Breathing in a sentence | Use of the word breathing examples

Wittmann believes that our brains count time by tuning into the rhythms of the body—the regular ticks of our heartbeat, breathing and so on.

We get the concept that physical actions can promote particular mental states when it’s called yoga or breathing exercises.

I remember advocating for a take where I was doing a little breathing exercise.

“When people pass out, they’ll drop the balloon or whatever and start breathing air,” Howard said.

With Utopia, though, Björk seems less interested in a grand universalism and more content with forging living, breathing connections.

The Nationals gave themselves a little breathing room in the eighth.

Ali is breathing heavy, wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt but not a drop of sweat on his face.

The dancer moved tensely and deliberately, at one point rising into a headstand, tightly confined and breathing through a small tube.

I tried to focus on my breathing when it hit me again, and again, and again.

Would the incoming Obama administration have had more political breathing room to spend enough to actually restart the economy?

“Why do I always have trouble breathing?”

Once the father and child arrive at the station the father advises that the child is not breathing.

When Modi took power for his first term, global oil prices slumped, giving his government breathing room.

DMX was at death’s door Monday night, not breathing, without a pulse and the signs point to an overdose.

Cops quickly determined he was lifeless, not breathing with no pulse and immediately began CPR.

I sometimes hold my breath because I feel like I’m breathing contaminated air.

The couple also tried to help his breathing using cool air and a humidifier.

That night, he stopped breathing, prompting them to call 911.

This is a body with a weak voice, one that emits agonizing sounds of pain as well as heavy, strained breathing.

The air you and I are comfortably breathing contains around 21 percent oxygen.

Beyond that even minimal exertion can lead to difficulty in breathing and immediate exhaustion.

That “produces convulsions, then apnea (cessation of breathing), followed by cardiac standstill.” Death might not come long after.

Classrooms all over the country are trying something new: sitting and breathing.

Eric Klein claims he went to Nassif in Sepetmber, 2014, because he was having trouble breathing.

Cops say Kate also put a knee on her head, choked her, and tried to stop her breathing.

For adventurous travelers, nothing beats breathing in crisp air on top of a glacier or skiing the world’s freshest powder.

They tried to convince me that I was overreacting, so I asked them to prove it by breathing into the cloth.

It was accused of having been manipulated by the Russians, amplifying divisive topics, breathing life into conspiracies, and spreading fake news.

Eventually, she wears a breathing mask while sitting among rows of crops.

It creates the illusion that this is a living breathing world.

When the score breaks for a moment of silence, the space fills with the heavy, even breathing of the cast.

He walks us through several exercises involving breathing, concentration, and at one point asks us to look into a partner’s eyes.

As I stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, Iowa.

Technically, it gives the US and Europe more breathing room to strike a deal.

Consider someone in arrest if they are unresponsive and either not breathing or gasping for air.2.

Nari Ward’s “breathing Flag” was hoisted at four museums across the US as part of Creative Time’s “Pledges of Allegiance” project.

Somewhere in my head, I think I always had plans on turning him into a living, breathing character.

Janney asked the prop man if he had a breathing tube and an oxygen tank.

It’s the rest of the NBA breathing a sigh of relief.

Locals also displayed their skills in fire blowing, also known as fire breathing.

It does give the Fed some breathing space in the sense that there’s no immediate need now to signal a significant cutting cycle.

He was acting normally right up until his roommate saw him stop breathing.

It’s not really a “chicken or the egg” scenario, because ultimately these objects were within communities, so they were living, breathing, and functional.

It can also attack the respiratory tract, causing lung infections and difficulty breathing, or even infect the skin, causing rashes and swelling.

We’re breathing.

We’re breathing.

And what’s more self-affirming than a living, breathing reminder of our command over the natural world?

This is not counting the premature deaths and chronic ailments resulting from breathing polluted air.

I focus more on the sound of my breathing.

Clostridium botulinum produces a neurotoxin that, even in microscopic amounts, can lead to symptoms like double vision, difficulty breathing, and paralysis.

After viewing a brightly-colored abstract landscape by Hans Hoffman, facilitators led participants in a meditative breathing exercise; later they created clay coil pots.

Good thing Coachella is spread out, because even arch enemies were all breathing the same air.

Someone from the home called 911 at 3:30 AM Thursday and said the person in distress was breathing heavy and unresponsive.

Doctors said he had regained consciousness, having had two operations to extract the bullets, and his breathing was stable and unassisted.

“He threw up, turned blue in the face, and had trouble breathing.

The series, breathing Machines, shows an early attempt of Hershman Leeson incorporating herself into her work (before Breitmore) as she experimented with new technologies.

In 1966, these “breathing Machines” were removed from a UC Berkeley Art Museum exhibition, since the use of sound was considered inappropriate as art.

These two wax molds, or “breathing Machines,” in no other way open up conversations of racial difference.

Even in its dreamlike roaming, it is intuitive and connective — like breathing or like birth.

From the cat-callers to the subway masturbators to the bosses sending inappropriate messages, it’s as familiar as breathing.

An investigation found Mia died from positional asphyxia, which occurs when someone is in a position that prevents them from breathing.

The briefing also helped win the U.S. military and diplomats some breathing room to plan a more deliberate exit from Syria.

And it’s one reason why they should be breathing a huge sigh of relief that they won.

My breathing got deeper.

Both actors are fantastic, breathing real life into the convoluted conflict the show throws them into for the sheer sake of including a rivalry.

Daytime meds also have a drug called phenylephrine, which makes breathing easier by reducing swelling in your nasal passageways.

Because we’re providing a service, the most important developments in our business often come from living and breathing it every day.

Another stops breathing.

He smiles, properly leans his head back again as though breathing a sigh of relief (it’s not relief – he’s just chuffed).

When I finish a volunteering session, my muscles are more relaxed, as is my breathing.

“We need more air for breathing.”

breathing in the smoke from these factories will give you nausea and headaches,” Penchom said.

“I am a living, breathing example of why Democratic governors matter,” Wolf said at a Friday press conference.

Ellis’s 33-year-old daughter, Stefanie, lay slumped against the wheel, soaked with blood and barely breathing.

The sky became gray, and breathing in strangled you.

As such, it’s low-slung but heavy techno, the sort of stuff designed for bodily movement and heavy breathing.

Bars and clubs are what fill the gaps and dark corners of our cities, breathing life into areas which have been long overlooked.

The report said the victim was breathing but completely unconscious.

He also says his security would sometimes check his pulse at night to see if he was still breathing.

You’re breathing again.

The gas can cause skin irritations and breathing difficulties.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads GSTAAD, Switzerland — Why travel to the Swiss Alps, if not for the benefits of breathing some rareified air?

KS: Well it’s a good beginning, breathing.

You did go (breathing)?

But we are always breathing, right?

You’re definitely all breathing or you’re dead, right?

The mask delays your breathing just slightly enough to enable you to hear your breath, inducing a subtle trance.

A painting is an entity; it’s a living, breathing thing.

We’re told the bodyguard rushed to Demi’s side and it appeared she was not breathing.

Like, saying you should try some breathing exercises or whatever it is.

“How are you sitting and breathing?

The replicant emerges from an artificial placenta, shaking, its breathing coming in ragged gasps.

Well, my friends said, “you should do dynamic meditation,” which means breathing very heavily and moving around wildly.

But for now, Democrats are undoubtedly breathing a sigh of relief.

They remain still, their blinks and discernible breathing the only signs that this is a moving-image work.

The structure’s ‘flower’ seems to be composed of several different circular structures, from holographic sequins to blossoming and breathing steel blossoms.

I closed my eyes and attempted a breathing exercise my therapist taught me to calm myself during anxious episodes, but I couldn’t focus.

Isolate each muscle group and focus as much as possible on tightening, breathing, and then relaxing a few seconds later.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo put him in a chokehold, a maneuver prohibited by the New York Police Department’s patrol guide, when he stopped breathing.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo put him in a chokehold, a maneuver prohibited by the New York Police Department’s patrol guide, when he stopped breathing.

Instead, he prayed and did breathing exercises.

And breathing … Yeah.

I mean, the breathing was …

Pneumonia causes coughing, fevers, trouble breathing, and—when sufferers are already sick, bedridden, or very old—it can be fatal.

Others are extremely focused on not offending god, personal security, or their breathing patterns.

“I shot him in the head, and he’s not breathing anymore,” the man said.

Every day he was breathing, it’s been the same: A miracle.

The SCBA, or self-contained breathing apparatus, is what’s creating the Darth Vader-like breathing sounds in the video.

Meanwhile, the main summit crater has periodically erupted in clouds of volcanic ash that create breathing difficulties and other problems for residents living downwind.

Among such benefits, environmentalists say are reduced healthcare costs, breathing cleaner air and drinking cleaner water.

The activism of young people can sometimes have an arresting effect on Americans, breathing new life into divisive issues.

You can go home, and I can start breathing again.

Just breathing was enough to make your whole body sweat.

Maradona has a history of health problems, including breathing and heart issues … as well as a much-publicized cocaine addiction.

The track spans everything from working to make your parents proud to growing up with the influence of the streets breathing down your neck.

Katelin was afforded the choice to do fewer breathing treatments to preserve her medicine until her insurance company would pay for more.

Trump is a living, breathing avatar of this kind of politics.

Deep breathing can cause a person to expel too much carbon dioxide, leading to symptoms like dizziness and numbness, and reinforcing shortness of breath.

My breathing turns shallow and fast.

I’m dying.Over the next several weeks, the racing heart, the shallow breathing and the terror don’t abate.

My movements were restricted; my breathing was compromised.

I was having panic attacks—sudden, intense periods of blinding terror, rapid breathing, and chest pain—several times a day (diagnosis: panic disorder).

It makes breathing more difficult.

breathing in toxic fumes day after day, many workers reportedly die of cancer and other illnesses by the time they’re 20 years old.

Once in the bedroom, Rice claims Liggins choked her with one hand … “causing her to have difficulty breathing.”

“The market seems to be breathing a sigh of relief.

Studies conducted in China and Canada show that kids who breathe poor air are more likely to have breathing difficulties and asthma.

Martin’s steal gave Cleveland some breathing room.

Anonymity offers some breathing space.”

A living, breathing human being isn’t on the receiving end of our jabs and tirades and vitriol.

After the plane landed, the dog was found to be not breathing.

Today’s lesson: attention to breathing.

Noticing your breathing.

And a recent sketch on Seasame Street had the Count teach Cookie Monster how to concentrate on breathing to reduce stress.

Then they practice breathing or yoga with the students — though sometimes they just play a game.

The developing world coal binge was on the verge of eliminating any remaining breathing room on climate change.

I was breathing heavily.

Under such a system, committees have both the resources and the breathing space to tackle public problems.

Sometimes I think they’re breathing through their phones.

“The suspension of trading has provided Mr Woodford with some breathing room to fix his fund.

Rising average temperatures worsen ground-level ozone, which can harm breathing.

Back when Trump entered office, the party seemed inclined to give him some breathing room on Russia.

It creates a nice mental image of a massive, disconnected crowd breathing together.

“I’m still heavy breathing, felt so much more than dreaming.

In a similar way, I was so hushed before Schweger’s paintings, I could hear my own breathing.

Blankets are probably not fit for people with disruptive breathing disorders like sleep apnea, or who have underlying heart or lung conditions.

At our bi-weekly music class, my peers practiced breathing techniques and finger articulation while I silently drew pentagrams on my green Five Star binder.

West has called the album, “a living breathing changing creative expression.”

By the third round, Moicano was breathing hard.

“Sometimes I think [my daughters] are breathing through their phones.

It had invaded his brainstem and beyond, slowly suffocating the nerves that control breathing, swallowing and movement.

“He went limp, like he wasn’t breathing,” he said.

The list of “complaints” on his chart grew longer after each visit: noisy breathing, sleep disorder breathing, chronic bronchitis, asthma.

At work, I was haunted by the feeling that his teacher or babysitter would call at any minute to say he had stopped breathing.

These dying nerves were losing their ability to regulate Natan’s walking and fine motor movements, his breathing, swallowing and sleep rhythms.

He told us about children, like Natan, whose brainstem tumors caused severe sleep apnea, a sudden stop in breathing.

At worst, a club bathroom is a living, breathing cesspool of primal urges, regrettable decisions, and human waste.

The breathing underwater thing stressed me out.

breathing vapor into the lungs can also irritate them, which has been demonstrated in recent research on wheezing.

It’s a practice that requires deep breathing and a search for calm stillness.

With each animation Eads feels McDaniel getting closer to what he sees when he paints: “They weren’t moving so as much as breathing.

Ain’t nothing that feels as soothing as breathing in some crisp summer air first thing in the morning.

If you start breathing sharply, the sensor vibrates and reminds you to try and relax.

It would be easy to imagine either leader breathing a sigh of relief if their party lost on June 8.

Since coverage, I receive regular maintenance medication and monthly medical visits, which have [me] breathing better than I have in 27 years!

Eventually, when Ezekiel began to have trouble breathing, they took him to a hospital, but the toddler suffered brain damage and died.

At least 15 people have checked into the hospital after breathing in black smoke from a chemical plant explosion in Crosby, Texas, on Wednesday.

“I was breathing through the last centimeter of air on the ground… and I am yelling to the other guys, ‘Come on!

At least 15 people have checked into the hospital after breathing in black smoke from a chemical plant explosion in Crosby, Texas, on Wednesday.

Attendees could try out the Somnox Sleep Robot, which mirrors your breathing to give you a better night’s sleep.

And doctors aren’t sure what the long-term effects of breathing air with the toxin may be.

“My backbenchers are unbelievably Euroskeptic and UKIP are breathing down my neck.”

One follower told authorities she had seen Manson bring a bird back to life by breathing on it.

Several songs use Darth Vader’s breathing as a rhythmic element — most spectacularly GTA’s “Help Me!” — which also incorporates dialogue from Princess Leia.

Paramedics, for example, use human heads and torsos to learn how to insert breathing tubes.

“When you take a bite, you are breathing in the sweetness of the mountains around you.”

In the words of Frame: “Rocket gets you moving, sweating, breathing and FLOWING like a traditionalist yogi who likes to break a few rules.

Olds begins the class with pranyama (yogic breathing exercises) before moving through sun salutation sequences at a grueling pace.

The projections faded to black, leaving me to process the sounds of unzipping clothing and heavy breathing.

A health official in Aleppo said victims suffered breathing difficulties, eye inflammation and other symptoms suggesting the use of chlorine gas.

Some other classic examples include daily exercise, practicing breathing techniques, and making a to-do list of household tasks.

“They may tire and no longer be able to sustain breathing function,” the CDC says.

There are breathing exercises that can access and alter state of conscious that I experimented with too.

Personal space is also a high priority now: Anyone breathing down your neck has got to go.

Due to his wild lifestyle and various health issues, Flynn had trouble breathing during the boxing scenes and even suffered a mild heart attack.

Bez is a living, breathing, E-sodden Happy Monday, a pickled Black Grape who keeps bees, brews beer, and founded his own anti-fracking political party.

We’re told Joe’s had breathing issues his whole life.

The concept of a living, breathing artist collaborating with a fictional character to tell the character’s story could easily yield an inconsequential trifle.

Do you have a favorite track from the album?Making music is something I do every day like breathing or shopping at Lidl.

He is bedridden and has great difficulty controlling his breathing and bladder.

That’s mainly due to the composer, who’s been breathing Pretty Woman’s aesthetic for the past 30 years.

The woman also had trouble breathing, and when doctors investigated, they discovered she had an allergy to the antibiotic penicillin.

We had strange breathing exercises, “ohmmm” type of things.

He needed immediate assistance breathing and there were daily blood draws, EKGs, ultrasounds, and X-rays.

They were then told to use the app, which instructed them to focus on their breathing without allowing their minds to wander.

In other words, those who could focus the longest on their breathing did best on the tests of attention and working memory.

The little boy lies across his mom’s lap, gasping for air and coughing as his parents quickly swap in a clean breathing tube.

If you can disrupt your opponent’s breathing, you can effectively stop him quicker than to the head.

Nerve agents like Novichok disrupt and halt many of the human body’s essential processes, including breathing.

I’ve been breathing my entire life.

We’re told an ambulance was called, and X was transported to a nearby hospital … where he’s currently receiving breathing treatments.

Hold for seven to eight seconds, breathing deeply, and then return to the starting position.

It culminated in a concert, featuring the living and breathing Kong Nay, who performed at the Royal Gardens, right near the royal residence.

He had difficulty breathing and speaking.

I don’t know if that’s true or not but working in LA allows you to have breathing room and space.

It was around 4 AM when the other students noticed that he had stopped breathing and put him into the recovery position.

After returning home he fell down the stairs and landed in a way that stopped him from breathing.

We’re always trying to understand that we’re actually here, we’re breathing, and we’re touching, but our minds are somewhere else.

People are living, breathing, and practicing lies.

Symptoms of the disease, which affects the lungs and resembles pneumonia, include difficulty breathing, high fever, and muscle aches.

“Heyyy,” Ryan says, almost breathing more than speaking, simultaneously flat and kind.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, after someone at his home called 911, saying Mac wasn’t breathing and was unresponsive.

But Koepka watched his nine-foot putt slip by the cup, settling for a par to give Woodland some breathing room.

Christian’s group rushed to help — with one of McCaffrey’s friends performing chest compressions when the inured man stopped breathing.

As we reported, Maddie was awake and breathing on her own Tuesday, a family spokesperson said there’s no apparent neurological damage.

Authorities say Adam had no legal justification for the choke hold that caused Alan Chislof difficulty breathing.

I would feel him breathing.

Mullican’s paintings swirl, shimmer, vibrate, and seem capable of breathing.

The situation was clearly dire with CM telling the operator, “He’s breathing barely.”

People breathing air this unhealthy should avoid being outside and exerting themselves, particularly people with heart and lung problems, the elderly, and children.

The best strategy is to avoid breathing the polluted air at all.

Here’s Denver Broncos MVP Von Miller scaring the hell outta John Elway … sitting on top of a living, breathing ALLIGATOR!

And maybe some breathing thing comes up for half a second.

So, with a little breathing room, what do we think of Trump now?

Last thing he needs is another reason for NYC authorities to be breathing down his neck.

They went into the hallway to talk, and according to the statements … Holder was “breathing very heavily and appeared very excited and very agitated.”

My PO’s [parole officer is] breathing down my neck.

Pneumonia causes coughing, fevers, trouble breathing, and—when sufferers are already sick, bedridden, or very old—it can be fatal.

Restraints and body positioning may make breathing a challenge, but repositioning is always within the Nomad’s grasp.

And I tried a host of other strategies, including practicing deep breathing, visualizing success, rehearsing my talk, and recording myself talking.

Inspired by Zen meditation, they are composed mostly of simple, geometric shapes whose lines and erasures are derived from breathing, movement, and stillness.

He added, “Sunday he was having problems with his breathing, they were able to resuscitate him and a short time later his heart stopped.”

When she had a stroke and aspiration pneumonia, the very physicians she had trained put her on a breathing machine, despite her clear request.

“We believe that a product is a living, breathing thing,” Flywheel’s O’Connor said.

We’re told Naitch was having trouble breathing.

DMX has come back from the dead … performing at a NYC nightclub just days after cops found him unconscious … not breathing and no pulse.

The record opens with “Leave the House,” a dancefloor flirtation about getting out into the world, breathing the night air.

When cops arrived, they found Glenn unconscious on the ground, barely breathing with a slight pulse.

The company has secured $22 million in debtor financing to give it some breathing room as it looks for a long-term solution.

We’re constantly covering our own material and breathing new life into it so we can play it live.

The responding officer says Precious was unconscious when he arrived, noting she was breathing … but beginning to foam at the mouth.

Gabor was having difficulty breathing … husband Frederic von Anhalt tells us.

We’re told Zsa Zsa’s scheduled to undergo surgery to have her breathing tube removed.

John Saunders’ wife found the ESPN legend unresponsive and not breathing early Wednesday morning and called 911 … law enforcement tells TMZ Sports.

There’s a deep breathing regimen, a talk-yourself-down exercise, and a quick round of journaling, for example.

In his new docs, however, Kanye says another tweet proves his point … that ‘Pablo’ has been a “living breathing changing creative expression.”

Bruce Becker, the Park County Attorney, tells TMZ … an unknown person called police to report Margot was unconscious and not breathing.

Research shows it’s like breathing in bad air; the more you’re exposed to it, the more it hurts you.

His death certificate listed heart failure and breathing issues as his official cause of death.

21 Savage is a living, breathing example of that ol’ saying, “fake it til you make it” … at least according to ICE.

He says he still has trouble breathing, can’t run and can barely lift more than 20 pounds.

James Franco’s art and life are getting uncomfortably close … ’cause the Time’s Up movement is breathing down his neck on Sunset Blvd.

Cops responded to a call that Margot was unconscious and not breathing.

Incessantly prompting unanswered why’s, this is how the band became known for making history with gestures as simple as breathing air.

Cleopatra says her father is breathing on his own but is in a medically sedated state.

We’re told the dealer fled her home when he noticed she was in bed, breathing very heavily.

It’s the same whenever I’m breathing, eating, defecating, sleeping.

Dupuis lets her falsetto run, breathing a little air into the track when it gets claustrophobic.

And only breathing to the right side, she couldn’t see her.

There are breathing techniques, herbal cures, and benzos.

Gray was also heard breathing heavily and “snored loudly several times” after receiving the injection, the Associated Press reported.

He took something that was an object, and made it into a living, breathing monster.

Midazolam is used to sedate an inmate, followed by rocuronium bromide, which stops their breathing, and then potassium chloride, which stops their heart.

Gray was also heard breathing heavily and “snored loudly several times” after receiving the injection, the Associated Press reported.

Midazolam is used to sedate an inmate, followed by rocuronium bromide, which stops their breathing, and then potassium chloride, which stops their heart.

These are living, breathing still lifes punctuated with Akomfrah’s carefully orchestrated narratives, conveyed without any character uttering a single word.

“I hate the sound of your breathing,” another recounted him saying.

“Other than staying indoors, it’s pretty hard to do, because you can’t stop breathing,” Liu said.

It then becomes really aggressive and suddenly I noticed the kid was breathing heavily as he guided the protagonist away from the Monster.

While the skin is missing, Oscar’s lung module is capable of breathing.

During the last song, there was a nice moment when the entire crowd was singing the chorus to “breathing Underwater.”

It was so offensive.” Her last day at work was in February 2015, when a technician pointed out how strange her breathing sounded.

With any kind of opioid ingestion comes slow breathing, but during an opioid overdose, breathing becomes dangerously slow.

Tell-tale signs of an overdose include unconsciousness, slow breathing, bluish-gray lips and nails, and gurgling noises.

While waiting for the drug to take effect, experts recommend performing rescue breathing to ensure the brain is getting enough oxygen.

The free rescue kit provided at the training session includes a mouth shield to aid in rescue breathing.

That’s just not possible without a living, breathing Gotham.

By the time the bus arrived at the station at 6:30 a.m., Caal was not breathing.

But I find myself breathing harder regardless, unable to put one foot in front of the other.

Loanzon only recommended breathing and taking a moment to mourn.

I’m also breathing more slowly than usual.

About six hours after his birth, Aaron stopped breathing.

“It slows down your breathing rate to the point where you don’t get enough oxygen to the brain…

Mayweather is rarely breathing hard when the final bell sounds because he can control the pace of his fights completely.

Alex screams, and Justin’s barely breathing.

However, after many countries began criminalizing acid in the 1960s, he and his wife Christina started working with a less controversial tool: breathing.

Finally, he rolls Justin over and, as he does, Justin vomits and starts breathing again.

of you is being inflexible, failing to give the other enough breathing room.

I try directing my breathing toward them—and, almost as soon as I do, I’m overcome with rage and start screaming.

I hang back for a second while maintaining my breathing.

When our 50-minute session is up, we’re instructed to use the next 20 minutes to relax and slowly return our breathing to normal.

It’s odorless, colourless, and the innocent people breathing it in are none the wiser.

You’re better off with more tried-and-true methods, including guided meditation and deep breathing.

Peled imparts a living, breathing quality to every one of her sculptures.

She’s against killing insects, wants to change the world for the better, and will apologize simply for breathing.

It goes from new age breathing meditations to nostrils being gruesomely stretched to people melting into putty from psychedelic vision quests.

But all I see is clusters of energy breathing new life into 120bpm, 160bpm, and all in-between and beyond.

“The circular breathing and the physicality of it all blows people away.

She seemed peaceful, and in the dim light of the morning, we stood at different points around the bed, listening to her raspy breathing.

Just this thunderous wad of flailing racket with a rhythm breathing through.

If the music is fast-paced, our heartbeats and breathing patterns will accelerate to match the beat.

But those who are truly allergic will have some type of histamine release, she explained; symptoms might include rashes, facial flushing, even difficulty breathing.

In a follow-up study, they measured the physiology of both partners in a romantic couple, like heart rate and breathing.

Some say it’s as big as the cosmos, yet it can be found in the depths of a calmly breathing Black child.

Moreover, even the kratom mixture deaths don’t kill via cessation of breathing, which is a hallmark of opioid overdose.

He was still breathing.

The woman was fearless, almost inhuman, like a paddling, kicking, breathing machine, arms churning stroke after stroke without stopping.

I was aware of physical sensations, breathing, how tired the other person seemed to be.

And even the “intent to impede breathing,” without specifically choking, would be a misdemeanor under the laws.

He was acting normally right up until his roommate saw him stop breathing.

I checked his breathing, afraid maybe he had died in my arms.

It was early April, and I wandered through the wide boulevards, somewhere deep in northeast Berlin, breathing nervously.

Apparently inhaling chemicals gave the unnamed patient hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or “wet lung,” which can also be caused by breathing in dust.

She’s been stretching her legs, doing arm and abdominal exercises, going for long walks, practicing deep breathing so she can exchange oxygen properly.

We need to create breathing room.

breathing is a power move.)

breathing fresh air was really important to me.

We’ve obtained the emergency dispatch call for a “male down, not breathing.”

Just after 9 AM, Shaffer’s manager pulled her aside with horrifying news: Her baby wasn’t breathing.

And you’ve already taken all these opiates that are central nervous system depressants, which are essentially telling your brain to stop breathing.”

breathing the air in Delhi is the equivalent of smoking 45 cigarettes a day.

I buried my face in a pillow during one Katy Perry monologue to regulate my breathing.

But maybe somebody else just wants to soak up the good energy in the room, or focus on breathing.

It strikes the central nervous system and shuts off the person’s breathing.”

He’s big on breathing.

Their powers of persuasion are legendary, a living, breathing scourge.

He loves breathing.

At ground level, it can make breathing difficult.

Samuel Esteban, using a breathing mask for the smoke, stuffed cardboard into a large sack.

Those drugs have a potentially lethal side effect: slowed breathing known as respiratory depression, even to the point that users stop breathing and die.

The Australian government has resorted to pumping oxygen into the river with aerators to build safe breathing havens for fish.

Prince William’s breathing just fine now that India’s Prime Minister loosened his grip.

I need to see a running, breathing being in order to fully understand what they’re about.

For me, it’s like breathing.”

After he shut the door, I remained naked and bound, straining to hear his breathing, unsure if this was a test.

breathing in, I breathe with my teacher within me; breathing out, I see him smiling with me.

It was time, he said, to elevate pain to the “fifth vital sign,” along with temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure.

Day after day, he felt weak, dizzy, and had more and more trouble breathing.

Elaine immediately called 911, but in the meantime, Victor stopped breathing.

Sitting still and breathing deeply while watching your thoughts float by like clouds in the sky?

It goes against everything I believe in: Constant movement; shallow, anxious breathing; consciously un-seeing my credit card balance.

“I have a baby who’s possibly breathing in this stuff,” she said.

And so I sat there (not cross-legged), closed my eyes, and focused on my breathing.

Mostly white people in flowy linen Hamptons attire (the event was $40 to the public) were sitting on cushions and breathing audibly.

“The junior clubs are what kept them breathing,” he says.

Tidy up and expect changes in your routine, but also allow some breathing room in your schedule.

Bentel says he believes that 30% of the people living on this planet are breathing in air that is 60 AQI or higher.

Bentel’s shirts allow you to measure the air you are breathing anywhere you go.

“Think of places where people are buried as places where the molecules of those people still are breathing,” Dominguez-Bello said.

breathing and talking became increasingly difficult.

“Whereas a little 27- or 28-week premature baby that stops breathing when you look at them still doesn’t get the scan.”

It’s called Masque and it’s a wearable that purposely alters the user’s perception of their own breathing.

I’ll be turned away, but I’ll know it’s him by how he’s breathing.

In other words, hearing loud and fast breathing through Masque didn’t cause the users to breathe louder and faster themselves.

While practicing Wim Hof’s cold water breathing techniques, RDA appeared near the falls with his family.

He entered the water, started to do some breathing exercises of his own, and meditated.

To me, lamb tastes unmistakably like a living, breathing, gamey animal in a way that no other meat does.

Comen and Estrin describe the palpable sense of relief, of easier breathing, that comes like a collective sigh after the ceremony.

Minutes later, McKenna stopped breathing.

Minutes later, McKenna stopped breathing.

Next there is Murat Şahinler and Fuat Şahinler’s “breathing / Break” (2016), a circular installation placed under the earth.

“My wife yaps at me for breathing if I stay home.

They’re going to keep him overnight for observation, make sure his breathing stays normal.

This has given them plenty of breathing space to experiment with their own directions.

Alligators typically roll their victim beneath the water’s surface until their prey stops breathing, before stashing the body to eat later.

This can make breathing so difficult that some people suffer from sleep apnea.

According to the investigation report … cops were called to the rapper’s Florida home on December 8 because Black Bo stopped breathing.

The gas can cause skin irritations and breathing difficulties.

“They were having difficulty breathing when the police got them out,” Boccassini told reporters, adding that the smugglers treated the migrants like “cannon fodder”.

breathing techniques and postures used in yoga can also help detach from the perceived trauma of the situation, helping calm your friend’s nerves.

We need to do breathing treatments and airway clearance devoted to spitting up loogies, which can disgust anyone unfamiliar with our disease.

So, the brain’s breathing “pacemaker” slows, and, if it slows enough, the body will find itself starved of oxygen.

Niantic has tried to give itself breathing room by doing a phased rollout across the globe, so it can build up an infrastructure.

I also came across an app called Calm that is loaded with guided and unguided meditations, sleep stories, and breathing exercises.

I peered into the room, and underneath the breathing tube and profusion of lines, I saw an elderly man.

“I have started to face breathing troubles and congestion… the same goes for my family.”

I don’t even know how I was breathing.”

They spread through populations quickly, because you can’t exactly keep people from breathing air.

Do the molecules that once made up a living, breathing human transform into something else?

37: when I returned to the car he wasn’t breathing.

In twenty seconds, his breathing would stop.

Its defense prevents them from breathing.

If astronauts are breathing in mold every day, they could develop infections or more serious lung diseases, especially if their immune system is weakened.

Wade’s husband and two small children soon developed breathing problems, which their doctors attributed to mold.

Few acts manage to blur the lines between genres as gracefully as The breathing Effect.

Wade’s husband now requires inhalers and wears a breathing device to assist him when he sleeps, his medical records show.

Her son Weston, now 5, developed breathing difficulties, his medical records show.

Hyperrealistic sculpture is the meticulous art form which captures the complex human aesthetic so perfectly that the figures could almost be alive and breathing.

For each piece, she started with a meditation: She sat down and relaxed, breathing in and out steadily.

The staff—many of whom have formal equine training backgrounds—teaches them how to communicate with horses using visual, breathing, and movement cues.

Good for your breathing, but bad for your tiredness levels.

After the photo is taken, she replaces her own form with an identical resin cast, breathing new life into the scene as sculpture.

Hunched up in the corner of his childhood bedroom, practicing his sleep induction breathing techniques with YouTube videos.

On the one hand, a Memorial Day opening should give this one a little breathing room before Wonder Woman comes out in early June.

Or go to a more secluded park to do some breathing exercises, yoga, tai chi.

“Whereas we are a living, breathing brand.”

“I made this album for anyone who likes breathing,” Raj explained.

This is why dessert is so crucial—you want your friends to be unbuttoning their pants and breathing heavily by the end of the meal.

And now, because of the smoke, many more people in the region are breathing in dangerous, smoke-polluted air.

She cut out coffee (which can exacerbate some people’s anxiety), assembled a calming playlist, and practiced deep breathing.

“I help patients ground themselves in the moment by giving them breathing strategies and relaxation techniques.

breathing in that air for a day is roughly equivalent to smoking 14 cigarettes.

This therapy—which also incorporates mindfulness, meditative breathing and relaxation techniques—is meant to be practiced daily.

British Columbia artist Caitlin McDonagh incorporates creatures from fables, upgrading human characters and breathing life into animal avatars straight from a storybook.

Wood Mackenzie analysts said Treasury’s announcement provides “much-needed breathing space” for the aluminum market, adding “We expect near-term correction and volatility” in prices.

Your body’s immediate reaction is to increase your breathing and heart rates (or develop altitude sickness).

In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, she found “[a] somnolence so dense it seemed to inhibit breathing.”

The instructor coached us through a series of deep breathing, reminding us to fill our lungs and exhale fully.

Fire alarm is going off in the distance but otherwise no sound but her breathing.

Some hard lessons — thanks to Amazon — are breathing new life into the $3.5 trillion industry, and more American are shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.

Muslims are real, living, breathing people, and to me, there’s a big difference between criticizing ideas and demonizing human beings.

The cash strapped government has tried to use the breathing space to boost oil production, its only significant source of revenue.

In role plays and open discussions we practice remaining unaffected, but nothing prepared me for the moans and heavy breathing.

I could still hear the breathing and the lewd comments.

“In a hospital, I’m relaxed because the monitor tells me the patient’s heart rate, breathing, blood oxygen.

Compared to a living, breathing, nondigital neosoul groove, electrobeats hardly signify as private: technological surface usually implies a commercial and hence a public space.

“When people pass out, they’ll drop the balloon or whatever and start breathing air,” Howard said.

Fight scenes in House become a living, breathing, essential part of the film’s ability to terrify, which remains undiluted today.

She was said to have eaten four or five pancakes when she stopped breathing.

“When you are swimming, you focus largely on your breathing,” Fadugba explains.

Even walking, breathing, eating, and traveling become impossible.

But he’s been breathing fire for months now, so his material on Comey didn’t feel more sharp than usual for this extraordinary occasion.

We see his doctor reference his “breathing problems” and deviated septum, but one wonders—how did it become so?

Initially, I walked past him, felt weird about it, then creepily took a closer look at the car, and realized he was breathing.

Then he was alone, and he felt that he had stopped breathing.

One was suffering with severe breathing difficulties and the other had been electrocuted while playing on railroad carriages.

The wise will interpret that as sitting in a zen garden focusing on your breathing while letting go of worldly thoughts.

Any living, breathing bodies would do.

After a tight opening set, Dimitrov gave little breathing space to his opponent to take a 5-0 lead in the second set.

Na is their living, breathing example of what’s possible.

With no more family members around and breathing to return Arya to, the pair roamed the Riverlands for the rest of season four.

At the time she was having difficulty breathing, which is what triggered her trip to the hospital.

As much as breathing, eating, sleeping—all necessary functions—being honest should be a central tenet of life.

Doctors confirm Saturday’s breathing difficulties were a complication from her cancer treatments.

She bullied her dinner guests into not breathing a word, into lending her money, selling her heroin.

Some victims may need intensive care for breathing difficulties, but most people recover fully, the WHO says.

Taking shallow breaths Heavy, shallow breathing is a sign that someone’s lying to you, Glass previously told Business Insider.

You may be nervous about your interview, but try to keep your breathing calm and even.

Inventive audio—Bory decided to install microphones on the onstage strings—makes it seem like Plexus is a living, breathing organism.

And the work of shows like Her Story is to create that focus, to show the world marginalized people as living, breathing humans.

Somewhere along the way, you’ll (hopefully) uncover the truth of the catastrophic accident that has devastated your station, leaving only you breathing, barely.

My breathing labors, my back stiffens, and I slowly come back to reality.

The walls of the internet were practically breathing with praise in Rolling Stone, HuffPo, Vice, and even business publications like Forbes and Tech Insider.

She had foamy spit running down the corner of her mouth, and I couldn’t tell if she was breathing.

Hearing the Earth breathing and seeing boulders being thrown in the air is unlike anything else.

“Just like oxygen can be harmful, but breathing‘s still a good idea.

Resi 4 felt like a revolution, breathing new life into the franchise and inspiring a legion of pretenders in its wake.

This is a protest camp that’s alive, that’s breathing.

I’m obviously glad I’m still breathing, but never told myself so.

Even with a tube down her throat, a machine taped to her face to keep her breathing, she was still pretty.

The report found that a staggering 93 percent of people under 15 years old—some 1.8 billion children and teenagers—are breathing toxic air.

The report found that children in low-and-middle income countries are about twice as likely to be breathing toxic air than children in high-income countries.

Gaethje was noticeably winded by Johnson’s lefts and rights to the body and was breathing heavy in the second round.

The result is a smarter city that operates more like a living, breathing organism than just a static patch of roads.

Am I sitting helplessly in this room, breathing in a bunch of floating viruses?

We listened to this thing as it walked into camp, and we could hear it breathing.

It had really deep, chesty breathing.

“The way it’s pulsing, it’s almost breathing.

I’m having troubled breathing.”

But, Mansour was forced to retire early after suffering from breathing problems.

(Agne referred to her, and other silent, breathing human beings posing around the space, as “live mannequins.”)

In essence, the Firebox takes all of the classiness of boxed wine and pumps it with 120 ounces of fire breathing testosterone.

In some fentanyl overdoses, he said, people stop breathing so quickly that they panic and try to grab their mouths to manually get air.

The added bonus is that paintings are exhibited in spacious digs with lots of breathing room between them.

“I have difficulty breathing, seeing, speaking, thinking, walking, and I get terrible headaches lasting from two to 12 hours.

Last spring, an Australian woman used Siri to call an ambulance after her baby had stopped breathing.

The general consensus is that the figures are silicon and wax models, perhaps with occasional body doubles present to provide naturalistic breathing.)

Taylor, her mom, and Norgren put on breathing masks and start sifting dried clay through a large sieve.

And they only said that one time about how you were breathing too much and causing all the condensation on the windows.

They charted each area’s results over time for an animated visual called, A breathing Earth.

Related: 7 Synthetic Biology Projects breathing Life into Science Poetry and Lights Activate Fluorescent E. Coli Proteins Listen to the Sound of Tomato DNA

I stared in wide-eyed terror as a living, breathing human appeared in front of me, where there previously wasn’t one.

These guys (and a few women) were all about the remake of the mark — brush wielding and fire breathing.

Ilyasova answered with two free throws and Middleton added a short jumper to give the Bucks some breathing room.

The Virtual Engineering Centre developed Dogs Trust, a VR program that accurately models a nervous dog’s breathing, growling, body language, and teeth.

I’m sure that breathing in the burning flesh of these things is not a good idea.

Second and third trimester use was associated with breathing problems for newborns, withdrawal symptoms, and possible future cognitive impairments and behavioral issues.

I think that is a beautiful thing, and I hope it happens to every single religious leader breathing on this earth at this moment.

Eventually, the viewer is given a breather, literally, as an amorphous animated shape oscillates to the rhythm of a human’s breathing.

Blinking is a common obsession, as is breathing or swallowing.

“Our children and us are breathing it.

Every day, I woke up in the morning and shot up, and then I spent 24 hours a day swallowing and breathing fire.

“He’s breathing, but he’s fading,” the witness tells dispatch … “He got shot right in the chest and in the back.

Her sister Janine tells us Ang isn’t on her deathbed, but her breathing is labored and she’s in a lot of pain.

Bogaerts gave the Red Sox plenty of breathing room with his three-run blast in the eighth off Austin Adams.

A Fairbanks auto shop was also giving away breathing masks to help residents cope.

“Tried alternate nostril breathing,” she writes of the practice, which has its roots in yoga.

Klemanski suggests trying anti-anxiety apps, specifically meditation apps that help regulate your breathing pattern and calm you down.

Whitehurst found that the EITC gives parents breathing room to create a happier, more stable household.

“If you’re talking, you’re breathing, dude,” an officer said.

He listened to Harry’s breathing.

Grunts and heavy breathing were recorded.

“For me writing is like breathing,” the poet Pablo Neruda told the Paris Review in 1971.

“I could not live without breathing and I could not live without writing.” For me, writing is less like breathing and more like flatulence.

Those impacted by Ondine’s stop breathing in their sleep, and require a lifetime of of mechanical ventilation on a ventilator.

breathing felt impossible.

Watching it, I found myself breathing in the strong, regular rhythm ingrained in me by my own SCUBA instructor.

“I just dedicated my whole every single breathing second of my life to winning that next race and becoming world champion,” he said.

C: Clammy or blue skin.U: Unconsciousness or inability to be roused—especially after you firmly rub their chest.P: Puking uncontrollably.S: Slow or irregular breathing.

One that ends with him breathing hard and gasping out, “Holy Christ.” We couldn’t agree more, buddy.

We hope breathing in a sentence examples were helpful.