Blasting in a sentence | Use of the word blasting examples

[Rani Molla] On Election Day, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower is blasting Facebook for still not doing enough.

Since then, Paulie’s been on a media blitz, blasting Conor to every media outlet that will have him on.

The Academy immediately cut them off by blasting music to force them off the stage before director Louie Psihoyos could finish his acceptance speech.

Meanwhile, you’re just riding around on a bull blasting gorillas in the face with a rifle, which is extremely badass.

He began by attacking the “FAKE NEWS MEDIA,” then pivoted to blasting special counsel Robert Mueller.

They viciously attack Republicans they believe are betraying true conservatism, blasting Paul Ryan (for example) as a supporter of “radical amnesty-and-open-borders.”

Harris-Perry had been fairly quiet after the release of her letter blasting MSNBC brass for repeatedly preempting her show.

President Donald Trump has waded into the controversy, routinely blasting Kaepernick.

I continued running, blasting my iPod.

The LMADIS is capable of detecting, identifying, tracking and blasting small drones out of the sky using electronic attack.

Still focused on blasting enemy air defenses, the flying branch eventually added radar-homing missiles to the pilotless plane’s arsenal.

Romanik, who works for KQQZ 1190 AM, was blasting Waka for wiping his ass with a Trump jersey during a concert.

Venetian Snares, a.k.a Aaron Funk, can be an intimidating character—looming over crowds like a fiend, blasting out rapid-fire drum blitzes at unsuspecting bystanders.

For less skilled players, blasting the ball down the center above the goalkeeper may be the most effective tactic.

“People in the Iran-Contra affair have been treated very unfairly,” Barr told USA Today in December 1992, blasting the charges as illegitimate.

“People in the Iran-Contra affair have been treated very unfairly,” Barr told USA Today in December 1992, blasting the charges as illegitimate.

Like Trump, Ford was a scandal-plagued candidate who won the election by pandering to downscale voters and blasting Toronto’s urban elites.

In Brussels, Trump insulted America’s longstanding allies, blasting them for not spending enough on defense.

It appears he’s on the road at the moment, but he was there in spirit … his music was blasting in the background.

Groups on all sides are blasting it as terrible.

But if you rather spend your work week blasting space debris away from valuable satellites, the US Space Corps might be more your thing.

Avenatti also spoke to reporters and started by blasting R. Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg.

Hundreds (including famed DC musicians like Wale) turned out in the streets for a public protest and celebratory concert, blasting go-go from their speakers.

The caboose on the procession is a rocket ship blasting off with comically large heads of Kim-Jung un and Dennis Rodman protruding from portals.

President Donald Trump has spent months blasting former FBI Director James Comey and special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Liberal cable TV host Rachel Maddow has devoted several segments to blasting the organization for what she views as mistakes.

Here, you can almost feel the cool kids blasting the track at a party, or captioning a #squadgoals-esque Instagram post with the lyrics.

Scarlett Johansson held back no punches, blasting Ivanka Trump as a coward.

Hanks and Mulaney both shared posts Saturday blasting FJ for stealing content and jokes from comedians and profiting from it.

More protesters arrive around 15 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin, blasting Christian music and proselytizing via loudspeaker.

And in the background, the Youndu-led Ravagers and the Ayesha-led Sovereign are constantly looming, one warp jump away from blasting the Guardians to bits.

Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II issued a statement blasting the Corps.

Shia hard-liners, backed by Iran, are blasting Abadi as soft on the Sunnis.

It hit a government law building within earshot, blasting debris through the shattering windows that ripped through his new painting.

Left unsaid was how much of his book was devoted to blasting his former boss.

As it stands, though, this speaker can take a beating while blasting your favorite tunes.

But instead of blasting away at Par 5’s with a trusty driver, he rarely approached the tee with anything heavier than a three-wood.

Much of the hour-long meeting focused on NAFTA and other trade issues, with Trump blasting the pact with Canada and Mexico.

If we were more aware of the harms of blasting loud music, we would reduce noise pollution from the source.

We don’t know whether the woman blasting out of the big bass drum is escaping her slaver’s chains or her mortal coil.

Fragmentation grenades, which kill by blasting out small metal fragments, were the most popular.

They have set up a few tables on their stoop, hung up a sign, and are blasting music to attract customers.

Greenberg added, “Drea has two strands of income — child support from R. Kelly and blasting R. Kelly publicly.”

Kim jumped back on all platforms Tuesday, blasting out pics, tweets and messages.

The needle drops, it catches the groove, and then blasting out of your speakers is a series of onomatopoeias.

Closed loop differs from “open blasting,” a process prone to explosion that’s frequently used in makeshift labs.

When I got in my car I drove like a maniac, blasting Garth Brooks’ “Standing Outside the Fire.” I had four crisp $100 bills.

Sessions’s defense hasn’t stopped Trump from publicly blasting him.

Erivo leads it off, blasting every note, sending each one soaring into the rafters.

But Legacy says Flair’s allegations are “baseless and defamatory” — and they’re respectfully blasting the guy in a statement to TMZ Sports.

On Monday night, an image of a comic blasting the practice was projected onto San Francisco’s Federal Building.

It may have also cowed his opponents, who didn’t want to be seen blasting a man who’d just survived a knife attack.

Untold numbers – as many as 1,200 by some estimates – perished in blasting accidents, snowslides, falls and other mishaps.

Steve escaped unharmed, but he’s blasting the club for lack of security.

blasting … and bench pressed 495 pounds — with zero help from his spotter!!

It was empty besides the two employees working, and music was blasting.

“The same congressional Republicans who joined me in blasting Pres.

As the rocket left Earth, the car’s stereo was blasting David Bowie.

Rooney chatted carelessly while driving 20 miles over the speed limit and blasting Frank Sinatra.

But Emelianenko sat in Nogueira’s guard, offering the Brazilian grips, stripping them and blasting him in the head each time.

If you’re a die-hard New England fan, chances are you’ve been blasting ‘Go Pats!’

Martin is UNLOADING on the New York Giants … blasting the team for taking relatively unknown Duke QB Daniel Jones.

$44 11:15 a.m. — Shower and get ready while blasting Spotify’s “Mood Booster” playlist.

Colton is up against vicious odds, with 24 women — all of whom are actually fairly interesting — blasting their charisma around the room.

Rather, Allison fires the gun next to Vanya’s ear, disrupting her concentration… which leads to her accidentally blasting the moon with her powers.

When asked what happened, one shrugged, positioned her fingers as if cocking a trigger, and made several blasting motions, before tending a waiting customer.

Jean cries, ultimately blasting Raven out of frame.

When I got closer I realized that somebody was blasting Poison’s “Nothin’ But A Good Time.” I paused in absolute wonder.

And Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid will have you blasting Fleetwood Mac.

An outburst blasting the water snowline out so far might actually be a common occurrence, but this is the first observation of it happening.

and Billie Eilish, Latin hip hop playing at Santos parties and in Santos cars, and salsa blasting from Abuelita’s bedroom.

By 1966, it was blasting and bulldozing white rock out of the Green Mountain state.

Music blasting into your ear-holes not immersive enough for you?

$83 3:00 p.m. – We arrive at Luquillo Beach and it’s filled with people and the music is blasting.

TV is blasting 588-2300 Empire jingle in background.

Blast The AC blasting the AC for the time it takes to have sex won’t effect your electricity bill that much.

At least three people are recording a teen girl have sex without her consent and blasting that video out into the internet.

Charles Barkley HATES LaVar Ball — blasting the Big Baller as an “idiot” who should never be allowed on television again!

I drive home blasting Lizzo and eat the last of my quiche and a banana before getting into the shower.

Like The Matrix, it features gun-toting characters in long, dark coats blasting their way through grimy corridors.

Be it blasting out of your car or through your earbuds, there’s no way you’re getting through the summer without a soundtrack.

This proof-of-concept device is actually blasting me with ultrasonic waves that feel freakishly like a stream of air.

(Laughs) I was in Mexico, and people were blasting “D Rose.

In radio terms, the AirCard was noisy, blasting out data in all directions like a barking dog on a busy street.

Before Pence, before Trump, there was an empty podium and the Rolling Stones blasting through the speakers.

Sometimes you’re watching from the perspective of the drone, zipping through turns and blasting along straightaways.

blasting the council majority, U.S.

You can also adjust your settings to get Facebook to stop blasting you with ads from outside websites you’ve visited.

For the first time ever, astronomers have captured the bright flash of a shockwave blasting out from a dying star, NASA reported.

This addition was inspired by Duck Hunt’s “Game C,” which has the shooter blasting away at clay pigeons.

Prince Turki hit back in the closed session, blasting Iran’s role in the Syria conflict, the participants said.

LeBron James WENT OFF on Charles Barkley last night … blasting the NBA legend as a “hater” with a violent, sketchy and downright shameful past.

Now, imagine blasting around here at 180-plus miles per hour.

A minivan was blasting through the parking lot and I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise until I was halfway pulled out.

I got to spend three straight days blasting his retrograde policies in the news media.

Signs and banners thanking volunteers and blasting Air Canada, as the airline was accused of gouging Fort McMurray residents trying to leave the city.

The same fingerprints were always found on blasting caps or on the tape inside pressure plates; repeat offenders were the norm.

The DroneBlocker devices work by blasting incoming drones with radio signals, effectively jamming the signal from the controller.

That cool white uniform and blasting off into space seems like way more fun than blasting around virtual galaxies in Destiny.

That cool white uniform and blasting off into space seems like way more fun than blasting around virtual galaxies in Destiny.

Scientists borrowed the idea from nature: earlier volcanic eruptions have cooled worldwide temperatures by blasting massive amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.

My solution so far has been blasting white noise through my Apple EarPods.

Truth is … Stone’s been blasting Sen. McCain everywhere since the vote, but this time he’s amping up the rhetoric.

After blasting her in Twitter tirades and during campaign trail speeches, Donald Trump is turning to Snapchat to attack Hillary Clinton.

Trucks blasting his campaign song drove up and down the main alley, with people cheering on the side.

Trucks blasting his campaign song drove up and down the main alley, with people cheering on the side.

We certainly don’t recommend the water blasting technique.

So yes, you can have a robot buddy follow you around while blasting Ludacris or whatever other music you like.

Stephen Jackson just ripped Darryl Strawberry for saying weed is a gateway drug … blasting the ex-MLB superstar as a “cokehead” who’s “weak-minded.”

In another home video, young Fisher runs along the Great Wall of China, blasting music and pulling strangers in to dance.

Outside the court house we were throwing glitter and blasting her music.

It wasn’t a perfect method either, but it may have been a helpful option if blasting music out of them isn’t working.

The new Azealia Banks album was blasting, and there was “a mountain of cocaine” in the middle of the coffee table.

She first heard it blaring from a wall of speakers, what she described as straight squares blasting sound.

Photographic film stock was first created by combining camphor with nitrocellulose, or “guncotton,” an extremely flammable substance that made for a powerful blasting agent.

Other scenes see characters blasting the scene’s music from their radios, only for the track to cut at the most dramatic moment.

He’d originally wanted to be a painter, but a childhood accident with a blasting cap blew off his thumb and two other fingers.

It was noisy, blasting out millions of emails over the course of a few hours, so administrators were able to spot it early.

Scientists have healed severe bone fractures in pigs by blasting tiny bubbles with ultrasound in the animals’ bones.

Congressional Republicans feared Trump blasting their bills and their budgets as a way to boost his own popularity and define his brand of populism.

Or Rory McIlroy blasting L’Internationale from an old-school boombox attached to his golf buggy?

We even had John Oliver segments blasting him for his approach to net neutrality.

Before I knew it, the helicopter was upon us, wind blasting down on me (an incredibly effective bit of sensory tie-in).

With nearly 10,000 followers, he seemed comfortable with the form, blasting out observations and occasionally stinging criticisms of the local political scene.

After finishing the build, he puts it to work, blasting an array of objects with variable effect.

The Mul Converter, the weird creatures Rihanna’s shape-shifting character impersonates, and the Pearls’ blasting sticky guns are all Christin and Mézières’ creations.

Give it ten years and they’ll all be wobbling around in warehouses with techno blasting till 8 AM on a Tuesday morning.”

Meanwhile, the smaller devices have passable speakers not meant for blasting music.

He’s presumably talking about Kylo Ren, who we see piloting his fighter, only to hesitate before blasting his mother’s Resistance ship.

You’re suddenly in a ship headed for Mars, blasting through space and landing on its burnt sienna surface.

By 1966, it was blasting and bulldozing white rock out of the Green Mountain state.

Instead, they’ve doubled down on a chilling “Terran supremacy” doctrine, and built a warmongering, bloodthirsty empire bent on blasting alien races into submission.

without blasting off into a full-blown mystical experience.

Strange blasting mystic bolts of eldritch energy.

Yet, Friday morning, Ya’alon resigned in protest, blasting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party for drifting too far to the intolerant right.

You can mute loud and annoying websites with this feature, and spare any audio blasting out of your speakers.

You could have Spotify audio blasting out of your speakers, while your browser audio comes through a headset.

I was blasting the CRX record last night while I was getting busy.

And depending on how fast the air is blasting, the thrusters could pose risks to other cars on the road.

You may have also heard that the game is blasting a siren near its evil super villain lair.

Then the man starts blasting “Bodak Yellow” and presses record on his own phone.

Romero’s faked shots are constant and he is just as happy to physically unbalance an opponent before blasting in as well.

He was on CNN blasting what he saw as Trump’s lame response.

Dude just cruised past me riding a lawn chair taped to an electric skateboard while vaping and blasting Jack Johnson.

The AR-L Blaster features “rapid-fire motorized blasting and flip-up sights,” presumably to help players hit each other more easily with foam darts.

With Prodigy’s music blasting in his ears, the VICELAND host made a dash for it and was able to escape the police.

But instead of blasting off directly from the ground like a typical rocket, LauncherOne will start its journey on a runway.

At first I thought someone was blasting,” one said.

Another told the Toldeo Blade that they often saw the young man sitting inside of the car blasting Polka music.

He looked genuinely thrilled to be back on his tour bus, despite it being full of people, many of which were strangers, blasting Drake.

DY: Christian really wanted to push that with these blasting eyes in the beginning.

I had more fun blasting bad guys in space than I thought I would.

Rapping Out of TroubleAt Sunshine train station some Polynesian kids blasting commercial hip-hop from a boom box approached me asking me for a cigarette.

It wasn’t daylight but a spotlight blasting his home from outside.

Music is everywhere, blasting from cars, shops, and phones.

Even with music blasting, I didn’t have to yell to get it to hear me.

Trump has reacted angrily in the aftermath of Flynn’s resignation, blaming journalists and blasting leaks.

Mind you, T-Mobile has some ulterior motives for blasting Verizon here.

Police agencies are blasting the group and their offshoots.

Literally, the script opens with this sort of VO [voiceover] kind of blasting Hollywood and giving them the middle finger.

“I mostly listen to opera recordings,” she replied, as Colbert starts blasting “Everybody Dance Now,” to Ginsburg’s dismay.

About 95 percent of global hydrogen production is done through steam methane reforming (SMR), blasting natural gas with high-temperature, high-pressure steam.

Carrey’s attorney Martin D. Singer also released a statement blasting the claims.

That means, as the concept art above shows, we’ll see Rocket Raccoon blasting away beside Thor the thunder god.

Copper cylinders dangled from the ceiling, blasting out clouds of smoke in sync with the music.

Democrats remained united in opposition, blasting the Senate bill as a tax break for the wealthy.

The car was blasting David Bowie music as it left Earth to follow Mars in an elliptical orbit around the Sun.

Liam Gallagher is blasting his brother for not putting their legendary Oasis war aside to perform at the One Love Manchester concert.

The messages are clear with track titles like “WOMANHATER” and “REFUGEE,” and so is the vicious energy and anger blasting from each song.

A 65-year-old woman in a Prius pulls up beside me blasting Enya.

In his first encounter with blasting prayer, “I thought it was really silly,” he tells PEOPLE.

Massive waves and blasting gusts of wind rocked the 1,141-foot ship on Sunday, injuring four people and damaging public areas, NBC New York reports.

The ladies eventually got their revenge on Corden: Beckham caught him off guard by blasting two apples into the plexiglass.

By Wednesday evening, lawmakers from both parties had issued statements blasting the administration for even considering bringing back torture.

I wrote a column blasting the baseball coach for whom I was playing!

“I HAD THE BIGGEST COMEBACK OF 2018!” he wrote — blasting Tyga, Drake, and Kanye West, too.

These games were fast as hell, colorful, and always had booming, blasting soundtracks to accompany the action.

LMFAOOOOO dawg why my homey sent me a snap of Sicko Mode the dirty version blasting in JetBlue terminal at JFK??????

(@zza__) March 31, 2017 I honestly don’t care for Kendrick.I like my misogyny blatant and blasting over a trap beat.

blasting a run-around forehand winner to bring up two set points, he converted the second when a harried Bautista Agut found the net.

UKIP treats these people essentially the way Trump treats Mexicans: blasting them, as our new pub friend Bob had, as criminals stealing British jobs.

Rippon — an openly gay U.S. figure skater — has been blasting Pence in the media over the V.P.

The pair appeared to be blasting Jenner’s brother-in-law Kanye West‘s hit song, “Pt.

Add this cotton pillow to your sofa for warm vibes — even when you’re blasting the AC.

Bendjima, however, denied the situation was romantic, blasting a tabloid report about the set of photos on his Instagram story.

An extreme freeze is blasting the Midwest this week, causing school closures, potentially record-breaking low temperatures and a rare suspension of the U.S.

The five-times Grand Slam champion landed 35 of her 36 returns, while blasting 20 winners in the rout.

Sarah Palin’s famous blasting of the lamestream media is kind of record and testament to the rise of these kinds of people.

“It’s quantity over quality, people, and we are just blasting your ass with these,” Strong says in voiceover.

Every other player converted their spot kicks and Edison Flores sealed Peru’s place in the last four by blasting past Fernando Muslera.

Naturally, the band’s song “Can’t Stop” started blasting from the radio and the sing-along began.

“Javi and I are not together anymore,” DeJesus told blasting News.

He’s shirtless, strapped into the passenger seat of a car barreling down the highway, blasting Lil Uzi and beaming at a camera.

Providence won the 2K Tournament title Friday night by blasting St. Louis 90-63 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

I will be creating some new art pieces celebrating Pride and blasting them out through the South.

During his teen years, his mother would drive him to school, blasting Robbins’s tapes.

Andy Cohen is blasting the upcoming Straight Pride Parade … calling it the brainchild of absolute morons!!!

“Khloé always has music blasting.

And Los Angeles, in general, is always blasting Mexican music.

She later apologized, writing: “I woke up this morning realizing I regret blasting Tia + Colton on social media.

Blac Chyna is blasting Soulja Boy for trying to sex shame her after their breakup … and she’s hitting him where it hurts!!!

A person should never walk into a room, flip a switch, and have five lights blasting down from cans.

In one sequence, we see Supes blasting assorted bad guys with his heat vision while simultaneously flying about with ease.

Turn on Fox News on any given night, and you’ll hear pundits blasting illegal aliens, radical Islamic terrorism, and corporate regulations.

Houston stretched its winning streak over Los Angeles to 11 games by clubbing a season-high five homers, with Altuve blasting his in consecutive at-bats.

blasting it directly into the channel and bathing wild fish in the diseased blood is a marine conservationist’s nightmare.

“That’s why we don’t handle blasting caps,” the grinning instructor says.

It may have also cowed his opponents, who didn’t want to be seen blasting a man who’d just survived a knife attack.

Since April 21st the regime has been blasting Aleppo, the country’s biggest city.

Since April 21st President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has been blasting Aleppo, the country’s biggest city.

Madonna is blasting a report that she has filed to adopt two more children from Malawi.

As I was finishing the book, I was becoming more aware of the Trump phenomenon, too—techniques of blasting bullshit and grabbing headlines.

El Playón is a clutch of huts and bars blasting out vallenato folk music.

“Javi and I are not together anymore,” she told blasting News in January.

Weirdly, the daily blasting ritual gave me more confidence even though I couldn’t really see results.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 3, 2013 We can’t even stop the Norks from blasting a missile.

“Bounce” and “Gotta Lotta” might satisfy if heard blasting from the radio; everything else gets the job done and nothing more.

He gave Sanders a taste of what they should expect, blasting his voting record on gun control, immigration, and same-sex marriage.

The band missed the 1991 alternative zeitgeist like a rocket blasting off course into uncharted void.

At the bottom, a yellow rig is drilling boreholes into the rock face, preparing it for blasting.

A witness named Steve Outlaw recorded the chaos as the man got off the bus and began blasting.

This produces a computer-generated image of the music before blasting it onto a lacquer master disc with a laser (rather than a spinning stylus).

Reggae is blasting and almost everyone has donned dark sunglasses, because, hangovers and sweltering temperatures be damned, it’s showtime.

Any machinery in the path of these high-speed particles could suffer some serious blasting or damage.

Nothing in their life lines up with them beating up street thugs or blasting away space aliens in asteroid fields.

“You’re blasting calves, you’re hitting glutes.

Still others, like Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, defended Trump’s actions, blasting leaks to the press as efforts to undermine his administration.

Trump is now accusing Comey of lying to Congress under oath, as well as blasting him for botching the “Crooked Hillary Clinton case.”

These robot teachers are blasting horrible fears into the minds of these students, forcing them to revise and believe that 2+2=5.

One acts as a petard, blasting through a wall to grant access to the others.

The Milwaukee Bucks are blasting the Milwaukee Police Dept.

Turkey is blasting the EU, its biggest trading partner.

In January, Cardi B posted a video addressing the government shutdown and blasting the president for his antics.

If Sanders was the team’s bad cop for blasting moderates, Warren played the role of good cop well.

On Friday, both accounts started blasting a link to files supposedly hacked from an Armenian embassy.

It may have also cowed his opponents, who didn’t want to be blasting a man who’d just survived a knife attack.

In England he humiliated his host, Theresa May, blasting her Brexit plan before holding her hand and hailing “the highest level of special” relationship.

Weeks before the U.S. Open, Osaka was blasting Kendrick Lamar‘s music for her debut at the Washington Citi Open.

MUSIC was blasting, rockets were flying and pancakes were frying in Russia’s far east on September 9th.

Kraft just issued a statement blasting Tom’s upcoming 4-game suspension for his role in Deflategate.

Today we can live-stream a rocket blasting off into space.

Listeners can start blasting Christmas carols and other holiday music as soon as they take their Halloween costume off, on Nov. 1.

Strafe is a very fun, very old-school style FPS with an emphasis on blasting aliens/demons/bad guys in the face as quickly as possible.

Twitter users were quick to respond, blasting Cruz for his joke.

Current players such as Paul, Wade and James aren’t the only ones blasting the Knicks now.

He responded by blasting his ex-girlfriend on Twitter, calling her “crazy.” Every Day, I’m Hustling is scheduled to be released on April 3.

Imagine itself as individual rays of light blasting outwards at the speed of light.

— Jordan Vogt-Roberts (@VogtRoberts) November 28, 2016 He’s going pull for pull on red wine & coffee while blasting through alt-right conspiracy feeds.

“Javi and I are not together anymore,” she told blasting News.

But the fifth and sixth nuclear tests are thought by experts to have taught the North Koreans all they need to know from blasting.

In reality, what that means is you’re blasting enemies and avoiding obstacles, all to the ever-pulsating beat.

In 2010, for instance, Flynn co-wrote a paper blasting the ways the US military was gathering intelligence in Afghanistan.

But after blasting jocks in that song, the band launches into a raw version of the insipid Gilligan’s Island theme.

Blazkowicz, an American spy of Polish Jewish descent, who storms through a Nazi prison with a Luger pistol blasting Nazis as he goes.

Judd Legum, editor of the center-left blog ThinkProgress, shared a headline blasting turncoat Democrats titled “WTF” and captioned it in all caps.

Musk’s company is launching a red Tesla Roadster blasting the song “Space Oddity” out into the solar system.

blasting the things out of the sky would put people in danger.

But on its latest cover, the weekly magazine notably changed course, blasting the “SECRETS & LIES” involved in the Trump campaign-Russia scandal.

Because the last frosts of spring are occurring earlier in the year, trees are blasting out pollen earlier as well.

But this led to yet another tie, with England blasting 15 runs and then conceding the same tally to New Zealand.

Music is everywhere in our society, blasting from cars, playing at the grocery store, auto-playing in banner ads.

In the comfort of a blasting air conditioner, I sat inside the press suite watching the game.

I mean, it’s hard to imagine a kindly old man blasting aliens or chainsawing zombies.

No word if David was blasting “Don’t Worry Baby” on their way out of Craig’s.

They used Facebook and Twitter to alert residents, and Sheriff’s drove through neighborhoods blasting sirens and loudspeakers.

Trump has made a similar argument, blasting both establishment-leaning politicians and hardline conservative elected officials for being typical politicians.

“Catch me blasting her songs in my earbuds on my way to and from work for many years to come.

When I’m on Christopher Street at two in the morning, they’re blasting MikeQ beats, and they’re perfecting their vogue to it.

The car will be blasting David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

In an iconic opening sequence, Wayne, Garth and three of their friends drive through town while blasting “Bohemian Rhapsody” in their car.

In Beijing and cities around China, it’s easy to find Korean barbecue restaurants blasting K-pop and displaying posters of attractive celebrities.

Some parents of victims are blasting Megyn, and lobbying NBC to yank the interview.

The only penalty for death is a few seconds of lost time that could otherwise be spent blasting aliens out of the sky.

Tristan Thompson shakes off his pregame jitters by blasting Taylor Swift in his headphones.

When Romulo himself ushered me into a red leather chair, he immediately got out the blow dryer and began blasting my neck.

She didn’t mince words … blasting Trump for deliberately making a choice to destroy families’ lives.

Richard Simmons is blasting a news report claiming the fitness guru is transitioning into a woman.

The fight stems from a series of Instagram story posts by Ron over the weekend … blasting Jen of being a “natural born HOE.”

That would mean either splitting your headphones in half or blasting the volume for everyone to hear.

Category 4 Hurricane Nicole is blasting the island with hurricane force winds and a storm surge of 6 to 8 feet.

The rock star has been blasting Kaepernick at his concerts for a while — pissed off over his national anthem protest.

Tyrese Gibson is once again blasting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in their ongoing feud surrounding the Fast and Furious movies.

George Lopez just went off on Team USA soccer — blasting the team for not qualifying for the World Cup.

People watching online, however, didn’t let June’s slipup slide — blasting her online for being clueless and insensitive.

As for Conor, he posted ANOTHER statement on social media this morning — blasting the UFC for moving forward with UFC 200 without him.

Dude launches rockets into space, sent a car to Mars blasting David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and thought about taking Tesla private at $420.

Good to see the film blasting full-speed ahead.

The show’s co-creator, Dan Harmon, teased the stunt Friday night before blasting it on Twitter the following day.

There’s more … LaVar also goes after Shaq’s diss track — blasting the dude as old and irrelevant.

Put these three moves together and you’ll be able to put on a killer performance with anything blasting in the background.

Arnold just blasted Trump for blasting him at the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday.

Tesla owners must be blasting Visions through the streets of Palo Alto because Grimes streams are up … way up.

you will find example after example of furious people blasting this hot new teen “trend” as some descending evil sent here to corrode society.

Instead of blasting her — as many others have — Graham insisted Chelsea had every right to say whatever she wants.

That wasn’t all for No Chill Gil … he also weighed in on Lonzo Ball — blasting comparisons to Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd.

Gwyneth Paltrow faced her demon head-on, and she’s not hiding after publicly blasting Harvey Weinstein for sexually harassing her.

blasting all of your formerly tagged contacts with notifications can not only be annoying, it can be damaging to you.

Bam posted a video blasting his wife, Nikki, for bolting in their car with his credit cards.

They became aware of the poor choice in words when people began blasting them on social media.

You’ll recall Young Dolph accused Youngsta of blasting more than 100 rounds into the SUV.

Guided by pre-recorded audio (featuring Ghostbusters reboot star Kate McKinnon), you work your way through a haunted apartment building, blasting ghosts as you go.

The comedian has spent the weekend blasting Malibu Wine Safaris, claiming it never moved Stanley out of its enclosure.

Trump has been blasting “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and “Start Me Up” at his rallies in recent weeks.

The end.” Ronda also went off on the City of Los Angeles — blasting L.A. fans for booing her at Staples Center.

The most radiant spots are the suspected pulsars, repeatedly blasting X-ray energy into space.

Maybe it’s because they’re arrogant,” said Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) blasting the search engine.

The DJs — Shortkutz and Chris Magic — recognized the Bon Jovi rocker and started blasting the Hall of Fame band’s hits.

One of Wyclef’s passengers shot video of him blasting LAPD (it was really the Sheriff’s Dept.)

The rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday, blasting his ex-fiancée and accusing her of keeping their 19-month-old son, Future Zahir, from seeing him.

SpaceX is already blasting government satellites and space station cargo into space — and bringing the boosters back.

The eldest son of POTUS is blasting NBC for gushing over Oprah Sunday night, and referring to her as “OUR future president.”

(After the concert, cars could be heard in the parking lot blasting the song, sparking many more sing-alongs into the evening.)

Jennifer Lawrence has joined the chorus blasting Harvey Weinstein for suggesting she’s fine with his conduct, at least toward her.

The sound of the powerful, human-built tool blasting off on its mission literally shakes the ground beneath your feet as it ascends.

Glazer UNLOADED — blasting the guy as a total piece of garbage who doesn’t deserve the PRIVILEGE of playing in the NFL.

Sharon Osbourne was true to form Wednesday night … blasting people who think James Franco should hide in shame on Oscar night.

The HTC U 11’s also got BoomSound Hi-Fi stereo speakers blasting sound from the bottom-firing speaker and the earpiece.

My Uber driver, a dreadlocked guy named Sheldon, had it blasting as I entered the car.

Additionally Musk added “funding secured” — which raises legal issues about blasting that information out in a tweet.

Kendrick ducked the falling debris and came out blasting with the best Coachella headlining set since Prince.

We sit down in a patchy couch, next to a stereo blasting Cambodian house music.

Texas won its fifth consecutive game by blasting Seattle ace Felix Hernandez and three relievers on Wednesday.

In addition to blasting Streep, Trump once again denied mocking the reporter in his tweets.

However, not everyone was as enthused – Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, blasting the tribute via Twitter Monday night.

Want to catch ghosts blasting through your cupboards, leaving little witch crosses outside your tent, and possessing your girlfriend?

We’re all just blasting through space on a huge rock, so what’s the point in maintaining a relationship?

“I woke up this morning realizing I regret blasting Tia + Colton on social media,” she tweeted.

It then heads northwest, blasting Tampa, crossing the Gulf of Mexico, and making a second landfall as a Category 3 hurricane near Pensacola.

To this day, you’ll hear the Misfits, the Ramones, or similar classic punk bands blasting as Ridgway cooks your order.

And in true Pussycat Doll style, even with a wind machine blasting full force in her face, she doesn’t miss a beat. — Tim Chester (@timchester) January 11, 2016 “Heroes” is blasting from this window above the KFC.

The actress got a little flustered after Tina Turner started blasting from her iPhone during an interview with iTV’s Lorraine.

Coaches trying not to get fined for blasting the refs?

Fiiiine, Thom, you can play a Radiohead song and then we’ll go back to blasting “Sorry.”

You get to fly through familiar Star Wars locations, blasting TIEs out of the sky.

You can jump over those piles, twist mid-air, and start blasting bullets into them.

It’s common for musicians and music buffs to suffer from tinnitus after years of blasting their eardrums.

The neighbor had an unfortunate habit of blasting music at 3:00 a.m.

A tan, ripped guy in a golf cart blasting “Levels” picks me up off the street and drops me at the Avicii hotel.

They aligned themselves, intentionally or not, with the electronic scene, blasting out noisy beats that culminated in their 2012 album Mr.

Mariah Carey is blasting all through my house and that’s the vibe.

You’re blasting through an emotionally charged issue that you might have been dragging your feet toward or unsure about how to address.

The heat was blasting, and the air carried a smell of food and coffee and bleach.

The Google Home Max has far-field voice control, so it can hear you from across the room even if your music is blasting.

You play the game as a scientific element, collecting quarks along the way and blasting anti-matter.

We sent one to Johnny Carson, because Johnny Carson was continuously blasting the Bucs, and Carson actually used the t-shirt on the air.

Netflix confirmed the news across its various social media channels, blasting out a short, exceedingly cryptic teaser.

Anti-poverty activists call it a de facto refugee camp, blasting the province for stagnant social assistance rates and not doing enough on affordable housing.

Jeff Treppel is blasting Krautrock from hell on Twitter.

But you can bet that Skinny Puppy and Robin Guthrie will still be blasting through the restaurant’s speakers.

Kendra Wilkinson is blasting those who are critical of her parenting style.

So it came to pass on the 7th of May 2013 that Kisstory began blasting old skool anthems out across the nation.

blasting Bailey on social media, Leakes, 50, promised their friendship was over for good.

Bullet time but for Nick Evans repeatedly blasting line drive triples.

hit is blasting .

School kids were blasting tinny versions of JME’s “Serious” off Motorola flip phones on buses.

So often projection mapping is about blasting dynamic visuals onto large architectural space or flat walls.

But blasting stereotypes around women in tech isn’t the only barrier-busting part of the series.

He no longer wastes time evacuating the mine during twice-daily blasting and can move the vehicle into areas that might be unsafe for workers.

After the labeling announcement the consortium was quick to release a video response blasting it as divisive.

We went from making weird experiments all day to blasting out songs.

The sun was shining, beer was flowing, and metal was blasting.

The video, captured during a live webcast of the New Shepard rocket launch, shows the crew capsule blasting away from the rocket’s booster.

“He walks in [to the press room] and just starts blasting Cal,” Wetzel said.

Forget Pitbull — everyone knows the real music lovers are blasting Songs To Drive Off A Cliff To: Volume 3.

“I already gave you the value by blasting this tweet out,” Neistat ranted.

Beyond that, sonic booms also produce blasting bursts of sound waves that jolt buildings.

“He goes, ‘Taylor Swift is here blasting ARTPOP so loud, and she is dancing, and she’s posing,” Gaga recalled.

“I don’t need to be blasting off,” Nadine said.

Go if you’re into cheesy neon, skating in a circle for hours, and Uncle Luke blasting at high volumes.

The last time I visited the store, two Sundays ago, they were blasting a disc of unaccompanied throat-singing.

The huge poolside speaker starts blasting out Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”

Enter the second feed, accessed by a rocket blasting off to … what, exactly?

Rubio’s super PAC, Conservative Solutions, put up two ads in New Hampshire, blasting Christie over his record in New Jersey.

(CNN)North Korea set off a nuclear blast this week, it claimed, and now South Korea is blasting back.

And the South celebrated it by blasting K-pop through huge speakers at its communist neighbor.

Swap it out for a cooler with built-in speakers blasting Slayer.

It’s fueled by this speaker [blasting trap music].

He was blasting Trump as a “gremlin” for impugning the reputation of one of his top Iowa surrogates, Bob Vander Plaats.

Sergeant Peter Murphy said he’s “got an aptitude” for really blasting demo walls and doors all to hell.

The experiment would mimic, on a tiny scale, how large volcanic eruptions cool the earth by blasting ash into the atmosphere.

It’s recurring feature is militaristic, giant robots blasting and slicing each other with various mechanized weapons of war.

On Wednesday, he issued a statement blasting Republicans for singling out Clinton over the issue.

There is brutal grindcore blasting in the background and some vintage horror movies selected by the band playing on the restaurant’s television.

Trump responded by blasting Cruz for being an obstructionist in Congress — “You have to have somebody who can make deals,” he said.

Washington (CNN)Marco Rubio is going all-in blasting Donald Trump’s physical appearance.

Were your Walkman headphones glued to your ears, except when you were blasting your favorite cassettes on your boom box?

Lin also plays with the Pokémon franchise by picturing Pikachu with a human face blasting out of a young man’s pants.

The group is already on the air nationally with an ad that launched Tuesday blasting “Trump University.”

is blasting from inside Savoy Manor Ballroom.

Everyone wanted to spend Friday in a cloud of smoke, blasting the new Sleep and eating Cheetos on the astral plane.

Sadly, the “space shuttle” soundscape didn’t transport me to a rocket blasting off toward the cosmos.

The streets are lined with campaign posters and trucks blasting political slogans.

Later, we held them up over our heads and released pubes while blasting off on a roller-coaster.

Yes, that’s the hype train, blasting its whistle at top volume.

You’ll be blasting through any issues you’ve had with money or work this evening—you’re unstoppable, Sagittarius!

They’re known as cringeworthy expressions of teenage angst, the video equivalent of slamming the door to your room and blasting Slipknot.

The brilliantly dynamic “Withering” flirts with dissonance, blasting into black metal fury and back again over its nearly 13 minutes.

Do I like the ides of blasting zombies to the strains of System of a Down’s “Chop Suey”?

Washington (CNN)The Anti-Defamation League, blasting “stereotyping and scapegoating” on the campaign trail, is redirecting Donald Trump’s contributions to anti-bias and anti-bullying programs.

We were in the band room having a party, and we were blasting that song and I remember everyone dancing.

blasting music while dropping off your younger sister is peak older sibling.

But the whole blasting Room experience was amazing.

He slurs his words as we crank the van and pile in, blasting heat.

First, because it has more weaponry and men, it can, essentially, keep blasting away longer.

It was the perfect setting for this style of music to be blasting in anyways, so who was I to critique any of it?

Just as Republicans are blasting Roberts, the chief judge is also picking up support from Democrats.

Clinton previewed an attack line she will likely use against Sanders on Thursday by blasting the Vermont senator’s stance on immigration.

is blasting Spotify on your headphones while catching up on emails, you’re more likely to overeat, says Cohn.

Also, Zelda has a new haircut, Link has a cow/ox friend, and Hyrule castle is maybe blasting off into space.

Less than three minutes into his speech, Trump was blasting Cruz and repeating “Lyin’ Ted.”

As everyone worries that the exhausted Abe will fall asleep at the wheel, Thursday’s “Understanding in a Car Crash” comes blasting in.

Cue the shots of Benz blasting targets with handguns and rifles on a desert firing range.

They stood outside the First Avenue club with boom boxes blasting his songs.

What tunes do you reckon he’ll be blasting out?Chris: Cascada and many other massive, massive club bangers from circa 1999.

Entry club with boom boxes blasting his songs and placing purple flowers in front of the wall where his name is emblazoned.

That seemingly didn’t stop him from blasting the song three years later.

Sanders campaign jumped on the report, blasting the story out to reporters and following up with a statement.

Trump hit back in a statement blasting Cruz as a “desperate candidate trying to save his failing campaign.”

“I don’t think it’s good advice for us to be in the business of blasting each other.”

This adaptation follows King’s classic closely; relentless in its pacing, a clown appearance one minute, blood blasting from a sink the next.

If I know Footloose, that’s exactly what it’d do—provided a perm-inducing cut from its soundtrack LP was needlessly blasting in the background.

The presumptive Republican nominee spent the past 24 hours blasting his likely opponent, Hillary Clinton, and his most provocative antagonist, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

This staggeringly offensive advert is attracting outrage on both the Chinese and wider web, with users blasting it for being racist.

But, in keeping with recent news, the venture world is still blasting along.

He’s also made blasting Clinton’s foreign policy judgment a staple on the campaign trail.

To commit some of the most heinous driver offenses like bad smells in the car and blasting out terrible music.

Critics are blasting the decision as far too lenient.

Hip-hop is blasting.

Campaign finance In 2012, the party included a platform plank blasting the Citizens United decision, then just two years old.

Its success has been wide-reaching: everyone from Skepta to your mum has been blasting it.

The Republican National Committee wasted no time blasting Warren after news of the endorsement surfaced.

Prosecutors had asked that Turner be sentenced to six years in prison, and critics are blasting the decision as too lenient.

The song can come blasting out of your speakers within seconds of you starting your search.

Now, the pair are using one another as political foils, with Trump blasting his GOP predecessor.

One week later, Ryan was in the same position, this time blasting at Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the country.

It was a break that the Clinton camp a break gratefully accepted by blasting out a late night statement.

My sister was in the other room, blasting Slayer and Sepultura.

“Javi and I are not together anymore,” she told blasting News.

Republicans who support border adjustment immediately celebrated — blasting out press releases trumpeting Trump’s comments.

Senior policy adviser Stephen Miller blasting “Hillary Clinton’s enablement of foreign espionage with her illegal email scheme.”

Khizr Khan, father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq, blasting Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims.

It seems like just yesterday when we were blasting “Rock Your Body” and crying a river.

But a long line of legal experts have been blasting the group’s updated language governing consumer contracts.

A stereo in the corner was blasting a duet by Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson.

This has led to some pretty wild ideas for capturing and disposing of space junk, including blasting it with lasers and huge nets.

You simply plug in the Satellite and it works, blasting hot fresh Wi-Fi throughout your home.

At about the same time, the campaign released a new ad blasting Clinton for the comments.

Finally, the Rolling Stones came blasting through the speaker system, and on cue, the lights above the stage brightened.

Round two, meanwhile, saw Colombo reclaim the fight’s momentum, blasting his exhausted foe with knees and repeatedly threatening with guillotine chokes.

blasting from cars.

For her right now, it’s blasting some Selena Gomez to rev her up.

The Obama campaign pounced on the report, blasting it as “divisive politics” and “part of a disturbing pattern.”

The Trump campaign released a statement, blasting the Times for trying to undermine the election.

I love watching the altitude graph filling in slowly at first, then blasting upward as the rocket gradually accelerates.

Actresses Lena Dunham and Helen Mirren and actor Alan Cumming all spoke at the fundraiser, heralding Clinton and blasting Trump and his campaign.

But several advocacy groups and clinicians are blasting CMS for giving the doctor panel carte blanche to set Medicare payment rates.

The highlights: President Obama told Clinton to resist blasting Sanders’ progressive policies, causing her to feel like she was “in a straitjacket.”

“One morning in my office I can swap between blasting Bach, Bob Dylan, Russian folk music and aggressive rock on my speakers,” he said.

He was blasting Hill on the feet and Hill could not take him down.

“Twitter was inundated with remarks blasting the 58-year-old’s ‘surgically-enhanced’ and ‘caked on make-up’ face,” the Daily Mail reported.

Typically, this involves commending the troops on fighting on the ground while simultaneously blasting the politicians in charge.

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado introduced Hillary Clinton at a Florida rally Tuesday, blasting Donald Trump.

Mike Pence has been blasting in a flurry of stops.

Go if you’re into cheesy neon, skating in a circle for hours, and Uncle Luke blasting at high volumes.

She’s the face of failure,” Trump said, blasting Clinton’s political record and service as secretary of state.

He cedes the heroism to Emily Blunt’s Rita Vrataski for much of the movie, before blasting the Louvre and saving mankind.

Matt Drudge is blasting The Washington Post for reporting that he regularly linked to “Russian Propaganda.”

In one instance, Trump drew heat after blasting former Miss Universe in a series of late-night tweets.

Journalists should not encounter hostile crowds who are egged on by a politician blasting the “rigged media,” as occurred in the campaign.

I rented a convertible mini and drove up the coast of Australia, which was quite cool, blasting tunes.

Researchers are subjecting the telescope to punishing sub-zero temperatures, blasting it with sound, and banging it around to mimic its launch and deep-space solitude.

I’ll be damned if you can’t hear ‘Truck Yeah’ by Tim McGraw blasting out of this open door.

Much of the hour-long meeting focused on NAFTA and other trade issues, with Trump blasting the pact with Canada and Mexico.

A good way to start, Fitzgerald suggests, is by “blasting idiots like Slim4Life for their disgusting choice in marketing.”

You’re in your room blasting “angry girl” music.

Montreal put the heat on Crawford with quality chances early, blasting six shots on net through the first seven minutes.

But Obama’s already blasting Donald Trump after just 10 days.

They mount a small projector inside the car and point it toward the window, blasting an image bright enough to see from the outside.

blasting private information out publicly causes harassment, which led Secret to flame out and give investors back some of their money.

Over the weekend he fired off several tweets blasting Robart’s decision, in one referring to the Bush appointee as a “so called” judge.

In Tennessee, a woman at a convenience store captured this video of heavy wind and rain blasting the earth outside.

Hours after Tuesday’s meeting, Trumka issued a statement blasting the Republican health care plan that Trump backed.

Attendees zipped around on weird Hoverboard knockoff scooters past talking serving robots blasting “Gangnam Style.”

The allegations: “Last week, Inspector General Michael Horowitz sent to Congress a report blasting McCabe.

After a string of weekend tweets blasting former FBI director James Comey, President Trump continued his attacks Monday morning.

These are blasting out a Ukrainian radio signal received via satellite in several villages where coverage is limited.

But how do you actually follow through without getting distracted, clicking intermittently between Facebook and Netflix until the shops start blasting Slade again?

They called for “true universal suffrage,” carrying signs blasting the “scam election” and accusing participants in Sunday’s vote of engaging in a whitewash.

This isn’t blasting content to thousands of people, sliding it to one, or jamming it into a utilitarian message thread.

One top Trump adviser is blasting another as a fake conservative less than 100 days into the President’s term.

“When you say it doesn’t matter, I know you are kind of blasting Congress,” Kaine said.

Oh, but Cohen wasn’t done blasting Strahan’s career choice.

The only thing more likely than to kill the sexy vibe than Nickelback is a phone call from your mom blasting through the speakers.

He’s gone from blasting China to declaring this week that he and President Xi Jinping “had a very good chemistry together.

Check out the recipe above and cook your own, preferably while blasting some Ennio Morricone in your favourite yellow tracksuit.

C James McCann continued his early season power display, blasting his third home run of the homestand Tuesday.

Trump, sensing political opportunity, quickly pounced, with a trio of tweets Wednesday morning blasting the decision.

When things get too “intimate,” you must face a final boss while simultaneously blasting away remaining unmentionables.

Gracias Korea — Abe (@Abe_A93) June 27, 2018 And Mexican radio was blasting music from K-pop outfit Exo.

We hope blasting in a sentence examples were helpful.