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Of course, there are earlier examples, like illuminated manuscripts, Egyptian hieroglyphs, or the works of visual poets like William blake.

James blake had a good career, but it doesn’t seem like tennis has caught on in the African-American community.

“The LME is continuing to pursue the launch of a lithium contract, in close partnership with industry users,” said LME spokeswoman Bianca blake.

In addition to Fastmarkets, Argus and Benchmark Minerals are vying to supply lithium pricing data, and a decision is expected “shortly,” blake said.

Functionally speaking, Jake Coker is to Alabama what blake Sims, A.J.

blake Griffin is f****** hilarious … and here’s video proof.

As for blake Bortles … Marcedes thinks a change of scenery might be good for that guy — telling us, “That’s a different situation.”

This is a hard lesson for blake.”

“This type of stuff shouldn’t happen, but it did” – @DocRivers on blake Griffin incident & injury.

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As blake notes, even though the measure is due to get vetoed, the congressional passage of the resolution matters.

Local representatives, including Melissa blake, the mayor of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, which includes Fort McMurray, were also on board.

“Across all systems, this can have a negative impact,” blake says.

Those lagoons are “just bubbling with methane,” blake said.

There’s the one guy who asks him where he’s going and blake says, “Machine.”

It captures the dark feeling and lets you know that blake is totally doomed.

Anderson East left little to the imagination after posting this pic of cuddling with blake Shelton’s ex, captioning it, “The snuggle is real.”

That’s the worldview of blake Lively’s character Nancy in The Shallows, this summer’s woman-versus-shark epic.

The way the sun catches Nancy’s (but really, blake Lively’s) blonde hair.

Like for example, Vince Staples coming out during James blake‘s set at this year’s Glastonbury.

They both did a new take on blake‘s “Timeless” off his most recent record, The Colour In Anything.

And why is blake dressed like he hunted his own turkey for Thanksgiving?

BTW … this ain’t anything new for Rossdale — Gwen Stefani got with blake Shelton shortly after officially breaking everything off with him.

And nothing says “relaxed” like running up behind teammate blake Griffin on the fast break and mimicking Griffin’s dunk behind his back.

blake was guarded by Collin Sexton, a 6-3 point guard and Alabama commit who is, frankly, a complete madman.

Sexton was clearly looking forward to matching up with blake, and was eager to give his all to the task of breaking his spirit.

Against players whose athleticism was topped up to the point of sloshing sloppily over the brim, blake‘s equanimity stood out all the more.

Mary J. Blige, Bradley Cooper, Tracee Ellis Ross, blake Lively and Ciara were just a few of the other celebs who showed up.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Artist Nayland blake probably won’t care if they make you uncomfortably confused or paralyzed with amazement.

blake considers our furry relationships as essential to our early definitions of the self.

Lance was riding on the Tom blake dirt trail in Snowmass Village in Aspen when he fell … hard.

PROTOTYPE, artist blake Williams’s first feature, is a non-narrative journey through the aftermath of the Great Gavelston Hurricane shot in crisp 3D.

Reporting by Susan Heavey and blake Brittain

Marley is EXCITED that her “new” reader belonged to blake Shelton, but I am EMBARRASSED!!!!

And they want their kids to have textbooks that aren’t as old as blake Shelton.

Edited by blake Morrison.

Enter The Parent Trap’s “Cruella,” blonde, leggy publicist Meredith blake, who is determined to marry vineyard owner Nick Parker (Dennis Quaid).

And it’s that very celebration of assertiveness that’s at the heart of the reclamation of Meredith blake.

(Doing my best Meredith blake.)

Instead, Kris says he pretended to be blake Griffin when he was out in public.

It’s no sweat for blake, who recently signed a 5-year, $171 million contract.

blake Shell was appointed executive director of the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center.

Matura and blake Hamilton, the lead attorneys representing the towns, did not respond to requests for comment.

The United States pavilion, with Frank’s work, will be organized by artist Nayland blake, who proposed the project independently without an affiliated institution.

A post shared by Nayland blake (@naylandwblake) on Jan 16, 2018 at 8:14am PST This google arts and culture app is pretty amazing.

There was the report at the trade deadline about them discussing blake Griffin with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Edited by blake Morrison.

Think blake Griffin mixed with Scottie Pippen.

Reported by Brian Grow and John Shiffman; Edited by blake Morrison

“It looked like a complete mission success to me,” said blake Watters, a launch-abort-system propulsion engineer at Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N), Orion’s manufacturer.

But blake stills time in his own way, tying it in recursive loops instead of trawling extreme durations.

These qualities all resound through an eerily tranquil bass meditation from blake’s new album, The Colour in Anything.

This is what romance does, too, which roots blake’s music in sensuality at a level below its undulant rhythms and clenching, gasping vocals.

In the spring of 2013, blake performed at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina.

So I was primed to be transfigured, or at least to forget myself in the black nepenthe of blake’s bass.

Then three years passed without a follow-up, while blake tinkered with parts and worked on a still unreleased collaboration with Kanye West.

blake’s characteristic ability to syncopate odd shapes that speed up, slow down, and deform space is in full force.

blake sounds more than ever like a dissipated choirboy singing R&B.

Maybe there’s no mystery to grasp, and my affinity for blake is just a quirk of timing, a solipsistic recognition.

blake’s music vividly summons a sense of it and then barricades it in warped time and space.

“It’s going to be a mess,” said Tim blake, a longtime grower and activist who founded California’s annual Emerald Cup cannabis competition.

And, with blake Bortles in trouble in Jacksonville, the #2 quarterback for the Jags is Cody Kessler.

“It’s going to be a mess,” said Tim blake, a longtime grower and activist who founded California’s annual Emerald Cup cannabis competition.

Gwen Stefani and blake Shelton got an altitude adjustment … making a weekend getaway to the mountains outside Los Angeles.

Plus, blake needs a place to rock his favorite fashion — camo.

Tim blake of the Emerald Cup agreed.

We’ve learned Mathers hired Tom Mesereau, who not only got MJ off … he won a murder acquittal for Robert blake.

Rip Hamilton spent 9 years ballin’ out in Detroit — so what’s his advice for the newest Pistons star blake Griffin?

It was also a love of sports that prompted blake to start Slingbox, Adam Krikorian said.

blake Nordstrom, a copresident of Nordstrom Inc. and great-grandson of the company’s founder, died on Wednesday.

Adam Krikorian has often traveled in his brother’s footsteps, following blake to UCLA, where both played water polo.

blake Nordstrom’s brothers, Pete and Erik Nordstrom, will continue to lead the company as copresidents.

blake Nordstrom, one of the copresidents of Nordstrom Inc., died unexpectedly on Wednesday.

Nordstrom was founded by blake‘s Nordstrom great-grandfather.

blake Nordstrom’s bothers, Pete and Erik, will continue to lead the company as copresidents.

blake Nordstrom publicly announced on December 10 that he had been diagnosed the prior week with lymphoma.

Update: Krikorian’s family has scheduled a celebration of blake‘s life for Saturday, Aug. 27.

Dear Family and Friends, Many of you have been asking about a memorial for blake Krikorian.

* * Beach attire encouraged (blake would not want to see you in a suit and tie).

Please pass this on to anyone who knew and loved blake.

Per Baseball Savant, blake Snell’s average curveball spin rate this season is at 2489 RPM; Zac Greinke’s is 2497 RPM.

OK, something’s up between Kendall Jenner and blake Griffin because they’re hanging out for the second time in less than a week.

Kendall and blake grabbed dinner at Craig’s Sunday night in WeHo.

Same goes for blake … who last September welcomed his second child with Brynn Cameron.

“Many partnerships are forming between financial technology companies and incumbent institutions,” blake said in an interview.

blake‘s filed docs denying most of the report, but in new legal docs …

In Touch says blake must have forgotten the image he himself promoted.

The mag says blake is famous for his “signature drunk tweets” such as, “Woah!!

blake has denied staying at that hotel, but in the new docs …

Two others accused of misconduct — Reps. blake Farenthold (R-TX) and Rubén Kihuen (D-NV) — have said they won’t run for reelection.

James blake, Jonny Greenwood, and the London Contemporary Orchestra)03.

A stunning divorcée named Veronica (blake Lively) whose financier husband has traded her in for younger stock.

blake Farenthold, a Republican representative from Texas, faces allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation involving a former female staff member.

Edited by blake Morrison.

blake Shelton gets it — you don’t think he’s the sexiest man alive.

For instance … blake Shelton as the sexiest man alive is a crock of country shit!

Republican Representatives blake Farenthold and Patrick Meehan are among those who have resigned from Congress because of allegations of sexual harassment.

“The email story is absolutely killing her,” the Post’s Aaron blake wrote.

“It looked like a complete mission success to me,” said blake Watters, a launch-abort-system propulsion engineer at Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N), Orion’s manufacturer.

blake Bortles, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars (ADP: 84th).

It’s a product called Caavo, co-created by the late blake Krikorian, co-creator of the Slingbox.

What did exist, though, were two bored teenagers and best friends called Jacqui blake and Carrie Askew.

Reported by Brian Grow and John Shiffman; Additional reporting by Adam DeRose, Elizabeth Culliford, Mir Ubaid and Sophia Kunthara; Edited by blake Morrison.

In 2015, Rep. blake Farenthold (R-TX) settled a sexual harassment case with his former communications director Lauren Greene, after a series of inappropriate comments.

These are former Reps. Trent Franks (R-AZ) and Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH), and perhaps also Rep. blake Farenthold (R-TX).

Fittingly, earlier in the volume she invokes the Western philosopher perhaps closest to blake or Pound in spirit, Friedrich Nietzsche.

So the team enters the spring with only Shawn Kelley and blake Treinen as reasonably solid options for Baker.

On Tuesday, Republican Representative blake Farenthold said he would not seek re-election in November.

Meanwhile blake Benthall, a suspected administrator of the second iteration of Silk Road, registered a server with an identifying email address.

Socrates, Jesus, William blake, Buddha, Krishna — the list is as endless as it is rich.

Reggie Jackson, Luke Kennard, Stanley Johnson, blake Griffin, Andre Drummond There’s a certain amount of nostalgic charm attached to a lineup like this.

But this week, NBA star blake Griffin might have topped them all.

When Ilana (played by series co-creator Ilana Glazer) meets blake (playing himself) in a club, she’s immediately drawn to him.

To release their frantic sexual energy, Ilana and blake hump their way around the hotel room, in a series of increasingly bizarre positions.

That was a William blake reference.

That said, Woodley ain’t afraid to check the celebs that need it — including LaVar Ball and blake Griffin’s baby mama.

Robert blake will take a walk down the aisle a third time … 12 years after a jury acquitted him of murdering his second wife.

Melissa blake, mayor of the municipality, urged locals to stay calm, but to get out as quickly as possible.

Prosecutors claimed blake hired a hitman for $10k, and detectives found $10k in his dresser drawer.

Hudak actually testified on blake‘s behalf, saying he routinely kept large sums of cash at home.

She later lived in blake‘s guesthouse in 1995 and ’97.

-the ed Redlining at the End of the World, by blake Montgomery.

Eat your heart out, blake Griffin.

His break-out role has been as Bellamy blake on “The 100,” which earned him a Teen Choice Award nomination in 2015.

Reporting by Roberta Rampton and Susan Cornwell; Additional reporting by Yeganeh Torbati, Richard Cowan, Mica Rosenberg and blake Brittain; Editing by Peter Cooney

Also taking in the fun … Kendall Jenner and apparent new bf blake Griffin, Anthony Kiedis and even Tom Hanks.

We also spoke with the Clippers and reached out to blake‘s rep — but they have all declined comment as well.

“This is a hard lesson for blake” – Clippers head coach Doc Rivers on blake Griffin incident and injury

Did you expect to have a new James blake album this sudden?

They finished sixth in points scored per 100 possessions despite being without blake Griffin for about half the year.

According to docs filed Thursday, blake and the magazine are asking the court to dismiss the defamation lawsuit he filed in 2015.

Melissa Benoist and blake Jenner are officially divorced … TMZ has learned.

blake Rayne’s first midcareer survey is full of linguistic disruptions and quiet repetitions, bringing to mind Bartleby the scrivener’s disarming resistance.

“If you don’t believe in blake,” Cecil says, “[Sunday] was the reason for you to believe in blake.”

1:58 PM PT — Turns out blake‘s mystery blonde is none other than Francesca Aiello — the owner of Frankies Bikinis.

Sitting in blake‘s whip and making out … which they also did.

We think we can safely speak for the entire Pistons organization here: Date all ya want, blake … but lay off the Birds!

Check out the clip — he might have a future with an assist from blake Shelton and friends.

blake Rayne: Cabin of the Accused continues at the Blaffer Art Museum (120 Fine Arts Building, Houston) through March 18.

Brynn claims that she and blake had an agreement … where she would take care of the kids so he could concentrate on basketball.

She says blake promised to take care of her financially.

Jeff attacks blake‘s breakup with Kendall Jenner: “You wanna get personal?

blake, everyone knows you recently dated Kendall Jenner.

But I think even like blake Boston got someone to manage him and his, these memes…

Somewhere, blake Griffin is hot as fish grease … actually no, it’s freezing in Detroit right now.

Holy God … blake Griffin and his girlfriend are sexy people.

Here’s blake and Francesca Aiello walking on the beach in Malibu over the weekend — showing off their insane physiques yet again.

As for whether Mesereau will get his way, all we can say is this — he got Michael Jackson and Robert blake off.

blake Carrington feat.

blake Shelton dropped his girl, Gwen, off at the park Saturday … and he sure was enjoying the view.

Gwen and blake made a pit stop at a park with her kids before heading to her son Zuma’s soccer game.

blake looked longingly from the car.

As for the hosts, Bun says Reese Witherspoon and blake Shelton will host from Nashville.

blake and Kendall were spotted leaving Up & Down nightclub in Manhattan.

Earlier that night Kendall was at Madison Square Garden to watch blake‘s Clippers lose to the Knicks in a 105-87 beatdown.

Gwen Stefani still has blake Shelton head over heels for her 8 months into their relationship if what he’s drinking is any indication.

blake took Gwen on a romantic dinner date Thursday night at Trattoria Dell’Arte in Midtown Manhattan.

No biggie, except blake‘s usually a whiskey guy … so he’s still smitten, for sure.

blake picked up the tab.

blake was one such diner.

First off, Marlon was SHOCKED Lolo would do blake dirty in public when we told him what Lolo said about BG on social media.

blake, brah … gotta get your kiss game on!”

All I knew was that blake was visiting from Vegas and Jesus had personally supervised the forging of his cheekbones.

“Illusionist,” blake corrected me, with a perfect smile.

“My one request, is that you tell no one about this,” blake said, squeezing my knee beneath our table.

blake Valentine, as it turned out, was Siegfried & Roy’s star pet, second in importance only to their white tiger.

blake‘s sparkle-toothed charm allowed one to believe that he was living as truthfully as possible, despite willfully obfuscating his sexuality.

blake asked later.

I could drop the performance of “Shiloh” blake was far more interested in Jonathan.

blake understood me in a way that few people did; our encounters brought much needed injections of ambition and hope.

blake and I watched the atrocities of the 2007 MTV Music Video Awards from the safety of his hotel bed.

At blake‘s urging, I’d dropped my theatrical agent, and informed him that I’d no longer be pursuing theater.

This clumsy redundancy was the opener to the TV commercial for blake‘s out-of-town tryout.

The “showtune magician” gimmick was meant to solidify blake‘s Broadway cred—but instead made him seem like an imposter.

The advertised “love affair” between blake and his female assistant was viewed as a cynical charade to “bring heart” to his magic.

Without the flattering lights of Vegas, blake‘s carefully crafted image crumbled under the weight of his own lies.

The loss had taken its toll and blake seemed, for the first time, defeated.

blake‘s forced enthusiasm fell flat.

I’d figured out the magic trick; I no longer needed blake to tell me who I was.

“I’ll see you next time I’m in town,” blake insisted during our poignant goodbye the following morning.

James blake adds synthesizers to a cover of the Isley Brothers’ “(At You Best) You Are Love” on Endless.

blake and Kendall left Craig’s in L.A. together and got into a waiting car.

blake and Kendall have been spending a lot of time together, too.

that drew O’Leary’s ire … ’cause the businessman also had something to say about the defense blake Bortles shredded for four quarters.

Reporting By John Shiffman; Edited by blake Morrison

Gwen Stefani and blake Shelton went for the glitz at the Vanity Fair Party … sort of.

Gwen killed in a red sheer dress … blake wore jeans.

One gay couple, blake Coehlo, 30, and Matthew Fernando, 29, budgeted $15,000 for their wedding in February in Tucson, Arizona.

“A lot of it—Austin with the broken hand, blake‘s been out.

With the Dallas Cowboys thin at QB … blake Shelton has some advice for Jerry Jones — CALL TIM TEBOW!!!!

blake never physically touched the heckler — thanks to teammates like Zaza Pachulia who held him back.

Really!’” Additional reporting by blake Brittain, Yeganeh Torbati and Susan Cornwell in Washington; Writing by John Whitesides; Editing by Frances Kerry and Peter Cooney

blake filed docs in Los Angeles Friday to call the relationship quits … the 85-year-old got hitched to Hudak in Spring of 2017.

blake was accused of murdering his second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, who was shot in 2001.

The Jaguars — and specifically blake Bortles — sucked this weekend.

Carter explains, “He’s a better thrower of the football than blake Bortles.

He’s a better leader than blake Bortles.

Besides being young, ripped and pro athletes … blake and Chandler are also super rich!!

blake‘s reportedly made close to $200 MILLION in his NBA career — and Chandler’s around $127 MILLION.

Speaking of flying, blake clearly jetted off to New York to be with Kendall … who’s walking runways for Fashion Week.

“I think blake Griffin will win an Oscar in his lifetime, for sure.”

blake has said the Thousand Oaks bar mass shooting sparked his company’s interest in taking a stand.

Additional reporting by Karen Freifeld in New York and blake Brittain in Washington; editing by Susan Thomas and David Gregorio

As we told you, G-Rod’s attorney, blake Dolman, threatened to pursue legal action if MGK didn’t cut his client a check.

At his request, blake will support this activity with his time.”

The team says blake “is remorseful and has apologized for his actions.”

The team initially said blake‘s injuries will take 4 to 6 weeks to heal.

After each guy got stiffed in Monday night’s rose ceremony, Lucas and blake went after each other.

Dating blake Griffin is rubbing off on Kendall Jenner in a really good way because she makes sweating profusely look awesome.

Can’t say we ever saw her hit the outdoors like this with blake Griffin, or Jordan Clarkson either.

The famous Malibu celeb hot spot was also top dinner choice for Drake, Kendall Jenner and her bf blake Griffin.

“Rich and Acquitted” will also chronicle the acquittals of Robert blake, Oscar Pistorius, O.J.

“Workaholics” star blake Anderson has more time to get weird, because his wife has filed for divorce.

It’s blake‘s first marriage.

blake Shelton ain’t afraid to shake things up with Gwen Stefani, and he proved it by letting her take his Disneyland virginity.

blake and Gwen were joined by her parents, 3 sons and a spooky Donald Duck at the Happiest Place on Earth.

pin on blake, who turned 40 in June.

Our Disneyland sources tell us blake thought twice before getting on Peter Pan’s Flight.

That will change this fall when the ICA LA mounts the most comprehensive survey of blake’s work to date.

A decade later, GoDaddy has a new CEO, blake Irving, with a more businesslike and inclusive mandate.

Re/code: When blake came in, did he clean house in order to bring in strong female leadership?

What blake did was continue that progress and bring female leadership into product and technology roles.

Brynn Cameron has filed a palimony lawsuit against her baby daddy, blake Griffin, claiming he shamelessly abandoned her and their children for Kendall Jenner.

blake Parker picked up his 10th save in 11 chances.

Tina Havelock Stevens was awarded the 65th blake Prize.

Team employees reportedly wore the shirt during the final meeting with blake.

blake Halsey, a volunteer with the GOP headquarters, told VICE News that office operations had been moved outside for the day.

blake Lively has pissed off the black community in a big way … by captioning this pic that she now has an “Oakland booty.”

blake was clearly gabbing a line from Sir Mix-a-Lot’s song, “Baby Got Back (I Like Big Butts).”

Some of the people who are throwing shade think blake is using black women as a punchline.

Meanwhile, there are now reports Ben’s ex-girlfriend, Tinashe, is moving on too — allegedly hanging out with Kendall Jenner’s ex-BF, blake Griffin.

blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are gonna tie the knot … who knew?

Reporting by blake Brittain; Editing by Tim Ahmann

Robert blake‘s new chick is so ride or die … she’s already dressing like him.

TMZ broke the story, blake was found dead Friday morning … of an apparent drug overdose.

In the 911 call, you hear the girlfriend say blake‘s jaw is clenched, which is a sign rigor mortis has set in.

The dispatcher holds out hope and tells the girlfriend to get blake on the floor and tells her how to do CPR.

blake was 35.

Why am I not surprised the woman who did herself a favor by shitcanning blake Shelton didn’t pitch in on it?

blake Anderson finalized his divorce about as quickly as the law will allow … TMZ has learned.

Norman blake: That signaled the sea change, didn’t it?

Norman blake: There are actually connections, too.

Norman blake: A pleasure!

blake Shelton says he has never been to rehab and says the magazine that claimed he had almost ruined his career.

blake has filed a sworn declaration in his lawsuit against In Touch, which claimed he went to rehab after hitting “rock bottom.”

blake has a laundry list of items the magazine published he says are false: — “I have never been to rehab.”

blake said enough is enough and decided to fight back.”

Norman blake: It’s been going on forever for me for years, mate.

Norman blake: I recently went to see a great band, the Canadian band Alvvays.

Norman blake: I do, yeah!

Norman blake: I feel the same way.

Norman blake: Absolutely, and people are going to keep doing that.

blake Griffin — “You were a great teammate and an even better person.

Mesereau has won some legendary cases … he repped Robert blake, who beat the rap for allegedly murdering his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley.

For the record, the Clips beat the Grizzlies … with blake droppin’ 21 points.

Felipe backs blake‘s story that he innocently posed for a photo with a random blonde woman outside the ME Melia Hotel.

The magazine claimed blake partied at that hotel, but Felipe says they merely sat casually at a bar on the hotel’s grounds.

#GameOfThrones #TheLongNight Anyway … blake really, REALLY hopes the Drake curse doesn’t kick in here for everyone’s sake.

Considering Champagne Papi’s track record with supporting losing teams … here’s praying blake‘s right.

DJ pledges … before telling us whether he shares his threads with fellow big man and LAC teammate blake Griffin.

Edited by blake Morrison.

blake‘s joking about his pal, who’s top of the heap in country for sure, but there’s truth in what he says.

Taylor Swift) (2012) / Nelly – “Hey Porsche” / blake Shelton – “Boys ‘Round Here” (feat.

Additional reporting by Steve Holland, Susan Cornwell, Richard Cowan, Amanda Becker, blake Brittain, and David Morgan; Editing by Caren Bohan and Peter Cooney

Reliever blake Wood served up the record-breaker to Jason Heyward—!!

blake Griffin is a Top-10 Player Once More Remember blake Griffin?

WINNER: Arby’s Previously by blake Butler – Scot McClanahan’s Animal Magnetism @blakebutler This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in March 2013.

blake and Robitaille will have their work cut out for them, but they deserve a chance to show what they can do.

Like blake, many of the artists of Turbulences dans les Balkans integrate their idiosyncratic visionary imagination (a psychological process) into their fastidious mark making.

Follow blake Butler on Twitter.

Only world record holder Usain Bolt (19.19), fellow Jamaican Yohan blake (19.26) and American Michael Johnson (19.32) have run faster.

This week it was announced that blake Lively will be starring in an upcoming MMA-themed movie called Bruised.

Since the blake Griffin trade, he’s averaging 16.1 minutes, 12.2 points (on 66.2 percent shooting), 3.9 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks per game.

blake also revealed in a Pitchfork interview that Frank Ocean contributed to the album.

Since the new year, British producer James blake has been teasing material from his new album.

—Colin Joyce Assume Form is blake’s most hopeful album yet, and the “sad boy” cliches feel especially off-base.

blake has spent the last few years taking hard and necessary steps for his mental health, including therapy.

When blake sings, “Don’t miss it / Like I did,” he laments not appreciating the moment while depressed.

“But then two was blake Griffin.

blake can be a prototypical point four because he’s very intelligent, he has great passing skills.

“And I would say blake is a better ball handler—more of a point four, point five—than Serge was.”

The two most recent absconders have a long way to go before they enter the history books like George blake.

blake was a former British spy who secretly worked for the Russian KGB.

The two most recent absconders have a long way to go before they enter the history books like George blake.

blake was a former British spy who secretly worked for the Russian KGB.

We’re talking Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and blake Shelton.

Two of Ortiz’s friends, paddlers Matt LeBlanc and blake Mahoney, would be in the Zodiac to rescue Ortiz if necessary.

blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are tying the knot, and they’ve hired a renowned wedding planner for the big shindig … TMZ has learned.

Honorable mentions: Chandler Parsons, Russell Westbrook, blake Griffin, Kevin Love

These include William blake, Thomas Chatterton, Percy Shelley, and Arthur Rimbaud.

“We do a lot of sampling, and we don’t see 20 very often,” said blake, who has studied atmospheric methane since the 1970s.

Last week saw blake announce that WU would no longer be a monthly affair, instead becoming an occasionally part of London’s clubbing calendar.

On Wednesday, PEOPLE magazine named blake Shelton the “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Everyone from Kraftwerk to James blake.

“A true cosmic wizard, the local Tim blake if you will,” is how Soulwax described Galaxy to THUMP.

Titled Endless, it features contributions from artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, James blake, and the London Contemporary Orchestra.

All that said, how could my answer for the player who reminds me of a turkey be anyone other than blake Bortles?

blake Lively had a teased ponytail at the 2013 Met Gala.

It’s hard for blake Lively’s hair to look bad.

I didn’t like blake Bortles, and I still don’t.

Skrillex, James blake, Solange, Father John Misty, and Future Islands lead the bill, with blake scheduled to perform a “solo piano” set.

Edited by blake Morrison

Felder (D-Brooklyn), the other rogue lawmaker, also survived his first Democratic challenge against blake Morris.

Connor’s first shot off a pass from blake Wheeler was saved by Campbell, but he poked the rebound back into the net.

Felder, the other breakaway who didn’t rejoin the Democrats in April, also survived his first primary challenge against blake Morris.

blake Griffin tossed in 31 points with nine rebounds and nine assists for the Pistons, and Reggie Jackson had 16 points.

Reporting by blake Brittain; Editing by Susan Thomas and Lisa Von Ahn

NOTES: Clippers F blake Griffin won’t make the trip to Utah, where the club played the Jazz on Friday.

“You know what blake has to do, so we can simplify this?

A trio of relievers followed him, and blake Treinen notched his 20th save by getting the last three outs.

The win was the Clippers’ eighth in 11 games since trading blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons in February.

blake tried to go incognito, but it’s hard when you’re a 6’10” black redhead.

I mean, once you’re gone, your body’s not your soul.” Reported by John Shiffman; Edited by blake Morrison

Follow blake Butler on Twitter.

“A lot of guys have played enough playoff games to know it’s truly a series,” forward blake Griffin told the Los Angeles Times.

At Electronic Superhighway, Thomson & Craighhead are showing More Songs Of Innocence And Of Experience, inspired by the illuminated texts of William blake.

This year, Johnson has blocked 10 more shots than DeAndre Jordan and 44 (lol) more than blake Griffin.

It looks like Jessie (Joan Cusack), Slinky Dog (blake Clark), the Squeeze Toy Aliens, Rex, Mr. Porkchop, and Mr. and Mrs.

UK crooner James blake shared today the dreamlike music video for The Colour in Anything standout “My Willing Heart,” starring Natalie Portman.

blake worked on two of the biggest albums of 2016, Beyoncé’s Lemonade and Frank Ocean’s Endless.

blake released The Colour in Anything last May; “My Willing Heart” was co-written by blake and Ocean.

The group was dressed in their Sunday best-ish as blake carried out Gwen’s youngest son, Apollo.

Gwen and blake have been dating since November 2015, right after Gwen split with rocker and the boys’ dad, Gavin Rossdale.

Nayland blake is an artist and educator.

Maybe she wants to prove something to her ex blake Shelton, who I doubt is smart enough to justify the effort.

I’m not talking about blake,” Casey told reporters after Friday’s practice.

The Winnipeg Jets signed captain blake Wheeler to a five-year, $41.25 million contract extension on Tuesday, the team announced.

blake Griffin—Draymond’s spiritual Who Me?

He could offer blake Griffin, Gordon Hayward, or Paul Millsap a max deal—all of which would be long shots to say “yes”.

blake Griffin in the lineup or not, everyone stands for free t-shirts.

blake Griffin was the water they swam in.

There was Playoff blake, the player who showed up to lay 24.6/10/5 over his last two healthy postseasons, a 27-game sample.

blake is now in Los Angeles for the ESPYs … you know they have beaches here too?

James blake’s somber ballad “Measurements” began to play.

blake Griffin gave fans something to stand for beyond free t-shirts, and the franchise something to dream about.

We’re betting even her country music singing bf blake Shelton would shout out, “Hella good” … at the sight of Gwen in this outfit.

No matter how optimistic you are about blake Bortles and Jacksonville’s young receivers, there’s still room for them to grow.

For James blake, founder of “Emergency Food,” Brexit should be big business.

We sell our products from all over Europe,” blake told VICE News.

James blake just dropped the UVA-directed video for his The Colour in Anything collab with Bon Iver, “I Need a Forest Fire.”

Yes: Steven Hanson blake, from the University of Maryland.

blake will either go play somewhere else or, like, get into coaching.

But once Steve blake steps onto the hardwood, he is allowed to release the beast in any way he sees fit.

blake Horstmann was the runner-up on the last season of “The Bachelorette.”

When blake knocks Kenneth Faried to the ground and stand over him glowering, he is declaring war upon his enemy’s joy.

It doesn’t matter that, in a genuine fight, Faried would destroy blake, tear a black hole in his chest, collapse him into nothingness.

blake surely knows this, too.

Instead, we watch blake put all those slights paid, or at least do some lite sports-tussling with his ghost-white fists.

Hold it in contrast to blake, showing no pleasure in his triumph.

And so, even when blake unleashes his dark art on his soon-to-be-successor in Portland, you sense no joy, no happiness, only a monastic remove.

How long has Steve blake been a league veteran?

Where most players have youth slowly drained out of their body until they achieve a husk-like veteranhood, blake was born this way.

Steve blake and his stilted, dour, on-court joylessness evoked and represented those old times to everyone who watched.

blake Griffin added 15 points and Jordan’s double-double was his 29th of the season.

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Featuring James blake‘s pensive singing, the song is a tender addition to the 4:44 story.

That’s much bigger than face-up phenoms like Amar’e Stoudemire or blake Griffin.

Recorded a song or two with James blake, when blake was around.

Reported by Brian Grow and John Shiffman; edited by blake Morrison


The evening was topped off with a duet from Gwen Stefani and blake Shelton.

(Only blake Griffin touches the ball more in every game.)

The 2016 award for Most Magical goes to blake and his unnamed unicorn.

There could even be similar risk attached to younger players that are nevertheless injury-prone, like blake Griffin.

Republican Representative blake Farenthold also said this week that he would not seek re-election after accounts surfaced that he created a hostile work environment.

It’s why blake Griffin’s return to the Clippers is being met with as much trepidation as genuine excitement.

Producers including James blake, Diplo, Just Blaze, and Skrillex were nominated for their work on Bieber and Beyonce’s albums.

2 Live Crew and James blake!

Reported by Brian Grow and John Shiffman; edited by blake Morrison

“[W]e could argue all day about whether ‘the Hillary standard’ exists,” blake writes.

Good news for blake Griffin … his girlfriend is pregnant … again!

Lou Trivino went two innings and blake Treinen pitched the ninth for his 23rd save.

Reported by John Shiffman and Brian Grow; Edited by blake Morrison

But talk to blake and it is not long before the word “challenge” enters the conversation.

“As a lot of people know, new events that first year can be difficult because you don’t have that familiarity,” said blake.

Reps. John Conyers (D-MI), blake Farenthold (R-TX), Tim Murphy (R-PA), and Trent Franks (R-AZ) all resigned during the last Congress due to personal scandal.

It looks like Beyonce is not the only member of the Carter family that enjoys James blake.

No I.D., the producer from Jay-Z’s new album, 4:44, said Jay and blake have reportedly worked on music together.

James blake came in and joined into the process.

Matthew: Will blake Bortles, a.k.a.

In the men’s 200, Rasheed Dwyer came home in 20.23 to deny Yohan blake (20.27) the sprint double with Andre Ewers third (20.48).

James blake, the world’s most charming and delicate-sounding popstar, has released a cover of Don McLean’s 1972 single, “Vincent.”

The song appeared on streaming services and on blake‘s social media first thing on Christmas Eve.

It’s a straightforward cover, free from effects and loops and echoes, foregrounding blake‘s piano and delicate, immediately recognizable voice.

Listen to James blake‘s “Vincent” at the top of the page.

It’s a nightmare that shares unlikely lineage with William blake‘s Jerusalem.

blake‘s exercise was to hold exultant national fervor up to the reality of the nation itself.

But you had a few black DJs, like blake Baxter here at the Majestic.

You can’t forget blake Baxter.

Then there was blake Baxter, and he was like a protege of Derrick and Kevin.

Silver’s job hasn’t exactly been a cakewalk … Donald Sterling, the Rajon Rondo homophobia scandal, ATL Hawks racism scandal, blake Griffin fight.

“I’m doing some good work in training and my confidence is coming back,” said blake, who has a personal best of 9.69.

A little Jessie Ware, a little Alpines, a weeny bit James blake, her this collection showcases two unheard songs.

Yes, Gore nodded, adding, “and effective.” Edited by blake Morrison.

“A digital pocket coach for your traumatised, fragile, gorgeous little heart” is how Zoë Foster blake described her app to Who magazine.

Reporting by Richard Cowan and blake Brittain; Writing by Doina Chiacu; Editing by Bill Trott

Extremely James blake vibes, it’s a downtempo house-tinged R&B which ekes into “House for You,” their second ever track—premiering below.

“We’re going to miss Sean Spicer,” tweeted POLITICO magazine editor-in-chief blake Hounshell.

That’s what putting all your chips in the basket of blake Bortles is like.

It’s warm, it’s bready, it’s cheesy, and even your comatose dealer Drug-Rug blake can make it.

blake Heron, the actor who played Marty Preston in the 1996 movie, “Shiloh,” is dead … TMZ has learned.

blake Wheeler tops the club with 38 points but has been kept off the scoresheet in three straight contests.

blake had battled heroin and had just gotten out of rehab … literally days ago.

blake Shelton says good music, not sexuality, triumphs in Nashville.

The ‘Bachelorette’ star sent blake packing on Monday’s finale episode, and it’s something we saw coming for a long time now.

Obviously blake‘s drumming was a huge factor—he’s the best drummer we’ve had.

This from blake illustrates how I and I think a lot of reporters feel about this To speak the obvious has become nearly forbidden.

Reporting by Jonathan Allen in New York and blake Brittain in Washington; Writing by Ginger Gibson; editing by Susan Thomas and Rosalba O’Brien

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The two have an eight-year-old son named blake and live in Miramar, a half-hour drive north of Liberty City.

Yvonne blake (1940-2018), costume designer.

Johnson’s absence meant more time at the point guard for Braxton Beverly and blake Harris.

1 Continuous Unknowing: blake Daniels, Helena Metaferia, Brett Seiler continues at Assembly Room (191 Henry Street, Chinatown, Manhattan) through November 18.

3) There’s Gwen Stefani rocking her way around the Christmas Tree with country crooner blake Shelton.

But the exercise is unfair to Kennard, who can still grow to become a reliable third wheel beside blake Griffin and Andre Drummond.

“Political campaigns only exist for such a short amount of time,” said blake Darche, a cyber security researcher and former National Security Agency analyst.

If you’re hungry for new James blake tunes, keep ears on his BBC Radio 1 residency.

Whereas “Modern Soul” followed in the tradition of blake‘s lush solo fare, “RPG” is frenetic, pulsing and squirming around Trim’s coolheaded bars.

blake Benthall, the administrator who worked alongside DPR2 as the main coder for Silk Road 2.0, was arrested in San Francisco.

—William blake Acting is the perfect idiot’s profession.

There was no timeframe for when it had to be released, so Mixon had his attorney, blake Johnson, do it Friday evening.

Tim blake Nelson (O Brother, Where Art Thou?)

In 2015, Rep. blake Farenthold (R-TX) settled a sexual harassment case with his former communications director Lauren Greene after a series of inappropriate comments.

Of he and writer Bryan Hill’s sensibilities, blake gives fair warning.

Another big hurdle for some artists and writers is the need for exposition when introducing characters, but blake isn’t worried about it.

“I relate so much to these women,” she told blake Gopnik of the New York Times.

Pray You Catch Me [James blake]2.

Forward [James blake]10.

Edited by blake Morrison

“I completely understand where you and others are coming from on the political dynasty thing,” Danielle blake explained to me in an email.

blake Griffin is a dad again — his GF, Brynn Cameron, recently gave birth to their 2nd child.

blake and Brynn already have one kid together — a son named Ford, who was born in August 2013.

“I do think this allows us to heal and move forward,” said DNC vice chair Michael blake.

James blake, in 2016, would agree.

“I can’t always love you,” blake considers on the album’s title track, not so much malicious as gently aware.

Simply put, if you were to characterize James blake’s discography in one word, you might go with something like: sad.

Calogero’s dad, Lorenzo (Richard H. blake), mostly projects a world-weary fear for his son’s growing involvement in mob life.

The Clippers played without point guard Chris Paul (left hamstring strain) and blake Griffin (right knee surgery).

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The visual album features James blake, Arca, Alex G, and a whole lot more.

Sarah: James blake.

Bernie: James blake all the way, baby.

blake was dispatched to Las Vegas from Southern California to cover the aftermath of the mass shooting.

On Wednesday, ahead of the president’s visit to Las Vegas, blake got an idea for a frame.

Eventually, the plane came into blake’s viewfinder, and much lower than he expected.

REUTERS/Mike blake It took mere minutes before the photo was being used by media outlets around the world.

blake Lively is her own stylist.

Reporting by blake Brittain; Editing by Phil Berlowitz

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blake Butler is the author of several books of fiction, most recently the novel 300,000,000.

The trade also short-circuits blake Griffin as a potential free-agent signing, since he and Porzingis operate at the same position.

As the Washington Post’s Aaron blake explains: Trump may not need those 56 percent of voters.

James blake – Take A Fall For Me13.

“Goodnight,” the first single from LA band Easy, comes with a That ’70s Show-style intro video starring blake Anderson from Workaholics.

Reporting by Makini Brice; Additional reporting by blake Brittain, Katanga Johnson and Jeff Mason; Editing by Tim Ahmann and Jonathan Oatis

Unlike for blake and Whitman, however, for Lax poetic oppositions are terminological rather than conceptual.

blake‘s opinion?

In drawing every day for nearly three years, blake has produced a playful diaristic record of their moods and flights of fancy.

No blake Griffin or Chris Paul.

In their self-imposed drawing regimen, it’s as though blake has chosen to peer into a new creative void each day.

As a watchword for blake’s daily drawing practice, “no wrong” gets it just right.

Nayland blake’s #IDrawEveryDay exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery (523 West 24th St, Chelsea, Manhattan) continues through December 22.

“The Shallows”

What it’s about: Not far offshore, a surfer (blake Lively) faces off against a great white shark.

blake Griffin was Mali-boo’d up with his new girl on Sunday … ditching his shirt for a cuddly walk together in Malibu.

But when you add someone like blake Griffin, concessions must be made.

The world has enough real problems without worrying about whether blake Griffin is actually the lovable lug he plays in Kia commercials.

“It has exceeded even our expectations,” said blake Stuchin, director of digital media business development at the NFL.

The record features a variety of guests including Kendrick Lamar, Jack White, James blake, and The Weeknd.

The stream ended with a list of credits—Alex G contributed guitar, Jonny Greenwood orchestrated string arrangements, James blake played synths.

Two other congressmen, Democrat Ruben Kihuen and Republican blake Farenthold, have said they will not seek re-election next year.

He ended up with a 75,000 word manuscript about his life, which was eventually handed to publisher John blake.

To soften the blow for hopeful fans, however, blake has discussed some of Jagger’s revelations, in an article for The Spectator.

blake Barnett, a transfer from Alabama, is waiting in the wings should Wilkins struggle or get injured again.

More importantly, though, blake is pissed and does many straight-to-cameras in which he outlines his intentions to expose “the real Lucas.”

The whole thing comes across as needlessly dramatic on blake‘s part, and devolves into an intractable argument between the two men.

Perusing the primarily vintage pornography and how-to fetish books, I almost missed a pile of humble-looking hand-drawn fanzines for William blake.

The fight is indeed very dumb: Lucas maintains his innocence, and blake keeps insisting that it’s all an act.

If I had to guess, blake is going to be sent home before Lucas.

Side note: It seems like blake, who originally introduced himself as a personal trainer, now identifies as an “aspiring drummer.”

blake Parker picked up his ninth save despite walking two batters.

blake Lively even shows up, and I hate that I’m really starting to like her.

The culprit in question is a 20-year-old guy from Georgia named blake Zengo.

In 2015, Rep. blake Farenthold (R-TX) settled a sexual harassment case with his former communications director Lauren Greene after a series of inappropriate comments.

“Because it is undisputed that none of these four conditions was met, HHS’ action was unlawful,” blake wrote.

“HHS’ decision was, therefore, arbitrary and capricious,” blake wrote.

I try to imagine Ken Loach making a similar comment about I, Daniel blake.

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Just like their other dates … blake and Kendall were with a group of friends.

Something’s cooking … besides blake‘s balls.

blake Griffin probably remembers every memorable dunk in his career.

Forward blake Wheeler went pointless Tuesday, two days after recording his second career hat trick in a four-point performance against the Penguins.

CFO blake Jorgensen reiterated that part of the reason why it was scrapped was because players are moving away from single-player experiences.

Now, only three guys remain … Garrett, blake and Jason.

They were featured heavily in the U.S. TV show Gossip Girl and have been worn by celebrities including blake Lively and Taylor Swift.

Seems Kendall Jenner is already close enough with blake Griffin to join in on steak night with his boys.

blake Vapes is not a real person.

Matty Ghost in blake‘s universe; and his DP, Adran Alvarez—since he started posting content as blake Vapes in early 2015.

But, long-term buddies and girlfriends aside, things have changed: Primarily, as of last year, blake Vapes has almost entirely ceased vaping.

“I had to sort of pivot away from blake Vapes,” Georgeson said.

“Really, I wanted to tell the story of blake on bigger platforms.

We hope blake in a sentence examples were helpful.