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You may go from bushwhacking through a dense thicket of young fir trees that were planted in the 1970s, into a stand of mature second-growth, where moss-covered Douglas fir, Western red cedar and Sitka spruce loom over a more spacious understory.

“He’s gone, and we all have this feeling that he’s just bushwhacking somewhere.

The series chronicled all the iconic moments in the summer camp canon: the tribulations of sneaking candy into your cabin, the struggles of finding unity as a bunk, the camp-wide theater production, the bushwhacking and canoeing trips, and of course, the tearful goodbye that caps off the summer.

Like that day bushwhacking and getting lost on the mountain and everyone going crazy and someone twisting their ankle.

Caitlin’s portrayal through the whole bushwhacking scene and wanting to go home and everything—that definitely happened, all of that was real.

Those exigencies, combined with a reputation for bushwhacking during the civil war—and, above all, the enduring queasiness about miscegenation—turned the Melungeons, in their neighbours’ imaginings, into renegades and bogeymen.

“The drone has literally saved countless hours of bushwhacking to find out that you’re in the wrong spot to do it again.”A DJI drone flies over crops on Dancing Crow FarmsPhoto: MicrosoftStratman went on to explain that the FarmBeats program helps him to see which of his crops do better on certain areas of the farm and to decide when to plant certain crops.

bushwhacking where need be.

As chairman and interim CEO of that company, Tessera Technologies Inc., and as a man who spent my adult life creating stockholder value by serving customers in the marketplace rather than bushwhacking defendants in court, I pray that our stockholders vote no.

“I just asked questions,” she says, “and sometimes found a way to answer them.” That’s business as usual for Trimble, who has spent much of her career branching off from the already thin bough of bushwhacking female astronomers.

It’s a 10-mile hike from the Little Lyford Lodge just to get to the base, then a bushwhacking climb to the top, all with only a GPS unit and/or map and compass for guidance.

Mr. Mealey spiced up the bushwhacking by pointing out moose droppings and bear scat.

The bushwhacking got bushier, and Mr. Mealey showed me a freestyle swimming–like technique that involved putting my head down and digging with my hands into the spruce branches to pull myself through.

Baker Mountain has no trails, so hiking requires extensive bushwhacking.

Among them, the actor Bill Pullman, seen bidding hundreds of dollars for a plate of mangoes and bushwhacking through the Hawaiian jungle in search of ice cream bean and water apple and bilimbi.

It’s a place for stern, bushwhacking cyclists and not for city kids after a fleeting nature fix.

Mr. Langford, who now spends his days splitting wood for the tepee’s wood-burning stove and bushwhacking paths for guests to use, said the first tepee has already paid for itself and they recently bought a second, which should be up and running soon.

Hellman’s play, which sent the author bushwhacking through what she called “the giant tangled time-jungle” of childhood memory and family legend, has never quite held the stature it deserves.

Over the course of 47 days, since two young Taiwanese trekkers wandered off the trail in a snowstorm, the searchers had tried almost everything: aerial surveys by helicopter, bushwhacking through deep forest, trying to follow the movements of vultures.

I was bushwhacking.

After about an hour of bushwhacking, we reached a ruin of living rooms and grain storage that has been the focus of some of his research.

LeGarie started his career representing European players and coaches, bushwhacking across the world.

By summer’s end, the pair hadn’t found any new ant colonies in all their hiking and bushwhacking — a great sign that the eradication really worked.

His fast and ambitious bushwhacking to the cusp of the nation’s highest office, they say, may have come at too high a price, alienating too many people, both inside and outside his party, who would have been crucial to his effort to secure the presidency.

Armed with Google Maps, bushwhacking tools and 16 years of experience hiking in the area, Mr. Follensbee, a programmer from Lebanon, N.H., is on an exhaustive search for the noiseless hollows and dells of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

They often find themselves on the same gigs, typically in other people’s bands, but they recently decided to start Nature Work, a collective quartet of their own, with the indomitable Eric Revis on bass and the bushwhacking drummer Jim Black.

After about half an hour of bushwhacking, I realized the error of my ways by way of wet feet.

These three are the first of the many Crosstown activists I meet on the trail with Bob, who has assembled a determined alliance — a retired specialist in hazardous materials, a naturalist, a Googler who cashed out to make trails full time, hordes of bushwhacking mountain bikers, gardeners, and Bob’s old friend, a cartographer — who decided that what this divided city needs is one long trail.

I was bushwhacking, sliding down banks, and catching them on anything and everything, just trying to tear them.

To find out he spends weeks at a time fording streams, bushwhacking through dense foliage, pitching camp and fending off insects, then cutting transects, surveying trees, extracting samples and measuring trunks.

It can involve long drives on spine-rattling, rocky tracks, clambering up hillsides, bushwhacking through jungle, and occasional encounters with elephants, bears and snakes, as well as leeches and ticks.

When Cody was 6, Dial brought him on his first expedition: a 60-mile bushwhacking trek across Umnak Island in the Alaskan Aleutians, a journey that would challenge even expert adult backpackers.

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