Cables in a sentence | Use of the word cables examples

Subsea cables form the backbone of the internet by carrying 99 percent of the world’s data traffic.

Such cables carry 99% of all transoceanic digital communication, from emails to Skype calls to Netflix videos.

He’s not the first artist to use fibreoptic cables as a muse in this endeavor.

The device itself is a small, 4×4 inches box with two lightning cables for plugging in iPhones.

Agents didn’t sweep into DNC headquarters, load up all the equipment and leave Democrats standing stunned beside empty desks and dangling cables.

According to several Belarusian dissidents who spoke to Tablet, the names in the cables were also used to identify lower-level dissidents.

In the past, when parts of the accelerators have been upgraded or added to, engineers would often additionally replace the cables that connected them.

In the process, they would leave in place the old cables that were no longer in use.

Now, a heap of obsolete cables are blocking the way to install new ones needed for the accelerator’s next big upgrade.

To make space, CERN engineers have set out to identify and remove the old, unused cables.

Telling apart functioning and out-of-use cables in one of the world’s biggest and most expensive experiments is a high-stakes game.

They started disconnecting cables in the PS Booster in December, and are now moving in on the SPS too.

Evrard said that, on paper, the team had identified about 3,000 obsolete cables in each injector—9,000 in total.

The process of finding and removing the cables is painstaking.

The large power supply cables are not included in the project—they’re more permanent, and usually intended to work over the equipment’s lifetime.

They compiled a list of all cables thought to be associated with obsolete systems.

Thieves melt down the copper or even sell the cables back to Cantv, the technician and two other employees said.

Later that year, it partnered with a number of news organizations to publish diplomatic cables.

Girl in the attic, electricity gotten under the thumb, garroted by its very cables.

Krag said the loss of power from the solar array also indicates some damage to connectors and cables.

Facebook’s Prineville data center also uses a lot of wires and cables.

In fact, there are 950 miles worth of wires and cables in this data center alone — roughly the distance between Boston and Indianapolis.

When you start plugging into HDMI cables, I was like, “Mm-hmm, okay.” You love USBC talk.

Other than those four monopoly ISPs that control America’s “last mile” of internet cables and cell towers?

That organization is WikiLeaks, which made its name releasing controversial US diplomatic cables and military records.

But an even greater part of the appeal was the aforementioned connectivity, which, in the days before WiFi, necessitated a set of physical cables.

The sheer scale of the leaks is staggering — nearly 100 times more data than when Wikileaks released nearly 3 million US diplomatic cables.

Real lightning cables prevent your iPhone from fying.

“At HP, we buy a lot of power cables.

Part-performance, part-science discovery expedition, Paglen’s deepwater dive explores how tangible and present our cables of communication actually are.

To go in and add those cables today requires a new construction project costing tens of millions of dollars.

Instead, it’ll aim to provide a fixed wireless replacement for home and office connections that may rely on cables.

Volex makes most of its cables for its power cord division in China.

Volex, whose cables are used in consumer electronics and electric vehicles, did not specify which manufacturing functions it had moved out of China.

It would send a message through underground cables to the central alarm center.

In the same region, a family-run operation focuses on stripping refrigeration systems and high-voltage electricity cables.

It has no wires or cables like the Rift, either.

Subsea cables form the backbone of the internet by carrying 99 percent of the world’s data traffic.

So imagine like a wild monkey rampaging through a data center, knocking over boxes, pulling on cables.

“The concept involves deploying RF network node buoys—dropped from aircraft or ships, for example—that would be connected via thin underwater fiber-optic cables,” DARPA stated.

Wireless computer mice give users the convenience of not having to deal with cumbersome wires and cables.

Western military experts have suggested it is capable of probing and possibly even severing undersea communications cables.

On a local highway, a fire ignited when two high-tension electric cables struck each other.

Trees, overhead cables and cars swayed, and a fire truck raced down the street.

US officials said the most damaging releases were the cables that showed the private stances of US allies.

The Cuomo bridge is a twin-span cable-stayed bridge, meaning cables hold up its steel decks and are attached to towers along the bridge.

There’s also a table of Amazon Basics-brand baking supplies and a wall of Amazon-branded cables.

Dozens of trash products — knock-offs, poor-quality cables and other junk — increase the apparent variety for customers and exert price pressure on reputable manufacturers.

But the company is also throwing in some tech to help charge laptops without lugging the full charging cables and paraphernalia around.

I pair all of that with a couple of six-foot XLR mic cables ($7 a piece for Amazon basics) and some velcro ties.

They also cut as much as 80% of the incoming submarine cables providing internet to disrupt international communications.

These cables, which run along the ocean floor, carry the vast majority of all transoceanic digital communications.

National security experts fear that the cables, which can be difficult to physically monitor, could be vulnerable to tampering by Russia or other states.

In the course of the hacking, data, including diplomatic cables, were posted to a public website.

An increased AMPs alternator is also part of this upgrade, along with Ethernet cables designed to better network vehicle sensors together.

The one thing I will note though is because AirPods have a lack of cables, there’s a little less weight pulling them down.

The headset connects via cables to a processor that looks like a PS4, but smaller; this processor feeds back to the PS4 console itself.

Plates of glass had shattered, exposing the inside of the building, and electric cables dangled from the ceiling.

As I write this, I’m somewhere in Asia, with a bag full of assorted cables and devices.

For Putin, described in leaked U.S. diplomatic cables as an “alpha-dog,” the wider prize would be respect.

Expanding broadband access requires laying cross-country fiber-optic cables and doing the hard work of wiring up individual homes.

The “ECS” covers for “Empire City Subway,” constructed in the 19th century for telegraph and phone cables, now mask Verizon communications, including internet.

Botha has perfected a rough-hewn, not-quite-finished aesthetic (full of zip ties, vices, wires, and cables) that tantalizingly straddles different interpretations.

Each compartment is specially designed to hold things like cables, AirPods, power adapters and even an Apple Pencil.

IXmaps looks at what are known as traceroutes, the geographic path data takes when bouncing through internet exchanges—buildings connecting the most important internet cables.

Facebook has a new plan to get more of Africa online: Fiber optic cables.

The IoT, bell and cables are now integrated, and thus less susceptible to vandalism.

But now Facebook is at it again, this time with fiber cables.

This minimizes latency and reduces the change of packet loss as traffic moves across Google’s own cables.

Leaked U.S. diplomatic cables said he was suffering from cancer.

ZS: To go back to “Red Lines,” why did you specifically choose to focus on fiber optic cables?

I liked how the cables coming up from the ocean are at these strange transition points around the globe.

ZS: Those cables operate on what is called a “peer-to-peer” network — there’s something misleading about that terminology.

Fat cables snake down from the building’s roofs and join the river of cables hanging just centimeters above head height.

There, 130 his works were suspended on cables as an indiscriminate bunch of grapes.

Google owns 63,605 miles of submarine cables around the world, with sole ownership of roughly 8.5% of the world’s total.

“Home is never shown with cables in the photos but ships with one.

The lights came up and crewmembers began wrapping up cables.

Why it matters: Globally, about 380 submarine cables carry the vast majority of international data, from cloud computing to text messaging.

Hours after the cables were released, Assange dictated a letter pleading with the Russian consulate in London to grant him a visa.

A decade ago, Chinese companies were involved with just a handful of cables, almost exclusively in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Huawei is building or improving nearly 100 submarine cables around the world.

Hours after the cables were released, Assange dictated a letter pleading with the Russian consulate in London to grant him a visa.

The blast severed the airliner’s elevator cables, disabled one of the four turbojet engines, and knocked out multiple hydraulic systems.

The damaged elevator cables actually caused Flight 007 to climb to higher altitude.

This visionary magic is courtesy of five wetsuit-clad puppeteers, who seamlessly move the props in the water tank with fiber-optic cables.

It also rejected GM requests for high frequency antennas, push-button ignition switches, battery cables, electric motor parts and brake parts.GM declined to comment.

Everything is cables.

And early on, people were like, ‘Why are there cables in everything?’

She said that manual reversion is a system of cranks and cables that allow the pilot to fly the aircraft under mechanical control.

Fortunately, a UK techie with a sense of humor may have found an alternative to expensive corporate broadband cables: some wet string.

The PLA also gave the company an innovation award in 2015 and formed an academic partnership to research underseas cables the following year.

The company says it is on schedule to offer access to these Alaskan cables in early 2017.

In addition to cutting latency, these arctic cables add a layer of redundancy to our global communication systems.

ONC is adding 18 km of underwater cables to its operation, installing new monitoring instruments in the Endeavour hydrothermal vents off the BC coast.

Watch more on Daily VICE: ONC collects images “with cameras we have right on the cables,” Moran said.

You can find more expensive cables or shorter cables, but it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg either way.

“Think of these new medical devices implanted in human bodies, which doctors can connect to without cables.

So they subjected him to forced nudity, sleep deprivation, loud noises, physical abuse, and “water treatment” (waterboarding), according to newly released CIA cables.

Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch resigned Wednesday after days of controversy over his leaked cables back to London regarding President Trump’s temperament.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office did not dispute the veracity of the leaked diplomatic cables, AFP notes.

So they subjected him to forced nudity, sleep deprivation, loud noises, physical abuse, and “water treatment” (waterboarding), according to newly released CIA cables.

Cover image: Fibre-optic cables feed into a server inside a comms room at an office in London, U.K., on Friday, Oct. 16, 2015.

I mean, can you look at the string of cables that have suddenly ceased?

He made the comment after President Trump said he’d “no longer deal” with ambassador Kim Darroch over leaked cables showing he criticized Trump.

cables connect these to two motors mounted on a backpack.

Ethernet cables hanging from the ceiling like vines.

That big skull computer, these capsules, all these cables lying here and there that city in the background.

But an even greater part of the appeal was the aforementioned connectivity, which, in the days before WiFi, necessitated a set of physical cables.

On the Gunter side, in Aech’s truck the “Hive Five” are tethered to the ceiling via cables for unobstructed fighting moves.

… The Web is not the messiah dressed in cables and bits.

While it may seem unusual for Google to partner with Facebook on this kind of project, submarine cables often feature these kind of partnerships.

It’s just too many boxes and cables for a living room that already looks like a rat’s den in an abandoned RadioShack.

Mine’s 10 months, so everything’s in the mouth, and you just cannot put them anywhere near a PC or cables.

The only bright spot was demand for optical fiber cables as telecom companies invest in upgrading their networks ahead of the rollout of 5G.

Charging cables for smartphones were attached to each seat, and WiFi was available for us to log onto.

To connect those or other devices, users need one of the many separate cables or dongles sold by Apple or third parties.

Australia had previously banned Huawei from providing equipment for its fiber-optic network and moved to block it from laying submarine cables in the Pacific.

Em and I connect the chopper’s hanging cables to our Humvee’s slings and then we’re airborne, swinging in the turbulence.

It is littered with flickering smart phones, tablets and computer screens, complete with black USB cables snaking back to a power source.

“Submarine cables are expensive endeavors,” said Doug Madory, Director of Internet Analysis at for Oracle Internet Intelligence.

Each one hung from its steel girder by barely noticeable cables, seeming to defy gravity.

Cords of the grass are twisted together into huge cables, which require members from all the communities to stretch out.

Also, full-bandwidth Thunderbolt 3 cables can be expensive, because they require active electronics inside them.

One of the cables reportedly hit one of the women in the neck.

That study estimated that 90% of Apple chargers and cables sold through Amazon were unsafe.

Positioned on each chair are four functioning electric desk fans; nestled in between are plugs, sockets, extension cables, folded cardboard, and plastic.

Three sculptures by Nina Canell, a series called Shedding Sheaths are made of plastic casings that once covered underground fiber optic internet cables.

Maduro used his TV show to accuse foes of sabotaging public services during the campaign, including cutting electricity cables.

You could also be in an elevator shaft on Earth where the elevator’s cables have just been cut.

It apparently required stringing up an untidy nest of RF coaxial cables.

She describes the suffering as mostly psychological (besides being “merely hit with cables and electrocuted”).

Risk follows the work of Assange’s outfit from the release of various unredacted state department cables in 2011.

The equally obvious answer is that charging is the one area where iPhones still require cables.

The Kirkland Museum in Denver was relocated “very slowly” with the use of carrier beams, steel cables, and eight sets of articulating wheels.

Anker is a device maker that’s rapidly become a go-to brand for affordable, quality accessories include cables, chargers and backup batteries.

Rats — many, many rats — can eat power and fiber optic cables and bring down the whole system.

The last gallery offers some respite with “Undercurrent (red)” (2008), a web of red cables knit together to form an enormous mat.

For instance, you can use Thunderbolt cables and devices to connect displays and hard drives.

I also continued to send cables about our vulnerability, which only became more apparent as we dealt with these threats.

If you have a USB 3.x cable with Type-C connectors, you may have to upgrade to USB 4 cables.

But Thunderbolt 3 should work fine, as they’re essentially the same thing as USB 4 cables.

It also rejected GM requests for high frequency antennas, push-button ignition switches, battery cables, electric motor parts and brake parts.GM declined to comment.

A few years ago it swapped out the original iPod-dock connector with a new one, making countless cords, cables and chargers obsolete.

The structure was built to hold up the cables and servers that distributed the school’s data.

WaPo says it now has the complete set of Wikileaks cables.

The tunnel features paneled walls, cables and a large upper conduit, as well as lighting and what appear to be tracks.

“It makes no sense to tether ourselves to cables to these mobile devices,” Schiller said.

“It makes no sense to tether ourselves to cables to these mobile devices,” Schiller said.

Today it announced three new undersea cables scheduled to go online next year.

Map: Google Map: Google Let’s start with the cables.

Across the stage’s tangle of cables stand the striking bald bass-player Gail Ann Dorsey and the none-more-rock’n’roll guitarist Earl Slick.

Google now has a direct investment in 11 under-sea cables and it leases capacity on several others.

It seems to bind me to you with the mighty cables that nothing but omnipotence can break.

Electrical power-line installer or repairer They install or repair cables or wires used in electrical power or distribution systems.

This could build to a dramatic “pull the ethernet cables” scene.

If you don’t like mess up with cables, shields and soldering, Tinylab is for you.

The process works great for charging cables, too.

Alternatively, you can use Sugru, a sticky-putty-like “moldable glue,” to patch up cables as well.

According to the cables, European diplomats seem to think Putin came out of that summit much stronger than Trump did.

The cables also show that the White House gave private assurances to the Europeans, seeking to downplay Trump’s comments during the Helsinki summit.

The firm shared approximately 1,100 cables with the Times.

Many of the issues addressed in the hacked cables — like the hand-wringing over Trump — have been broached publicly by EU leaders.

It has two connector cables (one Lightning and one MicroUSB), and its 6000 mAh battery has enough power to charge a medium-sized smartphone twice.

I have a handful of VESA mounts laying around, stored next to the box of cables I’ll never organize and never throw out.

The new Quick Charge also promises greater compatibility with more cables and chargers than its predecessor.

The $12 million restoration included securing 900 plaster elements on the ceiling with steel cables (invisible to visitors below).

Through its Project Link initiative, Google is building links between undersea cables, ISPs and mobile networks.

A few iterations later he invented the SCOTTeVEST, a vest with loads of pockets and secret channels for headphones and other cables.

Scott most recently launched the OTG Jacket, which can hold pounds and pounds of hardware and cables but still look like a regular jacket.

It also works with existing lightning cables and accessories.

If you’re an iPhone user, however, you likely already have plenty of Lightning cables in a drawer already.

Wi-Fi, DSRC, Bluetooth, NFC — there are so many ways to connect without cables that ethernet seems retro, like a flip phone.

Without decent roads, ports, railways and fibre-optic cables, dreams of African manufacturing dominance will remain just that.

Sinewy hardware cables leech from the flesh of BDSM performers, as if sapping the libidinal energy that powers the internet.

It seems to bind me to you with the mighty cables that nothing but omnipotence can break.

This is just a proof of concept so the magnets don’t have variable strength nor are the cables particularly resilient.

Thankfully, Urbanears sells extra cables, as well as every other accessory, on its website.

Where the research differentiates itself from most is its use of tensegrity, a system in which floating solid roads are held together by cables.

Professor Glaucio Paulino refers to the programming as “memory,” something built into the polymers that are held together by the cables.

There is no memory in the cables,” he tells TechCrunch.

On Wednesday, Oculus announced its first standalone headset, called Oculus Go, which won’t require a smartphone, cables or wires to operate.

If you don’t buy your cables (yes, some of us still use cables) from Monoprice, you disappoint me.

Conductor rods attached to a truck’s roof connect with 670-volt overhead cables, which charge the trucks as they drive.

It uses 670-volt direct-current overhead cables that let electric trucks draw power and recharge their batteries on the go.

It also said that if a driver swerved to the left or right while connected to the cables, it would not detach.

(cables at EV charging stations are frequently robbed for copper in poorer countries.)

Anker makes the best charging cables you can buy hands down.

We recommend them in our guides for lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C cables.

A massive underground network of cables connected street corners to emergency services long before the telephone was invented.

When it comes to building rotational strength and scapular strength, most people turn to bands and cables.

On a local highway, a fire ignited when two high-tension electric cables struck each other.

Trees, overhead cables and cars swayed, and a fire truck raced down the street.

Reuters also reviewed U.N. reports, U.S. diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks, press articles and Heleno’s own words from the time.

While dissent cables are not unusual, the number of signatures on the document is large.

That means I’d have two cables sticking out of the MateBook 13 at any given time while at my desk.

In addition, Google is also a partner in a number of cable consortiums that operate cables that span the globe.

At times she climbs the cables, only to slide down and begin the climb again; other times she does not seem human.

Genuine wireless contenders provide power from a distance, with no strings, wires or cables attached.

One of his favorite movie is “Saving Private Ryan,” according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks.

The company creates power cables for iOS and Android that back up your device every time you plug it in.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Meem’s cables started shipping earlier this week.

Rivera points to the floor, where other cables carry the power out of the turbine and then onto the grid.

The characters do it constantly, whether they’re shimmying across lift cables or picking frostbite scabs off their face.

The cables are available from the manufacturer’s website and from Amazon.

A couple of dogs nap on its front porch, but the interior is bare; limp cables hang pitifully from the ceiling.

Diagram: Google “We have been using existing cables to connect to the different parts of the region.

It starts with building the cables in factories.

The cables are built to last and withstand the conditions of lying in an ocean bed.

Each cable contains fibre cables made of extremely high quality glass that can carry 100 terabits of traffic.

Michael Francois from Google’s Global Network Infrastructure team says these cables are built to last, but they can break occasionally.

The project is part of a network of 300 cables worldwide.

From working showers, to tapped electricity cables, to livestock and libraries.

Behind it, the steel cables are now diffused into a dreamy horizon.

There’s a large disc up front and two headphone cables that dangle down on either side.

“It has six compressive elements, which are the bars, and 24 other elements, which are the cables or wires.

Instead of breaking up a sidewalk to lay fiber or cables, Monkeybrains beams high-speed internet through antennas installed on rooftops.

Tesla uses air-cooled cables on V2 Superchargers.

Film, microphones, guitar cables, harmonicas, batteries,…

The cables and headquarters our internet connections lead to remain out of sight.

Want to go super minimalist, with a laptop, phone, and a few cables?

As Steve Hanley points out, there’s a lot of existing infrastructure buried in the ground beneath cities, from water mains to electrical cables.

Apple is recalling certain MacBook USB-C charge cables because of a design flaw.

The affected MacBook charge cables were sold worldwide up to last summer.

It’s not specifying the exact problem but says MacBooks using the affected cables may not charge or may only charge intermittently.

Apple is replacing affected USB-C charge cables free of charge with a new, redesigned version.

Affected cables have “Designed by Apple in California.

The missiles are connected to underground command centers via hardened underground cables.

HTC’s Vive, Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s PlayStation VR all require data and power transfer cables.

SD card readers, Ethernet cables, etc.

As the AP notes, US diplomatic cables have characterized Deripaska as “among the 2-3 oligarchs Putin turns to on a regular basis.”

When Nate and I met, I seem to remember him being impressed with how many cables I had.

Those cables are typically built and owned by a consortium of companies (and sometimes shared by competitors).

“You have enough cables, no one I know has enough cables.”

More than 250,000 classified cables from U.S. embassies followed, then almost 3 million dating back to 1973.

Her role as an intelligence analyst gave her access to classified material, and she later shared military logs and diplomatic cables with WikiLeaks.

Western military commanders have grown increasingly worried about Russian submarines lurking around internet cables at the bottom of the ocean.

Spilled sugar makes me feel extremely panicky, but a drawer rammed with cables and batteries, not so much.

The department also warned that Moscow may be monitoring internet cables at the bottom of the ocean.

The department also warned that Moscow may be monitoring internet cables at the bottom of the ocean.

Luxshare Precision is also the maker of Apple AirPods and USB-C cables.

New York is trying to get Congress Trump’s tax returns; the UK ambassador to the US resigns after leaked cables.

The indictment makes several references to WikiLeaks’ publication of the classified cables.

Steam Link works fine on a local network, especially if you use Ethernet cables between all your devices.

Because EMS involves electricity, there’s a chance that the wires or cables could lead to electrocution, according to the FDA.

An accompanying photograph showed the base of the building mostly intact, although the spire had been snapped off and support cables were mangled.

As we wound up the cables and put the helmet down to dry out we realized we were hot, sweaty and tired.

The ones that can require two cables to do so, and it’s hard to imagine Apple allowing that to be the standard connection.

“It didn’t last long but was very violent.” He ran to his balcony and saw electricity posts and cables swaying.

“Society depends on a vast network of power lines, pipes, and cables.

It seemed like he was trying to maneuver and shake the cables to get the parachute to open.

Cable TV had become increasingly common, and cable providers found something wonderful — you can send data through those cables!

But the Raspberry Pi 4 doesn’t support electronically marked cables, such as Apple’s USB-C cables or Google’s Pixel 3 cables.

The hack, which reportedly swept up mountains of diplomatic cables, is another indication of the scale of Beijing’s increasingly apparent cyber espionage campaign.

The report is based on more than 1,100 cables obtained by cybersecurity firm Area 1, who first spotted the breach.

The hack, which reportedly swept up mountains of diplomatic cables, is another indication of the scale of Beijing’s increasingly apparent cyber espionage campaign.

The report is based on more than 1,100 cables obtained by cybersecurity firm Area 1, who first spotted the breach.

The other leg uses a system similar to bicycle brake cables to move the other foot.

Buyers just need to connect a few cables to have superior sound to most smart speakers.

Each glue-backed clip can hold down two thin or medium-thickness cables.

If you have a number of thicker cables and multiple devices to run, channels from Electriduct and Master worked fine for us.

Users either have to use Bluetooth headphones or plug headphones into the headset, resulting in a mess of cables.

A map of megastructures plots large-scale engineering works that interrupt the environment, such as canals, bridges, submarine cables, and walls.

As we’re putting the jumper cables on, he says, “You know what I’d like to see in politics?

cables are hidden in the base, for the gamers like myself who prefer less clutter and more cleanliness.

It’s also six feet long — twice as long as most standard charging cables.

You’d think these features would make the cables expensive, but they start at $10.49, depending on what type of cable you need.

If you regularly use both Android and Apple products, you’ll probably want to invest in a multi-port car charger and the appropriate cables.

Every zipper, pouch and pulley is designed to make organizing gear, cables and adapters easier.

It’s consistently a problem with just cables all over the stage.

A search for “Best iPhone cables” finds one top choice (paid-for position), “BestReviews.Guide,” a site that reviews numerous products.

Literally miles of ageing cables, lead pipes, electrical wiring and boilers will be replaced, many for the first time in 60 years.

[inline-ad] No one has enough charging cables for their phone.

It meant lots of cables and wires.

I have probably 30 lightning cables, and I still find myself digging around for one a few times a week.

“Please start selling extra-short power cables for all your speakers.” KS: I agree with that one.

On the last one, there are a couple partners like Flexon that sell extra-short power cables that you can get today.

Run all the cables behind it.

These include things like decked-out selfie sticks, phone cases, glittery charging cables and earbuds, and gold power packs and speakers, for example.

You can use two HDMI cables to pass the video signal through the speaker before connecting it to the TV.

The Sky Soundbox also supports optical cables and Bluetooth 4.1.

Those are also the only fully wireless models in the group, with no cables tethering the two buds together.

Instead of cables and satellites, BitTorrent piggybacks on the internet bandwidth of its users.

For his part, Johnson did praise Darroch’s service, and he repeated his call to find out who leaked the cables to the media.

Instead of costly rollouts of cell towers or fiber cables, it has considered or tested blimps, satellites, drones and lasers.

Most people are aware of fiber-optic cables used for transmitting information for the internet.

What’s a “torpedo” in this context?.They’re towing these torpedoes now with really long cables.

In addition to its submarine and land-based high-voltage operations, Nexans manufactures telecoms and data cables as well products for the aerospace and construction industries.

The Justice Department has long been investigating Assange and WikiLeaks over its 2010 publication of thousands of classified cables related to the Afghanistan war.

The U.S. has been investigating Assange and WikiLeaks since 2010 when Chelsea Manning leaked classified cables related to the Afghanistan War.

Wouldn’t it be cool if all those devices could be continually charging, without wires or cables?

And if you like cables, don’t forget that you can use a 10/12W iPad charger to charge your iPhone in no time.

“No matter how many satellites you put up, repeaters you put up, cables you lay down, you always have that last mile.

In the city, Fiber will provide service over current fiber cables, rather than building its own.

Red strobes briefly illuminated a pair of DJs leaning over a table strewn with tangled cables, mics, grooveboxes, and other live gear.

They asked us questions, beat us, and tortured us with cables.

The AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable is the top pick in our guide to cheap, great HDMI cables.

Network gear maker D-Link just announced a 5G router that sends high-speed Wi-Fi through your house without cables.

Cafe awnings sagged under the weight of electric green vines that crawled up cables, and trees erupted from the pavement.

Google’s subsidiary GU Holdings Inc has been building a network of international submarine fiber-optic cables for over a decade.

Tesla uses air-cooled cables on V2 Superchargers.

It is thousands of miles of subsea cables traced under the Atlantic Ocean carrying packets upon packets of information to their recipients.

Shittu also said Nigeria was in advanced talks with an Indian firm to lay fiber optic cables from Kogi state to the capital Abuja.

Sitting on Deacon’s table, surrounded by wave generators and a pile of cables, is perhaps the most powerful Casiotone ever made.

During the earthquake, the two largest transpacific fiber optic cables were severed, as they ran directly over the subduction fault.

This created worldwide delays in internet service as ISPs struggled to route around the two missing cables, via more southern routes.

It is a live performance inside the volcano so we had to bring down all of the instruments and the lighting, and the cables.

Every wall of their display had a picture of a beautiful teen backlit by summer sun, and their Lightning/Micro USB cables are called “Cordz.”

It also, like its predecessor the NES Classic, has cables that are too short.

And deploying cables for docking adaptors that will connect to spacecraft from commercial resupply missions?

Peach said Russian ships had been seen near the Atlantic cables.

First, an engineer calculated the stability, and then the swings were fixed on cables and mounted in the sky.

Attacking the physical internet itself—the actual network cables, the data centers, and internet exchanges—is probably the hardest strategy of all.

Will the Apple Car get lumped in with lightning cables?

What about cutting undersea fibre optic cables, thousands of miles of which link the world together?

The cables are being removed as part of CERN’s LHC Injectors Upgrade Project, scheduled for 2019.

Three injectors — which assist in accelerating particles before they enter the Collider — each have approximately 3,000 unused cables.

Fully disconnecting all of the cables will take four years.

The nuclear-powered land train trails superconducting ceramic cables four hundred feet long, capable of repeat-erasing an exabyte a day.

“What happened was cables and communications towers were destroyed by the fire, even their first replacements melted,” he said.

These moats serve to insulate the cables that are connected to massive capacitor banks that basically act as large batteries for the Z machine.

(All that’s left of his bridge are cables and one wooden plank.)

The solution should be simple, then: just don’t buy cut-rate USB-C cables.

It does have a certification process for approving cables.

My book, Networks of New York, is an illustrated guide to identifying network infrastructure, including internet cables.

Not only that, they didn’t need to do much work to get close enough to the cables.

Ship anchors, tractors, copper scavengers, and sharks are as big a threat to buried cables as mysterious cable cutters.

Fiber optic cables connect the world by making communication possible.

With USB-C, Amazon needs to pull dangerous cables from its store and every single retailer needs to demand that USB-C cables are certified.

Amazon needs to stop selling bad cables.

Fiber optics cables also work by transmitting sound for telephone landlines, or radio waves for cellphones.

There are a host of advantages to using fiber optics cables over traditional copper wires for our communications needs.

U.S. diplomats wrote about Bruno in State Department cables.

USB-C cables have run into yet another stumbling block.

The only bright spot was demand for optical fiber cables as telecom companies invest in upgrading their networks ahead of the rollout of 5G.

The paper had been reporting on the warrantless search of thousands of private cables and telegrams.

These cables cross 30,500 kilometers so that Danish computers can reach Google’s servers in South Carolina and vice versa.

Even Valve’s own game-streaming device, the Link, isn’t really worth its cost in cables.

But a new Kickstarter project hopes to bridge the gap between them and combine both must-have cables into one.

The cables in the benchwall will be abandoned there, and new “fiber reinforced polymer” would be installed to fortify the weakened structure.

The committee has already tried selling used cables and air conditioners.

The roof has to be mounted via a complex set of cable systems, but first the cables have to be arranged.

He was wired up all the time, cables coming out of his brain and his nose, everywhere.

For the most part, those PCs had to be hooked up over ethernet cables if schools wanted to connect them to the internet.

I see tangled cables, messy computer interfaces, and wildly confusing living room TV setups.

“I’ve got my mixers, synths cables and stuff, I’m mostly good—thank you very much,” she said.

It’s not any crazier than other VR setups — camera, controllers, extra cables, etc.

The aluminium crushed on impact, and landed on a pile of cables, both of which absorbed some of the impact, forming a cushioned barrier.

The closure will allow the inspection of electric cables in the system following an electrical fire early Monday.

Charging cables are ready to go.

External graphics enclosures have been around for a few years, but prior to the Core, they’ve relied on proprietary cables and adapters.

Charging cables are ready to go.

A laser sight beams through the window, and it’s clearly time to duck — again, physically, trying to avoid falling on the Vive cables.

All of that means lots of power cables, USB cables, mounts, and more.

The idea is you can pack the whole thing up and toss it in your bag without worrying about loose cables getting tangled.

She did the insane work of attaching the cables to the sensors so we could have it fan out and look dramatic.

The assets are 11 pipelines, one set of subsea cables, 2 non-drilling platforms and one gas compression facility.

Non-compliant USB-C cables now sit alongside laser pointers, cell and GPS jammers, and jailbroken iPhones on Amazon’s list of undesirables.

But that won’t apply to current cables, which were obviously made before the USB-IF came up with this new fix.

Giant screens visible from every viewpoint projected previously recorded videos of ordinary people viewing leaked cables and video.

Hopefully the system will be implemented quickly and adopted by everybody who makes USB-C cables.

Because USB Type-C can draw so much more power than older USB cables, an extra software check-in seems like a good idea.

Destination charges, special paint, pretty contrast stitching, and items like USB cables will all cost you more.

By using 1/8″ patch cables, the user sends that voltage through a chain of different modules purchased individually, build-your-own-adventure style.

Whether you’re buying speakers, cables, or headphones, you can spend anywhere from five bucks to tens of thousands.

Sitting on a nothing but air, his knees bent, his core trembling, using his arms to row two cables of a Keiser.

The best part of Gear VR is its lack of cables snaking down the back of your neck that hardwire you to a PC.

As the strike enters its third week, Verizon has suggested that striking workers are attacking its network, severing fiber-optic cables and vandalizing terminal boxes.

I guess that’s what happened to our hands in front of all those cables.

They can drag cables around the board, play on the collapsable digital keyboard, and turn knobs.

While these cables are water-resistant, they are not fully waterproof.

Hardy backup conduits could be installed to reduce the risk of outages, and existing cables and landing points could be outfitted with protective layers.

In addition, the Qb has inputs for 3.5mm audio cables, optical audio, and USB.

Again, Roth journeyed to where the fiber optic cables meet land but this time the locations were in New Zealand, Sweden, and France.

The GrayKey equipment itself is a small, four-by-four box, with two lightning cables for connecting iPhones, according to photos published by cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes.

Mission cables recommends several locations you can bring the Echo now that it’s portable.

Unless Mission cables is implying that you’ll use the Echo for, ya know, mood music.

So thank you, Mission cables, for fulfilling people’s ludicrous desires to stay close to their Echo.

There are tendons of fury sticking out of dad’s neck like cables stretched between pylons, as he gargles through gritted teeth: “Kill.

Rarely do we think downwards: about the intricate webs of pipes and cables that lie beneath our sidewalks.

Today’s GPR can now create detailed maps of underground pipes and cables that previously couldn’t be viewed without digging.

As reported in Bloomberg, this amounted to almost 400,000 miles of subterranean cables, pipelines, wires, and conduits that could circle Earth 16 times.

It doesn’t require any cables, and its creators claim that phones slip right into the magnetic port.

Google announced Wednesday that it’s going to start lighting some of those cables up.

It’s planted upright and anchored by cables and wires for someone to climb in case of an emergency.

ScanEagles use a pneumatic launcher to take off, and are recovered by a system of cables, letting them operate without an airfield.

This California company has been making audio cables since 1980, building a reputation among audiophiles with a penchant for extravagant over-engineering.

Amazon will no longer stock USB-C cables that do not comply with technical specifications set by a USB standards body.

If that wasn’t enough to give us some serious reservations, our forks were also connected to the same tangle of cables.

Investing in subsea cables is not a new trend.

The PM3 uses a standard 3.5mm connector, so replacement cables shouldn’t be a headache either.

She then reached back over the booth and grabbed all of the cables connected to the back of the mixer.

She held on tight to the cables, yanking them as hard as possible.

The display cables, fan connector, power connectors—those snap, and then there’s a gate to secure it.

As long as you make sure your cables don’t fry it, that is.

– In a series of leaked diplomatic cables, Darroch, described Trump as “radiating insecurity” and his administration as diplomatically “clumsy and inept”.

The third level involves building custom conductive panels (showcased here) for more reliable design, along with better cables.

Another perk Uber is giving to drivers Uber will also be providing aux cables to drivers to take advantage of the partnership.

I don’t make my own network cables anymore.

In Miami, Paglen takes his art to a new level, deep diving in the Atlantic Ocean to photograph National Security Agency-tapped underwater internet cables.

The company has invested in two other undersea cables that connect the US to South America, Japan, and other parts of Asia.

These types of cables open up the possibility for dramatic increases in both overall connectivity and network speeds.

(A good thing — as sticky rubber cables can sometimes snag on your skin.)

Nexans provides copper and fibre-optic cables and cabling systems to the energy infrastructure, industry, building and Local Area Network (LAN) markets.

TetherBoost Pro is available now for $64.95 (USB 3.0 cables not included), and comes in either black or high-visibility orange.

The website shows the Yantar’s position in relation to the subsea cables, routed from Cyprus to Syria.

Alan Mauldin, a research director at telecommunications research firm TeleGeography, told Motherboard in an email that it seems unlikely submarine cables could be tapped.

In that respect, these hacks are entirely different from whistleblower leaks like the Panama Papers, the State Department cables or the Snowden documents.

It’s anchored in the ground by an infrastructure of cables and data centers.

In addition to its submarine and land-based high-voltage operations, Nexans manufactures telecoms and data cables as well products for the aerospace and construction industries.

He looks the part: all jaw and skull, with arms thick as industrial cables.

The device, called Cerebro, taps fiber-optic cables to access web data.

Because inside the Canarsie Tunnel is a spider-web of electrical cables, for communications, signals, emergency alarms, and, of course, power.

“Everything got wet, and the corrosive nature of the water is damaging all of these cables.

The subway houses a water main, as well as fiber optic cables.

Remember those cables mentioned before?

Their machines sound great and are really well built, with large, solid controls, ribbon cables, telephone rotary dials, and nixie tubes.

The solution was revealed as a series of fanned cables by creator John Gaughan, who filed a US Patent in 1993.

Stacked outside of the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga’s operations center are dozens of thick red spools of fiber optic cables.

SoundStage’s visuals are simple but attractive, with retro low-polygon instruments connected by glowing, colorful cables.

A Reliance push into TV will also use RCom’s network of towers and cables.

A Greek government official said Greece had proposed adding fiber optic cables estimated to boost the cost by 10 percent.

WikiLeaks has long committed itself to exposing government secrets through the publication of diplomatic cables and other classified information.

Of course, these pricier options come with added extras like in-line microphones and controls, removable cables, and (perhaps) a more durable build.

(Editor’s note: A previous version of the column misidentified the outlet that published the U.S. State Department cables.)

Notably, reports of the Note 7’s battery catching fire seem restricted to South Korea, and may be linked to third-party USB-C cables.

cables and what appeared to be servers line a portion of a wall next to the room’s only door.

HDMI Licensing, the company that defines hardware rules for HDMI cables, announced today that it’s releasing an HDMI Alt Mode for USB-C products.

We might as well imagine Lewis blaring, tears in his eyes and giant cables of vein standing out in his neck.

Using adapters, they can also double as USB, DisplayPort, VGA or HDMI — so, get ready to pack some extra cables.

It’s custom-made in Vermont and everything you’ll need, like cables and a battery, are stuffed in the bike’s rear hub.

Still, there wouldn’t be any cables around your feet or computer.

It’s not just cables.

There’s also a version of the Express box that comes with composite cables, for an additional $10.

It was frigid and dark and smelled like blood and mulch and USB cables.

Even the cables, dubbed DUM for Distinctly Un-Magical, are ingenious in the ease with which they can be disconnected and swapped out.

I watched as she was then handed a swab of glowing cables that resembled the spilled intestinal tubes of Ash, the android from Alien.

This is somewhat fair, because there are a lot of cables involved in PSVR setup.

Sony labeled the cables with numbers and then put them in small boxes with their own, non-corresponding numbers.

(Small Box #1, as the video helpfully explains, contains cables #2 and #3.)

Several companies are making self-contained, wearable computers for walking around without cables in VR.

The feet hide the actuating cables that bend the legs along a single degree of freedom, with very limited force.

The company, which primarily sells via Amazon, is expanding out of batteries and cables and is now creating audio and other portable AV gear.

These electrodes connected to an outside computer via cables plugged into a socket in Copeland’s skull.

Researchers also need to figure out a way to integrate the cables, wires, and robotic arm into the patient’s body.

Right now, the arm is separate, the cables are massive, and the system requires large, desk-bound computers.

The P1s come with two cables in the box, both using a standard MMCX connection.

“BMW is the first carmaker to integrate Apple CarPlay without any cables at all.”

We know this because of cables the CIA declassified describing the torture.

Orbital had spare cables, though, and was reworking the issue yesterday.

“Subject began crying as he was told that we wanted information to stop operations against the U.S,” the cables read.

“This experience with the waterboard was referenced in emails, but was not documented or otherwise noted in CIA cables,” the Senate report says.

It’s got Bluetooth built-in so it can be tracked and comes with swappable Lightning, micro-USB, or USB-C cables.

Though designed with powerful built-in speakers, GoDJ Plus has a 3.5mm stereo line-out to connect to external speakers via RCA cables.

The GrayKey itself is a small, 4×4 inches box with two lightning cables for connecting iPhones, according to photographs published by cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes.

They practically disappear once I’ve got them seated in my ears and their kevlar-reinforced cables resist tangling nicely.

These are some of the smallest headphones with replaceable cables.

Both are built to a very high standard, with braided, tangle-resistant cables and roughly a billion different ear tips, including Comply foam tips.

Snaking through and around that volumetric space is 5.1 miles of fiber cables connected to 10 petabytes of onsite storage.

Did you know that 99 percent of the Internet’s power is supplied via subterranean cables?

cables of this sort started to be laid underwater all the way back in the 1850s, long before the cultivation of the world-wide web.

The first cables were located exclusively in the North Atlantic.

Here’s a map of all of the underwater cables today.

Now that Apple is selling a whole series of laptops that only use USB-C, the number of cables and accessories is going to skyrocket.

Modern camera technology allows cable companies to monitor these cables, but they’re far from impervious.

They noticed a blemish on some of their cables off the Canary Islands.

Besides, these cables are all the way at the bottom of the ocean.

This is because fiber optic cables aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Currently, Google is heavily investing in FASTER, a $300 million project that will link cables from the United States to Japan.

Leaked U.S. diplomatic cables from 2009 noted “Moscow’s impression that the Russian-speaking Lieberman is one of their own”.

After all, it’s all… cords and cables and lasers and whatnot.

cables go up through the stand so you won’t see them at all.

I’ve found myself hurling clothes, toiletries and assorted cables into bags on more early mornings than I care to mention.

Apple’s cables, unlike those you might order from a random seller online, are going to be well-made and reliable.

Poorly constructed USB-C cables can sometimes allow connected devices to draw too much power and damage your gadgets (it happened to me).

If for some reason you can’t, look hard for those ineffectual USB Implementers Forum logos that theoretically denote safe cables.

Amazon is trying to crack down on bad cables, too.

I also wish the package came with longer RCA cables.

Fortunately, I had spare cables so this wasn’t a huge issue, but I could see this causing frustration for some users.

Earlier this year, Apple began a “voluntary exchange program” for USB-C cables that were designed alongside the original MacBook.

Perhaps a spreadsheet of tested, safe USB-C cables?

(Apple has a sale on cables right now, but it only lasts through December; after that, Apple’s high margins return.)

But never fear, Status Audio sells super cheap, flat cables that add those options.

Millions of fibre optic cables connect us to our social networks: friends, followers, email acquaintances, even lurkers.

I’ve had mixed results with other USB-C adapters and cables.

Once you have the right cables and adapters, it’s never been easier to build and use a docking setup for a desk.

Electrify America has shuttered these chargers while the supplier completes tests of its liquid-cooled cables.

Other EV charging companies, including Fastned and Ionity in Europe, have also shut down their chargers with Huber + Suhner’s high-power cables.

Electrify America also has high-power liquid-cooled cables from another supplier, ITT Cannon, which are operating.

Without a cloud interface, companies have to use physical USB cables to distribute applications.

Telephone companies would need to improve their network cables in order to deliver television.

I don’t have balanced power cables or a selection of FLAC tracks dedicated to testing equipment.

So maybe save your $30, and get a pack of Anker or Amazon Basic Micro USB cables for a fraction of the cost instead.

The kit will also include the necessary speakers, cables, and microphone to create your own voice-command device.

Apple’s cables are some of the best that you can buy.

Indeed, of the seven subsea cables Google has invested in, five have been in Asia.

Only Apple’s USB-C charging cables aren’t being discounted.

Sure, you can find numerous articles urging you not to spend extra money on cables.

Noted skeptic James Randi once offered $1 million to anyone who could prove the superiority of $7,250 speaker cables (there were no takers).

It was so heavy with all the cables that we had to have two cranes lift it in the air.”

We hope cables in a sentence examples were helpful.