Bust in a sentence | Use of the word bust examples

VICE News followed Breitbart’s politics team as they covered a Bernie or bust protest in Philadelphia.

Unlike Detroit, Sinclair says now, the cops weren’t going to bust down too many doors.

Then the Vermont senator himself took the stage.Sanders quiets ‘Bernie or bust‘ contingent with plea for unity.

The first bust came Tuesday night when she was booked for battery, aggravated assault and child cruelty.

It’s unclear if cops have a suspect yet, but Kim seems pretty confident her security cams should help bust the perp.

The perception in the VR industry is that Milk VR has been a relative bust.

A drug bust in Arica, Chile, turned up more than $12 million worth of cocaine that was bound for Spain, Reuters reported on Friday.

bust out a blender and add all of the ingredients into the blender and blend until your desired consistency is reached.

He had to drop $15k to bond out after that bust.

“The bubble economy went bust and you couldn’t sell anything,” he said.

In February, a Florida sheriff’s department found the president’s face stamped onto packages of heroin in a record-setting drug bust.

The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star is a wanted man in Miami after missing ANOTHER court date following a weed bust.

BTW … you can’t light up in public at the beach, but who’s gonna bust her anyway?

This has led to some high-profile bust ups with lawmakers broadcast live on national television.

When the housing boom turned to bust, those jobs vanished too, leaving the pool of workers without bachelor’s degrees without many options.

“Man I’ll bust Quavo ass out.

How does cannabis effect your creative process?Tony: Bong or bust.

A “fuller bust” section starts at 30DD/E and fits through 36I.

Three months later, in a bust that generated international headlines, Hernandez-Gonzalez was arrested on marijuana trafficking, money laundering, and firearm charges.

bust it out when people least expect it.

That’s, ideally, what young scientist ought to learn: how to bust myths and find the truth.

Talk about the trust bust.”

Meanwhile, police forces across the country continue to bust alleged fentanyl traffickers and issue warnings for public vigilance every time a pharmacy is raided.

The bust also contributes to a sharp decline in residential investment, which in turn hits the country’s banks.

Meanwhile, the Obama White House for years misled reporters about whether the president had a hand in the decision to return the bust.

Clearly, Obama misunderstood the symbolism of removing the bust from the Oval Office and was embarrassed to admit it.

And it’s super-hyped launch of Spectacles seems to have been a bust.

It got a lot of venture capital funding and ended up going bust.

There’s a bust of him in Tennessee’s capitol that’s drawn protests.

A bridal bust gone bust?

No word yet if he’ll bust out any dance moves from his last gig.

I was like, “I’m going to bust this wide open.” Especially when it had vampire bat placenta in it or something.

If tourism wanes or an economic bust occurs, taxpayers would be on the hook for $750 million.

That clay bust was scanned, a 3D digital print was then used to make a mould into which chocolate was poured in Belgium.

Nebraska authorities made another big fentanyl bust last October: They seized 33 pounds from a man at an Omaha Amtrak train station.

More than 120 people were charged by the feds on Wednesday in the largest gang bust in New York City history.

This bust is by far his most ambitious yet, and the indictments suggest prosecutors developed deep knowledge of the gangs and how they operate.

The bust got under way early Wednesday, reportedly around 2 AM.

Plus, a family drama isn’t going to bust HBO’s budget.

The revised bust of the soccer star hopes to quell mockery and redeem the artist in the eyes of soccer fans worldwide.

The bust’s subsequent reveal on the website was accompanied by a 10-minute mini-documentary produced by the company.

With the original bust, everything followed the mouth.

(The tech stock bust of 2001 generated only a mild recession.)

And because the banks basically went bust, the economy cratered and millions lost jobs.

Those regulations put in place a range of rules aimed at making banks safer in the aftermath of the banking bust of 2008.

Currently, cup brands do not tell users to bust out the saucepan after emptying their cup.

“Or, in simple terms, ‘the central bank driven boom must be followed by a bust‘.”

You do some slapdash mental math or bust out that trusty smartphone calc to tip accordingly.

He proceeded to walk to a very large bust of Abraham Lincoln nearby.

Of my friends who are white and strong Bernie supporters, I’d say maybe over 10 percent are Bernie or bust.

By most standards of solid fictional marriages, they’re a bust.

Let’s just say the victory lap went bust.

An individual in Detroit then celebrated Columbus Day of that year by taping an ax to a Columbus bust that they also painted red.

The one Khloe designed is a sleeveless leotard, like a corset, with crystals concentrated in the bust area.

The blue-eyed bust appears in hundreds of memes and YouTube videos, and serves as one of the only consistent stylistic elements of the genre.

At the time it was dubbed “The Great Motörhead bust,” setting the tone for the band’s growing infamy.

Fisher went on to experience the dot-com boom and bust, during which he says he developed an “allergy” to VCs.

Yet others, like spaceships and rockets, one with “Moon or bust” scrawled in red, herald dreams of exploration.

You see the young Flora (Julia Zange) intently sculpting her bust of Giacometti, who is sitting across the room.

Daz Dillinger has been indicted on 2 felony drug charges for the marijuana bust that went down at his Georgia home … TMZ has learned.

For 14 years, the True/False Film Festival has tried to bust open the surprisingly complex answer to that question.

Vince Vaughn is in jail after an early morning bust for DUI … TMZ has learned.

So how did Amazon survive the bust?

The kid was right — the bust is pretty great.

VICE News was unable to verify if the recent bust was being investigated for links to the Islamic State.

VICE News was unable to verify if the recent bust was being investigated for links to the Islamic State.

got to get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the bronze bust that’ll live forever in Canton.

As for the bust creator himself, Blair Buswell … he’s legit.

And if Pornhub’s mission was to get Zayn to bust a laugh, mission accomplished.

They survived the bust; they’ll certainly survive the boom.

John DePaola was arrested Sunday as part of a massive drug bust in New Jersey in an operation prosecutors are calling Operation Snowball.

Their money had been lent to a coal miner that soon went bust.

Liansheng went bust in late 2013, before the loan matured.

A bust of King Louis XVI looms above a table accompanied by a crown and a vase of flowers.

Finance as a share of the economy peaked in 2005, and declined with the housing bust through 2008.

The leaders were pictured in front of the Winston Churchill bust Trump moved back into the office in her first week.

For almost any other part of the government, an influx of $18 billion would be cause to bust out the champagne.

So when Merkel was faced with Deutsche Bank going bust, she handed over 500 billion Euros to a few German banks.

That’s in clear violation of a court order stating he must stay in Indiana following a DUI bust this year.

Flanking the bust are two telescopes, whose lenses point up to frame two objects placed high in the upper echelon of the courtyard.

When you make your move to the main course, it’s steak or bust.

But he expects many firms will go bust or see their valuations drop significantly in the next two years.

But as the Disney figurine bust shows, nothing is too comical or too cute to avoid suspicion entirely.

Well, Google was invented out of the bust.

Santos eventually created a revision of the bust, which rendered the handsome hero in a less cartoonishly spooky un-likeness.

Indeed, electricity consumption records are an investigative tool for police trying to bust grow ops and utilities often voluntarily give information to the police.

But the boom in dot-com ads hit the same year that Silicon Valley went bust.

Some stories are too good to check, and some myths are too perfect to bust.

And then to find that younger women are trying to bust out … To change this.

and asked him about Oden’s heart-wrenching admission that he considers himself the biggest bust in the history of the league.

Also … Abby has no plans to bust an El Chapo.

He won a bag of M&Ms the week before, the promise for anyone who can bust an ember in under 30 seconds.

Imagine being a Packers fan in Wisconsin and having to bust one of the players for weed … sucks, right!?

Chapo’s lawyers have long suspected the government used spy technology to bust their client.

Chapo’s lawyers have long suspected the government used spy technology to bust their client.

“They might have developed those tools but aren’t sharing it with the DEA, even for a drug kingpin bust situation like this,” Pfefferkorn said.

WATCH: How to Use Cocaine as Safely as Possible So how, exactly, will this bust affect the global cocaine supply?

Lawton, on the other hand, was a pure bust.

The only player that could fall into the bust category during that time is Nail Yakupov.

The most memorable of these may be Sally Saul’s ceramic bust of the Koch brothers in the Landing’s booth, “The Attack” (2016).

Cover image: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, with a bust of Hygiea, the Greek goddess of health.

They had, in their collection, a photo of Rodin with the bust.

When Ryan passed away, Dodge purchased the bust at an auction in 1933.

While the bust’s authenticity was confirmed two years ago, it has been kept a secret by the Hartley Dodge Foundation until quite recently.

Sculpted into slight ramps, plinths, and thin columns, the piece culminates in a small niche where a funny-looking bust resides.

About 100 members of the Bernie or bust crowd worked their way into the media pavilion.

[The New York Times] +Alas, the 3D scan of the Nefertiti bust may be a hoax.

“The Nefertiti bust has over two million.

Like him, we would always bust every detail that would be inspiring.” “Visual-wise in my filmmaking movement is very important,” he adds.

“Is the bust in the museum — as people have raised in the past — original?

I’m like the Nixon bust in 1968 or whatever.

… to bust out the dance moves.

A police officer in the Philippines holds high-purity crystal meth — known locally as “shabu” — after a bust south of Manila in January 2014.

They are the authors of the forthcoming book Bubbles and Crashes: The Boom and bust of Technological Innovation, which discusses Tesla.

Malnic attributed that to the cautious nature of the mining industry and the boom and bust cycle that comes with the territory.

Josh Garcia, who remembers the last bust, is cautiously excited.

But I’m not worried about the bust.

You can imagine how integral the existence of this pub must have been to the police bust.

It became the biggest story of his career, and he wrote a book about it, titled Operation Julie: The World’s Greatest LSD bust.

It’s a bust and I have to flee the cops, albeit with the drugs still in my possession.

It might be a bust, or a dodgy batch, or it’s really hot because the seller’s stolen it off someone else.

Kimmel was doing his “Lie Witness News” segment — where he goes out to bust people lying about voting on Super Tuesday.

The Juggalos then shot their hands in the air like kids playing cowboys, while chanting, “bust!

The only alternative at the time, rubber baby pants, was also a bust — left for too long, it irritated her babies’ skin.

Unlike the more traditional portrait bust, which represents the external characteristics of an individual, these busts seem to be about interiority — yours and mine.

The bust went down last Friday at around 5:30 AM at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach.

Political heft was being put behind the cause, with John Hemming MP using his parliamentary privilege to bust one of the big names.

(Most of those ‘super-injunctions’ that Twitter supposedly bust wide open?

It’s not clear how the bust came about nor how the servers were identified.

Among them is the salt-fired stoneware “100 (Face Jug Series)” — a brown female bust with an inverted, jug-shaped torso.

In the salt-fired porcelain “Head with Cobalt,” a black female bust is also a dual sided pitcher with a handle.

Each is rendered similarly: simply, from the bust up, in tiles of a limited palette, and accompanied by Syriac inscriptions.

Its size notwithstanding, the operation that culminated on December 25 is only the most recent major drug bust in Australia.

Instead, it’s losing money chasing growth — suggesting that the whole company would just go bust in a downturn.

If you’re one of the unlucky few who does end up with one of these obstinate lids, better bust out those Channellock pliers!

The drug bust was part of an organized crime investigation apprehending 18 tons of cocaine and marijuana worth over $569 million.

Curiously, for preparatory studies, these works are as finished as the other bust portraits.

But until this year, Ginn was widely considered a bust in the NFL.

(Many of the photos in this essay come from that exhibit, including the famed Caligula bust and the Alexander Sarcophagus.)

These recovery tools were heavily marketed to athletes, including amateur ones, as a means to boost performance and bust muscle aches.

And they trust the president would bust up some of the financial and environmental regulations that CEOs often complain are eating into their profits.

This month, the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore announced the acquisition of the bust, one of 10 versions known to exist.

One slightly-built TV presenter’s hopes for a bigger bust were dashed with the declaration, “No future!”

In “Buddha (Wind),” a 20-inch black glass bust is embellished with a white, granular face of embedded beads.

We need someone new, who has the power, and is in the position to bust up that establishment to make things great again.

Drawing on the Global Coal Plant Tracker, they released their annual “Boom and bust” report on the global coal pipeline.

That principle has been true for the past 17 years of the index, covering two housing booms and one housing bust so far.

What’s more, these potential solutions won’t require Canadian labels to constantly bust out their currency conversion calculators and shipping rate charts.

But during the housing bust, the low-tier plunged about 50%.

The bust came on the night he was celebrating the release of his new album, “Slime Language” and his 27th birthday.

Remember, Pryor was a complete bust last season in D.C. after signing a 1-year, $6-MILLION deal.

The sale’s top lot, an Antonio Canova bust from 1814 sold for £5,303,500 (~$7 million).

The housing crash caused Fannie and Freddie to go bust, which led to a bailout and a federal takeover.

Is there reason to believe the “Bernie or bust” movement is actually serious?

90 seconds or bust Why does Netflix think its recommendation engine is worth so much?

She is nude except for a transparent sleeved garment with a square neckline, parting just below her bust.

Speaking from personal experience, it’s a fantastic game to bust out at a party or a family gathering.

bust this, we roll more spliffs than Cheech and Chong.”

The semi-submersible bust on Thursday was second high-profile cocaine seizure in less than a week.

and his bro really know the NFL … and bust out some hilarious real talk on Colin Kaepernick, the Patriots and more.

8 overall draft bust Justin Gilbert.

How did Yahoo fare in the dotcom bust?

Then the bust happened, and I was everyone’s favorite idiot.

Many of the models are still essentially a bust wearing a mask.

Since Eugenie has a curvier figure, Polk suspects that her dress will be structured and accentuate her waist and bust.

“If we bust in, they just move to the other side of the house.

We can safely say that Bennett, sadly, is the biggest bust of the last 40 years to be taken first overall.

That made me want to do a series on bust sittings.

But what, pray tell, is the difference between a “non-sleeper” and a “bust“?

It could happen, and then he won’t be a bust.

And I was certain they were going to bust me at some point, and give me a cell of my own.

He ended up destroying everything and making the bust from the eighth and tenth sessions.

Carlson re-materializes Envy twice, as a full figure and a portrait bust.

It won’t go bust.

), is home to an impressive bust of Jack London.

The sculptor then goes on to sculpt a replica bust of the horse with two simple materials: crud clay and baby oil.

And lots and lots of these banks went bust during the crisis as a result.

But it was never released, and the company developing it, Imagine Software, went bust after 18 months.

The drug bust is the biggest in New Zealand’s history.—VIC

Larry Gagosian filed a lawsuit against the royal family of Qatar over the ownership of Picasso’s “bust of a Woman” (1931).

Madsen’s first DUI bust came back in 2012.

But regardless, Heitkamp and the rest are clearly betting that Obamacare will be a boon, not a bust, for Democrats in 2018.

The cops would inevitably bust you, and—because there is little precedent for this sort of law-breaking—you’d probably end up in jail.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads This week, North Korea went boom and China went bust.

Someone even left a newspaper in there from ’51 or ’52 about the biggest heroin bust in France.

A police officer in the Philippines holds high-purity crystal meth — known locally as “shabu” — after a bust south of Manila in January 2014.

Mostly all Walker accomplished was to remind the world why his presidential campaign was such a bust — he’s way too boring.

Cyborg didn’t back down — telling TMZ Sports all the tools she’d have to bust out to put Mayweather to sleep.

I remember making a 20-pound clay bust of Van Gogh.

That sort of grim self-criticism has yet to take hold in the world of superhero movies, which hasn’t experienced an extended bust cycle.

It is your job, and the job of girls and women like you, to bust out.

As for Eli’s Hall of Fame debate … Roger tells us why Manning deserves a bronze bust there one day too!!

Young Thug is still sitting in jail, FOUR days after a marijuana possession bust that was prompted by tinted windows … TMZ has learned.

The counterfeit goods were moved quickly in order to make it difficult for police to bust the operations.

“When there’s a bust, they go underground for a while.”

Since June, 243 online lending platforms have gone bust, according to wdzj.com, another P2P industry data provider.

[Emily Stewart] The boom and bust of Chinese bike-sharing This article originally appeared on Recode.net.

Hair and eye color, bust, waist, hips.

Johnson is clearly part of that group … but says Owens will “most definitely” get his bust in Canton eventually.

Cryptocurrencies holders also have a claim on a private, rather than a public entity, which could go bust or stop functioning.

Creepsylvania or bust!

You’ll recall, Luann was arrested on Christmas Eve in Palm Beach, FL — she allegedly attacked a cop during her bust.

At first he couldn’t bust a grape.

He couldn’t bust a grape, a girl would’ve beat him up.

He went to Exchange Miami nightclub where he did the bust Down dance and even jumped onstage.

He’s gonna bust down the door here for a selfie in a minute so he can impress his 12-year-old kid.

Ty Dolla $ign wasn’t the only celeb present during his drug bust … turns out Skrillex was there too.

Following Shaun’s public intoxication bust over the weekend, friends of the actor feel it’s time to push him towards rehab.

The number of UK food suppliers that have gone bust has tripled in the past five years, according to accountancy firm Moore Stephens.

For the record .. the only thing that was coordinated between NY and California was how the bust would go down.

Jeff Sessions became Forrest Gump on Saturday Night Live … and the bust stop bench spoof couldn’t have been funnier.

Tom Sizemore’s new year is going a lot like previous ones — he landed in jail for a drug bust … TMZ has learned.

He laid out what Eli has to do to get a bust of his own one day.

True even got Tristan to bust out some baby talk and a kissie face.

I bust [men’s noses].

It’s a compliment because we live in an age where game companies are dreadfully risk averse, emulating the Hollywood approach: blockbuster or bust.

Smith was already suspended from the league following a DUI bust.

“He’s not a bust – there’s just a better player in front of him,” Gil said, giving props to Joel Embiid.

It’s going for $12,500 … so if you’re a history buff, bust out your credit card.

As we reported, Luann was arrested on Christmas Eve in 2017 for attacking police during her bust.

They’ve been dating since last summer, when Zandy managed to bust out of the friendzone … they were pals before the hookup.

But, nothing compares to the infamous April bust … when bounty hunters caught Orlando with his pants down.

That’s near the lowest levels since bank lending first turned positive in the aftermath of the banking bust and financial crisis.

We got Kelly at LAX Friday where she told us Michelle can bust a move like no other.

Little did he know that the simple indulgence would eventually lead to an attempted drug bust.

Lange’s latest bust will likely result in a probation violation … so he’s looking at more tough times ahead.

When he’s not asking Thotianas to bust down, he’s pretty damn good with a 24-pack of Crayola markers.

Total haul from the bust — 26 ounces of codeine and Xanax, and just under a pound of weed.

The embattled Raiders star — who just got engaged last month — is currently suspended from the league following a DUI bust.

We’ve learned not only was Zac in the room, but the cops who made the bust were big, big fans.

In our numerous contacts with the PD, we repeatedly asked for any information tying Zac to the bust.

“It’s not ‘Bernie or bust.’

This meant that every time Edgar started stepping in, Aldo could snap out a crisp jab and bust up the challenger’s face.

bust out your summer apparel.

We’re told he got a stiff sentence because this was second petty theft bust.

She’s a badass narc — in her 6 years, she’s helped bust 245 suspects!

In it, a hyperrealistic mask of the singer, dripping in the sweat,  drapes over a red mannequin bust.

Nobody’s calling him a bust yet, but the clock is ticking.

If you’re wondering what a bust down watch is … it’s essentially a watch covered in diamonds.

Just another reason for the former Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl champ to bust out his salsa dance.

Beet was out in NYC where he explained why he’d bust Punk up worse than Mickey Gall.

She’s not specific about the time frame, but claims Henke told her over the phone, “I could bust your head open.”

George’s defense team just filed new docs asking for a very light sentence after his latest bust.

Blac Chyna will avoid going to trial for her ecstasy bust in Texas … we’ve learned the case has been dismissed.

Fultz might not be a bust (if he’s a 6’4” DeMar DeRozan, fantastic!

I’m Bernie or bust.”

The panel declined to indict the Houston rappers Tuesday, citing insufficient evidence to convict them in the December drug bust.

Cops say the rapper had bloodshot eyes and dry mouth during the bust.

Meanwhile, news spread that the Trump administration had also ejected the King bust.

Neymar has a reputation of being an excellent ball-handler … but he biffed it while trying to bust out a trick Thursday morning.

Zac’s post confirmed the story TMZ broke about the drug bust of 4 people he was partying with in the hotel room.

refused to exit his house after allegedly beating up his GF … forcing cops to bust down his garage door.

But, Deion says if ya take playoff performance into consideration … Julian should get a bronze bust some day.

The latest bust violated that deal.

Or bust featured all manner of sculptural busts, ranging from somewhat conventional figures like Paul Bergeron’s “Boom!

Same with MLKJr bust fake story.

Majestic palm trees, an office desk, a Greek bust fill a landscape reminiscent of vaporwave album covers and Tumblr blogs.

Or at least so suggests the sprawling indictment filed by federal prosecutors against 46 alleged members in a massive East Coast bust last week.

With a moveable head and replaceable mouth and eyepieces, Dropbear’s team maneuvered the bust’s face from shot to shot.

That one’s more of a bust, really, but does feature his Stardust persona—and in color!!

That’s another reason to keep exploring the technology, even if Kemper’s a total bust.

Those funds owned shares in businesses including BrightHouse and Threshers, the high street off-license which went bust owing $17.5 million in tax.

It can be boom or bust with one the NFL’s top young corners, and on Sunday it was decidedly the latter.

I hit it with a bat, and it fell to the floor, and I kept hitting until I saw it bust open.

[Art Forum] + No one knows who is the rightful owner of Pablo Picasso’s bust of a Woman.

Police in Edmonton have carried out what is believed to be the largest fentanyl and W-18 bust in Canadian history.

Police in Edmonton have carried out what is believed to be the largest fentanyl and W-18 bust in Canadian history.

That led to some public hand-wringing among prominent Democratic officials: Voice in large, raucous CA crowd shouts “Bernie or bust!”

Jordan Norwood was able to bust a 20-yard return early in the game that kept Carolina’s average starting field position in check.

The K9 got a big bag of legal treats, we’re guessing, for the bust.

Chad Mendes is serving a suspension after a brush with USADA—whether that bust can be attributed to his psoriasis medication or not.

You may remember some of the names of the companies that have since gone bust.

In a single bust last week, police in southern Guangdong arrested 147 people and froze funds worth nearly 100 million yuan ($15 million).

Typically, investigators bust low-level members of a criminal organization and use them to help nab the boss, not the other way around.

Note that Housing Bubble 1 and subsequently Housing bust 1 mostly spared Denver.

Similar to Denver, Housing Bubble 1 and Housing bust 1 mostly spared North Texas.

He went on to suggest a fairly dramatic arrangement to stop banks from going bust while still giving executives large payouts.

Kim Kardashian’s nearly gone bust … but she’s hanging by a thread.

Apparently frustrated with his failed bust, Hersl hopped in his car and drove around looking for someone connected to Moose.

Are you hoping this play is going to bust a few stereotypes about young British Muslim women?

“Americans bust their tails, some working two or three jobs, but wages stay flat,” Warren said.

“Anybody can be where I am if they bust their ass and focus on marketing.

The LAPD ensnared more than 250 cars in a bust this spring.

Harris was arrested in an undercover drug bust for allegedly selling oxycodone and marijuana.

But they said the statue, the bust of Martin Luther King, was taken out of the office.

Are those regions heavily destabilized after a bust?They better duck, first of all, because the bullets are gonna fly.

Chief Keef has been charged with a DUI after cops pulled him over in a traffic stop-turned-drug bust this weekend.

“A safer toilet bowl lid should bust apart on impact, using up the energy by breaking molecular bonds,” Metzger said.

A two-day drug bust by police planned to coincide with the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival led to 99 arrests for drug-related charges.

A bust of Vlad the Impaler in Sighisoara, Romania.

I prefer Thutmose, the sculptor who made the bust of Nefertiti, to Rembrandt.

Our bust made the local paper a few days later.

It was in the wake of the dot-com bust.

Mike Shea, president of the newly founded Langley, BC chapter, told VICE the scooter bust was “very unprofessional.”

He’s also managed to take advantage of the auto industry bust by using old machines and factories to make art.

Has Beijing learnt the lessons of its previous “boom and bust” metallic credit cycle?

And if it has, selling metals as a proxy for selling an approaching Chinese “bust” may prove an expensive mistake.

She admitted that she’d been paid $10,000, and helped the feds bust her accomplice in Central Florida.

In summary: economic boom, bust, and a reevaluation of what constitutes Irish values.

If that’s the case, Trump may want to bust out those “tapes” he claims to have of his and Comey’s conversations.

Lingard scored five goals in the 2018/2019 season—and to reiterate, he celebrated by doing the bust down dance for zero of them.

The only other quarterback in their organization is Christian Ponder, another first-round bust from the disastrous 2011 quarterback class.

And that was able to overcome every bit of objective evidence we have that he would be a total bust.

It was their first pot bust ever.

Dr. Hamid Dabholkar has campaigned for decades to bust such superstitions in India.

Donald Trump put a different bust of Churchill into the Oval Office when he won the presidency.

If you follow football, you know that their deadline is usually a bust.

Seasoned dark web watchers know any kind of downtime or strange activity on a market usually presages a bust.

The next one, in 1999, was a bit of a bust.

“I know you are Bernie or bust, but bust won,” Meyers said on his show.

But that’s completely different from saying the Liverpool council will do whatever they want, then if they go bust, London will pay.

And the same blockchain that hides darknet transactions in plain sight among countless others also helped the Feds bust darknet kingpin Ross Ulbricht.

The next day, we bust out of there.

The bust is currently in transit and will be on view at AUC later this year.

At one point, a skinny kid made his way onstage to bust a sloppy move or two, but was quickly whisked away by security.

They’re all too hard and bust my fillings.

As we reported … Luann was arrested on Christmas Eve for attacking a cop during her bust.

Lisa Dack of the Edmonton Police Service said that the bust was “one of the largest seizures the EPS has seen.”

Baer noted a recent case in Lubbock, Texas, where authorities seized four different varieties of fentanyl during a single bust.

Sivaram notes that quantum dot solar cells hold the promise of being able to bust through traditional thermodynamic efficiency limits.

No, I don’t want to bang in a room so covered in cum it’d bust a black light, thank you very much.

For the past several months, Khoshroo has been working on a number of mechanical bust sculptures made out of an entanglement of electrical wires.

The oil bust is hitting in some places, and contagion is spreading.

That is, even if home prices remained flat, their overvaluation would rise as a function of additional oil bust contagion hitting incomes and jobs.

During the last oil bust, Dallas too was supposed to have been spared due to its diversified economy.

Cary Williams was a huge bust in 2015.

We were reckless and eager for an excuse to bust some heads.

But anyways, let’s bust into some of the biggest stories of the week.

After the big black market weed bust in March, a DEA spokesperson accused illicit growers and dealers of operating under the guise of legalization.

I wanted to bust the box wide open.

An illustrated turtle dons a backward baseball cap, about to bust through a banner that reads, “The Thrill of Victory,” fists in the air.

To his right, concealed behind curtains majestically blowing from the HVAC unit, sat a bust of the erstwhile leftist icon.

For English, it’s Cruz or bust.

The day wasn’t a complete bust, though.

“Who will survive this raunchy penetration-filled medieval fantasy when the White Wankers bust through The Peter North Wall!?!

We decided to launch by putting a plaster cast of my pre-surgery bust up for sale on eBay.

Clearing ensures a transaction is completed, even if one side of the deal goes bust.

It’s witch jazz or bust.

New stamps will have to be issued featuring the bust of the new monarch.

This bust comes on the heels of his Dec. 26 arrest for drugs.

The latter two went bust in 2001 and WWE quickly purchased their assets, cementing its position as a global monolith.

She figures it’s the perfect time to bust out that new bikini, but she forgot her tampons back home.

It was a collapse in the price of fiber-optic cable, because of the dot-com bubble boom and bust.

That croquembouche bust didn’t make us look good, so we’ve gotta be sure this time.

Adams’s series of Boxhead sculptures (2014) include a three-dimensional bust within an open-sided wooden frame manipulated to look like a TV set box.

Obama sat before a bust of Abe Lincoln, and behind Trump was a black bust of Martin Luther King Jr.

In another image, scaffolding surrounds the bust of a Grecian statue, protecting it, yet boxing it in.

Their checklist includes a glass bust, plants, a tonne of miniature disco balls, and more.

We’re told he’s extremely remorseful about the bust.

During the housing bubble that went bust in 2007 and 2008, mortgage companies routinely ignored longstanding property records laws.

A bust of his likeness resides in the Palace of Versailles, and a Paris street bears his name.

Inside the catastrophe at Mode Media, the once $1 billion juggernaut that suddenly went bust.

Or maybe he will fail spectacularly, in the sort of way that ruins some team or imprints him with “bust” or “madman” labels forever.

When the bust happens, undercover cops storm in—and there’s a flurry of arrests.

The bust was never re-installed.

Sakharov’s bust was installed at the square in 2001.

Don’t lock the door to any rooms; it makes it far too enticing for me, and I WILL bust my way in.

Whether it’s Jeff Greenspan’s Snowden bust or Hanksy’s Dump Trump, these things give a voice to all of our frustration.

Never mind finding more — if we burn what we’ve already found, we’ll bust the budget.

bust out the ’80s music — it’s demogorgon season, kids.

2 feet or bust.

Encarnación hasn’t been a bust.

“The countercultural movement was just starting to bust out in 1966,” says Stryker.

That’s not bad, but as far as number six overall picks go, it qualifies him as a bust.

Kaminsky entered the draft as a boom-or-bust prospect, and all those prospects converge, to some degree, on “bust.”

Some analysts even estimate the odds that players will achieve certain performance levels (All-Star, starter, journeyman, rotation player … or bust).

The bust produced two handguns and ammunition, 55 knives, six bulletproof vests, and materials for making nail bombs.

The bust produced two handguns and ammunition, 55 knives, six bulletproof vests, and materials for making nail bombs.

But, we’re told the pregnancy rumors are all a bust.

Related: Massage Parlor bust Shows How Houston Has Become a Hub for Human Trafficking Agathe slips into some blue-grey lingerie.

During those two years I tried to smoke enough crack to bust my heart, but God did not let me die.

In her afterlife, the discovery of her bust heralded a queenly renaissance, albeit one characterized by controversy.

Germany, which maintains that it acquired the bust legally, has repeatedly refused.

Egyptian street artist El Zeft’s stencil of a Nefertiti bust wearing a gas mask became an iconic feminist image during the 2012 revolution.

I’ve always been interested in it’s boom and bust history—oil, aerospace, the growth of the harbor.

bust out the pink balloons — ’cause Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby girl … TMZ has learned.

The bust comes as Southeast Asia reports a flood of the stimulant throughout the region.

That said, the bartenders bust hump, and the music, leaning hard on the honky-tonk vibe without ever feeling creaky, is rock-solid every night.

Ecto-1 with a seat on the top because, obviously, that’s where you can bust the best from.

On third-and-1 with the Giants crowding the line of scrimmage, Lynch took full advantage of guard Kelechi Osemele’s block to bust loose.

We collectively sigh and bust out snacks in anticipation of a long wait.

But the Richmond rally was a bust.

We need to bust the myths around what kind of people have abortions.

“I live here, I should be proud of it.” At 27, he remembers the waves of people leaving during the bust.

What’s the story of making “bust Down”?

Sadly, the Virtual Boy went bust before the cable made it to market.

Her essays and journalism have appeared in Salon, Vice, bust, Mental Floss, nytimes.com, Seattle Times, Seattle magazine, Entrepreneur and several anthologies.

It wasn’t the first high-profile DEA bust tying back to the Taliban.

Wainwright had been CEO of several companies, including Pets.com, which went bankrupt a year after going public during the dot-com bust.

Clearing houses or central counterparties (CCPs) ensure a stock, bond or derivatives transaction is completed, even if one side of the trade goes bust.

Second-rounder Stephen Hill was a NFL bust and was waived after two seasons.

That’s, ideally, what young scientist ought to learn: how to bust myths and find the truth.

Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez expressed similar feelings in an interview with bust earlier this year.

He be getting his ass bust, but still, he can move, man.

The “Bernie or bust” voters who wouldn’t defend President Barack Obama’s legacy against Trump last November now, suddenly, were.

His bust was the result of an initiative launched by the the US attorney’s office in southern Florida way back in 2011.

You know, I’d like to bust into that meeting and say, “Stop!” LG: Stop it, you should be using Squash!

Clearing houses sit in the middle of trading contracts to guarantee them in case one party goes bust.

The DEA claimed the raid recovered nearly 91 pounds of LSD, which might have been the largest acid bust ever.

She tried her best to bust out Britney Spears and Sir Mix-a-Lot hits, but the booze was too much.

But on the other hand, entire businesses have gone bust on one dodgy gamble.

After she spotted the top of a stone head, archeologists unearthed a second bust.

It’s 2020 or bust.

bust out the dog whistles … this pooch is worth every second of screen time.

“A lot of tomboys gravitate toward menswear clothes, but menswear isn’t fit for people who have a bust or hips,” said Laura Moffatt.

He also has a 3D-printed bust of Roth.

A hand carved alabaster bust of Abraham Lincoln but with Gortat’s close-cropped Mohawk.

Farmers with John Deere tractors have been hacking their equipment and lobbying for laws to bust up the manufacturer’s repair monopoly.

Coach and Quarterback Confidence Rating: 7/10 Flacco’s season was a bust.

I also bust my anterior cruciate ligament at the wedding, so I couldn’t go back to restaurant work.

It won’t teach you balance, or breathing, or athleticism, or really anything you would expect Demetrious Johnson to bust out in the Octagon.

I never try and bust anyone, or show them up.

Sunday beer bust.

In a strange coincidence, Dany was among 15 people arrested in last month’s bust, which killed Bony.

Vargas: It’s very satisfying to make a room full of punks bust out dancing.

Oakland outfielders Dwayne Murphy and Mike Davis each gave the rapper $20,000 to start his own record label, bust It.

The problem is that the crimes—whether it means Wong and Herbert need to bust a warehouse, or intercept a computer network—never seems to stop.

Winning games is again the priority, so “superstar or bust” can no longer be the team’s guiding principle.

It looks like game night is a bust, until Maas suggests an alternative: “10,000,” the old-school dice game Zonk is based on.

The dot-com bust was hurtling toward the internet with the speed and certitude of the Chicxulub asteroid.

(According to the Houston Chronicle, Baker Hughes employed 62,000 people in 2014, before the oil bust began.

The Getty Museum acquired a Roman marble portrait bust dating from the 2nd century CE.

“Unusual Award”

Breakdown: A bust of Burt made entirely from pipe cleaners.

It’s a bust and I have to flee the cops, albeit with the drugs still in my possession.

It might be a bust, or a dodgy batch, or it’s really hot because the seller’s stolen it off someone else.

She admitted that she’d been paid $10,000, and helped the feds bust her accomplice in Central Florida.

bust out the pot scale, friends.

Kirkpatrick’s assembled is similar to that of many hyperrealistic sculptures, using silicone to make the bust‘s skin appear soft, textured, and lifelike.

Fans of the Yakuza video game series can’t purchase the latest game in the gangster-genre franchise thanks to a real-life drug bust.

Here’s my thing: If it’s a campaign event and you want to bust out your Spanish that’s fantastic.

Australian central bank launches QE on housing bust 7.

He bought 200 computers but his business went bust so I was able to just play with his computers.

So, it’s interesting Kanye chose this day to bust out his yet-to-be-released YEEZY Boost 700 VX.

In other words, just to be on the safe side, let’s only bust out this formula during hurricanes.

It’s big air or bust around these parts, apparently, for Yeezy.

Once you’ve said “I’m in,” it makes no difference that the meeting was a bust, that the intermediary brought no such goods.

But guess who has been there the whole time, from the 2002 boom to the 2016 bust?

If you have dirt on that person, now might be the time to bust it out.

“The bubble economy went bust and you couldn’t sell anything,” he said.

After Clinton officially secured the Democratic nomination on Tuesday in Philadelphia, the “Bernie or bust” contingent had largely been silenced.

In 1912, German Egyptologist Ludwig Borchardt discovered the bust of Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti in Amarna, Egypt.

After Clinton officially secured the Democratic nomination on Tuesday in Philadelphia, the “Bernie or bust” contingent had largely been silenced.

Until then, watch Han bust into a moving space train like an intergalactic Butch Cassidy in the new trailer above.

They bust my door and they shoot into the wall, into my doors, they crack my door open… and I reflect on the city?

This is a very difficult job, and young quarterbacks have a high bust rate—scouting brains isn’t as easy as scouting tools.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Goff is going to be a bust, of course.

“This movement is bigger than [Sanders],” Alicia Seay, 28, an organizer of one “Bernie or bust” rally, told me.

To the “Bernie or bust” crowd, it made sense to back Sanders when he was working for the ideas they supported.

In Williston, a lot on the edge of town serves as a graveyard for abandoned RVs, left behind during the oil bust.

bust open a door, throw a flashbang, shout down anyone who even thinks about raising a barrel.

They can also bust out some cute synchronized moves during a chorus.

There has been the boom, then there was the bust, there was a lot reticence to spend money again on digital media.

What illusions did it help bust up?

Gates is a future Hall of Famer, but he barely has the speed of his future Canton bust at this point.

When the American Revolution came, the British market for selling indigo went bust.

But, learning about the signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders can bust these myths, helping to dismantle the stigma that surrounds mental health issues.

The Getty Museum acquired Desiderio de Settignano’s “bust of a Young Boy” (c. 1460-64).

In one picture, an ancient bust is attached at the chest to glowing tubes, and has a shining cross stuck to its forehead.

bust your ass for 20 minutes a night and hit the tables at the casino later.

It was as good a time as any to bust out the de-stressing breathing exercise I’d practiced just for moments like this.

In their 2016 “Boom and bust” report, they find the equivalent of 1,500 new coal plants in the pipeline worldwide.

I was playing double bass at the time—I still bust it out from time to time, but it’s really fallen by the wayside.

While fast food chains might be a bust, some have found luck in other unlikely places, like Uber Pool.

Thompson said he believes the bust is the biggest of its kind to be brought by local prosecutors.

Thirty tons of pangolin parts were seized by Malaysian authorities on Thursday, becoming the largest pangolin trafficking bust the country has ever witnessed.

“It’s a joke.” Traffic hopes that Thursday’s bust will draw attention to Malaysia’s local pangolin poaching sphere.

It’s too bad the reward was a total bust and not worth it.)

2008 campaign slogan—rehashes the weird myth about the outgoing US president removing a Winston Churchill bust from the Oval Office when he took power.

Seven seem to reveal groups of two or three humanoid heads, while one summons an impression of a goggle-wearing bust.

Levitan is now an advertising agency business consultant in Portland, and he does not at all seem bitter about SmarterChild’s boom and bust.

He’s not a bust.

The word “bust” does not suffice, here.

But as we’ve laid out above, life is not fair, and Anthony Bennett is a bust on the merits.

Bennett is such a bust that you’ve already forgotten him.

ANYWAY: Greg Oden wasn’t the biggest bust of all time.

The shrine’s exalted centerpiece is a full-size mannequin bust, iconic and anonymous, an everywoman, both consumer and consumed.

“One of the ways to bust up a monopoly is through disruption,” Schwarz says.

Other T-shirts imagined Sanders as the guerrilla leader Ché Guevara, or bore grassroots campaign slogans like, “Feel the Bern” and “Bernie or bust.”

This is, at least in part, an aspect of the boom and bust nature of the video game industry.

The Wachowskis’s high-profile bust from 2015 is better than you think.

But when pressed about the dollars and cents of the 4-year contract, Cruz keeps it real … championship or bust for that kind of money.

On another, the stylized bust of a buffalo head surveys the proceedings.

Perhaps a civil war causes a bust, and traders scramble away.

His third strike, which would require a mandatory life sentence, was a 2010 drug bust.

As was the case with Bortles, I viewed Cousins as a candidate to bust hard this year.

At least Marc Quinn’s golden bust, “Song of the Siren” (2010), has the decency to know that it’s indecent.

“I’d just be like, ‘I’m ready to go’, and then I’d go in there and bust my ass.

The bust was the result of a months-long operation, which involved undercover detectives visiting the property and buying heroin on multiple occasions.

That enthusiastically celebrated drug bust recovered just under six kilos of “simple and complex carbohydrates,” and pure sugar isn’t a controlled substance.

The bust emerges as a revelatory new area, with half a dozen pieces in this exhibition, all exploiting these physiognomic characteristics.

So how in the world does Blankenship tie this cocaine bust to the Senate majority leader?

While Webber will always fall short to the “championships or bust” crowd, his career brought hoop junkies something much more important, beauty.

On June 28, 1969, New York police raided the Stonewall Inn, ostensibly to bust an illegal Mafia-owned establishment selling watered-down liquor without a license.

“I’m surprised that a lot of them are ‘Bernie or bust,” she said.

If Shohei Ohtani is a bust, they should just fold the operation because it would be too much to take.

Cro Cop was a bust.

They bust gamblers, drinkers, and adulterers and send them off to an “executioner” to be publicly caned.

I really wanted to show him that if you bust my balls, shit’s gonna happen.

They bust gamblers, drinkers, and adulterers and send them off to an “executioner” to be publicly caned.

PHILADELPHIA — I’ve heard a lot of terrible arguments for Bernie or bust over the course my four days here.

We hope bust in a sentence examples were helpful.