Brashest in a sentence | Use of the word brashest examples

During his many years at the helm of Sun Microsystems, Scott McNealy was known as one of the brashest voices in technology, railing on the evils of Microsoft and anything else that raised his ire.

Is Merlino the brashest mobster since John Gotti?

Commentators giggled, viewers at home cringed, and the brashest, glitziest opening ceremony in history continued.

Like the brashest character on a reality competition, he banked on American respect for a maverick and eschewed rules of decorum.

But Washington is a club like any other, with some codes and protocols that even the brashest arrivistes cannot ignore.

At ten and a half she played her first romantic role, since the director had decided that she filled out her sari like a woman, and shortly after that she went to Bombay, breaking into the brashest of India’s film industries.

Texas and California are the biggest, brashest, most important states in the union, each equally convinced that it is the future (see our Special report in this issue).

Before the financial crisis Deutsche was the biggest-spending and brashest of bulge-bracket firms.

It’s high time our candidates fought to avoid being sucked into a vortex in which only the loudest and the brashest and the most insulting get heard.

But Washington is a club like any other, with some codes and protocols that even the brashest arrivistes cannot ignore.

With more than 10 candidates running at the beginning of the process, perhaps we all should have known long ago that the loudest and brashest guy would have a big advantage.

While the hedge fund industry in its modern form is only about 30 years old, there has never been a shortage of investing blunders to review courtesy of the brightest, brashest minds stalking the market.

A little over two years ago, William A. Ackman, one of Wall Street’s brashest and most self-assured hedge fund managers, was on top of the world.

The Church hierarchy, meanwhile, has taken a more
conciliatory approach to its brashest challenger.

The March 2 departure of Mallya has sparked uproar in parliament and a firestorm in domestic media that pore over the lifestyle one of India’s brashest entrepreneurs.

The rally followed a tumultuous 24 hours for Trump, starting with a panned debate performance Monday that morphed into a day of finger-pointing Tuesday, as he revived his brashest personal style to explain an erratic debate performance.

But she is close with Roger Stone, a longtime political adviser to President Donald Trump and one of his brashest defenders.

Last year, Bannon stood by Trump as his top campaign strategist and urged him to fight through the post-Access Hollywood allegations, and this year Bannon became one of Moore’s brashest defenders both on the campaign trail and through Breitbart, the website he controls.

Female comics today have acts full of audacious material, and the episode includes a delicious sampler, but the brashest line in the hour may come from Joan Rivers in an undated clip.

Mr. Gold’s brashest stroke in a production full of them may be the bridging of that divide — taking a theatrical universe that has existed for some time on the outskirts and putting it on a Broadway marquee featuring the well-known names of Mr. Mantello and Sally Field, who plays Amanda.

An Appraisal Chuck Berry’s “Roll Over Beethoven” wasn’t the first rock ’n’ roll song, but it was the best and brashest of the genre’s early advertisements.

A little over two years ago, William A. Ackman, one of Wall Street’s brashest and most self-assured hedge fund managers, was on top of the world.

His brashest import, though, may be the gleaming pita oven in his open kitchen.

HONG KONG — At his peak, Jia Yueting was among the brashest and most flamboyant figures on China’s frenzied technology scene.

The movie, Bosley Crowther wrote in The Times, “gets off some of the wildest, brashest and funniest situations and cracks at the lunacy of warfare that have popped from the screen in quite some time.” Mr. Ransohoff and Filmways also produced another acclaimed movie about the absurdities of war, “Catch-22,” released in 1970, at the height of the Vietnam War.

“Agon” is so modernist and American that it’s hard at first to see the European traditions that underpin it; “Stars and Stripes” seems such a celebration of the brashest kind of patriotism that it’s easy to overlook its phenomenal geometries.

Anglophiles may find themselves marveling at the names signposted on individual homes — names so quintessentially English that even the brashest American developer might pause before slapping them onto a new subdivision.

“And he wasn’t afraid to tell you.” Rodgers made the Jan. 14, 1963, cover of Sports Illustrated under the headline “The brashest Man in Golf.” Though he never won a major championship, he came close at the British Open.

Because Christie was positioned to be the brashest candidate in 2016, he had the most to lose from a Trump insurgency.

Boldest and brashest was a patrician New York State assemblyman named Theodore Roosevelt.

TV’s brashest grandfather-grandson pair return for more universe-bending adventures, with Morty secretly stashing a crystal that foretells the many possible circumstances of his death — given his status as the sidekick to a reckless genius, there are endless ways for him to go.

And that the brashest rappers of the next decade will likely set out to disentangle the threads he’s so carefully woven together.

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