Blabbed in a sentence | Use of the word blabbed examples

“Don’t you think that the member you blabbed about, who responded to two extremely high risk calls and had to make split second decisions in the interests of their own personal safety and the safety of the community, has a right to feel safe with their own organization?”

He then got BBQ’d by Drogon because he blabbed about Jon’s real lineage.

As you know, she cut him off before when he blabbed.

You’ve done nothing with your life other than throw a piece of leather,” one of the ridiculously jelly contestants blabbed.

But once that session was over, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) all but blabbed about what it was: “There’s one meeting we don’t know about and people would like to know about it.” For Democrats who were already upset with Sessions for failing to disclose the two Kislyak meetings, the possibility that he covered up three seems even more nefarious.

But Goldberg, a New York attorney who used to do work for Trump, blabbed about a recent phone call to the Wall Street Journal in which the lawyer told Trump that Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer, would turn on the president now that he (Cohen) was under federal investigation.

The agreement said she would forfeit the balance if she blabbed about her allegations, and the court said that’s exactly what she did when she went on Stern.

Obesity rates were also as much as 2.5 percent lower in the counties where social media users blabbed frequently about their meals and workouts.

“Joan and John were star fuckers,” he blabbed to Vanity Fair.

Westvleteren’s brews might have remained hidden gems until website blabbed about their good quality, and crowned its ultra-dark, ultra-strong Westvleteren 12 (XII) as the Best Beer in the World more than once.

He and Claire are growing closer — so close, in fact, that she’s blabbed about Frank’s murders — but Frank is annoyed and ready to wipe his hands clean of the writer.

Because her and the Joker are having problems with their relationship,” Ficarra said (or rather, blabbed).

But there was no way for Andrew to have known that, especially after she blabbed to him about it when she was intoxicated at Coachella.

Incensed by the showrunners’ insistence that Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) was being permanently killed off in season 3, he was so relieved when he found out the truth (they were saving her return for a season finale surprise) that he blabbed the spoiler to the entire world.

What if your teenage daughter blabbed family secrets to the pastor, after you had told her in the strongest possible terms that she was not to?!

That time Trump’s lawyers blabbed about his legal strategy in earshot of a reporter at lunch In September, the White House special counsel, a man named Ty Cobb, broadcast the inner workings of Trump’s Russia strategy during a boisterous outdoor lunch with a colleague.

The likely outcome, at least in the short run, leave Britain “locked in orbit around the EU, in the customs union and to a large extent still in the single market.” Johnson also blabbed about speaking earlier that day to American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who asked Britain to “use our nuclear expertise to dismantle Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear missile.” The foreign secretary spoke highly of Pompeo’s boss.

They provide a timeline because, anything they knew about, they blabbed to each other.

These are the same people, the New York slimes, that blabbed about releasing and revealing the identities of CIA interrogators, including the one who interrogated KSM, again, endangering these intelligence agents and ignoring the entreaties of top officials who were telling them not to do this in the name of national security they didn&apost care then and they don&apost care now.

When Bill Clinton met with Boris Yeltsin or others in the past have met one-on-one with Soviet and later Russian leaders, why should that be blabbed to the world anyway, especially those private conversations?

It was a reversal of roles: the intelligence agencies blabbed while the Washington press corps, which had known about the allegations for weeks or longer, remained silent.

Had the FBI done due diligence — and there’s no evidence it did — then its agents would have followed up with Kavalec to see what else Steele had blabbed to State.

However, just as Steven blabbed, Michael Scarborough entered the empty bathroom stall and heard Roger Nunez’s whispers.

When they told Paige that Tim had blabbed to his wife, they coached her in how to work him for information: don’t make him angry, Philip told her, you can’t have him turn against us.

“Otherwise we’re nothing but ruthless murderers.” When Ray punishes Elliot for snooping into his gruesome online superstore of drugs, weapons, child sex slaves and murder-for-hire at the end of the episode, he takes a similar tact: His goons abduct him, provide gruesome evidence of what befell the last tech guy who blabbed, then begin to beat him, rather than simply shoot him in his sleep.

Denying that secrets were blabbed.

In May 2016 he blabbed to an Australian diplomat that Moscow had political dirt on Hillary Clinton — information that proved true and was passed on to U.S. intelligence.

Then the hit comes after blatant instigation, the theft is retaliation for an offense so bad you never even thought to forbid it, and the sibling who wants to play with her big sister’s friends is the same one who blabbed the secrets shared at the last sleepover all over the playground.

Now the boss has blabbed about the occasion to a higher-up manager — whom the employee really dislikes.

But what actually happened is that a campaign staffer blabbed to Australia’s ambassador in London about his knowledge that Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Whether Trump can be trusted with the nation’s biggest secrets remains an open question, especially since he blabbed about an Israeli operation to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister in the Oval Office a day after firing FBI director James Comey for failing to shut down the investigation of his national security advisor.

John Kerry, the former secretary of state, had the misfortune of sitting next to an NBC reporter at breakfast when he apparently blabbed on the phone about a potential run for the presidency.

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