Booking in a sentence | Use of the word booking examples

With a high-risk booking strategy focused on long-term growth, the club’s bookers, Jay Smith and Anton Stevens, found things initially tough.

This could including booking a car for a specific amount of time, but also plans like Uber’s and Lyft’s.

The home sharing site aims to make the instant booking feature more accessible, expanding to 1 million instant listings by January 1, 2017.

The card earns an incredible 5x points/dollar spent on airfare, whenever you purchase directly from the airline or through the AmEx Travel booking portal.

Police say Miles was uncooperative and they ended up arresting and booking him for public intoxication.

I ended up reaching over the counter, snagging my ID out of his hands, and booking it out the door.

Punk had the temerity to publicly go in on WWE’s medical services and booking practices.

I hired competing online services to do the booking.

Discwoman, the female DJ collective and booking agency, held a panel at the Red Bull studios to talk about sexism in dance music.

When you look at the styles of wrestling and booking, they’re two very [similar] styles of pro wrestling.

We’re told Remy’s complaints include Vincent dropping the ball on basic manager duties like booking studio time, and scheduling performances.

Management was soon booking him fights as close as MAX Muay Thai in a nearby province, and as far as China and Spain.

Not booking a regular facial…

Strictly through booking the Cap’n Jazz shows, I got to know Mike and his brother, Tim Kinsella.

Zinni claims they were told they could use the $210k toward the new booking price.

The booking company claims to have signed a contract with Def’s agents Rahman Prescott-Bey and Khalil Bey.

booking and GIC were not immediately available for comment.

Is he booking seven years out?

Many investors are concerned about rising costs associated with booking fees shared with drivers, said Daniel Morgan, a senior portfolio manager at Synovus Trust.

Online travel company Priceline Group announced today that it is changing its name to booking Holdings., which had more global name recognition than, helped Priceline increase its more profitable international hotel booking business.

Other businesses under the new booking Holdings umbrella include, and OpenTable.

booking old-school names like techno legend Dave Angel, who is making a comeback, is what we mainly are about.

Fitts says he’s out at least $123k on various booking fees and wants his money back … or else.

According to his booking sheet, Lewis is listed at 6’3″, 215 lbs.

Inspired by their early success, they began booking shows and continued collaborating as Planet Giza.

The county publishes a roster that includes a small amount of information: inmate name, booking date, location, and charges.

I think it might be interesting to look at charges vs. total period of incarceration between the given booking date and today’s date.

The booking date and the charge don’t seem to have any special identifiers.

We’re just after the charge and the booking date.

We’re after the total period of incarceration, from the booking date through today’s date.

“We put ourselves under added pressure by booking the studio time before it was finished being written,” Ward explains.

I see people understandably up in arms about promoters not booking bands with women, non-binary or queer people,” she says.

While the scene won’t change overnight, more signs point to promoters no longer having no excuse for booking all-white lineups.

A rocket scientist-turned-CEO proved her boss wrong early in her career by booking a ticket to Latin America — and got herself a promotion

booking and GIC were not immediately available for comment.

This, I realize, is what’s been preventing me from booking a dentist appointment.

The booking sheet, however, indicated the artist booking fees had brought in more than $13 million in gross for Fyre.

The family milestone went down in Khloe’s house, with True booking it through the living room and the playroom.

booking complications arise, sure, but we owe young music fans a more balanced experience.

Makhija arranged a gig for the shoot, booking Demonic Resurrection alongside bands he felt were representative of the Indian metal scene.

The Manual gave readers step-by-step instructions on everything from booking recording studios to hiring publicists.

In India, Practo, founded in 2008, acts as a one-stop shop for patients booking appointments with doctors for online and face-to-face consultations.

In India, Practo, founded in 2008, acts as a one-stop shop for patients booking appointments with doctors for online and face-to-face consultations.

It was free, although most of the events were accessible only by booking tickets, which quickly sold out.

But everyone brought something different to the table—which was a testament to the organizers’ commitment to booking a diverse roster of talent.

Twitter Inc declined to comment and booking Holdings did not respond to a request.

U.S. travel website Kayak was making changes to let customers exclude specific aircraft types from searches, and booking sites were looking to reroute passengers.

Late last year, the company inked a deal with ticket booking platform Redbus to add inter-city bus transportation information., for example, advertises “high quality line standing services for Congressional hearings” and offers online booking.

Independent music scenes have proven over the last few decades that they are able to successfully operate without booking agents.

One retweet can get someone a booking.

Still, one thing that Wireless has always been good at is booking acts.

A few years ago I was booking a lot of shows at venues like Baby’s All Right and Deeper Space.

He also teased services like flight booking and grocery ordering, coming soon to Airbnb’s expanded “trip platform.” This article originally appeared on

Tekashi went on an all out assault on MTA booking during an interview on “The Breakfast Club” Friday.

Murphy is also leading a review of bias among hosts and booking people at Airbnb.

Renly thinks they have what it takes to be the platform for booking temporary beauty and fitness locations.

As she got more experienced, she increased her initial booking fee for in-house events from “two digits to three digits”.

“I know that after tonight, people won’t be booking me for, like, Carnegie Hall,” Magary said.

You’re personally at an age where you’re not yet bracketed as an older supermodel booking big campaigns.

To me one of Pickathon’s main strengths is the diversity of it’s booking.

Uber has launched a web-based booking option for all of its customers in India.

It makes its money by acting as an insurance broker, reselling policies from health insurance providers, booking a percentage from the sale as revenue.

A member of Trump’s team apparently said that booking agents and artist’s could “Name your price.”

I do all my own booking, so booking this has been totally different than booking a normal tour.

Oher had received a citation for misdemeanor assault and had been ordered to appear for booking on May 8.

I had two queer men and then me and another woman, I think that should be explored as a feminist booking as well.

When I came in, Greg Lahm, the other guitar player, was taking care of all the business and doing all the booking.

So we hired a booking guy.

Now, the future of Fyre and their unfinished celebrity booking app is uncertain.

In the industry, only booking Holdings is valued higher with a current market cap of $84 billion.

Airbnb, founded in 2008, was seeing substantial growth at that time and HomeAway had just introduced online booking.

Meanwhile, the White House succeeded in booking a call between Trump and Xi that they’d been working on for several days.

The show’s hip-hop act was a much easier booking.

After that, I started experimenting with more instruments, and we had our first LEO booking in Fall 2013.

There are event series like Daphne at Chicago’s Smart Bar that specifically center themselves around booking women and non-binary people.

And those are just a few among the many events all across the country that are specifically centering queer people in their booking practices.

The company claims to take all of the hassles out of decision-making, charting, and booking a big bulk ship.

In a down-cycle, where every bit of efficiency can help, Shipamax’s software means route optimization, easier booking, and better outcomes, the company says.

“We receive as many [booking] requests as ever, both from France and internationally.

Companies can receive anywhere from 4,000 to 15,000 requests for booking each day, and extracting information from those emails is time-consuming.

Shipamax integrates with a company’s email and extracts relevant information to create automated booking requests.

A blog proceeded to write that we condoned and promoted racism due to the booking of this show.

Delta provides a special call-in number for booking congressional travel, for example.

I’m booking more every year,” she said.

The metal and punk shows continued, while Marcin found a new job working with a booking agency.

The offering also includes an API, allowing enterprise partners to build Concierge control directly into their existing travel and transport booking solutions.

Specifically, Momondo searches airline websites and just about every travel booking site and “online travel agency” (OTA) that exists.

When booking with any OTA, you should wait a few days between booking your flight and making other plans.

Look to see which website or OTA offers the best price, then click it to be taken to the booking page.

Click on it to go to the booking screen.

In this case, the booking conditions stated that the tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

The startup operates like a travel booking platform to allow holidaymakers to choose and secure their travel plans online.

I emailed Breslin to let him know I wanted to write this article and to voice my displeasure with the booking in general.

The booking is confirmed, and I get the money.

I think Alan Licht was booking it.

Eventually, they can perform more complex tasks than requesting a taxi or booking flights.

M is part of a bigger game to make people more used to getting things done via Messenger (shopping, booking, scheduling, ordering etc.).

All of a sudden, something spooked the dog into booking it for dry land.

After you’d had a booking you could debrief with each other.

We don’t have a booking agent at this time, which leaves us with very few gigs.

So, any good booking agents out there, give us a shout!

I feel like they’re just not happy because my booking fee’s higher than some people double my age.

American Express made an acquisition in Japan by picking up restaurant booking service Pocket Concierge in an undisclosed deal.

It’s the part about booking losses that is painful — and that these folks are trying to avoid.

There is no manager here, no booking agencies, and no endorsement deals.

Why ever talk to a human again when booking a trip is just a click or tap away?

They were joined by Travis Katz, CEO of travel booking site Gogobot.

After reaching profitability and booking $500,000 in sales, the company wants to increase spending to push into financing plans for hotels as well.

Its average booking price is $2194, from which it earns $315 on a customer acquisition cost of $138.

That means it earns back the money in the first booking.

Instead, it will only be available to those in select domains, including messaging, payments, ride booking, workouts, calling and searching photos.

However, $300 of it is returned as a statement credit when booking Marriott properties, so for me, it’s really only $150.

England had defender Millie Bright sent off for a second booking three minutes from the end.

AirWander’s founders built the product after enduring the effort of manually booking a trip around the world.

Travel companies and airlines take advantage of how complicated the booking process seems.

Moller-Maersk, operator of the world’s largest container line, saying its customers can’t use online booking tools and its internal systems are down.

It was super affordable, had tons of traffic, and the tribute for booking just one session would cover the advertising cost many times over.”

10:56 AM PT — We’ve obtained Paddock’s booking photo.

For years, he absorbed everything he could about skywriting, and one day they had an accidental double booking.

In order to run your algorithms on those chips, you’ll have to book time using the service’s online booking system.

But part of that was deliberate, YAMMA decided to focus on the nostalgia market, introducing a ‘masters’ division and booking numerous superfights.

We weren’t interested in booking big stars and having people plug their movies.

It also has a comprehensive system for booking air travel, working with hundreds of airlines and 1,500 airports.

His mom ended up booking a tacky wedding chapel and buying me a rhinestone-covered dress.

Those companies, like Uber, match drivers with riders and take a cut of the booking as revenue.

The AI-based reservation booking service seemed almost too impressive to be a machine.

“[I]t involves booking with points in a way that makes it indistinguishable to a legit booking,” read one listing on Dream Market.

Its main competitor is Fandango, which was founded in 2000 as a ticket booking website and now also owns popular review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

“John Barera has been my low-key partner in crime in booking our massive Elsewhere line-ups,” Rex explains.

It reported $8.1 billion in booking, coverings 30.7 million riders and 1.9 million drivers.

To kick off the expanded program, Getaround made the first booking day free for up to 12 consecutive hours.

There are no upfront fees, commitments or subscriptions, and no limit to the booking duration.

“There is also no payment unless you get a booking.

Airbnb has completed its acquisition of the last-minute hotel booking application, HotelTonight, the company announced on Monday.

And more people are booking Airbnb rooms or homes at the last-minute, many of them business travelers, the company said.

Last-minute booking is HotelTonight’s sweet spot.

If you’re only booking a private apartment, basically that should be the only result.

It’s not so much about the booking process and so on, because that is not the technological challenge.

So the booking file doesn’t really work and so on, so we try to help them, actually.

To empower them with technology to have a very competitive booking file.

But “cash positive” suggests they’re booking sales faster than they’re spending money, which is a positive sign.

Firms like CRAFT and Targeted Victory that focus on digital have added media booking and legislative public affairs, respectively.

He says he’s out money for booking hotels and lost profits on the show itself.

The company also has booking and reservations software for travel agencies and corporate travel programs.

Suddenly promoters were booking bands to get people in again.

@arielhelwani calls the UFC “tone-deaf” for booking Greg Hardy on the same card as Rachel Ostovich.

White has previously said he spoke with Ostovich about booking Hardy on the card and claimed she was cool with it.

“It was just a lot simpler,” Mehrotra said of booking a flight through Amazon.

Europe’s easyJet is signing direct booking contracts with hotels to give it more flexibility in pricing packaged holidays on its website.

But with guests staying away, hotels are still booking losses.

I often get a last-minute booking from a group of guys that want a striptease around 1 AM.

booking photos provided by the Baltimore Police Department show the six officers charged in connection with Freddie Gray’s death.

So far it’s been okay because Wolf Parade and Operators have the same booking agent, which is pretty helpful for a scheduling conflict.

MSC, the world’s second biggest container shipping group after Maersk, said on Wednesday it would stop taking new booking for Iran.

All of a sudden we had thousands of guests and we started booking talent, and we had a festival on our hands.

People are paying their bills, or booking travel, they’re going shopping, and they’re doing it all within one central app.

Airbnb’s long-term ambitions include building an end-to-end travel platform, complete with home sharing, hotel booking, business travel arrangements, experiences and more.

With the family preparing for the wedding, Nai Nai jumps into action, booking a banquet hall and planning the wedding feast.

WAYN has since evolved by adding feature like travel dating, flights integration (Kayak and Momondo) and hotel booking (from

booking these masters also exposes fans to the kind of musical craft not always witnessed in the depths of the Sahara Tent.

“Most of the time composers are not really thought of as being cool and worth booking,” Carpenter says, “So this is all fabulous.”

Let’s say you’re booking a one-way ticket from New York City to Paris on October 13.

Tilt was already popular with the college crowd in booking social events like trips and parties, and extending that to Airbnb seems natural enough.

CEO Kevin Stamler says this was to remain outside the “booking curve” that already exists.

There is also no payment unless you get a booking.

But those booking emails aren’t being managed by professionals.

Yesterday, the UFC announced another booking for UFC 202 on August 20: a war of opposites between Demian Maia and Carlos Condit.

so easy communications, booking, and then you just pay with your credit card.

Cheddar is joining forces with WeWork to scale its on-air guest booking operation.

“There is some selling, maybe it is profit booking.

This might mean choosing which party to go to, or buying tickets to an event, or booking a hotel room.

Instead of the standard method of booking hotel rooms through a travel website, Airbnb hosts must approve guests before their stay is confirmed.

10:45 AM: Facebook is bringing appointment booking to the Messenger API so you can have instant booking, real-time availability, and reminders.

Currently booking six months out, get in touch.

Cover image: In this Wednesday, March 6, 2019 booking photo released by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office is R. Kelly.

Other purchases over the last few years include German mobile hotel booking app Justbook, and U.K.-based night planning app My City Venue.

Standard International will collect a booking fee for each transaction.

A spokeswoman declined to provide details, but said the cut the company takes is smaller than that of the industry’s largest booking sites.

Bayley, for her part, has been woefully mishandled, transforming from a female corollary to John Cena into a hapless goof swallowed by 50-50 booking.

The booking can be down—this is WWE, after all—but it’s a fun company to watch, so long as you stick to the pay-per-views.

Clivillés estimates that Williams makes between five and ten thousand dollars per booking.

Again, equal credit is due the much-maligned booking team.

The space is wheelchair-accessible, and the online booking system is accessible to people with hearing loss or deafness.

The proposal specifically targets app stores, search engines, e-commerce sites and hotel booking websites.

I then phoned the person who had made the booking and it was the same couple who were just in.

But DeSantis assiduously courted Trump, aggressively booking himself on Fox News as a pro-Trump talking head and impressing the White House.

Other directories and marketplaces exist for booking drone service providers, of course, including, or for aerial photography, Dronebase, and Airstoc.

The carnival is a fading industry, eclipsed by amusement parks and elaborately produced circuses, struggling against maintenance costs and sparse booking schedules.

Montreal-based travel booking platform Busbud has closed an $11M Series B round led by iNovia Capital.

Their petition was rejected due to short notice and a previous booking, but the couple has reportedly refiled.

It also offers ticket booking via its Android and iOS apps.

With so much money sloshing around the travel booking space there’s competitive pressure on platforms to keep investing in the core product.

Whomstever is doing the booking of musical guests over at The Chris Gethard Show deserves a serious raise.

My first international booking was here in London!

Of course, this Maia vs. Brown booking is far from your run of the mill welterweight bout.

Even if you caught the headline, you might have been too distracted by the drama to really appreciate just how good this booking is.

Online booking platforms can help these professionals navigate such issues, mitigate costs and connect with customers, fast.

“There’s a lot of risk in the sense that we have booking agents that are trusting us 100 percent,” Lange continues.

He found that any airline using Amadeus made it easy to edit and change someone’s reservation with just their booking reference number.

booking Holdings Inc fell 10.96 percent after missing quarterly earnings expectations and was the biggest single-stock drag on the S&P.

In some cases, he didn’t even need to obtain someone’s booking number.

How secure is the six-digit booking reference itself?

If your six-digit booking reference isn’t already on your boarding pass, ticket or luggage tag, you’ll still find it embedded in the barcode.

Sources close to Fetty’s RGF Productions tell TMZ … they fired Shawna Morgan Friday for falsely representing herself as his booking agent and manager.

In some cases, the script found booking references attached to real customers.

They believe she collected real booking fees on behalf of RGF, and then emailed on the side pretending to be Fetty’s manager.

Nevertheless, he stepped into the danger zone by booking a flight with a London connection.

Airbnb is testing a new payments feature for hosts, letting them get partially paid out at the time of booking.

For their trouble, Airbnb is taking a 1 percent fee of the booking subtotal for early payouts.

DealRay alerts come with step-by-step instructions for booking the deals.

If a booking is cancelled after an early payout has been received, the amount will be deducted from the host’s next booking.

Nobody was booking me for anything.

Alas, we’re not booking a flight for a six-person journey beyond earth anytime soon.

In the month following the boat crash, thousands of hotel reservations were cancelled, and the booking rate across Phuket was cut in half.

Bottom line: we’re booking artists that we and the people we work with are stoked about.

I don’t envy people booking at that level, because you’ve got to make a dollar.

HotelTonight is counting on its sleek mobile interface to compete against its much larger booking competitor, Expedia Inc (EXPE.O).

For booking hotels, I recommend which has some of the best rates and deals.Read the original article on Travels of Adam.

[ Laughs] I’ve gotten so much practical use out of it: Selling prints, booking tours, saying hey to old friends—all that.

Graham: The change in the US dollar is primarily challenging for the booking aspect of the festival.

THUMP: Are you booking more Canadian acts as a result?Hollett: Not as a result, but we were kind of going that way anyway.

Quintal: The booking for Picnik is not done yet, but almost.

Maybe instead of booking a DJ from LA, I’ll book one from Vancouver.

I think it’s all in how the festival approaches their marketing and booking.

The company, which posted a record profit last year after two years in the red, remains upbeat about its booking trends.

Robin also integrates with Slack and Aruba Meridian to provide easy room booking and indoor, turn-by-turn navigation to find the room you’ve booked.

It’s about booking shows, it’s about the right collaborations.

“I think it’s interesting these conventions are booking Neve, Fairuza, and Robin all together, but excluding me.

After her arraignment, she was transported to another building, where she was shuffled between concrete pods for various booking processes.

In hindsight … the “God Wanted Us To Be Lit” rapper probably would have been better off just booking a long-term rental.

I was chuggin’ — I was booking it!

If you’re the opposite, and get more anxious when you’re isolated, take that into consideration when booking.

And, on average, the “prime booking zone” is 21 to 112 days out.

The Marriott invested in PlacePass, an activity booking service which provides “behind-the-scenes” tours and classes with local crafters and artists.

Anticipating these changes, Facebook said in December that it would start booking advertising revenues locally.

We’re sure it won’t be long before all the ladies with lobs start booking hair appointments to go shorter, too.

U.S. travel website Kayak was making changes to let customers exclude specific aircraft types from searches, and booking sites were looking to reroute passengers.

The octogenarian DJ has created so much buzz within Japan and around the world that she gets about three booking inquiries everyday.

So I’ll bequeath the booking to whomever might beat me out.

So I’ll bequeath the booking to whomever might beat me out.

Overnight offers on-demand booking of short-term rentals — think Airbnb meets Hotel Tonight.

So I went to some auditions and boom — I started booking TV and movies immediately.

“People are booking a digital model, and they’re booking her because she’s the world’s first digital supermodel,” he told VICE News.

A day later, I feel another vibration: a 70 birthday booking, four months in advance for nine people.

Now, if you had amnesia, this booking would be difficult to rationalize.

DeAngelo’s booking information at the Sacramento County Main Jail describes him as a 5’11 man, weighing 205 lbs.

“You can’t get a (container) booking out of Brazil right now through to the end of the year,” the U.S. importer said.

Cover image: A booking photo of Brandon Russell.

“Xola was among the first flagship booking systems to integrate with resellers like Viator,” he told TechCrunch in an email.

Sometimes, our knowledge was earned the hard way, through booking mistakes, cultural misunderstandings, and lost-in-translation moments.

We did a lot of work in Santo Domingo, which is the capital, booking bands and playing shows.

Spain’s IBEX fell 0.4 percent with shares of travel booking software firm Amadeus down another 2 percent and extending Friday’s losses.

See more tips for booking a flight on the cheap at “Travel With Bender.”

“The moment a booking is made they use us to push it straight to the professional’s calendar.

I once made the mistake of booking the absolute cheapest flights I could find, ignoring the overlays that were clearly stated.

So what that means is booking extra guests and making sure they’re ready to go when the news is actually confirmed.

booking also operates Kayak,, and OpenTable, which makes it a powerful ally for Didi, which is in global expansion mode.

He took Simpson’s shoes home from the crime scene instead of booking them into evidence that night.

Anyplace handles the booking and payment process, in return for collecting a 10 percent commission.

The threats came after his Breakfast Club appearance in which he had claimed his booking agent was stealing and attempting to extort him.

booking a flight and booking hotels, you can do that pretty easily.

Tappsi has also set up physical booking stations in four malls and two universities to help alleviate the low smartphone penetration in the country.

Both Rick and Ed get Santa-related work in the offseason; as a Santa booking agent, Rick also helps other Santas book gigs year-round.

Cheer-Ups works super hard booking new and experimental bands, local and international.

booking Santas, Mrs. Claus, and Elves for the #Christmas season.

Features of the WeTravel service include creating booking pages for clients, accepting payments, and managing marketing, communication and finances from one location.

“Santa wouldn’t wear that.” All told, an aspiring premier Santa Claus can theoretically spend thousands before even booking their first gig.

Here are 12 misconceptions about plane tickets — and how you can actually save money when booking your next trip.

Most of their engagements are now handled by a professional booking agent and a public relations firm.”

Likewise, booking separately can save you money on domestic flights.

So how does booking Coachella actually work?

MYTH: If you and your friends are booking seats on the same flight, you should purchase your tickets in one transaction.

Due to booking algorithms, there can be up to 10 different prices for the same seat on a domestic flight.

There’s a simple hack for getting upgraded for free: book an economy ticket with a Y or B booking code.

booking a trip while things are still uncertain could prove to be costly.

“That night, I got a booking in South Korea.”

When booking an Airbnb, you may expect there to be little quirks that aren’t mentioned in the listing.

Being incarcerated will make booking Cohen on Capitol Hill more difficult, but not impossible, legal experts and congressional staffers have said.

Users can also search for identifiers like booking ID, security IDs, local IDs and event numbers.

Wonderful, we’re glad you’re feeling better, and hope you’re booking your next trip to Alaska to fulfill your fly fishing dreams.

Possible buyers for Resy could include booking Holdings, the conglomerate that bought OpenTable in 2014.

There are a few reasons why parents would want to pay for a service like this instead of booking directly with a class provider.

“You have to go through the booking process to get those values.

Some of those include services for ride-hailing service Ola, hotel booking service Oyo and travel booking service MakeMyTrip.

LG: Per booking?

Per booking, correct.

KS: But there’s a booking fee.

The process of changing hairstyles includes inspiration on social networks, YouTube tutorials, booking stylists and buying hair care products.

Founded in 2016, Toronto-based SnapTravel offers online hotel booking services over SMS, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Google Home and Slack.

Shortly after they met, Shimkovitz signed Mergia with Awesome Tapes’ label and began booking him shows around the world.

More like Coachella should be aShamed Impala for booking them.

Certain museums require advance booking, while others may be available immediately.

We decided to celebrate Black History Month by only booking black and black-identifying DJs.

Don’t bother booking the chapel just yet.

Crowds swarmed nearby railway stations and booking offices, only to find tickets out of the area nearly impossible to come by.

If you don’t reserve the time as you would booking an appointment or important meeting, the routine won’t happen.

His kickboxing record from 2005 to 2010 was 2-18, with many of those losses coming by knockout, and yet K-1 kept booking him.

), but nobody seems to be booking venues and bands and frantically running out for party supplies, either.

Use of integrated display (screen and heads-up) and voice will enable business multi-tasking from video conferencing, search, messaging, scheduling, travel booking, e-commerce and navigation.

This inchoate stew of bad booking and worse character development has taken its toll on Reigns.

Several weeks later, he allegedly hacked Marriott’s booking network to practically give rooms away.

But as she got older, work slowed down; booking producers were casting younger (and often less-skilled) women.

But there were obstacles along that path, including racist booking policies that kept bands out of downtown Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, its core units of food delivery, in-store services like software for restaurant owners, and travel booking earned positive operating profits in 2018.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of travel booking service Expedia since 2005, was reportedly selected on Sunday as the next person to run Uber.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of travel booking service Expedia since 2005, was reportedly selected on Sunday as the next person to run Uber.

“My current aim is to explore theater and experience it as therapy,” it says on the booking site.

“Even in the U.S., 60 percent of businesses don’t have an online booking system set up.

England had defender Millie Bright sent off for a second booking three minutes from the end.

And then, after that, apparently there was someone there who was booking for Lollapalooza.

I’m booking for the show.”

“Trump wasn’t so shy about making an appearance, even despite protesters lining Hollywood Boulevard to protest his booking.

Judge was pretty damn smiley on his way into Dallas County Jail for booking.

But that doesn’t mean the kids are booking appointments with their general practitioners in order to get inked.

The hackers then allegedly stole the booking numbers and resold them on Facebook.

[15:02] “You gotta go into the psyche of even idolizing booking agents.

I was idolizing booking agents.”

According to his booking sheet, 33-year-old Browner is listed as 6’3″, 215 lbs.

According to Singapore Airline’s flight booking system, a one-way premium economy seat on the record-breaking flight will set you back $1,225,75.

The platform donates £1 for every diner on a booking to a charity of the booker’s choice.

LONDON (Reuters) – Sloane Stephens and Steve Johnson got American Independence Day underway by booking their places in the third round of Wimbledon on Thursday.

Especially if you take the precaution of booking with someone who doesn’t drink.

Last year, the company celebrated its millionth booking on the platform.

That helps travelers gain credibility within the Airbnb community, even if they’re not the ones who did the booking.

The last major announcement pertains to Airbnb’s business-travel booking service, which will soon allow employees to book stays on behalf of other employees.

booking a vacation in one of these places is the first.

We had all believed him, booking him on shows and sharing the stage… and now this?

You won’t be compensated for this time, and you’re actually missing out on money by not booking sessions.

booking options are also not standardized.

Hence GoEuro reckons there’s “significant opportunity” in the “limited digital booking capabilities” in the ferry market.

You can cut costs even more by booking a homestay—this one in Ubud has free breakfast and a spa.

We want to make travel booking seamless and provide reassurance, no matter where customers want to go, or how.

It now has onsite booking for “hundreds” of air carriers, enabling users to compare and buy flights directly too.

Also erased from memory was last year’s DUI arrest that produced a droopy-eyed booking photo.

I’m still booking everything myself, though.

You’re booking a vacation!

TMZ Sports obtained Rey’s booking information — 6’2 inches, 350 lbs.

Webbie says his kids’ buddy tried booking it at one point and was ready to leave the girl behind.

Advance booking is required to view “Perfectly Clear” (1991) and “Hind Sight” (1984).

If he kept that booking, maybe we would have a different president right now.

Shame were booking such female-fronted bands at the age of 16, bands who are now hyped on their own merit.

Prepare ahead of time, Gemini, by booking a massage or a meeting with a counselor you trust—having someone to talk to will be helpful!

But Joel was the first to jump at the opportunity, taking the initiative and booking six shows there for July and August, 1987.

It also has a comprehensive system for booking air travel, working with hundreds of airlines and 1,500 airports.

It’s not enough to only create value for the consumer through easy booking, competitive prices etc.

The company still loses money, booking an operating loss of over $466 million in the period, largely due to stock-based compensation.

I’ve had two seasons playing Cocoon now, which is a hard booking to get.

THUMP: How did the Coachella booking come about?

DocPlanner, the Poland-founded healthcare booking platform that now processes 1.5 million bookings every month globally, has closed €80 million in Series E financing.

As for his middle finger mug shot, the docs say Songz refused to cooperate during the booking process.

“[A representative of the booking company] told me the clubs were worried about getting death threats,” Speiser says.

Staff members threatened resignation and boycotts if the museum does not cancel the booking of its Milstein Hall of Ocean Life for the gala.

Last Friday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called Bolsonaro a “very dangerous human being,” and urged the museum to cancel the booking.

booking can be done either online or through Surf Air’s app.

We separated from Artery, we didn’t have a label, our booking agent dropped us, so we didn’t have anyone behind us.

Why would I get backlash because of someone booking me?

This morning, Grab announced a $200 million strategic investment from booking Holdings, which most people still know as Priceline.

The actors and the friends of mine started booking stuff, so it was like …

The newest version of the Snapdeal app already includes integrations with travel booking service Cleartrip, food-delivery service Zomato and bus-booking service Redbus.

This year, my agency has started offering clients the option of booking a woman to play Santa—though demand hasn’t been very high.

It was our last year of high school, so by that September he was booking us and putting us on the road.

HR: When you are booking your show, when you’re thinking about how to present the antidote to Donald Trump …

They need to be attractive to audiences, which means booking interesting and/or controversial speakers.

The ball is large, the players bright, and the slide tackles almost always result in at least a booking.

Aqua were too busy playing six shows in Scandinavia to speak to me, said their booking agent via email.

His booking sheet lists him at 5’8″ and 160 lbs.

Look, booking a tour is pretty thankless.

I am, in fact, a mere few clicks away from extending my overdraft and booking a flight to somewhere even hotter.

However, if you found a better deal by booking two separate tickets, you’ll have to pay up.

And I was like, “Should I really trust this?” because it wasn’t the common way of booking.

Users are presented with 12 roleplaying scenarios, like booking a hotel or going on a date, and given prompts to respond to by voice.

According to his booking sheet, Green is being held without bond until he goes in front of a judge.

I’m booking more every year,” she said.

Facebook said in December it would start booking advertising revenue locally instead of re-routing it via its international headquarters in Dublin.

booking agents, programmers, press promoters, managers, journalists, and musicians—none of them can exist without the rest.

Priceline’s 2005 acquisition of has been so transformational that the online travel company is changing its name to booking Holdings.

We had a booking agent at the very beginning of my first tour who booked us some strange places.

Making the booking earns the agent a commission of “up to 10%” on every booking made.

The bookings themselves are done through more traditional booking sites such as

Earlier this month, Airbnb acquired the last-minute hotel booking site HotelTonight, bringing it even deeper into the mainstream hotel market.

HomeAway, its home-sharing competitor owned by the travel booking site Expedia, brought in 11 percent.

Many already started booking writedowns last year, as Carillion’s woes mounted following a profit warning in July.

Other investors in that round include Toyota, booking Holdings, Microsoft and Hyundai.

Even now I’ll go to the club and I’ll say, hit me up on Facebook if you want a booking.

Shedul, the online booking platform for salons and spas, has raised $20 million in Series B investment, valuing the company at $105 million.

Next time, I’ll check a country’s calendar before booking.

You can save a lot of money booking a multi-city airfare on sites like Skyscanner or Expedia.

Make sure you ask about the language before booking.

As of late July, other travel booking websites were offering three-star hotel rooms in Rio for $300 a night during the Games.

United argued that Zaman was unfairly competing with other booking sites and promoting “strictly prohibited” travel.

That said, the main appeal of a Thompson-Condit booking is the near certainty of entertainment that the fight would produce.

went back into booking Red Hot Chili Peppers this year.

booking a three-week tour a couple months in advance seems like the perfectly responsible (maybe too responsible!)

Imagine leaving a cell phone inside some punkhouse and whoever happens to pick it up is who you’re booking the show through.

So it’s like, it’s at a resort, and they don’t stop people from booking rooms.

These fare hikes include an extra HK$5 booking fee levied by Uber on all rides.

That information comes from studying the booking habits of Skyscanner’s more than 50 million users, Condé Nast Traveler reports.

Christmas: You’re going to want to start booking this trip when you’re getting ready to head home for Thanksgiving.

), Skyscanner recommends trying a last-minute booking, with 6.72% of savings one week before and 6.67% two weeks out.

Also, according to Papachrisanthou, there was never a reputable booking agency or management company to represent Greek artists.

9 p.m. — Get an email that our Airbnb booking is confirmed!

Shuttle – Shuttle is getting a head start on the future of space travel by building a commercial spaceflight booking platform.

You need a big label behind you or a booking agency.”

The only rational defense for booking this fight is an individual’s right to self-determination.

The night before the wedding, however, we received a booking on Airbnb for our wedding night.

Yoshi is not the only company to attempt to reach drivers where they park with a mobile app for booking.

For many models, booking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is a major boost for their careers.

I think we have about 10 different sites already that are booking these films.

Chase operates a travel booking service as part of its Ultimate Rewards website.

Regrettably, this booking fell through just days after it was announced.

News of this fight comes from ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, who confirmed the booking with UFC President Dana White.

I went to Italy, I wanted help booking that.

Founded in 2012, Festicket set out to make booking various festival experiences across Europe as easy as booking a package holiday.

“I didn’t have a plan – it was just booking flights, book an apartment, book a studio.”

), but Saturn has bigger things in mind— like you publishing a book, getting a degree, or booking oversea flight.

Celebrate a new year of travel by booking a cheap flight to Italy or Greece this winter.

Here are a few common mistakes people make when booking travel online — and advice on how to avoid them.

Another reason we love booking Southwest?

booking, warned repeatedly would not be sold at the door.

For example, it has already started a restaurant booking service in South Korea.

“It was just a lot simpler,” Mehrotra said of booking a flight through Amazon.

Europe’s easyJet is signing direct booking contracts with hotels to give it more flexibility in pricing packaged holidays on its website.

The itineraries were provided by the travel agency we used for booking tours, so they were free.

At this point, Katt’s lawyers are booking more gigs than he is.

Global Investors, adding that strong gains last week prompted some profit booking.

“He was constantly booking theater tickets and changing his mind — so I would often get tickets to things.

“This is a sort of depressing admission, but one of my favorite parts of the job was booking travel.

On the new podcast, Bamfo also answered questions from readers and listeners about the logistics of booking a Recharge room — including who cleans it.

There was a clear objective, you know — booking a trip to Mongolia, finding lodging, booking yurts, etc.

(Add this to the convenience of booking blowouts, massages, and more with your smartphone.)

A calendar for booking room views and a reviews system is also in the works, slated for launch within two months, according to Pierre.

I’m the head of booking of Primavera sound festival in Barcelona.

I just know that they are booking DJs.

“If you don’t have a booking agent, it’s pretty damn near impossible to get a decent gig,” he laments.

We’re told the separate seating was due to booking last minute — but seeing the moody duo together definitely raised eyebrows.

Ticket sales for “Hadestown” increased by more than 1,300% on Sunday thanks to the Tony exposure, online booking platform said.

The igloos are open for booking from August 20 through the end of April, which the resort site notes is Northern Lights season.

De Soto, 25, works as the booking agent for the Atlanta festival Wrecking Ball.

You also can find out if you can see this doctor without booking an appointment, and if they accept national healthcare cards.

I had a manager and an agent that was booking me things, and I was like, “Okay, you need to book me for whatever.

Expedia put $350 million into booking platform Traveloka in a deal that valued the startup at more than $1 billion.

For example, public transit agencies could handle booking and subsidize the cost of trips.

iOS 11 expands SiriKit with more domains (built-in apps of notes and lists) and support for payments, QR codes and ride booking.

( * Word-of-mouth holiday booking firm Travel Counsellors is considering a stock market float as an option for its next stage of growth.

It’s also streamlining its fees to hotels to compete with travel booking sites and lets travelers book activities organized by local home-share hosts.

I have really fond memories, of booking 90 percent of our first few tours just via Myspace.

I loved booking the Accused with Brotherhood.

For these last shows, overseas, did you handpick the bands you are playing with?When we go to Europe, we have a booking agency.

Instead of depending on huge numbers of groups, Okoli offers quality tours for $25 a person and does everything from booking to cancellations online.

So we had a booking agency always help us in Europe and they knew us really well.

Yuriko Beaman, a KonMari consultant in Reading, Pennsylvania, has started booking speaking engagements at wellness centers and Jewish community centers.

That’s why HotelTonight is getting in the ring with the big players with this forthcoming launch of expanded booking windows.

A judge ordered Jones be released after witnesses of the robbery could not tell Amos and Jones apart in their booking photos.

Amadeus confirmed its Altea system had experienced some technical issues, which resulted in flight delays and problems in the booking process.

As always, be a smart traveler by checking the airline’s website for rules, restrictions, and additional details before booking.

Cops responded and arrested Weiss around 2:30 PM, booking him for possession of a controlled substance.

In July, Didi nabbed $500 million in strategic investment from booking Holdings.

The deal allows Didi users to reserve hotels on booking services and, in turn, offer its on-demand car services to booking users.

In September, Times of India reported that the transportation startup may be backing India’s hotel booking platform Oyo Rooms.

According to his booking sheet, Tarver is 6’2″ and 225 lbs.

booking the telescope for that length of time costs $6,000 US (nearly $7,700 Canadian), which sounds like a deal.

It generated revenue through partnerships, advertising, licensing and booking deals.

But then I wasn’t booking tours or music videos or anything, and I didn’t know why.”

Availability varies by flight, so make sure to check out blackout dates and terms and conditions on Frontier’s website before booking.

How it works Of course, scoring a house sitting gig isn’t quite as easy as booking a hotel room.

Right around the time he surrendered for booking, Songz tweeted, “I am being lied on and falsely accused for someone’s personal gain.”

She began booking small roles on dramas like CSI: Miami, In Plain Sight, and The Following.

Advance booking, according to Gett CEO Shahar Waiser, is a major advantage when it comes to business-to-business services.

“The first U.S. travel order saw the booking velocity fall by 35 percent overnight.

“When will it recapture the original booking curve is anyone’s guess,” he said.

It’s clear this product can be modified to address other voice-heavy industries, too, such as call centers and appointment booking services.

They also will be introducing some paid offerings to complement their booking technology.

“There’s a competitive race to be the established consumer brand for appointment booking,” said Marc Woodward, vice president at scheduling software maker Genbook.

After booking the trip, I reached out to a few friends who knew the Keys well for recommendations, among them, Andy.

However, not everyone with a huge following actually chose that Instagram life: Today a model’s social presence can make or break a booking.

He is thinking of booking some club appearances to make the time go faster.

Now, it is spreading its wings through a partnership with Agoda, the hotel booking platform owned by booking.

The payoff, schedule suppliers say, is that the booking tool makes clients more attractive in Google results.

She is an avid user too, booking about 45 nail, hair and massage appointments in the last year through Reserve.

As is the case with most JetBlue sales, there are some specific booking details to consider when planning your flights.

Such firms reroute the booking of their profits to low-tax nations where they have headquarters, like Luxembourg and Ireland.

Individual flights are subject to additional blackout dates, so be sure to check all the details before booking.

Airbnb is acquiring hotel booking app HotelTonight.

If you love them as much as we do, you may find yourself booking an appointment in the near future.

Our first booking was on a 200-foot yacht near Saint Barthélemy — this isn’t a joke.

Airbnb announced it’s acquiring discount hotel booking app HotelTonight — a company that was recently valued at $463 million.

The popular app for booking hip restaurant reservations is about to be acquired, multiple sources tell Recode.

When I perform, people give me tips, and I get a booking fee.

My booking fee is high, and it has to do with my résumé.

booking the likes of the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, The Charlatans.

You can go to a club that does legit business and just ask the guards who to contact about booking other guards.

He became a protege of maverick owner Paul Heyman, whose genius approach to booking professional wrestling would change the industry forever.

— Ed, Connecticut Ed, 27, has been booking hardcore and punk shows in Wallingford, CT for years.

You’re a member of the Connecticut hardcore scene and you’ve been booking bands for years.

It’s helped with booking and getting out there.

I started booking them a couple years later.

Kasikorn joins Hyundai ($250 million), Microsoft (undisclosed) and travel firm booking ($200 million) as strategic backers announced over the past month.

A Wilhelmina agent spotted the shot and had him signed and in NYC booking gigs less than a month later.

We hope booking in a sentence examples were helpful.