Brighter in a sentence | Use of the word brighter examples

They had high hopes of a brighter future, until the bullets started flying on Monday.

Among the brighter spots was Netflix (NFLX.O), which rose 5.3 percent, after reporting blowout subscriber addition numbers.

If McGregor loses to Diaz again, however, Aldo’s future looks much brighter.

To have their own field and a brighter future,” he said.

While the world behind the scenes of Fuller House grows increasingly grim, the show itself is only looking brighter.

Out of darkness, light shines brighter, and, not to sound all yoga about it, we cannot have one without the other.

BRASILIA (Reuters) – When Paulo Roberto Nuno Guedes became Brazilian Economy Minister on January 1, his star could not have been shining brighter.

Jobs data on Monday showed a brighter outlook, with U.S. job openings falling slightly in April as hiring surged to a record high.

The result is that the full “super” moon appears slightly larger and slightly brighter in the sky.

It would rational to dismiss these numbers and believe brighter days are ahead.

Potentially far brighter than Paglen’s work, astronomers are nonetheless displeased.

“Georgians have another opportunity to demonstrate that they are ready to build a brighter state,” Abrams told reporters during a press call on Saturday.

When celestial objects are directly opposite the sun, they appear brighter in the sky.

In fact, for every billion years the sun spends burning hydrogen, it gets about 10% brighter.

“It’s going to be hopefully bigger and brighter, and a bit more spectacular than usual,” said Lindsay.

We’re all looking forward to moving onto a brighter future for Irish women.”

Darlene was supposed to be the Conner who went on to some brighter future, and instead, she’s back living with her parents.

Though “brighter Than You Think” is of limited use as a critical text, it’s tough to beat as a straight-up collection.

brighter Than You Think: Ten Short Works by Alan Moore is now available from Uncivilized Books.

Yet there were two brighter spots.

Even though she had her initial doubts about Otieno dancing, she now hopes his classes will be a ticket to a brighter future.

Even though she had her initial doubts about Otieno dancing, she now hopes his classes will be a ticket to a brighter future.

Whether inspired by her hero’s ebullience or just by coincidence, this album is faster and brighter than Hatfield’s norm.

“Chairman Kim is … still committed” to that goal, Pompeo said, and he reiterated that Trump was “committed to a brighter future for North Korea”.

The planet Mars was bigger and brighter than it has been in a decade.

These sand grains are coarser and less reflective than the fine dust that gives the brighter regions of Mars their ruddy appearance.

My face was brighter than a tomato.

For sure, one week of brighter data isn’t enough to shift entrenched pessimism.

Nor have brighter growth numbers managed to lift German 10-year bond yields much above zero percent yet.

Not only will the moon turn a deep-red color during the eclipse, but it will be slightly bigger and brighter than usual: a supermoon.

It felt like a farcical joke that the sun was shining brighter yesterday than it had in weeks.

It’s special because when celestial objects are directly opposite the sun, they appear brighter in the sky.

(According to, the International Space Station will be slightly brighter, if you see it whiz by.)

Parliament’s vote could open the door to a “brighter future” or condemn the country to more division, she said.

While the working conditions of the tea pluckers might not change, Dias is hopeful that the next generation will have a brighter future.

Lancaster has a brighter story and eventually became a lawyer herself.

The displays were brighter and sharper, the phones were more responsive, and their batteries got me through a full day.

Salter’s other tactic for fighting hurricanes is making clouds a tiny bit brighter using aerosols, harnessing a phenomenon called the Twomey effect.

To make it burn brighter, the crew put so much wood into the smaller one, the one with the bomb.

Like all of its competitors, its picture is much higher resolution than my old set’s, and much brighter.

Sweden were the brighter side in the first half but could not find a way past Netherlands stopper Sari van Veenendaal.

They had high hopes of a brighter future, until the bullets started flying on Monday.

The screen is 67 percent brighter and shows 25 percent more colors.

What’s brighter than a Christmas tree in December?

The painting was “brighter” than the 1996 version he’d seen in a Sotheby’s catalogue and drooled over years before.

Fasting, he says, makes him feel not just lighter but also brighter, sharper, and happier.

And when this happens, from our point of view, the planets appear brighter and slightly bigger in the sky than normal.

That proximity will make it even brighter and bigger.

Instead, there’s something brighter and sweeter in this first issue.

To have their own field and a brighter future,” he said.

The pictures on her Instagram started to get brighter.

On a brighter note, Lilith in Taurus can be intoxicatingly charming.

On a brighter note, Lilith in Leo’s sparkling charisma is a magnificent thing.

I actually love how this color is neutral, but brighter than my usual choices of black and dark brown boots.

AHA helps create smoother, brighter skin by encouraging rapid cell turnover and stimulating collagen production.

The fruits in the market glowed brighter than anything, and I laughed with joy.

Jobs data on Monday showed a brighter outlook, with U.S. job openings falling slightly in April as hiring surged to a record high.

Not only could you make someone’s holiday brighter, but you might be entitled to a tax break.

But its prospects might be brighter in blue states like New York, Connecticut, Washington, and Oregon.

‘Do you want brighter lights?

It was that thing where the sun shines brighter, you walk a little lighter, and things start falling into place.

With the recent appointment of Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris to that committee, the prospects for a hearing just got brighter.

They also tend to be a bit brighter than the typical meteor.

And in doing so, we can move forward together towards a brighter future.” Reporting by Elizabeth Piper and Kylie MacLellan; editing by William James

I hope it gives them hope for a brighter future where they can be themselves without fear or regret.”

For the occasion, Markle chose brighter colors than she typically wears.

Adding a few brighter pieces (even just around the face) can make your curls pop without compromising the health of your hair.”

The rear camera features a 12-megapixel sensor, with dual-lenses at f1.8 and f2.4 apertures (which is brighter than the 7 Plus telephoto).

During a supermoon, the moon is closer than usual to the earth, making it appear larger and brighter.

“We made the first steps toward a brighter future, grounded on cooperation and peace,” he said.

While 252P is 100 times brighter than originally expected, it’s still just barely visible to the unaided eye.

The lights were brighter than I expected and I blinked, trying to focus on the paper in front of me.

They want a good deal that sets us on a course for a brighter future,” British Prime Minister Theresa May told parliament.

The lights in the room felt brighter and the air more stale.

The big crunch that is coming will leave the shining stars intact and help them shine even brighter.

You don’t need to blow the shot up to see Samsung got the brighter, clearer, sharper shot.

Constellations I couldn’t name became brighter than the occasional headlight passing by.

Immediately, this de-puffs, reduces dark circles, and contours the face, so everything looks tighter and brighter.

It’s a much-needed reminder of Cheryl’s dark past and the way it colors her much brighter present.

The President told me he believes that Chairman Kim sees a different, brighter future for the people of North Korea.

This one perfects a brighter, glitzier, weirder, more specific style of bubblegum than usual.

This makes for truly gentle exfoliation, and brighter and smoother complexions for even the most irritable of skin.

In just a minute, I’m going to talk about a vision of a brighter American future.

If you look at the sky tonight, you might notice that the moon looks brighter and closer than usual.

Apple says the new MacBook Pro screen is 67% brighter and has 25% more colors.

I addressed the threats facing our world, and I presented a vision to achieve a brighter future for all of humanity.

From bubblegum pink wedges to buttery kitten heels, this season’s crop of pastel sandals is lighter and brighter than ever before.

These fireballs will be larger and brighter than the average meteor shower.

For those lucky enough to return home, the outlook wasn’t much brighter.

Maybe on a brighter note, is there a memory that stands out to you in your decades of work that gives you hope? not technically a costume, but this impish stranger made my morning a little brighter.

The three angled mirrors are hung high above the room to make it seem brighter, but also to add dimension.

“We will not go quietly into the night and give up on a brighter tomorrow,” Cruz concluded, as the crowd chanted “Ted!

And so if you do have darker hair, a brighter, bolder pink would be an easier color to achieve as opposed to a pastel.

A laser-based autofocus assists in quickly shooting decent photos in brighter light, but with some grain and ISO compensation in low-light situations.

A new directing team took the movie in a brighter, more comedic direction.

Once my concealer was set, my undereye area was clearly brighter and smoother than when I wear the concealer alone.

I’m bummed I can’t see her, but I’m happy I could do a little something to make her day brighter.

Jobs that provide dignity and a path to a brighter future.

Immediately, I noticed that my skin looked much brighter, and even glowy in places.

By working together to advance mutual understanding, we point the way to a brighter future for all.

If he’s looking for optimism, it’s hard to get much brighter than Star Trek.

While Trump has devoted much of his social space to insults, Clinton tends to discuss the brighter implications of policies and current events.

– Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa “Tonight, we are young, so let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun.”

It’s an industry with more jobs with a brighter future.

“A good night’s sleep means you have a gentler, brighter, and more focused day,” says Rohan Gunatillake, the executive producer of the app.

brighter than sunlight, to be fair — but close to real-world conditions.

But next year is looking brighter, according to industry experts.

With less regulation coming down the pike, there’s every reason to believe that the future will only be brighter for America’s banks.

In fact, after your tattoo has finished peeling completely, it should make your tattoo appear even brighter and more vibrant.

She leans forward, eyebrows raised mischievously and cheeks turning a brighter shade of pink as her tone shifts from presidential candidate to excited mom.

Netflix just announced a premiere date for Queer Eye’s fourth season, and it’s going to make your summer even brighter.

In the 1950s, women began to favor brighter frocks and flared skirts that billowed while they leapt through the air.

Our nail-polish picks also tend take a turn for the brighter once June rolls around, veering towards neons and pastels over grays and nudes.

“Under President Trump’s leadership, the future for our country, and the future for American women, is brighter than ever before.”

The screen is 25 percent brighter and 40 percent less reflective than the one on the iPad Air 2, with greater color saturation.

“My light is not any brighter,” she said of the inquiry announcement.

“Under President Trump’s leadership, the future for our country, and the future for American women, is brighter than ever before.”

To be sure, if Hillary Clinton had succeeded Obama, his prospects as a reconstructive leader would look far brighter.

But we have taken the first steps toward a brighter future and one with a strong dialogue and a lot of thought.

Sentiment indicators also suggested a brighter economic outlook and the mood among consumers and retailers remained confident overall, the ministry said.

According to the docs … Baldwin grew suspicious as soon as the painting arrived … claiming the colors were brighter and the artwork smelled clean.

While Trump has devoted much of his social space to insults, Clinton tends to discuss the brighter implications of policies and current events.

It has a 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor (the ZS50 used a 12.1-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensor), and a new, brighter f2.8-5.9 Leica lens.

The RX100 also has a brighter f1.8-2.8 lens.

The fruit seems much brighter and the wine feels fresher in general.

LG, Sharp / Hisense, and TCL showed off the brighter, more immersive viewing experience that HDR allows for.

And it’s incredibly luminous, shining 20 times brighter than all of the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy combined.

Of course, they may still have more chance for a brighter future.

The faster the crank is turned, the brighter the bulb shines.

It was magical, even if the outlook for the next season was made no brighter for the magic.

The supernova was in a galaxy 3.8 billion light-years away and was 570 billion times brighter than our sun.

As you massage your face, those little balls ever so gently physically exfoliate your skin, revealing a lighter, brighter complexion.

That means if a magnetar is responsible, no supernova could be brighter than this one.

The camera’s lens is a brighter f/1.7 aperture, allowing in 25 percent more light.

For anyone tuning in on TV, the state of dual-mode cars would have seemed brighter.

The result is that the full “super” moon appears slightly larger and slightly brighter to us in the sky.

That makes low-light photos both brighter and less blurry.

I’m brighter and shinier than my everyday self.

What you might notice tonight is that the moon will be brighter — about 30 percent brighter than a micromoon.

The result is that the full “super” moon appears slightly larger and slightly brighter in the sky.

Thew new concept art has a brighter color palette, a new character, some watercraft, and an airplane.

brighter showings of 21’s ability are on Issa, too.

Kepler was able to observe the visible light from the shockwave, which was about 130,000,000 times brighter than the Sun.

We will not allow them to diminish our commitment to building a brighter future for communities across America.

After the initial explosion, the star continues to grow and will become up to 1 billion times brighter than the Sun.

The screen is 25 percent brighter and 40 percent less reflective than the one on the iPad Air 2, with greater color saturation.

Check out the pics … Carrie couldn’t look hotter and brighter.

Essentially, more radiants and light points mean holograms are brighter and richer.

Had some areas grown brighter while others had dimmed?

The Oasis is brighter, smaller, and thinner.

But the hardware here does not offer much more than a longer-lasting battery and a brighter screen.

To improve the device, then is a mission of relative adjectives: brighter, smaller, thinner.

But as Nelson told me, the reasons why an area grows dimmer or brighter is an odd mixture of progress and setbacks.

Over the ensuing half century, her art star has grown much brighter.

“The British people want this to be settled, they want a good deal that sets us on course for a brighter future,” May said.

As exciting as Black Panther himself is, his light can never be brighter of the idea of Wakanda.

The new version lets you divvy up music between two bulbs and also includes a brighter light and better sound quality.

Floyd’s last fight produced disappointing PPV numbers, and Conor’s star has never been brighter.

And we arrived at a brighter, flatter option — but was it better?

2:20pm ET: Schiller then turns to the display, which is 25 percent brighter than the 6s and 6s Plus.

Imagine a future when thrift stores shelves are populated with castaway Silicon Valley products, once touted as signs of a brighter future.

The P-Series automatically switches into a different picture mode that gives you brighter highlights and more vivid, lush colors.

Zhang and Chen thought little about economic mobility or a brighter future.

Light seems brighter, sounds are louder, and smells are stronger.

It’s filled with rays of light brighter than any star and antimatter so dark they elude all science and reason.

Brody is reportedly planning to change these for brighter tones including blues and whites, and is looking to animals like jellyfish for inspiration.

Racial demographics aren’t much brighter.

Sternberg first began visiting the West in the late 1950s, and the subsequent introduction of brighter colors and dream-like images deepened his art.

The phone is also faster and its screen is brighter, and it has stereo speakers.

Their 2013 debut album With Everything In Between offered a brighter and less aggressive side of the band.

Better picture quality and brighter pictures even under low light, and faster autofocus so that we can capture babies or children moving.

Moreover, we continue to create brighter futures through our inquisitiveness and inventiveness.

Practically speaking, this results in a brighter overall video, with colors that are more vivid and better details than regular HD content.

Like all of its competitors, its picture has a much higher resolution and is much brighter than my old set.

“It was brighter,” said the man.

It’s now slightly bigger than it was before the explosion and the star system is much brighter.

The new device also has a wider projection screen size at 27.88 to 305.3 inches and comes with a brighter 195-watt lamp.

This time LG says the second screen gets brighter and has improved contrast over the V10.

On the one hand, Tucson implemented lighting codes 30 years ago and hasn’t gotten any brighter at night since, despite growing rapidly.

If you actually care about it, you have the power to make sure what we see is a brighter future.

The new phones have upgraded displays that are 25 percent brighter, with a wider color gamut for better color reproduction and improved color management.

Jobs data on Monday showed a brighter outlook, with U.S. job openings falling slightly in April as hiring surged to a record high.

Both have been upgraded in this year’s model; the cameras are more capable and the second display is now brighter with bigger font.

The display is now 50 percent brighter as well.

When additional sunlight then strikes the mist, it scatters the light, giving off a brilliant glow that makes the spots appear brighter.

The phone is also faster, its screen is brighter, and it has stereo speakers.

If Google’s presentation is to be believed, it will make photos much brighter and clearer.

The OLED display on the new Watch is brighter — in fact Apple says it’s the brightest display it has ever made.

Therefore, Mosse’s landscapes mimic nature: objects in the sun are warmer and therefore brighter.

It was there a then much less powerful techie was speaking along with much brighter digital luminaries like the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

And, even though the screen is now brighter and easily visible in normal daylight settings, it’s still tough to see in direct sunlight.

Finally, the battery life: the new Watch has a bigger battery in it to compensate for the GPS and the brighter display.

It’s brighter, smoother (60fps by default), and Fujifilm added an auto-brightness setting to keep it matched to your shooting environment.

It has a brighter screen that shows more color.

During the evenings, the projection is brighter than our traditional TV.

– The new display is 67 percent brighter, has a 67 percent better contrast ratio, and displays 25 percent more colors.

Currently the Lindau Gospels is on view in the East Room of the Morgan Library, with newly installed brighter lighting enhancing its dimensional cover.

“I think it is a little bit brighter,” she agrees.

The 2.1-inch secondary screen is brighter than last year’s.

So I turned on HDR on my TV and then I guess the brights were brighter and the darks were darker.

The supernova explosion is brighter than the rest of its galaxy and shines for some weeks.

That means it’ll look about 14 percent larger than your average full moon, and 30 percent brighter.

The display is also a step up from the old Pro display; it’s much brighter and noticeably more vibrant.

Prospects for enactment are brighter in places like California and Hawaii — states with Democratic governors and overwhelming Democratic majorities in the state legislature.

The company says the LuMee 2 is 93 percent brighter than the original and fits over the iPhone 7 and all iPhone 6 models.

For Toops, academy football overshadows Division I’s brighter stage.

The exhibition would shine the brighter for it.

Then he offers a path to a brighter tomorrow, where being human also means needing to be humane.

But the conductor has some ideas that could make the situation a little brighter for everyone.

Things are brighter in some pockets of the labor market.

On the Democratic side, things are slightly brighter.

But what gives me hope is that even our darkest moments were a little brighter because of the connections we shared with each other.

The brighter and louder the trend was, the more likely we are to remember it and feel that nostalgic pang.

Snap finished the year strong and 2017’s looking even brighter — so bright, we’re gonna need those shades.

And, at just 22 years old, his versatility as a songwriter and artist means that his future might be even brighter than his past.

It all points to a brighter future where buildings and their materials could be a lot greener and more eco-friendly.

The A-Force is also brighter and sunnier than your typical Marvel superhero group (though their story is still more Buffy than Broad City).

The main upgrade is that they’re capable of getting brighter “where needed” in certain scenes.

Your success, which we celebrate today, is also the promise of a brighter future for this city.

Yes, they are brighter and happier places, but they speak in the same visual language.

“Georgians have another opportunity to demonstrate that they are ready to build a brighter state,” Abrams told reporters during a press call on Saturday.

How did you meet?I asked her to sing on my song “brighter” and we hit it off.

The viewfinder is bigger and brighter, making it easier to focus than with older digital M models.

This happens “at a different pace, depending on their mass,” he explained: the bigger star will burn brighter, and run out of fuel faster.

But what gives me hope is that even our darkest moments were a little brighter because of the connections we shared with each other.

Beach sun feels brighter.

All of the sudden the lights started getting brighter, dimmer, brighter, dimmer, until it was as bright as sunshine in here.

And Ruth, certainly at the beginning, is warmer, brighter.

Artist representation in museum collections doesn’t paint a brighter picture, as illustrated by data journalist and artist, Mona Chalabi.

To hear it at the conference, the future of wearable tech is still brighter than ever.

That makes low-light photos both brighter and less blurry.

The long-suffering Iranian people deserve a much brighter future,” he posted in both English and Farsi.

Apple has said that the screen is brighter than the iPad Air 2, but I can’t really tell the difference.

So how do you, as a Progressive, reconcile this, what seems like a brighter and tougher stance by Progressives against working with Republicans.

For immigrants seeking a brighter economic future, crossing the border to the US was no longer worth the risk.

They also tend to be a bit brighter than the typical meteor.

“Few, if any shined brighter than Tupac Shakur,” McQueen said.

The lighting in the new Blade Runner seems to be softer, brighter, and more constant.

“With the psychology of colors, it’s always the brighter the better, in terms of uplifting [people,]” she explains.

Kim Jong Un is saying he wants a brighter future with prosperity for his people.

A painting is edited and condensed, so the flavors are sharper and brighter and stronger.

The True Tone display is also 50 percent brighter than earlier models.

The gravity from the lens warps the light from the source, making it appear brighter and slightly distorted.

On the brighter side, my eyes have been opened to many different opportunities involving technology, jobs, meeting different people, seeing different cultures.

In this case, a star passing behind another object is focused and amplified into something that looks much brighter than it actually is.

Because we thought that kids see everything in an amplified way, we made the lights in the house feel a little bit brighter.

Joanna Coles, one of publishing’s biggest stars, is going to shine a bit brighter.

(On the brighter side, roughly two-thirds supported a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.)

Apple also says it’s 50 percent brighter than the last iPad Pro, reaching 600 nits at peak brightness.

At its peak, it was about 50 times brighter than the entire Milky Way galaxy.

But in 2014, the family reimagined the business as a California-Italian restaurant with an open kitchen and much brighter lighting.

Lost Sphear is brighter and livelier with an emphasis on greens and blues that makes the world a touch more inviting.

Samsung says the QLEDs are brighter with better color reproduction compared to regular OLEDs.

“I am feeling brighter, happier and smiling as ever,” Woolfe said in a statement.

The screen’s brightness (32 percent brighter than the prior model) and viewing angles are also excellent.

A lot of that came down to color; the new trailer is brighter and more vibrant than its predecessors.

If the portrait quality sucks, you can fall back to the wide-angle camera, which has a higher-quality sensor and brighter lens.

And here’s an explanation of why the future now looks brighter for Obama’s climate plan.

The color of the ocean looks brighter and bluer after the storm, possibly because the choppy waters are better at scattering light, Hansen writes.

It’s dual lens, but with a brighter f/2.4 telephoto lens that has OIS just like the f/1.8 wide angle camera.

These high dynamic range technologies allow for brighter highlights and an expanded range of colors on television sets that also have HDR.

In a city fissured with inferiority, their work engages the histories of this place and proposes a brighter future.

DxO already measured low-light performance, but its tests now measure scenes lit no brighter than candlelight for both photos and videos.

It sends brightness metadata dynamically as the video plays, and supports brighter and more colorful video.

Basically, Mullally told me, almost everything is brighter and louder than we realize.

The bright blue hair and brighter red Atama gi were definitely the affectations of a glam rocker.

The shade of red is different (brighter!

But they still carry the promise of a brighter, more accessible future, one only Microsoft seems intent on shooting for.

And here’s our vision for America: it’s an America with a brighter future.

(Plus, the company is adding a much-needed new light mode for those who like brighter, whiter software themes.)

The sun is shining a little brighter and women everywhere have their summer anthems locked in advance.

It’s easier to see across the room than the lights on the Google Home, but the Echo’s brighter ring is better still.

It sends brightness metadata dynamically as the video plays, and supports brighter and more colorful video.

The jokes on Breaking Bad were louder, brighter.

We’re almost ready to start a new chapter and build that brighter future.

On the rear, Google is using a slightly brighter lens than before with the added upgrade of optical image stabilization.

I will watch with optimism, with hope, and with the firm belief that there is a brighter future ahead.

It was getting brighter — almost as if it had exploded again.

A quote from Fangoria comes to my mind: “Bizarre is always brighter than normal.”

During this time, the star repeatedly grew brighter and fainter up to five times.

The year 2018 is off to a pretty dark start and the immediate future doesn’t promise anything much brighter.

Wilmarth had enjoyed brighter days.

After she told her daughter what she’d learned from her research, the family began a journey together toward a brighter future.

They really are shockingly big; from a distance, they seemed the size of a cruise ship, brighter and whiter than I’d imagined.

We had children late in life, they’re our only two children, and I want them to have a brighter future.

Was the sky a little brighter this morning as you left the house?

Tesla’s 2018 has potential to be much brighter than 2017.

But Hollywood wants you, and the rest of America, to know that it wants to lead the way toward a brighter, more diverse future.

It’s special because when celestial objects are directly opposite the sun, they appear brighter in the sky.

Topping things off, this moon will be a “supermoon,” meaning it will appear slightly bigger and brighter than average.

The SPORT50BT are available in more and brighter colors, and are cheaper at €79 / £69.

The result is that the full “super” moon appears slightly larger and slightly brighter to us in the sky.

Thanks to all of these new interpretations of an old favorite, the future of Trek looks brighter and more vital than ever.

But Electric Dreams is decidedly brighter than Black Mirror.

Cleo’s offerings are characterized by louder, brighter patterns, with the same bra-sized foundation.

The display is larger and brighter than the Glass display, and this time in full color.

On the politics, they are hoping that the generally business-friendly Trump administration will simply take a brighter view of their proposal.

The Moon is in Leo all day, making this last day of the workweek a bit brighter and happier.

Fasting, he says, makes him feel not just lighter but also brighter, sharper, and happier.

The laptops are also being updated with eighth-generation Intel processors and brighter display options.

I’d like to think the mix maybe starts off quite pastel blue and gets gradually more saturated and brighter.

“Girls Burn brighter” is a beautiful tale of friendship, hard-knocks, and hope.

“You don’t really notice it as much in brighter scenes.

For many, hope of a brighter future has already been shattered.

For many, hope of a brighter future has already been shattered.

As a result of all this, the horizon of possibilities in the league is both broader and brighter.

When V404 Cygni suddenly got brighter again in 2015, the astronomical community was ready to take a more detailed look at the event.

If you having a bad day keep your chin up and pray to God to see brighter days!

The TK800’s standout spec is its 3,000 lumen rating, which is a good bit brighter than the HT2550’s 2,200 lumens.

He did this on Pluto, only the mood conveyed was brighter; he does this on Evol and some of the lesser mixtapes too.

(You’ll see it’s brighter on the bottom than on the top).

And it’s brighter at the bottom because that light is actually moving toward us.

The future will be brighter than ever.

It’s also a pop move, featuring brighter beats, prettier textures, and cameos from Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Andre 3000, Rosalia.

The screens are also slightly brighter this year, which is always appreciated on sunny days.

“The faster they move, the faster they get to their brighter future.” It’s unclear why the US position has changed so starkly.

The future is brighter — much brighter — than they think.

These worlds will be much easier to study since their stars will be brighter, according to NASA.

“The President told me he believes that Chairman Kim sees a different, brighter future for the people of North Korea.

brighter stars make it easier to measure this wobble fairly quickly.

It has a slightly larger 5,000mAh battery, a brighter screen and pixel contrast ratio, and the latest version of Android 8.1 Oreo.

The OnePlus 6T’s shot is clearly better with its brighter colors.

France’s integration system is largely seen as ill-equipped to prepare young people from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds for a brighter future.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the situation could look even brighter after the tax revenue data in July.

Your situation can change and you might need nighttime shades or darker shades if it’s brighter outside.

Some wear neon socks, some have bruises brighter than their tattoos, some have stickers covering their helmets.

Sorting out your needs now will ultimately make for a happier, brighter Aries season filled with connecting with your many partners.

And if you wake it by pressing the sleep button, that same icon will be brighter than the rest of the screen.

They also tend to be a bit brighter than the typical meteor.

We had to make it brighter, more saturated.

But surprisingly, the Trump brand has far brighter prospects in India.

An even brighter meteor burst over Main Street in May 2004.

It was doable at 460 degrees in one solid drag, and it was just enough to feel a little brighter but not especially buzzed.

Adoption news is brighter on the WPA3 side of things.

A brighter context can shift this narrative, and a tighter role can improve Rose’s productivity.

That’s likely because they’re getting brighter.

By improving women’s access to healthcare and education, the future looks brighter and more peaceful for everyone.

As for McQueen, his stance is clear: “Few, if any shined brighter than Tupac Shakur, he said.

It takes these very dark topics and puts them in a brighter light.

Clear vision for a brighter future.”

If they’re heading for the exits, it suggests they think the future will be brighter somewhere else.

Second, during the day as natural sunlight pours in through the window(s), it reflects off the mirrors making the room brighter and lighter.

Still soothing, cool tones but a little bit fresher and a little bit brighter.”

They also touch on his feelings towards the heinous attacks in Manchester, before ending on a brighter chat about the state of dubstep.

At long last, a brighter tomorrow for both past and future generations of music creators is nearly upon us.

They also tend to be a bit brighter than the typical meteor.

Psychopomp marked a change in pace, a turn toward dream-pop jangle and the brighter aspects of shoegaze.

On February 12, therefore, the world gets a little more brighter, a little happier, a little bit more purple.

Golden halos grew brighter around the edges of window blinds in citizens’ pods.

“As President Trump has said, there is a brighter path available for North Korea if it chooses denuclearization,” Sanders said.

Microsoft has upgraded the display to be 38 percent brighter and have 22 percent more contrast, but it’s not immediately noticeable.

“Your primary advantage is that it is a brighter and better-lit picture,” Robinson says.

They “emphasized that a brighter future is available for North Korea, if it chooses the correct path,” it said.

The brighter future Americans deserve “will only happen if we fix our politics.”

It’s brighter and more usable indoors or outdoors under direct sunlight.

The light is always brighter at the end of the tunnel.”

The moon will appear around 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter compared with the smallest full moons.

But it’s those last few shades before absolute black that are a little brighter with these two phones.

But if I went outside, even though it’s overcast here, it’s still orders of magnitude brighter outside to the brain,” she said.

All three look quite good and offer brighter highlights — e.g.

None shone brighter than 2015 Cy Young Award winner Jake Arrieta and Game Seven starter Kyle Hendricks.

brighter times are ahead; new moons bring new beginnings, and this one will bring news.

My skin is looking better, my eyes brighter, and I’m generally feeling great.

Even still, five wins from their past six games serve as cause for optimism that brighter times could lie ahead for the Yorkshire side.

This is especially true of someone at Green’s level of fame; here, such blinded creativity glares even brighter.

The Capellix are up to 60 percent brighter, 60 percent more efficient, and require up to 40 percent less power than existing RGB LEDs.

A brighter and better age.

It’s capable of producing brighter images and some amazing-looking HDR.

On the even brighter side, at least they drew the line before making a pepperoni-and-cheese garter.

That’s still enough for HDR content, but it won’t “pop” quite as much as the brighter display.

The piece “Christopher Harris,” much shorter, at 1:45, is brighter and, one might say, jazzier, though no less foreboding.

That makes them appear about 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than your average full Moon.

Here’s a shot next to the native 12-megapixel, 1.4-micron iPhone: The View 20 shot is much brighter and more detailed.

I felt lighter and brighter but the main thing was that I felt much more excited about cooking,” Jones remembers.

brighter prospects will be in focus at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s conference in Toronto, Sunday through Wednesday.

Perhaps most importantly, the device can be set to wake you up in the morning with gradually brighter light.

The outlook for investment in the rest of Asia was somewhat brighter with 38 percent expecting to lift investment.

A glimpse of brighter days.

It’s a timbral development instead—it becomes darker or brighter, fuller or thinner, more or less powerful.

Do you want brighter images?

Microsoft thinks it could go much brighter in the final version, depending on the power draw.

And more often than not, their star shined brighter than his.

Gil Weinberg, leader of Georgia Institute of Technology’s Robotic Musicianship Group has brighter ideas in mind for the technical advances of tomorrow.

Also, outside of genres, musicians simply might have personal preferences about whether they like a brighter sound or something fatter and bass-heavy.

Tenga is a Japanese company that wants to create a brighter future for penises.

Apple’s latest macOS software update may have made your 2018 MacBook Air’s display brighter.

“And they get even brighter and more beautiful when you boil them,” Teall told me.

On a brighter note, this phone is also said to feature a nearly bezel-free display that has a 90Hz refresh rate.

He burned brighter than magnesium.

For some people, colors get brighter and more intense, Levine says.

A sprinkle of cerium here and a pinch of neodymium there makes TV screens brighter, batteries last longer, and magnets stronger.

The twirls of her synthesizers are brighter, sweeter, and more active than on any of her other recorded material to date.

Lyrically they’re more uplifting, they’re brighter.

A Metro by T-Mobile exclusive, the Coolpad Legacy is the better choice if you want a bigger, brighter, and slightly more colorful display.

They bring life to the office, painting the gray walls a brighter orange and allowing personal items on desks.

Dolby Vision is an HDR format that offers a wider color palette and brighter highlights than TVs that lack HDR.

Remarkably, these young girls are now the torchbearers for a brighter future for their county.

Walking around the Mustang’s parking lot, I notice the sun’s shining even brighter than it did at the cemetery.

“To a brighter future,” Agne proclaimed.

CAIRO (Reuters) – Underprivileged children in an ancient neighborhood in Cairo are getting the chance to trapeze into a brighter future.

So the hair, the makeup, the costumes, they have to look real, but a bit brighter.

Wall Street analysts are forecasting brighter results when AIG reports this week.

It’s great for detoxing any impurities in your skin, unclogging pores, and helping your complexion look brighter.

“She just gets bigger and bolder and brighter and just totally nails the hat that is perfectly paired with my dress,” Dreyer says.

But as the weekend draws to a close, one is beaming brighter than the other.

Plus, this year the future of rational thinking showed itself to be brighter than the Trump cabinet-in-the-making can ever hope to be.

They saw a clean slate, a chance to right what they had wronged in their lives, a promise for a brighter future.

But there’s something undeniably compelling in that myth of the return of baseball as a herald of brighter days to come.

“There are many opportunities to make someone’s day brighter in our everyday lives.

Your future as a weather man is a hell of a lot brighter than anything going on outside right now.

I wanted to record a different way; I wanted to get a much brighter, more present sound.

“As the days get longer and brighter,” says Norman Rosenthal, a psychiatrist at Georgetown University School of Medicine, “our brains release more serotonin.”

“When you give children clean and safe water, you don’t just give them life, you give them health, an education, and a brighter future.

Use some shortening to make the cake a brighter white, which also makes it easier to color.

He chose Islam as a way of separating himself from America’s past and demanding a different, brighter future.

Every color seemed brighter in the room, every feeling I had was vibrating like magic.

“He shows up and my day is instantly brighter.

TMZ has grainy, dark video of a portion of the fight, and then brighter video of the aftermath.

You are a light brighter than words can express.

Doing that will help ensure a brighter and healthier future for our children.

If his clarity with how to use Twitter is an indication of his own state, perhaps brighter days are ahead for Manziel.

But there’s another kind of storytelling in wrestling, equally populist and in tune with working-class thought, but brighter and more optimistic.

The future looks brighter than it’s been in a long time for non-WWE wrestling companies.

Dewan went for a different look, opting for a brighter red from the collection, which she of course flaunted on Snapchat.

In the face of it, though, queer people around the country are shining all the brighter by transforming it into continued action and celebration.

The blinking kept going—faster, brighter.

My world just became brighter today.”

The sirens were louder now, the lights brighter.

Señora Acero tackles the plight of immigrants searching for a brighter future, a topic close to Miranda’s heart.

And then I stopped myself because I was 34 and the brighter time had lasted a year and occurred a decade earlier.

The light sources for magic lantern shows evolved into brighter sources throughout the 19th century, from candles, kerosene, limelight to carbon arc rods.

As my hair grew back over the next two weeks, brighter lighting conditions betrayed the illusion of a uniform stubble.

— Mike Ryan (@mikeryan) February 20, 2019 The future of the MCU gets even brighter adding #CaptainMarvel to the mix.

“The sun is incredibly bright – some 400,000 times brighter than a full moon.

“Recently, my world got so much brighter when this little angel entered the world,” he wrote.

Were we all to follow this example, the world would be a much brighter place, the cold of winter exorcised from our bones.

I guess you could say, is really great.” Things indeed look brighter than they have for a long time.

Nomura’s Kunugimoto and other analysts see brighter earnings prospects for Suzuki Motor Corp (7269.T) given Japan’s No.

While the past can’t be changed, IoT is helping us ensure a brighter, safer, more efficient future.

And who has the brighter future.

I wanted to make my version bolder and brighter and dreamier in every way.

As they say, when you walk towards the light, with each step, things get brighter.

Spring is in the air, and along with it, beautiful, blooming flowers and brighter, warmer days.

While lacking the veneer and production value of the modern day, these snapshots show a sport in flux, heading toward a brighter future.

“The screen started getting brighter.

Things didn’t look much brighter in India.

Cavan had always played shortstop and third base, but college coaches suggested he’d have a brighter future at second.

Despite the uncertainty, some sterling traders see brighter times ahead for the currency citing overly negative market positioning and a weakening dollar.

During the encounter, Gliese 710 will shine nearly three times brighter in Earth’s skies than Mars.

If you actually care about it, you have the power to make sure what we see is a brighter future.

The brighter and zanier, the better.

If the Eta Carinae stars weren’t surrounded by the hazy nebula, they would appear brighter to us down on Earth.

Eta Carinae’s primary star is 90 times larger and five million times brighter than the sun.

It boosts the shadows and dark areas of the picture and supplies your retinas with more natural and brighter highlights.

Colors get brighter.

Jorja’s song sounds brighter to me than that, though – more colourful.

When everything else is ugly, beauty shines so much brighter.

I noticed that even though I had makeup on, my skin was much brighter after leaving it on for just 5 minutes.

Underneath the picture in a more sober, shadowy blue: Building Today For a brighter Tomorrow.

Whatever it is, this is a thing that’s a blessing for you; your days are brighter and better for it.

Did the sun seem to shine a little bit brighter?

The red light, on the other hand, is much brighter and hurt my eyes slightly.

Shookus, on the other hand, chose brighter colors with a beige jacket over a patterned top and blue jeans.

Get ready for a new and brighter Dumbo.

And before that, in December, Azalea went for a brighter, Katy Perry-esque shade of pink.

For this room, that was pretty much making it brighter and lighter, which is why we wanted the blush.

Lucy Sparrow: New York was a bodega, but here it’s bigger, it’s brighter, it’s a brash way of doing things.

Besides the actual sun, there is no source of joy in the world right now brighter and more sustaining than Lil Yachty.

The picture was far brighter for manufacturing.

In their wedding photos his white smile is brighter than her lace, and her appearance was always secondary to his.

She opted for the same hue as Kate and Camilla, but in a brighter shade.

Some areas that we visit, notably The High Wall of Lothric, look noticeably brighter than previous areas explored in the Souls series.

My world just became brighter today.”

This genius find is aptly named “Magicstripes” because it makes your eyes wider, brighter and younger-looking without an once of discomfort.

Your star shines brighter everyday.

The sun’s red giant phase may be comfortably in the future, but it’s nevertheless been steadily getting brighter for long time now.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The world is getting brighter, but scientists say that may not be a good thing.

“Earth’s night is getting brighter.

And her looks only got brighter from there.

Hinds, in general, make indie pop a brighter place, so it’s excellent news that they’re back for 2018.

You’ve made my days brighter and filled this experience with so much joy.

You make our world brighter every day.

The flight demonstrates alternative energy as a viable means to a brighter future–spreading the word about energy-saving technologies.

One brighter note was in Nigeria.

But while her style star has only gotten brighter over time, there’s one thing that has changed since the beginning.

The outlook for the rest of 2017 is not much brighter.

brighter days are ahead, and his contract isn’t a total disgrace.

Let’s let this fire burn brighter every day and do not let it fade.

), 46 families have a brighter future.

That even in our darkest hours, there’s always a brighter day ahead.

But his star shines brighter every day these other guys tussle around on an actual NFL field.

Her color palette is a lot lighter and brighter and she likes to wear heels and stuff like that.

Just days after she sported dark and curly black locks on the red carpet, she switched up her look to be brighter and lighter.

But this time, the dial is even darker, allowing the stars, painted in Superluminova, to shine even brighter.

The future looks brighter already.

The surface lights have also been improved, and should be brighter and offer up more contrast than their predecessor.

Many of those interviewed in the aftermath of the shipwreck off Egypt spoke of their desire to flee in search of a brighter future.

His life was his own ideas and those of intellectual strivers even brighter than he was, from Bronx Science high school onwards.

Better processors, more storage, a brighter display and better speakers are all wrapped up in a sleeker and lighter package than before.

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