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And also they were saying, oh, she didn’t go to school in the bronx.

And how she learned from her home in the bronx to this nicer neighborhood.

So why are we expecting Benny from the bronx to approach his Eli fandom with nuance?

From there, it was intended that the exhibit would arrive in the bronx, bringing work from Cuba to the US.

bronx Museum representatives explained to Hyperallergic that the abrupt change was not a unilateral decision on the part of the Cuban museum.

The libretto references some of his techniques, such as painting animals from life (including at the bronx Zoo).

That’s probably because it quietly sank without a trace after its Cannes press screening was hailed by a chorus of bronx cheers.

This was year that the “bronx Zoo” reached its zenith, with Martin perpetually feuding with Steinbrenner and slugger Reggie Jackson.

She added that every 4 train to the bronx cemetery is bringing a handful of people coming to pay their respects to the suffragist.

The bronx Damn Desus and Mero had a hell of a year, huh?

She is someone I’ve spoken with before at previous protests held in the bronx.

She argues that people have already been pushed into the bronx from Washington Heights when that became unaffordable for many residents.

The core question is how will longtime bronx resident sustain themselves, and at what costs.

To many residents of the South bronx, he’s a hero.

The bronx, in particular, is a terrible place to be accused of a serious crime.

“People in places like the South bronx… rarely have the opportunity to challenge the credibility of their accusers.

The former school secretary moved to Ebbets Field in March 2010 after her house in the bronx was foreclosed on.

The faction is led by bronx state Sen. Jeff Klein, one of the chamber’s top recipientsof campaign contributions from the real-estate industry.

U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose district spans parts of Queens and the bronx, has also criticized Amazon.

Two years ago, shootings soared in the northernmost stretches of the bronx.

In West Harlem and the South bronx, hip-hop was born under a streetlight with DJ Kool Herc.

The bronx faces many obstacles.

They’re the fires that the bronx continues to be known for, and the phoenix that was born from its ashes, Hip-Hop.

Yet the people of the bronx have endured.

Evictions in the bronx are a daily occurrence.

In the bronx, that looks like a new police station for the 40th precinct designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group.

No one in the bronx is surprised.

For the most part, the police and the people of the bronx have never been friends.

There are few people who have not been abused by police in the bronx including the writer of this piece.

There is a deep history of police abuse in the bronx.

It’s the reason why Larry Davis is a folk hero in the bronx.

These assertive Black, Puerto Rican, and Indigenous people from the bronx, who are just loud and vulgar and uninformed.

Rodney perpetrates the worst stereotypes about the people on the front lines in the bronx.

He displays the kind of elitist behavior we have seen many times in the bronx.

It cannot be reemphasized enough that police in the bronx, as in many major cities across this country, are an occupying army.

Again he trivializes the most acute matters facing our communities in the bronx.

It’s worth noting that the room that day was not reflective of the community of the bronx, sadly.

DeLillo, who was raised in the bronx, seems always to be drawn back to his hometown.

Holly Block (1958–2017), executive director of the bronx Museum of the Arts.

Adapted from a play, bronx Gothic is a must-see film that will linger with you for days.

bronx Gothic, directed by Andrew Rossi, is showing at Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, Soho, Manhattan) through July 25.

In fact, I’m doing one today in the arraignment part of the bronx courthouse.

Is it working?I’m hearing the appearance rate in the bronx is very, very high.

With Ocasio-Cortez, the angle is that she is somehow secretly rich and posing as a working-class Latina from the bronx.

Check out more videos from VICE: The winning project from New York City tackles the enormously high rates of asthma in the South bronx.

The bronx Council on the Arts awarded $227,215 to 60 grantees as part of its Community Engagement Grants program [via email announcement].

As Alysia Santo wrote for the Marshall Project, these funds have cropped up in Chicago, Boston, the bronx, Brooklyn, Nashville, Seattle, and more.

Jamaican-born, New York-based rapper and reggae musician HoodCelebrityy was famous in the bronx before she started uploading 15-second freestyles.

(He celebrated the successful opening of the bronx Zoo by going on a moose hunt in the Adirondacks!)

Because I’m from the bronx.

Did you work on the bronx Beat?

The New Art Dealers Alliance announced that it will create an acquisition fund for the bronx Museum of the Arts.

Georgia O’Keeffe: Visions of Hawai’i continues at the New York Botanical Garden (2900 Southern Boulevard, bronx) through October 28.

The bronx rapper returned from her Instagram hiatus to tease a cinematic snippet of the video last weekend.

Deborah Cullen-Morales was appointed executive director of the bronx Museum of the Arts.

Diddy says he wants to make sure the bronx one gets off to a great start, so he’s donating $1 million!

Avedon and Baldwin first met in the 1930s while students at DeWitt Clinton High School in the bronx.

They moved to the bronx, New York.

In his series Orchard Beach: The bronx Riviera, Wayne Lawrence documented beachgoers at the bronx’s only public beach.

Bobby, with the encouragement of his mother and discouragement of his father, has ditched the bronx to follow his uncle out West.

The bronx legend told us, “I’ve been knowing him for a very long time.”

When you pit “the bronx” against “the industrial Midwest,” you set them up as entirely different planets inhabited by wildly dissimilar creatures.

The bronx represents people of color living amid violence, poverty, and smoldering ruin.

Historical Amnesia continues at bronxArtSpace (305 E 140th Street #1, Mott Haven, the bronx) through March 24.

She has had solo exhibitions at The bronx Museum, Winston Wachter Fine Art, and Bravin Post Lee Gallery, New York.

A bronx Tale indicts American politics.

Klaudio Rodriguez was appointed deputy director of the bronx Museum of the Arts.

After reaching out to America Progress Now, the page removed its bronx address.

Born in 1948 to a working-class bronx family, Baltrop started taking photographs while still in high school.

There are listings in disenfranchised neighborhoods like East New York, and parts of South bronx, where tourists can pay lower fees.

As someone who grew up in a low-income neighborhood in the bronx, I am no stranger to saving money.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat representing the bronx and Queens in the House, also condemned Amazon’s decision to come to Long Island City.

An Irish-American born in New York City, he’s represented the 14th Congressional District, which includes a Latino-heavy portion of the bronx, since 2013.

It was a chilly, rainy night in the bronx, and it was the bottom of the eighth.

She was born in the bronx to working-class parents.

Her father is from the South bronx.

The mass walkout was organized by Hebh Jamal, a 17-year-old bronx high schooler and activist.

Democrat Luis Sepulveda easily won his race in the 32nd District in the bronx, where he was heavily favored.

Join the South bronx Independent Artists Coalition for a tour of various studios throughout the South bronx.

The Coalition aims to “connect, support, and promote” artists in the South bronx through events and other programming year-round.

When: Saturday, May 4, 12–5 pm Where: Various locations in the Mott Haven and Port Morris neighborhoods in the South bronx

The suspects were picked up from Miami to the bronx, including in Springfield Massachusetts, and New Haven, Connecticut.

For OHNY WEEKEND, the work of the artists-in-residence was on display, accompanied by performances from bronx Afro Caribbean rhythmic music group BombaYo.

The suspects were picked up from Miami to the bronx, including in Springfield Massachusetts, and New Haven, Connecticut.

Rojas, a bronx resident and Navy veteran, was previously arrested for a DUI in 2008 and 2015, reports Pix11.

A far cry from the bronx hood upbringing she’s selling.

The state of bronx public schools in the late 80s and early 90s sent her parents on a search for a solution.

Before this perfectly combed cutie was crackin’ jokes, he was just another sweet Sesame Street fanatic growing up in the bronx.

Artist Shellyne Rodriguez of Take Back the bronx was one of the protest organizers and helped lead the event.

New York City: 1980–2000, now on view at the bronx Documentary Center, collects 20 years of protest photography in New York City.

The pair, along with several of Ezekiel’s other friends, start a group called The Get Down Crew and take the bronx by storm.

It was dubbed “Bardi Shower: A bronx Fairytale” and the party didn’t start till late Tuesday night.

New York City: 1980–2000, now on view at the bronx Documentary Center.

New York City: 1980–2000 continues at the bronx Documentary Center through March 5th.

On Tuesday, Republicans held a press conference with Livia Abreu, a bronx woman who survived domestic violence last year — though her pregnancy did not.

Two days later, I was back home in the bronx, completely devastated.

Impressionism: American Gardens on Canvas continues at the New York Botanical Garden (2900 Southern Boulevard, The bronx) through September 11.

Anthony Mendez was born and bred in the bronx, where he still lives.

Later, he was put on display at the bronx Zoo and lived in a room at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.

In technology, my dad—a boomer who was building simple computers from his bronx bedroom while still in junior high—saw imperfect instruments of progress.

He runs the Family’s bronx faction and headquarters out of his restaurant, Pasquale’s Rigoletto, on Arthur Avenue.

Crowley represented a diverse district in the bronx and Queens.

Beneficiaries of the unexpected windfall include El Museo del Barrio, the Studio Museum in Harlem, and the bronx Museum of the Arts.

McDonald, 37, joined the CFTC in 2017 from New York’s Southern District where he prosecuted everything from public corruption to bronx gang violence.

According to estimates from the Sanders campaign, some 18,500 people turned out to the rally in Saint Mary’s Park in the bronx Thursday.

The bronx has one of the largest populations of Puerto Ricans of any county in the US.

The bronx District Attorney’s Office refiled the case, but the second grand jury declined to indict Haste.

I have seen them set up in the neighborhood where I live in the South bronx, at the housing project two blocks from me.

KIPP teachers are not unionized, though there have been efforts in the South bronx to recognize a union at a school there.

There will be a new law in March,'” Sarah Borsody at bronx Defenders, a nonprofit legal aid group, told me.

If there were any doubts about Cardi B’s ascension to superstardom, the bronx rapper silenced them over the weekend.

The 15th District, comprised of mostly bronx neighborhoods, includes a large Hispanic population, similar to that of the 14th District.

The 15th District, comprised of mostly bronx neighborhoods, includes a large Hispanic population, similar to that of the 14th District.

Performing “Money,” the bronx rapper provided a luxe performance dancing atop a bedazzled grand piano.

The progressive star and Democratic representative from the bronx wants to make birth control available over the counter.

The progressive star and Democratic representative from the bronx wants to make birth control available over the counter.

Fiber artist Ruth Marshall, who used to work at the bronx Zoo, uses a comforting medium to build interest in wildlife conservation.

For 14 years, Marshall worked as an exhibition sculptor at the bronx Zoo, where her office was next to the snow leopard enclosure.

Deftly curated and accompanied by an excellent catalogue, the bronx Museum’s exhibition is an indelible contribution to the artist’s legacy and reputation.

Mott Haven, Port Morris, the Piano District, or the South bronx.

The artist’s golden frames sit brilliantly against the bronx Museum’s rich blue walls.

Martin Wong: Human Instamatic continues at the bronx Museum of the Arts (1040 Grand Concourse, Concourse, bronx) through February 14.

The hardest women to get involved were the women with kids uptown, in the bronx and in Harlem.

The South bronx is mainly an industrial area that’s been called on the verge of “revival” since at least 2013.

Soundview in the bronx was one of the most notorious, alongside places like Brownsville in Brooklyn.

When they got arrested, they fell back to the bronx and started sending out the youngsters.

NYPD School Safety Agents (SSAs) in bronx schools handed out nearly 700 court summonses—a.k.a.

On a typical day, several school safety agents sit at the entrance of the Stevenson campus in the bronx‘s Soundview neighborhood.

“Thousands of people miss their court date every year,” says Molly Kovel, legal director of the Civil Action practice at the bronx Defenders.

And then there’s the film’s star, 29-year-old bronx waitress Alexandria Ocasio Cortez — now a newly minted US Congresswoman.

These are primarily communities of color in the rural South and urban areas including Los Angeles, Miami, Brooklyn, and the bronx.

These are primarily communities of color in the rural South and urban areas including Los Angeles, Miami, Brooklyn, and the bronx.

McDonald, 37, joined the CFTC in 2017 from New York’s Southern District where he prosecuted everything from public corruption to bronx gang violence.

The first was Bail Bloc, the brainchild of the online publication The New Inquiry and the nonprofit bronx Freedom Fund.

Mott Haven — where the bronx location is proposed — is the poorest neighborhood in the bronx, one of the poorest in NYC.

Transitions: New Photography from Bangladesh continues at the bronx Museum of the Arts (1040 Grand Concourse, the bronx) through February 14.

Essentially, she said, Dean pleaded ignorance of Rubinstein’s significant role in the gentrification of the South bronx.

“They’re bringing in their tokens, their sellouts, people who are not necessarily from the bronx, but I guess they are of color.

When Parness is not doing this, she’s a drama and English teacher at the extremely competitive bronx High School of Science.

“6,000 evictions [take place] every year in the bronx,” she said.

Applebroog was born Ida Applebaum in 1929 in the bronx, New York, into an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family.

You mention the South bronx in the book, the controversy around a “bronx is burning” party.

RG: The staging of the bronx through art seems particularly offensive.

The Museum’s bronx building currently has 36,000 square feet of exhibition space.

The donation, as is, will allow the bronx Museum occupation of the Tribeca building for seven years, cost-free.

Interestingly, the FAA enforcement action against Mendoza doesn’t mention the George Washington Bridge flight and instead focuses on his flights in the bronx.

The painting, “bronx Golf Center,” (2013) eulogizes a place that once contained a mini-golf course, driving range, and batting cage, which closed in 2010.

bronx Focus: Paintings by Valeri Larko continues at the bronx Museum of the Arts (1040 Grand Concourse, Grand Concourse, the bronx) until June 26.

I know because this is happening in my own neighborhood in the South bronx.

Nashalie Robledo, 17, one of the organizers of the bronx Letters walkout, said that she and two other girls planned the school’s event.

“My wife Betty had never been to the bronx Zoo, so we went one Sunday: June 12, 1983.

The bronx Council on the Arts announced the recipients of the 2018 bronx Recognizes Its Own Awards.

Performers travelled to venues like the bronx and Queens Museums, and from Baltimore, D.C., and Chicago on their own dime.

It will be held at the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts, a concert venue in the bronx.

I will never forget our studio visit in the South bronx several months earlier, which lasted seven hours.

The community organizer was born and raised in the bronx, the daughter of working-class Puerto Rican parents.

Why can’t it be, say, the bronx?

In a bronx primary, campaigns wouldn’t be able to ignore that.

It can be the bronx.

You can stretch out lines to far reaches of Queens and the bronx, but might find your rider fare quickly riding above $3.

One, in the 32nd District, covered a swath of the bronx and leans heavily Democratic.

Sepulveda, a Democratic Assembly member from the bronx, was overwhelmingly favored.

At Cruz’s campaign stop in the bronx on Wednesday, he was heckled by a protester.

“Ted Cruz has no business being in the bronx,” a man yelled, according to the Daily Beast, before police escorted him out.

She was born in the bronx to working-class parents.

Her father is from the South bronx.

While the artist population in Manhattan is in decline, the number of artists in the bronx nearly doubled since 2000.

the same photograph is journalism if published in a newspaper, but art when presented at the bronx Museum?

bronx resident Noëlle Santos launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to open an independent bookstore in the South bronx.

When the bronx lawmaker approached the witness table after the hearing, Bro let out a high-pitched squeal of excitement.

Iran: Women Only continues at the bronx Museum of the Arts (1040 Grand Concourse, Concourse, the bronx) through September 23.

The people of Boyle Heights, Harlem, Chinatown, South bronx, Corona, Flatbush are all organizing and fighting landlords and developers.

Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old bronx native, beat longtime establishment Democrat Joe Crowley in the primary for the 14th Congressional District in New York City.

The district includes much of the bronx and Queens.

Good stuff” Other Twitter users reported hours-long waits and broken machines at other polling sites in Brooklyn, the bronx, and Manhattan.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads New Documents at the bronx Documentary Center is the most important exhibition I’ve seen all year.

New Documents at the bronx Documentary Center (614 Courtlandt Avenue, South bronx) is on view until September 18.

Certain detractors, especially, have gone after the framing of her working-class bronx roots, something she’s made a cornerstone of her campaign.

“I wake up every day and I’m a Puerto Rican girl from the bronx.

They got a Westchester girl that campaigned as the bronx.

A far cry from the bronx hood upbringing she’s selling.

A far cry from the bronx hood upbringing she’s selling.

Louis, Clay told a local paper last month, “is not the bronx.”

“I became very prideful of being from the bronx later in life after growing up not feeling that way.

No, I’m from between Harlem and the bronx.

My father’s from Riverside, my mother grew up in the bronx.

The Bomb Squad reportedly took the explosive up to Rodman’s Neck in the bronx, where they examined it.

“We must and have to showcase the legacy of the bronx, from art to music,” he adds.

Growing up with a Puerto Rican family in the South bronx, Miranda-Rodriguez always felt that comic books were lacking diversity.

A bronx Tale knows this truth very well.

A bronx Tale is only lightly a story of the immigrant experience and New York City life.

A bronx Tale’s message may be unpalatable for Broadway lovers who want a bit more nuance in their onstage social messages.

A bronx Tale is currently playing at the Longacre Theatre.

Tell that to the kids in the South bronx, which are suffering from the highest rates of childhood asthma in the country.

Beyond East Harlem, the organization now runs extracurricular programs in the South bronx and Newark, NJ.

The bronx Junior Photo League (BJPL) is a free after-school photography and journalism program serving middle and high school students.

The first thing we teach our bronx Junior Photo League students is how to be aware of the world around them.

Throughout their time in the bronx Junior Photo League, students become critical thinkers, writers, image-makers, and educated consumers of the media.

In the bronx in the 80s, there was no such thing as a sucka MC.

He just had a camera and was documenting himself and his friends in classrooms in the bronx in 1977.

It was almost like our bronx, where all the hip-hop started and the culture had that energy.

And Melissa, also from the bronx, explained how she’s forced to go through the turnstile without paying.

She was born in the bronx.

At least 12 people are dead after a fire in a bronx apartment building on Thursday night, per CBS New York.

At nine on the morning of a recent match, he was sitting hunched over in his cramped apartment in the South bronx.

One wrestler, Evander James, is in his early twenties, and also lives with his mother in the bronx, which means he has it easy.

Now she lives alone in the bronx neighborhood where she grew up and raises a five-year-old daughter on her own.

Five years earlier, Dillard and his five children stood in the hallway of his bronx apartment, staring at an eviction notice.

The obvious option was to reach out to a neutral, third-party zoo, like the famous one in the bronx.

Zae and 3 other Jack Boyz members were arrested Wednesday in the bronx as part of an unrelated federal investigation … which is even crazier.

But it happens in the bronx all the time.

It would be like one of New York City’s top seafood restaurants running out of Section 8 housing in the bronx.

In true Cardi B fashion, the bronx rapper made the announcement on Instagram Live where she was answering questions from fans.

During the search at the brothers’ apartment in The bronx Thursday, 30 pounds of explosive chemicals were found.

Baz Luhrmann’s new Netflix series The Get Down is a fantastical bildungsroman set against the backdrop of the bronx in the late 1970s.

Many believe that hip-hop originated in the bronx‘s Sedgwick Avenue projects, which were majority black and Latino.

Annually, the program currently serves 2,000 youths in upper Manhattan, the bronx, and the city’s Lower East Side communities.

The bronx (everything but the kitchen sink).

The series is about a group of teenagers living in the South bronx in the late 1970s.

Ron Savage grew up in the poverty-stricken Castle Hill section of the bronx in the 1970s.

One is in the 32nd District, which covers a large swath of the bronx and heavily leans Democratic.

Luis Sepulveda, a Democratic Assembly member from the bronx, is practically guaranteed to win.

About 24 hours later, a shooting at a housing complex in the bronx in New York left four more injured.

In the Sunday Painting, “12/6/15,” Kim has just returned from viewing The bronx Museum’s Martin Wong retrospective and gushes, “What a great artist.

Back in the mid 70s, the South bronx epitomized urban decay.

The bronx Museum of the Arts announced plans for a major upgrade of its building.

Savage, a freshman, ditched class, got in the cab, and was driven to Bambaataa’s house in the Baychester section of the bronx.

As he ran through the bronx streets sobbing, a woman noticed he was upset and picked him up.

Thin and fragmented, her sculptures are faintly reminiscent of Gordon Matta-Clark’s extractions of bronx floors when seen up close.

Campbell lived in the bronx River Houses with his mother and five siblings.

In 1993, he was charged with second-degree murder for the killing of a bronx man.

He said he was charged in a bronx River murder in 2004 and spent a month in jail before that case was also dismissed.

His parents divorced when he was young, and he grew up with his mother and other relatives in the bronx River Houses.

There are also signs that the bronx River community where Savage, Campbell, and Troy grew up is beginning to address wounds from the scandal.

Held every Thursday in playgrounds across the bronx, the park jams are modeled after the legendary original throwdowns at the Center.

Since making his accusations public, Savage said he’s made it his mission to help protect a new generation of kids in the bronx.

The two recently performed “Old Town Road” at the bronx rapper’s Fashion Nova launch and again on Hot 97’s Summer Jam stage.

At this point, I’m not sure if the staff loves or hates us anymore,” said Shellyne Rodriguez from Take Back the bronx.

Hands, knees, flashlights, smiles, an eruption in the bronx.

My hour-and-a-half each way daily commute, from Queens to the bronx, meant coming into physical contact with strangers more than I ever thought possible.

As of this writing, ascendant bronx rapper Cardi B’s “I Like It” holds the No.

One of the people that raised his hand was Kemba, a bashful young rapper from the bronx.

Diana Al-Hadid: Delirious Matter continues at the bronx Museum of the Arts (1040 Grand Concourse, Fleetwood-Concourse Village, the bronx) through October 14.

But trouble came quickly: In 1939, a bronx court found Rikers to be nearly unlivable.

When I was a kid, the South bronx was a vibrant community, but during the late 60s and 70s, it disappeared almost overnight.

For years, Rikers mental health services were managed by Montefiore Medical Center, a hospital network in the bronx.

But he played that role, and for a kid from the South bronx, there was no context.

By the end of the month, 25 public schools in the boroughs of Queens and the bronx will have implemented the program.

Sanders is set to hold his own rally on Thursday at St. Mary’s Park in the bronx.

Authorities believe that Richard Rojas—the 26-year-old bronx man behind the wheel—might’ve been driving under the influence.

At this time in New York, crime rates were soaring in the South bronx as crack cocaine started rolling in.

According to Kenneth Crouch, a legal advocate with the bronx Defenders, the vast majority of claimants simply give up on their possessions.

When: Opens Tuesday, April 5 Where: Wave Hill (West 249th Street and Independence Avenue, Riverdale, the bronx) The still life is not dead, apparently.

With help from the bronx Defenders, Ortiz was able to get the NYPD to agree to return her cash last month.

He also just opened up a restaurant in his native bronx, presenting a LeBron-like commitment to black-owned businesses.

bronx-Lebanon hospital, located about 1.5 miles from Yankee Stadium, is one of the largest hospitals in the bronx.

Breaking, popularly known as breakdancing today, was created in the bronx in New York City.

The South bronx is now gentrifying, but there are still old boriquas pushing granny carts with their boomboxes.

Outcasts: Women in the Wilderness continues at Wave Hill House (West 249th Street and Independence Avenue, bronx) through July 9.

continues at the New York Botanical Garden (2900 Southern Boulevard, The bronx) through October 29.

For a while he stayed with an uncle in South bronx.

CHIHULY continues at the New York Botanical Garden (2900 Southern Boulevard, Botanical Garden, bronx) through October 29.

Vernon, NY, just north of the bronx where he’d moved with his parents, Nichols had always expressed an interest in technology.

One name that surfaced: Ocasio-Cortez, a bartender from the bronx nominated by her brother.

JS: Because I was a school teacher in Harlem in the South bronx.

She more than once pointed out her and JLo’s shared bronx upbringing, reveling in the existence of an actual 6 train onstage.

$112 p.m. — I go to the bronx Zoo with three friends.

Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Staten Island bronx

So far, the FreshDirect EBT Pilot Program delivers to two zip codes in the bronx.

KV: When Bernie went on the attack — I was seeing Bernie speak, and it was at that rally in the bronx.

Bernie was in the south bronx, and they had him standing up on this little old school soap box doing his thing.

This includes the bronx, and Chicago’s South Side.

Today, Gonzalo is the only resident of El bronx, the long-neglected neighborhood just a few blocks south of Colombia’s presidential palace.

Camilo, a homeless addict who had been living in and around El bronx for nine years is now part of the displaced community.

Today, Gonzalo is the only resident of El bronx, the long-neglected neighborhood just a few blocks south of Colombia’s presidential palace.

Camilo, a homeless addict who had been living in and around El bronx for nine years is now part of the displaced community.

“It was complete anarchy,” Andres added, who had been living in El bronx since its inception in the early 2000s.

This includes the bronx, NY and Chicago’s South Side.

“Life was much better in El bronx.”

Graffiti of Pablo Escobar, the notorious drug lord, outside a bar in El bronx.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories from families of promising youngsters who enter El bronx and are not heard from for years.

Many of these rumors have been around for years, and observers suspect that they are myths to amplify El bronx‘s notoriety.

No, this young and completely unknown artist from The bronx is completely self-made and works on his own.

“The raid has exposed their entire network of corruption that kept this El bronx business going, that which also allowed several ringleaders to escape.”

Homemade pipes, often fashioned from toxic PVC tubing, line the streets of El bronx.

“The intervention in El bronx was necessary,” said Ariel Ávila, a Bogotá-based analyst with Fundación Paz y Reconciliación.

“That’s where I go to get high now,” said Camilo, who was living in El bronx at the time of the raid.

Since they took [El bronx] the price of basuco in Samber went up.”

The majority then moved a few blocks west to El bronx.

“I was here before this was El bronx,” Gonzalo, the neighborhood’s last resident said, looking resigned.

I’m a singer-songwriter from The bronx.

It’s a tale brilliantly told in Jonathan Mahler’s Ladies and Gentlemen, The bronx is Burning .

Rick moved to the bronx in 1976 with his parents, and eventually met Doug E. Fresh in school.

“My girlfriend at the time lived in the bronx, very close to where Son of Sam had hit a couple of months earlier.

“Next time someone else bronx girls to take off their hoops, they can just say they’re dressing like a Congresswoman,” she wrote.

Chronicles: We are here, because you were there continues at the AAA3A gallery (309 Alexander Avenue, South bronx) through February 27.

The show focuses on the origins of hip-hop through the lens of a group of teens in the bronx during the late 1970s.

Born in Puerto Rico in 1943, Lopez moved to New York as a child and grew up in Spanish Harlem and the bronx.

According to bronx prosecutors, he was gunned down in his home just after midnight on Wednesday, following what police would call only a “dispute.”

Born in Manhattan, Frasqueri made her way from East Harlem to the Lower East Side until finally landing in the bronx.

In 1906 Ota Benga was put on exhibit In the bronx Zoo.

I was born in the bronx to a single mom.

And just like that, I landed an invitation to Glam’s apartment in the bronx, where I would finally meet Alig in the flesh.

The big question: Is this movement real, and can it extend from the bronx to places like Wichita, Kansas, and Flint, Michigan?

The New York Botanical Garden in the bronx is hosting a Holiday Train Show in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, continuing through January 21.

While she endured bewildering delays in the bronx‘s famously sclerotic criminal justice system, Hailey attempted suicide multiple times.

You can also donate to bronx Loaf, FFL’s writer’s workshop for teens, too.

The bronx native was sworn into Congress in January and has become a bit of an obsession for conservatives.

My father says a slice cost 35 cents when he was growing up in the bronx in the 1970s.

I grew up right outside of the bronx in Westchester County.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born in the bronx to a working-class family.

Her mom is Puerto Rican and her dad is a bronx native.

The young bronx girl in me would have welcomed the change with open arms.

She was a bronx beauty who could have had it all.

[The Telegraph] + The upcoming exhibition of Cuban contemporary art at The bronx Museum of the Arts has been postponed.

The story follows a group of teens from the South bronx in 1970s New York.

My mom’s friend, who picks us up sometimes, brings us pastries from this bakery in the bronx.

A lifelong artist and activist, Rollins developed his collaborative practice while teaching middle school art classes in the South bronx in the early 1980s.

The excitement at the NY Botanical Garden in the bronx reached a fever pitch over the past few days.

People had picnics at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, and took the train to visit relatives on their weekends at Woodlawn Cemetery in the bronx.

“But once you enter Upper Manhattan, or the bronx,” he says, “it’s a whole different ball game.”

Now, nearly five years later, one bronx native who refuses to give his name says the disparate enforcement lingers in the outer borough.

“It’s the bronx, man,” he offers.

For Exhibit A, allow us to take you to Yankee Stadium, the venerable sports venue in the bronx.

Fall and winter are considered off-seasons at Orchard Beach, the only public beach in the bronx.

The excitement at the NY Botanical Garden in the bronx reached a fever pitch over the past few days.

The dancer and choreographer’s breakout solo performance bronx Gothic is the subject of a new documentary by Andrew Rossi at Film Forum.

That’s how Francisco intends to help his niece land a record deal, and escape both her father and the bronx.

Back in the bronx, the blackout is making the streets pretty dangerous.

Having broken ties with the current mayor’s administration, Francisco has to find another way to develop funding for the South bronx.

bronx Gothic runs through July 25 at Film Forum (209 West Houston Street, West Village, Manhattan).

Of course, when they go meet Francisco at an eatery in the bronx, it quickly becomes clear that the song isn’t done.

They decide that they’re going to keep a foot in the bronx.

My friends live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the bronx, so I usually visit their neighborhoods.

Turns out the proud bronx native has trouble holding in his sneezes.

Disco is in, Grandmaster Flash is ruling the underground DJ and emcee movement, and the South bronx is literally burning to the ground.

A bronx native, she’s a democratic socialist, with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as her political mentor.

As CBS New York reported, Daquan King, a 23-year-old masseuse from the bronx, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder on Friday, January 13.

Some dude working from a bunker in the bronx with a rented conference room is bound to have an impact, too.

The documentary Decade of Fire delves into the wave of arsons that wracked the bronx in the 1970s.

Whitely is not charged with any crime, and the stone is currently in a police storage facility in the bronx.

This is how a policeman describes the residents of the South bronx in the 1981 Paul Newman film Fort Apache, the bronx.

When the film was released, African American and Hispanic residents of the bronx protested it for fueling stereotypes.

At the time, the residents of the South bronx had persevered through years of incessant arsons.

More than 100,000 people lost their homes and were forced into the South bronx’s already weak pre-war buildings.

He got it playing basketball in the bronx, where his family moved after they left Jamaica.

There is still widespread development focused on demolishing and reconstructing, like bronx Point, the newly approved affordable housing complex in the bronx.

But some bronx residents are not sold.

The bronx and a few remaining places in Brooklyn are seen as the last holdouts against gentrification in New York City.

My plastic surgeon works in the bronx, but sees a lot of white women.

Rap is credited to the bronx, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Atlanta, and Detroit.

The borough with the highest number of cases (189) is the bronx, followed by Brooklyn (125), and Manhattan (111).

We’re told Dex is being transferred to the bronx to see a judge about that outstanding warrant.

This December night in Nagoya exists as a bizarro alternate future of the bronx circa 1977.

Earlier this year, two tiny, striped balls of fuzz came into the world at the bronx Zoo.

I know it was, Winogrand would say in that bronx brogue.

But groups like the Wildlife Conservation Society, which owns the bronx Zoo, believe it can be one piece towards preserving and recovering the species.

At a late March event in The bronx, he drew 18,500 people.

One summer, I went to every beach in the city: Staten Island, the bronx, Queens.

“I grew up in the bronx in a predominantly black and hispanic neighborhood.

Her message centered on Deborah Danner, a 66-year-old schizophrenic bronx woman killed by police inside her apartment last Tuesday.

You rose from running a lookout for foot soldiers in the bronx to overseeing a supply chain with entire gangs in your distribution network.

I wondered this after seeing the play My Brother’s a Keeper at the bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!)

Lieberman was born in the bronx to what she describes as an “upwardly mobile Jewish family.”

He has four grandchildren: Jessica’s children Maxwell and Ace, and Ashlee’s son bronx and daughter Jagger.

“That kid in the bronx was murdered, and that officer doesn’t get in trouble?

Look at us, two Puerto Ricans from the bronx working on crazy-big shows!

“L.A. is great, but in my heart, I’m still a New Yorker from the bronx.”

An early favorite was The Warriors, a 1979 film about a multicultural gang in the bronx.

Despite accolades and lucrative mural commissions, the Nuyorican artist remains humble, accessible, and keeps the bronx close to his heart.

A slate of three short films at UnionDocs examines Chicano culture in the bronx and Japan.

Located in the South bronx, the space played a critical role in bringing together members of the downtown, hip-hop, and graffiti scenes.

We’re going to give you some advice that we’ve been dying to give to the bronx Museum, Cancer.

We mean war for Safariland,” Shellyne Rodriguez from Take Back the bronx said inside, kicking off the event inside the museum’s lobby.

As the 80s wore on, hip-hop, an invention of the bronx, was transforming the youth culture of the country Carter lived in.

He was soon transferred by plane to a shelter operated by ORR in the bronx, where he stayed for 11 days.

bronx Colors, an affordable new makeup line with hundreds of rad products.

From there, he went to Brooklyn and the bronx, while his mother was stuck in Nigeria due to issues with her papers.

“If you live in New York, you wouldn’t say New York consists of Manhattan and the bronx.

In December 2008, just two weeks after her 27th birthday, Francis S.* had a radiator pipe burst in her bronx apartment.

“It’s convenient to the bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn,” Peter Curcio, who was second-in-command at the DOC in the late 2000s, told me.

bronx icon Cardi B has released her major label debut, Invasion of Privacy.

I’m using that as a focal point because it’s not the most well-known place in the bronx.

People were posting pictures of themselves pounding the pavement in the bronx and Queens for her.

By the end of the night, Desus and Mero felt like leaving the bronx and heading to the Pine Tree State for good.

Bambaataa, 59, was born Kevin Donovan and grew up in the bronx River Projects.

We went up to Kalief’s mother’s house in the bronx, and it just went from there.

Notably, these are themes that resonated among primary voters in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s bronx district but are popping up in other regions as well.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a progressive candidate running for congresswoman in the bronx who also has outstanding loans, supports free college and cancelling student debt.

At the end of every month, the monero is exchanged for U.S. dollars and the earnings are donated to the bronx Freedom Fund.

At the end of every month, the monero is exchanged for U.S. dollars and the earnings are donated to the bronx Freedom Fund.

Today, a student in the bronx sharing daily breakfasts with her boyfriend and throwing a holiday party in her apartment.

Industry: Full-time student at Fordham University in the bronx majoring in communications and media studies, hoping to go into public relations.

She grew up in a Puerto Rican family in the bronx, and started playing music in the punk rock scene.

“I’m from the bronx and have found a home in New Orleans,” she says.

Whatever the case, equal measures of history and black magic were at work in the bronx air this past weekend.

The bronx native made the most seamless transition from social media star, to reality TV star, to rap star in history.

The kid was from the bronx, and he came down there to learn to play music.

Those numbers show that New York has a population of 8.5 million, which incorporates the five boroughs—Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the bronx and Staten Island.

An equipment manager brought it to a nursing home in the bronx.

You can see Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the ’80s at the bronx Documentary Center now.

The bronx rapper revealed on Twitter that she’d been at least five months pregnant during the time she filmed all of her videos.

“We’re from the bronx.”

According to the Fort Lee Daily Voice, Ashton was director of thoracic surgery at Montefiore Medical Center in the bronx.

That breaks down into 2,648,771 in Brooklyn, 2,358,582 in Queens, 1,664,727 in Manhattan, 1,471,160 in the bronx;,and 479,458 on Staten Island.

The bronx’s somewhat large population—nearly 1.5 million is nothing to overlook—is best suited for battle.

“I lived with my husband for four months, then I ran away to stay with an uncle and aunt who lived in the bronx.

That would happen most notably in Queens and the bronx.

Occupy Museums People’s Cultural Plan Take Back The bronx W.A.G.E.

Eagerly awaiting part two of The Get Down, Netflix’s love letter to the South bronx music scene of the ’70s?

In 2002, Jennifer Lopez reminded us that no matter where her career successes take her, she’ll always remember her bronx origins.

Lopez managed to squeeze her bronx roots into another question, too.

“‘Cause I’m such a bronx girl, and my family’s so bronx — I’m serious!

On June 6, 2015, at home in the bronx, he killed himself.

She’s from the bronx.

He’s most famous for playing, as a New York Yankee, in the bronx.

For example, in the South bronx, there is one bank branch per 20,000 people, compared with one bank branch per 3,000 people in Manhattan.

8 p.m. — I take a Lyft to and from my boyfriend’s house; he lives in the bronx, about 20 minutes away from me.

Gunhill Road follows the story of a transgender teenager living in the bronx who confronts her gender—and herself.

The Tiffany-designed 1914 Swan Memorial in the bronx’s Woodlawn Cemetery is being restored after over a century of deterioration in the open air.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads There is an angel in the bronx’s Woodlawn Cemetery that walks in ethereal beauty.

My first boyfriend was a straight kid from the bronx.

Cardi B’s famous (likely to become infamous) catchphrase is the “regular, degular, shmegular girl from the bronx.”

Like Staten Island, parts of the bronx are experiencing an epidemic in drug use, especially heroin and other opioid based drugs.

This exhibition at the bronx Documentary Center is about broken, machines, tools, systems, and people as well.

“Queens and the bronx needs someone who will create jobs instead of turning them away.”

The first three new F21 Red stores will open this month in San Antonio, Chicago, and NYC (in the bronx).

In New York, 90 works are going to MoMA, with the bronx Museum getting 12.

The bronx Museum’s 12 new works include a Javier Téllez and a Melanie Smith.

Jada-Renee Bland, 18: Born and raised in the bronx, high-schooler Bland’s side gigs include modeling and working part-time at a streetwear store.

Genesis Vega, 19: Petite model Vega (she’s exactly 5 feet) is a full-time high-school student and creative director that lives in the bronx.

“Schlossberg should have his law license reviewed, and possibly revoked,” bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. wrote on Twitter.

What apparently triggered his comment … 50 was scheduled to attend an NYPD boxing match in the bronx.

Whatever their story is, Ysiad is a Dominican from the bronx that can’t knock the hustle when he sees it.

Each year, the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in the bronx holds a fashion show for its students.

Set in The bronx circa 1977, the hour-long music drama tapped into the birth of hip-hop and rap.

By now, fans of The bronx are used to the band’s dramatic reinventions.

Mariachi El bronx III was a swing-for-the-fences record for us.

It’s not that the third record is troubled times like bronx III was, it’s just a victim of the countdown.

Mariachi El bronx really took on a life of its own and you guys took it further than I think anyone expected.

bronx II was the crazy, major-label-debut type thing.

We decided to make bronx II with Michael Beinhorn, who is just a legendary producer and a kind of notorious ballbreaker.

The plus-side of bronx II was that Michael pushed the band to levels that, at that time, we just had no business achieving.

There’s one song on that record that is actually the one bronx song that I hate.

It didn’t feel like a bronx song.

In comparison to bronx I, this record saw you guys slowing down and getting a little experimental.

I’m well aware that when we started The bronx we wanted to do something different every record.

This came after bronx III, which sounded like it was a pretty difficult period.

And it’s amazing that Mariachi El bronx was basically born out of The bronx III.

At the time, we were like, what do we have to do to not go through that bronx III experience?

But it was just like The bronx, we’re not gonna fake it.

For that reason alone, that’s why El bronx I is up there.

Did doing El bronx give you the chance to shake off the feelings of bronx III and approach the band with fresh eyes?

We decided after the first Mariachi El bronx record that we were going to make another one.

So by the end of that, it’d been so long since we made a bronx record.

It just felt like we were making bronx I again.

It was replanting the flag and saying that we’re doing both bands, bronx is back, and we’re going.

El bronx II is us at the top of our game.

We did all the things The bronx could never access.

El bronx officially kicked the door wide open.

bronx, we pride ourselves on being cool dudes, being normal dudes, and just being down to earth Gs.

The water settled, the record came out, and The bronx fuckin’ started.

Everything that bronx I was, it still is.

And it’s all because of how it came together on bronx I. David Anthony is on Twitter.

I Might just want you to open up a fashion school in the bronx or Harlem.

In Three Rivers, Theriault earned a bronx cheer after he stickhandled around an opponent in the neutral zone and dumped the puck in.

For all intents and purposes, “Bodak Yellow” is autobiographical, a tale of the bronx girl’s unlikely, unprecedented come-up.

In 2011, two people were shot at bronx Lebanon in what police said was a gang-related attack.

Simply Mac Repair offers travel service (reviewers mentioned visits in Midtown Manhattan and the bronx); fast service, according to B P. “Brian was fantastic!

This exhibition at the bronx Museum highlights the reciprocal relationship between historical texts and the art they have inspired.

Her father, Popiando Vazquez, is an Uber driver from the bronx and he often leaves his camera on while driving, he told FOX 5.

and Glenn Ligon is on view through July 15, 2018 at the bronx Museum (1040 Grand Concourse, Concourse, The bronx).

It’s a love story built in the bronx — just so long as Casanova remembers his place in the celebrity hierarchy, of course.

“You had everybody from New York rapping about ‘my Adidas’ and ‘my chain,’ and this, and this; South bronx and everything,” N.W.A.

Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, spent three days undercover at bronx Science, a public school in Manhattan that NYC residents have to test into.

The movie, which is still in pre-production, follows a bronx native who returns to the NYC borough after serving 17 years in prison.

Soon she began exhibiting with her peers at the iconic Fashion Moda in the bronx and other art spaces in New York.

Lopez befriended the legendary b-boys of the bronx’s Rock Steady Crew, even inviting them to be part of his lectures at FIT.

Larry Ossei-Mensah: I will be based between Detroit and the bronx, where I was raised.

It all began with one epic back to school party in the bronx in early August, 1973.

The bronx Museum did not respond to Hyperallergic’s inquiries to clarify Leal’s involvement in the project.

Born Belcalis Almanzar, Cardi B is a Dominican and Trinidadian native of the bronx, New York.

At the bronx Museum, she has received praise for organizing exhibitions such as the ongoing Art AIDS America, which includes many Cuban-American artists.

“There are only 8,000 Cubans in the bronx of a general population of 1.3 million,” Pavón said.

“And in real life, ‘Bodak’ blew up, she wore red bottoms because that’s what it means to make it in the bronx.

She’ll get paid $75 and she has to go to the bronx.

Jennifer Lopez was born in the bronx to Puerto Rican parents, and her Latina identity has informed much of her art.

When 21-year-old bronx resident Karl Jackson and his girlfriend went to pick up her son from a party, teenagers threw eggs at their car.

Undeterred by her thick bronx accent or her close ties to its streets, Cardi rejected respectability by merely existing.

Betty C. McCarthy, in the bronx, certainly wasn’t having any of Trump’s nonsense.

Rashad Jenkins, also in the bronx, was similarly skeptical.

Most of the parents were from the bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens and bought their homes on the G.I.

For instance, the bronx native has learned that what she says and does online resonates with people like never before.

Locations include: New York City, Brooklyn, the bronx, Newark, Albany, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, and Washington, DC.

I attended a rally protesting a pending deportation for Julio, an undocumented radiology student at bronx Community College.

When I was a sophomore at Manhattan College in the bronx, I was dating a guy who went to Columbia.

Projects such as WATERWASH bronx River, Daylighting Tibbetts Brook, and OSS can take years, decades, or even centuries to realize their full effects.

Ecological Consciousness: Artist as Instigator continues at Wave Hill (West 249th Street and Independence Avenue, bronx) through August 26.

The Latin American Foto Festival, presented by the bronx Documentary Center, continues through July 21 at the center and surrounding locations.

“And in real life, ‘Bodak’ blew up, she wore red bottoms because that’s what it means to make it in the bronx.

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