Blame in a sentence | Use of the word blame examples

I am very dismayed about the process.” These are both fair critiques, but the blame doesn’t entirely lie with the media.

“And I’m not going to blame myself, I’ll be honest.

And if that doesn’t work, he’s made it clear he’s more than happy to blame Democrats.

Look, I can’t blame the Conservative Movement rabbis.

I can’t blame my peers who started eating kitniyot years ago, or who stop observing Passover entirely after the Seder ends.

The League’s efforts to blame others for its decision is as unfortunate as the decision itself.

That political blame game is likely to continue in the next two weeks while, behind the scenes, leaders hammer out a compromise.

But Donald Trump went into this shutdown taking the blame for it.

People were pointing fingers and casting blame instead of finding answers.

It’s a fair argument to make that we shouldn’t blame algorithms and nascent AI for doing dumb things.

Trump has singled out the group for blame.

It seems the left gets more blame for terrorist attacks that occur under its watch.

Dubbed the Gulenist Terrorist Organisation, or FETO, by the Turkish government, supporters of Gülen have borne the blame for July’s failed coup.

Dubbed the Gulenist Terrorist Organisation, or FETO, by the Turkish government, supporters of Gülen have borne the blame for July’s failed coup.

Jerry Brown championed, is to blame.

You cannot blame the Guggenheim curators for being flummoxed.

blame it on Akon?

Many Democrats still blame Green Party candidate Ralph Nader for George W. Bush’s presidency.

Later Friday, White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley said the administration isn’t to blame for Caal’s death.

The president has suggested a government shutdown would hurt the military and wants Democrats to get the blame if that occurs.

Economists said trade war jitters could be to blame, according to Reuters.

I can’t blame Taxify for that — but it did underestimate how long navigating the city would take.

Trump immediately moved to blame Democrats.

Opposing factions aligned to Wickremesinghe and Sirisenahave often refuse to communicate with each other and blame any setbacks on their opponents, government sources say.

Snap has a lot of problems, and it seems clear that someone is going to have to start taking the blame.

It’s also a striking shift in the company’s usual strategy of deflecting public criticism or blame.

They blame “globalists” in both the liberal and conservative elite for selling out white America through free trade and open borders.

The Canadian legal system could be to blame, Snowden suggested, since whatever protections once existed to ensure individual freedoms have been undermined by authorities.

A lot of callers blame themselves and feel guilty.”

And you really can’t blame him.

“I can’t blame people.

Hisamitsu Yabe, one of the former Shimoren board members, said he did not blame Takeda.

Insofar as Perry intends to pin the blame for baseload’s problems on renewable energy, it’s bogus.

I want to be careful here not to lump all of the blame on actor Dane Dehaan, or the fact that he looks young.

The undeniable violence that suffuses the words seems to resonate with angry young men looking for someone to blame for their dating problems.

Not all incels condone his actions; many seem to actively blame him for their group’s bad reputation.

Incels refer to Asian women as “noodlewhores” and sometimes blame the rise of feminism on a Jewish conspiracy to weaken the West from within.

She writes: “People who don’t have much relational self-awareness tell stories (especially love stories) that are full of blame and shame.

(At one point, somebody tries to blame the murders on wild animals, rather than admit a human might have done something like this.)

I didn’t blame him for being there.

He couldn’t talk to my dad about it — it’d sound too much like blame.

Trump’s view that Washington is to blame for deteriorating relations with Moscow aligns with the message put out by the Kremlin.

Trump’s view that Washington is to blame for deteriorating relations with Moscow aligns with the message put out by the Kremlin.

He has prodded GM CEO Mary Barra to find a solution and tried to blame local union leaders for the closure.

I think we’re all to blame.

Late Monday he simply said, “I blame Shore Club” — insinuating the bartenders shoulda cut him off.

Liberals, in particular, blame insufficient economic populism for the white working class’s movement toward the Republicans.

Maybe you just leave.” Those left behind “need an enemy to blame,” he said, and the far right gives them one.

Corrine doesn’t fully blame DeMario because he too was drunk.

Christine doesn’t blame the organizers for the lack of hotels.

First and foremost: Americans would overwhelmingly blame Trump and Republicans if something went wrong with Obamacare, according to the best available surveys.

Trump’s rhetoric could help destabilize the markets on its own — though, again, he may end up taking the blame.

It’s stunning how people blame.

She placed some blame for the risks faced by migrant children on their families.

Not that I blame Serrano for falling into the trap.

Can’t really blame ’em, though … newborns need their rest, and new parents need some free time, every now and then.

blame Aldridge for this, if you like.

While those surveys reflect employees’ feelings about productivity, employers place the blame elsewhere.

That article laid much of the blame for the cost overruns on the exhibition’s first-ever expansion from Kassel to a second city, Athens.

“I probably got 10 percent of the blame, and that says something about society.

A part of the blame lies at the feet of us social scientists/psychologists for not communicating as well as we should.

If you have trouble staying asleep, a few common habits may be to blame.

I don’t blame anybody for it.

They blame a halt in U.S. aid and Israeli restrictions for an economic crisis in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

You can blame me.

China and Kiera told me they do not blame dating apps, only the predators who use them.

Vance has dealt with relatives who try to convince him where he should place the blame for an incident.

Many creditors are livid at the prospect of a payout for Karpeles, whom they blame for Mt.

Who can blame them?

The Federal Communication Commission’s investigation concluded in April that a “combination of human error and inadequate safeguards” were to blame.

I’m concerned that most will blame this on the outside influence of Richard Spencer.

The “how we got there” narratives often include characters who can take blame — most often immigrants and establishment politicians.

They argue that the most progressive parts of the Democratic Party are to blame for the party’s allegedly weak performance in the midterms.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has focused blame almost exclusively on painkillers.

But do you blame other companies for also building cars that have wheels and a steering wheel and AC and windows?

If their insurance does go away, they’ll probably blame him.

Officials later determined that a faulty rail was to blame for the crash.

Travis Kalanick has no one but himself to blame for Uber’s toxic company culture.

Can’t blame her … it’s a steep fall.

Sean called the move “disappointing and appalling” and put the blame squarely on the NFL and EA, the company behind Madden.

But Republican congressmen and pundits are somehow attempting to blame Rep. Ilhan Omar for what he allegedly did.

But Republican congressmen and pundits are somehow attempting to blame Rep. Ilhan Omar for what he allegedly did.

If I’m vulnerable as a partner, I really think that I’m to blame for that situation.”

Trump urged people to blame Democrats for the caravan.

Republicans can go forward with this plan and just try to blame Obama for the problems that arise.

“As tragedies are politicized, blame is inevitable.

The main point of his message was clear: America is to blame for bad Washington-Moscow relations, not the Kremlin.

Independent voters were also more likely to blame Trump over congressional Democrats, by a 17-point margin, 48 percent to 31 percent.

But progressive groups say they think Trump would have shouldered more of the blame if Democrats had held the line.

Penha doesn’t blame people for leaving.

I have no one else to blame,” Russillo says.

However, it’s clearly Trump who’s to blame.

And can you really blame her?

“If he is watching me now, I just want to blame him for what he has done,” his brother Walid Amri told The Telegraph.

Of course, that’s always the blame.

Cases of massive wrongdoing like Weinstein’s require follow-up reporting, an attempt to figure out how something happened — which means sharing blame more widely.

Then last week, a Reddit post blew up that suggested the iPhone battery might be to blame for these slowness problems.

The story was initially called a hoax but seemingly confirmed when CNN, speaking to Variety, placed the blame squarely on RCN’s shoulders.

Hillary Clinton supporters looking to blame Gov.

Why is it that every time something happens, liberals always want to blame someone else?

That incident remains under investigation though a preliminary report suggested pilot error was to blame.

That could lead Obamacare to implode — though the president risks taking the blame for it himself.

Whenever there is a government shutdown, Republicans and Democrats typically fight to blame each other.

Often, the undercurrent of those books was, “This wasn’t my fault,” or “Here’s who’s to blame.”

She finally works up the courage to tell her mother that she’s in love with Dave Rygalski (and who could blame her?

Russian officials say Putin believes Trump is not to blame for the tensions.

But if Cindy dies because Neni did nothing, won’t Neni also be to blame?

Health officials blame anti-vaccine activists who repeatedly invited the disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield to talk to parents between 2010 and 2011.

But the protection racket of benevolent sexism gives women a lot of incentive to either forgive men for it, or blame women.

(Now, we wouldn’t blame you if you don’t have foie just chilling in your fridge like it ain’t no thang.

Congress is largely to blame for this.

Can’t blame him entirely though … the place looked chaotic as hell.

Show empathy Instead of laying blame, try to see the problem from the other person’s point of view.

The Baltimore police blame the distrust on the killing of Freddie Gray in police custody in 2015, which was followed by protests and unrest.

The “Ferguson effect” is often talked about in terms of blame — in particular, blaming citizens for having insufficient respect for police.

Director, writer, and lead actor Rik Swartzwelder might bear some of the blame here.

She invoked policy to recognize that black people have been victims, but only insofar as we are also found worthy of blame.

And you can’t blame him.

Trump and his Republican allies in Congress shoulder some of the blame.

Three Iranian officials told Reuters that banking issues were to blame for halting food and other trade.

Naturally, his chief strategist is getting lots of blame for that.

In the bio, Haddish also hints at the fact Stewart’s alleged abuse was to blame for the death of their unborn child.

Damascus and Moscow deny blame for any such attack.

The OPCW will determine whether chemical weapons were used, but will not assign blame.

Facebook and Twitter have received the bulk of the attention and blame regarding Russia’s use of their platforms to influence the election.

Interestingly, J.R. feels producers and casting directors also bare some blame.

3M Co joined Caterpillar, Nvidia and Apple to blame weakening Chinese demand for revenue and profit shortfalls.

Sarah Palin finally spoke out about her son’s domestic violence arrest … and she’s kinda laying blame on President Obama.

“I wouldn’t blame [Trump],” Taylor said.

“[The Tea Party is] looking for an explanation of the [economic] catastrophe—and a villain to blame,” he argued.

My own writing is deeply imbued with my progressive politics, and if that bothers people, I never blame them for looking elsewhere.

So his approach to the Northern Triangle countries — and to Mexico — is to blame the governments for failing to stop the migration of people.

In a 1997 essay on the matter, he put a lot of blame on this bundling for breaking the market.

Bottom line: The NRA thinks YouTube’s security infrastructure is to blame.

And so many Trump supporters, now seeing themselves as the victims, tried to figure out what nefarious power was really to blame.

Bottom line: The NRA thinks YouTube’s security infrastructure is to blame.

It goes without saying that the facts have not stopped Donald Trump from continuing to blame the Chicago protest on Sanders. Rubio, in particular, continued to dole out blame to the protesters as well as to Trump.

People want to go lay blame on “Pain as the Fifth Vital Sign.” I think that’s overly simplistic.

Yet both nonpartisan experts and high-ranking State Department appointees in the past two administrations believe he personally deserves much of the blame.

Some of the blame has to be laid at his boss’s feet.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday described as “groundless” accusations that Russia bears some of the blame for civilian deaths in eastern Ghouta.

Bonello refuses to moralize his story or assign any kind of blame to any of his characters.

Most Marianna residents support Trump’s border wall, his key demand in the shutdown fight, and don’t blame him for the fight.

And if so, who’s to blame?

It’s not surprising that the Egyptian government would be quick to blame the Brotherhood.

Can’t blame him.

I don’t blame anyone for wanting absolution.

And that that blame paves the road to apathy, which can really seal our doom.

When the company’s user base started shrinking noticeably last year, Twitter said that its focus on health was at least partly to blame.

If the answers are all in our hands, then the blame can’t be anywhere but at our feet.

In fact, industries have redirected the environmentalist narrative to blame consumers since the ever-so-problematic “Crying Indian” ad campaign of the 1970s.

To blame us for that is to shame us for our very existence.

And I don’t blame workers for that.

I blame their employers.

I blame the industry that is choking us all, and the government that is letting them do it.

“Don’t blame Google or Facebook or Twitter, consider blaming yourself,” he said.

For that, I do not blame her.

‘The weather’ is a good excuse only when it’s not an excuse – CEOs, investors, and economists love to blame the weather.

According to the docs … the FDA determined in early 2016 the Wonderful Pistachios were indeed to blame for a Salmonella outbreak.

He just makes it seem like a better idea to do evil things, because you’ll have Bob to blame.

Many waved the red, white and black national colors and denounced Saudi Arabia and the United States they blame for the war.

Who wants to blame the audience for anything?

Anti-GMO activists blame delays on the complexity of the technical problem, while pro-GMOers blame the activists.

This is before Trump, before we can blame all the rhetoric on him.

I don’t blame my coworkers for being surprised to see Snider wandering through the lobby.

It would be wrong to blame Corbyn for all of Labour’s woes.

Does she blame herself for the things Perry did?

In the case of Australia, it’s unclear who is to blame.

“I don’t want people to see me as freakish and scary,” Claire said, “but I don’t blame them.

She wasn’t about to accept blame for a deal going nowhere.

But in the death of Leonard Falcon, much the blame was largely directed toward Worlds of Wonder.

She applied the blur, don’t blame us.

You can tell it’s pretty juvenile, but I blame Leif for most of them.”

But GE also was to blame, he said.

So people are quick to make judgments and lay blame on perpetrators of what they see as a significant betrayal of trust.

blame an impoverished Victorian upbringing in England, I replied.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government would obviously rather blame Trump for the country’s economic problems than blame its own banking policy.

Before you blame Blair Walsh for blowing the Vikings’ season — his girlfriend has a reminder for you …

Honestly … can you blame him?

Sarah Silverman is railing against the NRA and laying blame at its feet for unnecessarily dividing our country when it comes to gun control.

Most recently, researchers at the University of Connecticut found that men are less likely to talk after sex—and testosterone is to blame.

Don’t blame Uber for the problems of the gig economy — they didn’t start it, economic historian Louis Hyman says.

They blame the corporation, the postwar corporation, the postwar world of work for this.

Ultimately, Russia’s own provocative actions are largely to blame, analysts said.

But perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this letter is the suggestion that political correctness is to blame.

But Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas put the blame back at the doors of Israel and the United States.

With so many factors at play, it’s tricky to figure out who is to blame and, more importantly, who should pay for wildfires.

Venezuela suffered a nationwide blackout, and the Maduro government thinks Marco Rubio is to blame.

“It’s easier to blame terrorists rather than institutional corruption.

But some do not for reasons including “guilt and fearing blame, poor relationships, difficulty finding the right time, and perceived inability to communicate accurately”.

I don’t think Eleanor would approve of my family or the life we created in the United States — not that I fully blame her.

The White House, though, doesn’t believe Israel deserves any blame for that.

I don’t blame my customers, who probably believed we were being paid professional wages just like waiters in their countries.

Do you think we too often assign blame for our own failings to objects in our lives?

Wherever you cast blame, the Obamacare fix didn’t make it into the spending bill.

“It’s never good to blame your staff.

Can’t blame her.

It’s vastly unpopular in Afghanistan, and many, many Afghans hate Pakistan and blame it for all of their troubles.

And the Pakistanis are responsible for a lot, but there’s much, much blame and responsibility that lies on Afghan politicians and Afghan people.

“I’m trying to remove that blame.

You can pretty much blame Justin Timberlake for the comeback of the mid-2000s.

Facebook has only itself to blame.

But Santorum can’t blame his failed candidacy on Huckabee alone.

“I generally blame the deniers,” Nye tells me over email.

Jason says you can’t blame social media for this … Stephens is just sick.

Leaders at GM Korea’s union, however, blame the company for reducing output after GM scrapped sales of its Chevy brand in Europe.

In the last year, heavy debt loads have taken the blame for troubles at some other consumer industry startups like Birchbox.

Given the show’s lackluster track record regarding its women characters, it’s hard to blame them.

They are told whom to blame.

They want to know just how much Cambridge Analytica and Facebook are to blame.

He is not at blame, and should not be pushed into any trouble or consequences due to my actions.”

I don’t think you can blame everything on a predecessor in any election.

I think we’re all to blame.

He hasn’t mentioned the losses — even though he’s at least in part to blame for the market’s latest troubles.

I think we’re all to blame.

But I don’t blame them.

And I don’t blame ’em, because on a lot of records, it wasn’t captured at its best.

So perhaps unsurprisingly given Trump’s long history of lying about Obama, his attempt to shift blame for family separation is misleading at best.

While I blame myself, I also blame the occasion.

In addition, a growing proportion of Americans now blame Trump for the shutdown even as Republicans mostly are supportive, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found.

I’m not going to blame you for it,” Trump said at the meeting, dashing any Republican hopes of using Democrats as their cover.

You can’t blame all your problems on Mercury in retrograde.

I don’t blame them for not wanting to admit they know me.

Under a receding economy, young white men blame “minorities” for stealing their jobs, while minorities endure “meaningless work,” unlawful layoffs, and pay disparity.

(If not, then one more thing to blame on that terrible menu design.

What’s to blame for the alarming black homicide rate?

Western powers blame the sarin gas attack, which killed scores of civilians – many of them children, on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

If they determine chemical weapons were used, then a joint U.N./OPCW investigation will look at the incident to determine who is to blame.

Though the cause of the infection wasn’t clear, his daily sushi habit may have been to blame.

But that meant a NXIVM coach could turn just about any bad situation around and blame the student for their flawed response.

A societal expectation that there will be a pill for every problem is also partly to blame of the problem, Juurlink said.

So it’s somewhat perverse to blame Democrats for the ensuing shutdown.

I blame C-Webb.

This isn’t to pin exclusive blame on Republicans for the shutdown.

The criminals were going to kill the people I once loved and set me up to take the blame.

Can we just agree to blame the childhood friends of future NBA players, or is that unfair?

Since the federal government shut down, the White House has attempted to place the blame squarely on Democrats.

Whatever the case, there’s no way of knowing how long the shutdown will last, regardless of whom Trump tries to blame.

Let’s be clear, most people inside Yahoo think Mayer and the board should have shouldered the bulk of the blame for the breach.

Industry groups blame overzealous environmentalists.

“I think we’re all to blame,” Trump said.

I was the one left to carry the fuckin’ blame, and that’s it.

Manafort’s defense hinges on pinning the blame on Gates, who they accuse of embezzling millions of dollars from Manafort.

He vehemently denied responsibility, and instead cast blame on Los Chapitos.

But who gets the blame, and for how long, is less clear.

But in the 2013 midterms, while Republicans in Congress again got the blame, President Barack Obama’s approval ratings remained relatively unchanged.

This time, according to the HuffPost/YouGov poll, Republicans appear to be getting more blame than Democrats — though both parties have very low approval numbers.

He vehemently denied responsibility, and instead cast blame on Los Chapitos.

I blame them for that, but also, frankly, I blame the administration for not doing a better job of explaining the process.

Villa Italian Kitchen is to blame for this, the same New Jersey-based chain that was responsible for Alternative Facts pizza.

“You blame the record company or management for allowing that to get to such an extent.

I accepted full blame.”

I think these attempts to blame Palestinians for being killed by Israelis is just — it’s disgraceful, is what it is.

People will want to blame Trump, because it’s easy and usually accurate to blame Trump for many things.

And there’s a lot of blame to go around.

But I wouldn’t blame this adaptation process too much, beyond how little time the showrunners had to work with.

Or, more likely, somehow blame Obama.

Again, my non-beard leads to a pathetic cycle of desperation that I can blame on no one but myself.

A supply glut squeezing memory chip prices, the company’s most important profit driver, is largely to blame.

Polls show Trump, and congressional Republicans broadly, are shouldering the majority of the blame from the shutdown.

I still feel a tightening sensation in my chest, for which the incense is no doubt to blame.

Local officials blame political infighting for failure to deliver services.

“), and a love triangle with James Marsden—could you blame Allie?

The interior minister said she had nothing to blame herself for.

So I read this thing all the time, [where] people blame Sony.

[laughs] I don’t blame the gorilla, right?

“Are you really going to blame ME for the lying jew media?

Some West Virginia Democrats blame Manchin for supporting Gov.

People love to complain about and blame all their problems on retrogrades—and 2018 was the year of retrogrades!

Trump raged before the ruling — “if something happens blame [Robart] and court system,” he tweeted — but his administration complied with it.

In other words, Nunes may have used information he received from the Trump White House itself to publicly try to deflect blame from Trump.

Envy their indifference over whether the media is to blame for the rise of Trump.

You can’t blame anybody else when something isn’t right and it came out of your station.

And, don’t blame Damien when you catch s**t!

In other words, blame the baby boomers.

Some experts blame modern agriculture.

“Everyone likes to blame Russia when anything goes wrong in America,” Anderson said.

“I’ve spoken at the Kremlin many times,” Anderson added, stating that Russians often joke the US “likes to blame them for everything.”

“I think there is blame … on both sides,” he told reporters.

The international body placed the blame squarely on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his top aides.

But Rousseff has gotten the lion’s share of the blame nonetheless.

Can you blame him?

Many tech companies blame the “tech pipeline,” or the lack of women or minorities getting the education required to fill one of these positions.

#MarshaeJones Local police argued that Jones deserved the blame not only for the shooting but also for not removing herself from the situation earlier.

For all of this to matter, it must be a story that disgusts, places correct blame, and, of course, elicits action.

Rauner’s campaign has tried to push the blame to Madigan, with Rauner even telling reporters, “I’m not in charge” of the state.

He also added: “I probably got 10 percent of the blame, and that says something about society.

People who dehumanize are more likely to blame Muslims as a whole for the actions of a few perpetrators.

Not that you could blame someone for dreaming it up.

U.S. President Donald Trump was criticized across the political spectrum when he said afterward that both sides were to blame for the violence.

REPORTER: Are you to blame at all for what happened, Mr. President?

Weirdly enough, it’s also partly to blame for how we got here in the first place.

That’s a big contract at a position that’s extremely tough to project, but you can hardly blame Jets management.

Either way, can’t blame the guy for trying … she’s super gorgeous.

At least now when we look back at the many embarrassing aspects of our adolescence we can (partly) blame the stars.

Plenty of blame to go around.

I don’t think I was fully prepared for how much I would blame myself for not knowing how to handle a really chaotic world.

Sales were slow, and Nintendo laid the blame for the console’s sluggish commercial performance on a lack of high-profile software.

But he wasn’t ready to put the blame on Ocasio-Cortez.

Jeff Glover is flamboyant for a jiu jitsu player, and you can either credit or blame his penchant for showmanship for the Donkey Guard.

You’re flailing around trying to blame it on Russia.” Beyond that, it is interesting, the alliances that are forming.

And blame may come much sooner than 2020.

You can’t blame these guys.

Should consumers blame restaurants and retailers, or are they getting duped too?

I don’t blame them.

Part of his job, he said, is helping people of faith work through that blame.

Some have adopted the “doctrine of retribution”; others blame original sin; others point to divine mystery — the idea that we can never know God.

“It’s not to lay the blame entirely on smartphones, but it’s part of the problem.”

Sometimes we blame it on mental illness or the work of a lone wolf.

I can’t say I blame him: I’m a questionable artist, at best.

American actions were to blame for the downward spiral.

And in its statement, it placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Japanese tech giant.

In watching this, I blame no one but myself.

At first, the city of Chicago tried to blame LeGrier for Jones’ death.

Sure, maybe it wasn’t written that well, but I choose to blame it on the supreme Reynolds stans that exist here at VICE.

At first, the city of Chicago tried to blame LeGrier for Jones’ death.

You can’t blame Argentina for those dollar bonds.

And a range of scholars believe shareholder capitalism is to blame.

But to just blame Trump is short-sighted.

In the aftermath of the shooting, President Donald Trump appeared to blame “neighbors and classmates” for not reporting Cruz to authorities.

Tuition fees are bollocks, obviously, but don’t blame the PhD student taking your seminar.

But evidence kept accumulating, and by the 1980s scientists finally had incontrovertible proof that CFCs were to blame.

We’re trying to make sure that blame is shifted here.”

But if you are having trouble closing your eyes at your usual bedtime, too much TV before bed could be to blame.

The building’s developers, Millennium Partners, argue that construction nearby is to blame for any sinking or tilting.

In other words, the terminal developers blame Millennium Partner for not digging deeper than dirt.

The news media, which often botches risk communication, is partly to blame for this.

Especially if you hate him and/or blame him for last year’s sludgy Chicago Bulls season.

Iran has said it is alarming and wrong of Washington to blame Tehran for the attacks.

Which brings me to the question: Who, exactly, should we ultimately blame for the destruction of King’s Landing?

There is one other person, though, who I’ll assign some blame to: Jon Snow.

But if I have to put the blame on someone, it’s Olenna Tyrell.

My Greek tutor (who is in no way to blame for my slow progress.

On the final possession of Game 5, LaMarcus Aldridge made the same miscalculation and was granted secondary blame for the botched foul-game possession: Spooky.

In part, we can blame the marketing, which leaned heavily on the idea that Megan Fox was hot.

And, it would be hard to blame Comey for having a bone to pick with Trump because of the way the president treated him.

The most I blame anybody are the people who market fast food to kids.

We might also blame the Constitution, which concocted an election system administered entirely by the states — a privilege they still guard fiercely.

Either way, there’ll be plenty of blame to go around among competing factions within the GOP.

Those flaws will come out in implementation — and Republicans will bear full blame for the resulting chaos.

The implausibly deep and articulate Hannah Baker died by suicide, and she made 13 cassette tapes that painstakingly detail who is to blame.

There’s a lot of blame to go around here.

Like survivors of any gender, they may blame themselves.

What if these beliefs blame “culture” instead of genetics?

I mean, I’ve been here on the city council, so I don’t just blame some other administration.

Facebook was ordered to pay Zenimax $500 million, but no one’s to blame.

Selfies are already to blame for ruining art museums, memorials, gyms, and vacations in general, and now, apparently, even Central Park.

This was a failure on every level, and Bannon bears much of the blame for it.

His defensive attitude and outright rejection of the claims have led him and his supporters to blame those victims for “derailing” his confirmation process.

But I do blame a system that forces them to weigh their immediate freedom against their long-term futures.

So he’s been preparing a narrative that will blame everyone but himself.

But Congress is only partly to blame.

But if you aren’t into the Black Friday madness, I don’t blame you.

“You would normally expect the opposition to be playing the blame game.

U.S. President Donald Trump drew condemnation from Democratic and Republican political leaders for saying that “many sides” were to blame for the violence.

The backer will inform us what I will be taking the blame for and send documentation of the blaming action (photo or video).

Police told them their lyrical content was to blame and they’ve since slipped away from public performances, to stay out of trouble.

I don’t blame them for not working.

Some people say, they blame the banks for the unbanked, but banks are profit-motivated entities.

Given Spain’s gorgeous coastline, majestic mountain ranges, and sun-soaked archipelagos in both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, who can blame them?

But given the success of China’s pollution offensive, the question remains: What’s to blame for the sudden jump?

I think they have tremendous loyalty, but there’s a lot of people hurting out there and looking for someone to blame.

Two-thirds approve of Trump’s response to the Charlottesville attack, and of his description of who’s to blame.

I don’t think there’s any way to blame Democrats for the problems we have in Congress.

It would be really a stretch to blame Democrats for things not getting done in this Congress.

Hillary received some of the blame and was forced to rethink her first ladyship.

You can blame Brexit.

How did you feel about those killings and the blame that some people put on Facebook?

“Are Russian trolls to blame for that?” a female troll asked comedian Samantha Bee.

“Maybe people are to blame too.

Do you agree that the blame can go around beyond the right-wing fringe?

I actually do blame the internet.

Kaplan said that insurance companies bear much of the blame for selling policies that force patients to cover so much of their own costs.

He has prodded GM CEO Mary Barra to find a solution and tried to blame local union leaders for the closure.

Williams is fighting the suit — claiming she is not to blame.

I really don’t blame reddit for doing that, though.

You’re telling us what you want and we give you more of that, so don’t blame the computers.

blame yourself.” But to me that is one of the big stories of the year, Trump or no Trump.

“We blame its absence since 2013 for the dismal economic performance and we consider its return an important turning point.”

“Vince, Paul, and Stephanie will blame everyone else for their own missteps.

You are only a piece of talent, cultivated and developed, until they need to blame you and fire you and bring someone else in.

“I don’t blame the Chinese.

“You can’t just put all the blame on LeBron, I think the Lakers got disconnected from what they was trying to do.”

Head coach Mike McCarthy is another easy target for blame because his adherence to rational game theory borders on robotic.

He deserves more scrutiny, and frankly, more blame.

These splits are easy to blame on the party system, where purity and compromise have become subjects of debate on their own.

Trump also appeared to foist some of the blame for the heightened tension on Democrats.

The blame lies with the people who committed these vicious acts, and no one else.”

There’s a psychological theory that helps explain this tendency: “collective blame,” when we punish the whole for the actions of a few.

We see collective blame rear its head after an act of terror committed by a member of the Islamic faith.

You wouldn’t blame all Christians for the meanness of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Yet collective blame happens, with ugly consequences.

I don’t think the club owners are to blame and the hospitals did all they could do in the circumstances.

But their new work offers tantalizing clues for how to break the cycle of collective blame and retribution.

Collective blame doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it’s correlated with many other ideas and behaviors that increase hostilities toward Muslims.

In his studies with Kteily, Bruneau finds that collective blame among American non-Muslims is correlated with blatant dehumanization — thinking others are less than human.

After showing the videos, the researchers gave participants a survey testing their propensity for collective blame.

The “negative control” video did the opposite: It made participants even more likely to collectively blame Muslims.

After completing this exercise, levels of collective blame dropped by nearly half compared to a control group (a nearly 18-point decrease).

Yeah it’s crazy how much blame is being put on the media over this election.

But Ryan seemingly has no one but himself to blame.

Racists blame violent immigrants.

Moore acknowledged that many actors — manufacturers, consumers, governments — were to blame for plastic polluting the oceans.

It’s not unusual for traditionalists to blame and shame women who flout gender norms, of course.

In other words, alcohol is extremely cheap nowadays, compared to the historical average, and low taxes are largely to blame.

A new report by CBS News pins the blame on a little-known Christian legal firm: Liberty Counsel.

The blame is Netanyahu’s who as an elected leader fostered that sense of total entitlement around him.

The two populist parties will blame the ‘establishment’ for denying them the right to govern.

“For many, what’s happening in Lima is esoteric and I don’t blame them,” Alvarado says.

But they always blame Russia and the reason is because they think they’re trying to tarnish me with Russia.

He also cast blame on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for failing to intervene on Wershe’s behalf.

Yet, the U.S. has been cautious to direct blame toward the young Saudi leader.

Efforts to shame and blame victims are often what prevent people from coming forward to report violence and/or seek help in the first place.”

But Oliver did take a bit of blame for what’s happened so far.

An antitrust perspective might place the blame here on the lack of competition among dialysis providers.

“I fully blame the public sex-education system,” said Erika Moen, co-creator of Oh Joy Sex Toy.

We blame willpower failings for weight gain, even though it’s genetics and our calorie-laden environments conspiring against out waistlines.

We blame addicts for not restraining their urges, even though their addiction has a biological hold on their brain.

His first term has been plagued by the scandals revealed in the Mueller investigation, and in his mind, the media coverage is to blame.

Emil Michael said he’s not to blame for violating the privacy of the victim of an attack by an Uber driver.

Indeed, many of those who also backed Pelosi for House minority leader redirected the blame from her to other factors.

And many of the candidates say the president’s policies are to blame.

This echoes the comments of Pelosi, who has also held Comey to blame for what happened to Democrats in November.

And many of the candidates say the president’s policies are to blame.

Near-death experience aside, Kenny doesn’t really blame the shark for taking a bite out of him.

I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son.

In February, Trump suggested violent video games are partly to blame for mass shootings in America.

Joseph Sobran didn’t use the term “Cathedral,” but he’d surely think it to blame for his marginalization.

Fuentes went to a neighbor’s house and handed over his pot supply, assuming that the drug was to blame.

You know that if it managed somehow to fall on you, there will only be recrimination and blame all around, and a closed-casket funeral.

But an avalanche or terribly high winds aren’t to blame for the uncommonly deadly year.

Or at least find somebody to blame, usually ourselves.

But an avalanche or terribly high winds aren’t to blame for the uncommonly deadly year.

Tillerson cast a finger of blame at Assad’s biggest foreign backer: Russia.

I actually think we’re … For everyone who complains about Axios, Politico and Twitter, maybe you should blame us at The Hotline.

Do you blame tech for that?

So to blame it on Republicans is ridiculous.

I think Barack Obama is to blame.

Trump has been very good until now in shifting the blame onto somebody else, but I don’t think he can do that forever.

So far, the women who have come forward to report their experiences with Trump have received only blame and insults for their troubles.

And we only have ourselves to blame for this weather.

And if she’s angry, who could blame her?

RH: I don’t blame her, I don’t blame her, it can definitely get a little much to handle sometimes … KS: Yeah, you may not.

Some execs at the social network even blame Google for scorching the path with its own ugly exit six years ago.

I don’t really blame Ed for this and it doesn’t hurt the enjoyability of reading the comic.

With Republicans controlling of all three branches of government, voters will blame them for any shutdown, Democrats are betting.

But when it comes to out-of-control anxiety, what’s most to blame among your genes, your parents, and your environment?

But they probably don’t deserve all the blame.

We’re told Jennifer won’t be hitting the streets again when they leave Sirius … and we can’t blame her.

Republicans know this makes them politically vulnerable — and are trying to blame Obamacare for a problem they’re making worse.

But in that case, Uber wouldn’t be to blame.

I blame, I guess, the parents, who would allow their children to sleep with him.

America’s Littoral Combat Ship fleet is in trouble — and Lockheed Martin and Austal have only themselves to blame for it.

U.S. President Donald Trump inflamed tensions when he said both sides were to blame for the violence.

She says Jillian’s out of line to blame Andy for all the shade thrown between women.

Who was to blame?

I don’t want to blame it all on social media.

Who can blame the Zimbabwean people?

I don’t blame anyone for not starting it.

On one hand, you are essentially shouldering the blame for everything that will or can go wrong.

Rauner’s campaign has tried to push the blame to Madigan, with Rauner even telling reporters, “I’m not in charge” of the state.

But even if the suspect sympathized with peaceful protesters, that doesn’t mean the protesters are in any way to blame.

Carlton Gebbia was barely conscious while being loaded into an ambulance Friday night, and it appears alcohol is to blame … TMZ has learned.

Who can blame him for his optimism?

This is insanity”; and has repeatedly spread falsehoods about current events, especially ones that she could blame on anti-Trump activists or antifa.

No, we aren’t joking, and the U.S. is mostly to blame.

No, we aren’t joking, and the U.S. is mostly to blame.

Can anyone blame us for having such messy sex lives?

Mountain View, East Palo Alto, Cupertino and San Francisco blame the industry for inequality.

He also seemed to blame his political rivals for making her allegation public.

They blame “globalists” in both the liberal and conservative elite for selling out white America through free trade and open borders.

I’d blame my illness, my lack of emotional availability, my allergies, whatever.

I don’t blame them for taking that position.

“It’s partly to blame for bad user experience, for getting retargeted for a product you already bought,” Tiffany told Recode.

You almost can’t blame the Trump administration for its uninspiring blueprint.

(And we can’t blame you for being drawn to those.)

And then we’re also seeing just all of the discussion, anger, and arguing happening over what the solution is, who’s to blame

Manafort’s attorneys have signaled they will seek to blame Gates, who was Trump’s deputy campaign chairman in 2016.

The blame for this shouldn’t fall on the wrestlers.

No, I don’t think we should blame … Look, what happened in the 1980s is that our economy became very uncompetitive.

Most likely, we don’t blame the bot for its poor socialization.

Others placed partial blame on the call centers, though some said those only later added fuel to the fire.

We blame the human behind it.

It’s hard to blame anyone for deciding against playing hooky to go watch this Minnesota team, though.

Nor do we blame the Democrat party every time radical leftists seize and destroy public property and unleash violence and mayhem,” he said.

First, some Brazilians blame Rousseff for the scandal being allowed to happen.

If you accidentally walked past Little Lab, founder Cyrus Li wouldn’t blame you.

Can’t blame ’em for enjoying themselves, especially after they’re still getting dragged through the mud to this day.

I, obviously, am to blame.

Now, I don’t fully blame this officer for this interaction.

If your wireless carrier’s data plan confuses you, blame T-Mobile.

You can’t blame Holloway and Hurtado for framing their message as an assertion.

After months of investigating, Samsung is pinning all the blame on two separate battery flaws, insisting nothing was wrong with the phone itself.

“I can’t blame them.

Can’t say I blame her.

They tell us to blame it on the immigrants and the opposing political party.

Independent voters were also more likely to blame Trump over congressional Democrats, by a 17-point margin, 48 percent to 31 percent.

But progressive groups say they think Trump would have shouldered more of the blame if Democrats had held the line.

So don’t blame them for my nuttiness.

We hope blame in a sentence examples were helpful.