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Centrist pundits have also deployed the report to attack one of their favorite bugaboos, the left’s allegedly out-of-control political correctness.

Each arrival of this fair inevitably stokes the fires of now-familiar — and sometimes tired-sounding — debates surrounding which hard-to-classify concoctions from self-taught art-makers, situated by choice or circumstances on the margins of mainstream society and culture, can rightly be labeled “outsider art.” Get ready, too, for the usual gabfests around such perennial bugaboos as the notion that the “outsider” label is inherently derogatory, or that even the most reputable dealers are unethical exploiters of naïf art-makers whose works they bring to market.

They want to put the Obama genie back in the bottle and fight vigorously for the traditional notion of Americanness, at home and abroad, even if it means jettisoning some of the GOP donor class’s ideological bugaboos.

Well, one of my bugaboos is that the stuff most Americans revere MLK for is not the stuff the left wishes we revered him for.

There was the [recent] New York Times article on location data being leaked all over the place [by mobile apps]—that actually is one of my big bugaboos.

Which sounds fabulous, except that many of the earlier Minis are known for poor quality, and it could cost you twice that to get all the bugaboos fixed.

They brought up longtime conservative bugaboos like the Steele dossier and former FBI agent Peter Strzok.

“If science could guarantee true love, would you say yes?” But the initial two episodes provided for critical review turn out to be less about the dangers of new technologies, and more about the dangers of familiar old school bugaboos: ambition, insecurity, grief, and love.

Michael Zimring, an infectious disease expert at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, addresses your winter bug bugaboos Is there a good litmus test for when I should keep away from the office?

“Temperature is one of our biggest bugaboos,” InSight Principal Investigator Bruce Banerdt said.

“Temperature is one of our biggest bugaboos,” noted InSight principal investigator Bruce Banerdt in the news release.

Different things that have been bugaboos for us right now.

So it’s fitting that YouTube’s most persistent bugaboos this year have been America’s: out-of-control celebrities and our cultural addiction to them, racism and conspiracy theories, and policies that disproportionately impact vulnerable groups like the LGBTQ community.

We’ve got to wake up, America.” Have you ever seen more bugaboos in a single quote?

But it does leave other Republican bugaboos in place, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Voice recognition and Bluetooth technology continue to be bugaboos for automakers, ranking highest on the annoyance list, while issues with driver aids — including cruise control and lane-keeping assist – continue to increase.

But even Trump allies who say the president is always working concede that the Trump presidency is uniquely defined by his down time, when his short-term bugaboos become the drivers of his agenda, rather than any long-term vision.

During the primary Clinton, goaded by Sanders, came out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Affordable Care Act’s “Cadillac Tax” on expensive health plans, both significant union bugaboos.

Further, the system offers much better metrics and ad tracking, bugaboos in many current operations.

The bugaboos here: gifts of cash and your daughter’s naked request for them.

The Panthers, who won the Atlantic Division with 103 points, have their own postseason bugaboos.

The SAT and the ACT, bugaboos of generations of college applicants, were supposed to shrink in significance as more colleges and universities moved away from requiring standardized test scores for admission.

Blisters are one of the most common bugaboos of physical activity.

Molk’s loose-limbed art in salt-water-taffy hues sets a sunny-day mood perfect for conquering bugaboos.

After the war, he attended the University of Washington, but spent most of his time with his brother and friends scaling peaks in Washington, Wyoming, California and Oregon, the Bitterroots in Montana, the bugaboos in British Columbia and desert rock formations in the Southwest.

One of my bugaboos is plural names, which I really try to avoid.

When China’s cabinet issued updated mandates on Monday for local governments, one of Mr. Trump’s bugaboos was no longer on the list: Made in China 2025, a state policy to turn the country into a high-tech superpower.

Gavin Newsom came out swinging at some of progressives’ most intractable bugaboos, including paid parental leave and housing.

Demagogues need bugaboos, and MS-13 and other assorted Latin American gangsters are the perfect ones for him.

A more specific and unique joy of time travel stories is the way they can address one of humanity’s chief bugaboos: the way choices, once made, can’t be unmade.

As TCPA class actions proliferated, one of defendants’ biggest bugaboos was that the law did not adequately reflect today’s digital reality, in which telephone numbers are frequently reassigned to different users.

Here’s my friend Ruth, who joined me for a climbing trip in the bugaboos in 2017.

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