Bit in a sentence | Use of the word bit examples

But there are some mental skills that work better when you’re just a little bit away with the fairies.

Another bit of good news is that the prevalence rate of dementia has declined in some countries, including in the US.

DVHM: You touched a little bit on artists’ emotional reactions to the residency; what makes this such a charged experience for many of them?

But with every new episode (of which I’ve seen four), Westworld loses a little bit more steam.

It gives you that little bit of feedback.

Here’s a great example of why these companies are a bit too powerful.

“We looked at Germany and knew there would be a bit more space behind their backline to exploit with Blackstenius and Jakobsson.

“If our legal responsibility was simply to enroll, I might cave and be a bit more sympathetic,” says Quenga.

Fuertes went a bit further, saying that some providers have had to lower costs.

“It’s been a little bit of a sleepy committee for the last few years, but that’s going to change if Rep.

MUNCHIES: Before we dive into politics, tell me a little bit about your mezcal.

John Rexer: For starters, you get a mouthful of agave with only a little bit of smoke with our mezcal.

Kourtney has NOT looked the least bit heartbroken since then — but after this weekend rendezvous in the ‘Bu … they’re clearly less distant.

I’m second generation, so both of my parents were raised here, which is a bit of a rarity.

He said he has experienced similar issues: “I think my posts are a bit buried among all of the other photos.

Eleven’s major bit of character development — meeting her biological mother — is therefore delayed.

“We know about this, but finding the paper trail is a bit more difficult in this case because she doesn’t sign any papers.

Mike is open about his sexuality with his mother’s side of the family, but things with his father are a bit more complicated.

Backus already plays Magoo as a bit crotchety, so the full-on transition into Scrooge makes plenty of sense.

I just think they’re a bit cooler.

This is a bit of a drop-off from 2012, when 46 million people voted early.

He was not a god or a guru or a hero (maybe a bit of those), but he was proof that it was possible.

Yeah a little bit.

Talk a little bit about where we’re going.

I worry a little bit about the sound.

Yeah, no, this is actually something I do think about a fair bit.

Honestly, it hurts a little bit not to be able to do that because I recognize the implications of what we’re doing.

Christopher Wylie knows a bit about voter manipulation.

But the Senate has squabbled a bit more over its own proposal, the AV START Act.

He plugged it into his amp to test it and played a bit.

Others don’t list ingredients or make them a little bit harder to find, requiring consumers to do their homework.

If you have a higher IQ, it seems you’re buffered a bit against insults to your brain.

So it’s a bit harder to gain the owner’s trust.

It’s all starting to feel a bit like a watershed moment for the industry.

His track, “For Esbjorn” is a bit of departure from our usual – slowed down at 130BPM, with these dusty piano loops.

In San Francisco, the Dead Kennedys would offer a sardonic bit of storytelling and sci-fi to lyrics that were often simplistic sloganeering.

Think about it: The concept of a “wine activist” is a little bit ridiculous.

The era of crushing Australian dominance was over, and there was more than “a bit of a winning habit” about their foes.

“Democrats, little bit by little bit, are becoming more like the Republicans,” wrote Michael Tomasky in the New York Times.

Some of their comments seemed a bit too familiar or were outright offensive.

Mayor Buckhorn has been a bit less careful with his language.

Trump has a bit of a reputation as a flip-flopper.

Indeed, you already saw a little bit of walkback from “America first” policies in Trump’s inaugural.

That whole exercise proved a bit exaggerated.

In the midst of an otherwise delicious meal, I bit into an absolutely foul cherry tomato.

With my parents, it’s a bit more complicated.

These issues may well have developed from experiences of bullying, at home or the workplace, and from being seen as “being a bit odd”.

But let’s zoom out a little bit.

It is better to have the edges a bit thicker than the middle.

On the face of it, this is ‘just a bit of fun’.

It’s just a bit of ballsack, after all.

That said: I do want to talk about world-building a bit.

“There probably is something on the wall that can get him to budge.” Maybe that’s a bit optimistic.

He already had a reputation for being a little bit wild, but that didn’t slow him down any on the field.

It’s a bit claustrophobic, with customers streaming past me in every direction.

I’m going to make them a little bit nervous.” This is extremely alarming.

Tell me a little bit about how you got into tech.

I took a bit of a circuitous route.

I was doing strategic planning, I was doing business development and I wanted to get a little bit closer to the business.

It actually rewards you to just be a little bit more thoughtful and do your diligence a little bit more.

He really is quite … It’s a bit of a pattern.

Because it seems, maybe it’s just me, I feel like the innovation has dried up quite a bit.

Talk a little bit about Los Angeles, because Myspace was big and then it wasn’t.

They do use cable, but there’s not a bit of ambient, they specifically watch and then they stop.

I think that a little bit of that is an ages-and-stages thing.

That allows you to have a little bit more control over your destiny.

I would think something like Snapchat or people that verify publishers, start to clean it up a little bit, have a better experience, perhaps.

But each time you take out a block, the whole thing gets a bit less stable.

Well, I’ve always felt like a bit of a loner (home-schooled, only child, hello!

“I’ve got a bit of feeling, so I guess I’m quite lucky, whereas other people they’ve got nothing at all.

I feel like that would be a bit tough.” Claire, 40, was injured in 1995.

Messenger planet Mercury is retrograde and it connects with Mars today, creating a bit of a push-and-pull energy, especially in your social life.

A bit more on my methodology: I used the snowfall totals that Maue collected for each state, which you can those below.

Still, using Trump associates’ leaks of what Mueller told them to conclude that Trump is probably in the clear seems a bit … too hasty.

Other interpretations, however, try to game out Mueller’s strategy a bit more.

Hardworking and enlightened—a bit like ants.

Obviously that sounds a little bit crazy, but on the other hand he’s exceeded people’s expectations plenty of times before.

“If you treat everybody with a bit of respect, don’t go imposing your ideas or beliefs on anyone,” said Brennan.

We’ve only got so much time left, so I want to do a bit of a policy lightning round here.

But as Democrats try to make a Trump-era down-ballot recovery, every little bit helps.

Dress it up a little bit.”

Talk a little bit about how you got to doing this.

And the words “fresh and original” kind of was a little bit of a dilemma.

Sometimes they hold film that’s a little bit nearer the original neg.

The deal won’t be official for a bit.

“Couples are a little bit older when they get married.

They’re a little bit more established,” she said.

But for those of us that have spent our lives doing that research, it’s a bit more obvious.

It seems a teensy bit unfair to declare the Democrats losers if they can’t carry those traditionally conservative areas.

“You feel a little bit disappointed,” he said.

“A little bit like you don’t know exactly how to react.”

A half moon planter

This half moon planet adds a bit of flair and life to any room.

To be fair, Trump does point to some genuine problems with US allies, and those alliances could use a bit of rethinking and rebalancing.

This may be Arrival’s biggest weakness; the emotional punch of the ending is lessened a bit because it feels a little rushed.

Bird lovers will know that there’s been a bit of a controversy surrounding the ancient origins of ratites like the cassowary.

But the reality of the WNBA’s collective bargaining agreement meant that would require quite a bit of patience.

Genovese was a bit more rash—a bit more hungry, maybe—and convinced Vincent “The Chin” Gigante to whack Costello.

The way art history sees that is they were only artists for a little bit, so they weren’t interesting anymore.

My goal is to make it the least interesting bit.

My first reaction was a little bit of fear because I’m obviously not trying to be sued.

During the bit, A.J.

On ABC’s This Week, Tillerson sounded a bit more modest, and insisted that the administration’s overall goals in Syria remain the same.

(A CBD-heavy strain of weed helped the nausea a bit.)

The Raptors expected this bit of paperwork even before Leonard was acquired from the San Antonio Spurs last summer.

Fleet Foxes Father John Misty: “They’re a bit pretentious for me.” French Montana #bodegahive Giraffage Great Pokémon!

MAGIC GIANT No disrespect but isn’t this a bit of an oxymoron?

We needed to have a couple of drinks to get comfortable with the situation—it was a bit awkward at first.

It’s perfectly possible that the car smelt a bit funny because the dirty seats had reacted badly with the cleaning products.

Oh well, maybe I’ll take a bit of a sicky bum if it means I can ride across London for £7.90.

It’s a little bit easier now to hire people but still challenging.”

It shrinks a bit and gets quite hard.”

I was so young I didn’t realize it was a bit weird.

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk a bit about how the role of political science blogging has changed since 2012.

We sought to push back a bit on quick conventional wisdom analysis and offer a more informed and nuanced perspective.

And I guess I feel a little bit better about that.

This vote postponement means Britain will remain in Brexit limbo for just a little bit longer — with really no idea of what comes next.

I say in the beginning, “No man-bashing.” I really want to … Not just a little bit, Joanne.

“We used a little bit different shape to find the best one for this ship,” Nilsen explains.

“This is a bit bigger than the ones you would have found in Norway, but the methods to build it are the same.

Talk a little bit about tech itself.

So it’s a bit of a rough sketch.

Tardigrades might be a bit easier to kill than what’s implied here.

So it’s more than a bit ironic that “The Final Problem” makes Mycroft seem completely incompetent.

He clangs around for a bit, but then returns a few moments later holding a wet cloth.

I stammered a bit and ran out the door, hoping the New Year would bring more pleasant experiences.

You have to be a bit discreet and know a guy, and once you know a guy, you just text and make an order.”

Every bit of it burns; the bees are killed and the woodenware burns, and it’s gone,” Burnham told NPR.

But a new study shows many of the senior bankers most closely tied to pre-crisis fraud didn’t suffer one bit in the aftermath.

So the new Congress doesn’t just look a bit more like the people it represents now.

You also have to go back in time a bit.

Our audience does skew a little bit more female than male.

Our audience on Facebook, for example, skews a little bit older than our audience on Instagram.

I tend to lean a bit left in my policies, and the Christian right—rulers of the GOP—were supposed to despise me.

A little bit, yeah.

Yeah, YouTube today is doing a little bit of both because, broadly speaking, what you described is true, right?

I would say that’s a little bit of them living a bit in both worlds.

The wine was all fruit and exuberance at first, and then got down and dirty, funky and a bit raw.

It has great precision and focus, but still comes off a bit unhinged emotionally.

It also makes the whole idea around the Fearless Girl feel like a bit of a fraud.

Provided you’re not averse to a bit of walking.

WA is a little bit different to the eastern states, in that we have staggered closing here.

[Discogs] has kind of lost a little bit of that cliqueness, which honestly, I think is good.

He said she bit his face as she acted “crazy, angry and wild.”

This might also give you a bit more leverage in negotiations between your agent and the seller.

Via Bloomberg News: The document is being treated a bit like a top-secret surveillance intercept.

It was all a bit too saccharine, like the maraschino cherry on top of a sundae.

Earth is quickly approaching this level of development, but still falls a bit short.

I’m thinking they need to tighten their algorithm a bit.

I assume this is on land, so the crocodiles are at a bit of a disadvantage and again, are large enough to shoot.

“It’s got different vermouth and this particular bitter spirit and a little bit of cherry liqueur,” Tim told me then.

I just feel like some people need to chill a bit and understand that when someone says no, then it’s a hard no.

“It wasn’t really until a bit later that I realized what she was doing—she was acting like she was on a YouTube channel.”

“It’s a bit tricky,” says Roxanne.

“If I’m seeming a bit down or ill, they’ll notice.

In its best places, it even tempts the yes to what it’s saying, before saying that the last bit wasn’t truth at all.

Remember, these feelings are false, but go ahead and suspend disbelief for a bit if it’ll help you get off.

If Kara sounds a little bit different, it’s because she’s at a remote studio in San Francisco.

I don’t quite know how to say it, but why don’t tell us about Zipline a little bit?

On the one hand, I felt a bit calmer and had more luck with work and dating.

Obviously, doing new things requires a little bit of appetite for risk and appetite for just a willingness to fail.

Rodgers bounced around in the pocket for a bit and then heaved it downfield to Cobb.

In short: It’s all a bit ugly, and it’s not likely to turn Congress into a less-disliked institution.

“I don’t know if he has been executed — that’s a little bit much,” he said.

Let me read to you a little bit from one of the last paragraphs of the new preface.

I was a little bit doubtful about how much I could rely on the ngrams.

Oklahomans will consider a ballot measure that centers on the legalization of medical marijuana, a topic that’s spurred quite a bit of debate.

It’s rebounded a bit since then, to 36 percent, but there are still way fewer working teens than there were a generation ago.

LAURA: Yeah, I was a bit worried it might feel a bit cringy, or a bit weird.

They did make a bit of a surge.

Feeling both futile and a bit like she’d grown out of the incel world, she ceased her involvement in the forums around 2000.

“I wanted to kind of evoke a little bit of what’s different about him than other people in power right now.

“Every extra bit of warming makes a difference,” said Hans-Otto Pörtner, co-char of IPCC Working Group II, at the press conference.

I learned a bit of piano, I knew how to play the trumpet at one point, knew how to play baritone.

This treatment provides a bit of much-needed hope at a time when standard antibiotics are starting to fail miserably.

More like mid-trash!” This bit of clever wordplay referenced my mentioning of midrash and its role in the movie in the review.

The GOP nominee appears to be doing a bit better in Ohio and Iowa, though.

VICE: Could you tell us a bit about who Norbert Hofer is?Markus Lust: Sure.

(It was certainly a bit of an upgrade for Nintendo on the aviation front.

Of course they keep their business model but … they need to be a bit more flexible and open to talking.” Reporting by Julia Fioretti.

“Reptile Boy” (season 2, episode 5) “Reptile Boy” is a bit of a learning episode for Buffy.

And I didn’t really get there before, the point about sort of the pack separating, all these businesses are a little bit different.

It’s a weird bit of framing that doesn’t quite fit the rest of the story season five was telling about Riley.

Talk a little bit about that transition.

“Witch” (season 1, episode 3) “Witch” is the first genuine monster-of-the-week episode, and a bit of a proof of concept.

Whatever trust users still had in Facebook following the Cambridge Analytica scandal has been eroding bit by bit by bit throughout the summer.

), but he and Sarah Michelle Gellar have chemistry compelling enough to keep the audience feeling every bit of their pain.

Yoshi) was maybe a bit rich at like $40 over here.

He moves from one subject to another and back to the first, which can seem a bit haphazard.

This all may sound a bit saccharine, but the research in Science suggests it works.

What area of Austin do you like?I live in south Austin, and it’s a little bit slower.

She’s a bit of a mess, but that’s also what’s endearing about her.

“Having spoken to some of the pro-Trump internet folks, there’s a bit of a disappointment in Trump.

So it has to wind the clock a bit further back — to 2016 — to get a time when this is an actual increase.

“We got to be more specific, tighten the microscope a little bit.”

Artest wore it proudly, often waving it in your face as a bit of psychological warfare.

Late last year, Apple added an updated, curated list of stories that made Apple News work a bit more like a conventional newspaper.

Could you talk a little bit about what happened?

It’s that last bit that provides the most insight into why so many companies are discouraging customers from returning items.

Smoke a bit too much dope, and you can experience depersonalization.

What emoji do you think is the absolute definition of Nothing?Nicky: There’s quite a bit of us in that for sure.

But I can answer whether I think the performances deserve awards, and for me, that is a bit of a mixed bag.

“Our parties were a little bit more trendy, and with more people.

But if someone comes to a different perception of reality, know that their brain may be processing it just a little bit differently.

Sadly, “Infinite Warfare” basically does the same thing, but this time it feels a bit slower and heavier.

To understand this, you need to understand Russia’s strategic situation a little bit better.

But the project is also a bit of a mess.

“You could say I’ve improved quite a bit,” he joked over email.

It looks like a bit of a rush,” said Grace, who recently moved to Hawaii from Virginia.

However, as our community has battled oppression, AIDS, inequality, and hate, our camaraderie has taken a bit of a hit.

Essentially, Shulkin turned a work trip into a bit of a vacation.

“But if the playing field were slanted like a little bit toward us, I’d accept that also,” Trump said.

It’s a tonal misfire, but it also made me think a bit of how all over the place young Nicolas Cage could be.

Trump’s tweet, in which he called prices “artificially Very High!”, sent crude futures tumbling, but they stabilized a bit later.

Even if it’s in irony, couldn’t the filmmaker see that calling a place where only white people live “Pleasantville,” a bit concerning?

We took it seriously but thought they may have been puffing out their chests a bit.

Honestly the whole thing is a bit of a challenge.

People persist in thinking opposites attract—when in reality, relatively similar partners just become a bit more complementary as time goes by.

“A lot of these other places are very serious and almost a little bit pretentious.

It feels a bit weird, but I’m trying to keep an open mind.

The functionality is exactly the same and it’s a little bit, I don’t know, impolite.”

It’s a bit of a shame because I actually feel like this brand is most in line with my personal taste.

It’s got a bit more of that medicinal, almost … what’s the… you know … Dimetapp, cherry?

Sother: “Little bit.”

Sother calls this one “a sipper,” best with a piece of ice to dilute it a bit, or a spritz of seltzer.

A bit burnt, like a yuletide log.

Puckers your tongue a little bit.

I felt a bit disappointed that my lazy stereotype of a Muse fan wasn’t actually miles off.

How you doing?Lawrence: I have to apologise – I’m a little bit tipsy.

You wait for the guards to patrol a bit to the side, and then sneak behind her, forcing her into submission and tying her.

Do you think Muse are up there with the greats?Well, we’ll probably have to listen to a bit of “Psycho Killer” later.

Life is a bit slower, but residents have always been able to connect through IRL face time.

They project excitement, pride, and a bit of well-deserved cockiness.

Highly recommended when the hubbub of the season gets a bit much.

Alternatively, pay Amazon or Hulu a little bit more to get Starz.

repeatedly, and flapping her arms about a bit.

“You’d always pay double bubble for a bit of tobacco, but nothing like this.

I only have a little bit of time to prepare, train, study, and give class.

Waiting for these answers feels a bit like waiting for just about any other TV show on Netflix.

“Maybe a little bit more refined.” The “kidulting” movement is real.

Their defensive prowess has been a bit more unexpected, but it makes a certain degree of sense as well.

Sarah Kliff: Aetna complicates the narrative a bit because you have this whole other narrative around their merger negotiations.

I think in the U.S. we’ve become a bit of a procrastination nation.

Obama took a shot at Trump during the bit … not his best.

In his new show, however, Bas jumps forward in time—just a bit.

“That’s probably playing a bit into” the stock decline.

In 2000, Al Gore won 659 counties (there are a bit more than 3,000 counties in the United States).

Could you speak a bit about that, please?

One might liken the experience to waiting for a hurricane — knowing the future, at least a little bit, and rendered helpless.

Joichi Ito: Can I amend your introduction a little bit?

His focus is on defense and energy in the pick-and-roll, where Drummond can flourish as every bit a modern-day center as his peers.

But talk a little bit about your journey of where you started and how you got to this job.

And when blogging came out was around when I started pivoting a little bit towards investing, so I invested in Flickr, and later Twitter.

When we launched Vox a bit over four years ago, we did so with a few beliefs.

We’re going to talk a little bit about what’s going on at the Media Lab in the next section.

You’ve got your geek, your stoner, your lovable (if not a bit creepy) host, and of course one very angry boyfriend-to-be.

The timing however, was a bit of a surprise as earlier guidance had been that Congress had until October.

It’s abstract, and sometimes it’s a little bit emotional like anger or fear.”

A little bit.

I don’t know—it’s a bit of a throwback, so I can’t think of one.

That was just the first bit of bad news for Worlds of Wonder, whose winning streak ran out nearly as quickly as it appeared.

As a final bonus, the only water used is a bit for cooling.

“In theory, it will empower me to make sure the characters I’m playing are a bit more well-rounded and compelling,” she said.

I think it’s a little bit less fertile.

I think people are finally waking up and realizing, okay maybe there is a bit of a problem.

But it’s a little bit wonky.

Plus, we wanted to have a little bit of fun, right?

It’s a little bit esoteric.

Do you think that’s happening a little bit?

The May jobs report made headlines Friday with a positive bit of news: The unemployment rate has dropped to historic levels — 4.3 percent.

“Especially in a situation when there is a quite a bit of party fragmentation and social division, a nation looks for strong leadership.

Could you talk a bit about how that dynamic influences philanthropy?

Michelle Williams’ Louis Vuitton gown was similar, but a bit more understated.

Isn’t that a bit of a first world problem?I think, generally, UTC facilitates commerce and commercial activity.

While a bit sad at its core, Mets players seemed to also enjoy it, laughing as Duda dragged Granderson.

I can’t think of single TED talk where the central message is: “Tone it down a bit.”

Now, the ending of Inside is a bit on the nose when it comes to these themes.

“There seems to be a little bit of a myth that federal funds don’t come at a cost to states and localities,” Gribbin said.

It’s a pretty shrewd bit of corporate synergy that’s driving Bing to new heights.

Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

This pup ended up looking a little bit like a bear cub.

A little bit goth, minimalist and practical, Ryan, Ian and Rafiq dish on their necessities for on the road below.

I was reading a bit about the work you’re doing with Gov.

They played phenomenal basketball, I watched a little bit of it.”

I wanted to know a little bit more about some of the things you’re proposing.

I’m hoping he can tone it down a little bit, and become a little presidential.

I played a little bit when I was kid.

Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort officially received his sentence on Thursday and it’s quite a bit lighter than many were expecting.

So, it was a little bit over my contract, a little bit over what I wanted to do.

But for business leaders who thought that they could please Trump with a bit of bowing and scraping.

KS: Can you pull out a little bit to being a lawyer when you look at all this, how this has unfolded?

HR: What has changed is a little bit different than the legal standard.

Greta, let’s talk a little bit about the …

Talk to me a little bit about the importance of Wisconsin for 2020.

KS: Talk a little bit about — because right when you’re publishing this, all the social media companies are on Capitol Hill testifying.

HR: Talk a little bit about the relationship between politicians and journalists.

At first she recalls a bit of difficulty adjusting, like forgetting her reusable utensils at home, but she’s since gotten used to it.

And with their loss, a bit of our historic heritage becomes harder to access in the everyday experience of walking the city’s streets.

Let’s lighten up a little bit.

If it seems a bit too thick, simply add warm water, about 1/4 cup at a time, until it is thin enough to pour.

If you look at the Sorry icon, it’s a little bit sort of Twitterish, Facebookish.

It looks a little Snapchatty, it’s got a little bit of that going on.

A little bit of everything, and I was writing the book at the same time.

That makes things more computationally tractable, but it’s a bit of a fudge.

But thanks to LePage making a bit of a mess, it’s a loss.

When deciding on a shop and an artist, be sure to read online reviews and shop around a bit.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The cost of borrowing money for college in the United States just got a little bit cheaper.

Shakh plov, or “crown pilaf,” is a bit labor intensive, but worth the time.

You’re getting it raw from us.” He can’t help but seem a bit annoyed, though.

In a grim bit of foreshadowing, this all happened hours after the Olympic torch was lit in Greece.

The recruitment is over, and now it’s time to mess around a bit.

“Hopefully doctors are using something a bit more scientific.”

One place where Obama’s legacy could last a bit longer is LGBTQ rights.

How we’d say it in Britain:”He’s a bit of an anorak.

And as a slightly-less-cynical-but-still-pretty-cynical geek myself, I cringed a bit at Bob.

It’s slowly starting to open the door to doing a bit more comedy writing.

So anyway, I found a picture of a turtle somewhere on the internet and edited it a bit.

Certainly, in the arts maybe there was a little bit more freethinking and wanting to express their realities.

The medium was the message?A little bit.

On Monday, the margin was a bit closer — with 280 voting in favor and 292 against.

A little bit actually, that is fair.

In his words, he simply liked the Enterprise series and felt like it should go on for a bit after it was canceled.

It seems a little bit resonant of that Amazon New York Times story.

We set the maximum speed a little higher, because then we actually get somewhere a little bit quicker.

Though no one I spoke to said it directly, I wouldn’t be surprised if some scientists find that a bit patronizing.

So talk a little bit about your background.

Talk a little bit about how you see them in the atmosphere, what they’re doing to the atmosphere.

Jazz is woven throughout the album, which Ray has a bit of a history with in addition to his high school years.

This is a bit of a complicated metaphysical question.

And the coincidence is a little bit too much.

There is a bit of a concession here,” he said.

And talk a little bit about those.

DC: Yeah, if you generalize the word from recording my audio to be a little bit more general, like is it recording my keystrokes?

It’s also put restrictions on packages before, and daigou declined a bit from 2014 to 2015, but apparently that wasn’t enough.

It gives me a bit of wiggle room.

Prices can feel a bit high for certain pieces, so your best bet is to wait for the sales.


VICE Impact: Tell me a little bit about the origins of SDG #6, and why it was created.

On it he sketched a diagram of a car connecting to the network (perhaps because he is Swedish, his car is a bit boxy).

We’ve all heard that ice should be applied to a sports injury, but in recent years experts have questioned that bit of dogma.

It can all be a little bit much.

I said I had, but only a little bit.

This version of Watership Down requires a bit of adjusting to on numerous fronts.

What happens during a total lunar eclipse is a bit less dramatic, but beautiful nonetheless.

I’m going to force you to talk a little bit about your background, because not everybody knows who the great John Doerr is.

Talk a little bit about that, that period, and then I want to get to the book itself.

Among teenagers, it’s a bit lower.

Talk a little bit about that article, because it sort of sent reverberations.

So I think that is a little bit different.

They’re run a little bit of a cult of personality.

Talk a little bit about that, because you also talk about some of your mentors in the book.

Preliminary data suggests 2018 was about the same, or perhaps a bit worse, nationwide.

You appeared at an event the other night, it got testy, I think, a little bit.

I’m curious how you think about making it a little bit easier to operate a business, especially a small business in this city.

So, I’d love for you to talk a little bit about that.

The setup is simple—the viewer watches the show for a bit then gets to choose the path for the character.

Fitzgerald’s program in Georgia hewed to a similar line, albeit with a bit more disclosure.

The jett bags might be better protected (more on that in a bit), but the same harsh conditions apply.

According to concertgoers, Gotti’s security worked the guy over a little bit after the tackle … and then police detained him.

If you do sleep with them, it’s better to have them seduce you a bit.

But Homecoming has a bit of a tell when it comes to how it’s jumped between mediums.

“He’s already got a little bit of facial hair as well – wonderful,” joked the bearded prince.

I’m a little bit hurt and frustrated on how it’s kind of played out.

“You know what gave me a little bit of angst over that?

Only, wait, didn’t it seem a bit bigger this time?

Tor’s a bit more work to set up and use, and is slower than using a VPN.

Otherwise, you’ll need to pay a bit more for a router like this one.

You guys worked with M83’s Anthony Gonzalez previously, and I can hear a little bit of his influence on this album.

You still gotta go with the flow a little bit.

It’s fair to say that gamers have a bit of a historical image problem.

It’s a bit like an app store, but for bots.

Now, let’s go about your background a little bit.

I have a little bit of …

I have a little bit of probably a nontraditional background to becoming a CEO of a technology company.

Talk a little bit about that.

Not Pokémon Go viewed through a little phone (though it’s nice to see people moving around a bit).

But what happens if it’s a little bit smaller?

Regular people might be a little bit pissed off.

What kind of odds does Apophis have of colliding with us?There’s always a little bit of uncertainty.

Considering that, the fact that more than a third of Democratic voters opted for relative unknowns rather than backing him seems a bit disappointing.

I do think I have a gift of gab a little bit but mostly it doesn’t help.

Trust in him has fallen quite a bit,” said a second person familiar with Nissan’s thinking.

I used a topical hydrocortisone cream, which provided some relief, but since I do have a strong reaction, they still itched quite a bit.

“It required a little bit more training on our end,” Lee said.

It’s about three meters tall, so you can look it in the eye, but it’s a little bit bigger than you.”

“I think that’s a little bit too controversial,” Barton echoed.

The dollar ticked up a little bit.

But if the scrappy, not-so-far-behind-anymore underdog is content to run on vague slogans, it could also be a bit scary.

Now, this movie starts like any good robbery, with a little bit of breaking and entering.

I think we just got a bit carried away.

Here’s the Trump bit.

“They’re not willing to commit a whole lot of new money at these levels but they’re rotating a bit.

As for Andrew W.K., he’s a bit of a pizza diplomat about the New York-Chicago debate.

It’s a bit neater than usual, set up for a small tour group about to visit.

But it’s okay to relax a bit sometimes.

It’s a bit of trial and error, especially because we were expanding it rather quickly.

“It’s a little bit later than I would have expected them to depart,” Cardé said.

And as someone who’s experimented in the non-linear space a little bit, this seemed like a natural progression for me.

She’s intellectual, cool, and a bit of a romantic, but she doesn’t give her approval easily or smile too much.

It was an opportunity to experiment little bit with how a feature film going out in wide release is handled both creatively and financially.

You’ll start to feel relaxed, maybe a bit sleepy.

(If you think this sounds a bit like hypnotism, you’re right.)

A bit of visual fuzziness, maybe.

The Tea Party isn’t really a thing anymore, so this insult is sadly a bit of an endangered species.

It’s a bit juvenile design-wise, but I love it and it’s on my board.

There’s that little bit that holds on: ‘Well, I’m almost an atheist.

We could all make a bit more of an effort with our ethical grease units.

This proto-Pride proved a bit too much for the neighbors, who arrested Morton, chopped down the pole, and scattered the residents.

“We know that this method will not yield legible type, so we knew that we had to deviate quite a bit at times … .

Vox Slack on Friday is probably like a lot of office Slacks on Fridays: The chatter there can get a bit … unproductive.

On the other, knowing how much advertisers know can feel a bit, well, creepy.

“For this, it’s every bit as dire, but just a little more complicated to explain,” Helmstetter said.

When he gets bit by a spider and obtains new powers, he initially interprets them as sudden-onset puberty.

Every bit as much as Christians, non-religious people or Muslims in Germany, namely, absolutely nothing.

It helps me a bit.

A bit later he tweeted a thank-you to his caregivers and well-wishers.

A bit later he tweeted a thank-you to his caregivers and well-wishers.

But bonds can be bought and sold a bit like stocks, so their value goes up and down.

Email Sarah Kliff hereSend Mail and tell her a bit more about what you’ve been dealing with.

He had dark glasses on, a bit askew.

Of course, that means college is still getting more expensive, just a bit more slowly.

Of course, that means college is still getting more expensive, just a bit more slowly.

My first CarPlay test might have been a bit easier had GM lent me an SUV.

Albeit a bit deteriorated, and no longer arranged chronologically, the groundbreaking artworks remain in London’s Crystal Palace Park.

A little bit of luck might be all that Chicago needs to meet Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The issue of affordable higher education is a bit thornier for Democrats, but every candidate has backed some form of free college.

“Saying ‘tax robots’ is a little bit sexy, but probably doesn’t work so well functionally.

When it comes to Harris, Castro, Gillibrand, and beyond, the positions get a bit murkier.

I know a little bit about the immigrant experience,” he said.

VICE: Well, you alluded a bit to the fashion.

We kind of talked about this a bit before but there’s that alluding to Julia’s past and what saved her.

It appears that today, on this President’s day, a federal holiday, we all may be able to breathe a bit.

There is great relief that Powell has pulled back on his hawkish rhetoric and is a bit more conciliatory.

So there’s a little bit of a conflict between people’s intuitions and what you see in labor market data here.

But back to the telecommuting bit for a second.

“He truly loves the game every bit as much, if not more, than I do.

The fight was waved off and everyone was a little bit confused by what they had just seen.

Since then, though, her ideas have taken a bit of a turn.

Following France’s victory over the weekend, Henry took a bit of schtick.

It’s a little bit like death by 1,000 cuts.

She wears gleaming jewelry, but most arresting are her eyes, which look straight at the viewer, and are just the slightest bit droopy.

But black families, in particular, are subject to scrutiny in ways that white families aren’t, making Trautwig’s words sting quite a bit.

“But we’re going to go a little bit of a different route from this point forward.”

Just how much is in the water varies quite a bit from place to place.

Preventing suicide is really important, but it does require changing how people think, a tiny bit.

And it allowed me work a bit less once I transferred.

So it was a bit of a shock when he asked Bricks, who had just turned 40, if he still had it in him.

“Everything is so cheery, and yet, somehow, I wish there was a bit more pomp.

The ceremony is missing a bit of grandeur.”

And in the 90s, a bejeweled navel was fresh, racy, and a little bit wild.

It’s a little bit “suburban,” in King’s words.

“People filter in and out, work on a single project and then phase out for a little bit.

Also, how do you leave out a bit of Les Champs Magnétiques (The Magnetic Fields)?

At first, it’s just simply an annoyance but then, after a bit, the water starts leaking in around your feet.

A bit of extra Kashmiri chilli powder for a new year kick!

In 1974, a young Thai boxer named Thohsaphol Sitiwatjana scored a bit part in The Man with the Golden Gun.

And while these videos typically rack up millions and millions of YouTube views, the whole gimmick is getting a bit stale.

That’s something not everybody can do, so you get asked to do it quite a bit.

We ended up with a bit of a blend.

While on the whole preferring a good, fluffy feel good rom-com, we’re not adverse to a bit of horror here on THUMP.

I had gotten a bit lost in trying to recover the luster of my glory days.

They are very simple ultimately, and feel, somehow, unfinished – occasionally a bit unsatisfying.

The video isn’t just pretty — it also demonstrates a key bit of the starfish’s evolution.

In the West, it’s probably a bit of both.

Well, it appears he’s a bit of all three as he strides in and philosophizes about how much he controls.

But ads featuring snacks and beverages have a little bit more leeway to be entertainment-driven.

There’s some fun chemistry, and they’re using a little bit of nostalgia and somebody whose modern too.

“The Fed’s reaction function is still not really clear… They are in a bit of a bind.

Wage growth, nothing spectacular, a little bit of wage growth.

How Jaar got to that point, though, involves a bit of backstory.

The result feels a bit like browsing an analog Internet, where memes mutate into free-verse poetry, while simultaneously channel-surfing noise radio stations.

I was a bit late to the party with this band, but I absolutely love this record.

It turns out that having the stuff did, in fact, help a bit, if only for a few moments at a time.

Her vocals in “Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now” were a highlight, every bit as good as Grande’s.

Can you talk a bit about that transition?

At the very least, the picture is a bit more muddled than before.”

Teams have shown interest in him, but they have also leaked out that his contract demands are a bit much.

The price of major appliances has been steadily falling for years, and Trump has pushed them back up a little bit.

I want to start by rewinding the clock a bit to January when President Trump was planning his administration.

Renewable energy advocates are getting a bit smug these days, claiming that renewables are so cheap they can survive a Trump presidency, no problem.

Yeah, a little bit.

A bit disappointed, I went upstairs to cook dinner.

But as I was sautéing spinach, I started to feel a tiny bit different.

A little bit.

It looks a bit like a scaled-up version of the quadcopter drones a lot of people got under their Christmas trees in recent years.

Realistically, that number is probably quite a bit smaller, perhaps around 15 percent to 20 percent of the total.

So let’s talk about the growth a little bit.

An ability to communicate effectively

Honing strong communication skills is a bit more complicated than just mastering the art of speaking and writing.

Talk a bit about the criticism of you, of essentially Snapchat coming up with something and you all copying it.

You’ve got to be able to wrangle a bit.

If you’re a bit of a perfectionist or a control freak, this can be difficult.

Listen, I’d probably bike a little bit more but listen, it’s a fine balance.

I mean like, I think Obama accomplished quite a bit in two terms.

I want to get to Trump in a little bit.

If you don’t have this record you’re a bit of a dingus tbqh.

She dialed things down just a little bit on Auto, and somehow made everything hit harder.

But, ah, but, ah … JF: That was a bit.

JL: We get a little bit of that vibe back.

Add the coconut mixture and blend on high until all combined and uniformly green (the spinach will fleck a bit at first).

I was bullied a little bit.

Looking at more spring rolls and Singapore noodles, I feel a bit sick.

We hope bit in a sentence examples were helpful.