Boots in a sentence | Use of the word boots examples

There, waiting for her, were a pair of guards: two towering, bearded men in long fur-collared cloaks, leather boots, and 16th-century breastplates.

They ignore that some people have neither boots nor straps.

Selling cowboy boots and western lifestyle wear to people all across America.

Then put more oil on, then put their boots on.

“I was looking at myself with different eyes,” he recalled, flaunting a pristine pair of glossy leather boots.

She opted to wear tan-colored trousers, knee-length boots, and a white shirt.

Moon boots Bon mots Moses Sumney This dude is gonna part a sea during his set and it’s gonna be lit.

The boots are a dead ringer for Kanye’s line.

I even came to California wearing a pair of old boots from the time when I could walk.

The first disappointment came during the fitting session, when my boots were discarded.

But for more boots on the ground to be a practical solution, it requires that those humans be assisted by algorithms.

“The storm clouds are gathering … We need to be ready,” said James, managing director of the 170-year old boots UK business.

Walgreen boots Alliance is due to publish third quarter earnings on Thursday.

And James is confident boots’ parent will pay for the investment.

People love these extremely durable, all-weather boots so much that they commonly sell out.

You can get ahead of the curve by getting Bean boots now, and for a great price.

Until tonight, you can save 20% on rainwear and boots at L.L.Bean.

This includes classics like Bean boots as well as rain jackets, snow pants, hiking boots, and more.

Shop rainwear and boots at L.L.Bean and save 20% on your purchase.

Bombshells would be a Cinderella story if Cinderella wore motorcycle boots and traded in her ball gown for a leather jacket.

Howard Stern ‘Wack Packer’ Joey boots died from an accidental heroin overdose.

As for the gator, though, boots and belts are in its future.

The reality star sported these come-hither boots Tuesday night at the PrettyLittleThing campaign in L.A. Sure screams … Tyga who?

boots + faces = eek!

Langdon’s wardrobe is peppered with velvet, leather, chains, and heeled boots.

Also, in paratrooping, special forces come down wearing big, thick, rubber-soled boots that they remove when they land.

“Conditions are perfect,” he adds, handing me a pair of neoprene boots and gloves.

I slide my feet out of the wetsuit boots.

“Respect” plays when Susan is caught trying to steal a pair of rhinestone boots in Desperately Seeking Susan.

On the red carpet, Porter wore a tailored Christian Siriano tuxedo jacket with a full-skirted strapless velvet gown and Rick Owens platform boots.

That made the scene in which Jaime and Bronn quake in their boots at the sight of Dany on her dragon even more powerful.

Despite chilly temperatures, crowds lined the parade route downtown, many dressed in cowboy hats, boots, jeans and plaid shirts.

As firefighters wearing heavy boots and waterproof pants klomped across the floor, their presence made me feel silly.

Just as he said that, Ali landed a jolting right hand which shook Lyle to his boots.

In 2019, boots Riley’s debut feature Sorry to Bother You didn’t earn any Oscar nominations.

The performance in the company’s UK boots business, however, continued to lag.

The lineup is kept secret until day of, but past performances have included Robert DeLong, Shiny Toy Guns, boots Electric, UZ and Posso.

After Merritt BLANKED the Jays, he grabbed a pair of cowboy boots during the victory celebration and showed ’em off … who’s shaking now????

There will be boots on the ground, Phalanx style.

Other tables included personal objects from soldiers that don’t have any identification on them, including buttons, canteens and old boots.

The boots ended up in a spread in Italian Vogue, which helped put Allan and Suzi on the map just months after opening.

But it appears Didi has decided that competing in Latin America will require boots on the ground.

Among other stocks, Walgreens boots Alliance Inc gained 5%, after the drugstore chain beat analysts’ expectations for quarterly profit.

“Is this my life?” Isabelle wonders aloud, struggling to pull off her pesky boots from a velvet chaise longue.

That with a Barbour, your favorite pair of matching tweed plus fours, and your chateau boots.

The article sites solo sex, helicopter parents, and lack of social skills among contributing factors to our dwindling desire to knock boots.

She rocked a bedazzled choker that read “MOOD,” a tattered long sleeve tee that said “Life Is Posers,” and long, black leather combat boots.

They attend the AfroPunk music festival in combat boots and Wednesday Addams dresses.

(It also speaks to the fact that he has more sponsors than you have fingers; the above interview was on behalf of Ugg boots.

… They have to buy clothes like jackets and boots, hygiene products, cosmetics, books, study materials, paper, tape, scissors.

Dustin’s a white indentured laborer; Gary’s the black slave who oversees his work; Dustin licks Gary’s boots until he comes.

Then he struts confidently in his nine-and-a-half inch heels—although admits he tapes his feet so that they feel like space boots, rather than heels.

They’d come in with the tear gas, nightsticks, steel boots, riot gear.

In March, Vice President Mike Pence gave NASA a new deadline: boots on the moon by 2024.

“There’s no need for boots and bullets,” he said.

Black military boots by his face.

I have been in their boots.

While the Sex and the City star was clad in a holiday-appropriate sequin dress, Obama’s sparkly $3,900 Balenciaga boots got all the attention.

In fact, by Thursday afternoon, the boots were trending on Twitter and were nearly sold out on the Balenciaga website.

But now that she’s no longer in the White House, Obama is able to let loose, as shown by her thigh-high Balenciaga boots.

Now that she’s no longer first lady, the boots are far more than a sign of excess.

“Now, I’m free to do whatever,” she told Parker, adding that there was no real message behind the boots.

“I was like, ‘Those some nice boots!’” Want more stories from The Goods by Vox?

Good thing he’s given brand new boots before every game—it could be a nasty habit otherwise.

Prince William and Kate Middleton strapped on their hiking boots and climbed the Himalayas during their India ’16 tour.

Khan’s style is definitive, dressed in black combat boots, fishnet stockings,and signature blonde mohawk.

I used to just romp around and wear these boots that were very uncomfortable.

So far, “Fairies wears boots and you gotta believe me” has been most of the lyrics.

That could mean anything from boots on the ground to increased surveillance technology.

Every Sunday after church, Ron “Crackman” Carchiola switches out of his clothes and into overall shorts, a hardhat, argyle socks and work boots.

I started wearing my bib-overalls cut into shorts with the hardhat and the Lions’ Argyle socks with my lineman boots.

I am all about put your boots on, go to work, smash that football, and get it done baby!

I race home, slip on the bib-overalls, the boots, game face, and hat.

And he has the goods to prove it: new truck, Apple watch, almost-new RV, ostrich-leather work boots, and some very expensive tattoos.

Left behind were waterproof boots, a balaclava, medical supplies and camouflage bags and waistcoats typically used by soldiers to carry rifle magazines.

She has gold boots, which I love.

I blushed while thinking about what they say about the size of a man’s cone as my toes curled in my boots.

The storage sites are currently being used by companies like boots, Amazon, Asda, and Argos.

Along a shaded path, boys in green army fatigues, black combat boots, berets and pilotkas practice their lockstep, marching toward the camera.

I get the boots on cause it’s winter and they go home and get ready.

So I just took her to boots and paid for it.

A photograph of three shelves of cowboy boots hangs next to a photograph of a row of Chanel shoes.

“In footy, you face your opposition while they check your boots and everything.

Having a solid pair of boots to throw on helps us keep our bags lighter and saves us time when we are running late.

Lima’s orange thigh-high boots and matching neon gloves were a departure from her usual runway style.

She wore dramatic leather boots and a matching belt, which contrasted her lace lingerie.

She paired her black bodysuit with jeweled boots, and wore a crescent moon-shaped structure instead of wings.

A big, black cowboy hat sits on top of Price’s head, complementing her Nashville-requisite cowboy boots.

What size were those work boots, exactly?

I know they’re shakin’ in their boots anyway!!”

The parcel contained a pair of army boots, a knife, two coils of copper wire, and three small cans of corned beef.

Ojeda, an Army veteran and state senator from Logan, West Virginia, sports a buzz cut, military boots, and more than 30 tattoos.

This even extended to some of Converse’s non-sneaker footwear, as a few stray pairs of Converse boots showed up in the results.

“You will see the establishment quaking in their boots if we defeat Luther Strange,” Brooks told supporters in Northern Alabama Monday evening.

The final cost includes: Equipment rental: skis, boots, poles, and a helmet for one day.

In March, Pence gave NASA a new deadline: boots on the moon by 2024.

The plan all sounds very Trumpian: There’s no scientific reason to get boots on the moon before completing the gateway.

Then, as night follows day, the boots become a pair of incredibly well-polished jet black penny loafers.

I interviewed boots!

boots is the shit.

And when I talked to Lakeith, he was like, “You wouldn’t believe [boots] if someone described him to you.” No way.

I mean, his name is boots!

Her pantyhose stay on, but her thigh-high red leather boots are quickly coming off.

boots & Saddle apologized for the event, and changed the signage on restrooms to gender-neutral.

Kroger joins retailers like Walgreens boots Alliance Inc, CVS Health Corp and Vitamin Shoppe Inc in selling CBD products in some of their stores.

Adam Levine rolled out the sweatpants and Gucci boots.

How can you not love Rachel Weisz striding around in those pants and boots like she’s a dominatrix whose whip is her brain?

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There were more unusual shortages too, like a run on rubber boots.

“So this is feminism,” Kimmy says, toddling around in her boots.

Because females are strong as hell—even if they wear thigh-high boots.

On some level, I fundamentally don’t believe the two won’t be knocking boots again by the middle of season four.

You’d think he was goth, but the all-black pilgrim hat, leather jacket, drapey Vetements shirt, skinny jeans, and boots is just his aesthetic.

The funniest incident I remember was when I decided to ban combat boots in my courtroom.

Ripped straight out of a Tom of Finland drawing, he’s in all leather: motorcycle hat, jacket, assless chaps, boots, and sex harness.

Khloe slipped into some “schtuppe mich” boots for the latest issue of GQ Germany.

It’s also a fun trip to watch the crimson-lipped McGowan spit creative insults while chain smoking and stomping around in combat boots.

The boots are similarly high-tech, using a combination of Nomex and natural leather that is extremely lightweight.

The boots go into testing with pilots immediately, so they can provide feedback.

Most commonly, that means things like boots, shoes, or stockings, though people can develop fetishes for pretty much anything you can think of.

I won’t pretend that they’re the same as tennis shoes, but they’re incredibly comfortable for boots.

They’re closer to thick leather socks than chunky ankle boots.

All in all, they’re great fall boots.

I actually love how this color is neutral, but brighter than my usual choices of black and dark brown boots.

“And John will say, ‘Well, wait a minute, let me get my boots.

Hiroki Nakamura of Visvim started down the same boat, he was looking at two boots and thought one had more “power” than the other.

“And John will say, ‘Well, wait a minute, let me get my boots.

Only thing missing is a pair of cowboy boots.

In photographs, you can see their concern with the cuff of their jeans, the shine on their boots, their grooming and social presentation.

And even while soldiers were coming home, the brand of warfare was shifting, from boots on the ground to stealth machines in the sky.

He’s no fool, Cosgrove had some Aussie themed baby gifts … a pair of baby Ugg boots and a stuffed kangaroo.

And even while soldiers were coming home, the brand of warfare was shifting, from boots on the ground to stealth machines in the sky.

Dyke boots with the tops of my red socks peeping through, and the accessory that brings it all together: a skinny black tie.

Matt Yglesias: I will say that I like Marco’s boots.

Back up dancers wield large flags as CL struts around the stage in a jumpsuit and thigh high cowboy boots.

They were here before, during, after the first hurricane, and they continue to stay on the island and boots on the ground during Maria.

After all, this is the generation which has embraced the feminist author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as a boots makeup ambassador.

How did you meet him?The husband I was with at the time traded me for a pair of boots at a medieval reenactment.

But keep on the boots.

Listen to the track below: Sarah has been singing “Whose Bed Have Your boots Been Under?”

“The whole concept is our customers will never have to go to boots again.

It had bright yellow boots and was sort of bad at moving, which made people want to help it out.

As he pauses in on spot in front of Diaz, that crisp one-two comes in and wobbles him to his boots.

Everyone in Oakland seems to know boots Riley, the frontman of the Coup.

They told me to bring his socks and boots, and then they took him.

For many analysts like Sarah Shaw, a Sydney-based global portfolio manager at 4D Infrastructure, nothing beats boots on the ground.

Holland was wearing a Stussy tank top, worn black jeans, and tan combat boots.

When God closes a door, he boots up an ancient federal PC still running Windows XP.

We’re close enough to hear their boots crunch virgin snow.

Now, ya gotta wonder if boots, Backpack and The Map are getting as good of a deal here.

Joey boots‘ body was found by another Howard Stern ‘Wack Packer’ during a live podcast … and the audio is heartbreaking.

When Joey didn’t answer the door, Erik got the building manager to check on boots, and found him dead in a chair.

Ottavia added that Ariane was wearing a pair of black, studded boots her father had given her.

Amber looked pretty biz caj … with a tan trench coat, black dress and matching boots.

Can’t really blame her, especially because she was descending while rocking thigh-high boots!

“We’re tough, and to have some guy like Ted Cruz with cowboy boots walk around criticizing us….” King added.

Penelope — who’s been the face of Chanel since 2018 — rocked the runway with wedge boots and layers of ruffles.

Alex Niven: I’d got my cheap Sainsbury’s boots and they were quite muddy for the rest of the day.

Im wearing your boots that I never wore because they were yours, and going to work.

Colton Fears and Tenbrink opted for more subtle looks, wearing black T-shirts and boots.

Dr. Martens is ready for combat over its iconic boots, which were jacked by Steve Madden … according to a new lawsuit.

Ariana was out in NYC Sunday night dressed to the nines in a mini skirt, thigh-high white boots and an oversized coat.

The 59-year-old strapped on his riding boots but, equestrian be damned — shorts and a T-shirt will do.

Kendall seems to be channeling her inner Jennifer Beals from “Flashdance” here, but substitutes a leotard with a clear Chanel raincoat and boots.

The fan club also raised enough funds to buy boots, shirts, shorts, socks and shinpads for communal use, with St Pauli.

Before that it was just country western and boots or something,” he added in a playful tone.

But it appears the company has decided that competing in Latin America will require boots on the ground.

An enormous billboard hangs in eyeshot of Gigi’s pad … pimping Stuart Weitzman’s luxury boots.

He takes out boxes full of doll accessories: purses, high heels, and boots.

Robert and his fiancee, Pamela Hudak, wore matching caps, denim and cowboy boots Sunday as they headed out to dinner in Bev Hills.

Every month, the Vancouver Island Chapter has a beach cleanup, where volunteers put on work gloves, rubber boots, and pick up garbage.

You’ll recall, while his friend was being arrested, Brandon joked about the cop’s clunky boots, saying, “What are those?”

Jeans, boots and hats are welcome.”

But critics say that putting more boots on the ground won’t end an unwinnable war.

Antonoff often wears iconic ’80s pieces like combat boots, denim, and muscle T-shirts.

At the same time, it introduced face masks, platform boots, and neon fabrics, eventually revolutionizing 80s and 90s fashion.

I wanted to kick snow off my boots in a Mafiya nightclub in Russia.

Rain, snow, and road salt can wreak havoc on your boots during the winter.

Before taking your boots outside, condition and weather-proof them.

Consider buying a leather protector or suede cleaner depending on the material of your boots.

We were in Times Square, and there was a line of riot cops walking in unison, stomping their boots, and grunting towards us.

Condition and waterproof your boots.

“Many luxury boots have soft leather soles, which really isn’t great during winter,” Cospito told INSIDER.

“You can use this to brush off dirt or to dust off your suede boots,” she explained.

“Nubuck and suede cleaner can be used to clean your suede boots,” said Valiente.

“Leather protectant spray can also be sprayed on your leather boots,” Valiente said.

“Salt is not so great for your boots, as it can degrade and stain leather,” said celebrity stylist Amber Alexandria.

Next, he advised mixing equal parts water and white vinegar together, which can be used to gently wipe your boots.

“Combine baking soda and water and use a soft cloth to rub scuffs out gently on leather boots until they disappear,” Alexandria told INSIDER.

Stepping through the front door, it’s hard not to notice two wooden crosses leaning against the wall, right next to neatly arranged boots.

—Elizabeth, the Queen Mother One should always have one’s boots on, ready to leave.

All of a sudden they underwent an image makeover, dressing up in Fred Perry tops, Doc Martens boots, and three-button jackets.

I love loafers, I love wingtips, and I also love boots.

There are red, gold, and green striped kitten heel mules, saddlebag purses, and, perhaps most improbably, quilted snow boots.

Guys get very emotional over their boots, though.

You can never have too many pairs of Fiorentini & Baker boots.

BONUS — Skrine says he’s the most fashionable guy in sports … and he lets his boots do the talking.

Her outfit was even weirder: a long, ruffled white gown, olive-green army jacket, and muddy hiking boots on her feet.

If you’re an avid hunter or outdoorsman, you’ve almost assuredly seen guns, boots, antlers, skulls, and other paraphernalia colored via this process.

However, his first love is football — he has over 1,000 pairs of football boots, rivalling Victoria’s shoe collection.

It is inhumane to deny them that because white supremacists can only feel valued when their boots rest on others’ throats.

But for those willing to take the plunge, Jaal, technically an action-thriller, is all the right amounts of basketball-dance-fight-in-gravity-defying-moon boots.

Shoes and shirts and boots and pants would cover my floor.

A dev-fused iPhone, connected to a Mac with a special cable, boots up.

Strident in stetson and SS boots, he stopped traffic as he marched forth.

Chief among them is how best to protect our firmware, the software that boots our computers.

RICHARDSON: Firmware is the software that makes sure the platform boots properly.

What’s life in these tan boots?

That’s what you get for grinding filthy cowboy boots on a brand-new suede coach purchased with Coming to America money.

“When it comes to my generation stepping in to fill their boots, staying in will cause us problems in the future.”

Tell me you can hear it, right—the sound of boots?

Countless convict shoes and guard boots have worn paths into the concrete cell house floor.

He is wearing cowboy boots.

Everyone knew you got a bomber jacket, and you got these combat boots, and you shaved your head.

The pair of hiking boots should fit in the big box—I’d rather save the shoebox for little extras.

But the bill still includes 42 other types of boots and shoes that Genfoot sees as a threat to its business.

Men in rubber boots are dragging a red snowplow through the shallow water.

As I’m walking, I feel a thick layer of salt underneath the soles of my boots.

I was able to get work, and sell them boots and hustle.

Worst SPX stock Walgreens boots Alliance drops ~11 pct even as co downplays AMZN pharmacy entry ** Energy up 1 pct.

She sounded kind of winded at the end of the video—maybe because she was playing in giant boots?—and said she was “still undefeated.”

I admire people like Killer Mike and boots Riley.

Talking to my dad about Haggard used to be as comfortable as stepping into a well-worn pair of work boots.

We don’t want NATO boots on our soil, but apparently Putin’s are fine?

In the early 2010s, said Bastard was wearing a blue Oxford cloth button-down shirt, khaki chinos, and Clark’s desert boots.

No fancy boots, no white chinos, no cowboy hats.

I saw the first fascists, not even saw but heard — they all had iron-shod boots, they stomped loudly.

Some are wearing black jumpsuits with black combat boots and black balaclavas, some are in street clothes.

Models’ pageboy-like hairstyles, large sunglasses, boots and large golden hoop earrings nodded to the 1970s.

The investor met us in a coffee shop, wearing a baseball cap and soggy rubber boots over his shoes.

“Soldiers beat women and girls with fists or guns, slapped them, or kicked them hard with boots,” the report notes.

His hatred for Great Britain started after an officer slashed his cheek with a sword for refusing to polish his boots.

I didn’t have the right coat or the right boots or whatever.

In England there were a lot of rubber gas masks, rubber boots, rubber gloves, that sort of thing.”

You see that in Reach and ODST where it’s back to mud, boots on the ground.

They told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn’t gray enough and my boots were too high.

“Kinky boots” picked up three awards, including best new musical, best actor in a musical for Matt Henry and best costume design.

When the cryo pod filled with gasified nitrogen, the existing atmosphere inside froze and sounded like snow crinkling under winter boots.

Microsoft executives boasted that the operating system announced Tuesday boots up rapidly, a hallmark of the Chromebook.

If a sexual assault is reported, a VPSO is the “first boots on the ground,” Merrill says—but they can’t conduct felony investigations.

A spokesman for Walgreens, whose parent company is Walgreens boots Alliance Inc, declined to comment to Reuters.

Brown boots?” Strzok wrote to Page in September 2016: “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.”

Natick is a hive of military innovation, where engineers develop everything from boots to meals-ready-to-eat (MREs) for American soldiers.

For some reason, everyone is talking about Marco Rubio’s boots.

Marco Rubio is rocking some seriously fashionable black boots today in New Hampshire. Rubio’s shiny boots have captured the media’s attention, as shiny objects tend to do.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough referred to Austin Powers and called the boots “shagalicious.”

White History is only the pattern of silken slippers descending the stairs to the thunder of hobnailed boots climbing upward from below.

While Daria’s round glasses and combat boots would be recognizable anywhere, it was really her voice that represented her.

Heavy boots crunching on suburban gravel.

But for whatever reason in the UK if someone gets too big for their boots, we’re going to knock them down.

Donald, you’re not fit to polish John McCain’s boots.”

(Today, I always dress in black and top off my outfits with a choker and thigh-high boots.)

Round up your militia, give them assault rifles, and get those boots on the ground.

Why would astronauts’ boots make footprints when there’s no water on the moon?

She wore an athletic modified qipao, combat boots, spiked cuffs around each wrist, and had massive, impressively toned muscles.

Check out her Yeezy duck boots.

They’re the Ugg boots of seasonal gourds.

“I began to wear boots and smoke cigars,” she’s said.

“When I opened my eyes, I saw boots in front of me.

Eadie puts Barbie in a classic dressage outfit: white britches, a white button down, a stock collar, a navy blazer, and riding boots.

Darren’s mother was a tiny, soot-toothed Scottish woman with matted hair and boots like Soviet tanks.

I got mad so I jumped out of bed to put my boots on, hoping I would intimidate him.

After all, I’m 44 — shouldn’t I have one upcoming event where engineer boots would be inappropriate?

Floral dresses with baggy sweaters, beanies, and work boots?

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Peppered in tattoos and sporting a buzzcut and knee-high boots, Moscow chats casually about music and his life in London.

“If this blood stains my desert boots…” he muttered, wiping away at his shoes.

The man is wearing new-looking blue jeans, a hooded gray sweatshirt beneath a nice Columbia jacket, and sturdy work boots.

The soles of our boots started to melt as we were hiking.

Then, he asked to lick my boots.

They were pretty simple, with leather jackets and skinny jeans and boots.

In dark-wash jeans, propping his leather ankle boots on a hotel room desk.

She had on tight, light-blue jeans and combat boots.

If you want change in this country, you better get your walking boots on, you better get out there campaigning,” Farage said.

He was all contrast: unwashed, M4, baggy camo pants, boots, beard.

In distinctive PLA camouflage fatigues, cap and combat boots, he has overseen some of the biggest military parades since the 1949 Communist victory.

State television showed Xi in fatigues and combat boots, striding through the command post with senior brass.

“Nobody put boots on the ground and figured out where the home is,” Shedd told me.

Tan had recommended a skirt and boots, so I go digging through my stuff for the items I usually save for job interviews.

KISS-style boots and sexy underwear.

My boots were muddy, my hair was wet, and I was dead exhausted.

Lauren would like to be sent some knee-high boots in a UK size 3 on Twitter.

The movie, a hit at Sundance, is directed by activist rapper boots Riley and stars Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson.

First of all, I’m a big fan of boots’ music — The Coup, a great group.

Hell, director boots Riley came off like an abstract personality himself (in the best way), but that’s for another story.

He was British, kept a fresh buzzed #1 crop and wore Ben Sherman shirts, pressed slacks, braces and steel-toed oxblood Dr. Martens boots.

We mostly wore American military boots, homemade T’s of our favorite bands, ripped jeans and spiked bracelets.

Everyone else had cropped hair, jeans and combat boots, and I still had a Mohawk and a leather jacket with studs on it.

This is why, despite the technology available to afford virtual offices, tech bosses still like having boots on the Silicon Valley ground.

“This way!” Her small feet, in their gray boots with the pompoms on the sides, pitter-pattered in a half-run, half-walk toward the stairs.

she remembers screaming after noticing a pair of her father’s boots unlaced and unmuddied by the entrance.

What if the law found out about those meal deal sandwiches you stole from boots when you were 15.

), wearing silk stocking boots and everything from leopard print teddys to cupless corsets.

“The first time I went to the rodeo, I was wearing high heeled boots and all black.

With the boots, hat, sash, and gloves, his whole rig clocks in at 39.6 pounds.

He’s the guy with really fantastic boots.

I wore leather boots, jeans, and a peacoat.

This was most likely just a co-parenting catch-up, but Kourt’s boots scream … you’re missing out, pal.

It’s evident in the Houston-centric promotional imagery—the low riders, the carefree cowboys, the beauty pageant-esque hair, and glittery cowboy boots.

Ben’s stripes and rain boots are especially killer.

When we first started cleaning the building up, ordinary people from the community would come in, put their boots on and start gathering debris.

Simply put, “Big For Your boots” is amazing.

Watch the music video for “Big For Your boots” below: (Image via YouTube)

It was very difficult to separate them,” said Domingo, 61, wearing muddy boots and a faded and torn blue shirt.

Redgrave, like many others in the crowd, was dressed in costume; she wore all black, with cat’s ears, and thigh-high black stiletto boots.

He was tall, handsome and wore hip work boots.

As a result, each element is crafted with obsessive attention to detail, from the suede boots to the thrust and foot plates.

I spotted a distinctive pair of cowboy boots and an open seat on a couch in the lounge and decided to say hello.

To see boots and Lakeith dig deeper on the meaning of the white voice, check out the video above.

To see boots and Lakeith dig deeper on the meaning of the white voice, check out the video above.

Here he was: lithe, Northface jacket, maroon boots, raw jeans, closely cropped black hair.

Clad in spandex briefs and thigh-high boots, his braids dripping with sweat, he loomed over his opponent.

I like some jiggle on there.Dan: The eyes say “let’s do lunch,” but the boots say “you’re paying.”

We think that putting boots on the ground is the way forward.

But the idea of pulling up some virtual boots and exploring the American wilderness as it existed 100 years ago?

“Big For Your boots” by Stormzy—that’s right, you’re getting it now.

— As spotted by Reddit user Gaijira, Daly boots up his computer with an OS called Ono-Sendai.

Long hair and cod pieces and leather boots.

So many Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots.

After she was spotted wearing translucent dresses and boots, for instance, nearly every fast-fashion website made copies.

(As an aside, I did hear of all the things stolen, not one pair of work boots was stolen.

Apparently Nike Air Max sneaker boots aren’t exactly winterized, and I’m finding that out the hard way.

Michelangelo’s a recluse, sleeps in his dark clothes and boots, doesn’t have any close friends.

Collections with Hunter boots and Victoria Beckham (which included a girls’ collection) followed.

Having those comments in the public discorse is more of a threat to this country that ISIS boots on our soil.”

I hate these metal boots.

Some kind of brown boots.

There were also frock coats, silk plisse pleated skirts, cut dresses, usually worn with thigh-high heeled boots or mules.

The weather meant few people donned the rubber boots that are often essential at Glastonbury, which turns into a mud-bath in heavy rain.

Walgreen boots Alliance slipped 0.8 percent to $81.85 after the drugstore chain operator reported a surprise drop in quarterly sales.

The sisters shared what they need to be on the road, which includes the basics of jeans, boots and a guitar case.

We bring these boots on every tour.

SCI-Arc’s Master of Arts in Fiction and Entertainment program combines boots on the ground research with film-making.

A group of well-muscled men in tight pants and leather boots openly grope one another.

(Think Hairspray, Kinky boots, and so forth.)

Joining Ellison on the board, effective Dec. 27, was Walgreens boots Alliance’s global head of human resources, Kathleen Wilson-Thompson.

Word is Warner Bros is in the market for a couple of young guns to fill Aflleck and Cavill’s rubber boots.

Like, over a pair of cowboy boots that he had.

A little too fast, if you ask me; what if I was still gettin’ my boots on?”

Ask the average bystander and they might just picture some dude in a mesh vest, platform boots and a Slipknot wallet chain.

But it can also be used (with great success) for dress belts, briefcases, dress shoes, work boots, and numerous other leather goods.

This wasn’t unusual at the Barrowland, even if his single-breasted suit and leather half boots were.

Durk and NAV are given a lot of space to horse around, and they do, making wisecracks about Ugg boots and oral sex.

Guybrush, aka sugar boots, falls for Elaine; and Elaine, aka honey pumpkin, for Guybrush.

Eventually, what actually enforces the Supreme Court ruling is boots on the ground.

Her Look: Blue tube top, black tight skirt, knee-high leather boots.What I’m a Sucker For: Her tight skirt and high boots.

When it became apparent I wasn’t shaking in my boots, he turned his attention to the line of people building up behind me.

Her Look: White crop top, brown shorts, suspenders, gloves, and combat boots.What I’m a Sucker For: A white T-shirt, shorts, and combat boots.

And he is striking poses in leather shorts spray painted to match his little superman boots, possibly inventing duckface at the same time.

I even wear black jeans and boots every day, drink whiskey and play my bass with piles of distortion.

“For the first time, Americans are starting to understand that American does not just mean cherry pie and cowboy boots,” said Omondi.

( Flavor of Love fans will remember bodyguards tackling boots as she promised “to kill” New York.)

Then: in struts a harlequin, statuesque, lean, muscular, towering on stilts, or maybe leather boots with 20″ heels.

It might be time to invest in a pair of heavy boots if we want to make it to October.

Order good whiskey, neat, and polish your cowboy boots beforehand.

Her boots say “FOR WALKING” on them.

His boots were splattered.

Even though the fashion world frequently turns up its nose at the boots, Uggs remain a best-selling, timeless classic.

“It’s because of social media.” Fischer says he’s checked Ugg boots in the past and has never found shatnez from the brand.

It was as if they thought I’d gotten too big for my boots.

Everything from the crunch of the boots on snow, to the reverberation of the wolf snarls off the canyon walls is unique.

“I’ve seen soldiers with riot shields who stomped the same rhythm with their boots.”

I have excellent boots and socks, but should probably have a thick puffy jacket for a mid-layer.

But the most comprehensive approach would be to build new hardware that changes how the system boots.

They’re suited up in boots with red laces, heads gleaming from a fresh shave, and tatted with Nazi insignia and racist slogans.

Others zip into waist-high inflatable boots, torture themselves on foam rollers, or wave lasers over sore ankles and knees.

The sheriff’s Twitter post, which included two photos of Pais, said she was dressed in a black T-shirt, camouflage pants and black boots.

They’re both wearing floral shirts, and one boy is in fashionable Cuban heeled boots.

But I dressed it up with a turquoise studded silver belt, and orange and turquoise necklace and some flat black boots.

It’ll take you four hours to get up, and half an hour to moonwalk down in your hiking boots over loose rock.

Real friends don’t let their friends wear Sorel boots.

“There’s no need for boots and bullets,” he said.

Deguara wears a floppy-eared hat and size 22 winter boots, his first-ever pair.

The boots have helped with that.

Then they put the boots to him, chipping one of his front teeth and loosening another.

Then the boom of the boots, keys jangling, COs running to the scene.

With a wide range of ways to wear them, they are the perfect middle ground between loafers or low-top sneakers and all-out winter boots.

A nice pair of chukka boots will keep you dressed your best throughout the season.

Nisolo Luca Chukka Boot

The Nisolo Luca is one of the most unique chukka boots you can buy.

If you click with The Summoning, the next episode, Alison and David Cowles’s boots, airs November 21.

(Jewdriver formed in Oakland in 1994 and covered the neo-nazi punk act Skrewdriver, but changed titles like “boots and Braces” to “boots and Bagels.”)

He’s in a white T-shirt and jeans with black boots and the successfully resurrected Station To Station haircut.

In the photo, it’s covered in the mud her boots tracked in from Dachau.

Then Kenny gets mad, and tells Lee he’s going to shit in his boots.

Few people could simultaneously wear a black turtleneck, pleated miniskirt, and stiletto boots — and make it look good.

Either that, or Messi’s just concerned that the saliva on his boots will add an unwelcome variable to his centimeter-perfect shot.

And the system needs to give them some boots so they can pull themselves up.”

“Today, Muttluks dog boots are worn by working dogs around the world,” reads a backgrounder from the Prime Minister’s Office.

“It’s just such an honor to live a day in Evel’s footsteps, and literally his boots,” Pastrana said.

A young man in Caterpillar work boots and a navy tracksuit top tucks into a little pot of red jelly from his lunch box.

Then we need to put boots on the ground.

U.S. strategy has hardly deviated since troops first put boots on the ground 16 years ago.

And when I interviewed Antonio Banderas, I had to explain why his movie about a swashbuckling feline would now be called Cat in boots.

The thigh high brown VETEMENTS boots?

With EVEREST VR, a new Virtual Reality experience available on the HTC Vive, Solfar Studios puts users into snow boots.

Only large numbers of boots on the ground could actually control Dornish territory, a prospect whose costs proved daunting.

Anna*, 27, is dressed in black boots and a black dress.

Laura Ulrich is president of the Pink boots Society and longtime brewer at Escondido-based Stone Brewing Company.

Once he told me I could go, I ran back through the darkness, clomping along in his big camo boots I liked to wear.

Terrific guitar riffs abound (“boots,” “I Feel It in My Bones”), as do fist-pumping choruses one could scream at the karaoke bar.

We followed Follert up several steel ladders, boots clanging on metal, until we were in a low-ceilinged maintenance room inside one of the antennas.

Kroger joins retailers like Walgreens boots Alliance Inc, CVS Health Corp and Vitamin Shoppe Inc in selling CBD products in some of their stores.

That would influence both my affinity for long haired boys, boots, and an attraction to what appeared to me to be exciting, enlightening music.

“If Kylian keeps equaling my records like this I may have to dust my boots off again,” Pele tweeted at the time.

Many had just come from digging out rubble, and their boots and clothes were covered with dust and debris.

She will eventually get detention for trying to do PE in New Rocks boots.

Who, after all, would dare fill her Go-Go boots?

Both characters floundered, and DiBiase would hang up his boots altogether in 2013, opting out of the industry into which he’d been born.

Gross-out factor aside, dams are not readily available in boots and even sexual health clinics don’t always offer them.

Kim also rocked the feline theme head-to-toe on Tuesday … equipped with matching gloves and boots.

What you been hiding in those boots for the past three months since you last scored a goal?

The performance in the company’s UK boots business, however, continued to lag.

Fans of all things Elder Scrolls got to fill their boots three ways.

Smugglers may hide even more animals in boots and under car seats.

Armstrong’s machine utilizes a two-arm crank to drive a wheel of boots stationed behind the user, who is walloped on the behind.

Models’ pageboy-like hairstyles, large sunglasses, boots and large golden hoop earrings nodded to the 1970s.

While his friend was being arrested, Brandon mocked the cop’s clunky boots, saying … “What are those?”

And then there is a moment where cowboy boots fall from the sky.

A quiet, skinny guy who wears four pairs of pants and combat boots in the summer.

Jud releases a silent scream as he brushes the boots offstage with his arms, and then he disappears backstage.

It’s changed how I walk because I wear flat shoes and boots all the time.

MO brought her couture A-game … draped in a gorgeous bright yellow dress and a pair of metallic gold knife over-the-knee boots from Balenciaga.

They were accompanied by a group of young men with bald heads, black sunglasses, bomber jackets and big black army boots.

More than a thousand trade stands hawk everything from Barbours to work boots to boarding school places.

Instead, we are offered a glimpse of his mouth, or his boots, or the back of his head.

she said when asked if she wore sweatpants; boots and stilettos do not mix well with cotton-poly blends.)

I’m wearing boots, special pants.

I had to learn to wear shoes; I’d spent three years at the front wearing boots.

I’m actually mocked a lot because I’m a bit more fashion-conscious and don’t wear hiking boots.

Detachable hoods, boots with zips so you can get them on and off easily for rides.

Any body lotion worked for me, and mom would throw in foot cream because she knew I was wearing boots all day every day.

Before making her visit, Tin Nyo suited up in wrist-to-ankle coveralls and knee-high rubber boots.

I would throw up on my ankle boots and keep walking.

“Let’s just say I may have almost got banned from the local boots [a pharmacy chain] at one point!”

Your cutoff Levi’s and cowboy boots haven’t seen a party this good in years.

This company called Pozu is now making high-end Star Wars boots.

As we exit, we see Djamila from Maghnia standing on a street corner in leopard print shorts and PVC boots.

When he steps out in Portland with muddy boots, a cowboy hat, and a horse, he definitely turns heads, he told me.

“Wearing boots and jeans doesn’t make a cowboy a cowboy,” he said.

And then Wayne showed up in the video in those ridiculous neon green moon boots, which just about put me over the edge!

Got my ass kicking boots on and ready to be the best godfather ever my boy!!!”

My boots left pink welts on his pale skin.

The sheriff’s Twitter post, which included two photos of Pais, said she was dressed in a black T-shirt, camouflage pants and black boots.

Almost every account of this period stresses the importance of boots at Piccadilly Circus and John Bell & Croyden in Wigmore St.

If you live in a region with seasons, then freezing rain, slush, sleet, and snow soak your boots and track into your home.

But getting boots on the Red Planet is only half the battle.

Baldock succeeded Seb James, now the boss of boots, as CEO.

Nor could I take those boots, which I had so loved and now lost, from my old self’s feet.

When you expect boots on the ground at Normandy or Kandahar, do you expect that the marketplace is going to take care of that?

He wears a blue denim work shirt, olive pants, and black combat boots.

I feel like something out of a Mike Leigh-directed boots advert.

Lawson sat at his desk, facing the door, leaning back with his boots on the desk, coffee in hand as he studied some form.

Workers complain they don’t have basic equipment such as boots, gloves and helmets.

Higher drug prices and an increase in prescription volume helped Walgreens boots Alliance Inc beat quarterly earnings expectations, sending its stock up 5.1%.

Health retailer boots (WBA.O) said Britain could be heading for a recession.

Some of us have previous backgrounds in organizing, but all the organization we’ve done is boots on the ground at Wayfair.

and heavy-metal heads dragged down by knee-high leather boots – the under-18s stalking the field are all pretty much one-and-the-same.

The boots feature heated insoles that are controlled by a free app, available on both Android devices and iPhones.

According to Jimmy Choo, the boots can stay warm for eight hours depending on weather conditions.

The boots feature heated insoles that can reach temperatures between 77 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Walgreens boots Alliance Inc, already under pressure after its third-quarter earnings report, tumbled 9.9 percent after touching a more than 3-1/2-year low.

Wearing rubber boots and a vest, the Eleno — as ELN guerrillas are known — intimated that it would not happen again.

On the north wall are the rain boots; the sneakers tucked into one another, head to toe.

They are beaten lace-up boots.

Though he may have since given them up, Amenoff was a natural in cowboy boots.

In their letter to event organizer boots Hughston, they reportedly cited safety concerns, adding, “We cannot put the public at risk.”

He has this voice that comes up from the bottom of his boots.

One of the first things some Indians player yelled when they got into the clubhouse and prepared to party: “Shaking in their boots!”)

Corny dudes in brunch boots can trip over their masculinity as well.

Units authorized to wear jump boots will wear those in lieu of the brown leather oxfords.

boots & Coots, Halliburton’s well control and prevention service, was called in to put out the fire.

Each sector had a role to play: Nonprofit volunteers and local organizations were often the boots on the ground.

I was standing in a puddle of blood in my own boots.

He was a farm kid who wore western shirts and cowboy boots every day.

It’s difficult to buy high boots, for example.

There were players with silver boots and spider web tattoos hitting footballs really, really hard at the goal.

She posed in her Vette (in black boots and her signature shades) for Annie Leibovitz.

He leaves and returns holding his hiking boots, tipping them to show several burn marks on the interior.

The singed markings also align with several needle-sized holes located just above the thick rubber soles of his size 13 boots.

“That’s it,” Cooper responds when she’s told about the singed markings on Justin’s hiking boots.

@Astros are back at home, & you could say we’re not quaking in our boots about it.

I still have the boots somewhere in my garage.

Walgreens boots Alliance rose 1.38 percent after the drugstore reported a 5.3 percent rise in revenue.

They will tell you to put it in your boots or socks and play.”

Soldiers working in contaminated environments may don gear up to MOPP Level 4, which includes the JSLIST suit, boots, gloves, and a mask.

He drove onto the highway and stopped to clean his boots.

Rusted car parts were decorated with old boots and sprockets.

Our daughter Dory just turned 3, and we have a cat, boots.

From loafers and oxfords to Chelsea boots and monk straps, you’ll find styles that look sharp and will last for years.

I hung up my football boots and joined my first band.

For my costume I wore one of my sister’s skirts, and I had these silver boots and a tinfoil sword.

I land on a pair of black Levi corduroys, a black cropped sweater, and boots.

Y’know … put some thigh-high boots on the ground in the community.

He was also wearing boots with decent-looking soles, and brass, not steel, eyelets.

Uber’s strategy, on the other hand, was initially to expand quickly and put boots on the ground in every market.

Telephones can do anything, expensive shoes look like moon boots, robots can date.

With their clunk and coverage, summertime combat boots convey just the sort of brooding masochism Scorpios crave.

Just like combat boots, they’re intimidating on the outside, but (too) warm and (way too) melty on the inside.

They have, like, all these weird heart-shaped cakes, kuchen, and then they have … LG: Were there smart boots?

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