Boon in a sentence | Use of the word boon examples

Once online, the GMT will be a major boon to optical astronomers.

In that case, it ended up being a boon for the company.

His unexpectedly swift return to the Senate was supposed to be a boon for Senate Republican leaders, and it was — until early Friday morning.

But it’s unclear how much of a boon to the company’s business that has been as of yet.

He is a finalist in the prestigious Channel 7 boon Sua Tournament.

For China, panda exchange programs are both a conservation strategy and an economic boon.

I think the idea of doing a Broadway musical live on TV has been an enormous boon to both TV and theater.

Streetwear has been a boon to the luxury industry; demand for a name like Abloh likely won’t slow down any time soon.

The exhibition was curated by Dr. Zehra Jumabhoy and boon Hui Tan.

A Texas sheriff had complained that the unnamed legislator’s bill would be a boon to drug dealers.

Both could have been a boon for Democrats if the party was able to conduct effective outreach and mobilize them for the election.

Second, a produce-heavy diet is naturally rich in fiber, which is a major boon for the bacteria living inside your gut.

The rise of that international base has been Netflix’s biggest boon for the past couple of years.

The economic evidence is very clear that immigration is a huge boon for Americans as a whole.

But recent retail shutterings and bankruptcies may be a boon for these temporary stores.

For Republicans, a Democratic Party focused on issues of race and identity might thus be a boon.

The former Goldman Sachs president and chief operating officer helped shepherd through the 2017 tax bill, a boon to Wall Street.

Access to other game makers is a real boon for indie developers like Ramallo, but only if they have the means to stay.

Resources that can be mined or drilled are a boon to wealthy investors, but rarely to the people and land they lie beneath.

When Republicans called a recess and turned off the cameras Wednesday afternoon, they offered a huge boon to live broadcasting apps.

And they are reliable at the voting booth; a boon for Republicans and a problem for Democrats.

The incoming recreational cannabis industry is expected to be a boon to this maritime province of less than 200,000.

(Really, that show has proved a huge casting boon for Hollywood.)

The ban on annual and lifetime limits was thus a boon even for the 159 million people who get their coverage through their employers.

“Employers are skimming less off the top.” This would be a boon for people advocating for a higher minimum wage.

Here’s the money paragraph: “The truth is that social networks have been a boon to partisans of every stripe — conservatives especially.

Big business knows that Kavanaugh could be a boon to their bottom line.

Assad’s surprising durability and brutality against his own people has proved a lasting boon to al Qaeda.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads A decision invalidating Wisconsin’s gerrymander as unconstitutionally partisan would, of course, be a boon to democracy.

The internet has been an incredible boon to mankind, both in terms of our liberties and also in terms of our productivity.

For a struggling theater industry, that could be a boon.

Plant vision is a potential boon for the cannabis industry, as well.

Fischetti thinks that the ability to patent lysin solutions to antibiotic resistant infections will be a major boon to research in the area.

The tax bill, if anything, is a boon for the wealthiest Americans.

The Trump administration argues that this would be a boon to American steelworkers and a serious blow to China.

The spending has proven a boon for medical staffing companies like AMN Healthcare and Aya Healthcare.

“Proceed with caution” is the warning many conservatives are heeding after they seemingly got a massive boon on Friday afternoon.

That was a great boon for musicians and artsy types, but it’s inherently unsustainable.

But regardless, Heitkamp and the rest are clearly betting that Obamacare will be a boon, not a bust, for Democrats in 2018.

The discovery is a major boon for those hoping to find evidence of life on Earth’s barren neighbor.

Yet having an early critic of mass incarceration in the White House would be a boon for criminal justice reformers.

A league insurance program could be a boon for players, too.

The relationship was a boon for the NRA, and seemingly for the broker, as well.

Surprisingly, it was Walmart and Costco that eventually got behind the program, which was quite a boon for these wineries.

But collectively, their investments are a boon to the gun industry and amount to a sizable stake in major gun and ammo makers.

That’s dreadful by global standards but a boon for many North Koreans.

Living near the Natural History Museum, too, was a boon; the institution served as a major source of inspiration and education.

On the one hand, that kind of destination-based taxation could be a boon to American manufacturing employment — boosting American producers against foreign competition.

While 3D audio is an obvious boon for virtual concerts, it can also change how we listen to recorded music.

boon TO DEFENSE INDUSTRYIn documents sent to Congress, Pompeo listed a wide range of products and services that would be provided to the countries.

But so now the idea of actually defining ourselves around something has been such an incredible boon both internally and externally.

For many people looking to go legit, the rapidly growing legal industry is a boon.

The $1.5 trillion GOP tax cut is a major boon to corporations.

PacRim has tried to sell Tyonek residents on an economic boon, too.

The plan is an unqualified boon for US defense contractors, however.

Hourly wage increase, bonuses, and expanded family leave policies are undoubtedly a boon to workers.

Executives in this industry have also pegged Obamacare as a boon to the sharing economy.

Trumpism has been a boon for political comedians.

Immigration, whether high- or low-skilled, is unquestionably a boon for the American economy.

In the right location, in other words, a big new Amazon office park could have been a boon.

And Jayapal has appeared at several Sanders events in Washington State since, which has been a major boon to the up-and-coming politico.

One of the most common goals is to get healthier, leading to a boon in gym memberships just around this time of year.

Is he a boon for the long-running game show, adding excitement and tension with each additional win?

And, worse, killing civilians in ISIS’s territory could be a boon for its own recruitment.

It was also a boon for Saudi women, who had been barred from driving until a decades-long ban was lifted this summer.

That race should be close, but a state GOP tainted by scandal could be a boon for the Democrat.

Medicaid expansion is also a huge boon to hospitals, who provide less charity care when more patients have coverage.

That’s been a huge economic boon, though it’s also meant a loss of biodiversity and polluted water.

“A boon to the Womanhood,” its online marketing said.

It’s also an important fishing hub that provides both food for the region and an economic boon.

Setting aside their contributions to overall growth, are immigrants a fiscal boon or burden?

Scoring Malay as his main producer should have been a major boon, but instead it has become yet another hole in the plot.

Autonomy could be a huge boon to the company’s business down the line and without it, its marketshare could be at risk.

But it’s a mistake to see Trumpism as a boon to white applicants.

Advocates say refugees are vetted thoroughly and end up being a boon to their new communities.

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids is now widely considered a landmark piece of legislation and a boon for public health.

Over its lifespan, the game was a huge financial boon for EA Sports, but the biggest payoff was in how it shaped the company.

In the right location, in other words, a big new Amazon office park could be a boon.

And if greater New York City had the right housing policies, a big new Amazon office park could be a boon.

Instead, it’s been a boon to shareholders.

And, for better or worse, it was a boon for passing Obamacare that the industry mostly supported the legislation.

Cutting the top tax rate on corporations from 35% down to 15% would therefore be a boon for Bank of America.

Herman boon, he’s a comedian that makes a lot of funny jokes.

There is little doubt that a project the size of Moon USA would be a boon economically to the area.

If the politics worked out at the federal level, it’d be a fantastic boon for all Americans.

The trade war threatens to check global economic growth, though signatories to CPTPP said the deal would be a boon for several sectors.

It also helps that the toys are nice to look at, an extra boon for the Instagram-obsessed.

It might seem like a boon for alien hunters, but it actually means that chloromethane can be produced in high concentrations abiotically.

“The growing number of large deals and size of large deals has been a boon for Salesforce.”

McMaster’s rejection of the option about a week prior, they do see it as a potential boon for Maduro.

High global oil prices have always been a boon for Venezuela, since it possesses enormous oil reserves.

Democrats have attacked this as a boon to Wall Street that would spark too few projects and create too few jobs.

Historically many doctors welcomed their presence because they seemed innocuous at worst, but a proven boon for stress and morale at best.

That’s not to say that any given free agent can’t be a boon for a team.

In the right location, in other words, a big new Amazon office park could have been a boon.

A boon for scientists around the world.

Federalizing funding of public schools — or at least moving further in that direction — would be a huge boon for both economic and racial equality.

More specifically, live video, and how the company plans to turn its recent livestreaming push into a boon for its bottom line.

The platform-wide playlists can be a boon to lesser-known artists just starting out.

Trump’s immigration polices have been a boon for the industry, which spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on his election and inauguration.

Cheap air-conditioning is a boon in many ways: So that brings us to this conference in Kigali, Rwanda, this week.

Dre and Suge were ace boon coons back then.

This is a boon for Japanese people and businesses who use bitcoin, and for speculators who see a global market opening.

The weaker currency is also a boon for exporters and manufacturers as it places them at a competitiveness advantage with respect to overseas rivals.

These crops have proved an economic boon to many farmers, although they haven’t led to a huge surge in yields.

This spring has been a boon for the tech IPO.

The Trump administration has argued that tariffs would be a boon to American steelworkers and a serious blow to China.

U.S. consumers are shifting away from smaller cars in favor of larger SUVs, crossovers and pickup trucks, a major boon for the Detroit automakers.

While it’s certainly a boon for the younger ride-hail player, the challenge for Lyft is to retain those riders.

It’s a boon both for farms and for businesses like Airbnb, which profit from the reservations made through their websites.

But it’s proven to be a boon for an industry riddled with slumping sales: orange juice, baby!

But PAX, as London Cannabis Club founder Orson boon points out, are no tarp-covered tourist trap.

“Of course they know,” rails boon.

It is, according to boon and other campaigners, as if the government is getting high on its own hypocrisy.

“Privately, I think a lot of Tory MPs are very pro-recreational cannabis,” says boon.

“The rest of the world is changing,” adds boon.

But the internet’s lack of friction has been a boon to the dark side, too.

Lawmakers like Walden believe their early efforts are a boon for safety, not to mention U.S. business.

Dann’s vision is strong and unclassifiable, and In the Air Without a Shape’s music is a boon to Canada’s indie scene.

But the profitable combination of economic blockade and inflated prices has proved a boon to illegal trade.

While that consistency may be wave-making technology’s biggest boon for tournament organizers, it can render surfing almost unwatchable for others.

Women in particular have become unapologetic about speaking out for abortion rights, Kolbert said—a huge boon for the contemporary movement to preserve Roe.

The Chinese also seem to be more amenable to sharing data, which can be a boon for tech companies looking to customize digital experiences.

The OGs of tart and funky, Brouwerij boon from Belgium, were also here, serving vintage lambics from 1985 and 1997.

Meanwhile, others were quick to question the companies’ claims that the merger will somehow be a boon for American job creation.

Still, by RAND’s self-described conservative estimates, a later start to the school day is not just a bargain, but a boon.

Zachary Crockett / Vox This is not atypical: Mass shootings, however heinous, have long been a boon to gun industry executives.

The film industry has been a real boon to a lot of us local artists and creatives.

Natural gas only emits about half as much CO2 when burned for energy, so that’s a boon for climate efforts.

So hearing each other’s voices should be a boon, right?

Possessing the ability to keep a drone in the air for weeks at a time is a significant boon for both of those tactics.

The show’s running time also accidentally ended up being a boon.

The heightened interest in Mount Everest has been a revenue boon for Nepal.

According to the Heartland Institute’s scientists, climate change will also be the greatest boon to public health in human history.

Still, Chaffetz has pegged the bill a boon for state economies.

An unexpectedly swift return to the Senate was supposed to be a boon for Senate Republican leaders, and it was — until the last moment.

SoftBank’s partnerships with major automakers are also proving to be a boon to transportation startups.

He gave them an enemy to obsess over, and that’s always a boon for ratings.

In a way it was a boon for environmentalism—it rallied all of the complacent people.”

Others have argued for lower rates as a boon to workers that the Fed should push to its limits.

Uber’s Elevate program has also certainly been a boon for recruiting big names in engineering.

But the decriminalization of weed can be a boon for pet safety, too.

To prevent further attacks, Sessions urged a merit-based immigration system as a “boon to our economy and raise wages.

To prevent further attacks, Sessions urged a merit-based immigration system as a “boon to our economy and raise wages.

The Affordable Care Act was imperfect, and sometimes too expensive for average Americans, but it was often a boon for people working independently.

That’s a political boon for Democrats.

Wireless charging will also be a boon to autonomous electric vehicle fleets.

Still, uncomfortable though the situation may have been Monday night, it could also be a boon to the party in the longer term.

Democrats have been running away from the egghead stereotype for decades, while meanwhile the Republican Party’s anti-intellectualism has bizarrely been an electoral boon.

Pumpkin spice became a boon for many brands.

Though Obama didn’t outright endorse Clinton, his praise is a clear boon for her a week before the Iowa caucuses.

The inability of Europe to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis has been a boon to neo-fascists and isolationists across the continent.

“Even Kentucky in the first year — maybe two — was a boon.

More generally, the Big East’s renewed focus on basketball is a boon to its programs.

At first blush, that might seem like a boon for critics who represent those groups.

Genovese had bought her food truck in a rush, anxious to take advantage of the economic boon of the RNC.

The election also has brought a ratings boon to television, which had been losing audience to Internet streaming.

Keppel Corporation Chairman Lee boon Yang said the Singapore-based company regretted the actions that took place in Brazil.

Even if the mine is a boon for the economy, it will be the return of a dirty, dangerous industry.

Factories in northern Mexico have grappled with labor shortages, so migrants could prove a boon for employers.

Chung partnered Lee Yong-dae to third place at London in 2012 with their victory over Malaysian pair Koo Kien Keat and Tan boon Heong.

It’s also going to be a boon to public transit.

I ran into several other artists while making my visits, and that too is an added boon to my open studio jaunts.

And like it even needs saying, Pokémon Go has also been a beautiful boon for the app’s developer, Niantic.

It could be a particular boon to remote, off-grid communities.

That’s a boon to our cause.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Amazon’s aircraft fleet expansion is proving a boon for Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

This has been a boon to America’s competitors, such as Russia and China.

Others have argued for lower rates as a boon to workers that the Fed should push to its limits.

The limited feature list and transparency of Spectacles could be a boon for social acceptance.

The biggest boon came from Britney.

Some African-American and Caribbean-American legislators have defended the diversity visa as a boon to African immigrants, but it’s not their biggest priority.

But the sector as a whole has been a boon for the recording industry.

The way we talk about mass transit funding could leave one with the distinct impression that it’s a burden, not a boon.

And a huge boon for Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee whom Obama finally formally endorsed earlier this week.

However, despite Burma’s newfound prosperity, fast food is never a health boon.

This should be a boon to young artists who might be trying to navigate their own political and aesthetic interests.

(For a graphic on ‘Philippine First Daughters’ click Rodrigo Duterte’s rise has been a boon for the Marcos family.

Usually Super Bowl halftime performances are a boon for artists.

In the longer run, however, the cold snap may not be quite the boon oil bulls were hoping for.

Some Republicans see Harvey relief as a possible boon to this schedule.

Yet there’s also a chance that the increased attention to his past might end up being a boon to Kelly.

The spending has proven a boon for medical staffing companies like AMN Healthcare and Aya Healthcare.

The rapid growth of Instagram has been a huge boon to consumer brands whose goods photograph well.

There’s no major bonus for flushing out the giants, no big boon for destroying the kobolds.

The project could be a boon for Canada, which has struggled to bring its vast oil reserves to market.

A male sex robot could be a boon for gay men looking for a humanoid companion, for example.

Besides mitigating side effects, such timed-release devices could be a boon to people who don’t have access to regular medical care.

This allows for more favorable pricing and more investor interest, thus making the offering a larger boon for the firm.

The extra jobs and taxes created as a result are a boon for the national and local economy.”

On November 2, 1996, gangly teenager Damien Nettles headed out in Cowes on the Isle of Wight with his good friend Chris boon.

Tabis says the focus isn’t actually on positive cash flow just yet and that last quarter was just a boon.

Dany’s dragons are a boon but they aren’t a deterrent.

That could make the feature a major boon to Facebook’s efforts in the developing world.

So a single sign-on (or zero sign-on, in some cases) will be a boon.

It remains a variable that must be controlled, one that can be an economic boon or bring the wrong kind of attention.

To enthusiasts and industry insiders, automation was purely a boon.

It turns out immigration is a boon for innovation in the United States.

He spent the following weekend on the Sunday morning talk show circuit, championing the move as a boon for American workers.

Since “Despicable Me” introduced the Minions way back in 2010, the critters have been a boon for movie studios.

Suddenly, from the heavens, a boon appears.

That said, if you’re a social person, this could be a boon.

But initially, this didn’t look like a challenge for the religious right at all — it looked like a huge boon.

The Gear VR giveaway, for one, could be a boon for sales of the device.

It’s been a boon for our companies — we’re generally playing at a stage before we’d be competitive [with that].

The proposals are aimed at safeguarding against price dislocations, Tan boon Gin, chief executive of SGX RegCo, told a news conference.

“By end of May 2020, we hope to see the resumption of the high-speed rail construction,” Singapore Transport Minister Khaw boon Wan said.

Cheap air conditioning is a boon in many ways: So negotiators in Rwanda had to balance all of these different concerns.

So the milk delivery job was a mild boon to Pablo and his family.

The move is likely to be more of a boon for Tidal than Amazon, of course, but the more options the better, naturally.

In other words, the business of weed can be both a boon to homeowners and a source of stress on local renters.

It could be a boon for states like California, less so for Wisconsin: Most other countries find themselves in similar situations.

And it will certainly be a boon to the CBD industry.

The desertion of traditional center-left parties was a boon for the so called “Dutch Trudeau” Jesse Klaver, whose Groenlinks party picked up 12 seats.

They firmly believe that tax cuts for the very rich will be a boon to the whole economy.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Amazon’s aircraft fleet expansion is proving a boon for Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

Their environmental impacts have been shown repeatedly to be less damaging to the environment, and a boon to global biodiversity.

These efforts have been a boon to the social sector.

So anything that increases efficiency stands to be a major boon.

Combine those two factors with the reality that Kentucky is a poor state, and the results have been a boon.

It could be a boon to celebrities who want to take a break from social media but return eventually.

boon Hui Tan says he and his co-curator Michelle Yun will “examine the meaning of art from Asia in an increasingly global context.

It’s potentially a boon for the company as it looks to make money off of WhatsApp.

A steep increase in housing construction activity could be a huge boon for the economy in 2017.

Dark Mode is a potential boon to all of us desk jockeys looking for some respite from eye strain.

The industrial activity and infrastructure on both sides of the border in the Tijuana-San Diego area has been a boon to smugglers.

“LSD was such an indirect boon to me that I can’t help feeling thankful to the drug to this day,” she wrote.

Such policies have been a boon for Canadian tech companies.

Turns out that here in Hong Kong, these at-home deaths—which happen all the time—can be another man’s boon.

Shooting full 4K video will be a boon to fans of moving pictures and the camera introduces a “slow and quick” mode.

Streetwear has been a boon to the $300 billion global high-end fashion industry, and helped it grow an estimated 5 percent in 2017.

Instagram hasn’t highlighted the ability to syndicate your Stories to Facebook, which could be a boon for that parallel product.

But, in a boon for Republicans, Blankenship won’t be on the November ballot.

Clinton’s comment could nevertheless end up being a boon to Trump.

Apple Pay currently supports boon, Carrefour Banca and UniCredit.

This will be a boon for basic and applied biomedical research — but it also will simplify the assembly of designer pathogens.

The idea for boon + Gable comes from former Diane Loviglio, who previously worked in qualitative user research at Mozilla.

After testing the concept successfully, boon + Gable was formally founded last year.

On the backend, boon + Gable has created a real-time database of some 41,000 items from area retailers.

J.Crew and Bloomingdale’s are now working with boon + Gable directly by pulling items, packing them and handling returns.

While it took time for the team to get over the loss, the boon for the school was immediate.

The B Corp certification route has been a boon for some.

The announcement has also been a boon for Betterment as a whole, inspiring sign-ups outside of Uber.

Saccone, meanwhile, has been touting Trump’s signature legislative achievement as a boon for the middle class.

The answer is KKR’s outsized balance sheet, which Ubben sees as a flexibility boon whereas many other managers view it as a burden.

Are they a threat, or a boon?

The question is less about whether Amazon’s decision to site its satellite offices in certain cities will be a boon to those cities.

A lot of games should be a boon for a new platform like VR.

That, Nityananda says, could be a boon for roboticists looking to implement 3D systems into less complex and lighterweight machines.

The left says the clean-energy revolution will be an economic boon.

One boon of the Golden Age of TV: Even though there’s more to see, there are more guides to shows available online.

In return, the manpower is a boon for the alternative energy producers.

But the idea that bringing Amazon to your city is a clear economic boon is less than clear.

But the deal is also a boon for the White House.

(via SensorTower) SoundCloud was returned when users searched for Spotify and this was definitely an unintentional boon for them.

The nascent hops industry has been a boon to the state’s economy, but growth has come with challenges.

While a boon to companies, the BOJ’s negative rate policy has created a dilemma for Japanese fixed income investors.

The officials argued that could be a boon to industries like telemedicine or self-driving cars, which might require an especially fast connection.

Access to the region and exposure to its growth is expected to be a boon for Tesoro.

Trump portrays lower corporate taxes as a boon to workers, saying they would lead to more jobs and higher salaries.

It has been a ratings boon for PBS and ITV, even when viewers complained at points that it was beginning to lose steam.

(As would the media, but non-Muslim terrorists appear not to be as much of a ratings boon as Muslim terrorists.)

These integrations are a boon for Google Cloud customers who are likely already using some of these services.

The new project will be a boon to anyone using Uber outside the United States.

Algorithmic accountability offers a better path toward ensuring organizations use AI responsibly so that it can truly be a boon to society.

The Republican plan, expected to cut many corporations’ taxes, is seen by some analysts as a boon for U.S. stocks.

2 pick is a boon in that area.

What Exxon said: Exxon CEO Darren Woods’ short blog post announcing the plan is titled “Tax and regulatory reform’s economic boon.”

No single voice has been a greater boon to that effort than Beck’s.

But, but, but: Buybacks are a boon for the stock market.

These superhero-themed crossovers have proven a ratings boon for The CW ever since “The Flash” debuted in 2014, joining veteran “Arrow.”

But there’s no denying technology is a boon among Arizona’s less-populated areas.

What Spartan Bioscience does next could be a boon to personalized medicine, or the bane of medical professionals and policy makers.

A Romney endorsement before Tuesday’s first-in-the-nation primary would no doubt be a boon for the lucky recipient.

Additionally, the startup activity that the new regulatory environment should facilitate could be a boon to economic development efforts in cities.

So far, uncertainty around Brexit has been a boon for lawyers, driving demand for their services.

Obamacare was expected to be a boon for insurers, bringing them millions of new customers who would obtain coverage on the individual insurance exchanges.

Done well, it could prove a much-needed boon for the company.

It’ll be a boon to us all.

Apple’s willingness to defend encryption and its customers has been a tremendous boon.

Cryptocurrencies are a boon to all sorts of criminals, from online drug dealers to ransomware hackers, due to their semi-anonymous nature.

As I said above though, Instagram is also a boon for the art world.

Israel’s cultural mix has been a boon.

It’s also a major boon to Kingsbury’s efforts to wear out defenses with his spread system.

He’s been a boon to for-profit prisons The private prison industry saw a quick turnaround with the election of Trump.

The event that jump started the community’s first big boon in 2010 only exemplifies that.

In addition to being a boon to scientists, defecation events are a productive fertilizer for ocean life.

This is a boon for anyone who’s ever wished they could relegate all menial and annoying tasks to their sleeping, regenerating selves.

That’s a potential short-term boon for consumers, but could put the hurt on a whole host of technology companies.

But he added that it’s still a boon for the Democratic candidate.

It’s also could be a boon to e-commerce companies like Wish, and create the opportunity for new direct fulfillment platforms.

Access to the region and exposure to its growth is expected to be a boon for Tesoro.

In short: decentralized self-sovereign identities are not a panacea, and if not carefully structured, they could even be an accidental boon to authoritarian governments.

Yes, scrapping the deal has boosted oil prices, a temporary boon for the Russian economy.

That’s a potential boon for U.S. defense contractors.

The technology isn’t quite ready to defeat the Dark Side, but it could be a major boon to photon-based quantum computers.

For Instapaper, this could actually be a boon in addition to operating within Pinterest.

A local presence could be a huge boon for Tesla, which is seeing big growth in its business in the country.

Disrupt San Francisco 2019, which takes place October 2-4, can be a serious boon to your business.

Wait mode turns out to be an incredible boon.

In some ways, this unique status has been a boon to Darling’s business.

That is a boon for Australia where coal accounts for a tenth of exports at around A$2.8 billion ($2.12 billion) every month.

The migrant influx, facilitated by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 2015 decision to open Germany’s borders, was a boon for the anti-immigrant AfD.

Conventions are a boon for the hosting party, in part, because of the blanket coverage they get by the press.

That has been a boon as fees are calculated as a percentage of fund assets.

For others, the Zika outbreak in Singapore has become an unlikely boon.

Immigrants (I am one) are a boon to any neighborhood.

Publishing government data sets, a potential boon for training data-hungry AI.

The study’s authors also believe the potential commercial benefits of the fruit could be a boon to conservation efforts.

The ability to opt out of MFN could prove a particular boon to the automotive, medical technology and environmental technology industries.

What a boon.

Solid exports have been a boon for Chinese policymakers.

Their decision could convince other major GOP donors to give as well, which would be a major boon for Trump.

Obamacare was expected to be a boon for insurers, bringing them millions of new customers who would obtain coverage on the individual insurance exchanges.

Aleppo’s fall could be boon for ISIS In addition, there are implications for the fight against ISIS.

That’s because the 2017 bill could be a boon for software-industry M&A.

That’s when boon began studying photography, so she could represent her children’s lives better.

He was 6 at the time, and the school did not have computers and encouraged families not to have TVs, boon says.

But boon acknowledges that this probably won’t be the case forever.

“It doesn’t appear to have put them at any disadvantage at this point,” boon said, referring to her children’s electronic-free life.

boon shoots with a Canon 5D Mark III and 35-millimeter lens.

“They live in the minute,” boon said.

“It’s now as a mother myself that I would love to go back and ask her about my childhood,” boon said.

Perhaps with time, boon‘s children will recognize the significance of their mother’s photographs.

It boosts immunity and is a boon to sufferers of psychosomatic pains.

Niki boon is a New Zealand-based photographer.

Data: boon or curse?

Encryption can be a boon to users fearful of surveillance or who want to protect their personal data from commercial abuse.

The developer calls it an economic boon that will make the United States less dependent on imported oil.

The developer calls it an economic boon that will make the US less dependent on imported oil.

Supporters say it will be an economic boon that will decrease dependency on foreign oil.

April 25 (Reuters) – boon Koon Group Bhd: * Resignation of Goh Chin Aun as executive director Source text: ( Further company coverage:

Higher yields are a boon to banks’ profitability.

But its very lagging position may become a boon as it attempts to leapfrog over the West, experts say.

The project could be a boon for Canada, which has struggled to get its vast oil reserves to market.

The big picture: This proposal is a boon for a growing anti-monopoly movement that critics have derisively called “hipster antitrust.”

If the SLS rocket fails, it could be a boon for another private sector space company — like SpaceX.

Fed rate cuts would likely be a major boon for equity prices and also boost bond prices, driving down yields.

Yes, but: Cybersecurity is increasingly seen as a boon to uptime, rather than an obstacle.

Others said the change could ultimately be a boon for the island nation.

There is, however, one area of the world Trump seems to have eschewed altogether, an area where his skittishness could prove a boon.

Go deeper: Tiger’s Masters win could be a boon for the golf business

Proponents of both projects tout their economic boon.

The trade war has been a boon for U.S. bonds, which had already seen significant buying for most of 2019.

Chinese tourists have been a huge boon to Japan’s economy in recent years.

Where SDN has been a boon is when engineers have started with the question: What is the problem to be solved?

But his personal tragedy was a boon to science, said Dittrich.

Runs more than 1,100 miles Dakota Access and pipeline supporters say the $3.7 billion pipeline project would be an economic boon.

Runs more than 1,100 miles Dakota Access and pipeline supporters say the $3.7 billion pipeline project would be an economic boon.

It should be a boon to both companies, a fact that wasn’t lost on VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger or AWS CEO Andy Jassy.

One theme that’s cropping up relatively often now: Teen guys seem like more of a burden than a boon to their female counterparts.

It’s built its purpose and its business on top of our private data, and touted itself as a boon to the world.

Exploit-writing has been a boon for many Argentine hackers, including Juliano Rizzo.

The topic: artificial intelligence (AI) and whether it is a boon to humanity or an existential threat.

Lex boon, about his long-running pineapple research project that has culminated with him becoming a pineapple trader himself.

“This happens all the time,” says boon, starting a new thought in the middle of a sentence.

SoftBank’s partnerships with major automakers are also proving to be a boon to transportation startups.

So boon delved into the history of the pineapple and began discovering a plethora of bizarre factoids about it.

“I actually combine all my vacations with pineapple traveling,” says boon.

Last September, the NRC Next started publishing boon‘s stories about his hobby project.

Name an important event and boon has a story with pineapple that comes with it: the fall of the Berlin Wall, for example.

boon‘s obsession with pineapples even provides opportunities to cover stories that other media outlets have missed.

Now that the theoretical part of boon‘s project is done, it’s time for the next step: becoming a pineapple importer himself.

“The older varieties are less sweet, less like chewing gum,” boon says.

boon is still figuring out how to make this new venture profitable, however.

The state of the pineapple industry is a huge concern for boon.

The program has been a boon to real estate developers, including Trump-branded properties, according to published reports and the companies involved.

To complete his project, boon still needs to visit many of the countries that are on his pineapple bucket list.

boon also wants to travel with a container ship from Costa Rica to Rotterdam to witness the journey that pineapples take.

And thus the pineapple is boon‘s guide to the rest of the world.

For skiers and snowboarders, the snow is a boon.

The move is a boon to Pandora, which likely wants some of the younger Uber users as new listeners.

Maven has thus far deployed over 100 Bolt EVs across carsharing services in California, which is a significant boon for EVgo charging demand.

That could be a boon for Snapchat, which fell $30 million short of revenue expectations last quarter, sinking its share price.

Danke is confident that Gu’s addition will be a boon to its operational capacity.

Foldable screen technology finally becoming a reality could be the technological boon the Razr needed to truly stage a come back.

It presents concerns of a lack of broader strategy, but Nye said Trump’s more pragmatic approach to global affairs could be a boon.

The real boon here is OpenVPN as that ensures excellent download speeds and quick reestablishing of a connection if it suddenly drops.

Other economists believe that a lower corporate tax would just be a windfall to stockholders—primarily a boon for the wealthy, in other words.

The ability to scale poultry farming is also a significant boon to impoverished living in rural areas.

“If we choose carefully and strategically, that could be a real boon,” he said.

For sure, a nanny might be a boon.

The deal could prove a boon for sales of Kespry’s drones and data analytics software.

Rideshare advocates say any boon from the fee, which begins in January, could be hurt by the cap.

This surely sounds like a boon to working women, who (on average) do more child rearing and housework than working men do.

Today’s IPO is a major boon for Rocket Internet, which owns a 35 percent stake in Delivery Hero thanks to the FoodPanda deal.

Q: Will a surge in plant investments in the United States be a big boon, as President Trump argues?

Improved search could be a huge boon to brands, businesses and influencers hoping to build their Snapchat audience.

The appearance was disastrous for the tobacco industry, though a boon to public health.

Shamansky says that the internet has created a “boon for criminal defense lawyers” because of its role in sex-related cases.

For them, a chance at free healthcare is a rare boon.

The energy boon is in marked contrast to other financial instruments.

That could be a boon for all kinds of industries, from sports to virtual reality.

For Widodo, seeking reelection next year, getting a majority stake in the mine for Indonesia would be a political boon.

4/x — boon Cotter (@booncotter) September 5, 2017 During the interview, @bruce_straley walked in and I kinda pooped in my pants a little.

5/x — boon Cotter (@booncotter) September 5, 2017 Bruce: So you were a lead artist on your last project?

(Everyone laughs) 6/x — boon Cotter (@booncotter) September 5, 2017 Then he asks “Why do you want to work at Naughty Dog?”.

7/x — boon Cotter (@booncotter) September 5, 2017 But then I stopped and said… “Ugh.

9/x — boon Cotter (@booncotter) September 5, 2017 He wasn’t a punchline to a joke.

10/x — boon Cotter (@booncotter) September 5, 2017 I told them that I saw myself represented for the first time.

11/x — boon Cotter (@booncotter) September 5, 2017 That made me fall in love with everyone here.

13/x — boon Cotter (@booncotter) September 5, 2017 Moral to the story: Don’t underestimate authenticity.

❤️ 14/x — boon Cotter (@booncotter) September 5, 2017 To wrap it up, this was the day. — boon Cotter (@booncotter) September 5, 2017

If automakers get the connected car right, it could be a huge boon for Detroit.

This finding could be a boon for future moon missions because water could potentially be extracted from volcanic deposits.

The commission’s acknowledgment that the nation severely lacks adequate treatment capacity, Green said, was a boon for those on the front lines.

He’ll get major credit for resurrecting the steak fry, which will be a boon for the county party’s coffers.

It should all be a boon for other suppliers of LNG to Asian buyers, such as utilities in the region.

The burgeoning appetite for U.S. crude among Asian refiners could be a boon for Bakken crude, especially when the Dakota pipeline starts up.

The nuke deal has been a boon to Iran in one area — tourism.

The feature could be a boon to Facebook advertisers that seek to be remembered.

Linear VC of China, 500 Startups and Singaporean-based angel investor Koh boon Hwee also took part.

However, even this short-term experiment with gaming was a huge boon to Facebook’s bottom line.

It was a boon for President Donald Trump ahead of the election.

That would definitely be a ratings boon.

That’s why getting paid severance can be such a boon.

The weak pound has been celebrated as a boon for exporters, whose sterling-based costs are reduced relative to their foreign-currency revenues.

• Eliminate the estate tax — paid by those with multimillion-inheritances, a boon for wealthy individuals who inherit businesses, investments and real estate.

The letters “EJB” are the initials of Ed boon, creator of the Mortal Kombat series.

Luckily for boon Cotter, a lighting artist based in California, crying during his job interview actually paid off.

The expected boon to earnings has helped stocks rally so far this year, while the weak dollar has added to the enthusiasm.

boon had joined Temasek in 2012 from Credit Suisse , where his last role was the Swiss bank’s head of global mergers and acquisitions.

Dilhan will also take over boon’s Americas role.

Republicans have been trying to market tax reform as a boon for the middle class.

But he said that even volatility could be a boon.

For Amazon, the ability to distribute products they already sourced at a higher-margin is a boon for their business.

Many supporters of the pipeline expansion say it’d be an economic boon.

Shortly after his presentation, Intel released its findings that autonomous driving will result in a $7 trillion boon to the economy by 2050.

It said strong customer demand, especially in large and complex laboratories, was proving both a boon and a burden.

It could be a boon for busy doctors who spend more than 10 hours a week on paperwork and administration rather than treating patients.

With customers increasingly engaged, proximity has become a major boon for startups in NYC.

The package represents a boon for Hariri, who only recently rescinded his resignation as prime minister following his return to Lebanon from Saudi Arabia.

That’s a boon for weight-conscious launches to the space station.

Trump’s victory has been seen as a boon, particularly for financial and industrial stocks that have surged since the election.

The weaker currency is also a boon for exporters and manufacturers as it places them at a competitiveness advantage with respect to overseas rivals.

Safe to say, in a security sense, having more noise with your signal can actually be a boon.

If things continue on their current trajectory, it’s a boon for Beijing.

It will be a financial boon for those centers.”

You can also add cards from various wallets, such as Orange Cash, Ticket Restaurant and boon.

These developments clearly undermine long-held economic doctrines, and they’ve been a boon to working families.

This would be a massive boon to dynamism and growth.

Beyond just getting in on the latest trend in China, Temasek’s investment is also a boon for Mobike’s international expansion plans.

The phenomenon has, in many respects, been a boon for African economies.

What if we treated them as the boon of billions of years of evolution?

The message was clear: a boon for the US economy and the President delivering on his campaign promise to bring jobs to America.

“They are a great PR boon for the United Kingdom.”

Keytone Ventures Director Eric Tau says the “C2C” (copy to China) model—replicating successful firms such as Google or Facebook—has been a boon.

While the selection is considered an honor and a boon for business, it is also regularly a logistical nightmare.

This week has been an absolute boon for people looking for a good cry.

People also watch these short clips intensely, which could be a boon for the advertisements Facebook now inserts between Instagram Stories.

Access to credit card data and credit score data would be a boon for fraudsters and identity thieves wanting to cash in.

Cricketer David ‘boonie’ boon is on the flip side, famous for his stout figure and beer drinking exploits.

It became a boon for them; for us, not so much.”

A boon for Trump While Democrats are flailing, Trump can hardly lose.

Social media can either be a boon or a liability for contestants on the Bachelor and Bachelorette.

Today, boon Supply Co. launched with the goal to “benefit consumers and worthy causes alike.”

boon Supply gives 50% of every purchase to a good cause that you, the consumer, get to choose.

boon Supply offers over 200 home essentials, from kitchen tools and home storage solutions to gardening supplies and reusable grocery bags.

The election also has brought a ratings boon to television, which had been losing audience to Internet streaming.

That excitement, though, has not turned into a fundraising boon for the DNC.

“It’s a boon to anyone who wants to spend large amounts of money on politics without any accountability,” he said.

“This safe viewing will be a tremendous boon to tourism on the island,” said Okabe.

Instagram’s move could be a boon to businesses and advertisers, who will see more of their videos play with sound now.

The Canadian location has been a boon to Drop, according to the company.

It would be a boon to businesses and social stars looking to visually promote their accounts both online and in physical print materials.

Chung partnered Lee Yong-dae to third place at London in 2012 with their victory over Malaysian pair Koo Kien Keat and Tan boon Heong.

Black Friday wasn’t just a boon for e-commerce retailers, it helped the mobile app stores break new records, too.

This might be bad news for big companies, but it’s a boon for consumers.

In fact, I believe strongly that Face ID is going to be an incredible boon to accessibility.

Thus, the amount of water in these reports is a huge boon to future explorers.

This movement back towards traditional speaker systems could be a boon for audio companies reeling from the explosion of smart speakers.

When publisher Mills & boon began investing in romance fiction in the 1930s, that’s when romantic fiction became “synonymous with formulaic plots.”

This, of course, is a boon to privacy and security.

For developers, this may be a boon for all this to be integrated directly into AWS.

Trump portrays lower corporate taxes as a boon to workers, saying they would lead to more jobs and higher salaries.

Others in the category include Le Tote, Trunk Club, Wantable, boon + Gable and Dia & Co.

2018 has been a boon for television.

This can be a boon to all those amateur producers who don’t have the backing of huge record labels.

McConnell expects that Kavanaugh’s confirmation will prove to be a boon to the GOP in the midterms.

The result is a degraded experience for its free-tier listeners, but a boon to the startup’s long-term financial health.

As artificial intelligence becomes more integral to its platform, such data would be a huge boon.

It’s an attempt to circumvent ISP throttling, a potential boon for those who frequently visit sites with lot of video.

Asking console manufacturers to allow everyone to use a mouse and keyboard without needing input diversion devices would be an amazing accessibility boon.”

A fresh play that expands the Xbone into a growing niche — say, pro and competitive gaming — would be a huge boon just about now.

Trump, who has touted the tax cuts as a boon to corporations and regular Americans, also has the executive power of a presidential override.

It’s a huge boon for all riders — now if we could just get the governor to fix the entire subway system.

Jane boon, a long-time fan of Game of Thrones, found the Night King captivating long before “The Long Night.”

Raising the dragon, raising the corpses with that hand gesture where he just lifts his arm,” boon, an industrial engineer and writer, told Refinery29.

There’s none of that with the Night King,” boon said.

boon, on her end, was happy to see the Night King go.

Urdiales touts Wass’ marketplace experience as a big boon here, noting the latter helped launch Uber into more than 200 cities.

It wouldn’t even be the first time a film has been a boon for the band.

For the business traveler, food hall dining is a boon.

The vote, however, was a boon for Heitkamp’s fundraising.

But on the Senate side, Trump appeared to be a boon to Republicans running to unseat Democratic incumbents in states he won in 2016.

It’s a potential boon for Walmart and numerous other retailers all set to release quarterly results and holiday outlooks later this week.

For some users, that lack of analytics is a privacy boon.

On Friday, Trump hailed the deal as a boon for the economies of all three countries.

For them, a chance at free healthcare is a rare boon.

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