Blue in a sentence | Use of the word blue examples

The downside—at least for our creative juices—is that it also reduces the scope of our ideas, making blue sky thinking that much more difficult.

Still, many of the current projections don’t have the Democrats riding a massive blue wave.

While Twitter’s verification steps are now automated, at one point, users could only snag a blue checkmark by knowing someone within the company.

Casting Will Smith as an infrequently blue genie also raised plenty of eyebrows.

The house where Mike grew up is three stories tall, with curved white walls and windows with navy blue trim.

As we approach the train station, the towering blue glass windows of a flashy stadium called the Prudential Center come into view.

Howard’s team conditioned 14 bees to associate the color blue with addition and yellow with subtraction.

The bees were exposed to an initial sample that displayed one to five shapes in either blue or yellow.

The bees were expected to recognize greater quantities in blue addition trials and smaller quantities in yellow subtraction trials.

In the addition trials, one of the two blue displays contained one more shape than the initial sample—the correct answer.

For instance, say the bee first looked at a sample that had two blue shapes printed on it.

Color processing often gives the storms near the poles a blue hue.

It’s only slightly different from the blue screen of death.

His comments, which came seemingly out of the blue, shocked pretty much everyone — not least Maduro’s government.

Hence the rapid evolution away from the old 10 blue links toward Google’s own content, particularly on mobile.

Starbucks’ pink and blue Unicorn Frappuccino craze has a Brooklyn coffee shop feeling straight-up blue … and super pissed off.

In a lawsuit, The End says its Unicorn Latte features pink and blue colors and ZERO coffee … just like Starbucks’ concoction.

Targeted U.S. products include Harley-Davidson motorcycles, bourbon, peanuts, blue jeans, steel and aluminum.

All the blue countries call it “soccer,” or some translation of “soccer.”

Xi also said the North Korean leader wanted to resolve the issue through dialogue, according to the blue House.

You look at blue Apron that was started in Brooklyn, for instance.

Many of his experiments start by arbitrarily assigning participants to a “red” team or a “blue” team.

Sometimes he’ll switch a red-team participant to the blue team and vice versa.

Those who are drawn to the romance of the thin blue (or green) line, meanwhile, will no longer be dissuaded.

blue Lives Matter is an appropriate agenda for agents and their representatives.

And they aren’t just blue states.

If you look at something like blue Origin, Bezos’s rocket company, they’ve never had to have a for-profit business.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Gridlock, blue Sweep or Red Repeat?

It seemed like this was finally it for the former Toronto blue Jays superstar.

A far cry from the teary send-off in his final home game as a member of the blue Jays.

Or you can crunch numbers, incorporate more hopeful local election results, and envision a blue wave on the horizon.

On Tuesday, private spaceflight venture blue Origin invited a select group of space reporters to the company’s headquarters in Kent, Washington.

There is a blue wall of silence that occurs.

In Yaracuy, most wore white t-shirts, while in Carabobo the protest was filled with red, blue, and yellow Venezuelan flags.

The palette has been reduced to an assured black and white, red, blue, brown and green.

The original blue box set of D&D contained chits that could be used for this purpose.

Earlier reports described the debris as being blue and white — the colors of the airline.

Earlier reports described the debris as being blue and white — the colors of the airline.

When particles move faster than light, they leave wakes of an eerie blue light like a speedboat leaves wakes in the water.

Much like Ingress, you’re playing for a particular faction—in this case, you pick between Red, blue, and Yellow.

What this suggests is the old “red state, blue state” model is outdated.

blue California’s 40 million residents get as many senators as red Wyoming’s 580,000.

Today, this self-made lady is a nomad who rolls the city’s streets on her faithful blue bicycle.

All five of these blue and purple-state Republicans faces a credible Democratic challenger and Rubio’s seat has strong competition on both sides.

He continued to photograph boxers until 2004 in grimy training gyms, such as Champs in Philadelphia and the legendary blue Horizon in North Philadelphia.

I roamed the halls with Martin/Freehugz in his blue wolf suit, who seemed to know everyone.

Relatively blue collar, many of our parents worked in the few local industries in and around town.

A large blue tear, matching the color of his short-sleeved shirt, runs down the black cheek of the male figure in the middle.

(He created the procedural drama NYPD blue.)

II, with Red and blue” (1929, donated to the museum by Philip Johnson in 1941).

But everyone in the cast is aces in “Something blue,” one of the most purely fun episodes Buffy ever did.

Still, it’s striking to see any projection put so many blue states in play.

“We still played with our blue iMac on stage, which was hilarious.

We reached out to Magic for comment who told us he had a “great time” with the men and women in blue.

Instead, i will say that this mix is fluorescent yellow with swirls of a very nice cobalt blue.

Learn more about Project 0 here and the La Mer blue Heart Oceans Fund here.

All eight paintings are dark, with many having deep blue, nearly black grounds.

Gillibrand was a member of the centrist and fiscally conservative blue Dog Coalition while in the House of Representatives.

For one, President Donald Trump is extremely unpopular in the blue and suburban state.

The only reason the general election contest might get interesting in this blue state is that Menendez faced trial last year on corruption charges.

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos is also behind blue Origin, a rival to SpaceX.

The deep blue shapes – with white (or unpainted) lines cutting through them – become something to work with, against, and around.

For the other 28 states with data (in medium and light blue), anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of lead-poisoned children weren’t tested.

You have lots of places in the country where the blue plan is the only carrier.

That’s why my trees are not green with a brown trunk, but blue, red, or violet.

At the laundromat churchlike, fastidiously polite, I pair socks at the high counter, plastic marbled to resemble marble black, white, and blue.

(There’s also a blue Delta SkyMiles card, but that doesn’t come with similar benefits.)

Rather, it marks the number blue Apron would hit over the next 12 months if it keeps matching or surpassing recent monthly sales totals.

blue Apron, founded in 2012, is also in talks with banks to take the startup public in an IPO, sources say.

blue Apron customers pay between $60 and $140 a week for the delivery of multiple meal kits.

Industry sources say blue Apron is the largest company in this space in the U.S.

(Update: In the future, some might also cite the work conditions at a blue Apron warehouse uncovered in this BuzzFeed investigation.)

“Girls with colds usually have to be replaced.” She gave me a bright blue satin.

The red, white, and blue works thus came down for good.

Co-owner of Boxer Ramen, Super Deluxe, and blue Star Donuts, Camden once relied on pints of Ben & Jerry’s after long shifts.

People had blue hair and nose piercings.

The trend has offered fresh hopes to the elderly, many of whom take low-paying, blue collar jobs to support themselves after retiring.

And there are more than just the traditional white lights — this home puts on a bright blue bonanza.

Political scientists are mostly still arguing about the values of the people in the blue, red, and purple states.

But Quist, a Bernie Sanders-loving banjo player who attacks financial elites, is hoping to turn the state blue.

When the resulting data are compiled, the areas enduring less pressure than average appear blue and the most affected parts shine red.

Shanghai blue chips fell 0.7% following a 3% jump the day before.

An exhibition meditates on blue’s various connotations and how it manifests in politics.

While the individual artworks explore a variety of engaging topics, the exhibition ends up blanketing conceptually disparate ideas under the guise of blue.

blue State continues at Night Gallery (2276 E 16th St, Los Angeles) through April 14.

Sometimes politics has nothing to do with it, says Anna Mokrousova, a psychologist and the head of the Ukrainian NGO blue Bird.

Tree trunks are rendered in red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, electric green; leaves are hinted at with quick brushstrokes, or cartoonishly outlined.

Powerbeats3 Wireless, available in “black, white, siren red, shock yellow and flash blue” will go for $200.

“Everybody has two or three friends who they can FaceTime at any minute, out of the blue,” he said.

Teoscar Hernandez also hit a home run for the blue Jays, who took three of four games in the series with the Royals.

The blue Jays, who had 18 hits in the game, scored twice in the first.

The blue Jays added five runs in the second.

The blue Jays added a run in the sixth on Gurriel’s infield hit, Biggio’s single and Grichuk’s RBI single.

Sam Gaviglio was perfect with three strikeouts in the eighth and ninth innings for the blue Jays.

In mid-July, perhaps prompted by the Leslie Jones fiasco, Twitter announced an expansion of its blue check mark program.

“I just was driving and I just seen guns and blue lights,” he tells the show.

The bulk of the policy effort has come in blue states and at the federal executive level.

He will also keep his other assets: the Washington Post and blue Origin, Bezos’s space-exploration company.

Snapchat, blue Apron, Roku and Stitch Fix I think were the four … Not that many, though.

In the not-so-well category, there was Snap and blue Apron.

And on blue Apron, that’s been a mess.

Poor blue Apron.

Kim Basinger and Ireland Basinger-Baldwin have the same full lips, watery blue eyes, and sandy hair.

But yeah, tough year for blue Apron for sure.

Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke share the same radiant smile and bright blue eyes.

Chinese blue chips scaled their highest in eight months on the back of a 6 percent gain, their biggest daily increase since July 2015.

1) Care (blue bars): The care foundation measures the psychological tendency to believe that morality requires caring for and protecting the vulnerable.

Above the text is a blue square filled with lines that appear to vibrate as they crisscross.

He asked WAM’s director to reexamine the painting, pointing out the exceptional detail of Donatus’s blue robe.

Whatever the reason, we wouldn’t shed any tears if she never dons the blue makeup again.

On Monday, Cardi put up a shot of herself rocking a blue fur coat in Minneapolis.

Amid the monochromes, the endless black and white and gray, was the jarring blue of glacial ice.

Julia’s face looked like a botched face-painting lesson—one eye decorated in reds and purples, swirls of blue indicating multiple points of impact.

They are the faintly unrealistic blue of a Patagonian glacier.

But at some of our Sky blue games, there are only 500 people watching.

The 32-year-old Hawaii native played for Sky blue FC and Philadelphia Independence before taking a break from soccer.

Natasha returned to the sport in 2016 as a forward for Sky blue.

Look no further than Macke’s “Geraniums before blue Mountain” (1910), an apparent homage to Paul Cézanne’s many impressions of Mont Sainte-Victoire.

The electric blue tarp glows in the crepuscular light.

(Seeing a few moments of the gloriously blue Moana there felt like having a hallucinatory experience.)

For much more with the blue Planet II team, listen to the full podcast.

Produced and managed blue Öyster Cult.

We’re having lunch at blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya on New York’s Lower East Side.

In the other blue corner, the ladies of Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Jason Heyward and many more.

Students, in green, and teachers, in blue, turn yellow if they’re hit with a bullet, according to the sheriff’s office.

Students, in green, and teachers, in blue, turn yellow if they’re hit with a bullet, according to the sheriff’s office.

Moon was set to hold a lunch meeting with parliament party heads at the presidential blue House.

I just used Chroma Key blue to go with Sondra Perry’s works and am loving it — does that count?

Eleven of those 12 were Republicans from New York, New Jersey, and California — high-tax blue states that are disproportionately disadvantaged by this tax bill.

… and paddling the clear blue waters in a translucent canoe.

New proposed premium increases by blue Cross blue Shield in North Carolina demonstrate the effect.

The shape contains multiple areas of lightly applied green, blue, red, purple, and orange.

In other places Dunham drops in blue and green sparks, like bursts of activity, and encourages protrusions with thick, animated lines.

Finally, as if mapping his own creation, he applies another layer of calligraphic blue pencil, echoing and extending the initial graphite outline.

Jessica Lessin: Love the blue.

It’s a deep blue.

“In blue states, gun laws are getting stricter.

I took off the tail and sewed on giant pom-poms that look like heads of cauliflower painted blue.

Cities like San Francisco and LA followed suit, followed by entire (blue) states, like California, Massachusetts, and New York.

Besides, steak is always better eaten in the privacy of your own home, especially when blue cheese sauce is involved.

She cuts up the rib-eye and pours the blue cheese sauce on top like there’s no tomorrow.

The Shallows is just blue water and (great) white death.

When sunlight passes through the atmosphere, the gases therein trap and scatter the blue light in the spectrum.

(This is why the sky appears blue.)

The blue Alltogethernow.

So is Julián Castro, the former Obama Cabinet official long talked about as the man who could bring a blue wave to Texas.

*   *   * Dan Chelotti runs the blue House Presents Visiting Writer’s Series at Elms College.

He is dressed up and wears a blue salwar kameez, not his usual cargo trousers.

But Trump’s pro-coal, anti-trade message and outsider status has resonated with some blue collar union members frustrated with Washington politicians.

With his crystalline blue pools, Hockney created an iconography for a city like few artists have.

The same infamous “blue Sky” that Walter White slung on Breaking Bad won’t keep you tweaking on week-long binges, however.

This is, oddly enough, not an issue that divides red from blue.

11:20 PM: In between songs, Axl engages with the crowd and asks the kids in the audience why their cigarettes are lighting up blue.

blue jeans, an off-the-shoulder top, a little red lipstick, and off you go into the evening.

The blue wave starts here.

Jane Birkin’s flared, high-waisted blue jeans, little white tees, and straw bags offer a blueprint for the 1970s resurgence we’re living in.

It sells floral dresses with short sleeves and deep V-necks, high-waisted blue jeans, and crocheted tops.

In some markets, Sling carries FOX and NBC, but you need the Sling blue package for those ($25 per month).

She’s also surrendered her interest in blue Origin … the aerospace company Jeff started in 2000.

Sling blue is also the first cable-less option for NFL Network (and NFL RedZone for $5 more per month with the Sports Extra package).

Here’s the updated list: If you sign up for both Orange and blue, you get the discounted price of $40 per month.

The blue Jays and the Orioles, the teams that made it through to the one-game playoff, were both 89-73.

El Moustahli ran the course in blue satin pants with an unthinkably long white turban wrapped around his head for protection from the sun.

Before arriving home, the chicken had laid a pale blue egg.

But I love a cloudless blue sky.

I am making blue and white paintings, which are like this, right now.

When Beyoncé dropped “Formation” out of the blue on Saturday, the internet, predictably, lost its shit.

The track highlights her Southern roots, draws on the strength of her ancestors, and wills that empowerment on to her daughter, blue Ivy.

“Formation” is a throughway that runs from Angela Davis to blue Ivy, past to future.

The sky is clear and silent: blue blasted with streaks of white and apricot.

Discovery Channel is in production on a new TV series, “blue Collar Backers,” Business Insider has learned exclusively.

On each episode of “blue Collar Backers,” which premieres May 18 at 10 p.m.

Trudging through liquid causes ripples and firing a rocket at it causes a blue explosion.

Planet blue: This Los Angeles-area chain leans bohemian (think crochet and lace detailing, earthy hues, tie-dye prints, and strappy backs).

Harris County is blue.

What do you think about the “blue wave hitting Texas” hype?

The first cutter was Ronnie, a park guard with brilliant blue eyes and a frame so stocky he was almost square.

They’re basically the modern-day Beatles, but better, and cooler, and covered in blue paint.

blue whales can run up to 100 feet long and weigh over 200 tons.

According to BBC, the blue whale is the animal with the highest percentage of body fat on land and sea.

Twitter wants everyone to get a blue verification badge.

Particularly wealthy blue states like California and New York might do exactly that.

If that wasn’t enough blue blood, Louis Alphonse is also the second cousin of Spain’s current king, Felipe VI.

Chinese blue chips fell 0.49% on Friday and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng lost 0.59%.

Wisconsin is fickle — we may have a red state government right now, but we’ve also been a blue state.

That and the frieze of blue people on the walls, holding lotus flowers, their long limbs improbably angled.

Beyoncé and her husband, Shawn Carter (better known as rapper Jay-Z), welcomed their first child, daughter blue Ivy Carter, in 2012.

“Birthday cakes did not exist, and they were definitely not blue,” says Crombie.

The ones who did win, like Ayanna Pressley in Massachusetts and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, were competing in deep blue territory.

Specific policy stances are comparatively less important, electorally, than a candidate being seen as a part of Team blue or Team Red.

Duclair, who was acquired in a February trade with the Columbus blue Jackets, could have become a restricted free agent this offseason.

—The Columbus blue Jackets re-signed left wing Markus Hannikainen to a one-year contract for the 2019-20 season.

Hannikainen, 26, recorded seven points (four goals, three assists) in 44 games with the blue Jackets in 2018-19.

The blue Jackets originally signed Hannikainen, a native of Finland, in April 2015.

Charlotte especially looked like Middleton when she was photographed in this adorable light blue dress.

blue arrived a few years later).

Their blue pleated skirts looked nearly the same, proving that Charlotte truly is Middleton’s mini-me.

“Let’s not make this a green, red or blue argument.

Hopefully they’ll include blue, because we know now from her 4:44 freestyle that she’s got bars.

His eyes are so, so extremely blue.

Two elongated color patch strips intersect at one end to form an open straight-razor- or scissors-like shape set against a mottled blue ground.

The Atlantic is an opaque blue and not a clear ocean like the Caribbean.

When the object first appeared it was very blue and very brightly illuminated, the lights weren’t flickering or dimming like in typical aircraft.

We’ve got a blue Bottle Coffee in the lobby.

And they aren’t just the solid blue states.

The moderate ex-Republican has the official DCCC Red to blue imprimatur.

It was a beautiful bright sunny day, blue sky.

But that could well be a heavy lift when Trump is so unpopular in the blue state.

“There’s blue out there beyond,” a woman observes at a recent group session documented by Shawne Whickham for The New Hampshire Union Leader.

“In blue states, gun laws are getting stricter.

If so, Apple will send any messages using its own service (they appear in a blue bubble).

In Los Angeles’ rap renaissance—currently blooming in all hues, not just blue and red—he’s one of the most promising artists.

The stage was located in the now-closed blue Bird Inn, a Detroit jazz club that thrived from the 1930s to the early 2000s.

Bezos has been working toward launching a lunar lander since founding blue Origin, his privately owned space company, nearly 20 years ago.

Looker and Google Cloud have similar cultures and share more than 350 customers including blue Apron Holdings Inc, and Hearst Communications Inc, he said.

Founded in 1933, Black Mountain College was located in the blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina.

I tuned in as well, except I watched the testimony as a bright blue robot in Virtual Reality.

I saw there was blue, but I couldn’t see anything.

CNN’s Brian Stelter says blue: Could be blue.

the suit senator sanders is wearing tonight is blue.

The character was invented by comics creator Ben Edlund, who debuted the big blue guy in 1986 as the mascot for a comics shop.

Its little cloud body drifted across my iPhone screen: “7 days late!” written in friendly blue lettering on its belly.

A lot of people that come there for outdoors stuff with the blue Ridge mountains nearby.

In one nice touch, however, the wings of the stage were visible, including tall stands of blue lights.

The Andrean students were dressed in red, white, and blue attire and American flag prints.

The Andrean students were dressed in red, white, and blue attire and American flag prints.

Lit from within by blue and purple lights, with a ceiling of suspended gauzy clouds, the courtyard sits alongside an active train track.

Suddenly there it was: a cluster of kids in baggy blue jeans, bubble jackets, fur coats and caps.

…and blue states can’t fix eligibility by expunging immigrants’ records.

Starbucks Corp kicked off the unicorn food craze in 2017, sparking a social media frenzy with its pink and blue Unicorn Frappuccino.

These emails are also never part of an ongoing conversation; they’re sent out of the blue.”

The palette of “Second Sun” — which is my favorite painting in the show — includes magenta, green, cerulean blue, and white.

A dusty cerulean blue bar bisects the magenta shape.

“In France you have the poulet de Bresse — red in the head, white body, and blue legs,” said Vanmechelen.

“Relishing the blue cheese, and the paté, and the pickle.

His hair is a blonde Mohawk with a turquoise streak, which almost matches his bright blue eyes.

Further, United By blue pledges to remove at least one pound of trash from the ocean for each pair of board shorts sold.

The bruise-like hues of blue, green, and yellow evoke death and despair, which is further amplified by the washed-out atmosphere and low contrast.

Think Ice Cube is gonna trade his silver and black for blue and gold just because the Rams are moving to L.A.??

She is insured by a blue Cross plan, but she didn’t know that the ER does not accept insurance.

So they borrowed the idea from the “code blue cart” that’s common in hospitals to quickly treat patients who go into cardiac arrest.

“No one had ever made the code blue for obstetrical hemorrhage,” Lagrew added.

A twisted blue fishing net brings to mind ocean gyres of trash.

“Gambling, booze or blue jeans, with blue jeans being the worst of the three.” —Evan Derian, creator of Miserable Americans comic book 21.

On the new podcast, Swisher and Goode discussed four: blue Apron, Snap, Roku and Stitch Fix.

Currently, maps of the United States colored in red and blue are influencing our understanding of the current presidential campaign.

Out of the blue sees Mison harking back to 1993, the year he first soundtracked the Ibizan sunsets down at the Cafe Del Mar.

Phil Mison’s Out of the blue arrives on 9th of June, via Leng.

The assistant described him as already being “blue” during the 911 call.

Any kidswear store I went into had the boys’ clothing limited to green and blue, dinosaurs or trucks.

“For so long, kids’ clothing was pink for girls and blue for boys; thankfully, we’ve come so far,” Leong says.

Vince Gotelli in “NYPD blue.”

The 16 major aquifers in blue, by contrast, gained water during that period.

I want to take this tool, maybe remix it and make the button blue instead of green.

Most of the decline in Trump approval, it turns out, occurred in congressional districts that are already solidly red or solidly blue.

The larger of the two scalene triangles is cerulean blue, while the noticeably smaller one is orange.

blue and green concentric bands separated by white space of equal width partially surround it.

She remembered that ancient Greek had no word for blue, and wondered what Mediterranean profusion, what excess of splendor, had made for that lack.

Across the left and bottom edges are wide, deep blue lines; another wide line just below the top seems part of the same family.

Just above the curvature of Earth’s western horizon, the sun blazed upon the fragile blue envelope of atmosphere.

Amber’s version goes on … she’s a painter and had dark blue paint in the room.

Meanwhile, the traditionally blue state of Maryland comes in at No.

4. with deep blue Washington, D.C., at No.

The sale’s top lot, Ernst Wilhelm Nay’s “Vom Aufsteigenden Blau (From the Rising blue)” (1956), sold for £848,750 (~$1,120,000).

Connecticut, Michigan and Washington, all traditionally blue states, are also among the top states searching “write-in.”

Simpson out of prurient interest knowing that he beat [Nicole Brown] black and blue.

“They get the blue ribbon,” said Bucky Hellwig, senior vice president at BB&T Wealth Management in Birmingham, Alabama.

The 52-year-old “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star performed her first rap track, “In That Order,” at blue Ivory club in the ATL.

blue House press secretary Yoon Young-chan said Moon was meeting with his foreign minister, defense minister and his chief of staff, among others.

Ad Reinhardt: blue Paintings at David Zwirner We forget that Ad Reinhardt was in his mid-50s when he died.

In the blue paintings done before 1952, when he settled on a square format and a rigorously sectioned composition, every work was different.

Is it blue?

Red “Make America Great Again” hats dotted the sea of blue and black sport coats filling the ballroom wall-to-wall.

The tablets also come in red, blue, and yellow, as well as the standard black.

So far, airlines including American, Delta, Jet blue, Southwest, and United all plan to apply for routes, some to multiple Cuban cities.

She wears a luxurious blue robe with a pink piece of fabric tied through her long, flowing hair.

Leo is the sign of royalty, so adding regal touches like gold or royal blue is a great way to go.

Democrats see an opportunity to flip this district blue this year because Hillary Clinton won it in 2016.

Rep. Mike Coffman has been around since 2009, but the state and district are both diversifying and turning more blue, so he’s vulnerable.

Crow has the backing of national Democrats; he’s been on the DCCC’s Red to blue list for months.

Another thing that transcends race or national boundaries is Ray Liotta’s penetrating blue eyes.

Tinsley is quietly legendary on UT’s 431 acres for donning sky-high platform heels, as well as blue lipstick or other vibrant accessories.

Downward streaks of the blue coloring (likely nail polish) run along each side of the figure, as if it were exuding an aura.

Here’s why Negga and other stars wore blue ribbons on the red carpet.

Riz Ahmed skipped traditional black in favor of a deep blue Zegna suit.

blue tuxes were a big trend for men.

blue Apron’s big post-IPO challenge: Making more money from existing customers.

Chinese blue chips fell 0.24% on Friday and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng lost 0.32%.

Paired with Matsoukas’s direction, as her camera sweeps over South LA’s dusty days and inky blue nights, they can be transcendent.

A special train had been prepared just for the visitors, a blue House pool report said.

The pair will have lunch with Moon at the blue House on Saturday, Moon’s office said.

Democrats have been eyeing CO-6 for years, and the district is on the DCCC’s “red to blue” list to flip this year.

The lineman is standing there in blue jeans and these sleuths can add.

This year’s effort hopes to ride the electoral blue wave and break Washington’s climate losing streak.

As I changed into my basic gym wear, I noticed that the coat rack held long black coats, black abayas and the blue burqas.

On April 8, 2015, the blue Jays and the Yankees were playing their second game of the season.

This week on Noisey Radio, we sit down with Mr. Baklava himself, Action Bronson, and go inside his anticipated new album blue Chips 7000.

Lipinski, who has not responded to Vox’s requests for comment, is a co-chair of the blue Dogs, a coalition of right-leaning House Democrats.

blue Ivy, the company, filed docs to block Bey’s company from getting the trademark.

He may be a blue Dog, but his district is just blue — it’s gone Democratic in the past four presidential elections.

The first is Isabelle Eberhardt in “The Wanderer (blue)” (2017), a writer who frequently appears in Tabouret’s work.

Favorite team: Toronto blue Jays”Like a lot of people I got into baseball because I played little league.

He swings a blanket that’s the same dark blue as the nearby water.

By the time latecomers like Pinterest and blue Apron came along, the pickings had gotten slimmer.

Kandinsky, whose association with theosophy strongly shaped his theories of art and color, believed that blue had powerful mystical qualities.

The only reason this general election contest might get interesting in this blue state is that Menendez faced trial last year on corruption charges.

Susana Martinez is term-limited out of the position, giving Democrats an opportunity to turn New Mexico state leadership even more blue.

South Korea’s presidential blue House said it had nothing to say on the matter.

– Panmunjom is a cluster of distinctive bright blue buildings.

This congee with blue crab and Old Bay is the perfect Maryland-meets-Asia comfort food for a dreary rainy day.

Especially while blue crabs are at their peak during summer.

“All those protesters last night, they turned around and ran the other way expecting the men and women in blue to protect them.

The weeding robot developed by a startup named blue River Technology blew my mind.

The video starts with the guy in the salmon and blue shirt trying to fend off a chick charging at him.

Texas Instruments shares make up about 2 percent of the Hodges blue Chip Equity Income fund.

They’ve countered with blue Lives Matter, and that is a movement now.

Baxley is running for a senate seat, and says passing blue Lives Matter legislation is his top priority.

Wisconsin lawmaker Representative David Steffen also floated a blue Lives Matter bill after the shooting in Dallas.

Baxley is running for a senate seat, and says passing blue Lives Matter legislation is his top priority.

Wisconsin lawmaker Representative David Steffen also floated a blue Lives Matter bill after the shooting in Dallas.

blue Lives Matter” started as a counter-slogan that frames the Black Lives Matter movement as adversarial in nature.

Critics of blue Lives Matter laws argue that the measures weaken the impact of the Hate Crimes Act.

Other Republican women are far from a guaranteed loss — but they all represent districts that could be swept up in a blue wave.

Awash in dark blue, the main store page even looks somewhat like Steam.

Then came the 2015-16 Columbus blue Jackets, who went on a run so majestic that it could not be ignored.

On Thursday night, the blue Jackets made history by … … oh, they lost?

The blue Jackets fell short of history when they lost 5-0 to the Washington Capitals, but winning 16 straight was still remarkable.

Some members of that record-setting Penguins team were calling the blue Jackets’ streak more impressive than theirs before it ended Thursday.

Is the blue Jackets 16-game run more impressive than the Penguins’ 17-game stretch in 1993?

Penguins: 17 blue Jackets: 16 Analysis: The Penguins won 17 consecutive games; the blue Jackets won 16 consecutive games.

The average today is 2.72, so the blue Jackets are about 1.2 goals per game above that.

So while the Penguins’ streak was fueled more by offense, the blue Jackets rode their goaltender more effectively.

Penguins: 0 blue Jackets: 2 Analysis: Advantage, Columbus!

Penguins: 10 of 17 blue Jackets: 8 of 16 Analysis: A close loss for the blue Jackets.

That’s not the blue Jackets’ fault.

Penguins: 612-511 (+101) blue Jackets: 514-472 (+42) Analysis: How important are shots, really?

There has to be one of these that allow the blue Jackets to flex their muscles.

Penguins: 21 blue Jackets: 15 Analysis: Oh come on!

All anyone talked about during this streak was the blue Jackets power play!

There’s nothing of substance about the blue Jackets’ streak that stands above the Penguins’ streak.

Penguins: Scotty Bowman blue Jackets: John Tortorella Analysis: The Penguins had a Hall of Fame coach that won nine Stanley Cups.

On second thought, these blue Jackets winning 16 in a row with Tortorella isn’t just a hell of a streak.

Think blue Apron grocery delivery, but with things like canned vegetables and shelf-stable milk.

Mac’s fans already held a public vigil for him Tuesday night at Pittsburgh’s blue Slide Park.

Think blue Apron grocery delivery, but with things like canned vegetables and shelf-stable milk.

blue Kai, the key data provider in Oracle’s new data division, offers more than 80 comprehensive sources of data to its customers.

She won by balancing a blue resurgence that’s happening in Kansas’s Third with an appeal to the district’s moderate, suburban voters.

Volunteers dressed in blue T-shirts sifted through fine sand to remove fragments of plastic as well as collected larger items like bottles.

Jeff Bezos’ blue Amazon is also aiming to get into the game , with recent successful tests of its BE-4 engines.

According to The Telegraph, there was a hearing on Monday, wherein a judge began to analyze evidence, including written witness statement from blue.

Per blue, Ashley held plenty of business meetings at the Green Dragon Pub in Derbyshire.

blue claims to have attended “several” meetings in the bar, but one incident in particular stood out.

In it, Ashley challenged a Polish analyst in blue‘s team named Pawel Pawlowski to a drinking contest.

Here’s what transpired, according to blue‘s statement.

blue also alleges that Ashley would abruptly take naps in the middle of other meetings that bored him.

Standing 30-inches tall, the doll boasts eyes of cobalt blue glass, pierced ears, blonde human hair, and an antique silk dress.

If a language had six words, they were always black, white, red, green, yellow, and blue.

For what it’s worth, the website blue Lives Matter has already disputed how the shooting is being portrayed by activists and the media.

Garrett said two CBP agents in blue uniforms were waiting as she stepped off the plane and onto the jet bridge.

Ferguson shares jumped 8.5% to an 8-month high on the news, topping London’s FTSE 100 blue chip index.

“He threw up, turned blue in the face, and had trouble breathing.

All that surplus oil was being stored in inventories (in blue) for later.

Some ripple violently, with edges as sharp as diamonds; others are the bright blue of a heavily chlorinated pool.

And yet, all that cold-looking purple and blue adds up to just over average for this time of year.

blue represents living longer and, in most places, the blue slowly takes over the map and starts to get darker.

Michelle Dockery brightened up the carpet in a light blue gown.

The flowing blue dress featured floral embellishments on the bodice.

His pale blue tuxedo came complete with a matching bow tie.

She lost her blue checkmark last November when Twitter stripped verification from users who advocated for white supremacy or identified as Nazis.

Gillibrand was a member of the centrist and fiscally conservative blue Dog Coalition while in the House of Representatives.

*   *   * Cynthia Manick is the author of blue Hallelujahs (Black Lawrence Press, 2016).

She wore this eye-catching blue hat to another family wedding — the marriage of her cousin Zara Phillips and rugby captain Mike Tindall.

Since he won’t bring toys and doesn’t have toys Catherine will share her big blue stripy white bunny.

For Easter 2015, she stood out with a poofy blue cocktail hat — yet another Philip Treacy creation.

Or this blue velvet number.

Police are currently searching for her missing car, a blue four-door 2004 Toyota Prius with a Kentucky license plate numbered 722RMY.

I think we have a very good chance of a blue wave, as they say.

H+P approached me kind of out the blue and asked for a track for the compilation.

I know so many women right now that are involved in amazing work, and throughout the country, not just in blue states.

The cafe is on HaCarmel Street and has a bright blue door—that’s all I can tell you; there’s no name or address.

They FAILED as dems and are now the reason we are about to enjoy a blue wave!

Flip flippers need not apply The idea that this district could flip blue is still considered a stretch.

The Toronto blue Jays have finally made a big-name splash in this year’s free agent pool.

From “Seeing”: blue, blue rose up, rose up, and fell.

It makes for the latest in a string of cloud-focused acquisitions by Big blue in recent months.

blue water.” And didn’t understand himself why he said it.

She then covers these surfaces with either blue or black paint.

On the blue grounds she makes a diamond pattern of four dots, one at each corner, with each dot part of two structures.

The inspiration for these patterns is the Scrovegni Chapel: the black paintings refer to the floor tiles and the blue paintings evoke the ceiling.

The other group of blue paintings, collectively titled “Shroud,” is characterized by one or more small blue rectangles within the painting.

In the blue paintings, Hall pares the light down to the reflection in the graphite dots, a faint dark glint.

Oil and vinegar on salads are totally acceptable, she suggested, as well as full fat ranch, Caesar, or blue cheese dressing.

Take, for example, Pavel Cazenove’s essay “blue Lynchean Nightmare.

The Smithsonian Museum has received a blue Marchesa gown worn by Constance Wu in the film Crazy Rich Asians.

As you can see, Democrats (in blue) were perceived as far more liberal than what voters said they wanted (in purple), especially in 2012.

(Like a true blue aristo, Feilding has the delightful habit of saying “one” when she means “I.”)

The union provides its own health coverage, rather than contracting with a private health insurer like Aetna or blue Cross blue Shield.

blue Apron didn’t have the best IPO, and Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition could challenge its business.

They’re certainly “zestful.” Alma Thomas’s “Mars Reflection” (1972) echoes the texture of snakeskin with red scaly blots against blue.

This effect is intensified by the fact that many of them are not purely black and white, but have strong yellow and blue hues.

The fetching blue and clean lines would make this sukkah a comfortable, temporary addition outside the home of any observant Dwell magazine subscribers.

The figure’s spread out toes press against one side of the box, turning blue where its skin meets the surface.

And they aren’t just deeply blue states.

In those years, in that rage, I learned to be dispossessed; to dress in your red, white & blue.

The Michigan bill more directly piggybacks on the local infrastructure put in place late last year after the state created a blue Alert program.

The dark blue is land where today’s most familiar, established turbines can achieve a minimum of 30 percent CF.

Lighter blue areas are where the best of today’s turbines can do that.

You were coming out after the blue Apron IPO, which while a completely different business in many ways, some investors lumped you guys together.

blue Jays 8, Orioles 6 Rowdy Tellez hit a grand slam during a six-run fifth inning as visiting Toronto defeated Baltimore.

Derek Law opened for the blue Jays and threw a scoreless inning before Edwin Jackson (1-4) earned the victory with five solid innings.

Guys: you really shouldn’t need need an orange and blue camouflage AK-47 to be happy.

Adler is a progressive Democrat in charge of a deeply blue city in one of the reddest states in the country.

Misrach’s photographs of blue barrels filled with water marked how far you had traveled on your journey past the wall.

He offered her an “herbal” remedy — three blue tablets — to help with stress, Constand told investigators in 2005.

New entrants such as meal-kit company blue Apron and organic food seller Thrive Market are peeling off coveted slices of their business.

Mike Krzyzewski is one handsome (blue) devil.

The sky blue backdrop of the painting lightens slightly near the upper right, where a darker blue flower shape seems suspended in mid-air.

I found myself gazing at that blue, longingly, as the Philadelphia sky hung so low that I wanted to push it away.

Another insurer playing to its strength is Anthem, which sells blue Cross blue Shield plans in 15 states.

blue Hill Bay,” 2013, is equally scenic, but here the soft, ethereal quality of trees lining the foreground brings to mind certain Corot landscapes.

“For All the Saints” and “blue Moon,” both 2016, are gestural representations of patches of woods, executed through dynamic paint marks.

4:58 PM PT — President Trump’s event has ended … and it concluded with the famous blue Angels flyover.

President Trump’s Fourth of July celebration concludes with a flyover from the US Navy’s blue Angels.

The Navy’s elite airshow squadron, blue Angels, will do a flyover and will also be joined by other aircraft.

Delaware is a blue enough state that Carper will almost certainly win.

In the blue corner was John Huston, the hard-drinking director behind classics like The Treasure of Sierra Madre (1948) and The African Queen (1951).

While they were almost identical, the differences between Green and blue were mainly based around the Pokémon creatures exclusive to each version.

The continued quality in modern games like X and Y, though, is the most fitting tribute to the phenomenon that Red and blue spawned.

Pokémon Red, blue, and the Pikachu-starring Yellow are available now for the 3DS, via the Nintendo eShop.

He’ll solve it after being re-elected,” said Guevara, wearing a blue T-shirt emblazoned with a big ‘M’ for Maduro.

An open blue sky and floating white clouds further suggest that this was a time of freedom.

On Friday, Lee Ann Oliver in the secretary of state’s office told The Times that both blue and black were acceptable.

As a member of the Toronto blue Jays, he three times missed a cycle by a triple.

Captain America’s red, white, and blue uniform is grayer on film.

NASA creates these images by taking pictures of Jupiter with red, green, and blue filters and then processing them together for a full-color image.

blue Sky.” Gunn’s camera never leaves him, even though there’s a battle raging in the background.

Do you mean “blue Steel”?

One clear blue morning, a friend stopped by with a baggie of crystalline shards.

The draconian anti-immigration initiative of 1994 helped turn the nation’s most populous state blue.

One image featuring a blue watery GIF prompted some speculation that it might be sex-related.

187 ensured Latinos would never vote Republican, and as the state became less white, it became more blue.

So should Democrats find solace in California’s rapid transformation into a solidly blue state?

Bulger’s film follows writer Paul Bowles’s book Their Heads Are Green and Their Hands Are blue over 50 years after its publication.

The dark jewel-tone blue and maroon don’t seem modern at all; they seem recessive and dark.

In the meantime, I will be glumly moving the Uber icon to my blue folder, which has more apps than any other color.

The first human-made blue pigment emerged in ancient Egypt, then disappeared for centuries until it was rediscovered in Pompeii.

Yet long before this hue of ground semi-precious stones, there was a synthetic blue pigment widely used in ancient Egypt.

Democrats, meanwhile, say that Republicans have gutted other processes, like “blue slips,” that would enable them to otherwise vocalize their concern with different nominees.

Roman Egyptian artists tended to use more reds, yellows, and whites, sometimes even painting over preparatory blue drawings.

A couple of centuries after its retrieval from history through Pompeii, this blue may have its own scientific significance as a material of discovery.

“Unless they go back to 60 votes or restore the blue slips, either one, then there’s a reason to move along,” he said.

In the aftermath of a reversal, the current gap in abortion services between red and blue states will become even more severe.


We’re here to introduce Old blue Last, VICE’s brand new, super-tasty, very refreshing, pretty much perfect signature beer.

“It was a really good lineup,” Valentine says of the blue Jays.

And on the map, there are hundreds of thousands of small red and blue dots.

Nix narrows down the criteria: “Republicans”—the blue dots disappear; “not yet convinced”—more dots disappear; “male”, and so on.

The month closes with not just a super moon, not just a full moon, and not just a blue moon— but an eclipse, too!

New Mexico is an increasingly blue state; Democrats captured every statewide office in 2018.

As it rotates it changes color from blue, the male sign, to pink, the girl sign.

That helps reduce the effects of blue light and some of the addictive qualities, but again, these are baby steps.

When they were done with rides, they dined at the blue Bayou restaurant.

They called her Violet Violet, not red or blue.

One can hardly turn a corner without being confronted by the blue and yellow starred flag of European solidarity.

Her upper lip was puffed out and blue, and appeared to have been hit.”

“Medicaid is popular in blue, red, and purple states,” Schatz says.

One cop car shoots across the open road and disappears onto the Long Island Expressway, flashing red and blue lights into the dissolving daylight.

Nighttime scenes set at the beach are bathed in the dusky blue of the ocean.

Teoscar Hernandez also hit a home run for the blue Jays, who took three of four games in the series with the Royals.

The blue Jays, who had 18 hits in the game, scored twice in the first.

The blue Jays added five runs in the second.

The blue Jays added a run in the sixth on Gurriel’s infield hit, Biggio’s single and Grichuk’s RBI single.

Sam Gaviglio was perfect with three strikeouts in the eighth and ninth innings for the blue Jays.

“I posted it and realized, wait it a minute, there’s some blue missing here.

Postal Service have since covered the van in a blue tarp.

Keep an eye on blue Cross blue Shield plans.

Wellmark, which dropped out of Iowa, is a blue Cross blue Shield plan.

It sounds like the slightly blue lights that swoop and circle the ceiling in Brooklyn’s late-night spots.

You need a lot more money than we have to do that.” Virginia is looking like an increasingly blue state.

I think there is red, gray, blue, and I think a black.

The blue or the red, or the gray, they might get kind of yucky pretty quickly.

LG: Yeah, Kara’s wearing an Alcantara suit, and blue Alcantara shoes.

New Jersey is a blue state, and President Trump’s national unpopularity would seem to advantage the Democratic nominee in New Jersey next year.

They’re talking to each other over the phone, describing the outfits (blue shirt!)

Read more on the CBO score from Vox blue KC will exit the Obamacare marketplaces, leaving 25 Missouri counties with no insurers in 2018.

(Given the rank age of our existent sample, though, I would presume blue.)

Neither should Republicans fear a “blue wave” by supporting the initiative.

I was specifically painting the traditional blue and white Roman vases and researching them quite heavily.

We decide we’re going to go to Betty blue Star Lounge cause they’re open till four.

In addition, all of these except for deep blue Illinois are presidential swing states.

One, formed out of a cloudy blue sky, reads, “Just us.” Below, you can check out an exclusive trailer for Shatter.

The blue of a police barricade can be detected on one oar, while broadsides they’ve issued for boat building cover an adjacent wall.

In “Home Base” (2017) an irregular blue band from top to bottom conjures a river sluicing through the landscape.

In the large diptych, “South East North West” (2017), blue bands again conjure rivers, while myriad accompanying shapes suggest clustered buildings and fecund vegetation.

The left side of the figure’s head is a deep blue speckled with hundreds, maybe thousands, of minuscule white dots.

Best Buy is pretty good with the blue shirts.

Just to the right of the green brushstroke Shear has made a blue parallelogram out of a few overlapping strokes.

The jobs cuts will affect employees in blue Apron’s corporate offices as well as workers in some of its warehouses.

The American Express blue Cash Preferred gives a whopping six percent cash back at grocery stores and three percent back at gas stations.

They had a relatively easy time dispatching the blue Jackets in five, and just finished off the Capitals in a grueling seven games.

We hope blue in a sentence examples were helpful.