Board in a sentence | Use of the word board examples

** Foreigners were net buyers of 40.0 billion won ($34.23 million) worth of shares on the main board.

Yesterday, Tate’s board of trustees announced that the museum will no longer accept funds from the Sackler family.

Dennis Freedman, Roelfien Kuijpers, and Benoit P. Bosc were elected to SculptureCenter’s board of trustees.

Adrian Cheng joined the Public Art Fund’s board of directors.

INE board member Ciro Murayama said he found nothing unusual in the candidates’ declarations that they have not taken any private money.

According to sources, at the Friday meeting, Mayer laid out a plan for turnaround, appealing for more time from the board to fix Yahoo.

“You’re using a dart board, but you’re actually playing something totally different.”

It includes a short provision that would ban vaping devices from being brought on board, even in carry-on luggage.

If union and school board members ratify the contract, classes will resume on Wednesday and more than 600,000 students can return to school.

If it passes, and the school board approves it, teachers will go back to work Wednesday.

Despite its commercial success, critics couldn’t get on board with the film’s gore and torture, citing it as gratuitous.

The National Transportation Safety board (NTSB) is investigating the cause of the crash.

If legislators have started to get on board, that’s great news.

But the fact that eMarketer is predicting declines across the board is a bad sign for Facebook regardless.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not at all thrilled with his company’s longtime board member Marc Andreessen.

Years back, Thaler uploaded some concept art to a message board he lurked on, looking for feedback.

Before the board meeting Fetty rallied troops to gather support for the principal.

Who’s going to be the next person on the board?

Instead, what happens is that politicians’ dependence on special interest money generally elevates the priorities of the wealthy across the board.

With the now almost certain prospect of all on board having died, the crash is set to rank as its second-worst air disaster.

Most of those on board were Indonesian but the airline has said an Italian passenger and Indian pilot were on the plane.

On Monday, the U.S. National Transportation Safety board and Boeing Co (BA.N) said they were providing assistance for the investigation.

The National Transportation Safety board and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are still investigating.

One reason is because Disney CEO Bob Iger is friendly with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who sits on Disney’s board.

Daniel Tarullo will resign from the Federal Reserve’s board of Governors on or around April 5, according to a statement on Friday.

He served as chairman of the board‘s Committee on Supervision and Regulation, which was responsible for regulating Wall Street banks.

No voting system is perfect across the board.

House Republicans are going back to the drawing board on immigration.

But as he continued, his dry delivery of increasingly strange costume ideas got everyone — including a barely contained Fallon — on board.

Not as a board member — and you should talk to him.”

“You mischaracterized my position across the board.

The following is a snapshot of the nine members on Tesla’s board.

In May this year, influential proxy adviser ISS recommended that investors vote against his election to the board and called him a non-independent director.

ISS in May recommended that investors vote against his election to the board as he is “overboarded” – serving on several other boards.

He is on a leave of absence from Tesla’s board since then.

Linda Rice 2017 First African-American and second woman to join Tesla’s board.

Jenny Abramson, the VC firm’s founder and managing partner, will join Ellevest’s board.

After it has rested overnight, divide the dough in half and place the dough on a well-oiled board.

Single mothers are teaching their children how to ride bikes and play board games while bargaining with landlords and pinching dollar bills.

Vacherot was also appointed as a director of EssilorLuxottica to ensure the board keeps a strict balance between the two companies.

EssilorLuxottica’s board had advised shareholders to reject the proposals.

However, proxy adviser Glass Lewis & Co last week recommended EQT investors vote in favor of the company’s board nominees.

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who said she would establish an advisory board to streamline the process and focus primarily on drug offenders.

All six of the proposals were instantly vetoed by Zuckerberg and his board.

The reality is I have one board seat now in the entire Bay Area.

Her students were born before Brown versus board of Education or Bolling versus Sharpe.

I realized all of them were on board and all agreed 100 percent.

But it was too little, too late, and Ballmer, under pressure from the board, announced his resignation less than three months later.

Her story illustrates the precariousness of motherhood across the board in a country without universal healthcare.

And then what’s the plan to get Congress on board for that?

Let’s get everybody on board and try that.

Lea Michele let loose in Hawaii, stretching out on a paddle board while rocking a one piece swimsuit like a total pro.

The bank’s board also chose board member Samer Haj Yehia as Leumi’s new chairman.

Leumi said Russak-Aminoach’s resignation would take effect after the bank’s board chooses a replacement for her.

The board met hours later and named a new chairman.

Haj Yehia, a director at Leumi since 2014, had been the first Arab board member of a major Israeli bank.

DeMoss’s founder, Mark DeMoss, sits on MOTB’s board.

Gains were spread largely across the board in London, with heavyweight financial stocks, miners and oil shares all boosting the FTSE 100.

Households are increasingly on edge about income prospects, a survey by the Conference board showed.

There were 75 people on board, including 10 women and 24 children.

There were 75 people on board, including 10 women and 24 children.

Whether the House would be on board and vote to send it to President Trump’s desk is an open question.

When Gen. Kelly came on board he told me she was a loser & nothing but problems.

Hungary’s state broadcaster was brought under the control of a new media board, and its editorial outlook began to mirror Fidesz’s positions.

Convincing skeptics on the board to embrace negative rates wasn’t easy, according to previously unreported accounts of the events on that fateful night.

On the brown-carpeted eighth floor of the BOJ building, bank bureaucrats visited the offices of swing voters on the board to make the case.

A dashboard on the eighth floor lights up in red to show whenever a board member has visitors.

But a fragmented board made the task challenging.

Holder has asked the board for more time to complete his inquiry, the sources say.

But with Taxify on the scene, he said, Uber might stop doing that to try and keep more drivers on board.

The review board recommended that the police department seek charges in 175 cases.

But climate activists also hope to see state and local governments jump on board as well.

This most recent letter comes after another letter to the NRA board was published by the Wall Street Journal Friday.

The power struggle between the group’s leaders will likely come to a head Monday when the NRA’s full 76-member board meets.

It’s enough to get you fully on board with the whole project of this book and the way Kelly reads Austen.

The lower half of this painting contains an Ouija board, over which is an image of the human circulatory system.

Abercrombie more obviously references esoteric tradition with her Oujia board painting.

But there’s been a lot of reluctance to change that 20 percent number across the board.

Vidalies told reporters that it was “a customary procedure” to have three air marshals on board EgyptAir aircraft.

Egypt’s Aviation Ministry said 30 Egyptians, 15 French, one Briton, and a Belgian were among the 66 people on board.

More female board members, you’re more financially successful.

“He will be too dangerous in a trial,” said Stephen Downing, a LEAP board member.

The billionaire entrepreneur said he had done nothing wrong and the company’s board said it supported him.

“I think this board is insular, ripe with conflicts; it’s the poster child for bad corporate governance,” she said.

The board also lacks a director who could take over for Musk, said investment adviser Cornerstone Capital’s research chief, John Wilson.

I wouldn’t be surprised if as a settlement to the SEC he drops his chair of the board” role.

That’s especially true for founders who have board members that once worked for Social Capital but who have since defected to other firms.

Since then, the unit has walloped Atari video games and beaten an impossible board game.

There was life-size Yahtzee, go-karting, video games, board games, and copious amounts of dancing.

Vastly more complex than traditional board games like chess & Go.”

There were no confirmed details on whether anyone on board the helicopter survived, the source said.

CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS AUTHORITATIVELY SET THE MORALS OF A COMMUNITY Across the board, the studies found nondiscrimination laws reduce signs of prejudice.

“We’re a very divided city,” said board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed, who introduced the plan.

“We’re a very divided city,” said board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed, who introduced the plan.

The state board has discretion under state law to call for a new election if the basic fairness of the election is in question.

The board already unanimously agreed not to certify the Ninth District’s results because of the fraud allegations.

North Carolina Republicans originally threatened to sue the elections board if it refused to certify the Ninth results.

The state board has said it would hold a hearing of the evidence of fraud on or before December 21.

In a statement on Wednesday, the federation said it supported the USOC letter but did not specifically address the call for board members’ resignations.

The webpage listing USAG’s board members appeared to have been taken down around midday on Thursday without explanation.

Most of the remaining 17 board members contacted by Reuters either declined to comment or did not return requests for comment.

The couple also would be given “observer status” on the foundation board.

The two board members who emailed Gevers didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Many passengers on board SU 1492 then escaped via the plane’s emergency slides that inflated after the hard landing.

A Sukhoi Superjet crashed in Indonesia in 2012, killing all 45 people on board in an accident blamed on human error.

Candy finally pulls off the ballroom performance she dreamed of, receiving perfect marks across the board.

Even if Republicans all get on board with this budget, they’ll still need some support from Democrats in the Senate.

He’s an awesome sounding board.

“A pivot from courage is the one where everybody’s shaking in the chairs in the board meeting.

In some works, you could see the grainy surface of the canvas board.

Still, some conservative media has continued to peddle Pruitt’s narrative, including the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board.

He has sat on the Sears board of directors for the past three years.

The Republican plan is to dilute the agency’s voice by replacing the director with a five-member board.

The decision on maintaining its interest rate targets was made by a 7-2 vote, with board members Goushi Kataoka and Yutaka Harada dissenting.

She works for the state education board and does tons of special education seminars on trans awareness for teachers, which is really cool.

** The smaller Shenzhen index was up 2.8% and the start-up board ChiNext Composite index was higher by 3.1%.

Citgo’s board earlier this week traveled to the Bahamas, where a company office was installed last year.

Rumours suggest he’ll join a corporate board in the near future.

Slovenian Sovereign Holding’s (SDH) board was due to meet on Monday and choose among the bidders for the country’s third largest bank.

Rainy days hurt turnout across the board, but they are especially bad for Democrats.

“There’s also things like the Garden Gate Project, which is a community garden, which is great to get on board with.”

By the same token, while turnout falls across the board in midterms it falls further for Democrats.

Herman Cain isn’t the only controversial person Trump has considered for the Federal Reserve board.

Trump and his campaign team have continually insisted that contact with Russian officials has been above board.

Trump has delivered remarks on board before.

He also said the agency may consider industry scientific experts for some board positions, as long as their appointments wouldn’t pose conflicts of interest.

Last month, in fact, the House passed a bill to include more corporate voices on the EPA’s scientific review board.

A “fast charger” terminal serving six electric buses would cost $249,000, according to a 2016 report from the California Air Resources board.

But Tesla’s most obvious potential customers – major U.S. trucking firms – have not jumped on board.

Kristol has been on board for most of them.

Given that Qualcomm’s board director slate faces no competition, the re-election of Qualcomm’s board directors is assured.

All I know is, as long as we’re putting wins on the board that’s all that matters.”

Since the show streams online, it is not censored by India’s Censor board.

Only 822 million shares changed hands on the Topix’s main board, the lowest volume since December 2011.

Still, from 2003 to 2010 Rousseff was the chairwoman of Petrobras’s board.

We got Scott and Bella, along with her tie-dyed sis, Monday at LAX, where they were getting ready to board a flight together.

After seven years, Shimoren declared bankruptcy and later sold the club, one of the former board members said.

Hisamitsu Yabe, one of the former Shimoren board members, said he did not blame Takeda.

Unscrambling the board to reveal “Dat Way” is iconic.

The four members of the salvage team wore respirators to board the “Sanchi”, where they found the two bodies on the deck.

The emoji process is rather swift once the talent is on board.

The North Sense circuit board.

board meeting to approve update of 2019-2023 industrial plan.

Of course, this requires everyone to get on board and put the infrastructure in place.

Diane “Dede” Wilsey will step down as board president and chief executive of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

Wilsey’s departure follows a $2 million settlement struck between the board and Michele Gutierrez.

Rashid Johnson was appointed to the Guggenheim Foundation’s board of trustees.

The Pérez Art Museum Miami appointed Barron Channer, George Edwin Crapple, Adri Guha, and Dorothy Terrell to its board of trustees.

Bradford Evans and Bernard Selz were appointed to the Frick Collection’s board of trustees.

But, beyond some exclusives and a board seat, it’s hard to see what the carrier gets out of the deal.

“We have a process within Treasury where we go through and look at currency manipulation across the board.

His research indicates that option one is the winning strategy by a landslide, performing better with voters nearly across the board.

Later, bulletin board systems such as FurNet and Usenet’s hosted the furries, along with IRC networks including FurNet and Anthrochat.

He found that to be the case across the board.

Meng is one of the vice chairs on the Chinese technology company’s board and the daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei.

Instead, according to the artist, “the first things I show her are big paintings of single colored shapes on tag board panels.

We’re told 2 nurses on board came over to help and checked her bags for pills.

Our sources say the pilot radioed ahead and told the tower there was a passenger on board who had been mixing alcohol and meds.

A different type of 737 operated by flydubai crashed in Russia in 2016, killing all 62 people on board.

Anchor your cutting board.

To prevent your cutting board from sliding, anchor it by placing a textured dish towel or a wet, wrung out paper towel underneath.

That will help keep the board in place, which makes chopping faster and easier.

Create a temporary disposal spot near your cutting board for food scraps.

If you let your cutting board get clogged up with food scraps, the piles will make knife work more difficult, Davison says.

Instead, place a paper towel or plastic shopping bag to the side of your board.

This was the first album you made with Sarah completely on board.

Adrian Rivas, a Latino independent curator who was born in Boyle Heights and grew up in nearby Montebello, is on the board of Directors.

Unlike many other big-name Democrats, California Rep. Maxine Waters is not on board with calls to abolish ICE.

This year, the state Grain board expects to import around two million tonnes of wheat at a cost of around $1.5 billion.

The Farmers Union reckons the board may need to bring in an additional one million tonnes because of the poor harvest.

Iraq’s Grain board is responsible for procuring and distributing wheat.

Its head, al-Maksousi, said the board expects to get 350,000 tonnes of wheat from four silo complexes in Nineveh this year.

“It aims to override local school board policies, local public accommodations laws, and more.

Olsen nailed the shield to a wooden board, where it can be rolled up and mounted above a classroom door.

But a lady from the state garden club board did resign in protest, an 88-year-old lady named Lona.

Examples include the motorized longboard, a balance board with a wheel in the middle, the caveman-era analog bicycle, and now motorized scooters.

Twitter appointed two new board members earlier this month in a move that was a long time coming.

More additions to the board soon, ones that will bring diversity and represent the strong communities on Twitter.

Drake had served on the school board.

If something changes that the board has to consider, they know what to do and we know how to deal with that.

You are on the board of Tesla.

It was a military flight and all eight on board were killed.

In 2010, a commercial Aero Caribbean plane crashed in central Cuba and all 68 people on board were killed.

In the worst Cubana disaster, a Soviet-made Ilyushin-62M passenger plane crashed near Havana in 1989 killing all 126 people on board.

He is also employed by the New York City board of Elections.

The Qualcomm board of Directors remains ready to engage with Broadcom on these issues both before and after the March 6 stockholder meeting.

I truly hope Qualcomm investors do the right thing and vote to reelect all 11 current board members.

Local representatives, including Melissa Blake, the mayor of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, which includes Fort McMurray, were also on board.

But the biggest name by far is McGlashan, who sits on the board of companies like Hollywood powerhouse Creative Artists Agency.

The Transat board has already accepted Air Canada’s C$13 per share bid, over Group Mach’s C$14 a share offer.

Wills Rangel, a board member of PDVSA, told Reuters the company was having problems unloading fuel imports because the sanctions were complicating payments.

Our hamburger arrives on a cutting board with waffle fries.

He dismissed any idea that he was forced by the board to move into a new role.

The board includes a handful of marquee Silicon Valley investors, including Benchmark’s Bill Gurley and Greylock’s David Sze.

It’s enticing, however, not everyone is so quick to get on board.

“We have [board members] who do not believe we ought to vote on Sunday,” Woodhouse said.

To do so, I had to disclose my record to the state licensing board.

“We have [board members] who do not believe we ought to vote on Sunday,” Woodhouse said.

You can imagine the number of people who stood in this waiting area to board boats back to the main part of Disney World.

This way, you’re not speaking without authority, because you can show true results, and get more people on board.

To meet this goal, illycaffe recently overhauled its governance, appointing seven directors who are not family members to its 10-member board.

A management increasingly beholden to a backwards-looking, fear-mongering board of regents and state senators who talk a talk of other centuries.

Illy also set up a board committee on sustainability issues and the group plans to become carbon free by 2033.

Caruso was elected Chairman of USC’s board of Trustees last year.

We’re told the board will NOT decide the fate of Olivia and other students involved in the case.

Initial estimates were that 400 people died, but the UN Refugee agency said on Sunday there may have been about 670 passengers on board.

It is not yet known exactly how many were on board, but the rubber boats normally carry about 300.

The board to which H. is tied is inverted and H.’s nose and mouth are filled with water.

“People like me across the board.

And last month, he became the newest member of the National Rifle Association’s board of directors.

The scandal prompted the board of directors at USA Gymnastics to resign, along with top officials at Michigan State.

“I think that, across the board, B&H’s business model is to exploit-pay, exploit-pay, exploit-pay,” Mazzocchi said.

Dan suddenly swooped in and was put on the board.

But certainly investors and board members should be careful in hiring someone like that.

Zipse is the youngest of three potential successors, a possible advantage as BMW has an upper age limit of 60 for management board members.

Before becoming a management board member in 2015, Zipse was a vice president of technical planning and for product strategy.

Zipse’s potential rivals include 59-year-old R&D board member Klaus Froehlich and 57-year-old Chief Financial Officer Nicolas Peter.

Recently, the APA ethics board released an opinion that reaffirmed and even expanded the scope of the rule.

The board then disbanded a special committee of three directors it had set up to evaluate any offer that Musk submitted.

“Amos, the board has been called for tomorrow morning at 7 to resolve on the revocation of your delegation of power.

Twelve hours later, the telecoms industry veteran was fired in a board meeting he dialled into from Seoul.

“We fully support Elon as he continues to lead the company moving forward,” the board said.

Keep in mind that Musk informed the board on Thursday, according to his Friday night post.” Tesla shares closed at $322.82 on Friday.

A former Israeli army captain, he told Reuters he will remain on the board “to fight and defend” shareholders’ rights.

I think there’s great hope in Texas this year, across the board.

Business decisions were leaked to the media hours after they were taken, sometimes being texted even as board meetings were ongoing, sources said.

“Some board members have been after Genish’s job for months,” said one.

“All these months, it was all about the network,” a person familiar with board proceedings said.

The Gangwon Province tourism board has an app available called Tour Gangwon with more comprehensive hotel information.

That decision is due to be signed off by the full board in September.

** The smaller Shenzhen index was up 1.17% and the start-up board ChiNext Composite index climbed 1.29%.

Schreier has now served on the board for a decade and is one of Houston’s consiglieres.

They leave with no gas, no life preservers, and no means of communication on board.

On board conditions are horrific worse.

The ship was grounded with 60 killed on board.

Originally, the Department of Justice sided with the National Labor Relations board.

Then the USOC board will vote to continue to recognize USAG, or to revoke that status.

So despite the headaches he’s caused his board members, Musk isn’t likely to go anytime soon.

The northern city scored well across the board.

The city ranked highly across the board but enjoyed a particularly impressive second place in the planet sub-index.

The executive board of the IOC is scheduled to hold a conference call tomorrow to discuss potential sanctions.

By 2008, Williams had taken over as CEO, and Dorsey transitioned to chairman of Twitter’s board.

There, she attempted to board her second flight to Boston.

“Arianna Huffington has held a board seat for about a year and is deeply invested in the company weathering the PR crisis.

He told me this is an American government-issued visa, and they decided they are not valid, so I cannot board the plane.

The university system’s board chair, Harry Smith, and president, Margaret Spellings, denounced the toppling of the statue in a joint statement.

If the deal goes through, Tianqi would likely secure three seats on SQM’s eight-member board, one of the sources said.

The board held an all-staff meeting, where a lot happened!

He remains on the company’s board of directors.

June 21: Benchmark partner Bill Gurley steps down from the board Gurley is replaced by his partner, Matt Cohler.

June 22: Employees send the board a petition to reinstate Kalanick The petition gets 1,000 or so signatures.

Founders Fund partner Cyan Banister is spearheading the investment for the firm, and plans to take a seat on the company’s board.

He sends another letter a few days later, accusing Benchmark of working with Lowercase and trying to get Huffington off the board, as well.

Jeremy Liew, an HQ investor and board member who works at Lightspeed Ventures, could not be immediately reached for comment on Thursday.

It’s like, “Amina, we’re launching a thing, can you come on board and advise us on that?”

So in my capacity as a board member, I conducted an investigation to find out what actually happened.

State elections board said law limits the release voter data, which is not generally public.

Legal experts across the board were flummoxed.

“For goodness sake, you as a board are paid to get things right and manifestly at the moment you are not,” said Farmer.

Governor Francois Villeroy de Galhau said the task force would be led by Benoit Coeure, a European Central Bank board member.

He was re-elected to the board with 99.53% of votes cast.

Panel chairman Surakiart Sathirathai, a former Thai foreign minister, said the case had progressed beyond the point where the board felt it could intervene.

The Grain Marketing board will be the sole buyer of the crop and will then sell it to millers.

Instead, most deferment decisions were at the discretion of the draft board, and for Pop-Pop, that was a problem.

“We already published a statement and also the advisory board published a statement,” said Zaw Htay, Suu Kyi’s spokesman.

When he went to file his paperwork, the officer at the local draft board denied his application.

Gilman and Iowa State sent papers to the draft board to confirm Pop-Pop’s involvement in the project.

“I have seen the value that diversity brings to a board.

Tsai sits on the board and has served on investment committees of Alibaba Group and affiliate Ant Financial.

The office of Russia’s transport prosecutor said all 71 people on board had been killed.

The New York Times editorial board’s opposition to President Donald Trump is well known.

Editorials are written by a newspaper’s board and represent the official institutional position of the paper.

So my board said, “You really need to get out there more.

We put one of our executives who was, who actually really did the deal, was a board member.

And so we’d been supporting, helping him, been on the board, having visibility into obviously what he’s been doing.

Asked if he thinks House leadership will delay the vote until everyone’s on board, Meadows said, “I doubt it.”

In light of Brown v. board of Education, the court ruled in 1955 that segregated but equal facilities no longer sufficed.

And this was right after Brown v. board of Education.

Ambassador Jackie Wolcott said in her statement to the board.

Tereos’ regional delegates partly renewed the supervisory board at a general assembly in northern France on Wednesday.

The group said the new board mostly supported management’s plans, although Chairman Francois Leroux lost his seat.

Brice Bijot, also a previous member of the board, was elected as new deputy chairman, Tereos said.

Republicans have promised a “giant” tax cut for Christmas — across the board.

Breed became a San Francisco city supervisor in 2012 and board president in 2015.

Breed’s salary as president is unknown, but members of the board earn $113,851 annually.

To this day — as president of the board of Supervisors — my housing future is uncertain,” she wrote.

It’s still an open question whether the House is on board to pass the CSR payments.

Trying to board a plane with a gun in your carry-on could come with fines greater than $13,000.

They also have asked that the chief diversity officer be able to directly advise the board.

Across the board, entrepreneurs are a huge source of wisdom.

To do so, Moon needs to get the United States on board with the peace talks, and to get Pyongyang to agree to denuclearize.

— [Eric Johnson / Recode] He will remain on the board of the personal genomics company.

This brand revitalization came to a swift halt in November, though, after Brett parted ways with J.Crew, citing disagreements with the board.

The Mercantile label has also been discontinued, and four board members are now splitting the position of CEO.

On December 1, the NBA Players Association filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations board.

Under current agreements, Renault ultimately controls the alliance board.

He does everything across the board, but he’s also a rapper’s rapper.

In October, two Iranian boats approached the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship Essex while US CENTCOM commander Gen. Joseph Votel was on board.

PG&E has named a new chief executive officer and revamped its board this year.

“A solution for the people on board is only possible once they are disembarked.

ET) the board of Governors of the Federal Reserve will reveal whether or not they voted to raise interest rates in January.

Prominent people got on board, from former secretaries of State and US senators to (subsequent) Trump cabinet members James Mattis and Betsy DeVos.

California Air Resources board chair Mary Nichols on Monday declined to discuss the amount of any potential civil penalty.

The Padres got on the board in the first with an umpire-assisted run.

SoftBank has a tentative agreement in place with Uber’s board to buy 14 percent to 20 percent of the company’s shares.

The National Transportation Safety board is currently investigating those winter crashes to determine who’s at fault.

He relished being called “Weegee” for his ability to materialize instantaneously, like the answers on a Ouija board.

What you see in the photo are several works on paper and paintings on board and canvas.

There are also ongoing spending disputes between the government and a federally appointed fiscal oversight board.

American defense contractors that sell a lot of military equipment to Saudi Arabia are on board.

We board the plane buoyed by high expectations and a folder full of Top Ten lists.

You might have a goal as a board director for a company.

As of today, 62 countries representing 52 percent of global emissions are on board.

As of today, 62 countries representing 52 percent of global emissions are on board.

He ended up being chairman of the board at Columbia University.

He and Floyd Kvamme made that fateful decision, which the board had advised them not to do, to run the 1984 ad. Benchmark’s Bill Gurley tweetstorms board departures.

Other things that we’re doing at Kleiner Perkins in we set up a mentoring network to find more female board members.

To ensure that all the boards of Kleiner companies have diversity at the board level.

Peter Mosch, works council chief and deputy head of Audi’s supervisory board, said the move gave the company more clarity for the future.

Only one member on the seven-member Florissant School board is black, in a district, where 77 percent of the student body is African-American.

Transfer the duck to a cutting board to rest for 10 minutes before carving.

An at-large electoral system allows board members to be voted in by the entire district, rather than by neighborhoods.

Only one member on the seven-member Florissant School board is black, in a district, where 77 percent of the student body is African-American.

An at-large electoral system allows board members to be voted in by the entire district, rather than by neighborhoods.

He could use board members, he could use people to help raise funds, he could use mentors for his young people.

He says the bigger problem is getting politicians on board.

Some on the board have assumed that Benchmark will drop the lawsuit as part of the funding deal with SoftBank.

No surprise, the aggressive former CEO doesn’t want to have to clear future appointments by his fellow board members.

Last October Oprah bought a 10 percent stake in the company and joined its board.

She likes board games and is a fan of Settlers of Catan.

If Niakan’s application gets approval from an ethics board, the research could start within months.

Unlike the newly approved UK research, however, those researchers in China never got approval from a government committee — only a university ethics board.

I was on the board of a journalism school and I consulted with people who I really respect who have decades in this business.

My big interaction with Jared as far as the paper goes has been the editorial board.

“Under the usual corporate governance, you speak to the board,” he added.

Full disclosure: Decker is also on the board of Recode owner Vox Media.)

So, it’s across the board.

Across the board on all the platforms.

All they needed to do was dial up the bulletin board.

In response the UFC would most likely ask the board to dismiss the petition on the grounds that fighters are independent contractors, not employees.

And if in the end the board decides in favor of the UFC there would be no union.

If you’re not familiar, companies tend to use stock grants as a carrot to get new employees on board.

But again, there are big questions here: What if states make this work by pushing more costs into the room and board column?

The science advisory board was created by Congress to serve as a check on EPA policies and research.

Our Harvey Weinstein sources smell a rat, and believe the board may start the meeting with a motion to kick him off the board.

Disney could hold two or three seats on the board for employee representatives, to be elected by their peers.

The decision comes despite Greenpoint and Williamsburg’s Community board 1 unanimously voting against Cityfox’s application for a liquor license last week.

The board‘s recommendation was only advisory, however, and was taken into account by the SLA in making their final decision.

Bildstein apologized to the community board at the meeting, according to local media outlet DNAInfo.

“We made mistakes and we didn’t do our homework right before we approached the board last year.

(Some progress has arguably been made with David Koch leaving the board.)

!” She screamed as she spiked her board in the middle of the street and collapsed in an exhausted heap.

In other words, they were still trying to convince the food producers to get on board.

In the 1970s, founder Sam Tick’s son-in-law, David Reiss, came on board and later launched the label Snow Goose.

1:18 PM PT — One person is confirmed dead, according to a rep for the National Transportation Safety board.

The Weinstein Co’s board fired him, and the company filed for bankruptcy in March.

“Making changes to their board and a fine won’t stop them from spying and stealing from us.

Scientists are realizing that better methodology is needed across the board to avoid publishing research that gets it wrong.

Manafort was a controversial figure nearly as soon as he came on board the Trump campaign in March.

Manafort was a controversial figure nearly as soon as he came on board the Trump campaign in March.

Belmarsh faces growing gang violence, its Independent Monitoring board found last year, in addition to an influx of drugs and mobile phones.

Frank Strauss, a member of Deutsche Bank’s management board, said he understood the concerns of employee representatives.

Now it looks like they’re staying on board for a different reason: measles.

Now it looks like they’re staying on board for a different reason: measles.

According to the College board, roughly 60 percent of those receiving undergraduate degrees in 2015 had student loans.

The College board has also found that college price increases are slowing in recent years, especially for public colleges.

TWA Flight 800 exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean shortly after takeoff in 1996, killing all 230 people on board.

But there was still soap in there…And just to think, a soap container made it through that accident where everybody on board passed away.

Pitchers two years off of shoulder surgeries, on the other hand, were worse across the board.

These ventures included the first Pooh doll, a board game, cartoons, and a film based on the character.

Shaping the festival in this way is a collaborative effort with a board of about 20 people from diverse backgrounds calling the shots together.

This practice is pretty common across corporate America, but Google is ramping up its political engagement across the board.

Rachel Whitten, a spokeswoman for the Kansas Department of Revenue, told INSIDER that the issue came to the board‘s attention this fall.

Top proxy advisers have recommended a number of votes contrary to the board’s positions.

SoftBank’s Jeff Housenbold is joining the board and, in a somewhat unusual move, GIC is as well, despite not leading the round.

The board of Immigration Appeals will now review his case.

SoftBank is also represented by other people, not Housenbold, on the Uber board.

The board of Immigration Appeals will now review his case.

Five other blocks, also cladded since 2006, had combinations of panel and insulation board that failed the test.

The then-Expedia CEO managed to remain shrouded in mystery as the company’s board of directors got closer to nailing down their pick.

Pandya encouraged other parties to make higher formal offers to the Transat board.

Studies show that black Americans have worse health outcomes than white Americans across the board.

Last year someone proposed a new, untried, fun-filled fundraising option, and everyone jumped on board.

family is on board with waist training.

You may think they are similar to you across the board, even though you may not have much reason to think this.

Uber’s board will reportedly be presented with the results by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who co-led the investigation, on Wednesday.

He will join CME’s board and become a special adviser to the company after the deal goes ahead, CME said.

Electricity always follows the path of least resistance, so you’d expect it to ignore the copper board.

Math is cooler when its results are as gorgeous and strange as using ignition coils to run high voltage through a circuit board.

The ninth, Mashur Abdullah Muqbil Ahmed Al-Sabri, was cleared by a review board last year.

The San Francisco board of Supervisors, which oversees the hospital, now plans to hold hearings on Zuckerberg General’s billing practices as well.

“Russia is on board for the extension,” one of the OPEC sources said following the committee meeting.

“But when brands came on board, we remained true to what our style is and what we represent.

He said the provisional IMF agreement would go before the global lender’s board in Washington in two to four weeks.

Why sit in a board room when, on other end of the red phone were customers with real-time problems and invaluable feedback?

Some corporate governance experts said the board’s probe into the attack could lead to more changes at the helm of the company.

“The board of directors and leadership has to figure out how much damage has been caused and what needs to be done.

Maybe someone on the board needs to be removed,” said Brent Longnecker, head of compensation and corporate-governance consulting firm Longnecker & Associates.

There is not much that the board of Uber has been able to agree on over the last few months.

board member Mark Feidler was appointed non-executive chairman.

Khosrowshahi’s candidacy had not been known and he had never been the focus of the board until the weekend.

Apparently, Khosrowshahi was not just talking about Kalanick though — sources said the slide also referred to the very meddlesome board of Uber.

Now, the board has to actually hire Khosrowshahi.

Let’s hope Kalanick and the board of Uber really take heed of these wise words and cut the mishegas.

They were a sounding board.

AT&T’s board of directors does not hold Stephenson responsible for the lack of vetting, according to one source.

“Now I guess maybe we gotta go back to the drawing board.”

In October, a Lion Air jet crashed in Indonesia killing all 189 people on board.

Michelle Meow, the SF Pride board president, told the Guardian that she supports and endorses the Black Lives Matter organizers’ decision.

T. Rowe, the sixth-largest holder of Occidental shares, announced it would vote against the board of directors on the annual shareholder meeting Friday.

Neither party is involved with running the commission, which is governed by an independent board of directors.

But in my opinion, he tapped and it’s a bummer and we’re going to have to go back to the drawing board.”

When the 49ers put points on the board in the second half, out came the all-caps.

The top of the board reads “Withdraw from TPP” — the Trans-Pacific Partnership — with a checkmark.

The bank said its decision to cut the interest rate was taken unanimously by members of its board.

“The board considers that … the economic recovery has not been sufficient to close the productivity gap and drive inflation.

Mee is one hundred percent on board.

On board the night of their trial run was Lauren Southern, an alt-right Canadian blogger.

Now, he said, “It’s just a complete rejection of regulation across the board.”

Hoffman has known Zuckerberg since the earliest days of Facebook, and participated in Facebook’s first round of funding alongside board member Peter Thiel.

He tweeted a picture of himself blindfolded and holding a board that read in Creole: Where is the PetroCaribe money?

They are my sounding board, they’re writers and creators, and they give me honest opinions.

A small cheer even erupted from the group when a card nationalized every utility on the board.

For one, after the Vietnam War formally ended in 1973, Washington slashed defense spending across the board.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s board of Trustees extended the $10 million reward for return of 13 works of stolen art.

After he was wounded, he went through a frustrating post-injury Medical Evaluation board process.

Both Kalanick and Wei are non-voting members of the board.

He could stay in if he wanted, but he’s now going through the medical board to retire.

Even season one’s director Jean-Marc Vallée wasn’t on board with the idea.

EJ: I’m on board with that.

“Almost across the board, the PMIs were pretty good.

On a recent October weekend, our governing board met at a delightful new hotel in Napa Valley.

Weyel, also a co-founder, might have misled the board about 2019 costs associated with the firm’s offices in Houston, the lawsuit said.

I explained to our board members and attendees that every person was free to make their own decision on staying or leaving.

All decided to stay for the completion of the board meeting, and it worked out well.

Earnest reportedly published an anti-Semitic manifesto on the far-right message board 8chan hours before the attack.

BENGALURU, July 5 (Reuters) – Mindtree Ltd said on Friday its Chief Executive Officer Rostow Ravanan has submitted his resignation to the board.

Ravanan will stay on as a board member until July 17, the company said in a statement here.

The Gibraltar spokesman said the 28-member crew, who have remained on board the supertanker, were mainly Indians with some Pakistanis and Ukrainians.

Police and customs officials remained on board the vessel to carry out their investigation, but the Royal Marines were no longer present.

I’ve talked to more than one who [is] interested in an independent commission, and I hope they come on board.

On top of that, Yahoo just hired two new board members Thursday morning, reportedly just moments before its first meeting with Starboard.

The National Mediation board told VICE News that their agency is still funded, and employees and contractors are not affected by the shutdown.

The crabber on board had just hauled up a trap.

It’s really hard to place value on this right now.” European stocks closed down across the board.

Kemp said on Twitter that the board had done “the right thing.” Abrams did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“In the United States, the right to vote is sacred,” the Randolph County board of Elections said in a statement.

James H. DeGraffenreidt, Jr. was appointed president of the Walters Art Museum’s board of trustees.

[Gerry Smith / Bloomberg] Amazon employees were outraged that its board of directors was all white.

Starbucks executive Rosalind Brewer is the fourth female director on Amazon’s board.

They emerged from the disused rail track to board buses, chartered by the city to take them to hotels in the suburbs.

They emerged from the disused rail track to board buses, chartered by the city to take them to hotels in the suburbs.

“We already published a statement and also the advisory board published a statement.

The remaining members of the advisory board on Wednesday toured temporary camps the government has set up for returnees.

Still, not everyone in the Democratic caucus is fully on board to battle the administration for them.

So we got presented the opportunity by a tour company to jump on board.

“Across the board on social issues, he’s not very progressive,” Lawless said.

The Conference board survey showed a decrease in the share of consumers with a favorable assessment of business conditions this month.

The growth of the cannabis-centered vaporizer industry shows no signs of stopping, especially as more states come on board with medical and recreational weed.

The school board has several objections to teachers’ use of crowdfunding sites, the Education Week report shows.

A replacement that’s generous enough to keep Susan Collins on board might be too generous for Ted Cruz.

Ridgway’s scientific work was inspired by Milton Bradley, who, along with selling board games, was a proponent of color education.

Stringer called on the Brooklyn board of Elections to provide his office with an explanation.

board games are available at Flynn’s as well.

(This story drops incorrect reference to two board members stepping down).

Remove the pan from the oven and place the pork roast on a carving board.

** Foreigners were net buyers of 34.1 billion won ($29.27 million) worth of shares on the main board.

Uber also released a memo on the hiring, after its board made an offer to him Sunday, which was first reported on Recode.

“We’re really fortunate to gain a leader with Dara’s experience, talent and vision,” said the Uber board in a joint statement.

Here is the note the board just sent to Uber employees: So, now it’s official, because Arianna said so!

It drives home that Bob is horrible, but that’s something I was already on board with.

He recently won the board’s backing amid a flurry of negative press reports.

[GRA/] Chicago board of Trade soybeans settled up about 1 percent while Dalian soymeal futures closed down less than 1.4 percent.

The chair of’s board is Andrew Ng, a legend in artificial intelligence and deep learning circles.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished on March 8, 2014, eventually crashing and killing all 239 passengers on board.

President Donald Trump on Friday said he would nominate the conservative economist Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve’s board of governors.

“It is my pleasure to announce that@StephenMoore, a very respected Economist, will be nominated to serve on the Fed board,” Trump tweeted.

“I believe the people on the Federal Reserve board should be thrown out for economic malpractice,” Moore said.

Tuesday’s minutes showed the board judged lower rates would support the economy by pushing down the value of the Australian dollar.

The board acknowledged that cutting rates crimped returns for savers, but felt the overall impact would be to support economic growth.

The Canada Pension Plan Investment board and Singapore’s GIC will invest alongside Blackstone.

The Canada Pension Plan Investment board declined to comment.

The partnership will be managed by a 10-person board composed of five representatives from Blackstone and four from Thomson Reuters.

The President and CEO of the new partnership will serve as a non-voting member of the board following the closing of the transaction.

In the wake of the 1954 Brown v. board of Education decision, the division began the process of desegregating schools across the nation.

For a little more length and stretch, look into Birdwell’s Men’s Stretch board shorts.

Further, United By Blue pledges to remove at least one pound of trash from the ocean for each pair of board shorts sold.

Read our guide to board shorts for more recommendations.

Tesla’s board seems aware of it, so they’ve kept him on — even as his behavior gets increasingly erratic.

At some point, the question becomes: How much are investors and the board willing to tolerate?

Musk’s erratic behavior has been a point of concern for investors, board members, and onlookers for a while now.

The Times editorial board previously endorsed Clinton in 2008, when she ran against Barack Obama.

Kasich, the governor of Ohio, was the only candidate in the crowded Republican field the board said it was able to stomach.

“Our crew remain on board the Kokuka Courageous.

His departure comes after three other members, who held the board’s leadership positions, stepped down on Monday.

The Saudi Society of Forensic Medicine lists him as a board member.

Following delivery of Covington’s conclusions to the Special Committee, the Special Committee and the board carefully deliberated for several days.

The Human Resources organization should take employment actions delegated to the Human Resources organization by the board and Special Committee.

Enhance board Oversight A.

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