Buttons in a sentence | Use of the word buttons examples

Then there were the incessant buttons to click, documents to send, and other mildly irritating tasks, all as I worked towards the next promotion.

Bernadette Mayer’s Sonnets (2014) is published by Tender buttons Press and is available from Amazon and other online booksellers.

Our friend Viviane made us buttons to throw out into the crowd that said ‘I support Lesbian Divorce.'”

Pew’s interactive chart includes helpful buttons that allow you to see how you compare to people of the same race, age, gender, etc.

Samsung is ditching the Android buttons that are normally found on the bottom border of Galaxy S smartphones.

Instead, he sprayed down the wall of the elevator, including the buttons … which caused a short circuit.

In 2003, the city, concerned with curbing the amount of water wasted at drinking fountains, retrofitted them with on-off buttons.

He asked her to undo the buttons on her blouse, but she said no.

Women began “having their belly buttons perforated” in droves.

Roku also earns money by offering branded channel buttons on its remote controls.

Consumers see shortcut buttons for streaming services like Netflix, Google Play, Hulu, Sling, and Amazon.

I was still wearing a suicide smock—no metal or buttons, almost a dress.

Did you happen to see that they’ve now virtualized the dash buttons?

“He pushes people’s buttons,” Fern told Variety about the character.

But with VR as with books: there will be horrible books and then there will be masterpieces that push all your buttons.

Like, I love that coat,” she said, pointing to a white tailored jacket with big black buttons, accented with a giant bow.

If someone is rubbed the wrong way, they will be passive aggressive about it, so avoid pushing buttons.

They can then move around the magnifying window and zoom in and out with the X and Y buttons.

“The general election is just not hitting those buttons, apart from Corbyn,” Nimmo said.

All you have to do is push a couple buttons and then hit the keyboard and you get this gorgeous sound coming out.

If you release one of the buttons on the controller, your index finger points forward, so you can “poke” things in the environment.

That ability I talked about before, where you tap and release buttons to manipulate in-game fingers, comes in handy here, too.

But the login buttons can send some data back to their makers about the user’s app habits.

They can see your browsing history, based on their like buttons.

None of this lingo really matters, because the icons and buttons are pretty much all the same.

Legislation would pay for everything from retrofitting schools with bulletproof glass and panic buttons to adding and training armed resource officers.

The judge, at team Cosby’s request, banned any buttons or paraphernalia that might express support for the movement.

Other tables included personal objects from soldiers that don’t have any identification on them, including buttons, canteens and old boots.

There’s no traditional base or control buttons, there are three different working bowls, and the motor housing goes on top.

The work serves as an archway to a garden with benches shaped like buttons and cuffs.

Then she buttons up her jacket, adorned with gold buttons — armor for the battle ahead.

At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week, some Republican wore buttons saying “No Third Term.”

Dressed in blazers and dress shirts reflecting their professional identity, some also donned Planned Parenthood buttons or Democratic Socialists of America pins.

He passed out “I am Bruce Conner” buttons at gallery events so he could claim to have been there.

There were also many interesting independent artists with their wares on display, selling everything from t-shirts to buttons to posters.

You have two analog sticks, four face buttons, a directional pad, and four shoulder buttons, with a large, HD screen in the middle.

It has all the same buttons and the same functionality, but looks much more comfortable.

That’s why people making a wall in soccer cover their jungle buttons.

To me, it looks like a square with buttons on it and two little handles on each side.

But now it’s looking like Trump is taking steps to ensure he doesn’t push Beijing’s buttons too hard — at least for now.

KFC isn’t ruling out legal action if it can find out who’s making the buttons.

“The big challenge nowadays,” he continues, “is to find a Game Boy with good enough buttons to go for a record.

The buttons on the first Game Boy are by far the nicest, but they’re usually so worn out these days.”

We would dress ’em up and take care of them—sew buttons on shirts and sit and watch soccer with them.

Or the company’s plan to push into buy buttons?

There are no buttons or knobs — just the massive display.

It takes some time with the casework You push buttons [laughs].

He writes: “In countries around the world, particularly Asia (China, Korea, Singapore), and also Brazil, iPhone users don’t use their home buttons.

Chelsea: I don’t like belly buttons.

Check the Gazook for Man Ray’s swat at her Tender buttons.

So we get paid for every customer that we sell buttons on the remote.

“The big challenge nowadays,” he continues, “is to find a Game Boy with good enough buttons to go for a record.

The buttons on the first Game Boy are by far the nicest, but they’re usually so worn out these days.”

“I do still love my buttons, but I think eBay has almost run out of this model,” Kardashian said.

We hear someone fumbling with buttons, or something being wound.

Samsung already has dedicated buttons on its handsets for its own rival assistant, Bixby.

The emulator also allows players to set how transparent they want onscreen buttons to look when the phone is held sideways.

That is something Margot Vaaderpass is also looking at when making tops, coats, trousers and skirts using pineapple leather, biodegradable buttons and knitted tailoring.

This release will feature Dash buttons for a wide range of brands including Trojan condoms, Doritos chips, Dasani water and Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee.

Amazon now sells Dash buttons for more than 100 brands, each costing $4.99.

Some consider these lazy buttons a gimmick.

It was a lurid look, a sexy and body-hugging mini-dress covered playfully in colorful buttons.

What’s fascinating is that the buttons he placed on the dress were not part of some homage to bygone European design.

The buttons gave the design a kind of riotous, black Southern femininity that became one of his lasting legacies.

Technically, Dash buttons costs $4.99 each, but Amazon will credit your account for that same amount upon purchasing them.

There are only four key buttons (horizontal and vertical attacks, Kick, and Guard), with a handful of moves activated using a combination of them.

The co-op would have panic buttons in all the rooms, too.

And that’s it.” No buttons is even more Apple-esque than one button.

The Pussycat Dolls built a whole career on this spread-out realization of female sexuality (check 2005’s “buttons” for evidence).

Tying shoelaces or fastening buttons, little things one doesn’t think of much, were now frustratingly difficult.

And may not even have buttons, and certainly not enough to type out entire conversations the way we do now.

In Chicago, for example, the aforementioned Unite Here survey of hospitality workers helped spur the passage of legislation that outfits housekeepers with panic buttons.

buttons spread across her front are a reference to the many buttons retrieved by archaeologists.

Symmetrical mice can lead to injuries, he says, and that you should look for asymmetrical with buttons that relatively easy to press.

It also adds voice controls so you can avoid having to fumble with buttons at all.

I wanted to push buttons, you know.

Profanity, pushing buttons, crossing lines.

Forget buttons in the traditional sense.

During the 1968 presidential race, the Nixon campaign had several thousand buttons made with the slogan “Nixon’s the one” in various languages.

The candidate was so concerned that Tuck had pulled something similar to his Chinatown stunt that he had the buttons destroyed.

Today we discuss Kim Jong-un and Trump’s nuclear buttons, Senator Orrin Hatch’s retirement, and the winter “bomb cyclone” on the East Coast.

There’s no central screen, so the right screen covers the entire infotainment suite, managed using a small cluster of knobs and buttons.

Like many close musical duos, doubly so when they’re related, these two enjoy being ornery—pushing each other’s buttons but without specific intent.

She shows me her work phone—an old, beaten-up black plastic mobile with large buttons.

Even considering the Nintendo 64 controller, which had ten buttons to potentially assign commands to, he felt no need to dedicate one to jumping.

We did it all on tape and when we mixed we all had to be in the room pushing buttons at the same time.

“What I worry about is people who don’t have my footprint in the media and cannot push those buttons,” he said.

There’s nothing inherently good about watching a bloke prod a few buttons on a Kaos pad.

It also appears to have distinct buttons for pictures and GIF searches, both presumably powered by Google image search.

Cold metal and buttons, fluorescent lights and sleek displays, jumpsuits and wholly unadorned living spaces.

Some air pressure openers use pumps instead of automated buttons.

Twitter is finally doing away with the “Buy” buttons that allowed users to purchase items from within a tweet.

Pinterest is still supporting its own take on Buy buttons.

Really, it’s more cerebral than just pushing a bunch of buttons ’til the right ones light up.

Nixon wasn’t just speaking a code that his followers understood to be about race — he found a different way of pressing the same buttons.

To start, you hold two buttons on each side, which feels like holding a Twinkie.

And then just the reality of interfacing with something that doesn’t really have buttons for the fitness side of it.

“Milady’s habit always buttons from right to left, while milord fastens his in the reverse order—from left to right,” she observes.

There’s buttons on the Apple Watch, but you can’t actually use them in a fitness context.

VICE News meets Jonathan “Juggsy” Dunne, a National Health Service worker and comedian who is trying to change this with buttons saying “Tube Chat?”

He was essentially just pushing buttons on samplers.

I love you insulting … And buttons to push and things like that …

He added, “I’m one of those guys who has to put tape over the buttons to not hit the wrong button.

Most of its buttons were already functional, she just needed to solder them to a control board.

She drew buttons on her human doll with a sharpie.

It’s located next to the standard three Android buttons.

The four buttons on top of the trumpet to control movement.

Unlike the voice, most instruments have a set of keys, holes or buttons that let it make a fixed set of sounds.

Cons: few buttons, no spit valve.

From the beginning I would save little things from the games: buttons, old tickets, towels, and posters.

They receive panic buttons, home security, and bodyguards in some instances.

Drool’s expressway-through-Hell rhythm-violence game is a sensory assault, simple of premise—press buttons in time with on-screen prompts—but devilishly tricky to perfect.

I drew its screen, and stuck on Smarties for the buttons.

They’re both trying to get their way at the other’s expense, pushing buttons and playing games.

I kissed a boy in a snowstorm while wearing the tomato-red coat with its silver-dollar-size buttons.

Once in the vehicle, she said Ghomeshi asked her to undo a couple of her blouse buttons.

Basically, all you have to do is click a few buttons.

Some of the cloth buttons are a little flatter than they should have been.

Alva CalyMayor’s “Stumpies” vary from smoked-to-the-bitter-end to put-out-quickly-and-discarded; they twist and turn like little worms, squirming around the buttons of collared shirts.

There were people who would hit my buttons and I’d just go completely ballistic.

Yes, calling people on their shit and pushing all their buttons can be an effective way to terrify them—but this often backfires.

The multicolor checkers stand out against the dark sky, persistent like the always-flashing buttons of an arcade game machine.

That is something Margot Vaaderpass is also looking at when making tops, coats, trousers and skirts using pineapple leather, biodegradable buttons and knitted tailoring.

The first purchase, of course, is a precision mouse with strategically placed buttons and adjustable DPI.

If recycled, my heart weeps for the poor souls who will have to dismantle Amazon’s inherently disposable, one-specific-use Dash buttons.

The whole panel was pretty dogged-out; the pots barely moved, and a number of the buttons didn’t work, or worked intermittently.

Matty grabbed chopped cucumbers, anise hyssop, Szechuan buttons, chiles, and cilantro, then tossed those up with some lime, salt, and oil.

Most Android phone makers have moved to what’s called virtual buttons where they show up on the display screen itself.

But at the same time, it’s such a thinly veiled attempt to push buttons that I rolled my eyes at it.

155: Ziploc – Amazon, I need more Ziploc bags to hold all these Dash buttons I bought.

78: Doritos – As long as we’re talking the red bag I’ll take 10 Dash buttons.

60: FoodSaver Vacuum Seal Refills – Vacuum seal all of your Dash buttons so they’ll never go bad!

But Wayne knew when he was pushing buttons.

But he certainly is a populist with strong authoritarian tendencies, and he will certainly push whatever buttons bring him popularity and adulation.

When the senses are dulled, you really need to smash all the buttons on the circuitboard of your tongue to sense flavor.

In April, India’s Ministry of Women and Child Development announced plans to install mandatory panic buttons on all mobile phones.

Professor Rajat Kathuria of ICRIER says that women in rural areas are unlikely to benefit from panic buttons.

What remains to be seen is whether panic buttons or alert apps can disrupt the cycle of violence against women.

She did the duck and cover drills and knew that, at any moment, politicians might push some buttons and end the world.

I truly want to be a woman who keeps all her shirts stain-free and her sweaters rip-free long enough to use spare buttons.

She also has a box of spare buttons.

She gets spare buttons with all the usual lawyerly workwear suspects: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, J.Crew.

“I almost always throw them away,” a male friend and software engineer in Washington, DC, told me of spare buttons.

“I have rarely lost buttons on my shirts.

Of course, when the average American throws away an estimated 80 pounds of clothing per year, a few extra buttons are not the problem.

If I were clever, I would have bought a whole new set of matching buttons and replaced all of them together.

Maybe spare buttons are just aspirational, designed to make us believe something about ourselves that’s not really true anymore.

Still, I want the spare buttons to keep coming.

Led by the tuneful and raw vocals of Imfeld and others, the music pops like buttons from a ripped shirt.

After a couple of seconds, his gaze meets the wall of buttons and a connection is formed.

You see, our boy must be thinking, these buttons are not nearly wet enough.

So, the rascal gingerly reaches up and touches one of the (now piss-soaked) buttons.

The boy is illuminated by the lights on the buttons which have gone full Poltergeist at this point, and our movie ends.

Pinterest has offered Buy buttons for almost two years, but it’s unclear how well that business is doing.

It has the double shoulder buttons.

The face buttons and D-pad, however, are nicely clicky, with just the right degree of feedback.

The machine’s purpose is allow for the replacement of iPhone home buttons, which are locked down to the device they originally shipped with.

The biggest partner app Stripe launched with was Twitter, whose ‘Buy’ buttons allowed users to buy items directly from a tweet.

Each has introduced ‘Buy’ buttons, with varying levels of investment.

If you’re particularly great at mashing buttons really fast, I’ll never beat you at Track & Field.”

But nobody owns an iPhone and the technology looks lifted from the 1980s, all square buttons and monochrome pixels.

Mouths, noses, ears, belly buttons, and “peeholes” become the new homes for small-scale artworks.

Those high buttons across the neck are boss.

When the Xerox team demoed their mouse to Steve Jobs, it featured three buttons.

But for some, these devices can seem as intimidating as a mouse with three buttons would have been.

Guns with bullet buttons and at least one of the other banned features can no longer be sold.

Its goal is noise reduction, accomplished by banishing gradients, funky fonts, and drop shadows, and by relegating all-caps to little “BUY” buttons.

It was minimalist to the extreme, with little in the way of interface—just volume and play/pause buttons.

For such an incorporeal game, controlled through numbers and buttons, this is close to body horror.

It’s shifting into programmatic for most of the banners and buttons that folks see, to really high-end custom.

Again, PUSHA is a king at poking at buttons but also is gifted with the instinct to give pause.

The thought of becoming an actress pushed those buttons.

Many of the proposals outlined the need for bulletproof windows, panic buttons and armored shelters to be installed in classrooms.

You can toggle among driving modes using the buttons below the shifter knob.

So far, there are Amazon Dash buttons available for products as varied as condoms, dog treats, and beer.

The good news with eco buttons in cars is that no one is being misled.

And if people do press cars’ eco buttons, they really can save fuel.

And what if the eco buttons come up short?

Whoever thought that a game that necessitated six individual buttons could be played using a single-trigger Zip Stick, bless you, you fantastic lunatic.

We listened to prompts, pressed a few buttons and hung up when we realized what we’d signed up for.

A friend of mine had ordered 200 fantastic buttons: “Sometimes party loyalty asks too much.

I made my way over to the center of the floor and continued handing out the buttons.

Conner, who is gay, is often the man found worshiping muscles and belly buttons on Film911.

For me, one of the most magical ingredients in the busy but not-too-busy buttons and lights of Star Wars is their absence of text.

Years of hearing every fetish under the sun taught them how to push anybody’s buttons.

Instead of buttons, the controller for this video game has popsicles.

Open the app, press a few buttons and — voila — within a couple hours, a restaurant-quality meal shows up at your door.

Every element, from the bezel to the buttons, were designed to absorb and displace shock.

The set has buttons for power, pausing music, volume controls and skipping tracks, and the battery is rechargeable.

Trump and Kim have traded barbs about their “nuclear buttons,” and in February, the US announced new and harsh sanctions against North Korea.

Drivers can connect their phone to the display and control it using buttons on the steering wheel.

The women, flaunting their curves and swishing their hair, grabbed their customers’ shirts and pulled the buttons on their jeans.

Each is played by pressing buttons on your keyboard that correspond to the original controls.

Developers can’t replicate the feel of plastic, sticky buttons, and the controls on a computer are slightly more streamlined.

Willam knew how to push Phi Phi’s buttons, and that she did, clowning the too-serious Phi Phi more times than one can count.

You couldn’t press a few buttons and get something delivered from across the other side of the world.

Press one of these four buttons to pick what you say.

But when I’ve visited those bakeries, I’ve found that employees can’t call themselves bakers—they’re just pressing buttons.

I guess it helped that it was only a few buttons away from other rap channels.

Push your buttons?” she says.

You may have given to a lot of causes by clicking a few buttons.

On a final note, we stopped by Disneyland’s City Hall for free “Just Engaged” buttons.

These controllers are equipped with unique, analog shoulder buttons, depressible and modular to a full ‘click.’

Clear instructions are included, but it’s basically pressing a series of buttons.

He wore a white, collared shirt that was much like my own except buttons held down the collar’s tips.

What they don’t want is someone freaking out or constantly pressing call buttons.

The bizarre plastic buttons and epic artwork surrounding the tiny LCD screen was as much a part of the experience as the game itself.

And that’s when I knew that buttons were really dead.

Top with sparkling wine and garnish with strawberry and lemon slices and the bachelor buttons (if using).

It eliminates the need to touch any buttons or say “okay Google,” which is not a popular party trick.

She snips a few deep blue bachelor buttons and other edible flowers to dress up the dish.

Flag with buttons and pins.

I remember frantically punching in the buttons to secure a 10p bag of Chipsticks from the vending machine after every class.

It’s too many buttons and stuff.

Some elements you can push, like buttons.

Meanwhile in a medium bowl, mix the cucumber with the anise hyssop, szechuan buttons (if using), the chillies, and cilantro.

As he pressed the buttons to answer Dreyfus’s questions, he was sometimes surprised by what he remembered, or had forgotten.

Gone were the switches and small, hard industry-standard buttons of 1980s grooveboxes and studio mixing boards.

“No t-shirts or buttons or colors painted on the cheeks.

But most importantly, it wasn’t an enormous, stationary mixing panel with as many buttons as an airplane cockpit.

The body includes two knobs for fine-tuning samples or selecting functions, and red “record” and “over dub” buttons for saving or looping beats.

“In short, they are attempting to scare individuals into hitting one of the countless “Contribute” or “Donate” buttons on their website,” it reads.

I “play” the “+” and “-” buttons to rhythmically change the harmonics in my synth parts during a performance.

buttons looped to the brink of insanity, Slade sing the chorus for “Merry Xmas Everybody” six (SIX!!!)

It also relied on the design skills of undergraduates like artist Logan Larsen, who designed the zines, buttons, and posters that canvassed the campus.

Panel buttons sound the familiar klaxon when pressed.

It takes apart the classic Nintendo Entertainment System controller, doling out each of its buttons to its own separate controller.

I’ve got three buttons: boost, throttle, and disconnect and only a few seconds to decide what to do with each user.

But Hewson has yet to determine a business model behind these “action” buttons, which are algorithmically placed within articles.

(He was pushing hot buttons like a mad genius even in his Hollywood blockbusters, Starship Troopers and Robocop.)

Top with sparkling wine and garnish with strawberry and lemon slices and the bachelor buttons (if using).

I made buttons.

I’d say, ‘I know the buttons you need to push to grab the tickets—F2, 10, return.

There are more people working and cleaning the washrooms during shows, and he’s installed safety buttons in the washrooms.

Does the topic push some buttons?

We would tap one of the buttons to start the beat and mess with the knob to make some really strange sounds.

Then Ryan showed me a handful of huge buttons he found in the Guitar Center dumpster worn by employees to promote a sale.

Players access a computer desktop with a few different buttons to push and folders to open.

The initiative is also letting AI agents complete form-filling tasks using interface elements like buttons, lists, and sliders.

She was smart about figuring out who was low in confidence and how to push their buttons.

You can then skip forward and back in time with the R and L buttons.

Privacy and Security Enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari prevents embedded content and social media buttons from tracking cross-site browsing without your permission.

Its high-end remote has the headphone jack for private listening, voice search support, the lost remote finder feature, and gaming buttons.

At least two women are carrying oars over their shoulders, and several men are wearing navy blue blazers with gold buttons.

For now, only organic posts from the launch partner merchants will feature Checkout buttons, and ads aren’t eligible.

Facebook has spent five years experimenting with different Buy buttons, but now it finally has them in a place they feel natural.

In some cases, such as when the shifter is replaced by buttons, this isn’t so bad.

So to be clear: You absolutely need to push those buttons, despite the mess hasty updates created.

First, they’re tricking you and pushing the right buttons to make you check your feed just one more time.

So, are the machines tools, or is the human pressing buttons actually just part of the machine?

The tiny remote is packed with sensors as well as a pair of buttons and a touch-sensitive trackpad.

Quadruple the number of campaign buttons!” the Penguin commanded his staff, wielding his iconic cigarette in one hand and an umbrella in another.

Each shoe also sports a pair of small blue buttons on the outside for tightening and loosening accordingly.

Does Trump have a secret dream of being a pilot, still furious he couldn’t quite get all those buttons in the cockpit straight?

(You can do it in a non-accusatory way; lots of hospitals post signs and have staffers wear buttons encouraging patients to ask.)

Old Messenger: Previously, there were five main navigation buttons along the bottom of the app.

New Messenger: In Messenger v4, now there are just three navigation buttons.

It doesn’t have visible buttons or ports, so it’s a simple turntable with arm on top of a base.

Press on the Feed post to show only the videos/photos, then release to show text and buttons over the videos/photos again.

Using buttons arranged for the four cardinal directions, she managed to capture pokémon much as she could at the actual site.

They keep the phone and video call buttons there, enticing you to click so they can try to convince you to use another browser.

The buttons appear on desktops when users hover over the “Like” button.

Follow the directions on screen to assign buttons on your old remote to control the Apple TV.

Hold down Menu and Home buttons at the same time.

Though plastic-y Dash buttons were quite unlike the classic iPhone home button — always seeming temporary and experimental rather than slick and coolly reassuring.

Despite the presence of buttons, the only way to interact with Crankin’ is with said crank.

Are beer buttons the pinnacle of laziness and signs of the times, or are they the greatest invention we’ve seen in ages?

Click the buttons at the bottom to drill into or exit a category: This article originally appeared on Recode.net.

I’m a musician and a performer who uses technology, buttons, knobs, and interfaces to unleash something.

The sidebar no longer stands out as a black bar with a bunch of buttons.

It feels like those buttons are part of the browser instead of an afterthought.

Fortunately those buttons don’t take a lot of space and remain discreet.

The Windows version of the browser looks exactly like the macOS version, but with standard Windows buttons in the corner.

With just the Finder open, the only buttons you’ll see are, let to right, Escape, Brightness, Volume, Mute and Siri.

Justin only broke away briefly when “buttons” by the Pussycat Dolls came on, ’cause apparently that’s his jam.

buttons on the left side of the steering wheel can skip, play, pause, and change the volume of your music or media.

buttons on the right side of the wheel can control Bluetooth-connected phones, complete voice commands and adjust various Model S features.

This design is smart because if you don’t want to use Reactions, you don’t have to, and there aren’t six buttons on every post.

Each grip has series of buttons controlled by the thumb.

Clicking buttons, I accidentally took off my avatar’s hot pants, and then quickly put them back on.

Handout literature was printed, as were as buttons designed by Scott Benson, co-creator of Night in the Woods.

The BYRD’s controller features shortcut buttons that let you command the drone to autonomously land or take off.

The BYRD’s controller features shortcut buttons that let you command the drone to autonomously land or take off.

There are buttons to command the drone to take off or land itself, or you can input an autonomous flight path.

As a result, the most important buttons to note are the photograph and video icons.

Overall, I liked the placement of buttons within the app.

The tiny scratch of those microscopic buttons rumbling away.

The controller has some nice additions in the form of pre-set and programmable shortcut buttons.

Like on the app, there are buttons for autonomous takeoff and landing, plus to snap a photo or begin filming.

Once I learned the controller by touch I favored these buttons over the app.

He spent $2.4 million on campaign items such as his signature red hat, banners, buttons and T-shirts.

Twitter is testing a new interface for its mobile applications on iOS and Android, which involves rounded profile images, buttons and other features.

The search boxes and buttons also have a rounded theme.

Otero is a young 42 years old, chest buttons of his plaid shirt open, sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

The top, meanwhile, maintains a familiar design language, with a rounded matte black top bearing a quartet of physical buttons.

Cars used to have a few buttons and knobs.

We were scrambling…we ended up searching every Goodwill and Salvation Army for navy blazers, and sewing on the gold buttons.

Some vehicles now have as many as 50 buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard that are multi-functional.

A gift probably from Tony Stark, it projects the Spider-Man logo and features all kinds of icons and buttons.

Instead, they argued that Facebook political should fall under the “small items exemption” that applies to pens and buttons.

I dressed as yuppie as possible, in skinny-fit slacks with a pink polo, the buttons done all the way to the top.

The industrial design is also similar to earlier models, with a well, pronounced metal case and large buttons.

The platform could breathe new life into plateauing Snapchat by colonizing the mobile app ecosystem with its login buttons and content.

They can also use those buttons to share clips of songs they’re listening to to social networks.

We’re here to press buttons and push boundaries.

Think back to the mid-1990s and the advent of small egg-shaped electronic devices with a screen and a few buttons.

Minnesota’s law, challenged by conservative activists, prohibits badges, buttons, hats, T-shirts or other items with overly political messages inside polling sites during elections.

There are enough lame buttons in the world already.

Electricians are scouring the building for defects, installing elevator buttons and tweaking escalators.

The new virtual Dash buttons started appearing on the Amazon.com homepage and the Amazon app home screen on Thursday night.

“Add to your Dash buttons” is now an option on the product page of all eligible products.

Virtual Dash buttons are free to use, while the physical ones cost $4.99.

Facebook is also working with Live Chat developers who can build plug-ins for “Message Us”-style contact buttons for websites.

When tapped, the Live Chat buttons will bounce users over to the Messenger app on mobile or Messenger.com on the web.

On the left are two buttons.

There were buttons on the steering wheel and next to the screens for controlling most functions, including climate and radio.

… and buttons to the right.

Quang Le makes buttons and took the photos for a book about Mr. T collectibles I wrote the introduction for.

After Trump announces that he, “the president,” is on the phone without acknowledgement from the other line, he starts pressing buttons, seemingly at random.

She wants to know how many Like buttons there are around the web.

Meanwhile, while listening to shows, you have the option to click on buttons that rewind the show back by 30 seconds or skip ahead.

In your web browser, it shows back, forward, and search buttons.

Oh, and then there’s the price — the buttons start at $30 apiece, which amounts to a lot of Tide Pods.

I think a lot of people just, “Eh, I have to press three buttons, what’s the point?” KS: Oh, so they stay visible.

(For the record, this spring is about linen, tortoiseshell or wood buttons, beaded plastic handbags, and prairie blouses.)

The Karma Grip’s buttons echo its point-and-shoot mantra.

In May 1979, the Associated Press ran an aspirational story titled “Teletext: Soon You’ll Be Punching buttons And Talking Back To Your TV.”

I added some sharing buttons, posted it on my LinkedIn, posted it on HackerNews, and forgot about it.” That was back in 2015.

All the buttons are clearly labeled while all of the important features are intuitively place and within arm’s reach for the driver.

There are three mini buttons on each side.

The buttons automatically take on different functions when users switch between apps.

Why are buttons and dials so much fun to play with?

Now you can approve expenses, assign deadlines, check flights, and interact with other enterprise tools from inside Slack with its new Message buttons.

After pressing a few buttons on an app or WeChat portal, approved applicants receive credit within mere minutes, not days or weeks.

Dash buttons launched in 2015, and by the time of their demise there were hundreds of options.

Currently in-use Dash buttons will still work, for now.

Unfortunately, a book called Amazon Dash buttons: A Complete Directory (Volume 1), published in January 2017, is already out of print.

The three buttons on the side control the various functions including music playback on your phone or other device.

So Dash buttons are now irrelevant.

Typing out endless responses to questions rather than simply pressing buttons makes the model unworkable.

There is glass on the front and back (thin) and buttons with de-dents so they click.

This intersection of technology and crime [connected to] Le Roux kind of pushed all those buttons for me.

The reMarkable, on the other hand, is smaller (about 10″x7″) and a triplet of buttons on its lower bezel invite interaction.

Inside documents, you’ll use the three buttons at the bottom of the device to go forward, back or return home.

I also wouldn’t be too surprised if a version of buttons rolls out, built on top of the newly acquired tech.

It’s also nice to have the volume slider pop up right next to the volume buttons now.

These new buttons look like an ad right off the bat.

We touch it and swirl it in our fingers and press the buttons, often for no reason.

It then lists buttons that users can click to read articles from organizations like Factcheck.org, Lead Stories, PolitiFact, the Associated Press, and 20 Minutes.

A designer says we’re gonna put tasks over here and buttons over here, both interfaces are really powerful but for narrow uses.

Amongst the new t-shirts, hats, and buttons came this ‘shop, courtesy of Saint Hoax.

Conversely, during a basketball game, human beings with actual brains press buttons to register rebounds and three-pointers.

Before sites were peppered with sharing buttons.

Apple unceremoniously killed it by announcing a whole series of phones without buttons during a its annual marketing event in Cupertino.

So restive were senators returning to Washington that McConnell and others sported lapel buttons declaring them members of the “Cranky Senate Coalition.”

It has a mic, two buttons and, most importantly, a 3.5mm output.

Amazon Dash buttons were intended to help with reordering.

Like last year’s Echo buttons, the company says the product started off as an internal reference design.

So today Facebook Messenger is giving chatbot developers new “Quick Reply” buttons and persistent menu options to make their bots easier to navigate.

A hybrid of chat and buttons could make bots actually usable.

In addition to personal fundraisers, Facebook Pages will also be able to include “Donate” buttons on their live video broadcasts.

Their outfits are less eye-catching, and they have fewer protest buttons.

The phone doesn’t appear to have physical buttons and is an update on the old Galaxy.

What will be the impact of adding lawmaker contact buttons to its landmark product, at least in some cases?

“I am not a Republican anymore,” said Michelle Silts, a mother wearing an Evan McMullin shirt with Ryan buttons on it.

It’s the job of the good coach to push a few buttons and be the catalyst for new thinking.”

The control setup looks a little tricky, with only two buttons to both spin and move the blocks.

While some artists merely go through the motions, Karizma plays decks like musical instruments—cue buttons become drums, faders the strings to his guitar.

You can turn on the video camera before it happens, and then watch the sky show without fiddling with any buttons.

Facebook announced Friday it’s adding call-to-action buttons within Instant Articles to make it easier for publishers to build their digital audiences using Facebook.

buttons include an email sign-up button and a page “like” button that consumers can access within the Instant Article framework.

The unit features a couple of oversized buttons to make it easy to operate while wearing gloves, too, which is a nice touch.

The buttons control volume and can put you on mute.

The mobile app makes it really easy to just tap a couple buttons and have it work.

The platform is adding four new buttons: An exclamation point, a question mark, a happy face and a sad face.

Pilots can stop this automated response by pressing two buttons if the system behaves unexpectedly, the directive said.

You could select one of five buttons in between “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree” as a response.

Instead the company switched tactics, moving to those now familiar single product buttons.

Like some kind of sadistically nerdy ASMR video, he then noisily takes a razor blade to the Joy-Con controllers, buttons and connecting rails.

Instead, to preserve the image in the Live Photo format, you’ll need to use the native share buttons.

W1 makes the difference What the Solo3 definitely has that the AirPods don’t are buttons.

You can set up macros and speed buttons and connect to the Xbox, the PS4, or the Switch.

“I love films,” he says, four buttons of his shirt undone.

I just ended up pressing all the buttons until something clicked, and the coffin appeared.

Instead of just turning and sliding buttons or using a mouse, the ring gives musicians the option to express themselves more.

It’s made to be worn on the index finger, so you can reach the buttons on it.

So it became a ring for the index finger, so you’re able to reach the buttons with your thumb.

or “Vote for your city” buttons.

Twitter is adding a new feature that will allow businesses to attach buttons (powered by bots) to conversations within its Direct Messages platform.

The buttons will prompt actions depending on conversations.

A separate controller does have electronics, including a bunch of sensors, several buttons and a clickable trackpad.

The new phones are expected to have a bunch of additions (including new cameras and home buttons) and one notable subtraction (the headphone jack).

The bots can react to taps on interactive buttons or keywords typed into the thread.

Playful inkjet prints of computer graphics from the 1980s feature her illustrations of cave paintings and dodos, mingled with anachronistic HTML links and buttons.

He places the fresh radish pods, fennel pollen, and blue bachelor buttons on top.

“There are no buttons!”

There are a few buttons, some small ones right here,” Gary said, having dug out his reading glasses.

He jabbed the buttons with a finger, but nothing happened.

He poked at the other three buttons on the tablet, but still, nothing was happening.

Apple had to redo all the buttons and color schemed across the operating system.

“It has buttons, Gap.”

I, too, began pressing the buttons.

The current collection spans playful, patterned sets, silk separates with mother of pearl buttons and chiffon piping, and a whole lot of slips.

In Safari, the browser is going to block Facebook like buttons and prevent those widgets from loading third-party Javascripts.

Big buttons have been replaced with macOS-like menus with very little code changes.

Goat’s meat chili with peyote buttons?

The Rival 500 has 15 strategically based buttons, including two ergonomic “flick down” buttons beneath the thumb, to accommodate the thumb’s side-to-side motion.

And the programmable buttons, which are traditionally mapped to game functions, can be mapped to traditional office functions instead.

Because they had been in the industry for so long, many of them also became very important for manufacturing buttons, zippers, and fabric.”

On a computer, you will see next to each item a list of options with linked buttons including one reading “Return or replace items.”

The bottom is a rubberized and ruggedized affair, featuring two buttons and a flap that houses the microUSB port and auxiliary jack.

That exemption was originally used for items like buttons and pens where printing “paid for by x” was deemed impractical.

The buttons were just a little bigger, and the sound was slightly better, too.

Plus, the app’s younger users — often high schoolers, and not much older than 21 — are the ones demanding all the buttons and options.

That exemption was originally used for items like buttons and pens where printing “paid for by x” was deemed impractical.

At the very right, there will be a Siri button, the two volume buttons and a single brightness button that probably triggers another menu.

In the Mail app, you get the usual buttons, such as reply or reply all, but right in the Touch Bar.

The Parrot Skycontroller 2, meanwhile, features dual joysticks and a series of customizable buttons for taking control of the drone via WiFi.

After two more bouts, Bratton declared he was retiring, in his words, “while he still had all his buttons.”

To move between bubbles, you can either tap on them or use the volume buttons on your phone.

The Slim update didn’t change a lot, but it’s quieter, easier to use (no more invisible buttons!

Cars used to have a few buttons and knobs.

Some vehicles now have as many as 50 buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard that are multi-functional.

Echo buttons

Amazon’s new $20 Echo buttons are glowing single-button devices that come in packs of two.

The buttons are actually really fun to press, with a satisfying “click” when you push it down.

Check out more details about the Echo buttons here.

To manipulate the image on the screen, you plug wires in, adjust knobs, press buttons, and move dials.

Facebook argued that display ads on its platform should be regulated the same way certain political materials are regulated, like pencils and buttons.

The records include a mix of internal police reports and memos, photos, newspaper clippings, event fliers, political campaign buttons, and posters.

Similarly, if you click any Facebook Share buttons outside of Facebook, it will load those in the Facebook container.

Many campaigns have volunteers who work as low-level ground troops, knocking on voters’ doors and passing out campaign buttons.

And if you think you won’t push those buttons at some point, you’re wrong.

There’s the Echo Spot, the Echo Plus, Echo buttons, a couple months earlier the Echo Show, the Echo Look.

Truth is, in another window I’m still running around the opening town pulling levers and pushing buttons that do nothing.

In a world of livestreams and consoles with share buttons, the let’s play might feel antiquated.

The machine is also the only way home buttons can be replaced without breaking Touch ID.

Seeing and hearing him manipulate the large wooden machine with black and white buttons, entranced me.

Also, Luna put the same function into the iPad volume buttons in case you’d rather not use the camera this way.

The recent Pettibon book, a French Gary Panter book, six bondage zines, The Industrial Handbook, some Heather Benjamin stuff, some stickers and buttons.

There are no buttons.

But as electronics get ever more complex, a voice interface can be significantly more efficient than menus or buttons.

It closed a gifts service, and dabbled with “buy buttons” that never took off.

There’s a reason, after all, that Amazon includes volume buttons on the Echo.

Those include sliders to dim your lights and buttons to turn them on or off.

Another group of Jewish religious leaders told Politico they would be seated inside wearing “Rabbis Against Trump” buttons.

NOTE: if your TV has physical input buttons, unplugging the box *might* activate those buttons again on the set.

If you get it right, try the volume buttons first, then the input button afterward.

It added more obvious navigation buttons to ease in new and adult users.

Two volume buttons and a multicolored swirl that represents Siri.

When asked about monetizing AR, Zuckerberg brought up how object recognition could enable floating Buy buttons on real world things.

In my relatively amateur opinion, however, 8bitdo did a good job with the stock joystick and buttons included with the controller.

They feel like a genuine arcade experience, with satisfying, audible clickiness for the buttons and just enough resistance when you’re rotating that stick.

Facebook added “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” “Love,” and, most importantly, “Angry” emoticon buttons as an extension of the company’s iconic “Like” function.

Even though you can put in all sorts of buttons and “please subscribe” and “please visit our site, click this button here.” Right.

For now, stick to real buttons when you can.

According to a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board, five employees were illegally suspended for organizing activity and wearing pro-union buttons.

There are no physical buttons on the top of the device.

When preparing peyote for consumption, the peyote buttons on the top of the cactus are cut off and dried.

The buttons can then be chewed or soaked in water to drink.

This involved seizing and burning tens of thousands of peyote buttons, jailing distributors, and raiding ceremonies.

Johnson said he sells up to 750,000 peyote buttons each year, harvested across 40,000 acres of land.

She found the screen to be remarkably sharp, though some of the on-screen buttons could be better labeled, at least at first.

You can always use your voice for the same effect, but buttons are a hell of a lot easier in a pinch.

“Someone who would touch the right conservative hot buttons, who doesn’t have the off-putting and troublesome aspects of personality that Donald Trump displays.”

Basically, you’ll have to crank up the volume to get the “club house effect”, using the volume buttons on the right earcup.

If you try to explain gaming to outsiders, they might just think it’s sitting in front of a screen, pressing some buttons.

The simple fact that the Vita has fewer buttons than a DualShock must also be considered.

These mini-profiles also have buttons that let you view the person’s full Facebook profile, message them directly or add them as a friend.

Sitting on those buttons, of course, produced only gibberish commands.

Brightly colored ‘agree and continue’ buttons are a recurring feature of this flavor of dark pattern design.

Amazon also touted the success of its Fire TV media player, its latest Kindle e-book reader, and its Amazon Dash buttons.

“Then there are two buttons on the side to tighten and loosen.

I get to “send money to Jane today,” not press 10 buttons around their org chart.

to use it (X and other normal “OK” buttons don’t do it).

The site prominently features Facebook and Twitter share buttons, which help campaigns garner interest from strangers.

Is a fake conversation better than just clicking buttons?

So get ready to fire up those follow buttons and let’s get your big day squared away, shall we?

With them, you’d have many dedicated buttons and dials to work with.

You can’t stop someone from pushing your buttons if you don’t recognize when it’s happening.

It’s still a 3DoF controller, but it feels more robust than the laser pointer with buttons that mobile headsets have had previously.

Well, Young must’ve told Andrus that he was terrified of clowns, because Andrus knew just how to push Young’s buttons.

The controller also has dedicated buttons for capturing moments from the game and accessing the company’s voice-driven assistant.

We don’t have any red buttons in front of us today.

The shirts are finished with French seams and edge stitching, and the buttons are 4-millimeter-thick Australian mother-of-pearl.

But with software synths, making music became increasingly reduced to pushing a few buttons on a laptop.

Meanwhile the side buttons boldly stood out.

It offers high-quality audio that’s on par and better than competitors we tested, and it has convenient track-control buttons.

“Because of the sensors, you don’t even need to press buttons,” HUM’s creators explained on its Indiegogo page.

buttons, a button push.

It has four buttons, each of which can set a Hue light to a different preset (like bright/dim/even dimmer/off).

And it still has dedicated buttons for Sling TV, Netflix and Google Assistant.

Whoever thought that a game that necessitated six individual buttons could be played using a single-trigger Zip Stick, bless you, you fantastic lunatic.

The tiny controller is designed to be drop-dead simple, with a trackpad, two buttons and a volume switch.

After clicking on the blurred-out tweet I can read it and see three buttons: Block, follow and an X (to close the tweet).

His defense is all dives and scampers; it sometimes seems like he’s trying to scrape the buttons off his uniform.

Part of what I do with music is try to push buttons, [with] Olivia Neutered John and now Gaylord.

Aside from the large Alexa button up top, there are a total of nine buttons on the device.

But the Siri Remote, with just a couple of buttons, is not a good gaming controller.

is effective at driving up stress levels and pushing buttons.

A couple of times there have been people that were literally trying to push my buttons.

We hope buttons in a sentence examples were helpful.