’s funniest show.

Reporting by carol Mandl and Ana Mano; Additional reporting by Tatiana Bautzer and Paula Laier; Writing by Brad Haynes; Editing by Bernadette Baum

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition is a children’s book, written by carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell.

Even better for the show’s longtime fans is the tearjerker this week’s episode delivered: Daryl and carol, reunited at long last.

His chosen target is none other than carol (Melissa McBride), who is still living by herself out in the woods.

Daryl quickly ends this misapprehension, making it clear (with his fists) that carol is off limits.

Later, Daryl and carol have their long-awaited reunion, and it’s just as touching (and platonic) as you’ve come to expect.

Read the January report here here Hess’s lawyer, carol Viner, was unavailable to comment Tuesday.

Morgan catches up with carol, so they can talk a little bit and reassert their philosophical positions.

But these plots were so limited that they amount to less than even, say, carol‘s relationship with Tobin.

carol Black was appointed chair of the British Library.

Many critics were disappointed that the lesbian romance carol was snubbed for Best Picture, although it got deserved acting nods.

An American carol was definitely the worst movie I watched during my day.

This feels like cheating, since it’s based on a superb musical version of A Christmas carol from the early days of television.

Paul co-curated Programmed with Associate Director for Conservation and Research carol Mancusi-Ungaro and Curatorial Assistant Clémence White.

There was Barbara, a housewife and mother of three from Topeka and carol, a homemaker and mother of two from Tulsa.

But more recent stories like Moonlight, carol, and Call Me by Your Name go a step further, to imagine the possibility beyond that struggle.

Of course, the audience knows that it’s carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

And that’s when the camera pans around to carol herself, who appears out of nowhere asking for Fury.

We see Goose — carol’s cat who is really an alien species called a Flerken — sitting on Fury’s desk.

(Whereas other forbidden love dramas, like carol or Brokeback Mountain, usually end with someone dying or being otherwise banished.) would like to suggest a few: “Suck on this carol!

Every year, PNC calculates the real-world prices of all the gifts in the “12 Days of Christmas” carol.

He was more than just a drummer, he was a fun-loving elder statesman, like Fezziwig, Scrooge’s rambunctious boss from A Christmas carol.

For 34 years, PNC has set out to calculate the costs of every item in the carol to create a Christmas Price Index.

(Or, alternatively and less likely, that the person who looks like carol is a Skrull who’s going around punching innocent old ladies.)

This tells us that carol has a Skrull-detection ability, which seems to be important to Nick Fury.

In the comic books, carol Danvers is granted powers like super strength and flight through a freak accident involving an exploding Kree device.

carol May’s sculpture “Unhappy Meal” was on view at Hong Kong’s Harbour Art Fair when cleaners threw it out, destroying it.

But if this is in fact carol, the thing to notice during this bright explosion is the uniform she’s wearing.

Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to wait until the movie is released in March 2019 to see whom carol is going up against.

Luckily, though, we have this amazing shot of carol powering up to tide us over:

Cate Blanchett plays carol Aird, a 1950s housewife who becomes bewitched by a wide-eyed shopgirl named Therese (Rooney Mara).

As of Tuesday, only one boycotting House Democrat — Rep. carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire — also comes from a district Trump won.

Or carol Simonson, a US Army private found strangled and beaten to death near the 15 freeway in Barstow in 1984.

Another curious thing is that it seems as though carol Danvers, a.k.a.

(So far, only one female Republican, carol Miller, has been elected as a new member of the House.)

(For a while I was thinking there would be seven, but didn’t have the heart to cut carol or Room.

(So far, only one female Republican, carol Miller, has been elected as a new member of the House.)

Finally, if carol is nominated, it will be nominated because directors in the Academy voted for it.

We now have 49 African Americans in the Congress, and our first African-American female senator since carol Moseley Braun was there.

And as much as I love carol, its wonderful script has been largely ignored for reasons I can’t fathom.

The FBI found no evidence to substantiate his claims, carol D. Leonnig and Ernesto Londoño reported at the Washington Post in 2013.

Finally, Trinity appealed to the Supreme Court in Trinity Lutheran v. Comer (carol Comer is Pauley’s successor).

New Hampshire Congresswoman carol Shea-Porter, a Democrat, welcomed the ruling.

Only one — carol Miller of West Virginia — made it to the US House.

Inside you’ll find new fiction by renowned author Joyce carol Oates alongside a travel piece about Berlin’s all-female fight club.

carol started off the show as a timid victim of abuse at the hands of her husband, Ed.

This carol never could have wielded a weapon.

carol may have had the most radical change since the series’ start.

carol single-handedly saved Rick’s group from Terminus.

When carol realizes she has killed at least 18 living people over the course of six seasons, it starts taking a toll on her.

Now, carol‘s heading to war, but it could be at the cost of her sanity.

“It’s a bad cycle,” said carol Galante, a former top HUD official during the Obama administration.

carol Bart is another overlooked person, perhaps because her politics are on the wrong side right now.

carol leads the film nominees.

The Washington Post’s carol D. Leonnig and Robert Costa report that Mueller floated the idea during discussions with Trump’s lawyers last month.

The couple also raised their twins, carol and Mark, at the flat.

He’s survived by his fiancee, Sarah, and his parents, Dennis and carol Lancaster.

VICE: Were you surprised by this decision?carol Sanger: Well I was very hopeful about it.

I’m sad that carol missed Best Picture, and I wish Kristen Stewart had somehow made the list for Clouds of Sils Maria.

carol J. Adams published the most authoritative work on the connection in 1990’s The Sexual Politics of Meat.

Passion was also at the center of Rama’s 2014-15 European retrospective, The Passion According to carol Rama.

carol Rama, “Opera n. 18 [Work no.

18]” (1939), watercolor on paper, 13 1/2 x 11 3/8 inches (© Archivio carol Rama, Turin.

Reporting by carol Mandl and Ana Mano; Additional reporting by Tatiana Bautzer and Paula Laier; Writing by Brad Haynes; Editing by Bernadette Baum

carol Rama, “Appassionata [Passionate]” (1939), watercolor on paper, 11 1/8 x 9 inches (© Archivio carol Rama, Turin.

carol Rama, “Contessa [Countess]” (1963), animal claws and oil on linen, 17 3/8 x 13 3/4 inches (© Archivio carol Rama, Turin.

carol Rama: Antibodies continues at the New Museum (235 Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan) through September 10.

Here’s a 29-year-old version of the actress, famously known as carol Hathaway on NBC’s 15-season long hit “ER.”

carol Jenkins Barnett, whose father founded the Publix supermarket chain, has contributed $800,000 to defeating Florida’s medical pot initiative.

Ultimately, carol shoots the Wolf, and he falls prey to the horde.

More strangely, carol and Tara didn’t exactly give her the warmest welcome.

No clearer was that then when carol had a brief discussion with Michonne early on Sunday’s episode.

“I know what you went through and I get why this is hard for you, but we’ve all lost something,” carol told Michonne.

Like A Christmas carol, 2000’s What Women Want is, in essence, an old-fashioned morality tale.

Brie Larson is carol Danvers, a.k.a.

Australian professional Muay Thai fighter carol Earl was the first woman to catch Sara’s attention.

However, this outrage turns to admiration the moment people witness carol‘s boxing prowess.

Time is short for a solution, said carol Vinton, supervisor of Mills County, Iowa, one of the state’s two most heavily damaged counties.

Another time, Dan carol had an idea for Podesta to really nail Trump.

(carol was linked to Podesta through former Oregon Gov.

carol seems a little bit underwritten, but I found Brie Larson’s deadpan incredibly charming.

I remember the hype and excitement from carol Danvers’s fandom, known as the carol Corps.

So far, West Virginia’s carol Miller is the only Republican woman to join the House GOP ranks this year.

So far, West Virginia’s carol Miller is the only Republican woman to join the House GOP ranks this year.

carol Danvers, a photon-wielding, Air Force-trained space captain who, in the comic books, is also one of the Avengers’ leaders.

The answer is we can’t,” Rep. carol Miller (R-WV) said, not bothering to give Cohen a chance to reply.

“Um, carol, have you seen my stamp?

carol, is that pea in your teeth?”

Okay, fine carol.

He lost the seat by 12 points to his Republican opponent, carol Miller — a race that was always viewed as a long shot.

“As of today and by mutual agreement, Steve Jurvetson will be leaving DFJ,” spokeswoman carol Wentworth told VICE News in an emailed statement.

“As of today and by mutual agreement, Steve Jurvetson will be leaving DFJ,” spokeswoman carol Wentworth told VICE News in an emailed statement.

The aspects that drew carol to this style has a lot to do with his personal history.

I could only see ‘commercially,’” carol tells The Creators Project.

More of David J. carol’s black and white photography can be found here.

The Pentagon claimed ownership of artwork created by detainees at Guantanamo Bay according to a report by carol Rosenberg at the Miami Herald.

Dianne Feinstein and carol Moseley Braun became the first Democratic women to sit on the committee after they were elected in 1992.

Thompson co-wrote that final issue of Captain Marvel and the carol Corps.

I paired it with a sorrel-hibiscus juice that carol also brought onto the menu, which was floral and sour, sweet and cooling.

Great News uses a version of this story, in which protagonist Katie’s mom, carol, starts working in her office.

Films that were supposed to be favorites — Steve Jobs, carol — faded.

Related: Canadian Mining Companies Better Beware, the Liberals Are Coming for Them But in 2013, Ontario Superior Court Justice carol J.

Pete says he’s been trying to officially end his marriage to carol since 2008, but carol keeps dragging things out.

And of course carol Bartz shut it right down, but how did they imagine that was okay at the time?

Few stories have been adapted to other media as often as Charles Dickens’ A Christmas carol.

But if you’re only going to watch one Christmas carol this holiday season, make it this one.

As for the Republicans, it’s a competitive race between former state Republican Party chair Conrad Lucas and state delegate carol Miller.

Some of the headlining authors include Rumaan Alam, Tayari Jones, Carmen Maria Machado, Joyce carol Oates, Gregory Pardlo, Alexander Chee, and Amber Tamblyn.

(Can you imagine Sherry and carol teaming up together to fight zombies by themselves in the woods?)

carol Miller, a West Virginia state delegate and bison farmer.

Legendary actress carol Burnett played Doris Sylvester, Sue’s mother.

“Stars form out of gas and dust,” astronomer Dr. carol Christian tells Broadly.

The first time I realized that carol Danvers, a.k.a.

The one thing that unified them all was their love for carol Danvers.

They call themselves the carol Corps, and they are integral to Captain Marvel’s continued success.

The carol Corps represents carol Danvers’s resilience and heroism just as well as, if not better than, the character’s own adventures.

In carol Danvers, DeConnick gave people who were frustrated at being overlooked — especially women and girls — a character to rally behind.

carol Danvers memorabilia, the kind that’s so inescapable now, did not exist when DeConnick started writing the character.

There was no gatekeeping in the carol Corps.

Bay attended her first dedicated carol Corps panel at the HeroesCon comic convention in June 2013, and recalled the excitement of the event.

It wasn’t just members of the carol Corps who appreciated that stories about women and girls were gaining prominence.

carol is about learning to root for yourself.

DeConnick told me that even though she stopped writing Danvers a few years ago, she never stopped following the carol Corps.

I asked her whether she thinks the carol Corps changed the comics industry.

How many of its ticket buyers are part of the carol Corps, we don’t know.

carol Danvers, has become one of the company’s flagship characters and has a vocal and large following of fans called the carol Corps.

—AW Few movies in the MCU have provoked as much debate as Brie Larson’s first outing as carol Danvers.

carol leaving Alexandria is a perfect example of telling instead of showing.

How many times have we seen a “carol leaves the group for good!”

storyline, only for carol to come right back a few episodes later?

Catullus kicked things off, and Lord Byron, Sharon Olds and carol Ann Duffy, among others, have run with the ball since.

Burgess said he’s happy with how Pinot Noir by Tituss turned out, but his Kimmy Schmidt co-star carol Kane has a different opinion.

Yeah, we’re nowhere near the holidays, but we can watch the banter between Murray and carol Kane any time of the year.

Who wouldn’t want to see carol Danvers feeling bummed as the music of Stone Temple Pilots plays?

They are the Skrulls known as Talos and his wife Soren, the Skrulls whom carol Danvers helped in Captain Marvel.

Participating filmmakers include James Wentzy, carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot, Juanita Mohammed, Justin B. Terry-Smith, and others.

No, the real story here is whom Nick Fury is sending the message to: carol Danvers, a.k.a.

If there’s someone you need to help save the universe, carol would be a great bet.

Though Danvers has a potent and vocal fan base (called the “carol Corps”), she hasn’t yet been featured in a Marvel film.

carol Tobias, President of the National Right to Life Committee, wrote in an email that she supported Rubio’s position.

Take, for instance, carol Ann Duffy’s new adaptation of Everyman.

Then, the Washington Post’s Ellen Nakashima, carol Leonnig, and Rosalind Helderman added more details.

carol Neblett (1946–2017), soprano.

“The notion of sex positivity doesn’t demonize any sexual desire except nonconsensual,” says Good Vibrations staff sexologist carol Queen.

“It’s kind of like A Christmas carol with Bill and Ted,” Solomon said.

Ojeda will face Republican nominee carol Miller in November.

That’s still about half as much as Republican contender carol Miller, who has raised $463,000.

I paid for postcards, carol Corps membership cards & dogtags out of my own pocket.

Now, the Post’s carol Leonnig writes that Mueller hasn’t ruled out an eventual in-person interview and may revisit the topic of obstruction later.

Of all people, carol?

Clearly, they didn’t make it look like enough of an accident, because carol and Barbara both end up in prison.

Is carol just a straight-up sociopath, and Barbara a malleable follower?

After that ill-fated kickball match years earlier, Barbara and carol had kept their hands off each other.

As she tells Nicky — the newest, most reluctant member of her “family” — she plans to shank carol while she’s getting a haircut.

Nicky thinks Red is being gaslit by someone as cruel and calculated like carol.

carol allows Red to be mean.

It’s alluded that carol and Barbara became media sensations.

There, she met a number of interested clinicians, including carol Novak, a psychiatrist from Minnesota, who had written a pamphlet about trich.

The film also does less than it might with carol’s backstory.

Nicky, of course, still loves Red, and isn’t going to let Red get killed in Barbara’s attack against carol in the hair salon.

Thanks to Suzanne and Doggett’s investigation, carol finds out that one of the women in Florida become suddenly rich.

At the end of the episode, Ginger puts Barbara and carol in the same ad seg cell for some twisted solitary confinement.

Ginger, as I had suspected, put Barbara and carol together in the ad seg cell on purpose.

“It is amazing, isn’t it,” the exhibition’s lead curator carol Jacobi told the Guardian.

Instead, when released back to their cells, Barbara and carol rallied the troops.

For all their differences, Barbara and carol are pretty similar, down to the very phrasing of their war plans.

Badison is distracted by carol’s call to arms, because she’s busy with her own little war: Taking down Piper Chapman.

She’s not the boss, carol is.

When that doesn’t work, she sees the big boss, carol, herself.

carol is impressed by Alex’s demeanor and drug pushing resume.

carol has seems to have dropped her war against Frieda, much to Red’s frustration.

carol and Barbara are using these women as sacrificial soldiers for their own ridiculous, long-standing rivalry.

And then came carol Bartz.

Right, carol, that’s right.

All of this energy has been constructed by carol and Barbara Denning who, surprise surprise, have ulterior motives.

Unfortunately, carol and Barbara don’t account for one major factor: Kickball is fun.

Without carol and Barbara around to goad them into fighting, the women get really into the game, and the rivalry flits away.

carol and Barbara’s rivalry is very much real.

Once it becomes obvious that the women didn’t fight outside, carol and Barbara turn on each other.

The next time we see carol and Barbara, they’re lying dead on the floor outside the closet.

Barbara’s throat has been slit, and carol, stabbed in the back, crawls forward before dying.

Now that carol and Barbara are dead, I can admit that their whole rivalry (and their whole characterization) didn’t quite do it for me.

Will Alex still be promised to work for carol’s crew?

carol Hafner maintains her candidacy is legit, despite the more than 4,000 miles between her and the people she would like to represent.

With her announcement, she joins trailblazers including Shirley Chisholm and carol Moseley Braun, two African-American women who previously vied for the Democratic ticket.

I let a carol‘s Daughter almond milk damage repair mask sit on my hair while I work.

The Washington Post’s carol D. Leonnig, Josh Dawsey, and Ashley Parker reported on Thursday that Kushner has only received “top secret” security clearance.

Chu cites the research of Stanford psychologist carol Dweck, author of ” Mindset,” who is responsible for coining the terms “growth mindset” and “fixed mindset.”

Larson is playing carol Danvers, a character who was announced in the last scene of Avengers: Infinity War.

Larson is playing carol Danvers, whose existence was announced in the last scene of Avengers: Infinity War.

Now, the 29-year-old has landed the role of carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, the first female-led superhero film for Marvel.

Trump obliged, and made carol a personal guarantee before adding his John Hancock.

The program was founded by carol Padberg, at the University of Hartford’s Hartford Art School.

If the six central characters fit together, carol and Susan sit on the edge.

When carol Cramer, a retired schoolteacher in Auburn, California, looks out into her backyard, she sees dead brown shrubs.

Avid fashion and Disney fans alike will remember “The Happiest Show on Earth” spectacle Humberto Leon and carol Lim put on earlier this year.

When carol Cramer, a retired schoolteacher in Auburn, California, looks out into her backyard, she sees dead brown shrubs.

She started by moisturizing her coils all over with carol‘s Daughter leave-in conditioner.

“I was at the NewFest screening of carol when screenwriter Phyllis Nagy spoke about how hard it was to get the movie made.

To fully appreciate this scene, it’s useful to actually understand the the song (carol???).

Sure, TV moms like June Cleaver in the ’50s and carol Brady in the ’70s had hair viewers understood to be momlike.

carol Danvers’ story is updated though Kamala Khan, the newest Ms. Marvel and the publisher’s first Muslim character to headline a series.

carol Danvers, up until like 1986 or so, was actually Ms. Marvel,” Bell said.

carol Routledge, the director of research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said it was not clear if the scan will help improve diagnoses.

Ross’s wife carol is having an affair with Susan from the gym.

carol Anderson is a brilliant author, academic, and historian — and still, she has no words for how she felt during the 2016 election.

As we meet Sabrina’s newest demons, we hear Ambrose in voiceover talk about an imminent otherworldly “visitation” for A Christmas carol‘s Scrooge.

There’s even a soft “carol of the Bells” ringing in the background as she takes us through Randi’s bump drainage.

From adorable cats to space battles to carol Danvers kicking ass, it has everything fans could want.

The best part of the trailer by far is the appearance of carol Danver’s cat, Goose.

carol D. Miller.

Even if the Milners had played ball … carol says they made major renovations 10 years ago, which included the basement.

carol says they didn’t watch the documentary, and they’ve always separated the JonBenet tragedy from their home.

Remember this when navigating 2019: “Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.” – carol Burnett.

Florence Henderson, who played the iconic TV role of carol Brady, died on Thanksgiving Day.

carol Channing, one of the most iconic actresses who owned Broadway when she starred in “Hello, Dolly!”

Her publicist, Harlan Boll, tells TMZ it never happened, but “carol loved the story.

carol was 97.

We’re told Nicki took her mother, carol, to the Nassau County Jail last week.

carol hadn’t seen Jelani since the guilty verdict.

He also scored “The Muppets Christmas carol.”

It was like summer stock,” she told Variety in 2017 while reflecting on the 50th anniversary of The carol Burnett Show.

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex hit up a Christmas carol service Tuesday night at St. Luke’s Church in London.

The docs are all part of his nasty divorce with his estranged wife, carol Rose.

She also had a very sweet date in tow … her mom, carol.

During a Captain Marvel set visit, Jackson gushed over the soon-to-be carol Danvers.

Things are only going to get more dire for the guest star’s character, carol Dickinson.

The allegations are all part of new divorce docs filed by his estranged wife, carol Rose, who married Pete back in 1984.

carol claims Pete is making a minimum $100,000 per month — primarily from daily signing appearances.

Unfortunately, carol tells her husband John (Kyle Secor) about Amelia’s past, which only infuriates Mr. Dickinson more.

The Bachelor star Colton Underwood has been living his own form of A Christmas carol hell for weeks now.

Abe is survived by his daughter, carol Vigoda Fuchs.

When she finally discovers her human past, she reclaims her birth name carol Danvers.

“I hope you don’t mind my saying so, but I loved you in carol.”

Even after her death, Lawson/Mar-Vell is carol’s hero, someone she is willing to die to protect and follow.

New York City museum worker Robin carol, 27, is as suspicious of other apps as she is of Uber.

But the way in which carol becomes a superhero is a little different in the movie than in the comics.

In that explosion, carol’s body absorbs the energy, giving her powers.

It’s either really good news, or really bad if Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet could negate carol’s powers.

Maria Rambeau (played by the fierce Lashana Lynch) is the closest thing to family carol had on Earth.

She provides the connection to carol’s human past.

In fact, Monica Rambeau in the comics was actually the second person to take the Captain Marvel moniker, where carol Danvers was the seventh.

carol ends up siding with Talos, helping him reunite with his family and other surviving Skrulls hiding on Mar-Vell’s hidden ship.

We’re talking about carol Danvers, a.k.a.

It’s similar to you guys with carol Ann Duffy, who writes some horrible poem about the Olympics.

When it comes to superpowered people, no one is better than carol.

First up is Britain’s Cool Aunt and supplier of a thousand “racy swimsuit” Daily Mail articles in 2016, carol Vorderman!

So he takes a quick peek at an image of Air Force days carol.

Let her and carol be friends in Endgame, I beg of you.

We didn’t get carol Danvers, human-alien hybrid in love with a young Nick Fury or Agent Coulson.

The Avengers This 2012 movie marks the first time Nick Fury gets his fighter force, inspired by carol Danvers, officially assembled.

“We must all accept our lot in life,” carol Ronsen says to her desperate neighbor.

We wanted to explore this section of the MCU.” He added, “We also wanted carol to have her origin all to herself.

How much of a part is carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel going to play in the final battle?

But as for his age, Fury never gives specific dates or years when regaling carol with his resume.

In 1998, carol Redding’s life was in a tailspin.

She did, among many shows, “The carol Burnett Show,” “The Dinah Shore Show,” and “Sonny and Cher.”

Denzel Curry’s second album, Imperial, was an impressive step forward for the carol City rapper.

carol tells Fury to use it in case of emergency, and 20 years later, thanks to Thanos’ snap, we actually see him use it.

What film or TV show makes you cry?I cried to carol on the flight here.

God, carol is so good—it’s one of those films that you have weird emotional flashbacks to for days afterward.

New York City-based image consultant carol Davidson sees that, too.

VICE: Were you surprised by this decision?carol Sanger: Well I was very hopeful about it.

Captain Marvel introduces us to the best female friendship we’ve ever seen in in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau.

For comparison, carol Danvers, the Captain Marvel we’re focusing on now, is actually the sixth to take on the moniker.

carol & Maria Aren’t Friends In The Comics Once again, this isn’t because they don’t like each other.

carol and Monica are actually closer in age, and semi-friendly in the comics — even though carol did technically steal Monica’s name.

Though it’s never actually discussed, in Vers’ flashbacks to her time on Earth as carol, we see Maria climb into her fighter plane.

What’s Next For carol & Maria?

In a Des Moines Register article about the advertising supplement, carol Hunter, executive editor of the newspaper, said the placement was not surprising.

That’s when carol takes his pager because he “can’t be trusted” not to keep messing up her mission.

After their heartwarming meal, carol and Fury are on dish duty, and after they joke around (and Fury sings!)

Now all we have to do is sit back and watch as carol (hopefully) makes things right in Avengers: Endgame.

In the other, she’s carol Danvers, a U.S. Air Force pilot who loves karaoke and Guns & Roses T-shirts.

Beverly Hills, 90210 actress carol Potter said: “Shocking and heart breaking news about Luke Perry.

“Peter knew there was a fetish desire to be fed and respected,” doyenne of Bay Area pansexuality carol Queen told me.

She idolizes both Maria and carol, and wants to be in the action even though it’s dangerous.

She dreams of flying in the Air Force and wants to be just like carol, Tesseract-enhanced powers and all.

You ever see the version of carol Burnett when she cuts up the curtains?

Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, has long called carol Danvers, a.k.a.

Forced love interest and Kirk baby-mamma carol Marcus is gone.

carol Danvers’ powers in the comics are many.

Annette Bening, carol’s powers get taken to the next level, and she essentially becomes the Binary iteration of herself from the comics.

Sure, carol had a few arousing glances and many chic coats.

But the Kree continue to propagate lies about their part in the war, and carol just can’t let that continue.

carol is bald.

Is carol time-traveling?

6:45 a.m. — Get to work early, giving me time to read more of The Accursed by Joyce carol Oates.

Lisa Price is the founder of carol‘s Daughter, a natural haircare and beauty product line.

Within a month of the funeral, Puryear and Devin began seeing each other, carol Puryear said in court documents, and her marriage was over.

Just days before her divorce was finalized, carol Puryear filed an alienation of affection civil lawsuit against Devin.

It wasn’t surprising to many who practice law in North carolina that carol Puryear won her lawsuit in 2011.

“For my client, it was not about the money,” Stephanie Jenkins, carol Puryear’s lawyer, told the News & Observer at the time.

Once upon a time, she was just carol Danvers, a fighter pilot.

Give me a purple question carol, and let’s see what I might win.

After she tries (and fails) to blow a ship up to stop the Kree from taking it, a tesseract explodes, hitting carol dead on.

We see the tesseract’s powers flow through carol, essentially turning her from a human into half-Kree.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a freshman Congresswoman from Michigan, as well as Reps. Robin Kelly, carol Miller, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, were also in attendance.

carol Heath’s son and sister both disagreed and supported the death sentence.

Now, we are in a kind of renaissance,” said carol Bebelle, co-founder of Central City community development organization Ashe Cultural Arts Center.

Like carol Danvers, Larson proves with Unicorn Store that she can do anything, and be anything, she sets her sights on.

I mean, they sang at a Vatican Christmas carol concert.

1995: Nick Fury Loses His Eye (And Get His Idea About Forming The Avengers From carol Danvers) The mystery is finally solved!

And while drafting up his “Protector Initiative,” Fury gets a little inspiration from a photo of carol Danvers.

Ye Old Blockbuster When carol (then calling herself Vers) first lands on Earth, she crashes through the roof of a Blockbuster in Los Angeles.

True Lies Thinking that there’s a foe near her, carol blasts someone’s face off.

The Right Stuff In the Blockbuster, carol walks through the VHS section and stops at this 1983 movie.

We hope carol in a sentence examples were helpful.